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*01 1 TA3t.
Wedneleda Evening, March 91, 1817,
w OBLAn as olearlnt s. t .Asa
U , 17 0.........7.... $1, 870 8 2,6
t 9 ............. 1,142,207 80 112,459 00
0............. 1,06,499 85 179,316 88
1 ....... ..... 1,282,649 02 172.854 81
far this week.... 5,449,287 19 689,779 464
Se tintme t et week.. 6.158,012 94 771,170 17
la t week........9,488,851 40 1,4768,474 47
week before.... 9.049,892 46 992,418 87
I.e demand for discounts was moderate to
,both in bank and on the street, and commer
Ipap'r was unohanged. Under the advance
r' ew York gold closed 1o higher, but exhibited
a.Ia moderate movement. Foreign Exchange
'[e Istronger, but the business in it was limited,
(iW York sight continued stiff. All classes of
_lm.ities were quiet. Stocks were without any
r *(W feature. Under unfavorable news 8tate
Adecined 1@ t gI cent, and Preminm
° /,w/ Nicholis police certificates ex
. i~tedl.ti e variation, while Nicholls per diem
faonte showed a marked falling off. Agreea
1 to the notice of the Administrator of Finance
rteoeiv bi ls for sale to the city of $100,000 old
bonds, the rollowing bide were made, and all
ted except the two mentioned belov:
Hier, 8even per cent, 1870, $8300 at 33.
do Moen per cent, 1809, 950 at 889/'
do (told D. 8., 2000 at 8..~
do carrollton, 75 at 34p
do Gold GertifHcates 108 09 at 88
do Ten per o't certitiostes, 14 05 at 83
~fl. Lee, Ton per cent Bonds. 1871, $3000 at 83i
do (bold (lertilloate, O. N., 510 77 at 30
. 0. Fazande, Heven per cents, '70, $25,100 at 841
do Waterwork', 8,000 at 833
do Ten per cents, 1871, 6,000 at 883
eJ l Le Mor , tGold, (. H., 1,000 at 38,
'owneend ,t Lyman, Waterworks, 8,200 at 38/
do Gold, G. 8., 6,000 at 3:
do Ten per cents, 50 at 33
do Itailroad, 8,0001) at iIr'
S., do 1,000 at 85
do (i(lti cert'fs, G. 8.. 3578 at
All the above bide were acoepted except the
, larand. , 8 vo nir cents, 1870, 621,000 at
i wnenoud , lnman, Itailroad, $3000 at 33/.
L_ W contiiln. to , te: Ekreptional commercial
r at d0 per cent per annum disoonnt; Al
eSol0 socontd grade do. 12/rl 5; collateral loans
Ol rs elass mortgagos 8,@9)% , and Second
do. 10'x412.
Gold poened at 104 05against04 at
itW York, and after a tn,,odrat, business closed
i 104%cl105l. ,.ll against 104?, in that market.
T sales sinmned tup 586,000 embracine 38000
S104%,( $82,000 at 10484, 51d40 at 1(43~'i4105,
1 * $4)00 and $7000 at 106.
loreign Exchange was stronger but the move
t in it was limited.
te gales of 8terling were confined to £4540,
lng £1000 bill of lading at 504',@-, £1000
S80, and £2000 do. at 500,.
Sily sales of Franea reported were 75,000
rotal at 4.97V.
the cloit terliug bills were quoted at 804
for bill of lading and Al clear and --@
thank (bank conuter rmt - O59y), and
It [email protected], t cn oommerolal an nom
urk sight was a shade higher. The sales
$1 000, *ibraoing $5000 commercial
000 privata bankers' at i 4 : ent pre
$10,000 and 550,000 commercial and 115,000
baokerns'It 082, and $5000 private bank
L90,000 bank at 5.10.
ek checked on New York at 5 7 cent
and commeroial sight was quoted at
.:lowing is the omoial statement of the
.ported to-day to the 8took Exchange:
0 ehares N. O. Insurance (o.......588 75
StateOonso s st.............. . 61
do ................. 0Oi,
do ................. 62
000 do ................... 2
do ................. 62
do ....Early........ 08
ing a total of $274,500 State Consols.
Amium Bonds at.............. 2
. . do .............. 82
ý do .............. 82
do .............. 83
do .............. 33/
do . . 38 3/
g tolal of $219.500 Premium Bonda.
Scholls Police Certlfacates at.. 76
do do 76"!'
d do do 77
do do 78
Nichollsperdiem warrants....... 81
do do ......
s were without any new feature.
r more hberal offerings and unfavorable
news State lBonds and Premium Bonds
a marked decline, the former cloeig at
, agsinst 684(B85' yesterday, and the
*t 583@824,, agaist 82%@38 yesterday.
1e Pumice jcertifecatee closed at 77@78y,,
t 77@70%, yesterday.
Olls per diem warrants closed at 77(9t4,
amt 87f88'/ yesterday.
Wednesday Evening, March 21, 1877.
N--The sales to-day (not including 100
iadditional yesterday) embraced 6250 bales
requiring a pretty general reduction of
PT ou quotations. We give also the fig
mad report of the Exoange, as below:
Oen'l Quotations, iEx. Q.
- . ......... ......g. @ -
Ordinary ............. 8 9 -
i- Ordinary............. 9/410 9%
Good Ordinary....... 0.. 0 -
ddling.... ...1..... .1 @1; 10%
M id Lowi ddling........10 -
-' .... 1.......11 11I11 .- "
.ddi:i ............11 -,4 111
g Fair.............12 (.@12l 12
. ..................12;@124 _
>. market was again depressed by unfavor
Liverpool telpgrams, and buyers being un
- to grant the concessions claimed by bro
he sales during the morning were con
to 1000 bales; after which parties came to
more freely and the movement became
extent of 4250 bales, making a total for
as noted above, of 5250 bales. Prices
some irregularity, but ruled generally
,requiring a pretty general reduction of ;o
LoP qotations; some grades, however, show
i.aly partial ,c. Towards the close
evinced rather more confidence, and the
tt closed steady at the decline noted above.
M will be seen from our cotton statement that
e4oe8ss in the receipts at all the ports over
year has been reduced to 9317 bales, which
probably have disappeared by the close of
nt commercial week.
clearances to-day tncludo the Spanish
ip Diego, Capt. Gastanager. for Liver
with a cargo of 6800 bales cotton, 42 bbls
eL seed and 100 bbls cotton seed oil, which is
the largest clearance by steamer on
- t this port. Before the present solid
Is..--r na caome into vogue she could hardly
v stored6000 bales.
he dispatches reported Liverpool very flat at
Aolne of 1-10d, with sales of 7000 bales; arri
I yao 116d lower,but closing firm. Havre dull
'"tending down, with Ite quotation for Tree
dinamire, spot, reduced 1 franc; and New York
ASIeat yesterday's rates for spots and irregular 1
ir: ltlures, which at noon ruled 5-1005@8-1000
Sw, but closed at a net advance of 7-100@
I O in the earlier months, 3-100t 5-100c in a
tomber, and i 100@12 100c in the later
Exchange makes the amount on shipboard
toleared (oelore to-day's exports of 7688 bales)n
Sbales, embracing 26,741 for Liverpool, 1
-11 for Havre, 7301 for the North Sea, 2141 for
n, 131 for the Mediterranean and 2.,96 for
wiae ports, leaving in presses agreeably to
tI acoeunt at 12 m. 220,520 bales, only a small 1
at of which is on sale. 4
t zlcon to-day Middling was quoted at Galvee- d
i i 11o, at Mobile at 10. o, at Savannah
'fl , at Charleston at ll4o, at Wilmington
at Norfolk at 10, ,@llc, at Baltimore at b
SNew York at 11jo,c, at Boston at 11' c
at lie, at Augusta at 10@11c at
at 1l,.c, and at Cincinnati at
reports: 'Bales 5000 bales. Mar- le
and closed steady at quotatlone." )
reduoed .o.
1iTA xeRNT a
S1878-bales.......... 9 8377
,, .....1,.9.77-1,f.,97. I
rý t 1.e1,e19.9 A
t iA t
i. -< r o
'arolpte f lpr amst Ceventag 1761 baler,
against 4406 lat week, and a78 last year
maklg an egrgate tripe Bday eveninl or
6886 balee, agsinti 18,2s2 Iat week and 21,260
last year. Total since August 81, 1,078,648 bales,
against 1,243,5389 last year-deorease 164,911.
The Exchange telegrams make the recelpts at
Sall the ports from 1 m. yesterday to 12 m. to
day 7014 bales, aganst 0488 last week and
i13,019 last year, and since Friday 22 404 bales,
against 80,287 last week and 48,197 last year. To
tal since August 81, 8,671,296 bales, agadnst 8,62.
012 up to Tuesday noon, March 21, last year-in
crease 9817.
xports (Friday to Monday Inclusive) to Great
Britain 27,818 bales against 88,100 last week and
30,604 last year, and to the Continment 12,718 bales
Sagainst 14,807 last week and 28,468 last year.
Stook at all the delivery ports, made up to 12
m., 781,807 bales, against 828,014 last week, and
682,784 last year.
TOBACOO-Wte did not hear of a transaction
to-day. The amount on sale is now estimated at
4500 hhds. Reoelved since last evening 15
hhds; exported none' stook on hand by our run
ning statement 048t hhds. We qontinue to
quote as follows:
Unsonnd and frosted lugs 2@8c, inferior
lugs 4@4%, low 4%@5%6~ medium ed@6, good
to fine , low leaf 7e@ o, melium 8@
10o, good '10 o@(~i2c, fine 12Y,@18%.o, and seleo
tions 14@l1Oo.
FREiOGl1 -We have no new features to no
lice in the market, which continues inanimate.
We quote as follows:
Ily steam-Cotton to Liverpool 18-82d; to Bre
men 15-82d; to New York 7-10cn to Boston, Provi
dence, Fall River, Philadelphia and Baltimore,
via New York, 1/,0. Grain to liverpool 9ý/d.
By sail-Cotton to Liverpool 18.82@7-16d; to
Havre 90518.16c; to Bremen -@15-10o; to the
Baltic 17-132@b4loc; to Boston %c; grain to Liver
pool Riid.
8U AtI-Beceived this morning 464 bhds.
There is very little doing; some offers to pur
chase at low prices, which holders are unwilling to
accoept. Cistern bottoms 8i@4y; c interior
5(40tc, common to good common 7ss@80, fair
to good fair 8).68. io, fully fair 8$o, prime 8"co,
strictly prime choice 8!,@0e, oeoicie to fancy
I)t.9i@ o, seconds 8l@90, centrifugal 80@9c,
yellow clarified 10@10%0, whites 11@lY11%o .l .
MOLAHESI-Beceived this morning 850 bbls.
Active demand and firm prices. The receipts
were all soldi common 80@82.,c; fair 85@
i:;o prime 40a 42c; and strictly prime 45@400
FIlOUB--Wo note an aotive demand, partially
on speculation, a stronger market and a further
upward tendency in prices under light stlpplies
here and strong Western advices en wheat and
flour. The medium grades are saarce and
wanted, and the higher grades are selling at
higher prices, the low grades only remaining dull.
Of the better grades some of the stock is held
off the market or better prices. An offer of 18
Was refused for a straight lot of 1200 bble. 'The
sales embrace 296002 bbl in the local trade, of
which 45 fine $5; 800 do. at 85 25; 275 do. *5 80;
50 superfine at $1; 60 do. at 10 15; 300 good tre
ble at $7 50; 50 and 10) good treble extra at $7 60;
50 and 850 choice extra at $8; 9' and 200 do. at
$8 125; 80, 75 and 100 at *8 25; 25 at $8 50 89 bbl.
150, 880 and 500 bbls on private terms. During
the day limitations of 25@50c bbl higher were
refused. St. Louis quoted Wheat at $1 52 bid
oash for No. 2; $1 58Y4@L 54 May; an advance of
%o since yesterday.
Common Is quoted at 4@4 60, fine 15@6 50,
superfine $6®0 25, double extra ti 50@8 75 low
treble extra $ý@7 25, good do. *7 50@1 75,
choice do. $7 78@8, ohoice extra 18 25@8 80,
bchoioe family and fancy *8 6058 785 bbl.
Reosived since yesterday 4818 bbls flour.
UCOIN KIEAL-Beoeoved since esterday'829
bbls. The market li in good supply and wa dll
and o50 ; bbl lower early in the dyv, but strength
ened toward the close. 100 and 200 bbls sold at
$2 85, and 25, 26, 100 and 25 at $2 40 l bbl.
Dealers are jobbing at $2 05 4 bbL This after
noon the stock in first hands was held at .2 48@
2 50 1 bbl.
H GRII AND HOMINY-The market Is dull,
and Grits are quoted at 360; Jobbing at 18 85@4.
Hominy is quoted at *8 60 bbl and Jobbing at
$3 75 ) bbl.
POtli-Ohicago opened this morning at
$14 071 May, same as at the close yesterday.
The market here is livelier and firmer, with a
better feeling, and mess i held at 115 75 6 bbl,
with an offer of $18 0 refused ;or 100 bbls,
though 300 bbls sold at $15 87%; 50, 250, 25 and
25 bbis at $15 50 i b and 100 bbls on private
terms. Dealers are jobbing at $16 bbl. Re
ceived this morning 2084 bbls.
Chicago closed at 114 30 May and $14 10 cash
and April-an advance of 20o sinooe morning, but
private advices think prices will go lower.
DRY SALT MEA --Is quiet and prices are
unchanged. Shoulders are quoted at B @5%@l I
5%o loose and packed respectively, clear rib
sides tc, clear sides 8o. Delears are jobbing
shoulders at 5'40, clear rib sides 8%0, clear
aides 8%o lb. A lot of 10 oasks shoulders
sold at 5%o.
BAOON-Quiet but steady and a little stronger;
20 boxes clear rib sides sold at 8~c; 0 and 10
casks and 15 boxes clear rib sides sold at 9o, 25
boxes clear sides at 9eo l lb, and 40 boxes do on
private terms. Shoulders are quoted st 6.6.5/o.
Dealers are jobbing shoulders at /o, clear rib
sides 9 •O 49e, clear sides 9%@9c1 ilb.
ordinary average and large size, and 12@12 ,
for small size, choice sugar cured fresh. Old are
' quoted at 10@1Oc/ ý lb, Today a lot of 6
tieroes cholee sugar oured sold at lio e lb.
BREAKFABT BACON-Is in good supply and
dull at 11 Ib.
selling at $12001 25 6 keg; half-bbls do at $2 50:
spare ribs $4 764j5 @ bbl; pig pork 88 50 W half
Sbbl and $15 f bbl; extra prime pork $18 50 W
bbl; prime mess $14 5O@15; rump pork $13 50 &
I bbl; pigs' tongues 6./,S apiece.
CORN IN BULK-Yesterday 16,000 bushels
I spot were purchased for Great Britain at 47c. It
is offering to arrive at 450c bushel. The lack of
suitable export tonnage restricts purchases.
Grain vesse!l are in regaest.
CORN IN 8ACKS--Good demand for export
and the local trade but at lower prices, owing to
large receipts and liberal supplies on the landing,
1500 sacks choice white in dundees, sold yester
day at 54c 0 bushel. To-day 2150 sacks sold, of
which 1000 choice white, in burlaps, at 52o, 2000
white mixed, in burlaps, at 520, 150 yellow
in burlaps, at 63c, 500 choice yellow at 53i, and
8500 choice white, in gunnies and dundees,. at 530
.j bushel.
OATt--The supply is good and buyers par
chased freely on account of the decline in prices
of 2c 1 bushel for it. Louis. 4800 sacks sold, of
which 3500 strictly choice St. Louis at 456, 800
and 700 choice Galena at 470, and 300 do. at 480
%1 bushel.
BRAN-Light supply, with a better demand at
firmer prices. 835 sacks sold, of which, 200 at
$1, 200 at $1 027, 200 at $1 05, and 235 at $1 10
l 100 l,.
HAY-There is very little choice but plenty of
low grades on hand; moderate demand. 235
bales sold, of which 60 prime at $15, 75 do. at
$16, and 100 choice at $18 W ton.
RECEIPTS OF I'RODUUE-Arrived since our
review or yesterday: 4868 bbls flour, 2084 bbls
pork, 79 bbls whisky. 232 tierces hams, 19 tierces
lard 19 kegs lard, 23 casks bsa.on, 18 boxes bacon,
829 ibbls corn meal, 15,076 sacks corn, 8728 sacks
oats, 235 sacks bran, 607 bales hay, 464 hhds
sugar, 350 bbls molasses, 298 bbles apples, 108 kegs
butter and 174 bbls rice.
EXPORTS OF PRODUOE-Exports since our
review of yesterday: 752 bbls flour, 56 bbls pork,
29 casks bacon, 13 tierces lard, 61 bb's whisky,
15 bbls corn meal, 233 sacks corn, 193 sacks oats,
71.sacks bran, 464 bales hay, 72 hhds sugar, 80
bbls sugar, 156 bbls molasses, 46 bbls ricfe, 851
sacks coffee, 68 bbls apples, 30 sacks salt, 44 bbls
potatoes and 22 kegs butter.
Domestic Markets.
Nrw YTot, MIarch 21, Noon.-Cotton quiet Up
lands 11.<', Orleans 11%.o. Saloes 32 bales.
Futures weak; April [email protected]; May 11.30@
11.82, June [email protected]; July [email protected]; Au
gust 1L.6tL11.65. Flour firm; Wheat quiet and
lirm. Cern firm. Pork firm-$14 75(14 80.
Lard firm, 9.8J. Spirits of turpentine steady,
41c. Rosin steady, $2@2 10 for strained. Freights
Foreign Mlarkels.
LrvRsnooiL, March :1, Noon-Cotton very fiat;
Middling Uplands 6ad., Middling Orleans 67-16d;
sales 7000 bales; on speculation 1000, receipts
7600, American 800.
Futures 1-16d; Uplands, Low Middling clause,
landing, 6 3.32d, April and May delivery, 0 5.32d,
May and Jane delivery, 64d, June and July
6 11-3206 5-16d, July and August 6%d, March
and April 6 8.32, April and May 63d.
Meney, stoeks, Etc.
Nlw YoxI, March 21.--Gold opened at 1041. I
Stocks active and irregular, better priesi.
Money 2. Gold 104%. E&za nge-.loag 4.8.~4
short .86, tate bonds steady. Gov.mnmit
LIoas, Mamh sI, oa.--8t*newaIs3as 5 i
bank . s
onlroI Ntllf D BA, }
rtl'hty ]g.mtnih loateh 22. f
Daily report of the stage of water, With changes
in the twenty-four hours ending yesterday S
p. In.:
Above low Changes.
water. Blse. Fall.
Feet, Inch. Inch. Inch.
Cairo, Ill.......... 10 1 0
Oinoinnatl......... St 9 0 28
Davenport ........ 4 6 15 0
Dubuque .......... 5 0 0 0
Ke k ........... 2 8 0 2
Leavenaorth...... 7 11 0 0
Augusta........... 7 0 I0 0
Lr.ieviile.......... 13 3 0 12
Memphls .......... 24 2 8 0
INashville .......... 1 8 0 2
ePew Orleans...... 0 0 0 0
Omaha .......... 5 11 2 0
Pittsburg........ 7 o 4 0
Shreveport......... 17 0 0 1
St. Louis .......... 8 . 9 9 0
Vicksburg......... 26 2 23 0
Yankton........... 5 8 0 0
5Below high water mark of 1874.
NELSON GOIOM, Berg't. Big. Ser. U. B. A.
AnsitAnxA -Isabel, Emma, Eva, LaBelle, A. U,
Donnally, Frank Pargond, John Means.
Dxrtaronas-Isabel, Emma, Eva, Fannie Ta
tum, John H. Hanna, St. Mary, Bertha.
To Artuva.-Eva, $Blue Wing No. 8, Upper
Coast; Sandy No. 2, Opelousas; Ella Hughes,
Shannon, Onaohita: St. John, Baton Ioug e;
Gov. Allen, Bayou Sara; C. H. Durfee, Texas,
Bart Able, Red River; Gold Dust, Robert Mitch
ell, Golden City, Obio; Isabel, Emma, rower
Coast; Trenton, Henry 'fete, Assumption, La
fourche; Natchez, Vicksburg; W. J. P'oitevent,
Tensas, Teneas and Macon; Tom Parker, BIi'uf
River; John F. Tolle, Belle of Shreveport, St.
The rain of Tuesday night pleased most every
body; yesterday was clear and very pleasant.
Business very fair; the St. Mary, Bertha and
John H. Hanna all having good tripe.
'he Trenton, leaving t ,-day for the lafourche,
goes through to Thibodaux.
The elegant Frank Pargoud arrived on time,
and returns this evening as usual to Vicksburg,
Greenville and the bends.
The tri-weekly Upper Coast packet Eva will
arrive this evening, and return Saturday as nesrl,
The Eva goes as high as Ben Tureaud's.
The bandy No. 2 leaves Saturday for the Ope
Tne Natchez is due to.night from Vicksburg,
and will return as usual Saturday.
The Bart Able leavesjSalurday as nsual for
Alexandria and Grand E, ore.
The Seminole has gone into winter quarters
across the river,
The Shannon will Ie the next departure for the
Onachita. She will leave Saturday.
The Lablelle arrivel Tuesday night and will
join the Seminole, Thorn and Lotus over the
waters across to Algiers. The New Orleans and
Bed River Transportation Company will send out
instead, Saturday, the Texas. Geo. W. 1ula
master; H. C. Boarman clerk.
Capt. Henry Hart's fine passenger steamer A.
0. Donnally is at the landing receiving to leave
Saturday, without fail, for the Ohio. Capt. Hart
besides being an exceedingly clever man, has a
good steamboat, facts that all who travel with
him will testify to. Mr. Ed. Donnally has charge
of the office.
That funny man on the Globe-Democrat says:
" We have got another carpet-bagger at New
Orleans; it Is mall boat this time, the Myrtle
from WiscOnsin. 8be is not so large as some
other boats, but it is believed that shbe can carry
the mails promptly and more rapidly between
New Orleans and Eastport than any of the old
The John Means and barges, from the Ohio,
arrived yesterday.
The Gold Dust will be the next arrival from
Cincinnatl, the John F. Tolle and Belle of Shreve
port from St. Louis.
Uapt. Andy Swaln went out as one of the pilots
of the St. Miry
The Planters' Reform Line becomes a thing
of the past.
Not being ready to leave yesterday, the Chas.
Morgan, fot Cincinnati, Louisville and all inter
mediate points, laid over to this 5 p. m. Al
though a large number of rooms are engaged,
Clerk Harry Stein, who is inexhaustible in such
matters, has a few ohoice rooms that he will be
most happy to let out. Oapt. Albert Stelo, in
command of the Morgan, says she can be relied
upon to leave as above.
The War Department Chronicle says:
During the past week the Red Iirver has fallen
10 inches at buheveport. The Missouri is now
rising at Leavenwortn and Omaha. The Missis
sippi has fallen itneteen inches at Keokuk,; it
has risen 2 feet at Dubuque, 10 inches at Daven
port, 10 feet at Calro, 9'/, at Memphis, and 17
inches at Vicksburg. and is frozon at La Grosse
and St. Pail. The Ohio has risen 13 feet at Oin
linnati and Slat Louisville, but is now falling at
Pittsbnrg. The Cumberland has risen 9/, feet
at Nashville.
The splendid passenger and United States mail
.Lw..r. w a.. mb~~ T+.....".". I..r.. ,nio A . f a .. ..
for Tioksburg, Greenville and the Bends. J. M.
White, master, Curt Holmes and W. N. Calmis,
STe regular coast and Ba3 on Lafourche packet
Trenton, in place of the W. J. Poitevent, leaves
to-day at 5 p. m., for Thibodaux. U. D. Terre
bonne in command, Gabe Block, clerk.
The Stella Bloon for Black and 3,nuf rivers
through to Point Jefferson, leaves to-day at 5 p.
m. Tom Taylor commands, Tom Kn, e, clerk.
The trl-weekly Lower Coast packet Emma
leaves to-morrow at 1 p. mn., for the Franklin Rice
Mills, Oliver Canton, Jr., master, J. J. Dunovan,
The semi-weekly Coast and Baton Rouge pack
et St, John, Frank Dergeron, master, J. C. . Ber
geron, clerk, leaves to.morrow at 12 m. punctu
The Coast and Bayou Sara United States mail
packet Coy. Allen, J. J. Brown, master, S. 8.
dtreek, clerk, leaves to-morrow at 5 p. m.
The light-draught Bastrop, of the New Or
leans and Onachita Transportation Company, is
receiving to leave to-morrow for Bayou Bartholo
mew and all way landings on the Ouachita and
Black rivers, Gue Hodge in command, J. 1'.
Mohr, clerk.
[By Telegraph.]
Gl.AnV, La., March 20.-To F. A, Blanks, cor
ner Canal and Delta streets-The Tom Parker
will arrive Friday and leave Saturday for BrEuf
River. L. I'. DELAHOUdYAYE, master.
CIxCIaNATI, March 19.-Capt. Shinkle's elegant
Golden tule, for New Orleans, leaves to-morrow.
The Cherokee will follow the Golden Rule to
New Orleans on Thursday next.
The great Thompson Dean will positively leave
Cincinnati for New Orleans on Tlhurday next.
Being too large ,to pass under the bridges, the
Dean is necessarily compelled to land and leave
from the foot of Race street.
The Fannie Moore is at Fort Smith, with 100
bales of cotton aboard, awaiting a rise in the Ar
kansas river to let her out.
BT. Souis, March 19.-f- he departures were the
Grand Republio, for New Orleans, with the larg
est passenger trip that has left this port for years,
having over 100 in the cabin, about 00 of whom
will make the round trip on her. She was draw
ing nearly seven feet.
Seven to seven is the decision. That is, seven
New Orleans steamers will run and seven be laid
up, as it is believed by the owners that the busi
ness can be done more satisfactorily by seven
than by fourteen boats, and two beoats will leave
every week guaranteeing dispatch to freight and
passengers. Probably those to run are these:
Grand Republio, James Howard, John A. Scud
der, City of Alton, Biesmarck, H. C. Yaeger and
E. O. Stanard, and those to be retired the
Shreveport, Ulencoe, Centennial, Commonwealth,
Susie Silver and John F. Tolle, the Mollio Moore
being already out of the trade.
MEMHnIS, March 18.-Rolehablo advicae from
the Florence Meyer came to-day, to the effct
that she had sunk in 4 or 5 t'feet of water, at Gal
ley Bock, 25 miles below Darda.olle, and 75
miles above Little Rock. Captain John Elliot, of
the Augusta, came over to-day and reports tnat
his latest news was to the effect that Captain
Nichols was getting the cotton ashore, on a dry
sand-bar near by. Dispatches from Little R ck
to-day state that the Meyer has since been
raised. The advices are meagre and unsatisfac
tory, but there is no doubt about the Meyer hav
ing been in trouble. The remainder of the crew
and passengers from the burnt Governor Gar
land arrived to-day by the Capital City. They
report the total destruction of the
Garland, with everythmg on board.
The wreck is on a sand-bar 40
miles above the mouth of the Arkansas river, and
what is left of it is valueless. The passengers
and crew escaped from the burning boat with
their lIes onlY. Every vestige of clothing and
goods eexeit that on their person was destroyed'
The bet burned to the water's edge so qguick
dit hit - titaar b t'ber iltawbs wed
^ý., ý ate. Fý,rwta
d.tifted e a 1sa n a e . e c umthlii sors,
whei int, women and childrent got into the
river, the water being waist deep, and
waded ashore. Another fire mninute of
delay and the loss of life would
have been appalling. Getting ashore,
a fire wa butlt in the woods, whetre the women
dried their soaked garments, and the men per
formed the same service under the river bank
near by. While the boat drifted across the river,
many women, nearly frantic, wanted to jump
into the water, but by the watchful efforts of
Oaptain Nowland and Mate Powers, all were kept
on the deck until the boat lodged, and the cap
tain told them to go overboard. One of Captmin
Nowland's children was saved by its mother, and
the other by the tetrs-tender. A flatboat was
obtained, and the shipwrecked people made their
way to Terrene, opposite the month of White
River. In it they were over twenty-four hours
on very scant rations of pork and crackers. A
Oine supper was prepared at the month of White
River for the suf.erere, and the eteamore that
brought thern here treated all with :;onerous
...... . ,qt~o 41-- -- .... ..
March 22, 1877,
(leared Yesterday.
SleRmnship New Olenn,. DIeatborn, for New York-
A Moultonm
Span steameship DI)lo, (onstanaga,. I'or Liverpool
Lovell & Bailer
Ship 1 ancastnr, Ltlarln, 00 da-ys 'orom Livr pool, to
mater--- Point
Schr Mlary Evelyrn, 5 days from I:o.nt 'n, to 1'P Ms
cho.-- Pire 'Iter
5Rbhr 'T'h10reoIa(I, from (rand f('auilIou,. tn mawtor 2
di 7
4t. John, Blorgeron. ronm Blaton lu4ng4
}tice Farmer, 'I au io'r, (frunll |o e ;oust
l.Henry 'tt, A l1o1in, from DI ,llson1' illo,
Frank Pargond,Whllite+ 'from Iro,+,ivillo
Eva. ItaR.ISou. f'rom11 Tnllrd 1l'hla4htinll
Isabel, OPrvy, 1fromt Iwlo r 140ant
RFlrmm, ( n lnt41n1, Praom L ,ower C'1,oat,
La Hello, Wood. fromi 4 .4iIhrpo4 t
A . Dlo(1 1)naiv. ,MIt , from 'l l It lonsoli
,lo M4.o'c, (tovi ', 4iorn1 Nrw Al.baony, II
NEW V)IRK-P17, st.an4mship Nw (Oilenc -.
1Ialss tntton 7.:.1 bhi ral.oseo 711 Lhis hi or limn 111 I
111il ric1 133d lIly hid1e 109 l i m 511 hi 0 lframes felt
ing ll7 1aIrno0e10 ; (1,0(0 s troirs.'1 0 0pg'm p 4ninv0e
1,1V ill'l1,-P-l'r learnOmh l ogo ...- b 01) bales
(otton '12 bblS cotton d4s: 1 l( IbI o11410 il
ILtU'ATAN-Per scbr Mary Evlvyn4.- 'o) 00ht'.he1a
(harlanat 1 ,li ) , ' 1ct4mai l 44 (0 4 it) 1 tail l 4 l pi11le uJp
ples J P Machetl'a
I'oIOT ANIt )NII -PI'ar ch r Cartoi Jlunle--1+00
bonches bananas 10,00) ocoanosJ 11,00 plantaine too
IIA VANA---Per steamship C W Lto'd-- 2 craoo
wPetnueatm.ts J II (44at & H4on--15 boo oralOgo 10 Iktt
vegetable .1 P' Maheca--10 do 5)0 I 'i. 4itortingis J Na
lamon10 -14.100 cigars F A G(onal'es & lIro
RIO It1EI JAN.LIRO-Per sleamship Wimbleton
3500 bago coffee L E Moore--9H do Agar & Lelong
4 hf oks brandy master
PALERMO--Per bark Prnldesnt--l1o0 xs lemons
25 oks wine 0 bbls do I bf do 30 baa fruit l tke olive
oil 10 pkgs mdse order
Per steamship St Louis-5 pkgs mlee D 11 Holmnes &
eo-- do E DL)eLiele &1o----4 eohmltd & Zeigler- -- 14
Gordon & Gomila--1,3 J Levowis & Jlamiaon- 103
Bates1m & Wisdm-' McStea & Value--2 Anderson
&. Simpson--it5 A Whitney &co--3 1t Rhodes-5 C(
Jaubert-3 J Ftrank &co-- I Folsom e1ros---43: ( & (
Green &co--50 cks beer 50o oks ginger ale Itareshide
& Maor-I ck earthenware Galnes & R.ell---- crates
do W Settle--S do Marx Well-4.1 Stratton & Mayer
-19 Mayvr JIros--0 J A Ste en'on--10 Wid John
Ganche-21 A Peiser &0--60 Ipkgs do 45 vkge mdae
25 drums c soda 112120 eke nlt order--1420 do 4. A 1Br
son-I case mdse E Forestlr--9 ckes chainea I I lan
sell--3 do 11 J Weet--1 pkge mdee 11 Nell &oo---4
do D Cefslu-15 .kgtguin I pkgo liqlors F Hollander
-12 pkge poroo~lin M l'a ro--2 pegs mdso Roche
reau &co--ll do A It Townee
lferelpis of Produre.
BATIIN ROUP(1--l'er steamer St John--75 bides
snuar 2.0 bbls molasses Moctea & Value --40 4do ,E
Hart &co--8 do 21 hhda sugar Avendano liros-.-2
balos cotton Bush & Lovert---8 eacks seed cotton ii
(Creebel &coo-2 do A L Choppin---20 bales r11m05 2
hbds bone Odell A. Wright--sundries to ordlor-lTotol
910 hhds sugar 1:18 bhls miolasses 2 bales cotton 101 eks
seed co'ttonl
)IVWEIR COAST---Per steamer 2lice Farmer-
snlndl.is to order
I)ONALDSONVILLE-I'er steamer HIenry Tee-
52 hhds sugar P Lanaox- 25 do ,l Levois & .Jal1n00o
-20 hf bbls molasses Jno (snffe & Son--I bib sugar
I, Htrle r&oo---nntdrles to order-'rotal 57 hhds sugar
1 bb1 do 20 bf bbls molasses
(OREENVLLLE-Per steamer Frank Pargond--9.N
hales cotton Aiken & Wlatt-- --:10 do Richardaon &,
May-92 Meyer, Weis &00(--t7 Graham, BIlaok &co
35 R T Buckner & Iro-23 AlJon, Nugeont &co---l
(tlapp Broes &oo-20 Blaknmore &c--14 Jurey & Gil
li.-13 J L IHarris &c- l0 ''Temple] ( Comns eco- -9
(Owyn & Dyer--9 Jno Phelps &mo---- ,no l halefb &
mons--8 Alone, Soherok & Antey-7J Burnett &ct-7
(O Thomas &oo-7 Join I Noble--0 S Friedlander
4 iauckner roo 4 Stewart Bros &cl--I 8 Gumbel-4
P I'rudhomme-4 Chas Gallagher-- Ilowcott &oo-3
Lehman, Abraham k&,o--- RHiokey, Farrar &o0---2
ialaborne &oo--2 G W Sentell &co---2 Renshaw,
Cammack &co-1- older-1 MobeheP, Snowden & Vlo
1ttr-I S B Newman &co -- Payne. Kennodvy &co
2818 sacks cottom seed N O Cotroni Seed Association
sundriea to order-Total 712 bales cotton
2 hhda sugar Levy. Loeb. Schnerr &co---lU do 1E F
Stockmeyer-5 do B Laplace--5 do J Levois & Jami
son---- do J T' Smlat-;I3 sacks rough rie Blrooks
Mill--sundries to order-Total 54 hhde sugar F3 sacks
rough rice
LOWJER COAST-Per steamer Isabel--2 hhds
sngor Richard Milliken--. do 1) IR l'orrett-sundries
to order-Total 43 hhds sugar
LOWERIL (tCOAHI-Per steamer Emma-RIl bbli
molasses Richard Milliken---5 do4 41 hhds 0Iuear .
I)ymond-snndrries to orper-Total 1(01i; Ills Iolarsest
41 hhrs sugar
GRAND CATI,LtOU---Per schr Theresa G --171;
hrdl sugar 13 blsle do 56 bble molasses Clapp Bros
SHIREVEPORT-I'er stcamer La lelle--114 bIlee
cotton 8 Ii Ste.r--ltO do N O & iR IT Co-6- Brit.
ton, Moore & Colemran--84 U Taft &Co--67 Chaffe,
Ilamilton & Powoll -l1 J W Iutrbridge &co-55 (I W
Sentell &co-41 C L Walmnley &co-t5 T L Alrey &
oo-41 R T Buckner & Io--: 7 Jno PhelpD &co--2--:
Alchs, Scherok & Autey-- 22 Khkpatrrck & Keith
19 order-17 J Hi Gardner--l W JV Frierson &eo-1t
Hartwellt& Cliambers--9 Jno T Hardle &co--6 Jno T
Hardio &.o--6 Jne Chaffe & Sons-- J J Irby & Sont
-5 S C Wilkerson--5 Clapp Bros &co----3 J ' atar.
rson jr &co-2 H RI; Gogreve-2 S W IRawhns-I N 1)
Wetmorr-47 head cattle Aycock, MI chell &ro---640
sacks cotton sncl meal 35:a sacks oileake 150 bble oil
Jno Chaffe & Son--10 bales hides NO 1& It T C -
165 sacks oats and sundries to order-Total 174 bales
cotton 640 sacks cotton seed meal 353 sacks oilcake
150 bbls oil 163 sacks oata
CINCINNATI--Per steamer A C Donnarl--81
bbls apples F D)alBondio-44 do Grove & Wildenran
-12 do Glover & Odendahl--50 do J Keller---- do
Miller & Meyer--l doS B Sifors-50 do (1 W ''ait A
co -100 sks malt I hale hopes E Eratlt---- boxes dritd
beef Clark & Meader--79 tierces bamrns E F elBon
dio-i15 do E L Johnson ---10 bowxes bacon C H Law
rence &co-10 tierces hrams W H Matthews & Bro -
85 do 40 hhds meat Miller, Dolhonels &co--20 do J
Eaoison &oo--t9 do 13 tierces hams S boxes bacon
Vose Bros--!3 firkins batter C II Lawren,ce &or-10
do C F I)el Bondio--7 do I DelBondio--13 E 8 Keep
& Sons- 40 p. gs beer F Hollander--2 boxes mdre L
Bloom &co--200 bxs starch Llhti &A Corn s-150O hxs
candles Cnnnmmlngs & Elmer-lO) do C A French-300
do G Pascal &ow--.;0 dro Smith Btros &co-14r10 sacks
corn E H Fairchild, Son &co--60, do John T Moore &
co-6l do Glover & Ode drlahl--r:t do 'Thos E King
&co-I-. do Scbwablwhrer, Froweonfed & I'tYif r---
1352 do .J West &co--2Sdo Chas 'leasan-te-l I pkga
iron A Baldwin &co-- t do Folger &c0----t5{) do John
Ilennemsey---ll pkgs mrrls A Kahn &co-- 2 pkIs
steel J Schwaltz--587 pkgs iron M1 Schwartz & Bro -2
do Stewart & Weis-I-S do Staflfer, Macready &,r-
750 bxs soap C A French--3 bxs eggs Toon KJng--513
bulls flour (;lover &. Odondahl----800 0 hbia grits C II
Lawrence &cdt-100 lhbils flar Schwabacher & Hirsch
--200 do order--200 do J A Staiger-- 23 kegs barley
Ziberbier & Behan-150 bbl cornmeal John 'T ';oore
&r.o--i10 do I U lIart &co-23 plows A Baldwin &ire
-55 ldo ISO dails handles Stnullir, Macreaady &co--30
plows 1 J Wesn--17 bales hay iJ ' Murphy----o tibla
eannrs F 1)ellondlio--20 do J i. KHnt &cI ---6 bbla
onions ireve & Wiletrmmrnn..25 bbln beans K S Keep
& Sons-47 pkgs pigafeat F I)alBondio-t-l0 bits it rk
order--3tOdo 15 bbls ribs 11pkg pk g pgateet Schwab.
a-cher, Frowerfeld & Pfifer--50 do 50 bbis pork Vo.ne
Bros 10 reels rpe B J West--5 pkgs tol.rcco C B
Block--2 hhda do Mayer Broa-5 bbls oil J G Clark--"
1 bbl whisky Ilandy &co-30) do 10 hf do Fotcheinmer
Brns--10 do i. Fasnacht-6 pkgs mdse Ii Henche t
500 bxs bitters John T Moore &co-S0 do L Reder-
100 do 15 bbls whisky 13 hf do Schmidt & Ziegler--1
pkgs mdse J 8 Alrkens-2 do Bodley Bros--12 pkgs
glassware J C E Brown--6 do M Dietrioh- 54 pkgs
mdse A Baldw n &co-..3 do H D Coleman- 2 kegs
nal-s U Clinton-30 pkgs castings IH Campman----6
pkgs mdee J Geleomitb-4 pigs earthenware Mrs J
IGauobe-3 rolls leaher Horter & Fenner--l21 boxes
pipes H Isaacs--5 buggies Leonard & Maxwell--63
pkgs spokes W H Littman---36 pkgs glassware I L
Lyons-6 bdls paper J Meyer--2 pkI mdse D C Mo
Can & Son-30 doz brooms J C Morris.. wagons Mc
TNeely & Milbnrn-9 bxs glaeswares M cGraw--.
do L Navra-3 bbls eanptgs GPitad--d19 toves
a-d flxturesH Perry-6 pkp glasware Paeler-
6D9 kIgs malls BE T t:o-. er w.else J obwarts
-4 H [ 8wsgaaM La i pkp .mirºBir !r rise
,-~hsgse sg pgsk 91- J I~
ba ap and sandrr mdse r di A Whii y base--lot.
farutare and sanndrle to ord r-Total ahda tobieno
BEW ALB.ANY-Per towboat Jno Means---73
barM rsalroad iron J B Alexander.-lu0o bble cornmeal
A T Bennett--i339 sacks oats C T Buddecke & Hon
10 bb's ork Clalpp Bros &oo---5 as eggs 10144 sacks
1orn P 8 Deli tloneotg acks bran 831 Tible flour 100
bbls cornmeal Clover & Odendahl--50 bbls pork B F
Olover &ce--Oo0 hhbl floor TA Hamilton &co---1245
do 490 bble pork 1211 bbls cornmeal 435 bales hay 1419
saoke cion 702 sacks oats Howard & l'restom-160 di
H T Lawler--134 r sacks corn 200 bble flour W II
Matthew & Ilro---100 bbls cornmeal 100 bhls horn.
nvy C H Lawrence &oe--5 coops poultry MIler &
Meyer---1.P8 sack, corn 227 bbls pork 100 bbls corn
meal 6 bble eggs John T Moore &co--20 tOns lunlber
H Otie--WI9 sacks corn 50 bbls potatoes 142 bales
straw Chbs 1'lessnt"s---10 5 bales hay 1103 bbls corn
meal 814 bils flour 494 bbls pork (chwa ,acher, Prow
enfeld & Pl'efetr-540 sacka oats Rlgers & Mitchell..
400 bble flour J A Mtalger-l100 bbls pork M shelley
230 bbls flour l'rudbrnome & Uliglgs-..235 Vairin &
Mortilner--93 bbls pirk 11 bbls eggs 19 tes lard 4 kngs
do 2:15 sacks corn 13911 sacks oatsJ We at k4o--8A
sacks eon order-8 lif bbls rhseoe 2 bbl, eggs Zuber.
bier & De'an-- 117 empty bbis Uilon Oil Co----lot
stoves and catlingsJ I' 'lhoma--lots furnitute and
sundries t i order
Wolf River --P.er schr Ia, Brrtoinnc---25,000 fret
lumber J Il Nevers
St Mlarks Per s( hr Palma--100i sacks cotton seed
A A Msginnlis Mons-70 peo cedar order
Pascagouol-Per r scht O ff--40,00 teeloot lumber 11
Jordan Iliver- P'errs-hr Jult,a Iic.ker"D-3-7,t00 feet
lumber order
P'ersanola----Per steamer Amenitii--ruindlles to
Mobille hay----i'er scilhr Undlnc.---- 0 tone potter's
clay olrdir
Penrl Rlier--.. l'r octr L elle-- 20,000 feett limber
J 7%V A damlt
layoul Jn llliinlie- l'r sIchll Two Hon .-- 0 enO ds
wood mtnaster
tlayoul l,iacomnulbi--l'er lcu ir'l (:iimlil.i'-400 blls andl
ol der
ivento .nrob.o .o--. l1' icht Jchine'iiii -20 wrtils
hly Itllronsl.,
51W OLEAl.NHANM) TlSXAH ItAlii, uj,-A,
.larch 21- 27 iihds sugar I'iSianber & Ililb-u
M ti- 21-2- lthales cottain 1'itihasildl, Iiskhian &,.,
-27 Iii S (irh bel'l --'5 Mouer, Wein il It I lie .el
A bhiahttamn &co---I I' haiellhionliion & lowell--.- I1
Vaile ,&--. lawin &-H 'llThomii &iri-7 Ale.s,
Sllchrck & Autey--7 0, L Walisaliy &o i- - 0i Illake
irnre &J'oi -0 Ii'ltiharlliol &l Ma'y 5 St.lwa It, :rena &e'o
5 ha.it ItI- & &ii ou-5 iomii. M .t i Colemain
5 'Payne. Kennedii &co- il ni i iitil.J & r su-- 5 11 &
C( Newnlian--- 5 Wartren, Atkiimuton &oe-- -4 .J & (1
(ironweil- 4 'I' L Airey &--- 4 1, W White---- S
lllHendeirson--I Allen, Nuigeint &Io--2 "Jno'1' Tlilariji &
co'- 2 (lapp lluos &cr--' otal '202 balske iattl,a
ii li s casting Wilson M o--- -I I crates woiil
work Weuod S M CI-4 kegs hulte'r Sthmidt & Ziegler
-- coase shoes A (oelte--4 jkgs mtdle I ( holdunitlltlh
I! tiuhau buttler E i Del)lbon.lio---19 dot II Lawrenmce
&co 9 rills pat er E Ih'bompun --7 cases cheese .J 1I
inolarl & on--100 cases lird ,J A Norti n-2 bha rrldae
j1 W C(olemainl-5 hi.lls pickles H Canslldy-- case saws
IBraneh, Crookes &co-107 sacks oatl 11 T Lawler--
I00 bble flour l'ruldhommle & Lriggs---47 fees sholdelR
tclhwalacher, Froweomfeld & P Ifrtfor- IO crases milk
John T Muore &oo-'25 do Qumevtrnl.e & Ikdls-12-i do
Smilth Bros &co--100 do J . Adaimus-i I-:9 plkgs beer 11
Redwitlz-·R pkgs tobacco : Juy & (lillit.. - do I I1
Plea.ants--0 beer kegs A WaH' -175 sacks peas .f W
lurbridlge &co--32 bllse gr hliles. 1 dry do Horter &
Fenner-1 beer keg Wang & Cottaii. I sack cotton
seed Alcus. SchercJi & A.i'o--:l beer kegs L C Army
-3 kegs onts lMit chwartz & JIBo--I hdl drl )ldes
E .J Hart &c--4 bbls lice J Finerater-- car lumber
1' Markey-4 cars bricksl Rev C(upllenis-Tl'otal 100 los
lardt 107 sacks oats 110 bb!s flour 47 tor shoulld 300
cases milk 115 ski peas : li bdls green hidess ' Ib cry
Mareb 21-371 bales cotton John T Meore &' o-100
do is loyer Aco,--l. snacks cotton seed Union Oil tio
-1690 sacks cotton seed meal J A ioigc-330 i acks oil
cake A A Magitnrl S~ms-lOS bibls lime S Jamison
14 bills bides N E Bailey ir- 150 doz wealtlhr bliards
M McOraw--:.5 eke peas -lrder--I6 boxes tOl acr,.
.1 J Irhly & Mon-1i1 b1ill paper F C I'Palmer &co-:3l
hf blhds shouliders Voee' oina ---1 car catll), aini Pun
drisa to order-Total 471 bIsa:a colton ISO acks cotton
March 21--71 llhdus sngar R .Jhunson.---1 do A Tr
lron-13 dlo fi ibls do 5 bbls melaescs Robert Ilare
S= Idi lllush & LRevert--9 do i32 hhdla angar Rctlcad
Milliken.. .J M PuItnlamr---l -i bill shu, Rnteecs &Aco
---39 bales mss Odell & Wriglht-3 do IG Vincent--l
dot L Hobichanx-3 ht hdo L Iliholet--.l nsa Mks rough
rice F P Sevin-197 do J Foerster---Total 148 hbda
sugar 6 bble d,' 7 titble molasses 307r sacks rough rice
Per steamship Josephine, from (lalves'on-- bales
notton C A Whitney &co--51 do C L Wmrnsley &co..
I bales iunk M Sch warta & Bro-Total 60 bales cotton
I nmorandna.
tBy Telegraph.
New York March 21, 1877.
The steamship Knickerbocker, Capt Kemble, ar
bived this morning.
Leaves on THURSDAL March 22, at 5 V. m.
Evansville. Henderson, Shawnee
town, Paducah. Cairo. Memphln and
all intermediate polnt-'The passenger steamer
Albert Stoin, master. harry W. Stein, clerk.
Will leave as above. For freight or passage ap
ply on board, or to
mhbls 1153 Gravler treet.
Leaves on SATUILDAY. March 24, at 5 p. m..
Sl . ville. Evansville, HIrenderson.
- Shawnnotown Paducah, Cairo,
Memphis andr all intermediate
points. The passenger steamer
Henry U. Hart, master, Ed. Donnally. clerk,
Will leave as above, For freight or passage
apply on board or to
WAYNE & WILLIAMS, 100 Gravier street.
emnl-Weekly Onachlta City Packet.
Leaves every WEDNES DAY. at t p. m.
ton, Monroe and all way landings
The steamer
(In place of Ouachita Belle.)
J. W. Blanks, master, Joe Holmes, clerk,
Will leave regularly as above. For freight or
passago apply on board or to
CaptF. A. BLANKS, President.
No. 2 Canal street, corner Delta.
I'. S.-The boats of this line connect with the
Goose for Little river Tom Parker for B.euff
river, Ora. Acrme and Jimmie Baker for Bayou
Bardholomew and Saline river, and Bertha
Birunnor for Bayou d'Arbonne. fell tt
Regular Bayou Barthiomrnew Packet,
Leaves I. IIDAY, March 231 at 5 p. mn.
Pleasant rind all way landings on ]
Bayou Bartholomew - Thu line
Gus I.odge. master.
will leave as above, taking freight far all ladl
ings'on the IBlack and Ou)uhita rivers *as high
as the mouth of Bayou Bartholomrew. For
fl-eight or passagI apply on board or to
Captain F. A. BLANKS, I
President, No. 2 Canal street, corner Delta.
Leaves THURSDAY, March 22 at p v. m.
Alto Red Mouth, Gum Point and all
landings on Beauf and Black rivers
The steamer
(In place of Era No. r .)
e ss Tom Taylor. master.
t~oýý Bfc~a C U rire~f
$ei e.mt. h "s
Lotus No. :r.
. son, UPer Bed }ner..fld
drij 0ouha, Grand Eovrer, Ala.
way and plantation landin a-L
ng Iew Orleans as follows :
Texa Geeo, W. lien. master.
Leaves SATURDAY. March 74, at 6 p. m,
lo wharfboat charges, d(rayage or mrn miut
will he charged ct mwri I, edjRver. ot&i
Sw Orleans, in forwardlng freight oonsiglie
to the tompanly by bill lad(lllg.
Heturning boats leave Shreveport Tueedalsl
Thursday and 8aturlda..r
For freight er passae ppatly on board pf tlf
raver street. JO. A, IKN Prsdent.
i1a4 LOID & MoPEAKE. Aznt.
Remi.Weekly .rand Eeore Paekete.
grrm.ry, Alexandria, Normanl .
teamrs- ar 's and war landinge--T.
New Bart Able, It. Hinnott, master,
Leaves every HATUIIIDA Y. at r p. m.
Will Ieave regRlarly as shvO.e For frelght or
pRassage apply on board or to
Ici2R No. 21 Commcrerlai Pflae,
Leaves every HATUIItA Y .. I' t ,
For VuICKsHiUt Vt 1n I V 4t ,
Nctcilh' and niall l",r ,r+,inl :'.z .nj
Iags--TJhn larnai g'r i-i 4 r
T. P. Loatherr, o.n Or.' J. Jr .
c cnrcdtinc nt Vilktlhc rg with the Pori
for Ytc7,o 'ITill tthc ,ic ,in r , H ., ,"ý' w
anod witic Ain 'or Line for -crchit, i -,ro
St. I,'r I',
F o r trcrght or jsr":ýi u , :it 'r I ,, ,
JOHN JANNEh , , - -,
m IIIT. & CAILIN. 4 T'a lhtiou .;
Througb lills of Iiic.lhg g.rcn to T,',tdoz
Monrie and all HStIrios on Vi\'P khur, hn rare
port aint Tc'nrl! CfRailroad.
W. it. RIOCl)CET'I', Atrei.+ nra Mancgn;ecc p5
Leaves every TVI . 'c o . n.
.... FOIL VvctIrki:'it(t . ' i0.11h Z
r Davlc's BI ent ni i. T c, 'ncscatct,
-landiLngs --Tlic o.-/tli "i
Wn., Campbhll, rnc.ctor.
A. McVay and Jno. IH. MoonI,). ' it,3.
leaves as above, conneoting at Vicksburg with'
Parisot's Line lor all plointsr n Ya1.,c, t)i, !1cW'
er. Deer Greek and Tcllahatechl,
d21 HITE& CARilIN. Ai:_nts
Through Bills of Lading given to Troenton
Monroe and all Stations on Vicksburg, Shreve.
port and Texas Railroad,
W. i. BIIOCKE'TT. Agent. tc Macu 'i ,s't.
The fine and fast passenger packet
J. M, White. master. Holmes. clerk
Loaves every TB URHDAY at 6 n. m.
o Will leave as above, r oenc4ting at Vlcmkebnr
wli ve the "Parisot Line" for all pointg on h amoo
i sad Tallahatchie rivers. F'r freight or r aasage
FLoly on board, or to JOl N JANNE,
, Trough Bills of Lvlinf giv n tro Trenton
P Monroe nd 11 Stations on Vitckebura. olreve.
port and Texas Railroad.
W. B. BI1tOCKETT. Agent. as Mtgarine st,
Leaves every WEL)NT'HDAY at a p. m.
sas, Port Barre. lrnmmsport, Chnreh
ville. and all landings on the Ost.
Atehafalasa river and Bayou Courtableau-'T e
now and light draft passenger steamer
H. I. Broad, master. Theo. Jobin. elerk.
For freight or passae aITlyon board, orto
ja2 tt1 Gravier street,
P. H.--Connects closely with steamer Minnio
for Bayou de Ola iz. Also gives through bill"
lading to Bayou loeu.
Leaves every SATUIKDAY atE m.
esa, Port Barrie, tlmmsport. Uhnrob
ville, and all landings on the Oapet,
Atchafalaya River and Bayou Courtableun-The
new and 11ght-draft steamter
SANDY No. 2.
SA. P. Trousdale, master. J. B. tihmit, elerk,
will leave jS above. For freight or as a ap
plyD on board or to lDhA u An CA.tINt I
Ja22 tf 4 'I'choupitoule street,
P. 8.-Connects close'y with steamer )an ie
for JlBayou do Olaisz. Also gives throueagh bll
lading to Bayou Bunt.
Hermitage. Port Hudson B
Rgutn, PwtenernIne and on
landings--The United States mail semi-weekly
(In place of steamr W. H. Plket
J. J. Brown. aeter
Leaves every MONDAY and WRIDAY, at D
m. for Bayou tara.
BITE & CARLIN, AgtsH 4 TEhoupitoulas st.
JNO. JANNT.Y ie0 Common at.
d2s am A. C. G(ODDIN, s Magraine.
tion. Ascension parish-The fe
Louis Bang : master, Norbert Ranen, Wlerk
Leaves as above every Monday, Wednesday sa
Haturday at to a. m. Returning Tuesdays.
Thursdays and Sundays.
For freight or assTe a a on ard, ort
ITE NAAIRiN, , 7 Petta, et.
fe6 J. DgWINT, 1300nlsti t
The light draught steamer
(In place of W. J. PoiteventJ
U. D. Terrobonne. MaSter
Gabe Bloolk. clerk.
Leaves New Orleans every TIIURb3DAYL. d
MONDAY at evr p.m.. returning every WED.
NEtDAY and SUNDAY evening. Fer freight
or passage apply on tor oarl or to
BITE O. CARLIN 4'. io fitrnvla street,
75 Decatur between Conti and Blednlle ifs.
jals tf
Leaves every MONADAY at p. m., and FRIDAY
The rpasst cNr steamer
Frank Bergeron., mater, .. C. Bergeron. Clerk,
L eves as abtove fr Bi',n Rouge, Plaq..
mine, Donaldson i r:i In l conast landings
returninag very hturDAY anad WEaDtur DA Y
[For breghtr pa' ,.e u;I ' n board or to
The rcvel l nT At freight steame
O. CANTo Jr., Master, J..1., Donovan. Clerk
Leaves the city for the Fraiklin Rice Mills Bel
air and way landings every Monday, Weaes
day and Friday at I D. m.. Returns to theite
every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday cv.
lnes. Freight clerk foot of Conti street. Ia3
bark Ezll., i ae k maister.is now 1 :
For ýý ý,

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