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hasof this bts r
aile ston of Mr. B den the said apo
Sll rwas tak ,to the nduntder
tohe thate ssuch C ett ond
sledingL , becoming House bill NO. 44, "An act
lmaklig up propristions for the general expaen
U it the State for the year e.ding the slat dat
The fllf was ordered to be printed, and was
llrr ed miOommlttee on the Whole.
,lil. l ewhaiinas, a n behalf of the Special
Omndes on o(ty Amalrs, presented the fol
We5ltot1 aaLno d Members of the
tspdUls O nmmuttee on City
Stbe/ituate for the following bills: House bil
1%m bA. . J. L.lEDS, Chairman.
OQ the motion of Mr, Leeds said House bill
lMO. 1t, an act to repeal an act entitled "An act
h (erporlating the New Orleans Sanitary Exea
tting Company in the city of New Orleans and
Iranting rights and privileges hereto," apprroved
Itaroih 12, 174, and for the formatiol of corpora
tlens for public sanitary purVoses In the city of
iew Orleans and to provide for their organizt
Was taken up on its second reading.
The sube titute bill reported by the committee
Was read, and under a Ruspen.ion of the rules
wms paessed t, its second revidins and adopted,
i h lien of the orglnl bill, hbe~oming
House bill aet, " An act for the relief of the
tantyers .of the cityof New Orleans, to absorb
thefloating debt, the unpaid Interest coupons.
snhool warrants, and all rvileness of aleph and
Sther clams sagainst the sai rm'ltv, and to author
aue atid require the tiey of New Orleans to re
aelve such indebtetlness in payment of certain
tMnes of the city of New Orleanr. due prior to
the 1st of January, 1Is1."
leferred to the Dpecial Committee on City Af
The bill was placed upon the calendar.
On the motiloof Mr. Kidd, Senate Bill No. 51
"Aa act for the relief of Mrs. M. J. Lewis, of the
apaish of Oaachita," was taken up on its second
Lodladg, and referred to a Committee of the
the following named members asked and ob
btlned leave to introduce, out of the regular
oder of buasiness, the following entitled bills,
ieelvh Were read at.d under a suspension of
the oonstltutional rule were severally passed
to thelr second reading and referred to cpmmit
ties, as follows:
Bfy Mr. Hill
House bill No. 247. "An act to Incorporate the
Louinsiana tate Fair Association, and to confer
hion it certain rights and privileges enjoyed
1by fthe Mechanlcs'and Agricultural Fair Asso
elation of Louisiana."
deferred to the Committee on Corporations.
BlT Mr. Blehardson
House bill No. 241, "An a t to appropriate the
ain of one hundraed dollars as payment of
aieOtnt due to D. Thoyer. sheriff of Cameron
warish, In criminal matters."
ileferred to the Committee on Claims.
SBy Mr. yland, chairman-
House bill No. 249, "An act to amend and re
eiacet sections 1F.3 and 15 of the Revised tatH
rues, relative to the inspection of flour and hay
Ra the eity of New Orleans."
ISbstitute for House bill No. 17. recommend
edby the Committee on Agr.ulture, Immigra
Mion and Commerce,
hee bill was amended, on motion of Mr. By
land, by filliag the ban!Rk with the word "to."
Itwas further amended, on the motion of Mr.
Voorhles, by inserting after the wordt "enacted'
the words "ehat section 1s:t of the Revised
Statutes be amrended and re-enacted so as to
read an follows:"
leecton 2 was amended by inserting after the
ord "enacted" the words "that section 1867 of
the Revised Statutes be amended and re-enact
ed so as to read as follows:"
The bill as amended was taken as engrossed,
and under a further suspension of the rules
eas read a third time and passed, and the
title was adopted.
By Mr. Lyons, chairman
House bill No. 23o, 'An act to repeal an act
entitled an act to flx the salaries of the Chief
Justiceand Associate Justlces of the Supreme
(Ourt, approved February 27, n71."
Reported by the Committee on the Judielary.
The bill was taken as engrossed, andi under a
uspeuaalon of the rules was read a third time
aid passed. Th% title was adopted.
Bry Mr. Jonas, Ohairman
loese bill No. 251, "An aot to authorize and in
street the Attorney General to bring suit against
theLounilana Leveoe Company. for the forfeit
ntr of their charter and the annullmont of their
sontract with the State, to enjoin said company
from farther acting, and to authorize the said
mDepany to plead in reconventlon their claims,
f any they have, against the 8tate.
Bautitute for House bill No. 12, was accopted
liteu of the originall bill and under a suspen
eos of the rules, ordered :to a second reading.
The following entitled Senate bills were taken
-p on their first reading, read, and under a
m.enesion of the rules passed to their second
Wading, and referred to committees, as fol
uiao Dii 140o. 7Z, "An act to authcrize the
Oovernor to appoint an Assistant Atttorney
eaerdl, defining his duties and fixing his com
pmeation," etc.
aeferred to the Oemmaitteo on the Judiciary.
onase bill No. os. "An aet to regulate and limit
theliability of parishes of this Btate, the parish
of Orleans excepted, for costs and fees in crim
hnal proceedings and trials before justioes of
the peace, and in district and parish courts."
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
Senate bill No. 97. "An act to reduce the fees
Oleeronere for holding inquests."
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
Senate bill No. 1a, "An act to vest in the State
boasd of Education control of the site pub
abased for the State in the city of New Orleans,
*rtkihe location of a 8tate Normal School. and to
At horlae the renting or the sale of said site and
the useof the revenues or proceeds to aid in
naintaining the normal schools to be establish
ed in the city of New Orleans."
Referred to the Committee on Education.
Senate bill No. 10t, An act authorizing the
Governorto appoint additional police juries in
aountry parishes, directing police juries to re
district their respective parishes into police
jiry wards, and those wards into one or more
jautioeof the peace and election wards, and fix.
tag the number of the members, the time and
manner of their election," etc.
Beferred ro the Committee on Parochial Af
Senate bill No. 113. An act for the relief
of Frank Huguet, of the parish of East Baton
lotge; and to authorize said Frank Huguet to
iaMtitute and carry on judicial proceedings
Eglaast the State of Louisiana."
On the motion of Mr. Hill, of Orleans, Senate
bt No. st, "An act to better secure holders of
l Ilfesurance poliase in this State; to prM.ide
a rnaerre therefor, and for other purposr," wa
adrred to the Comaittee on Corporaue.s
witr streieim to print i the repegta
The a onists~rtmt wsE ei by
tL trfke out In thrd line "two thouide" and
insert the words "flfteen hunded.&"
. On line seven strike out "tweaty4ve hun
dred" and t*rtse "two thounand."
i, On lineLwlve'Ol. b "iAea fhlu"red"
Sand Insert tdr f>'Oz"tw. nd ured ealid f i '
in section .
The amendmlnts were alepe& tsad under a
suspenselo of the tule ike bil Wks read a third
time and passed. The title was adopted.
t House bill No. l9, "Al dt e ative to the col
i leetlon and distribution of the school tax, pro
viding for the payment of the expenses of the
State Board of dueation, limitinag the special
sechool tax in the city of New Orleans, sad re
pealing all laws in conflict therewith."
Under the unfavorable report of the Commit
tee on kducation was postponed indefinitely.
House bill No. s, " An set to amend section
7li of the Revised Statutes in relation to the pay
ment of mileage for conveying prisoners to the
Louisiana State PenitentIary."
.Under the unfavorable report of the Commit
tee on the JudicMary was postponed indefinitely.
Hoese bill No. to, "As.set to ineorporate the
Board of Trade of New Orleans."
Under the unfavorable report of the dom
mittee on Agriculture, Immigration and Com
merce, was postponed indefinitely.
House bill No. ,lo "An act to repeal sections
a912 to 8940 of the Bevised Statltei of the State
of Lounfana."
On the reeommendation of the Committee on
the JudicIary, was referred to the Committee
on Retrenchment and Beform,
House bill No. 23a. "An act to provide for the
a.pointment ofiregistrars of voters throughout
the State, to define their powers and duties, to
provide for keeping a registry of legal voters,
to punish certain offenses and to repeal con
flilting laws," was taken up on its second read
ing, and was made the special order of the day
for March 14, 1877. at 2 o'clock p. m.
ienate Joint Resolution No. I of the extra
session, entitled "Joint Resolution creating a
joint committee of the Sena'e and House on a
charter for the city of New Orleans, to sit during
the recess of the General Assembly, and report
to the next session of the General Assembly."
was taken up and adopted.
Mr. Berry moved a reconsideration of the
adoption of the resolution, and on his own mo- a
tion the motion to reconsider was laid upon the
The following message was received from his t
Excellency the Governor:
Exauorrva DEPARTMET,.
State of Louisiana, I
New Orleans, March a, s1877.
To the Honorable the Speaker and Members of I
the House of Representatives: a
Gentlemen-i am directed by His Exc~llency I
the Governor to inform you that he bas soa I
proved and signed the followtngasOt originat
ink in yotur honorable body, entitled respect-' j
ively: a
"An set to create two additional justices of the d
piace wards in the parlsh of Avoyelles and re
nulbern n the same, and giving sixth and ser
e wards concurrent jurisdiction in the par
isa of Avoyelles."
"An act to create an additional justice of the
peace for the third ward of the parish of Cam- a
"An act amending sect'on 1929 of the Revised
Statutes, and changing the term of the Sixth
Judicial District Court in and for the parish of
St. Helena."
"An act relative to the State Printer, to the
official journal of the State, and to the public ,
printing." etc. b
"An act to enforce effectually the constitution
al amendments proposed January 4, 1874, ratil 2
fled at the general election held November 2. d
1874. relative to the State debt, and the funding C
thereof " et-.
Respectfully, C
Private Secret'ry.
Mr. Kidd, chairman on beha f of the Commit
tee on Enrollment, reported as correctly on
Housebill No. l5, "An nt to authorie the re- a.
ceipta of warrants issued to constitutional offl
cers, for taxes," etc. I
Mr.Bush offered the following joint resolu
tion :
Extending the term of the extraordinary ses
sion of the General Assembly.
His Excellency Francis T. Nicholls. Governor
of the State of i ouisiana having by his procla
mation dated the 28th day of February. 1877,
convened the General Assembly in extraordi
nary session to begin on the 2d day of March,
1877, to continue for fifteen days, to wit: to and
including the 17th of March, 18sl, and, consider
ing that matters of the utmost importance to
the people of the State, which require immedi
ate attention and action, imperatively require
that this extraordinary session should be ex
tended beyond the term fixed by said proclama
tion: therefore,
B it resolved by th 2enate'and IIomse of RPprP
sentatires of thfe tate of Louisiana in General
A ssembly convened. That the present session of
the General Assembly be and is, pursuant to
article 64 of the sonstitution of the 8tate, and
act number nineteen, approved February six
teenth, eighteen hundred and seventy (.tatn'es
of 18e70, regular session p. 44) hereby extended
to and including the thirtieth day of April A. D.,
1877, unless the said General Assembly should
adjourn at an earlier day, with out day; and
that this joint resolution shall have full force
and take effect from and after the approval of
the Governor.
Lies over under the rules.
Mr. Bush presented also a Declaration and
Appeal to the people of the United States, which,
under a suspension of the rules, was taken up,
and referred to the Committee on Federal Rela
On the motion of Mr. Singleton, House bill No.
228, "An act relative to the taking of testimony
of physicians," was taken up on its second read
ing under a favorable report of the Committee
on the Judiciary.
On the motion of Mr. Dupree, section 1 of
the bill was amended in line 4 by striking out
the word "fifteen " and inserting the word
" ten."
Pending the further consideration of the bill,
on motion of Mr. Bolle, theHouse adjourned.
Chief Clerk.
River News.
Thursday Morning, Marhob 15.
Daily report of the tage of water, with oehages
in the twenty-four haoure ending yeeterdy S
p, m.:
Above low Changes.
water. Base. Fail.
Feet. Inch. Inch. Inch.
Oairo, Ill........ 29 0 32 0
Oincinnati ......... 38 8 18 0
Davenport ......... 3 8 0 11
Dubuque ..........3 11 6 0
Keokuk........... 2 9 o 0
Leavenworth...... 6 4 7 0
Louistille.......... 13 3 15 0
Memphis .......... 18 10 2) 0
Nashvile .......... 19 1 3t 9
loew Orleans...... 12 4 . 11
Omaha............ 3 11 2 0
Pitteburg.......... 13 7 3 0
Shreveport........ 17 9 0 2
8t.Lous .......... 9 3 1 0
Vicksburg......... 15 2 2 0
*Below high water mark of 1874.
NELSON GOBOM, Serg't. 81g. 8er. U.S. A.
Aaaaivrs.-John H. Hanna, C. B. Church, Bis
marck, Frank Pargoud, John Howard, Maria
Louise, Bonnie Lee, Cotton Valley, Henry Tete.
DEPARTVuxs.--Iebel,Emma, Era No. 9, Clark,
vtile, CoL A. P. Ko.e, W. J. Behan, Texts,
John H. Hanna, Geo. 8pangler.
To Anmrva..-_ra No. 9, Trenton, Lafourohe;
Eva, Blue Wing No. 3, Upper Coast; Emna, Isa
bel, Lower Coast; Ashlan, Memphis; Kate Kin
ney, led River; Gov. Allen, Bayou ara; St. John,
Baton Bange.
The weather yesterday was clear sad warm
enough for June.
usiness on the landi wax very fair. The
OoL Hanna, Teeas and 3 Hflanna eietwith
SL .. A3Llf rt et f ssnsday. - n%
Iafteen laeba atlh Missouri has
falle tean inele at Os rek he hstintpp has
fallen two aed a half festat Dubuque, iv .inches
at Keokukh aight at It. Louis, seven at Mlemphis
s8 g at Davenport ad Catro, but re
iaae frosne at 8t. Palt. The Oke bas risen
nearly nine feet at Pittsburg e elo sen at Ol.
einnsti and nearly four at Loelville, The COu
berI d has slen four and a half feet at Nash.
The John Helns arrived yesterday morning
froa Ousehita City, and returned last evening
with a fair trnp. The Haesi has proved a u..
asea, and has rallied round her colors a large
number of ver stumenb friends, std which are
being nmerese every trip she makes.
The Willie, in peaeeful rest, still remains at
the wharf.
The Tom Parker laid over to 5 p. m. this day,
when she leaves for Black and Bceuf Rivers
straight to Point Jferoen. Captain L. P. Dela
housaye commands.
The John Howard lays at the bead of Custom
howe street, anad leaves Saturday, without fail,
for the Ouaehit, through to Camden. P. O.
Montgomery in command, E. R. Perry and Val
Zntrlken, clerks.
The & W. Dugan and Kate Kinney have been
withdrawn froea Bed River, and will leave for St.
Louis. The nouns took the DIgan's Jefferson
freight, and the Texas her Shreveport freight.
Capt. Andy Swain requests us to say that the in
terruption wfll be a temporary one only, as he
will have another boat in a day or two.
The Thor. Sherlock overlaid to 5 p. m. to-day.
The Sherlock is a great favo, its with passengers
Her officers know how to make one wisa to travel
on her a second time.
The elegant Frank Pargonp arrived on time,
and returns this evening as unsal to Viskeburg,
Grenville and the bends. Capt. J, M. White,
Who has grown gray in the service commands.
The Charles I. Church arrived inesday night
from Cincinnati with a large trip. She is receiv
ing to return to-day at 5 p. m. .ohn 8. Patter
son master. John Hambleton clerk.
The gilt edge Maria Louise, of the New Or
leans and Red River Transportation Company,
leaves Saturday for Yhreveport.
On account ef continued low water in White
River, COpt. Elwell has withdrawn the Fannie
Tatum for the present, or until there is a rise.
The tri weekly Upper OCaet packet Eva will
arrive this evening, and return Saturday at usual.
The Eva goes as high as Ben Tureand's.
The Sandy No. 2 leaves Saturday for the Ope
The Natehezis due to-night from Vicksburg,
and will returnt, as usual, Saturday.
The Bart Abe letvese Saturday, as usual, for
Alexandria and Grtad Ecore.
It is rumored on the landing that the John T.
Moore i1 on the way here from Mobile, to enter
the Red River trade.
News of water having been received, OCapt.
Jerry Sullivan brought the W. J. Poitevent to the
landing yesterday, and will leave with her to-day
at 5 p. m. for Black River, Tenase and Macon.
Me.rts. J. L. Bobbins and Andy Rowland have
harge of the offie. During the time that the
Poitevent has been on the other side, her appear
anee has been greatly improved by a coat of paint.
The Cotton Valley, Capt. Joe Carlton, arrived
yesterday, and ies at the lower landing, re
ceiving, to leave Saturday positively, for (am
den. Messrs. Olruth and Baskell are her clerks.
The steamer Henry Tete, from Donaldson
ville, arrved last evening on time, with a fair
iihe splendid passenger and Ulited 8tates mail
steamer. Frank Pargoud leaves to-day at 5 p. m,
for Vicksburg, Greenville and the Bends. J. t.
hite, master, Curt Holmes and W. N. Calmes,
ase rgui.ar evEsi sDU naDCTJU aTOurnCoe Jym5e
Trenton, in place of the W. J. Poitevent, leaves
to-day at 5 p. m., for Thibodaux. U. D. Terre
bonue in command, Gabe Block, clerk.
The splendid Ohio River passenger at' am'r
Thomas Sherlock, Lew Kates master, M. L. Vir
den clerk, leaves to-day at 5 p, in. f r Memphis,
Cairo, Louisville and Cinciansa .
l'he tri-weekly Lower Coast packet Fmma
leaves to-day at I p. m., for the Franklin Rice
Mills. Olvher Canton, Jr., master, J. J. Don
ovan clerk.
The semi .weekly Cast and Bton)eouge pack
et St. John, Frack Bergeron master, J. tU. Per
geron clerk, leaves to-morrow at 12 m. pnneta
The Cons; and Bayou tlara Unitel States mail
packet Gcv. Allen, J. J. Brown master, S. 8.
Streek olerk, leaves to-morrow at 5 p. m.
[St. Louis RIepnblican.1
FoRT SvIL?, D. I., Merc'. 4.
FAJor /~. Louis Republicren- arrived here
to-day. River closed at Lower Brute agency,
Fort Thompson and this placne Weather two
degrees below zero. I will arrive at steamer
Fontenelle, on the 5th and will bring her to
Yankton as soon as the river opens. There will
be employment for about two bundred and fifty
roustabouts, whose wages were fifty to sixty-five
dollars per month last year ; also earpenters en
gineers and cabin crews in proportion. All the
laboring class of people have the gold fever, and
many of the merebants will go to the Black Hills
as soon as navigation opens. They will go by the
Fort Pierre route. W. B.
Dihk Hakill, who is known of all beatmen, is
now in the Blasek Hills. The following letter to
his friend Bill will be found interesting:
DZAbwooj, D)akota, Feb. 23, 1877.
I am sitting in a little cabin eight by ten.
Every time I straighten up I bump my head. We
have had the prettiest winter I ever saw. Bill,
if you or any friends want to make plenty of
money here, come with money or stay at home. I
can see many chances to make money if I had
eapital, but I wont advise a friend to come with
out say $500 to $1000. Bill, you can come here and
make a fortunein two years. The countrylevery
healthy and plenty of gold, but it takese apital to
get it out, for everything is so very dear-bacon
0 lto 86 cents a pound, fresh beef 18 to 35 cents,
butter 60 cents, sugar 30 oents, coffee 60 cents,
moleses $2 50 per gallon, coal oil 12 25, dried
fruits 38035c per pound. corn 121., per pound,
oats 12%e, bay 880 to $100 per ton. ecadies 40e
per pound, etc. 1 wont go home without money.
It is here and I am going for it. Myprospects
haven't been very good, but I have something
when springtime comes. We have plenty of elk.
bear and deer, but small game is scarce. Bill,
there are 10,000 people now here within forty
miles round, and perhaps there will be double
that in the sring. I. 8,. HUKILL,
After all, 8t. Louis has got the contract for
army transportetion on the Upper Mis eari, and
more than likely the same parties will salso fill
the bill for Yellowstone Bver transportation,
which Quartermseter Card will consider bids for
on the 15th Instant at St. Paul. Mr. Terry, who
reeeived the award for Upper Missouri transpor
tation has become associated here with Oaptain
Joseph Kinney, William J. Itwis, Esq., and Oap
tain David H. Bilver, well-known capitalists and
men of energy and enterprise, which fact insures
alh the requisite money and boats to carry out
the eontract. Among the boats to be employed
are the I. K. Peck, Nellie Peck, Kate Kinney, R.
W. Dugan and Tyrone. This must be gratifying
to our citizens, as Bt. Louis has long had little
profit from this mountain business, although it
was originally altogether hers.
The steamers will all be manned by St. I qn's
men and be outfitted here, and it is prolfable
that St. Louis men will secure these annual con
tracts hereafter for a number of years. 1he
Missouri and Yellowstone contracts can be com
bined, so as to be of reciprocal aselt.nuce, under
a single management.
It is iatimated that Captain Silver will be made
General buperintendnt of the contract line of
boats under the association which has been en
tered into here. The choice wil be an excellent
March 15, ler. I
Cleared Yesterday.
Steamship Knlckertocker. Kemble, tor New York
A Moulton
Stesmship Margaret. Baker. for Key West, visCedar
Keys- I K Robtrta
Ship L B Gilchrist, Watts, for Havre
Tortoe & Bell
Schr Gertrude Hower, Cefal, for P.natn-
.D Cefal &co
Brit steanshio Ariel, Rat,Hl frem Liverpool via
Mexiean polts, to A K Mill.r eo-4 34 es.t
Brk Alkitr Rebinses, Tarbes; 5t days bsrn Havrs,
ti maestem-P-da
see M is lamer, 4 dras fram a t wars
Anlee. I+inj, eusAmite River-Nerw sats
Ma.e Lg ioe Moz
oosn Prur To W, frtli Lt # C1
Henry Tete Asela~ , fr)om eeidseaille,
He~rl Tdc4 L~ ispa A r taf1.i Ldmvi
NSW YORK-F-- sea sask l Ka'ekerbeeker
KIT l W T-Pesn eameMp Margara-4i45 tbl
Leer as tiesr euso i fl eels esroe 1s tae le d 2
eks lard ?esma beem 175 saeas woa 79 soios sid
JJAII KITS-P et - eamebip Margaret-lI
p.,-+.--Par si t ii. OJm ,.-at - ,,30 krrw se. +_
40 Lie G 3r blesis
IItIATA--Peer achr Oertrude--I bble floor 33 k
do 1 Ik sheulders 1 bf bbd lird 1 bx elo.slders 2 ske
esbaa bble tie. bta. bees . 4 bble beef I bbl
S1 bbI pork 49 pkgs medries 510 feet luamber
12,.09 skingiee
HAVANA-Per stemaelap Eamly B louder-I
ease tigars M PFyro--0 bble orangs D asfkla &oe
5 do 10 buakets vegetables J Maciles-- do P
Ieeelpes et lreduee.
32 hBds sugar Rickerd Mlldlke--44 sacks rrosh riee
J Foester sasttles to etder
CINCINNATI--Pe stemmer C B Cburcb--l
pkg mdase j 8 Athlis & Sou--5 bbls whisky 5.
Isse tarch Jabn I Adams &co-9 bbls wbslky ~arke
& Thompea.--be his streh arstiow & )Dee-o-9
fl.tis butter W B Bemi.-o4 pkgs mdse D Berlin
103 pkgs mdse Barrett & Wiemma-184 do A T Ben
nett kco----0 sacke eate T Bnddleoe Aco--72
plows and sundries A Baldwin kce--l7 pkga mdae H
t Coleman Ake-10 bbls oil J O Clatke--ht bxe can
d!esCummings & Elmer-7 bales rope W BtlUoe'-t
b'!el whisky Devan & Kichard---8 llrkins butter 50
tierces hams R7 pkgs pigs. feet E F D~IlBondilo--3 do
7 tierces shoulders 10 itis becon 95 bbs oil 8 bbl po
tatoes F DelBcndio-6 tierces sho Iders 25 cases
mdse B B Fiashpoller-P00 bal soap 200 lirs candies
C A French-95 bb's whisky Flash. Lewis leo--10
bxn candles Il R Gogreve---11 pkgs mdse Mr J
(sune--10;,7 sscks oats 61 sacks corn Howard &
Prestro--5 eases mdse Hirseb, Adler Ace--3 bb!s
apples Robt, Hare--5 boggles D ti Hollingsworth
1401 pkga leer F HIollander-50 hrll hbames 11 L cer
son bco--3 pkgs rode Hey A& .secanet- 15 pkgs iron
etc C ( Jhohnsot-97 tikiuns butter 21 bbis appleA E S
Keep & Son--50 bhisl vine sr RJ Kent kro----2 tr
eggs Ihos King &.or--8rdr sacks oats H T Lawier
30emp'v bbis Lrmuisiana Oil Co--6 esses mdte I L
I ons-7 do F Laver-13 bbl hominy 20 bblel lpp.es
150 bxs cheese 64 pkg~ butter C H Lawrence &c-
538 pkga mdse M McOiraw- Si do J C Morris-l.0
Hblls paper J Mever-5 piows 6 cultivators Mullen &
Holloway- S tierces hams Miller. Dolhcade &co-l0
bbis whisky 30 pkes tdse John T Moors ve.--90
ceks Ride. W H Matthews & Bro-13 pkgs made T M
Hendrtckh--45 do MtYcrath & Cormptin-tO bbli
whiskv N Marrteour -9 hf bbls vinegar B Matshrs-
10 bas eggs Miller & Mover--3S pse imtter N O kM
R I--4 bs h wre E Offeer-12 bble beans C Plesa
sets- 944 pkbx tdse Page I&eo-!O brs mads Puroline
Oil Co-I balesrope f Pet rd--8 bbls whiskLy ney
ronze i Bois--9 stoves aed flxtres Bice, Barsn ee
-250 kegs nails 75 pkgs mdse Rod A Iaems &Ae--l0
bbls apples B iSfe~e-2o bis beoa- tierues ha.ao
65 pkDs igs feet .bcbwbecher, Frowenfe d & PfF:r
- 3t fieteea s 235 bbie whisky 8 bble vinegar
Schmidt & Zilegler--'.O bas bsee 2 casks berae 10
tieroes hams 3 his tousge 9 .skeo late rd I bbl
stare ribe Schwahabehr . 11Isack-8 bbll whisky J 0
per-141 plows ee Msaufer, MeCready k, o--IS bar
tre Shkaapesre Sn mith-.S piss butter Smith Bros
ko--35 bbs apples Steve. & Stork-24 page mdse J
P Sartrayl--40 bbl whisky ~lmine &eo--I.l bales
r .pe Stose & Tutt-lot iree Schwartz Bros-15 pkga
oadse htrsttoes Mdeer-4- do J Thesyson & Bro
1 do S M Todd Aco--100 bs cheese O W Tait Ace
197 sks sdee Valrtn & Mert imer-1 tierees bame 129
bf bb s pork 48 eeks mest Vose Bres - -let mdse B J
West-s5 his starch A H Wite----1059 sacks oats
Joe West Aco--75 hbxs dse Zuberbier & Behae
214 pkgs mdse C A Whitney keo---55 bales cottone
McfOebee Snowden & VIolett-10 do H & C Newman
-4 , eedles, Wood enl--3 Allen, NRgent kee-- t
Jeo Phelps &le---21 Meyer, Weis &td--9 John I
Adams Aco-lot lurpentine and sand ies-Total 118i
bales cotton
GREENVILL K-Per steamar Frank Pargoad--167
bales cotton Iicbshrdeon & Mav-125 do Mayer, Wets
&co--71 J LHarris &co--45 Graham, Blaek &Co-13
Alae ,itherek & Antey-s-9 Jno Chaffe & Son,,---38
T I, Aitey &co--35 John I Noble-34 Claiborne &co
-3) Allen, Bngent &co-J Lehmoan, Abraham &eo
1 S B Newmanj &co--17 ItT ButIkiLer & Bro--16
H & C Newman-153 O Th mae &tv--3 Clapp Brmn
kr t-l- Bcknor &t - li Payne. Kennedy &eo-8
S Gnmbel-9 Blakemore &co-8 Jurey & Gillie-7 P
Prmdbomme-6- P J Cockbrn--5 W S Dannoll-5 S
Friedlander-3 Miltenberger & Pollock-3 J Barnett
&fr-3 Stewart Bros &co--3 S C Wilken+rnm oo-
Mclebme Snowden & Violett-2 Gwyn & Dyer--2
SW R.wnlln---- Foretal & Jnmonaille- 1 M M
Greenwood &co-- order-1i D Hadden Leo--1 Vai
den, Hawkinr i c -- IT J Carter--i Jno Phelps &co
-1 Aiken & Watte--l6l 5 sacks cotton seed N 0 Get.
ton Peed Aes ciaion-snodrieos o order--Total 824
baies outton lf5s sacks cotton seed
CAMDEN-Per steamer John IlwIard--13 bales
cotton J.rey & Gilli(..--140 do J L Harris &Le---78
J W White &cio-'r Meyer, Wetis &o--54 T L Airey
ke--50 MoGeb s-. Snowden & VIoleat--3_7 lichard
eon & May-itt Hirsch. Adler keo--t Alone, Seterck
& Aitey-,7 JnoGCesffe & Somn-1, Claiborne &eo
12 Lebhman, Abraham keo-i W B Clarke--lO J B
Wolfe L(o-9 C L Wamseley L~o--8 S Hendersn-8
Jae Phelps ken-5 NIalle & Cammack--4 Temple 8
Coons &co-3 P Strong-2 Allen. RNgent &co---2
Frierson &co-I H & C Newman--Pb sacks co to
seed N 0 Cotten ed A seociatlon-2114 pee staes
Richardson & May- It0it de Vincent Martle----nn
dries to or-er-Total 182 bales cotton 80 sacks ootton
seed 36-2 pee staves
OUTAC HI rA CITY-Per steamer J Hannas-301
bales cotton Lehman, Abraham &eo--233 Meyer.
Wes &keo--l7Jno T Hardle &co-93 March & 8les
kr--15 J B Wolfe Aeo--14 Joe ChafBf & Sens--12
Jurey &Gilli--9 Aiken & Watt--S- Chaffe Hail
toa & Powell--7 W Sentell leo-5 J L Harris Leo
-5 Allen, Nagent keo-4 Jacob Levy &eo-4 W B
Clarkt-4 E J Bart &ce--- RPchardson & May---'
Henry Ilagg-- Mayer & Selbtmrggee--2 Gwyn &
Dyer-1 Payne, Kennedy ke--I Temple 8 Coons &
co-81 sacks cotton seed Cotton Seed Assoeiation
- bides sad I bdle bides W M Smith--14 hides N) D
Wetmore-5 do Felix Dafoear-1 bale hidae H H Han
sell--21 bead stock Ayeeck & Mitchell--sadries to
order-Total 941 bales cotton 81 sackscotton seed Z1
bead stock
ST I)UIS--Per stemer Begarck-i--20 bbl floor
Perdreanville Aco-200 do Gordon & Gominla--00 do
127 bbls grits 151 bbls meal Glover & Odeadabhi-10
do Schwabacher, Froweofeld & PfelTer--19 do Mil
ler & Delbohdo---.5 bbls potatoes Miller & Maysr
160 bbh flour A T Bennett--I9 do Birsch, Adler keo
-100 bbls meal order--lo bbls flour Zhberbier & Be
Atn-288 do Prodhomme & Briggs-54 bbl potetoes
J Kell)-100 bbls meal I Bloom Aco--lO bbles Sour
Schwabscher & Hirb-ch--lO0 do E S Keep & Seos
00 bbl mes mal Rogers Mitchell--4 bble sout 2
kegs lead 5 pkga whisky C A Whitney Le--5I bbls
pork Schwabheber, Froweafeld & Pfelfer--100 do
order---- tierces meat Scbwabebher, 'rowenfeld &
Pfoafer-10 casks baco. H T awlier-36 do I tierce
mest 2 lerves lard a bble meal 75 bbla Boear ht do
10 bbla pork ad madries Oasbita Packet Co-13 hf
ealts mena 1 pkge ade K d Rtiver Trans (Ci-I5
sacks eats J I Kent keo--I pigs lead Kilet & SFan
ser--0 pkLs mdase Riee Born Lc--40 do J S Alt
kins &eo-l bbl wie o B Ittman--lO do Vaster &
Blank-li5 pkp mdse 1 Vorate.-2 bbis whisky I L
Lyons-15 bhs ink A W Hya&t--t00 pkgs mde Ar
cher & Borland-3 de D O McC ani Sea-40 pigs
candy D C Mott&-5 pk~s eggs F DtelBadio
ga mdas Onahbie Trc n Ceo-1- d BIlowers
Hortetr kA mner--2 do H I Allieo-I do d bbla
oldJ 8 Aitk & e at -l pigs madae J Robinlon
-7 bbis oil I K Ioberts-4- lh. tobsei o Krkpat.uik
& KeIPth- pigs sides M W Smith-itk5e his edles
Miller, DollBo d :'e-2 pigs m.ik Miller & Diei
ma-I do Mallen & 11--5 pigs gs Schmidt k Ze
er--740 bbl foar Gordon & Gem3l- . s o l'
DelBondio-1 pig mdse Prdressrille Leo-il -kgs
eseý J M Pederaon-50 pls lard S ttiee lard I bl
ird 5 bbIs pork Vairin & Mortimer--37 sacks ern J
R Kent c.,-i94 do Oscar Chopin-l-e do Howard &
Preston-225 do J R Kent ken-17 br eggs I F Del
Bondio-I30 sacks oat- I T Buddecke &co-l.4 do H
T Lawler--L O1 do J West &co--7 pkts butter John
T Moore Leo--10 pkgs eggs Vaiain & Mortimer-4
akgs adse J B Woos &co--=91 sacks potatoes CGse
Pleaeantf--ank iee to order-Total 6 hbds tobacco
CAMDEN--Per steamer Co ton Valiey-83 sacks
cotton seed 65 bases cot on Jro T Hardie &eo--61 do
Jurey & t(il'i.o-30 Aiken & Watt-27 J L Harris &
co-21 Jno Phelps o--13Claiborne e&o--10 Forstal
& J.urnm vil'e-9 Richardson & May-8 J W White
6 Temple 8 Coons &e.-5 Meyer, Weis Leo-4 Allen.
Nagent &,o--4 John I Noble-2 Britton, Moore &
Co,eman-t- Alcos, dchrek & Anter-- Jao Chafe &
Sons-17 hides It Henderson-..I bale hides Cha'e.
Hamiltoa & Powe;l-- bdis hides Jurey & Oillts-13
dry hides Jae Phelp Le-o-19 do J W White.->2
bhds sugar 8 bbls molasses 5 bbli c bottoms llenard
MUiliken..340 sacks cotton seed and sundies order-
Total 280 bales cottom 421 sacks cotton seed 32 hhds
st ear
VdU LT.,N, ARK-Per steamer Bonie Lee--44
bales cotton Beard of Uaderwriters--.i do Hlbernia
Ins Co-gl Factors' and Traders' Ins Co--S3 oder..7
Jurey & Gillis..3 Alcus, Scherok & Antey-sundrles
to otder-Totel £61 bales cotton
SHREVEPORT-Per steamer Maria Loaise-133
bales cattn R T Buckner & Bro-100 do S B Sters
72 C L Waimasey co..72 T M Simmens-45 Kirk
ratrick & KeItb-d G W Seatell Lcn--S Brittos,
Moore & Cole aa-45 Chaffe, Hamilton Powell--S
Peys, Kennedy Ao-27 Alsoee, Schemrek k Aaer
25 Cia ,p Bros Leo..94 no Chbas k Some--90 I0 :
Red River Tra. Co-Is Mayer. Wls Ae.t11 Jao T
Hardle Leo-10 TL Aimsy .- Jno Pdpis es
a W s "rbrlde Me.-c .1rard-s & y--I Bissm
&e-- 9W IwM.ls-4d I Irbd y A 8-- Clibss
Leo-S JlDE k -1 M- i fl A a Lea-lie
ilsU e hsM ham- / . _.
MaWk til t-~ek· i'da~4
Ig - U
- tde e #4t 20 hide sa] a IP? We m..
2103"T AT TWR lKW BA.Il.
A u Rlve-Pergteaer Alle-S,fe absisgles
Mobile Bay--Pet sohi Uad 30 fias are slay to
Tebefeoi l$i er-Per sub LAswrease-.,e0 feet
]itnw r l -petlpet Bloom-1-I,000 r nes M
Pe 'w eed e ider
T.fow--Per bthr kilsabeth Aen-35 srds weed
Bfind River_-Per ert Monterey--s6,000 sraved
e rdet
BIsnd Ricm-Per hr JPievillse-- seaeks eed eot
lumber order
Blind River-Per sehr Two Sons--40 esdes weed
Blind River-Pet ehr Sai.la--S,000 #aaves order
By I alrehads.
March 14-120 bsaleottea Pia , Ferwood hOe-
r o la Miller, Deol
beidde ho-I ds O abb & Matent---n - bdl Mhdee
Hay & Meobl.1. be mdse A DIelpit ee1- de Fell
mam Bre-10 bbls turpentine W Jone keho-5 do
R Georgs - 4 ears stock order--548 pea bulk benes
doers W Bi Matthews & Bro-14 bbls apple F Del.
poper NO Pieayune-304 sks pea A A Greenwood &
o-153 do J I Kent &en fdi aka e s meal J Aldig-
0pha ftobsceo Oreig & Ford-8 do L kilep 2 do
Schole & Kely-1 do Mayer & Bro----10 do F M
Vetse--8 bales mides Lehman, Abrahae .io-6 nest
_bokets Forehelmer Bros-- box tin Rice, Boren he
-1 bbl aples Sechmidt & Zie;ler-3 pkgrs imde John
T Moore &eo-4 de C H Orifn-2 san W Flark-1
bon a.dse Kate & blrnettI do E J Hart &en-3 do
Sken-- do-I eF lemoor-I do Re-v A J Tardey-9 pgk
mdse I) Kelbam &eio---sandries to order-Tota le0
bales cotton
March 14-4 hh~ s sager C bhs molsuees John Cal
der-1 do 27 bids , gar Robert Bare-4t do Bra- iah
Johnson-15 do Rihasrd MJlliken--I bale cotton Jno
e haffe & hone-1 ongar I bl r I f bbl mlaee Mrs L
tiotI-t bbl sugar F S Nenstadt-1 hf bi1 do I keg
molases J mse·se-4 bIles moss F P Sevi.---2 hf
bsen mnse JM Wals1b-10 bales mo V H Blervard-
101 dry hides L Snrles &k e-17 aeksE r ce J M Bourg
-4 bates moss M Webb-2 do L Bibolet-Totsl I
obale ettem 902 bhbds sugar 7 bble molasses
Per steamship Jesthine from Galvesto.n-9 bales
hor .ides C A Wbitndy hen_
for st.es.ehz Clisten from Cor.pu (Thr'sti-I
bales sils baLes hides 20 bales wool 97 csae wool
CA ee lehi.e o-b es bid. O St L & C OR
-a skin . as eeki & Manade
hhds tallow "S1 dry bide. 11 Idle skiesl. bbls heel
bls hoef I box do B Pllsbnty---6 head lottle C
Mebleas has
Mns co4-6- balas eestton bat ardsen May-?4
do Allen, No mt d hoe--aP Alen, Was hAs-- d Stew
art Bre-47 omaer Wies Aeo---stPr b hib as.rl B IeR
ham kea-18 31, danie keo-14 Ale, Sebrek A I
Anlssery-l S OTm bms hen-is Brittetd, e &
Celeam--11 Chats, Hamilton k Powell-i . & E1t
aiesfte-10.Blakemere kee-- 9 Jao T $ Mge hee-S
C L WaImeleh Bo--7 Barrett bea-5 El W St aellh
m-4 Bl mh ee5 Lrman, Abaham kbhee- -- Ga
ham, Bslack &se-4 Vaiden, Hawkins krco-4 Payne,
Kenedy hso-" Richard Flowe, keo-3 J C Da vi
a Jao Chafe & Mos---3 Joae Phelps Ace-2 11 C
aNewan-i J S Wolfe &keo-I H Allison &eo-I T L
Airey aeo--i rder--Total 32 bales cotton sundries
to order
fBy eegragh.j
New York Match 14, 1.77.
The steamship Hudson, Capt Oager, a mrtved at 7
o'clock this mon.ing.
Leaves on THURSDAY. March 15, at 5 n. m..
vilie.. Evansvllie. iiHenderson.
bhawneetown Padueah, Cairo,
Memphis sanl all intermediate
polnts. The assenger steamer
Kaw 1ates, master. . M. L. Virdin, clerk.
Will leave as above. For freight or passage
apply on hbard or to
WAYNE & WILLIAMS. 10 Oravier street.
Leaves on THUBIDAY. March lýat ta, m.
Evansville. Henderson Bhawnee
town, Paducah. Cairo. M'emphls and
all intermediate points--The passengersteamer
Jno, 8. Patterson master, Jan. T. Hamilton clerk,
Will leave as above. For freight or passage ap
ply on board, or to
mh13 106 Gravier street.
IemlWeekly Ouselita City rFaket.
Leaves cerv WEDNESIDd. at Sv. p.m.
Ll. ton, Monroe and all Way landings
inl The steamer
fIn place of Onachita Belle.)
J. W. Blanks, master. Joe Holmes, clerk,
Will leave regularly as above, For freight or
passage apply on board or to
Capt. F. A. BLANKS, President,
No 2 Canal street. corner De
P. 8.-The boats of this ine connect' th
Goose for Little river Tom Parker for e
river, Ora, Acme and Timmle Baker for
.artholomow and Saline river, and
Brunner for Bayon d'Arbonne. felt
New Orlesas and O(aekita River Trans
Leaves on t Itf Manh As .
4 lnma Oaaehlta City. Monroe. Trenton
a all lnadings on
Oa R~tivera-The fine. new. htr
pessenger ate;mam Oer
P. C. Montgomery. master. E. t. Perry, clerk,
will leave s bove. For freight or pasSage
appl. A. BLANKS,
PeresideuLN,ý Canal tr(te Delta.
xnacHAxai' saM LP4T(EEW IMDEP -
Leaves on SATURDAY, March 17 at s p. m
_ For Camden Eldorado. Ouachita
City, MoJproe Trenton and all land
The fine.neew, lgt-dr af isren er steamer
Joe W. Carlton., master,
will leave as above. For freight or passage ap
ply on board or to
DOUGLAS & WINUBUN, s Natchez at,
A. BRITTON, 82 Gravier at.
P. .--Will dive throngs bills lading to Bayou
Bartholomew and to Bayou D'Arbonne, with
privilege of reshipping. mhl4
Leaves THURSDAY. March 15s at 5 pD m.'
Alto. Red Mouth, Onm Point. and all
landings on Bcent and Blae iivers-
The steamer
L. P. Delahoussare, master,
Will leave as above. Pays particular attention
to all Black River business. For freight or
passage apply on board or to
President. No. 2 Canal, orner elta st.
ma O
The now fstreisht saeems
Mitanamerse 1ya -. E 3l'rl z a
Merie Lemh, J3 Brinkrr, anle
Leave SAIMfLbAY. Sararb it, atl p g .
Ike ow rdfoabua drayage o m I
* 1,Orleans,ýa, by bilagr.l
leave Shreveport T oesdu. 4
ºvt or~ t a p on boar4
B1ladta ~~m
NoveI-Weekly Greed score Faeaiei. {'
Mabi, lxa ylndrlaýti
steamems- ia w
IN& eWKt Able, N. Rlnonatt. matter.
Leaves every SATURDAY, at a. pm.
Will leave regularly an above. Fort freight o
paaeage apply on board or to
A LAMS & WO ~l.
laae lNo.21 Commerapa s1
Leaves jlATvrJ__H ARD y ?
a T1
Ipaib~~hzand all rlroedat
inge-Tlio i oReaanger ,acke&
T. P, Leath'3ra. rneotor. 3. F. Muae. Etc,.
3omntwting at'. Vi' ebirg with the P'ariatt 1ia.
for Yaaoo, T'alsihat'iaje and Ronflower r
audwith Anchor Line for Memvhi.(Yafrll
t. Loatla.
For freight or p aae aprply on board, or
JOH;N TAN . EY. ]9f Conionwn
111Th CA (JIUAN, 4 Tehonpitploua
Through Bills oof Lading Jvlv to Trenatg
Mo~nroe and a2 Stations rri YickFPiin u, $1i1l: ;
port and Texas taitrojd.
W____, IiROCKWfT, Agert., m Magaalne.L
3. hIe sma O1J Ime. darkls
ý C Itn
Wi ee. , unenti ý Vltao ugg
wftu, the no fr al onts nge Xti
am~a~ahMI~lerivers. For f r al hto
apyy d.or to JOIN Aq
Trg 1 fL 'tin to Trreewu
____ dTa A gent. 3. Maur -a
B. BAOOKATT. Agent, as Maguzf eklt
Leaves on THURSJDAY, M.arh 5. s at
MliPrab Warsaw, Grokatt's
sbrn's Zgdig, C-O, and all In
eandins-Tae passenger steamer
W. J. POrilT'r.,
(In laene of Steamer Trentan.f
. L Sulllvasn..st,, 3. L. Ro , 4b0b 4m. d
apply on bo.r
mhis ADA~d h WORt,
Leaves ever b4D al U0
a river and Bayou Coiwtab
new a t draft passenger steamer '
H.. Broad, master. Theo, Jobaia,.
For freight or Pass"e a
ass 81 Grader swit
P. 8.--onneets losely with steamer
for Bayou de tfaz. Also gives throng
Leaves every ATSIýDAY .
1QEG11AS OPeUSfAtrs PaCiEO ,
A-h le . nd alllnd nason
A.P.Trousdalaste.J.J. . ehmit,
ply o board or to HIT S t" - *
ladig to B 4 Tebouo
.J. eys Wt., Pý. , r
(l .a d sdy aWn.d lke,
Sa IAY - o a WATIed R
II a n neartB
Leronas Onm. Beteeryain
Thrsda and Sundays.
For freight r Ss
fee 3. W T.Is i oti a t.
isr CO ol
Laves every MOIDAY atai.,r and
The r steamr
lveanaoe bor taton R
I~ea even MONDAY Dinan1 R

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