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rrallnafe Matters-Anlstln (Commanerrt-
And Other Teopca.
Mr. d'IIemeoourt, the (lily turveyor, Is urging
the necesiuty of opening Claliborne Canal, at Ea
planade street, to facilitate drainage. The drain.
ago waters of the entire front of the city, between
8t. Peter street and the old canstal to Esplanade
street, is received by the Olaiborne OCaal be
tween those voints and by the oirouitous way of
Orleans street and Broad street and lead to the
London Avenue Draining aeobine.
The plan of Mr. d'Hiemeooutt would do away
with the necessity of the Orleans street canal,
and would send the sewtrage across Esplansde
street into St. Bernard canal to the London Ave
nee machine. A look at the head of $tt. Bernard
canal would allow the water to flow as far as
Elysian Fields street, if needed for fire extin
gulshing purposes In that locality.
The Board of Underwriters propose to pay for
the labor in cutting the canal oaross Esplanade
street, provided the city will furnish the mate
riale, which will orst from three to four hundred
The Cromwell line of s!oamer having erected
a hlandso~o warehouse on the levee at theor
landing, are desirous of having the grade of the
Mobile IRilroad in rear of the budiding lowered
or planked up to the grade of the warehouse, in
order to admit rf the passaxe of drays and floats
inside. The AdminIstrator of Commerce has au
thorised the demand to be made on the railroad
Nio MO IE iiA('cAIIa.INO.
The Administrator of Finance wiahos shippers
anl consign es to b informed that applications
muoot be mado to him perec ually, or through hts
wharfi gers, ehent ver it is do irable to moorin
com!ug veSclui at piants specially allotted to cer
tain trads., as he u lime that lie alone can diterr
mini: wlhether the space It nut required for its
p coial i urpres.
A case i,; print has occurred recently. A coffee
laden vowel flalding the coffee wharves occupied
by error, Iy ,.nie o*5tton aeLpot, was moortd at
the wharf of the Miselesippi Valley Transports.
iton "'onlp ty. On mquirin( into the matter
Alicninistrutor Cavanac ascertained that permis
siom had boon proiously obtained by the coffee
ship from the agent of the Trans pertation Oo,.
pany. Mr. Cavanso says that although the wharf
is intended exolusively for the use (e the barges
of the onmpany they have, however, no right to
grant permisseon to other vesses to be moored
there, and that he alone is responsible for snoh
pernmiseons, and can judge of the propriety of
allowing ships to unload at the whar(.
Mr. Ca .aUec asserte that heretofore this system
.of promiecuuns p rmite has led
of sani owners and consgne-, who hove
been mad, to pay sulme varying from one hun
dred to one hundred and flifty ders for privi
leges whibh would have been granted by him
readily and with at, charge. He espresses his
determonatiun to prevent the ecnrrenoe of eauch
sesnodlonu proceedirge during his administration
of the Department of Commerce
Members of the Property Holders' anion en'er.
tida enonraging feelhnge regarding the defeat
of the Pacilio Itaianoad tax, and say that at all
eventsl, sLould the vote of the people be in favor
of it, they will, upon the first attempt made to
collect the tax, enujin the city from doing so.
la referenco to the Gaines case. the Mayor sap
prebeuds no annoyance to the ciy, but claims
from legal advice, that many of the purchasers of
the property it litigation cannot now call the olty
in warranty, .hey having failed to defend themn
selves against the suits of Mrs. Gaines, even
after the Oily OCnU, it had given offiial notifica
tion to those purchasers that the city would not
be responsible to them in cse of sunch failure.
As to Mrs. Gatnee protpoots of getiag into fll
possession of the prop. rty, in some cases the
masters in obhanory will hate to make heavy ox
Ablts against bher. Much of the land has never
'been built upon nor have any revenues been d -
*tved therefrom, hence Mrs. Gaines will have
nothing to sot off against the taxes which the
present owuers of the land have been paying on it
for the past f, '' en yeare or more. n other aesoa
the revenue may Lot amount to so muoh as the
taxes paid on the proporty by preheat owners or
their vendors.
There are, also, many other coeLfnoenniel
Which may not be favorable to the oelebrated
claimant. Mayor Pilsbury thinks, however, that
the entire litigation, as far as the property re
ferred to Is concerned, could be compromised for
two hundred thousand do)lare, cash, and that it
woul, be to the advanage of all parties If the
city had the money to effect each a compromiee
--but the city hasn't.
The Funding Board-General iEhoes
from the Stato-House.
The principal theme of onvareration in State
circles on Thursday morning was the proposed
olection of
which the Funding Board did at their meeting I
soon after noon, and no sooner had that election
become known than the f rdgn bendholders
were notifid by oabl, and the banking frater- I
nity of New Y ,rk wore simultanoeuely notiSded
by their agents hero.
The Auditor was served on Thursday morning I
with a notione to appoer and answer to the John- 1
son case in the United States Circuit Court on
Saturday, when the Attorney General or Asdlet
ant Attorney General will be present, and will
show authorities that will justify an immediate
dismissal of the caeo.
The Auditor was also served, on Thursday a
morning, with a request to deliver a desk and
some papers, claimed as personal property by
the ex-Auditor, but not knowing just what they
were, he replied intimating that a legal course I
would be the easiest way to secure them.
The Attorney General, and in fact all the State
otfioero are
from parish officials, and ,furnish the desired in
formation as far as practicable.
Parish BRegistrar Laudry was waited upon on
Thursday mornnug by Administrator Oavanao
who desired the regittration hate, which the reg
istrar thinks is in the custody of the Secretary of
State. Dr. Tebault, with a Property Holders'
commi tee, also waited upo the registrar and
protested against such delivery.
The city oficials, it seems, desire the lists to
enable them to expedite the Pacific Railroad
election, which the Property Holders' Union op
pose, and hence the difference of opinion, which
will finally be s itled perhaps by an opinion I
from the Attorney General.
Later in the day the parish registrar called
upon the Attorney General to ascertaint his opin
ion is to the tight of the city to demaud the
boots, and eunbsquently Mr. Landryinformed a
DEMOO.AT reporter that he
to the city authorities upJn their giving proper
receipt for the same.
'1 he Governor made one or two appointments
during the day, as will be seen by reference to
another column, and devote d a couple of hours
to a visit to the Plymeuth and Oanonecus.
aie now is After Burled Treasure of the
late Capt. Kidd.
There has always been something attractive to
the average man in the idea that somewhere in
the mis y fntune there would be unearthed at his
feet a crock of buried treasure, laid away years
agone, and be exposed to his gladesme eyes.
Lafitte' caches of untoll wealth; Oapt Kldd's
nstouad chests of doubloons have never as yet
some to light, but human faith in their esistence
iLs meshken, as will be seen.
In the town of Newberg, New York, near
e.~phml Otaoe woant!1 the catiUaes, having be
come so Imbtne with the idea that they are on
the right track toward a
A aoanD or gltoilr
that have lain under the sod for manya day, have
united and formed an uasoitation known as the
"Abe Van Biper's soolety for TUearttho Hiddten
Tresurty." It seems that a somebady has in his
possession the full description of the whereabouts
of a bonanea of buried coin, and the citizens of
Newburg, like the citisens of any other burg,
want to get at it. Accordingly a joint stock com
pany has been formed, or rather a sooieSy, and it
is proposed to raise a capital of $~EC,000
A oammittee was appointed to solicit contrlbu
tions, and the first day $54,000 of the amount was
subsoried. All this is of little interest here, of
course, if onelooked no further; but upon an in
spection of the list of those who are anxious to
go in and secure this rich mine, one name is
found that shows how "strong in death" the
hankering of youth shows up. The fol'owlng,
after a recitation of a number of names, appears:
W. W. Trask. Alex Leslie, N. B. Hoyt, J. H.
BIDING HERE, $600 each.
Dim visions of where that $600 came from arise
in the mind, and the recollection of midnight or
ders and daylight orgies come back. As a rule,
the judge never went in much on buried treae
utre. Heo had a keener appetite for those nearer
at hand. His Newburg friends, however, ought
to keep a clear weather eye open if they should
succeed in recovering anything, for if Dnrell is
true to his old character, he will come some in
Junction dodge when the distribution takes
The Old Metropolltane Enlisting for the
War Aaalnst hise oIr Men.
The log men's war at Lake Charles, Calcasieu
parlsh, is areuming porportions that were not an
tioip.itid. When it was first made known that
the government had sequestered a large quantity
of timber it was not thought that anythmg more
would come from it, but it seems the log men
have resolved to oppose what they o aim is an on.
croachment upon their rights, and the ou'loik
promises to be sensational. Bv staleno is is un
I wful to cut ti r.bcr on unentered United States
lands, and under the same law
ie given to the government by application of the
U. 8. Dletrict Attorney.
Harshal Piikin, it appears, is determined to
earry out the orders of the Circuit Court, and yes
terday the business of enrolling a posse of depu
ties was commenced. The Marshal's office wac
be*leged during the morning by a crowd of the
Packard ex-Metropolitans, and 150 were commis
stoned as deputies. According to programme,
the party were to leave this afternoon on a tug
chartered for the purpose, but when some of the
roew deputies fund that a large proportion of the
bedy were negroes, all of
TsE wairrn Sax wrrs nsw
their names. There was much confusion in the
Marshal's office over this unexpected action, and
at present writing affairs remain unchanged.
The report is that Gen. Badger will be put in
command as chief deputy, and Capt. Gray will be
his lieutenant. The party is to be regularly
equipped with bolts, cartridge boxes and Spring
and will be placed on a war fooling.
Lake Charles, the destination, is a small inland
lake about thirty miles from the Gulf, and to be
reached via Calcasien Like. I' in out of the way
of ordinary travel and the surrounding country
is sparsely settled.
The pay to be given the men Is two dollars per
Pay andt rations. From what could be learned
around the Marebal'i office the whole number of
150 is not to go on the first trip, but from them a
sleotiont of fifty of the beat will be made, and
those will constitnte the advance guard.
If the log men persevere in their stand a coa
filet is not unlhkely.
The Committee Heard One Witness
Yesterday and Will Hear More Friday.
The Auditor's and Trcasnrer's committees met
in joint session yesterday, when the first witness
called was
who testified that he was chai man of the Senate
COn~tiag-t E:perae Co-miL*. e during the ses
sion of 1815. During that session i joinf cotlsit
tee was appointed to examine the sacoounts
of the Auditor and Treasurer. They employed
Messrs. Weymouth. Pickens and Bette as experts
and aceountants. Mr. Weymouth had control of
the examination in the Auditor's omoe. All the
reports made were publihhed but one, which wit
ness thought Mr. Helwig brought to the commit
To Mr. Aldige-There was a report made, but
sever acted upon.
NO NEw mDaovalnita
were made. It was never presented by the com
mittee. It was given tne in the latter part of the
session of 1876.
Mr. Weymouth has a espy. An appropriation
was made for the Fxp3rt work. Know of no
reason why this report was not presented. No
induoements were held out to me to withhold it.
If thero was any object to force Mr. Clmton to
any certain work it was not modo known to me,
and I know nothing of any snch intention. Don't
know that Mr. Clinton attempted to prevent the
produasion of the report before the General
To Mr, Keeting-The flnal report was never
acted upon.
To COhlirman Steven-Will furnish the cným
mittee with all the papere I have relative to this
A communication was received from Mr. Wey
mouth and placed on file.
Several witnessoe wero named as being desir
able to have, and subpan as were issued.
The names of ex-tax coll:ctors Joubert and
Fulton were mention -d as having been sum
moned, and not having responded.
Adjourned until Friday at I p. m.
The Governor and State Oflteers aisit
the War whip Plymnouth.
Gov. Nicholls, aooampanied by the Secretary of
State, the State Auditor and Private Secretary
Cage, left the State-House at about 2 o'clock
yesterday afternoon and proceeded, in carriages,
to the levee, from where they were conveyed
to the United States ship-o'-war Plymouth, the
visit being a return call for that paid the Gover
nor a few days since by Capt. Barrett and his
Arriving at the ship, the Executive and State
officere were met at the head of the gangway by
Capt. Barrett, when the usual formal oivilities
were exchanged, the Governor being
etc., etc., after which, much to the surprise of
theoGovernor and party, the dogs of war were iet
loose, so to speak, and another welcome was ex
tended in the way of a Governor's salute from the
ship's guns.
After a social chat on board, the party again
took passage in the launch and steamed over to
the monitor Oanonious, where they were receiv, d
by the Commander and, after being hospitably
entertained. that boat was examined thoroughly,
and th Governor and party then returned to
terra firma and to the OapitoL.
e Personal.
[ Mr. H. M. Cummings and his friend, the hand
i. soma Italian, Antoio Dal Mlin, have just arrived
| from New York; they come on business connected
4 with their respective houses. Mr. Cummings
a represents the wed-known manufacturers of
gentlemen's neckwear, iM ses. W. 0. Pet A Co.,
of New KYk. These gentlemen have ma e
ri Walshe's their headquirters, bat can also be
t. i ionQ at John's restaurant Burbone street.
The First Day's $eaelon of the Presby
terian Assembly.
The Seventeenth General Assembly of the
Presbyterian Chnrch met yesterday in the First
Presbyterian Church. The convention was opened
by a voluntary by the choir, then the singing of
the 6th Psalm, then the reading of portions of
the 14th and 15th chapters of St. John. The as
sembly was led in prayer by the Rev. Dr. John
Howe. This was followed by the singing of the
204th hymn.
The Rev. Dr. Moses D. Hodge, of Virginia,
preached the opening sermon; the text chosen
was from Luke XI, XIII chapters, an John VIII,
XI, XVI chapters.
The 139th hymn was sung, after which was a
On the calling of the roll the following dele
gates answered to their names:
Presbvtorles. Ministers. Ruling Elders.
EIRut AlabRana, . K llazn'.
South Alabaura., L lEwing, A B (',oopr,
'usnealoosa. U A Stlllmana. 8 II 8prot..
I). D.
Arkansas, T It Wlehl.)D, J P (kIlrn.
Indtlit. a.
Ouchlita. FM Howell, T W lianners.
Atlanta, It F Murray. H T) MoConn ,ll.
Augu-tn. J W,.odsn,D)D, J A B Ilios.
Chlrnknee, J E JTnos. W J Mnly.
Florida, WH 1 Dodlge. H W Wilson.
Macon, 1 T Mr'irydc.
asvnuInhtll. ,1 W Monlgoln- J O Varnedoo.
C-'ntrl Ohio.
Eboncz or. E W Bnding,r. O W Blatterman
Lounisvillo. W J Lowry. 1)D DJ W Aik,,s.
SH ' Nood. a n lrs.
Muinnherg. .1 0 'ato, 1 W MXr"1'i'rson.
l'adulrth, W D Mot iol, J It llnghos.
Tranrvlvv' it, Win (Crow, J Paxton.
Wojt Lunxingtoun I, (i Guerrant, J U Vanmoter.
(`lhcknsw, J II Qullhind.
Mnmlphlis, Eus , i il) 'l. I' A (irr"i.
North Alah.ama..1 8 Friorsun, it M i'att.,n.
North Milslsippi )D ,t' Humnphreys.
WVcsl'rn Diitri·t, B M Farris.
('olumhia. (' F Willis us, T Friorron.
Hoiston, J it KhIgll , It Vtane .
I(j oxvilh. 'I' 1I M 'Oalle. .1 A I aidwoil.
Ntshvillo. A Uown, 1) N Yonnedy
Uncord. J H Thor well. 1 L Ronle.
Fayettovillo, W L Laey. .1 1' lvodges.
MYoklnbur lB IH HMInks. WYI, T . hlAe.
knbur W H D)avis. J P Alxandor.
!D E Jord.n., L, Hponueor.
Orange. (I,CVoes. (.eorge Allen.
Wilmington. 8 H -leor B ( Worth.
CAmtral Miss, .1 1I (lilland. W H Simpso.n,
Louisiana. J.s Stration. S P (.reves.
Mi-slysippl. C W G(rafton, . (Ca' on.
New Orleans, B VWayne. EN Kop.
RiEd itlivr. A It BuiLs. T H MorrIs.
Tombeckbee. A H Blrtley. J A Meanices.
Lafayette. .1 Montgomery. (G C Henrd,
Missouri. )D H Uharles, J T Brown,
'Palmyra. 1. talir.
Potosi. (1 W Harlan. .1 A (arson,
St. LodIs. E IH r uter- I M Voith,
ford. D 1)1).
Upper Missouri.It S Campbell. Thos Tootle.
D U,
B.thtl, W T Erwin. W H Stuart.
C(harlstoa, (l-oi Hwo,wl) D. A It Ntillnman.
Harmony, C' E Chichoster. T B Fraser.
J s Cosby. ', 1) Johnson.
South Carolina, J B Adger, D D W Wright,
JP Nicholson. A B 'Towers,
Brazo, W II Vernor, .T Jorlny.
Contral Texas. A J Ln triigo. E 1 GC,trtor.
E:Iteorn To as, W N l)ickovy 1.O lt. rI.
Weetern 'lexas, W E Cahlwell. A Turaor.
Abington. E II lr,, not. Te'enn TTludson,
t. o.SapDblko, It T llFIorry. 1 V lBrooke.
.1 F C(nio.n, L C lnlis,
Eatllanovr, D Hog, (I Artntrong.
Gronbrior. I 8 lostoln, James Mann,
Lexintln. i W Watkins. .1 W Rto.obro.
Montgomory. IIt II tuston. (oo IP l'orrill.
ioanoke. J S Watlkns. 'I' d lhlnry,
it 1'Paulo.
West Hanover. B M Smith. DD. I. 1' Ta:lley.
Winchester. OW Finley. O Glass,
Delegates from the General Svnl,! or the BR
formed Church, Rov. Jacob Chamberlain.
The Assembly being temporally org4nuieed, it
was moved that the Assembly go into permanent
For the posti in of Moderator the following
delegates' namts were placed in nomination: Dr.
C. A. Stillmaei, of Tuseiloosa, Dr. Jae. Woodeon,
of Augusta and Dr. E. H. Iuth 'rford, of Ht. Louis,
The nominations were then declared closed.
The temporary Moderator sa, ed that aoo.rd- I
ing to customs more honored in the braeach than
in the observance, that candidates would please
A motion was then made that the candidates re
Dr. Adger claimed the flor and said be hoped
the forig ing mo ion would be withdrawn, as
there were frequent occaious when it was best
not to vote from motives of delicesy in the
prose':oe of the candidates.
It is an old custom, and I hope we will not do
part from it.
The motion to allow the candidates to he pres
ent while they were being voted for was lost.
The vote was then taken: Dr. 8tillman 42,
Dr. Woodson 41, Dr. Rutherford 40.
Accordiua to custo i in the Assembly the can
didate receiving the lowest number of votes was
This rule was adhererd to, and on the s"c)nd
ballot. Dr. Stillman received 68, and Dr. Wood
son 18.
Dr. t8tillmran was then declared Moderator and
escorted to the chair, which he took with a few
appropriate remarks.
Mr. W. S. Lacey, of North Carolina, was
elected clerk.
A motion was put and carried providing that
he assembly meet at 9 o'clock and adjourn at 3
t. m., daily.
n It was mov d that the first thing in order
fr Friday would be to receive .he ra porsa of the
Committees on Publications, Sustentation, For
eign Missions and Education.
On motion it was agreed that a committee be
appointed to whom senould be referred the re
eponces of the Presbytery on books on church
A resolution was offared and adoptell empow
ering the Moderator to appoint a committee,
whic shonuld consist one member from each Sy
nod, to ill vacancies in the Presbyterian Alhance,
to meet at Edinburgh.
The Assembly then adjourned.
Loose Items Concerning Changes Picked
Up In tihe Custom-House.
No less than two hundred persons were con
gregated in the corridors of the Custom-Homue
yesterday mornie g, and many of them
awaiting an opportunity to present their "peti
tions" to the powers that be, for various positions
in the building.
Just how many changes will be made is not yet
known, nor will it be perhaps until the return of
Messrs. Anderson and Wells, who are not now in
the city. but who are expected daily. Mr. Champ
lin, Collector King's Deputy, has a few dozen of
those applications or "petition-" on file, and
should they accumulate as raoidly today and to
morrow as they have since his occupancy of the
presen' office, by Manday nex: a suficient quan
tity will have aooumulated to
from the Cnetom.House to the Mint.
peenulations as to the probable ooupanucy of
other high positions in the building are as vague
as ever, and the slates that are arranged there,
"aocording to rehable Washington information,"
are as numerous as ar ) the candidates for the
posilione. In fact there are few prominent Be
publicans, either white or black, who are not
I hankering after eometing soft in the way of gov
ernment patronage, and each
The contest f r the United States Marshalship,
now that the President has delayed action, is
opening again and several new candidates ap
pear in the field.
Gen. Jack Wharton is not, however, allmed,
and takes the matter quite coolly, never doubt
ing for a moment but that the President will
keep his word.
In conversation with a DEMOCRAT reporter yes
terday, the expectant-stated that while nt Wash.
Ington the President had stated to him that he
(the President) would request the Attorney Gen
eral to
further informing him that he might return to
Louisiana assured that he would receive the ap
The trifling (?) bitch in the appearance of lGen.
Wharton's commission is attributed by some to
the fact that ex-Gov. Ames and Ben Butler are
fast friends of Pitkin, and are doing what they
can to keep him in position. From grape vine re
ports it is learned that they urge as a reason why
he should be retained-first, his competency;
second, his being a native Republican, and last,
that he occupied a prominent position in the
management of the Republican campaign in the
Some of the gossippers are of the opinion that
has been brought to bear in Postmaster Parker's
ease, and they say, too, that his open telegram
indorsing Hayes' Southern policy before P ýckard
had to give up the ship was quite a feather in
Parker's cap, that is, with the President.
Rtiard, the present Naval Officer, is confident
that neither Burch, Chester nor any of the
"foreign" colored element can root him out of
his present position, as the President has, accord
mg to Riard's statement,
and, besides, that he is also a native Republican
Some rf the Republicans, It seems, had an eye
on the office of the turveyor of the Port. and sent
petitions to Washington, but in these efforts they
counted without their host, asit is well known in
inside circles at Washington and here that Wells
has sueach a grip upon the affections of the White
Houeo (in a Returning Board way) that the Pres
ident could not be induced to remove kili.
The Calcasleu Logs.
There has been no startling change in the con
dition of the Lake Charles log war of late. The
op, osition on the part of the mill men there
contiunos, and the chances are that a large num
b,r of deputy marshals will be appointed to go
Marshal Pltkins, when interviewed by a DEat -
CnAT reporter, stated that it was his firm inteo
tion to serve the processes if it did bring about
a collision. He stated that the War Dep'rtmont
would not send any troops, and he eould have to
rely on his deputies.
A Cruel Mother.
Lizzie Williams was arrested and locked up in
the third precinct station, charged with being
drunk and resisting the officer and assault and
battery on her two little children, one two and
the other five years of age. The accused was
sa raigned before Judge Miltenberger and sent to
the Parish Prison for fifteen days.
A Defunet Canine.
About 10 o'clock Wednesday morning, Officer
Rione shot and killed a rabbid dog at the corner of
Elmira and St. Peter streets, the animal having
bitten a child of Mr. Sutherland.
Committees and Canvasserm.
The committee to examine the affairs of the
State Land Office met yesterday, or a part di:',
and there being no quorum an adjournment was
had until 1 o'clock this afternoon.
will meet to-day at 12 m., in the office of the Lieu.
tenant Governor, in the rear of the Senate Cham
ber, to canvass the returns of an election held re
cently in the parish of St. Martin.
The committee to examine the iloes of Super
intendent of Public Education will hold another
meeting as soon as Mr. Cole, the late Seoretsry.
prepares an abstract of the amount of school
funds drawn during the past four years by the
various treasurers of the parish echo t boards.
Un' il that is prodtuced the committee can do
nothing, and with it they may be able to
as the amounts charged on the books of the
State Superintendent ahould agree with the
Treasurer's books.
An examination of the books in the educational
department shows that they have been kept in a
systom ctio manner, and therefore in the course
of a day or two the abstract will be forthcoming.
The Army and Navy.
Now that the war is over and the blue and the
gray, which. by-the-by, agree well together in an
artistic point of view, can blend and harmonize
without any fear of conflict, the citizens of New
Orleans have decided upon bringing the two to
gether in one great social gathering, where by
gones will be~proved to be by-gone, and liberty,
equality and fraternity, will reign upper
most. Our ladies, who have adored the
gray, are now well inclined toward
the blue, since the blue, aooording to the theories
that govern art and nature must, in order to take
its placoe in the landscape, be blended, and must
harmonize with the universal gray. Ordit must
be given to the Now Orleans Olub for the happy
idea of bringing the two together in social
gathering. On Thanksgiving Day the national
blue volunteered to aid the people of Louisiana
in the celebration of the State's deliverance fro'n
carpet-bag usurpation and tyranny and the lion
rule of bayonets. That wee a consecration of
the holy right of brotherly love that ought to
unite the North and South. Our people, who
would have resisted to the deah any en
croachments upon their rights, and who would
have fought anything in the way of the estab
lishment of their rightful government, now op, n
their arms and extend the hand of fellowship
to their brothers of the army, who, we must say,
have never loved the role which has been forced
upon them by the absurd policy of a now happily
defunct administration. We welco ue the great
projected reunion as the seal of posce, and only
regret that discipline and orders will not permit
our friends of the Plymouth to join in the lostivi
Our reporter should not have headed his re
port, in relation to warrants, efc., in Thursday
morning's paper "Back Salary Grabs," for in the
enumeration of the parties who drew warrants
for salaries therein made many are honorable gen
tlemen who simply drew legitimate pay for ser
vices rendered under the prop-r approp'iatiors
The imputation, therefore, of back salary grabs
in relation to these transactions is incorrect.
The Sheriff le removing all the old records,
books, etc., from the clerk's office of the Supe
rior District Court, preparatory to refitting it for
the Third.
In a bill for "stationery" furnished the Packard
House rendered by Mr. John W. Madden, and
approved by "L. Moarty, clerk," several entries
are made of numerous gallons of whisky, towel,.
coal, washbowls and pitchers, foot tubs, medi
cated paner, soap, gut a perchaand cocoa rugs,
et., and all charge' as s'ationerv.
Short Items.
James Addison, for offering for sale a roll of iot
ton supiosed to have b en stolen, was locked up
in the Fourth Precinct Station.
Ed. Harris, alias Tucker, was immured in the
same station, charged with having a tolt of rot
tonade in his posseasian supposed to have been
Court oflfler Boyle yesterday arrested a man
named T. J. Farrell on a chargeof breach of trnut
and embezzlement, and lock'd him up in the
Central 4tation. The officer also recovered a lot
of the property Farrell is charged with embtz.
Some time Wednesday night burglars br, ke
into 'he blacksmith shop at the curner ,f Fulton
and Notre Dame street', an.d sucneeded in steal
ing and getting away with a keg of nails and
some horse shoes.
Thos. Flor, a youth of nine years, residing at 94
Tchonpi onlas street, was thrown out of a wagon
and dangerously injure d. The unfortunate lad
was taken to hia home, where he received medical
Bunarr's FLAvoxcIe ErxTa~rns-Are used
and endorsed by the best hotels, confectioners,
grocers and the first families In the country,
cadd ldBoa
Fifth Dlstrlt Court.
This tribunal was engaged Thur day morning
trying the ease of F. J. Herron vs. Gov. John
oMEnery, Recorder of Mortgages.
The suit is f ,r $500, that being the value of cer
tain papers _aited "'eseromt ve", w-el~t Ierron
claims are private property. '1 he defendant de
nice this and says they are part of the records of
the office.
'I hose researches are pieces of paper with the
names of the property holders upon them, and the
pages in the books of the office where the mort
gages are recorded.
second District Court.
The successions of Bernard Womann and Gooe.
Simon were opened Thursday.
United states Circuit Court.
The question of the id, ntiflestion of one Jam.
Lyon, lias Datly, galias Jas. Murphy, came up
before Jndee Woods, and there spoearing a de
tective from Ohio, he was ordered to be remanded
to Ohio.
W. II. Hunt. Eem., then arose and addr-saed
the court on behalf of A. P. Noblom and It. 8.
Dennee, and asked that their cases be fixed for a
bIearing. He said that they had now been in
dicted for over a year, and the government had
not as yet fixed the trial, and he claimed, under
the law, that a speedy trial should be granted.
Major New, Assisant United Srates District
Attorney opposed the firing of these capes, for
he said tie governmentt was not prep red to go
to trial now, and the parties had not pleaded to
the twlintment.
Judge Woods yosterlay m)ruing decided the
can. of RM, b. P'oreen et l., vs. the ship storling
s,,d towboat Equ .tor. agirst the doefendnts for
SRal2(. The suit was for daniagos sustainod by
collision at the bar.
Mupremne ICourt.
In the ciOe of Jan. a Iteid v,. i'ho Lnuisiani
Rtn.to Lottery Cimitnty. d cerld lst, Mondy. ti,
defendant has notaine., a writ o' error to the Sn
premne (curt of the tlite I Htatels, and on Thor.
,Iay liV. C. Miller, E q., on Iteehtlf of pliaintflr.
filed an spelit'atont to h ve rivokrld hoeroer
'reanting thn writ. This application the court
has taken under sdvi!ement.
Third District. Court.
State of Lttlislanat ex rel. OMartin Larines vs.
('has. O valno, Admineltrttor lof (Itmitnor:m.
t'here was filed uesterdav in the Third District
Court a uppl menutal pe ititn in thioeca , of the
same rlacor vs. Admilniatrator aitdry'in the old
r6nperior Di-trict Court.
The pet'ito r prasm tet that m id Oavanace i.
now Adminis.trator, tand slsa that he be umad,,
party as LawT~ir 'st term if otilo is expi 'cd.
The prayer is ftr a manslalnl to coitil) 1 Ad
m:,nistrator C vaneio to close all priva' e mcrkxjs
witlhin twelve slquncr of any publict marlet.
The rulle was fixed f,,r May 21.
TIu BnOADIuI; CONCERT.- The complimentary
concert given last evening at Orunewald Ilall to
Mrs. T. E. Broaldtus, by a numter of lakies and
gentlemen belonging to our most select society,
was a d' served aoknow!edgment of a meritorious
dilletante and a chauinig lady. The attracr.ions
were commensurate with the testimonial in ev ry
respeor, and provided for the large and bril
liant attendance two .oars of dolightfnul entertain
ment. The programme which had been gotten
up with commendable care, comprised perform
ances on the pieno, the violFn and the violoecello,
and singing by amate urs of the best order, among
whom fi4ured Messrs. Eckert, Kaiser, Muller
and Meteye, and Misses Little, Lena E., Alice A.
and Corinne Bouligny, Mrs. N. and Mrs. Broad
dnu herself.
We could scarcely be expected to do justice to P
aul the ladiies and gentlemen who so ably assisted E
Mrs. lBroaddus in making the concer., a brilliant
one, but we could not, at the same time, without t
boeng oblivioun iof our duty, fail to compliment
tbe talentel beneficiary upon the corrcet manner
in which ei se sng 8hnubort's Serenade. with cello
a.iCnmpaLiment by Mr. MI'er, and the ditlicul. t
grand ar of "Arionant," which was sung
try this lady with impressive effec. It
was certalnly one of her best ffortsi, and brought
into play the till power and flexibility of tier
splendid voice. It was also our pleasure to ap
plaud the charming vorolists of Mine Alice A. in
Ithi "Air dulRtoetignol" of Masse (with flute
obligato by Mr. M ) The timidity of this young
laiy oni.v added to the lightness of her trilling
voice, as rupe aid sweeti)znrodulated as that of
the nightingale, whose song she sang. I
We venture into I;o exaggeration when
we say that the exquisite purity
of Miss A.i , vice compensateatfully f r that
force and power wh -h is injudiciously exacted
Among the charming Dartrucpnts in this regal
fete we hbve menltiond the name of Miss lo
rione Bouligny. It is but a day or two ago that.
ie had the p e:asant tacsk to refer to tier talent at
length. 1 aIt ewvruing our dis'inguirhed Creole
had selected the rmanuza of "Paul and Vir
ginia" to delight andl charm her audience,
anid being ri called sang "La Valdo tIes
Fleurs " a mere ditty relating the loves
of fall'ag leaves, ,hicih was sung with a bril
liancy of expresion and delicacy of touch that
can be evinced onlyv by an artist. But the ro.
manxa of Paul and Virginia is beyond gqu:stion
the triumph of this young lady. and affords the
critic an opportunfv to judge of all the qualities
of her voi e and ability as a musician; in fact,
is a perfect teat of her vocal faculties.
In singing "None marchoins tons les deux,"
Miss 1touiigny seems inspired by something
inexplicable-something which is felt and may
no, be txpressed. It leads the listener to sua
pect that the young artiste is inmbned with a soe,
timent of selfi-hnoes which prompts her to wrap .
herself entirely within herself and sing into her I
soul, forgetful and crrelese, indeed, whether s
there is anybody li -teniug to her love song. Is l
that not how the birds sing ?
Unt we are probably cwuliing too long on this
subjeo' and must return to th , bonetiºary ,whio
has good reasons to ie I.roud of ttH plaudits of
her auditors and t.f the floral ,ffilrii.gs which
were so pr Ifsely lavished oipn Ii r, and on the I
ladies who so ch verly sssistd in making the re
union a topic of pleasing conversation fur a me
time to come.
The f.,urth and last week of the Commonwealth
Cornhinatioe, under lh i managem nt of Messrs.
W. H. Power and Itoland IRi d, will close with a
par firmanco to-night and another on Batur
day at the maine.. 'I he bill for to
night will consist of "A Widow Hunt," a
remodelilig of "Everybody's Fr end," b5
the author himself, bttirling Cove. Itolarnd
Iged t.rkoe the part of Mltjor IYel!inpforr e
Boots, a chabacter which he will doubtless sup
port with ability, for it is one of the best in the
!ine of business for whiol he is particolarly
adapted. At the matinee on Saturday the splen
did romantic and spectacular drami of the "dea
of Life, or A Mother's Prayer" will be repeated,
and will be a fitting farewell performance of the
Academy troupe.
The Young Men's Jessamine club will accept
our thanks for invitations to their first grand
coimplinmentary soiree, to be given to-mirrow
ev.-ning at -t. Patrck s Hall.
We are indebted to Capts. Wrigley and Clark,
respectively, of the steam tugboats Wasp and
Ida, for invitations to. attend a grand basket pic
nic and excursion to Ship Island Oanalon bunday
TuE FEAST OF FLowEns.-The feast of flowers
of the Jeai-h Ueurcta begins in the synagogues
to-day. This highly poetic festival is celebrated
with unusal ceremonmes and by the adornment of
synagogues and temple, with tasty 11 ral orna
ments. I' some cases it is the occason of a ban
quet given by the ladies of the church to
otphana of their asylums. Last year this wae
one o(f he features of the feast, which, by the
way, lasts for several days.
Bu rrT.'as uoLonE is filt d to elegant bottles
of superior finish and beaut -in themselves an
ornament. It has, in a bref time, attained a
large and constan t i increasing sale, confirming
,he opinion of the best nudg a, that it is equal,
if not superior. t the oelebrated farina.
Take the MosILE LINE FIx UcsroN trains that
leave the depo tin .day at 5:45 a. m., and return
at 9:55 p. m. Fare to BI oxi and retu rn ONE DOL
LAR. ' ickets for sale at c,rner Camp and Com
mon streets.
Yesterday we no iced the office of W. H. Bar
nett, mney br, ker, No. 38 St. Charles a reet,
opposite St. Ch rles Botel, thronged with pat tiee
ti settle their taxes and I census, which was ocea
iMo ed by h s lberal allowano- of discoant on,
warrants race ived for s me. Mr. B. buys the se
warrants from first hands over thb a tnter, and
,f conure. is pr. pared o off r Iarmer Iducemenat
than aniy one else. We would advise those oon
oerned to see him.
America Feedln grlastnd,
NK Youx, May 13.--Four steamships
sailing to-day and to-morrow for Europe
will take nearly 100,000 bushels of grain ;
the quantity of fresh beef will not e
far short of a million pounds; while of
canned goods, pork, salt beef, bacon,
cheese, butter, lard and other provisions
the aggregate is very large. So anxious
have British people become relative to
these shipments of food, that the mere
sighting of a vessel so loaded at any
point along the coast is made the sub
ject of a special telegram to the London
lReady for $e*o,e00 in neptemhber.
[Utiioago Times.J
WASINwOTON, May 14.-Capt. James
Eads arrived here to-day for the pur
pose of making arrIrngements with.
Secretary Mc~rary to issue an order di
recting the inspectors of the War De
partment to give Lads the results of
their official inlqulrles upon the jetties
at the same time that they are made to
the War D.partnent. He left for Now
York this evening to borrow money to
carry out his wol k until the time that a
second payment i+ due from the govern
mont. This will be when he has
22 feet of water in the channel. He
says he has now fully 20 feet of water
in half the length or the channel. He
hopes to have the channel ready for the
second pjiyntent of hallf a million of
dolL;ras y the close of next September
.. . . -- 04roD,.--- .....
Thie E;x-I're-:den Mtll M.ubject to Its At
[I'hiladelbhia No.th Amtrican.i.
Yesterday afternoon Gen. Grant went
to the exhibition in charge of the Mayor
and the commnittee of (Jity Councils.
Alter the ceremonies were over the Gen
eral in some way becTme separated
from the, genItlermen under whose care
heo hal plalced hi rnsclf, andt he passed
through the exhibit in building alone.
Passing out into Elm Avenue he put
himself in tee hands of a iig, patrolman.
who escorted him to the Trans-Conti
nental HIotel. He wits followed into the
hotel+y a large number of people, who
had recognized and who desired to gets
good look at the man who wielded the
destinies of this great nation for eight
After getting into the hotel the Gen
eral very coolly drew a cigar from his
pocket and lighted it, and then passed
to a room in the rear, and for a half
hour was gazed at.; but he smoked on
unconcernedly standing in the mean
while under a huge sign containing the
Sords, "To the bar." It was evident he
as lost. This fact became apparent to
a North American reporter, who hap
pened to stroll into the hotel for the
purpose of sending a telegram. He at
once began a search for the Mayor and
the councilmanic committee, and after
some time had elapsed discovered
Messrs. Cochran, McCullough, Caven,
Smith and others at Tischner's enjoy
ing themselves. He communicated to
them the ex-President's unpleasant sit
uation, and they proceeded to the Trans
continental and bore him away in
CI MInt;lR. Sl IN.
No eore PolitIc for Illlm.
[Cihlmnati Commeroial.]
WASHImNTON, May 14.--Ex-Gov. Chatm
berlain, of South Carolina, arrived this
evening, en route to New York city,
where he proposes to engage in the
practice of law. He refuses to be inter
viewed or to talk politics, saying that
he is now a private citizen and his views
of politics are not of any particular im
----,'-04- - -
An aceptable "Volunteer" to the Army.
[Ui:cinnaLti itmm..rcil.]
WASIIINGTON, May 14.-Drexel, Mor
gan & Co. have volunteered to pay the
army on the ist of September, the pai
day for which there is no appropriation.
Of course the Secretary of War has no
authority to accept the offr, but it is
understood that facilities will be afford
ed the firm to advance to the soldiers
the amounts due them on that day.
Died of Jay.
[Ch.ca-o Tr bnae.]
MILWAUKEE, May 11.--The coroner's
jury in the case of Frederick Poser has
been adjournerd until the man's stomach
can be analyzed. It is claimed that his
death resulted from immense mental
excitement resulting from happiness at
securing a situation at work, he having
been out of eml,loyment for a long time.
As soon as he received news of his eri
ployment he fainted away and died.
Three Cent Pieces CirculatinRg Wtltlnnt
(N. Y. Herald.]
When, in 1853, the inland postage of
the United States was reduced to three
cents, Congress provided by law for the
issue of the small three cent coins as an
accompaniment to the new postage sys
tem, but in subsequent legislation no
provision was made for the coinage of
the three cent pieces, and in the revision
of the laws the statute providing for the
three cent coins is wholly omitted, so
there is found in circulation at this time
this little coin without any apparent
legal authority for its existence.
Packard' 4 lcheme.
[St. Lonirs tpubiloan.l
Packard's scheme, disclosed in his
letter to the New York Tribune, of prov
ing from Republican figures that Tilden
was elected President, attracts no little
attention. Is it possible that it dis
closes the real point of attack which the
Republican im placables intend to make
on the Administration? Are they pre
paring to charge that Mr. Hayes is an
usurper? It would be a singular phase
in American politics if Republicans,
after doing all they could to put a Re
publican President in office, should
then turn round and take up the Demo
cratic quarrel against him, and attempt
to depose him on the, ground that they
had put him in office by fraud.
Jrst received fiv. ct.oe- Fronch Corsets di
roet from France. Hald made double bunk
corse.t. formerly 5as ( now at 51 50; hand
made, with tide ste0L formerly $3 50, now
at 2;: hnr,d-made svoon buos, extra long.
formerly s$. now at 5o 50: Worly's Corsetsa
dlou' le bone extra long. cosr 56. now at $2 50; Ab
dominal Corsea s at-d on the cite, cost $5, now
at .2 75; ' ursing Corset, formerly $2 50 nowat
12 2; Thomson s slov -fit Ing and all o her
malkes of Fr neh Corsets 6a D~r cent less than
former prices. L dies will find these to be the
cheap' st and be t fitting goOde evar brought to.
this City. Country orders fithf lly exeoeted.
remembtr the number. 5S M sztine street, one
door from the co ner of t,. Mary. White Build
n my 2p Suit M. HItMI N.

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