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The New Orleans daily Democrat. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1877-1880, March 31, 1877, Image 7

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5y *o. . Mason « O'Oo owir
OlUtOIt )L'MlhY $1UF1NOI.
$o.10$ Mt. Andtp wtrlet, bitwO rrvtllfhnln aind
bbI OH Cash Pbyrment nnti ILin Torini of Orndit.
E Y, MAaoON t O('()NNO1 NIitt1i+t~t
A n'tl' rbnr'ttr Uinn l' ' , 11 U nrndon~l ' it
·r of~cl IIPAY, MAvil 7. P471. I~t IA ('i~wli(
the tU'rr ti i ~tniwl o
I t ,n )U I !' T W O - t'I'OlI Y 1 +1IA M
.io7 Mt. Anilrow Mtrlot, In Iho
undotl ' Ht. AnriroW, Mt, NIry, I'pry
$ tsU! (L ;lclt liqII g.rv i'tp, +I t o1gntod ns Iitt
10, And noilsiirftig I: fot 4I tll 'tlrR firoil t
`"hdP1 i at' tro lt17 .ot 11 inlos p 1 ' Ilnori In
DPitif othRI b tiof 1)1i No. itit liifot it illtotiso
111M iLtt dept( ul on III) 11)11 RI to Ifni, 1111+I :ra fot't
ti Width tin thin rnttrt ilnt'. Tho Iw ti1)Vl'or IF
Itt Ii 11011 1 wi $tori irmrin 1)w'OllIi II' ro
St!n 111 0 lroot. wit hi f t iro n ftl it'nI+ o11 t11,
gfa1t sdin awty hntlt oonitetg to tltt Itiiith:
SLqt It twostiry wing, ann a ,irn-ittol
ýI11@utilittl'' ang ' if Il i ittV oa o 11[' Itti 'tti
on. ie U1r~~ plntn luo oar j it ii onRik to L1l
gq 0111 111111 . 1. (1, T. It i'iiohl k , 1., 11,t1 ntii
jji yiiioinr . . wIt Ii all liir' R usu l f rlh t y
o O nd tln hn~ ~lnt 111100. lrnr11 yllr3
pit ltrs- l Iiy so ipu' llh o t tloR ti ' inul non
11nt o1111 tlltl n )1 S)')AntI I ' r niu r of ~l intor
OYntt &lil nd lov n hiWtlhl of ll tirunt n1uyrl own thIl
11 11n. 11rt ntlr t1 hIR 11517.ctttyynton
yor ol. TtI~~I, ~R( ~lll(
4015 f niii 't tit otponsi oi Itho ptirohiti.
ltorei N't 1.'rhsI Esi.. Nobtt'ry I'ubtii.
81i?11 '44101i1t11
080lI1 UUoMMNIAItA . A lt I'rEIlT'T
At Auntohn.
The ould Orleans (club II suse, on St. (!harles
str'oot, b'twnnn Ulanne antd Comrmon.
Maln without llim it,
On lMasy Termr and bong OCrdllt.
BY HolY, MA(.ON & (IO lONNIt)i Nliholae
J.Ho Auntlheo.nr -OIls No.. 11 (larotune
Snt ATUtl)ADY, Aprill . 117. at 1i
mok at the Mt. Ulharle A un'ti.n Fi'lohuRsIn,
t i Lement rot ltda of the HMt. Uhirlok HIt
W be Bol. l at ,ubltn atetiuon, thel following
e I . tt oY, to-wit
-1 ANI) Ni lN(it, known 0u Nose. 1o
t tr rll' Otet In W' llla o hloundlild
r s, (larondlot.. (!nnal andl (totnmon
nlot mneaurn .lr.ltll 14 font r~l nh
In n o'n t on t. lChrlirs street, ,by a ,diept
IOt 11 feet 7 inches andI 7 Ilnos onl tho line
UInmlsmon st!.t.Ireet, lllit 1I4 feet a insches
on a hOronlksn Iuns tonwardls sanea. l strePt.
n b at 11 fo lt inhnls and 1 llline in wlrih ln
rIter On da siinnl lin ts, together with thi
Ert ettal servitud of n lom n alley extenlld
irote tho ror of thi lotl and opening on
on trpt.
Clh n propertIy Ih will worthy i In nttnntlon
1týOtti-Ults1 thei widh and lofty w'sr 1hoor
rto aliltn ipa'llet loS' two Iirago stursoe, anlsd
ae thorougih sntnrtlhltlon thov eind In tlh.I
tar ,o rinsenld it to Ill an Ia lusist osinl|ts'h
i, arding or (lolgiug.lilll-ho . 'Thin pronprtv
nH lately lidat rgons ai tl.,ro ugh ri.vnthiln;
SI i nass' ~ ow'oeol'ltlniod lby F. lonthilor and
U Inl& Nipporl.
'irm ln-Ofoulrth ashll rrmantldor at one,
two and throe yeare' rndllt. with Ints'rent. of
ght per llnt. por asinsnm fromln islh of als uiill II
t payment. witllh nil th suntlll nesurt y s'itaunre
1Gin wt~nsr s sondt transfer of plliey, tr.. all
Mefllslrs by psslal nlortgaieR nlld v'tnl dor's linns
gd pIt'ehnn. trLo tMsulmlliO patymenl l OVOer ansl
Yl his bid of all taxoe pslylhlls tlhi lrliar,
Acsof sain it thin expense of thn snrshnser.
Thor , (tnyol. 19,, mi lry publ.i,
mhl1 1 4, 2 215ntli
To offoolt, is plrtit lons,
On unusunlly unsy htrms rinstl long groldit.
That Viluatlo ct (omtnrtill Prosperly
Kti.ilwn es the
CI.Itsther with all thi1's Iprovmlunts,. olt., thlere
lsl, oinsisihtinsg of
Large and Powerftul Prl'rs, Mahilnery, ehtr.
Its attntio hn Il then llnest In thel grlnt. n'otton
preBse sOatlre, in illllnodintll prosXlnlitsy to the
shl aind na.tenthost Ihndllnge, anld only oine
square frot the ~llton deopot of the Nsw Or
lean 1.it.L aol s ntd Chichl.ag, iltroad; sub
l l(ll Ilt,witlh lre-roof sunllud etc.
J.)Y. Asi'othtnione ---Ollo'n: 1i1 Ocrondelot
treti-- On ATU ltI)AY, Atril? 1877, at l too'slok
a, 3 othe St. Chn rless A n'otlon Ex chalitn. In tlhi
Ilt rotlullida or the Mt. CluItI-les Iotsol, wilt
l l.al Dpnbll slltfo, tio y consont iof partionU.
ktie Iaparlttioss
.. retGln St1QUAIRE OF (IROUNI) in thi
lst letrlct of It)s cilty, wlth all the bulhtings
l lmprlDo.slmn.ts, iars.se, moshinlesiry, eti'.,
tOereon st onrltisd ýithin New Lowo. Frontl
l., lonnics ands Louisa strists, monsai rlng
ii 191 foot to inhnn front onii NOW Lnvni
a llki Irlnt on Frosnt Ibnvo Rlinet, alnd
feelt front on elct'll of Luislsa and
elt Th sitrsts. Thin inprove ntsi memisstirle
ropt bulhllinlgs known lls thill Msrelhans'
n (re. .hisins ll i itho' best li i t lrvim onlillnrAl
eOitvenletshess fir this sitisnagns5 i nmprwsi -
Sof oottn., havingIIc IIr.st.-iIsi slheds bIll
around the tistlrcs ilqIarIso. thllus glving it large
Sru~gc1 apeillty. liIyrg lnd powl'rful pr'oes. lsia
U. NIi~ LOTS OF (IROlUN1). sitantn immnn
siti this sh l aoobovs. In illslltrsi bolirlptlted
New bsVn, Frotl, s l1illln.ni istil Suztsl.t~t
to i lanild idignltnid by tlhs No. 1t0 to 1R il
es ld ve. Ilh ot llnmtasllre toglthlr nhollt 127
8 inchesi ans1 a IlnbA frontl on Now lnovnn
N detnil a like tnsssulrmeneut on the line nii.r
net O rront s root, aiboiLt 51l foot inl'hes front
toepllnie stroot, andt a like minIasurlllllOlnt on
te u liesnerett to iuisztto strroet; and
l. LOT. sitaltet.ll in the stasiss sqlisris and ad
tnig the prosperty ilotVs ds.scriseltst, and ido-s
litei as lot No. 18. measurring alout II feet a
nohes aind llli tss front on Now Irvees sitreet.
obout loll feist A inchts is1 dlIth, Tho Ilm
3tprovenlltsi on thin iitIsov dsii' /hind propdorly
PLtie illn.tullly lsrgeo itnd well bulllt slhedss.
O storsgus of cottoil, ,overing tuhe snlltiro
t on Noew Isvos' stri.lt.
n-One-flr'lh s'nllh. llalsRn' at one, two
l yei ar' nl'rilit. for notes .poilailiy s
bmorlsgasn iland venlldor's lis in tLho
I ar.I' bearina Ia poe'r c tnl or alnnusl Illntirest
fIjlndt kqof sale untl Ilnal llaymiinlt. land thii
Iuseo ors pter cen.t, attsr.oy is fenss iii Oc.n sI
ilt t the notes tso tio rubdividldi to s(ll. l the par
ties titsrled; th lfInmrovemolnts. to be keopt iln
lllad aid polDl'y trtansfrred to the vendor. All
b tlesllD paysble In 1t77 to boe aslsueiut by thll
sri ber, ovr sandsu ahovs this a1ou nt of his hItd,
sad the premli'ss sold to t dellvored thothe pusr
hobser on let scptsmlber, 1s77.
. lae of alst thelil oxprsn<os of thin rnllehssiur.
lslu 7 1554 5 42 :31-- itl
By Nash a Hodgson.
meats, opposite Jackson Railroad Depot,
corner Calliope and Manolia strooeets.
Btdoeseion of Miles Manser, decnased.
SBeooad DistrictCourt. arish of Orleans--Docket
1 No. 88.5386.
Autioneer--Otloo No.13 Carondelet street.
On SATUttDAY March st, 1877. at 12 o'clock m.,
the St. Charles Auction Exchange, in the
ent rotunda of the St. eharles Hotel, in
city, by virtue and in pursuanceof an order
a judgment ot the Hon. A. L. Tissot. Judge
S SecondDitrict Court, for the parish of
Orseans, rendered June 27, 1s76. and signed
J 37816, court docket No. as,s~.. In the matter
of te suooession of Miles Mhanser, nee·ase d. for
a nartlolon at public auction, will be sold
T EN iLoT OF GROUND. together with all
the buildings and improvements thereon, situ
eted in the First District of this city. in the
square No. ass, bounded by Calliopeo. Euphro
sine, Locust and Magnolia streets, designated
as lots No. 1 to 10 inclusive and Iutratsuring
each 25 feet 3 inches and 7 lines front on Cal
liope street, except No. 1, which measures
af feet 3 inloýhs and 6 lines front on al
. loDe street. by a depth of 101 feet 4 inehos and a
lines, all betwiten parallel lines. Ameri.uan
measure: lot No. I forming the earner of Cal
lope and Lous.t s relts. and lot No. 10 forming
thecorner of Mag!olia and Calliope street: the
whole according to a plan by Louis H. Pili,
surveyor. The iet iro.A ments Consist, on lots
ý 1 and 2.. of a TWO-STOIIY FRAMi.
HOUSE, containin, 4 rooms. stabling, s.lts
Oc.; the balance of the property is vacant, andt
I mmediatly oppo site the workshops, etc., of
the N.O.. St. L. and C. RItairoad.
Tsaxs SAN CONDITroNs.-Oie-third cash, and
' the balance at one and two years, with eight per
sint interest, and special mortgage, with ven
' r's rtvilegc. from date until paid. the mort
' to embrace the clauses of "non alien
i "' ad afive per cent for attorney's fees in
aseat atand all other seearity clauses: ten
i;eraeatto be paid cash on the spot, to bind the
1, -all : .
r til*iº eT a ah
I., ,o*7, Muoon & O'Gonmor
Cornnor of Dumnmine and l t. Clainlda trpnt1,
I .Y .110.] MACON A O'('ONNiitL-- Ni'ho',h
1 J. I l l ny Aut.ion r Ol- tlnl " Nn, I I1I ,t u1r IuL'.
lIlt itrunt, -IHAATItRI)AY, Marr h STl, 1.771, lt 1
' ,I)t k mu s, at t hl 11 Ilhnl, ( A o tiln x all . nilln '"
will F P] i.J l tnl l hll" nltl i Ttl TiN-
CF!1;lh t 1I +I1I HtA 'N lllll NaAllfllil , ill ! ENU, lllllr
ntintgt tIIn, 'it wr of iul: I tnn A. Mt. (tlaudn
lrl1lt, Iihl a it l lt Ilill ho itn l illttl til. nir 1, t,11
ntl)tilt u In: b itt i7f].ti 7 itaxe an lp in f nt Iln 17
not ni t to!l.iU r hnt. l st fonll t,2 iu,'m e 1 flin' to
lptl l front nn l t. CI nl n ntI "i tll, betw 'n pr l"
Ilot 'Cho The "Ui dlling nnntaina hAll an
t uthg " sIt, In t to I" tr ain tropisnm Intnrnat of 14 par
inl til p r I` IrI11n frif th 'I th f t i s "lr. n tll Jl l nnil
IaymInt. with allt h B.I nia mou7I.ty ll uigeh, '.
Tio"lE tiN i Vit ,EId LrtLP INTINd vllr'F Tl
above h.i bhl, of all taxqpav ahl. In 11477.
Ant ,if ain hnfn'ore (1. V. Fhu Ion, N'a y Pbi.leI,
By II. M. * B. J. Montlgomery.
Hn'olil Iiittlt'(lt Court. fr thn t nhrithl! of Or
1IY ¥ . M. A1 Il. J, MONTGOMIERY - Ii. M.
fontonlm'rr. anhtiolnnhr-Will be oild on
Fi'IIIiAY, Apri 8I, 11577, at 11 nI. n.. at. No. 14:
I'ravilr g'r."( by lvirtllue aUd DpuraUlnt t" an1
ordir of thu lio)n. A. I, ThiMiot Jidtg' otf thu
Mno'rndl lltistt't (oilurt for the plarirh of Orltana.
dla .nd Mart'o'l 1 , -177 -
'I'TIE tOUrTrl1t. MIllRO1H, OLO(cI(N,
(iilRinwarl, Litultl , lPllrllttliur,. at,.
1'. .- Tto ttIT,."( thn mals t th. whlsi will ha r.
fnrr",d it, th, k. mbh+ 11 511'1
3ly 0. E. Ghirardey.
Ipnntn AIt.h. Ah ibtnr1i is of Ithi into firm tof
AhIt & (nnllel'tl".
Mbotlnd 1)itfr'i"t Uniurt Ifr thn lpnrt1h of Or
Inlnts-N-"R. RtH1,1i andl 21.4,fL
lY (1. E. GIRARltY, Aultitonlr-Otf.io No.
31t (iiosi, shtrutt- HA'LUllIIAY. tl nr'h lit,
11177, at 12 ti'tloltk Inl.., t thie HM. (Chnarlm Atl't.lon
1xchitnan, Ill n ll I's ttl lt tir Ihhr tNt. Charlts
H ot"I nl 1,hi "ity. w ill b" snhl at pu rl t h t+ n t n,
hv ll ill I 'n pl'llritll"l "f two s1'V'r'l'Rt ordltnrP fronl
thn Hfni1, A. l,. 'l'lngot, ..luk.g of !hia i"uond
I)ltrh'it (l'nrt fur thin parish of Orleans, slated
Ihn twantllltlh of 'Whruallry, 1177, nmId ryndlnhr'd
in th" iabl+s st, illhd lo,,"ahiogg, thus following
il'1'ribh t'trl )i rl)titt . lu! wit--
1. A C(1l'tAIN 'lt AR'AT OP LAND, TO
gthur with 611 ll th int.ovelmfntl thlerlon.
tights, Wsly) )lel l w l.lntllurt'nanllllO thlloriulnto b"
t)ll ºnil a ini ntiy wiet ai ,'UI lnihi lt., Vitlatied
ln thll right Iank of the Iliilag5l"l 1 pl Ilivr iln
thei p,111r5h of Orllan, nutirti nlht nlliu (s
low Algiorg. Thll nhli trat of landtl havlng ten
lpilent. front(ll Ill on tal rivor, by fo1rty arpents
hiutip botwuuin 'toI vr1'litig lltn, all noro orl
Ino., neuordlngll to 1iah l by J, A. )D'llmn
oull't. Mulr'yor, IdatId April lit. 1570. a ln
ii tbounnddi oni tlhe upo'I r alit ii n by ollul.e1
forrlyv t nlnngiig to J(illl Flnt.hra. antd
lon th lo tWitr il.l" by il th proterty noW beiaillng.
nu jc't, Itn Ials"'t t (hn rate of !411 1,"r o.nulth
untl |O()lobor ,1, 1577. To'gthnr with 7o hllre.
of filv hllundrl'td Il'llnrn scr,,h of thIll Amon"nlhtiln
of thle Onalldlhltua I':nnlantrls of Loulbl:n, on
whleh their, Ia no Ilnn.
sltlinatd illn ith HMN'r d Ihi rt 'i f t h Iof it lly,. nnl
IUnmidd by (CotI, ilonvlluh, (elnoly isn't
!llarkt qtrt'sta, ita. I"lle tl.n d by !thi Ny mber 11o$.
nl 1,r phln by g, T'. )llnhlar, dltnd thu 19th t)nDo
""1nblr, 114. stuhilhivihhed ints lwnty lots, from
I ti ]1, in'lu.iv liy.
Coiplllny,. am. 1i1n' r lt'l'htit tni No. 342,
roatd Cotmpiany.
1'ananua /n))l on thttwpot.
Ailtr of lln lt lat i o.l. of. thW purN Ohll'ns rs.
brforu Jullg Motery. Ea~., Now Orlean14.
DIOUSQU I1 and Others.
Second District court for the Parish of Orieans.
No. 19,22:1.
ICY C. . (GIIRARDtFY. Auhnion ento-Ofll.en :l
IOCainl It preetl T H-11lUil)AVi.thl lth of April.
1577 ni. 12 o'liok nm., nt the I, Charl.e Aullltion
E lhIangte. In Ihe rotunda otf he t'14. Charles
Hotel, In tills city, will hbe shl at11 publc auctlJon,
by vlrhtu of a judgment of partition from the
lion. A. L. Tlssnt, .Judge of the Rec'oud Dilstrlht
Court for thn parish of Orleans. dated and
snlled tllo 1h1 of Marchl. 1577, and rendered In
tlIe itabolr ltitlllted mn4ltter, the following do
scrtlo'1 property, to-wit:
II thlh Third Distlrict of tihIs city, and In thl
w llarl 11ou11nd'd bly Itorlorec. 1'lach1('oI( (Inow
M-arats), Columbus IIol Villero strcets, dIslg
Ilntlod bly the nIunlblrrl'r and 2.1.5 per plan Idrawln
by J. A. D'lmmnlnocourt, siurveyor, dllted toth of
.1uly, s1515. The 1n.l'll)ti lots mrnHusre oaneh in
Americanrll mcar urentllln. 32 foot 3 inlhhes 2 Iints
front on Kerlrner strIeot, by 100 foot 5 Inllche 2
linlt in depth, tlg4thnr with all th1e improve
mnllt4 therlonll, rights. ways. prlvlelges and atr
DllrtlnanicOs therollunto bIlonging or in any
wise V aDlerltain(Ug.
Trnms -Cash on the spot; purchaser to as
sullmn the taxa7s for 1577 over thei price of adiudi
Alt of sale lit the OXpot1,teS of t11e purchlaser
belforo4 Igar (h'ri ma. JEtl.. Notairy public.
ht14ll l1 It (1147 10 1I
By Pliolde J. Spear.
of ContI and Chartros stronts, two lots of
groulnd on Canal street.
In the matter of llankruptey of Daniel Loper~
District Court of the United States of AmerIca,
for the District of Louisiana-No. 1559.
IPY PIACIDE J. RPEARII, Auctioneer-Oflloe
49ll Royal st-lrot-SA'TURIDAY.A4pril 7, 1877, at
12 o'clock, m., will be sold at publie auction at
the Merchants and Auctioneers' Exchange on
loyal street between Canal and t ustomhiouse
streets, by virtue anli in pursuance of an order
from the Hon E. C. Billings, Judge of the Dis
trict Court of bho United States of America, for
the District of Louisiana. dated March 2, 1877,
for account of said Bankruptcy.
1. A CERTAIN LOT OP (GROUND, togethsr with
the buildings and improvements thereon situ
ated, in the Second District of this oity, in the
sulare bounded by Chartres, Conti, Exchange
Alley and Blenville streets, designated as No.
37, forming the corner of Ohartres and Contl
strteets, known as the D. Lopez Confectionery.
Said lot measures 17 feet 9 inches 4 linos on
Chartres street, by a depth of 101 feet 3 inches
fronting on Conti street. 2o feet 9 inches in
width in the rear, .o feet 3 inches on the line
separating it from lot No. 2, at which depth It
opens at right angle towards Binvilo street 2
tc1t 11 Inches and four lines, and then a second
depth of 51 teet.
2. Two CERTAIN LOTS OF (ROUNDSituated In the
Second District of this city, in the square No. (3s,
comprised within Broad, Customhouse, Canal
and Whit streets, designated by th1 Nos. 22
an4d 23 and measurlieg each 30o eot 3 lines front
on Canal street, by 156 feet 8 inches in depth.
TERMs AND CONDITIONS-For tll property
firstly described ono-third cash on adjudication,
thhe balance lit one and two years credit.for notes
tl.'arilg specilal lmotilnge and vendor's liel 11and
privilevgx, with eight per cent interest from date
till pIaid. Thoe clause of five per cent for attor
lney s fees in e('cse of judicial proceedings for the
re-overy of tllyment of said notes or any por
tion tIhIreof; property to be insured in a sum to
h.' lls('d by the a.,signeo. and (policy ofinsurance'
l trasftrreed to him. an1d all other usual claims.
.For the property secondly descrihbed, one-half
I cash on adjudication. and the balance at one
year's credit, for note securing special mortgage
I and vendor's lien and privilege, with 8 per cent
interest per annum from date till paid, the
clause o: five per cent for attorney's fees for the
recovery of payment of said note, or of any por
tion thereof, and all other usual clause. The
I amignee to oonvey said properties to the Dnur
Shaserr free from all eneumbranoes, and with
Sout any other warrant of title than that reoeired
x ?Issr
A. belpit ve. I l Heera.
1ItoItRTtI DISnTinlIT 0I0I17T IFOF rllE
Sonrlih of Orlranln-No. ti .'IWn. liv virlie Iof
a wr'lt o fl r ftRrla tfo inn di't"t+lnd by t holenl
or!lbiii" the o.Irtil- lietil t ('ourt rll tlhoiii ltI hi
of _lr'lra , |it l th! nh n o ttll tnt, , n11 1 1 i will
hrnnl l l to n111, l at prhlil . nu tl.t n, nt tl.h MnWr
Mtl'otint bntwron th ai nittl ()llCo |.nttlo .l a l'"et Q.
! in ithii'tl'"n l llitril I of thi "ily, ni NAT'i1i -
hAY. April iiirteounith, i177, .at ii o )lu ,k it..
; lan lollowing t d('Moried r'oL' port vy, to wit
TiiiIi1 li IOTH il G(IIilNIlt In iith l,'nithl
IDiattiet .ftbiti ty,lt tih'e orii iomnlo,
+ ii tlllh. Nintl . ;Ik 1ttulr'1,n, n I t 4 inoIrI ' I ,·~u ,
b mii (ia numb't night, mitt anti he, ni
' Jit . itt & uiv~ai e.til t." y N i. ty-fen tr ft t,
Jjrtl)TJ l iiH tlt l'11 tlUT ( 3i thl° I II' ;f1 II l P'i,,ll.
SIIi' i.l ll itI n ,!l f (1 ltl l nlyF tll " ' till'ly i, i' i
th I ,. 1 ('r l if i. ll:,tit Iltstn tit ai t wa.
}t"l1ri i itt Ith i tt itiv+ a tii i
l 'Ilornil - t' rih nit r tio , l v ii.
t (civil lh rlt Tri if tllbh i'rilih of i tiiin. iu ,
ml"i np-7 14
J. il. nniapi r i a, 14. (M ngrll(.
StlOUlt''l DIhI'rtiicT C'OUilnI' i FOlr THlE PAll
L is hi of riiiaii No, 44,ii 09. Ity vii rtnv e ofra
writ of pieIurI Iii i t l lIn tuIt m, lhrntn'l by It,"
hi onoiibl" I thi Fuuritiih 1)lstri't (butt fur iith
pari h of lrlimn , ini thn i hov" entlitnutl i't1n ", I
will pi'roie ld to anill l it lbllin i i tion, tllt n MIior
b|twoAon ORaIo and (hallltomtllnao str.,"ot In t(ht
Nlnond ilstri'lef ofr tile ity, oiu TUM Zt4HIIA , Aprll
Ltiron, 1177, at 1 ii t tl'k iii' , Mt. the folliowil
Id"ialIrthl ,l l oti lrtyi , lto-wit:
A OJoLLNTA ri'l'T OF (IIOUND, IfltNtl-d in
thi r utould .l lth lpI i i),iitr't of thnilIty iof Niow
Orloanat . In the U qlulnl boIuntll d byi ll llenlprt.
Ht. Phllitp, Ihi r 1dtnly and ll rll 1ne1 atri nti ,
lrnalurinar ,Irlty-ollr fn't filv Inlh|Ina frolnllt ill
elI h t. ihill i elIront, by llfty-nillin foot o itn iI'1 h
- olur i 1i, tu il hon Ii i tv firoll, r ion Itai.ni'art atront , r f
whleh It forme thi .t.rnnr, tngtlilr witlh I1 l, hn
blildings n n r l l vl nentllll thor, on, mlld (in
, ptondanli t tllhereof, llt all itii lliii ti and l 'iliv
n tlo ir . thomrl t beuloing1nl ori Ill anyWi air, tor
aI tatiniti, witholltai exllreptjotnll Whlltr. evn, ilg
i th t ri ealrn i pro.u rty itlh lhi delrtifndnt -lr
Sqtlird hiby pllnroiieR from tEdwtLid iu. Wlllt, iri
it ant paeowd bntfortt AnaIio 1)Uettet tit, a notary
pu lilct in thlli.pity. on ith itratryf Ui)nlmenr, 1114;.
(, H Ifhuid III iIn illbiove ullt,
TIIr'illli-U tijh on thll ue pi.
Olvill thtrliTof oth 111i lari.h of Orlotmns.
mhall p1 :1
SI, iteye ý.. Olyivn Miionler,wife r R. aIuberl.
Pariah of IOrlottfs Nn. 44,4)9.--liy vwhirn of
ii writ of an ut in.ro a l" |a t' mIn dirit,'1[d i¥y the
h.onornnihiol the Iourth Dlatriot cOurt for tl(
tpariah of[ Orlnoan , ill thn abovivn t Itnll l c;iute, I
µ Iil ptironod to aoll tit pullio anotht at, tho M.r
'hliflt anti A lntionnol e ' Ex ton algl.t', Royal
- trnnt. bntwoe n CUanal anti (OI atom. ntil an llrlnatr.
In lIh 14t1,onld Dl)Imirt olf thi oty. y, on MINI)AY.
April nino., 1871 nt 19 t','lot'k M., lhn folltw
. dr"M'8,'ibrd p.rrtarty. ttt wit
(WO) OIONT1UtIt.II l [o)'rw OF GROUND,
i ltatld in the Hnonlldn MunltiIpal Di)lrltt of tlhe
a olty of Now OrRtlan, In Iiho th l untro hlutltl, by
BfIWiaou llimel, rmilptnando, 'Tllnti antild Itorhblihvo
'I atrttm.dlQoltgnatld, by ht'e numtbira four anti
I lvl, of l·alare nullii .r two, llr a pin ity I . L. II.
1 'ilta. aurvey+or, datidl May flv,(. 1.14. niiud ti|
I p ttitd In i ,llo offlonr Jof .nphl It n +lolri . ir, no
l iary publib in t Iothie ,ty. wili'h Iota of groundi
ntlmernll ' matll itlllly fo l front onI Eaianmutu
tlr oo.t . anld thlllitty lfo'Il -vrin inihlea onn liln! o'l
lBiayou I-ladl, tanl xtend.ltlng In depth from on,
- lr .iot Ito the otiher. botwtvonn parilrlll linna. tli
1 aother whlilt Ih oth bhtinlgl iug l and tillmprnv'mttlnt
ih ri" on, rght.ll, prvilogo1 and mnl'vltudlole thlrll
to lholonginrg ur in aul ywlvian allportlining, will.
I ult ally exoopiio'l or roanrvtllon, lining the
Rlllat prolperty (tt dofltndant hh riolln al'qlllirod
h by prelltnth fr'rin N,'ihilal M. l-nnihi, par elt
- olfor" Albl IliyfniI., a notary PII l r bil Ii (11li lth
,I i lt d n d th d 1. lipe .n m bi l n ig ttto w n . I !tG.
h I'ir lt in thn ishttvn t!l,
.ili' . (1' - IE thtll t the Illelltelp .
t1 Ttrm n IIMAt II IANIIT.
(!lvil .rlff ofr thn I'irlih of Orlnimtut.
I nihill ip4 Ii
LoehLie rill Cordes t,. Alex. Iltdenitecer.
tlhh ,f Urltaus--No. 17897 ly virtu i of a writ.
of Ilelt f'tlis i, tn dlrootod tly tilm lion orable
thl Fifth I)istriot (ollrt. for tho partish of Or
olelns, in the labo tvn otllitol cau!IltR, I. will pro
n.oed to 1oll at. piblit aniottont, at rth Morhanits'
(1i1nd Allitltit Oinonri' LtxIh'naniiii, ia yal y ot.lriot, Io
twoon (Jtil nal anld Ot.t.onhlusllr i|tri'tt, in the
tIoonnd Distriot of thlls olty, on WDNEI)hl DAY,
May siecont, 1877, at. 12 o'clok li., the following
tilliti.s iand Untlprovientsi thoreot te litiht
of waIy, orvt.IudIlO. ri vilegies it l all appil t.o
ano.ns tlhtrf,'if ss tiatel in fitultoaurg Wa%,i hing
tn. tin t htl Thitr,,WUatrint of th0ii oilty in th.t
esuItlar boll i oil by I ou1t1isa. lturgn tly, thlt
0(rot,4. Pliety atnld Dauphino. Into O(ratan"tll,
l'trootsl. dplgnatediil by tle numlltelnr twro B, on a
4k tolh mnlaelt by (I. A. do Armana, enginnor, on
1 ho twentiy-a4nvntllLh of (iO'torbf 1874, anti annexed
ta an alt of iile by Thomnas Wtit7 tho Ferdinand
)ludonhtf',r, pnasiaild llforo A. R. huirl(.iOturt,
!inotary putlilt in tllis lity. on (iho sixth of No
vlmrber. 1874.
Maid lt tliltiurilm, in An l,rtitat niniurlro as
per 1lt skitich, twenty ninel foot four il<nbes
tlour ulIs front on l.tlluiall lstriet., lv lltn hlln
dredt and ilttigottioi f.at tihrnai Inthos lour ii ne1
ltUing thio 1sia1111 propelrty aiq ilrd by the die
fondiltit, ha+rint, Iby purithtitia frint ritut D)uduin
hi. fIr. Ler ,'t. pat ll4 e r lIfn,n, A. J. liowtln. inotary
ltlltile in thits city, on the tllfteonth t lay of D)t
coitttler, 1875.
oltzoi il I tiho aiuov 1 ati it.
'Prnns-- Ush on the 141nt,.
TIIOi. II. ilANliY.
(Civil Ihoriff of tihe Iarishit of Orileant.
mh31 rtDI7 my2
Lochte dc CordeA vs. Mrs. Mary Ann Du
I lh of M rlol.ns-No. 1805.2, 1i virtue of a
writ oI nizutr atlnd latli ti io i dlreutetid Iy the
tloitorlNt lo the Fifth Its ittlet. ( ,n it fort Iiho par
iwh of l'rluans, in theit atio etittlatl callln, I
will irt'otnid to 0snoll iat pubile auction, at tlhe
Morelllintu' andi Auctioneoers' Extih!nge, IRoyal
t.trolt. t, bwetwoon Canal launi Iiutuatouihmouiti+ta, aitriot.,
in thoe ooinatd Dii)strht of hIs city, on WEI)NEM
DAY. May (c0oont(ll 18a77. at 12 o'lo'hk it., lte
following lnwosrlbt, t property. ,to wit:
A (ER TAIN LOT O(F (hiIOUNN), tognther
with ail thin buildings and Irmnprovemnlts there
til, and all ltho rlgllts, wlys. pri vitlegls, servi
lildies Iant appurtRnaniei i llthlrtoi belonging or
in autlywino aippdrtlllinin. sitiltuto in tho now
sutburbi Marigny. In tithe Thirid Distrlct. if this
city. design uated by thell nmtoier tlni in sqular
numbetir forty-nina, which i bounndedi by Anto
1iih (lats Aunontte), L'rospr, Iuitollio 11ind St.
]mornarl strotats, on a Dplan lttllIo Iby A. D'i.10ne
court, survelyor, dllat+t the flftoonlth dlAy of May,
1854. antd annexeit to an act beforlo A. CitapoDlla,
hltia a1 notary 1i1utli) in thits city, dlatid the twon
ty-thtrd day oif January, 1853:; whiii a.l lid lot
nmiseures in Anmertilanl minelaurt, 27 foeet front ont
Antonia strket, by 118 foot In tdep(1th
loing ltsame Itlroperty ,acquirod by the do
fondant horei(L by purohlaso from Frederlok
Andrueas Loutf Von Ehrort. by act tastsed before
W. 13. Klneinpter, late notary publitt in this oity,
on tho sixth day of FIbruary, 1875. and duly
registered in hook No. 103, folio ni.2, In the offlee
of the Register of Conveyances for the parish of
leized in the above suit
Terms-Cash on the spot.
Civil Sheriff of the parish of drleans.
mhsl apl4 my2
M8eeelioa of Mrs. Myra F. Minor.
3 parih of Urleans-No. 38.698.-Notice is
hereby irvon to thie roedtors of this estate and
toall other persons herein interested to show
causet within ten days from the prosent notifica
tion (if any they have or can) why the account
presented by Mrs. F. B. M. Montgomery, testa
mentary executrix, and H. H. Minor. testamen
tary executor, of the decotamd should not be
homologated aInd approved. and tahe funds dis
tributed in accordance therewith.
By order of the Court.
mh31 aps 9* JOHN HERBERT, Clerk.
Ituccesston of Thonas Flnning.
lsh of Orleans--No. :J,3:12.- Wheireas, E. T.
Parker, publi adtlinisiitlrator. ha-s petitioned
the court for letters of a dmini ntration on the
esta4te of the late Thomtas Finning, deceased
Notiue is hereby given to all whom it may con
cern. to show cause within ten days. why the
prayer of the said cttitioner should not bta
By order of the court.
mnl22 27 at JOHN HERBERT, Clerk.
auccesion ot Jaclate Prlnceval.
Parish of Orleans-No 39270.-Notice is here
by given to the creditors of this estate and to
all other persons herein intel ested, to show
cause within ten days from the present noti.i
cation, i any ther have or can. why the account+
resented byi . a . Parker. Public Administsa
or and iadmll týo1is este. oittldu not
belaomblolagei aind the funds
dlsibatms. u thierewith.
Lelt ll uitnk vu. ired. Rllchle, lie ter and
Ownor of Steamboat Qualkor.
Sialh of Orlir!an. No. 9217.--ly vlrtun of at writ
of flil ft.inaR i, toi tti1i rec td1 ly the ho nortibtl
til .iti llil',trtt loulrt for th!e 1arilr h of Or
lliln, 1 I ho nilor~ ettltl + t i a0to0, I will t prtoondtl
t1 II 31 ~tp1hi 1' poli'tlilti, lit t111l, MIrritranl1' 3ind
Asation1i !el" ';loth ngl , lll n l L It'tynl rloot, wltwoo1nt
3hriallt (33 (Gu tl nn h ilot (too19 In 3111ht 'o A nl
i It ttf lthtl 'lt ,l v t iNIIN A V. April la, 1977.
n.t twelvp 'ln' . t oll. M i., 1( Iol1wing detTPribeo
A !t IlA 1 4'A . Il (i F 11 lI(IIO ND, wlht tite
h'ilbllin ' 1l1e 1 ll lprllo~v' n t i. ttl i.i. . l'klr, 3it41113"
it tiIlln'I"4 Ivlw t ti it . ) I ' ti . It lh f Iý i ntii'ii
SilndeI hv .taln oi Thaldia, 1l, wa ani' d i
rii' t11 9 tl t( d, I it tt t l i-i v tt n t n m' 1' Itwt 3oI
1 Ipl in drtpa wn by . 1 A, 1li in. 1r1ll0 1 it t, Ihttled
April] :(. 31 1 , ir l , pni itn t" ',i3(l' i13 in It
3f1 itlt1f ,ittIe l! (lot ll , ttr!y pul li in this
i t(l,. HltllIl lt rf On. nultol MI Inp . e t of p rtVA.
tho . intlt in l 1in numlbor two, hin 933t1iro nulih r
tw nty-! w ,l in It. pttl ( Tri'T . F OIll) T
1in1 lrv oytr, O ttlot April N , I4.t . l, p i vl tlli lIti
Il oit ' of A. M n. lr' lti. 11il 3 ni t t lliry ptibll lict
1r0ttrh titoty, tol Founrt 3113t13ous 3 (thtrty- or f.' r-t
rnt woni ( flldwrl ItdC rlOt. llhlry tt a eilof , in oty-h
1ool 9t.l D' r itit h11 tw li , btw. o MON IAY, An ril
i oIJ'r TAIN L v.oy OiflROUND, k tono hlll
wrih tr il ll lin gl. flIntw nty ithlrotvr.
H IRdll in tihe iaov M, runi.
'our'311 -ItriL o3t thie spittl.,
'Oryt MAt II. IIANY.i
(hti vl i tt. flrit fl ttihe pltrrih of OI'rytann.
1trut, itinhlrde Janoephine Atpoloenl litnri1n
w;thw uf li'ltrti Gu31invn lMllnli.l, ot y l, fv.
3433 ",. unlon i o0.1o01ll Lol Iy.
Swrit If lniure and i'na-i to Il3 ilroflntd by thg
(hot' rain the Fonrth I)!lrli'ot (ourt for tf'lht par
I'll (f iri, lll n it l lil lbovl nill tltl0ed will
pr'I I leed hti ll 3 lat publlt anl otion, at th. Mor
ntwitn Ian(01 3n31 Cu3t03rhnhanontreots, in th3t t
Itim. I ,W.ll I!@iall llll ciu . almir n H e Ihm
HoOnd lit.rt oif thio of3otaly.oi MONDAY, April
1t1. 1177, at 1 o'(113tll k Int.. tih followinl doiu(rliod
lrtil'ri.y, to-l it:
A UI t.IITAIN LO'rT Of IROUND,. to.lnli.r
with tun u thl 1131 ihnprovomlmntn thoroln.I
iandI tnrltnail. a thfreoflt ituatial In thl
lFortI It Ir T of thi rit, rin thlnlntrE btound
Lphitln strioto, trmingl tun earlnor ofr Pryltant
lnl. IlHt, Anitrw f iti t rlrit ltalli l llly tirlnk Illy
nlitrh. lriut.rt bly lion hili, r wt l 3li3d thirty-iiallto
fnolt t.w') InnInn 9334)3n31 1l13131 in fopth nn1(d front
nn Ht. Allirow trllnlot I33, aIld Iaoiut fty-two fofnt
ninn in"chli , irlr or Ilra, in wi'th in t(13 rioar.
A'-t iroid to tor tdolln llant hnfroln by ipurthtnilu
frlOiiln .1lht M. AIIr Miim Dor t0 3ilofirn H. MalH g
nAt1 r. I3ti3 n ottr l 111111l i in Ths igtiy,, 1n trlio
olovitl I llll of (l1 ot lhIr, I ltroo
Hi- ed r il ' i3 t h l ab1iv31 91i1l.
'.ormtn- .-Cih u1. o11 i ltot.
T1iIOMAi4 If. A. NDY.
Civil t llrlffof Jl h 11 ptirih it , tr" itrilmor,
Illnttln IL. 1.le er v.il It nit n ttl nll ntln ni-o
wm tril lx f thl s, i lw l ollly o of F, 1I7onie.
ýE'OND UITTIlIuT 00lI11T VOlt Tti-E
(l parish orf g ionl No. 193). M.y vlIrtEn f
writtit of l I frl tf n lto me tllr'I'tld by thl. hinort
ilr tun H otnil I ttllt'1io t (b it forll thit parlil of
NOrlelans, o l ittt hnll intUil lly .l"11 , 1 will proi -
0 !0l lto tl l t il0)11 i h itthIion, t t.l Motrnlin ' I
aItnd Au"t ioni3trt' fktxhang"i. Ioyal ,trlnnt, bho
tw 1ao l (atland (ltt t'Itatoiluu O i l r1otl , In the
4Honon'l Ditrl,.t of thi. ty, "n MONDAY. April
1l.477. It i tl'l k i31., tllh fillhwinrg d 9sr'ltbed
proplrtylt, . wit -
A Vt .TAIN MOiiTI1AGE NOTE, In flures
alni words ll flll. wn, to wit:
1111 v(.I"lhr ift , l ll'd1a lll pr nIn t o lay t tihl or.
dor of raLnsilf twhio thii3os 3 Win h1unilrnd ,11
lilr. -)1( g ilt I oivnd, with i!nNrn .t t h rl, of
Il l r c unt ,or 1 31313111 1r m mniaturity 1nt il1
(Hiagn"ll) 11. M. hECK.
Ily mllltIl l Aeo l.lint. l i4 p iymont of tibl not(' t.
Ox3lt3lld43l nn" ylll(r frlm dtta of Autrst 1. 1r74.
nl lll 3 l itnlttr t IIront I bl thl roon in 1 Pvatille tor
that d11(3t1
(htinoil) I. M. BECK.
I(4Igneli) A. M. l1(hCK.
Nu vriurl. 'rl'e bI mliltgnan by iTt-.
(113191 3i thin II, -( i , wilhI Int i- llduly italnp1d
of otwl'll 3i1t313 h3rewitth.
ly ituil onnt tf pinmnt nf thhw n1it of to t1n.
, 3 h3 to3 hit"' e d i lnt ,hi Hl tt mb r 1. l97l , ll l n
all h ltr n t1 th1 t 31 d1311. lat1 17u11,11 in atlyton.
NowL Orliann, J.anuaiy 17, 178.
(Hlgndhl F. M. fECK.
f ndorls'Med oil 1113k of 93111 not" 11hu19:
1'ro ost (30(d ntii u 'f (111'o1.11 Wallved(l.
Now OriolanM, 1t'lriiuary 4, 187;i.
(Blin.l|) A. H. BEC(K.
y mnilltl consnnlt tho payymont of 1119 note 19
nxt1nldlli six minthl from 'late, Intorost thor.
il Illp to that date havlli Minn pllill i 4'NR tio.
(Hhhlnd) F. iONEi.,
(innil) E. M. BECK.
Lilnnl ) A. H. BECK.
fy mInltutl 'Onmls'l t, tl paylmll nnl 0t Of thiR notul 19
exhlnlol. 11, y'lrl f'ronl dat1t, lnd Itntnr., t
tthlrinn t oi ( t1t1 llli tltl. (ll;m i3 paull in aLt
Ail not 1, 1971.
(rllnnll) E. M. BECK.
(tinledl) A. S. HiECK.
t(Hin.e)l F. JONI.
(lgnnI) E. IM. BECK.
(lignoil) A. H. BECH.
N.w OititonAN, F1lbruary 1, 1871.
Prot111t (31141 3101.1th3341 o p.rol.tt walived1.
(dlanld) A. B. DECK.
1vw O(tn1,AN'N. Fobrulalry 1.1972.
By mutual "oelipant. lti1 payllnot of thibs nut" is
nxtr ivIdto th, iR9 o f Frerulry, 17,i , 1ll intll r
o4 dut11 th3renIl lip to that ll 1dt htvhln boon plid
(Hignn1) A. H. BECK.
T9urlml-C-(- h on till' 100)t.
Civil Hhnriff of the P'arish of OrloatnR.
In3(119 11111 18
LafayItte Fire Insur hues Company vn.
Pter H. Thode.
Ssh of Orleans, No. 75Ts.--By virtue of a writ
of snizure and sale directed by the honorable
theu Fifth Distrlt, Court for the parish of Or
loans, in the above nnttlitd cause to Eugene
wtigaman, late sheriff and by said late sheriff
to me transferred, I will proceed to sell at public
allctlon, at the Merchants' and Auctloneers'
Exchange, ltoyal street, between Canal and Cur.
tomrhouse streets, in the Hecond District of this
city, on MONJ)AY, April 16 1177. at twelve
o'clock in.. the following described property, to
(IROUNI). together with all the buildings and
Improvoments thoroon, and al the rights and
privileges thereto belonging, sltuated in the
Fourth D)lstrict of this tcity in the square
bounded by Itampart, Fellcity Itoad, St. Andrew
and Dryades streets, and forming the corner of
Itanm part and St. A n d rw streets, the same meas
uring, in Amerlcan measure, thirty-three foot
front, on said itampart street, by one hundred
antd thlr ten feet in dloeth and front on it. An
drew street bethweon parallel lines, Bolng the
satme property which the defendant herein nao
qulred briy pureliaset from James Nolligan, per
aut passed before Joseph Kohn a notary piiblic
in 'his city, on the eleventh of Diocomber. it;7.
St'zeod in the above suit.
Terms-Cash on the spot,
Civil Sheriff of the Parish of Oricans.
mhls apt 16
Martin Noye vs. M. A. Price et al.
. ish of orleans. No, 8197.-By virtue of a writ
of lerl faclas against Mary Amelia Price and
the minors Allce Nairne and Frank Nairne,
jointly, to me directed by the Honorable the
Sixth District Court for the parish of Orleans
in the above entitled cause. I will proceed to sell
at public auction, at the Merchants' and Auc
tioneers' i xchange, Royal street, between Canal
and Customhouse streets, in the Second Dis
trict of thil city. on SATURDAY. April twenty.
first, 1877, at 12 o'clock m., the following described
property to-wit:
gather with all the buildings and improvements
thereon, rights, ways. privileges and servitules
thereunto belonging, or in any "ise appertain
ing. situate in tile First District of this city, in
the square bounded by Duplanticer, Magazine,
Con-tance and Bartholomew streets, designated
as lots Nos. 1 to 7. inclusive, on a plan depostted
In the office of 0. do Armas, notary polic, in
this city, 1a plan No. t,. wiuIhh lots mcLsure as
follows, to-wit: Iots Nos. 1, 2.3.4 and 5 each 21
feet 3 inches and 5 lines front on Duplantier
street, by 100 feet inr depth., between parallet
lines, and fronting in the rear on an alley 6 feet
10 inciu(s and l linen wit,'. said lot No. 1 torI'ms
the lortler of cotst0ance and Duplantier streets.
tI t No,. 0(; r~nlsurr's 21 feet 3 inlchs and 6 lines
front on I)uplan;ier streit by a depth, betwcen
parallel liins, of' ]0; feet 10 inch(. s and 4 lines;
and lot No. 7 measures 21 foot fronlt on Con
stanlrce stret. by 127 ft ii inches in depth, and
aljoining the said alley in the rear of lie above
des,.ribh.l lots. which alley is common to said
sre vn Iot,. which said lots belong to the said
minors, Alice andi rank Nairne and to the said
Mirs. Mary A. Price by inheritance from their
late mother, Mrs. Amelia Bidle.widowof George
Price and deceased wife of John L. Nairne. And
the said Mrs. Geo, Price had acquired the said
property from the succession of D. Sidle, per
act passed before said notary. 0. de Armas, on
th - Soth day of h ovember, 1858.
ed rim n the aboves i .
M1r. M. Lerny '. Mr.. P. Vp (tafout, per
n.nally and l11 tutrlx.
Ji' rlih of Orl nni , No. 44.:il7.--i ly vilrtIl of a
writ tir, irn lirl al t. toInn diireolurtl iby Ihn
honnthlrhIl the Fir ,rtrh l)iatrit Uourt for the'
' _riih of Orulrnin, In h thn nuhn Antivfiid inntFei
I will f ri''ir llo iii a II Ilt l ihliiln itiolo .iII lthei
Mntrnhnntl ' ntil A!lntintwlu'!' ' FF'h ngil '. Itay l
tr.il.ln , I)i tlwoitu i (f.nnnt l in l iiilto Hl ulL ii itnull.r
in tbh u ii't, l li it i't 1 f Ilhiu 'tiv, nit MOiiNIAY.
Apr l trv, til7,. Iit wi ti iln ,'lrk iii.. tiuh fllowingP
tit irllou I , ,-nuhn. lit I liiitat i r l,,! to rI, h i u 11-€ tlq
(i 'rihi fo t fropi wt' uul I J i wit
A tilli'ii l'Ni P fMOi, l'in Ofur liiOl, nltiwoNl hitifu
t nto nih n tty iou thinu Miinfiro. nit' nI'hili,
ironurti by th n lli rllr II v n O i n -lill i.i tI
~il tiu1r II. I'llot . lin t o unrv o n, a it , W itll i nllt ,
Phn aunt nti ftity iof junutuorly, lt lutoro
ully thi. .lirl an lht irto n h iil f lnl tl1 11 rt-uirni
ilth irolltrtl ii tll ol otil illtwo nlt -t Lnu o n
ii h lf l in itiu II wihith in r , v ty-ll , ix
fot fu r inihu onh Jinn in pth ii h. IthAN nIY
whl,'h chivhid -" it from l t numtbo'r lulr, 0111l 40v
111 it. foo h P t twi inlh".4 III d uitlh on thO i Inn
whi' 'i 'livim It hir m liuhI linin if lOr niu nA r
Pn. 'Thin inhii twtion of ground ndnv
'lJ. n inA. ti part, o rent t. o i, Phite id. Prert of
nlot um V. ur tliv. ' .g. th. ro, with l thlln & Ii-'.
ling, tlu imtpr'oveno n '$ thnri llntoi bt!lnging or
in t1nywist a.itiinint without any xrot.i
ilr mierv riunll No. g Iti 411p11in pllr prty I,-.
iirl'nul bIy uIlro i.lturl ln thi Into lrt'llrr ilir tola
(unifut f romi, Dwinrih If)rnn. Ihn thut, uvon the
uotiutilutlu, itu iun, I wilt t Ir I.n ll li null ni. ill iiti
htlinot. Ilh o Mna , 1rin $, tWon nltoil pitnl.ld (forn
Oiimholrntl lr ro tntm. In thn otary utl t'l n Ih iilt4 lty.
ithly 0 ad l' lrrAn ril2, Onu, o lO uu' d.ltk td thI.
Wlfinm this 1ltyriilnt. ntit th orho f Irioving u aittl
wroperty to 1ti.lal lrnt iitir nw our oli-huln, thun
1iour il)if hIlonglihnt to it I lilt wi n, withli wllihoml
Il0 wusin oniurliitl cil priperty, uts will lmore
tily appealr, rIonr. blirting hall to trhe ..nliilld
Dlirullt f (Court, b trnlll the utlnli tf l)rI rii y-olgi
thou anld th iun inlidrte v nl.d Iilty-tlr lr, l
It ln iz In tI iii'vinu i. Muit.
nrin --Ouch nn thi 4ot.
Oivil Shnrift of thlin PurIlh of Orhianri
mtil vip i:
Sfvue lmv. (un tvlA J. Freret and Wllitm iiPh.
'n Atrlh ou f Orin ti , Now , 4(3I .16ri Miil 2, Iii,-
By virtui of two atihta writ of tlri fuItw to nun
dlirnltold lby the honiorhln thul Fouli rth olirtilt
Jourt rt.i paIltl rish ofl Orllitn. In tlhe aovtlt
entlrtlnd mn tsn, r will iproeiNl to s.rl it. tpub lr
uatton, ilt thil Mnrlhl int antd AulrtionoIrn' lx
ohltngl, Royal stro. t., Ntwnnn il nitd (J1n
tmblounelhittl i. rIn th ll l nd Dtrun t of thll
Anty, on', MONI)AY. Aprill 2, 1f77, lt 12 o'rlink II.,
tPAI fnll owln' fierll.u! orria tn--wit:n:
Al Otln ]iii. T iif T t i'r , A.lll . IfN INiEiFi I 'io I'u
of d l'fendll.t ht ritn. (' ustllnii.ni J. Friiri t till
Willhm P. l'rernt,, in and ,. to ilth e ,n n4sli ofn
thflr ide lole'imlil iothllr, Mdam l11111 ,, . io Frurnt,
whether urihing tie hnirm at law or lt+ utno tin
..ur tI pro.v lp i ion i of the ltat will nlt dul . ii n tu ti.
of .aild Whtiow . F. Frlrnt,. dulf y probAtidl in
tlni h fIlliorI tnl R ionltrll lihltrilt uflll rit for lthi
pirish ofll' Orl anitr .i l i l iNo. ii9 of t ih n dokltit, on
tr 2th y of Nll omh 4l7 irll.. ld IRti
bling lllit lforth Ii thi wfilu t f undI' r tlini rw ii,
'.tin lalrtns In tih New Orii'lli nfl Mutual n111
tillnnlie U ntllpbAny, rof itly dlollA h r e.ti, etrtll
ito tllNo, ti ll.
Thl rtell r tlir.a lhn thi Now Orlt .in In1. (hur.
Ihn ,il otfrn lompn y, of twenty, ,tlin ollt- r Iwth,
l'tou rtim 'Airt N. itgoi iti.
Houllrseho furniti rn ii pro nlrln i o r n Li..l.
nll Avoniti , 1 tw1 .l lt. 1lhta'lr s 11w h I'ryt.in PA
PART In thie fnllowtng roll ".htth:
1. OTun iurtlon ll griunth , in thlin l ith in tritn
ofn. thl A lth r lll t win lltii lli un ly l djiildi
Avnit ii t, T'l' lt.ltnitu I'ry ii lnd u i llr r Ch rlt
4tr'"u,!., hiring 114 fourt une ton.tnntonn uanit part.
of lI t , lnvy n, itut1 pu'thim of Iota nnn ttu .l vun'i.i lii
will tivIn, mat kilng a tlltl mantr' nlit, tho Lur
hIiundlrut alti olov!n f'otn.,ven innhnt two lidos
on I ulolu tiitt/i Av'+ Iun, running through it hl
nalllr, It irnithi of irthr hundred nh 1u tAwnlty
foonrt, and httvltu.ing front onl Tolgln no Mt irt of
IlnlO ; tInA thnr with tlll tI h bulilllllt a tin id In h.
2. Out' pnrtlon if gro' ntld In the n4aL 'll d trlot
tlil t nt lInl ig fhnrlrill rrk1 fnirger port winllns
of ltrlt tii, i uutwo two thr'frti ti t itrming the i or-ll
nor of ['vin yturnln l s T'le ' ain no atrunta, unit
by t dptlh ant front l n Tii lno strt.. of rono
hnilrdtI nd twenty lint: thgnt.hir with tll the
bitld inga mitt liinvlg io lntst thternoni,
a. One portion of gruunti, In the Firut i)latrit
of thia oity, ii th1n 4tatnrn boundod byft, tames,
'T'eholtiouihae, Ithhllalouta Ind Mnrkat streetd,
mea.uring two hiundred and fPfty-fivont[nt nine
Jtin'htn two lines front, nn Mt Jamon street, the
same manaturnment en thi. dividng Ilno dlividing
it from the other tirtion of atlth eitqurs, and
lne hundrud and fi[ty-nine feot ti inJhei two
ilnems front on eauch of Trhouptltoulah amnd In
ilgious streuts: togbthor with till tho buildings
anti improvomen.t thorriou.
tltezed in the atbovo sulits.
Torm$-F'bls tiling the aecond and last nun
tion, the stld pro'upnrty will i. dlnhiitely adjudl
,numld t.' thu hfghesttand lat bhihhr for what It.
will tring, at twolvo months' nra'dit, tho pur
eli.hint furnishing bond, with good and solwent
seourlty, bnuring et-ht ptr cent, iuiusrcat pur
nnlumrn from dain until lhnnl payment. f4ild
pur1hnAor will have to rlodunt und pay In mash,
tho prrinting sheriff, nii clerk's fo.' ot , which
amount to iabout. two hitunidrod and ffty diol r
Civil hnriff of thin pariah of Orleman.
mhlR 27 itR
Jean Flue va. Pierre Renny.
. of Orleans -No. w2rJ1.-By virtue of a writ of
fiorl faclas to me dir.ected by the IIonorable the
Sixth Districourt for the parish of Orlians,
inl the labover entitled cauBse I will proe!ned to sell
at public auction, on TU~JDIAY April 3. 1t77
at n o'.lock p. m., at my warehouse. Nos. 23 and
2s Orleans street. between Royal tand Bourbon
streets in the Second District of this city. the
following descrtobd rgorty, to-wit-
A LOT OF FURNITUIRE and movable effoets.
as per inventory. which may be seen in my
elaetld in the above suit.
Terms--Cash on the s ot,
Civil Sheriff of the parish of Orleans.
mh23 2 apva
Wm. eoel vs. Ferd. Kraemer.
ish of Orleans--No. 7707--By virtue of a writ
of finrl fariaa, to me directed b the fHoorable
the Fifrth District Court for the parisof Or.
tians. in the above entitled cause, I will pro
coed to sell at. public arnotion, at the Merchants'
and Auctioneers' Exchange, Royal street. be
tween Carnal and CuIstomlouse streets in the
Second District of thiscity, on TUE$DTA, April
3, 1877, at 12 o'clock m., the following described
property, to-wit-
ALL THE IitOIT and Interest of the defend
ant herein, J. Ferd. Krarmer. in and to the ease
and suit entitled J. F. Kraemer vs. F, Mueller,
No. 7664 of the docket of the Fifth District Court
for the oarish of Orleans.
Sofzed in the above suit.
Terms-Cash on the spot.
Civil Sheriff of the parish of Orleans.
mh 23 28 aps
Michael J. Bronan vs. William 8chllehlbtg.
i' ish of Orleans-No. 8754.-By virtue of an
alias writ of fhirl faclas to me directed by
the Honorable the Fifth District Court for the
parish of Orleans, in the above entitled cause I
will proceed to sell at public auction, at the
Merchants' and Auctioneers' Exchange, Royal
street. between Canal and Customhouse streets.,
In the Second District of this city, on MONDAY.
Ap'il ninth, 1877, at 12 o'clock m., thd following
described property, to-wit:
of William echllehting, defendant herein, in
and to a certain claim or demand for damages,
now pending and at issue in the Yourth District
Court for the parish of Orleans. under the No.
44.2(4 of the docket, for the sum of thirty-five
thousand collars, entitled Winm. Schlichting vs.
M. J. Brenan.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms-Cash on the so ,t.
Civil Sheriff of the parish of Orleans.
mh28s ap 4
lugo Redwltz vs. John DeBlols aund Ed
ward DeBIols.
S1r of Orlears-No. 8;245.-By virtue of an
alias writ f ffl.ri fa,:ias to me directed by the
Honorable the fibfh District Court for the par
ish of Orleans, in the above entitled cause. I will
proceed to sell at public auction, on WEDNES
DAY, April fourth, 1877. at 10o o'clock a. m.. at
my ware' ouse, 23 and 25 Orleans street, between
Royal and B ;urbon streets, in the Second Dis
tr iat of this city, the following described proper
ty, to-wit
ALL THE FURNITURE and movable ef
fees taken from the premises occupied by de
fendant John DeBlois, situated at No. 2s aU
c aine street, same District. The whole as -er
iavetor, whieh mdy be seen at my office.
ied n the aboe sutt.
Terme-ash on the s "
A. F. Cochran v(. ntrealn lDry Doek oLnm
S ParisR h of O'rInlnf . No. 44.1,:1.- l4v vlrton of a
w rit of flerr rtviln to i t' , tilro ,il by tahe
Ilonlorable thto Fi, rlh Iil)trl,' t j ( urt for thit
'li',l l of. Oflrllants, inl tI', ib1v1,1 iffllll d tl fir f ,,.
I w ill ro'i' lo ull n I i t i I , f'li , a 11,n. ait the
Meuchauntns' tnt Ai otinnr ' Ex'iranllr , Itoyn.i
uf:rfntl. b twowl in ( ii i ii . Iill It-iout rtt,.
If thi 'k.i.ntiti I)itsl It ,, thius l'hy, on MAT I7'li
DAY, April Iw nl .-Illa'. 'H ) ) f, it od 'l 'k it
Ifl, fIollwlrwl t lo:frl hri llt f ,irtil , I ,-W t:
'Itl iU U( CAN l )lY lit fl'I AND T 11 H l9APP4.l.i
TI NAN- A I ui . hiw lvtif t ,,it the ,tight C lLnk if,
th'u N l nq, I l ji l ivl 'r, in A .li'ir , ii, ppii tll l ht,
i'ty of Now (iiirll ni ,
t'iniriiil 1t tn111 ill iillr r. t;
'1'.tl t-il- int|.h o lia ttve+ - tIIt!,
'lIlit, A I if. ltANl V.
('iv l I trh. fr14 thn l',rnl ,f 1h,.r
lile1 llFart ll v.. la fen $fwr'leey.
14ll"J'ltl DIH'T'itf ' l I l'l ' . rl t FO1 l 'I If PAl
1i 1h Iof (fi'liit N . un,, i byI vIlir ll, Ir ii.
writ i f , ri R s lr f ll lltl, 1 ti R rannfi lnot by tht+
Ihono4flralfinlFli 1 1f V ib I f I 'iull t . ftr thf : ri
of ( tlnt, rftn f i, i 'h ln , , rlhilI,,l i'ti , l I rwr ill
pro o,+,d( Io p"II tit pul tli' nl ,i'iJ, lo t.ft tilnt nor
i anll .' rf land A i, ti , rI i ,h f fli.lg l,, vl
ftrotlif, It twf ' o n (fii iiii liii' (i' tnt iit litrn lfiu 41tr'.a1,2
lit the i ti i liii Vial ,i ,,I It hi, 'fity. oW t WIf 'lll i'l if4,
IDAY, April twirnt-tiiv- l f. ifif, i 1t tI 'silfk Iuf~
lih folltowin t lu",i iI tr li r 1.ry. I!, wit:.
antWO (ElnTI'rAIN Iiiff tri (f ii4al In, Tn.
thti r wity, h tri b11ul lilhf Novi l frn ilnprovon 1 i. g
eth rlno , Ii"n tightsli way. tliviingm, strvitu,
anerd ulat lnt hAn i,; nitlist In tohn ttrth 1Ii
tm Civt l tirtt of t , in th ,inltf i t Orlvnd rS
(mhil. tnut, nli~n r.la, ignth nliud harndneyr
ifr intl aii l Irintl ai lln i ll ti' I thlr il byd met iura
tragnlher ai lfnt frntl u it l ul(l ,it stree.I f t by 127
olo.n i in thun ini ds t hf, b-itwi ti n parallial Ilnlp ,r
Sl~ Da pl, dr1itrnll i Ilfiil Inry Mho.l lf l.nf, n t''
twiltat, dlttol May 4, ltt annolndi- ii to, af n lt't,
eullF' l bJfor. lrl' l"s of lola lily , If'l'lrIrlnr iltAy
inllg t(he ai . prN I 'rt v N. f irl by th olo,Iftnd
ant hrin troim pln lhif i iT hr.in fa1 urf r not
fnlsuh.nd ltufore+ J, f i nrieu lifit( ,llf notary ptl hli1 iii
liis otly, Iundr dat lll of N t ovh l bi, r1t 1n, im71 .
H lta.Ii d r li In hbov r ll,l f l f r
Terms-lllfml h on the, lloti
TIo O. if, [IANDY,
Civil Hhnrtit of thu part1ht of Oriol1fanf
imlle iainntylr 5. 1Ir: . I. Nwutre lnd Her
of animzro ant' sal to ot' dilrnteld by thi lton-i
orayblo th o irfth Dltrl,.t lurt for th parlish ofi
Orlr anf In the tbov4 ant iled eaIiatr I will prot -
irnt toni trl it pubilic" n til, n, Il tM rrlliriants'
fant AU iotue r' f ci 1'l r onlttgn. Iy l M Dnustr.)ft, hitf
twanll ant al ant 11 f tift 'rth i sf st rtilte in dlth.
b111nn1 Distrff of tfl st til, on WfiN litDAY,
April t wenty Lo litl , ill77, tl. I t o'loll k l tNi. tll fol
lor'w ingl d -f4,,rllitlt r.1 4 lty, t fto-W4 It:
1. A EJRiTAIN LOT OP ItI(IUND alinate in
thn Sulbrh Trom hrni in thi teonl I)itri,.t of this
cily. In t[ho matutre bounf loll, by Tranltrlnti, Marlis,
Dumn ainnt ll I+,n L 'hilit, ftrt.ct7, rntll .Oauring ti
footanti, it i nh1 f[o nt ot t Tfil fron itr , tf rin fot
Il Inf Wi in wi Rth in th i r. tt s-.1by l 'tit foot in depth
bltwo.nl patrl le l lia r, ia rnih aor ttiurla the
ly-elhlt h Nov~mtnir', In:ll.
w, A rlt'rdAIN I'O[ITlON ()Or ftlu()lN. Rltu
tl, In the firtl sf , ut'h nrlhtl 1Dltrluo t is f the1 lot,
wlhich is bolll n , I iidehl 11 I , ,111 W qot. (iladII ,.) I t.
['fbltp1 anxdh lilro n Ir lio rt, foan r t Dn a ir fit 2i
[ant E. ilthns atnrl 1 iltn front on DrnJltns* -
a iornt.t. hy 7 frl, i 4 iri',ra , anli isf litl In (lote h.
Th I'lo u l altrtlon of gr .nd r llrltnel i, rtit of 4.ll
lIt 1 f l rolr n ll I t lir III ast i ,o. It f lt NI) hI wlIfle(
wrligitnllyl tfnalfil.lli 4r 1 Irnet f o' t oll n tI)uhing 141)
trinft, Iblh yl lo2tf tila d lp t1lil front onl Trclnt) f
CfrTr VIlf.ur Wilt o a 4nd Mnrl"i EIfun Wi!rt ol thir
dnl nui- t nl.. t| lttin" nil'l plshir, hluly rncognitrrlt.tl
lhlrttor ouni d lrvavlitng hil at la, Iw Ity ao ju1!l int
o .f ti Hi. N1*~ulh VllAl. Cfort. for the l a'bi , of
tOrlnrt, rby l r2t0 l it nil d . nd ron thn twenty
lourl.hl Frot ory r o Auth tlf 7. t r7,in .he.n .attr of the
p ''itr -1in, l V ,Itno f r Wi' illt,- N ,, :t:t1.yr of tl
dlnmakntd of sal ,olft, t n 'l it's P i, Dpally , in DO.lla.t
rlrt of ll tll pri llnirtv 1 ft illr y n jtil dlnt eh nol;
Owhi4 h jtiu lIndIt. litr w lt ( oy i ir t forl in tbhe ion
vtyanr e ol,, 14 1of thia I arlf+ti, rn btook 102, loie
Ndu !'crl In thb trlt,.in vn 4 l. it.
'lterIUAs- CiO4lh Onl tht.s npot.
'1f101tf. I. HfANDY,
Civil hhnriff rof 1tl.n ri4sh of Orleans.
mI24 t H 25
J. P. Iurllro n val. I,,oe Pr lnerlrse.
Lin ot Orlotant. No. 7frI7.-By vlrtue of a
writ o fltll I ftItba to(, e tliratueod by the honor
aleu the Ioifth lfIstrift (Court for the garlish ot
Orleans, in the nlbrve enltit|d cRl,1 I wsf ill Dfro
ceCI to sell at pnbl icu a1rntion, nat the MerchanA.
andlI Aotlrironileris' 1xfnhnfng, Royal street, be
twnln Cano i tfi-nlf 1 Rustblgolrell In t hrnontIn
81nond Distrlm t of this city, on MONDAY, Apfun
twrenty-thlrd, l77, at 12 o'c+lock m., the followlnt
described property to wit4:
A QUAIILRE OF tiOn ND nituate In the Rev
onth ListriCt of thlis ity, d.nlnnatrl b- the n1rm
bor one hundred anld sovntl.y-sevent bonndo,
by Carrollton Avnnru, Dublln, Pritchard and
l'wnlfth Streets, llfh .,lur of f ground ol41ntal.
trg tawrenty-x iot, irnt2l 2e11uur+,s thr
hundred fet by threo huntrnd and twenty,.n
foot. Being thomSanmo propnrty rufltired bY the
deofndant, Daniel Lozn, by purchaseo from RI.
C. Oummlngs, per tint pasoed beforp H. Magne,
li-t a notary ptiblio iln this city. on the slxteenth
dtny of January, lutes; rgl.atorld in the convwy*
,anie offle of this ,'ity, book fonr, ,tllo six hung
drurl allI olht.
Nrized in tthu above snlit,
Toerms---Cwsh on the ntot.
Civil 8hnrlff of theo 'arish olf Orleans.
mh21 ap 12 23
umsmers & arannln v'. James y. i;larke.
l ish of Orleans. No. 1257.,-By virtue of a writ
of Hierl tflacirs to me dire.t't by the honorable
the Sixth District Court for the parish of Or
leans, In the above entitled cause l will proceed.
to seAl at public auction, at the Mrerchants and
Auctloneers' Exchange, Royal street, between
Canal and Customhouse streets. In the Seond
Distrlct of this city. on SATURDAY. Apripl2
1r71, at 12 o'clock m., the following described
square bounded by Canal, (Oasquet. MaraIs and
Vlllere streets, and dslgs nated by the No. 1,i
and a on a plan drawn by Joseph Pille, late sur
veyor, on the third of May, 1839, and deposited
in the office of Luclen Hermann, late a notary
pubile in this eity, msauluring each twenty-one
feet three inches and six lines front on Canal
streetbhydepth between parallel lines of one
hundred an.d twenty-seven feet ten inches and
five lines, all American measure; lot No. one
forming the dorner of Canal and Marals streets.
Together with the use of an alley in the rear of
saird lots opening on Marals street, common to
said lot , being ten feet wide. Together with all
ntr, bu Ildi ngs and mprovementa thereon. Being
tt'. same property wciulired by the defendant
he rein by purchase from the United States of
rmnnrlca, as per deed recorded in conveyanee
ofiect, on the - day of - , 1875.
Heized in the above suit.
Terms-Cash on the spot.
Civil Sheriff of the parish of Orleans.
mh27 apl4 25 ...
Drury A. Harris vs. Wrederlek is. Meuer.
parish of Orleans-No. 44.3.9.--1y virtue of
a writ of seizre and sle, to me directed by the
honorable the Fourth District Court for the par
ish of Orleans, in the above entitled cause, I will
proceed to sell at public auction, at the Mer
chants' and Auctioneers' Exchange, RBoya
street, between Canal and Customhouse streets,
in the Second District of this city, on BATUR.
DAY, April twenty-eighth. 1877. at 12 o'elock m..
the fcilownwlrig desc:ribed property, to wit
buildings and improvements thereon, and ali
rlghts, ways, privileges and apourtenances
thereunto belonging or in any wise appertain
nlg, situated in the Fourth District of this city,
In the square bounded by Jackson, Chippewa,
Philip and Annunciation stroets, and deslgo
nsted by the number nine on a sketch annexed[
to an act pased February 21. 1Ix6, before Hn&g
Madden, late a notary of this city: said lot
measures thirty-one feet eleven inches front on
Philip street. ty one hundred and twenty-seven
feet ten inches in depth. between parallel liles
Ameriean .. salcure. LBeing the same property
aq'luiresd by the defendant herein by purchase
from the plaintiff herein, as ver act passed be
fore A. h. fElek, late notary public October 1t,
seized in the above su!t.
Terms-1. In cash i r a sufficient amount to
pay iaintiff's claim,ray the sum of nine hun
dred dollars, wi h interest thereon at eignt pet
cent per annum from the nineteenth day of Oc
tober, 1875, until the day of sale; seventeen dol
lars premium of insurance; three dollars costs
of protest; four dollars costs of act or mbrtgage
and costs of suit. 2. The purchaser to assume
to the extent of the amount of his bid, the piy
ment of a promissory note, secured by mort..
age on said property, for ae like sum of- tin
hundred dollars, aw a datto dsrawn
order, and indorsed by lmseU. .l
19. 1875 and payablte .two yearsafe n

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