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i m~ .. .... . . . I i im il ] i ~ I I aniUil ni i mn m n II - I Hi ln i b N l H H I lHI i a- I Iinl
BY TEl,14Vj4( ltAt'.II.
Inye,.' P'ropoeold Policy.
The Iuadicals Fear I1o Will Prove an
Andy Johnlon to tlhnui.
$laise's, Ingermsull's nnd Morton's ckheiFs
If I.e IIiertr 'Th ,m.
tHl erialI Io N. O. l)imocail. 1
WAs.INOton, March 4. It is pretty
generally Iuniderstood that, no ofilelal
announcement of iliaye' now Cabilnot
will be mlad Iefor. Wed nuday. T''he
list will be CvolnliIle(I tio-rnolrrow, si far
am the .,Ipuhilhan nieiobel'rs i itt are
concerned, but it is dolubtul if t he two
p.aecs which lhiay'cs has finally con
eluded to give to Southern (I.ooilv,
tites will Ie ill lied even by Wedinii'dy.
Up) tothIs itlll' lliyiu hie hIo l mainlly I
oocuplid in llUif ullllg f1o rleonllllI tl'rIali('i
from his partii.tn frints lIgainMt the
polcy he Inte Il~l to rIitilHI', bIt he gives
them no satlisleaft(lI. VYest'erday , when
Logan's friends lnadio' dlealloln for the
War )leliart iient fior hinu, and recorn
mended Logan's party services, IHayoe
said: "Yes, Iuogain's siervices had boon
emineDnt," land then remarked to a by
stander, "but eminent party services
have ceased to be the highest recom
mendation in the eyes of the country at I
The Morton crowd is very blc to
night, and some of theme have already
begun to mnutter reminiscences of Andy I
Johnson, Blalne's gang is also sour,
and Bob Ingersoll Is reported as saying
that if Hayes went back on the men
who oounted hInt in, he (Ingersoll) will
devote the whole of next year to making
Shim wish he hadn't.
The outlook as a whole is that Hayes
will go further than even Mathews or
Foster have exlpeeted in the direction of
non-partisanshipl. But there is no tell
ing how long he may withstand the
pressure being brought to bear upon
him from the other side.
A IADttCAL ('oIm11NATIoN WITHi Til.nDfN.
Some of the disgnusi'Ited adlcals hint
that if Hayes Andy Johnsonizes, they 0
will see to it Ilhat tih Hsupremo Court D
ouSts him on quo, a'Varrcainto, and will
tako the chances of making terms with a
Tilden. g
The report is current hero that Hlayes
was impelled to take the iinauguiiral oath I
seoretly to-day, for fear of assassRina- r
tion; but it has no foiundatlon. There a
is nobody here who thinkls of assassina
tion unless it may e) sllom disgruntled
Radicals, and llHayes knows) it. a
The extra se'ssion of (ongllress will be t]
called for ablout, It he frst or the niddle
of May. It will irobably last two
months. InI fact it may take that long
to elect a Speaker. It, is well under
atood thato l)e enmocralic caucus will
be unable to cont rol tlhe organizatlion of .
the next Ilouse, anl there will be a
Donnybrook fight for the Speakershil). a
NLAI N IC S S'11 iEM I':.,
If ]Blaine fails to get, what ho wants, t
he will resign from the Senate, come m
baok to the ]louse fron Maine(, make a
combination to elect himself Speaker,
and turn all his guns against Hayes.
As he will probably fall, this pro
xtrammoe 1 not, Ipossible.
The Louislana men express perfect
satisfaction at tihe ashuralnces they have
received from llayes relativ to to their
State government.
The carpet-baggers are perfectly
frantic. Their only hope is in getting
John Logan into the War Department.
An exciting scene occurred in the Hall
of the House just after the Democratic
caucus had adjourned, which, under
other circumstances, might have led to
Stragic results. Aggravated by some
conservative remarks which Lamar had
made, Douglass of Virginia, went up
close to where Lamar was sitting in his
seat and shaking his list at him, de
nounced him as a traitor to his party, a
man who had sold out in order to secure
his title to a scat in the Senate. Lamar,
observing the condition in which
Douglass was, paid no attention to him,
merely remarking that he was not in a.
condition to be responsible for his
words. Friends inlterfered, and Mr.
D0oglass was let away; but he s.on
found his way back and agai:n com
menced abusing L:;nar. Tue latter be
came exasperated alnd was about to in
Slict summary puntiilsonont when Mr.
Oaulfield and others persuadel him to
retire from the hall aI d the matter end
ed there, at leatt for the present.
The concluston; ,o lanuidall's valedic
tory as Speaker is a~ toliows:
"In respect to p,. litical events, the
session has beet-n oIe ,o tihe most. critical
ti our history, i;et nij ýrity in this
House, representis.: a l;;j jrity of all
the voters in the Unli'., States, and, as
pe believe and know, a majority
of the electors duly cholen at the
.re.ent election for President and Vioe
,resident has been made to choose be
.teelfn equl.scence in usurpation or
b~shng-$ the right through civil oom
ý> 'r Demaocatx. party 00
temporary possession of the adminis
tration rather than entail upon the peo
plo iovil war with all Its horrors. There
are some who will condemn this
submlssion that we have given to
the results of a law which was
not administered In the spirit of its
creation, nor, as we believe, according
to the letter of its provilsions. We have
(done All thls In preterenco to the dan
ger of anaerrch and bloodshed. Timnm
will surely remedy those wrongs,
for there is In the American pEo
pie a desiro to do justice. We
must await that remedy, Impatient as
we shall be for Its arrival. Until then we
demand, as we have a right to demand,
the reign of equal Justice, that the
sword shall cease to strike prostrate
the governments of States; that the
clvil shall iho superior to the military
ruile, and that the people shall Ihe froeil
now and forover fromt tihe Ahackels of
roen It, misgovern l.i t. '" I hi si,.
ile Is Ioteanmended a Naerrtnry or 'War
by hrnator and ta(n. iharma .
lHayes More i'rvonrbly IIlmposed 'I'oard
Illm Tlhan Any 01 her P'erson
f[pedul to the N. 0. Democrat.
WAsIINi'ros, March 4, 1:o40 a. m.-
(lenoral and Benator Sherman have
both recommended (lep. Joe Johnston
for Secretary of War. A member of
Sherman's staff told me Hayes enter
tained Johnston's name more favora
bly than any other. Buart,.
Tilden Sworn In as Presideut at his
Resldene. In New York.
He Is Noon to liegin his quo Warranto
I)ollina and Lalar.
Il'pcial to N. O. Pemocrat.)
S WAn riNiToUN, March 4.-Mr. Dougias,
of Virghila, has made a full apology to
Mr. Lamar for his remarks.
Honator Gordon to.day receivod assolr
ancos which sot his mind at case re
garding outlli Carolina.
Iti is roporl.td that Mr. Tilden was
sworn in as ProsIlltnt to-dllay at his
reshldnco In (Iratlnrclry Park, Now York,
antll1 that ho will comltnl iilco e lH h qieo w.'r
'or no protIceedings Ie lfort long.
Theore 1 I muclh lliiff'orinco of oplilon
amoniig )eolltcrata Ill to the policy of
these stoir). 1UnI,.
Forlm lor Ifo cumnernts for Jusltire of Iite
'i'h following llilcsl dicn in olnts of the HIi enth
.sll1ti of the t'eae or the parish of mI. Julhn the
Ilaptlt lshow iit great pr.groel Inado in the
Imatter o(f - ttlo papor, sllce the (Iy' of (iMallisonl
a.dl Ji Ltrrnnl. i is groat itlllprov,)nLillt we owe
Elltrlly ti tthe hatlel party, aday l th lireat cart't
it hlts taken It the selection of Iflhil*·, l artitl.
larly, of judtlcinCI otilceO. The fallowing docil
mente ull Iy hb olf u.t t ollItier j.ltiteta of the
pcOlae lnt)id of St. John, an ., rlMainly do not
dlus~ i v. ti, be lhst :
7th Justilo court,,
the Parishll of St. Jame ll
V. I.
.Tin ''Taylor.
We4 ttid our Heliv a the Ilndrnll.natnr and
ILrgi JIen illHcul thel 'Nt oft lIfty dollars
for iiile rnlpro iefor llt h lParilsh court (ch the
firsat in ; ih March and toI) kItp lthe Peaco of
the `:a of Louiiianl to tll clitezll of the State
of Lotulll. i4ia presly unto J V Arment. for the
Mplo olI f lax molt ll tlisatLenlt in the State of Loulli
tati antlld a r.slIdelut ill hII1 Parlh of St James
nll slty iargrt .J,,htI lal i5 a It(eadi. nt ill the Par
isl of 1foi-o1aidl A. 1) 1877 this 13 day of fob the
umllll of IPth dollar dite.r To the Parish of tit
Jamell his 1: day of LIt, 1877
(h)bla.r E'Iphlaln1 Justlice of the Peace of the
Bond 'man
Laga Johnson
Sinn and fi hd before me this 13 day of fob A D
Gospar Enhraim
71h .Justice court i
Parish of St. James
Cairo Boluy
dreeord to W jilliam the conatble Cairo Bouy you
are hero by blelog 8ullag ill the manure of the
State of Louisian tll to( tafi in thet a buve case
concirning Jim lay lor this 12 day of feb a d 1877
give uuto my hand Iff iil at my oflic 12 dayof feb
Ilospar Eohraim
J. P.
Whilch Came Near IIesalltng in a Serloes
Yos~orday aft, rnoon, after te filremen'a pro
Osrsioll had disbanded, and whilst Mechanics'
F:re Company No. 6 wasI uoing up town towards
tti headquarters, a disturbalce occurred at the
,mrur of' Uri"vier al.d Sh.. t haries streete, which
iaite vvery inar ill ding seriously.
Several v.rl',tus of the oo:urrence are given I
Ill t listre.,:t, al there are, as u-ual, two
s'.es to thI.e (l.tStioti. One in which reliance
can I.e pl, tceld I' to thLis ff,"ct:
A )neroull io the cidwialk hllrrahed for Tilden I
as the Cmllpal\ iase. One of the ulembers
of the c'lpanltl shook hands with the enthn
s1,as. relllti : klh;:
I" a.n a Ti den mtan myself, although a mem
ber of No 6 " lihe:. Iapin olther members of the i
ccmpanyl raluhed upon uln anld h :erally tore his 1
hlur' lrc,nl his 1ody. This cr.'atetd a commotion
among the bystandters, anti for a moment, it is
said, a serius disturbance was apprehended.
The member of N,. 6 who was assaulted by his i
fallow-members was afterwards .ecertained to
be Mr. Lynch, a fast runner, well known in this
city, and who applied for redress afterwards at
poe healedquurers.
We muoderst. lthat the affair contains a good >
deal more thba is stated above; therefore the
deta"l* Is D . i Poaar bt
A General Review or tlhe Held After the
B.d tte.
'rhe RIlepblulean Prudently Enlrenching
and Boldly I'lanning The De
moeriwy I)emtoraliztd.
[.epoelal Correspo'ndont N. O. Demoorat.]
WAfntatorrr, March 1, 1877.
The action of the Honse to-day practically etu'
ed the electoral strugglo, and Ibefore this reacheio
you Mr. Ilayer will have been dnltarod 'realdent.
The Ulnmoeratio party having first made an ar
*lgnmtent by pseling the ElCoctoral lill, and harv
ltg now gone into voluntary hInkrtptcy by alben
doning whal.over fnw moroels of hipe if may
lhavor l Itf after the aesigutomnt, it behooven
no to Inkn
AN InV.Nttl'lVY oFr TiHI ANeT-..
()f coalrnoe I lhave o Ians tllO aar IttainOgF thit
d'lft of publi, opllnion,. xct ptI an it may br ineli
cated by the xo et.0nmsnst of repre.eotativo 11n4
hero frol t all pInrt or ,ho c.ountry. He far a,
tbeen oxplreti .ue may be toiAkrt a an ntllex of Itl
rtateo f fthe lnieeOrati, plrty at, large, I shall
any that the lf, l iof thin diieater Il a combinr.
tLll of tlistch' to tn nt, panit nd liegIult, wihie
no epq ton dltfea,m at the p olls cion]l ever aroln
)frohtloll, airl the illiustrraoit efoot(l of whil(h
canniot fin forunthotel with lany atc1'm'try at all, for
the rmeaon that ino calt like t htas over ocerurtel
before to furnitth an analogy.
We ome, thlertfore, only a elInclatll as to tnoe
frtlre, since, rindnl, there are hardly two coin
oldent opinlols as to the present condition In
which the result. of thlm anoimalous Iuggle has
plaiced the party.
In the oource of a .omewhat extetdd expe
rnooe as an observer of events in Washington, I
have never ouen any time at which the most
sagafolou political reatmners were so utterly at
fault for promises whence to deduce connlultons
and for systems of logic by which to shape their
train of rmsonling.
oome agaln. But Washington, as I long ago
learned, Il the worst place In the country whence
to study popular sentiment. I Ind, however,
one generally prevalent theory among the masc
of vague speculations. That IN the belief that
the fate of the National tiemocratlio party under
Its present orgonimation deponsle entirely upon
the behavior of the mamsem of the party in the
five or mix Houthern Sta.ne where the majority I.
comparatlvely small -..- Ltislann, Minnllsippi,
Ala.aIna, Fiorida, the olMnae, and. perlhtaps,
Arkanstan. Thloer Ina ntimtaking the present
temper of thome Hmtates.
TIlkY Ann. IttOiI(I rio,,
evidently beyond possibility (f repair, with the
irlbeti:'lty and timidity mannifonstol by the Northll
ern and Eastern nmanagers In whlls haidls the
fate of the party was so absfolutely confided
upon the nolniatlon of Mr. Tilden. lhe coolost,
wisest headls among the iollthleri D)emocrats say
1b, will never again be possible to hold the white
vote solid for the Dltqioerattin national ticlket un
dor purily Northerni managelment; except itll oui
ii tingenny, and that c )ntinlgeno y Is one tof the
hleat likely ItI i'cnlr of all things in the worl,.
That t Is to Say, not hing blrt of Ia retivl of re,
cOlnstrn(.toni, at(omllt palnielt by the worst fieature
or tyraliy and plunder at the hands of negrot.
and iLarpeth.Itaggers can ever again f treeo the while
vote of the Haluth into
M 1t1(CltTIATi M4Iot1A ITrY.
Now it is tlhe pet purpose of thei ni w tralnagters,
whomlt the prsselnt result brings to io fi out in
the i.pubtliea. party, to purti oP a policy that will
destroy the cololr tlan, d1ilttlttI the interotts of tlhe
white people of thu HMouth from those of the
Northerni IJtnocracy, andi begin a system of re
eonstruotion, not of the touthern nMato govern
nrents, buit of touthern pohtictal seiti nulnt. 'To
tliis ol I amn aundantly sati,hiled all the ener
glen of mnalag mernt hi the ilepublican party, and
all the power of its adiinistrativo patroniage,
will be directted for the next four years. The
IRepublican managers toll me thlloy xpect to lose
somina strongth in the North ; that thty havo dis
counted certain diHfTlootious from thl it ranks iof
peop'o ill the North and Weo t, who, having voted
for Hayes, are not. quito satisfled with the way
the vote has boeen cllounted, antl who, as the man
agel l ptll it, are absurd enouttgh to prefer honest
defeat rather than success by the mnethods which
have toien employed to st-cuiro it.
The chicanery by which Mr. Hayes has boon
o unted in is expetoed by the illpublcan mana
gers to exasp,orate the Democracy of Ohio, lodi
anti, Now Jersey, New York, Connecticut and
New Ilampshiro into more perfect solidity than
before, and to disgust a good many Republicans
into symyatby with their late adversaries, which
sympathy may or may not result in active co-op
eration, acoording as the charactIr of the Hayes
administration tends to mitigate or intensify the
disrepute attending its origin. The first consid
erable test upon this point will come next fall in
and the Ohio managers of both parties are al
ready looking forward to that event with anxiety.
The Republioan managers seem inclined to look
the worst possabilities of the situation in the face.
Realizing that the HIIyes administration will
come into power with something of the stigma
that is borne upon the brow of a bastard, they
propose to "live it down," to us- their own
phrase, by developilng
in their administration in inverse ratio to the
foulness of the midwifery whereby it is nahered
into being. This is i comprehensive experiment,
but you know human nature is peculiar, and
people in the average are wont to place a pecu
liarly exaggerated valuation upon good works
which proceed unexpectedly from tainted sources.
The old rule, that the prostitute cannot reform,
will not work here; for that the American people
have a weakness for fraud anyhow, being mostly
'on that lay" themselves, and unless the fruits
of fraud are shamelessly abused, there is a very
good-natured indifference to
This then is in brief and in aggregate the hop3
of the Republican managers: To do the best
they can to hold their own in the North and
West and bid high for gains in the "Solid South."
It will not be long before we can begin to form
some adequate idea of tha outcome. Whatever
may be the fallscies and delusions of this pro
gramme, it at least has the merit of being a posi
tive and definite scheme, which is more than the
Democratic party can lay claim to at this mo
Tý Dem te., in fired, is ad
whllc has just been released upon parole by its
csptors. About half of this unfortunate host was
in favor of fighting to the death sand dying in the
last ditch-e ven wanted to fight after the arms
had been laid down und the co ors eased. And
this half consumes its time and its temper in
oursing and reviling the other half, through
whose timidity or treachery- or both combined-
the cspltalation was brought about. There has
never been such a ease of flunk in history since
the Austrian General Macek surrende red at UlVm,
and then, after he had surrendered, discovered
that if he hald made even the threat of a sortie
in foioe the siege would haven blen raised.
The New Ylok men and most of the New hI.g
landers reem rather glad the fight Is over, anlI
profess to ihare so!m hopes of a tidal wave two
years hence that will give the Demoeracy control
or both branches of Congress and thrrn-fourths
of the Hettt grovernments. Blut I have heard tell
of tidsl waves, and Ihey don't soem to be rnliable
neoagh to depiend on fir steady
Id,oA'T INi; 'ilt'Pla .
The Wnitern len sr , bauly ilivided: likewise
the e'Oinsylva1n ' s, and thel ehief sano tlenllCO t of
iren f'ctin li-na' s to in tilh f1I f athlouting ' I
toill you sol " whil e tic grilsi sl.nct of t1,,, other
fratioo 1 rrnot in th" Liin rljoindor "(il Io
)wll I " while the Monthir'ri men anom for thi
moot part ii iit, .ul t r in ir i til in) i i. c . onaists
or itiliring, each rtr hiiiaelf, ashe to Rc the
p., eparalllols for the new dtl,,
" WIo ) I r (+'1o . m ? "
1htt as rI'r pntivy, proj +lt, pirrpnsl,, i it onr hope
of a,derlilte nature, or of tinatiotnal slip", the
I)oltleoratio patty, as ti-prmesented to-day at
Washington, has .bsolutely norne. It has split
into a Ilarg family or Wilkins Micawlers, with
now andl then a Falstanff to give variety to the
seone. But I hive no reason to suppose the party
is accoourately ropresented at Washlington. And I
judge that two years hence it will be found some
what tliff.rently represented from what it Is now,
or the Demorany of the rural districts are not
the roosters I take them to be. Besides, the
future of the Democrrati party, as at present or
ganisnd, depends largely upon the mannr In
which Mr. layes conducts himself in the office
to which he was
NteYr ELAirteo c r TuIl rT.',PI.
There was a time when the Democratico party
was the arbiter of its own destiny. But it com
mitted hari-karl and the enemy who was watch.
log the operation !furtively succeeded in esptur
Ing its bowels. And the piossession of one's
bowels is an Important element In declding the
nlourso of ont'.A condntot. A. C. BUfi,4,L.
- -...----- --
He lteta Pretty Rndly Iteaten, but he
Ilroulttht III Prloner lo Jail.
ilnday at noon, Alio., O'Noil, domiciled at 110
(briol str(et, iallld on Otfi,r Morton Loganl adi
rcqlom.sd him to Ilrnome into her hioe and ar
rest Williarn and Jlsco' Trner, who, to 11i4 her
own expression, were kicking np a devil of a row.
''Thn ofliotr entredrl ald lnfo rmed Willlear that Ie
would have to doeslt froto reating a disturbance.
WVilllan tool( umbrage at the ,Sleot's remark,
and assailed ulhi with a brick, smashing his
inoo all over his face, andl
rit.n .Tr AiTtcr TO r:r'P.
rIuit theb oflicor was tanol and startied in full tilt.
art, r his aenillant, dl dafter running about, a
l .,larr', lo ertlr , 'Ihn:. l)urin, tihe chtase Wil
Irn 'lTurnr hn ltaid atmidelo him trusty weao)tn,
the '"rick,' ant hall re-rmn,: hbhnmsol with a
hathlPiliot; alnd, when ,Iht ollic r anp,t,.riahedl tIrIt
for thIe secorinl tlmnt, I, started f- him with ri -
trwed vigor, hil little hlat.acet nll:i I lAndly wKirk.
Ili.ny 'Turner, not wishing to ne, iher trther
William go to jtl) or got worried i: tihe light,
armed :o.srelf with a l, illnt and hastenot to Lth
rec.cll; and whille the ofl,crr was turling witt:
\'ill.nti, I) €tt n:y asIisaied hits in the rrear and
carme near carving hills Pilr.l c'hltnir with the
At thilc Juncture citizern )Dan ()'uonnill came to
Illt ati.ItancO of Of(fi::er Logan, ar.d the belligr
(0ins, Willi.am and Iricoy, were sa.fly himulsert in
Ithll Central ltation on the chargi of (list tinturing
the pacoe, aeunult anlld battery. with intent to
mnurdor, and reaisting the oonll'or.
(fll wr Logan, by the timthe l reached the
station, was covcreri with blood. Io wan at
tnldied by a physiomln, who ironounccd hit
wounds cov-ro blit not daDgorolls.
_.. . . -- ,I-.-- ems 40-- -- ......
HAVE it, OM A WVATrii (;IAVE. -- About 2
o'c:lock to.sati:day morning a dric:K hand namedl(l
J'tin We nor a(c(identally lost his balance anrd fell
off of tlhe wlrehollotio of the steamer Golden
City into the river. Ith was saved from drowning
by the boat's crew. When taken out of the river
almost drowned it was discovered that he htadro
ceived some bodily injuries; his right !ce was
broken, and he was otherwise internally irljured.
H.t was sent to the Uharity I!ospital.
ON tiSVE.LRA CH"a\nto..e-After Louis Clark pays
for his folly in primrec, het will doubtless be im
ptresedrl with the idea that his ways are dark a;id
hi, tricks are vain. IHe was pulled Sunday by
()ficer Letheque and locked up in the sixth pre
ciuct, charged by Victor Johnson with robbery of
$5. Also charged by Capt. Grabort with carrying
a concealed weapon--to wit: a razor. The charge
of resisting the officer was also booked against
FASI, ALARM.-At half-past one o'clock yes
torday morning a falte alarm was turned from
box 81, by private watchman A. McKee, for a fire
supposed to be in the store of A. Baldwin & Co.
LARCENY .-"Such is life," was the remark of
Anna Pettenor, when she tumbled into a cell in
the Third Precinct Station, charged with the
larceny of Officer Mehan's revolver. How it
came to psse that Anna nipped his revolver is a
TIE Toox A )DIVE BrT WASl RscUenI nY OFFI cia
MInPHY.--John Murphy had too much parade in
his, that is, he hart too much crooked bore
aboard, and he conceived the idea that the best
thing he could do was to take a bath. Sh last
evening he repaired to the ferry landing, at the
heal of Canal street, and jump-d in before dis.
robing. He was fished out by OffIcer Murphy, of
the Harbor Station, and lieked up in the Contral
Sation, charged wilh attempting to commit sui.
ide ; and yet they talk of American liberty.
VARtII:TIEs THEATRE. - Shakepeare's c)medy, I
"eAs Y t Like It," wilh be presented this eveniLg
at the "Varieties Theatre, for the debut before a
New Orleans audience of Louise Pomeroy, who i,
said to possess high artistic qualities.
ACADEMY OF MrSvc.-Simmons & Slcum'sd Min.
strels begin a short engagement to-night at this
theatre. Mine:rel shows are great favorites at
the Academy, and doubtless there will be a largre
audience to welcome the newcomore, who are ri
ported to be of a first-class order.
.. . . . - ______-_.. ..
A Mysterlou s Fire
The sngar house on the plantation known as
Linwood tlace, belonging to Capt. L. . Sawyer,
and situated about twenty miles below the eiiy,
on the left bank, was burned to the grounri on
Thursday night. The extent of the iose is tfrty
thousand dollars, but it is not known in wha't
company, or for what amount the property was
insured. The cause of the fire is a mystery, as
the sugar house hatl been closed up for about
six months.
Important to sugar planters. See Troiard's
BvatrxIs P.,y o dts-3ý
The Fortieth Fenltival of the Fire
mIen of New Orleans.
An Inlmtense 'l u rnont of the Peo.
pie to hr'e a Mngniflcent
firemen's I)ny, and the IFlrty-ninth Anniver
Sarv of the New O$rloasus Viro Di)partmenti P ow
of ihe nmany thlousandas who lave turnedl out to
witnles the celebration of 1H77 could go, back,
almost a half a century, to thIe irto procession
hteldl whetn the olly lMsoif wasn noilng. Yet of
those looking on, there was not one who hAd
mlssed a single Filremont's Lay that they were in
Now Orletao; not one winun hotr 'i lat. re o.al how
the favorite engine was troesed at the colelra
tion of half a dozenII yours before.
It C.aoe, tIis year, forlniratoly, on Hlnday. No
onel, however poor, waS prevnteol snoring It, sen
lag it not oinop, bult a duta n times; alid every.
lldy took Aldvantatge orf th1 anIId iinat'old lhers atll
Ithee., seetlig new I n itis every tiine he saw 'it.
procrestiain pane. The Iho+vn' somol to have
ibten waging a war aganlinst r ir ,litalys of late.
'T'ihey spoilt (thriltnra.+, ruan rd M ratl rIrat, sand
hin|a gotnraily thrown an, itr.lintg of tttlattlchoiy
avr. every fteo dny, overy day of j,,y
attl Mrtrrimnt, , at if thny ment lto
Pay, wa r. ght not to rejoice,
but yoslairrday, ,tonrih 4th, wse ntl fatrifon 'he
ver'y Lpirfr'otonon tn opting t i, a trill wartn ill
lthe IOrn ing, bilta cot int li ll' into a nr li;ious
r.r in whl n the na rch wans ovlr, to t.ltl till' tih
toen, weariot W thi their lung andil ti ýsolne
Io ititio, news, eovrything, sonremn to give way
bore tre tiroOmn,; ainli, although a l Ieoidont
was bning swoin in Sotole Pay two the pIoplle,
mses, woilnen sati childrent, did not seem to care a
fig for thie, were only ianxious to krnow how
strong suad an engine would turn out, luw such
anotiher would look. Ie'rhaps, for the only dlay
for a year, those orintus anti disagreeabls
words, What's the new. ?" were un heeded.
'he streets were crowded thle wholt els miles
of route the gallant boys paraded over that none
might miss their proct sion; that all, kep, at
horne' by siecnens, sm well as those Il good
health, might see their engines and decorations
and be cheered by the music of their bands. At
favorite corners such s Osinal and St. Oharles,
l'tydras and damp the crowd was fearfully
dlense, and a good deal of good-natured shorvig
and elbowing took platie. small boys fou.ght
their way to the front to got a better view and
stood broiling into the sun In order to be better
able to present a bouquet to some friend or
sweetheart when he marched by.
All alamg the route the galleries were crowded,
as neither Itna nor Comas had seen them, for
the firemen's procession has in it overvthling to
mlake it a success and popular; the deonrations
and ornaments are beautiful, and then, alimost
everyone having some relative In it, feels person.
ally interested, and, last but not least, is the
feeling that all this Is not more shotnw, but tinat
thnsase men mean work - glornias work-- have, for
half a century defended our lives and property at
the risk of their own, It is these facts that
make firemol's day so grand an toccasion for all,
mon, womtrn and childlren, for it epresoents do.
vctlton, Mtoragle anti rurcess.
Iut onf all gazing on, two classes seem the most
tdelighted anti most enthlnlastic, arli these are
the bnoys, whose ambitil.n lookse forward to the
day when th,,y shall take part in this, and the
you'lng ladles, son many of whom havelIl just as pt.r
sotnal a interett inn the proce.neion, or at least
someni nmoetnbaur In it. nnw ,of thetse bunt havec a
bIunlquet roealy as a special mark of favor, and the
firrmar n wihn rotnrans I.smne after his march
nlntldanetltess can beo eort,)rnly tnarked . as a mis
ogynist or smano crabbid ltld bal chelor.
At ti o'clock thit, oys wenre iup and driensed, the
tgine urne nistahed ip atrln rad(y for the march.
Ain how Ihet frn th t appointed birin they were all
at .Uaal troet; for is ti e boast or oir o Fr ire D)
partmentt that it Ins rv.er bithinal-iadrd a eeo'-ind
wheitllor ,in dulty ,r paralde. For snam haill hiur
or soa t vrytbiing Ltioks ikit confullsnion. , . -
ginles are passinig artl repalnsl.lg avrrywhenre
damen bainds are pinin d(liacordantlly lot as many
tinnt, mare.al.(Is nt aids are (a. amhig lp ajnd
iaown tlho street; everything looks int tdi.otder.
It I soonT evilden'llt that order jin corllng out of
this chaos, that the procuession is orgarlnizing, andi
toh various cornpanllri selectinlg theinr variotus
positionsl. Thi. work is at last ldonet, thle orgain
ization is finishedi, andl proamptly as tto cloak
rat.tI:e tnt, r iJ.ven, tilhe proct.Cioaa starts ramli a
Lhonandl shouts i-f "ots," and "oih, how bteauti
Ilcrladed by
(irantI Marshal I. N. MAI1KH,
alno I'r:esrl,nt of the Fire mn' (Chartab'o Ineti
'rtion, f liowrd by him
W. 1i. Manning, Vi,. I'r'o:rldnt.
lritnry A rdt'y, He.i'rLrI Jtry.
W J.J.'Chemll|r, Trns.ur r.
.,rJ orph P. llororr. ix-Vl'o- I'roeslin rrt.
I'rd. Carnrr rd.lr , .x-Vier. I'riol.r nat.
( br. Hf. ,lraugh n, x. Vl ,: Prrielnt.
.Juo. Mc(;aTry., Ex-Vice Presldnt.
ltui, A. Wiltz. Ex- VIie i'ro idout.
Alfred Brilanguqer. Ex-Chief Enginoe.r.
Phil. Mcrab,. x-Chierf Enginer.
nHenry Ilerbrt. VoIlnte,;r No. 1.
C. A. lnt, Milrieherg No. 1.
C. TI. urcuho, Missrlrlppiu No. 2.
F. Groc,. Vigilant No. 3.
WE.E. Bo.blnger, Columbia No. 5.
Goo. L. Norton, MNechrtnire' No. C.
,Julin Michrl, Eagle No. 7,
thlgh Cain Phio'nix No. 8.
,JamesR A. Mirv;kray, Creole No. 9.
Vincent .. Wood, Louisiana No. r0.
Iamuel Don.ld, alrd Ferry No. 12.
P. Looby, Persevrranero No. 13.
W. B. Kllenopeter, P'hillarellhla No. 14.
John H. Ho dgins,. Jkson No. 18.
A. A. Plattmitr, Washington No. 20.
P. Boehm, Orleans No. 21.
John Blank Exempt So'lety No. 22.
Ed Burns. Jefferson No. 22.
F. Gerstn r, Chalmetto No. 23.
T'ihonas F. Cullen, Cres.a nt No. 21.
Jos. A Brown, Louisiana Hose.
P'. It. Angolovlch. Lafayetto II. L. No. 1.
James Garry, American H. & L. No. 2.
Robert Wilson, Hope H. & L. No. 3.
8 D. McNeil. Pelican I. & L. Noi. 4.
Volunteer steam Engine Co. No. 1.
'" Be Just and Fear Not."
President-F. Schierman.
iecretary-C. O. Webb.
Treasurer-lI. B. Whelage.
Foreman-H. Schott.
First Assistant--W. . Dean.
Second Assistant-J. Lasch.
Delegates-F. Schierman, II. Schott, Frank
First in line came Volunteer Steam Engine Co.
No. 1, the oldest colmany in the departimetit,
and derignated the "Mother Comnpany," with
their flue second-clasn J' fl.L's engnle, lokirng
ihke a piece of burnished lolver, an drawn by
four prancing bay hrra8s. The enginc war
hanudomely decorated. A lue cushdion, car.
mounted by a go den fireman, adoriucd the
smoke sack ; exte. ding from tit, fireman, o t the
signal tlamp in front, was a blue stream r, bear
mg the wordi's " Mrtier ' orpary." The hoier
of the engine ws er,crcl-,r b a wreath of
it ,wirs : retig on the roial b'i kr, was a flui
siver e-.rvice. 'he wbed,. of he engine Wler
handsom Ilv painte I in r.I and g(.l 1. A the
h"ad of the corpin, walk d tih. vetnra- here.
of the fire drpartme.,t. "Loa.ier," who his bteo
is active sirv ce ic 185l). The member, of the
company, fIlly eig'ity str.ng, pre enred a flr
appeararle in thr-ir hrodenrlm: anni:rrn..
Washington Hook and Ladder Company
No. 1, of Al.iers.
President-J. II. McCann.
tfecr:tary-Wal er Thomipscn.
Treasurer-Mark Morse.
Foreman-T. Hagan.
First Assistant-ti. J. Kepper.
Second Assistant-W. t'ser.
Marshal-P. Phiak.
This elegant trck, p"nted white nd
with rod and ornamented with dimve
Nam an tbis t m till
ere x.tpding from erl1 to end of tho ladder
rnft whllah was prkited "Wastnl,wtion slook ad
Itadder No. 1, I ride of AIgiears.'
Iireoklyn fr.an Fire (o. No. 2, Algders.
TIai fricn )Iady of gern frrr, t.he rlKht buak
pIared inl Ilne wihlls na t forty lmon, aui wl.a
their haIIdsorlil, stearnm enlKln, "O'()r Little MaI
rnle," presen ed a very pleasling ap.relrante.
Amongl the other ornarne.rts wa notiltreedl partieos
larly a flue wreath on the la.l bunker.
Illlnrbrlg FIre Co. No. I.
"&nrl.stant inr Need."
Pree.elnrt- Matteow l,,intege.r.
ne'retary- Vincent Marnera7.
Treasurer--MigKrl lirisolrrl.
l.oremasn--Leorne ii. Mnro.
Flart Alseitarni--OhIarIe Kneeler.
Ierord Aleslataant- Iteorgan iaopp.
)nleagates--Mathew ei.irng,.r, Iaonre Jl. Mn.
ro Vinenut Marq eg
Followed by forty flve , mn with their hand
rngino drawn by their veftranr harren, "~y,"
iThblr engine was orntame.rnt.d with a basket of
l ,wers tln the center, and wr.tiretl of artiloeal
II twor err wirea d amrlnlad andl aslltit 11 egine.
I.lleyetlte II. anld I,. No. I.
Pre.ilent ltex. Aeenehrarnmnr.
ile.retary-- A, . . Hwift.
TreaPnrer --J . t)sey.
Iarernate (. M. Itealrao.
First Aamei.ttllaet..-ti,ira I:r'!.
M"nta~ l Aelilwa t (i. oirl 'r,,,
1)el'gte'e A. Ase uhariia r, iRlber Dal, 0, M.
JIndl in.
Thin gals rlnt rmprany laon,t' t;, FTiret Division
wish tifty two natawarc tu ra on ,)t" rapeie, dressed
in bIlack pentIn, whita lehar rem Istl act t41r, tipped
with gld. Within tihe rrra Ijiorndliy srtopped
than obarg' r Ilttra, taa ir, n' ;,wre t a iblaok and
red Iatrea, r rawdle, tar whia h was a pair of small
rooer's hirllrs. IJa lOar rartaae, r irf tier, Ltiak was a
largtE pair orf huk bnrnrs, a"oirrl by ai wreath
of lnwers. 'iho orthler p,.rla,.ous of tier truck were
alRe, orrnamentedlld with lllwers. Thar ra-map ny Wla
holorrrd withl dh'grlatons or liri rarn rl rrm Mobile
anli AuIetlu, Tul'la, who partlriial.tted inl the pa.
Kc*0N I DIVIfoiN.
'lTha, (V'Oonaor. Jblef rrg ir.err.
M. I)tsa, MHarnr AellatanLt anginrr.
P. II. ourd, Aalstanrt EnIGrinoer
Jas. Itoere, Aslastent L.egine -r.
Flank (arroll, Auleatat tEngineer.
lIsallslppi liteam Englne Company Nel. 3.
"NKoo Noble."
President-P. Osaierden.
Vise Presktle eToby Ihart,
Itecorliag 0eeretufy-J. B irogaay.
.reaurer - J. Meoniums.
Floanell edretary-I J. Mntt, Jr.
Foreman--E B. Pegrtrm.
Firgt Astssant--Denelditto.
teoned Assistatul-- Wager.
Delegates-t. Oamerden, M. J. Hari, ,. B.
Thls craok company, with their new and gilt.
tering Amoekeag nialkl-plated engine, headed
the second divisioo. The engin. was drawn by
six prancing grays, headed by sixty men. The
decorations were beautiful. O(n the sm ,hesltek
was awhite satin pad, on which a large pair of
horns, silvered, and between the horns was a
streamer with the numb· re ;3242, showing the
best throw ever made. On the air vessel
was another pair of large horns, cent from the
plainl by a United Statoe soln'ir, with a blue
streamer between, with the words, "phampion
of the World." ,the coal honker and different
unction brackets of the engine were ,rnamented
with plain white pads, on which were various
pieces of silver. The engine horse Fagan paraded
within the ropes.
Vigilant Steam Engine Io. No, a.
"Never Despair."
Presodent-F. oeheihert,
Vice President--W. Httilo.
I'eoretary,-O. H. Tardy.
Treasurer-lF. Keehe.
Foreman -H. Lagse.
First Aeslstant-J. Heok.
Hecond Assistant-W. Derts.
Uelegates--F. 8chiebert, F. Fichr,, II, Lane,
With its beantiful engl~e ",Iay Ainisi de LDo
chel," drawn by eighty men, pre:e n ed a gor
gonus appearance. The engine is ,ated third
class Amoskeag and nickle piatd. The smoke.
a ack held a red satin cneshinr;, on which was a
pair of gilt horns through w wholil wag leaping a
gold homnd. At one end of tie, cal bunker w*al
the Cap of Liberty and at the ,,:hr a golden
eagle. The roan horse Lion, who has been 11
years a fireman, paraded with the company.
Otn each of the suction bracki te was a amall pair
of horns on blue and red cushions.
American Heelsk and Laddellr re. No. .
I'rosldent-Charles Lfai.erl.e.
Vice President--A. Brous.ar'..
l'ocording Secretary--Jihn o , . ,-trick.
Treasurer--FE. Durrive, Jr.
Foreman--Tnoomae B. O'ltrie e.
First Assistant--Ed. Power,
Hs'emd Assistant-George A. K: ntn 1.
Dele.gates-Thomas B, Oj'i.rii. i, arles Lab
laude, Thomoes J. Cornell.
" We raise to Save" is the rnt.r, of 'his gallant
among the mest gallant organiz.i-onie ,,f the Firp
Department. Tne truck drain by wthite horses,
wasanew extension one corntroctedl by F. Clark,
of this city.
Eighty noble firemen handlrid th: rope, and
with whom was the noble anniual 'o . II. iocomb,
the pet of the company, hav:ngi aeveid fifteen
In the centre of the truck waits "Justice," hold
ing in her hand a pair of scalee, grid tn one side
of her was a wreath made of gIol,; ;:avos, inter.
mingled with artificial fowers.
Columbia Steam Engine (oe. No. 5.
"Always Bead ."
President-J. 8. Rourke.
Secretary-G. P. Malloy.
Treasurer--J. Powell.
Foreman-Tom. Vizard.
First Assistant-T. Daffy.
Second Assistant--J. Hartnr...
Delegates-J. 8. Bourke, J. W,,lsch, Thos. VI
'This crack company, with their Amoskeag
steamer the "Laura Grandjean," next comeej i
line. The decorations were rich, and eighty-five
good men at the ropes. The new horse "J.
Powell" was wthin the ropes, handsomely har
The gorgeous decorations of this engine Is
almost past deseription.
On the air chamber was a ,ier's head anad
horns, on the smoke stack stood a statne of Co
lnmbia, with her right hand rHeing on a shield,
while her left clutehed an American flag. On
the severa! suction-backets wer bi.W sa tin cushl
ins, bearing a small deer's hex..
Louisiana Neote Steam Engine Co.
"In periculo pro. ptn.."
President--Chris. Madder.
Vice Presldent--John Tuyes.
d-cret ry--J. L. Bercer.
Treasurer-C. G. Fletcher.
Fireman-P. McTernan.
Fret Assistant-M. Nead r.
i4' cod Assistant-Loui.. Ir,,.l "..
DI legatee-Jae. i. bay, :; r ; den, P. H.
Tiis, fine Amonkeag on.:: , .r -' ippeared,
drawn by four trays. ':h. a' horses,
(I. T. Howard, Geo. Brownr J V,.rg r. and Jar.
I. Day walked between Ii, -; The men
tnrn-d out about fifty strog. : - tasty b;ue
ij, k te. b'ack hats and p; '-. ,engine was
tr nolily ornamented wirt, .:.. ;n pair of
glied borne m the sta, a. , inoe ribbon
acroei from horn to hors. ': ' ;e name of
ans. engine, "Annie Ho.. . io. seuction
brackets were festooned o. '. t ad white
salln. A miniature stuatn. d- -:dees of
Lib4 rty ornamented the ars' - - ;.d added
very materially to the aped: . ; .. gine.
Meehsanlee' steam En;. ao. 6.
"United we stand, di . . ."
President-Thos. Devtr -
Vice PresidPat-Leoq.
eecretary-P. J. Mnl ,.
Treasurer-Bobert BDv.
Foreman-WAr. JAhesoi.
Feirt AmaidteVt-P. Oills hr. ;

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