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tkbet rr until i... ten ectraI
*u'smt is Ur, NUrrap
..' R 1ed to Ulh eagi Thnlmeu
W vtrbonrow Feb. t7 --17 lehot, Wit.
Mr,of Io uaouana, oat led upLbon tlh.
ltuldent to-d lto urge upon him to
pis 1101 theOlaholls erntment,
aH said that sxoume aat r n as nm.
to prot ot the life and proprty
O ette. 1. sitated Most p Ltiveiy
e e t wasthe en y way
Sei. to seouro future peeo o that
b, and that teopen leoulnd not be
ht ostuJ tlhe eho1 ilt'au arg
him w 'het revolt ent did noytt
A ll drs uponr as yet to) do Antything,:
. bollern Wiltner a pertocal hItter
Wy t tnrl left for \;1o
ye tp the sltuation tAo uelai .
Wtueo mhtU 'a toe 8lilaC,~
A New Comet.
[IpOetl sI hte Ohea T me.'. I
non, Uah., Feob. IL- -The re
tº ve oosr u t was t wined
W'tu1J..in'Vrlday nt, who
s diameter twelve titutec of
u, a t is iebulous mass, Ito the aeu
o hiuh bri hit onnoantrabed
h~e professor tUiks it will not
much brighter. The wanderer to
lntr hat the rate of sixty do.
Ma ner diunlat.
.t1 arlottlSU l that lIJtnmis from tlih
Village o Ilranpre)k.
S tFlpolnl itn OlollNo Timeml
iYIT MWioth, Feb, l,.- The vlllagr of
fp, in this ciounty, has a faturanl
l at, over whkh tie. e t luclh
il, 1its tai ot.kll n thaln a
,w . ihuut.i on the biaek of the
This hunih is is large as the
Itaelf, and tI attIhetl to the to bnk
Shrel bead by a urt the slsi of a
hiaer. 'lhis bunhtt is covred
bI ok Burly hair, while the hair on
Slti hoad. s trrIght, It Is II pro
eld by mnedlai lioen a itutor. lhe
is more thaln a week old, anil tuan.
srpak or opeln its eyes.
lir.ltaks Wte That He Will be Prraisent
t.prreisl to Chl luou Tluma,)
Altrrpicaott, 1Feb -An intimate
at rlnnd of Mr. ilden, who was
today what the efitec of the leos
presidenoy would be upon him,
that he gave no credit to the rte
that the disafpolntmsnt wa d
or espirt ays r.
n woul undoubtrtly ga
a If his friendst i wtl kitm
ileves that Mr. Alden will not
own or retire ro polities on
t the loss of the presidency
be will at once lay his lans for
th- e rensrethenoy in le0, le
Mr, Tikfn will not rellanqsh
of making himself preslden
at he oo for man years
work yet, He says thate ,. TI.
utterly opp to thhlooto"
rmissilon, arin that there came
rbtiv a breach between Tilden tanT
trelative to it, Hle ayrs that after
tde found it impossible to avoid
leotoral Comminslon he set to
to make It as favorable tao.m as
d. Illa great error was in not
Sa bolder and more pronounced
immI.trliately after the eleotion,
* was surrounded by timid men
y the conservative Infltuenes of
i Wil IM4d DIan Vnrkteus Speak their
$predl # N, ,Y. PoB,
Wastsoro., Feb. 17.-Iehind one oi
ste nl en l was talking exotl
four gentlemen and denounaong
Smoseet unmeasured terms
usurpation contrary to the
o bill and in direct antago.
to the rights and duties of C(on
Xe areed that It would be abe
the rtaunal or Coongresa to go
tB polls and preCinuot in the
tatte; but where it was
that the returns from any ar
wed on their face that the figures
rtrLaomed from the Hayes
t was the unquestionable duty
Omission to see whether such
was false or true By gnorting
si iply placed a premium
S uds for the future, and
an unlimited license to prao.
oorhes wa disoouraing in a
oholy vern to a small olrole
'a right, He was sra t
Iniquity thrust upon the
. The epublioan party, after
everything they could lay their
on, now ended b stealing the
ey. Would the Demcray all
e land who had made such a
t ght in the last campaign,
up i despondency at seeing vio.
,ana~tled from them by a sngie
:'wiLthoany pretense of rig t or
I e believred not, They had
tly' ubmitted a strong case to
leson supposed to be governed
of honor, but the marrow
itrovers~ y had been unblush.
ore ader sch olroum
h mooraoy would thirst for
at the polls. The tenacity of
was wonderful. If it had been
ther by the partisan anlmoes.
e Republicans for so many
it would not be likely to break
this act of high-handed usurps.
on the contrary, would be
Sgherba passion to right the
ereaer the uth would be
d at the next election in two
e would command an mmense
Cvefrom itepub leahs who are
.+atusted with the Tribunal,
aat Gov. Tilden was the
of the country.
em k aseax.
M eieera wotl eaIar e aat inm
peamb etse man 3 erea.U
Otpedal to Ohblesgo Times.]
Waanorars. , Feb. 18.--It was under
apparently, that neither side
anae use of the private tele
but the Republicans, finding
of the Demooratio communloa
ln cypher, have invented a key of
own, and put such construction as
y please upon them, leaving the
the alternative of letting
translations stand or supply
IXt s now proposed to give Zioh
ser and others to the world, since
blicans have begun the work.
Op .hes will show that in the
.Ohio alone, b [ Ha yes,' request,
was spent in te e.eion; th.t
was sent to California to be
by Morton on the Palcfio
tbIMUt*ree Biates, lal
S anti Oegon But the
O a tot dt e ra t ? tans,
honsion, They dclre Ia ow thet in
Io event will ther permithe inauli rs'
tlon of Kyoy to be InterTered
with, If the Demoorats aesor5 to
bluster r oflibusterin; they will simply
umtinmon the ýiepubltean members to
the Wenate ant then open and count t
remtindetlr of the votes for tayes, ani
on Monday, the ttlh of M.rchti, nst
him at the head of the government, and
trample down all opposition, There to
not ia Demoora In the lcty that doubts
the sincerity of the mere threat, The
stpubllcan managers profess oo.tempt
for their adversaries, and go soar ar
to assert that the country wll justify
them In ellsing control of tha neolt
ýongrell from such imbecile and reao
t nary han d.,
*t4UR&RL 3A&TkS,
nls OplieiS oe th le tltIhaats Iesalts of
the ileaeteral f il.
(lUrrespondenee Oourier-Joersi.l
WAStthiTOtI, Feb, 14,- oon after the
nessage of the liettoral Tribunal bill
Ue. Banks said to me: "I vted
against the bill because 1 o opse t as
u ponstltutional, and an effort to get
out of a dilemma bysettinl into An.
other; and," said he, ou wll see that
t Will only lead from bad to worse, and
act as such a precedent that the e ople
will never a ain elect a .eident."
"What," saidI, "do you really elieve
that the end is so near ?" "Oh I said
he "we will have to wipe everythin
out and begin all over again." I What
chaos and confulsion there will be," I
saidt, lre the conversation grew so
mixed that I have not a clear under.
eta. ding as to whether the old constla
tultton, after having served itN purpose,
in to be obliteraterd nd another ubsti.
Ltttid, or whether we are to have a
change In the form of government,
.!ivery one has a theory, one of which is
to elect a P'resident for the average
term of the reign of a king--say twenty
1 am opposed to a mtnarchy for sey
eral reaso ns, The ilrest. 1, that every
woman wsuhil wont to be a queen, or
tlhl a high position at, court. A repub
lie maiy be TotundId on the ruins of a
monarchy, but 1 don't think that the
reverse could be done In a atifttutoty
manner to this generation, We are too
accustomted to feel ourselves one tas
good as the other, and though our
Presidents may have the same power as
kintgs, yet we would rebel against a
channe of names, A rose may smell as
sweet by any other name, but a king'
president would be unsavory to the
publi,o What we most need le an end
to fraud. Wherever found, let it be
punished not lightly because of the bigh
positlon of the ortlmnal, but with addi'
tional severity, according to the trust
he has betrayed. When once a judge
has pronounced sentence in such a case,
let no appeal from interested frietnds se
cure his release, but let him suffer the
same punishment that the criminal
without friends undergoes. What ls to
save the country from perdition if per.
jury le.s common as ti is ald to be, if
the Ton Oommandments are a dead lets
ter, and grave questions are decided in
face of gros and palpable raude,. If
the Electoral Tribunal cannot take evi
dence concerning frauds practiced by
Rteturning Boards, what is there In this
dectlison but direct encouragement for
frauds in the future? A daring, despe
rate set of men can have things all their
own way without any fear of puuish.
rUIltT I`rTam.
Prospeetive Meoemente of grant noed he
Presldesntal Yamily.
I specttl OurrespondeUoe (C.urier-Jolurnl 1
WAauttNtmor, Feb. 1N.--The Preildent
will leave the Executive Mansion on
Saturday, March 1. and with Mrs, Grant
will be the guest of Secrotary lish until
their departure from the capitai, which
will be early in April. Mr. and Mrs.
Bartoris will take up their residence this
week with Mrs. Louis Dent, in this city
and will remain till May, when they will
sail for K'troe. Ulyssees Grant, Jr.,
he President s secretary, will leave for
ew York on March 6, to begin the
raootLce of law with the firm of which
e Is now a member. Col. Grant, who
has been in Washington for two win
tore, engaged in makl.g copies of the
records of ten. Sheridan a headquart
er., destroyed in the ChiObago fire will
return to the headquarters of the Lieu.
tenant General at Chicago at once. The
data which he has been acoumnulating
her, not only embrace the entire re
cords of the headquarters, but ofloiolal
material for a full history of Sheridan's
connection with the war. The Presi.
dent will give no levees nor dinners.
The statement that he will give a fare.
well dinner to his Cabinet was entirely
unauthorized. The absence of the
usual presidential levees this winter
has been a subject of comment. It can
be stated that they were abandoned on
account of the excited state of feeling
incident to the political contest between
friends, candidates for the succession,
and that under the ciroumstances it was
thought best not to hold these levees.
The President has no intention at pres.
eat bf taking up his relsidence in this
city. The house which he owns here
was taken by him only to relieve the
parties who had purchased ground from
him, which his own house partly oocu
pied. Before departing for Europe the
President will visit the West. When
the President leaves the Executive Man
sion the public property will, as usual
be placedla custody of the steward ok
the household.
It is presumed that Mr. Hayes will
arrive here shortly after the formal
declaration of his election. After his
inauguration he will be formallx wel.
ormed to the possession of the Execu.
tive Mansion by the President and his
outgoing Cabinet.
SpeeanIateas Cemernias the Next Minis.
tern of his Probable Exeepleney.
[8peald Oorreapondenne OourieJoornal.]
WAsmnIGTON, Feb. 15.-There isa good
deal of speculation already in respect to
Hayes' Cabinet. The names of Morton
and Evarts are mentioned for Secretary
of State, Bristow for Secretary of the
Treasury, Taft and Matthews for Attor
ney General, Don Cameron for Seore
tary of War, and Alcorn, of Mieissippi,
for some other position. There will be
a bitter fight to keep Bristow out of the
Cabinet, to defeat his confirmation, but
he can be confirmed very easily if nomi
nated. It is doubtful whether Zach
Chandler will be kept in or not. He
has served his purpose, and is no longer
necessary. I think Don Cameron will
certainly continue in office.
Anger ant a Speek Olt Mope Prevalling
at St. Leuas.
[SpeDl .to GleinaU. aanlrera.]
ur.di Vn u Feb. eIse f emeing e
gag zrea Dqeemts
o arn dd tna e themoo
and, the £motnt . gd id goeod:
SWhisky ey ave punishe Is ap.
i ali n tto aoemiplate But while the
SDemoorats are naturally dol ressed at
y the unexot. dly partisant aetlon of the
o board they still entertain a lively hope
that gr, Tilden will be eleoted Preats
dent, There does not seem to be a very
S agreat ra ount of war feeling, The In.
rfuriated warriors wh lately called for
r gore, havint fought tleir battles out on
a paper or it their mitlda eyes, have re
e lapsed into invisibility,
e All the Taxpalers 5ettle with the lIamtp
Y ten UMvetrnflent
t tlpeiatl ortsproindese Joturnal of Uemmeroe,]
Cotstmtat, eb. 17. -The hampton
itaze are still being paid I rapidly. All
classes and colore of people seem to be
t eager to contribute to thet support of the
honest goverament. Over 1o,0oo hatve
alreadybteen received at the executive
Softice Oharleston, of course, leads off
with her $l,000 paym.ent. Net to her
comes Newberry. The colored people
s are responding as freely in many see.
t tons as the whites. In Barnwell county
over nine hundred ooltred people have
paid their taxes to the Hampton govern.
meont. othor countle are doing nearly
as well. The collector of Aiteno'ounty
received the other day a note from
the president of the Oraniteville Manu.
Stoturing CompanT invitiln him to
some to Graniteville and reoeive the
company's taxes. To-day the compa.
I ny's oheek for t r"oo was received by
Ceov. Hampton. Judge Mackey says
that he has it from good authority that
Chamberlain's colleotlons in the entire
"tate do not amount to much over s$flo,
Stu York county the Chamberlain treasa
t urer, making his collection on a basis
of twenty mills on the dollar, had o.l.
Sleooted $12 tO; the Htampton collector,
collecting on a basis of two mills to the
Idollar, has collected between 8*0000 and
$7000. The Judge bases on this, tito
propositlon that as $112 50 is to $0,000(,
he amount thilat twenty mills tshould
yield, so is the estlmation that Chain
berlain is held by the property holders
to that in which Hampton 1% held.
mTle Senthern tDIemocrat. alnd tile llanjr
[ p'rial to Oinoltnatl 1nTtirn r.J
WAstttrt'ruoN, Feb. i8, --- The excite
moaent attending the infamous dectsion
has somewhat toned down. The toldo
which now engrosses attention Is the
long look ahead. Southern Democrats
antiolpate that Hayes will pursue a
policy toward their section whicho will
at ones divide the Demooracy, and that
a new party will spring up on the ruin
of the old. Some predclt the old Whig
party will again grow into existence.
What really excites the Democratic ap
prehension is how to save the next
House, The conspirators, having stolen
the Presidency, have no compunctions
now to add to the grand larceny. Ir
there Is no session of the Forty-fifth
Congress immediately following the
4th of March next enough Democrats
will be corrupted with patrollage to
wipe out the slim majority before Do.
comber next. Thtere s some talk of
holding over one or two appropriation
bills to force the calling of an extra
The True Inlwrdness of lrealey.
Causes for Bradley's action are leak'
ing out. It aptears that his son, a stu
dent in a law achool here, hat recently
been appointed to a sinecure position In
the Attorney General's office, and that
this son declared several days ago that
the ommtnission would vote seven to
eight on the Louisiana case. It has
farther leaked out that Bradley lhas
been most vigorously bulldozed by ulse
wife who is a bitter Iadical and hand
In-glove with the ring of administration
ladies who make political intrigue a
prominent part of their society amuse
ment. Bradley has recoived a number
of threatening letters since his votes,
and Is reported in a very nervous state.t
An Adlnssion.
Prominent toepublicans admit that
their party is dead. They say, however,
they can divide the South, and if Hayes
pursues a concilliatory course, build upr
the old Whig party,
A hlrlbe for Ioulasana.
Stanley Matthews on Saturday, boe
fore the caucus convened, circulated a t
dispateh among the Louisiata morn. J
bers. It Is believed to have been from I
Hayes, giving the astteranee that if tile
representatives of the Democracy al- c
lowed the count to go on, the Nicholls
government should be recognized. f
A Rlval That May Eventually Dethrone
King Cotton.
[Uy Cable tq N. Y. Herald J
Lownox, Feb. 18.-A remarkable dis.
covery has been made in Egypt by
Signor Giacomo Roust, the Austrian
Coneul Agent at Alexandria. He has
found a 'new cotton plant which is so
wonderfully prolific that it may prove
a dangerous enemy to the American
cotton raising interests. Bignor Russt
has just published an interesting re
port of his discovery. He says that
about two years ago he accidently came
across the new plant on the property
of a Copt in the Menutia district, who
collected the seed and sold it to his
neighbors at twelvefold the price
obtainable for the ordinary kind.
The plant has a long stem, and,
being without branches, much space is
saved. It bears an average of fifty pods
on each bush, while the usual yield of
the plant is about thirty. It yields from
395 to 678 pounds per feddan, thus
doubling the crop. A similar quantity
e~ seed is needede; but the great draw
back in Egypt is that it requires much
more water which necessitates the al
ternating o the crops with grain and
-regetables. In the sea islands of the
Atlantic coast or along the lower Missis
sippi it would prove wonderfully proli
fic. The Herald's correspondent at
Alexandria thinks that the discovery
will create a revolution in the cotton
growing interest of Egypt.
He Swims Down the Tiber and Aston.
iakes the Natives.
[3orreopondence Cincinnati Commercial ]
RoME, Jan; 26.-Capt. Boynton start
ed from Orta, which is a small town on
the Tiber, one hundred and fifty miles
above Rome, at midnight of Friday,
and reached here at 3 p. m. Sunday,
having actually made the journey in
thirty-nine hours, but was detained at
one point by being entangled in brush
wood at night, from which he was una
ble for some time to extricate him
self by reason of darkness, and at
others for refreshments, etc. His ac
count of the astonishment of the people
along the route are amusing, and
ifpihes evidence that the daysof pas.
t Httoltyreaoyet taend At
hacame a ord boy
h ,fooat, wh stod fa
d .a nasy opersns oZonows
. aaiu in ttb e valt sndeavor to
oish out the strange oreature that had
invaded thelr waters. At a small village
near Stimtngilano the people were oele.
brating a Festa, which was uneere
moniously broken up in the anxiety
of every one to get a sight of the "ser.
penta d mart,"
Ilreet of the PItlidelntlal Struggle on
MiUiltlh Polities,
[Oorterpsetenos Oteinnsti Ct ommtnreli, ]
Loobow., Jan, o0.--Of one thing I fool
certain. The centennial presidential
struggle in America has seated the royal
farlly of angland more firmly on its
throne. I have not heard of a IBepub.
Ilcan gathering for six months and if
one were now held the old objeotion
based on flying from llls known to
others unknown, would probably be
modliled by the assertion that the dan.
gers besetting presidential sucoessions
are no longer unknown. The recent
agitations in America could not have
occurred here without political earth
quakes, antrd In Franea universal revolu.
tion must have ensued, But at the
same time there may be noted an in.
creasing resolution that the crown shall
become more and more shadowy as an
element of the oonstitution. This feel.
Ing has found more frequent expres
slon sineo the Queen gaained her new
Indlan title. The publlbation of Theo
dore Martin's Memoir of Prince Albert,
disolosing an attempt to graft on Her
Majesty's reign oertain strong featuree
of nerman imperialism has been fol
lowed by an expression of opinion which
shows oonclusively that no baok ward
stop is to be taken in this direction, but
that the ETnglish motraroh is to be re.
gardod ineruly as a hilsttrioni emblem
of the greatness ntin glory of the .Eng.
lisih name. At, I btrnmntuot recently given
to Missy Helen Taylor, ir Ooorgoe C(irhp
bell, In provosing the health of the
MQuon, rtnbl t hat although he was not a
Wonlanl's Rtlightla mln, in the common
teoteptntlio, Iho idid wli that, the Hallo
law might he so comelt itely reversed
that in Englariul I to throne shoulid hoe
hereafter ortopietd only by wo
amen. 'The sentiment wt.s re
colvoed with lonl anid prolonged
apptlttua, antd the members of 1'ar
litrtent present, among whom were
Stanseltd andi Itoebuck soarmed no lese
pleased with it than the others. The
feeling displayed was certainly not dueo
to the personal popularity of the Quen ;
that she is not popular was, indeed,
shown at this bhatiquet, whoren at least
eighteen pore )su kept their seats when
her hOalth was proposed; but It was
due to the feeling that the general ab
stinence of the Queen from political
-altairs, espeolidtly since her consort's
death, has set an example from which
nlone of her sex will be likely to depart.
As to the throne itself, when that goes
to the IBrltih Museum it will be after
the United States has proved that a
great nation can get along without per
sonal headship antd presidential strug.
0IiA llaIw uN'ra.
A AoAZtIMY or Mctist_,-"~The Ireat DI
r vorte Case" will be repteated this evon.
a nlg at the Academy of Music. On
Friday the loading lady of thsll theatre,
Miss Etminlo Wilmot, takes her boneflt,
with "Arties 47," a truly fine play, as
the bill. E tch nlgi)t Littloe Todd, in his
,',robatio J ats, and the clover little
Morrtl Brothers, In thlir specialties,
t will aºppear.
Vt !n Bo nd.Ty an old Now Orleans no
Squaintance. Mias Chari otte Thompson,
arbegins an Tengagement of one week,
Sduring whiia sthe will appear as .aner
SI.yr and as Alixs otamitn,.
Ort Sunday, the 4th of March. Kimons'
oandt.locutnr's Minstrels will also begin
a short eungegient. It should be noted
° that the atnous Billy EIme.son travels
r with this company. His welcome will
be a warm one.
' VAntiatrCIH l Tt&ATtax --wlso. F. Rowe's
"Brass" draws Ionly fair houses at the
Varieties. This comnedy has not excited
Sthe enthusasern that was antIipated for
it. In fat, it is an oddity diffloult to
aprecIrdte. Whilst there is merit in it
l to locate it Is also a difficult matter. As
to its faults, they are glaring and it it
were not known befoto hand that its
Sconstruction was due to an experienced
Sactor, it would scoarcely be believed.
a The entrances and exits, at times, are
s labored, and, again, several of the
º situations are either unnatural, forced
or of the most extravagant character.
c Take, for example, the meeting of the
father and his truant daughter in the
last act; it belongs to fairy land. There
are, besides certainly too many scenes
occurring behind trees, chairs and
draperies. And yet as a whole there is
much that is pleasing in "Brase," and
Mr. Rowe's Waifton Stray possesses
many good comioal points. A large
portion of the burden of the comedy
rests upon Miss Ross Rand, whom we
can never tire of complimenting for the
excellence which she brings in every
thing she undertakes.
Three Charges.
There's a maiden up the avenue-
I see her every day
She has stolen I she has stolen !
stolen my heart away.
There's a maiden up the avenue-
I make the charge with pain
her has frged, sir1 yes, she's forged, air!
Forged an eternal chain.
There's a maiden up the avenue
Ye godse oan such things be ?
She has murdered I she has murdered
Murdered my sleep bath she.
For thieving fo rgnp, murdering.
Oh, 'cwoalld be joy divine
'T airest her 1 ys, arrest her I
help me. St. Vafentinal
Shelby (Ky.) Democrat: Twenty ne
groes were engaged nine hours in cut
ting down a large poplar tree on the
premises of Robert Middleton, near
rhelbyrille, last week. The tree was
eight feet in diameter at the butt and
measured twenty-five feet nearly two
inches in circumference. Some idea
may be formed of its immensalty by the
fact that an ordinary man could not
stand on the ground and rt ach the top
of the fallen trunk. Result, one coon.
Willie Brown, a "boy orator," died
recently in California. He was only
eight years old. His memory was so
remarkable that he could recite long
pieces after hearing them read several
times. Some people think the poor
child was murdered by parental idiocy.
The Victoria (iron) bridge across the
St. Lawrence river, at Montreal, is more
than a foot shorter in winter than in
summer, and were not this change pro
vided for, something would have to
A sia nh aNe tYoNwk sKowa
Of latn there ha been notioea bl
adisre t of "oakere" on the street,
sand as ispthafter dispatch has been
reelve the more clearly indiesting
the fital settlementt of tihe Lou lantn.
' ease by the recognltlon of Go. Nlicholls
Sor the non-lnterferenae of the national
administration, the fears of these
desponding ones have disappeared and
the universal feeling is now one of con
As confidence has become restored,
discousionrs on the political situation
1 have become less general, and with the
Spresent prospects of the establishment
Sof the Nlholls government, business
a has become more brisk, and people have
not the same amount of time to devete
i to ollti al talk.
It was evident to the most casual ob.
server last night in the rotunda of the
j t. Charles Hotel, that State finanoes
had absorbed most other toplos for the
nonce, and the status of its bonds had
somewhat enoroached upon the domain
of the adtnus of its quo, There were
lounging about this rendezvous during
the evening most of the prominent
p bulls and bears of the flags, and the re
cent rise in State securerities was earn.
estly canvassed. Mome of the gouged
bears were trying to assuage the pains
of their recent wounds Intlfloted by the
bulls. The evening's dispatches, Indil
oeatting with more positiveness than be.
fore, the recognition of the Niuholls
government were not exactly bhmone
'O'rche for those who lihd wasted their
oenergies in trying to keep the market
down, but which matrket, like the mer
cury in Mark Train's Mandwich Island
thermometer, would not down at all.
Outside the gentlemen who indulgo
in shorts and onlld, the feelln3. amongst
those who d welt imrore particularly upon
the politicual outlook was one of extreme
satisfatlIon l.'rivate, (lispatcehes, corrob.
orating ae they do tJoC mho )e In n t h!l,b
have craterl a ,.rong feellinr fo ronil
dlrenon il , tire celnnunit.y, ae(i .accord.
ingly spirits wIorn Iitucill lighter and
smiling faeos were the rule.
AT 'T1 RiT. LO.llt it ort,
ye*stnra:ty everythling was qui anndl ex
ortllingly dill, The occupants of the
buidling were, if p(Rsihle, morn glnomrmy
than they were on the lday before. Tlahey
hail hoped that there nliight tIe some
silver lining to the blalck lotld which
oversha-dows their fniture, and they
anxiously waited for that lining to be,
comar visible, but they have as yet failed
to ilsoever it.
Those whose duty it is to keep them
in a good humor mysteriously spoke of
telegrams which had been rectlved
from Washington, from Columbus,
Ohio, and from other places; but when
asked the contents of these dispatothes,
they simply shook their heads anmi
looked exceedingly wise. They failed
to satisfy the anxious inquirers, and in
o insequonce, their efforte to raise Ihe
spirits of the crowd were unsuccessful.
When the decision of the Commission
on the Louisiana case became known
in this city, Packard warrants jumped
up to high figures, and quite a num.
bur of hoiders, expecting another rise,
refulsed to sell even at that lrinen. +On
the receipt of the Information that the
present national administration would
not interfere in the affisra of this State,
they dropped as suddenly as they had
gone upl. and are still falllqg, and now
the confldent holders who would not
sell are very unhrappy.
The ,begislatutro met and, after en
(leavorltg to obtain a quorum and fail
ing, adjourned until Thiursday.
There has boon nothting further heard
of Weldon, and all Inquiries regarding
him elliit only the statement that he is
still in contlnement.
The Washington Artillery and several
other military companies parade to-day.
The man who goo to theo theatre to
be seen, and talks loud enough to at
tract the attention of the entire audi
ence, is etill alive. eib was at one of
the theatres last night.
The respective branches or the Gen
eral Assembly adjourned yesterday un
til .aiday in honor of tho 22,1 of Febru.
ary, the anniversary of the birthday of
the man who was elected the first Pros
ident of the United States, before the
creation of oRturning hoards and "High
A little "diffliculty" occurred yester
day, about two o'clock in the afternoon,
on St. Charles street, between two indi
viduils, during which one of the com
batants drove his fist through a pane of
glass in a neighboring show window
and cut his arm fearfully. The light
was a bloody draw.
The "bustling" surroundings attri
buted to the leading part in "Article
47," which was referred to in yester
day's DEaOCtnAT as the selection of Miss
Wilmot for her benefit lna Friday, was
one of those indiscltions which
pilnters will commit on rare occasions.
Bristling " would have been mono
pointed and less equivocal.
Father Morumus, the distinguished
priest, will, on Saturday next, at Grune
wald Hall, deliver a lecture on "The
role of Papaso in the world and the
place of Pus IX in hblstory, treating of
the important questions of the Italian
unity and of the temporal power of
the Popes." The entertainment will
be under the patronage of leading
ladies of this city of the Catholic faith.
In the .House of Representatives an
important bill was passed yesterday,
which, it is understo6d, the Senate
acted upon immediately. This bill
prohibits any parochial or municipal
official in the State to issue any evi
dences of indebtedness whatsoever, ex
cept against moneys actually in the
treasury of the parish or corporate
town or city. Jury warrants and war
rants to witnesses summbned in the
courts are alone excepted.
The House of Representatives have
encountered an elephant in House bill
No. 54, relative to the mode of collecting
the revenues of the State. The bill con
tains between one hundred and twenty
and one hundred and thirty sections,
sixty-four of which only have been
agreed upon after several days of hard
assiduous work. When the bill comes
up daily as the special order, members
are requested to leave their hats in the
hall, before leaving the hall to go and
get their lunch.
A New Orleans correspondent of the
New York Tribaue, evidently with any
thing but a fair motive, takes particu
lar care to say that the examination by
Judge Staes of Weldon, the fabricated
assassin of Packard, took place before
"several reporters." It is asserted
without fear of cavil that neither the
German Gazette, Picayune, Bee or)DZM
ocsaT were represented on that solemn
occasion. As far as 'could be ascer
tained at the timb the reporter of the
New Orleanas tne was the. only onen
psgemittedto be. preseat..
Lai.º atºe
to AUW? N O PAth RUML Ao R
on the chargs of Perglng 3i VaW*if
a lame.
i Paul Morgan, a yugMn
a want of a entennalnl bill, and o
d able to et it on the "squtire.
lhis fatter's name to a el a
leoted a one hundr d t oltr|u
1, the People' BankL. Pau rt l
n eer hall, known as the raofl
Sdens and there mereting a fris
it m hlr b of the money to kep e .
s Capts. Kelly happeneri to top t
a forgery and arrested all
e fatler of the acoused, w t
r. with the :bank. t Oh io
s seemed deteriined that the wr
s justice should not be olog
a ordered te omffier who
d an to make the proper a. vIt
n him.
mo . - - .....*. ---. " -
LActclinte--,Albert Ooss, a rout
retired Into the Harbor Station,
with the larceny of ohampagne
the steamer Belle of Shreveport.
For the larceny of a 'stt .
Sslung" valued at $1 H0, An
was Immured in the Harbor-Stilti
The watch was found In Andy's p.o0
W Walter 1. Ctatright, for brealksa
r open a door and tealting a eoat valu I
at $2n, retired to the Central Mtetion ag
the charge of larceny.
Thou, Junhatrm lost his liberty fog
having a sack of cotton In his possee.
1 1'trr AwAy, lit,ur,.--Antolne WOO
lt.tna, a laborer, was collared on
levee, head of Uommon street, and
carcerated In the h1arbor 8tto
charged by A. NroW with having S.v-al
property in his poeseloun, to wiltl
mleerschaltt pipe, Valued at ~30,
IttlotAftty. Jet.!eewtn the hours of
and 4 o'clock on the rnor ing of the l0t
Inst, the ror.lcrdo of 0Mr. Jeanbat
iJeji t, on tlreitlines stl'et, botwe
RItobilson awll Uaiboruet, was eontO
by thleve, w lho carded off twenty4t
doiltrb in urreincy a a large amqitlt
of crlthlng. The buirglrs effooted
entrance through the back window,
ATTi Mrr AT .lJUlttlt.An.,-At 4i. o'oloe1.
Wednesday morning an attempt
made by thieves to burglar. ts
grocery store corner' of Customh
and Marals streets. At, the approaeh
the patrolman the, would.be burgh
"padlded the hoof."
Piltoux tr,x-Frederhc Thom as
William Morr~s are likely to have at
o by ury on the olrige of having ba
Spocket ploking Inu he Frenobh Msa -
John Valentine will also have to ht.0
twelve of his peers on the same oharg*.
ElftLh Distrilt co.at,
Robert Worrell and A. F. Brown have
instituted suits in this court, each pra.y
log for an injunction to restrainJ .
Hlarlowo, tax collector of Tensaspa i,
from drawing out of the (Oanafs a
funds deposited with it by him, and t;
for an tnjunction restraining the bank
from honoring any cheek of Harlowe
drawn against said funds.
Petitioners allege, as grounds f r
their prayer, that they are on the Cm.
cial bond of the defendant; that he ha
collected a large amount of taxes; that
he refuses to pay over to the tate or
parish ofllcers the taxes collected, . ae
that they fear that he will prove dire-.
Hlit to his duty and thereby make themr
liable to the amount of his bond.
Iojunctions, as prayed for, were Is.
muperlor Crimllnal Court.
Carrying concealed weapons-Win.
lIarrinrgton, Jerome Evans, Franobi
Marti nal.
Assaulting ia polcle oftloer-EtiEnue
Gustave (c.) pleaded guilty to sitmpl
assault, and was sentenced to one
month Parish Prison.
Breaking into, etc.-John MoElroy,
breaking into the store of L. W. Poeh."
a Delta street, on the night of May *.
Burglary--Wm. Williams (o.) breok.,
Ing into the house of Auguste Larrtis u
corner of Carrollton avent e and new
Canal, on the night of the 28th M.aS
1876, stealing goods, etc., valued at $107.
Itecommanded to the mercy of tLe
First District Couen
Entering in the day time, eto,, al.
larceny-Pat Kleman.
Larceny - Mary Gibson Paulist
Grosse, Spen(,er Pushmetop, WtI .;
Crosby, Henry Neal, Win. Bowman.
Assault with intent to rob -- Ge.s
Entering, etc., larceny-Alfred laek.s .
Larceny--Wm. Finley.
. LArceny-Chas. Brown.
Larceny-John Burns, allas Dr. Feri
guson, M. J. Kaiser.
Larceny--Ellis Brown and Geo. WI..
son, nine months in the Penitentiary.
What's a Key Like?
Ltke a weep, like a spirit
Lioe a goose, likte a eel;
Like a top, like a kite;
Like an owl, like a wheel ;
Like the wind, like a snail;
Like a knte, like a crow ;
Like a thorn, like fl ail;
Like a hawk, like a doe;
Like the sea, like a weed;
Like a witeh, like the eon;
Like a cloud, leke a seed;
Like a book, like a gan;
Live a smile, like a tree;
Like a lamb. like the moon;
Like a bud, like a be.;
Like a burr, like a tone;
Like a colt, lke a whip;
Lise a mouse, like a mill;
Like a bell, like a ship;
Like a jay, like a r ;
Like a shower, like a ot ;
Like a frog, tike a joy ;
Like a ball, like a buat;
Most of all-hike a borl
-[Kosto Gazette.
O(rr Heomr-O A Ter .a i
Ky; W oward Brooke, Pa; H t -
Sr sau0.; ._ . Wit, ýJ S
x upJL

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