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The seaste.
The Senate met shortly after 12
o'clock, following a caucus of both
$Liutenant Governor Wiltz presiding.
Mr. Goode, under suspension of the
rule, called up the resolution offered
by him some time since dbclaring vacant
tle seats of certain Senators named.
who have been attending in the Packard
Assembly. The resolution was unani
mously adopted.
The message of the Governor vetoing
thet bill annexing part of Iberia and St.
Martin parish to the Sixteenth Judicial
District, and abolishing the Third Ju
diclal District, was called up by same
Wi roode moved that the bill pass,
the Governor's veto notwithstanding.
The vote stood, yeas 10, nays 8-no quo
rum voting.
Mr. Robertson said he hoped a mo
tienwould prevail to postpone, to await
information expected on the subject
from the Governor. He moved to post
pone. Carried-yeas 12, nays 8.
Mr. Breaux presented a memorial
_against House bill 149, reducing the
fees on the inspection of flour. Re
ferred to the Committee on Com
A message from theHouse announced
that the House had passed bills 252 and
228S--the first to incorporate the Jack
son Fire Company and the other rela
tive to taking the testimony of physi
Mr. Garland presented a memorial
from citizens of Calcasieu parish, rela
tive to Sunday work. Referred.
The Judiciary Committee reported on
the bill to authorize G. R. Finlay to
sue the State, favorably.
Mr. Texada, for committee, reported
several bills enrolled.
Mr. Steven, for Finance Committee,
reported on House bill 95, to define tax
liens and privileges and duties of sher
iffs etc., relative to tax sales, favorably
with amendments.
Mr. Steven asked leave to introduce,
after joint session, a general revenue
bill. Granted,
At 12:30 the Senate joined the House
to ballot for United States Senator, and
shortly returned to their chamber.
Senator Ogden being reported sick,
was granted leave of absence.
The revenue bill, House bill No. 194,
came up with amendments, reported by
the Finance Committee, conforming the
.same to the provisions of the bill previ
ously passed, fixing the fees of tax col
lectors in New Orleans and reducing
them in the city alone $100,000.
Mr. Grover moved that the report be
received and the bill, with the amend
ments, printed and made the special
order for to-morrow (to-day) immedi
ately after the ballot for U. 8. Senator.
The motion was adopted.
Mr. Breaux introduced, according to
notice, a bill to repeal the act inorpo
rating the Lottery Company. The bill
was placed on the Calendar to take its
regular course.
Mr. Grover reported for committee
favorably on bill to enlarge the bounda
ries of St. Mary parish.
Mr. Mitchell for committee, reported
favorably on House bill 183, to incorpo
rate the Mississippi River, Lake and
Terre-aux-Bceuf Railroad Company,
and House bill 210, to incorporate the
Alexandria and South Arkansas Rail
road Company.
On motion of Mr. Dueros, the former
bill was taken up. It fixes the capital
of the company at $100,000. The road
is to extend from the river at a point
,about 18 miles below New Orleans, to
the interior. The bill finally passed.
Mr. Mitchell called up the other rail
read bill which was similarily passed.
Mr. Demas in the chair.
House bill 153, the Board of Health
bill, was laid over till to-day.
Senate bill 85, making Sunday, etc.,
dlays of public rest and dies non, was
taken up.
Mit Steven moved to include Mardi
Gral 4th of March and 8th of January
in addition to Sundays, Good Fridays,
Christmas, and 4th of July named in
the bill.
The amendment was laid on the table.
Mr. Steven then moved to insert 4th
of March.
The motion was adopted by the cast
ing vote of the chair, and the bill finally
Mr. Robertson asked to take up joint
resolution from the House extending
the term of the extra session of the
Legislatura to and indluding the 30th
ay of April, unless the General As
sembly should conclude in the mean
time to adjourn sooner sine die. The
resolution was concurred in.
The bill to enlarge the jurisdiction of
the Third District Court was called up
for reconsideration of the vote by v hich
the bill was calendared. Reconsidera
tion was refused by the casting vote of
the President.
Senate bill No. 118, to amend Art. 139
of Civil Code relative to divorce, was
ldnally passed.
House bill No. 240, the small pox hos
pital bill, repealing the small-pox hos
rital act No. 60 of 18;2, and requiring
he city of New Orleans to provide for
small-pox patients, was finally passed.
House bill No. 249, to amend sections
1863 and 1867 of the Revised Statutes,
relative to the inspection of flour, was
House bill No. 250 to repeal the act
fixing salaries of the Justices of the Su
preme Court, was referred to the Judic
iary Committee.
House bill No. 259, relative to costs in
,h pparishes in criminal cases, was re
The resolution of the House relative
to the affairs of the office of State
Treasurer was adopted.
Resolution of House to provide for
the assessment rolls was concurred in.
The bill to fix fees for deposit in the
,arlsh courts, outside of Orleans, dimin
t~hing the same from $10 to $5 in each
-ase, was discussed.
Mr. White in the chair.
Several amendments proposed by Mr.
.arland were rejected, and at 3 p. in., on
call of Mr. Breaux, the Senate went into
executive session, Which was raise:d at
.3:45 p. m., when the bill previously
pending was resumed.
Mr. Robertson proposed an amend
ament in oppositioa to the reduction,
and occupied the principal attention of
the Senate for about an hour, when his
amendment was put to vote and lost
yeas 3, nays 16.
Pending motion to pass the bill, Mr.
Roberteon moved for executive session.
RBled out of order, as the Senate can
not sit twice in such session during the
-same day's proceedings.
Mr. Bobertson moved to adjourn.
'The matter was finally disposed of by
the rules being suspended and the bill
The ause
The House assembled at noon, Speak-,
er Bush in the chair and a quorum
Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Percival.
Mr. Sartain ealled.up Senate bill to
divide the parish of Carroll into twe
parishes, to be known as East Carroll
and West Carroll. Referred to the
Committee on Parochial Affairs.
Joint resolution extending the term
of the extra session to the 30th April
next was taken up and passed.
A resolution prohibiting members
from absenting themselves from the
House without permission of the Chair,
and then only for ten minutes at a time.
The resolution and several amendments
were laid on the table on motion of Mr.
McGehee, after .he hadasuggested that
the rules of the House were amply suffi
cient to meet the ease.
By Mr. Bridger of Caldwell, chair
man of the Committee on Elections and
Qualifications-A irepert favoring the
expulsion of Chas. Gaudet, of La
fourehe, as a member of this House.
The report gives as the grounds for the
expulsion the fact that Gaudet, after
having of his own free will taken his
seat and been sworn in in this House,
has gone to the Packard House and
been sworn in there, and has absented
himself from the legal House since the
29th January.
The rules were suspended and the
resolution taken up.
Mr. Sellers objected to haste in the
matter saying that he did so for rea
sons which it was not necessary to men
tion on the floor of the House.
Mr. Sartain, of Carroll, wished that
three or four days' grace be given to
Mr. Gaudet to return.
Mr. Jonas said that it was not desired
that the member should return, for even
should he do so he, Mr. Jonas, would
vote for his expulsion.
Mr. Sellers wanted to know whether
the Committee on Elections had met to
consider the resolution.
Mr. Bridger answered that they had,
this morning, in this hall, and that the
only dissenting vote on the report was
that of Mr. Sellers himself.
Mr. Young, of Claiborne, made a
short and expressive speech on the sub
ject, concluding with the remark that
this house did not wish the return of
any corrupt vagabond.
The yeas and nays were called for and
the resolution adopted without a dis
senting vote.
The arrival of the Senate for the pur
pose of going into a joint ballot for a
United States Senator, interrupted the
proceedings of the House. The ballot
ing resulted as follows:
Senate. House. Total
Jonas .................. 2 24 26
Gibson............. 7 13 20
Herron................ 3 14 17
Wyly ................. 4 15 1s
]Slack....... ....... 0 1 1
Total................. 16 67 83
No choice and the Senate withdrew.
Previous to the balloting Senator
Breaux withdrew the name of Hon.
Allen Jumel as a candidate.
Mr. Kidd of Jackson, chairman of
the Committee on Enrollment, reported
as duly enrolled House bill No. 225, re
lating to the seat of justice of Livingston
Mr. Jonas of Orleans, chairman of
the Judiciary Committee, reported as
follows :
Favorably with amendments on sub
stitute for House bill No. 22, providing
for the appointment of an Assistant At
torney General.
Favorably with amendments on Sen
ate bill No. 88, to limit the liability of
parishes, except Orleans, for costs in
criminal proceedings.
By substitute for House bill No. 51,
the vagrant act.
By substitute for Senate bill No. 97, to
reduce the fees of coroners in the coun
try parishes.
By substitute for House bill providing
for the collection of State taxes and
By Mr. Bell, of Orleans, Chairman of
the Committee on Ways and Means
Unfavorably on House bill to abolish
licenses on all trades and professions;
unfavorably on House bill No. 98, au
thorizing tax collectors in the country
parishes to retain amount of taxes,
when sales are made for taxes, and turn
the same over to the parish treasurer;
unfavorably on House bill giving aid to
the Fruit Growers' Association of Lou
MY Mr. Lyons, or Last rieiiciana,
chairman of the Committee on Corpor
ations-Favorably, with amendments,
on House bill No. 241, to incorporatethe
Barratarla Ship Canal Company.
Favorably on House bill No. 247, to
incorporate the Louisiana State Associ
ation and to extend to it the same privi
leges conferred to the Meshanica' and
Agricultural Fair Association.
By Mr. Washburn, of Morehouse,
chairman of the Committee on Lands
and Levees-Favorably, with amend
ments on House bill No. 226.
By Mr. Porter, of East Feliciana,
chairman of the Committee on Chari
table and Public Institutions-Favor
ably, with amendments, on Senate bill
No. 108, relative to the Mechanics' and
Agricultural College of Louisiana.
Unfavorably on House bill No. 163,
to relieve orphan asylums of back
taxes, etc.
By Mr. McGehee, of West Feliciana,
chairman of the Committee on Re
trenchment and Reform-Unfavorably
on House bill No. 104, to repeal sections
3912 to 3940 of the Revised Statutes.
Mr. Spiller of Livingston, was grant
ed leave of absence for two days, com
mencing to-morrow.
Mr. McGehee was granted leave for
three days, dating from Monday next.
Mr. Hill, of Orleans, introduced a bill
to aid the commerce of New Orleans by
facilitating the shipment of cotton;
authorizing masters of vessels to sign
bills of lading, and relating to insurance
moneys which are to be held in trust
only by cotton press owners, etc. Re
ferred to the Committee on Agriculture
and Commerce.
By Mr. Ferguson, of Orleans-Notice
of a bill to allow persons accused of
crimes to testify in their own behalf.
Mr. McGehee called up the Registra
tion bill, which was made the special
order for three o'clock.
House bill No. 226, the levee bill, was
taken up as printed in the journal of
the 1)th inst.
After consideration for about one
hour the bill was recommitted, on mo
tion of Mr. Hill. who said that he had
not had sufficient time to consider the
Mr. Washburne of Morehouse, chair
man, and Mr. Toler. of Richland, a
member, tendered their resignations as
members of the Committee oa Lands
and Levees.
•The Spakeras ked that they r*-eon.
.~atbirar ~~m s~reiir·~~
mittee and explain and discuss his ob
e btions to the further consideration ei
the bill.
On motion, the House refused to ao
cept the resignations,
Mr. Toler withdrew his resignation.
Mr. Voorhies, of Orleans, by consent,
introduced an act reorganizing the
Board of Immigration. Referred.
House bill for the relief of O. M. Ten
nyson was taken up. The House re
fused to pass it on its third reading.
Mr. Voorhles gave notice that he
would move, at a future day, for a re
eonsideration of the vote.
House bill for the relief of Mrs. M. J.
Lewis was called up, but the House re
fused to go into Committee of the Whole
to consider the bill.
House bill No. -, to better secure
insurance policy holders in this State.
Referred to the Judiciary Committee.
Senate bill 110, to incorporate the In
dependent Order of Hibernians and to
exempt certain property from taxation.
Referred to the Committee on Cor
Senate bill No. 111, to facilitate the
colleetion of taxes throughout the State.
Referred to the Committee on Ju
Mr. Voorhies, of Orleans, in the chair.
House bill No. 61, to limit the time in
which answers to garnishees may be
disproved. Returned from the Senate
with amendments.
The amendments were concurred in
and the bill passed as amended.
House bll No. 119, to authorize the
Police Jury of Claiborne parish to fund
the indebtedness of the parish. Re
turned from the Senate with amend
ments. Lies over.
House bill No. 175--Prohibiting the
sale of unginned cotton between sunset
and sunrise, etc. Amended by the
Senate. The amendments were con
curred in, and the bill passed as
House bill No. 149, referred to above,
was taken up and returned to the Senate
for clerical corrections.
The order of the day was called.
Mr. Fitzpatrick, of Orleans, asked for
a suspension of the rules to call up
House bill No. 199, the bill repealing
the Louisiana Lottery Company s char
ter, for the purpose of making it the
special order for to-morrow, and called
for the yeas and nays.
Mr. Leeds, of Orleans, made the
point of order that the order of the day
having been called, nothing else was in
order. The chair decided the point
well taken.
The registration bill, House bill No.
169, was taken up.
Mr. Jonas, of Orleans, in the chair.
Considerable time was spent in en
deavoring to settle the question of the
number of clerks to be allowed to the
Registrar in New Orleans, pending
which the House adjourned from want
of a quorum.
... .- .Ik-- .· . .....
A Warnlng to the Ultra Republicans
from Hayes' Chief Organ.
[Ciocinnati Commerc!l, I
The new departure in national poli
ties, so clearly marked out by President
Hayes both in his inaugural address
and in his selection of a Cabinet, is most
assuring to those who discern most
clearly the true condition of parties and
of the country.
The country is tired even to nausea of
the attempt to maintain unscrupulous i
and corrupt men in office in the South
at the point of the bayonet. The re
suIting good to the freedmen of such
forcible maintenance (which has
always been the sole pretext under
which it could be justified for a
single moment) has been demonstrated
by all the evidence and examination
made, to be illusory. The fact is. the
political adventurers from the North
are not the true friends of the black
man; on the contrary, they have been
in Georgia, in Alabama, in South Caro
lina, in Mississippi and in Louisiana, his
most unscrupulous deceivers and rob
bers. The debts of someof these States
have been vastly increased, their credit
has been utterly destroyed, and their
people, both white and black, have been
taxed to the verge of oppression.
It is certain that an attempt to main
tain an unpopular local government in
any State, by the intervention of the
Federal power, is as unwise as it is im
practicable. Suppose the whole force
of the army were to be devoted, as Mr.
Blaine would appear to wish, to keep
Packard and his company of office
holders in possession of the govern
ment of Louisiana, (it is plain enough
that no mere squad of United States
troops would be adequate for the pur
pose), the army must either be in
creased, or transported from our ill
protected frontiers to New Orleans.
And where let us ask, are the supplies
to be found to recruit or to maintain an
army for any such purpose ?
Besides this, there is a palpable im
possibility for the Packard and Cham
berlain governments to maintain them
selves without controlling the tax levies
in their respective States, and the facts
are that the instruments of levying
taxes are already in posesssion, as re
gards most of the counties, of the
Nicholls and Hampton governments.
The vast majority of property owners
have taken that method of
recognizing the government of their
choice, and which they believe
to have been fairly elected-a method
which consists in refusing to pay taxes
to the government which they deem to
have usurped its functions, and in pay
ing only the tax gatherers of the gov
ernment they hold to be legitimate. Is
it wise, is it expedient, is it even possi
ble for the arms of the United
States to be carried into every county
of South Carolina and every parish
of Louisiana to compel the con
tribution of taxes to sustain what
is declared a usurpation of the gov
ernment at the point of the bayonet?
The question answers itself. And when
to this is added the unquestionable fact
that the sentiment of the country is
overwhelmingly in favor of a change of
policy on the Southern question, it be
comes the duty of those Republicans in
the Senate who would not commit polit
ical suicide to accept the wisdom of the
hour, and act heartily with their own
President and his Cabinet in the admin
istration of affairs that has been deter
mined upon.
Important to sugar planters. See Trouard's
To-morrow M. L. Byrne & Co. offer remnants
of all classee of dry goods at fifty cents on the
Bu.wzEr's FLAvonBrx Ex.brTs.--The supers
orty of these extracts conseits in their pefec
pwa amethe ow gmme iai re t ih en-.
Governor--F. T, Nicholls
Lieut. Governor-L. A. Wiltz.
Seoretary of State-W. A. Strong.
Auditor of Public Aooounts-Allen Jamel.
Superintendent of Public EduestioS -B.
IL Luasher.
Adjutant General--D. B. Penn.
Board of Metropolitan Police--L. A. Wilts,
Alexander Brewster, Robert Diamond, Ed.
Toby, Dr. Sam'1 COoppin, H. C. Miiler, Geoo.
W. Dupre.
Superintendent of Polioe--Thomas N. Boy
Supreme Court-COhief Justice, T. O. Man.
ning; Associate Justices, R. H. Mart, Aloi
blade DeBlane, W. B. Egan, W. B. Spencer;
Clerk, Alfred Roman.
First Distriot Court-Edmund Abell, Judge;
James O'Neil, Clerk.
Second District Court-A. L. Tissot, Judge;
John Herbert, Clerk.
Third District Court-Frank A. Monroe,
Judge; Ben. Armbruster, Clerk.
Fourth District Court--W. T. Houston,
Judge; John Carry, Clerk.
Fifth District Court-W. H. Rogers, Judge;
Thomas Duffy, Clerk.
Sixth District Court-N. H. Righter, Judge;
J. V. Guiliotte, Clerk.
Superior Criminal Court-W. S. Whitaker,
Judge; Eugene Mdy, Clerk.
Mayor--Ed. Pilsbury.
Administrator of Finance-Jules C. Denis.
Administrator of Accounts - James G.
Administrator cf Assessments-Jno. E.
Administrator of Improvements-John Mo.
Administrator of Waterworks-J. D. Ed
Administrator of Commerce-Chas. Cava
Adminis'rator of Police-R. E. Diamond.
City Attorney-B. F. Jonas.
City Surveyor-J. A. D'Hemecourt.
City Notary-Gustave LeGardeur, Jr.
Civil Sheriff-T. H. Handy.
Criminal Sheriff-J. D. Houston.
Coroners-(Downtown), Dr. H. BRaoe;
(uptown), J. G. Roche.
Superintendent of Public Markets-J. H.
Superintendent of Public School-C. W.
Board of Health-Drs. F. B. Gaudet, T. R.
Lemonnier, J. L. Finney, C. B. White, Gas
Devron, Jno. B. Clay, G. W. Bryant.
District Attorney, pro tem-Fred Dufill.
Clerk of Court--L. E. Bentley,
Reoorder-W. W. Baford.
Parish Judge-Henry 0. Maher.
Sheriff-Peter A. Jones.
Coroner--J. J. Sullivan, Jr.
Police Jurors-Hillary Rice, Henry Hay
man, B. O. Landry, J. F. Alleman, Arthtn
District Attorney, pro tem--Desire Leblano.
Clerk of Court-Thomas Divine.
Recorder-George Washington.
Parish Judge-Alfred Tete.
Sheriff-A J. Echevarra.
Coroner-John W. Hickman.
Police Jurors--Levy Williams, Moses Hite,
Bazel Graves, Thos. D. Cox, B. Gardner.
District Attorney. pro tem.-A. H. Bordelon.
Clerk of Court-Charles Gray.
Recorier--H. Bielkiewiez.
Parish Judge-L. P. Normand.
Sheriff-A. L. Burlein.
Coroner-W. B. Moore.
Pollee Jurors-P. P. Lsmoine, Edgar Con.
villion, John Grimes, John Ewell, James P.
Baton Reoue, East.
Clerk of Clerk-Wm. Hubbs.
Recorder--John McGrath.
Parish Judge-H. N. Sherburne.
Shkeriff-W. 8. Booth.
Coroner-F. M. Brooks.
Police Jurors-W. H. Gal?, Jr., R. F. Pat
terson, W. P. Chaney, R. T. Young, J. E.
Baton Ronge, West.
District Attorney, pro tem.-N. W. Pope.
Clerk of Court-Treas. Indry.
Recorder-O. Bernard.
Parish Judge-H. J. Hyams.
Sheriff-Frank Delany.
Coroner-Robt. Harrison.
Police Jurors-Peter Daniels, Geo. Steptoe,
C. J. Barrow, J. V. Daralde, Sr., Aaron
Clerk of Court-A. M. Oaden.
Reoorder-J. M: Head.
Parish Judge-D. F. Head.
Sheriff-J. T. Hightower.
Coroner-A. S. Tilly.
Police Jurors-J. B. Blame, J. H. Roberson,
C. N. Ardes, W. P. Theas, R. Lawson.
District Attorney, pro tem.-J. W. McDon
Clerk of Court--J. B. WalthalL
Recorder-T. D. Williams.
Parish Judge-B. F. Fort.
Sheriff-J. B. O'Neal.
Coroner-A. Hawkins.
Police Jurors-B. F. O'Neal, J. V. Kilgour,
S. Mimes, E. N. Thomas, T. Miller.
District Attorney, pro tem-E. B. Herndon.
Clerk of Court-J. W. Wheaton.
Recorder-E. W. Durant.
Parish Judge-D. Cresswe:l,
Sheriff-Wi. Heffner.
Coroner-Augustus Marshall.
Police Jurors-F. G. Spearman, W. N.
Peter, James Tisbey, S. O. Head, Marshall
Clerk of Court-Asa Ryan.
Recorder-J. B. Kirkman.
Parish Judge-D. J. Reid.
Sheriff-A. L. Reid.
Coroner-J. A. T. Hawking.
Police Jurors-A." Cols, Win. Perkins, 8.
Vincent, J. Meadow, D. D. Andrews.
Clerk of Court--J A. Glass.
Recorder-G. W. Garborough.
Parish Judge-J. E. Barry.
Sheriff J. A. Ferrand.
Coroner-D. C. Meredith.
Police Jurors-A. P. Stuart, O. Call, John
Thanus, W. H. Mecom, J. Jackson.
Clerk of Court-Tho'. E. Gee.
Tl-corder- Leopold Mudd,
Parish Judge-S. P. Henry.
Sherift-Calvit Pevotoe,
Coroner-John K. Jett.
Police Jurers-Thomas Bonsall, Clarville
Dahon, J. B. Pivoto, Jesse D. McCall, R. B.
Clerk of Court-B. H. Lanier.
Recorder-M. E. Massese.
Parish Judge-C. E. Moos.
Sheriff-John W. Scott.
Coroner -A. . Bouth.
PFolies na es-T. B. Beeaws J. M. Q -&
OttGO. We in. Iv .Ak So
Parish ld%ýa-J. I. Marsh.
Sheriff-.M. Paulk.
Coroner-Dr. J. W. Davis.
PolleeJurors-A. B. Davis, T. W. Tovery,
J. E. Cookerham, W. L. Ditto, A. B. Head.
Clerk of Court-H. M. D. Ferguson.
Recorder-4John . Ramsey.
Parish Judge-Nelson J. Soott.
Sheriff--H. W. Krakpatrick.
Coroner-B. W. Bridges.
Poliee Jurors-J. J. Glover. W. S. Cope.
land, J. H. Chappell, A. L. Atkins, J. F.
District Attorney, pro tem.-Owen Mayo.
Clerk of Court-E. W. Wall.
Recorder-Isidore Lemie.
Pariah Judge-Thomas Reber.
Bheriff--John Young.
Coroner-Elijah Kernel.
Polloe Jurors--Ge. D. Wallon, Nathan
Loris, Handy Walton, Andrew Marshall.
Clerk of Court-W. O. Reynolds.
Reoorder-D. M. Herriot.
Parish Judge-W. C, Harris.
Hheriff-W. P. Sample.
Coroner---J. F. Durham.
Police Jurors-J. P. McElvey, Simon De
Soto, W. S. Moore, J. H. Williams, R. R.
Felleleua, Best.
Clerk of Court-John S. Lanier.
Recorder-John A. Morgan.
Parish Judge-J. G. Kllbourne.
Sheriff-T. W. Robins.
Coroner-John B. Taylor, Jr.
Police Jurors-John Marston, L G. Gay
den, J. P. Haney, A. E. Carter, Walter Stew.
Fellefana, Wes*.
Clerk of Court-Charles H. Barrow.
Reoorder--W. J. Rogillio.
Parish Judge-S. McLawrason,
Sheriff-John J. Barrow.
Coroner-L A. Ball.
Polioe Jurors-Dr. Wi. Ball, Charles E.
Decker, Thomas Butler, V. D. Walsh, Dr. J.
W. Dederick.
Distriot Attorney, pro tem..-Frank Thomas.
Clerk of Court-A. D. O. Moore.
Recorder-J. C. T. Gorkern.
Parish Judge-Duncan Bule.
Sheriff-4ohn W. Womble.
Coroner-J. D. Hair.
Poliee Jurors-S. C. Trahern, A. J. Pen
ebaker, J. A. Baskin, S. H. Cordell, J. W.
Clerk of Court-Henry C. Walker.
Recorder-W. H. Hodnett.
Parish Judge-A. N. Ragan.
Sheriff--Obas. R. Nugent.
Coroner-Dr. P. Goode.
Polle Jurore-Wm. Tison, Ja. A. Daniels,
Randelph Reeves, C. W. Fittzi, Matt.
District Attorney. pro tem.-W. D Bochling.
Clerk of Conr--P. H. Segura.
Roordr-IIH. B Smith.
Parish Judge-T. J. A lison.
Sheriff--Tr eozine YVitor.
Coroner-Pa ul Martin.
Poliee Jurors--Clermi reOlivier, L. P. Ser.
rett, Iilurte Decuir, Honore Migues, E leene
Clerk of Court-C. H. Gordon.
Recorder-L E Dahart.
Parieh Judge-James Crowell.
Sheriff-Achille St. Dialer.
Cor.oer-E. A. Verret.
Police Jurors-Wm. Whitteoore, Michel
Hebert, J. A. Landry, W. Harris, Ed. Butler.
Clerk of Court-J. P. Tatum.
Recorder-W. S Custis.
Parish Judge-N. M. Smith.
Sheriff-R. H. Jones.
Coroner-Giles Widson.
Pollee Jorors--George S. Stovall, J. J.
Spencer, James L. McBride, John W. Stegal,
R. B. Kennedy.
District Attorney, pro tern-Josiah Fisk.
Clerk of Court--E. A. abean.
Reoorder-J, M. Lacey.
Parish Judge-W. B. Hayman.
Sheriff-Amos Morrison.
Coroner -Soott Ellison.
.Police Jurors (right bank)--Manuel Lom
bard, L. G. Faecher, Leon Defourneau, P. A.
Osborne, W. B. Berthoud (Left bank)--H.
Drayton, Robert Grey, L. Soniat, W. Carlton,
.L Robinson.
District Attorney, pro tem-T. L, Winder.
Clerk of Court-J. W. Knoblock.
Recorder-Emile E. LeBlane.
Parish Judge-Arthur F. Knoblock.
Sheriff-William Wilson,
Coroner-L F. Falgout.
Police Jurers--Salvador Galliano, Deter
villa Forewt, 8eldon Bazile, L. F. Schneider,
Charles Brown.
Clerk of Court-A. K. Martin.
Recorder-V. Brandt.
Parish Judge--MK F. Bigues.
Sheriff-H. Eastin.
Coroner-Alphonse Gladur.
Police Jurors--Alfred Peck, M. J, Brouan
sard, Oneziphore Broussard, Anvelloine Pri
mean, Adolphe Comean.
Clerk of Court-J. W. Williams.
Recorder-H. 8. Liggin.
Parish Jndge-W. E. Redwine.
Sheriff-R. E. Base.
Coroner-J. M. Stalling.
Police Jurors-J. E. Vining, J. A. Robeson,
T. E. Price, L. J. Bell, J. B. L. Mitchell.
Olerk of Court-Wm. S. Davis.
Recorder-Louis Hnrris.
Parish Judge-John Kyes.
Sheriff-J. B. Singeltery.
Coroner--M. T. Carter.
Pollee Jurors-G. W. Spiller, 8. T. Landry,
P. M. Sibley, J. T. Felder, L. Z. Gowers.
District Attorney, pro tem-G. J. Bradfield.
Clerk of Conrt-W. R. J. Clemens.
Recorder-Robert Barnes.
Parish Judge--E. S. Denias.
Sheriff-H. W. Peek.
Goroner-G. Hawkins.
Police Jarors-Adam Kellogg, W. H. Hay
wood, J. H. Liwee, R. H. Brown, A. V.
Distriot Attorney, pro tem-T. P. Chaplin.
Clerk of Court-W. H. Tannard.
Recorder--Fred Hubley.
Parish Jadge--P. A. SiA. 8mmons.
Sheriff-D. H B nit, Jr.
Coroner-A. P. Breda.
Police Jurors-Jo4eph Ezernack, Carroll
Jones, John B. Flemig. H. J. Weaver, M. B.
Clerk of Court--D M. Sholars.
R corder--R. W. MecClendon.
Parish Judge-Aylmer L. Slock.
Sberiff-T. P. Richardson.
Coroner-L. W. Surgbnor.
Police Jurors--J. B Fithiol, A. F. Flournoy,
J. W. Scarborougb, A. J. Wood, G. W. Ken
District Attorney, pro tem.-W. Baauregard.
Clerk of Court-D. A. Thibault.
Recorder-A.,E. Livandais.
Parish Ju r O'Donnell.
Sheritf-C. bal
h , A. lDobrd,
' F 1BRa
Reeorder--C. Mor ,.
Parish Judge-A. Bomuchaud.
Sheriff--Gslen Deouai.
Coroioer--Joeeph Aguillar.
Police Juroro-J. O. Berton, . l4enville, J.
Baas, J. H. Sierbert, Daniel Major, .
District Attorney, pre tem.-W. O. MaGlim
Clerk of Court--J. H. Banadell.
Recorder-V. W. Porter.
Parish Judge-John Clements.
Sheriff-R. W. Robinson.
Coroner--W. H. Shadbure.
Pollee Jrors-G. W. Bolton, J. A. Ost
hone, W. J. J. Calvit; Thos. Woodward, &. E.,
Red River.
Distriot Attorney, pro tem.-JI. F. Stepheans.
Clerk of Court-William P. Peek.
Recorder-Jerry Y. Tooke.
Parish Judge-A. Ben Broughton.
Sherlff-J. T. Wester.
Coroner--T. B. Selby.
Pollee Jurors--G. W. Robinson, B. 8. Le,
W. 8. Williams, H. 8. Bosley, Jas. Grant.
Distriot Attorney, pro tem.--M. J. Leadde.
Clerk of Court-J. Newt. Pitts.
Reeorder-W. P. Mangham.
Parish Judge-E. C. Montgomery.
8berff--J. A. Lidell.
Coroner-W. J. Martin.
Police Jurors--H . . Mangham, P. H. Par
ham, John B;shop, W. T. Jordan, John H.
Clerk of Court-R. W. Sibley.
Recorder-A. W. Estee.
Parish Judge-J. C. Armstrong.
Sheriff-Alfred Lout.
Coroner-T. T. SmalL
Police Jurors-George Addison, B. M. Arm.
strong, Wade Anderson, Daniel Carroll, J. M.
Mt. Charles.
District Attorney, pro tem-W. St. Martin.
Clerk of Court--J. B. Martin.
Recorder-Louis Ory.
Parish Judge-Peter Harper.
Sheriff-George Essex.
Coroner-Ulem. Colly.
Polioe Jurors--George Scott, H. C. Mo.w
Outeheon, Marshall Bennett, Leopold Boatse,
Cory Clinton.
St. Helesa.
Clerk of Court-A. 0, Dean.
Recorder--Lfayette Watson.
Parish Judge-James A. Williams.
Sheriff--John H. Womack.
Coroner-W. R. Parker.
Police Jurors--J. W. Powell, A. T. Wood.
ward, T. H. Sessions, J. 8. Hendry, a. W.
Willia na.
St. James.
District Attorney, pro tem.-J. F. Winahese.
Clerk of Court-E. T. Fisher.
Recorder-Louis Dug.n.
Pariah Judge-S. F. biskron,
Sheriff-Viotor Miles.
Coroner-Jules LeBlano.
.ien Jurors-Henry Johnson, B. H. Has
rison, Alfred Mire, James Davis, Jaeob Do., .
St. Jebs the Baptist.
Clerk of Court-A. C. Baboock.
lteoarder-Zenon Millet.
Parish Judge-Name Trepagnier.
Sheriff-Luoien Cambre.
Coroner--John Louper.
Police Jor.rs-John Oeyolle, (J. W. Coqmbe,
Daeuel Williams, Joseph Metcalf, R '
St. Mary.
Distriot Attorney, pro tem-W. K. Wilsloa
Clerk of Court--G. B. M. Newman.
Recorder-John Baptist Verdun, Jr.
Parish Judge-Henry Train.
Sheriff-Minus T. Gordy.
Coroner-Andrew Jackson.
Police Jurors-Hypolite L ans.le, Perry
Bell, Edmund Rose, John O. Bartell, L. re
Mt. Tammasy.
Clerk of Oourt-Wm. Morgan.
Recorder-Wa. Kennedy.
Parish Judge-Gustave Depart.
Sheriff-W. E. Parker.
Ooroner-F. Dusen.
Police Jurors-Randolph Galateu, A. I~
Carpenter, Adolph Cousins, Thomas Fitzge.*
aid, J. L. Dicks.
Clerk of Court-D. H. Vernon.
Recorder-W. J. Lee.
Pariah Judge--G. W. H. Marr.
Sheriff-Festus P. Mix.
Coroner-W. K. Hen ,erson.
Police Jurors-Edward Gookin, L. Pasker,
N. Amaoker, Martin Haney, J. B. Elwell.
District Attorney pro tem.-T. P. FaUar..
Clerk of Court-James S. Matthews.
Recorder-Solomon Shaffer,
Pariah Judge-C. C. Cordill.
Sheriff--J. W. Register.
Ooroner--Wm. Coolidge.
Polioe Jurors- . . Cordil, E. L Wh-i.
neoy, Mark Andrews, J. W. Gillespie, A. ,
District Attorney, pro tem.-L. F. Set.e
Clerk of Court-Edward W. Condon.
Reoorder--Isbm Pollan.
Parish Judge-H. C. Sidney.
Sheriff-Jordan Stewart.
Coroner-James Dyer.
Pollee Jurors-Daniel Thomas, Gen. Lye -
Sr., W. H. Keys, Clinton Belanger, Frteam
Clerk of Court-W. W. Heard.
Recorder-W. . O. Smith.
Parish Judge.-W. ,. Roberts.
Sberiff-B. F. Pleasaots.
Coroner-W. S. Agerton.
Pollee Jurors-B. J. Tabor, John Odam, B.
B. Thomas, B. H. Henry, W. H. Darby.
Clerk of Court--Latie Brouserd.
Recorder-Leo Perret.
Parish Judge-Wm. Klbbe.
Sheriff-Granville B. Shaw.
Coroner-W. D. White.
Pollee Jerors-Franeois D. Lilen, D. O.
Brousard, Howard Hoffman, Nathan Pa.ty,,
Solomon Wise.
Clerk of Court-W. H. Smart.
Recorder-Walter Bell
Parish Judge-C. B. Burr.
Sheriff-M. G. Parker.
Coroner-V. Shilling.
Police Jurors--C. F. Conerly, Thomas
Crawford, J. J. Deason, E Pierson, W. B.
Clerk of Court--. P. Richardson.
Recorder-John K. McLain.
Parish Judge--J. M. Burries.
Sheriff-John W. Ard.
Coroner-Louis Miller.
Police Jurors-N. Graves, D. E. Bailo. ,
W. W. Ott, David Miller, J. W. Adams.
District Attorney, pro tem.-M. C. Moseby.
Clerk of Conrt-S. D. Spann.
Recorder-George McWeaver.
Parish Judge--H. . Drew.
Sheriff-W. N. Collins.
Coroner-Wm. Life.
Police Jurors - Irwin Talton, J. .i .
ter, N. J. Anmdlin, W. L. Coyle, E k. .
Clerk of Coast-B. C. Jonaes
Reoader-P. F.. PDn.
P .r..F.rl, .m.-i.

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