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l'M to idng, and a
It7 Hubert.
te 1"u e a Hoed
td alked uoonour eloe la the
No, 0-A not to r eat
4 not to dtonnu
. and to dle nf eten
Snfor..the 0ath
unioil iinttruo of ti
Sto prov loe geler
r a s to t
Or to t 1 tot
t o, 74n ot to repeal
115, asd to provide the
iany ,f f y that ma
Sr 0or, ta fr provide
i~,inr, ?. Bgt to .pearl
on of laid ofoers pond.
't the 131 artllo of the
o.e0fa m t othere
S te D 'to the
Sat ubl
i , li. to provide for
r ta faranol ee to
ofa ltroad uader oe
Bortgage upon the Name i to
Sthe organisaion by such
of new railrdi oompanies;
such new companles to
money and to secure the eamo
*, and inv~st suoh omrganied
ei wit oertain rights an
40d to impose on them certain
-L Rgise bills Nos, 11. t, i, fd, 84,
Iad 11, of minor intereet.
nthe enate Joined the
1nit r tilted Witte. tenoa
y returued to their own
rtson la the chair,
trom the Governor an
approval of the not making
Wrattt for stalaries of "tate o
Ieabl for tamtxe; the not roel.
Ioade of public ofcloers, and the
vs to prinlcpal and sureties gn
e, for the Judiciary Commit
favorbl by st itute on
niJng the ,yItdol distriat of
Sira ,.th an additional
Snte billN.o. 7S, autbherit=
eror to appoint an Aesle.
Gy General; and- reported
w1 pout aotion, the bill relative
age, recommending it rto.
So the appropriate Comnmittee
and Inland Navigation.
of Mr, Kelly easate bill
peahe mil itia ot, under
Slty poll~ pcqe heretofore
e.loyed as militia outslde the
taken up and finally pasetd,
ilto limit the erolen.e or the
soDoolS was postponed for one
i1s reported on unfavorably
il poetpuoaed
Sto appeals from Ma.
er parishes, and the
St teports from banks, mav.
ittltns, etc., finally passed.
from the louse announced
fe had receded from its
t to Menate bill No. 04, remit.
penaltiem, and conourred in the
Smendment proposed to in.
*iO il as well as Mtate and
called up the report on the
biag , and had the bill referred
ler gave notiee of a bill
Stllyalled up and had finally
cot to re eal the t.ct provid.
the rattil law above no.
the payment of the militia
titan Iolice,
introduced an act to pro.
.ebutlldin the levee at Bass
, eferrol to Committee on
Sads Ivens,
iode introduced a resolution di.
SQommittee on Railroads to
Mr. Charlem Morgan, on the
opening communication with
vtand Texas, and aroertain if
14beltduoed to extend his rail.
ttrem Morgan City. Itesolu.
ver under the rules.
offered a concurrent
telave to redistricting the
triots of the State. resolu
e atled up the report of the
0C mmittee, whic a was, by
or Senate bills 60 and at, to
am 844land following of the
ptatutee of 1870, and act o40 of
sabstitute is to repeal the
18tO on the amne eubjeLt.
thesubatitute, with alight
,i finally passed.
08, chairman of the Com.
t. h and Quarantine, called
on Senate bill 41l to repeal
tie law, and on his motion
,l ndefialtely positpoed.
a reported several bills as
of the Committee on Edu
"the University bill was, on
Mr. Demas, postponed as the
order for Friday.
tof th e committee on the
..1 Caoord Institute relative
aie of llauor waere the school
, at Shiloh, La., was adopted.
rt of the committee is that
On is not aecessary, the matter
,eubJeot to police Jury regula
e flly, for the Committee on OCity
reported favorably wilth as
t on the proposed new Me.
SPolice bill, House bill 71.
edment changes the amount
the bill from $300),000 to $350,- .
* t1l1 provides salaries, etc., as
ftedeot Pollee............ $2.500oo
Sto ame.................. 1,2u0
of P liH , r oh .............. 1,0o0
aereants ow Pol co, ea, .... 1,000
ie Leratea t of d'ti"r, each.... 850
red 1ParuImeu, h.......... 754)
Cleik antd pjtrauore, 1w.... 1,:00
t r each ........... ........ 1.200
te , ch ......... ............ 1 00
a ad T.legrapt, inoending sala
Ogde n reseuted a minority
reports Iid over under the rules.
Goode called up the report on
ege act and had the bill
as requested ýy the committee.
et4 ¶t Ln bill, White's substitute
79, formerly No. 67, was
Stheunflnished business of
day, and acted on stson
***ur * *PWot"61.
A mo n from rthe R &8 tne . ln4
In le pasee er the sretlls,
and making onoourrenCe l thie eMI.
Y Mr. Drett, f of aep lde-A me.
rl frottj rpiatera n" landed p.o"
ret of eRlldt, Arorellei a d Mt,
adry, ki foa i sngtance in ut
g their vast blip iso to market sk.
g for tjie app it ment of a oommrnttea
ioa intU re oI the improvement oa
au tiro ,f and do d wa y with
S delnt. b roug hto ct rrupt
lV o etc ef red to he Coum.
totee otn Oanals and Drinegn.
re.jry olruoe9l a warrant in
tor of Uh i iutl for *St1, fur seta
oes itpage l .e.. ..frred to the
Owt(Iateson, d Orlem n, chairman of
th pe~ c@io ci. omlttee oif confertoe on
the part of the House, r 1rted a rt
ommendation that the fuse reeus
om its amendiments to enate bil
endlor consideratior n of this bill the
dat.e eited the House and the oen.
erk sA!. nblyurooeoded to ballot for a
nited btates ltenator, with the follow.
leg resu t4
Senate. lotins, total,
t . ...
i ... .. a . I 7 g
TON n .O....... A .. n 9 a
*Mr, Jeffries, of Jtapides, was now
inlted by the lion, Louis Texad..
No oholce and the Renate withdrew,
The report of the Conftretnoe iommnit
tee on Henate bill No, 04 wa taken up
.r, oerry wanted further onesiderS
Lion of the report bofore adopting it,
11e was opposed to its adoption beouuse
the bill relleved ttdlluquente in the pest
of the penaltiee imposett upon them,
It was offer!tng o ~ a remium to taxpayers
not to pay their bill,
A motion .f Mr. lerry to fit the bill
for consideration on a e twoial day was
laid oth the table, and the lill flnally
'taied in the ahape that it otme from
the Senmte.,
Mr. Bowden, of FPrtnklin, tChairman
of the Committee on 'aroohial Affare,
reported favorably on house bill No,
ho, relative to the remtori of the seat of
jwstio of the paerish f .of 1 ernard,
Also, on House bill No. ill, to repeal
meotion 17xx of the Itevised tatutes, and
to authorle pollee juries to elect tax
Unfavorably on Mtouse bill No. 11, to
amend seotions IJ1 an and it87 of the ite
viasd Statutes,
evorabld on Beenate bill No. P1, to
reatre an adldlitiontl jutitce of the peace
and oonstable for the parish of N.ataoh
toches, on Ffalse river.
HIouse bill No, 7i, eubotitute for House
bill No. 12, limiting the expenditures of
parish and municipal corporations
within the revenues of the year for
which they are incurred.
The bill also provides that no war.
rants shall be issued by any offlor of
any parlsh or corporation from the ist
of October, 1877, egcept against moneys
actually in the treasury, provided that
this will not apply to certifloates Issued
to jurors and witnesses for their seriices
in the courts.
The substitute for the bill was passed
The special order of the day having
been postponed for half an hour, and
the following bills were taken up soo*
cessively :
Senate bill for the relief of Mr. M. J.
Lewis, of Ouaohita, Referred to the
Committee on Claims,
Beaste bill No. to, remitting all flines
on judges, etc. for oprmitting attorneys
to practice bofore their courts , without
having first exhibited their lioense,
and to amend the laws relating to such
lines and jenaltles. Referred to the
Judiciary Committee.
Senate bill No. t9, to determine quail.
flcattons, etc., of jurors in the country
Referred to the Judiciary Committee.
onatie bill No. 73 authorlzing the clty
of New Orleans to issue premium bonds
in certain eases. Referred.
Senate bill No. 75. to amendr and re
enact section 2I74 of the Revised Stat
uteS. Referred.
House bill to atuthorise the (lovernor
to employ a private secretary and mes
sengers, and fixing the salaries of the
employee of the State offices, eame up
with amendments from the Senate.
The amendments were concurred in
after some little debate.
By Mr. Kidd of Jackson, by consent
-To add certain territory to the parish
of Jackson; to provide for the redivl.
slon of Jackson parish into wards, eta.
Mr. Kidd's bill previdbs that the
north half of townships seventeen
north, of ranges one, two, three, ten
eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen and
fifteen of township seventeen north, of
range four west, now forming part of
the territory of Lincoln parish, be an
nexed to Jackson.
The other sections provide for the re
division of the parish of Jackson Into
wards; for the transfer of suits to the
Jaokson parish courts, and the election
of domiolle by residents where the new
line divides the resident lands of any
person, by filing a declaration In the
Recorder's offioe of the parish. Re
ferred to the Committee on Parochial
By Mr. Lea of St. Helena, by con
sent-A bill changing the term of the
District Court of St. helena.
Referred to the Committee on Ju.
Mr. Lea's bill provides that the terms
of the Sixth Judicial District in and for
the parish of St. Helena, shall be fixed
for the second Monday in February and
the first Monday in November.
By Mr. MoGehee, of West Feliciana,
by consent-A bill to amend and re
enact section S229 of the Revised Stat
utes. Also, a bill to amend and re
enact sections 1682 and 1870 of the
Revised Statutes.
Both bills were read twice and referred
to the Judiciary Committee.
By Mr. Lamare, of Orleans--A bill in
relation to the sale of sewing machines,
etc., and to prevent impositions on
buyers of suchl property.
Heferred to the Judiciary Committee.
a By Mr. Young of Claiborne, by con
sent-A bill to provide the mode and
.prooeedings in relation to the change
of names. Reterred to the Judiciary
y Mr. Delaiie of Orlean-A bill
. .0 theo oeL1 t m on ti
omtlttee on l ollme Hotper of
" .Oer ero lmuts of oloed bit
Nern 867 41 , 92 3 , , ebsttitute for Hesset
.t 0, house bills t8, 4a,
PllUltAL OlbIMi O To l g DAY,
tontle bill N.% 64 he general rev
Ofu bill wne ton up.
tr, tLyons eif ty, u ol liolana, in the
1ob Lonse elIty, ixtyeso. anid slty.
two were referred to the iJdlolary tiCot
mittee, The bill was eonsldered to seeo
tiot 84 and made the h peotpli order for
'ride t ons o 'oloo
of the (ulf 8tateo; to promote the do.
Vl~opOmeat of the Agrlo ltural nlaterest
or tre tiats, Be to the Oommit
on Oommoere and Agrlotnltutro,
, elag of Orleans, by onsent,
ieled up l uese bill No. 0 l 1 to do.
ne lim e load privileges, e , The bill
WOO flnally passed
Sir, Jonuteas briens, bd Oansn.it
uthoioe oeandldates for State ofioers
to contest he result of eleotlons before
the oournts, Psed finally.
The House adjourned until Fridey, at
halfrpaait11o 'elook,
MAYttmAM Y tr Nw Oita.liA I
Ulty Hall, February 1i, 1871.
[lNo, 3IL--Adminletratioe t eri.e,.
An Otdlnanra providing for ite patmet of the
aoeonItto therein named.
fie it oildslted ' hat the flleowin atpproprt~t
Lions be, and atre hereby mad, for .se month of
ten imber, 1810, and that the Adttmlitnitrator of
thileo Areoutint warrant tg the Admitstistator of
Jtisnee in payment of the name, whenever there
shall benmohey tti the etiy tieautry to the credit
of the appropriate rond for esch wtniuot, and
not othetwise appropftltedt
tlN. U. N atblilan, 7 monthfls' plubsriptiin,
from dloe I, 170, to Januatry i, 18i77
(0 topiec), for Mayor's ufflte, approved: 1(4 03
gertmanitl lnette, for aertsllting Mayor'
prooleatti.on, relative to olosing aloous. 9 00
Ltiuestblirg Haespital. for Lteiattmett of Indl.
sent us ilptni patient. in the monith of
Delembori 1870, 11) days, at 80 per day,
approved .. ......... ............ 0 00
S Total.,., .. :.. .: ........
Adopted b#y the toucil. of the City of New Or
lea , PebtulrIi n, 1877.,
Y.en--browb, ie.!le, Diamond, ltdwards, Mo.
Oaltrey, ltegotroti
Dt, thlit.bF Y, Mayor.
A true espy :
1'tt#.an Gt. IlAitett, n+aoitery.
MAvlttAtrY Or New Ot.A.ae,
(ity Hall, tetbrtiar i 14, 7s, .
(to, IJt4-Admtitairatlon Mlerls.
An ordinance provldln for the payment of the
severel aciteooiii therein named.
Doe It ordainted, hat the following appro*pria
ttdon be stl alre hereby ianite, for the month of
Jentiary, 1877, and that the Administrator of
Ptible Aei'uonts warrant on the Adminlstrator of
Finance in pay ment of the same, whenever there
shall be mouey in the (lity Treasury to the eteilt
of the appropriate ftnd tor elob accou.nt, and tint
oltherwfee appropriietal.
W, J. yell or medinotie furnieshed to
the Prrtes' Prtieont apprutved by the
Admieitrtator of P1oll e............... I100 80
losnburg Hlospital, for trelatment of
Indigent smehlpol patients lt Janit.
ary, 1877, 288 days at I0 per day, ap.
Oproveod..... ....................... . coo 00
German Oasett., adverstling ordnlnanes
No, OHid, Admulautretion lusries, ap.
proved..... ............. .. 4 110
N. 0, tegpublioan Ptrlnting topanv,
bills for the month of tJrlotay, 1677,
aprotrtvd as roliows, tva;
hromtelgatlon of ordinances, .......... 010 00
Advertising proteedunge of iuntroll,... at
P'rinting prousedlngs of cOtlclt...... il tit)
otal ............. ..... ....... 211 00
Adoptes by the bConne I of the uty of Now
Orleans, Itl ruetr 20. 1877.
Yes- llrownt, enit, Damond, ldtlwards, Mo.
Olfrye, ltngstorlt.
El)U, efILttiifnY, Mayor.
A trne eopay
Stino tl, liArtin, ecoretary.
MAvoitAutrt or New OntA,*At,
city hltil, lFbrusry 21, 1817.l
[No. t840-Administration Mlerles.]
An ordien noe providing for the payment of the
accounts therein named.
ieo It ordained, That the following appropria.
tons be, and are hereby made for the tmoit of
Dooember, 1e70, and that the Administrator of
Publlc Acolnots warraLl on the Adminletrator
of linanoe in payment of the same, whenever
there shall be money in the city treasury to the
oredlt of the appropriate fuilnd for each iiountil,
an5d not otherwlse appropriated:
New Orleanes D mool it, Advertsiling Mayor's
proeltmation to olose saloons on Nuvem.
ber 7, 0187, (elrctionu l) ........ .. .1O Co
New Orleansl tepublioiu, eight months'
alibsripctlo to ly 21, 1il7, fur P. mitr.
mnentof Waterwalk.4 slid 1 1a0o1e B!ui t
uoel (Admultraltot's oier) ............ 0 00
Total. .............. ...:........14 00
Adopted by the Counoull of the city of New Or
loans, Fkbruary 2', 1877.
ht). PtitldititY, Mayor.
A truo copy :
'j'ute. (1. ihArlin, locreta'y.
MvOnani,rr or New Onta nss,
City Hall, February 21, 1107.
(No. 8tRtl..-Admitnistration ories ]
An Ordinance providing for the pr tment of the
several cocouota theieln naimed.
Be It ordalin d, That the following approprial
tions be, and rre, biretby made, for tue wlonth of
January, 1877, srl lto, trhe Administrator of
Publio Acconuts warrant on ihe Admtiistraor of
Finanle ioL paymout of the a orneL:
T, J. BrJ. wn ulldow dtlados in
iayos', s.lllce, approved ....... i 10 00
N.w OrlwuieVs I'olp oune, 1 earr
subsariptlon to Dee. 19, 1877,
approvt d, as fOllows, viz:-.
Departmenu Waterworks and
Publio Bnallding (Admnnistr-a
ton's (tll-e)................. 12 00
Department Waktrworke and
Publio Buildings (Waterwolka
office).... ... .. ...... 12 00
Blanas for Waterworks ofice, ap
proved....................... 17 00
Advertising license notices, ap.
proved........................ 29 80-- 70 30
J, O. Denutnis, Administrator of
Filance, for cash advanced,
as follows, vii:
Reports, advertieemen's, etcr.... 1 01
Law oherges................. 4 75
office expenses Department i
nanne...................... 1 00
Oontiagent ............... .. 103 85- 154 40
Total..............................$14 70
Adopted by the Conouall of the city of NIew Or
loans, February 20, 1877.
A true copy :
'1i no. G. RAtrla, Secoretary.
City Hall, FeBruary 21, 1877.
[No. 3851--Adminfistration Series.]
Be it ordainud that it sball be the do y of the
judgee of the Municipal Prlice Courts, resprotive
Ity, to make a report in writing to the Adminia
tritor of Polce on Monday of each and every
week of all moneys that may have been collected
by tlem dariug the precedinlg week. Said re
porte hiI contain the name la foll of each and
kb MPeee4
its ~ ~ 1 617 *Vý Qfu lyr ý ý
A66 ~ILlt~tR~ tlIW ~r~~~~'
Neff. ýý tetaiy ý
, ny niiao, d an lbs m ib of
j, tuary 1o1, *d fthat tho 0lmduAW tih atff o
n eHiio; Aneont ina Wsthterm o i dneiltt ato
N otimriee Tat t he f10Uoons ospprolF I tu
othtbe d yth.er ar b ttefr mo4on of
V fftnereIpa ,.nV of the rom
M. O, inei s ene ri nNO oi
mhlifil, 'ArVpfO4 ent r w depart
be mnIld o, iapued .., , .. . 14000
As provedby htl~~lepoltnO. nt o
A iverb w, 6 egr mbleo fr inse
derioco tIeeet10 a~vetteinN Cleanse No
Toal... ..*50 700rtprnr
Aieappoved by the Oo p ntiheoi ofo
ehrnaty t0, 14177.
A tre177, lP e follonI
ttrhte, (ppa. RAPIIIM~ea
ttepatltinet of 1'eilio i 1 · 16 (4
Oilyl~en f ullee, . , .ia, , . , 1N77 o
farthng ee4lotiee en
(~~$i~o, 54AdnitrtoaSreal
iar,?o),l, Tha b dAl totrr of Irpi'oi
nIa dbe , ante.el a rjoby od(powd r1 b o a
oee ft alefege, r7 naegdwbli ftpoulastosho nes
i tl y....,.:.,... ,.....r et.t,, e i
A41ltod by the OtltinoII of the oity of Noeter
teleatig, f'btuaery WO, 15"77.
141, 1'ItVIVfltT, Mayor.
A true tkipy
s'tralbl tl! flatten, Netrelaur i ;l. c
tilt 8611, Pobrttl y 1, 191.[o.i4.diilirt9ibeit
11pentnerd, That the Ad ualntatrator of tmprove
metlto be ant he is hereby empoweretd to rtferý
time for title, eua IRed propoetlolll to be regC)Ctt d
withitn the newt ett deyedr edgs 8ere barite Noe. I
end to now tite property of the uit of New 0rQI
iatnei I $slid more to be rrdfjudcortrd In aaaerdstits6
with the sppoolflortiogll on die in the crfflee of Oily
Adntttrt by the (10#f l,41 of the City of New
brlettie, Fobabltrc y 00, 1977,~
14U. fPtl blltaltY, Meyd~r.
7 tv>M. (i. ltA tk , Meerettry
vOatiftrrr (oI New OratAss, I
Otity Hall, )a ,rary 21, 1817.
[tNo, 8$40.-Admleiftration Weuels.J
rvutirerd, That the bld of Dtennl C.ronse to
elean Ulitbortle O (al, between Orleans and
llyuin Polde 51re1t5, fert ths .umte of $13, be
and thee carms is hreb, faoseptedl and the NM.ay
ti hereby athetrise to enter into conttaet with
the aid Crt Otna for the faithflil erforoifnel of
it e work, as per spepileatlon on ile in the Ooieo
of the Oty Hnturvor,
AdoIaed by the dliotierl of the aity of New Or.
tease Itobuary 10, 10877,
LD, PIthIbliUt, Mayor,
A trus cop;
Tnso, (. IMran, leoetOry.
M vtrMAttY oU 14pw O.tsrass,
(fity Hall, Februaryt 1i , 1477,.
jNo. 000-Adminisliration Beries.J
Whereas, the olty has itt ione bhatitr wagon,
whibh is etltrely iadeqtnnte to perform the work
of oasryin patients to the ,mabll.P,'o Hospital
and aloe retesnding to removingl the dead to the
gr avwards.
Ik_ iV +,nlot1es,, 'that the Admtieletrator of to.
lire be atsthrrised to provide two mort wagons
immediately, to perform the work requtired by
the prelsent Iigstoy.
Adopted by the hnoel of the alty of New Or.
leans, February 20, 1877.
DII, VILbtBlttY, Mayor,
A trti. eOO.py:
Teos, N. ItItI'sa, eooretary.
-.Or T.e
Up to DUfainner l1, 1710.
t4TABLISHItD IN leot.,
Pir prt+romittm .................. ....... 02,79 12i
Marino pre ilums ....................... 65, 91
iliver premiums . ....................... .25o s
Total amount of premtits 4..3........ 9,5,a s
Lesd unearned and return premiums. 90,71H 94
Add interest and discount.............. 24,447 5
$060,429 02
lr s o ............ . . .....,,. 842 74
Marine loses ........... 2.... 2,1
River loses ...."........... 24,740 00
Not it 1e....0...0....8...368t.6 44
itrinsuranee....... $1s,517 0"
Rehate............... 40,462 1t
Board of Under.
writers, general
expenses, State
and elty tax.s.... 62,020 5O
- .-- 117,9009
8$04,272 09
iteserve forunsettled elaims. 26,000 o0
--- 88x9.272 09
Net profits for 1 87 .................. 829,186 98
Valued at their assh market value:
Real estate ......... .......... ...... 118.182 77
United States bonds,. City Rallroad
Company. city and J. and G(. N. It. It.
first mortgage, bank and insurance
toks .......................................... 165,500 2
Bills receivable (premiums)............ 11,758 24
First mortgage notes and pledge notes 190.760 06
Oash In bank................. ...... 8,975 89
Premiums in course of collection...... 47a,26 9
Amounts due by insurance companies 8,207 *2
$674,4181 8
We, the undersigned, special committee ap.
pointed by the Board of Directors of the New
Orleans InsuraneeCompany, to value the assets
of said company at their present probable mar.
ket value, hereby certify that after a'oareful ex
amination the valuation of said assets, as above
specifled, is true and correct, to the beat of our
knowledge and belief.
New Orleans,1 ith January. 1877.
The above statement is a true and correct
transcript from the books of the company.
J. TUYEIH, President.
J. W. IIrwcxe, Secretary.
Sworn to and subscribed beforo me, this 17th
day of January, A. D. 1877.
Third Justice of the Peace.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors,. held
this day, it was resolved to pay the semi-annual
interest dividend of five per cent on the capital
stock to the stockholders, or their legal reproe
sentatives, on and after the first Mond,-- of
February next J. W. HINCOS, Secretary,
January 15, 177.
te st rh uL. Gally~
maubrmPanee e t mo
IN Iý f lt~ifftfgtfýº
-I4T II T>f
O&IaIswad tt t of ina
ffaý Lartle &dtfnereMing CirOtolAttin In this
iOTATm;l -nd sle, In MItMt#ll48fl,
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UIandsoose lgab Page Paper, Issued
The Latest News b, Tele..rinh and Mall from
ail parts of thi W o rld.
One Year....... .......................10 00
Six Moths......................... 6 O0
Thefl Months...................... 260
One Year ...............................$3 00
Six Mounths..........".................. 1 50
Three Months........................... 76
H. J. HEARSEY, Editor.
GEO. W. DUPRE, Manager.
Southern General Ageney of the Disuble Vic
torious STE[NWAY PIANO8, the unsurpassed
Piano of the nineteenth century, carrying at all
the expositlon. the highest honors, medalsIand
di .omas. Only depot of the excelat PLZYK L
PIANOS of direct lmortation. RKabe; Weste
mayer. `si er and R mpt PIANOS, O and the
T..R O . . etc. t T
Pair! lip Ciapital, es..,@00.
l'MOM TU WtW1x1w~rAICM11AZ
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it rflrN ttitl e. Pl/ltti , ll btg ý,W ý ,
Y77/J441 94
N n I * g Lund per"tf8 u h
8*244 47 flgOAt
8 ht8 (fand u lhc
i t bttll i n b01 5
61 ( t, 6302 JA 1 Y ý tw
(1 WET MUTVAZL 1 U1u"M010
Pewº Orlaw, Majo i, itwo,
ro 6f ni ifut~t o it tha rilo a tIo1 deh b tytu ttl +" 1 1 b
rJ.Df atnnam ....*...
nr~r~rii'enl~-r. 71,411 20 T~-ii4.82
___ ýý0 . ot,. 0310.1"51 m,1
1 vn tit In
I~"r" Oreig122 120 o, 5as41@7Si
$I tt,"ta Jl>` 1,+,.++,.., . er
on0 to o 0120.111(J
D·ll 1.0* roary.MW
tr h mdN, itstsu tlre biik, ., tb
r u / t h i t tl b bburr; of w I 1 ýY lit! e M fl ,6(6
, + .Qft tT. , i3iJIYOý
la~g~tr~get lg t lbn
noDI*byrit du a itpt It,
Thoy P brr,
fpmvh ~~~i
p + nr w ,rc
loto 1 , iontrý
tr bh>1 s gea1'0
0. ,au 6l. in
MolY~flg :. .
MO) M?, 0 UDMO
ý 11......... (*n$ Otree."f... Ii II
Xfi ··~( ·eo~etL1 be W TMr diae t
abetter t faa~at e~mgrn: ·
ay a, wig.~ Inoiudizw unarenred tPrrntPisu~- 4
na en ntr rear- the foar WIV
Netr r~lum 1t uMartn,.. JSU$19ao 3
Uneaned remit ·....·....r 114,404 9I ý
Noo 200,0 avP e e the MAYllo A..hp4uu
a t .1 11.69
l n ur a na C.rt 7 61
nteL~. 6 1.606
..._.... I1 N td ~
Oot grs s hae the follwboon Aeto- "+
{/ ......... . .......... . 9 ··lrr nr so
0.o W. N Srtletaryr. 1 a;
.Sworn to sa uscie bkr e. th, ad.1.
em m i eara oolra~o...... ee.91 I"
toa o ................ ,
bltoc' %1e k a a ar
Art amein fte hor o ioor e
on te 54 da fJune flrn1tn reeeJ
···~&D····· . FL~I
out on -4,r
0. W. NATT. SPeBo.tar- FD S
Parish of Arn ý Newf Orlean ,
a Mum . and subscribed before me, the W. day
letf S, IN a
JAMM FAHEY. ot"rue. Drk
At a m ofnro the Board ofDirerctors B4UI
£n tbhet of Jone,. John . ii In, s h
T interest an their amock. c J
.ý A T.
1M No. 1" canala stree Tract -'A.~ccc~~~ccc~~~~3
ton. I A. Paltrep Carl Khn T. I.rn. Bayynn
Xfai arta, a Jonas. John G Oaisnee. Tb,)e
A.Adm, ' homsa en Clarke. Chrftias
Lihnelder. Charles J. . amuel Janeso
Istirft Allowe on eoir.
TAR RENT. . ;. .·

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