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.letvenR Ila a* I'rOCteedlnt.
Pn tilATl CnAMBV1t, 1
New Orleans, Wednesday, March 14, 1877. I
'the Senate mnet pursuant to adjournment,
*.~lon. Louis A. Wiltz. LieutAnantoGovernor
t1n Presldent of the 1Senate, in the chair.
On a eail of the roll the following tnnators
lSa.wred to their names:
T. Boatner, Brnlaux, ])Duerows, Ellis.
and. George. Good1. (Irover. Kelly,
. Perkins. Riehardson. RIobertsin,
Stubbs, Texada. 1 h.ctl1ori, White
nt-Atain Bryant. Bulrch, Cage, Domas,
SEnsis, (in, Ithrte.'o. andlry.
-l SBaditford, Stamps, Sutton, Twitcholl,
weld and Young--17.
SOn motion of Mr. Breaux the readingof the
Journal In detail was dispetnsed with.
The following message was received from the
New Or.nus. Marchll 13. 1977. I
To t.ohe Honorable the Senate of tho State of
. fiPsnenI- am instructetd to inform your
honolrable body that the tlonrehas concurrcd i t
m nate jointresolution No, I '"oreating i. joint
co )miplttee of the tll.nal ald llou- o, t charter
for the city of New trirnane, to sit during t.he
r, of the Ueneral Aibr ertly and rliort to
SnItext session of tilhe (inn'ral Asornbuly."
Also . enate hill Noi, lot. "An lat to r'egulsat,
tms of Parish courts atll fix the salarles
S ,l a j "ud tr. ' with antd)ntl t) .lln .
TUat the Hlouse hastI finlly tpasse,'1 4
.l. g Hose ills, rind ask the concul'rrllc'
0 he Senate in the santu':
ou0. bill No. 2:1, sullsttute for Re1nate hill
NR.1 "An act to reqihrei'lti,+i nnd Iinorl,o;
Vrt towns, wlhblh are exrnlotnd Iby law froml
,bo payment of pas Ish Laxes, to deifray the costs
m: expenses of all iminal prrocedings whn
oritnes have bMen ommi itted within their
' nits, and to aullthoriae th' levy and coltl''7 . on
.: . 1tax to defray ial 1 ,it4 nl d eXm pnses'."
am so, tiose bll No. 21, "Anll at to retpeal not
Eo o of thesession of 1I72, outfitled 'An Ire, to es
blishap hospital for small-pox and other on
tiS.1o1 diseases,' and rlequiri ng the ct.y of New
dOrns too rrovhide for the treatment of indigent
Ro aflictetd with small-pox." Mubstitute
O' nte bill No. 70.
Souse bill No. 249, "An act, to am and and
-4en15t sections 1863 and 1t14 of the Rlevised
l relative to the inspection of flour and
Si th city of ew Orleans."
ao. ouse bill No 250. "An act to repeal an
II!ted an act to fix the salari sa of the
ht>hieJsltlOe and Associate Justi tes of the Su
i`ne u.u.0Urtt aproved February 27, l~5t."
,Also that the House has passed the following
"onourrent Resolutions" and ask the concur
rYi, of the Senate in the same,
ourrent resolution referring to office of
S rl, ''onurrent resolution to provide for
' o0 t tax assessment rolls,"
: I alsoinstructed to inform your honorable
b a that the louse is now ready to meat the
$ I *to In joint assembly to ballot for a United
- Situ Senator.
' lIespecifull ,etc.,
Chief Clerk.
Mr. Robertson obtained unanimous consent
Sto011l up the veto message of the Governor on
"An anot entitled an act annexing the parishes of
St. Martin and Iberia to the 81xteenth Judicial
Dalttiet, annexing the parish of St. Mary ti the
W. lbenth Judicial District, and abolishing the
SThir'd Judioial District.
On motion of Mr. Robertson the veto messago
of the Governor was made the spoeIal orde, of
theday for March 15, 1877. immediately after
the readint of the Journal.
Messrs. Kelly and Robertson gave notice that
they would file a minority report of the Com
" inittee on Health and Quarantine on House bill
i o. s,.
State of J-o uttiana,
New Orleans. March is, 1877.
To the Honorable the Senate of the State of
- e ntflemn--I am ldirected by his Exeellency
t.he Governor to inform you that he has this day
a iroved and stgned an acet which originated in
N r honorable body entitlet "An nact to author
the Auditor of I'ublic Accounts to sccept
and approve the bonds of State tax collectors.
d to repeal all laws requiringeaiti ihOllynS to
e Bapproved by any other oftleer.
espeUN D AN S. CAGE. Jn..
Private Secretarv.
Mr. Breaux obtained unanimous consent to
all up the following report of the Committee on
lands and Levoep and moved its adoption:
o .lthe Honorable the President andt Members
of the Senate of the State of Louisiana:
Gsnltemen--Your committee to whom was re
ferred Senate 4ill No. Ill, beg leave to report the
sane by substitute. CHAS. J. BOATNER,
Chairman Committee on Lands and Levees.
On motion of Mr. 3rcaux, Senato bill No. 121l
s.bstitute for Senate bill No. 115. entitled "An
at to amend an act entitled 'An act to createa
e-. sDeclal levee district within certain limlits pro
ieribed In this act,' approved April 1, 1876. and
t.+ohange the name of thel corporation created
by that act: to more fully define, extend and
limit the powers and purposes of said corpora
li tlon; to extend anid more fully describe the
boundaries ,of said li',ve, dstlridt; to empower
sa .t oorporation to lIvy contributions In aid of
Said levee, and. under certain contlngenloes, to
Sreulire, under pDonalty, the performance of la
b.0 by oertain persons on said lovoe; to enforce
* th. olletion of such contributions: to confirm
t he Iroviaions of said act. and for other pur
On motion of Mr. Breaux, the constitutional
ls, wore suspended and the bill read a second
On motion of Mr. Breaux the bill was eonsid
ered engrossed and ordered read a third time.
On motion of Mr. Breaux. the constitutional
~ les were suspended, the bill read a third time
ulla~ y passed, title adopted and ordered sent to
r.fhe House for oonourrenco.
Sr. Breaux moved to reconsider the vote
w iwreby the bill finally passed, and moved to
i- tlhM motion on the table.
A: d:" 4 the motion to table prevailed.
a Wheeler arose to a question of privilege,
Wil~ .ated that in his argument on Senate bill
101 yesterday he charged that thergentloman
St. John, Mr. Demas. had voted for the
hmentof the Third Judicial District, and
ee was glad to say that upon an examina
of the record he found himself mistaken.
n. motion of Mr. Texada the Senate pro
:.ede in a body to the hall of the House of
p)presentatives for the purpose of balloting in
.o t session for a United States Senator.
.:The joint session was called to orafr by the
tn. Louis A. Wiltz., Lieutenant Uov.ernor and
.resldent of the Senate.
SOnaeallof the roll the following Senators an
i ered to their names:
S Boatner. Breaux Demas, I)Deros.
U tand, George. Goodeo, Grover, Kolly,
e. Ogden, Itichardson. iob'rtson. Stndi
. t teven. StubL. Texada, Wheeler, White
The rollo 0the House bolng cailed, the follow
)Rg members answered to their names:
-on. L. Bush. Speaker: and Messrs. Aldige,
. Bridger. Breard. Bowden. Barbin,
S ieu, Bdek, Berry. t ell Brggs
SCa.olos, CCressy eavigne.
Dtireo. Fitzpatrick, Fe rguson"as
il Om GlUespie, Huntin-on. I t of
Jonas, Kennedye, Kah oinf
Jda..L eonhard of Ban. .
'oommeinsing Mi~th 4, 1st.
The# eerataft of the benate read the names of
the eandidates, to wit:
Hon. B. F. Jeons of Orleans. Hon. Bandall L.
Gibson of Orleans, Hon. . J. Kennedy of Jef
ferson, A. 8. Herron of Baton Bouge, lfon. Allen
Jumel of Iberville.
RepresentAtive Sartain withdrew the name of
Hon. P. J. Kennedy of Jefferson.
Representative Sartain nominated lion. W. O.
Wyly of Carroll.
The rolls of the respective branches of the
General Assembly were then called, with the
following result:
Senators Duero., Garland, George. Goode and
Kelly, and Represflntatives Ayock, Bowden,
Brady. Berry, &eckerham, CariC si.obertson.
Ferguson Duke, Oaskien. Gllespie, Leeds,
Lea. Leonliard of Orleoans. Kernochau. Newsom,
PittF, Rinhatrdsn, lathin. Shakstwaoto, Single
ton, "pillflr, StAty, Washbnrne and Young voted
lor the lion F. ,Jonas--o votes,
Senators biltchell. 8andlford. Texada and
White and lie resentatives Bush, Aldge. Burk,
DI)lavtgne, Fitzpatrick, Hll!, Kelly. Martin,
Mcans, Peralta and Tremoulet voted for the
lion. Itandall L. Gi bon-l1 votes.
senatorN Og4en. BI chardon, Ilobertson and
Steven, And itepresentatlves )upree, Jonas,
Lyons, Belf, Smart. Voorhies, Wood, Williams,
and Young of East Baton Rouge voted for the
Hon. A. 8. Herron.-la votes
trenator Itreaux and Representative Lemare
voted for the Hon. Allen Jumel.-9 votes.
aenators Boatner, Domes, tllis, Grover.
Stubbs and Wheeler, and Iepresontatliv
Brilder, Breard, $rtaln, Bell, Bri n. Hl tlng
ton, Kentedy, Kll, MeGehee, Nunez, Porter.
ltvamnd. 11llit eneilers, Iltigley, Taylor. Toter,
andi Wilde voted for tihe Hen. W. W. ylIy--24
t+enntor Zanharie voted for the lIon, C. B.
Whlor.-t vote.
Hi,',rmsentatives Cresoy. Kelly of Winn, and
lRolle voteld blank--:l votes.
Total number of votes "nut R7 ; necessary to a
cholce 44.
The Pr.esiloant dog'a,'ed that ns neither can
didate had roselvnd a majority of the votes
n.at in joitnt assembly, there was no electilon.
n n lion of Mr. Boatner, the joint nasembly
Riljorllned, and the SInate withdrew to itk own
Th'o tonata wea calllel to orl,r by the lion.
Louis A. Wilt, Llttena o o itOv(,rn, and 'I'r.
dent of the Hoina,.
On a call of the roll the f)ollowing Henator. atn
swered to their names:
Messrs. Boatner, lBrnau*, )Duros. Ellis,
George. Goode, Grover, Kelly, Mitchell, Ogdlen,
Perkins, Iltihardiun, n. obertson. StevLen,
Stubbs, Texada., Wheeler, White aidl Zaclharie
Absent-Mnssrs. Allain, Bryant, llurh. Cage,
Domas. tlmnont, Eusti. G,(rland, Glt, Harper,
lanldrv Nandiforti, Stanilsp, buttonl, Twitehell,
Wakefleld iled Young -17.
Mr. Texadn, chairman of the Commlttee on
Canals and Drainage, submitted the following
New Orleans, March 14,1877. t
To the Honorable President and Members of
the Senate:
GPntliemen-Your committee toqhom was re
farred House bill No. 10 entitled 'An act rela
tive to taxing lands in the parish of Lsfourehe
for dralnage purposee," report favorably there
on and recommend its passage.
On motion of Mr. Texada the rules were sus
pended to consider the report at this time.
On motion of Mr. Texada the report was
,On motion of Mr. Texada the bill was ordered
road a third time.
On motion of Mr. Texada the constitutlonal
rules were susponded, the bill read a third time,
finally paased, title adopted and iotice of con
ourrence sent to the House.
Mr. Texida moved to reconsider the ýote
whereby the bill finally passed, and moved to
lay that motion on the table, and the motion to
table prevailed.
Mr. White submitted the petition of the Sisters
of Charity in charge of the St. Vincent Orphan
Asylum, praying for rollef which was read. and
on motion of Mr. White, referred to the Comn
mittee on Finance,
Mr. Robertson introd.eed the following reso
lutl on:
Resolved. That the Secretary of thl Saenate lIe
and is hereby directed to prepare daily a calen
dar of all hills, resolutions, special orders not
disposed of, and to place the same in a conve
nient place for reference of Senators.
Mr. Grover obtained unanimous consent to
wtthdraw the report of the Committee on Cor
porations and Parochial Affairs on House bill
No. 197.
The following report of the Committee on
Health and Quarantine, viz:
New Orleans. March 12. 1877.
To the Honorable President and Members of
Gentl.rnen-Your Committee on Health and
Ounranti'ne have had under consideration
R ouse bill No, 214. "An act to provide for the
disposition of offal. garb ,n. night soil and
dead animals within tie eparishes of Jefferson.
Orleans said St. Bornard." etc., report the same
back to the Senate favorably and recommend.
itAso House bhill No. 17 "An act to rovide for
the gauglling and inspootlng of coal oils and t I-.
minating oils and fillds.' etc.. beg leave to re
port favorably with the following amendments:
In section 2, line 20, insert "3000" i.stead of
In section 4. line 10. after the word "inspected"
insert "'t I,or than in barrels."
And in !ie it strike out all after the word
".r" anp d ia n .ert "barrels for ganging, inspect
ing oil and replacing bung." Charman.
L. G. PARKINS, Chairman.
Was, on motion of Mr. Perkins, adopted.
The following report of the Committee on the
Judiciary was submitted, viz:
New Orleans. iM tr h 13. 877'
To the President and Members of the Senate:
Gentmlene-Your Committee on Judiciary, to
whom was referred Senate bill No. 118s. respect
fully report favorably thereon, and roocommend
its passage.
F. . SGOODE, Chairman.
Was on motion of Mr. White adopted.
The following is the report of the Committee
on Corporations and Parochial Affairs, via:
New Orleans. March 12,1877.
To the Honorable President and Members ot
the Senate:
Gentlemen-Your committee to whom was re.
ferred House bill No. 143, entitled "An act to
amend and re enact section as3 of the Revised
Statutes of the State of Louislana, in relation to
corporations, approved March 14, 1870." beg
leave to report favorably.
lRespectfully subm itted.
Was on motion of Mr. Richardson adopted.
On motion of Mr. Ogden the memorial of the
Female Orphan Asylum was withdrawn from
the Committee on Charitable Institutions and
referred to the Committb on Finance.
House bill No. 173 entitled, "An act to incorpo
rate the town of Many, in the parish of Satbine,
to provide for the election of its offleers. to dr
fine their powers and duties, and to provide for
the government of the same."
Was read a first time.
On motion of Mr. Sandeford the con
stitutional r'ules were suspended.
The bill was read a second time and referred
to the Committee on Corporations and Parochial
House bill No. 215, entitled "An act to re
peal act No. 98. approved November soth, 1872
entitled 'An act to regulate the conduct and
maintain the freedomand purity of elections;
to prescribe the mode ntnmaking returns there
of; to provide for the election of returning offi
oers, and defne their powers and duties; to
preedribe the aodeof enterlPgonthe aols o
6t*henatei saRa o f eolasesbMirs4endt a ndt
a ndlred sad b
ofealite tndo oliode tofllsso
olantment of commlssioners, and other officers
of election; to maintain the freedom and purity
of elections, ard to provide for the punishment
of offcers and other persons who may violate
the election laws, by making false returns, by
false or illegal voting, or by acts of violence and
intimldatlon, or by neglect of duty. To provide
the manner of entering on the rolls of the Sen
ate and Hlouse of 1Representatives; to provide
the mrahner of contesting elections in certain
cases; to enforce article one hundred and three
of the Constitution; to provide for the panish
ment of Persons voting or registering illegally
as voters:; to secure a free, fair and peaceable
election throughout the State, and to repeal eon
fileting laws.
Was read a first time.
On motion of Mr. White the constitutiona
rules were suspended, the bill read a second
time and referred to the Committee on Elections
and Registration.
Mr. Zacharie obtained unanimous consent to
introduce without previous notice Senate bill
No, 122 entitled "An anot to create a commission
to sit during the recess of the General Assembly
and to consider the present license, inspection
and port charaos, imposed by State laws; to take
evidence thereon, and to report at the next seon
lion of the General Assembly, such changes as
in their opinion may be necessary."
Which was read a first time,.
On motion of Mr. Zacharle the constitutional
rules wore suspended, the bill read a second
time and referred to the Committee on Com
Senate bill No. 107, entitled "An act to abolish
the parish of Carroll, afid to create and estab
lish in lion thereof the two parishes of East
Carroll and West Carroll; provlding for the or
ganization of the said two parishls, and fixing
their representation in the Hlouse of Inepre
On motion of Mr. Wheeler the report. of the
Committee on Corporartions was adopted.
On motion of Mr. White the bill was conshidl
ered engrossed and ordered real a third time.
On motion of Mr. Wheeler the constitutlonal
rules were suspended, the bill read a thlird time
and finally passed, title adopted, and ordered
sejti to the house for coneurrenolc.
Mr. Wheeler moved to reconsider the vote
whereby the bill finally passoel, and moved to
lay that motion on the table.
And the motion to table prevailed.
House bill No. 242 entitled, "An act to extend
the limits of the corporation of the town of St.
Martinville, in the parish of St. Martin,"
Was read a first time.
On motion of Mr. White the constitutional
rules were suspended, tlje bill read a second
time and referred to the Committee on Corpora
tions and Parochial Affairs.
House bill No. 75, entitled "An act to amend
and re-enact article 3274 of the Reviend Civil
Code of the State of Louisiana," was read a
second time.
Mr. White moved to strike out the fourth sec
tion of the bill.
Senate bill No. 29, entitled "An aet enlarging
the jurisdiction of the Third District Court of
the parish of Orleans."
Mr. Grover moved that the bill be ordered road
a third time.
Mr. George moved as a substitute that the bill
be indefinitely postponed.
On which motion Mr. Demas demanded the
yeas and nays, the roll being called resulted as
Toas-M'ss(rs. Ti~mas. Ducros. Ellis. George,
Goode, Mitchell. Peorkins, Robertson, Sandiford.
Steven-- 11.
Nays-Messrs. Boatnor. Breaux, Garland,
Grover, Ogden, Iticharison, Stubbs, Texada,
Wheeler and Zacharle---o.
Absent-Messrs. Allain, Bryant Bureh. COn.
Dumont. Eustis. Gina, arper, Ielly, Landry,
'temnps, Sutton, Twitchell. Hlakefllld, White
and Young--16.
The vote being equally divioled, the Chair
voted in the affirmative and the bill was in
definitely postponed.
On motion of Mr. Deman theo Senato went
into exocltivo session.
Executive session being ralnsed, on a call of
the roll, the following Senators answered to
their names:
Messrs. Boatner, Breaux, Demrs, Dueros,
Ellis. Garland. George, Goode Orover Kelly.
Mitchell, Ogdn., Perkins, Rilchrdson. )bolert
son. Handiford Steven. Stubbs,. Texada, Whoo.
ler. White and Zaeharin-22.
Absent-Messrs. Allain, Bryant, Burch, Cage,
Dumont. Eustis. Gla, Harper, Landry, Stamps.
Sutton, Twitchell, Wakefield and Young-14.
On motion of Mr. Ellis the Senate adjourned
until Thursday. March 15, 1577. at 12 o'clock M.
Secretary of the Senate.
EX TRn. 8.uCSION O1 I1.77.
Eleventh Da)'s Proceedlngs.
New Orleans. Wednesday. March 14. 1877.
The House was called to order at 12:20 p. mn
Hon. L. Bush, Speaker and Messrs. Aldige.
Aycock. Bridger. Breard, Bowden. Brady. Bar
bin, Buck Bell. Brigg, Blidlleu, Cockernam.
Carloss, dressy, Delvgne, Duke, Dupree,
Estopinal. Ferguson, Fitzpatrick, (Jasklns C*II
losp.e, Huntington. Jonas, Kennedy. Kelly of
Wlnn, Kelly of Orleans Kernochan,Khld, Lyons,
Leeds, Lamare, Lea. Martin, Means MeGeleo.
Newsom Nune. Porter Peralta 1M'tts. Binh
ardson, Ryland, Rolle. Robertson. Ridgley iar
tain, Shakspeare. Singleton, Belf, 8 iller,.itagg,
Sellers Smagrt. Taylor Tremoulet Toler. Voor
hles. Wsshburne. Wood, Wilde, Williams,
Young of Clalborne and Young of East Baton
Sixty-five members and a quorum.
The following message from his Excellency
the Governor was received:
titnte of Louiitana.,
Now Or'eans. March 14, 1877.
To the Honorable Speaker and Members of the
House of Representatives of Louisiana:
Geat'emen-I am dirocted by his Excellency
the Governor to Inform you that he has this day
aporoved and signed an act originated in your
honorable body entitled. "An act to authorize
the receipt for back taxes due the general fund.
of the warrants Issued in payment of salaries
of the constitutional officers of the State, for the
years in which such salaries were duo and
'nsatructed by the Governor to notify you
that his Excellency has this day approved and
signed a concurrent resolution originlated In
your honorable body, "Instructing our repre
sentatives In Congress to support the Textas
and Pacific Railroad bill, etc."
Private Secretary.
The journal of the 13th was approved.
Mr. McGehee, rising to a question of privilege
referred to an article in the N. 0. DEMOCRAT.
Mr. Jonas. Chairman, on behalf of the Com
mittee on the Judicary, reported as follows:
Favorably by substitute on House bill No. 168.
"An act to open St. Joseph and Delord streets,
in the city of New Orleans, to the river, and to
repeal all laws and partot laws in conflict there
Mr. Lyons. Chairman on behalf of the omn
iVtee on Oorporat ins.Dpresented the foisollo g
On ebili Ito, 7a e~titid "A tti
eorPorste the MdiasnTratttorsiton Com.
orPora the town of Mtlliken's Bend in the
pariah of Madtson," I
Favorably with amendments.
On Senate bill No. .. entitled "An aet to ht
ter secure bolders of life insurance po liie in t
tbls State; to provide a reserve therefor, and
for other purposes,"
Favorably with amendments.
Respectfiully subm tt d.LTONS
Mr. Washburne, Chairman of the Committee
on Lands and Levees asked for further time for
that committee to report, and on his motion,
House bill No. n8, entitled "An nat to provide
for a more adequate protection of the alluvial
lands of the State against the dangers and dam
ages of overflow," etc., was made the special or
der of the day for March li. 1 p. m,
Mr. Leeds, chairman on behalf of Special
Committeeon City Affairs, presented the follow
To the Honorable Speaker and Members of the
House :
Your Speelal Committeo on City Affairs re
ports on House bill ies, by sulbstitute.
C. J. LELEDS, Chairman.
Mr, Huntington, chairman on behalf of the
Committoo on Claims, presented the claim of
Thos. H. Handy, Civil Sheriff of the parish of
Orleans, which was referred to the Committee
on Claims.
Mr. Wildlo asked and obtained the leave of the
House to introduce withlout previous notice a
b111 to boontitled IHouse bill 252, "An act to in
corporate Jackson Fire Company No. Is of the
city of Now Orleans."
The bill was road. and unloer a suspension of
the rules was passed to its soond reading. was
taken as engrossed, routa a third time, passed
and title adopted.
hlouse bill No. 229, "An act relative to the
takIng of the tnt im ony of physici:an." with the
following amendment: In line six, after the
word " wit neees," Insert " in civil causes."
This hill ling the unfluishoe blusiness of
March 1:i, was taken up on its second reading
and amended in thollirst section hy inserting
after the word " witnasoes," ini line six, the
words " In civil eases",'
The bill as amended was taken as engrossed,
and under a supatc1sion of the ruios wese read a
third time and passed: the titlo was adoUted.
A join session of the General Assembly was
held for hoe purpose of further halloting for a
Senator to represent the State of Louisiana in
the Senate of the United States for the term be
ginning March 4. 1877, Hon. Louis A. Wiltz,
Lieutenant Governor and President of the Sen
.e, prosi(dini
The roll of the Senate was called, when the
following Senators answered to their nmeso:
Messrs. IBostner, Breaux, DucrosDemas, Ellis.
Garland, ood George, Grover, Kelly
Mitchell. Ogden. Perklns, Riehardson. Robe t.
son Sandiford. Steven, Stubbs, Texada, Wheel
or, White and Zachario.
Twenty-one Senators and a quorum of the
The roll of the House being called, the fol
lowing members answered to to their names:
Heon. L. Bush. Speaker, and Messrs. Aldige
Ayeock. Biridger,Breard, Bowden, Brady. Bar
bin. Billion, Buck, Berry. Bell, Briggs, Cocker
ham Carloss Crossy IDolavigne, Duke. Dupree,
Ferguson. ilta natrlck Uaskins. Gillespie,
Huntington, Hill of Orleans, Jonas. Ken
nedy, Kelly of Winn, Kelly of Orleanps, Kerno
chan, Kidtd. Lyons. Loots Lainro, loa, Leon.
hard of Orleans. Martin, Deans, McGhe, Now
porn, Nunez. l'orter, P'eralta. I'ltts liloharrison,
Robertson, Ityland. Itolle. tlidgloy, Sartain,
Shlakspeare, Singlheton, Self, Sp lllcr Stasgg,
Sellers, Taylor. l'r'no1ulet Toler, voornh 's
Washblrno, Wood, Whildei. Wlliams. Young of
Claiborne, Young of Klast Baton Rouge.
Sixty-six members and a quorum.
The presiding oflflcrannounced that the Gen
eral Assembly of the State of Louisiana had met
in this joint session, as required by law, for the
purpose of balloting for a Senator to represent
the State of Louisiana in the Senate of the Uni
ted States, for the term beginning March 4,1877.
Nominations wore road an follows: Mossrs.
Jonas, Gibson and Kennely.
Mr. Sartain.of the House, withdrew the name
of HIon.¶P J. Kennedy, of Orleans, and nom
Inated icon, W. G. Wyly. of Carroll.
Thern being no further nominations, the roll
of the eonate was called, with the following re
Senators Daeroe, Garland George,(oodo and
Kelly, voted for lion. B, F. .onas-Y- voteo.
Senators Mitchell, anudiford, T'exada and
White voted for the Hon. Randall Gibson-4
HSenators Ogden. Riehardson, Robertson and
Steven, voted, for Hon. A. S. Herron--4 votes.
Seniator Breaux voted for lion. A. Jumel-1
Senators Boatner, )Domas, Ellis Grover,
Stubbs and Wheeler, voted for the feon. W. U.
Wyly-6 votes.
Senator Zacharin voted for lion. C. B.Wheelor
-1 vote.
The roll of tile HIous was called when the
following moembers voted for the HIon. 3.
F. Jonas:
Messrs., Aycock. Bowdon, Brady, Berry, Cock
erham, Carlos, RIobertson, Ferguson, Duke,
GUnkins. Gillsopie, Leeds, Lea. Leonhard of
Orleans, Kernoehan, Rlichardson,Newsom Pitts.
B trbin. Shaksenare, Singleton, Bpllier, Atagg.
Washburno and Youing-23.
The following members voted for the Hon,
Randall L. Gibson:
Speaker BuPh end Messrs. Aldldge, Buck.
Delavigne, Fitzpatrick, Hill, Kelly, Martin,
Means. Paralta and Tremoulot--ll.
The following members voted for tho Hon.
A. S. Herron:
Moessrs. Duvre.n Jonas, Lyons, Self, Smart,
Voorhles, Wood, Williams, and Young of Baton
The following members voted for the Hon.
W. G. . Wyly:
Messrs. Bridger. Breard, Sartain. Bell. Brlgge,
Huntington. Kennedy. Khid. MeGehee, Numez,
Porter. Ryland. Billieu, iellers, Rldely, Taylor,
m"oler and Wilde-1S.
Mr. Lamare voted for the Hon. A. Jumel-1.
The following gentlemen voted blank:
Messrs. Cressy, Kelly of Wlnn and Rolle.
Total vote 87; necessary to a choice 44.
No one candidate having received a majority
of all the votes cast, the presiding officer de.
clared that there had boon no election.
On motion of Mr. Boatner. of the Senate, the
joint assembly adjourned and the Senate with
drew to its chamber.
Mr. Kidd, Charlman, on behalf of the Com
mittee on Enrollment, reported as correctly on
rolled House bills Nos. 115. 135 and 193.
SENATE CIIMBER, March 14, 1877.
To the HIonorable 8Dpakt,r and Members of the
House of licpro.oenat ives:
Ueadlcmenu--l am directed by the Sonate to iin
form your honorable blody that thi Senate h.:s
concurred in the following House bills, viz:
House bill No. 61 entlded " An nat to limit the
time within which the answers of garnishees
may be disprovelor traversel, and to repeal all
laws or pairtsof laws in sonfli't with or incon
sistent with the provisions of this act." with
amendments as annexl d to the bill.
Also House bill No. 71, entitled "An act to re
peal act No. 71, approved September 14. 18AW;
act No. 44, approved February 27. 1480; act No.
87, approved Marcih 6, 18i9; act No. 92, approved
Marc 8, 18"s9: act No. 94. approved March so,
1870: act No. 37, app roved March I, 1873; act No.
64, approved March 24, 187i; act No. s. approved
February 28, 1874; act No. 60, approved March
17, 1874; and act No. 16. approved March 24, 1875;:
and to authorize the city of New Orleans to es
tablish, organize and maintain a proper and
saflicient police force, to preserve order and
good government within the corporate limits of
said city, and to assume control of the Fire
Alarm Telegraph, and to pass ordinances pro
viding for the control. direction and pay of the
said police force, and to limit the annual ex
pence of the same."
With report of Conference Committee.
Also, House bill No. 149, "An act to authorize
the Police Jur of the narish of Clalborne to
provide for funding the flohating indebtednes of
aid pariah," etc. th an amendme.
Also. House biI No.- ti eftld S eaht to
to hold an elealtdoit to kt 13e
"- Ia to.eS
is the an g1toetý rerlatal putie education
in the uteo oft LtnUtstana, to Pravie a roveotue
for he same, t imp oe oertain pDnalties, to re
e sectlonj of the Revised Statutes from see
tlon 1217 Inclutsie to section 12u1 Inclusive, and
to repeal act No.* of the aots of 1s70. entitled
A act to regulate public education in the State
of Louis ana and cit of New Orleans, and to
raise a revenue for that purpose.'"
Also to inform your Ionorable borly that the
Benstebhas ptassed Senate bill No. 121, substitut
for bonate bill No. 115, "An act to create a special
levee district within certain limits prescribe
in this act, approved April 1. Is7e, and to change
the name of the corporation creatoe by that
act; to more fully define, extend and limit the
tpowers and purpos's of said corp(oratlon; t)
extnnd and more fully describe the tboundarles
of sald levee district; to empower said corpora
tio to levy contributions in aid of said levee,
and, under certain cdntinge'ncles, to require,
under penalty, the performance of labor by
certain persons on saidr levee; to enforce the
collection of such contributions: to confirm the
provisions of .arid act, and for other purposes."
and respectfully ask concurrence of the Holuse
in same.
Seeretary of the senate.
Mr. Fitzpatrick moved that the rules be sus
pended In order to take up Houso bill 1io. "An
act to repeal an act entitled "An act to increase
the revenues of the State and to authorize the
incorporation and establishment of the Louis
Iana State Lottery Company and to reveal cer
tain acts now in force, Said act being oat No. 25r
of the acts of the General Assembly of thie Ntate
of Louisiana for the year 165o, which boonahe a
law on August tlith, 114i."
On the motion to suspend the rules Mr. FitW.
patrick called for the yias and nays as fo!lows:
Yeas-Mcssrs. A cock, Berry, Bell, Briggs
Barbin, lsillitu, 'trg sllon. Fitzpatrick, Iilt
of Orleans, Kelly of Orlansr, Lanlare, Itobert
son, Holle. illirgely, kihrakspcuari, Singleton,
Stag. nartlin. Tooirlti'- 1t;.
Nayr--,Yeaker Biush irnd Mesrs. Aligne
rildger, rlrdgr.rBrottrd, Iwdtn, Brytul, huck.
Barbin, ;.ockirhibtt,. U.rlest, (Crs.Ry Iluke, I)tu
proe., J)lavl eno (clll'isplr,, iruhltinaton,
Jo as, Konnedly. Kelly tof WiVrn. KI(torocnhan.
Lyons. Lieis, Lean. L.onharld of (Orleaies. Mar
tin, MHeanrs Mctlohioe, Newsomn. Nrunz,. Porter,
lteralta, Pits. itiraIrdtsou. Ityltnd, ilthiigley,
oIlf, L pilll'r, Mollors. Taiylor,. Trtrmnoulitt. 'Tolkr,
Washtburne, Wtd,., Wilte, Yo.tnig ol Claiborno,
Yontng of East Baton Itug., --4n.
The mtlion to suspend the rules was lost.
In pursuaneo of leave granted, the, IIouse re
solve-t itself Into a Cornmitten of the whole
liouse, for the con:lsderatlon ,of HIousit bills 24;
tman 217, and Honate bill 51.
The committee rose and ia call of the IRouse
was ordertd as follows:
lion. L. Bush, lpeaker and Messrs.
Ailgte, Aycock, Br'ldger. Ilhilliou, Barbin.
Brenar Bowden. Brady, Berry, Bell, Briggs,
tockertham, CarlosU, Creasy, Delavigne
Duke, Dupre., Fitzpatrick, Feraguon, as
kins. Gilloospio Huntington., Hi: ol Orleans,
Jonas. Kennedy, Kelly of Orleans, Keraochan
Kidd, Lyons, Leeds, Lamrre Iea. Leonhard of
Orleans. Martin, Means, 1JcGUehee. Newsom,
Nunez Porter, Peralta, Plts, IRlhardso Ry
land. oelle. Htobertson. 8hakspeare Singleton,
Self. Spillor St , Sellers, imart, T aylor Tre
oulet. TAer. Voorhies Wshharn.e, Wilde
Williams, oung of 1albhorne, Young of hkar
Baton lrouge.
Sixty-one members and a quorum.
The Committeeo of th Whole through its
chairman, Mr. Voorhies, reoerted on behalf of
the committee favorably with ammendments on
said House bills 238 and 217, also reported pro
gress on Senate bill B1,
On the motion of Mr. Jonas said House bill
'No. 217 was taken up under tle said lavorable
report, and the amenhdment of the committee
was adopted as follows:
Add at the end of section two the words, "pro
vided that the sum named shall he paid out of
the proceeds of the year in which the servioes
were rendered."
The bhill as amndIl was taken as engrossed,
and under a suspension of the rules was pissed
to its third reading.
On the motion that tihe bill do pass, the yeas
and nays were called for, as follows:
Yeas--Messrs. Berry. Bell, Briggs, Barbin,
elnavigne, Ferguson, Fitanatrick, Huntington,
Hill of Orleans, Jonas, Kelly of Orleans, Kidd,
SLarmare, Leonhard of Orlanrs, MeGeohe, New
som. Nunez. Pora tat. Rollr. Singleton. tlSpillor,
T'rnrmoulet, Voorhies, and Young of Claiborno
-nays-IIon. L. Bush, Speaker, and Messrs.
Aldige, Aycock, Bridget', Breard, Bowden. Bra
dy, Cockerham; Croesy, lobertson, Dupree,
Oarklns GA(Iletple. Kennedy. Lyons, Leeds,
Martin, Merfns, Kernochan. Porter. Pitts, Bclh
arrdson, Rylandr, Shakepeare, Self, Billieu, Sell
ers, Smart. Tolnr, Washbdrne, Wood, Wilde.
Willams, and Young of KIast Baton Rouge-84.
No quorum voting, on motion of Mr. Kidd the
House adjourned. .
Chief Clerk.
Sewing Machine
To Whom the Centennial Committee gave
Awards for
Every MACHINE gnaranteed to give satil.
fact ion.
Liberal discount for CASH.
91 Canal street. N. O.
J. A. R. WA LER, D. D. 8.,
No. 180 Delerd Street,
Latest Improvements and best styles of both
Operative and Mechanical Dentistry at most
Ha returned to the eitr and resmed the pro
Nps. #t fst
--IT 18 TIE
OMlcial Journal of the State of Louallasa
Has a Large and.Inreasing Circulation in thfi
STATEI and also. In MII8888IPPI,
And therefore offers superior induoementa ty
No palas will be spared to make our Paper a,
weleome virltor in the counting-room
and family circle.
andesome EIlht Page Paper, Iset".
The Latest News hby Telegraph and MaI teraget
all parts of the World.
O. Ysear... ......................I SlO
Iha M.ateM ................ .... 8 *iW
Six MOatlu.................. 1I
ThO.e oe . .............................
H. J. HEARSEY, Editor.
GEO. W. DUPRE, Manager.
xUL x UTFsIw , Tw1 ORlZxS;
For the Beason of 011*-7s on 4oMtolar
This theatre is ntM iadlpeeCo comnel as

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