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... __. ..II._I / ilnil! _.. Hil n a' 11 P (IE longE Ci dig
The NR.fw fte *d (lvii SNervice
i "haIt It il 1,n11.
T.a41 iFoRerten is Mill to ontrol
lni!r the ttfmerI.
$A Extra 'eshion of ('ongresq .o on to be
Ordhrt d.
WASthINOTN, Ma, rl h IJ,- I 'i linal . is
yet the chlor f t.t-I' ,r : v ,lt i e) hI r,
preparatory I,) hie I ('hlirt miettielg 14
imorrow, whit h iti It lh it rhl, wIll Lnlt
tangle Y rom (I, Hlia l k otl nJill ,IýI o -
Inl the fate ,f, I r,ia i in ',r 1h lt i sl.
four years, at lehft.
The Prelsident ha, talk,,I quito frr'Ily
on the subjeet of the Hiut.ht to-day. I-.
did not heolist e to , i, liir . 1'tick:t il'
bombastic reply to Mtanley Mali thew'
letter, whertIn ho tekrtk; or lentleting
the 76,000 volters r. th , ltil sh , lllo:rtll
him (Packard): he thinks that he
(Hayel) is in a condition 'to protect
these persoas, if they need any protep
tion, just as well as Packard. lie even
hinted that the Itepublican party of
Loulelaha had never shown Itself very
prompt to protect the lives of its sup
porters, and generally called on the
General Qovernmeut to do this work for
Great surprlse has been shown by
some ll the Democratic Senators and
Oongl1o stien at the rule to be followed
In the matter of appointments; they be
lieve that, under the declaration made
by Hayes in his inaugural speech that
partisan service would no I onger entitle
a man to t oe; Democrats would have
Just ll muoh show in the appointments
as Ropublioans. Several of them, there.
fore, believing this to be the
melanlng of the President's specoh,
made application fur appointments for
rlends. The answer to these appllca
ions has been, in al I cases, a de(cied re
fusial, and a declaration that there
would be no changes in the present ofll
*ials for someo tltnu, and that even when
these changes were anmie, Republhans
would, in all Rases, have the preference.
In the Postoffce Department, In par
tioulai, this will he the e ee.
Tyner, who is Morton's man, is to
have the patronnge, of all the Northern
postotffoes, while Hey, thu tigure-head
of the concern, who takes charge of
,theBouthern department, although no
lepublican himself, will give the ofiees
to Democrats only when no itepublt
+eps can be found to take them. A
great many Relpublicans, who are not
ardent politicians, appear to regret this
action, as they fondly expected civil
service reform under Hayes. As it now
is Morton will control at least two
thirds of the leostofiloe and all the navy
patronage, and thus be able to keep to
gether his bloody-shirt party that
showed only last week symptoms of
d .Integratlon and breaking up.
TheZepublicano have deinitely eon
oltgetlon an extra session, and will gel
the Attorney (eu(ral I tlo repol(rt that this
Is absolutely necosnary utn r the con
-situtlon, and tlhat t.he ( ,vernment can
not run snumo thirty Xillihins in diebt
for the payment oIf t h army. This
acotion is taken by I he o in (consulIlIlenie
of the New lamniishir, ellction andl
their belief that they can now, by coinm
blatlions with Sonme of tihe Democrats,
elect some Conservative Republican
Speaker. Tihe House now stands
by the latest counts, 1.I9 Democrats to
144 Bepublicans. The Republiocans
thli* tVa in the present condition of
ad partfoularly of Louisiana '
u tgh' .Oaroliea. they can win
nugh Democratic votes to the 6sup
port of Foster, who is one of the most
earnest champIons of the Nicholls gov
erament, to elect him Speaker. They '
will, consciluently, look around them,
and if they see any 8how of success, or- t
der an extr;L session at Lonce.
A. I,. . .
·-~~e ·----- i
THIE o0 :'rI.
bhelrealilent V.ie"l c on tIC Mltuatlon.
WJAsNOTOrN, March iT1. 'he situa
tion with regard to Sot II (L'.tlina alnd
Loulisiana is restate d.
The President stated t, h,,e list. dtele
gation of Southern lia l r,, urging him
to immediate act ion, hat it re lire x -
' :gen years to conlirnl the, flilurt oft the
old policy, and that he "houhl have at
least sixteen days to inaugurate the new
To an eager parting quie.tion : " I it
Hampton and Nicholls ?" echo an
-: wered: " Hampton and Niehallsl."
It is quite hkely that the Attorney
tGeneral, to-morrow, will report that,
H.EHampton is (Governor of South Carolina
1 facto and de jure. He may re
that Packard ought to be Gov
or of Louisiana, but the administra
Slon is intrusted With no power which it
to use to enforce his right.
e President is reported as thinking
he himself is in a position to pro
76,000 voters who supported
and that placing this burden
iders of the President weald
am ede of duty or manh o on
t i t' entsa mind that
0oe0 of t.hn prominent, figures of the new
pi'olly, andl thlli he can do if Packard
will int rant his own fortunes and the
hlppnlliess of the 7611000 who Voted for
him in the cuz'ltodly of the Presbitent.
The Slannrer i, whlrkill Pottmaster
t#eiieral will PIll V tII.I ln ibLe xmnth.
WA.Antrror, March 1t.--The follow
Ing letter has boen 9tll to ienator
Morrlnion, of Nrth Oa' llaP , by the
new Postmnaste'r Ghueral, M4L Key :
I'osTorrien DI)aAntrM Tr, March 19, 1177.
MAy Dear 'Si --Yuir favor of the 15th
tist. reaclhed the in diue course, but I
have been so priss.nil with business that,
until now I have bbon unable to find
time to reply to your inquiries.
" t will h'hI teavor to. ox plain the situa
tion as olearly and briefly as po0sible.
When &- vatwia0 exi at5 tflUi ofllin
conneclted With thli d In in tho
Houth dorz 4 p G Will in
given to a BeptlhI l. ot thing~ s
tlh·og e rcil; but heIil tit he mplosti
hIle o find P L Itl1nlinno who will In
et:l'tfictir y to a hlrgo Iiijrlty of tI ho
pI'i plo whv I io I)iilin. e 1is diret., vly
otffT-1ted by t 1II alpplnit mnt1, or in c:.isen
I.it, olttr isv'r" Ill,' 11ll,'. th ,n I shit ll
n it hji i 0 11i , I .II P141 / .ih e lltPl I.s ,lc t1
notbs a iiinnts t
r'1, i'm wLih , in myjiiiglnent. will toivo
entifl ctin ) I htll] iusnes I lniteg1 1i
to the rett nuber, to this .
" Vhlle .I 11all e ad to he glav to r ,
coivo the 11 11cei' f ,,r :- 11 C tu )l lt,_pr,.
setertiVln i vory much r.tet g lrth I
tereof this kh1 !, ),, I hall 311 , r iot. 4~ sil.,,r
my'41!'f at In aly wily 111111(1 ,o tt, n t . up n
to the greatest number, and to this end
I shall always be glad to have your co
operation. I very much regret that I
did not see you and shall be glad to det
so at any tlin,. Very truly yours,
"1), M. (t, l',stmaster General.
11'0f o . A, 1. lt , trtlti|ll."
Out In * arelt of blend.ien.
Fred. DOuglas reported at the mar
shal's offioe this morning and is now
out in search of boOddmen. The bondl
is $20,000, and the al&rshal is liable
where he falls in due dilllgenco in the
collection of executions.
An Extrna sesion Probable.
The Secretary of War, Secretary of
the Treasury and Attorney General re
gard an extra session Of Congress ab
solttely nieessary,
It Assures Pelte and Accord In Europe.
atlissxus, March 18.-The Nord, the
,usslan organ or Brussele, says : Ti
protocol not only assures the pmace, but.
the acoordl of Europe. It is however,
as well to warn the public against
jumping to th concluAton that a pacitlo
solution Is already completely certain.
The important point must not be for
gotten that while Europe has- corno to
an egreement, Turkey, so far, has only
made promises. If the Porte continues
In its old courses, the prospect of a con
filet may be renewoed, but. the protocol
will as last give assurance that'thl
con Ilict will be localized.
The Sltandardl' correspondent at- Pari'
says lie ha. reason to bellowe that, thi
foregoing was telegraphoer from St.. i'1
terebnrg, and rnlresents tiu views or
the Roussian court.
IRleusl, ANUi INIrLANl.
Waltlng leor lse '.ar'r AnsWer.
LobnDoN. March 1..-The Post pull
lishes the following in an official form :
The (Government still awaits the Rus
elan answer. We may have to remain
in an expectant attitude for a dayor
two. When Runsia's deolsion on the
modifications suggested by England are
ascertained, negotiations of much ihn
portance must be commenced with the
Pnrt i.
Turkey Forbearinr sud Penace Probable.
LoNr'N. Mtrarch 1%. Thll DaiiU Newrus'
dispaleh fromiiConstantinople favors the
idea that a:n undersl4tn'ling between 1
England and Russia will be followed by
a pactille n.rrangemnent between Monto-I
negro and 'Turkev.
The 'aritlard,'s corroesondent ,t at
PlstI I says t he I' I'ort is displaying a very
cnc il Iat ory splirit to warls Mont enegro. 1
It still reutise4s Ito edeld any fortiliid I
places,, but s1 lrIn)O accollllllodl atling in I
rel:ation o Iot he ot!Ier domn:andls of Monte- I
(|ret+ - oon to l( l rt Ina RI ebllIIon.I
Cor.NT+T NIt orPL.:, Marclh 1.(.-Tho rev- I
olttltn Oonirlllttete at Athens has s8on, aI
circulbtr let r lto Vatrioiis cmnll ttes in
(role declatring thLlat thi w~atchword to
rise will soo11 I.e given.
lothller 'ullrklmh Revolt.
Tl'l Aral, trihs of Yelelln have ro
volted, antd the Turkish commander of 1
that district has asked for reinforce- t
-- --- *0----- t
Republican omuelalt quailnyn. t
MA E. Masser, Recorder, Otto Wors- r
man Police Juror, of Carroll parishl; D. (
S. Ehrmau, Justice of the Peace Fifth t
Ward, of St. John parish, and John P. 1
Walter, Justice of the Peace Fifth t
Ward, of St. Mary parish, all elected on e
the Republican ticket at the last sloe- t
tion, have qlualifled under comnmissions 'I
issued by his Excellency Gov. Nicholls, v
and filed t heir oath of office with the a
Secrotary of State. o
A ppoklln Ient.. y
His Excellency Gov. Nicholls hnas lp
pointel and the Senate eanulrined tll,
following officers:
P. Leonce Bonluy, State tax co llc(tor
of the Second District of New Orl:eans. v,
E i. 1'. Rarteshide, harbor ima5ter of ri
the port of New Orleans. I.
---, " a - - . ti
Mr. ChlarelltlAvenze. !1
The citizens residing or owning prop- s4
erty along St. Charles Avenuo and its n
i11in,0diatt e leighboor'lood have been sue- sl
cessfully working the project of putting a
that line avence in a traveling condi- li
tion. One halt of the money required, w
on the terms proposed by the city, and b
related in the DEMOCRAT a few days ago, S
has been subscribed,and the probability o0
is that the entire sum necessary to the ii
purpose will be raised in a short time. ol
Ritualistic Hostess-"Are you going gi
to church with us this evening, Major?" be
The Major-" Thanks, no; I was at the it
morning performance."-EPunch. r
Senator Withu,Lofg Virginta, has '
r IHI IlQNteI. I~i, and1 Efort to Ntfr
Uip War.
r -
.The Presidentl I)Determlined to e.
nmove the lTroolps tfhis W1eek.
Uiood-yoe lPackard & Co.
['ýpeoial t!qr . O. 1T'mnoerat.]
WASTIrnmTrON, March n 1.--Kellogg i
at his old tricks again. lieo ha started
the story, which the Now York l.,prurs
havo b)oIn silly enough to mint, tlhtt
Hayes ri, hi(L Cablnot lhad renonsi ihreI
the doloerminatin' to withiiraw tho
trnops thil work, nand that hoth the
ca.,P' of Hosmti (.arnolln, a.l .IIoliniL a
Woll! hI talon p) ' N ll , nII ) I b| 11n (C0,Ji
ioi't nIp . loht toin, rr'w. T''hin i.
M tanply ft IVl rl nl tri ,
n ll is dresigiloid to I rovoko O r pr~ie le. to
violent.e, which is now tihosll e obljrmt. of
tihe m.liplt lioln 1 of theosel despmrlrate
ii.a' ti d'olt clol t lil-cver,
O)ur io i) shlult pal y tlo at.iitItoit toi
11mm li' of I e' I o1 the hogus itis
iatctelih of la'k'ia l. The situationh hero
( hairlem F'ister left for his hlnime in
)lhi. thitEs moring, il tohld Ino before
he went tha t hmite , 'reelaent amud hI I
(_.kinet ihad realtmdi a ccm'lusion from
whichli no devices of (arpetbl)aggers
nouldl dlvert Ithemo. He said that the
Presldent was fully informed and thor
oughly determined, and that the delay I
in his action was duo to consilderations
of expediency which did not touch the
vital question at all. Foster is as earh
estly devoted to the true interests of
your people as Gov. Nicholls himself s, t
and he would not have left Washington I
had he not been perfectly satisfied that
the President required no more infor- a
miation or advice in relation to Louis- C
lana and Mouth Carolina. BErt.,,
. -. '40 ..---. .. ,
Fine Prospeetl for (Cropq-The New Col
lector In Offece.
8Iperlal Oorroesndenooe N. O. T)emocrat.]
I'l,AQ^UEMINE, March 18, 1577.
I4li ,o"r h')tocrtl We had a good
sprinkle of frost here t hid morning, but
we Irust it has not boo'n heavy enough
to injure either the fruit or gartlens.
T'rie erops are slow to start, although
the weather has been favorable for
somtimne banlk. I believe cane planting
is all dono. The seed was excellent and
the, area planted is groe:atr than was eX
perted. The stubble, ns far as can be
tsavrtaineq, is good. The river is very
low for the season, ald we trust will not
ris over its bn.nk this year.
Capt.. Charles A. IJrusle. uir Nicholls
tax collector, goes to the city to-day to
have his bond aceltbd by the Auditor,
and will beo ready for work In afew days.
The Captain gives a bond as our code
requires. His securities are all owners
of real estate, and worth all they sign
for and more besldrs. This Is the way
to end this mischievous nondescript
yolept statris qiuo. Our people must be
up and doing, and they will be.
We do not understand why it is our
Representatives have not lead off in
this. The status quo has only done mis
chief in the opinion of many, It cer
tainly is doing mischief now, yet our
legislators let it run. It is true they
may have reasons for so doing, but if
they have they should make them
known to their constltuents that may
he in a position to ternporize with the
evils ujp'lu them more safely than we
call as it IA.
eo hLave no renitor yet,, and no pros
Ipoct. We agreeo with you,, Mr. Editor,
in your position that, I Senllator should
h.ave bcn elccetel. We lhave good and
trIue men enough to choose from, to suit
Mr. IaIves even, if nooed be, and at the
same time have iL true relresenltatlV o
for our dear Credo State. 1'ELICAN
Two lIrothere Mhunt Each Other. "
[ Wcd ford Star.]
On last Friday evening, two brothers
named Arthur, living a few miles from
Gush's Mill, Va., shot each other. Cal
Arthur, the elder loaned a cutting box
to a neighbor, with the order that he
should let no one have it. Charles Ar
thur, the younger brother, carried away
the cutting box to the house of a widow
named Witt, with whom he was living.
On the evening of the affray Cal went
to the house of Mrs. Witt, and procur
ing the cutting box started home. His I
brother shot him with a rifle, the ball
entering his left shoulder, penetrating
the bone and lodging near the heart.
The younger brother then fled to the
woods, but thte elder brother lursued F
and shot him with a shot gun, left him
on the ground and went home. The t
ldor brother will probably recover. The
younger is in a dangerous condition.
What MakeM a Mtea-hell ilnhI.
When the sea-shell is held up to the i
atr there is a peculiar vibratory noise '
.nich children assure vac:hl other is the r
oar of the sea, however distant thiy t
nay be from it. i'Philsouhically inves
igated the peculiar 5ou(L thus recog
lized is a phenomenon that has puzzled
,cholars for a long time. The experi
nent is easily made by jpressinga spiral
hell over the cerebra of either ear. If
L largo shell, the sound is very much F
ike that of a far-off cataract. Now,
what causes it? Every muscle in the
)ody is always in a state of tension.
some are more on the stretch than C
>thers, and particularly those of the p
inger. It is conceded that the vibration a
)f the fibres of those in the fingers being s
ommunicative to the shell, it propa- ii
rates and intensifies them as the hollow e
>ody of the violin does the vibration of g
ts strings, and thus the aecoustic nerve p
eceives the sonorous expressions. p
tius les of the leg below the kntee a e
l2hý __ i o
He In to be iDl3ecbrled on Acrount i
[Apoolal to Olnotnunti C omtcrcil.]
WAS^IN..oow, Marrh le.--It is reporte
that Assistant Secretary Conant, of th
Treasury, will be removed on the chars
Fs impiicating him with the Accruei
Interest Ring, recently exposed, i,
which George H. Jenkins, a lawyei
formerly from CIninntati, was the chie
operator. Milton MeGrow, at presen
the $ixth Auditor of the Treasury, will
it. sl said, rnooeed Conant. Brady, thi
etroind Assistant Postmaster General
will sve.eced lMclrow as Auditor, ant
Marshrall, at present First Assistan
I,stmrnster General, will succed Braly
He Sneere at Itrrinitilon, but Wants tIh
Troeope Withdrawn.
[(prral t.(o C(intiinati ()Cmm.Jrcial 1
WiVsuIN'rTN, Mal.rch 1.. . oHnuthorl
Ji(llit jcetlnl here aie bIc,;omring mrre ant
Inore limpatieut at, the d-lay of thi
President, il ordering the withdIrawal o
the It'roo.) f fro H ittr;thI (uairoliita a,
Loulsian , W, lo IIamnpton his grow;
ro's;tivie, InId hats Ibn sending soeine dis
agrit'ttalb lil8aift(hie4 hbrn with refer
msaid to hiatve biton laid bi'fot'' the J'resit
tlint, hif Otifi that he didn'tl ask anI ,
favorsi; lie only wurited the J'reidlent it
carry out hlj views agfallt., l"Rt fral in
torference ihi Stiete affttlirs. Thir, friend
of tbo P'roneldent explain that he htin
only dolayd to secure the guarantees
thlat, wlrle the troips are withdrawn no
breach of the peace will follow. Suoh
guarantees have bteetn tendered him by
the lead ing men In the two States men"
tioned, and it Is undorstood that the neo
cessary orders will be given next week.
Y]FO5lll IMil MION .
Explanations Concerning Ihe Appoint.
nmeat f lorelgn*beru Cittlensa.
r$peelal to aincinnsti Oermmseroil.
WassITwroit, March 16.-The policy
of ex-Scecretary FIsh in refusing to atp
point American olttzons of foreign birth
to the countries of their nativity has
been misapprehended. It had been
stated that aotion Was of hill own voli
tion. This is Incorrect. One of the most
serious sources of complaint on the part
of foreign governments against the Uni.
ted ftates In the selection of persons to
till its diplomatic or consular positions
has grown out of appointments of this
character. Persons of foreign birth
who left their country under
charges of political and other
offenses have settled in the United
States, become citizens, and have risen
in inlhu ncot and wealth. Their first
mtrllitilon has been to return to the
country of their birth ulnder the more
favorable auspices of a diplornatio or
consular coinminssion. Houri have been
kInown to osit their positionsl as means
to revcngo their personal hostility to
local or government authorities of those
oullnttrln, aiand have demortnoed them
selves in a 1n0lnner not only offensive
to those animongst whom they resided,
but as well seriously embarrassed cor
dial relations between that country and
the United ttates. In order to avoid a
continfuatitiol of these oc:urrences, 8.c
rotary Fish adopted this rule; for in
stan):o, not to appolat a German. to Ger
many but to some other nation, and the
same with respect to gentlemen of other
naltivity. The appointment of Mr.
Seburz as Minister to 8pain, may be in
stanced in this relation. The record of
consular appointments shows that for
eign-born Americans were never ex
cludedl from these appointments, but
simply ilanod in such position as would
not tend to enabarrass the foreign rela
lions of the United States.
lw I'i' ititif ?7
That LoI.IlMnliann In Wnahin.t ton are
teeklnx for omee.
[qpwinl to t,. I'/nis ie publean. J
WAsIINtTONr, March 1G.-It may be
said that the I ,ouijsiana people In Wash
ington are soimewhat prompt in giving
Ilfryes pleonty of ropo by a desire for
oftice. Their stale politics have been
ttaniaged by what they call scientitlo
principlejl of corn lromli.se, and they
argue that Hayes must be given time to
arrange his actiolns in the same way.
An Ohilo member of Congress who prob
ably is intimate with Hayes, merely
wants Hconme guarantee of peace, and
that having been given, that will very
soon withdrai w the troops. Mr. Key has
gone so far as to say to the Preaident
that lie would be willing to offer himself
as at hostage for every man killed. The
santo member of Congress says that if
the troops are withdrawn at any time
within a month there is still a proba
bility of having a Southern commission.
Five Chinamen Killed and their Cabin
[New York Herald.]
SAN FRANCISCO, March 15.--Last nlog'
six Chinamen, employed in clearrin
land near Chico, Butte county, were
attacked in their cabin by a gang of
whites. Three of the Chinamen were
shot dead, a fourth died soon after, and I
a flfth is beyond recovery, while the
sixth, who was wu ended, only escaped
ldeath by feigning such. The latter saysi
that after this the murderers set the ,
cabin on fire and thor~ fled. He extin
guished the flntmes .: ar gave an alarm. t
Tho murders were committed in celd i
blood and were un pr)voked. N clue. I
has yet. ben found to the assassins. A
nimllnb'r of criernsc (,' violcnce have bet i
recently Iperpierat .d on Chinamen in t
the I,,i:_:h rhbacou , n' t but little exer
t i')n to ifitcov -r the off'nrlners has been
ma.tld; bu.t this rowniing outra:o has.
ariused the ciZens., anil s'Pos are.
h'inrii taken to discove,r ant li punish the
First Class Refornm Rlley Gotten IUp by C
ithie Ilnreaii. 8
[-pencal to CUircintiati Enq: irer. I t
WASMHINGTON, March 1.-- The new
Civil Service rules which are being pre
pared by Secretaries Schurz and Evarts '
are almost completed and ready to be
submitted to the Cabinet. The prom
inent characteristics which they will I
embody are the denunciation of Con- f
gressional interference in Executive ap- a
pointments. and the removal of oom- r
petent offictal* to further the polWital
ends of any party. Qualificatons for v
officoe are to be, agWo of the ones A
that offioe-holders are not to use the
publlo patronage to pack primary meet
lngs i the interest of Congressional
oandidates. 'he assessment of offiloe
I holders for political purposes Is here
after to be prohibiteod.
lie Is alonl to Make Thlgne Lively for
[~iJoial to the Oinaihinstt Eniq-lrer,l
WAstIrUO'roa , March 16.--Uov. War*t
moth, who has beon here for the DasntI
week treturned to New Orleans to-night,
lie Is, by ail odds, the ablest politician
t in Lotlislana, anrd will co-operate with
1'inchback in the movement to break
rup the Rump T1gislature and extin
guIislh the protensions of 'Packard. He
ui ,rroborates the statement that the
President intends to withdraw the
troops from the State office and send
thenr into barracke after the adjourn
meint of the Honate. 1le sneers at the
Packard governllrlenrlt, and tells how ho
has to brook up ,a quorumr in the Logils
lature by ci.rryhig off flive or six morn
bers to his iroie. When the Sergeant- 5
at-Arms CarIne rtuer themi he would ,oll c
hirm that the aitltiority otf the Pack- V
arId (JYovrniert, did not. exttendl that far,
as his house wias flly a squ llare from the C
walls ,of the ,;it t. u. War.,iotoh, rmt
from his talk ovilnI ly rillhitates some r
dcivsive ntov'rtnut whi-ch will lut an n
lenl to the l',,ksrrd ie imosture. Ji.utlrrg a
the llast tlihrce w'-kw tie isp; I':en in
vesting heai'vily in JIuisla na Siit~atit Su- I
curities, in ant.iciLat ion of i rise frorm II
the ruO, gnilhon ,( the NichollI' g'vern- 1i
mnent.. Litratithee from Now Orleans t
roe;eived hereo state that there is a very o
confidlent feeling there alreadv manu- i
fested in the attitude of cavitallsts to- I
ward the Nichollsgovernmeiit. Yester- s
day warrants of the Nicholls govern- d
merit sold at flifty-five cents upon the p
dollar, and to-day seventy-five cents is e
offered, but holders will not sell at that p
prile. Taxpayers are coming forward h
n large numbers. In one distriot yes
terday $19,700 was paid in.' Southern -
Representatives have frequent Inter
views with Hayes, and are satisfied of
his good faith.
Exeution of the fMautAean and Perth.
man Murdereres.
[Special to the Journal of Commeraee.]
AzxKx, March 16.-At 11 o'clock this
morning four of the five negroes im.
plicated in the murder of Wr. Hause
man and Mr. P'orthman, viz: Adam
Johnson, Nelson Brown, John Henry
Dennis and Lucius Thomas, expiated
their double crime upon the gallows.
They were escorted from the jail to the
scaffold by a strong posse of citizens,
summoned by the sheriff. The doomed
murderers were dressed in white gowns,
and were attended in their last moments
by two colored ministers of the gospel,
the sheriff and a deputy.
The fifth convict, Stephen Anderson,
through the efforts of his counsel, J. St.
J.ulien Yates, Esq., was granted a re
spite of thirty days by Gov. Hampton.
E~ch of the four prisoners made dying
declarations corroborative of their pre
vious confdssalons. Their statements
were made to a crowd of over 4000 per
sons, mostly colored men and women.
After each had told his story there were
short religious services--a prayer from
the clergymen and the reading of the
burial services. The signal was then
given, a white handkerchief fluttered a
second in the breeze, the trap was
sprung, and the murderers were
launched into eternity. All of them
died without the least struggle.
Twenty minutes after the trap was
sprung the bodies were out down and
delivered to their respective families for
interment. Sheriff Holly, one of the
best and truest of men, performed his
duty well and firmly, but not without a
great manifestation of feeling indica
tive of the true man with a heart of
A Cincinnati Democrat on stanley Mat
chews' Election.
[rlpecihl ,orr, sponrldesce ;incinnati Enquirer.]
COLUMBUS, Mafsrch 16.--Sald a promi
nent Cincinnati )oumocrat to me late
last night, or early this morning rather,
when thi wine had begun to flow in
celebration of Stanley Matthews' nom
ination: "We have done a great work
to-night. We have insured the build
ing of the Texas Pacific railroad; we
have made Tom Scott as great a mil
lionaire as Commodore Vanderbilt was i
when he died; we have done honor to
the State of Ohio by putting her fore
most Republican ih the Senate beside
her foremost Democrat; we have
further secured Ohio for the Democracy
this fall and a Democratic President in
Let us take the sentimont and care- E
fully paste it in our hats for future re- e
ference, when thy, irresi=tible legic of t
events, as Vallandigham used to say.
has become more apparent.
the Recognition of Hampton Es, ential
to the State's Welfarc.
[Cor. N. Y. Hler.ld.]
WASHINGTON, March 15.-Ex-3 overnor
Scott, of South Carolina, called yecster
day to take his leave of President Hayes
and to assure him that in the course d
which he was pursuing in sustaining d
Gov. Hampton the best interests of the
State would be secured, and in doing
this he said he did not abandon his de- q
votion to the Republican party. Gov. p
Scott also gave the President to under- i
stand that the maintenance of the tc
Hampton government would be the sig- 0
nal for material prosp)erity in South
Carolina, while the continuaince of the i
Chamberlain pretensions would un- e+
doubtedly have the effect of producing nI
financial ruin and the destruction of the p
business and planting ing interests. Mod- n,
crate Republicans are largely in favor T
of the recognition of the Hampton gov
ernment, for in this plan only can they r
see a guarantee of the termination (if t
the present political difficulties of the iI
The Course of the Admianistratio In n Ref
erence to the Dual Gove!nments.
WASHINGTooN, March 15.-When the it
President and his Cabinet began to con- to
fer-about Louisiana and South Carolina to
affairs early this week it became appa
reot that there was general, though
not unanimous opin the, best it
!ay to settle the lin those k
the President favored this plan was tel
egraphed you in these dispatches on
Tuebday; also that he and some of the
Oabinet hesitated as to the time
and manner of restoring Louisiana to
local self-government out of an appre
Ben'lo-tiart te ho reraoval of the troops
might givte riuse to violent proceedings
ordlsorders, which the Prresident saw
would give rise to rnisreprr,'ensations at
a distance, aln might, e uaed by dema
goguesin the North to raise a prejudi(e
against the rtiw 1ou1t horn policry. Theeo
apprehensions were frankly communi
oated to prominent Louisianians here,
Who not only gave assurance themselves
that no trouble need be anticipated, but
took immediate steps to procure a state
ment or guarantee from Gov. Nicholls.
The restilt was the following dispatch
from Uov. Nicholls to It inlll L. lib
son, Member of (,'ngres+ from Now Or
lerns :
Nr.w Oni,rai l' Mareh 13. I''7.
RIt,. ai. ssan , W siIji g, , fI. C.:
I amr willing to giitritrito, arn'l do
guarantee that, if tIo', t.roop.; ho with
drawn the St. I,n, n i a.,e Ir'· n al I Il tel
will not ho tiak- by ror a,'I r , dis
tliranero will ti.ik pli . , Pl r thrinil
ce.o i of IyV ,.nrY' minibl. i <;,'rvi on the
8s8it,,anre' I k rno. I t r io ll r l'oitin in to
roeive tfri the tha r, y tral not, onr
iay ari'ne In 'i ,Anm o ion girnsin Pack
ard. J. ''. N o' or, r.
'Thil disnon ' , orrl,, to the Pros
Ioont and h, v, il-a I iflf'r"ont rosin
lire of t h' (lrt,,h ,it., rn ,I Ii h, r:, nhzlrantrns
it coritnrirrr4 wPV ,,rt 0 1 ti, nt rl'y tham t it is
belioveid to.-night , lh' iritrn tf e..nding a,
comrnmission to L muiiiana to inveostigato
has boen su betantial lv nibanulonedl. It
is very lprotahle thit ihl orlotr for the
withdrawal of the !.roops will !e sent
down by the hands of one or more
prominent gentlemen who will be pres
ent at the time of its oxectition, for the
purpose of making a roport to the Pree
dent of the event and Its consequenees.
I Both Anulous to Remain at. their Preseht
POst1 Lale nthLikely to be seetmoved,
8pgesial to the World.l
WAshrtIteaT, March 1,. The state
ment in the World of several days ago
that there would be no change in the
Ingsh mrision-although made at a
tine when everybody believed there
wopld be, and that Mr. Ploerrepont's sue
oeesor was as good as named-is now'
generally accepted as correct. It seems
probable, indeed, that both Washburne
and Pibrrepons will be retained. Both
are anxious, it is said, to remain, es
peclally Washburne, whose friends
have been heard from first. Wash
burne has himself been here for a few
days in conference with leading Repub
lloans from his own and other States,
I1 clud1g his old personal friend, ex
t rant.
Friends of Senatoy Logan believe that
he would prefer to remain in thise coun
try rather than accept, a foreign ap
- - ***-- .
The Case that wan Argued by Sesato*
cAnkilsug eslefe Commainloner IaselL
C(ew York Sun.]
WAsnl1ovrow, March 1i. -An Import
ant patent case was deckided to-da, in
which Sargeant & Greenrnaf, of Wtjst
em New York, anrd Grays, patentee,
were contestants, the patent issued be
ing one for time locks. The patent was
assigned by Grays to the Hall Central
Lock Company, and both that company
and Sargent & Greenleaf have been
using it. It covers the time indicator
combination upon safe locks. D)oolit
tie's decision awards the priority of in
vention with reference to the lever con
trolling the time combination, the vital
specification In the patent of Sargeant &
Greenleaf affirming thedecision of the
examiner-in-chief. The patent is val
ued at about two million dollars, and
will be carried on an appeal to the Su
preme Court. It has already become
distinguished in consequence of Senator
Conkling's appearance before his ap
pointee, Commissioner Duell, as coun
sel for one of the parties, an action
which led to serious criticism upon Sen
ator Conkling's course.
--.--. . -r "41 -- . - .
Nicholls is getting in the tributaryk
ducatf, which is the notable sign of a.
goverrment recognized by the people,
All Packard's dispatches cannot refu
the signific.an fact. The Pretender
moneylesi a:'i rcpu'llated. C'est u
afairc jfie..- ICourier-Journal. -
· ** *~-- B
1)urinrg ra ;.:llt examination ofL`6
class o( yrouti :''rr in one of the Ph..
delphi .h.:rr,o-~, the teacher as
"WVhat i :,onrarchy?". and was im
diately answsred by a bright li
eight-year-old boy: "A country
ered by a king." "Who would ruWif
the king should die?" "The qu .
"And if the queen should die, who .
would be ruler?" "The jack."
M. Gatayes, a writer, a dandy a
professor of the harp is dead. .
Recamler was one of his Pupils, His
home was most eccentrically furnished
His rooms were carpeted with the skins
of his favorite horses and the walls of
namented with the heads of his pet
dogs, besides a choice collection of
bows, arrows, etc.
--- ----**---
Ilsr.--Bome two or three years s:ace the<
question of preparing the fibre of the ramie
plant for manufacture attrac' ed the attention of
the people of Lonuislna, and, as it w'R believed
to be .a very valiable crop, a number of land
owners prepared to raise it, and did demonstrate
the fact that the soil of Louisiana would produce
it abundantly, but they failed to procure a meane
of separating the fibre from the inc.osed woody
substance. This :iflicnlty, we are easured, can
now be overcome by the ue of the improyed and
patented hemp aid fl i, brake, with revolving
hackle attached, I tely invente-d by Majer J. H.
Tabler. This machine reduces the cost of get
ting out the hemp fibre from $1 80 per O10
pounds to 25 cents, and will doubtlesr get the
ramie fibre out very profitably. Any ne wishing
fuarther information upon the nsuarct can cu.l on
Major Tabler, at No. 256 Barouno etreet.
We are obliged to A. P. Harrington, bookseller
and stationer, No. 118 Canal street, for Har
per's Bazar and Harper's Monthly. The Harper's
Razar has bocome almost a ne.e-stty for the
ladies, as indicative of the latest faehions, and as
for the Monthly it is full, as usual, with mast in
teresting reading mastte and beantifut engrav
:Agust, every gsetronomer knows August, but
it is inertast for the aforesaid gstroeomaune to
knew sita Augt has of base;
o Custom-

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