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port7.+teventII U~y' rroeeeciinwu.
HPNAT!F UeA~41in,
New Orleans, T'hiredey. Aprr11 m, 1w77.
Theo fenete met pursfiaflt, adjouirnmet, ft. he
111n. Louis A. Wiilt. jie~utenanit (lovernor and
President of the Senate. In the chair.
On a cell of the roll the following 8cnatores
answered to their names:
hemsr, Ali Blryant, lliurehr Cage, Denial.
$atewli, StubhP, TleEada, 7 witchelt ant Wake
and laebarl'e-U'.
Prayor by the tev,. Fethetr Allen. tro
in motion of Mr. DaOMs the reading of the
journal In detail wAs diarensed with. F
'The President oIld the following comltulnif- pi
tin before the senate, which was ordered flt
sprend on the minllitst
Now OntRWto, April 1, 1877. oti
7b II4Oint it may1 IJ4oltiirtl-t resign. all elalm thn
enA a Senator Irv to the Eighteeunt Seatblohia
Diistrict of 1io11 ina. to 13. IHAMLET. ad
The President of the Senate aIeo submitted thi
anl ordered filed communications from Rlaford Se
lilunt and iE. L. Weber withdrawing, and relin
unishing any claims they might have to enate in
the Henate an Senators from the Twelfth anti
Twenty-ae"'oid Senato itl Distrtses topet- T
Mr. Wheeler ohialned unanimous consent to lb
introduce without previous notiee HSenate hill in
No. Ils. entitled 'An not for the relief r . G N
1liwtonde. ex-Sorotery of Staoe." In
Which was road a first time.
(in motion of Mr. Wheeler, the eonstitutlionl
rio was suspended and the bill read a second
time. al
Mr. nonrge movel that the hill ho referred to Ul
the tomnittei on Judiciary.
On whbeh motion Mr. Iielmae demanded the E
yens tI-ld tnave.
The roll being palled reni'ted as follows
Yeas-Moessre. 1)nro. Ellis. George. (boode.
Roilly. M~t 'lill, lie, klne. nitciardson. Stubbe,T
Texadln- ill.
Nay-- Mesrs. Allain. Brnaux.liryant, Ieinas. e
tiarliuni, (the. d.'in Bb Jtiielan liandili n. H,
Slantite. iul in, Twil'lbell, Wakefield, Wheeler
Ablsent--- M-ars. 1intner. Burch. ('age, Du
mIont. Eue is,. Grover, Harper. Landry, Steven,
White and /anharle-11. 84
And the motion was lost. n
On motion of Mr. Doman the hill was consid- a
ored engrosned and ordered read a third time.
Mr. Dlenes moved to suspend the ionstitu
tinnal rule to place the bill upon its third read- i1
ing and final pase4ge. F
On whieh motion Mr. Kelly demanded the
yeas and nays. ii
The roll being called resulted as follows:
Yeas --Messrs. Allain Bryant. Iirch, Dmewn. e
Garland. oi14 (l.)de, 14obertgon, Stamps, B ut
ton, Twitt'tell, Wakefield, Wheeler and Young
Nave--Me ers. Dueros. Mills. George, Kelly. y
Mitchell. Ogden, tI'-rInls, Blthirrilun, Stulis,
Teundl anni Zaeharie-11.
Absent - (tere. lioatnnr, Brooux. (ge, Du
mont. Eustis, trover, Harper. Landry, Han
diford, Steven and White-it.
And the rule were not enuponded.
Mr. Allain offered the following asanubsti-e
tute for the resolut ion offered by Mr. Twitchell
on yesterday:
That the chairman of the CommIttee on Al- t
diting ani sutpervislnI the Expenses of the
henat.e4e and ho Is hereby authil iced to pay (he
employeo who were regularly employed at the
State House for rhe reeui'ar seeslon of 177 out
of the aipropriation made April 24, 1577.
Mr. Texada moved to indefinitely postpone
the orttginli resolution mtun 4i1,- uubstitute.
On which motion Ilr. Allain demanded the
vale and nays.
The roll being called resulted as follows.
Yeas-Meeers. lryant. 14ulros Ellis. Eustis,
Garland. George, God'. hIlly, hItch ll.Ogd'n.,
Perkins. lichard 1n1. libertson. Manillord
Steven, Stubbe. lexada. Wheeler. White and
Zacharn -2o.
Nays--Mesrs. Alieln, Unurh, llimas. Gla.
Stamps. Sutton, Twitchell, Wakecfeld-n.
Absent Mesere. Iloatner, ilroaux, Cage. Du
mont. Grover, Harper. Landry. Young-S.
Ant the motion to postpone prlvailed.
Mr. Goode obltained unanimous consent to in
4 roduce the following resolution:
Renoted, That the 41m of one hundred and
fifty dollars be ho d the oamte is hereby appro
priated out of thl contingent fund of the Menati,
or any funds not otherwt 1 ap1roprlited to on'
represent ltive respectively o each of tile fol
lowing pavers, who have reported the proeood
ings of this body during the seesson of 1577, vi:
The Now Orlians Bee, Iteniocrat. Pleayune.
Timesn onI German usaiette, the same to be
drawn upon the warrants of the Preident of
the Senate.
On moton of Mr. Goode, the rules were ens
Vended to consider the resolution at this time.
On motion of Mr. Goode. the resolution was
AI:TIOUN %IN lP~u rn l'lfl aXIn V,,e.,
On motion of Mr. Steven, the favorable report
of the Committee on Corporations, on House
bill No. 154. was adopted.
On motion of Mr. Steven, House bill No. 194.
entitled "An net to exempt landed property in
the parish of Orleans flom drainage tax and
assessments." was ordered tead a third time.
On motion of Mr. Steven, the constitutional
rule was suspended, the bill read a third time.
finally passed, title adopted, and notice of con
eurrenee ordered sent to the House.
Mr. Kelly moved to reconsider the vote where
by the bill finally passed. and moved to lay that
motion on the table, and the motion to table ore
The unfavorable report of the Committee on
Finance on House bill No. 361 was, on motion of
Mr. Steven. adopted.
On motion of Mr. Steven, House bill No. :01.
entitled "An act relative to the pay of all State
officers." was indefinitely poetponed.
Mr. Richardson. chairman of the Committee
on Commerce. returned House bills Noe. 343 and
249 without action.
Mr. Dmems obtained unanimous consent to
introduce the following resolution:
Whereas, the Senateenrollitng clerks have only
reeeived compensation from the fifth day of
February during the regular session of 1$77:
Whereas. said Senate enrolling clerks have
not only had their labor increased by the re
iniretunts of a law whereby all acts are to be
enrolled in duplicates. but also have been do
tailed to perform clerical duties to sov
oral committees of the Senate. and have been
ordered to assist the Secretary and Minut'
Clerks of the Senate from day to day, and also
have been detailed to assist the Secretary of
State: therefore. be it
Iesolred by the 1 S1eatti of the State of Lottis
iaan. That the Chairman of Committee on Au
diting and Supervising the Expenses of the
Senate be. and he is hereby authorized and di
reeted to issue in favor of said enroling clerks.
vouchers for the time during the regular ses
sion for which they have received no c tuponsa
Mr. Domas moved a suspension of the rules
to consider the resolution at this time.
On which motion Mr. Boatner demanded the
yeas and nays.
The roll being called, resulted as follows:
Yeas-Messrs. Ailain. Bryant. hlurolh. Demas.
ila, Harper. Sutton, Steven. Wakefield and
Nays-M.esrs. BWatner, Ducros, Ellis, Eustis.
(Garland, George, Goode. Kelly. Ogden Perkins.
Robertson, Stamps Stubbs. Texada, Twitchell,
White. Young ant1 haeharic-is.
absent-M -s. Breaux. Dumont, Grover.
Landry. Mitchell, Richardsdn. Sandiford and
And the rules were not suspended.
On motion of Mr. Stamps, the Senate went into
executive session.
Executive session being rained. on a call of the Jet
roll the following Senators answered to their
Messrs. Atlain. lloatner, Bryanlt, Burch, tBe- SIfu
mss, 1)neroe. Dumnont, Eiietln ariaud., Ill~orge. Hall.
(Joele, Or'ver, 11 rper, Kelly, Landry. O(rden. On
Perkins. Jllbhar son. Robertson, Sandifor1, n.ob
stamps, Iteven, tulRbes. Texada, Twitelill,
Wakeiteld, Wheeler, White, Young and Za'ha- On
rle-30. apcr
Atment-Messre. Breaux, Cage. Ellie. Gla. MitR teeo
ehell and Futton-n. Govt
Y5P5Anic FROM Tnff not0511. treal
fovela or JHaraoeyTaATtIVEC' rea
New Orleants, Aprln . 1.177. Olt
To the Hnnorable the Senate of the State of 01O
Louisiana: dirT
I am directed to inform your honorable hody the
that. the Hose" has concurred In the Henatees wait
amenetdmlenitsto the following lIo'w' bills. viz:
Ho 'e bil No 247 'An aet to incurporate the H o6t
lousina tat ar AA olat lDoll i le ak
ioiebll No. 2tts, 'An tict to pmdrom ote 20o the
education, 1,'."
And to Inform your honorabie bo'lv that. the
House asae conurred In Ienate . ll NT . Ito, An
't torepeal an no't to eredOi a Board of State
Engfneers.' at' roved Pebruatylit, 1147M
And to inform yoin that the r ouse hs g seed Tot
On asksotheoncnrreni of your'n body in ins nee
ill No.eany "Anact to amend aot No. 25 of the
nession of 1577.' oral
Ihat Mr timpiF It Jm. TieEZEVANT till
hOief Clerk. otetii
Mr. Grover In the chalr. thei
Mr. Young obtained unanimdus nonsentit- " l
trodneethe fohlehwna resolution:
flpellotee, That the Lieutenant GIovernor andi
President of e Steate ho anm iIs hereby em- ()
tpha edtonea that the t enate chamber is fur- r ur
nlbhed with good awitts4e lowers preparatory Se
tothe next Rema tao of the tcnate. in tY i y, and n
alo to repeair and secute such furniture and eo
iothetrn pitth aho ce5 tht may he necessary to era
t o n e I l lsu l ( . i Z A T
I1 thehrIetf olhinii . ri
On motion of Mr. Voting, the reesoution was loh
adopted. the
(On motion of lr. Robertsoni, It wos orf,"r ehi
that Mr. Stamps be confirmed in his seat its as
Senator from the sixth Senatorial Distanict, t
i. T1 F OM T11 H ions)l. lu
New Orleans. April 2(, 1q1. I t
TothHonorailet tnh Menato of the Stat' of Lou
I ame dIrecteul to Inform your honoralle body
that the tiunseef Ileirteaentattvee has con'ourr"It til
I In Senate amendments to House bill :to Anu
ant for the relief of the taxpayers in lb' ity o' ani
New Orleans,' eOt.. anti coaoneHirre In as N a
amiended. KF
' netnspitlfol pJbt" areuto ortaapo
!i ep~c flij*T~tj J. TlIEZEV ANT. SB
Chief Clerk. wo
(1n motion of Mr. Ihurch, it was th'eret that
all bills received from (lie House should le atel
Supont Immediately upon the runtut tlrcof, (1t
Mr. Texada, chairman of tte tu iuiltt'n oon ti
I Furolitnent. submittled the following retort:
CoMMITTER oy EcuNnoiM sr ) a''
Awt) A n t)nieaeqa x.ii I, at
New Otrleans, April 311, 16(1.
t, To rho Preqilent 1111 Members of ithe Hentte: l
Your l'onmimtle' on Enrollmenlt rnulLt Hngrnsq
t, meat respectfully report as proprlry entroiled
I 14"Rnate bill N. teko,
!r tllspI'tfttlthi y
Lo ad aen.S STnXAIA hairtulanWh.
Onmti-e.W it oung of nt Iatartaso . hos il Ao
941, entitled "Joint reshlitiuti for the apllndt
meiii of 'ertain commiilttees of invesligal lon. 10O
1- sit dutritng the recess of tihe (loenral Assltolly.'
Was read a tirst time.
AOn motton of Mr. Ttoh'rte', , the ernsttInd
I- lionel rule was susmpentll ant the bill roal a
sechnd tim".
Itn motion f Mr. tilertsoin the hill was or
dered read an Ihird time.
Mr. Rlilertson moved a fusplenision of Itl
s, cbnstiut ton t lao tht bilt upon Its
tg ()It which motion Mr. Tiluehel demanded the
y, yeas tnd nays.
i. The roll being called, resulted as follows:
Yeat-Meyers. Allain IBoatner. Breaux, Iirv
It ant, liroc, Dumont, In Itls, Tiariandl, (hiore',
n- (I ni ebm. Grover Harper. Kelly. LandryI
1itlftheli. Ogdeon, Perkitne. RIichardson, It ,sort- 1
son Mtanll 'rd. Steveni Httili, T'iaila, Who
T he, Young and a l.harte--2t. .
ii Naysf-Meensr. urehn Huttoni, 'witehien antl I
Absent - Messrs. ('aigr Dnntous Ellis anu 4
'i" Stamps-4.
it The rules were suspensld and the bill real a n
heto hird s time. Mnt fteSaeo oi
hie e
ut Lmiet. (Governor WhItR In the chair.(
Mr. Robertson ntovd the finl passage o noir n h
oj bnl which motion Mr. flureb Ilmanlid the
heyeas andl nays.
The roll being eaiitmt resulted as follo1w;:
Yeas--Messtrs. Allain, Iloatener. Bireaux, TBry
is, ant.. Dacros. A umiunt. Eustis. U~Roilyd, Ctorte,
i.Gtn Goode Gfrove~r Harper it-lly, ItnchIll,
rd Ogden, perthant, o iteharin o t, 1 hertlk n, Han- i
ni nt f rd.Snv'n, Sttubnbs T" ada, TwithoItell, White.
htefler 2of ng and Zhn ableab -5n,
Ia, Nays-ke ýres. Burch. Siutton and Wakefield-:t.
AbWent-Messra. Cnse( , Itemas. Ellis. Landry
)n- anlt stamps- nn.
The bill was finally pitassed andl titled a'lopted.
Saunlentie a of cnlifrrn'e m orlerci sent to Itit, I
u'1 Mr. Ariain oblin nd unbanimoue contset, to il
troblee the flilwing resolutitodn
tan, Wtereas, the thnate if the 11 of Lhf louis- r
nt' lann Ia abolut tol Close Ies labors for till eqýsioti
ot- andt adjourn se lrie: rindul,
d- Wh'rtes, It Is cunetonary as well ase right anul
rt: popter. thath o filial tintoice htaken of tIh' Iilh i
lie noat servleds rendered thie Stat hy thle ptritiIng
h1 owircer of this htonoialetr body. anmd,
Sof WrerealutIn t theo111111. 1 orA. Wftr Liutlcant 4n
usMrnn goentionman whoe hinilr. llrIy
l rrttl.u Whae ler ftee t-hefoing tobdele there
mewttt utfore l h esltinofe db1M.Alan
Ii'ol'llell. That the thanks of this .91nate It-to
lin de andl are herlby tendered to lhe on. L2. A.
thtWhiltfo hiseuneeratGvirngriad utitrinsittn
it ticet to the shnaes ofo the abemler (If timarhon.
114 oalberaiodynd o that Ien tempuraing thetong d
wionth him. i carreIngl adiou betwees for thit
itefaithu tinmt hit thees. t, ncmmnwt
14 1 th *feo-fle ' t-she Stf. Thtk the Seretary onlf
lit. the Mcourd i. tmn I hervh itoz duteordto for-tx
tlt wardfu a c-r forthne for'hgsolnof prdutiihi aut
reso in vinreoniin to thhisca juna u tliinetliilloi
Mr.u hiobounsel n naon I n the hair.
nale sMr. W helr ouwerh ed thvefolloingda an fub
me. stite forbte. ren-llitlon ondleerdei by r.Atain,
fon-ma d move hit adIon.cmoigou oii
ore.oule en ane erbrin tendered to he rn Hon.I.mA
deltberationsoffil Seenatenfdurnge theolong alit
prosertl'f Thto ou bled Senate i omnwt
State of Louisiana
New Orleans. April 26, 1877.
To the Honorable the Senate of the Stato of
(tuflemten-1 am diree o4 t) inform your hon
orable body that the House has concurred in
8enate bill No. 122. "An aet to create a commis
sion to examine the present license and port
charges." etc,~ with amendment.
lRespectfully. etc..
Chief Clerk.
On motion of Mr. Wheeler the suhstituto was
Lieut. Gov. Wiltz in the chair.
On motion of Mr. Lila, House bill No. tee, en
titled An act to amend ant No. 25 of the session
of 1577."
Was read a first timt.
On motion of Mr. Gla, the constitutional rule
was suspended and the bill read asecond time.
On motion of Mr. Gla, the bill was ordered
read a third time.
On motion of Mr. Gla, the constitutional rule
was suspended.thebill read athirdtime, finally
passed, title adopted and notice of concurrence
ordered sent to the House.
Mr. Gla moved to reconsider the vote whereby
the bill finahy passed, and moved to lay that
motion on the table.
And the motion to table prevailed.
Mr. White obtained unanimous consent to in
troduce the following resolution:
fleseoited, That the thanks of this ftenate be Di
and the same are esty tetsdehre h o e ers i
atd members of theR armonyt b for the th
Sailttv so gctnet~oullY extesded themtabers of F
a tienate, while ine seon at Odd1 Felos
all. t
On motion of Mr. White the resolution was
teopted. lo
(On motion of Mr. lEnhatrton, the President
appointed the following 8enators. as it commit- T
ten on the part of the Henate. to wait upon the ¶t
Governor and fntify him that thie Renate was
ready to adjourn sine dip, viz: Messrs. White,
Gin and iothirtson,
On motion of Mr. Robertson the Betrotary was
directed to notify the House that a committee on Iv
the part of the Renate had hoen appointed to
wait upon the Governor to notify him that the
Henate wae ready to adjourn site dit, and to ci
ask the appointment of a similar ciminittee on ls
the part of the Housp.
State of Louisiana,
New Orleans. April 20, 1577.
To the Honorable the President and Members
of the Henate of the Ktate of Louisiana:
flentleeene-1 am directed to inform your hon
oraltie botiy that the House has passed House v
hill No. see, Joint Resolution appointing ttr
tain committees of investigation to sit during
the recess of the General Assembly," etc., and
to ask your concurrence in the same.
lsI'eVtflli Lt J. TItEZEVANT,
Uhief Olerk.
On mot on of Mr. Texada the $ena'e itn
ourred in the following House amendmnents to
aenate lill No, i1. entitled "An act to create a
t tomnmission to sit during the recess of the Gen
oral Assembly to consider the present 11inuse,
inspection and port charges imposed by Htate
laws, ti take evidence thereon, and to report at I
the next session of the General Assemby such i
changes as in their opinion may hi neces
Strike out all of aectien 4 to the word "that" In
line to.
On motion of Mr. Texatla thi Henate wtnt
Into executive session.
Executive tiesion linng raisedi, ou t call of
the roil the followiug Hesnat rS attsweriid to
t1their manes:
n Mteeis. Allein, Tloattir, lirtaut, litroih, Bry
atant, o, tgi mtat., i)ticries, Dumo nt, Eustis, tar
1t land, irgi, t-., U ti ', irovir, Harfitir,
Kelly, Laniry, Mtitihtil . tisten litrkins, 1lh
ardts ,in ilnhirtsn. inndlifori hatven 4' hbs.
Sin itts Hutton . lexada. 'IwitchehI. Waktilolt,
Withli. it bite, Yotng and Yalhnrie IA
.t Absent -Mr. E 118l--1.
01 Tho ,nommitton appoiiil" to wall, upon lth0
itovrntor reported that hi had tn further Itusi
Sn ioit it lay before the Gentral Assenniir.
Tho hour of i ticlitk p. nt. having arrived, in
ani'"onrlance with the onnourrent risolution
ailopted on Tuesday. April 24, 1577. the Moitutin
snt itovirnor and l'rnsiiientif the Renate di
iareid the Henate adjournid slit tit.
HSoretary of the Ronate.
J Ii
Forty-seventh Say's Proceedings.
liousa oF RaEPRESEirTATIrEr,
New Orleans, Lit., Thursday, April 24. I
house was ciiled to order at it oblook a. to.
'Present- Ti
lIon. L. Bush, Speaker: and Mneers. Almign
Aycock, Bridger, Brlard, Burton, 1owrien
I Br -wn o'J fferson.Barrntt, Bosley. Brady, Book. h'
Berry. Bell, Briggs. Carlo s, Carvilie. ('rosy at
I Cornmo, Jole. turden, Drew, U"Laey, )iekinaon- 10
JI o~kgrave, Bet ige. Unjole. Diuke, 'tuprue, Irob(,. 14
SFo+ertetr, GJaiut , Gary. (lit taspir, (Iraciun of1
Hahn, Hill of At cenel n. Holt lmrunond bill to
of Orleans Heting. Kelly of Winn. Kelly of at
Orleans. Ki sd, Lyons L idq. Lamaro, Lea, m
Leonhard of Orleans ithauloire, Martin. Means,
iton, M Gehon l~owsom, Nunez, Porter. tt
leralts, Pitts. Rilharden., Rylan. ioot-on. p
ni~ajoiph. Htomtro. Usaby, B~oner NI nkepe are,.i
thomas, 'ol lver. Trem Wlet, Toler Voorhies. S
W~asihingtoo. Waon, Washburn, Walker, Wood
_ Williams. Young of Claiborne, and Young of
East Baton Rouge.
S, Seventy-eight members and a huorum.
Prayer was otered by the Right Iteverend
Bish-p Wilmne. T
t" The journal of April 25 was corratted and av
The following rne4olution was presented by
Mr. Ay~oek of Orloans: lc
1(i if reselredL du' U house of Reprrsan(atio', P
That the thanks of th is fto ne are hoerhy ten- t
dered to the om'rens and members of the hIar
t..maly Club for the unalloyed hospitality and s
n courtesy manifested by them in favor of the p
morimnhrs of Itile Houce during the occupation d)
d of Odd Follows' Hall, ts the State- House of Lou
islana. and that the Speaker be reulestud to e
4 convey to the Harmony Club, togther with a v
io +y of this resolution, the high regard and e
t esteem in which they are hull by us. 8
,e Under aususpnnsion of the rules the reeolu
y. tion was adopted,
it Mr. Hammond offered the following resolu
S Raeolrei fy flie Mouse of R"presenfatiivs, That 1
L. the chairman of the Committoe on Contingunt (i
1- Expeuues bo directed to issue his certillel o to a
1- N. H. Wilson, of the pariah of Ascension, con
ig tletant oflthe (t at of E.t Iobb, for thi, mfileagu
is and per diem of the regular session and per
dium of the extra session.
of The resolution was ordered to lie over under
id the rules.
It. Mr. Kennedy offered the following resolution :
Reolverd. That the sum of 910') ho and the same f
b. is hereby appropriated as it g- bfiteation to oath I
ropres,-ntative of the press. viz: the reporter of
the Picayune, the reporter of the Times, the re
porer of the Bee, the reporter of the German
ro Gazette and the reporter of the Democrat, who
A. have reported the proceedings of the House,
ig and that the same be paid out of the contingent
lal fund of the House of epresentatives.
hi Mr. Kennedy moved that the rules bn sus
i cended In order to consider the resolution.
On the motion to suspond. the yeas and nays
thi were called for, with the following result:
ly Yeas-Messrs. Ayvook, Bridger. Barrett.
"" Brady. Berry. Carlos, Carvilln, Greasy, Drurv,
(ut Dardon. Dejole, Duke. Estopinai FI rpatrick,
SFr . Kennedy Routing, Kelly of Winn.
KgeHlly of Orleans, Kidd~, Lewis. Lea, Leonhard of
or Orleans. Pet alta Rolle, Self, sellers Tromoulot.
ar- Voorhies, Washburn. Warmuon. Wood, Wildo.
tin Young of Claiborne-34.
in- Nays-Hon. L. Bush. Speaker, and Messrs.
mt Audie, Breard, Burton, Bowden, Brown of Jet
erson Barron, Bosly, Brooks, Buck, Briggs,
Cole, bavidson, Dayrio4. Drew. P -Lacy D~iekin
son. Dlnkgrave, D Avy Dotiogo. Fobs, Gaude.
Gary. Gillespie, Graclen. Hill of Ascension,
Hughus. Holt, Hammond. Hill of Orleans,
H. M. Johnson, Lyons, Leeis, Lamaro, Magloire.
of Martin, Moans, Mulon. M Gehee Neweom, Por
ter Pitts, Ryland, Randolph, 1omero Raby.
In- $piller, Stele, Smart 'thome-s. Taylor, 'lolliver,
in Toler, Washin ton Watson. Walker, Williams
is- and Young of last Baton Ho kel is.
ort The motion to suspend was lost, and the reso
lution lies over under the rules.
Mr. Hahn in the chair.
I. Mr. Young. chairman of tommittee on Co
ea. tingent Expenses. presented the following re
port and resolution:
The majority of the Committee on Contingent
in- Expenses to whom was referred the resolution
of to nay Mr. U. Jacobs. porter of the Enrolling
Commit-cu, the sum of three dollars and fifty
cunts per dry for his services as such, beg leave
to report that they recour mend he be paid two
(110 dollars a (lay.
11e doeilered , That the sum of two dollars per day
31O. be paid U. Jacobs for services as porter of the
red enrollment room from January 1, 1977. till April
21, r577, the same to tc paid out of the House
ale contingent fund.
Iy On the m- tion of Mr. Young. of Claiborne. by
ncl a rising vote of at yeas to 15 nays, the rules were
suspended, and the resolution was taken up.
oby On the adoption of the resolution the yeas
.hat and nays were called for by Mr. Bridger. with
the following result:
Yeis-Messrs. Aldige. Aycock, Brown of Cad
do. Burton, Bowden. Brown of Jefferson, Bar
in- rest. Bosley Brady, Brooks Buck. Berry. Bell.
Briggs, Cartoss, Carville, ressy, Cole, Drury.
Darden. flayDen, ies, Draw a of th.
Dicki nsrl 1) k Desm a , ý of J&
itgpareek (ad, G s. n,
iof Aseenhtion d rahb Wahi
Von Donai" Kennecj. ek~ ,It e of inn, 44th
Kotly of urleanj5 die dd amccre li U~f Mdr.
Roilon, aieroc Ro R or. - crati'
pýBare., naer, Piiet6 Steell Sellers, On
on, aehbern Walker ord io liams, d
oung of Clalborne, Young of East Baton Yet
ouge--5i. r
Nays--p1asher Bush and Mesrs. Brit er, Bri
ireard. orter, (Gillespie, Lyonus Lea a, rcil,
Leonhard of Orleans. Means. Moehes ew- Gille
som, l'itte, iiyland, Randolph, Helf. Hmar{. ay- t ngt
for and Tremoulet-li. Kel
The resolution was adopted. doip
Mr. Wilde presented a memorial of "Women Wild
of Louisiana," asking for equality under the Na
law. Carl
Under a suspension of the rules, the memo- vit
rial was referred to the Committee on the Judi- dl
diary. BTiLA INTiOOcUin. mar
By Mr. Aidign- Ili
House bill No. 870,. " An nat providing for elf
repairs to the Htate-House and making an ap- Olaf
propriation therefor." TI
The bill was read. O1
And the House refusing to suspend the rules the
to put it upon its second reading, it was placed wit,
upon the aleandar. yl
By Mr. McMillen- Ayr
House bill No. see, "An art to amend act No. 25 CAr
of the session of 1877," etc. me)
By a rising vote of 51 yeas to n nays the consti- (r)
tutional rule was suepended. a
And the bill was passed to its second reading. Poc
The 1ill was taken as engrossed, and under a pel
further suspension of the rule' read a third W
time and passed. at
The title was adotted, hey
By Mr. Lyons-- Di
a House bill No. nol, "Joint resolution for the a5
appointment of certain committees of investi
it gation. to sit during the recess of the General H
Assembly." m(
U Under a suarension of the rules, the bill an
. underwent its several readings and passed.
The title was adopted. in
Mr. Me~lhee moved a reconsideration of the
r- vote on the final pasangi of the bill No. ass, and,
r on lil own motion, the motion to reconsider no
e, was laid upon the table. er,
Ilouse hills Nos. ate and 30t were taken to the Fe
Senate for concu rrence. as
T- The following messages were reivced from t
i the nate; HSNATE (nkmnal, '
To teoouNew Orleans, April S',1i77. I iii
Tn'o the Honora ble cReaker of the house of
I R epresentatives of the State of Louisiana: dl
Gc'cllec&en-I am instructed to inform your o
hou ratio body tInct the Recate has conu rreA B
in House bill No. Noi, entitled ' Joint itesolutton
for the appointment of certain committees of in- O
vestlgation ti) sit during the reins of the Gen
erct Asniemubly. and giving ithen certain pow: H
ere. cctA. B
Also House hill No. :ie. entitled "An ant to L
atnemien act. No, 255 of the sesi'cn of t177," ete. L
Besp'ctfuiiy, JOHN CLEGO. h
Heeretary of the Nenae".
H ate of Louisii1n. V
Now Orleans, April 2n. 1577. 1
To the HTnorabiln Hoaker and Members of the
house of Representalties: it
(Gntcicic-1 have thin honor to inform youric
hobnrabil boiy that theH 1n4te hes ecocorrecd in
ilcsic icll No. 11 "Au act to nnmot ilinded
pro certy in the parish of Orleans from the c
drainaue tat."
Ho~spectfu illy. JO LE , r
Pc.'etary of lhe Hienct.
H(lAnSUnArnccn. I I
cn. New Orieans. April 20. 157.1 C
To the Honoraile tlpeakcr and Member4 of the d
go. Iouse of iiepresentatives:
. Getlniclpemm-I have the hcnor to inform your
Pik' honorable body that the Lieutenant Governor t
etc and i'rscident of the Hon t i has shoned the fol
on' lowing ducy enroliedSonatebill: Senatc bill No.
,bt. 14,. "An act relative to contesta for judicial and
on other fclces and providing atribunuito tryen- f
iiii tested eleitron cases when theDiatriet oJuge
of and the Parislh Judge are recused, or notice is
,ea, mate to recucse them."c
ne, Also, enate Jcint. mResolutlon providing for t
tot, the paymont of titc mileage and per diem of t
on. Wroens returned as elected by the Returning
art. Acd ,,servtfcciv ten n the signature of the I
lee. lpcakcr of the House ic toe saname.
ciii Very respctfully.
Beiretary of the honate.
ro SeNATE (1AnERal~
cccii Ncw Orleans, April 28, 1877. ,
To the Honorable tpeaker and Members or the
ap- Hose of RIetcresentatives:
/Jcncleccn-I have the honor to inform your I
honnralcie hotly that the Lccutenant Governor
cy and resident of the Scnate has signed the fol
Senate hill No. cin, "An act, for the relief of J.
es, I'. Vlgciri, tax collector for the parish of Terre
ccn- tbcnnc.".
sr- tlenato bill No. 161, "To amend and re-enact
andi section 2t, of cai act entitled 'An aet to regulate
the' pcbitu ed uclcation in thec Matoii of Louisianaiic.,.'
'u- tenate bill No. 157, "To create recorders'
to courts in the city of New Orleans, and to pcro
lh a vile for the appointment and election of rn
and ccrclers. etc " ant rocccsta the signature of the
Speaker of tile Hfouac to the samlc.
clii- hepeselfuliy. JOHN CLEGO).
Becretary of the lunate.
lMAr. Yocung. of East Baton htouge. rising to a
hat juccetton of picreonial prIvilege, presented a
nict c'immunicnation. which, on his miothici. was riced
cc to and ordered tic Ili sprecic upon lhe cainu~tds. as
nfollows: N'aw OiuaW5. AprIl 20, 1577
per To tile Honncchie speaker and Members of the
Hiie'rf &Ip 8RTLta ucf thu Generai As
ulr nml fteBaeo ouislana:
clcntle'macn-I hereby relincnitil all claims c0oa
ion: seat in you rhonerable bndy as a htccresentative
acne from the parish of Last Baton Itouge, State of
cr u ci na.Very respeclfccllv.W.G A
icii.Mr. Jonas, chalrman on icehaif of the Coin
gccut millee on the Judiciary, reported (in House icili
No. Sill' " An act to repeal an act No. - of the
5us5 nosecsn of 1577, entItled 'An act to cibolish the
parishc of Carroll, and to establish in lieu thereof
110's the parishes of Ea~st and West (larrccli. pro
viding for the ocrganiizaitionloh the earms. and fix
rett. ing their representation in the House of htepre
'ic, enotatives.' n the act amendatory thereto
inn, approved," unfavorably.
House bill No. 247, entitled "An a:t to incor
porate the Louisiana State Fair Association.
and toenfer upon it certain rights and privi
leges enjoyed by the Mechanics' and Agricultu
ral Fair Asso'elation of Louisiana," with an
amendment as annexed to the bill.
Who taken up with the Senate's amendment,
which was adopted as follows:
In line 3, section 3, after the word "passage."
add the words "and that all laws or parts of
laws in conflict with this act be, and the same
are hereby repealed."
The bill as amended was passed, and notice of
concurrence sent to the Senate.
H'use bill No. 261, "An act to promote legal
education by requiring better qualifleations of
candidates for admission to the bar."
Was taken up with the Senate's amendments
which were adopted as follows:
1. In line , of section 1, strike out the word
"three," and insert in liec thereof the word
e " In seetion 2, after the word "Louisiana."
Sadd the words "or of any law school of this State
e competent to issue a diploma."
The bill as amended was passed, and notice of
concurrence sent to the Senate.
e House bill No. 303, substitute for House bills
Nos. 1s3, tee and 222. "An act for the relief of the
8 taxpayers of the city of New Orleans.- to absorb
h the floating debt, the unpaid interest coupons,
school warrants, and all evidences of debt, and
other claims against the city, and to authorize
I and to require the city of New Orleans to receive
y, such indebtedness in payment of certain taxes
of the city of New Orleans. due prior to the 1st tion
of January, 110," with amendments. whiel
Was taken up with the senate's amendment with
whldh had been adopted by the Hotise, April Yet
24th Barr
Mr. Tremoulot movel That the further eoustd- tole
oration of the bill be postprned inldelinitely. (ant
On which motion the yeas and nays were Hugi
called for, with the following result: Mflo
Yea8-Messrs. Aldigo, Brown of Caddo. Brid- Semi
er, Breard, Burton, Bowden. Barrett. Wasi
Brooks. Cresy yjDickliisori 1)inkgrave, D~eima- Na
rail, D'Avy, Iý n nie, Duke. Pebb. (lauds. antt, Aldi
Gillespe hill o Ascen ion, Bolt. Bun- Brard
tngton HI. sIJ nson, lobert Johnson. Jonas. Orns
enned, Keeting. Melon. Peraltes Routorn, Ran- Fitrt
doiph, tcmnero, lhaby, titewart Tolliver, Tre- of o
myulet. Washington. warm'rth. Walker and lean,
Wilde-41. hard
Nays-Hon. L. Bush, Speaker an( Messrs. New
Ayes'k, Drown of Jefforson, Brady, lierry, Bell. Ity
Carloss, Deiavigne. Detlge, Depree. Estopinal, Self
Fltzpatrick. Foer ýsier. C ,n H'ý `hn, Iamniefld. Voni
iit of Orleans, Keli of Winn. elof Orleanis and
Kidd, Lyons, Leels, Leonard Cado, La
mare Lea, Leonhard of Orleans, Magliore, Mar
tin Means, MeMillen. Meo'ehee, Newsom, Pitts, A
Ryland, Ito lHotter, Rhaksveare 1ngleton, Meg
self, Spiller, t4eele, $ellers, 'I arylor, I'olor, Voor- upo
hles Watson, Washbubn, Wood, Young of teI
Claiborne and Young of East Baton Rouge -4 the
The motion to postpone was lost. and
On the final passage of the bill, as amended Ti
the yeas and nays were ailled for by Mr. Cressy, the
with the following result: a
Yeas-Hon. L. Bush. Speaker, awlH Mleers, mit
Amrork. Brady. Buck Berry, Bell Brigge, nor
Canoes, Delay gree Duke Dupree. EstopjnalIr
Fitapatrie , Foerster, (lillespie, Hahn, fmai ts
mond. Hill of Orleans Kelly of Winn, Kelly of
- Orleans, Kidd. Lyons. Leeds, Leonard of Caddo, put
Laumare, Loe, Leonhiar it of Orleans, Malire. T
Martin, Means, McMillen, Metehee Newsonm t
Porter. Pitts, Ily land, Ioto 1Nouer, Hfrakspears, the
a iflf, 8piller, 1teele, Sellers. Toler, Voorhies Go'
a Wasburn, Woo d, Williams, Young of Clalborne bus
and Youpg of East 'rton iouge-rI0
Nays-Messra. Aldlig., Brown of Caddo, Boe
ley Bridger. breardl.iurton, Bowden, Brown of wh
Jei erson, Barrett, Brooks, Cr'esy, Dickinson, no
Din kg rave. Desmarais, D'Avy,' lobh, (lande,
o(antt tiracie, tHil of As, et sip n, Huntington,.h
O lotH. ,1 Johyryon. oBe),rt Johnson. Jonas,te
Kennedy, Knotin , Lewis, Mi lon. Peralta. Ron
ton, Randolph, m 'nero, Ba'y Tolliver, Tre-o
mouled, Washington, Watson, Warmoth, Wilde ths
and Walker--41. wh
d" The bill was passed and notice of concurren'e ex
in itsamendment was sent to the Senate.
s ep rmrt, orroni or TRW DAY. of
d, At 12 or'clock m. Senate lill No. 15., "An th
rr not to repeal an art entitled an act to be
create a Board of Stsde Engineers, approved
to February 24, I871; to vest the control and man- el1
agement of public levees in pollee juries; to au
thoriez the appointment. of engineers: fixing 4f
their duties and compensation," eta.. being the he
m specinl order of the day, was taken up. of
On the final passage of the lill time yeas and
tnays were called for by Mr. Cone, as follows:
of Yeas-Hon. L. Bush. Speaker, and Messrs. Al
a: dige Ayeoek, Irtidger, Breard, Bowden, Brown
ur of Jefferson Ilarrett. IBrad~ Droriks Brick. -
er Berry. (ell, (ler i, Cnleo, Cressy, Delavigne,
Ii kineon, Din grave, Desmarais, D'Avy.
'~Duke Dupree, Flab ,fimal, Fits ,atrick F'oerstur.
ý- iOaude, (asklns, Gil~lespie, T111 of Ascennslio
W. Hughos. Holt, Huntington. Hammond, Hill of
SOrn nas. H. M. Johnsen. Robert Johnson. Jonas,
to Lego Kelly of Winn. Kelly of (rJcanum Kidd
Lone Leeds Larmarr" Lewis Lea. Leonirarni
to Uoman, Mfartin, Means, t"2"Mlillrio M"taie
bee, Newsoms, Portlenr, 1'ernu ita, Pitts, tile hard- n
son. Ityl eno, I., none. Ilan',l''lphl 1141.' Shake- tr
p are, erlf. Hpiller. Ht"wrrrt, Sttele, Beliers,
Smar, Ta Inr. Tolliver. Tremoulet. o.'r,
VoorIr's Wruton, Wislbrinir, Wrnmolir, Wood,
$ Wiles, Williams tind Young of East Baton
the Nays- Mrsrs,. Prnwn of Cadrrln, Burtin Boe
icy. Davidson JDetir'gre, Dr~jioe, 'F hIb, Gantt.
orn Gary. ahrn % Irrglnnlro Throias. Washingtonr.
Walker and rung of Claihnrne-15l.
led The blll was pansed, title alovnt.d, and notice
Ito of concurrence sent to tlie Beorate.
Mr. Yount[. of Claltborn, offered Iho following a
resolution: I
Ilnrnlr- ep, (h ,,r Iirr" "'f Uleprn'sc'fat elu s. That
the nhalrman of lhr (ommnittee on Contingent -
Expenses be at horized to issue the certiflfrres
duo to Nrs. Corkrrhmnn. wilow of Iepreserotative
ihe (ookerham, darvrsend. upon the receipt of Dr. J.
W. torkerhram, irothtr of dereased.
'or Under a rusrpninn of the rules the resolun
ror tion was adoptr'il.
1l- House rill N,. ass. "An net to authorize P. 1
ad Doullut tin sue the State of Lousiana on abill r
ion- for repairs made to the State-House from the t
ige months of May toNovemhor, A. D. 1578."
o 1s Was taken up under the favorable report of
for theCommittee on the Judielary and referred to
s of the Committee on Claims.
ing The Speaker presented the following commu
the nicatlon and statement from the Sergeant-at
Arms of the House, which were ruas anti or
dered to b,, spread upon the minutes:
OPT) Frntows' HArLL,, I
Now Orleans. April 28, 1877.
a. ! To the Honorahbl Hpeaksr and Members of 'the
I louse of ttopresentatives:
the (Jintlemea-leing on the eve of an adjourn
ment, I feel truly grateful to and tender to your
our honorable body mry sincere thanks for the high
nor esteem and nonfidence exhibited by you in elect,
ml1- 105 me your tsergearrt-rattArms.
I am again prord to say, gentlmnnn, while
fy actin g in the capacity of your chief peace off
mru' -ar. a have boen treated in the most courteous
mast I am proud to say. while in the discharge of
late my arduous duties, evorv facility was extended
to re by the members of this honorable House,
and never did do large a body act with more do
era' cot-mm than this presint assembly.
or Permit me most respsetfully, g ntiemen, to
re- thank you rgain for your kind attention and
Iro eruurtu'sies shown moe while acting in the capa
ultefrCr el@sn. liowr te to icall vent attention
to the fau't, that iluring mry tenin of office, the
to expenses irave trein irom eight to ten thousand
e.dir r lers s thrii upon any rireviorre oceaslon.
to fa as vonchers in possession of tire chairman
i a (if the riotmnittee ron Uointligr'it Axprosee will
oead I rum lin. gentlemen.
.as erbraadilyPnrat
I the S~Otrginint-at-Arm~is.
I r. Nitw OnniuANes. AprIl 24, 1877.
Hon. Louis Bush, Speaker House of Represof- t
tatives: T
D)ens Sir-Tn compliance with article i1. see- o
tion 10, of the sets of 1872, relative to the duties
of Ser eant-at-Arms, I beg leave to submit the
following detailed statementof the expenditures
made by me during the regular and extra sea.
sone of 1877, acrompanied h y vouchere:
Johnson Armstrong & Co.. stationery... $132 6s
James (leason. repairino locks......... 3 25
Henmour 11t ry...u 2 36 C
* , gJ. Montgomnery furniture.... : 46 C
lhiii Mc( Cabe, stove and flxtares.... 49 95 n
H. B ttufford. ratling and platform... 76 0o b
B. D. Wood & Bros.. coal............. s 60 1
E. Lilienthal, clock...................... 10 00
(leo. Heriot. removing furniture........ on
H. Cassidy. decorations and flags.... 43 00
Wm. Brown. ice ................... 31 60
U. Jacob, broom and duster............1 25
Total................................... sesi &3
0. T. Gauche, lamps, etc. ......... 527 CO
Seymour & Stevens. stationery......... 31 265
Win. Brown, lee............21
A. Johnson & Co. stationery......... 246 35
Montgomery. loan of furniture..........221ItO C
Geoo Hieriot. hauiing furniture...... s 00
Chas. Seviler. taking down and putting
up plaforrn... "1200i
Phil. McCe. as pDer bis .Ja.13.'77... 123
Grand total............................51,182 63
Respectfully submitt Fd,0)D.
Senate bill No. 122 was taken up under the
favorable report with an amendment of the
Committee on Agriculture, Immigration and
The amendment was adopted. as follows:
Strike out all of section 4 to the word "that" in
line 10.
Under a suspenslon of the rules the bill was
read a third time and passed. The title was
adopted, and notioe of 'oncurrence was sent to
the Senate.
Mr. Barry moved a. reconsideration of the
vote on the final passage of the bill. and, on his
own motion, the motion to reconsider was laid
upon the table.
Senate bill No. 167, "An act to amend section
12 of the act to regulate public education; and
No. 23. approved March 26,1877."
The bill was read. and under a 'uspension of
$he rules was passed to its second reading.
The rules were suspended, and the bill was
passed to its third reading by a rising vote of
f 46 yeas to 42 nays.
Mr. Toler moved that the further consider
tion of the bill be postponed indefinitely, oft
which motion the yeas and nays were called fore
with the following result:
Yeas- essru. Burton Brown of J ffejýson.
Barre. Barrett, Bosley, brooks, (Jarville Unnin.
Voloi, Durde~p, Vfavitison, Dickinson Din irave,
esemarais, DAvy. Uctiege, tej ole. kobb, (*aido,
Ganit, Graclen IHahn, Hil of Ascension.
Hughes, Holt. ikuntin ton, Jones, H. M. John
Jonn Roberthnon, eetin. Lewis, M re
Milon, McMillen, Rioero, Baby Rouer, Hiler,
Semmes, Stewart, tpThomtaq*, 'olliver, Toler,
Washington, Wats n ant Walker-40.
Nays-Hlon, L. LBush. Speaker, and Masers,
Aldige, Ay 'oak l ridger B osrd. Bowden.
Uressy. Imelevigne. iuki, b)npree 1+nto inai
iltapatriek, F. erster, Gillespie. Hammond Hill
of Orleans, Jonas. Kelly of Winn, Kelly of Or
leans Kitd. Lyons, Leeds, Lamare, Lea, Leon
hard of Orloans, Martin, Means, MoGehen.
e Porter I'araltt e ardsona.
Ryn outon Randoblid, Ballte, shaseare,.
Self, Steele $iellers, Sma'rt, Taylor. Tremomglet.
Voo'rhies, Washburn. Wood, WI Ide, Willialmsi
and Young of Fast Baton Ilouge-rn.
A committee of the Senate, consisting of
Messrs. White, Rebertson and Gla, appeared
upon the floor of the House and announced that
the Sena'c had no further business before it.
and was ready to adjourn sine die.
The committee communicatol the request ofr
the Senate that a committee of Representatives -
be appointed to proceed with the Senate's Oom.
mittee to the omfe of his Excellenoy the Glover
nor and inquire whether he had any further
business to place before this General Assembly.
On motion the Speaker appointed for that
purpose Messrs. Wilde. Keetingend Bowden.
The committee reported, through Mr. Wilde,
that the joint committee had waited upon the
Governor, who answered that he had no further
business to lav before the General Assembly.
Mr. Kidd offered the following resolutions.
I which, under a suspension of the rules, were
unanimously adopted:
' flesnelved bi the House of Rer eneatfeiees, Thb
' the rofoun thanks of this House are due and
arecurebyf t nde ed to toh ltion Louis Bush.
Speas o theIios,+ f nt) regent, tivmS fo9r
e the ahle, efficient and Impartial manner in
which he has discharged every duty inmumbont
upon him in his oflivIal capacity during this
* extra smston.
Resolved further. 't l the acknowledgment$
of the House ai e doe to all the clerks, ser cates
at-arms, and all mployaes of the Honce. for
their faithful performance of the duties incum
0 bent upon them.
id The Speaker returned his thanks, and in con
clusion said:
The hour flied by the connurrent resolution
g 1f this General Assembly for final adjournment
to having arrived I now in the name of the peonle
of Louisiana. declare {his House of Representa
I lives adjourned sine f li.
Chief Olerk.
Fifth iistrirt. Algiers.
April 19, 1877.
All persons within the limits of the Fifth Die
trt owing license and capital tax are hereby
notilled that the ofilce for the collection of said
taxes is now open at the corner of Seguin and
Patterson streets. Algiers.
npl if StateTax Collector.
O(inr STATE TAX (oMtlrrOR,
Four th DIletrit 241 .Josephine street,
Now Orleans. April 11, 1877,
All proporty owners of the Fourth District
are notified that I am now prepared to receive
apiitf It. V. BOND, (ollector.
Third District. Parish of Orleans.
April 7. 1817.
All persons within the limits of the Third
District owing license and capital tax are hereby
l notified that the ofie for the collcetion of said
taxes is now opened at No. 17 Fplanade street.
f aps 1m State Tax Collector.
OfiesOt STATE TAX CoLaaclrol,)
Fis Nfew oliean Maarch al. 1071.
TRIOT are informed that the assese ent rolls
for said District are noW ready, and that per
jsonis desiring to pay the heal Estate rax at thirti
time may now receive their bills promptly.
e he following named persons only are an
thorited to sign receipts for the Collector of
Or the undersigned,
O mh2_ _ Ed,. A. BURKE. Collector.
OrOmcs STATE TAX CotLusron,
d Second District, No. 1 Royal street, oer
e, chant's Exc~hange, up staffrs. March 2a, '77.
3- All persons within the limits of the Second
District owing licenses and cap tal tax we
0 hereb notified hat the office for the acotlecton
I of said taxes is how opened. P. L. DOUNY,
Mh23 tf State Tax Ollotor.
n Noti4e.
City of New Orleans. aixth Diviston,
No. as Burgundy street. April 28,1877.
THE PAY ROLL of Teachers. Porters and
Portresses and Rents of the Public Schools for
the month of January, 1877, will be paid on
TUESDAY, May 1, at 2 o'clock p. m., at the of lce
'a of the Administrator of Finance. City Hall.
he aplI It Secretary.
Is. DarASTUxTS o Poraci.
Administrator's OfSie,
New Orisasa AorW .1877
2nl. corner of Morales and Mtargn
38 stre ~ts, on THURSDAY morning. April 19,187
.4e ONE BLACK COW ONE RED CºW, which. Ik
95 not claimed and all expenses thereon paid, wilt
10 be sold at public auction, on the a th instant, at.
60 12 in., at said Pound.
no By order of the Administrator.
00 a__l Secretary.
25 - Notice.
$31 MAXORtALTI 01 NE.W Oax~wA. 1
City Hall. April 20. 187'?. f
co Subscriptions will be received r' 'bis office
25 to the Capital Stock of the New Orleans Water
7 Works Com pany, incorporated under Act No. as
no of the Legislature of Louisiana, approved 318
00 March, 1977.
The old Water Works Bonds of the city of Now
85 Orleans will be received AT I'AR, and must bt.
- surrendered at the time of subscribing.
63 ap2O at , El. PILSBU7Y. Mayor.
the Cityf Hall,
New Orleans. March 22.1877.
mnd Tax bills for 1877 are now ready for delivery.
The following rates of rebate for prompt cash
payment will he allowed:
in Three per cent on all bills paid up to list of
March, 1877, inclusive.
Two per cent on all bills laid up to 15th April.
Fa 1877. Inclusive.
One per cent on all bills paid up to loth April
vas 1877, inclusive.
t to After April 30, 1977 interest at Ten per cent
per annum from 31st .larch. 1877. and costs, will
the accrue. 3..DE
he mh22 t a3e0 J. C. DENIS. Administrator.
his ___
ion 17-......Chares street.......1
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