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1w4flfthl P~lma F~Wu~s~IU
The * mton lOt IurdnOnt to dlotatnuit, tho
.Rua. Luis lA Wilts. L uutonsao Govetnor and
O.(Sen of the f lenato, in thoghsalr.
On a B EM of the roll the following lenatori
aaiwered to their naesed;
rIrDF.Pt~j artaa e
itotrU )gle~ti Sm r~ato i~
Tw~aty/.lIrt i NNAIM' 4' t.
al Wak~eteld, le~ our.
Rte h ilsltotil at-the bar
of the (wo.nnite. woer Pnsideat.
Pralor by thu bY.
On motion of ladiag of the
joiaraal in d1t I a !with,
Mr, ilurol the ,ettloiiof Mr. Btlut,
a1,138 notIceUQtw of the seat of Snentor
t1. W. Mumdlth Wt el WM road and refotrrv to
thf~4e me te~o n Usottone.
SMUTS o~tb r notfuMNPcA.l
Mt! ada, ohairman of the Commttteo on
Zuh P ott submitted the followingreport:
li~iscr ilBYttUPYT ) #rinBttorT Afft,
Now Orleato, Aptii a, i9, )
Tor Honorable V reuldoant and Meabbera of thn
rvuttu*40tr 00MMIimirte ol t4 krnllnient
az' atreen t~tii aa nor
Ntir fao rat I Mod. i1 dud t, uor
1oprt YI , Tebmtte oll airort:
Mr. Grover, oahairman of the Committene on
Corporatlonra sbmlttto the tolliawlna roport:
hoous Onldnterr~h otI atWlh'ti~ol
New t 'rieaw. April 1ut 157,7.
To thejlonorable Prel4idot and Mombere of
C1 nem ale'ouW oomiitten t whom wad fr
r. 1 e 11 4 drrtiteled `Joint reeý,lu-
I brine pilht o the Polion jury, parleli of
ftiabtWLtVO to r nOrt favorA
-ixg n itto n nte tI11 l o. li , n
sat b nate thull o 9sd on
t' >eomplmauar, a nahetolnille, par
61 ,h Qoo1)h, ChaIrman.
Wh iaa loeg over under the rnobe.
Mr. Goode called up the followlin nonourront
owhtteºtuMiwr tilogtrrtoN.
J eeu4 flkhead' uif P ),r'everdniu'u' ;kt
Uididlljrt, the SM"Ie.l rc[raMrcrrincr,
.-"- - IM'I, at o'nlonk v. at.t
As as the flay tnd hour when n
opFI'. OtrT~o'0
seýiwyt i e l ý"'t.in In efue i rn~r .
niormed, be ?nro of the radop
this reorlo Ut tntrn,
IIlS5*dUN lPjM T*¢ Pooitt.
11005 OP R ro etC'ATtVrt~ns,
New Orleane, April at, maui. )
'To, efl norable the Senate of the dtntlo of
XSI Giabtlc by the or ot~ifI 8treosn ofIo
ý anqravyour honr o t! at tho e dvuo
1 p~lasseod the follow lg #oo4n hll- and
y1 onourreaee of tin ho enato in lino cne,
bill No, Ile, " An ant to nuthorwo t1, ,
al atoallUtute Suit neralaint the tati of
ml No. Jtt," An not relative to the pay
a 1No te, "An ant fl dog the Manof
e dltrlnt ~urth Ithe Airurd Judivloa
Q the Sfae of Lollu islmia nom )veita, o
aof ibe Is, W. a-p and 8. xun.
"ma r Ateet Up the otua of Re prh.i, -
tsts i ovm your honor bin boly that the
nou5to UO tlott~it eO tb tie mia to Ill joint
paean 7to0 bal n! da, neinn ttir.
Chief Ulurk.
On mo.tton o Mr. Boatnor the Sonateo fr
4eeded to the hall of the. House of R.lprosena
tives to ballot for a United Sttes t~Snator.
The Joint |setson waI otllled to order by the
oen. Louis A. Wilts, Lieutenant Governor and
Presldent of the tonate.
TPhe ro of the Stenate was alled when the r+,l
lowIng Benators answered to their names:
Attain. Bo1tner, Breaux, B3rrant.
S )-lDemas. 1 uorrs, Iumont, Ellis,
ha r on, mI' etsun. San ifot. Stoven,
un a withell
S eer, White, Young and aha:
tigroll of the House was eallnd, when the
bollowing members answered to their names.
lea Louts Hush. toeaker, and Mess2s. Al
SBrown of (oadito, Bridaer, reard,
' oden, Brown of Jefferson, Barron.
le Brady, Brooks, k, Boll.
, rary uirden, Davidson, ayrde,
ivno, D , r 1w :iklnsRon. Do 1,any,
i Desmarals, I)'Avy, Dotio.m,
uk e, Dupree. Esto pinal, Fobb,
lto, Forster, G(audo, O(n,t Gary.
, Gille~ , pie, i ion, Hahn. Hill
ton Hughes, olt' lutstlngton ahu.
i+ ll of Orlenes. H . Johnson tobert
, Jonas, mnnoedv, KovW ing kelly of
of Orleans Kern. idd. Lyons,
ihard of Oad3o, hamre, L$ wte, Lea.
Orleans, ltio. artin Moans,
o, tnMoGoe. No )on. Nuner.
Piltts, Rqhadson, Ryland.
h. Romiro l(tollJ. Raby.moner.
partss$ell Snaer. Splilor, Semmes.8t as .
ow . s sellero* A mar Tsylor.jolllver.
s. T moulet Toler VorhLes, Washing
Wmhburn. *armoth. Walker, Wood,
Wii Young of Clalborne and Young
o Baton SuOg--lts.
.heitsident of the ioint assembly then do.
dji.ita.t.obJeetof this joal assembly was to
ialt for aUnited States Senator for the term
.i.airahna Maroh , 1rr7.
slgiretary of the the SCna'e read the names of
the epndidates. to wit:
Hos$. P. dolea. of Orleans, Hon. Randall L.
Glbson,'. .OtFeans. Hon. A. Voorhies: of Or
leas. Heon. Geo. W. Dupre, of Orleans. Hon. IL
r. Wilde of Orleans, Hon. J. H. Oglesby. of
Orleans. Ron. W. L. MoMillen. of Carroll. and
oen. W. H. Dinkgrave, of Madison.
Bepresentative Jonas nominated Hon. H. M,
SpoSlrd. of Orleans. '
cp-Borwrmant withdrew the nameot Hon. W.
S~eUillen. of Carroll.
Be.reseatative Kennedy withdrew the name
ot BonTW.O. G. Wyly. of Carroll.
Senator Demss withdrew tne name of Hon. W.
Jp sentativeStewart withdrow the name of
Jei . R. Oglesby. of Orleans.
3 ntative Lewis withdrew the nanme of
lgo. David Pietson, of Natohltohoes.
The ros of the respective branches of the
AssembMlywere then called with the fol
t? result:
S orsAlain Boatner.Breaux. Bryant.Cage,
Duoros,. fllie, Eustls. Htarland Grover.
ltGI . od e Kelly, Landry. bMithell,
Perkins Richardson, Robertson. 8andi
- tamT.pst en. Stubbe. Texada, Wheeler,
Youni an Zacharle. and Rlep'esenta
t:hiB tdlIe. Aycock Brown of Caddo
r. Brsurd. Burton, 1Iowden. Brown of
B.Iarron, Barrett. Boeley, Br dy.
-Bucm, Berry. DBll. Briggs, Carlo.s.
Cr Comnn. Cole; Drury. Durden,
ayriss.p Del"aV ne. Drew. D sey,
Desmarwds IAvy. JIejole. Duke.
- - D-].Ssal, p b.Fitpatrl k. Foerster,
Sary Gaskins. Gillespie Gra
S. .H es. Holt. d n nto., tam
Itk b as.Jen aH Mf
b% ,Orlan. Kern.' Kidd L ons.
iW~5 n Neie
Bt_.l areh otedl or the Roa. A. WAltWN
v o, len and ae, tovoted .la -1
otal votgsen ct I.te aedeIO fly to a 11holnc . 77,
The Lieutenant Governor and rr.oident of
the Senate anngoutaed the reault, and declared
that the Ron. Henry M. Slpoftord, of the parish
of Orleane, havinl reeiveed *#majority of all the
votes eaMt at this joint seslion of the Otnneral
hasembly of the State of LouliSana, was duly
elected Senator to represent the State of Lottiil
Laa in the Senate of the United Statee, for the
term begininl Maroh 4, i1tiM.
On moti of M. o of Mr. Yoiun, of Olatlbrne, the
President appointed Senators ltobertsoo and
Allain, on the part of the Senato, and ltnpresen
tM ae Yot*g of Claiborne, Stewart and MoMlW
ll, on t -.part,of the House, a onnlttittee to
notify eBo Ietlry M,. BSoford of his emotion
Snulated Itater enator.
Mr. tlpof.dr tapoartd, aeoompaniod by the
taommitlee, ant lignifled hle aceeptanee of the
pesltion to wlich he had been elected.
On motion of Mr. All1in the joint assembly
adjourned, without dLty, and the Senate with
drew to 1. own chambel.
AVit'a ntwTr nseto,.
The Senate wit called to order by thei Hon,
Lotut A. Wilts, Lieutenant Governor and I'res
ident of the Senate. '
Oa a til of the roll the following Senators
ItiWuerd tO t0ait .t.mes:
WOflltm dla, tOitIer 'Ltltite, atrh, tinge,
S lbau , n n t, usli , ar -
Whbite, Young and aharil,- 4.
Absenlt-Megers. raux anttd Sanditfotd-..
Consideration of eonourrent resrotlton relrn
tive to adjournment sins de waq resumedl.
Mr. Stu1bbh offered the followint amendment:
Insert Wednesday, April ie. lts7, at 2 o'clock,
p, in,
Mr. Texada moved to Oomtpon, n further con
slderatlon of the resolution until tonmorroW.
On which motion Mr, Allain dioma.udeo the
yeas and nays.
The roll being slalled resulted as follows:
Yeas.n4- s . Ailalatn lreanxl, ryant, llurcl,
Denas, Dtmloilt, iustle, harbnd, sGeorge, (tIn,
land ord. tte, LSteven mutton, Toxada.
Na lmti~Mosn . of at er, telv.e , Del nrue. ill s,
GOodt, Mtl.hl, Perltnsg, a Id rdtl,irdleb. sm
aed Whels..to,
A liontl.-Me eA t. Killy and Waltnlotld --i
And the motion to postrpone prevailed.
AITlOtt ON nnoi oBit . oT INOa ovatit.
Tih,, favorable report of the t',,nmitt.ee on
Ororporaths on ionse. bill No. 2., was, on moo
tion of Mr, Grover, adopted.
On motion of Mr. Steven Hnforeo bill No. mi,.
entitled "An ant to amend and re.onrrt an act
entitled 'An act to Ineorporatonth Louisiana
Historieal Rocioty,' approved .tanuary i, isn'.,'
Was ordered roead third tlme.
On moilon of Mr. Steven the e,onltiinthonal
rule wras suspended. the bill read a third timen.
finally ptlsse and notion of eonnurrnl'on or
dortd osent to the House.
Mr. Grover moved to reconsider tlth veto
whereby the bill Ilnaaly tsserd uand moved Ito lay
that mol ion on the tabl, and the mo,.hr to Itble
The favoral,l report of the Cl.mtnuil tn oaln
poratlona, on lo)use lii N'. 247, Wits 'ii motiv.n
of Mr. Grover nadopied.
On motion of Mr, Grover, ousen bill No. 247.
oentitled "An aet, to inehrrVpratv the L. lslutala
btate Fair A oel tntaion, oand t, eonflr npn it
erllrlil rights andI privlleges enjoyedl by tlhn
MechanlIcs' and Arltuli ural Falir hAsoelaitoll f
Lvutlsian a',"
Was ordered read a third ilim,.
On motion of Mr. Orover, tlo consitllllollml
rule was suspended, tim bill reall a thlrd tine.
finally paswed, iItl. adopetel, and nott l,'. ,von,
ourreneo ordered sent to the hlouse.
Mr. (Itrover nmoved to recoonsIder tihe vite
whereby tihm bill finally tasdl anld nmovd to lay
that motion on tll tablio. and thle n mtlin t aln
Houose lll No, sIt. entitled "An tal to aulthr
In' L. C'. Maoltl to Institute stit, against. thn
titate of Loullsan."
Was road aI first time.
On :moltion of Mr. Texa.a the constitutional
ruhl wans Muspended, the hill road a smocrutd time I
and referrd to the Conmitteo on J utlicatrv.
IlHotu bill No. nIse, entitled "An ot. Ilxinu the 1
time of holding the District Court, In the Thlr I
Judlotal District of thte 8tate of TLoujlanit , ,ti- I
poond of the parish of Iberia, St. Mary and St. I
Was read a first time and calendared.
House bill No. otl. ntitled "An ait rettlIvo Io
the pty of all ati ,,ollicers," wa road L rllst t
On motion of Mr. titeven. the contst . lll io nal
rule was tuspond5tlodi, the hill road a M'eoindl Ii II11.
and referred to the Committocont Finceelltll '.
lHoune bill No. :n., nntitlld "An act. rolutlrintg
hotel-keeVers to provIde roep in each roon."
On motion of Mr. hIlly, the bill wamI rldonred
read a third time.
On motion of Mr. Kelly the c!(enitutl .lin1l
rule was suspendd,. the bill re:td a third tl.in
and finally passed, title adopted. aRnd notice of
concurrenoe ordered sent to ithe House.,
Mr. Kelly moved to reconsider the vole
whereby the bill passed, and mloved to lay that
motion on the table, and the motion.to lable
Mr. Texada, chairman of the Committe on
Enrollment, submitoted the following report:
RlooMS or CoMMtTrrTrs oN ENtOi.1,MttN
SAND ENo'nsnHM h NT,
flew Orleans, April T. 1877. 1
To the Honorable President and Members otf
the Senate:
Your Committee on Enrollment and Engross
mont roape.futl report as properly enrolled
tonate bill No. 157.
Resteoci futlly.
..EWIS TEX&DA, Chairman.
On motion of Mr. Mitchell the Senate went
Into executive session.
Executive session being raised, on a c·al of
the roll the following Senators answered to
their names:
Messrs, Breaux, Blrant Btreh. Cage. Demos
Ducr's. Dumont Ellis, Eustis. Garland 0la.
George. Goode, drover, Harper. Landry, Mitch
ell, Perkins, Richardson. atndlford. Stamps.
Steven. titubbs, Texada. Twitchell, Wheeler,
Y. ung and Zacharie--2.
Absent-Messrs. Atlain,Boatner. Kelly. Ogden.
Robertson, Sutton. Wakefield and Whitoe-s.
On motion of Mr. Landry the Senate adjourn
ed until Wednesday, April 25, 1877, at 12 o'clock
Secretary of the Senate.
Legislative Warrants
At Highest Market Price,
165 Common street.
ap21l W
... lilA JOUilRAL
fXftltA M1hMtOP# OF It77.
Fortt*tifth DBt's PrseetagIle.
flntt or Io tinE TAITlitd.
Now Orleanit, Tutesday, April it, 1t?7.
The House was railled to ordro at 12 o'olonk!
m. Preioent:
HIon. L lsh. eakt ant Mr'ers, Al.e!.,
Aycl+eik, JBr;dq~wijreard, u)rion, Bowlltnflitt
ril ltrown o[Jir, atR tt Boeley,o ,
j~d~ r me fv Bdn, beao~ iii
tol0, i, gy D !, ioll
litm, rukej¶prea.e . h't14,att
,aon@ 1.tle ,
n , ;lit HIll o rlotmoiol, h.n ,i oth l of
Otterr Bb @Dt
we*, a, ntow .e
t alker. Imet1i, afnn
of ioa Wllo l ot i.M oto ltaln.
Ninoet-olRght itnemiolitrt ml a or1.iom.
rayer w. e oftered by tihe Iev, Dr. Plrivatl, o/
the epltnoprl .htroh.
The following , nmmutlattioo w.er offered . ty
Mr, VYoortler:
To the Ion. Lm.I Jiti, 4otaer of the Hotls
of Prepreei lntatlve r the Btate D of Lronl8
Tue nitnerel lr'lI heerfuilly preseots hitnsell
ti rolltioulh iml lain to DrewiteeOlt the Oftlrh
o Lttinvotte In tt l I, .dW; and hlroe thi the
e of glod fentltia, whih ite now dwnwtlti. WItil
Tri ung rmanent poeae and rh o #ttrV et1 thh
The rrlinq.iuishmetnat s aRcherptl,
Mt'rtre. MItith tI lhiI, of Mt. C.hJaRl.e, A. 1h.
leonard. oC ClblOno, 3. 4. lavidnav n, of 1ter
villn. nlu .d M. Ourvlle, of I beritll1e, reeltitedl
tiamiYelYnRe it theo 4Maknr's etand, took the
otaRelt.,utliat oath of Oile, and wero Reated an
relrelnlntlati ve from their rteleltlve parlhee.
Mr. J. M. lobertrhon, of Mt. Martlin, withdrew
hIs clnirmn to a seat alt Reitreeenlarlto. under the
esolutluthr of April I, 1,,7.
Mr. otmlie l)etlnrg, of t. Martbl.n, presolnted
hImetllf an t the p ,laker'e stand and wR ewortO
ar, ,U1R.ottlttive O of, the t[tsrh of Mt. Martin,
eubtijet to otellstalion undet r resolition of
April 17, 1017.
The following rltlnorluihnreti, of Clraims to
hiestie wnt aected, and ordered to he uBpread
upoln the mlnt.n t u
Naw On.te, La. April i. 1077.
To tlee lHonoratble Bpeaker and eiiembers of the
Houlltse of Iterepontatives of thn itate of
t/vnfemwen-Tho undtersignbel mtembtrs of tIhe
}(,us{o of It)resenautives of the Iltalte of hIoll.
l ofana, h Irby reep,.etfnlly teltllor tbil, ithleir
rneignat.lon, and ehlin1tiish rany elalne, Ility
tlltty hntv tio seni Itl t l r'ly Vlt'lltr O{ III0
noilon trtl h Iloarti f 1itett lrt llhl Omflot',
Very rfee iff)liftu t Itlon H ,ofgt.
A I., HlOrl.i tlEtll4Lti Ho, mltg,'.
IfN IIN AIlt. Motarehlouse.
tl. I. WI1 ntIt. tf O(tnaitichltt.
I,. EAIILY, of Wotl Felliimiana.
..!, . JtllNSOiN, of Ieo lot.
Ir. lllhutli offrel the following
a!t 1r' ntE tltr'tUoN
rlltqllsf tiflg f, li'. prlrl tmolntllt S IIf tlh, ll In
glrfes tIf Ilth Ulltlitol Mittes to nruge llh ihl
nortlltnt f '01 attll prirtion ho I ollu atid
kely lilpll nt1h moutlt ofI Iltfdl rivviue:
Whortlst litol rivr in a oholl lnel for the
trtinsnmjislot ff till tfrfdults off o Itl innona
Sltltl ftorl iie utren. elnlfrf i'll th w it thi n i ttlllltin o ,f
hlineiattef of I. nlitana. A rkenieii.. atol lexas
It!tll thif Intdhanl T titrIfry : titI
Whirltan , iht l in itih ll f tl e ail river itn ll.
tonilig flf. f vl alilulviil dtelp litih 5ll til tfo hti
telo itllie l ,littrlic t a Iltrgeo anl vtlutlabl+ Wtilt -
lie i f'tenoil'f'd hby tit'h Snttf a l l1ff st, .1fl t+ if ",r'.
inltlatiff'5 1ff thle ,Statff l f I,lltfisinlt f. ifl (IGent'pflf
.A..s,,iS l~tll# .c li,t,rcr 'tl. Tl'hit o~llr rct!!!l~fr ll'F4 rlcll
I~ltlt 'sqttlltlll VII C IllIh+ ( I hlq (j llt·(lp* ill+ !+h UntiJ.Il
,Itil lytt rrful t wfflf od ff l, lih t t ttr Mllll rtlurf(r rttd
ltltllft.ltillf iVf lit hlie r oltlhfnhe otltl thllt IU(nell
Ine itllllll re lliii t tll lit a r iirol. iftirill fra nf iro .f
I,,,tiinly, i hl l f 0' a rnori of tho ftiith Ifl Ltpinti kllt.
Il Irfullilel l t o o.l it'tu e tilts Drollumbih ttiid
lenlttioft to thill meim eOrl1f of I ltllgrfltis frott
The rffrolutlon Ihm' over unrder the rules.
CM M 'rTITIE HEItV' t. .
Mr. Jnl ins., h'llnlrnllhn , ofn bIhalf of I he Corn
inlitt"e on the J .dioinry. reported asL flllows:
)n 110(o1s bill No. A111, "An nOt to atlhorit 1
Milton P. 1)hulint. to (1) 11hi, Slhin on a bhll for
rep air4 ndtlll)o on tblo Nt.lto-llusn. from the i
molths4 of ItMay to Novhember, A. 1). 117)."' Favor
M11r. Wllshh)lir, chli'tltni, on ehalfr of tho)
Cotmmlllitno on i,its ill L0 Levos, repoltd on
SmRnate hil No. iai. "An not to roepol an aet en
it.ilod 'An a't. to ,ri11)f i IIo ard of 8ltto linil
Veers,' Ipp ll' ovId FfbI)rirLtry 2411h, 1T471. to Vstt
the contorol and manI tllltlllentlll of pthll I Ivoes in)
voll Jurinelll; .o aulthorize hlhe ilppointllnt oft
ellgi n el s; I IxIg th1, r ll0'1s(tif l and (001o m onseil- 1
Itifo ; Ito Iflthllorrlze tIho) (l ovfrnfor to o.f Illttrat, for
th1e otifstruntlon nd rl tpatrs of cfritain 1IvoOef),
and to provide for tIhe lpaywont 1thorl'1 f." IFavor
ably by substitlute.
Mr. ''folfior tpreslnI.fltll the, following minolli lv
I lissnt fr tt fron) thf rf'p rt of 1 he Illljori y of lithe
(.Immittfee f))I lon (nd1 ()l and lveOl, on tnIuto 1(111 l
No. t15. anld i!fcolllm tl ld lhat. the I)Ill Ibe itv
provued. P. II. TOLEIi.
NOTICts110 1111.o I.
Mr. ]Brown. of JfflTf1erson, gave nollie thatl Ih
woult inLtrodul n solI O frtor ll', dlay v Ifllt to bo
"An act to rfegulate the pDrivato nmaLrkets in the
city of Now Orlllns ; to Ilermosethe revonuecs of
public markets in salid eity, and to providet for
thie punlishmentl of vlolations of thlis act. land for
other purposes concernnlllg Dublif Iand )prIVlto
market+s In the city of Now Orleans."
"An act to flocate the eatl of Justice of the
Darish of Jefferson, anfd to repil all llother laws
on the same Aubtjct mattaAr."
"An act, to reveal an act, entit.led 'Ais act rela
tive tollublte works and Improvements in tih
villages of and Jn the parish of'Jofferson, right
bank,' being tact No. r55 of the session of 1sl5e;
also, to repeal an act, amendatory thereto
beolng nt No. 20 of the s)ssflonl of 185)8; and eol
act and provide tihe mode and manner of con
ducting public works and improvements in the
villages of, and in the parish of Jefferson, right
bank and left bank, and provitding pnaltites for
non-complhllnce with th6 provisions of this act.
and repealing all laws contfliting therewith.',
Mr. McMillon gave similar notice of ta ill to be
entitled "An act to repeal an act. No. --, of the
session of 18:7. entitled an act to abolish the par
ish of Carroll, and to establish in lieu thereof
the, parishes of East and West Carroll, provid
ing for the organization of the same slid fixing
their representation in the House of Represent
atives." and the act amendatory thereto, ap
proved - day of March. 1877.
Thil following messago wais 'rccived from
his Excelk ncy. the Governor:
State of Loulisiana.
wew Orleans, April 21. 1877.
To the Honorable the Speaker and Members of
the House of 1opresenta'ivee:
Ge/ltm -n-I am directed by his Excellency
the Governor to inform you that lie han ap
proved and signed the following acts originated
in your honorable body to wit;
Tlo reorganize and render more efficient the
Board of Health oftheState of i ao ssna: to de
fine its powers and prescribe its duties and
those of quarantine aid other oars under its
control; to provide for its for the
recording or births; deeaths
the ish O to
of tse ordltni @B5 and ordrsc
._ - ' ` ;, r .l e
knodwn a the halixth and $nnveth Die
ra o oneto et or
t A ~:t pmrtotle itn the aevral otat o
in octto futhorixo tad re0 tilt t llIe atennlint
of ntl atd nOritie Ps ov n.ti for t. n uan of
odort n nper matt to tix the l etn s of ratls
an .tntresa tot .i, an t tie and tosl t rof
i al law in otft hereWith antd to repeal
tt revoklt an excludV Urivies' Isvl e dfo the eto
odr s aued tihe atp fl t imiease of atel
StotteNtw Orleans anitary and xavatlng
An act to r a tta nrt ontitled An act to de
iMlt AM tn limits of the tiecond Judi*
hintltfit to x th ternin of tctulrtthererin,
,n tio hi l, atljtl xoa t he nrtnsdrtoaon otthr
e.'eons, ta]ntlial wn t tjtond for to," tott.rnti
MlVenth Municill Disltrit of thoe tarlht of
Orlenos I to provtde for a clerk of nid court
and Hi camptoneation and term of ottln, ant
to Lrovilte fopr i te rawing (of t h rofor r ba
nrt net nt to reanex tho Mllt nn tevent
d oe paR trect t of the pnviarit o Orans to
n attill rep"el T rtileri 11o . 12t2, and 1tlr of
tho it Oi l NUi (lUodln, and a rtioned Into a1nI
nt 4 o tohe 1Mvisod rstatntos of thi , State of Lo
Alnan lo tablih the itoard of rI.nd m ulon
era, atrlted 'he t(om mlltonren of t t Natw Ori
leans Paek teto eanit lawn itlo ndlen a atio
atrl tax fr the lte irieana parks, ald )ornfer
UPntil n ot a ni # .t rleans all4 he touwera ntit
dutles teo rt inltconed tpon thte conmmis
aipoetr of thie w O"tlr"atln park'
An a t to lix and retit ni the ft'd:e of elerks
of oturts In the partell of Orleanr in city tax
IAn At, tt authorisi the City Counlit of New
Orlansn to bring suit in ny court of competent
aluredl.tion in the hari h of Orlans,"
'Ae a" t to itlhorothe Ad$.tl nistrator of 1t1
nane tfor the aLt of "ew Orlttna tLr institute
suitet for tItoenses ant taxes on ot ital anoe ll.
ontal property it t to jltneca' ontrta i
otty, when It tnh y deem r it no to do and
the) amout involyve dtoos not oxeed one nun
dro do lotars. 'o fix and limit the fena anb
cotn nt it auch oRano, to reoeitO the onnstable of
ajd counlrto oa povr the mur t tit r of tallta at
"tlOlen thiI coicttle tetl,thd to prnovitde r elat n1
for fatilre so to to anod to reeal/ all laws or
oitart of haws il con elet therewith."
"An not to provide or obtahining anti tublish
ing repotat ot htUnk, banking and anvil g lnati
tu tttine, and trut't companion orgcanitetl under
the lawn of the otate of LouLsiant, anod r nuorlib
tle. th form t.horoof: iixOg ponltitte or nonu
t!oinp tlanon tonther itlhl d itttng the rightt and
du.tiea of the State T .roetptror, Attorlney (tnneralt
tate Auditor. tult s the tightet of elocktlloldern
astt ooditors and tttol duty of the General Ae
"embtty in uciattton tdttrerth
"An aot mraking n katitbt'ttnl ion for the non
An net, tod tn' 'ostte thmtt 0r nolitnnt Virn
gine ompanIt No1, of thetityt of New Orleans."
jlolto bill No. `'t, 'A it actf to Atnsnti an act on
tltled a. nrt totl inorporate the . a.itors' Ware
Hlusne tilfi No. sin "An not rnglatilting tbn
mode of asnaiet-ug tent otetrtngt Iaxon tbhrotugh
tIt tuhe SuHit. t.rti rid tIt·g fito o cotrrection lof
over antd ttinder nessaments, provtiding for the
collettt on rof Htatt ant! parinsh taxt'e, tnIi the ap
teolntment f tax tomlintors, limitting the power
of ta.xatt, of ll pari af.Rlrnt mttniipalities
thruglitott.. the mtintt. giving rtlitnf to taxpayern
and au tolntitlg a ihard ti ea mine twttatand
ing ntitmnh. and reIptahpg Allt lw in onfliot
t.oroewitth, a.ld I re'tit 1 '1t.tin atterl at and
tIonnttti.enotit'ertattt tin unaidt titate, andl limiting
tIt i'ti, o , i. iitigroe attl riglt of Ljtd-lO for
Ilmootttl', axon matntd eastratentint antd r ith nth
tntent of asstano' ittl all the parineitr. anti for the
taking of tri ,tantnu of ithe youth- hoitwinor the
f'th e l h tilt' M t I lle."
p tp'sp, lm on te r l . hll lt
aik Iti NOAN Ro. tAh ftIi. JRn.
i'rivato Huiirttary.
JOINT f Fi1i [ON.
A joint sanasion of the (ioneral laarnmlay wna
heldl for thie pur'pe of further balloting for a
Heniator to relr-senftthle itatol of l,.Olslinlt In
thlln onato of the tlrit~ d Htatls, for the tormr be
linning March'l 4, 147,. Hlon. L. A. Wilts, LAhu
tenant Govornor nlld l'roslllda't of lBthe nate,
T'ni' roll of thIe Maont.tw~o wa dtaid whln the fal
lowiln lunta.hi lttowa ls d Ii al t thar name,.:
Moesrs. Allain. Boatnnr, Brnaux, Bryant,
lurnrh, (.aro. Domen . IDunro, Duomonnt Eltis,
EusKli., arIrlnd. e eoro, , hl. Goodll, Grfovr.,
liarper. K iy, Landlryvi, Mlteholt, Ogden, Per.
klns. hlihankallon, laabortson, Maldtlltord,
Stampsa. $toven. Muttlj, jtubbA. 'I' ltrholl,
TealihteW Yakoulold. WYheeler, WlhlltI, Youlng
and ZLamht1 - ht-lt.
Thi roll of the ltolmlo was "alehd. whnm the
followlng mooI hmisanswell r$li to their n mne.4:
lion. L. Bush. pooakor, and Mossrs. Aldise,
Ayr"c'k. Brown of (alddo, Brldger, Breard. Bur
ton. lowdolen BroWln of Jofferson Barron, Bar.
.rt, oB-l'y, Brtul¢. Brooks, Btk, B,+rry. Bell,
Ihlblggo, (larlos,, 01|ryplln, dronssy, lOmtn, Oro,
Drury, Du rdon, ltavldson, )Dayries, Deltivlgne,
Drew.,l ID 'yv baDiEklnson, )linkt t ave. Desma.
rasi, D'Avy, bDukeu, Du ure, aotleg'. Do
jit. Ato inal, ub'b, 1Fltip, triok. F1,,rstart
i(taull,, iOantt, (Gillospil, ary. lanskins.
(raclen lHahn. Hill of Aseension ltnghen,
hIlt, iluntihugto-n. flammnad, ti111 -f Or
lenrm., Itobhrt J,Jhnuon, IH. M. Johnson,
j ones, Ktinnlyv. Kolltnp. oelly of Win-t,
K.Illy of Orlans., lElro. hildl, Lyons. len<is,
lJonllrd of (ladldo. Lamaro. bowls. IBa, hloon
hard of Orleans Mihlolro, Martin, Mians,
Mllon, MatMilItn,. .a.(lllhoe, Nownsm, Nulnez.
Porter. oralta. PIitls. ltlohardson, Ityland,
lItout.on, llRandol IL omero, Ilollo laby, t maiar'.
4haklpenaroi. nolt, N;nanr. Mtillor, HeammeonStegg,
Sltwart, Smart, tIOlto, Sellers, aTho'llmj. 'i'aylor,
T'olliver, Toter. 'r'".nrom. l Voorthls. Washing
ton, Washlurn. Warmoth, Walkor, Wood. Wilde.
Williams. Young of Ulidhlorno and Young of
East llatofl Rtougai.
One hillidraed and Ifiteen mombhrs and a
llatinrul prouaCnlt.
The, prdullaig offlir annIount1r'tmid tl.haftthtJ (.en.
oral Assumnbly of the nttn of ionistman had teOtl
In this jointlasembtay. is . rluitrid Iby law, for
tha purpl'ofse of h lloting for a IKaonator toi' roprn
sant. the Sttat of Louisiana lin the eannattj of the
ilnltld ,ltat's, for trh ltrnl ll b ginniang f Mlratl r 4.
T'iha ,el'r litatry of t1 HoetMune read the names rof
Lthin 'andl datl s, . let, I W it :.
lion. B. 1. ,onas. of Orleans. lion. Randall L.
Glbson of Orleoans, lion. A. Voorhlos, of Or
loans. Hllar. GOr). W. Du pro. of Orleans, Hon. R.
II. Wildo, of Orloanls, Hon. J. H. Ogleshy. of
OrleaLns. Ilonu. WV. L. MMlllon, of Carroll and
lion. W. HI. Dlnkgrave, of Madison.
Mt.~lithwart withdraew t.le name of the Hon. J.
II. Oglnsbv.
Mr. Bryant with Irow the naume of the Hon W.
L. McMillen.
Mr. Iomms,. of the BSolat., with Irow the name
of lion. W. II. )Dinkgrave.
Mr. L'wlis withdrew the name of lIon. Datvid
Mr. Koennedy wllhdrew the name of lion. W.
G(. Wyly.
Mr. Jonas no ,minated the Hon. 1f.M. Dpofford
of Orleans.
The nomination was sea0aodled by Senators
George annd Allin.
Tlih'ra bring no further nominations, the roll
of the oenato was called, with the following re
Senators Allhin. Bloatner, Breaux, Bryant.
Cage. Demaa.s, Dueros, Ellis, ;ustis, Garland.
George, (lta Goode, Grover Kelly. Landry,
blitchell. Oftden. Perkins. Rclhardson, R.obert
eon, Sandiford. Stamps, Steven. Stubbs, Toxada,
Wheeler. White, Young and Zacharie voted for
the Hon. H. M. SpotTord-s. votes. •
Senator Burch voted for the IIon. Louis A.
W iltz-1 vote.
Senators Dumont. Harper, Sutton, T.s hell
and Wakefield voted blank-s voes.
The roll of the House was called, when the
following members voted for the Hod. H. M.
Hon. L. Busn. Speaker, and Messrs. Aldige,
Aycock, Brown of'Caddo, Bridger. Breard, Bur
ton. Bowden, rown e rso. Barron, Bar
rett, Boeley. Bxad. 13 Bck, Berry, Bell.
Brigga, -arlpnas, Car e, Dressy.. Coni. (ote.
Drury, Durdeul. TYavidson. Dayries. Deiav ie,
r Drow. De Lacy. Dhaigkln0ao Deans 'a'. D y
Pejoi, Duke. Dupree. Est0olnal, bb. BirZ
kfins, 'illeep .eaton Matin. Hughes. Holt.
Huntington. Hammond. YiHii of. rlgne. s Jtoes,
H. M Johnsona- Bobert Johnson. Jonas. en
tLeai ro , gor
!4 aht
Wlldn Wllltm., W I cgYqg of 01Clbotrn, and
eoulng of El' t Batin iting110,
The following mel.bers voted blank 1
.MIel. P , lnatgrave, Detiate, Wli ofAsen
ein. Kn o on, Lnargrd L of Cadds, MuMliltai,
Total veto east, 1ee: n eesarv to a choIke 71.
The Lleutenant I(fovernor and President of
the Senate announced the result, andideOlared
that the Hon, Henry M. Spofford, of the farieh
of Orleans, having recoived a majority of all the
votes oast at thie joint sestson of the euneral
Aseemhilr of the Nsate of Loeuilana, wae duly
eleJted Senator to repronent the State of Loauit
ana In the lBonate of the United States, for tho
term bealnnIng March 4, 171.
On the motion of Mr. Young, of Cldnhorne, Ia
cnmmi tteeeoonseligttI of two eflnators and three
Ptlerenentativee wis apoointed to ., form Mr.
Spofford of his elootion. The committee was
atpolated ns fllows: Messrs. f.ob.rton 'and
Allele of the Senate, and Mesers. Young of
Clalborne, Itewart and McMillen of the House.
Mr. $t,'fford, Senator elect, addressed the
joint seoembly, annourinug his wmdeptan.c,
On motion of Mr. Allhin, of tahe Ienate, the
joint asecmbly adjourned, and the Menate with
drew to lits elanmber.
Hiotf R tt~BRe It.RltMlEgD.
The call of the roll after the joint seseion was
dlapeneed with.
House bill No, Roa, "An nat for the relief of the
taxpayers of the lite of lew Orleans, to absorbh
the floating debt, the nnpail Interest e~upons,
school warrants, and all evidennes of debt rtipd
otber clahit against the said n'ty: and to wa.
thoriso and retnlrt~ the city of Now Orleans to
reecive eunh Indnbt~dnee In pnfalmant of ctetain
tnacx of the city of Now OUrbane dute rior to the
first of January, .eaT."
This bill wee taken up with the cennat, amend
ment, which we aldovtel, as follows:
tI seotlon 1, line al. after the wordt "taxe" In
serttlhn words "of thn year eighteen hundred
and eovcnty=six."
And on the motion that the bill, nes amended.
be .eosed, Mr. (!reey called for tih yo.a and
nays, with the following result:
Yeaf--Hon. L. llu'h. Speaker, and Mesrs
A yok.k, Barret, Itradmly LieItviagn Drew,
Il)onle, Db . Itoprei l'e!top.Iinl, lritapttriok,
rI~ tOtl Hammon d, H11I1 of Ort.ne, onen.,
Kly of Winn, Kelly of t()leans, Ki d, Lyonr ,
elee, bamarn t ea Leonld of rleans
artin, jean.s e Milan, Mofehe N ewsom,
Nntln, 'itt. lilfl, taby, Honer, hikesc. re,
ilf, MIatta. Stl. Et iler, nmart,. Voo/'hts,
Waghturn, Waltkr, Wood, Williams and uoUng
of Et.t JBi on tloU 4--44
Nve-- 1Mesre. Aldn. Bfiron i of (rldo BDrld
er. Breari, iuirton, 4pwdon, srOwn " of ,fftormon,
Barton, a os0ety Brook , iU 1, (nrloe. I 'arvlle,
rnmay. Oel baDvldeion, Dt lacv, )ickinson,
Dlnkgmrave. Deinarain. I)'Ay, i4obb, Gauo,l,,
nt., UOl II)cpn, (Oredlnn, 1ill of Ascension,
gugli. tobert Johnso, on, one, Knting,
Lews, M mloire Mllon, 'ralta., Byland, lion
t Ie, ande tmm me,.ThoimsTolliver. Iro
nlet, T r Watson, Warnmoth, Wildn and
Young of Olalborne-47.
The motion to pans the till was lost.
Mr. Aldign moved thrt th t vote iusl taken bn
renonlsiderd and that thn motion to rtconslder
he laid utpon the table.
On the motion to liiy upon the table thIe yea
and nays wt re alld"l for, with the following re
Yees--M'Iere, Aldaig, Brown of tf ido, irid
Pgr. Bourt, Ulwdon, Ir ,wflt of ,literon, ar
ron, itarrott toliy, 14ie. Uarvill. Oro. y, U (.,
I)avideon. bikie'in on I tmareral, )'AVl , fe
ti.ng. Febl,, (tlanido, tnMtt, Olliostlr aden,
Hill f Aeeons ii.,. lue. Jon, oe,nn to.rt John
son, Keteing, J,nwis. Mieonn MtlOl e,, Peraita,
Bntoni. itehI olpth, Itaby, Tolliver. Tromoult,
Warmothi Walktr antd Wlld,--to.
Nays-lion. L. Ilush and Moesrs. A ycoek,
Broard, Ibrly, BMrry. fDivligne. Dukl, Du
precs, Itopilnnil. Fit.,uatriek, (W1kin s lfam
mond. 1llll of tOrlean. Kelly of Wlnn, kolly of
Orlcans,. 1(ll I.vons Leend. ltnarC Ln,,
Leon hard of Orloine, ragltre, Meanp. Martln,
MMlloeN. Newsoli, Nunes, Iortnr, Pitta, fy
htn , ]trlln, bttowr, Hhakpnnro, Holt, MpllWr,
IStagg Sntle iler Heollr art, Tdter, Voorhlee,
H.slihuro. W,oi. W1lll,.nes, Young of Cial
borteo antd Yorung f Eaet. 'leton ltowget-4).
The motlon .to lay lutrn theo able was lost.
The motion to reooneldhr was carried.
Mr. Tremoulrtt mnoved that the Hlouse .id
Utptn whlnh mtotion the+ yeasM rinl nays Were
eallnd for, with the following result:
Ye-naM-}ters. Brown of .sdo. 1 rid gr,
Brown of Jefferson, Jerrett olhb, OGillesie,
Lamearo, Meaans, l'itts, ,Holle, hnakaspeare, teei'.l
benart, Trornoulet, Toler and Williarnms--1
Nays--ot. L. Bush, NpHteakr. and MoesrT,
Alrldl . Ayorook, IBoardl, iurtoei, Wlon,
Blarron IBesiey. owrady, earvil(e, (Jr.sy,
Colea, Orrtr, Davi rin, RDeavignl ieD
y, Dleklnsn, Dest, aras, Th'&v, m -
ti-ge, Dtkn. Duokree, Lstoplnai Fttraptrior.
tliern (lantt. Gnt rt, lns. On n j ll of AseWn
sion,, H hrs, -arno d, I llA e,, Orlrns, Jon,
Itbebort. ohns o Keetbng. oily of iWnn, iely
f rlens, Kidd, Lyons , n Lewis Let,
.onhard 1 Orlans, M Nlolr. Martin, a llon,
MjlietI,, uo t hee dt Newsom unen, PVorter,
PIeratsa yylandi, ( Joeeilen, Itandolidli. i,..,
Souer.lel , sMllerr kl+'g, lSller, 'I'Iirgomas+ ]'O
llvne, r.Vorhhi. Walsthiurn, Wirmoth. Wesi
Wldle, Youneg of Cltiburuo and Young of Elslat
BlI a)l Ion uge-7u).
The motion to aldjourn was lost.
ItfI,H INltt's d Iteonu!gid A") PA.eietIl.
Mr. Younrg. of Clatl,orne, Introd;ond the tol.
lowing ntfitletl bill:
llous+e ill No. aca, "An att maklning an appro
priatln of flfty thousand dollars out of the
goneral fund for the payment of theu miloeage
aLnd per dilem of theu members of the Assembly
and 1the contingent expenses thereof, as well no
the contingent expenses of the (Govrernor."
The hill was read, and, under a suspeonsoi
of the rules, was passed to Its s,:eond rerdllag.
On tihe motion of Mr. Young, of (Clalborne# the
Hlouse resolved itself into a cnommittee 'of the
Mr. Hill, of Orleans, in the chair.
On rising, the commnttee reported, through
its cbairmarn, that it had considered House bill
No.aa3. and hall agrood toe recommeond that the
bill be passed by the House.
On the motion of Mr. Younc. of Clailborne. the
bill was taken as engrossed.
On his further motion that the rules be susn
tended in order to put ther bill on its third read
ing, a fliing vote was taken, with the follewing
result.: Yeas 6s. nays 18.
The motion to suspend the rules was lost.
On the motion of Mr. Hammond the vote just
taken was reconsldorerd.
The rules were suspended, and the I,Ill was
read a third time and peessed by the following
vote: 0
Yeas--Hon. L . Bush, Speaker. and trbsrs.
Aldige. Brown of Caddlo, lurton, de,.
Brown o' Jefferson, B erron. Barrtt, Bosley,
Brooks, Carville. Cross. Como, Cole. Drury,
Davidson Delavigne, Dlilkinson Dinkgrave,
Ietiteg, 6ojole. Dupron. Eslopinal Fobhb PFit
patrick Claude. Gary. Gaskins. Graclien. f ill of
AsnenslOn, Hughes. Holt. RotbertJohneonr. Ko r
ing. Kelly of Winn, Koelly of Orleans Kidd,
Lewis. MEgloire, Milon. M:cGeohrc, Ndwsome
'eralta. Ryland, troutrone Rolle, Baby. bouer,
Self, naer teommes. .cllers, Smart, Thmnes.
Tollwiver. i'oeer, Vocorhiees Wetehbte n, Wood
Young of Cliaborno and Young of 'East Batot
itougO-- l.
Naeys--Messrs. Aycock. Breard, Berry Carloss,
Duke. Foerster. Gillespie Hamzmonld. .uI of
Orleans. Jones. Lyons fe Leeds. Lan Lea.
Means, Porter. I'tts. frandeldh, e.bnk9i ere,.
butagg, Steeoloe. TAdlor and'1Premouleth23.
The title was amended bi iatthd e
thereof the words, "and varrath
issuel under this act,' . for fe6 Lxes
and`Ticensees ~ the gl4 r~en erl fd, collectible
in the fie5' ." ~rhe: title wasaf4optei as
amoeded. ". .; ) .' .
Amotion 'o reconsidkr thl) vote on tle final
passage*ofo the bill was laid upon the table.
Mr. Kidd, chairman, on behalf of tie Comm
tee on EnFollment, reporte(d as fo
To the Honorable 8lpeS r an.
the Gen al Assemni:
Your Coeittee on, nrollmentes
report as corrctTe enrolled IH e uii
291, 3W.32, 3 O3J80. 29?. 1
Oh . B of Senate bill g4To,
47 of
nnsalder the vote just taken whe laid u.n Iki
Mr. Young offered the following
o4Nuttunhit AhloLttifo1fti
rdia on threddav, the glrth nat,, at e o o1sor P, n.
Mr. Dowden moved that the resolution tb
amended hby inserting the word "Wednesady'
in lieu of the word "Thursday,"
The motion to amend was tlal upon the tab
The resolution was adopte
On motion of Mr. Younr of Olaiborne
10llou adjourned.
Ohilet 01rk
TAX 0 ma.
On Taria ofot..T hl ADtr#91, ie 1.
Notion I6 hoerby given to the TAXPAY¥IIR of
this Dietrimt that I am now ready to eollr It tax
on reel eatate for tie Ygar 1175, And doentlue
istae for the yearc 1*74 and . ilT,
l'ronmpt payment will save onetS.
IHENIIY TEBll£, Tax Colletor.
Offle-COorner (.arrotlton avenue nad iambd
son strer t_. apil7 t
All persons within the limits ot the iifth Di
trletowlag linse and dapital tax are hbereb
notified that the otfie for the collection of said
taxes is now open at the corner of eamuln and
Patterson streets. Algiers.
_api9 tt State T'a Ollnaeetor.,
NPECIAI, 'OTI|l u. $
OitrniYl TAT TAX OOMarot , Ht.i DtisniT?, )
1119 ~~Ia s, t. loria and Milan ste
.ew Ufhrrns, Apr ilI , ,1i#
All persons within the limits of the tluath Die.
trint owing Iensae and Clapitl tax are he.ebt
notified that the omrice for theoolletlion of the '
same is now open. II. A. C002 IN1%,
api2 2w state Tax (otlloertr
(Orr0rw ATA4rATA A (lol4i no,
fourth Dlltrlct 241 JoeCvphlno street,
Now Ofgians, Aprl 111, 177.,
All property owners of the Fourth Distrit.
are notified that f am now prepared to reeolsve
OPrtrm IITAT T.AX 0. I 'a r n,
Third District, Parish of Orleas,
April 7,1577.
All poersons within the limits of the Thl
Diet and capital taxare here
notl fr the eolloetion of
taxoe i a t No. 17 Esplanade str
aps 1I Mtate Tax ColleNtor.
P t ietrlnt, tle ravlir tret.
New Orl eans, mart 97, 1t7.
All P'ltOl'IITY OWNEIfI of the fL.RT 0DI
TBIOT are informed that the asessment rol
for said Didtrict are now ready, and that
sons de(nring to pay the Heal Estate Tax at tif
time may now reiolve their bills promptly.
She following named persons only are
thorpzed to sign recelpts for the Collector
this District:
Or the undersigned
mhls M. A. DUEl!, Ootlloor,
ohlt'al xearnas, up staires marel Cj &'i 2.
All Dermens within the limits of the
District owing licenoes and capital tz
h4ereby notlced that the omfoe for the
oai taxes is now opened.
mhs .f . a TIT.
Governor of the State of Louislana.
Whoreas, It Is povided by act No. 2 of the hte
tra Session of the General Assemble, sape .eA
March o, 1877. that an eleetton shali be holo oNW
the Both day of April, 1*77, by the quatlie dee-l
tore of the pi.lt of West OCarroll, for a PtalVi*g =
judge; a clerk of the District Court, a sher ff, Bl.
recorder, a coroner, five juatioes of the peao?
and fie pollle jurors from s1id parish hltl.$ °ius
Now, therefore, , pRANOIS T, . NIW O
Governor of the State of LUoR5sV,*
thought proper to Issue this, my.pr
direling the Suporvisorof Ilegistratlion
for the parish of West Carroll, and the eoomsR
aloners of election and all other odlB o ..
corned, to hold said election on the day abovei
mentioned with the view of electhn .the a~bov
named offcers, and that said eleotion bea n.,4
uoted and the returns thereof mide it
anner uired by the eonstltution amd
of this State.
In witness whereof, I have
- unto slned nmy m nande
city o 1ew eans, this
sev tyseeven. mid a .n
dred and irst year of the r.
once of the United Stte o
Governor of the State of Lotdslale a
By the Governor:
WxAt. A. BSaoxo,
napt 2taw so Becretary of State.
P. 0. FAZENDE, .
Stock, Note and Boa
OFFICE-No. 175 COM QN vo I'
mhu4 tf 4
AL Th'di' of a 4WQe 1
ver thiiy years' experinence I
New store and new ogo
211 OCadl beteews.u
Neatr~tals og. 8U8I
SpJe.eyeaip1vDs.7 aus

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