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The New Orleans daily Democrat. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1877-1880, April 21, 1877, Image 7

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yia gg'raph it of eeOtue t . toe Mt O%16,
osotowe Uuh S, to sW'
Wa. lakeM up and read, and tnder a rnetpen*
p1th tS·tlrliii wI read B Pk9Ofld time and n·
"IEN6to the Oomniitte ottn War and silieg.
3y Mtr, WY11
J@MOM bill no, 6, ,An not tof.tttherimttlht
hl etdfo prinlting and btnding In pAver outer
UI-Mof Index of all the hote of the Jneral
AimemYW to and lnnlttdina 161.,H
Wh6 tfken Up, read, and undor a Atrdgnrlon
eta. ruIox was read a gcocfld time atnd refrtred
t tte P omuttee on Oiainn*.
By Mr. W'ehburn
E@,4Ikt(I NI, UP n A ot atntitled an net to
ptoyi.fortlte removal of the obetrtotliolnto
eMaliatton In the ono~thjt of lied river. attdl ntp
prTitinClgl thEitib of 629,000 to pAr for havtin
the owork done."
Was taken no, read, MtWJ under a oelwfleiofl
l .i1UleS,wroa d ex a It Oefll time attil rt
ftrod ttuhe oCommlttee of the Whro, for to
miorrow. lOIN?~ xtt+
A jolt aeettio of the General Aeentoti y wnd
1 for te puWoto of further ballotitng for n
seam torplit iite t lstate o tofttLntetea in
tkLlbD1tat)U tbenited Miatee, for the term he
ga.t1 Ma rm 4, iU lion. L A. WIIA Lineu
SMUt Govlro~r and Jreeidiont of the Reente,
'bse toll of the Senate wwA callred when the tot
1 Senattor atiwne tor their names
Missewn r Snaator..
a. heo or. whiti anti ,aoteeie.t
T!he roil of ihe HouIN warn roniled when the
ifoiloytig members answered to their tnmm.s
. gnk r and N Alr loge,
, C rertl plIlienuok~et. pelt.
a~at l ool4?º,linc~lfinry oil
.reo pttrp ttrtar e tav
lai ol 'et rcln o
et a, .utidettKbnorti ýiVu1
*?r o alt 'inhard of Orletter,
p, l t, A r eniear, lt,
ofe Uiboruýeo aulncýik inototo
igkt~ nee memberS. iad a uor u 1pm
'lhe reiieng effinr atnuoun ol r that the
Gelnorl Aaernbtl~ of the N~tet ofottficeslane
had mlet in thi. Jo>int Mneemt,iV at reicoI rod by
law, for the atetrpuwe of ballotlng for a Wnatsor
t repWtittho n tate of ULousalna in thY Hengto
o the nited Sdtate'. for the trm n egi nnnh t
Marote, iufrrl*
00" Soolretair of the Kate rad theo nnmLo ofa
aweafdodathee to witr
to sar.. Jonaes. lbotno Ontana annd tJnwrWte'C.
Tr, Irldo er nomt nated the lon mW Wof
arlmer, of Oaldweii parleb.
Mr. NOUWu nominated lion. X.I MoOulf'1 tn.
lttoung of Ilaton llotnroe nominatedt llon.
i' J. Brown.
lhere being anr further nomination%, the roll
Of tho donate wag oaiiedt with the followintg
biator Galand oted tori,.1 .rirown-- vote
tO ad tlo ardeon and banhulliforrl
YT'~0O! Ho t. 'L.0 tletwoU t vnote.
anelir Attain voted toe Andrew Calba n-I
Rlliaor (ml. voted for lHon. S. Lnwrsn'e-i
Riji, (oode. Grover iItoherll Itoh1
1ta~ White and V~aeltarie voted for
V den voted btank--t vote.
""oatltr and btubbs voetd for W.
* oft tholtai.0watest i d when Moeter.
Soten, Bstrhtn, Arat 1lirry. linti
inter, (illeepte, Olea Newton,
' Singleton nud Wood votod
£rury helevinte Fitepattriruk
of Or 1 elly of Ornmant., erno
at, if hetrit, Iloilo, n(Rn~1.
roajtt' oed ur o, lt1, cfilxinn -14.
anii ri n , liear l)rtke. One'
, Lionharo 0rienne, tylansi, Ron
re~l ani WWaehburn voted for the
g1li e1iltleu, r(IartO*. (resee), Kelly
a. actn nei, Itlohardaon, Htdglny,
avior an Wtltiama votdl for lion. K.
Dr ornn, aude, liammond. l(i04
", !'! to anti 'oin oft tlntbornva vote1
~,~pron. JIrook. Bridge, Durd~nn
JiW1o gen.t meant. itinnuioapii rtonmro
Ochler. mart and rulih r vowel
w yn- alA MnnA ) p tnn. T,_ B. llnwlpr n 1.
R8'E eitl uter j t I rfori h-n
r. Lby voted for lion ,. t. it;trrmn--l,
otaI vote 99, neeonsary to a choloo nno.
Ne one eandidate having receivo.l a mnaority
Otahtlle votes oast.tho prosding oftlnm'rdo.
4ild that there had boon no tl.oo tio,.
On motion of Mr. Oreany. of thb ltou.et.
the joint aatembly adjournol. and theioenat
ithdrw to its ohamber.
aItOItit vlattfrn RtItRUMED.
r. GOitore Waaie, returned a' ita momber by
the l.arnini BoaLrd. appeoaro I and wlthdr w
a.elaims to a seat in the IlHoun i.|prsosntit
te as a member from the parish of Wont
Measrs. P. J. Watson, of Matison: R. J.
Walker of Tens is; Baptitoe Drew. of lRapInhl.,
aad Robert Johnson, of Titnss. proontttud
themselves at the 8po aker's stand, t.,ok the, eon
sttitUonal oath of ofolue and were seatod as
: spresentativex from their respnetive parishes.
Mt. Anderson Tollivor, of Coonnrdia, pro
eagted himself at the Speaiker's astand. took the
eoase ttional oathof ofimne and was .catod a.s
STDresI.etstiA, Nubjeot to the rsoluti.on of the
EotlMaedblted April 1s, and to the eontotation
therein provided.
T'he roll ail after joint aession wits dispens.ed
The following messages worn recived from
tbeh sate'
akxu:aA n.~ T r or L0outstaNA. I
New Orleans, April io 517.
aor ableto the Speaker and Members of
r 0 re.. ro sentatlv s:
MI instructed to Inform your
7 that the t nat. has eConcurre 1
ill o s9t, entlUed "An at author
d lempowering the Polile Jury of the
-f 2 ]Fint l ion sot to bon i ho indebt
eWs Ish." with an amendament as
e8Sea has reed to aso snferenoe in
amen meoaU Houa haslhleo.SSo.and
S torstub s White Wheeler Ogdn
vbee appointed a oomuiitton
of the 8hanta
S on$neurrenoe in B5ensti bl 1 No. 157,
osatto create resordts' Court, In
pe 1 rleans, and to ptbvide for the
. appoint nent of recorders; to de
je aus titldon, quatlifloan asd
and to repeal an so entitled an act es
bls four municipal courts in the city of
SOrleans, and defining the jurisdiaoton and
Stheeof. and rep.ealin. all laws. estab
lh aeoorders' court', and providing for the
tr of the ro3ords from the r,.corders
elar4 to the aid munliipal courts, and for
san teab lt No. i59, entitled "An act to
madnd re-ena.t an at entitled an act to
ant or sthe Qo vernor to mvv' for eaust ,,r
-Imoempeteno asY ofleor or app ,intete who o
~.atmentiavested in him under existing
,ý etirrtarr.
Now rleans, .A pril 19. 1977. I
'a"o the Honorable tSpeaker .n Memoers of
onouse ox Rtt,re.m'ntLtives:
Sam inst oue te by the Pcnate to
y. honor,,ble body Ih .t thl enac.e hat.
Ier Iand I ir1us a your coucur lene' in
b le No ta. i r, Pal n a t en.ttl-d "'.n
ýtani t. a Board ,,f * tuteR Enlgilnees. ati
i 4h ~ 11;r vt v n a omtrol antd
eetofp abiilvee. in pollee juti :to
ri.etheatoitent of eougi ers fling.
ao. te has agreo 1 to and adopted the
i -Ibe eoomnlte', ,f '-ofereuo on tne
IaauiSte to House bill No. M enIt
att. reoeal sat No. 155. aporoved July
;ez wt~ide forth- appointment of rares
s.Et eIs ofr
Ot themotion of Mr. blil, the potltion rlaatIWV
to the reditttlon of lloonet tºtx on insantlrntte
tomgtlntel was ralommitted to the Committee
on Way atind Moens.
onwifMwt'ttl asclltttita
Mr. liowden, Ohairman, on behalf of the Conm
mittnoenn Patroohll Afftairs, repotrtesd n followa:
To tbn ilonorable Mpoeker and Milembhnr of tho
aijnden of E1epre.entathijer of the MateIi of
pnllanIren-Your .,mmlittena on .trtohil
sfalire io Wll TiI was reforroet bill No, nfi,
An ..t rlellatvI to Ith p ritithe of Mt. Marttin ani
lti'l, providllltt to io-aiix to stlh;e airtia of
Mt. MIart n ii portion of iti terlitar y herePtor ,r
irmanfrrted to tie tpiishh IU lIbrl, ihd fi.ling
the repr nniitatll of salId palt lhoe Inl ttlen
erdtl AMssem blly.' nbo e tve to n .,l' that wea lllt
haId sald hill Itnder noeurnlld ration. anll o5nnlm
mneid that the bill le refosrrod t, to the (nmliittnO
on 1lallrl.tda,
L. It, IBOWDEN. (!Chril- n.
Mr. (tMsktinn,. ehtilrman, on ehalf of t h
ilousam (lomnhiti 'nof (Joifnrenon on Iho Mnsatlin'
amtndmente to lln10' hill No, Oto. preuI.nItedo
the ftlliowing report:
To the lontlorable the Mponker anid Mnh.'rt
of thn bouse of iteoprsehntatives:
The enferenine ootnmltlter naolintedll, re
n~ncetiyely, by tht m ntgte anil HouIse of Repro
isenttieV t tlpllt the HIou1ne hill Non. lus) af..
senalte a dnenllmt ntlherto,, having met antl
duly tottlisereor thn atme+, a tntijotity of encsh
Isctmmitn, have algrteed and t litlets'd Us to tie
Dort a IIoloWs:
They rolnomeandI that the Hnnfs conlur In
the Bonset amenulments to the tollowing Rne
tlujplU. to Wit: 0. II. II. 16. I 17 ,Rind 29,
upthe u, , tblny recommend that I, tal,tsr non
cur In lh osatn amendment, strlk ing .ut in
lines thre Aind folr of snatolln 1I tihe worlds
"hating mnore than one reprnst tineatlVn,
'I hsy further reounltnnd tihat ito heenstn rt.
t.l . from tll of Its amesndellio It ino se en of
acnation 1t, nxs'tpt the wot'lrl ' who shall . ne
lot d from the oplb linllg p 10.I tl art,"
All of ",'lle in le rtliiM lullrmIl ,,.
t'halrlap eennte ornmittee.
(Ohairman Rousne liommntton
The aild iloetue bill No. Olo waus uiki'n up with
the Mbnste's amendments, whlh were rtoa, a'
Retlnutn imlendmenlt to imllsts hill No, lte:
In pcortlon 0, line 1s, sutrike ut the wordst
"lirften hlrtdr.'d," and insert " twenty-four
hundred tltl."
Menetion Il, linh 7, snllbtsitul, for " t.n ",lirk "
"two oiorks', whio lhall Inh. steieti fro ihoh op
posing pillitloal partire."
B8etlion 9, litln I0, trli'k out all ofl ihe tine lsfter
the word " printnd ;" trike ut, li.ne; 17 tlul 4t
and all of line tio btfor tihn woird " wli"rn," anll
ine'rt "suworn toi and ihilerll.r-Iul-t in Inullleioate
before the registranr, es0estst or ot irk on tlle I
vlrte of the duipittati, fLor' dt'livory to thI, voi'or
aind in the stub thhl.reof, ito h retainel ih then
oimlnr nvwiditl'nn ofl ollfthl ti-it h."
Hlietion it, liotte . italr lit" word "' rpvin " In.
pert, the wrordt "hy lth writlhua itnllav it l 'f tIWo
quaillili'l viutori of thle prIittIh."
Moletion it, linn n, atrlke out the word " that,"
illt . Itnert in eill thereof the wrd " who."
Ie'tion It, lino 3. strike oult all niter tihe word
"thtll " strike out line aind all of lion 4, ulp to
anid includingl the word "ut," ~and In tlinn r
strike ouilt the word "hisw" tinil It:npart' "'t.li," noil
in the same line after lite wordt "Inability" inl
sPtrt the wordus "tf the slapaesor."
Htstion in. Ine t 3 i an id 4, ikt tki . thi il worltn
"having more Ilthan oni roprnmntall tive."
l.tilon 17, lino i. ftser the word 'rgistlratr."
ilnsPrt the wordn "oir aiesO'eor."
Hei't.Ion 23, lthin 23, strike iout the worl "ros'i
,d'noe," And in Iinn 21 Alftr the word "pDrish"
insert the woritl "welrdl nllt porcilne't, tnil if ini
Aly inenrporetttltl Pil y or town, the lname oIf ucllhl
plawe, with Lio wardt. diistll 'lor prlein't ol f Fiulsh
Il sattle Rsot ion, I n ' 2i. sIn lko o.lt Iho worlid
"wrlttolt or printnd."
Hoetion s, 1tln , aftor the word "'rnlctrar."
nlnrl tlnhe words "aeirk of t.listl alt.ilon."
The r,'port of the (,inlmitte, of (onfrnnl n
WaRn adoptelld and1 th bhill all amr nd'd wly
House hill No. 3ap, "An at to il'orporate tho
Eatern Louislana lalway Coantnly."
We staken up with the onate's amnendmenlt.
follows :
In section 4. parnraplrh . aoftr thll word
"lands," lnsort thn words to the ,l i ot of olIne
Ihundrdl foot on rao'h sillof tihe railway."
The roport of the om mlllitotn on onllfl'rnnc
was aldoptld anlld the aRnlllllnllts n a r(1eomnl
mnndl, by saIld .oimmitlno worn oLloptnd. Tho
bill ts aIllilondd was pnsetd.
51,NATI n3tl),It 01 FlrT Rn.AIA)INil.
Snna'n bill No. 1lt. "Anl et .to rl.ire o rtoonrdors'
courts in the til y of New Orl.ansl. and to provitd,.
for Ihn appointment and ebIllili of r).ordlrs.N"
Was takIl uip 0nl its first rnading.and uIllnr a
)nspnl)ision of tlhe, ruins Wal roIad IL 5oo1nd
Mr. FIiltlzhat i'k moved to nrmnd tIv strlking
o11ut inl Inns JS anld 19 of slrtion 2, tIhol words
1' hall Il a plorion hllrnd in tle law."
Mon1 tion 3n 1 tbln i ltiy the 1lno311indm1t till
thI tallhc'. t111( ye.as and lnays Wireo ar"(llld fol with
hll followling result.:
Y,,s-Mewers, Aycenek. Brlidgr. lIreard. lill
ll, Ilarbl'I., .raIly, ltro)ok1. J3or y. Ioll. Car
hlo1) Cr. n(rssy, lit n vign , 1)1I . r , l' llHl. oI r'1tollr,
(laude, tlnI ki3i),. il ll n tin'oll. ,JOlntll4. K nnm -
dy. Kelly of Orl'3.ns3, ne-I 31han l) ons, L ,114.
Ltmare 1n,t, Leonhtrd! of (urli a, Martin,
0 (1inus, ;HIowIom. Nunoi . P1ralta, i'PIts, ltidgl)y.
lilr. J;on. Itolvod, li o t n, 13 ,ilt doliphll Itlne,
tlmnor,1) of tho l11ll I r) 3 H3lllor, Si r )l. 3r3t0, tll )4,
Wn t.lotrs smart.h Taylor TrolnIl1onll., Voor Ilo1,
Waillh billrn. Wilam. "An, 't 1un 11l i of Ch.lllorno and
Youllng of r.la unllon Roliugl -. lllY of F1L
ThnIu motin yon to lay upon h o thabl provlilld.
Mr. Jonas . onvd that otlo, viof Mr. Yl final
owntlonmotion the mLotion to r0'ons.dor waIs lid
on iho tabln.
And ou ro bill No. 297, ll "An ct auhlring lnd
In theow dringctl. they oll y dtof Ermlt li
tiouv. tro t the i)31ndebtedh of that p8rt8. h."
The bill was takeedn upa witm the oa note ofd
Baton crreie, was sntondd so a to road as fol
"And provided t hall a for theional wlth the
police jury to fund tho01e judgments or not. ru
in thOomeir d lertion they may dtermine
"And provided this act shall cease to be oplra
ticur after the st of Novem1 br, 1878."
The bill was passed as amended and notice of
ooncurronce was sent to the Seasts.
Senate bill No. 11, "An ant for the relihf of the
State Commissioner of State Englneers for the
current years of 4876 and 1876."
Was taken up under the favorable report by a
majority of the Committee on Claims.
The majority and minority reports were roadl.
On the motion of Mr. Young, the House re
solved itself into a Committee of th.e Wit le.
Mr. Voorhies in the chair.
The committee on rlsang reported through its
chairman that It had considered Senate bill No.
112, and had agreed to recommand its passago
by the House, withan ametndment. as follows:
In line . - eOtlon 1. after the word " appropri
ateod." insert the words 'six thousand dollars
out of the general fund tax of ls75, and six
thousand dollars out of the goneral fund tax of
The amendment of the Comm'tteo of the
Whole was ahlopt d.
Undltr l lsuelnlsion of the rules the bill was
rn I a third ti .e.
n th fll:' nlll) pallae the yeas and nays were
ca!lel fir by Mr. ''rm-lulotL
Yeas-UHn. L. Bulh. lpeaker. and Mssres.
B tlhu, I_ ook-, tarl ,ows DI'ury. 1I) avign o,
L) ow. D' 'vy )oproe. Gaud'. .8 ,'kins. H, it.
tlu3,ti, gt in. Hlm 11 o1d J lisotl. J,iolna. Ke c
nody, Ke.ly of 0 1 ans. K-rn 'chan. Kid 1i. Lc.ao
-nrt of utrl-ans, McGihee. Newsom, Por-cr,
Pralta. R -eton. Kiahy -arta.u. in .e-rn.
Stewart. tellers. Toliv ir Wtahbun. alker.
Williams and Young of ClHiberne--.S.
Nays-Messrs. Ayeook, Bri i.r. , reard. Bow
dea. Barbin. orlady tuck. Berry. B it Brig.s.
resey. Sergasmn. F.tb. 1~up4trik. flor ter
GI les.hela Lv. L 'e;t. . Launare. LeM. eans.
Pitts, Blhras. Bv4ad. tlandoph loDer
L~li yidxa"e"r;
Mr. 1 nier moved a reegugidera ti n of the vote
Jtmat tkakn, and mbvvd that the mototnrl t) ration
Altdnr he' Intel Utat(n the table,
Vending t (fn moiton to ita linion the table, Mr.
Voorhino houvnd that the' Ifoup takn a rsnea
ntinl 7 'I o k p, n.
Whte'i motion, by a riaing votn If El yeas It an
Haly' vtrsalted.
$YIallrfl $ F*RafrN.
ThMe Ion1ne was enill to ryder at 7;; p. In .i,
Mr. 11111 In thenhair, )rr'annt :
Iton. tL.11Ii1. Naekqr, antdl Mna.ern. Aldte' ,
A vlo'k, idger, Imtrnirtl, 1Il1iu I4 l B len iar
Ir)nrnrly Iit .'k, 11n1 1nl, ilrictqp, t'larlotaa, (.irnaAV,
D" LRV Iiikn, º rnI, i~,rlii t rP;l'lk. rtJR1'9
toIr (t+a.kinp, fitaoovn'ndl, [[11l of f''rnav.
,lontp, nill Y ofj Winn, to111 ' of (lrlian.a,
i~nrnoiiin. HJ1( LyonuIj Lnnd i Lnalnma Lea,
efleti i rarI' of I tian R tIpiirt, .tiWa, MrrIe
Mne, M1ear 'm, r it Ir 'i'reInrII(JiItt. 'Ill('benroV"ou
Uylanl, Itwl"Ith, ftlln, r;,o)mrtao Wha
Ptpnnr', Wit Irton. Mnnf Mplor anPtnn
ttnllrnrp, Mnln)' , Tal'1 i ' lr o(, rtlnt,, olnr. Voor
hI) 1 a l.Atllrn, Wondt, WIIdn.Wiiilnmae YIuIbog
of (Illatioe on iint Youlng of Ib4et, Raton hIeeoe.
lIlaty-two tnolierer4 nn,]1 a ulIltralm.
P'I'eIdhing tue ni ('1 If o Ien roll An above, Mr. W.
.Teoe. l~eLfay. pr(' ntid ii m'eif at then Mteaknr'a
siaid, too11k thee Ieontlbttte~ntlbal uoath of 'lfllee, and
wait aetln a Ha" flrnadresnlattt'e from the iiarlsh
of Ile1phlea,
Mr. Mernonhlen IWIvC I that tile onoca" a1
i" trn.
(in which tmotion the yena and nai were
'aledl, as followa:
Yemea-Measal'. ilIll, Carlie'a, Urn my, )'esW,
Piref-n, tlekinna, ell Iof WhIn, KInth1OIrlen,
Ki4lI, t."nhand f t claln, N iwejl, PotI'tIer,
nitlnra. V ot-hiea, WlIIiansA-tt.
.iote- on, ef tDrtuan, r 101r, and Mlipare,
Alit n, ynok, lritlttpr , Itrnard flowvJj'n,
hlitlarI'lý in, lace' BolleIlhlclt, i'tkn *rtb
t-atrin- I osmrst (), tlam l -'r1, f ill of U( IJRns,
Jonnn hoplly of(driaaa I yo ts, oers. 1, as
1$ehtllron, Itylanul, tnndol Nh , tolln, lob "~rt
P111 nMhakR nie. Mintai eto, taiif, Mpiller. -tnrt
If~tcrl,, wmt rt TAP 1vor Trheist lito 1 olerlnW.-47
),(lfll, Itolcl, Witt A. Yoonng of t inihornlS Young~
II f lYb t, Baton It lly n-47.
The motion to aj tiurn wenR Iot.
Mr. KRidtl movltt that thn motion of Mr. Tolar
to I.y on the table hli own nllotiron to rnnotlior I
thr, vote on the pan.vsgn of Henato bill No. I 1 he
postponted until to-morrow.
The llti r ruled that, Mr. Toinr'e motion to
Iny upon the tablen 'oultl a;lon hn oinalhtrel.
Mr. Kiidd appealetnd fromn thm ;de<tisiol or the
On the llauntion whtlmnr thu tlatolli'n of the
Chair hollltl 8tHnd lhe pyeR and nay- were
nmllne. with the foIllowing e~nilt:
Ynu Ilion. LI. Bush. ltpnAl r, aitid Meanrs.
Alliho, Ayoek. tnrildgtr, l, iil'ar,, llowint.
Itit dti, ltluk lnorry, lI'll, ltr rgg|ea tRr, rmy, ke
Ft+i lnt.r I'k, rolratnr, (laekine, (It lIolioI. I1l of
Url'anli, Kltly of (Orhlans, Khhl Ly;nna telnntl,
ilsnlrati ln Lonhlard of I rloitan. Miartin.
MeauIs, MtIoltwho, Newomrn, Nillne.m, I'itta, Illth.
!rdsnt. Itylanlhd. Ilandolph, RolIo K hortmon,
rink kpnsrem. Mlnatltion, HlfP; Mpillnr, btmlgt,
MteIul. Mnltler. t3m'Irt, Ttytitr-, J'mltnolulot To itm
VoorIl.em. WaIhhurn, Wtoi, Wldt,. Williamnm
alnt YVIon;I of ftoal ljito;l lletouon t.
Nayis l.lIt . a i. [ 111, (alrsi mus I lojran. Ttal i
onoli. Knlly of Winn, Helrnol n. 'orter and
Young of 4 lathlrnmu R.
Th'lh ruliln of th hainlr wlan osltlf.tiial.
'Tih' iulnt'ilot rOetl'rrin g ion Mr. 'lT.ier' motion
to lhty upoIIn thn t.li, thet ye.I anll IIays were
nlintll to;r willth the lfllowilli rnuilt:
Y¥-ii I-ton, L. iuls;h, MHt akr, atl Mloanr.'
Av.tnik. Irlhltr.r, Irtar11 hiwBwdin. Jirady,
Bionk Pierry l. IIll, IlrilUgt (,iray. 1 tolon,
'ittntrllk r, I lhratr.r. il lnnpto Lyone, e, m.,
I ,rln"a ili ot. Martin, .lt.tl s, ]J i teno, N iitnez.
i'it t th4lirdlon, ylan. lal Idolint . It tllsn.
Iltohrth nl. WIh(l ke nar'," Hn lf, HIilltr, HtI igr.
Hlinart, 'l'li r. T mt'om al;;il.t 'C'olor, W a-liubrn.,
Wiild, and Youlng Iof iEnti linton ito,' gn --o,
Nay I rn Maars. Alhilgn, iltll. irioka. ,tar
Iom.. I r .)rtlhard n, irwlll. i , r nt.a y, l 'V vyl . lllt
proo'. Foh1 (lakinkP. Hattll. llfn ttlnmm d. Iillt of
rlunHoi. oho.nr, , !nnai, , -II oft Winn. hully
of ()rllann , I rinonhliian, Kittlt. ltunharll of tr
Ila..u, Nowsoatl, 1lortol. H1lio; ro. liby, Hingihn
lll, htoltwrt. Ht;lo, ' oll' r t . Vrio 1.r ittt.
WaIlker, WIood. Wliitahmll. Young of .hl iliurnu
On lthti mlot ion of Mr. Mltnhtn. MonntIt hill No,
1il. "A;n not to iunall auh' in Onlintu nrillt it on
titld 'An at to inithorri,i th o (lovnrnor to rc-.
noye for iiona or IInointOlltwnorPlt anly otlt'r or
apipointt wihoi l appointmnt i veated In himn
uinounr aexitit;ni lwa, atIpprovel April 4. 1x7l.' "
Wis taklen tp ton iti llt. r. tlling. r;itl .l
pollndutd, rlaiti a loond timi lln nltl iindl r alt f Iarthrl
yltlponolliln of thelli rules was rIad I thllirdlI timo
Mid pmtoull.
Tht tillt wal alidoptldl.
MIin.nithill No. nt li."An not to ltitlhorizo thi
p)olInl jury of the ltariahl of Morehoun to loivy i
aPin Ial tax to bailt a jpartih jail."
Thi hill, undI1r au..p"ton of the rul'ts,
undelrwent. iti ai'verli r,'a lille anlid ipa1atd.
Thni itli was adoptehd.
M-oaiuo hill No. lim,. "An ant to repent nin ant,
ltit ind 'An not. to . rnul a . oli ar I of lati Inigl
Illn' r, ILpiitroV ) Ftittnuary 4. 1lilt,' to VOl t Lthe
Wtls tilakin nu ilt it Ii rat ruatlihngt. ti undelr a
nulp.:nslolln of thl ruins r'lil ai mo,,nd nine,
atindl rttl'rrid to the Ctommitteett otn 1.Lnt.ls and
()i tlht' motion of Mr. Itrry. lluImne hill No.
ri., wani tIk;'n 0up on its a.nond rnalitA. .n i n
lrott';ed, anltd undetr at suspn.tuion of lht' ruies
waits road ai third tim;t and psllsnl.
'it'h tltlo w'a adopted.
Mr. lharry nmovedh that tho vote on tihe fiinal
patss.g+ f Ih t hill bt re; onitdortl, and on his
own iotion iltiho mttion to routnal.htdr wais laid
uliin tht table.
Mr. Young, of Clalihorno, otflfruml the following
Oincurrnt Resolutitlon:
letitoltIl by tIe 'att, e ari lHou,,p ouf Repr'
Qrnltaflwr . Teat. tih I'rlshidt of Ith r m llnll nod
1ih" ',4.t'Lkor tf I.i liot tH n of I.tnur.tmt Iiltatlya. iv e
nuthor'iz,',i to €'rae tih. pri 'an t rl.i.n by nl t.
iourning iit;r runneitive tlousie.,. 7 twin . (on thi
21s+t1 dt.y of April, 14Ts7 ill, 2 elo'lK, p. il.
Thi rule's hintlg a.tapeinded by a r sing vote of
'r, yn.it it; nalt . ;son thu motion oft Mr. Drury,
lth further 'tonatlitrit.lion of tho rtesolution wias
Dostpoiledl until tixr morrow.
()t tIhei motion of Mr. Cro.sy lthe Houtse ad-;
Chief Clark.
Friday Evening, April 20, 1877.
Clearings. Balances.
April 14.......... ...$1,199,105 36 $149,485 10
April 1............. 1,374,994 58 19i,445 01
April 17............. 1,658,653 0. 268,965 96
April 18.............. 1,810,856 61 158,747 48
April 19.............. 1.514,784 94 286,226 61
April 20.............. 1,548,61 31 154,334 07
Total this week....... 0.085,037 86 1,159,204 23
Total last week....... 7.918,921 18 888,625 20
Total week before.... 8,765,986 01 1,164,250 22
The demand for money has continued moderate
throughout the week, both in bank and on the
street and commercial paper has remained un
changed. Under the war news gol.1 was irregular
and nigher at the opouing of the week, touching
108%, is highest polnt on .londay, against 10. %,
its highest p Ant In New Yo, k on fuesday, since
wilch the marbet has generally receded, closing
at a net advance of oly ¼. over 1at4 Frida)'y
quotations. Foieign Exchange has followed the
course of gold, c tmmmrt ial touching b62/,, at it
highest, point on , .noday, showing an a .vance of
t o on Frlda 's quotatiuns, but closing to-day at
a net imp.ov melt of only 3 /,. Ltie is above
th i pa&l y of gold compared with last wek.
The movement in goll and foreign exchange
being sone what stimulatel by speculation was
of fatr extent,
N.,w Y ,r, s!ght has exhibited little animation
or qu ,tab!e variation, except within a day or two,
since which it has ahown a slight decline for
commi retal.
Under tie more favorable aspect of our politi
cal affairs all classes of Securities have been
sa ive and booyan . Stocks have been more in
request and highr and State Console a.d Pre
min u Bonds hays been excited and in active de
iand at a marked advace. The former have
i ed as blgh as 76y, against 6t/ on last Pri.
dsaj, ad e latter bass laoed 34.tis 34
lest Tak gdags smn>Oie lovem as
. shY etlsre of 3bene
Ptremsuar Bode. The forme l ,ed i g .ay at
the -tter it. $t®3 , sgitu t ?trI o n std
thlis rn dented movement in ~etiti.es
iami.iante I be fenling ain ur flanoial oirtles with
regard to the present Idte govertnmeut. The
ttentlon of operattors and brokr-r bt'inl ra
sorbed in the bond movements, Poliee UCrtinl
otes and Mtate Warrants have been somewhat.
nt gl oled, but ruled to-day at a marked adveano
compared with last week.
We eonittin to quote : itaeeptional nommern.al
paper -@4 i cent per annum discount: At do.,
I1~ 10; second grade do. 12't5; collateral lonse
70t1 first elass mortgagee 809, and seconld
g.tae do. 10.12.
Gold opened at 10(a4~6ilOOtt, against 100."p at
New Yo k, and after a m;oderat.e buinsifs crhieed
at the opening rates, against. I100 in that market.
IThe sales simmo-d tip 17l,000) , embraoino $13,010
at 106ifi, anld $5010, $*000, S5000 and t01)O1 at
ftrreign Exohange ruled at pre vious ra'es, and
the moremoent as o.f fair extent.
The stiles of sterlitng comprried £47,U00, em
bracing £10001) bill of ladigl at )141,/, l.1500 At
tlear at, 51l £t1)O0 rln, at 1t'/, £7.0(H) bill of ladtling
at lrl4V,@$l5/, £1tWi) At Aart at tilt, £10,01))
hill of Itding at lb@1Ol0l, 05000 do, at 510' e, and
£1060O and £0100 do, at bIt/.
Thbe saes of francs amounted to 271,00 orom
mroial, embraoing 501100 at 4 gRn', 00,000 and
150,000 st 4.MRR, aid ,r 000 at 4 T7 ,
At the close sterling illte were quoted at 6ft4/
)il10 tot bill of lading and Al elear, and --45.lu
Slr bank, (lank enanter rate - @ 90'/), and to ones
at 4.8R°5(t,87'1 for oommeroisl and nominal for
New York lIght was unthanlged. The sales
comp ised $12000, embracnng 845,000 and $00,
0 0 prlvate behkers at 90-8 i cent premium, and
S,1,000 back at 5.10. We also notloed a sale of
$10,001 thirty days' oommeroltl sight on New
York at % ~t aetnt ddiscount.
The banks contined tr coheck on New York at
5 1i otnt prermltm, and oommetoial sight was
still qnoted at 5-1l1.
the following is the nfofilet statement of the
Ssales reported to-day at the Wtook lr hange :
40 ehsree (1 IaenoI' ank . .............. $71 00
1 lsharee People's Bank . ........... 4 00
5 share. Workingmen's DLak . 21 (10
$1,,0 [tate Oonsuol t ...... ....... 74"
4,000 do ........ .. 7(
7,110 (do 71
50,500 do .... .. 7511
1,1100o do 7t ,
1,3,000 do ..........
..king a ta fl of 114I 0011 Htate Coreols.
$10,l0o0 Preminu IBodds .t... . 11
0l,000 do ............ nn
00,000 dIto . . i15
41, 000 do .
o,40 0(hO do
.,10010 do .
1,000 Al .......... a4
10,000 do i. 80 flat ... 10i',
Making a total of $452.J000 Premium londs.
$1100 hioholln Per Diem Warrants at.. 78
7(H) do .......... 7
1)1 do ...7". 74
l. )00 ........... d0
1,1(0 0 do . ly
1 200 do .. .
000 Halflpad City oupne at ...... :1(1
Storks were In f.lr reqnest and firm.
Ktate Console and premium honds were leas
motive and were lower, olotiog at 74/,'@75 for the
former, against 71y,4.07 ye.terlavy, and at 851i
J01 for thelatter, against S/,C.:3. yesterday.
Police Oertiflcates o'osed at 9j·driD for Febru
are Iseaes, and Il@l1 for Marob.
Per DUitll Warrauts were quoted at 81"t1i3.
Friday Evening, April 21, 1177.
(iotillons ripreennrl prl'cn for rotned lode fromr
ft'ut h,,4lS, ?trl0 ie i o'ther.'titofl ,li.tnd. In illivn
aMntU o,rrlnl' hihe'r prli.st ae Ia(l.tt
(00 lTON-The sales to-day (not inoluding 400
yesterday) nummed up 1(1O bales, at Irregular
a d stronger prior 5, requirlng a parilal advance
of (o in our qunotatli ne. We give alno the figures
and reprt of the Iachainge, a. below:
G(en'l notations. IEx. Q,
Inferior.... ............. 7,@ 11 -
,ow Ordinary.............. 8@ H.,
Orllnary.......... .... ...11 @ 11· 0%9 A
14trlot Ordinary .......... .lq,. ^,,
(ood Ordinary.............. U1 1I 0°4
tltrlt Oood Ordinary ...... I. ~i .
Low Middling...............1i010, 10'o
4trint Low Middling ........ lP0 ll'
iddling ................11 tli I, 11u
itriot Middling............ l%@ia.1g, . -
' Good Middling............11i. 117,
Middling Fair ............4.1 l12; 12%
fair ................. . l...1;111 -
, The market opened unler the stimulatlng in
tliltence of favorble tlengrams from Liverpool
anI Now York, bht operations being restricted
by the e'ringent pretaione of factors, who
ralend their views Th~/o, the esles during the
m .rning were of u.,.y mrderate extant, afier
which the movement benotne quite anitnated, re
1. nolling in the liberal buaines. itoted above, in
whloh nineteen brokerage bounee participated.
Prices exhibited conuldlerable irregularity, a por
in,, of the husiness lshowlin an advanoe of yo.
and the re.t no variation Irotn yesterday's lIg
ures, or an improv.ement of only 1.1n,. Later in
St'o day factors met the demand more freely.
The deipat4hlle reporttd Liverp ol steady at an
Sadvance of 1.1; I. with sales of 18,000 bales, and
1-16d morn off red for sir vain, Manchester
Sea.dy. Hvre firmer but not quotable hihrher,
and New York stradv at an a vance of 1-1( inI
spots, and closing 6.100@9-10U0 higher for fo
s turcn.
The salos of the past three days sum up 11.R~o
oales (2630 on Wednesday, 4050 yesterday, In
luo log 400 bales not reporteIl until to-day, and
U550 to day), miking, with the addition of 830
bhles to Iuoeday's rp port, an aggregate for the
week of 21,5800 bales. against 14,OU last week and
23,700 the week before.
Week's receipts 9177 bales, embracing 750 from
other delivery ports (of which 174 from Mobile,
3 fri m Florida, and 580 from Texzis and 8320
prop+r against 71)29) proper Iast week and
i.1lt8 last year ; total pr, per since Augnst 81,
1,124 820 baes, against 1,339,198 last year-de
crease 214 878
Iho exports camotise 21,953 bales, embracing
8796 to Liverpool, 5550 to Havre, 451 to Itouoo,
2977 to Bremen, 1500 toCronatadt, 1bH)0 to Malaga
a .d 1i77 to Now York, to which we have added
78 by river.
the Exohange telegrams make the receipts at
all the ,arts from 12 m. yesterday to 12 m. to
day 2978 bales, against 2680 last week and 7230
last year, and since Friday 19,036 bales, against
22,091 Iast week e.nd 3 t,806 last year. Total since
August 31, 3,778 666 bales, against 3,8811,893 up to
Thursday noon, April 20, last year-decrease
Exl.orts (Friday to Thursday Inclusive) to
Great Britain 82,428 bales, against 28.305 last
week and 20,530 last year, and to the Continent
11,793 bales, against 33,085 last week and 12,027
last year.
Eiports to all ports since Sept. 1: to Great
Britain 1,118.802 bales, against 1,741,822 last year,
to Franoe 398,632, against 868,748 last year, and
to the Continent 3853,085, against 622,482 last
year. Total to Great Britain France and the
Continent 2,576,519 bales, against 2,733,051 last
Stocks at all the delivery ports, made up to 12
m., 602,427 bales, against 633,349 last week, and
571 482 last year.
The week's reocipts at the chief interior towns
embraced 2812 bales, against3228 last week, and
5328 last year; the slhipments 4733 bales against
5158 last week and 8189 last year; and the stocks
7,1,775 bales, against 80,952 last week, anu 78.475
last year.
U mpa ed with last year this shows a decrease
of 2511 bates in the receipts. end 3436 in the ship
mentA, and an increase of 530-, in the stocks.
The Exchange makes the amount on rtnpbo trd
not oleared (b tore to day's exports) 311,995 bates,
embracinmg 68 5 for Liverpool, 13,333 tor Havre,
3588 f r tihe North Sea, 2618 for Bremen, 1087 for
tpain, 211 for the Mediteiranean an, 1;41 for
ooastwise ports, leaving in presses agreeably to
its account at 12 m. 162,519 bales, only a pert of
which es on sale
At no mn, to-day, Mid 'hlg was quoted at Gal
ves'on at 104,'; at Mobile at lic; at avanu
nah at 11c; at UJnarleeton at 1.%: at Wilmaigt'n
at tic; at Norfolk at l11 rl'g1;' at Baitt
Imore at 11 5.16c; at New ý,ra at 1 5 16:; at
B a on at 11%/c; at Memlphis at 10% "; a Au
Sgusts at -; a. Shrevep,rt at 1i,.!; at Phdadel
puis at 11t%; at tincmnati at tic, and at Bt.
Louis at 1(..o.
The ExInuage reports: "Sales 5000 bales.
Market flm." I.s quotations are advneed iuo.
The telegrams to the Exesh·nge rep rt the
Bombay movement as follows:
This yea-. Last year.
Great Conti- Great Conti
Britata. neat. Britain. nent.
1Sb·ie-·;l..~, ,,,, !
14fl 1M. 1VrC,
Ite0lrts week e~tilnig
1'r~lrtti1slf.,,..,,. ..a2n.(KKw , 4,0(wn ooo,ino
VIM~ to dot@....... ta7,e4 t Gaea e 113,14)0
Alf rtt In Ijivmnby
hnrbor.., " ..... , 10,100 (0,0) 1(9,011
Compared witth last year, the shoroe shows an
lnor)ease of 14,00(0 balo s in tij sehtpnents to
Oreat Britain anid 1.01)(1 to the COorniunt'nt -no'Al
inorease f (1000; antd en inorease of 09,0I(1) in the
receipts; and rnrr~tpreur1 writ the ytar bertre a
rleoreaqt o( 945,0010 to tire shipmoents, atrl 171,0001
In the reocipts.
Htrrnk opt henri -rnlpt. I., 107 -( q .......... 29.111
4,rr~ve'l elfon I11AI. 9trtnmm~nt.... 1.2nR
Arrivori prtevlrruely '............ .,tt trn-lti
(iinn'nrl to-tiny .,~........ ........ 11,.00
('lenrod L.rovlnowIr ............ 1 t45.t4,I - I,140.0r1l5
Hteirk on handt ori on ehltp
trrrtrl, otot lrllR'r,.... ...... l)$Ait
Homi, tirtrnn loet. your .... ...... t,94,41
To-day's elr .r r mbrattrl 07842 boles to 1 acre,
to wlloh we hraoo adle-l 7,1 by river.
Receripts pr gyp. r srine lsts ert ning 12100 bhal,
Igatnet (lat1 ot last lF.riday, olld 8741 last Yerar,
Idol eornparastive t. tale for thur pat three days
esports and reoripte soee hbrve report.
TIfbAOUO-- fhertn wes rather mrtre movement
tonuav, the salrs embraolng 1lt4i hhds, (40 and 80).
The amount on sale is now estimated at 4800
hhtls. We oobtitte to quote asfollows:
Unsnond and frnw'e'iltt Bugs M inforior
Inge 4fjpl f ,low 4% 5 ba, mrdlllr býJf, 11ao4
to fine 8Y4 (i 'o, lest y0Aoe medium o 444
10o, goottc /S(2r, lne 12y,@1> o, and sleet,
'rirlAoiii e7'Ate'P IT51'r
Minsk oj han1d, lunt 1. loitn- rhrdt........ 11,081
rrlv- tl tnetn thrum laRy .......... ;19
rrlved brnvlouio y . ..tt'i14- 2.112
przorted poIst ItI run o lov..e ....
pIntrtod r voin teiv.e..... 01t0
Biroken up, ec................. .... 72'M-- 130
Stork on hand. tip.... ......... ...... ... 0.148 t
Hf IGHT411-We ha bve no new feature t ore.
port in the market, which coutinues extremely t
dull. We quote as follows:
BIy steam-Cotton to Itverpool 1142ld; to ire
men %Ad to New York 7.1io to boston Proli
doenoe, Fail River, Philadeliai and Blhltimors,
via New York, ao. (tranl to Liverpool 87,/l.(td.
ly sell---Cotton to Liverpool 5-(id; , llavre
'; r to Bremen %e; to the Baltic %/,d: to
ialslga I;: to Boston 4r; grain to lAverpool 9,4.
BUGAli-IRtoelveod ihis morning 40 hhds.
The stook noditr the sheds is abmnt 4148 hhda,
against 11120 hhds lasr year. H.oeipts to late
1f1,6038hhd., against 114,114 last year. Dereaas
ing stooks in all markets have advanced prisoe
here o f Ith, The demand ise od, and supplies
sell readily. 850 hhds sold: (omnmon 7'/,o good
oommon Ic, fair to good fair 8!%i@9,4 , frilly fair
to strictly prinme 8i%' l)n, chotie (9'o, seconds
9d@9eYso, oentntrfal 9o, yellow olarilied
1U0., whites 110l 19 .
MOL8A.(l-lteoelved this morning 92 bbls
The stock under the sheds Is about 8757 bbls and
274 half bbls, against 1239) bidls and :4t half bbls
last year. eoelipts to date 243,208 bbls, aslest
218,i73 bbhl last year. The demand Is good and
purchases are for shipment. 8111 bble isold,
Common 12/,., fair Iscl. good fair 870T.r1l8l, prime
42 estriotly prime 460r471, and chotoo 4$j6 0o 1
FI)UR--Only 210 bibla eme in thli iontrning.
The market osntllunes. vs ry stronlg, and has a
further upward teldenlcly in prices, and the
naoveirnnt is restriotesd by the small Stock on
hand andl the lilt e off.illt, 191l bbils sold, of
which 50 low tre ler xtra, .lspot, 24. spot, anld 240
do to artive, at. tH 25; 12 crhoice treble at $9 12%,;
r60J, 110 114, 41). 11n anid Illil choIo treble, spot,
at it 2?l; Islt, 123, 101 anld 150 .loice extra at, 11it )t;
215, dra sio io do, spot, and 5it, to arrive, at SIl 75,
and 65 ibble, spot, at 10 It bblt
Commoo is ql'oted at, 1*0s 3 50 fine 16rll). 25,
snlperlitln 1i .,or507 dlobin extra I7 25t7h7 f0, low
treble extra S7 75 t141 25, egood d." 14 r4ll, choice
treble ex ru lr):th) O(t, choice extra 0 01)(411 75
'5 btl.
Dealers and prcenrs obtain 50o above these
pritns In thnir orldr trade.
Chicago closed is .diy at. 1 49 June for wheat.
t,. Louis ri.u i d I1 813 bid May for No. 2; i 1 1
cast anld 11 77 for No. i,.
IYlC FIA)UIlt--Is s' iling at 51 I7 l ibll,
(1)t '4 Fll(AUIIt--Conintnelds S: 7 541L bId.
COIIN MIIAL-.In lldet hilt firm uo-lay, hold
ers asking $2 i8l@l12 tl 45 l bbl; t41s bbls sold, of
which o100 to arrive and t0 and oft bislla pt at
52 75; 25, 25, 00 and 10t0 spot 12 80 41 bitl. Deal
ers are jobbing at 12 1.(4111 4 bbl.
CORN IN HAOK4-J- in fair supply, and b-y.
ere are holdinog back for lower prices, but the
market continues firm; 0701) sanks sold, of which
1700 white, second hand arkrk at 8/,'1; 2500
white at 09o; 1500 white and Ii00d yellow at 600 14
Chicago closr d at 48I.; June.
OATh--The anppl. is fair and very little inquiry.
Only 100 sacks Oth, Ice Galons sold at feloe ; 10 lb.
PORiK- l'he mark nleis quiet Imn strong, witth a
small stock in few hand4. Mess it held at, 1e 00,
and boy re bid $IG splt and to arriv-. Last even
Ing 100 bila sold, to arriv., at $10 31 bl,. Deal
ers are jobbing at $16 771(17 N bid.
Chicago was 17%/, hsgher this morning, open.
log at £18 602 June, and closed at $10 55 May,
and 15 70 Juste, a further Improvement of 77%..
DRY MALt' MIC T-No mssvernlnt worthy of
note, m xieptlisg 40 tieror s si lders at c %o14 lb.
Shoulders are qlxtied at 5t,%o boled. Dlleasra are
jasbblng them at o 94 lb. A few sides left in
dea ers' han is are jobusmg at 8,14o for clear rib
and 9o for clear.
BACON- I dull, hot firmer. Pome of the
stie k is held unnder limitatiolns fos higher prioes.
hhoulders are held at l/.o, clanr ribaldes 9D0~%c,
cisar sidlee 9;(lt'/,lc 411lb ii Ihlerse re jobblug
shonlders at 'io, clear rib sides 9/,3, clear sides
LAItD-Is qnlet but strong and holds at 9O~f
10o for packers alid 1 10ySta0, for reflnel in
tieree; kg 1li1,1l10%)n I 1T,. Deilers are Jobbing
at '4o above titese puiops A receiver sold 20
tieroes kettle rendered at 9l7,, and 20 do at 100
Ii iMHS--ontinues in good enpply, and doll at
10@11s for choic, sugar-cured, ordinary average,
and 1lo for small slze. Dealers are jobbing at
10 above tilheo price.
BIIrtIAKFAST LIAuON--Is dull at 9¼l10/,c
1h. '
I'AtIItLStt tII)fr I'itit)iU rt.i-i'igs tnut are
selling in the order trade at 7jo W kit, $1 1 keg.
$2 4 half bt, and a5 P bbl. Extra rump P'o k
$11 75(.(11t2 bbl, prime mersa $14 [email protected] prime
pork i2 508(13, rump pork $13 ' bbl. Pig pork
I8 21@8 50 half bbl. Hpare Ribs $4@5 4 bbl.
Plai' , ongues 4@5%c apiece.
WfItKY-- ReeLtted is solling at $$1 03@1 (08
gallon, as in prof and brand.
OORN IN BULK--None on the spot. It is
offering, to arive, at 58 i bushel, and the mar
ket is still strdbg at that.
OOW PEAS- ,re in demand for the country.
The stock is in few hands and is selling at $1 80
( 2 for mixed and $1 1<4@2 25 for clay. 50 sacks
clay sold at $2 15. 100 clay mixed at $2 and 150
mixed at 1S 95 + bushel.
BRAN-There is only 800 .a.ks left in first
bands. 200 acoke, not yet landed, sold at 81 50
100 lb.
HAY-Is in fair supply and dull. Prime is
quoted at $15 50lP1; choice $18 i ton. 5) bales
cjoine sold at $18 $1 ton.
BEEF-Limited demand. Fulton Market is
quoted at $10 1 half bbl, Western $8 3 hall bbl
and $12015 1 bbl. anesas $12 31 bbl.
IClOE--Lgnt supply, and the demand is con
fined to job lots only for the city trade. Lorisi
ana No. 2 14 held at 2Pr(E , common [email protected],
ordirarv 4%@4..0, fair %@56o, good 5%ý'gg5%e,
prime 5%/ [9c *1 lb.
OOFFE .-Is quiet and prices are unchanged.
We quote eargoes: Ordinarv 1GC%(i16%h, gold,
fair 8(ll8%c; g od 19oi419.; twime 19t+@2tic
3T lb. Job iota: Ord i.ry itir 1 17i, gold; fair
18/l@18%c; good 19'0/@19i c: prime 2.b.20%,o
BU rTER-Large sto k of old on the market,
and buyers are purchasieg sptrinel,. The new
crop is I.,ked for at th beginning of next month.
Choice Creamery Goehen is onoted at 2tc, fine
S ate 24C260. priun tat" 22(i '4c, m'dium 1Xru4
20c, choice Western 202ta22:, pilme Western 16it4
18g, medium Western 13@140, low graiea 11@-4
12.% T4 It.
CttEEl -Good supply and moderate In0d
,ewua d. New Y~rk Oearm is quoted at 104@17c,
Ne v Yor skimse 10c, pri ea Western fact ry 15%
(41f6, good factory 14@150, low ag 8@tUc
€l . lb"
The popular wine before the war was Piper
Heidseick. We still cal for Piper.
BuaxrrT's P5avotuse Egrawrs.-the superi
or of ses as eracts conssts in their perfet
gr eat srength Teyf are warrant.ed
ee >Sm he ~pop ooe olo assade wwkeb eo
ar iruo tme eompesetoo o msay of Sla IeetMlWou
rait avsors aw is the ierk. They as ase
a is b nitrv em, bua > sL1
I.~r n~
Hatnrday Morning. Aprtl '1. I
Daily report of the stage of watert, with (lhanrlaf
in the twenty-four hont sending yesterday 8
p, mi.:
Above low (Ihangise.
water. ille. Fall
Feet. lnnh. Inch. Inch.
Ullro . ........ 87 11 n 1I
UIlnolnn ......... 17 1 0 l
Davenport ...... i a I t
Dtbnlelo .......... ; 11 2 0
ohkuh k....... . It .3 24 n
iavnn, orth ...... 12 7 0 1
Ih tlnvtll .... . . I , 0 0
ftempbi s .......... WA 9 0 I
N hvrsle ....... 20 I0 : 0
* ew Ortla ...... A is 4
O(inaha ...... .... H 10 * 0 2
ittabnrg ........ 0 t 14 )
Shreveport........ 21 0 0
M.. LoBa ......... lcr H 7 0
it,. P1'aul..... . 0 11t 7 Is
Vickeburg ......... 40 2 1 0
IllinoW hIgh wastr tmark or 1H74.
NWIlMJON GOIOM. Heru't. rig, 34r. U. 13. A.
Anntuvte.-Isabel, Iva, Nstanhcr, Emnats, ler
the, W. J. lieban.
D1aAnPtrunamt--lsahql, Helnry Tote, (:tv. Allen,
Mt. J,,hn, City of Alton.
To Anatv.- -lesbel, Lower Coasat John Means
and) barges, A. , bD.onally, U. P. INhench,
r'hompon Dbean, Ohio); Mary Ida, 111a Wing
No, , Upper Uoest; Eureka, Assumption, L&
The weather yesterday was olear ani pleasant.
IBnlness daul but showing a slight lmprove
ment over ThMrsday.
The Ilatrtop leaving to-day, takes twenty tons
of lee to Oamden as part of her freight.
Bteamboat'mn are wearing smlling fases just
at trhi partiular time. The near approaeh of
an end to ot political troubles Is the eatse.
They are as aertly idterest*t and snffsr as ma.
terislly, if not more, than any other aelse; and
that they are &about reaching that turn in ,he Iaue
that leads them from a bitter past to a bright fu
tare, they feel jublant,
The Bart Abe le le s to-day sure for Alexandrib
and e(ratd heore. Bhe is very popular, bheaueo
she is one of the finest and best managed bural
ever In the trade.
The Natobes leaves to-day, as usual, for Vloke
burg, The Natehbe oonneots at V,Yksbtn with
the 'arilsot Line for the Yazo. TallahatohIe and
r(mnl ,we rivers, and with the Anchor Line for
St. Lotuis.
The Assumption, Capt. Joe Dalferes, leaving
todaly fur the Lalburbhe, goes throutgh to Thito.
5he City of Altkm, for t,. l,nnis, yesterday, bad
375 bop, heads sugar, 6t8 barrels molasses, 6i0
cabin passengers and IhJ on deok.
Capt. Henry Har,'s new and very line Ohio
river passenger steamer A. O. Donnally will be at
lthe landing thisle morning receivtng to leave thie
T p, i. for Memphis, Cairo, Lon.rivllle and Cin.
oionatl. Capt. Hart anti his chief clerk,
Mr. Ed. Dnnally, discharge their respective dn.
ties to perfection, and are therefore well known
and liked.
The U. P. Hohenck, dcue to arrive this evenlitg,
leaves Tnestday for OCncintrati. J. L. Carter
master, Dick Burns clerk.
The 'hliompmon Dean, one of the flo.st pase.M -
ger steamers that. ever waret to the Ohio, leaves
Monday for Cincinnlat. olee advetieMs ent int
another colmtn.
The lEirns, having been unavolidably detained,
failed to arrive until yesterday evening. che
leaves to-day lfor the lower (Coast, going an usual
to ift ppy Jack. Oapt. Oliver Oanton commande,
MI. .J. J. Itonorvan olerk.
The Blrbha got in yesterday with a dne trip
rrcm the Atchtaralaya, and will return to-day.
The steamer W. J. Behan, frum Minden, ar
rived last evening with a splendid trip, consitang
In part of 1227 bales cotton, and while disobhar
lg her cargo the Irlroard spar broke in t6e.
o.·rtr, said, In falling, struck one of her chblm
neys, breaking off the upper portion of It, casn
lg it tot f1l. Noaone hurt
We were pained to hear that Capt. Wilkinson
was tonfned to hbl bed, being quite ick.
the regular trt-weekly dayhg)ht Upper Coast
packet i vaL,Louis ilansuen master, Norbert Ian
son olerk, leaves this 10 . m , promnptly, for the
Uin Tureand plantation.
The independent R 9ln'-weekly Coast and
l'lqunenmne packet Blue Wing No. 8, lesave to
dcy at 5 p m. J. A. ComatoK, master, George
Woods and (Cha.. Dean clerks.
The fleet BDart Able leaves to-day at 6. . fo
Aletandria and Grand Eoore. Bithard Snlnott
menaster, eo. Hamilton olerk.
The Natehez, for Vicksborg and all mail land
Ings, leaves to-day at 6 p. m. Capt. Thog. P.
Leathers in command.
The re gular week'y Coast and Atebafaltys
packet Bertha, A. P. Tronudale master, Thee.
Jobin clerk leaves today at S p. m.
The Bertha takes freight and passengers Ifo
the Coast.
The New Orleans and fled ilver Transports.
tion Company's packet Texas, Geo. W. Ies, mas*
ter, B. C. loesmatn, clerk, leaves to.day 1 p.,
im., without fall, for Shreveport and ail way land.
iag on lted River.
The ~nrie A. Thoron, also of the abore com.
pany, leaves to day t 6 p, ut for Mlnden, Chas.
Thorn in command G(eo. A. Ditton, clerk.
The light-draft sta mer Bastrop, One fodles,
mastor, J. P. Mohr, lerk, lesave tod-day atSp.
m. for Black and Ouachita rivers through to
[By Telegraph,]
BATON fInvo., April 20.-To ite A Carlin :
Steamer Bertha will arrive at 8 o'clock p. m.
Leave t.aturday, as usual, for Opeloume.,
S.T. JOIN, OClerk.
NA Tcrtt, April 19 -To Wayne A Wiltams: The
steamer A. ., Donnelly will arrive Friday even
ing, and leave for Louisvill sand Cincinnati on
Saturday, April 21. H. U. BAR P, Master.
Vicxmnexo, April 19.-To Wayne A Williams:
Steamer U. P. .ohenek will arrive ta urday even
ing, and leave for Louisville and Onotinnati on
Tuesday, *April 24. tJ. L. CARTER, Muaser.
Vcnscanna, April 19.-To Douglas A Winburn
Lo. 85 Natabcher. street: The U. V. ceheneh wil
arrive Saturday evening, and leave Teedsday, S4t
lost., for Lorlievile and Ciacinnati.
J. L. CARTER, Master.
An exchange says a t.e of cotton seed yields
about 700 pounds of oake or meal, 86 gnlonse of
oil, a few pounds of lint cotton, some ashes and
other refuse, all of more or less value. The meal.
is worth $18 per ton, the oaks from $24 to 92$8
and the erude oil 88 en.te per gallon. This Iath
ter itt has declined four or five cents In valus
dumrl'g the put two months. Theoll s valuable
in p. into and chemicals and when resned, t*.
makes good table oil. the refuse makee soip
and the cake is shipped to Europe for stock feed..
But the most important feature of tbis yield l1
the meal, whichb, as a fertilizer, i one of the most
valuable discoveries of the present gensauton.
It is en great and constantly tncreasing demnd
for cs in the growth of sugar cans, and has be
come far more preferable than elther guano or
bone dust much In vogue In former years.
Memphis has four cotton seed oil mall, with s
capacity of 210 barrels of oil a day, and durlor
the present season will consume 40,000 tons o.
Vicksburg Commercial:
Fifty thoMsnd of the seventy thousand dollare
necessary has been subscribed toward establish.
Ing a cotton factory at Natchez.
St. LoIs. April 18.-lbhe welcome lin
telligence was received yesterday of the
opening of Lake Pepin, the an slJ bIasler
and last ice gorge below Bc. Paul A tele
gram from ed Wing,. from N. B. Hatcher, stated
that the steamer Minneapolr:, from lt. Louis,
entered the Iake yesterday morning and would go
through to bt. Paul.
The Davenpoert Democrat's statement that i .
SL~units' new engines are of the looomntLve ~.
tern, andare tbh only engines of the kind ona e
Misi.rscppi, i minteresting, to .ay the least.
Carco, April 17.-The J. M. Kelilog p.lP dt
on h w.th a tow of ire yesterday. The Mayen -
wa- so w. ii provided with freight Mtt that she
d d not want al t or pnckage when she passed,
Sbhere. bhe got her enti'e cargo beeweeln MIfw
burg and Shawne.town, which was a little t.e
maerkable. Her cargo consists of 2;00 tons of
bnlex and sack corn, pork. flour san h.·. lShhas
aldo tw b.rges of Ice and a fuel bi rge in her
tow. Theo Alice brown walked on. for the South
c with a good sized tow of coal yesterday, yi o -a t -
tug to 18 boate, baldes bher fuel bargese.
M EPesIt, April 17.-The over rose two ibes, -.
.ad stand em feet I lseh, or wItlla two Meet ic
tde d g~ert ine. i now raum.i g over the
bu~t as some bet. byond reladlng
I. r-r

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