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.. .. . srie t street.
Catalhela Parish.
fgtI ene of the old and originally
.zmsa~jtis s, and although portions
of ,t. isalwry have been cut off from
to time for the formation of new
bhe, iis estill one of the largest and
pearsely settled parishes of the
The Ouachita river outs it
two unequal portions, the larger
S3 the west side, which may
be subdivided by an imaginary
Sthe most easterly point of
Lake, on Little river, to
er on the Ouachita. All
of lne are rolling hills, exoept
toreek and branch bottoms,
arte very rich, and a few pine
post-oak flats, which lie mostly.
in the lnorthern and northwestern por
lions of the parish, and are very poor,
yet nutan many rich and fertile spots.
l' ie oil of these flats is generally a
oi*iy loam; that of the hills light,
ady, underlaid with a clay sub
.s.li. The average yield of these
hills is about one-third of a bale
of cotton and fifteen to twenty
bushells of corn, while the creek bot
toamLtl hammooks produce from one
haltf al bate of cotton and twenty to
thbi ,ve bushels of corn to the acre.
-Man of the hills are productive in all
.our oeld crops, vegetables and fruita,
and astiey are not suffllently high or
precipitous to wash badly, the land to
suEoepttble of a hi h state of improve
ment. On these hills are thousands of
acre sof Govern, nPt lands, which,under
the Oht et,etld law, may be anquired
by actual settlers at a cost of about
tein .ents an aere; Ihere are other
etLt~ do of acres--hills ihammocks
ad b)ttoms-which may he bought on
t tr s . onable terms; and there are
St..lier destrable lands which may be
- wd without money and without price,
as we will show directly.
Seturninug now to our imaginary line:
.Se tth of it we find a low level country.
emlbraoing the best portions of Little,
Old and -Black rivers, and also includ
itn Oatahoula and Holloway's prairies.
Trinity is a thriving village of four or
t ors stores, chiefly supported by the
LAttle river country; it is so named
from the fast that itstands at the mouth
of three rivers, viz, the Little, Ouaohita
Sna Tensas which here come together
form Black river. While the Mis
' iuippi levees opposites Natchez and
above that point remain open this re
lion is subject to inundation; conse
., 5etly these rich lands went under in
174,118765 and 1876, and may possibly
(butot probably) doso in 1877. Some
Sof tbi panters have been casting about
for a e-op that will mature after the
waters ,'ubside in June; the desidera
tum one gentleman thinks he has
found in the Chinese sugar cane, sor
*,ghuml whieh yields about three barrels
Of mnoflbes to to the acre worth $15 each,
or $!d per acre for shi months' work;
whe if it were not for the water he
woukdrut in twelve months, often thir
ingOnl a crop of cotton, for which he
wooidjealize only about $40 peracre.
These fgures show that for labor actu
ally eipendel t h sorghum pays 75 per
cent more than cotton. The average
produet of thtse lands is about a bale
of the staple and thirty-five to forty
bushels of corn, and when the Missis
.LDpJPi levees aur, rebuilt and made secure
-his will be a desirable locality, especial
1 lso to those who will grow cotton, as
this region seems peculiarly adapted
$ totaatculture. Most,'f thetillable lands
of the Little river bottom lie within
15 or 80 milies of its mouth, or say below
. aboula Lake. Abov this point the
lley is subject to overflow from the
late winter and early spring freshets,
and is only valuable for its forests of
S-tiier, muc:h of which finds its way to
he' oSw Orleans market, being cut in
summer anl tall, while the swamp is
dry, and fleatel out in the spring
seems to be an enlargement of Little
River. I lies Ireaily in the shape of a
crescent; is about 25 miles long by
from three to seven miles in breadth.
Smumer It t or" neatrly dry anu re
a prairie, with Little River
ng through it, which furnishes an
bundant supply of water for the herds
of stock tLtt greZe on the grass which
p-. n hA after the water goes off
Towards fa'l innense numbers of
.eese and ot her wild fowl congregate
heroe ad furnish tine sport to the hunt.
Near the head of the lake lives
Mr. j Boyer, ia public spirited farmer
[email protected] ,t~ roughly appreciates the im
of attracting immigration to
sh, and who shows the true
4 l;"I of euterprise by offering to donate
acres of laud to each family who
build a home, open a farm and oil.
t it for two years-to the extent of
or ten applicants. The lands
Mr. Boyer thus offers to give
r-.s consists of hills and hammocks,
tow s a virgin state, well yet not
. vily timbered with oak, pine, etc.
furnIshing abundance of buidlang and
fencing material, yet not so dense as to
render the clearing expensive. This is
a good locality and a rare opportunity
for a colony of working farmers who
have the means of supporting them
eilvey untU the first crop is gathered.
I.or ~urtber particulars, apply to Mr.
$oy_ on the premises. or address him
at White Sulpbur Springs post office,
which is some seven miles distant.
B Sicily Island, the Medicinal Springs
-and same other objects of interest in
this parish, are reserved for a future
Alt IParming and Fancy Farming.
Many ersmse seem to confound these
two words--ti ke one for the other-or
"-consider the terms synonymous; but
' such is not the oase; they may. and
-o*f.ten do, Ihinclde each other. The fancy
Sirmer to be suc essful must include
, h farming; b'ut high farming does
S necess+arily include any branch of
ey farring.
We remember to have seen a com
maunioatin' not long since in one of our
4a"'griceu ural" pa pers from a Missis
si ppi farner, we believe, (published
,:wtthout commInn), the purport of which
Wm that he and his neighbors could not
.fford high f.,rt irng; it was all they
f ~ornl do to mnake a living without in
l'4ulgtra in the exlmense, etc. Why, bless
ur, life., man, high farming isthe very
tilgo t* make v( u a living and pa,
.:'oeathrinlg tesldes. " High" means
otirih. complete, practical; it in
-e: e not only thorough culture butt
the.t jgdtelaus management of the f trm
aa&ýi.ts att*parteuanoes and ramlifta
tio t oit sno additional expense
enot more than po a ejb
.lf w.a
ay aaanae e fro
day-when this~ wit i the rule and net
the exceptioen.
FAnor YamIoN has, of couree, rna
ferred many lasting beneAts upon the
ag.oultural world, and will cenfer
many more. Some of the best varieties
of field products--vet eablesl and fruits
as well as many of the best breeds of
stock--are the results of fancy farming,
which includes not only fancy eiops,
fancy methods of culture fancy stock,
etc., but all kinds of experiments in the
same. Many of these experiments are
necessarily expensive, and should not
be Indulged in by any one who cannot
afford to lose the amount linvested
Learn to be a high farmer, and then
you can indulge, to some extent, in fan
cy farming; provided your inclinations
lead you in that direction.
small-Pox Remelt.
A correspondent of the Stockton (Cali
fornoa) Herald writes as tollows:
I herewith append a recipe which has
been used to my knowledge in hundreds
of cases. It will prevent or oure small
pox, though the pittings are filled.
When Jannien discovered the cow-pox
in England the world of science hurled
an avalanche upon his head; but when
the most scientific school of medicine
in the world--that of Paris--published
this recipe as a panacea for small-pox, it
passed unheeded. It isas unfailing as
rpte, and conquers in every instance.
It is harmless when taken bya well per
son. It will also cure scarlet fever.
Here is the recipe as I have used it,
and cured my children of scarlet fever;
here it is as I have used it to cure small
pox; when learned physicians said the
patient must die, it cured:
Sulphate or zinc, one grain.
Foxglove (Digitalis), one grain.
Sugar, half a teaspoonful.
Mix with two table-spoonfuls of water;
and When these are thoroughl mixed,
add four ounces of water. Take a spoon
ful every hour. Either disease will dis
appear in twelve hours. For children
smaller doses, according to age.
sood Land Cheap and on Easy Terms.
One thousand acres of land in the par
ish of Tangipahoa, four mile. c.,,. itrom
Amite City, 68 miles distant from New
Orleans, on the Jackson Railroad, will
be rented, leased or sold in quantities
from 40 to 160 acres, on easy terms. If
sold, a credit of five years will be given
to actual settlers. The land is rolling
and bottom. Cotton, sugar, corn, rice,
ground peas and all kinds of vegetables
grow in abundance. It is also an ex
cellent fruit and grape section, good
range for cattle, and well adapted for
raising poultry. The climate is very
agreeable and location healthy. Some
of the land has been cultivated, the
other easily cleared. Special and very
favorable inducements will be offered to
families. A large saw mill close by.
For particulars and terms, call on or
address Wm. Francis MoLean, No. 77
Magazine street.
Witlh Whils the Daughters of Eve May
Add Lustre to bpring.
A Thousand Irreslstible Alinrements for
the Fashionably Inclined.
[Saturday Night.]
Signs of spring are approaching. Heavy win.
ter fabrics, that have been so temptingly dis
played for mon he, are given a secondary place,
aud soft, pretty, tinted fabrics, of uedtinm
weight, are given space wherein they show to
best advai'tage.
We ate to have basket cloths, stripes of va
rious knds, and a new plaid known as herring
bne ; then there : re damassie pongees, and
both silk a,,d wool Balerna plaids.
'I'hin there are such a variety of Cabries in solid
colors that a more mention would require too
much sp oe; and we can only say that the new
i i,portatious - many of which are still in bond,
and we have only seen samples, through the
kin Iness of importers-are lovely in couor and
tcx ure, and at pli:ea that make even a gram
b or emi e.
One thing we have notcoed-the en'ire absence
of iagouais asmung the new goods. Biasket
oilthe seem to have taken their p:aco untlle. A
g wd ides. 'lt e Itket s c r e o nmuch pr~et tier.
And t,,, the Itrlxicau grenadinoe, that tas
proved so favor to a fIo 1to, has gyvmn place to
brucaded and danmasse ilr.''e; and tlhe velvet
-Iripe will be a sooitte I wl.h a brocaded or fon
l rd stripe of equal width.
Grenadines in color will be more worn than
ever tetore, and the new imp irtations wtll give
as the beet shades of gray, myrtle-green, several
sunades ot blue, and brown; while tor evening we
can promise a mixture of gold cad black, and the
cardinal and crioson will also appear.
Gardual i-, however, to gi.e place to the
lighter tint of deep rose. and we are told that
costa ure have already been ordered from the
other side, of rose-colored pinth and grenadine
stripe. A pretty comobination for evening, don't
you think?
Pattern dresses are exhibited again in rich de
signe-seft-odlging all wool fabrics, in gray,
fawn or steel color; usually the trimmings are of
a osrker shade.
Ihen there are more fanciful aff.irs, with
threads of gold and sliver through them.
Camel's hair, or the sift fabrics known by that
name, come in brken plaids; and the newest are
c.rded, with solid ast iie between.
Serges are also seen. These are in small basket
pattern--armure and matelasse designs-and
are the prettiest of all pretty serges ever im
In percales and cambric., which come under
the head of wash goods, these are the two Kinds
foulard and p.in fi ash. The foulards, this
season, are in the favorite basket and matelase
designs; and the colors, olive green, ink blue,
brown, with cardinal, gold or silver. These are
almost as handeomo as the real foulard, and will
be used as overdresses with the plain foulard.
and costumes of this kind are really pretty
enough for everything but full dress.
Lwnus and organdies will be even more fash
ionable than last year, and dome in ever so quaint
d ,tlns and coloring.
Bray and white will be a favorite combination
in figures and palm leaves over a pure white
ground. und, too, the solid colorse, with borders
,ui trimnmes imitating lace and fringe, that
were sparingly worn last season, bid fair to be
muah worn tuis year-tust is, if the stock pur
oh es, d is cay indication.
Percaes are fast taking the place of the long.
netd priunts. They are muon wider, always
f.,nd to be fast in color, and they have a
richer liak than a print; while, taking into con
sideration the oifference in the width, the price
v ties but a till:.
Tae Irimom nge in vogue through the winter
b d lair to hold prestige through the spring, only
iu lighter f irm. All widths of galloons will be
use for ornamenting rich co-tumes and umamer
olo ke-whion, by-ihe-way, will be much shorter
tuan those of winter. and more tanciful in design.
Kuite-pl. atings are yet to be used, although so
many say they are h arti:y sick of them.
A se)lish suit, prepared for Lister, of black
rItl, was mado, to this style: Medium length,
with a demi-fl unce, which was edged with a
kuiie-ple tinu two inches deep. A polouanse,
ver, seep, was cut with an over-tablier, finished
with a deep-netted fringe. And the rest of the
p loadise ek,rr, with a knie-pleating, headed
with ilk galloon.
Pain riles, that will no longer do duty as thet
are, are remo tlled with brocaded or damask de
i gn-. The newest fancy f on the other side
is, o make alternate of the two fabrios; for in
stance, the front and baeek is of brocade, the
'i ter of pla.rn ik. We ean imagtPe such a
taugerbred a8.ir will over meet with aauh
saver here.
?oeasse.w tes k( e ttr qe zll
~30l" o s, wtM h eats Rai" have
reeutly bee imported. They will probWlY be
used tor Rier toilete, bit g c ut with warm
eather to be the rage ne in er.
ory light kids are no longer ooined to even
n o . tp d lirght kids a worn at ohureh
ctal on the prol ; noten dark gloves are
worn for evenig.
At a fashionable ball, a few evenings since as
Imported costume of light yellow, with prot's'
trimmings of black, was a.eompeied by black
*ndressed kide that reached the elbow.
Eeru shlp ard fancy straw- will be among the
avorlt e early bats. The capote bide fair to .e the
coming hat, and this surmounted with wrethbe of
rose leaves. And wreaths of leaves aed flowers
will be the favorite trimming for all. Where silk
or rabb,n is used, it wlll be the soft oloinging
style, and put around the erown in a band ver
hotly plain, with loops ahd flowers at the back.
A new sleeve is so e at ad shi red as to form a
puff abhve the elbow, then fits the aim below and
loseln at the wrist. The deep-pointed cuff of
linen or embroidery i worn over. This is a fancy
that will answer for early spring, but we prediet
lowing sleeves will be worn for summer. And
bte Martha Washington, mostly, for thin cos
The new princesses dresses are mostly made
with a plastrn neck. The plastron for street
and common uses being of silk, and basted in, to
give place to one of gauze; tulle or rare old lase
ror evening. Au revoirl
Iow They Both Appeared on Inaugura
tion Day.
[dpecial to New York Herald.]
Her dark hair guiltless of crimps, was brushed
low over her forehead, and surmount, d by a
good-sized black bonnet, trimmed with white
fea here and lace, a tew simple fliwers behind,
and a knot of lace for faci trimming. Her dres4
was a plain but elegant black silk, with trimming
of v, lvet and val' nciennes, faIulless white kide,
camei's hair shawl ard black lace vwil, 'he only
hit of j ,welry upon tier person was a heavy gold
soarf pin, confintng a knot of rare old lace at her
Next to Mrs. Hayes sat Mrs. Seontor Slhrmin,
another model of quiet taste id dress, who nsv, r
indulges in an approach to diesply. the wore
upon this occasion a plainu black silk, with velvet
sleeves and trimminge; a black velvet bonnet,
wit't a single red rose over the forehead, and a
handsome shawl, her only jewel .a rare oamneo.
T'he What House for the n- xt four years bi It
fair to be anythmg but a scene of extravagant
folly in dross with such staid ladies at the head
of society.
Graphic vs. larper.
The minnesinger of the Gira.,h makes a
point thus neatly : 'Harper's MontAll tunes its
harp and chants the following mimstrelsy :
"'Wide stood the d ors that morning,
Of the sombre and ancient onarch,
And gaily the yellow sunshine
Streamed in on its seldom search."
"'Seldom search ?' Ahb, yes, alas; and yet per
haps on the who.e :
"We'd rather hear a softly lisp,
Or answer a frequently stammer,
Or or n endure a suddenly hiccough,
Than see subh often grammar.
Mad. Well's Greeting.
He tick the hand of Hayes in his
Gone where all doubt and fear
And ehakin4 it with pride oxolaimed,
"At last I am a peerI"
...... I i. i--- ....
A New York druggist han six oals per week
from women who want to suicide. He gives
them pPFwders in place of poison, and they are
tenibly sick, desire to live, and do live, and some
of them marry rich coal merchants.-[Free
One of Talmage's critics is afraid that the
prescher's "a jeged mind is chafed by tight
J. It. Walker, D. D. 4., 180 Delord street.
Dental operations skiitully attended to by Dr.
John 0. Augell, 89 Oanal street,
Important to sugar planters. bee Troasard's
HoRss, Mtuon Cows, Dons--The finest stock
ever offered in this market, will be sold on the ar
rival of the steambuat Thomas Hherlock. Due
notice will be given oL the time and place of sale,
Messrs. Montg' mery anctioners.
Bitm rnwrr's Cor ogxn is fill d in (legant bottles
of superior finish and beauty-in themselves an
ornament. It has, in a bref time, ,ttained a
large and connstantly increasing sale, confirming
the opinion of the best jndg, e, that it is equal,
Vf ns stuperior, to the eel.bra oed Farina.
Oflie Mntnal Aid and Benevolent Life
Insurance Astaociation, No, 19 (Camp stiet.
New Orloans, March e, 187T.-Membors of this
Asesoration are her,.by notiflel of the den Ih of
W. W. Carro. who died in this city January 3.1
1i77; .Jacob 8ohullingkamp, who died n this
city February a. 1877, and Peter MoBrido, who
died in this city February 21.1177, and nre onlled
upon to come forward, without further notice,
and pay, at the office of the Assoel tion, No. 19
Camp, $1 25 on each, on or before 4 p. inm. April
10 1877.
mhlt Itt R. W. YOUNG, Secretary.
Orleann Boat C;lub--Annual Meeting
an I election of olloers-Boat-house, BUNDAY.
March 11. at 11a .m.
SAM. BOYD. President.
J. M. HENDERSON, Secretary. mh9 at
Regular monthly meeting. SATURDAY.
March 10. 1877, at Teutonia Hall. corner Custom
house and Exchange Alley, at 7,2 p. m. Punc
tual attendance is requested.
By order of the President:
mch9 2t Recording Secre'ary.
New Orleans, Marcia I, la?5.--Notlee il
hereby given that the interest of Mr. F. R.
rATTHaWS in our firm ceases from this date,
we having purchased the same.
mhl 1m FLhaH. LEWIS & CO.
I' to Richmond, Va.. and two first-class Tick
ets to St, Louis. Mo. Inquire at No. 19 St.
Charles street. mho6
near Independence.about five miles from
the Railroad, a tract of ab ut se acres of good
land abou' 20 acres cleared; balance well tim'
bared; house add barn; about a head of stock,
cattle, yoke of oxen, horses and wagon, hogs
sheep and farming utensils andtools. Will
sell the whole at a bargain. Address J, B.,
this office. fe.t*
The eopartnership heretofore existing be
tween the undersigned has expired by limita
JAMEt D. EDWARD4 having this day pur
ehased all the right, ti le and interest from the
senior partner. DANIEL EDWARDS, will as
sume all the obligations of the firm of DANIEL
& JAMES D. EuWARDI. and continue the
business at the old stand. Nos. 21. 28. 21 and 27
Delta street, and cose, 22 24, 2, and S Front
New Orleans, March 7, 137,
in nretrlna from the busines of the late firm
of DAt &JAM. D. BDWR.e. -
ally room'a m isletoe
Last week of
Speoial engagement of
Monday and Wednesday evenings,
Tuesday and Thursday,
Wednesday matinee,
Friday, leth-Benefit of LOUISE POMRBOT.
friday and Saturday Evenings.
Saturday Matinee.
94 St. Charles street.
Meaday. March i --and during the week-,
Wednes jay and baturday Matinees.
t11HMONM & k LOC|WT'+4 MIl ?SEta |t,
The great expounders of eur national amuse
ment. from their elegant Oplera Hoase, Phil
antelthia, wh-re for seven y ar' they be*
eame famous for their refined. artistle,
unique and comic entertaiamens. A com
pany of the
Most lenewned Ethiopian Artists
In existence. Entire change of programme
three times during the week.
No extra charge for re erved seats, which can
be obtalued in advan.e. mh4 tf
By request, Capt. II. A. MELLON, of the steam
ship Memr his, will deliver a lecture in Rev.
Dr. Markbam's Church. Magazine street,
near Jack,'n, on
Tuesday Evening, March 13, 1877, at
6 o'clock,
In aid of bulfling a earnan's Ifethel nnd Read
ing Ioorn, on Fulton street, near Jackson,.
Admission......................... ... 25 cents
mohti td
V a situation nas rrand boy or porter. Can
furnish references if required. Addr'es C. E.
t., this office, " hll lt*
V a situation to dlo light house work and
sowiug. leter, nee given I requirl Address
M. A.. at this office. __ mh_ l it*
Vand Buggies. Any one having such, and
wishing to dispose of them, can find ready
sale for them by calling on L. T. MADDUX, a6
Carondeler street Also, a full stoek of Car
riages and Buggles, and a complete stock of the
Japanese Child's Carriage and Cradle, a mo t
wonderful combin ,tion in short a full stock
in every hing appertaining to bth Carriage
business-all-if whi(h will be sold at reduced
prices to suit the times. The community is
most cordially invited to call and examine at as
Carondelet street.
mhll am L. '. MADDUX.
ins A gent for a D ug House, by a mn
who is fa niliar with the business, and has ex
tensive acquaintance in Louisiana. Misalssij p,
and Texa.. Best how Orleans relereno . given.
Address C., Missisest.tl Citv, MIss mt's
trious young man a situation as Watch
man, Porter, Salesmran or Driving of any kind:
Is thoroughly acquainted in the city. Would so
k Ilsthecountry if desired. Address W. O, iam
Socrat ofice. _an_ f
° monthly payments, a house with at least
three rooms, ,n two lots, in the Founth or Fifth
District, between tt. Charaes street and River.
Aodress a ith lowest terms and inter,:st, W. it.,
e go Fourth street fels*
to know that nicely furnished rooms with
or without bo *rd, can be rented at 154 Canai
street, One of the most desirable locaitties in
the city. Rtates reasonable. Apply on the
r, premises, over the Gregg Boeing Machine
Depot and Fashion Emporium, 154 Canal street.
det am
k By H. a N. Samory.
IY H, &V . aAMOitY-Will be soil on TUES
) D , Y. March 13. at 10 or'.,c-k a m., at their
a alesrooms Nos. 45 and 47 Decatur a reet (near
R the postotll- -) -
t1, 4' ('a'+rs Boot. 'h'iis and Brogans.
250 Case. I'il ,l 'phiui and Newark t ino Shoes,
7 he wllelncomprising a very line assortment
of (lesir'abhi g- od, . iaule for the city and
cunltry trilte.
Termi at sarli'. mlill tt
, Books. S ationer y, Mips. Novels. Iank
Books. Inks. Pencils, Pens, bhow Cases
Counters, Shelving. Desks, e c.
Charlotte i'ffrt sad toesband vs. James A.
I i'r'rish of Orleans, No. 41,332--By virtue of a
ii writ of 11 ri failas to me directeld by the Honor
able the Fourth Distriet Court for the pariah of
Orleans. in the above entitled cause. I will pro
ceed to s. 11 at public auction. on the ;,remlses
herinafter des ignated, on FRDl:+Y. March 2,
1877 at half past 11 o'clock a. m.. a d succeeding
days at same hour and rlace, the following de
scribed pro erty, to wit:
movabl i property in the premises No. 92 Camp
stree, Inf the First )lstrict of this city, consist
ing of Books, Sta ion ry. etc., as per inventory
which may be seen in my office.
Seized in the ab' ,ve suit.
Terms-Cash on tlh- .not.
'11tO\l ' r H. HANDY,
mht Civil Sheriff( ;i he Parish of Orleans,
s Ro m No. 16, City Hall,
t New Otleans, March 8. 1877.
. Sealed proposals will be received at this office
until Tuesday, March 20, 1877, at 12 o'clock m.,
a for the construction of a shell road on at
Charles Avenue, from Delachaise to Berlin
streets. and from Napoleon Avenue to Octavia
street, in accordance with specifications on file
- in the officeof the City Surveyor.
t. The city reserves the right t, reject any and
all bids. JOHN McCAFFREY,
). mho t12 Administrator.
phy Individually andl as surviving partner 0o
the late firm of ale & urphy, Bankrupt
nla Ba.kruptey-No. IS S.
- dli idually and as surviving rartner of thi
late firm of Sale & -lurphy,of "nlreveport, an'
r- district aforesasid duly declared bankruor undel
re the act of Congress o, March 2,1867, has this dai
- filed in said court a petition praying for a dti
fe charge and certificate thereof, from all his debt!
s and other claims provable unde said act. No,
27 tian is therefore giv en to all ereditors who havy
ut proved their debts, and to alI other person- it
Interest. that thL seventeenth day of March, 1517
at t11 a. m., is assigned for the hearina of the
same. and that they may thet and the
attend and show cause, if any they have
why the prayer of the sacid pe'itiot
m should not be granted; and qrt notte
nthe E io
17 fYAMS . O A D
Second District Court the Parish of Orleans
No. 38,161.
BfY NASH AND 14ODQSON-W. W . Hodgson,
A A etioneer- Offie No. ls 1 .larondelet street-
On 8ATUIIDA V, March 4. 1577 at twelve o'elock
m., at the . At. ( harles Auction fxehinge I the
basement rotunda of the sit. Charles iotel it
the itr of New Orleans, by virtue and in pur
stuanee of wo several orders of the Ion. A, L.
Tissot. Judge of the Second Distriot Court for
the parish of Orleans, one dated January 17.
and the other January 20, 1876, court d, wket No.
3.,161, for aceount of the above named suoces
slots, at public auoti'n, will be sold
Orleans Parish.
1. ONE LOT OF GROUND, in the First Dis
trh.t of this city, being lot No.10 in the square
bound,'d by Common. Banks, Broad and Dorge
nois treets, measuring so feet front on Banks
qtret, by a depth of 100 feet, all between parallel
mne, Amerieen measure, according to a plan
baH. Moelhausen, deposited in the ofiee of B.
I'hiilps. late notary in this city.
terest In lots Nos. 8 to 13, inclusive, in the oec-'
end District of this city, in the square bounded
by Canal. Oa tombouse, Napoleon and solomon
street, each having a front on Customhouse
street of 82 feet. lots Nos. Sand 9 having each a
depth of 127 feet, No. 1o a depthof 112 feet on the
tlviilon line of lot No.11, which ha a depthof 9
feet on the side next to lot No. 12, which has a
4d ath of 7s fee, on the side next to lot No. 13,
which ha a depth and front on rsolomon str.-et
of 5s feet 11 Inches 2 lines: lot No. 13 forming
the, orner of Customhouse and Solomon streets:
all mors er less, American measure.
Iberv..e Parisb.
Southwestern District of LouisIana. to-wit:
In township eight south, range ten ouet-The
south half and northetu.t quarter of section six
ty-four, together 423.20 acree.
Avoyerles Parish.
lonethwestern District of Louinsan
In township three north, range flv , t.t-AN
UNDIVIDs;l ONE-IfALV of the filowlng
kinds, to-wit:
Tite west half of the west half of ecction two,
containing 168.67 acres; all of fractional section
three ,of 8.33 acre-i; the fractional northeast
quarter of seo'tion furteen, of 107.85 acres; the
southwest quarter antd the fractional southet.it
quarter of section ifteen, of 319.78 acres; tL
gether 644 Gil acres.
One undivi"ted half is 822.31 acres.
THE ENTIRIt IN E'ItE8 I' in the following
tract, bought from Charles Koek.
In township 1. N tange. 6 east, southwest
quarter of southwest qtarter of section nine
teen, 9.75 sacres; west half of section and west
half of northeast quarter of section thirty. 397.68
sores; east half ot section and east half of north
west quarter of section thirty-one, 396.70 asres.
Total 834.58 act es.
In township 1 N Range. i east, south half of
southeast quarter of section twenty-f ur, 79J6
acres; northeast quarter of section twenty-fvte,
189.72 acres, Total 239.48 etcrey.
In township 1, North it:,lt: t e ,t,. westhalf
and south nelt qutrtr of north-twt, ua tlmrter,
southwest quarte.r anl no tl. hail of southeas
quarter of ne- lion thirty-two. 79.46 acr.es:
northwest qunarter of southwest qua ter and
north half of southeast quitter of seetl,,
thirty-throoe. 1210 acre:s; north half of souteh
west tUmricr tof section thirty-fou,. 8062 acre.:
southf'Jst, quarter of Psulthwest quatter and
south"-atst tquarter of section thirty-five, 200.9
acrTe; sat'stwest quarter of southwest, quarter
and southwest quarter of southeast quarter of
section tlirty-six, so.46 acres. Total 842.69
In towns ip 1, South Itange, s apt. northeast
quarter of northwest quarter of tso;tiot one,
4o.o0 a.roe-. Making the aggregate in entire
intere'st in Avoyelles parish 1.950.15 acres.
Pertsh of Itaplics.
in townslhip No, 5. North Range 4 west the i
northeast quart r of southwest quarter and I
south half of northeast quarter ot section two,
1t6,67 aroe-; northwest quarter west half of
not thea-t quarter and north half of southwest
quartor of secti- n one, 896.73 acres-togeoher
-i3.10 acres.
In township a, North Range 4 west. south half
of northwest quarter and west half of southwest
quarter of suetion twenty-live. 10) acres: east
half of southeast quarter section twenty-three,
9.81 acres; southwest quarter (if southwest
quarter and northwest quarter of northwest
quarter If seat.on thirty-six, 71.55 acres--togeth
er 317.36 acres. Making a total in tapidets of
0.0 acrees.p lsh of Catah·oula.
Ir township 8. N. Rang- 8 east, the frao
tional section ten. 2t0 9 acres. lots two. three
and fo'tr of section eleven. 70 0 acres; and
fractional section twelve. 15.66 acres. Together
110.46 acres.
Iii town-hirp , N. Rnge 6 east, west half
of soat hwest quarter of section four, 93.2.1 acres;
east half of southeast quarter of so ti,,n five.
82.21 acres; east half of east half of secatlo
eiht, 140.27 acres; west halt of west half of see
tion nine, 165.51 acres; east half of northeast
quarter of section seventeen. 79 89 acres; frac
tional southeast quarter ot section thirty-two,
aa.es acres; and southwest, quarter of section
thlrty-three, 10 aceros. Together 7613.55 acres.
Lake Larto Island, in same township--Being
tie fractional southeast and southwest quarters
or s etion thirty. 13i.1l acres ; fracti nal north
tast quarter of section thirty-one, 27.64 acres;
fradtionail southwest quirt'er of soeeI ,n twenty
nine.6.71 acres; and fractlonal northwest quar
er of sect on thirty-two, 12't. acres. Togtthier
29.3 22 ares. Making total in this township
1,(,6.77 acres.
In township 4. N. RPango 6 east, the west
half of northwest quarter and southwest quar
ter of southwest quarter of section four, 119.90
acres; lots one and two section fle. 6.5.0 acres.
The Iractional northeast quarter, west half
and southea- t quarter of southeast quarter, and
north half of southwest quarter of section eight.
163.56 a res; lot six of section nine, 41 acres;
north half and southwest quarter of northeast
quarter of section seventeen. 120.15 acres;
lot eight. section nineteen. 28 acre; southwest
quarter section twenty, 15.80 acres; lot nine
and south half of southwes., quarter, section
twenty-eix. 1d,.80 acres: south halt of southeast
quarter section twenty-seven. si, acres; north
hat section. fractional east halt of southwest
quarter, and fractional west half of southe st
quarter of section twenty-nine, 444.40 acres;
northeast quarter north half and southeast
qumater of northwest quarter. north half and
southeast quarter of southeast quarter of sec
tion thirty-three, 426.aeres; section thirty-four,
697.52 acres; west frictional half so tion, north
west quarter and fractional ,outhwest quarter
of noriithast quarter, ni.. fractional northwest I
luarter of southeast quarter of section thirty
fivoe 446.70 a'r.se-making total in township 4, I
N. hange 6 E. 3082.77 acres, and in the parish
of Catanoula 4260 acres.
Parish of Conecordia.
In townsh p 5. N. Range 6 east.. northeast
quarter of northw' et quarter of section twelve
46.0. acres; west half of northwest quarter, and
nort west quarter of southwest quarter of see
ti nthirty-five, 120 acres; east fractional half,
and southwe t quarter of northwest quarter,
esit half section an southwest qua ter or see
tion t, irty-four, 563.83 aer s; fractional south
east quarter of section thirty-three, 53.72 acres.
Totalin township, 777.86 acres,
In township 5. N. Range 7 east, west half of
south east quarter of section twenty nine, s0.20
acres; wert half and northeast quarter of
northwest quarter of s-w tion thirty-two, 120.15
acres; south half of northeaet quarter and
south-ast quarter of northwest qu rter ani
lots one, two and three of section thirty-one.
226.10 acre ; and the "' Lum tract," being north
west quarter of southeast quarter. and Ira -
tional northeast qu rter of southwest qunrter
of section twenty. 69.50 acres. Total in town
ship. 49 95 acres. making the aggregate in par
ish of Conoordia 1273.80 acres.
Parish of Caldwell.
HA.D T uEB TRAcr. - In township 14. N.
Range 4 east. south half of southwest quar
ter of section 'our. 79.34 acres; south halt and
northwest quarter of sonthe-st quarter of
section five 117.24 acro ; northeast quarter an ,
east half fi' southeast quarter of section eight
241.54 acres: w st half secti-n and west half
and soulheast quarter of southeast quarter of
section nine, 435 64 acres.
Tract ner r Lemoine or Moritaine-Lots one
and two of section th rty-two 61.48 aor-.s: lots
one end two, sectio twenty-nine, 65.4n acres:
lot too souther t quarter of nortthwest quar
ter southwest quarter section west half of
southeast q tarter and southwest quarter
of northeast quarter of section twenti-eigh:,
351.42 sores; north half of north half of see
tion thirty-t.ree. 16018 seres; north half and
south.a-t quarter of northwest quarter, and
we-t half and outhens qearter f northeast
quarter of tsetion thirty- four~ 2Ier sa aees
together. 'S e! acres. ...
And tt-e t4 yI u'.
~-4 410
eates Is l
W . bt., Paist h.
In towlnhip Ie, north ra geo weat, the
half, nsouthwest quarter an southeast quartr
of northwest qtarter, and lot seeat eenst soh
tiron even. 620,.70 Mae lots t and 1i. aortwe
tfrational quartet, West half of no
qtartor, .south -alf of southeast guartSc.
and southeast a9ter of southwest e -at'
ter of seedtl eight, 424.0 sres; -emt
half et et ¶alr. and southwest gmat
ter of southeas uarter of sectioa sit, tIMS
acreCs; lot 13, .o half and northwest quarter
of southwest q ter, west hall of southeast
quarter and we halt of northwest quarter of
section five, 275. ancres all of .ectlon twenty,
except southeast carter of southeast quarter
79.88 a'res; et ractional half and dIO ta I
. aoetlon nlneton, 27' 78 cares: all, exeag
lots five and twelve, of s.e'tion 19, 527.71 tae.
all, e.eeptthe east half of the southeast uarter
of so tlto, Heenteen, 6t2.:7 acres. 'Total in tOWir
sh p, 3151.34 acres.
In township 17, north range s west, northelt
quarter of northeast quarter of section three.
27.,7 acres.
Makina the aggregate in parish of Webstar
3o89 acres.
Parish of llenville.
In township 18, north range 7 west, southwest
quarter of section thirty-one, 144 t1 acres.
In township 17. north range 8 west noo
quarter. west half of northeast quarter; no
east quarter of southwest quarter, and a
east quarter of section two. 417.8t acres; ae
half of section eleven, 317.22 acres. Total s
townshlp, 734,60 acres.
In township 18, north range sweat, east half at
southeast quagttr. ant soutti'.ult quarter 0_
northeast (q arter. and southwest quarter
of southwest quartor of seotion
eleven, 159.01 Lrrs ; east half
northwest quarter. northeast and south~
quarters of southwest quarter of section to#e-ye
16L.98 acres; east half of east half of sesotlO
twenhty-scvrn, 159. aerme:. we~st half of sectlo
twtety-slx, 319.60 metes; west it ,lf section an
northwest quarter of nor hounet quarter of ses
tion thirty-five. ar;o.1 0nor s; west half and
sontheast q'arter ,f southe:U 4 qnarter of see.
tion thirty-four, 119.,.2 ;I'rC. 'Total in town
ship. 1290.12 awr-'s. makieg aggregate ir tf,
parish of stionville, 2161.'O2 anores.
winn rarisn.
following tracts:
"Asphaltum"- Being thn northerat quarter of
section twenty-seven, in township is north.
range 1 west, 159.44 acres; and
"(Cdar Licks"--Bing the east half of the
southeast quarter of section thirty, in townsbih
11 north, r,u.ge 2 west, so acres, the undivide~
half being 119.72 acres.
Catahelat Parish.
two tracts of land in Catahoula parish near
southern border of Calllwell parish, a few ti
west of Ouachita river, in towr,shiP *sie
north, range five east. Dhitriet North of
river; one containing about 262 acres.~ .
other, adjoining, about 214 acres. To d
i' nsof all the above described Ian, i;are o
exhilttion at the place of sale.
'Ptce above tracts of land have been e efts
'', ,i in reference to projected ralfr V Z
1., ,-ý and o'her internal Improvements U1 "
trail rutiso1 ies, etc., and are well worty th. e
tenti",, of o.,'ct'ulators and others, "
Sl 1--411 of the above lands will W sold t L
tracts of io aurse or less, with privilege of eanti
tracts, acwRordini to law.
Tratis AND i (oNItTI Os.-One-third cash, .
them alan'e at onA. and two years' credit. .S :
eight per cent per annum inter, at and s
mortgage. with voondr's privilege from At
until paid, with the five per cent clause for
torney's foes in .ove of suit ; ten p.-r cent of N .
purobases to be paid cash on the spot to
the sain.
Acts of sale before N. B. Trlg, Notary PubIle,
at the expense of ttHe purchasers, itnludtulngl
taxes due andl exigiblo in 1877.
fel. 25 milli 24
By Nash d Hodgson.
ments, ouposite Jackson IPilroad Depot,
corner Calliope and Magnolia streets.
Sueeession of Miles Manser, deceased.
Second DistrictOourt, parish of Orleans-DOkt
No. 8as 30.
fY NA a cH HOD GON,-W. WL Iod re.
Auetioneer-- )fle N . 13 Carondelet t
On SATUiDAY, March at, 1877. at 12 o'clock A1.,
at the Mt. Charles Auction Exchange in then
easement rotanda of the tt. Charles Hotel, is
this city, by virtue and in pursuanceof an order
and jodgment ot the Hon. A. L. t issot. Ju
of the Second District C(our' for the parish
"rleans. rendered June 27. 1s76. and sign
July 8, 1876, court docket No. 8s.eas, in the
of the suecession of Miles Mans r, .eceas
a pard ion, at public auction, will tH so4d
'TF.N ,LO'S OF GROUND. together with all
the buildings and improvements thereon sit.
ated in the First District of this city in then
sijuare No. a3,. bounded by Calliope. AuphrO
,.ine, Loeust and Magnolia st, ees, designated
as lots No. 1 to to inclusive and measuring
each 25 f'et 3 inches and 7 lines tront on Cat
Hope street. except No. 1, which measures
2' feet 3 inches and a lie"s front on tal
llot a street, by a depth of 101 fee 4 Inches and$
lines. all 6btween parallel linws, AmeriO.e
measure: lot No. 1 forming the corner of akL
Hope and Locust a reets and lot No.10 fortag
the corner of Magnolia and Calli te street hj
wholo according to a plan by Louis H, .
surveyor. The improv, mentu consst.
Nos. 1 and 2, of a TWO-:.TOIY A
HOUSE, eontainlng 4 rooms. st ,bilng, l
etc.; the balance of the property is vacant,
s immediately opposito the workshops, so,,
the N. O. tit L. and C. Railroad.
Tgars AND CotDITIOios.-One-third cash.
the balaneo at one and two years, with eight
cent interest, and special mortgage with
dor's privilege, from date until paid. the
gage to embrace the clauses of "non
ando," and five per cent for attorney's fe
ease of suit, and all other security elauMess;
per cent to be paid cash on the spot, to bind
Acts of sale before James Fahey. nota
lin, at the expense of the purchasers.
the taxee due and exigible in 1877.
feo7 mh. 11 1831
By C. E. Girarderl
Leonce Abat, members of the late
Abat & GO'neres.
Second District Court for the parish of
ieans-Nos. e,8st and 2s5M0.
RY. . OIBADeT . Autioner
st Camp street-SA' UBDAY. at
1877, at 1i o'clock m., at the St. Charles
oe xOhange in the rotunda of the ht.
Hotel in t6is ty, wil be sold at pub a
by and to murs ante of two several ord
e Hon. A. L. Tiesot, Judge Of
Dlsetriet H okt for the parish ,rf Orleans,
he twentieth of February. 177, and
in the above entitled suocessions, the
erbedproert, to wit
1". ORAifT R CT OF IorD.
gether with all the improvements
rights, ways aod appurtenance- thereon
loraing or in any wise appert,'nut , a
on the right bank of the MisisrIppi l
the parish of Orleans. abut - mile
low Algiers. The said tract of land havi
arpents, twentyr-two toises front on satd
by forty arpents deep between converltg i
and is bounded on the wuper side lint by
formerly belonging to Joh B. Lepretre
on the lower side by the property now
Ing to John Flathers. aild property is
su ject to a lease at the rate of mi per
until October 31, 877 Together wi'h 2i h
of five hundred dollars each of the Associate
of the Consolida,-o P anters of Liulsian , on
which the, ae s no loan.
ituated in the Ptecona District of the city,
boun;ed by Conti Blenville,. Genols
Ciarke streets, designated by the " ubim .
as ter plan b, o. T. Dunbar. dated the i1JthB
comber, 1548, subdivided into twenty loth,
1 to iS, lnum--iwly. TE U . o
a. o0 8HAI 4 OF THE TETIATellU h
Company. a- Per ceriifiea'e No. 25.
road t ompspy __
Pont ssociation,
Tgxs--O.eh on the spot. "
A ts ,f sale at the exoense of the
be ore Jolep Mlgosse, krs.. Pew O j$l NeO

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