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lTU1tdll ILLr am' 3ll308 m0140 IN THI
Utinunetllen to Iceltrsln Allen Jlumsl from
Actlngf sa Auiltor Retaeild.
United htatem COircult Ourt, lDltrtlt of Lottli.
lana. ---eorge i, JohOnon vt. Allen Jumnel,
Thl.s ation Ia blrounht by O.erge U. Johnson
to recover pomsealoln of the ulile of Airlltr of
Pnblic Aocountn of twe State of l,oiel0na.
The plalntlff allegel that on the 7th day of
Novetmber, 171, he wal as eantdllte fir asld
o4.le, at WhiOh time aln election was held for raid
otfie, aoonrding to the tonulattllion mul r laws of
the tate of IltlloItan, and that at paid
election he wal duly plpeted to ,418
eomie; that on the Oihi day of Iteuember,
1o70, he wao in I,'lne conatltR n plrlotnts of
law returned elented by the retnll'nin oflloerm
of eleetion of maid State, I inmaniler and form as
provided by lawl that In iecemteber, 158l, he wa ,
te onaselquene of hli shll eleetltol return,
Mad aceording to law, htuly comml.nionrd by
Win. P. Kellogg, oive nor of tilhe State i ,t louln
ln that th ta heln took the oath of oflUe, gave
botd as requrelld by law and eatn ed upon the
full and itdllllmuted dlelilarge of the dultlem of
said omoe of Au,tlkor of lPubli Aotounta for the
Itate of oulnlants, alld Montited In the aotual
undleturbed andl ttdlpultted ptleeeloth tthereof
with the full and free eaerecie of all the dutile,
ptwere and prertgativem of said onilce tip to the
S1th day of April, 1.71 ; that on orabout the SOith
day of April, 1M77, be was forcibly ant flautdn
lently depIlved of hll election to maid otftle by
the dtefetdant, claiming to be A ltor of I'lttlleh
Aaeenntt otf eaid State, and Frano. Tr. Nlhlolls,
uting Govelrnor of nald tHate, Ini the tmian
tier folohwlng, ti wit: That tIn Pmad Franels
T. Niclholle, claiming to reprement the
Itate of lontitlaela am (tlnvernor, andtt
Allen ,luml, claingll to be Auditor of
Publt.c Atoullnte of Pnll htate, wrongfullly, tinlaw
fully, by violence and force of arnie, and agalnst
the will anll enll.ent of the pettiouner tlook forci
ble posemnmlln of aIld otmee, and that said Jltmel
hai ever lince BweOt in cuntrol and pllOuteselon
thereifn that tihe 1lllt of anthnrity set tip by the
said FIanua '. . Nicholls and Alln Juillntl l, to
iO. ill thelr Ill r.paciltlem realm upon
a pretendlel 'ittt of the votte 'ct
at mahl eleittin, which meountit e..hiuled the
totesm t Itt nely tun t)lilust.lt a tilns, ilegal
volera, who olffreld, bt were ietdlptl, the right,
to vote at mliai eletllu , on rcoulnt of I'RPPe clitr
or pretlouen ondlillton of pel*tltliln, who, uf they
harl ntot been o dPlied'l the right tl tile at, mlid
elecetion wouild lhae voted for tour pellttoner
and agatint sall .Illttel, whlch waes In vitlation
of the riglhts lecured by the amnlldments to the
conalltutlon. e.O,
ui1mohii IIuIf, iUl,
l'etitioner then allegee that he lhs Ibeen de.
prloed of hie election to slad lonei by reapon of
the denial of the right to vote at sald election to
a large number of qualifiel eleetore, who offered
to vo0e thereat, on saeoont of race, color or pre
iotie condition of servitude, to the nulnber of at
least ten thotamnd; that inder and according to
the lawn of Lotuliana a po trr in vested in retirn
Ing officere of election which existed, under
which the returnl of said eleetiln were made and
determined, whetlhr cittiens, legally qualified
roters, had been el oludled from the rglht to vote
on account of race, color or plrevion condition of
lseritude: that the Iteturning UJillere of sald
election did exeroeln that power so vested in them
bh the laws of L tlsians ; that in the exerelme of
that power themy--arned yoar petitioner duily
elected Audik~. of Plublcl Anconntm of
the ttate of ihtollana. On account of
the denial of eltliRen' who offered to vote at said
election of the rightIo rote on aecont of race,
oLor or previcu cuo ilttonl of servrtld, that the
sald Franti T Nihci acting am (tovernor, and
Allen J.mel, preteit 1 ant ae Auditor, are
now kttemp tng fuoibtl oand nllawfully for the
tre.soene afreaid, h 1* ive your petlltioner of
him election am aforerald,
The petitioner then .ete ont in detail the nltm
ber of voters whoml hi .alleges were deuled tile
tight to vote at mhal rlf tiot, on account of race,
ior or previouns rlndit n of mervitnde.
The petitioner then a.erm that th., means by
Whith sold denial woa effeoted wee nltinmdation
aioa wie-pread feeling of noertelinty land ter
rer . hut the parishes co elected on the
sof tntianm o dented the right to vote; that
I ijte tal lll oand enetilhtion of madl taste the
" e.tended vote pnrportlng to have been rcat on
oer the aforeead conditione in the parlihee so
ffneted was null and void on the grounId there
of; that the returning oflicerq of maid election
were by law commanded to reject and refone to
count the tnae becanse of mold nullity ; that by
the returmn of said election, mlade in obedience
Maid law, your petitioler wee duly elected
tditor, etc.; that the eleim of Jnmel to have
be elected Auditor I founded on the wrongful
and untlawful count of the volee po made null
and void, whereby the eail Jutll received in the
onunt of the votem the ifll benelt of the vote.
oat in the parishem in which there wam thit de
mitd of the right to vote to IO,tot) cltlnens afore=
That the lawfully elected itate government, of
which petitioner wai one of the tllioere, has been
overthrown by violence, domestic nltlurreotion
and revolution am lhore met forth.
That the government thute et lp lind eetab.
lithed is the government of whiicl Franieh T.
lclaholle I now headl: that the Rltate of Ioutllimans,
as pretended to be represented by their msid gov.
ernment through its pretended ofilcerm thue in
tailled, has deprived your tetitioner of his elec
tUfo, but that said revolution has in no wie
altered or Impaired the right of your petitioner
as Auditor.
Then tfliowe the averment as to the palary and
leyl perquimitee of the ftle of Auditor.
e petltlon conoludem with the prayer for oilut
lion, and for Judgment decreeing that he im the
legal Auditor for the full term of four yearm, and
for an injunction reetraining the defendant fromn
laterfrilng in any manner wihh the exeirolce on
the part of the Iptitioner of the dutles of said
ofllce; that the said Jutnel be ordered to deliver
over to petitioner the keye books, etc., con
tained in said oflice, and for dtmagee in the enm
of $*000.
The subetance of the petition in, that the petl
tilner was a candidate for the ofnie of Anuditor of
Public Accounts of the tate of l,ouislana at the
election held on the 7th of November, 187i;: that
Yvters II various paruihes who were entitled to
TOte were denied the rhlrht to mi.,
at said election on account of race color
or previous condition of servitude, to
the number of 10000; that theoftioers known as
the Meturnolg eoard were by law vested with
enapitte Jprildlotlin to correot the errors and
Wrong. which had then arisen in these various
paeishes, and that they did make much oorreo
oS and returned the petitioner elected to
said offioe; that he was duly commissioned
lad entered upon and enjoyed the posses
iaon of said office for the period of four months,
when he was forcibly ejected by a government
establibhed by domestic violence, insurrection
and revolution; that the claim or pretense upon
whelh they have ousted him front his ofice is
that the petitioner was not elected and that
The votes which were cast in the parishes in
whieb the dental of the right to vote was fif ot
t aholid be counted against him. According to
he allegatlone of this petition petitioner has not
bon defeated or deprived of any election; butt
O the contrary, was elected and was declared
slted by the competent 8tato autlority, was
commiesioned, and retained his ofltoo for
of four months. True, there
an uusucessful attempo t to
or by an exclusion of votes
us parishes; but he avers that that
had been completely thwarted by the
habed the fnal revision of the re
vote that was cast, or was at
be east, for the petitioner and against
thle fet nt had, according to his allegations
full esfeetven to It., and was tinally and effect
ively ooUn4d by the Board of Returning 0111
oers. He su thus, so far from having been
defeated, 5reeded in an election, and instead
of having b. deprived of an election, thas sc
oured an eleo, and four months after the
election has ' deprived, not of an election,
but of an oflto which he had been elected
and anutoritathv declared elected: and he has
been deprived on office, not by the exclusion
of votes for any snon, but by force, which took
theproportionrs o revolution. The statute un.
der which Jnrla.ion is given to the Circuit Oiurt
is set forth in the s~f May 31, 1870, section 23,
sixteenth 8:atntes carge, page 146, as follows:
"Ihat whenever anNereso shall be defeated or
deprived of his elect, to any a fice, except elec
tor of rreasient or P rceident, representa
tive or delegate in 'greee, or member of a
State Legislature, by ron of the dental to any
citizen or citizens whshall offer to vote, of
the right to vote account of race,
color or previous ition of servitude
his right to hold and e ch off serd the
emoluments thereof sbalt. be impaired bysuch
denial, and such person i bring any appropri
xte suit or proceeding to pover poesesion of
such office, and in cases )re it shall appear
that the sole question touck the title to such
effle arises out of the denia, the right to vote
to sitiasm eo account of uoolo or previous
oildition of servitude, sush ttuito p IIIor d
atay be iNatituted in the rtlletit orf dIaiOt GOurt
of the United Nates of the lirel ttor utrist ln
whbloh such person resides."
From this it I.pears that the ean inl whlih
the OuIaulit otrie have jurledletionl of snlh
actions as this, are limited to those in which it
shall appear that the sole question touching the
filte to such ofilce arises out of the denial of the
right to vote to olthicmes who so fntfreud to vote,
oIn accont of race, onlor or previotls und(i lon ol
eervltude, and that the juriediotlo of tle Ul.uit
r (krt is only given to the extent of determnlultl
the rights or the parties to Ieeh omll to. by resaneo
of the denial of the right guaralteed by the fif
Ieentih artiloe otf atnendi.nont l, tihe nelsttlllltin
of the United Statee secured by that not.
'There Is no dolubt ibt that the scope of this
rtatute, under the limitations whllIl it cofttains,
eltttnd flom the first ant reqllired to be d(,ne in
the inat or of an plelioun d)lon to alnd inichllding
the linal and effecl Ie canvass of the vore, Iy the
oflicer, who are charged with the d1uiy if deter
mninng anld certify ig lthe result. If, ii any of
the stages of an eseetiion, inl reglieratlon in the
receipt of votes, the Oerltfilates of the votes by
the local athboritire or the final canvass of the
Votes or the certifiate of election by the Itelturn
nlg loard, there Ihad I lcn tsuch a denial if the
right to vote as the statute eotItemplatee on
aicoullnt of race, Mollr or previots coditilon
of servitude, that matter this onilrt wouldl have
had, unlder the not of (longrees, Jl tlidletli, to
inquire into and adjiidle.te upon, alld itf may den
tetnmine the rights of lth patties to if10e, so far
as they depend 11111 thl denial ifi the right
guaranteed by the fitnll lltlnt, atile f hr- i nellneld
ment to the oinstittionl . lut. the jlurePdllt nn iof
the court btlgine ctlu elld with the denial of the
right to vote.
If, therefore, there Io a tPrelimitary exclnhmon
or aO exclluion at the polls, Ind twhat irrl r to
entreated by the proper MHate nothl li.nitht iand
there le no final and e.Tective exltlietii (iIi iote.
or dlisctinrination, or if taler ii el i)otlnll halqs Iee)
held and the result reachlled antll deleltd willh
out diarltiitattlon or teclusion fromllll iy canln,
thll person elected 14 deprvllel of hi filhe, IIIh,,
the stattle closed the dootrway tiu, i tt l, llri
diction of thbls court. The defeat iI' a eott)iliale
at an election or iis deptivatloni of arn electiion,
nltqt lie c.lcolrpill lle ll h the nllinerr y ft
the election, and tone of Ie sttge and
uslll h tt conltainhd In the result . If te eleit I'
tertminatol in the a.e-cse llflthe rentbll e, lihe
e..lenitlI grou1nd if Jnrltdictllnll oi, t pii' t if
lhib s 1ntri in wlantng. IThe wrIng whl,'h h.e Iarl
tion te frth is lthat, aft r illg li eleted cii
installed, lhe lise .lot heen retatined In Ih i ,itlee.
The ub!,tt of the etbtiltte wee in sectite antl le
tlion free fritm i.ll piioseilee.i.icin in aii llv fi iie
specified gtrtinde. It seeillrPd this olbj't iby
gitving to thls court Jurldllioeln i t ,i rreot
tirough this form of actlitin tch eixllsiIIo
effected by the machinery or pruellieps attenltdi
the election. When, as the pelilionter Iileges, all
his has been aeootuplished, nd the very remtlllt
atrived at by the statute lhae libeen worked lot and
declared, the statute g.ves no jnedicrl ition over a
cause merely to enahle a party to phyiseally re.
taln or rega.p an utihe to which ie ihad a tille
established by an eleotion, anld fronm whlch Ihe
has nullnequetly been ejected, In this case the
question by virine of which the colrt
e old take jurisdiction, and by the tertms
of the stattute it must be iltutlixed with anyI
other qusIetlon, Is not presented. Aecorduig toi
the allegations or the petItion, the election had
beetn omnpleted fer four monthls iwhen the toutere
tnk pldane, and his Inos of oflce is as indiepeltl
ent o1 any denial of tihe right to vote as if lie
had been rjected hiy a governtnelit ret lup iy a
foreign itvaeion, clainming authotity by tine right
of cntquest. Let the petition be dienitsed,.
r John l . *,tl*prl vm. JanmeiC Taltavull.
I ' FT'II IHTIIIT ('1ti tII' FoiPlt TIl' E I'.I,
Iah o, f (lrl|an, No, 1R41t1e, Ili virln o !a wrI t
of ll .Hne Aul tlallf, I. 1n1l dIIn olcna d hvthn h'll r
ahln tl . h Fif'h 1)lrIslin' I',rt 1t lr tilh pttni ri in
trllie a,. It1 thle aibovn tnttlll l Inlt,11 t, t,. I will pr.
ntPd tlo sill at inblle nuitlllln, at ltln Morohellnt.
and A ott loloets' E|".0 alýn. theynl stroot, 1ira
wna n Canal l anll d n1 orF11nitall mtrn strl-dta Htill' !
t. M tLl l) ltrihtl of this t ity, nilt TI [.l IItIAY,
Juily t11. 117 nt 12 11o'll k. to,, ll. ri llol.will 1I
tr'lbtd prioerty to wit
A rITAIrN 1.O'T O1t ItI OUN t. httithIrI'
wlith the hllttiilo and hi nttllirt Ionltl , thi.,llre in.
ind 11ll rill ant, w yiir, priv"ilin m land ' pitttti o
1,nre+ lthrnotlnio hIlcdn lln gill - In anywi n nlo
orinihling, itantad Iln Ili. Fifth lDIIrot +of thin
lty. i ltn tll, ri.ht, him)I of i hn Mli.limIppl rivnr,
Ait the trat t of latnIl known ni ihto I trooktli Vn
W1areollemp h lll I ( n irtly p|w rlopr y, n lld dihtlatt ll
his lot1t n hit r thlrUtItt ll. RllautVe llllmInber IittlI
wh hll a I m an lrll i d wlitthil I'fr ll ht n d II In rbl i
AVfnnuIti a I'.Ptov and Al,r t i.t roo. Mup psr da0ll
lanld dultio slnd for 'tfi Art'n+ Iii irp. +th . ir
Jal . i ( ahnirl t ut i ry llo Iitttis ty
yhl.h t. Iat of ground forI r lit horntor ii,
Inlto Avonin llant Alx troii t. and inoAltsi'in
In AmIl ronl tr nnHul F r, thtvr-1111on fmoo Illt
inha lii ono ll front on El.Itr Avenlti, iiv oiE
utlldrted and twentvtfhrlho f.ot night in.eai.h
ipllh andll front on Alx RItront, lnt,wnon U rmillol
Lilte. ' it1 til't Il e1 i 1 proiporlyr nol11rto I yI Ihn
fo, lll tll hlorl f' y ltthlnl rIf.r JI ronIll
Hattly, is vor not bofore Anldrew Ion., Jr., nl
taryl ptblile Ii thtis ,Ity, ila td i It, . ovmn th 1f,
Slt 112r,. t7 n.
l'rI l In thl l onvh tth tllt.
TeIras| ('ash on the s"l.1
'lvill Shl riff of the I'arish of Orl,anu,.
Orllr. I.. I'olti rM, cors.', . Prlonrit El II.l
Ihlhlwln lltnt.vl.nor.
t of OrlansR. No i. tI4 --Ily virtu. of i writ
if llrl fa'htcia, naintr- MIrs. M.lartha l1 l'40tte 4,1
toti ef i lroiot ld by lel, h onornhli tI h t ifi th
I tlllrlt C(ourt fOll the nrih ollr f Urll an. , In tII i
nhvo enitletd e itt. t I will t ll'rooned to t, ll it
publinl ninhllton oln t. WttIINIIIIAY, Jun Ito, 1It77.
alt 'olok UO iI.A, .it Iy warlthol. . . No.r, 7:
annd , n Orlin llst root, hlnt aivatill Itayt llltld f ll ir
V troll rt s.t In D ilthS. t irO l t. or thiAih oitry,
ho. A. Jollow uing dn. I.ert)l R r)Vrt, to wl.
A ,OT ' O tF II U No. titl,-II ,) FUlINIrt ItIlI . anl
pr linventory, which hny hoIt ein IIn mly unIl,,..
aihl , IU inl(l ablovet lt , t r r
T'ltrnlun-Ca t on th tlspot.
Civil Sheritff to tiho Paroishl r ( )r1Ilns
Orrhin N'. Pottller, x tclulor, Vs. (brles 1I.
T Ish of Orlnns. No. h.1ts--IHy virtue of tun
order of salae to mi direotpd by tho honorabh, the
1ixth strict ('ourt. for tho. parlsh of Uriallns.
Itin ti. 1ab7. eanti 1t Onk 1n, tt willU prelliId to
soll at publhin anution, at lho Morhlan s and
Auetlonotrs' Exohnng,. Royal strol, beotwOn
1'anal and (:uatomhoume s irooth In t14.e o1n
District of thil ,ity. on IATUDi)AY, Juxn la.
1877, at 12 o'olok In., ih followhnzg deseriboi
pronPorty to wit wt
THI. 'TIUOtt IAT E. II. WA1ND. I.nu. itlr in
liOn, FmihLin ilfry, tokhlin a'lil. rl tur nitIure
nr she now ilt's In tihe M id sippi rliver loI r dth
Vallette Dry Doek. at Algl1.r.
"l mied in the ahbo,.w. sn.
iiTorltln i-('ith onit Iho pio)I.
Civil Sheriff or thI e Parlish of Otrlitant.
" ish of Orleans, No. os:io.I-+By virtue of a writ
able thlo Sixth Districg t Courl t f'or the parish of
Orloeans, it the abo've entitlel d ican'. I will prno
to'l to stil at publi aucton aitti at the ýiorehinrts'
and Auetioneers' Ex<,hango. Royal street. ho
tvoen ('final and Customhouse strotm. In the
aSectnd Distrlt of this t ity, on TUI.NiDAY.
Julno 2f. 1877. at 12 o'olock mi., thhe olliwing
. A CEjini lot OF (ONDr si.uated In
lth First Distrhlt of this ,ity. in tilh, squlart
htillidet by Not.r alhr o. Cii11 lortnt nii Julia land
Tehoupitoiul I strloet, designated by ti num-llll
Iert fourtel, anlld ei urlr it. l Ihi t int ly-lin f lsix
inches fy un i frot o Notre im ftreet. between
Comrn.re r.. anl l'rhoupi t ln i i tels, by r Elwghtry
fort. foot'o Ilvlinehr i and six line city. depIth
betwloon aurtltly lFiy.
SitUat.d in tho 1sa1.e distrit td square. an.d
d.signated by the number flfofen, anld forming
lhio 'orner "f Notre D'amo and Teh<upitlh.las
strioots. meais1ring twenty-one fiet six inches
front on Teshopitu, street. twonty-one oon ht
ono inlh and ton and a half lins in the .rar. by
Civ dep ilh of even -tour three iuehi s on Notr
amoje street. and sevety-o2n feet Gven in\h,,
an d filar and a half lines 1it depth on the sid,
adjoining lot number sixthqn.
The whole, in confornmity to a plan drawn hv
C. F. Zinelelengn'erand surveyor, dated the
twelfth of Nov),mbxer. 1..|, extant amnng tih
roeords of G. I. Stringer, late notary publio in
this city, together with ell tho buildings ans
improvements .ihroon. Being the stnUm prop
orty which was acquired by thum deft ndatt h,,re
in by purchase from the heirs of Alexand,,r
Grant. Sr.. a., per act passed b.,fortn Edwward
Barnett, late a notary oublie in this city, on the
twenty-fourth day of February. 1S6).
Beized in the ahove suit.
Terms--Cash on the spit.
Civil Shoerilr thme Unia'n1 of OWians.
n)y5 jel 26
-·I- IICI IIg· I C*. ii -. ,. , .. -,, .
10 llHltPt mL~llm,
S fentltinek Mien vam, JInmeph A. 3Pwn.
IIt (D 1 lt1ITlT ro1 l THli PAll
I i , i , Ni. wt---t V vrtlul.t n f I writ.
S nt i rli t nIll fr't"'t Y thn ll ,itrn
O iltan, 1i theIl a.tvn (nh fti'tl aIsinn. I " llf
it priiud i, nfll it. p~tihlhi a itlhu, at tt. . l!r
it hanta nail Aln'th iti'n!in Iiltan, li, tni
si tran, IetwJ eln lFa ( 1IIR j CI tatorhoune affrets,
n n th tnrindDittlft I i uf iisi enityo in Att It
AY. Jit llo io!. 177, it; 1A riclnk nl,., flip llwtv.
In ab 3 1 Ly~cst~l II, 17( ND rt itd
the Bfroitij~lbn trli4 ~ thin nift j- it tfi ithian -'o
h Inti ue lr'lhoan. J, CuI'l V, I,~I(OV s W( it hl
AtIll .n1in ]n( nI nlrnat' I)liv tli. nitPllle iri
Itld. it (-1111. (+t (l.!,.0llroc9 |.. |it.' ( I(II H\ '
I w fw ltyt-onI p .it a1 in tlRIt itatwn Iy ('. A. I tdiii,
q ,ibhlfit h It dt ll thilrtecntlllh tf Auri. i .li). il
int1.i ir In vtll nIttlmliH n.pyvn thi flli 9.b k i r
Ilutn nf A, . . Allnwiiwrfl,a late-' a illtatry Itllhl i I i
til/t ,fly. taln ain, aR.9n.g,.'!In hi a linf wni wit 1(i w y
'riurni. & le dIP. lnnaticituuitn aunt tlutu ititli inIi
tho , fl, o fT R WaRlt r It, Ints, I lar 11 nllolntly 1I11lh
li I i'h h it , hi tfun tl ltll llll ftv l yIIl -fltnr, itll
I tllllt iniltl rlan , o tiit. lh-twi ctlst, nllohl n a.ll
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i.lrnIIe, lnl lfll- --ll-l-ol-- -- 11-I- - - t-ll - V-- lly--
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,lll h vr ,l o 1 oit l d 1 in ttl l e Rh n n of l "' i ll ql ++l(t ' IItl
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IUtrtllly lh hitI l lle rllm. b 11r Ifr1lvo lnno. u 1r(I
(a t ten (t 'I'I111t 1% II.c fr I.l , . rn.¥.
lostrlln onhe sIlivif I IIn' o.gihf Int number .
III.I II M io t o '.II I t
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sititel y (ifM~b U it@ (30 b (qrcaunro
Jrunl r!k.ol vl. 'I'hrhphlli Ilnller.
ilXT!I I TlH'l C111T 'c 'llI I'Itt 1 TiIi PAIl li
iPl of nrllnls N, . 11 2I. by viitno i-f n
writ, i l arinil ti i nlI mii li t, looi illr a tlt hby (n
hoii l inliii ithI h iti triot tviti l li gIllo . ! ovom.
1ir, nuI IIi i n` il iI" t # 1 ii lil i i n tli ln.l 11t thil Mlllir.
fl 4lg llUiilig, hi, Ihn itl vv' ,r !i lii" d rI hu41n, willv
u.(lntqhli i .l A(i l rtlil ii i'il IIIch ,n .. 11irif i l
11lti0 . h, l Io ilwn l ( i al4 I ,,, , t td tnh . ii ab % ntIq,
11:in i ofnta . i- lln 'isr i 1 y It e rIg0 "nt ('In if It
IiA Yh. I o lo.l i177, ii t Ir '1i'illni In1i., thI o, irh.wlmll
1 r'iii ih," d n.i l i''l.ii, to witl ,
'TWOr I' i ITi'AIN I l'lu i- I ii tItl1tilN ri 1,1
Igrller wm llh ii l (iI. - Inlitlr l v'n' ! in 4 n ( l'til( I iill i n ll
hun i rivvtiul' P i hirvI fi illm ,|i i Iitllr l u tliu i , lw.ily .
ntlrlllv i.tim . rli lll. iii i in'l im Isltr 'Ivioil.qn e, hli irn-i
,AllI ',, I (l l h lo. lh l ii N oFl lr I I' lh llv, fit
gll y nII pit.il i, f i Iiln pllri ui ilrlm ,it iJtffrM lii,
it h ' otrlm l-gi . 41iiahtimiu d 1ii i I p i inti hi It l1tiln
holiu k nnii ivonill tu notl t tti ,d iin hi' rofmn f
Hi iImn Mir nnr. i nl.n lm ry pl l hiIt 11 thin h ,lly
1it 1,ln fit i i ofi April o rmn In by i iv ngrl n bII ih t ii.9ny
lild i ghtl . 'r Ir l iulllr lll lllthe Inr tmllwn liy- tw
ti n ttlll u yll v !hlr.i n,y Miunm.' l in. ('mit hililllm'
1IA n na l LRiv (I ok ntre.nnt nl lots t)Ilntqiring
"tinll ll ( rlw Otr. n 'l lly- mit t' hl n iLr f t ln ,litriltl Ill
mlr ' .l, hV it i i lt iui ll. l rl iiii r i y IWllr nty' fi ti
In dlepth, hl rl n-ty. i l l lin" ' I II y 17.
t1, '' anln 4lro 1tty whlll \ ll s dhn inf ndinl
lilntn ll i'. yilll'id v l'lit h iltn frolti i.lil nlt
1illllruatll,, l and the 81"",,nmlinln if Nir,. .alrt l
l lllrln Marl, MInl, ll',,lll. lil#1 do, -,ln d wife by
T4 rm1 h (I I l ot I4h HotIo t.
('1 l v ii $hn l' I t' ifI liiih' yilirilh ut (irl'uvln.
Hivrmilf tIuttratFT Etmupanyri ofC New
Orli'ittu j im. Emhn 'i:nl itmvymhin.
Elizabeth Ilrmh vie. Jimepts 0,I.
LTOUIL ' 'll 1)1I 1'T ( it' llT Fo1l TIl1I CPAII
1 iih of Oriil an, `nu . 4stiav - fI y virtui i i f i t
writ -if oi gur. i n lii toil'rl rl i iiw n dillr I It ti by'
Ilh hLriiifltt r thell ol tlh o it lrint il ' II(o lm l rlti, tlll h
turith of Orliinhai in the litg ." wnetilld "miann, I
wliirlll tr l tlii, t- ll vol t U it b vli ,ttl ltn l, lit tn MI 'r
ucillantm' ing irmi o n mll o , ixtlhi gutl , Ith -ii
ti t . (h' iiilt l mo ii (ana i ni t gu Ih + vimin i itl II liii,.
,In l hn I4"tli r, 1111 it lI f thi'ii nty. i n iili lAY.
inlnilgll thi , 71mir.li ' nu'l k n., tl r l ing
1. TWO 'EIlnI'AAIN LO IT4 OiF l ItOUlI lllntl in
ttlu Finhrt Hlmoi ii it mf thin -lv hs In Illyt IiJii tIe
ull ll iir iotldlll id liv I llvill , V It l r , ICu i tot I
II'iull iiin .il i, mdl l. 1 lltuvit , fol i m lv I l y l 1til' h
tumilli .Ir I tei, l lu tl finil , .on lt inilll d'rlWn rby
1,-ill lttuly Ixl.i hllix nuirv Iv r lI ( t"t flrl11, illllnniil
trill Iin t ill m imn frl'' Ii hhllm h I 'Itl , i t"iii n1 nll
in iIlltIs ity l ,,i n tih l 'I 'll u l ly o l iti nlit 1 i ii lh'
not llii' itl, ii !iin ti I it i uhli nI,y i tu-iii' ililur nllo
nilLtn h4vin it Anii rl ' i nlliinllt r, Init Itwu il t y-ii
foul: tl n ine~r rro!lnti t11l VIIhlnrn atr1ntll' , hi ll i V
thri'a1 fo'ot h lv e lnlhls in di tio hl; m it , fmi ,,
illn tnlli e nllor O f Villll;,!, I 11 itlitnvlloi reh 1 t,,t.
2. A Ol'l' 1iN POI.0 ii i N OIIF I tiUlltN. . iit
Ilittnt Il ihn i iv nm liltr'il ai nd nillvii , nlull Itim ll rii lI
in Anlnriau' lliqn.llrnIwentllm m"ix rf!+lttto inlh, n
Ihiur.e o lil i'n friont i(nlt Nmm VIIInr. n str11 nt, i lby i
uiutm#1 n in hi' liii tIlIK l io l ' hf. i n . Iext, tIoo mi iii -
hluv natril ol t hli. I t 't vuiil f ti l orlviginlt l +A t
itnmhir imio. lit'ordlnl ti itoa' - ln drawn byi
illp lo lly, nrohiti ti ,l'l, i tl lo t l inetn nti li
of 01inuary, 14:30. dlposdil In the ofll--n of (1i1'
ltiYl l ,tnrdiuri. lh n itI n' itry pu li I, n tll hi
to, iiinnd nt i iir ' ll h r i i'ii',hn ifr. fr i lm un lph ill
,li r , i 1i i 1' i v" I aro rlb ). f l't1 1 ,in,. lu-in t 4 ii h l i..
I. i i i li t . u tIb i i ' i v r . l4iy i li, 1 4 .
Se yil in thll Ilybovi llit.u
TlhOiMiIAS 1. HIAN.iY,
m ivil vShriT of tihn ii iii' of Or.lans.
Inmy7 2.4 jet
Hlbernla Innuranre Inompany of New
OrlIunl v8. Eilwlard( i ]ydn.
of anilrtiur lId 4lin to I1n dIirie<td biy Ith honoirlt
lith tIl, Fifth D)hisriot Court for the pairlsh of Or.
hloal it thi nhlVo #4nt4 t,,d , uann I will pr.ie.d
to oil< fit publln iu'tion, at Itli Mirehanlil'
and Au"tionolr!' Ex'hangte, 11',#1l t troit, ion
tViin ln l iand1 O.tul|+,mil nlim!an itrfut. In Chi
't,1and Dir triht of thin ells, oill FIIlDAY,
June 8, 17'.nIl,12 a o'',hok inm, Ilii f hll\wini do
serihod proplrty, to wit:
1. A ('CI'tTAIN LO I' OF 1RiliOUNltitlhnt.l in
lilth Firtt listriel of thin "itsv. In ith . uiaeirn
hollr nded by T'' ililitw ilt,, Si . ,lost , l0li. North
MarkitaInd| Niw |Lsvenl , t1,rlt m iringIWln
t1y tent nlivoI I In'hil s'eln linl s front on
'hlu mill'i, forty-4 v''en ,l, !ix infolh Vili'litn !In
In 1"41lh 4 n thn lilt h41i1 towards ,t. Jo8", h ,t'ievt,
tlnid forty. two fuel ,ix Ilhin , in deiph olt Ihti,, ii
li-r 4i1#hiolin!,e tl llthir with the ii4" ,f tni allly
lprning 11n1 ' h, in iitouhian Ntront, to.othlh+r witl
nll lilt, hihlin'is and improv menlnit ther lon,
'mprin ishitn l'thr-'story brik star. known in
Noi.2mr'rhoipitollli st 4lr- t alnd ill the r hth ..
w\vay4 and ,dva' tage4 th!rmiunto 1i,,lonH t n. t -r iti
x. A CIEITAIN 1.11' tF (GROUN.NI, tl<illth-r
with all the hI ihllilln s and impir,-\menis th"ri
on, right,.t Wa" w iy nd llvnitagei th,",'lunto h,
longili. or In 1ny\iy++ ailppe'tatininl. si.lllt ]d in
the luburb oI1lord, First I) .trilt of t1hi. city, in
tho telnllr~ .11 ,101"d by 'Teholitnill ii.. Lo'nrd.
Pi"'rl nnd Louins t4rooli4, dowlannt*id by ti
numbir s 1, 011 on p lan n mlthy F.Zimpl.l,.r
vvoyr, nn the ninth of Novelmbi-r.1:14. and det
pesitrd in t#1 1.f1ll00 ,f HI. B. Con s, I,t. at n ,- t
"an miie4alur". t wvnty-on- ' f',t eleven i#1'"h1.- (nto
1lne iront ol T,,houpit.uLai "r!t, r ytl.uligty-six
feet indl pi h betwe.,in, pdI ll l linen.
liingI t . s lam 'p !,,, rop .rtie ; ," lirtd hv thl+, do.
fondant hertin h- purhis). a4 foll ,w' : Tli11
1, +t d e< , r r iht ,d /ro p e rt • f o n thh h ,i lrs ,f 11. Mll.
Shiftl by nat b-'fort1 P. (. Cuv!llih r. Ito, in tnury
4u4l# 11" in this "ity, dated tanth of .lay.1 1 i, and
Ihi properly s. "-ndly, dest rih' d flUon the s1u.
.,ssl 'n Of C. Tournirtr, i,¥ att p4445101d I,'f,.r" A.
F. BiPnvcnli, noto1ry p ,bl i in this "its, dittId
thirtieth ' enember, 461R.
i-eized in Ihn . 1bo i uit.
Terms-Cash on the spot,
Cil." S7.:ri ... .' . , ....e r of ý u..
my7 23 jeS
MMERnIPP Mliill!ll.
iVanntly 0,b ts, 14. lahn,
- 01l0tLTH10Etif II0T COtiT tPoll THtlfPAll
0 'Inh ofl (O'rlanll--1l0c 44,lli!4.--li vlltue! ofr a
-writ ft ldl ftii fi ,l to me drlliretd iy tlu I onl
ir atllst the lifth l)tttrltt Uoturt for he I.itr.hi of
II Urbap~nk. In t nh ub t Patithlel Inqu. wilt bti
i tween Uantl nelten- hsiiftlhu ialttr.., iw th
(Ipul if Rf i ! Rut nllur li tiilloii, ll fit lvi - NIM h)tlAtY
Sliell Al!,lt l of. th, e.htyln9ltp , onhWENnltrnt, I)rA
tw-!.li t~altll ltld (Jllllloillll(ltllR R ltt'!'.l. ln tll
fj.lil! l ll . tll,,,l .!l 1t1. .lt ,, ,,,,,,il VJIp I.4IA¥
Jl l (a 11 r1977, cat Ii n'1lo'k i .. tll 1 fllow pitng dul
I rln! 't n ~lll'fi- t t 3 wit l
T l , nE nii i il t(1 fr~' I 'ANi t ,f I lht lr~f ii !
fot lift 'Itti . it uite ri htt up itt~ i' nt lanthitftl fJ siini
hitl hil fttht n tt 97ill t U fliI f ti fi- ,ti tlt
A( Tllt lrflt i ii. , h T lleViirf I tri t.i? f hi,
siiiy tfif wtttll tilf if.rl , l ti the re
ln, ii wi il tn t n I tlI fIflf l rnll.'llcl |illln hI! to th
thinher RI . It. ,,1 hf l th1 I Ati 1' ! i n llt
RI.,l .II rll, lllllll(. (I " 1PI I t I I', 1" I.111 I l! I!1~t
i f i ty .171l ,
Ausmi.mi N'lmo~n TluAnlilh , I'f alI
UTt llnirt i t h(tnlll i ff i tiitjlt.ii't i In h wl n -
Iftifi ii Ii i t t 'fii ll i ii tI 4 iflif .
1ff w8 t.
lQflifjff1ffft'1 l illiT .l 1ll nh it? ( iN t ,lilitll
stiliafi f lt Ii. iiiiliii' i . Tholdlr ila I ifli,.
i f If l If I I i fi lr l Iift I tliII ilI Itt i' F f J' II!ti l
nit (plri.!apl No% , stul~ Ily vid'tal €,! a w ilt,
iiJ oiiilllfii-ii nllial f tf ll"f n rlt l elt f y h( ! IIfflffll n
ahuf Iithi If Ilfth I'l- ut l fl. flll i. l fif i '.!rihfff
I lnl f 1t1fifll l t, i ftifL. ,llltl i iiit ll l i i I tiflilf
fi dl 1fiff ll tt lfi ile Iiffiftfi. i , f i t th i tfifit , ' ii li"
ft l f' f llfl ilii ,iiutif I i F lll'ti f it l !'.l,, fft if l-f i
lI.r , l f !invl f lff if ll! i,.itlls f rfif iir ·a i , hiIl
Amte 4i nti 'Atr N t !ltI. ,i lIlii NIg tA. iii Ii f
11lff i thllll i t! f ioft tfif eif fffifllfAY.tili
ii'h th 7t il f in'ft it., noitifliffi
iff A I'- I t IIt IAINt f I ,i 1' f(i. ('tffiii li. 1, withi I 11
lh h b lt iili' i ti l 'fffi fffiil iiiiiit fin-; . ltl i
I N tl, Il u!l, trih i a lly i N I ,ltarbl.'. . I n th I M!. ! tllp'
tififllf 1f tti ,ii llifi ff1 ,l.,' Ii tififllIfiff, lit t~iuitiiiyll
fitlu ii ii tli 'I I ft! It igp! ' i fil iif nl 0ii0 li 1tim
fffilffi fit1 iffI l.t Ifftlfllll Dlit iii' Iliv~ ifiif, tiiliiitii
uhfwt t h v |V . Itfifg niI, ii l y III votIf i ! ti if t ht i
Iwen!l y" P illl Unyl if A plui IIl!1"i, ni~~ aIltl,,.li,,I it
tl ittitll '. Itfi fIf.fff' tirft ili iftit,,,l i tliil, Ify Ih .,111ff*i
Ifitf t I 1 lll !! tifu lff riii fi I fi° ifitfufff i fiff, ff1 ilittnl,,l 1!
thftntiii (I, fhi ,f ifti I u ffll' y hli il' itflf ilh ili.t.ut,
f nll.,,l itll l ii titiff if Fif t h o I pilh
I fit ttl l h Ij ,tit, lifif !tep al ti!i ltt i l !!1h
!'oiu lV nts p r gll!h " !!l,.lines nn l l l lboo m th"!o .lill
(hl, itni rtt it i l l ttif, br'iil i ff1 (intl.,f lu-f
inf t fl I ut 'fi fl.!l'bi !, Ih W h! t i o
by iliit u lite flloo l-l! L lipr jutthl m.l olpi' u In.
the bli lir s nea vIh inipl. nv!. n!l t, thnril nii , W!., .i ;
endll. in heIp rnt, Ul* l sH.tri.I h o" th- IIlillyOl ofillo
Iu ! ! in l!! InlltilV! hi"t l i n th. re'I!IPP en n l'|! . I- ill
ille twoillii noon,,lll Uniy otf ..}ntia illr, 195,'. nneil (10,
I-!ltedl lit the oftTl.l of 18, |lil'enoff. hnto aL linit y
un li i n thii ! i t ! ,'1 n,, i i nt p tlll.il Ie fl!! ! fo.,! Ihonell
, ,hom ', i !un i, I' ,ime tl I t roo .I!! hy ait.! hundreld.l
linil (wf, ly!i f,-t sll,.i hoitwoonl lln nitall, !lilneS,
Ilelpnl !li .lii, t lro y ouiti! noi ngllll.Il hv (hie il1,
ilpnd 'ithodl- iit. entl. ngl-i~! I,! iiot sili.nd be(forp'
,Jlofephl Unh n~, polylll vl hitll, i,! til. !,tylltinted
.l+thl dayl of ,liil ,lvl.10 .
Unlfn, in the nlh, ve_ . il!.
no 1."1 FI h rilI! ofl ll!e uictp h ofl (Iprtian ..
~ifre AaqwrImllon si ii AigerI'a# via. Eten. W.
11 n i 1 '.
ii vii i!p.'i't o 111 PIIII'nn . No, LIII stir vinl of tl
it wlri'tlI IlH'·) I P tl lIloolld tioll l ', iln i l i, t ri't lnl liiih'
11111 ll tll ' Ill- lil'l illr t II IVr i i" llo llnllollr 1 l r I l
if iiirlrir ·il In ti 1lovir' niii i H i ! ,vnrgn, rtrttl(fi~ l(
Ill ill.n I 1i , l nli v. II. iI tiily Ilitrli lrl iii th i - ''i
111111 II 1.111 Vi t Ilint it '' II ilh'r l i ihV.111 l lil
SII , lr t 111I will It rrl', Iiil~Ilo l, 1,t flHMot'
" liliVn'tn lit l till , iii n I nll ' I' 11111. I,'~
1111111 tll riol 1o'1 1l'ni 11 11 t lu t' 1'I ItIlt)I. lltlrtr tall
i Iml('ll ir.ii 7llt ll,' il, li I I 'k. ' '1 t 1 1, f IItIs "f l~ Ir
il~Hl 11' 11 P1ro1Io tlfl "l i.
A i 'lr\ J ii 'All N 'r ',11, (lln n , ill,' lrorIq' IN r-, it h ill
It f ii'lll lIllrliT ftt It I till tti III' I 1)il 1iiII 1
I ll li' "YnII 11 'II i iglito ,o-nni. of t't(l r Itanniu
011onrol' H r1"t. II fll wil r h ilnlr i b
II. lIn t ('filler vN. W. .1J. IIlotiRu.
FI Fi" l I .ri Il'Tr'IH T C(, O i f11T Il lM lt TI 1E,
|ll' rll'b for )rJitI 14,l Ni1, 41,14a Iiv vi iii l r fo till 4
tlikn tI pliur n wt It ol r I. l t'ri flr'. , to a1 ilrnrt+ d
Iby the I o rblhl I ll- hn Fifrth )lstri,,t l hourt fr.L
tlhi pai rltui of Ii rl'iltni t II tilh, in a vi tnnttind
I',0. 1, I [will + 4111 Y rO li h111L4., 1 t it 'I i ht u li J11, iin,
idjrtlth uMrotinth, nlti inaltil, r.'titi I bstr.lnho ,
It O. i,'. 11v'.,.,t M h , .11J, ll Al!.lllll ' illl x' hlI) lnht1 .
11i' h11ti itlit I ,iul h~I. I r i t 1tt 't ill tttttrtt .111 1
Itff , r . In llh,, I ha H 4 ll ri' . 1it'i(Ih' It. h iAtly. , ,n
HIA''IILI )A . .l10irl I iii. 1 177. 11. Itt 'OIo k I t.,
thli f ol vinE d,,. Er , 1lnl.t ,rlen to wit.-
l. l t H ),lAIIti UI ( tRhINtI i Iuir'thovlEln,
known nI nllllllll m fl'! (llly 4o Vllln, r Iontlnlll l Lv
t itl ltu t1 I li. t t intt r Itoitu' i i h rlindtd fly iullr .t.,
d•lf ll Av lln'll m hn .uring twit Ihuntrd maill
li , t ,hi lltv. Ii i t,'IfoI t Air1I t lwo' thr ill mtl l i.v ii-n
htil litiw rl'z n l hInnnfon l tBrE|LT. rICw limin
hlr Id iL nind 1r' !' fI tl r t flln W btll trl ' n lt 1II, 1
twol blllll in l'' l and rl ,,nit fil ,ht.onl r inmh two IlinI.
rintl Jill olomWmlingl. rlic Av n.llli Whlu h II prol
atty wm,+ n I'nl l l b4 y thgrliy ,Inr uh t h in a I n frolll
the htr- or) f V,. linrt/., anm tihm 4 vnth of .1nn-.
1i !1., by O ili.tnotmi l by H. lu5~n r. Init is nItoIirV
phbll' in lt hil ilty.
. HIVI'N It.ittt O F l 't I't11 .N I, titu. . atnd in
thnltli tiluhta hl. t h a ti tI , in III ut.IIIrII I lllltr l.r
forly-4ov1e.ll.bhi D4an. aind urph r thrlle hul
r(I llo | a u iney. Pv II y. v' , now plan. . nrldlrd bv
BoIllalol.llln . lnntlllol . .n rltmlllnt and Pil.
Itjrl t. ll , hl lo|t r arme .de.lsial.ted by thel n1urll
tv ft. lltut i lton. fvtif lnl, llt It l RlI v nt ii d
hi itllir'l nll inl nl lll n l dtw., y on a uIinl dsto -n
Itd in ItI 8holrto J1fi2. 1, IIlT. Clumbers fo.r
tl+.nl, nflfL' l, Aixtl. l n, 4nvent i.na it d rrlllht,'rn
adoin each other, and roel+aUron h t b hirtv Iweo
hint vl1.1n 11)he4 four linh n Irrl on fr'nthII)
trentl , tby i ,pth; llf 11n1 hundr! d lln ,+ lllln tino o.
w.nlly l mni ll' 1 ,)It thli .y f+oot, rLii +oll |11t,
'tr +.,t. hy It 111,1th or on hunndrnll ol lii thir'ty
frot six InchnlI C htwon p ralrlll linR,. Whl1.h
4l,1p1 p lly w a aclll' q llr ,Id by thm . wl'ihnntl, frw
.1. (Onstrll, a notary p bhli1; in lhls 'lity. 1 th'
thil odlr Nivembl r. I 8;9.
,:L 'I'1' ',I C T'I'AIN LOnTH iOF GION.L
Aihllulhd in the Sixth lDisl.ri't of th-: ifiy. ill
. ulnl'l nlmbrll fort' , hb rilnd hv Vail ont,
l ,eo nt hino, I'iltl i lnd 1'ryltran ia str ,'et ., ' ,1Th hit
havillga m ro', t ,f tw, ' nlv ight f1,-1 tvo in'hr,
onl Vnim nlt 'trr'feet.by oI l' hu| nldlrf'd mdl tw'lety"
threi (1e.t eil ' inch in de'pth, Ih lw ,'"i panrallel,
III1+1 , whi'h !0 ro1 p.'l'Vr wit') r11 ullll',d by 1th1, d11 -
f',n1r l nt fronm S. 1,. 1111., by, first., rill al.r pJ 411'1I
h,,f,.r, H. M ll.4l1or. illt .+ nl rl'V 1llbli" Il thi
11itv. 11a tho Ilrh't f April, 1 ,7; find, 4"1'11nd, by
fii iltn lt1p 4 1 b, fr W . L. ol',,I IIa i l n tla'y limul
li' in thi. 'it',-n lhl 1lfl'1,- ith o April, 1x1:1.
N .iz; l ,n . th, Ia ýVfi luit.
Tel'rmsV-(Calsh oll th)I Spollt.
t'ivil hlerlff of thO , l'aris'h. ,r )Orl'm,1+.
tit ION'EN41 ION ,IVEHl'lErN.
NurreNldon of Ellen Farrell. 1
S p,1rili oif Orltni,. No. ,3R,437-Wh rtirom
E. I. Pnrkor. Dulhlle administrator, haI4 ntod
1 lhn 1-staty oif ith late E'lhn F'11.1 rll. din(-asifl,
hntll,' Ls t. NotJ(in Ii h(Ar'lhy gtv',I to all whorm
it may -,n1.fni, to shimw '.Jill+ within ten
days why t.1-1 liyor of thei ..1hd lomtiotit.ner
hlmlht noi tr* granti.
lOv ,rd"r of tCho court.
30:: 4 12. JUIN HERBERT. Clrk.
t ' a.ll r4tih r 41+,l".+.rai h,-,in intrl+.t'td, to
show '.i1; a within trln days from the pros
'nt n"tifladtionl (it' ilV th'y have or ("arn
why tl*, il1" ot P.resent'dl bv E. T. Park'r,
Iulii, w.!rn niit. ato1r, and admlini'tratt.r of this
'4t ft1. .lnthl not !o h rnaiu-tt d anyl allp
1,r,,vfd, and th' funds di.trtbuted in a4c1ord
ani'r th'rwith.
By or door u. t ,e court.
my30 iea 8 JOHN HERBERT, Clerk.
SAVE @5e0
-- A i)N-.
Its comrnlitors receiving only an award for some special feature of their lnaisIinns ,
mile Worill-rallownil Wilson 8h1ttle Scwing Machine
Hans UnllhIilnl Caparily In do fil klilnds or familly sewing and Mnt!rfactlring,
ITS PATENlT Al'!T1' A'IIC "('UT 011" on the hnud wheel lpreven' thu inn.
riline fI'ronm r nuunin blackn wnrtd, ntdl olviatei Ith neenilty of aking tIhkl e w ourk
from the m,'chin to w ind thrernd on the bobluiit, which mn ;t, heI Ione itl h i il
other Newing li.chin.R., to 1hl gr~ret annoypnc,' of the operatfor, rc p.riilly In
takling, heInni.i amd ralfl r. Itl does one-thfird mento work i.n I gien 'in;~lit
of timen, ao tll any ollher Su'ewlrvIk ilnhine.
Thir Wilson Machinou will do a much work in one dy as four other achino,.
It requires nio elwirhl inllrrct.iohni to Ise ft; an lll.4trated Diofction hook 1a
furnished wilth :eclh mn(chinr,
A properly exeruted ieorliliriafo ia furniwhed with each nachlin, guaranteeing
to keep it in repair, free of charge, for live yeara. Machines sold on easy
terms of payment, and delivereud, free of charge, at any lRailroad Depot In th'.
United tates where we Irve no AgentN.
Send for Illnstrated Catalogue. A Agents Wanted.
Frr full Iurliclairs ,enll or ntlranq
180 Omanal IStrtnt, N1W OtI, EANK
Furniture Emporium,
The Largest and Most Centrally Located Furniture
Establishment In the City.
(lonstmntly on hand. and at thn LOWE.4T MARKET PRIOCH, the largest and ioet eeleetet
To bh found In tie Mout .eoneBetinag of
Suits UphoIltereud in BroeatAl, Cotoline, Reps, Terry and Ilair (loth,
and Finished in 0ilt.
BEIl French PLATE MIRRORBS and Patent Fancy
(HAIiiS; fine BEDROOM SUIT, with French Plate
I)rer.I'rrreph CVsees and Armnlre; mragnflomen
.renoh laite HALL STANDS with HALL OHAIRS
to match; DIlING-.BOOM ead LIBBIARY SUITS of
every gradt.
A complete aortment of MEDIUM and OOMMON
FURNITURE, of every grade snitable for country
and elantation cce.
A fare stoek of boxed and knock down Furniture
LOUNGES, made to order.
All Ooonle packnd and shlppnd fron of charge. Thanking our frlonds and the publld
for their past, patro.uio, we soliclt a continuance of the same In the future.
Armory Hall, No. 87 Camp Street, New Orleans.
mlia f,
Corner Delord and Constance Street.
Steam Engines, Boilers,
Sugar Mills, Furnaces for Burning Bagasse,
Vacuum Pans, Clariflers and Filters,
And every descrltion of Machinery for the South.
We bag to call apnchal attention to our large stock of SUGAR KETTLES. Having pur
chased tho entire stock of thoe ttacker Iron Works of Tsnn.seen , for which Mr. E. F. Lavillle
bouvre was formerly igent (and the only genuine Telnnosee Kettles in the market), we
offer the same for sam. as wenl as those of our own mauufacture, price list of which we
will be pleased to furnish upon application.
fetoif LEEDS & CO.
-. |!!,! I
A Third of a Century.
J. B. VINET, with E. VINET.
Over thirty years' exDerience In the business.
New store and new goods.
~07 Canal street, between Bargundy and
Rampart streets. fq2 Iv
Formerly with Frank Johnson.
250 and 262 Magazine et. near Delord.
Undertakers and Embalmers.
All business entrusted to the firm will receive
Dromvt and careful attention at moderate rates.
Carriages to hire. 1828 1
Purchased by A. LzMORE.
a821 No. 5 Galder Court.
Stock, Note and Bond
mhm tt

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