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sammg litib. Ol f ialvt,
tia w there not alt e at them
Whad been. ie rrss for 1100, yerdQi r
sad t e field ro.dontl.. r, r noti t
the err 1014nof Owenfta, te didi not advanc
to a hot time ater the eail "1 morunt" the
es were on the triLk, and got off well to.
e-at le aselly dearabed. Dutler took the
and held It to the thee.qaDrt.erýoet tn the
eseed mile, when he yielded to mrip.r, who
w third at the start, aend who fell b wkI twie
s who he was paused by Owens et the halt
-_ a Int mile, and by Owens sain, when he
ga sby him on the qtarter of eeo mile.
Stheat nd the hal he enut by Oweas
b1 YerdI----' rs, wn up t lt- ponth , ehd
hn pie, but who gave iOUt ed toio taP
- tt e.qearter poet wa paweed In the aWme
Lin which they had gcge b the har, to
te.rtiter, larier, Oswne, yerdigri. e
tit himn rth harper took the fe, and
. t right under the string, Butler second,
uqetlitrd and Yerdigris, who had given out,
id, mie, 8:.
The Third Race.
Tre were the followinr entries and starters :
rlaelro erd, Coroatila, tob Wooley, Brown As
Coriander, lilburnt,
I e poole Coriander and Kilburn sold even,
is00ri8a Mold at the rate of $96 to 8100 for the
ort, and the rest in the dtold sold in pro
b crae wee a good on, but the result beat
Se m owing ones. W5bley took the lead at the
ri land held It all around the track., The
t~Jhe hrse changed positlon, but theylr fsed
aAdot the string In the following order
Wooley, ILeonard, Coronilla a.d Coriander.
i rest no where. £imp 1.40.
Leonard's owner and Leonard'e friende were
Temn h esletted over the result of the rape.
X tMerla rn recorded ac ageul, end the Ihet
She took the ne~und place made them very
lintr 16tcw-Three-lsarters of a mile for all
lu; ob puree, $00S $10 to the lirst horse;
-to econd; 0 to tho ird.
akly & Hogging enter b. h. Jack Hardy, 8
y. 0., by mp. Phaeton, daln Molly Itoger
by imp, Sovereign; 110 pounds.......... 1
Ge(ore Iuith enters th . Btendman, . o., by
War Danu. dam by Soltirino; 11 pounds c
ewie Jonee eer het r. nb,. Maria Barnes, 8 y.
.,, by Asteroid, dam Black ose; 107
poUnds ............ ................. . 8
i.spt Taylor enters oh, b. IiloxI, aged, by
Leasntngton, dam Itebenoa; 118 pounds... 0
George H.eaac enters ch. a. Jo'n Oa.mpo1ll, a
y. o., by Joe stoner, dam by Imp. Albion;
010 pounde.................... 0
amee Iurget enters b. f. Hiadee, 0 y. o., by
onnie Boortland, dam Belle Buckley by
.own Dick; tl7 pounds..................
el. e enters b, 1. llannerhaee.tt, 6 y. o.
by Mornls, dam tonrme by Iinggold; io10
pounde.............................. .... 0
Timed 1 :l8*., . a'" "
aoarn I iru.-lot Atie, for all atr two
se heats; 6 entrance; p. p., with 800 aeded;
Sto fiBrt horset $100 to second.
Ate. ,A. y, ptes b. . Main Harper, 0 y.,
o,,by Rebel, dam Malry Kimbro, by
I el 11 pounds ....................... 1
-, eou en, enters ob. c, Baes Butler, 4 7.
o,, by War Danoe, dam Princese loyal;
pounds ....................... 4
. enter b. . Henry Owene, 4 y. o,.
-by IIroy, dam by etar Davis; 104
dn Od.... ............. .. ..2
Y. eleh, enter ohb, h. Verdigris 6, y o
by Vertlles, dam Be:l Blr aon, 110
aund ....... . ...... . ..... adle
Time, 8039=8;38.
r~an rAuB.-une mile, with o100 pounls on
1h three year olde to carry their proper
. toe, 8 paundle llowed tobmares and geIlding:;
w . purr 1200; 8180 to first hone; an0 to second;
00to third.
dart enters br. b. Bob Wooley, 18 o., by
ip. L.asmington, dam Item by Lexuig.
ton' 100 pound" ............. I.........
1, Loyd enters b, h. Port Leonard, aged, by
Voucher, dam Prunella; 07 potnads...... 2
.enoer & Brein enter b. tm. Coronllla, 6 y. o.,
by IRetel, dam by Rtpee; 07 pounds.... a
Lewis Jonce enters br. , Brown Aeterold, 5 y.
o., by Asteroid, dam Gaselle; 100 pouned, 0
The.. A. Oay ente OIh, I. a. Coriander, y. .,
by Blobl, dam Aurella Weathel nor; of7
o unods.................................. o
J. OMethon entre oh. g. Kilburn. aged, by
Biugmeeter dam Ontario; 07 pounde.... O
The entries for the race. to-day are as follow::
Finer ltAn.--One mile and one-eighth for rli
gen; club purse $800; t6$ 1 to first horse, $0 to
ndad mU to blrd.
Mambtot, $10; Commodore Pario, $20; BelUe
akley, 690; itedman, $190: Dlonau h, $110.
fa1oti n t.tLu-..Three milee for all ages; Olub
Pre. $000; $400 to first horse; 100 t second;
1 to third,
Coriander, $01: Itedding, $180: Georg Quinine,
$9.1Pi Falmouth, $158 Uncle Tom, 13. /
TfIleD tAod-Mle heats, for all agee; club
S$400; $800 to first horse, $100 to second.
ahe ipper, $80; Jack Htard $100.
Jee will commene preco ely at 8 o'olock.
The S1,lid Triws of a 11otid Mehanic.
betfor D1mocrat-As you have alwars been a
-.end to the mechanic and workiag man, and as
have often through the solumn. of your py .
a.own to the people of this country the num.
- of my olae*o ople out of emp loyment,
Iher flre, on behalf of thfis l a, I appa to you
es more to alid us in laying before ae ount.
our situation at the present time, and the di,
\ulty that caures ne and our fealler to be on the
poipt of starvation.
T.o ar well aware that there is In thie city, at
the time, a large amount of capital Idle in our
banks ready to he invested the moment the
troop. are wthdrawn ferm the esupport of a bae
had government, and where there as so muoh
-pitatl idle it necessartiy follows th there meut
pe a large amouut of labor idle, for gapltal and
abor are so Identifled with eaeoh other that it I.
am ImposaiblhSy to separate them. Thie moobhan
lee anrd wurkingmen of thsle city haveo waited wlth
patlence and h ve paceed through a dreary, hard
l nter with the hope that they would have plenty
f work this summer. But, alan, their hop aern
idlhted and we ese nothing beforo us
a lone, dreary summer, unleeee o
'pol.teal ditfloultws are settled soon, co ae
o let our captallte inveest and give us work.
* eanoot blame the capitallcte for holding back;
h, ader the govrnment that we have been
aepelled to Uhs under, they had no security for
Itheir iovetmente. But now that we have a row
enaeat under Franole T. Nicholls, fully estab.
ilahed ln all its co-ordlinate braohe, and the sa
peae rer uaced, end no impediment In the way
N invetltg their oeapital now lying idle, but the
preenoe of the troops to mupport S. B. Paokard,
ho pretends to have c:aimn to oeall himself
Gv tir'rtue of the perjury of Mat. Wells
-. hpe the CommU1taon or etlem Jes
iuseml here at the request of President Hayes
will dIte our workshop and fouandries, and they
'(1 there eoon be convinced that not only are uthe
-rba" and eapiait te supportng our lesally
elected Go.enor but that nine out of every ten
. at Omechano.ls heartily euport him, and that
we the bone and sinew of this State, tr.i never
tace ca other to 0goCern .u, end that his ixos
Le rotren sa Bys may fully understend
that the worklagmen of this eity and State
-ally lndoree his Bouthera poli, and
the deoltation in hi. iraugual address
hat the time has come when there should
be no interf.rlce. We onliy ask him as
-eo uas poeihie to withdraw the troope to their
krrac and in a few days after we will have
pnty of work; and he will have the prayer of
-any a mother and child thaeking him and God
Sthe tim e hbu come tiat their husebands can
_ wrk, and that when ISWoa y night omes
- ll be able to return to the bosom of hi.
itl family with his week's hard W anndgn to
e-o the blessing that a jest God has given him,
be ablhe to support those that he b M in thi.
d g. Respecttfully. __ A MEOCHANIO.
The llDshp real Coneers.
Grmewald Hall was bright with liht, fowers,
m beed and beauty last night It was vooal
ift mulea , sweet mutterings and the gay ripple
Strenier, thr thelade TrnityOhurh made
aceoss of their oonaoest, and the ete
Ordasn soos was there. We cannot
th beati ladie-.they are imde
e wi make any rematehs about
the psals oone perormer would
the same as that of the next
a toe me, if followed
either stale matter
a forst whe'. thesa
tClu :z
The seate.
The Senate nte sit 0l o'elok, the utual hour,
liettl. Go Wilts pceldt . .. ...
Mr. Goose, for the juedii Committere, re.
ported on Stoue bill No. i1I, relative to ot.ening
Thee remark of Mr. ugstle were in the follow.
lng words:
notice in the Dmoioonr of this morning what
iptports to be a statement w ado by Mr. HRtoht
ison0, to which that ~entleman etates that in a
conversation with me I advoeate4 certain poaties
for the United States Denate. The statement, so
far that I advocited that seven members, re
turned by the Returnling Board, who are not now
present, should take their seatse i this body,
Wos correet.
I have elways oouourred in the belief that no
legally eleoted Senator should be exeluded, and
whenI have heard that any legally eleoted imetw
her of the House has taken his seat in that body,
I have always felt prattBled at that frot. I have
stated to the Oommisilon that that was the only
lelal solution; that this was the lrglly ouneti
toted General Assembly, and that members hold
ing their seats here were welcome, and that any
member who here appeared and qualified on one
of these foors ehouItf be recognised.
lilt I And the statement made that I was in
favor of the election of two Reputblican Senators
to the United trates Senat. Tllis is absurd, and
I cannet aoount fbr it.
In the drst place, my credentials are before the
United States Benate, where I have appetared,
clalming that I have been iatlly e.loted, and it
would he strange for me to lake such a position
as stated after the aestIranees I have had that
I would be seated, and after conversatlons by
Mr. Morton with a gentleman who told me that
Morton said that he (Morton) would be comn
pelled to vote to seat me.
It would be strange after those asertances that
I would advocate the eleetiot of a teputbleran in
my place. In regard to my easse I have taken the
positton that tny right was unquestionable to that
seat, and I have no reason to doubt that I will
secntre my meat. I am the last person that would
oonsent that any lnpublioan shouid take the meat
in my stead. I have never told Mr. lntohblon or
any one else that I would favor sending any Be
publloan to the denate in my place, or for
the long term, I have gone so far
as to say that into my opinion if
Hayes wanted a tenator to support bhi policy
as to the establlshment of the governments of
Hampton and Nicholls, that he could place far
more reliance for the snpport of his Southern
pollev, If such it be, in a l)emocratio Senator
than in a Republican elected by a oulthern
Legislature. It was a well known ftact that Hayes'
OCabinet ould not have been confirmed but fur
the votes of the bouthern Democrats.
ltesolunton of House relative to the BIarataria
Canal, asking national recognition in aid of the
enterprise,. was oncurred in.
Joint resolution relative to adjournment on
Thursday was laid over.
Resolution for pro rata compensation of the
employees of the Senate during the extra 5es
sion was adopted.
A message from the House announced the
passage of ssveral bills.
Among them House bill No. 918, for the lnspee
tion of weilhts and measeures in the Sixth and
Seventh Distriot of Orleans; House bill No. gil,
regulating the fees of clerks of courts in the par
ish of Orleans in suits for tales; House bill No.
947 incorporating the Loulaisiana Ste pair Asme
octlion rad conferring upon It the sime powers
enjoyed by the old Mechanical and Agricultural
l iair Amloiation ; House bill No. 919, authorlsing.
the pebioation in the ofitotal journal digests of
the decisione of the Supreme Court.
These bills were read and appropriately re
The message also announced that the House
roueaed to concur in the Soenate amedments to
House bill No. 9117, relative to assessing property
of schools, ohuro.es and benevolent assoeiations:
and that the House had concurred in Senate
amendmente to the Barataria ship canal bill.
House resolution for adjournment sine dSi on
Thursday, 12th Inst., at 2 p. mn, was read and
laid over.
House bill No. 70 re-annexing to the First Ju
dicial District the alxth an I eventh Municipal
Distrlets of New Orlean, was finlly paesed.
House amendments to ienate bill No, 1149 rela
tive to the fees of harbormasters In New Orleans,
were concurred in.
The Senate joined the House to ballot for
tsnited btates Senator. and shortly returned.
House bill No. 909, to repeal certain artlcles of
the levised Statutes relative to the tax on' for
eign heirs, having been reported on favorably by
the Judiciary Committee, was taken uip for con.
Mr. White, wanting further information on the
subject, desired that the bill be recommitted,
which request was granted.
Mr. Bosater, from Committee on Lands and
Levees, reported unfavorably on Senate bill No.
90, relative to the employment of convicts to
work on the levres. The work was desirable but
the plan of the bill was open to objections.
Also reported on Senate billNo. 114, an amend
ment to be section 8, that the bill providing for
funding the debt of the town of t lsllemine shall
not take effoot, except with the consent of the
majority of Its voters.
Also reported unfavorably on House bill No.
Concurrent resolution that Congress be petll
tioned to grant to the State all the publio lands
therein for eduoational purposcs, without regard
to race or color, was adopted.
The Judiciary Committee reported with
amendments to House bill 218, creating two re
corders' oourts in the parish of Orleans--th
drlidlotion of one embracong the First and
Fourth Municipal Distriote and the other the
rest of the corporate limlta of the city. The
first section was adopted.
An amendment being offered to the second see
tion, for the Governnor to appoint, Mr. Goode
said he was rather disposed to give the city full
control of ite police and municlpal duties. If wre
give to the parishes the right to select its justices
and other offoors, why not permit the city,
throaugh its Council, to choose these recorders
instead of having thenm appointed by thie GQov
erns r?
Mr. chabrlie, like Mr. Goode, was opposed to
the Governor appolIting the minor judiciary of
the city.
Mr. Grover offered a substitute, provl(ng for
the appointmeut of the recorders by thie mualci
pal authorities. Adopted.
Pending further consideratlon of the bill, on
onli of Mr. toberteon, the Benate wont into ex
coutive sesion, and iamediately thereafter ad
journed till 11 o'clock a. m., Wednesday.
The House assembled at the usual bour
Speaker Bush in the chair and a quorum present
Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Percival.
Mr. Billion, of Lafourche, for the Judiciary
Committee, reported unfavorably on House res.
lution to compensate Ursin Jaeobs.
Unfavorably on House bill No. 194, relative to
the appointment of a commission to revise the
statutes of the State.
Unfavorably on House bill 314, relative to the
lnoorporation of the new Orescent City Slaugbter
house Oompany.
Unfavorbly on BSenate bill No. 137, relative to
usurpers of ofece.
fravorbly, by majority report, on House bill
No. 315, relative to the sale of 'liquors to minors
by bar-room keepere.
Favorably, with amendments, on resolution re
lative to the extra compensation of the obairmen
of the Committees of Enrollment and Contingent
By substitute on resolution relative to the comrn
penestion of the clerk and employes of the
8pecial report to the effeot that section 1532 of
the Revised 8statees iving extra compensation
to the 8peaker of the House does not conoliot with
article 39 of the State constitution.
By Mr. Voorhies, of Orleans, ohairman of the
Committee on Bsilroids, favorably on a bill to
repeal an seot fooorporatlg the New Orleans,
Baton Rouge and Yioksburg lalroad Company.
This bill was taken up immediately and pa..ed
House bill No. 329, to amend and re-enact seco
tion 3042 of the Bevised statates, was reported
upon favorably.
tr. Leeds, of Orleans, chairman of the Com
mittee on Education reported back House bill
No. 311, relative to school lands in the perish of
Lafaette1 recommending that the m be re
ferred to h Judiebary Committee favor~hl with
amendment on Senate bill No. 141, relative to
Mr. Ten, oC eibem, introbsed a eeoi
tsv. ýrs;.LL sa ' ssd
bet fir
bill to sodW s.a of W- rts of
Jud tof lotites.
Mi. ercooehan satled up his joint reolution,
providln tIht no extra eompeeantien shall be al
owe0d tothae hirman on contingent expenses and
enroilment of the roose. and the chairmen of
the owmmlttees of enrollment and acntue and
audit of the Benate exoept for ten daye after the
sessions. The resoluto was paseed Basity.
A lengthy communipotion was reeoved from
olttsene of Houms favoring and idorsing the
Nicholls government and tonademting atnyprot
posed compromise that woold affect the result of
the late eleotiot. The oommunaation was
ordered to be spread on the mintrres.
JOIllr ese.oo.
The Senate met the House in joint session, and
the Oeneral Assembly proceeded to ballot for a
United Balres Senator, with the following result:
Senate. House. Total.
D, F. JonaMs..s........... I 20 91
ItL.L. ibso ............. 8 10 16
110,. lilings ............. 1 8 4
ltiahard H. Brown........ 2 18 18
Andrew Caness.......... Il 2 r
0. W. Meranie........... 7 14 91
C. Iloatner.......... . 1 6 0
Paul Waterman........... 0 1 I
Blank ..................... 1 1 2
Totals ....... .....9. - 9 O0
No choice, and the Senate withdrew.
Plrevious to the balloting Mr. MoOehes with.
drew the name of Col, Je. 1. Ca Oey; enator Al.
lain that of Gao, . andoliph, and nominated Mr.
Andrew Cuanes Mr. Hammond withdrew the
name of Mr. J. H. Brliham; Mr. Singleton nomwt
tated Mr. Rlohard H. Brown; Senator Ellis
nominated Col. I. W. MoOrauie.
The House resumed its separate session.
Mr. lilien, of Lafourobe, introduond a resolu
tion providing for the compensation of the clerks
of certain committees.
Mr. McGehee ,tiered an amendment providing
that the elerks of thoese committees be paid for
the number of days that they have actually
served. He did not wish the clerks to be paid for
doing nothing.
Mr. Young, of Mast liaton Rouge and Mr.
Cressy, of Orleans, said they were in favor of
economy and ref rm, but the clerks employed by
the committees were in constant attendance on
the committees and subjegt to their orders.
Mr. MoGehee said that he knew of one commit
tee where a special contract was made with the
clerk to pay him only for the time for which they
were actnily emplnyed.
Cain ta rtain said because the committees had
failed to make such contracts, was no reason why
the olerks should not be paid.
Mr. Young took a similar view, and contended
that the law said that the clerks should be paid
seven dollars a day and did not exclude tundays.
He thought it was small economy to deprive the
clerks of iheir per diem.
Mr. Huntington argued against the amend
ment from a legal p lt of vicrw, or law and
equity, and besides, on the ground of the im
practicability of determing the time during
which the clerks had been employed.
Mr. MoGehee contended that the clerks had
not been legally appointed. Ile wanted to settle
the matter now for the future.
Gen. Young replied by asking how the rule
would epply to the gentleman himself, who had
been absent from the House for several days.
Hew would it apply to other members who had
also absented themselves? He thought that
certainly no member of the House would vote
to out down their per diem benause they had
been absent.
The yets and nays were called on a motion to
lay on the table Mr. McOehee's amendment.
Yeas 30 nays 84. Lost.
Cain itartain was on his feet again, and made a
vociferous argument in favor of paying the
clerks who had been engaged on a solemn con
tract. He moved to reconsider the vote by which
the House refused to lay on the table Mr. Moes
hee's amendment.
Mr. MoGehee spoke again. The law taid that
the clerks were to be employed with nutborina
Lion of the House, and it was only on the thirty
thi, d day of the session that such authorization
was asked.
Mr. Young said the resolution placed before
him, as ilhairman of the Committee on (lontin
gent Expenses, the alternative of violating the
law or of violating the instructions of the 1o iuse.
And as he had the lonse in greater awe than the
law hei would follow the instructiois of the Hlonse.
lie would vote for Mr. Motebee's amendment
since I seemed to be favored by the House.
The House refused to reconsiler the vote by
which they refused to lay the amendment on Ithe
Mr. Creesy, of Orleans, sengirsted the neces
sity or paying in full the clerk of the Judisiary
Hr. Huntington said that he would oppose the
amendment, for in doing so he was doing an act
of consistency and complylng with the law, which
was explicit in thin matter or paying the olerks.
At the suggestion of Mr. Billi.n, Mr. MoOebee
offered another amendment, r, qiritng that the
clerks should be paid for the number of days they
have actually been engaged, ezoept the clerks of
the Enrolling, the Contingent Expeises and the
Judiciary Committees, who shall be paid for full
Mr. Oarloss, of Webster, and Mr. 3askins, nt
Lincoln, both opposed the amendment on grounds
already stated.
The yeas and nays being called on the adoption
of the amendment remulteo in 18 yeas, 29 nays.
The resolution was then adopted, Mr. Voorbies
however, giving notioe ,hat to-morrow he would
move a reconsideration of the vote.
Mr. Toler, of Itich'and called up ihne bill
No. 828, to appropriate 81100 for assessment and
tax collectors' colls.
The House resolved itself into
CoxMNtflriO ou TUC WnoT,
to consider the bill.
Mr. Hlli in the chair.
Mr. T'iler explained that a previous appropria
tion of $21100 for blank asessmentt and ta roils,
to be fnrnshed by the Auditor, was ncutlleilent.
The bill was adopted by tihe committee, which, on
rising, reported ravorasly upon i, to the Hiouse.
tpeaker Bush in tie chair.
'bhe bill being taken up was passed fnlsily.
Mr. Lyons, of East Ielliiane, chairman of the
Committee on Ourporatinms, reported favorally
upon House bill No. 882, to nlorporate Orlenso
Fire Company No. 1, of New Orleans. 'Passed
By Mr. Ferguson, of Orleans, by t onsent-A
bill relative to garnishees san to attachment
suits to be put on the summary docket of the
Supreme Court. Referred to the Judiciary Com
Also, a bill to revive and extend the charter of
the First Baptist Church of New Orlear's. Ite
ferred to the Committee on Charitable Institu
By Mr. Huntiongton-A bill to authorzis L. C.
Maolin to soe the State. Referred to the Judi
ciary Committee.
A motion to adjourn was rejected.
Mr. Hill in the chair.
Mr. Leeds, of Orleans, called up Senate bill
No. 141, to regulate public education in Louisi
ana, reported with amendments by the Commit.
tee on Education.
One amendment exempts the Administrator of
Flianee from giving bond as custodian of the
seehool fuud; another authorizes the city hoard
of Eduaotion to select tse own office. Both were
Another requires the BSuperintendent of Publi
Education so visit each parish at least once a
year. when practictable.
Mr. Bowden objected to the last words, whieh
would leave it to the discretion of the Superin
tendsnt, who should be required positively to
visit the schools at least once a year.
Mr. Lyons was of the same opinion, and he
moved to strike out section second which would
leave the law as it now is, making it the duty of
the Superintendent to make the visit in the coun
try parishes. Consideration of the bill was post
poned for fifteen minutes, to permit Mr. Voorhies
to present the following
Whereas, it is important, on account of the
material interests of Louitsiana, that the present
unnecessary political compioationi be promptly
adjasted, and it is desirable to aid the Prees ent
in his expressed wish to reastore peace and har
mony throughout the county; therefore, be it
ResLoed, That we cordially invite the duly
elected members of this House who have nereto
fore abstained from answering roll call to ac
once occupy their seats on the floor of this House
and thereby facilitate the prompt solution of our
present ditculties and the peaceful settlement of
the present disturbed condition of affairs.
M-. Voorhies took ooesion to say that the
Hose hd daily wited pon these members to
take their eets by calling their names at every
roll m aad on every estluon when the yeas
sal were eaLed t as tet there bad never
sea *athetsntk9 ci .aa~ i fromi ther
40R eed.,ill
A 4 to 1 It.port Probable.
The Comnission Will Effect Nothing.
The Commiselon wore engaged Tues
day rhorning in receiving the visit of a
colored delegation from a city itepubli
can club. From the number of darkles
who put in an appearance, the whole club
must have been out. The consultation
with them occupied all the morning,
and a long story or Packard's wrongs
was piteously told,
The matter of compromise is the topic of eonu
versatlon around the Commission rooms, and
various plans are suggested as the most likely
ones rPneet theboommlssion's acquiesoence. The
prople outside of those engaged In polities are a
unit against a compromise of any kind. They
say they will not stand another batter of their
rights, and that they have either won or lost the
fltbt, and knowing they have won, they refuse to
pive ip their victory even at the sacrlifle of a
Senar or anything else.
There was some very strong lanattago used
over this compromise talk, and many "euss"
words shook in the air.
There is considerable differencte of opinion
labut the standing of the Cnmtnlmlion on the
adjustment question. (Gov. lDrown's stand is
supposed to be one entirely in keepitig
but Kellogg has hald his frieuds to surround him
in order to neutrallise hi opinions, if possible,
and render them morecons';naut with Hilly Plit'se
ideas, as yet without suceass, however. It looks
now very much like a 4 to 1 suggestion of compro.
The Commission will surely finish its lab-rs
before Haturday.
liverybody lomeeerra now that the Oommiselon
will not effect anything by their visit, and that
they will go hack to the l'resident and show that
they were powerless to move the people in their
determination to hold on to lhrir rights, This
will undorubtedly be the upshot of the matter,
atd nothing will come of the long conferences
slid consultations.
The reception yesterday afternoon was that of
the representatives of the colord people here.
Abumt thirty members were present, all claiming
to be property holders. They said that they had
made large sacrifices for the sake of the Packard
government, and the upholding of the National
eonstitution. They further said that inasmuch
as they had
they believed it was their duty to uphold Pack
ard s government to the last, and that the main.
tenance of Packard was necessary to the salvwa
tlon of the negro race. Col. Jim Lewis was the
chairman of this committee and H. U, Astwood
was the secretary. The special commission was
with this delegation until quite a late hour. After
the delegation had retired
POuS OTalTLMdiMN uVno Tri t(! ONTIY
were Introduced. They were old-time planters
and knew the people of the Btate well. They
had voted in the last election for Hayes, but now
thoght Nicoholls should be the Governor and
ought to be sustained. They said that if Pack.
arbd should attempt to pry into the weakness of
the present situation, there would be a sangula.
ary result, and to this everybody agreed. In
other words, Packard would rather remain in a
subordinate condition than be an aspirant for
any promotion.
Other property holders lsoevisitre the commait
tee, and said that the recogn'ton of tihe Nicholls
I government would do more towards effeoting a
pacification of the people here than anything else.
After the visit of the members of the colored
committee the Counetl of the city was admitted,
and they gave a suoOinct statement of the sffairs
of the city under both ltepltbli'an and Demo
cratic rule. 'The statement presented showed the
inmpositions of the park and other taxis, and hoew
mni h hadl b en acqllred by ltadical mnaUlilna
t.insr. It. is evidenlt that now the C1rnelssinn
ftol that they are swthiout worlk and ought to ad.
The lirahnt Mltenhalit Ilond ('nte,
Legallly or City IBnds at Jesuo.
The case of IlRaslie and Louiso Maenhant,
who reside in Belgitum, and others, against the
city or New Orleans, the Lounlians National
lank, New Orleans (Canal and Banking Company,
ltiberuia National lBank, Levee Steam Cotton
Press Ceampany, Eager, Ellerman &A (Jo. and
Wm. Van Norden, was before the United States
Circuit Court Tresrday on the chancery side.
It will be recalled that in this case there
is involvetI the questlio or the legality of the
issue of premilum bonds by the city.
The bill in chancery sets forth that the oom
plainants are the holders of consolidated bonds
issnued by the city under the authority of an aot of
28 Feb unary, 1I59, to consolidate the muniolpal
ities of the city. This not required that no obli
gation or evidence of lndebtedness whatever ex
cept those anutholied in the aPt, was to be Issued
by the city, nor should any loan be contracted
unless authorized by a vote of the people.
Is violationa of this it is alleged in the bill that
there is now ottat:ending a bonded eity debt of
ovaer twentv-two, millions of dollats.
The oomplainanits claim that thley are entitled
to a epoolit tel on the real estate of the city to pay
the interest on the consolidated bonds, and
that it, be decroed that the first and
paramount dtly of the authorities each
year before anry act te done, Is to provide ade
quately the sumn of $1ti50,00 for the paymont of
such interest, and thaat, an injunction be granted
to I'strain the city from payinig any of the bonds
issloed itlltir 18;9.
E. Blermtudez, for the plaintiff, presented the
case in an elshatrate argument, contendirg that
the act of 185 havang been decided by Judge
Wood to be a contract, the subsequent issues of
honds, in disregard of the conditions of said act,
were a violation thereof, and especially the act of
1876, authorizing the premium bonds and to
pealing all previn us acts, providing for the issue
of bonds, and limiting the tax of the city to 1%.
This last aot had been passead by the Legleslature
after the commeucement of tidl suilt, and after
the decision of Judge Wood that the oct of 1852
createi a contret lan favor of the consolidated
bondhUders; that the premium bond oact was a
gross prververin of the tax which had been
to pay the interest on the consolidated bonds.
All such acts by the Legislature or the city gov
ernment were illegal and void, and the equity
powers of the court were appealed to, to declare
suach Illegality, to compel a spectfloperformanee
of the contract with the consolidated bondhold
era, and to enjoin and prohibit the appliaetion of
the taxes on real estate, imposed and collected
by the city, to any other object, until the $650,000
required to be set aside for the consolidated
bonds ehould be appropriated to satisfy that
debt. Mr. Bermudez referred to and read from
the report of the Master in Chancery, Judge T.
Wharton Collina, to show that already the city
was a delinquent to the amount of over two mIll
lions of dollars, which were due to the consoll.
dated fund. He also read various authorities.
Henry T. Miller replied for the city, and argued
that the plaintiffs had obtained all the relief
which equity could give; that their claim to be
paid was not disputed, and the necessary fund
would be provided for, and this was all their pro
posed daairee called for; no mandamus was asked,
or could be granted by that court. But it was
impossible to concede that these plaintiffs could
by virt e of the act of 1852, forever tie up and
control the political discretion of the State to
regulate the taxing power of a political corpora.
Mr. Miller argued tiese points at length, citing
several aulhorites. At the close of has speech,
the courat alj turned over until to-day, when Mr.
Jonas far, tie city, and Judge John A. Oampbell
for the pluntiffe, will Olose the argument.
Their eeeptjoa Last Night.
Last evening there was a large trmoot of the
eine Onetlaves of this cty to receive the visiting
asmbers of that popular ader. Early in the
****tle*ghe lai C se**a 0a e thlasset
l r: ue chb i0 ere onadoted to
te itute red by the kllownl s|quia of
the old bathd1on, the resident agembet wek
omned their guest at the depot of the Mobile
road, Judge 'lesot made the speech of weloome
d it was rep unded to by the lion. Win. I.
Foster, uf irginIa. After the valtrs had been
welcomed, the body paraded the streets and lere.
naded the several papers.
Pay Tetr 1,ilense.
Administrator Denis has requnested the Chef
of Pollee to arrest all drivers of puhll vehioles
who have not paid their license for 18T7.
The Minerva Dramatit Olub give their fourth
entertainment at Minerva Hall, on Friday even.
h.g, 1Hth Inst., at 7 o'clock.
Hotse surgeo.n
Dr. George 11. Pratt was elected on Monda
night House Surgeon of the Charity Hoepital
against Dr. Smythe, ortpinally appointed by len
Butler and who has occupied the situation since
the advent of the woman-insr.ter in New Or.
An Annual Conneil.
The thbrty.-ltth annual council of the obhnrh
in Lousisanla will be held in To inity Chirch, Jack.
son street, this day (Wednesday), at 10t, o'clock.
The council will continue in session three days.
Morning prayer, with a sermon, each day at 10tr
o'clock. On the flrst day the Sacrament of the
Holy Commiunon w ll be celebrated. The busI
ness sessions wi 1 be held in the evening at 7
The Wringlng In of Jake.
Jake Brown was furnished a stit of apartments
in the Central Station, charged by John Holder
with embezalermnt,
It appears that Jake borrowed John's gold
ring to ornament his hand, but alfter hehad worn
it a few days he disnovered that his pooket
book was empty, and pawned the ring to replenish
itis pocket book.
John heard of thi Ititle transacilon and, yester
day, meeting Jake at the corner of Olalborne and
Oasquet streets, called Offlcer Clark and had him
Nteadin Malltter.
(lennnlue enterprise is always sure to be
crowned with success. Staub. who has estab
lished a cheap news-stand at Oc(ldthwalte's book
store on Exea'hage Alley, is a bri liant example of
the above aphorism. iEvery day enlarges his
stoolk of newspapers and periodioals, and propor.
tionately increases the number or hies oestomrs.
One of his latest accessions Is I'uc1k, a finely Illus
trated atnd racy satiracal weekly, now at its fourth
shore Items.
At 7 o'clock Sunday evenlng a burglar broke
into the ofitce of EI. McDonald, No. 1110 Caronde.
let street, and suoceeded In stealing the follow.
nlg articles, to wit: a cost, cane chair, looking
glass, one pair of slippers, one wash pitcher and
four umbrellas.
For the larceny of 8250 Martha Annason was
Immured in the Third I'reolnot Station. Joseph
Potoucher preferred the ohs rge.
At the Instigation of John Hambrada, Andrew
Half was arrested and Incarcerated in the Third
Precinct Station, charged with the larceny of
twenty dollars,.
John Williams, a steamboatman is tied up in
the Third Precinot Statlon, charged with the lar
ceny of a revolver, the property of one Wm.
ChObarles Fox, at the request of Thos. Wilson,
was arrested at the corner of Old Levee and liar.
racks streets and looked up In the Third Oala
bonse, charged with assault and battery and
For the larceny of $21 and a brass watch An
drew Cards was given a new deal in the Third
Jake Woosher, John Francoi. Joseph Ager and
Peter alc.loin, sugar and moirsses pilferers by
priofesioin, were looped up in the Harbor Station.
Mary pullivan, for having twenty pounds of
corn int her possession, supposed to havb been
stolen, was n oeroerated in the Harbor Btetion.
Thomas Dowd. who broke Jail on the first of
A pril, in the Heventh I'reolnoi, was arrested by
Olloer Mundon yesterday.
Last evening a huggy belonging to G. W.
Leonard colid, d wiit street c'r No. 611, at the
corner of l'oydras and Carondelet elreots, tlltow
the car from tLe track. No one hurt. Damage
Offilor Itiley, while making an arrest on D,.I
maine street, near IRoya, lost a fire key, with
brass tag, numbered 6I attached, Any one having
found seme will onifer a favor by leaving it with
Capt. Kelly, at the Third Precinct Statlou.
Ronnanv.--Sarsh James, Emma Smith and
Lucy Smith were arrested last evening, on Dry
ades street, by OtBoers Farrell and McDonald
and incarcerated in the Central Station, charged
with robbery.
Deorrn DgAD. -Last evening George Lawson,
aged 56 years, a member of Missinsippi Fire
Company No. 9, dr, pped dead at his residence
No. 227 Poydram street. The Coroner held an
inquest and returned a verdict of heart disease.
Novr lboster Cnanom.-.The light of other days
have flown, murmu ed J. F. Heldman when he
was enteriag a cell in the Central Police Station,
on the charge of puttiug oat street lights.
TAKclio CoMMnDa;n o'rit riei. xoonr ParItIvo'r.-
Capt. W. H. Maiming, in connection with his
captaincy of the Central Station, yesterday took
charge of the Second Precinct Station. Now
that the Oaptain is tn command, robberies will be
hias frequent in this precinct.
COrrrxo AerNAl.-- t half-past eight o'clock
last evening a difficulty took place on Carondelet
street, corner of talliope, between Wi. Henry
and Spencer Washington, which terminaton in
the former be.ng out tlico by a razor in the
hands of the latter. The wounded man was at
tended by Dr. Logan, who prononnced the cuta
not dangerous. Wastnilglon made his escape.
Superior Criminal Court.
i1hootlon, e'c.-Albert ltey, colored. convicted
April 0. Motl 'n for a new trial fixed for latur
day, 14th lanstnt.
Murder--State vs. Ernest Westerhagen and
Mrs. Mary E. Pringle. indicted November 24,
1878, for the murder of Benjamin Wadsworth, on
the morning of October 18, 18760, on Bienville,
between Tonti and Rocheblave streets. For the
proccution, Attorney General Ogden and Aisut
ant Attorney General Esan. For the defense,
OChales H. Lnzenberg, Esq., for Westerhagen ;
J. Hagln, Esq., for Mrs. Pringle.
First Distriet Court.
Trespass-Geo. Whitfield.
Larceny-Ohat les Brown.
Obtaining money under false pretenees-Louls
Lemon. The affidavits showing on It face a
charge of lorgery, therefore case sent before the
Superior Crlminal Court.
Laroeny-John OsCr, Charles Brown, one year
hard labor.
BoUa.rT's FLAvoINGx ErraxT rs-Are nsed
and endorsed by the best hotels, confectioners,
grocers and the first families in the country.
Nzw Gooni.-Messrs. M. L. Byrne & Co. are
displying a beautiful line of spring goods whioh
they ha just unpacked and which they have
marked down to suit the times. From the way
their store is crowded we should judge another
shipment will be necessary to supply the demand;
however they are determined to sell their goods
at a very low figure and endeavor to give eatisfac
tion to all.
The month of May is coming, the month of
flowers, of love and of sunshine. The ladles who
take interest in the Church of the Annunacation
have deeided upon giving a grand May festival
for the benenl of the chureb. There will be
dancinog around the May pole, muels, and corona
tion of the May Queen. It will all come off on
the let of nMa and the paltry sum of ffty cents
-Ir a tlsket will cover all expense.
A gentleman, who rather suapeoted
eome one was peep th. r. -
elk] o~ d
.P.t the .., 0 a r.
I know a little malde bright,
With eye of witcholg blue,
With hair, where glnts of gold" ligh*t
Come shimmering through and trughl .
This maldea's eyes, like April shief,
Are full of changing dleehel
In merry glanse the blue trbs dasee,
Tha droop their humid lashes.
With sun-ll smilel and mery wiles
She stirs my hert's reoese,
And morrow's gloom o'er mel'ry'i t@omb@
Soethes with her dear earesses.
With almble Angets, deft and sIei,
Behind my chair she'll steal,
To pull my ear or plusk my hisn,
And every other misohieft 's i
That rougseh maidens feel.
Her presence li msy sole delight,
I'm dreary when she goes;
I fear me, old Time's tiresome flight
Will bring my pet to women's height,
Bre I have reaped his snows.
Ah me I these numbing strokes of fate,
These stinging blows of time,
How lies win love, and love turne hate,
How trl.ts come early, and doebtt some late,
And moekings follow thyme.
April, 1877. * C
--. 44* .-
Amoesv or Eteio,-The play of 'tl O eaL
will be performed at the matinee to'day;.
night, "ifile, or the OUherry 'ree nn," will
O aoewAue HTAtL,-IThe compliment bhne.
fit tendered to Mr. lorriani, of the late Ya ri s
Gtompany, takes place tolnighbt atl GrUWld
10ta1,s5 AN Ir Wean-This evening,,' t .
Patrlck's Hall, those well known veterea the
ianistrel binainess, who oampose the gr'an tq.
inun troupe, wIll htl forth at tt. nItrlek's e'lr .
The display will dotubtless be worthy of the pet
reputation of MoiEvoy's entertaliments.
Now, all we ask of Mr. ares is to
keep off his "boys nto blue" and let au
settle our little family difficulty with
the pretender, Packard, in our oWa way .
We don't care a fig for the soldIers
New Orleans and the two war IMps i
the river, it he will tell them to Of1
their own business and not Interflre is
any event. We propose this oompyo.
mise to him and his Oommliuslo: AA
them say that they will be uh
and allow us three days to
dispute. If at the end of t
twenty-five men have been ki a
if there is a vestige of the P'a v.
ernment left in the tate, t hi
Leaguers and bulldozers (so.oaldll
enlist in the Packard militia, and
their "lives, their fortunes an th
sacred honor" to maintain hissu ort
against all comers.-[Alexndria Demo.
--- .****c----
The permanent international exhbi
tion will be opened with appDroprate
ceremonies in the Centennial .ulliliep,.
at Philaelpha, on the 10th of May
The President has promised to atteni
the opening. There are as many de rt"
ments in this supplementary exhib
as there were in the Centennial, and it.
is said the arrangement of the artioles
will be better. Musical performanop
will be a prominent feature of the exSl I
bltlon. -
A Now York policeman shot at r mad
dog and hit a man In the neck. Wb.e* !
you see a policeman polnting his piltol
at you, stand still and smile. If you.:
duck or dlodge the result, s uncertain.
During the Three Moath. Ending
March 31, 1877.
PIPIPERIlID I OL....................5,411
G. I Mumm & Co................... ... 1.,.
Moot & Chndon................................ 1,1
Fomm ery & Orono........... ........... .. 1
Heldsleck & Co.......................,.. F5:
Boucho is & C(Oo.................. M1o
Burchard-Detlh~ ck & Co..................... 0
Charles Heldleock..................... . ...
Goo. Goulot & Co......................... Y:
Theophlie IRooderer & Co................,
Goesler & Co...... ..................... 3 9
Poinart Pore & Fils...................... 0
.Jules Mumm & Co....................
Krug & Co...................................
Ayala & o .............................
Flour d llery..................... ......
Ackerman-Laurance ................... s.
Veuve Cllequot ..................... S
Bruoh-Poucher & (Co.......................
Duo do Montebello....................... ISO*
Ernest Irroy & Co........................ I
J. Bollingeor.............................. i
De St. Marceaux & Co ............
Sole Agents of "Piper-Heldsleek" sad ISt.
Piper & Co.'s
apto etM&E Now York sad xontresa
The oldest and most popular brsad of
For sale by
U -U~Z. ~'lN1rAIA

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