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lumne has a halt dozen oandi
or Mayor.
i has not had a prisoner in
h for over a year.
oo girl, on Bted r ier, Avoy
ptrish, was burned to death last
fire oomatnies of Donaidsonville
Sfinally determined on a publ.i.
,F, oerpodln was elected City &t Or
bards gin-house on the Froa
plants ton, parish of EasFt Ye
was bne ast week.
t in Natchitoches have never
an opportunity to felicitate
ys over the crops of that parish
t.wn of DelW hasr base ball
" debating society, and is strug
for a fire ompany with inditfer
d erate negroes killed near
Odfor murdering the sheriff of
Scounty, Texas, were Tom
SShelby Bill and Giles Tram.
Natchitoohes Indians were so
bencause, in their own language,
W 'epapaw-eaters;" and the
tribe Nacogdoches because
two villages, Hubertville and Jean
rve almost become one by the
the latter up the Teche, so
an is fully two miles long,
ovement is on foot to incorpo
i&por of Amite City publishes a
lahe town paper to inform the
tat he has endeavored to per
itties. Perhaps the citizens
ave remained in ignorance of
but for the card.
rn that the Te Deum will be
the Catholl Church to-morrow
emoration of the settlement of
til" troubles and the final es
It Of the Nicholls govern
-'Dolaldonville Chief.
Solored man named Laurent,
the Speranza plantation, was
b~ his wife and her mother,
dangerous wounds upon
with gas bottles, plates,
Shousehold ware. The
had discovered
a wi' n unrithful to him and
.-w l wed her; hence the
Snear the residence of Ji
, Oarroll parish, is af
to the river, and the citi- to
an time in having a new T
bilt to keep out the coming u'
he road up the river has h
on this levee, and it makes T
R Venient.to pass through n
U roads there being in a gi
au dlion. There will have w
.a on them soon, or people as
n cannot get to town. 8
WTesa. V .
hb an emigrant aid society.
an Daily Telegram is a new tl
has received 5a,297 Dales this
c 1 itselt indifferently, "the
"an "the hub of Texas."
Gasette wants to see T
made the next Governor
hall storm in Red River Ii
h great deal of dam ge last a
for a tax to support free ft
r en months in the year is E
atea tion in Waco. w
Suneanother jail delivery tl
ut all the prisoners ex- ii
recaptured. ii
Sover Fort Worth on P
demolishil.g houses and ti
own fenes and awnings.
ous.ton Telegram says Morgan,
t *iag the Central on a cash
till push the Waco and Austin
to intercept the Texas
Texas Central Railroad is again t,
le. A receiver and injunction tr
asked for before the United a
Ot Court for the Eastern a
of Texas. o
tuOn numerously signed has b
t n to the City Council of Ban r
protesting against the estab- n
of waterworks for that city as u
lry uxury and expense. c
for the depot of the Dallas
ita Eallroad has been selected
T. The Iron Mountain Road r
the company $10,000 if it will es- e
esttle shipments at Denton by C
of June.
trom Western counties bring a
Soonraging report that there are
w fegrasshoppers west of the
Wthe farmers having as t
no material damage or
enlence from them.
Porter who murdered Robert
e.ugio some months ago,
to ball by the judge
was not on hand when his
. called the other day. He is
tohaYgone to Oregon. His
wrt u.aedy with the cash.
o tremendous hail
itod the neighbor
some days ago.
airle, unable to reach
w slaughtered as though
wee fird upon with grape and
One man lost 50 head killed
bt of the Houston and Texas
*l1road oompany is As follows;
m71 per cent gold bonds,
ifgPer eInterest payable Janu
ay, a prlneipal an1903, $10,
;econd mortgage bonds, con
$ per centa, outrency, $,700,
Ia~tng debt, estimated, $30e,000;
mission appointed to select a
ftr a branch agricultural and
college, for the benefit of
d poplee of Texas, were in
lias Monday for that purpose.
oners went thence to
nl- ort Bend county, to make
mnation, and will return
d make their report.
ight, lust Sunday, two
entered the International
ce, at Jacksonville, and with
ola leveled at his head, de
It agent Hawkins that he
the money of the railroad
company. Hawkins feigned
, but drew a pistol and put a
the mouth of one, who fell
w ptured. The other escaped.
4Sao ag H na W enº
rltef outlime ot fti rgdta, Mitoy and
yoIralP. w
[prom the X. I. World.]
A brief resume of the origin, rise and
downfall of the fa sous i may be
ded. It bad itsrin n the
of Supervisors, and was as is the
nature of a ring, without distinction of
party in its immediate composition. r
Among its leading spirits were Wm. M.
Supervisor, State Senator and
ioner of Public Works; Rich
j olly, Comptroller; County
UdpOJiWa*oh t Woodward, the clerk
f he~ ulervisors; Park Commis
seoners Sweeny and Fields. Ac
cording to Tweed , A. Oakey Hall,
elected Mayor by the ring, which was
organised oombletely on January 1,
1869, When he became Mayor, Mr. C.on
nolly having been two years Comptrol
ler. Its most direct manner of operating
was by a corrupt agreement with con
tractors having bills against the city to
have these bills "raised" enormously
and then audited, the thieves taking the
enormous addition and paying the con
tractor unless he was for some reason
favored only, his just claim. Audit was
refused these bills unless they were so
raised. In 1870 the supervisors had
passed upon some $10,000,000 of these
fraudulent bills, when the Republican
majority in the Legislature, which
had created the board and given it
its opportunities, gave way to a Demo
cratic majority of one in the Senate and
seven in the Assembly. Besides the
danger of a revelation of its vast frauds,
the ring had in prospect some $18,000,
000 more of bills, nearly all fraudulent.
At this time the Young Democracy was
busy drafting a new charter providing
for spring elections and a city govern
ment less enthralled by Albany legisla
tion. But suddenly Tweed, who was at
the time in the State Senate, sprung-his
famous charter, which was pushed for
ward with such tremendous haste that
suspicion was directed against those ,
active in its support. It was opposed a
before Tweed's Senate committee by K
Mr. Tilden and others, but was passed E
by the House in the latter days of March, E
1870, by a vote of 96 to 18 in the House, T
and 30 to 2 in the Senate. A
The powers conferred were unparal
leled, and the ring made good use of
their time. On May 5 was that notable I
meeting of the Board of Special Audit, ai
Tweed, Hall' and Connolly, whereat Ic
$6,312,500 was ordered paid out, of a
which the city scarcely owed ten per
cent. Tweed, as it was afterwards v
shown, got twenty-four per cent., and ai
others appropriate lesser amounts. The a
exposure of the ring's accounts came in B
July, 1871. Connolly was the first to de- ml
sert the ring, putting himself, the Sep- .
tember following, into the hands of Mr. n
Tilden and Mr. Havemeyer, and, on their
urgent pressure, appointing Mr. Green °
his deputy and acting comptroller. Mr. a
Tilden, Mr. O'Conor and others were ii
now in active consultation about the le
gal steps to be taken. How the proof ti
was obtained from the Broadway Bank 0
accounts, how it was decided that the
State should bring the suits, Tweed's
varied history since they were begun, a
the flight of Connolly, Fields, Wood- c
ward and Sweeney, Sweeney's return, a
the Woodward compromise, the pro
posed Tweed compromise now under
discussion, and other details, are too
numerous to need recounting. t
Three of Ilis Principal Ranees Burned a
Alive. 4
The Antrita Bazar Patrika, a native h
India paper, furnishes the following n
account of the death of Sir Jung Baha- a
door, and the funeral ceremony which n
followed: "The 25th of February being
Hoolee Day (Govind Dwadasee), he a
went to bathe at Bagonuttee; he entered P
the river before sunrise for that purpose ti
in the highest spirits, and after perform- ti
ing his ablutions he sat on the bank to e
perform poojah. Soon after he was no- ii
ticed to be motionless. On his followers t1
approaching him they found that life 0
was extinct. An express was sent 0
to the capital, and orders arrived a
to postpone the funeral rites to r
March 1. The three principal Ra- o
nees, his brother and son, arrived, n
and the Ranees expressed their desire t
to sacrifice themselves. The brother
tried to dissuade them, but he failed,
and the funeral pyre was prepared with
sandal-wood rosin and a large quantity
of ghee. When the arrangements had
been made the ladies bathed, performed t
poojah, and made presents to the Brah
mine. The next step was they took c
measures for the government of the
country and to maintain peace; then
general directions were given to the
brother-in-law. Their last act was to t
release some prisoners. They then t
entered the funeral pyre quite uncon
cernedly, muttering prayers. The
corpse was then laid on its back, and the t
eldest Ranee took his head in her lap
and the two others took the feet. They
were then surrounded by odorous com
bustibles, and the Ranees gazed upon
the features of their husband as if for- 1
getful of every other consideration.
The fire was then applied by his son, and
all was over in a few minutes.
The Porte Advised to seek the Medlation I
of the United States.
It is rumored that Mr. Layard, the
British embassador to Turkey, has ad
vised the Porte to seek the mediation of
the United States in the Montenegrin
complication. We had better keep out
of Turaey's business. The Montenegrins
want some pasture land in Herzegovina
for their cattle, that is all, and as they
are in a fair way of capturing it, they
might as well be allowed to do it.
England Recalling her Offleers.
Several prominent British army offi
cers in Canada were ordered last week
to join their regiments immediately in
England. The order is thought to mean
that England is getting ready for par
ticipation in the Eastern unpleasant
If Gov. Hampton sticks to the pledges
freely given in his letters to the Pres
fdent; if he deals fairly with all classes
SOf citizens. sees to it that their rights
are respected and that no oppressive or
discriminating measures become laws,
1 and preserves the peace while invigor
t ating the prosperity of the State and
-improving-its flinancial condition, Mr.
e Blaine will find himself without follow
d ere, and may conclude it is the wiser
d policy to defer his attack to a more con
a venient season.--[Cincinnati Commer
1 cial (Ind.)
The popular wine before the war was Piper-.
r Heidalok. We still call for Piper.
area pe idtawns, t cL3NflO&O O.i·i
drf ara p rry wdozsth
EXTRA iiealON OF letl.
No. 97.] AN ACT
To incorporate the Barataria Ship Canal Com
pany; to authorize said company to construct
and operate a ship canal, and all harbors,
looks, dams, dykes, levees, etc., necessary
for the same, from some point on the Missis
sippi river, at or near Neow Orleans, to the
deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, through,
at, or near Barataria Bay or other harbor,
roadstead or outlet on the coast of said Gulf,
in the State of Louisiana; to fix the capital
stock of said company and provide for the
management of its business and affairs; to
give the right of way for said canal; to pro
vide for the use of such private property as
may be needed for the same and its appurte
nances; to authorize said company to use
towboats and other crafts, and to charge and
receive tolls for the use of said canal, or any
part thereof; to authorize said company to
reclaim and drain all the swamp and marsh
lands which now belong, or may hereafter
bel ing to the State of Louisiana, not acquired
at tax sale, embraced between the Mississippi
River, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Bayou
Lafourohe, and to erect and conotruot dykes,
levees, etc., for the protection of the same,
and to purchase the same from the State from
time to time, as reclaimed, drained and fitted
for cultivation, but not including any lands
now in cultivation by actual settlers, and ex
cepting any land now under fence and claimed
by pre-emption; to authorize said company
to unite with any othOP company that has
been or may be chartered, and to operate this
charter in conjunction with any other already
granted or that may be granted by the State
of Louisiana, or the Government of the
United States; to autholize said company to
borrow money and issen bonds, and to mirt.
gage and pledge its properties, franchises,
bonds and stock; to limit the liability of the
stockholders of the said company; and to re
peal all laws in conilict with this act.
Sgcarow 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and
House of Repr, centatives o'the State of Louisiana,
in General Assembly convened, That John Cow
don, Bronson Bayliss, Thomas J. Semms, A. J.
Kellar, F. W. Brown, Robert Mott, J. O. Neely,
ldward Conery, T. P. Leathers Napoleon Hill,
Enoch Ensley, Charles Carroll, FI. S. Davis. John
T. Fargason, William L. Vance, Thomas tn.
Allen, W. B. Miller, J. G. Lonsdale, Sr., i. Gavin,
W. B. Galbreath, and their associates, suocessors
and assigns, are hereby constituted a body cor
porate, under the name and style of the Barata
is Ship Canal Company, for the purpose of con
structing and operating a canal and all harbors,
looks, dame, dykes, levees and appurttanoes
and appendages necessary for the same, from
some point on the Mississippi River, opp site the
city of New Orleans, and at any point between
Verret's Oanal and a point one hundred yards
above Harvey's Canal, to the deep waters of the
Gulf of Mexico, through, at or near Barataria
Bay, or through, at or near some other road
stead, harbor or outlet on the coast of said Gulf,
in the State of Louisiana. The said canal to be
not less than twenty feet in depth and of suffi
cient capacity for the navigation and passage of
sea-going vessels and other crafts ; that the said
canal shall never have any other exit on the
Mississippi river than at the place, or within the
limits above named, and any failure so to do, or
any opening of any other exit shall operate a for
feiture of this charter, aid as a penalty entail the
ownership of all the property of said corporation
to the State of Louisiana, without cost to the
tEO. 2. Ble it frtlther e'atYed, etc, That said
company shall have a domclle in the city of New
Orleans, and shall have power to contract, to sue
and be sued, to have perpetual succession, and
to have a corporate seal, and to alter the same,
or replace the same by others at pleasure. The
business and affairs of the said oompany shall be
managed by a president and board of directors,
to consist of fitteen persons, including the presi
dent, who shall be elected annually by the stock
holders, on the first Monday in Miy, and hold
office for the term of one year, or until their suc
cessors are duly elected and qualified. The per
sons named in the first section of this sot shall
constitute the first board of directors, and shall
hold office until the first Monday in May, 1878, or
until their successors are duly elected and quali
tied, and a failure to elect such successors shall
not work a forfeiture of this charter.
SEc. 3. Be it further enacted, etc., That said
company is hereby vested with all corporate
powers, functions and franchises usual and
necessary in the conduct and management of
the business affairs and enterprises of corpora
tions, and the said board of directors is hereby
empowered to fill any vacancies ehich may occur
in the said board, between the annual election of
the members thereof, by the stockholders of the
company, whether such vacancy or vacancelt
occur from the death or resignation of any mem
ber or from any other cause. The said board is
also empowered to employ secretaries, treasu
rers, superintendents, and any and all other
officers, employee and assistants that may be
needed to carry on the business of the corpora
tion; and the said board is also empowered to
make such rules, by-laws and regulations, as
they may deem expedient, for the government,
control and management of the affairs and busi
nesq of the corporation, and to change, alter and
amend the same, and to replace the same by
others, whenever the said board may see proper
I to do so.
Sxc. 4. Be it further enacted, etc., That the
capital stock of the said company shall be ten
millions of dollars, d vided into one hundred
thousand shares of one hundred dollart each,
payable in such manner and at sucoh time1Cs the
board of directors may determine; provided,
that the privileges and franchises granted by
this act shall be forfeited if the canal be not
commenced within five years, and completed
within twenty years, from the promulgation of
this act.
Hvro. 5. ie it furlther enacted. elc.. That said
Slo. 5. Be it further enacted, etc., That said k
company shall have the right of way through the f
lands belonging to the State of Louisiana, and
through and over all the waters, lakes, bayous, d
rivers and bays, within said State. not private b
property, for the construction and operation of c
their said canal, without compensation, and may, n
for the same purpose, enter upon and use, by ex
propriation, so much of any lands or wates e.
belonging to private individuals as may be neces
sary, paying to the owners thereof suitable com
pensation, to be ascertained on proceedings insti
tuted for the ex-propriation under the general
laws of the State. The said company shall have I
the right to deposit on any lands, public or pri
vate, wherever may be deemed expedient, any I
soil, mud, stones, detritues, or other matter,
which may be removed or excavated in the con
struction, operation cr maintenance of said canal.
For the construction and operation of said canal
the said company may unite bayous,
waters and lakes, now separate, improve
any harbor, make any outlet to the deep
waters of the Gulf of Mexico, or change the
course or current of, or deepen or widen any
bayou, lake or waters wherever the same may be
required for the construction, operation or pro
tection of said canal, and the harbors, locks, etc.
The said company, however, to pay compensa
tion to individual owners that may be directly and
immediately injured thereby; but the said corpo
ration shall no. be allowed to connect said canal
at the place named as above, with the Mississippi
river, except by locks and dams of sufficeient size i
and strength to prevent the current of said river
from forcing itself through the said locks and
dams into the said canal; provided, that the I
same be approved by the State Engineer.
SEa. 6. Be it further enacted, etc., That the
said company shall have the right to use tow- 1
boats, or any other machines or contrivances,
for the passing of vessels and water craft through
the said canal.
EEc. 7. Be it further enacted, etc., That the
said company may charge, collect and receive
tolls for the passing of vessels, barges, rafts and
all water craft through. or over any part of said
canal, and the same shall not be used by any one
without payment of said tolls, and on payment of
said tolls by any vessel or water craft, the same
shall have the right of passage through or over
the said canal.
Bro. 8. Be it further enacted, etc., That said
canal shall be completed to adepth of not less
than twenty-five feet, throughout its entire length
within twenty years from the passage of this act.
The said company shall be authorized to reclaim
and drain all the swamp and marsh lands which
now belong, or shall hereatter belug to the
SState of Louisiana, not acquired at tax a.t0 and
not in oultivation and occupation by acts .t
rs, lying and being n that ortleno the State
bounded by the rpps iver, the Galf of
Mexioo anadthe Bayou Le l, rohb, and ti
thsme from orerorwby dltchaesY
_ame endie
a# te
to time she enttled W reodli pat
e i te, titeea tsMmems
fifty eente per -ote, paylng ts es n an.e frot
the time of reesing ude ptent..' provimded,
nothing herein shall prevent the Matyof land
by other parties duringa the esabovo mentUoaned.
Sao. 9. Be it further enacted, etor Tht d
company may borrow money and les bOpd
and sell the same on such terms as the I0 a of
directors may see it for the construeo ol sad
operation of said canal, and to secure the repay
ment of the same, may mortgage and pledge the
franchises, properties, real and personal, mova
ble and immovable, the rents, tolls and revenues
of the corporation, and also its capital stock or
any portion thereof.
bao. 10. Be it further enacted, etlo., That said
company may unite with any other company, or
corporation, for the purpose of executing the
aforesaid enterprises and this charter may be
operated in conjunction with any one either al
ready granted, or that may be granted hereafter
by this State or by the Government of the United
States, and the said company shall have its chief
ooice in the State of Louasiana. and may manage
its aifdrs and carry on its business either m or
out of the State of Louisiana, as may be deemed
expedient by the board of directors; provided,
nevertheless,'that there shall always be a domicile
in the city of New Orleans.
lac. 11. Be it furthr enacted, etc., That all
laws and parts of laws in conflict with the fore
going provisions are herepy repealed, so far as
they conflict with this act, and that this act shall
take effect from and after iL' passage.
speaker of the House of Representatives.
(Signed) LOUIS A. WILTZ.
Lieutenant Governor and President of the Senate.
Approved April 24, 1877.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy :
Secretary of State.
By eSile & Maloohee.
HSecond IDistrict Court for the Parish of Orleans.
Nos. 39,379, .8,240.
Ahunt ioneor-OfFle No. 50 Royal street-MON
DAY. April 30, 1877. at 10to:30 a. m., on the premises
No. 18 Marais street, b"twenn Canal and Gasquet
streetsr, will be sold at public auction, by virtue
of an order from the Hon. A. L. Tissot. Judge of
the Soeond District Court for the parish of Or
leans, dated April 18, 1877, the following do
scribed movables, for account of said succes
FUcRNITURE, consistini of Looking Glasses,
Sideboards Bedsteads, rables. Armoirs. Bu
reaus, Wash-tands, Stove and Utensils, Chairs,
Carpets. Pictures. etc.
Terms-Cash. ap2o 22 26 b
Henry Weber vs. P. Q. Deslonde.
Sa irh of Orleans-No. 12,954-By virtue of a
writ of fleri facias ti me directed by the honor
able the Sixth Justice of the Peace f,,r the par
ish of Orleans. I will proceed to sell at public
auction at my warehouse No. 192 Josephine
street. Fourth District. on MONDAY, the thir
tie, h day of April 1877, at 10 o'clock, a. m.:
One lot of fine F URNITURE.
One lot of valuable BOOKS.
As per inveutory illed in my office.
Constable of the Sixth Justice's Court for the
parish of Orleans. apis 10t*
In view of the cons'antly increasing Dopu
larity and demand for the CELEBRATED
I ARROW TIE, the universally recognized favor
Ito Tie of Plantors, Cotton Press men and Ship
r pers of Cotton generally, the American Cotton
1 Tie Company, Limited, sole proprietors and
manufacturers of said Tie, commanding une
I qualled facilities, have, in addition to their large
stock now on hand, contracted for increased
quantities, sufficient to meet the largest demand
for Cotton Ties to cover the entire crop of the
coming season, and now through their agents
r generally, offer the popular and irrepressible
f ARIOW TIE at $2 1o per bundle, less 2% per
cent discount for cash, in bundles complete,
- being less than the market value of plain hoop
a iron,and it being the purpose of the Company
- to merit the contlhued patronage of the plant
r ing community and to defy all competition that
e may arise, their agents are instructed to con
tract with dealers, factors and country mer
chants, at the above named price and terms, for
future delivery up to the 1st of August. in quan
i-titles as may be required from time to time, set
d tlements being made on deliyery.
B. W. RAYNE & CO., General Agents,
r New Orleans, La., April 25.1877. ap17 Im
How to Get a New Sewing ti
Machine Cheap. i
618 Mllagazlne street, near Josephine.
Where you will find all the popular Sewing 1f
Machines offered for sale at $20 to $30 below li
form& prices.
Having just completed arrangements with the ii
different Sewing Machine Companies to buy my 0
Machines direct from the manufacturers for
cash, and employing no canvassers, and having e
no large salaries or commissions to pay, I can 0
offer greater inducements than any other house C
in the city.
I have also a large stock of Second-hand Ma
chines, all of which have been rebuilt, and are a
guaranteed equal to new. I can furnish any 0
Machine required at from $20 to $30.
I exchange,, rent and repair all kinds of Sow
ing Machines. t
A complete stock of Needles. Oil, and attacl.
ments for all Machines. J. BOOTH,
618 Magazine street, New Orleans,
Agent for Butterick and Madame Demores t
Patterns. mh25 SuWe lm C
This charming Lodge, to ho opened on the
o0th of May: is embowered by a hundred aeres
of grand old Oaks. lying with gentle grade alon:
the north shore of (Green Lake. It is within two
miles of Green Lake Station, on the Sheboygan
and Fond du Lae Railroad. It is reached from
Chicago via Chicago and N. W. Railway without
the least delay. Omnibuses and carriages alt I
ways awaiting arrival of trains. t
Is a large inviting structure, with broad veran
das, large, airy rooms and halls, and'supplied
with all the appointments of first-class summer
resorts, It was commenced in the spriqg of
1874, partially completed, and partisaly opened I
for a few weeks, and in 1875.made its ormal bow
to a crowded house.
A biliard house and bowling alleys, together
with popular lawn galles, are provided.
Board, per week .............· .... 0....
SBoard, per day.......................... 00
Children under 10 yeats, and servants, hal&
SSpecial terms for those whr eome esli
parish of Orleans-I hereby certify that
on the eleventh day of January, 1f77, judgment
was rendered In this court In the following
entitled suit, in the words and figures following,
to wit-No, 7799-Mrs. Christine Ullmann vs.
Christoph Ul mann. her husband. .
On motion of (Geo. H. Braughn, of counsel for
plaintiff, and on producing to the court due
proof in support of her claimn, the law and evi
dence being in her favor, it is or lered, arijudged
and decreed that the judgment bydefault herein
entered on the fifth instant, be now confirmed
and made final, and accordingl tthat there be
judgment in favor of plaintiff, Mrs. Christine
Ullmnann, and against defendant, Chriatoph Ull
mann, her husband, deooreeinig a separation of
property between the said parties.
It is further adjudged and decreed that the
said plainiff do haf and recover, of the de
fendant, her husband, the sum of five thousand
.oven hundred and fifty dollars, with five per
cent interest per annum thereon, from Febru
ary twenty-fourth, one thousand eight hundred
and forty-eight, until paid, and costs of suit,
with lien and privilege as allowed by law to
married women on the proporty of their hus
band movable and immovable, over and above
all other creditors.
Judgment signed January sixteenth, one
thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven.
(Signed) W. IH. ROG1URB. Judge.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed the seal of the said court.
at the city of New Orleans, on this twenty-third
day of April, in the year of our Lord, one thou
sand eight hundred and seventy-seven.
ap25 Deputy Clerk.
Merchants' Mutual lnsurance Company
of New Orleans vs. Sucncesuon of Widow
Joseph Lombard, Jr.
ish of St Bernard--By virtue of a writ of
seizure and sale to me directed by the honora
ble the Second Judicial Distri.t Court, parish of
Pt. Bernard, in the above entitled cause, I will
proceed to sell at public auction, at the Mer
chants' and Auctioneers' Exchange, Royal
street, between Canal and Customhouse streets,
in the -econd District of this city, on MONDAY,
May twenty-eight, 1877, at 12 o'clock m., the fol
lowing described proeriy, to wit:
buildings and improvements thereon, situated
in the city of New Orleans. Third District, in
,be square bounded by Casacalvo, Peace. Espla
nade and Moreau streets, and measuring twen
ty-seven feet eight Inches and four lines front
on Casaealvostreet by one hundred and seven
feet in depth and d.signated as lot No. 3, on a
tlan drawn by J. Pilic, late surveyor, on the
tenth of April, 1838, annexed to an act passed
before C. Pollock, late a notary public in this
city, on the twenty-fourth of April. 1838.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms--Cash on the spot.
Civil Sheriff of the parish of Orleans.
ap2s my15 27
Pierre Noel OICaton vs. Frederick Reche, Pr
ish of Orleans-No 513--l1y virtue of a writ Stc
of seizure and sale, to me directed by the hon- B
orable the Fifth Distrct Court for the parish of C
Orleans, in the above entitled cause, I will pro- M
seed t, sell at public auetion, at the Merchants' M
andl Auctioneers' Exchange, Royal street, he- Ju
tween Canal and Customhouse streets, in the &
Second District, f this city. on MONDAY. May
14, 1877. at 12 o'clock m., the following described
property, to wit:
all the builtings and improvements thereon and re
appurtenrances thereunto belonging, situated in
the suburb Trem-, Seoon d District of this city.
making part of lot number seventy, on at plan
drawn by Louis Bringier,lato Surveyor General
on the twenty-sixth of July. I8s1, and deposited
in the offle of O. V. Foulon, a notary public, in
this city; the said portion of ground measuring,
French mneasure, twenty-seven feet front on of
Joh neon street, between Main and taint Philip
stree's, twenty-eight feet two inches one line on
the side of lot numle.r sixty-nine, and fifty
seven feet one inch eight lines, more or less, on on
the line dividing it from the other portion of a
said lot number seventy; said property being in
the square bounded by Johnson, Main, Saint
'hilip and Galvez streets.
IBeing the same property ne aiired by the de
fondant herein, by purchase froni Jean Magen
die, as per act passed before A. Dreyfous. no
tary public, in this city, dated fourth of Janu
ary, 1876.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms-Cash on the st. HANDY
Civil Sheriff of the Parish of Orleans.
ap1226 my14
Mrs. M. Leray vs. Mrs. P. F. Caufout, per
sonally and as tutrix.
parish of Orleans, No. 44,387.-By virtue of (
a writ of seizure and sale to me directed by the
honorable the Fourth District Courtfor the par
ish of Orleans in the above entitled cause, I will
proceed to sell at public auction, at the Mer
chants and Auctioneers' Exchange, Royal street,
between Canal and Customhouse streets, in the
Second District of this city, on FRIDAY. May c
r 4, 1877, at 12 o'clodk m., the following described
property to-wit:
uated in the Second District of this city, in the
square comprised within Miroe, Tonti, St. Philip
and Ursulines streets, making part of lot de
signated by the number five on a plan made by
Louis '.I. Pilie, late surveyor of this city, dated
the seventeenth day of January, 1859, and de
posited in the office of E. Bouny, notary public
in this city; said portion of ground measures C
in American measure, sixteen feet front on
Miro street, seventeen feet two inches seven and 0
a half lines in width in the rear, seventy-six Z
feet tour inches one line in depth on the line
which divides it from lot number four, and sev
enty-one feet two inches in depth on the line
which divides it from the balance of lot number
five. The said portion of ground above de- I
g scribed is the part nearest to St. Philip street of
w lot number five. Together with all the build
ings and improvements thereunto belonging or
e in anywise appertaining. without any exception
or reservation. Being the same property ac
r ouired by purchase by thd late Pierre Francois
Caufout from Edward H. Lehman, on the
n eighteenth of May, s168, per act passed before
le Onesiphore Drouet, a notary public in this city.
The said Pierre Francois Caufout departed this
. life in this city intestate, therefore leaving said
., property to his children for one-half and the
other half belonging to his said wife, wth whom i
he was in commtinity of property, as will more
fully appear, reference being had to the Second
District Court, bearing the number thirty-eight
thousand three hundred and fifty-three.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms-This being the second and last anc
tion, tae said property will be definitely adjudi
cated to the hfghest and last bidder for what it
will bring, at twelve months' credit, the pur
chaser furnishing bond, with good and solvent
security, bearlng eight per cent interest per an
num from date, and special mortgage on the
property sold until flnal payment. Said pur
chaser will have to deduct and pay in cash the
printing, sheriff's and clerk's fees, etc. which
amount to about one hundred and thirty dollars;
and furthermore, the State, parish and munici
pal taxes, the amount of which is not yet ascer
Civil Sheriff of the Parish of Orleans.
a 8p17 26 my4
in Succession of Augustine Porcide, Widow
of Charles Poreo.
ut k- ish of Orleans-No. as,s.2-Notice is hereby
given to thecreditors of this estate and to all other
ii persons herein interested to show cause within
ten days from the present notifleation, if any
they have or can why the account presented b;
E. T, Parker, Public Administrator, and adminn
istrator of this estate, should not be homologated
n- and approved, and the funds distriturted in ac
sd cordance therewith. .
en y order of the Court,
or apso2os JOHN, HEA T',clerk.
oaf Wession of Mrs. 4 st· . wles.
'.J i rd has petitned t rCo rt
.of adinfstrationo. the estY o! Ut ra
r ugsta UBowle d eceaed
hr Is hereby given to all whom
1how causewithin ten days y.6e -
the said petitioner should not .
By order of the Oout
-I -
Paid Up Capital, $0,"0000.
Net annual earned pre
miums and Discounts
and Interest .............. $407.99
Losses. Expenses, Taxes,
etc. "..... ........ 277,207 94
Reserved fund 610,000. and
Dividend on capital to
Peoent .................. 19.647 47-886,76.;
ash on hand and premi.
nma in course of 0olleo
tiProfl................. 1.69 "4
umated at their pash o te
to, onda, Loans mand s isin po
ces on Frhand Rer and pr ie m isks on the t
unmes in ourse of collec
1tion...... . aal. tet....A , .4I
ent. ar able crnb a.
hter old and rella l mpany ish the issollo oi.
Premium Fire, Rier aned drine the year endi most
May al, 1875, Including unearned preminms ol
the previous year
navirable terms. .ll losses promptly adjusted
n. MarineBlebl............. Secretary . s l
..er Bls....... ..~... te.............. MM,76
TotPal Premi msived drtne the year .edin
ay 81, 18,Lees Unerludin unearned Primremiimsml o0
Net Earned Premvou ums st May.17...8year--91
On Fire Risks ..........
On Marine Riwske ....... .. «,y (6
On Biveret Risks..... 3. 70 7,
6181.061 37
Less Unearned Premiums......... 11 0
ent rebate Lees te . 51,48, 48
The o any hve the follow...... ing As911 sets
On Marine R dsks. ...... l... . , 7,o14 5
On River Bnsk. .......... ......0. 11 0
1lede001 87 5
Baxes e...................... ....1.... .7 e
Reinsuranee andi $etrned
Premium in course o colleotfon..usgs 20
Ptate.Bond............ ......... 8
The o~aiani have the fbo Co mpany.g As
Bankto. lroad and oter sto....hi Yard
Premium Inourse elsokeocalton...... $ 0o
tate Bonds ...............oa......... .
Jnsuranen teok M..o.aN........ 1,13 00
Cash on hand ................ 96.816 1
$1.064.714 6
The above statement Is a just. true and oor.
rect transcript from the books of the Company,
PAUL FOU.O.Y. President.
0. W. NOTT., ecretary.
Parish of Orleanse, itr of New Orleans. I
Bworn to and subscribed before me. the ad day
of June,l%7.
of Jne JAME FAHEY, Notary Public.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors held
on the ad day of June, 1876 it was r eyed
a to the Stockholders. on demand. FIVE PEI
U~NT interest on their stock.
tell tf
New Orleans. May 0. 1876.
The trustees In conformity to the amended
charter, submit the folo ng statement of the
affair of the commany on te 0th Aprll.a7e:
River premiums.......... 114,ats 26ass1age 9
Earne premiums.le.s
rel.a*rance and re
ts, premiums .... ,
oases paid and eati.
mated. Inoludin all
3 known and unpaid:
Marine ....... 1s,m ss
On river....... 11.471 90-8147.8
Taxes, expensems re
ticipatlon, less inter
Seat, discount, etc..... 1.795 11- 8311.11'
SLeaving, after payin
1o per cent in cash
interest on eaviial
r stock. profits........... . 3... s s
The company have the, owing assets:
Blls receivable...........
e Loans on bond an mort
e gage ...................... .4s s--110..o 1
. Loanson pledge at cal....0. 1 1 871
~Cashaý............... 7..... 04-- I
ealestate........................ 1 .01141
ty bonds, bank an other stocks. 13.1 e0
SPremiums n course of collection ..... .01 7
S Total assets........... ..........5m AN T
The above statement Is a true and rretl
transcript from the books of the comven
t Sworn to and subecribe bef1 o ' th
Sday of May, 1876. W. H, l X.
Secod Justice of the Peaoe. parish q Or
1e The Board of Te resolved. That aft.
paying the terest of ten t ceton
the caital stook of thecompanlth. a vlu i
ef TWENTY PERoFT be pald In cu on
after the 12th day of June next.o those
-nsuring with the company entitled to
the same. TRUSTEES.
Thos. A. Adams w' i4.
Sam'l He ennnedaoi
John Phelps.
Hen Abraham. oserrph
icr Meyeer . - AlJre . -
Th h
. c. ng, . e .
ar Jnd I .
t honormon
neal, feld of
0 h 41
thein the
to honor
useful, field of
Sto honor him as
pok in like eloquent

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