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.-.We oseate about 100,000 hogabedat of mao
luases every twelve months.
-leaston eoonomi:adly resolves to squander
$tel *10,000 on the next "Pourth."
-I the eastern townsblps of Lower Canada
the miaploe sagr yield Mas bees tIe largest for
thirty yrs.
--Inanlraton Day to New asbul re will be
of untmsul splendor thie year. Thu titre mill
tary toro of the Btale will be preat Ms Cease.t
-.Berlksbre, aIse. farmers are tellag of
saltivattng the sugar but sd selig to Ia ar
sneanfeetory on a soo.pertite plie, munaged llke
obeess feetories
-The Dismal Swamp CoaG Is to be sold by
asetion to the higheet bidder io I.orfolk, Ye.,
neat August. The work oeat over $1(,00,000, but
to not nepeted to bring moren ithen a th purl of
tlot sum. j
-The pineapple is otltitvted very esxtensve
in the East Indies, where thIe laver are eonverted
slto blaind of wedding, used for upholstering
purposes instead of hair, and into a sort of lten.
etl, of which substantial shirts and coats are
-eIlaretary Aherman, In a recent letter, says
he feels quite sure that the good opinions of
lends of the Prrsiden.'s Stouthern policy
Juastitlled by if s suneses, and by the bens.
will confer upon both white and black Be.
he State of Georgllbslh sold the labor of the
aviate In its state plrson for w8,000 a year,
whlch Is at the rate of abnut 11 a year for each
eoavliot. The Slate appears to have been badly
swindled, as the contractors are now esooessfully
"sab-letting" the onvict, at (00 a year.
-The Galveston (r, sua) Nee.. calls upon the
Preeldent to make an approwjrtite climax to his
pdoleitdory policy by granting a complete and
Anal tamneety to "PI.sident" Davis and the few
remallning s-rebels who, like him, by an "unjust
dlsoriminatiol," are still "politllally proscribed."
-.The'rbiet paper money, csaled ectme, his
depredated more thgn 100 per eent. read costs
e le thai I dld during the Crimean war. Pa.
troleue, whloh is in gent tal use, is lmported
from the United tlates tr.ned, while the native
all, of whiob there is abundance in Ioumanla,
the Crimes ad on the Jasplan Bea, is meaketed
in the crade state. It has risen from twenty to
sifty cente s 'oke."
-The rediseoovery at Canquone, ObCi', of the
one famous gold mine, "Los Ortistlee," has
reOated someehat of a seniatlon. This mine,
whoe yield is supposed to have been almost
fibuloun in the old colonial times, has been lost
for lbrty years, laving been abandoned at the
breaking c of the revolution, it flled with
water, and then a landelide removed all traces
of It.
-The Orlf.ean war cost England 40,000 soldiers
and 8600,000,000 in gold. The expendlture of
mes and money was to "preserve the equilibrium
of Europe." She to not certain a to wheheer she
desire< to eilage in the "equilibrium" business
agan1, and will not be likely to to do, unless she
nude she wll be a greater loser by Russlan esun
-An iron-rlad war steamer efor the Japanese
government has been launched in London. The
Japanese Minister was present,4 nd ohristened it
Pon So, from a mountain in Japan. At the so.
companying lunch the Minister proposed a toast
to the sueccess of the Jpanese marine. The vest
eel is 220 feet long, and has an armor nine inches
The Austrian Crown Prioes Itudolph, who It
now completing lie education, was examined on
the t1th nit., before the Emperor, in Hungarian
law. The examination was conducted In the
Hungaian larguage, which the Prince speaks
with great fluency, and the Emperor expressed
much satisfaction at the result. The Prince has
yet to go through a course of German law, diplo
macy and navigation before his studies will come
to an end.
-In Germany press prosecntions continue with
unabated vigor. The editor of the Dresden
i'oWkteitung has been fined for offending the
pollen; two editors of the Berlin Post have been
fined, and an ex-editor of the MAfrbacf VoI''ksblnt
has been sentenced to one year's imprisonment
for similar oflfenee The responsible editor of
the Knrgr.r Pogna.sak. Hrrr Gayler, has been
-condemned to four enmlthi' imprisonment for
having ofand, d Pitkes Bismarck by reprinting
the well known " Reicholocke" artlole.
-The royal depart ment of agrionliure, Prussia,
regards potato bugs as a synonym for famine, and
cautions oaptatns, sailors and pssengers of ves
sale selling between the United States and Getr
many to be meet watabhful in looking out for the
buls, their eg.e and larva,. They can do so by
thoroughly ex minolng all vegetables brought on
board; even the earth wbibch may be sticking to
the potatoes can become a vehlole for eggs and
Ilatv. Goods packed in potato herb must also
'be serehed. It ie declared to be aunlawful to im
port potatoes from hmerlia to Germany, or to
take uahore potato peel or kitchen refuse of Many
Lincoln parish thinks of going into the sugar
-cane business.
A genuine, unexpreted and very unwelcome
wasi and hall storm v sited Red River parish on
Sunday last, doing a deal of damage to orops.
Nineteen hundred dollars of the Lafourobe
school fund are missing. be scohool teachers
are anxious to know what has become of it.
A hey boat from Alton, Indiana, landed at the
Thibodaux wharf on Thursday morning and acid
Sout the balance of its load at $18 per ton.
The Thanklsglvng Day was quite generally ob
erved at New Iberia In one way or another.
Thirty-four guns were fired at noon and at 7
The contested election cases of the police
jurors of Laf mrche pansh were tried before
Judge A. F. . Knoblooh on Monday last. The
sase was taken under advisement.
Mr. Jeff Yates, of Livingston parish killed a
large brown-grsy wolf in that parish last wee k,
measuring nesilv six f et in le, g b. The wolf
was evidently a visitor from some more northern
ndime. *
The newly organized police jury of St. Obarles
parish has revised the tableau of expenditures
for the current year, &hd reduoed it from $15,
501 s5 to I8547 00. Here is reform that a good
many other parishes might imitate.
Moss picking is becoming a dangerous calling,
owing to the retkldssne.s of those engaged in
thobusneess. On Monday, the seventh instant.
Theo. Bguet, while pickigm moss in the awamps
of Bayou Cne, in Terrebonne, fell from a height
oe fifty feet, and had his body severely fractured.
The new keeper of the State House grounds at
Datona Sngs, Mr. B. Plunket, is putting them
S-oce more in order as a resort for decent people
aad their children. Under Kell og appointee,
iM grounds were negloeted and the rendezvous
vst diMmeptabie persons.
movement .on leek 0t build a narrow.
game railroad from senaNrtt$ down to OYpre.
mot HIB promises to bemme it ecupl ete
lta abnd lp e htIe mads w ah Ie the
oiltkiý, owing t bd redadJ In wntw, d os the
neollt for the proled ralro,.
A few days ago, tH. C. Drew's mill on Lake
hr an s.k u ipped from the hands of an
eh. ,and . trIkna g the lroenlar slab butt
S.h d, with a fragment of the saw,
Wo!, ster striking him senseless. An
revieIedI a severe Contusion on his
ht easmse him to e.pectorate blood freelyo
aesei t o the carolid artery, and
ow at sl h-eIMa d from which the blood
The Iberli ..er Pienter mention the follow.
i the ew sgar ptlantations in that
sot tliltl;tat as, plantations that
ire nIdh plaentedin aune, but will
e.ar.. .i elet eeive Gade estate, on
M l1 ds ` ic Mre the ade liros. are now
fig m. dl the plantation of Mlesrs.
i l near St. Martineville
where a augst gIs In made for the ttrst
time in ian ar old mil now being over.
hauled by Ur, ,hn. i lottsi the old and power.
ful Del uhesaye hlii leooved to the colored
settlement on upper Isle Piunant Prairie, by Mr.
A. D, lBayard, wbere he i eteclting it simp'y as a
manuafaclurer, the small planters of the neigh.
borhood guaranteing to deliver several hundred
acres of cane at the mill Vith the nOeesaary fuel
to boil It; and Mr. Vall'ere 1auterive, of Ianeise
Pointe. who formerly ground his orop with his
a neighbor, has added so mtsch to his acreage
that he has found It necessary to erect a mill of
hie own, which he Is now doing." Sugar culture
is evidently spreadihg in the Attakapas.
Ja ers . Parker, of uasper county, is suggested
by the Blrookhaven L~tedgse or Aulltor.
An unusealt amount of grain corn, whet and
oats, will be raised in the neighborhood of Win.
inov. ftone has ordered a special election to Ie
held in Nonuobe county, on the fifth day of June,
tofll the vacancy in the office of Oircuit Olerk,
ooadlioned by the death of the old incumbent.
Miss Cornelta U.hisolm die1 May 18, at
2 o'clock, from gangreone, which appeare
In her wrist soun after she was wounded, and at.
tacked her arm beforu medical assistance arrived.
A young lady of Meridian, who went to DeKalb
to aid in nursing her, imbibed poison in the
blood threh a snmal punetture the forefinger
and i o, sink. The young lady referred
to les te b relative of Judge Chrslltlan,
who a be ror several days In a very pre.
cartlou condition. t'he has been quitelow, but
sl thought to be improving,
A few days since Vol, J. 8. Hamiltep, keeper of
the Mississippl Penitentiary, received from Sheriff
Anderson, of JesaluenL county, two bear oubs
about the mise of Titl grown cate. The bot in
which they were shipped Was addressed, "J. it.
Hamilton, Mesilsel p Penitentiary, Jackson."
Under the address, In elualy large letters, some
unknown wit who 1e poeed upon the political sit
uation, had written, "Packard and Ohamberlain
going home." Acting upon the suggestion the
cubs were upon their arrival neared after those
distinguisbed leaders of the Louislana and South
Carolina thieves. They atie as ,laylul as kittens
and "happy as big sunflower,' unoonsious of
the indignity thus placid upon them.
It is believed the population of Young county
has almost doubled in the past six months.
Another rise of the Brasos and Navasota rivetd
is reported to-day.
iBlxy.five thousnAn six hundred and ten head
of cattle have passed through hurt Worth this
season, up to date,
Trains now run on the Houaston and Western
Narrow Gauge Bailroad to the new towa of Piat.
terson, forty-live miles distant from Houston.
Hon. Ii. H. Hill heas been Invited by the state
,air Association to deliver the annual address at
dioneton the Ia ter part of this month. It is be
lieved he will accept.
IRecent discoveries have developed coal depos
Its in several localitis ton liay county, and of a
good bituminous character, and it is reported
that coal oil is found at Queen's Peak, in Mon
tague county.
The Houston Agei failed to receive a correot re
ply to its question "How many counties are there
Lt Texas" from children, offers the Aye for one
year to any member of the 15th Leglliatbre who
will avswer the question correctly.
T. B. Owens has been arrested at Gateeville
for violation of the loeal optioa law. Iet sald
Oomainehe Bitters by the botld. Mr. Owens
I roposes to ountest the law in the courts on the
gr and that it Is in oontraveaton of the Federal
A movement is on foot to build a narrow gauge
railway from San Antonio to the tllo Grande, ifor
military purposes. It la stated also that the mill
tary authorites of this department, as well as
Gov. Hubbard and lion. Gustave kohlerchcr, are
in favor of the project.
A ten-year old boy, in Naeogdochss county by
the name of Lawhorn, Is under arrest for stealing
a horse from John Kingham in the western p,,r
tion of the oounty, lie does not deny taking the
horse, but says that he only intended to ride him
to Dexter and then turn him loose.
Jack Humphreys, wounded by highwaymen,
near man Autonio, 1aturday week, is dead. One
man, arrested on the 8Ith instant in the vicinity
of the murder, proves to be Charles Brown, who
escaped from jail in Nan Autonlo with Horner,
the coman'uhe bank robber, who subsequently
robbed the Eagle Pass stage, was captured and
is now at Huntsville as a conviot.
A Mrs. Collne, in Galveston, attempted to
kindle a fire in her stove, on the 18th inst., but
the wood being damp she could not get it to
burn. Hoping to expedite ratters she took a
can fuill of kerosene oil and began pouring it in
the stove. The oil was ignited, the can exploded,
and Mrs. Oolllns donned her angel plumage.
Ariloles ior incorporating the New Orleans,
Texas and PacIiO Bailroad were flied last Thnrs
day in the hecretary of State's oflfe. The road
proposed is from Austin to the juo'ion of the
Vinrta branch with the Texas and Pacioi 450
miles. Five thusand five hundred sbares have
been subsaribed, of $100 each.
OCapt. Lee, commanding the post of Plort Griffin,
Texas, with a party of forty soldiers and ten
Toonkaway lodlans, aurprised a band of Co
masches one hundred and fifty miles west of the
p;ast of Griffin, on 'he 4th inst., killed four and
captured six squaws, slx'y-niune horses, twelve
l, .ges and a quantityb or suplies. On the 6th
inst., he optuartd and burned three loteges and
some supplies. Csualties--one negro sergeant
Fighting a Woman.
At half-past 4 o'clock yesterday evenion Miss
Mary Bennett rushed madly into the Oeatral
btatlon and informed Sergeant Hyan that a man
nemed John Ryan was in her house, No. 221 Dry.
ades street, and was beating her mother most
numeroifully. The Sergeant hastened to the
scene, and found Ryan and Mrs. Bennett having
it hot and heavy. He arrested both of the par
ties and brought them to the Central Station,
where Mrs. Bennett charged Ryan with assault
and battery with a dangerous weapon, to-wit: a
pistol, and also with threats to kill.
As soon as Mrs. Bennett had finished mksing
the charge against Byan, he reciprocated by
charging her with cutting and wounding with
intent to murder. Ryan on examination, was
found to have been considerably worsted in the
fight, as he was bleeding profusely from his head
and right arm. He was taken to the Charity
Hospital, where his wounds were dressed and
pronounced not dangerous, after which he was
brought back to the station and locked up.
NAt half-past 7 o'clock Saturday night Carl Loet
far, a little child aged four years, fell over the
gallery at the residence of its parents, 43 Royal
street, and fractured its skull. Dr. Formento was
called in, who examined the unfortunate l'ttle
one, and pronounced its injuries serious, though
not necessarily fatal.
The Singer is the only sewing machine un
srupuloue men have ever attempted to imitate.
Whatberpro wanted of its gpericriy ?
Offioe, 91 Cana streot,
wrratumnn and AdIendum on Stret. Raill
In an article of yesterday on street railroads
a slip of the type left out the hundred thousand
which should be added to the 188,000 which Mr
iyawesi bid for the right of way for twenty years
of the Uity Itallroad Company.' The bid war
11.i,000. It is, however, striotly true that a few
weeks before the highest bid lffered for this
right was $15,000, which nmoe near being ao
e-pted, and was favored by every newspaper In
the city but one, which so vlgorously opposed its
reeptance an entirely inadequate that it was re.
jeoted by the City Council by only one vote. The
person who offered that bid never forgave the
writer of the artiotlle opposelg its acceptance
until years afterwards, when a prisoner In the
Libby Prileo, in Itichlihnd, on trseptiiot of
being a spy, the sead writer weea ebabled
to intervene in lie behalf and procure his release.
After the rejection of this bid, and when it wasee
believed that the grant could be purchased for
$25,000, or at leant s5n,00t, the preelsdent of the
old-fashioned three-decker cars which ticed to
lumber tp the track of the Carriliton tailroad,
charging a dime for a trip as far as Jackson
etr -et, atd stolPPttlg to change horsme and watter
at the borse stationl was called into couunel by
a gentleman who had greet confldenoe in hi.
judgment, as to the policy of pOurchalig thli
tight of way at $25,00(0.
"Don't tachl it, If they >fifr you a bontle," wa
the reply o tlhe worthy rprespentative of cld
fashinon and ideas; ' t will break any man who
pnte iis money in an esuch undertaking." But
MIalweon, Pat Irwin, Winst and others were proof
then agansr t all such old fogylsm, and contildently
risked $185,000 in the purchase of the right of
way and a half million ,1 dalitrs in the cost of
construction of a road, which in two years yiilded
the largest profit cf any similar nlvestment ever
made in New Orleans,.
The Prize, a ilvrer Pftcher. Won by Paul
ithauldt-4Jilae Inlls versus Plgeels.
Why Glass fals were Introduced-The
Way They are Peppered at by the
Hialglts of the Trigger.
Quite a number of the members of the New
Orleans 2un Omb met at the Crescent City hille
Park yesterday, for the purpose of engaging in a
match at glass balls for an elegant silver water
pitcher and stand, and at the grounds there was
also present quite a number of spectators.
As the glass ball shooting
15 soi'U lueta ee w
In this vicinity, a brief explanstin will no doubt
be interesting as a preface to yesterday's contest.
The glass balls are used as a subs itute for
pigeons thrown from spring traps at which the
shooter fires while in the air, and are almost a
norssilty in this section owing to the difloulty in
securing pigeons. The balls are of deep blue
colored glass, and about two and one half Inches
in diameter. These are placed singly in a cnp
made to fit, the cup being fastened securely to
the end of a powerful spring which Is set and
fastened by a catch, there being attached to the
latter a rope which when pulled suddenly loosens
the catch and the spring being relievedi throws
the ball with great velocity a distance of thirty
yards from the spring, the ball reaobhing grad
ually an elevation of
before the descent commnces, and must be shot
at before touching the ground, eacr hall struck
scoring one, the same as pigeon forlthe shooter,
who stands at the score the usual distance from
the trap, the rules governing the p satlions of the
gnn in pigeon matches being also enforced in the
glass bail matches.
The Introduction of the glass balls is, perhaps.
as much due to Bergh, the "Cruelty to AnImal"
celebrity, as any one e!se, as he made such a war
Tit sn,AlUtorTn or VltOrONS
by Bogardus, and other professionals in the East,
that iogardus finally conceived the Idea of uslrg
glass balls as a substitute, and obtained a patent
on April 10th, this year, for the balls now in use.
In setting the trap or spring, In shooting
matches with these balls, the direction is
changed during the match, to order that the
shooter may have an opportunity of tiring at
balls thrown in three directions, Inst ad of firing
at them as they are thrown fritm him in almost
a direct line.
The tlr4 position, then, of the spring in the
match throws the balls in a line
and after the entire list of contestants have fired
at acertainu umber of balls, the trap is changed so
that the balls are thrown to the right, and it is
then changed again to throw them to the left.
With this explanation the sport-lovlng readers
of the Dx.olottAT will be able t, judge of the
accuracy of the aim of the marksmen and their
dexterity in
Prior to the commencement of the regular
match for the silver pitcher some of the mem
bore of the olub thought "to get their hands in "
as it were, by a little practice shooting, aid made
a side match at ten balls, stralghbt from the
shooter, for a floe meerschaum pipe, which Mr,
Pifaut won by breaking seven to five for Messrs.
Turner and Babbitt, four for Messrs. George and
Adam and two each for Messrs. Buckley and
was then closed with tleven entries, the first five
balls shot at being straight, the second five to
the left and the last five to the right. 'lhe fol.
lowing is the list of entries and the score made
by each:
N.w OaLEANS GIIN CLUn.--Frst competitive
glass ball match. Fifteen glass balls, eighteen
yards rise.
Blackshire...... 01111 11111 10111-13.
0toscoc........00111 11110 11000-9.
I'iffut......... . 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 10101- 6.
DaPonte........1 0 0 1 0 1 1 01 1 1 1 1 10--10.
Cornieu........ 01100 0i0011 10111--8.
Enight....1..... 010 01111 11111-11.
Goodwin........ 01101 00101 10001-7.
Adam.......... 10011 11111 o101O-10.
(haudet........11111 11111 11110-14.
Multtan.........11111 10111 10001-11.
Buckley.......... 10111 00000 01000- 5.
Mr. Chandet having made the largest score
was declared the victor, and
was donated to the gentleman having the largest
score f goose eggs (0) as being at the head of
the missers.
A sweepstakes match was then made, there be.
ing two prizes at five balls each, to the tight, in
-hich Messrs. Blackshire and DaPonte tied,
breaking five each; Messrs. Muttan and Ohaudet
tied at four each, and Messrs. Roscoe, Buckley,
Cousin and Knight broke but two and meised
three each. In shooting off their tie at twenty.
one yards and five balls each, Mr. DaPonte made
a clean score, and Mr. Blackehire m-seed the first
and broke the other four balls which left Mr.
In the shoot off between Messrs. Mattan and
Chaudet for the second prize, the distanoewas
increased three yards and the former won, mak
ing a clean soore, while the latter missed his first
and third, and broke the other three. This was
something novel in its way. Each gentleman ir
stead of holding the butt of the gun under the
elbow, as is cusntomary, dropped the butt to the
ground, raising it to fire only after the word to
spring the trap had been given and the ball was
speeding along in the air, which, of course made
it all the more difcnh to bit them, as the shooter
at the ce cannot peoibly raise the butt of the
gan from the pound to the shoulder and get a I
might on the dynlg ball in less than fie seconds
from the time he gives the commandt, "Poll."
Taking into eonamderation the feet that yester.
day was the
by the majority of the members contesting the
scores made were good, and It should be sated
laso that those soer*n the largest number of
"goose egsp" had ano before emptied the con
tents of their brteeh.loar er at oardne' ptent.
The etlb iI makin earrangemeuC now to have
shipped to the oty ilve hundred pigeone, to be
used It the trap latlh for the Oreener pon, and
expest them to trtive by the Iet of the week,
when due notice of the date of the match will be
given through the columns of the DaioeoAT.
iUnitedl gtates Troops to the Utesne-The
Logrmn Will Plllht.
According to a statement made by the United
Itates Marshal to a UlwontiA reporter last
night, the
hus not been definitely settled yet, nor Is it by
any means certain that the Marshal's posse will
visit the piny region.
it is understood that a company of troops will
be sent to Lake Uibarles, buh whether the troops
will asilet in healing out logs from each bayou
or lagoon leading into the lake Is yet tobe seen.
The Marshal last evening intimated that the
posse might go yet, and as the revenue cutter
Dix is now at H,,t' lake end at anchor, It may
be possible that she will be used as a means of
conveyance for either the troops or the posse,
A rumor was ourr-at yesterday that the two
companies of colored oavalry, who camne t. tih
city on the steamer Grand republic, were to be
ttued in
PtTTllo DoNw THIe LoM.MnN,
but that laeks conmfrmatin.,
Two or three parties repreeruting the logmen,
are in the city, watching the nonvenm nes of the
United 8tates authorities and keep their friends
advised, and from the statement made vesterday
by one of them it seems that they are determined
not to give up wilhout a fight.
The Mlea alls .l( ns Oatherlnw on the
There were a cumber of startling rumors cur.
rent last evening relative to a prospective rnpture
between our government and that of Mexico
These rumors indicated some private telegram
had been received here from Washington, show
ing that uch an event was more than probable,
and that a climax would be reached within the
next few days.
The steamship Oity of Mexico, which was to
have left for Vera Orca yesterday morning at R
o'olock, was by orders detained, and will not de
part before spciali telegrams are received from
the tatte Department. This looke very nys
terious and foreshadows a m',ement.
The (tity of Mticon was advertised to leave pt
the abtove hour, but frm advioee remained over.
In keenin.g with the above news, several Federal
artlilery officers have received iuquiries as to
whether they would uccept the command of bat
teries, and it is rumored reeruiting will be com
menced soon.
That there Is something in the wind is evident,
but how much it amounts to cannot be said.
The reonut demonstrations on the Rio Orande
and the action of Gen. Sherman, weald seem to
point towards sn opening of hoitltles.
The denouement will be awaited with impas
A (loek, a Bell, a Hox of (halk, ita Re
port and a Letter.
At a late hour Saturday night, a negro named
Clslorno Tbhd wrs arrested by Officer Carey,
at the corner of Girod and Church streets, for
having in his possession a clock, a bell and a box
of chalk.
The negro wma brought to the Central station,
and when searched a school report, made out in
the name of Miss Hattle Fox. of the Itampart
street school, was ionud in his possession. This
induced the police to bel'ere that the negro had
robbed the Itampart street school and the box of
chalk was his reward. The following letter was
also found in bhl posseesion:
BAt ST. Lotus, April h0, 1877.
Messrs. Schmidt & Ziegler:
I found in the New Orleans Tiw.es yesterday
that to-day is the last day for paying taxes with
out cost, and as it is impossible for me to come
down to-day, I wish you would be so kind as to
pay them for me and I will be in town In a week
and settle with you. By doing this you will
obllig very much.
Yours. respectfully, N. I'LAIZE.
"Pay it for him."
The foregoing letter is published as it may
throw some light upon Thides rascalities.
An Immense Catherinur in Attendance
at the Falr (rounds.
It is now many years since the German reel
dents of our city gave their first Volkefemt at the
Fair Grounds, and those who originated the idea
have good cause for gratulation. In the long
series there has nrt been a single one that has
not been a great success, nor has there been one
the close of which was not a source of regret to
the many partlcipants. That given yesterday
was for the benefit of the German Protestant
Orphan Asylum, and our German fellow-citizens,
with commendable alacrity, both in donations and
their personal servicee, responded to the call.
As early as 8 o'clock, notwithstanding the omi.
nous sky overhead, the cars thither were crowded.
and after the shower had passed over, later hun
dreds, in oarriages, private teams and street cars,
took up the line of march. The grounds were most
tastefully decorated with the flags of all nations,
but conspleonus was that of Germany. On either
side of the mall, or pathway leading to the urn.m
brageous oaks, were built booths for the enter
tainment ot guests, and on the extre me right
was laid off a plat where the games of the day
were to be enjoyed.
The whole was well arranged and showed con
miderable pains on the part of the various com
After the grounds had bec'me crowded. Chbsa
F. Buck, E'q., in the German language, and
Geo. H. Braughn, Esq., in English, formally
opened the feet in appropriate addresses that
were very effective.
After the opening the day's sports were com
menced, and sack races, running races, for both
boys and girls, followed and were highly enjoyed
by the bystandre, whose risibles were consider
ably moved by the ludicrous scenes.
At 5 o'clock,
took place betwoe n Hugo Redwits a Sam Thorn,
and thawban's Henry Hamilton, for mile heats,
the latter driven by Johqny Hawkins.
Shawhan's entry, under the guidance of that
skillful whip, Hawkins, out-footed his competitor,
and won both heats easily.
A pony race for boys followed, in which the
son of Mr. Redwitz came off the victor. The
tournament was next on the programme, and
several cavaliers entered the lists to show their
and lance. The public had by this time com
pletely filled the grand stand, and there were not
less than 5000 people present. After the athletic
games had ended there was an adjournment to
the halls and platform set apart for dancing, and
up to a late bour the "dancers dancing in tone"
to the enchanting musio of Strauas and Yan
Weber made a pleasant plotare of the close of the
day's ettertatument.
The Volkefeet onmtinne to-day, and - s the
grand lottery will be drawn this afternoon a
hronag may be epe0tted.
chiltsen tleomaIs le s lteide.
At I o'olook Stunday evelpng Mrs. August.
Malhen, aged 51 years, a native of Germany, was
found dead in a wall in the rear of her premises
at the corner of At. Deals and Valmont streets.
A D)aootAT reporter hastened to the scene
of the tragedy and gleaned the following partti
oulsrs from some of the neighbore:
They say that on Thursday last the deceased
eane to their honuse and bid them all good-bye,
sayilg that
Msit WAS T1iMe OF LMrt,
having nothing to live for, and was going to
drown herself.
Fearing that Mrs. Mahun met wha she osaid,
they kept a vigilant walch over h'r all Thursday
evening until Ifridav morning, sad during this
time, as she had made no attempt to earry her
threat into execution, they paid no more attention
to her.
At 0 o'clock Friday evening she dis.peared,
and, notwitbetawnling the neighbors made dill,
gent search f,r her up to Muuday evening her
whereabouts ws uen..own.
On last vening at the houar above stated one of
the neighbors remarked: "It sl very traonge that
Mrs. Bfaien's wieresibouts are unknown; tave
they enaruoed the well into the rear of the yard?
You kiow sate said that
snit WAN (OO11i To DItOowN ithlebLt."
This conversation between two of the neighbors
cansed the well to be searched, sad to the horror
of the crowd of lpeortnre the hinotken remains
of the unfortunate woman were fountd at the bot
When the reporter entered the room where the
cotpse lay everything wasee a nest and elan as a
new pin, and he was informed that the deoeased
had lived there, soliltary and suone, for years.
That she was a widow, and bad several obil.
dren, but that they had cruelly deseted her.
' he reporter was more fully impressed with
this remark when he disaovered that the only
poet sons slttlnog up with the corp.e were two boys
and a polloemane that her heartless ehildren hbo
declined to remain with their mother,
iViNi A.7tClt DIIAIt MAD rtLAIMatl tgrt.
The neighbore say that Mrs. Maben was a good
mother and a hard working and Itaduerious
woms.' that the only cause which could have
Induced her to sacrltfloe herself was the eruel
desertion of her ohildren; that she longed to live
so long as one of her children remained with her;
ut a few months a go her last child left her, and
it set her crazy. ohe stood the torture
hoping that the sickle, death, would mow her
down, but as her hopes proved fruitless she took
her fate in her own hands and leaped into the
well In the rear of her yard on Friday evening,
where she remained until last evening, as above
The coroner held an inquest, and the jury re
turned a verdict of sutlide by trowning, after
which be kook an invent,,ry or her property, and
found that the house and lot where she had lately
lived was her own and aslo found $450 to her
armoir, which she had saved out of her hard
A Maller Neeks the Watery loement for
Cosafort sang Oblivlon,
At hall-past 6 o'olock HMnday morning Pierre
Bonohes, an tlnbappy tar, having lost his em
p'oyment, made up his mind to try the other
workld. So he repaired to the New Basin, at the
interst otion of Franklin street, and after laying
the followlng letter on the bank leaped into the
Being well declded and resolved upon living
no more under such conditious, not only the sor
tows that I exprience Inateriorly frrm my family,
but again, that I could have managed to bear
up agalant, it being impossible for me to oommni
itatte with her. You sir, force me to do
this In showing mnc all the dfllfnulties that
I must experienco in or!er to gain an hon
est livelihood. My only resource was
to itvewith you. Ti-)day, that you are on the
point of disehargilg me, when I have neither
clothing nor morney, where do you want me to
go? It Is the only resource that you refnse me. I
em thlerefore well resolves,and you only will bear
the guilt of my painful and unfortunate determi.
naliou. Sir, permit me now to speak openly to
oun. I bihltve that after I have sacrifloed my
life to you I am entitled to do so.
Two sailors of the schoornr Pela, who saw the
man take the leap, took a skiff and rescued him.
liouchey, when brought to the shore, was in an
nncons.eous condition. Ho was attended by Dr.
Beard, who attributed the unconsecousness to
After having been examined by the phys!olan
he wa. conveyed to the Charity Hospital.
A Novel Yaeht.
Quite a novelty in the way of a yacht appeared
yesterday at Hoyt's Lake End, In the Geminal,
which, as rumor says, carle from some point
along the Gulf coast.
The boat, or pair of bolts, as it actually is,
measures about twenty-five feet in length and
has a deck fifteen feet in width, and is built over
two boat or 3acht hu In, each of which is about
four feet in width, leaving
between the two, uud'r the deck, of seven feet,
the hull portion resembling much the tee yaohts
of the North, those that are placed on skates in
the Northern rivers.
The canvas .r sails, which provides this craft
with motive power, are enormouns, and measure
hundreds of yards both in the mainsail and the
two jibs, and they as well as the boat proper are
eymetrical in the extreme.
On the deck is located a cabin that will aeom
modate fifteen or twenty persons, the entire ar
rangements being as pet feet in form as is the
of the boat.
When sthe came into the bayou yesterday it
seemed that she had been leaking somewhat in
one of the hulls, and after an hour's pumping
she was brought no to the bridge, where she was
examined br hundreds of persons who were at
the Lake End.
The Workhouse Committee.
The committee appointed by the City Council,
which consiated of Administrators Denis, Ed
wards and Diamond, visited the Workhouse and
tiouphouse yesterday, anul made a thorough ex
smination of both institutions. After Roing
through the building they questioned each em
ploye separately regarding the charges set forth
in the report of the grand jury.
The committee is now preparing a report which
will be submitted to the City Council on Tuesday.
The mild eye of the family physician lights up
now that the picnic season is here4
The Marshal frowns now when book agents
want to leave him a catalog to inspect.
A barber shop in Commercial Alley has come
down to ten cents a shave. No cigars or chromos
thrown in.
The Paragraphiste' Asociation of America pro
pose to erect a mausoleum. It was understood
that they had organized for a benevolent purpose.
The controversy about the railroad tax is a
poser to manoy people who may be heard any
day to say that they don't know how to vote on
the question.
The Seaside Hotel, at Bay St. Louis is to be
opened on the first of June by Mr. A . . Fisher.
.he hotel has heretofore been only partally
thrown open to the public.
The Crescent City Bide Club will, on Wedaes
day, at 3 p. m., commenoe woek hr se a u
State futob, at wbeh there will doubtless be
numffots bulls-eyee made.
The w to lument given reoently by the Con.
traband Obdhidren at the Varieties Thkeatr, fln'
the benefit a the ot.Manr'eotbh u hays' au y.uui
netted the handsome sum of 116A.
t lih said that oed of the hboeblsele on IL
Obhrlautreert raks it from mixty to ovetdlnda
lare a meonth, tears are entertabined tbi ti
apolib uti brek unep the newspaper re.
The QCommowealth Comenato, lal om ed o
the Academy of M aeo troupe, whe i net
loe any money by their seatrprlts Oonly mmeae
to kee their .b.i.dil wr ti, Some ofd
membere never drink the stuff sybow,
lnestitionM at the Charity fleptai mm to
Indicate that e lv l thousoad dollar meoao
me.ured by the Radl.el admnlostrsator for that n
stitution wee need effletively lIn aLpreeatig he
value befotare the purMabe was m .
Pather G. A. MaBtnoit, Paltor of the ItalIh
astholln Ohureh on Rampart stred, sonounsee
In th Morning ,tr that he will hemefortlh
ofMol. groat at the funerals of those of bhl
pu lehionors whose families are really ppor.
The various resorse about the ity were Im.
meneely thronged yesterday, the trains and otler
means of conveyauome being rowded dfurng th
after.,on with those g.dng to the reMorts to get i
breath of fresh air,
An exoursin party of about filly ladle and
gentlemen from Missouri and Illinois are now aM
the it, Ohstles Hotel, haviug tome here on the
steamer Orand itepublio, and will remai unt l
that boat returne t, it, Louse.
lHe purchuaed three new maps of the seat of
war and when, after an hour'e lursn tion of them,
he was olled to dinuer but failed to respond
they found him lying on Ihe. floor and all he cooi
say was ''uakosmom Kale Widdlt Ardshan, and
they took the soupe silOene."
The City latrveyor, In eomplianoe with the re
quist of Admlnistrator Cvanmso, Is preparing
some elegant dealags for the buildings to be
ereted a he New lahe od, inside of the pro
teotion lsvee. Of course, these buildings are ln.
tended sampl' as patterns for private enterprise,
and the itt y l nothing more to do.
it lis proposed by some ae.detetives to organ.
ile a bureau of (Commereial Detectlives l nd
pendently of the regulM pollse forec, and ulOh
se ssite it all large Amerioan altles. The pro.
IJeo, .lthough it le thought to bo o advisable
oe by OChief Boylan, seems to meet with lmpedri
monte in some other quarter.
The residents of Cldborne street, below ~g.
plinade, eomelain of the bad odor assed by the
aerduaton of the r in the dratae gea.
By attring the canal sorseIsp lanade street the
flushing waters of all the city frout between t.
planade and tat. Peter estrte, will &s sWy wIlt
the nnplesenatnese by cresting a oarrent Ol the
Rhort Items.
At half-poet 11 o'clock faturdlv night a rie
wee discovered to the house No. 4 Maouth MarU
ket street, ocoupied by Mrs. Uirilche Before
the flnmes were extinguaIehd by the oMoer and
intmates the fre had destroyed one mosqito
bar, one side of an armoir and 20 in currency.
Briny Wood a thief, was looked up in the See"
and Precinct bteaton, charged with being drank'
disturbing the peace and also obirged with be
ing a dagerous amd suspietious character, have
og no viethle means of support, dangeroe to
the communit , and liable to commlt a breach of
the peace t11 allwod to roam at large.
At 6 o'olock lset evening s aon of Mr. ganey,
aged 6 years, fell from the gAllery of his pareat
residence, No. 121 Toulouse street, and was dan
gerously injured.
The Mallread Tax,
New OuLass, Iay 90, 1877.
Elditor Dnemnrat - In reacdin over yaor paper
this urullr g I indt the procetinag of the inet
Ir gs of the Bulletin uards and property holders
in columns nearly opposite, and the views of
each patty disenrsed. I coincide with the reso.
lations adoptt d by the Bulletit Guar'e in favor
of the ralroald, Dr. Tebuslt, in his resolations
tries to i lod the eyes of the work ng mra an
mehobnlo, for he says should the railroad tax tb
carried it will work the greatest injory to the
working elsses, for reats will become bler.
food, clothing sad other neeessariee of life wil
rise in pricef while the laborer's wages will fall
in value and w1k will be more difficult to t.
Now, Mr. E'llor I would like to ask the
a question. Does e know the sit.aion of the
working man to-day? Prom the reeolstione be
offered laest night, I should say be doee nt.
As for rents being raised by the property
holder, we are scarcely aMle to pay
any rent for there is no work at pres.
ent, and although clothing and other thingse ar
very cheap at prsent, they are very dear to s
that have no work or motbey to ery. Whereas, i
the railroad tax Is carried, the company will be
able to employ a great many of us, and give us
the means to pay our routse nd spport our
The Doctor shouald tell the working mas that
when this road Is dniobed it will bring Into this
market at least 180 000 more bales of cotton
besides the grain eas other produce; that it will
regain all the trade that we have lost, and which
is now going to tt. Louis and other cities. Now
workiogmen, does not * very bale of cotton tha
comes here give some of as employment? Dose
not the money we earn go to the grocery sad
back to the property holder; for does he not get
his rent regularly when you have plenty of work,
and is it not out of your rant he pays his taxes?
The doctor need not tell as that our wages
will be reduneed, for we lil know that labor wllS
command ats value according to the demand and
that if there is plenty of capital in elrcufaton
sad railroads are built and improvements going
on i man mill get the fail value of his labor; but
that unless the eapital is invested there will b
little demand for labor.
How munh property is owned in this city by
foreign residents, nd how much do they give to
the support of the poor people of tbh olty?
Nothing. But they draw their rents and speed it
in a foreign country, and I believe tey ouglht to
be made to pay something for the advonement
of the prosperity of the city. I am a workig
man and have resided in this city for the lek
thirty ears, and I have not seen work as searee
au it has been these lest six months. I hope
therefore, that every workingman thatis. a te
zsn will, on the twenty-fifth, go to the polls sa
oast hi vote in lavorof the raSrkd. By so dolag
he will do all in his power for he redemption oe
his State, and to open up the country that the
"iron horse" may csrry cotton and grain from
the State of 'eue sand bring it to thismarket, in
stead of letting it go to Br Louis and other ities.
A MCnsAxrc AnD WoaxntoxAr.
A Breadh in the Malae Delegatton on Supi
porting Mayes.
[N. Y. World.]
Wataxjmorox, May 16.-There is no longer any
doubt of the break up in the Maine delegatlos.
I he breach has been widening since March, when
the quarrel arose over ex-tecretary elorril'e ap.
pointment as Collecir of Portland. Mr. Eugene
·qle, who has been the Pidus Achates of Blaie
for so many yeers, now sets up for nmwleslf sad
does not propos to walk in the shadow of hia
Senator any longer. Since his arrival here last
week Hale has stated on several occasions that
he thoroughly anproved of the course which the
Administration had pursued, and ehilbitted coa.
siderable tadepene eas in making this statemenlt,
as much as to my Mr. Blaine might aske the
most of it. He met Blaine on Monday fai tl
fret time since Congress adjourned, and it is re
ported that there were some very hot wrds over
the situation, for two who have been seab lose
political and personal friends for so may ears.
Gold ospanlas..
The nger is acknowledged by all to be t
best sewing-machine In thei market.
Mlver soapita

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