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The New Orleans daily Democrat. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1877-1880, April 14, 1877, Image 2

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TXLXMM 0I Til rAPLdtii
D IL? per annu sia rl and atma t rate LA)I·
w Y tnt Ihuatr~nb n rnrr #Isitrlrr day r
IýLI per annhulm aIU nd imainRso rate ball
rear' s and quarterly.
ADIVPItIIsas tn lO 1AmeO79-DAIn.
Transl.nt wlvnrttenments 01 per quan (tInn
ltnes ,,t 3,411Id N344,) |rl t Inr ntis o 001111
MI 11 i t not 11. ýt4100 t 4))41 n3tllInertllt
Wnt1o4, 'o11n41t. For ýen anBdIkUVto1r n I'
meyhmrta ut, 1tý1o I nto all in, nt a. lh, oloid mn -
1d, Nonn lkn atu In than ma ant.
A( vrtlpl4nn' t4+ for til perlotl of one month
I Ouseer, n t (nllowe. .
uo l r ni I ko nt4 40 411nt4 Ii lion, not.
ltorlt l NoL..i.nI. u i litorlal type, Io 11allt2 0
li , not.
"t arnl P 1 110.ll I N4110 I l, Ill. it. 191 nm
.. ....l $1,tll 0 . ( $711
l, 114 31 Y I IIt. o r
i4 10 101 17N 171
SIII ) 12) 0 14 3 21
4144.. 4 l 1141 1170 364
' ..... 1 104 t10 9210 61
i11 . 19I 1641 9401 4141
) n7 1413 130 911) 1 4n4
613,, , ... , 7. 1441 14 . 6 36 31141
ss . ....... 11 1U1 . 97 314
vm. ,, S1l 16 186 7i 1 NMI 6l54
II Ir., $0 per I liti.
Sates 4.r Adv.rtulfng In the Weekly Iew
Orl1eans D Ien.nralt
asiesat and sloInral rate the same asn for
. p941tt4) 4,4) 341 1I44
lhe. nts for the parlod of one month
ba ager, a. u flown:
ZI mo. 33 t i, . h I n. I W 1141, l 1 2 41m
i ~ ..y... 8h 17 7r . r 2 w 11
o .. .. 4 1 an 1347
1r?."r." " 10 o4 t a t of lh l
o!.'". i L ins 11oon 4lt Nol Pr
_Ton ast ut a 9-s 1t prtl a9lo.
S t, Il l m w4 l0 12 1413
r years, are6 4 n1 1410 II i.,6 , I334
S... unlh 7 l(o stY RIEM .
It, (fl, big 7ty ie1n woli m110
la~jees re; 4th thei of thior hulIn
non4I rn tIn the I ouIlny 11 th
ltll tio1h, jro4*llty Phowekvr , hai
ire woled 1not r in thpi North sor
uIany beloversin the t that uo Is
oiitioti to hingovernmeutlo PRE.nod
Onhe Now Orlanos "aristlo.raoy anlI
)e "bulldo.ed" pai I sho. lOpolous sn
The men of thy White 11114 would somie
ro r. ly i Mhat th e 1low1 s f iomlr with
be tn"o arrain the oulRantlry oir the
thePonk rd ,rowll, and exprds, ant ar
rn desro tot Illon thrae Nworth Mr.o
Opoito tto d h , govern m ke ison t el
l Now o lt t en ability of oholisnd
,,to stablish a o1thole unre. sted govern
oueat in Louer. ana.- berville outh.
-t. mIt au0m strange to many wil the
ThO m1ons mit o )f thle yea.r, a wtl a
y at f th n omisson to lvrome light
oand settt-- the "Louiby of lana ques-holl
n." Tbllh it srosident, however, hasIn
a i to sien anot.h Lber for his own par-ut
Itmr urposos; whatr that nuroy we it
o ommNtt, aneo we sintl ye rs it
W be the last.- Nat ohitoonhos e In th
oThe Commission onsluta of our ire
p blioans and one Deloorat, sont by
pun and satlsfacthrlly. The Conm
a" Thon e sa politial hoeetard, nt to
agit to matters," othr forin the word ofr
those wpoulpogg; at , that pakure om
pOneikn. We all know that if we lIsten
Sto aword from those sirens, instead of
4aUanging anything, they will asitnmpjy
offer us a oompromlse. We have a
.horror of compromlses. We have had
enough; let us have no moroe. In ue,
we have not the least 'onlfloanc In the
Commislsion.- -[(Opelousas Courieor.
Where done the lresident., his Oahl
net or Congress derive the authority for
deoldlng who Is (,ovornor of a ita'te ?
The constitution and laws of the Unl
ted Ht.Utes do not wive it to either. lThen
why should our peopl e are a st raw for
what either ahoIul say about who shall
or ought. to hI (lovrnlor of this Mtate ?
The people of this Htato know who they
elected to that oleloe, and they will us-i
tal him nlu It, in spltn of all the Prelt
dent, his (Cabinet, Coltintllsonus and
SCongress way do or say if he will lot
I them to do so. They Wili either do thi,
or otompel the frltuulent 1'resldentl to
lace thleon under military rule. I litch
IThe poltical outlook is anything but,
oouraging. The White Iouse fraud
as appointed a committee, compotned
o four Republicans and one I)onoerat,
.o decide theo destiny of Louisiana. This
ommittee is without any power, with
pt any authority, any without tny
~Ifal existence, but yet, no doubt, it, is
yes' purpuose to aseo his latilon to
r1 ]oulana uponl their report, and
-here Is every reason to believo that
their report will be adverse to the law
rul government established by our peo
ple. In this event it will behoove the
p>eoplo to not with. firmness and deter
mination. We cannot afford to submit
to the domination of Packard and his
. thieving crew. Submisslon to him means
Ignominy, degradation, and conlsocation
Ot~ what little rotnains to our impov
erished people. LUnion iteord.
From the movements being made by
the Radicals and the action of the ad
ministration on the itnrt of our State
government, the policy of President
-ayes toward us is clearly evident.
Efforts are now being made, and will
oontinue to be made, to bring about a
compromise of our rights and liberties,
sI was the ease four years ago.
The people of this Btate on the 7th of
November last, elected Francis T.
ehoill Governor of the State of Lou
i na by a majority of over 7000 votes,
,:;]ýld by the faith of all we hold dear and
ed and the hope we have for our be
d and time honored institution, let
to a itan, stantd up and demand our
Uht. Let us the free--else mnnke Lou
ana a Carthage, amid the ruins of
bich tile ghost of Ltierty will wander
chaitis, weteling o'er the graves of
ur patriotic braves.
_he people of this State are going to
pprt, Francis T. NiollOis antd hit
verutment, to the last, than lland the
dollar. We dwmaud, in the utmie
a portion of that ipople, that. we have
as with "these daaiuttaoo or.c's."
We are a sovereign State andt a loyal
e. We are entitled to rights, anti,
lie great Jehovahr, let us tieferndl
* No more palaver with Mr.
j no more talt of Osbluets doing
S that; no nlortl p.eMUOastluno
shoe- on oteerc people or other
tion from them they are re.dy, anti that
recognition cea'n mover be ov.uur'ef,?d by
Mir. /lleinr or aUny ,tt/ else.,
Lot I'aekark goon if hle can. Let, himr1
dare, or one of hin oilicials dare, assert;
authority in this HKtate.
Move on is the demand from one end
of tihe tat.e to the other.
No more omminitslons--nto more dilly
dally--Ni.nott,is on r'inv I ) troUI I(Nat
ohitoches Vindloator.
If thorn onvr was a time In the history
of this connt.ry when the pe ople had a
right, to Ihe bhto and despondent, that
timo is noW. Jisiness is now, and hIa
been for monthN, at, a porfiet stattlstilll.
A II lasnns alrosffering, iand everybody
struggling to make a living against tho
hardhlest limes, and meanenst fate with
which they have ever had to contend.
Th'e' cnause f this deprossIon in the .un
sntt.led affairs of Iate. In conversation
with one of our largest merchants tiho
otlher day, we wero deeply impressed
with this Idem. In the month of Jan
uary~ last he wr(te .to a conmmisson
horise in New Orloans, and asked
for iadvanoes to assist hint in his busl
ness during the year, anid, if allowod,
would call on them early in the falil.
'rTh answer was that, he woutl bhe aot
oommodated, and that, when t t time
name he ionloul got, the money. A few
days ago (and without ann y chango in
his busines or pirospeolts) thle same
merchant renelvwd a lette4.r from thls
commission house, telling him that
Inon thel, organization of the eotnmis
Floit to visit, louisiana they had .ltoer
mined to witlhdraw from business, and
that, ht would have to look elsew hero
for ausintalnnA . I Madison Journtl.
What the rresn Thinks orf it
4) The awnrding of the State printing to
'1 the New Orleans I)lrslotiA'' was but pany
lug a junt, tribute to a journal thalt Iit
Slabiored with ifalttltering iansdulty and
e,'lurlge in the cause of the ip)le i, iol l
that stadllll to-dt.y thle noble.t, eham-lll
) pion of local nlrf-govnernllfnt. alnonig
t lhe papers of the Hiouth. - I West, Fl+oIl
auna Heintlril.
(. W. Intapre & (Jo., of the New Or
h- lon. ])KMo(lIAT, have bonel eloclted .tat,.
Printers. Wi Indorse this seletihin em
º phnatically. The peoplen at large, we feel
s assured, will also Indorso it, for there
I has heoen no abler worker than the
t I)MounolAT, nor are there more doesry.
I Ing gentlemen than Messrs. I)lpre anll
1 Hearsey.- I Natohitoohos Vindloatlor.
The New Orleans Il'eavtOnl Ihas got
the ")eomnltion bow-wows" hneawse
the DnMocnAT was elected Htate Printer
i and offlolal journal. The PI'l;auyet may
growl as mnuoh as it likes, but we can
assure it, that, the people think the so
N lcatlon of the I)ImronA'T eminently fit,
and proper. The Idea of a (Charley
Howard andl Henry Olay Warmeoth jour
nal enjoying the honor of the party
s patronageK and the party pliume is ut.
N terly preposterous. P'ull down your
i night nap, old woman. INatehltoches
A Vindicator.
The Now Orleans 1)IMNocnAT has bonn
5 honored with the dlsLtinctlon of State
Printer by the Nicholls Printing Board.
Albeit we don't like the political style of
our eontelnlporary, it fully deserves that
reward for its labors. It "took up Ihei
cudgels" Ibolly for its party and went
to work without caring who got hurt
and who did not., while nearly all the
other city I)emocratio papers sloshedl
around in a manner that plazled every
body to know what the d--I they were
driving at, politically speakin . (West,
BatonRougo Hugar Planter, IRep.
A JUwI (JOI'hlrtM NT. The Printing
Board or the loulslana Legislature hlas
very justly and propnrly given the pub
lie printing to the Now Orleans DD Mo
caAT. Whatever of honor or emnolument
there is i. it,, the verdict, of the country
will be not, only in Loutsiana, but in
Toxas, that it haits been most wor-thily
boestowed. Until the advent, of the
rmoI)MOnt, the vaseclliation and uncer
tainty or the New Orieanis pros, aud
its readiness to compromise with the
usurpatlon, wre nmatters of painful
snlicitude and poignant, regret. It. in
not mnroely that to this distlnguishod
o Journal was eoncedi d the leadersial
the most mellorable lin Amercaln 1 oll
tices, and that the duty assigned
It has loonei dlihchargel with
marked abilily, but, Ibyond anld
above all this, ho devotion to principle,
high moral courage, antl excelilent
judgmentl hatrt boon conspluuouos. For
the iirst ltime In Lolllsina polities sine
the thi evs and tlunderers oi)btained
s,.estlotn of the Hitate, 1h111s a 'contlest
bel Inalrugurated and carried out witlh
an uinbrokelln front, and ita rop.r ox
Sosurio and dehna nciatlion of tlheir in
ramy ; arid, in the great victory that has
Ibeen aholleved,.tlo D1)MOi,'AT has Won
mlm orishiablo laurels. All honor to it,
and its lioblo oditor. - IJefferson (Texas)
PArTY JotRnNAlSH.--Ti heo Fi'racunL )! is
" tearing it shirt " bieeause the Ilrinting
Board has ileVcto(I the DiEMOCRAT P'ublio
Printer, while there were other papers
readty to do the work at cheaper rates.
This means, of course, that the 1'i:ra
Vlune wanted to be Publie Printer and(
Is irate because the Printing Board and
public want some one else. The 'Plc.
thinks that the public service and the
Democratic promisee of reform required
that this job should have been given to
the lowest bidder, and asks whether
the DEMO(RAT was chosen because it is
a Democratio organ.
We have no hesitation in answering
that it was selected because it isa Dem
Soratlc.Conservative organ, and, if it
was not selected for that reason, it
ought to have been. This is a patron
t ago that has always been bestowed on
papers of the party in power, and it has
always been legarded as a legitimate
patronago. If work thus given at rea
i sonable rates, and in building up a
I party organ, i1 is just what every politl
t cal party in person is entitled to. The
r llpeople dto not object to this What
they duo obi)jct to is that thousandis of
I dollars of tue Icoplo's money shouldl
r ne tlakn to buihll utilt )aptrs tile to
r the righlts of( tile ,(people, aIs thile IRadials
lidt Wlt'in 0 n lll'L IIoLiucy was lavlishled
1.n t lte RBJpult)lbicIcI,.
l Tho r'u:aWalln will hardly contenl
St, htlil, t le I~lR1itllcan, sfll hollh have Ilbeen
ll pl ,iinlted puitic Ptinter evln if i .
SalloUld iIhaVU ofred to 110 the prinling
e gIa uitL~usly. Nor will it conlend tLhat
it. simulIt be given to anlly otler I)al)per
.1II thai is llile to turn agaLiLUst the DemUo
i. cratLi.conservtlive Farty whenever it
I slould find itoonveulient to do so. If,
r. tliean, it was necessary to alippoint a
g Iper whose tidelity to the people's
Sright can be depeuded on, and it the
r bard unanimously determined that the
DseoaaT was snuoh a paper, and did
nos * o above the lae tl.lSiahed b
IITIRA [email protected] OP pl3l.
No. 1i0,] AN AUT
For thile prrotrtion or geamne, animals siad birdls I
Ithe State of ltirlalans.
iirti.toN 1. /Ib bt iriti tot/ iyI N n ,. n m
hloto ref Ilopr enbm,.ti nt , qf MO# ,'alu of I.,vine
olii, in (lenrtrrl Aaneitljll riioiee.id, 'J ht I
shall be ntalwtlaul i , thle l'ate i ctitll, kill, o
pursalU with nllh latent, any will bmun, fdoe oI
alwn, of . i have the anie ill nlosesililn fter I
hae Ipelan naughllt or killed, between the flrat ila'
of lFelirltary alll the liret day of August of e.,li
year, nllder a penalty of twenty-fie ldollanie f,
eah llT nee.
H-it. 2. Iio i furtlher iarrctrl, on, 'That ir
pnrilon shall catll, kill, or lnlllslln wlid onhll in
Itent, or lhave the seine i pIiussnIaien afler It hlIa
tIen nnglit or killed, any will turkey, h.twiar
the first tdy ft April and the fitrt ila, off Neptem-,
sir in each year, iudli.r a pjnlity of Inot lses than
fire dollMre nor liore thanll Lwllty-five dollars rot
each offlnse.
Mtr. . /I# If frtilhur crt'rrll, cnl , That in.
per.on shallh oitelo, kill, or pursle wll wish lh Iin.
tent, or have in pilnesslou, after the Iame has
iPbeen naught or killed, any q lual, paltrlldge ol
tllemasant, between thIe first day of April and the
fl'toent.h day of HIeptlltber In eali year, unlies
a penalty of not legs than five nor lllore thl
twle.ty.lle d4 IlIars for eaoh ofIlosse.
Ham 4, iie it furltrhr a,'noid. 'tl ,, That ni
pernoll shall eatoll, kill or purnue, with nhli inl
tellt or have in p asmesslIn, after the anme has
bleeu uglllht or killed, any whlppoorlll, spar.
row, fluch, oriole, blue bird, swallow, nilght-hawk
or blank bird, lxlept when the smln shall he de
arnutiUve to tile frillt or gralin iropp, nller a pIa
alty of not hI.s Ithn five, lolr mese than twenty
live dollire for naksi tliianle.
Han. t1 11li 4 furher elhn" nrd, el,., 'rl'bt no
pirsonl shall to) or dstroIII the Ilel, or igg oil
any wild bird whatlsnovyrt, osav only t.lle5 of a
predatory natilture, anld dlsmtrultol,vi f gname or Ill
ol lI llvoront birds, nIlllor a pelinal.lty of not ines
than live, nor more thlno twh uty -live dolilars for
eaoh offense
Hlan. . Ito it fiurihnr mriIeiL, li.,, 'Thlt nI
proil smhall tlralp, net, kill Il piure ., with suchIli
II nlt litr lave oie Imiiln Irll imnMsioi,, at ally
,lin ildurilng the yeIar, anlly ailng lrd, e, miall.
Ithli laokinlg hlrd, except d!ointtie sled biirds, em.x
cedit the IhdI14 lie ,lita spiied oPr Inetted for the
lilrpl ofilli i tiolnetloatloll, lunder i peniilty it
Inllot in. than lvel, li more than tweIPty-fivve tiIl
lare I r Panll offenll e, eonlet when tllhe 1stm shall
proive dies riuntlive to iln t fruit or grainl ropt.
ila,. 7. Iti U i "ur. her ·, /lnlus . ,ti., Thfat ll a
itlsasesson iof aliy aminimals, or . rils, intended to
ie iproteiltnl 1by tils aot, within thlle erllt for
whivh their killiig or piuirsit is hlItshy pirolilii
itedt, exL.plt sninh a aare diniitlhiltatedl, IIall bii
p'iiioi fillrii evitlelilce t hat Ithe saIll ilalllll orll
Irtil was unllawlll ily olnalght or killed satll the pos
session thereof unlawfirll.
list). N. lit it firUlir elnotd,, rto , 'Tha any
pelnsIn expolinig f r. haio aily of the alnimtals o
blills Ilitliletnd to lie proltectil Ihy thils ant wilhinl
the perlnd for wlilnh the takllng and killling
thereof is hereby prollilbtled, shall, for ealih aln.
illlnl or bird so elllpoed for siw e, except sillh as
are dollnmetllstd, le salijieot to the same plsalty
as hereafter provided for the unlawful killing
oir ltaking of siuh animal or bird.
Mlin, Ii. Its it fiurilir ,rnotrlI, r,., That the
unlawful klhilling callthilig o pioslsenlin of eachn
and every one oil the aillalll or lbirds, inteldledi
to bie pirotenmed by this mot, shall runaltltute a
trparate nlid distinct ( IReTse, and shall in plln
Ilhable aro oriitlgly; aiid two or limorn offliles
may lie jolined In tile same warrant or Ildlo mintil
thereforI and tihe persion so oIffidtuling, if ioi-.
vlntel, sihall ble A.lne for each IofT.,nse.
lHo. 10. Its it furthelr etitleid, rl , T'hat no ll I
son shall at ally time duringll the perlod firbhld i,
by thi act, kill or take any or the aIlmals or
birds Intended to be proti eted by thIs aciit, by
means of any trap . esres or other like devion,
ulnder a penalty of not lees than five noIlr llore
than twenty-live dollare for ealh cimea lir hbird
so trpplllid, ateld oit takesn; -pr lidel, nolthing
auintainied in thti a nt shell apply to migratory
birds or ftwls.
a r'. 1I. /It it ffrtfl.e r reld, H ,, That all
transportlatoi colnpollllon, st.aintlllhat, railroads
or other pulblio carrlers, of wlatsoever hllaraoter,
are herneby prohllbiitd from transporting anly
galne bird or aniiial menltlluned in this lot dtlr
ing the periodl provldedl for the protestilohn if sucl
game birds or anlmal, nllder a penall, of not less
than five dollers nour lioroi than Lw'e.ty-flve dollars
for each lioffense.
Nir. 19. Ile fourtl/hr eratilid, ec'., Thliat all
Ilnes collen nad rfi, violation of any of lhe asmbo,
plrovlsiona of this aot, oniie.llf of ail fine hallll
Ki to the tlirmnier, andl le otlher onl -hall shall
be pa 4i toi Ithe troallrer of the parish sahool
hriard ihi whlilh said flnne are impolu ed, and shall
be applield fur thb. h unfit lf the pr lh mlohols.
MNii. 111 It/ it furthl" r Puitrleri , Ncl., Th'iat any
person ounlvioted of Viotllll io of the iprlilallon of
thlls act fil iig to pay the penally or penalties
preoltiecl liherein, shall lie limpirisonedl In the
parlilh jail fnr a period int loas than toli days Ilor
morn than thIrty dalv.
MHii,. 14 llk it, fullrtir uri,-lrcl, "l'., Thliat all snot
andl v otliious ol thlllsl aw, dolii, nli eatled an i of loles
in the flreLgoing seltionl , lhall e anui are hribIllyr
dclllrvtll to b e rlnies against the tall iof liliisl
anti, andl It shall lio the dutiy of Ai ll distrilit am ttr
ni ye, iandl d.istrlit attoru p Ir/oie lItenlortti f the
tate, to pro(lslleni, I)b or, anly ollirt of oilllpo.
tent. Jnrits ntiion, all ofrolndlere and pllrsilaoi cll
nil' hug niilledueaaore undetll r the provllionc of
this not.
Ma.. 1. I/e it furulh" cr ir-ld, re., Tiat this
ot . mlllll tanle nl',ot from iist after the first day
It Jiullle, I;7, anill l laws itr pert if laws in
coiilliot withl thills ot ite and Ill unllloe are lieroly
(Higo n)ll.
'1eakert of thle illlleo ofl Ilteproeslntllits.
,ieilllenant (ljiortnir lili I'rtilldellit o thlie onate.l
Appllroved April I1I, 1177.
(digned) FRtiANilJI Ti. NI(IlIOTAlH,
((lovornor of the d1tmtn of hoIloiltlm l.
A Iro nolpy :
W MIe, A. fTRlNt,
Hsearclary off State.
No. r1.1 AN ACT
To authorize G. It. Finl y and IInnry Frol~sen,
co.nmp ..i g the colm uarcial firm of t. It.
FInly & Co., to institute suit against the
State of Louisina.
HNarloN 1. Bo it enaclterld hy Ithe Senate arunl
HImsfee Iof li:praent.linles f the ,Sale qf/ Louit
ltrt, t t General Amestmbly aofnenld, '1 hat
(A. It. FIalay and oenry Frelinen, composing the
oommercl-l firm of 0. It. Finlay & Co., are here
by authnrtzed and empowered to Institute suit
against the State of Louisiana in any district
court of competent jurisdiction, subleot to an
appeal to the tuiprenie O.turt, for the purpose of
litlgating their claim against the State for medi.
cue am frnisihed by them to the Charity Iloipital
during the years 1871, 8172, 1873 and 1874; un'.
vided, that nothing In this aot shall be considelred
as admitting any liability on the part of the dtate
In any inmatier.
8HO. 2. Ile it furtlher ena'tled, etc., That this aot
take efl'eo from and after its passage.
(Slgneod) Lt)OU. BUiMl.
Speaker of the Hones of lRepresentatlves.
(Signed) LOUIS A. W IlZ,
Lieuoteant tovernnr and I'resident of the lionate.
Approved April 11, 1877.
(digued) 'itANGI 4 T. NICIIOLL ,
(lovornor of the Stato of Louisiana.
A true copy:
WtLi. A. HTiruil(I,
Nct'crt,+r of itatIe.
No. ra.J AN ACL'
To mkLe towing u Machb;ie and Pianos liab'e to
esizure under the vlll'a p ivllgo ; to
r. gaulse iealing of rtvablfe property wijl.h
ils i Inpt iarum aciurt, cud to repeal con
11 cliii laws.
AF.ryll'N 1 11i it eniri,id hy Ihth Sienate and
[[u . e of l epresenl ttiv r. , f 'h . ,iIro e ,y eI .Lt tc
aittu, iii ft.et'r l Asentbly ei,,'rei a r' , a nat 5 .w.
li .ia '.ins and p inteo, n1'plitl f.oni ii'Z i|.
under grul ral law, lii bI Ii u d.I to es iZ r', to
iuforce the v ntlr, ' privll g- I thr ,i.
mF.o 2. ft it furth't euowiit, atec., I lit whein
, •v anyur .v biab popil ry. ex,' itat frlmr general
te zu.o uudir tue g nerasl awe, lshll hlive bn)eon
trasefe.trld up.)a a condi'ii,n that said transfe
shall be onusider, d a oolraot of lease until cer
tain intallmeuts are p l0, the tausfere', to be
O. me then the owner, said ooiitraet .blh , e con
ettlered Ooutracte of aL e, an 4 the remedy of the
parUty trnat, rrlng shall be to enforce the ven
wtsr'e pay legs egalast the atanslers for the tO
bºble ief u ulpodrfS k r 4a1=rrr
leoh right doen not now exisf, exV pt ilo ile
oases of transfoer of planos and eewlg ma
ohiale as hereinabove stated.
'tt. 11 Ii' t 11furthtr enanted, Oh , That it
shall not be lawful for the vendtrl or trensfer
rore ofr any movable property, exempt fromn gen
eral selurre, ,o enter the proeietes of any parson
to whom iach prtoprty Ihas been h on or trans.
fortred, with the td, ot if retnovltg said Property
tinder the assimp lon or pretense that the buyer
or Iransferee has, by agreement, given enoh right
of entry or removal.
netx. 4. lie it tfurtllr ,nntowl, tf ,, That any
person, guilty of etelring anti rentoving any
property sn above meuttoned, shall Ihe onlidered
Stp hlave oommltletd a nliedaentlor alnl, uponll on
vlontln, shall he flned n*,t more than two hundred
I dollars, anti inprimeneeld ntt mnore t a three
- mttotth , or blth, at the dileretlon of the notrt;
tL proided that nt hing continetlnd herelt shall de
r prive the party itJtrend of Itie or ier oilvil aetin.tt in
rl tunte nt; anid phttrdl frtlhor, that notthinr In
I ihlle ot b~ otietrouei to prIRevent the eheril' or
r nonstable from enterinlg and taking ilrder prtoper
legal pronomse protperty, tnot exempt froml meirr ,
and which, t ltlthoa gh xerto,t rf on general aer
at e, in lialbl to be levied nl for tlhe tite enforoe
m meet of thle rvndir'e privilege when existinlg.
Mti,. 8. Ito U fur'tf.r on.uted, on, That Pil
I lawn or pIart of Iwe i nolllttoot herewith, In enr
far a. tIhy olontilot, ite sl the sntlo are lthreby
reoealed, andlt thatt nothling hrein tot be (wrn
lrlind to apply to Otttttrarte mtade before the prt
tltilgationl Iterldor, LanU Ithat title sot take lToeot
Iron aslt arter ls promntllguation.
(.ligned) hL)UJ t lillUII,
Hpleakr of the Ilose tor Iteprrsentiatives.
(."¢ined) L,(if I A. W .lhlZ,
ll'utenantt tiovern,.r stllt Presrident of the Hetnate.
Approvetd April ih 1W77.
(Htgned) I'lANUI T. NltI()falLM,
(lovrnor of the State o f Lieiana.
A trite ttpy:
Wit,I, A. rTtnotn,
Henrettarv or MHal,.
k No. i:i, i AN AU(J'
To amennd and remnclh *Onlion two th,.sanll.l
me von hIiiedreid and elgleht of t'on Itevised
aitueteAN, asle teo prieerClile a it penalty for (lds
cl'harllnlKt, or elttlerlltllng to disllOhargo, thle
" dutti of pIilot wlthoutlilt a ionarn.
N, 1MI lvrmie 1. Ito it t'ferr'e by hi.e YteI 0 Ior andl
M ' pee of el'pr'e.ehdueIlre of MlI leh f I1, n IOlpiat.
Ira (Jeneer'al Aneaweley 'annnei d. 'hat mention
Stwo lelhoneelsnrld N*ove hiutlrad elqil eight. oer Ithe
iternoid tttatteten of the MaIn of nullhiaiP of
7l). e aie Ilienled and ee meante. an ai to read nae
hl l'Iw : " T'hoe Ioar l of E iesn ll er of I'iloee
yshall moeet on ithe~I lt el May aeld then IlreL ,i
loteober oer every yenr, iln tim rily of Now Ih
palen, or snuhll otheer pllean ae may n o I .e ignalntl
after thirty days' nI1et o in the illlni Jeournal of
tihlN Htate, whllorl tlhey slhall holed all exanllse tle t ,ll
whinh hllll Ieele ep o tll wlho in y with to at.L
I t+-nd, to) doitil eipe n the 111 1 etll ill 'atlltsll of lp
plilnants lfor thien oill in of lu' nh pile t Ise ofr the
p ia iof New ()rinaes, eetlel the l rd ai i lIsa x.
er ltelInors shall lunteee eleert.thll.ea le te o aill i.e dlll, a tnll
r who lay peait. Ia eatl..o!eitry e xaminlollnt, net
who hall pInnote orlli o.'t .atee of gelood Ohareaete
nestlilfact.ry to amil ieoars,
NHm,, 2. /Ie, it fur'ter e eoterel, eph , That
whoever ehalt l iee pitliy of ntileg oer aits t lnpng
toIe act pihl it .m acny ve.sycol inward or eOtlwalrl
oureld to aned from t hl i o rtfl New Orleans, ltwho
r is nolt dlly II.noed ibranhl pilot. ihall .nfTer tine
to ctt oexnedi lg the e ee or (oer hulmired idollars
,r imperinintent noet eeaelelilg two inet.nthe, e
brloth at lhion nert'llon or thelL cotet,
temll. II.l ite it ferte'r ,en ,fan teI , re ., That all
lawn or Iparts lof lawN en.etrary to or eontlioliteg
with the provlleto ee tofhis inot be and thi Len a"e1"
are hiereely reeenled, anid that thile not tlake effeoolt
from andl lfteor is penag
(lignpdl tio) i Il4 11.41,
ipeaker of tie Ii II une or liteprnsetamtivon.
(a l1ned) ILOUI4 A. WILT%,
liet'ten'nt (Ilver, tor and eIl'oldeu el tlhoe M1ieate.
Approveed April 18, 11177.
(Hlinnd) lIfLNt;li T. Itl'11OlL,H,
(lovornolr ofl thee Hate of l .tlinlanl.
A trop etrly:
Wet.l. A. 'FIt'oneNe,
dtlnerntary ofrl it.te.
SNo. c;l. AN A(I'I'
SI'Too et.rmlne thee .les of lin tIitarid f lhalt bor
S tnallerr ofl the Port, of Now Or(lnteN.
4I Mltrenet 1. l.h ft e'.tlel e .r I le,b flee' ieet rr,rrl
Y lleeeee of lipe'ee'netatlie'ei efl te h ueee eflneie.ie e,
Ie( 'eeeel e eemietl eeeey r eeeeeeeede. '1'a15 te bie ed
I f Ilirl,ermatliers for the peert of Now oriebanee
N shall. hereaftellr, havn onllly lien right to dle.maneld
a. sed reoelvn frem theI commnandlerllr owner, n1eeen
Sliglner and agentsN, or nith.e r of lthe, olf ,veiri
Svesol that mny entemr the port of Neew tiriane
anlld loadil, niloul or make last it lthe lovens,
Swithin the Naiel li(l of ithe port oe Now Orlalls,
the loll sloeg leetn. vi,-: For overy pleam.hip,
sexcept stlsnallslipJl rtuleinig to 'I exai aIndl nIlIli
I pIrts, twenty dollars; for overy steamshilp rllunning
Co Teexa neand (Ilull' prls, ton de, lZar; ler every
I ship, twenty dolliars; eoveery b,rk, litrtn eldellrar;
I wviry br , aed lhrenml'etl)-l d elehooo0eeer, teno dele
lira; tvetey .ether Nehootleer, twoi dollars anlld flrty
I 'enlt. 'Tills hielel not extend to thin chalatedls
latN. knolboal,, trintlllbottN or other vensol
h whllh itro rll elleoId lu the river tradeil, illieonse
uplon e .te l applolatlion of the pornoen having . lharge.
5 atl e ohehala tI or oth i ter vonai' nneleyndl, LIte
" ihalortulasterr Nhill linterforn and tljlut alny till
r fnroen1111n rfMnpnoll; l in . t elit ion or potl litllo olel
sueeh eheal+enl or I eat, whinh dlff renotne tho her
ºel iel eem lers aro tle thori, ee it c hi r aeein deeoelrrmiilel,
in whicih an li. ' y emay doei'adl ael ron.ivn from
Lithe parlity in re, elt in the prlet italN tten um of
two hIhll'aI for e veery 1i,.l e ee1e4n o an atljeletoel eeid
no llmorln.
, vee. 2. llee it f rtheril're, r teelet~ec,1 ., Thlat all parts
eof la' n its lellniel eill,t hlereewiel t n te aee h e i nesl ,
are hi erel y repeieLee l, ell , I l Ithe titl t t take i Ieolt
r froee and il tLor its e e.n.nt '.
(ee igneil I It)ilI l Hill11,
.1 F keaer (of ,Ieh lh o il-e ~f If+le romeentieives.
Y (4ligne l Ile114 A. WIleI7,
ile Mi leln'nt (eoverteor atel I'roiNbloet of IhoeHnneale.
S Aiprovndel Aprlel 1:Y, 1877.
(digned) FILAN(1id T. NI(i[OLI,
(love:rner of tho i tate (fl Ir uilanlSea.
A trnl copy :
Wer,., A. hrleoNeo,
tSemctletary (of Hate.
No. 5;s.1 A N ACT
T'o amend not No. 125, entitled "An aiL to carry
Intlo e Iflont the p Ie .Ie, so Iof ho dolnaottion by Lthe
Uillteodl HIaten l'of pIelllio laOean, lfor Lthe hloneflt
of Agricltcuerall aeill the Mlechailolal Arts, and
toe elstalea)li nllt Agrlinlitural anlld Mo(ehlIanli.t
tollehge in theo ltate of L ,ollitlaen, andil itgaleRi
donatillolns to enih iUltelttionl." approved
April 7, i171; land to repeal no mlillh of lect
tion escvenu of said act, as relatels to the L eefI
or least beildings bleloungllg to the Htate,
. sllnatedl at the corner or Blarolneo and Com-
minel slrootn, il the city rl Now Orloaur; and
eto reslore the poteesl.on, o ltr ,I and use of
said butl ding to ithe Bonrdl of Admlinisltrators
of the Unlveersity of Lou siua.
t .ncrroN 1. it it enattee'd b!y het Sen'ate and
Ilese of Ifepremartetlinreere f (/e rof te S qe /f LoeuidAie'na,
in G(eneerale Alerne'eblty o.llnoleind, that section
seven ol oact uuutler olele huIldrod aled twenlty
five, aplpr'ved April 7, 1874, be and the samo is
iereoby repeiled hRIl reoenacted so as to road as
Pllows: "*'ution 7. B(n t Inrtehr enstoed, eto.,
That in case th Jury oef any parieh, or
oannoil of lany incoLported town or city, Olalll
offer to the board of control any dounation of any
kind whatever, for theu turlohsl of, securing the
location of the Agronlltural and Mochailll:a C.o!
lego, of any divitlllo thereeofl, in or roar such
parislh, townl o" city, and uch'l grant or tender, if
a donation, shall be socepted bcy ithe board of
control and ratltlod by a nmsjorlty of the qlllclited
olectrs votllg at an I. ction oalled by Ihee
proper local an horitins intoeretei tllereinl, thee
douatioll or deeb nretlee or saanlumed by the parish,
iownl or city, slshll be vatld arlnd bin gll ; aell aay
Ileeelen lslsul er tele levled il co'lie qenllclecelec, le
iceroby ache hierei..'ed aniid te .leu vulted, lieetwetWebsllli
Ico aeey li i. eIl eaxatillle, or oel elit ' II niy geei'o
'rl 'er ntpoe cl la l - the .late, colliloulrlag lItro
nMce 2. 7, i ferllrthe eco'ter', rle,., 'I'hat tit
Io ird ol i tillelel(tL e i ee I ,e l en lee.l o, ,\l e.ue ireitl
eee r'nloeeeee, eeee 'ieee Cirse. dc.' 'f i)eeeteleer, 1817, et
d he. 11 acI(l of A'tln ieintrelaiere f t' l U'.lvl rel.y ele
Ieellhlelee y e le I egI.iI tiL Ll ' bte e. Na il ted a ,t Ihe .
l e'lt f e w ()tr'lle , ate l the i tree l lnlect iele e tl
sciel ieceeteiceg he eeeed i. hc retby re to te Le lee th.
ii a d el' Adlnlulslrator ut elh Uicicreiel octf
ii tecllellele e
n Ho.'3. Be ii f.lhert enacted, etc., Tbhat this
no(t lcall talte i1.ct irolm ati .lter asll pasaIsIo.
(.lellned) LOU0 U - IUi,
ttpeeaker of the it nlae, lf lepresentativesll.
(81igned) LOU[' A. Hl IL'Z,
SLieui eaint Governa rand Preaidret ot the Boeuat
SApprorve e Aplt 18, 1877.
.uth '+z *.I-_! . n.
" i . ." + ++: *"L - ++.+'+"+ "+; .. m
No. r,I,J AN ACT
To amend etolion 2 of a.t No. 10, entitled "An
aot to authlorie the (ovrnrtlor to aplplot an
Amssilant Attorney General d.eflnlnt his dn
tips and xting his otmpensatlon," to flx the
anrmlission whilh shall ibe pid the Attorney
(leneral upon all srnm n .denneld by him, la
ltigaterl naeso and paid intl t Ih M HL. Trea.
nIry, anid t. repeal .nrt No. 5I., approved
Maroh 8, 1)174.
Iiorlnmr 1. io 11 rrnt,.lt ly t Ih S'.hanln and
llnirm, gr lqf ftrprm, atnlliru r qf Irhe , SItr qfr i,oalrsirn
in (lneroal Aenambrnll crjratr',,r , 'ITht 5potrIrn 2
oft ot No. 10 of the fIegislatrrn of 1717, shbll be
amenlhed to reald sN follrws. " lie it elnsored, tthat
It shall be the druty of the Ae.lat nt Attorney
(Inttrari In attnd t.o 0cllh 1.,ssr asnd lrlninles ap
p' rtilllnilg to the oflItlni rduitis t (rr t, hn Attornlel
toeneral, to WinOh hIe lmay Ire nInlltldr by the At
trnny G(i.nral, and lhat in all oriminal nr mes in
the parish (of OrlLans when tll e l rl n tllhmnut ls
npil ti or lrard slaur fr lif ill the paitentlary,
tihe Attorlne (Ienrral or the Anelstant, Attorney
(leneral shall attend to thlie prose ntiot orf eaOh
Hir'. . k II, t frihier ,rr.,r1, , v'f , That all
laws In onttha',t with this all, are hereby rrpalrld.
ii. 11, i, it frurtlher rnrrIrhL, Wel., T'hat this
alnt hJsve e.rflat Iron lrrl afrlr lae ptrassig.
(Hligned) l004ll ilUIli,
pesaker of t' l II isel r Ito eron.entativen.
(Niglel) ltrl14 A. WIIlZ,
Linutenant (tovrernr and I'rmestlnrt * thin lnnrrati.
Approverd April LI. 1)17
(r(igned) tI'lNOi14 T. N fhIllbIt,
(rovernor ofr Ih Hl tlt of ioalliarns.
A trne orrpy:
War. A. MTitnr,
Henretary if 'rlae.
N otico.
I rrtl41'lit Ml lN i r l' IA .f'AN ., I
Now (Irlnti,i A I ii , 1. 117.
Thus ntivi allointul or 1 of I'It,11 1M IIM
NIIIN I H w ill IInk , llin," ' hn 11 . , .111 , ,'f Ad' nl inir
trathr o P l' ilel, A11 ,iounii. -n MAl)NI)AY. Api l
lI, 11T77, ift. I o'rlinlk, n.. I wihen+i Iwnnlty live
ifnrLi will ho ilrlaw ni
41114 I1i \Imll nil rni t
lhulin i I rvuvro'r1 1P711,,lt t
Nnws ()rIl, II .. Apr ll In Il1417.
l'unrill, ) vinlg publi,' 1.ha 11 1 lo l 'ni' ritIf.ll n '.r
crh-,y lnnl llld hat I fhn h+ipt .f thel'rls r-r
of ithe (hariltiy IlmLnil I I f 1 i t I 1fh f i, i it i er lh
Mayor larn eann).in I. .u, h c lhllii wis.
nlihi y tiii l,. I'it ll h. ,lien l r;+ "l Ihi .l:,ilht mt lli
SIl. l '1 l'li'. I,. AtIA I INIt l
u ll GI. Ahlminimlntor.
I).crAntrm.NTr not Fi.An.4i. )
(;ityp i11t11 ((HAl
New Orl.ani. tiarnh VA, 1n177.
'Tax hill flr 11717 arn now rnili for dIllvnry.
'li'h folliowing rnt ifn iof rnhitl. for prompit rusilh
Sii tltm nt ewill li atllilwol :
'Iht' n rm .r i Mntl i Rll hillms.hl p to tlt. ot t
MprihJ. 10177. lin l livo.
l'wo nor ,nntl on l l hills I ll up .o 11ilth April.
1477, hInllulivn.
(inn trli'n t n ii, iill h ills pjil Uip to not.h April
1977, iniImu4 n
Aftnr April illn . 14h71, Inor'"at ,t 'rn per r lntl
p.r innium from :It. Maruh. 1177. aril iolitji, will
rnht2t, ltoii J. (1, DENIi.N , Admlnnistriator.
Nelt hrwling t11th lof April.
l'urilinanll by A. LnMOllIE,
rtlllhA Ii titer i). ( iller (!urt.
'111AH. (, .JONlI4. JOIlN G(. 110111.
Fiornoirly with Frank Joholson.
R2O andl 1.2 Maglalsinon at.. near Dnlnrd.
Undertakers and Embalmers.
All huMlnmtremi eotruitoll to the firm will reit)iv
uromlpt and naroful attlent ion It modirito rattes+.
(itirrlaner ton hire. Irls Ilr
J. i. WA 1, KE It, I). m.m.,
No. 1840 1elord Mrtreet,
ltentl, ltprolviomntlf aid i.it ityoLII of both
O(ieirttlvn ail Mnd ihaltetIl l)untlMtry at l rost
M i.drllt, n ' ri'. rohi If
S()TTO(N Slo'1., + l MEAl,
Purtn troil Frmthly (Irnllu frl Mo,n. otf 011tl OWN
mantifaul nr, for 4taln by
tlllait l tll i rl iI ric, l'lil" mlll tiy
aplt lil 73 I ll tin tei treAn.
- AND -
LA 1)I ES' LIl.. Ell 1100.lO
142 ......Canal Street ...... 142
Itfrnalhmnlin i.i h liome stvii . livinlg ptlioo.
1) null fror t 4I . in. to B to. ill.
(I ll o" L on Hit i. lniiinyv. in linIi 1 in
Sainitary Excavating Co.,
(llinorporaitd by an atrt, of tihe tbriKilthiri, with
oxrluslvo privill+g f 1 EiPTYINO VAULT I1
Pl'lVIi,. HSINK, FDAR'.)
Are now in full operatlon. and are prepared to
perform the above work with promptness and
l dispatch. The advantimg derived from the use
of the
Odorlese Excavatlng Apparatus.
as ustId by the company, are that the work ran
he performed at any hour of the day or night.
the thorouawh manner in whiei the dlpoiitM are
removed, the atbsonun of all offeaiilvn odorsf, thel
Mhortal.uatiN of time riaitlrod (an ordiinary mink
being emitind in from ten to) flftion minutso)
and above nil, ITh (111 A PNEFR4.
A II orders loft at thes Corn anit y's office, No.
(nmrnon strenet. or Mlnt to Posto.floo box No. 918,
will rii.,lvyr nronltit ittilntion, mhlh It.
of Ithili o Wiueuu. Fi'ruinth. Iliinnuairlin tiriil
(.iltf¢ornlii 'uViWinie, .J I ci al n iu tlluila Uriiz
tIll liin. KIr iih ati ii Zwitiltibw fisioir". tCall forolie
Frtizts aniii .lilt i5,
Ior Ihl 4umne InillhIttly11u.
Also fiii t inir . I.ta ltr..uil . k iof W itukii, I|tru -
li,... (7,cuv,, . iili. sht r liii t'prrtl . .ihmuliitli
tiul Vu'rlnii h. i +'lti lnii;t aini thl.rmitiir CirnII Is
N Is i ent i I r. KrilTr k I 1" . 'm i il u int.
ii it..., iigu 'r. i ti n J K ltiiii. i u& l l .nit l(hiii'i
11) 11,1 II,' r. Aliti. Ior C.rirn. i iii lifUiu IE erlr
lisy Chumln tp .
s ......CU..TOilloUnE TRET..
I have in stable and will receive by the Mary
Hounton a splIndld lot of
"" + +is M A-' i o w
Mr.. 1MihPtld. Jemuihime A~ppleale Mawtle.I
wiririW i t'Inr~rrv'c (tlfni)gVn M#Pgno, nt gil., Vp
I~,rrtrrrrr rrrirrrii f ,fhn. c~,nrnr v. PlF ~
if iii'P/,.i III no.(1 nnirvc ~n 100 'Ici riiini~rlri thol ot,or~
P hrcl (r PRrrli ht 1,I 4),ICni~rit~l, ( art fo L oVIuIIIo
I Plrl coP I t.plll if Pr' nJf'Ran.Iin ai ih Moy *rrohntaq
vir Apprrt Inlrr rp~rrrrrr .Irlr,rrhtiuo loyal4 it ro~t, ii',-h
p4 .rr~lrllll l P J ,rrrlrt if Pf Ini-P , onipc* MPNI)AV.~` tU
(I ii. 147.I,( uP. ilirririr i.. hllrlt fri lown rlocri~rI
'AllI.P r('APlIW( I(r'IR ly'firi 'Ilnr PIOPnP),ut
1Iv ft Pr Pr P iP iHsn pg~1.(\ trP or(( 1iorIna ~)~ltA tlvrolifl.
111.1 IIII I~Ifli'I1'Pirti i PP ')l r I-oR. 44fPcilltP4J in t·In
Prrrrii,irl Pry P'i-tlri, l4P Anr.row, NarIr. efIlW
hl~lii Prrrlvr r frrriPrig IrIo· rulirir irt I'ry-t
PIri,llrln rclrrl HP. Arrlrrr tf i:·~~~Rrrit nl fnvfiruIrdl¶
II~fvr~,, Pi frrr r'PgEll PiP ji()~lr~li., iria Iwr, Ino fr.,
r~i-n. ArprLli~rr PIV'llry, Purr i, rfrlrlw pP Pnulri In lip
Pd N~llrr~zlvu 't Drrtrlllrr (·irrir Iii Pii. IP, Orbl rL
'PP H/ri i~·nt ))i ii. IPANI Y.
I dii Htrn'n- PTt~o~ Ir if Pfrrr Ir'rlifri, ltru (jtf~rptii
Ilrrlrr~f~P~l~ PlJ (n ~ u u'r ;·~·~· 'it TfI·rw · .
·ri- il~iir I irifu) rro ~Irrri iin in, Ph gllr I -Yip ilt$tP4I4
riririr Ii' PSl~unn trylrnl r. rirrnsf p.rra lr~iitognt
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p.1rn :tcr'p-rlN.p ~~~ri l (I to - I AlcktN Ti E
Cocripi iiiiiPrrirr~ni(ricri r piP 4.~1 pier-P, 11 Na uule an
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roi Puun uurnrIr IuuI uui i nr, front o (jn
P ('uP iulrl APPA uurrfrln nrr nIuo,,aror Put Olno oa
SILochte &S Cortlen vi. Mrs. Mary Ann 3R.
I rh of )lrlnna --No, i.or By virtue of a
writ or aImII n I11 lnd ill t Il, rn dlrortEtd by the
IIoornElhi, h tho FlIfh lilEt Ilt(lion for the par
Ilh o (r Erna.EI l, tImlE it Ev+ ontitlled lt'l(I4O I
will ,ro ., to rEE ll E aI ' pupliE ' nu'tlon, lat th.
Merr'Intuti' and A01tllo,,uiIre' Exchaunln, Ihyal
trE' 1 1t, 1 tw lEfEl alnt 1 i14 C1 rsh' ouXtifC IItrot*
In tih, HErElu d I llstril of th.rl l llty, on W I)N
f AY, MEay Ec-lonrl 1I77. Lat I ,'h;nlok In., tho
foll.w|inK de.m++rlk l ,ropnr,'Iq t'' wit:
A (:itTi'AIN Lfl' OF (iOUN,), to ether
wIth nll thi hi ll 11 IE l linproverno ntlllsn thellre
on, n114I Iil lit, rightsl, WyL)s. ptrlvliionis, servi
IuElllio lIlEEl LanIpEIpurIIEEnnlnELt t IorITto bIlonging or
in aIlEywi.EE alp,nEIrtditinEv, EIf/llutl/ In th nIOW
IuElurbl Mnarlgnv, In the Third l)IStrietor ttis
r'ity. dEIE aEl tElII bly Clho nElrlbol r En In suuatre
number forltylninr , whlEI'h I boundedI by ALto
nrll (Into AInnetIIIt.). I'roEnver. Eoille and ISt.
1 lornard strrtE, on Ia plahn Erulo by A. D'le e
En,urt. 1lurvolyor, dlitEl lho IIf Itlnth day of Mit.
19M4, and 1nn1ex1 d to an nEt. lIEfore A. 1hlapella
laEts a notnry tEIhIIl In thli l r+Ity. dealWtd the tweB
tythlrd dlay of JJanuEary, I8a: whllh said l0t
me slurns In Amrrloun nEIoanEIre, 21 foot front on
AntonI a EtrnM, by t Il fiEt In depth
lrltng t lamE rolnperty aiqulrl'd bthede
fonIdant lErIoln by InIIr.I.hae from Froderlok
Androru+ LoI,Iki Von Elhron. by a.t pospaEl before
W. It. Klnlnpnter, ltd, notary p,ubll In thls 9It ,
on the sixE h dlyll of FlErtlIry, 1.71, and 114I
ralltImtrtd Inl boEok NoI. 10I:, fEollo (1n, In the oflte
of It,E IIgl'Hto(r of Convo.yancs for the parish of
HhEIzElnd In Itho rabove suilt.
Tormn - Climbh oEn tIli. Iott.
Civil ihnriff of tho parlish of Orleans.
inhill 4pl4 my2
Faurec.len of C:hrlem DelBeIdl.
S an.rish of 1Orlean--No. 39 3il-Wherea,.
a Emll' F'. Io)lBndlo hIaw ptEtlttione)l tho Court for
Ia tlErErs of rulmlrEtE l IEIIon on the .stato of theolate
I 4t,hlarbri ll onrdi. dlE'rEatulE. IDntetatE. Notle
In hIl'r,:by given to all whom It may o,n'ern( , to,
AlIIOW c'EIU'E within tLfn dtlys Why the tprayer Of
t ho S1d11 01E,lloh,n.r AllhlIl(l riot be grlLntCxl.
Bly order 01 tlhe Court.
a111 1 112 .JOHN HITRHB#RT. Clerk.
Iuree.eli eot Ikdwarl Hural.
,I.rlsh of Irinranr--No. 39.i77-Notice hi
hrr .hy tulvn tto ttr rrdttors of this estate and
toal l thor peorEolA hrEin IlntvIr''sltod, to) soW
Euse within ton tI Y f5rm h s I,rO(+Ent notifloBl
tlon, If alny thoy hvEl olr 1nI, why thi Oinal C
nnt prEseOrlnt.dl by It,,ort Morrls ndl Willaln
IHinry, tlAw.hIEEItlLry X'i uIA 4,. of the dtEEEfahI.
ILihoullI not hi Io ,Ir iulritt 1 ta1Id epprove) .,and
I tlh funltA dl1'ril.lItrl Iln 14I;ordanl', thorfwith.
17 ,rBlr e.f thiE ., it
1 11 It 11 1 . II'1' III.lttiI.t'T, ClIrk.
kh14uColl'.n Ir WenrucrrLt lM tint h, 5U5.
c +;nad w ifo ,t Joh n . (.O 'lirlon.
VO ,ND lW'41t(Il' C ;'i5lt I' FO)THIIEPAR.
iH , it ) , Ian- -- :4 , ; 11 --Ntil',e i* hrrebr
Ktv."n to tho.'r.-. lr fr, s Of If~ r tat'U " arndl to all
Erli [OIl-,I lo r,. i, n Ilol A I "1.1 to st ow rlet .I ' a llU
wi hin 1t#., d1,1s fr+ th1, prIOEEnt nlotitltioln,. If
Iany IltVy l v, or ea'rl , wh y I hli 1.'Otl ,t pErno ,nted
by Jiohn A 'iI. E'4, I m. 1,' 1s i ilarl y "Eyol)Ior of
il $i $41r114', hou ,ll not. bo hIIl 'mE "teOd and so
1prov'-l, tallb tb f-.adst distributed in acoord
1111't1 h,ir.wifh.
IBy ord,E ol the Coridt.
11a lE 11 1' Ir7 1TPRTRIERT, Cl-k.
MO . Ias ItO~ snow see.

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