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flAIL? vt ti .;e njeme urate hall
r nr~lnnnr rrý nt bne ruts nuUr
A AD1VIU13tl@llt MA'ThU...DAIL'.
ui u1d n to t ea n so oenetet
6s 0 mant 3 n *qu nt naoiditnt
li id e vlm'a?'oie month
u(n· ·w() oIo moIN mo. Iun
40 10 111 ý
", .., 1 e/ 45
A" No ýºIll ithforlim kit W4" 'vNe
balM r hwrn.e ,n
""am . " 12 No 100b
~ 4gli4 at k N a it for
lio 00 tmoJ Vito IN~
...... 54 ii Nt n t
*W n N No 103 I
Mi M N N 10$ 135 n
Ye..... 54 IS 55 31
N so s is. u
W~h~i I e iso so co mo
`,The Rt. Louit lobe-be'moorai snIgest
Hltidrloks and Hamptom for 1~R0.
.-The Pope has made Marshal MaeMalhon a
grind eoein of the Order of Plus TX.
-Alabamna, G(oorgla and North C(aronlln are
Iaoh ufitring from nlight att.eks of gold
-.+milin returns from all hit two .Mlni1sn
In Ueorg Iva g.b majority for Ith (inMtl
Sattonal COo(n 0tlo,
,F, -LThe slave trade oil the Zanloibar eonat
simns revlvlngM means being taken so that it
haull not. attrnlt publlo attention.
-Qen, Ewlng dtelarae that he is not a ean
dtbo for the Demonerati nominlatlon in Ohio,
bid feels p ty assured of the party'e sue.
eolis this fel,
S.Tho ex4-unen of Mpain, it Is said, has ap
pealed to the Pope to tuse lla influonoe to pro
vt ant her smt, King Alfonun, from marrying a
hiotFOathllte prino es.
-A saruastie oorrepolndent of the Rich
D.Mlah owltth that the peopl' of Bath
ty, Va., will spportn for Governor "any
good, hdb.t .lan who Is in favor of repdlin
-Klrupp Ilmiaing arrangments to mann
taeture a 16.1401 tol ift thL ame is nedetl,
The oebrge would be ioe pounds of gunlpow
tier, and the weight of the .rojeetile would ,he
a ton.
l l on Bla~ni : " I think I know the
old t. eage 0 at.otI nr thatinyer tires,
an uaLtn ui th ioer e eees, a fae that
inever bll~s and a ronstialoe that neiver
besltates." '
--8lttlg Bull has been h6t4 from and says
he will revialt the State thei tmnnor to fight
Miles, after which he will settle accounts with
(crasyj orse for deserting him. He doom not
i#blevd that there are 00,000 white men in the
jlek Wills, gut will go and see for himself.
Di a -David A. Wells told the Presihlnt tllhe
tther Ithat ten t.er etof the laborers of
e 0ontn1 werei t ploymnentl, andl
FLt, "elales the Adm' flstratlon shall soon
manage to bitag about a diterent state or
thIngs nt9Yyt N biody Wutld go into oppo
MTilbS' '- iw wi k b tle ofl e-seeker at the
Wh1i ov aeral woek has, ban a
Maelent eO I iot4 years arehb
whose redsp la girm than ho h
bitten by thee different snakes, shOt- bur
times in tle breast, logs and arnms, and othor
wise mlisellaneouly mutilated, He wanted
to do "light swooplng" around the l'reshlent's
-The Richmond I)iapal'h Says; "Our Im
prese l n -and1 very decided inmpression----is
that 1lloiday, Le, Mahono, Tallaferro.
Daniel, Terry and all the other (l)omoeratli)
eandidatcl for (lohwrnor, if there are any
qtherl , are oppolleO to repudiatlon, and In
aivor of paying the whole public debt. lhut
as to the Legislature to h, Ieltr't"l, thli fall
ih, that's another matter."
-------*t ·-·
Yec Old Astee Mlntnw DlmtrletIm Redilmov
SA borrespondeut of the San Francisco
Post, writing of the recent discoveries
of gold around Ban Ritas, Arizona, says :
Many claitsn are being made, amongst
which, probably the greatest are those
known as the Astec, the Uoehise, the
Inca, the Oro Estampado, and others
made in the interest of a syndicate of
your city. For over one hundred years
the ricohness of this particular section
has bn known, but on account of the
Apaotli, who wrested the country first
from the AItec and next from the Span
lard, me. stores of treasure have
pa dden and silent. Mills
chinery is the cry, and
process which will result
re of bullion is wanted here. Ma
ery is now on route from England
this section, which will come in via
symas, unless it can be brought up
the gulf and the Colorado to Yuma.
[onads are being made over which to
transport machinery into the new dis
tricts, and in six months fronm date the
very face of the country will be changed.
The Territory is one vast mining camp,
land every train and stage pours into its
fall capacity the advenutyous gold
The is| where the old Aztes found
t amount of gold and silver,
which they were driven by the
has been named the Aztec
t, and its lines will soon be run
and recorded. It will be ten miles
square, and it is beyond all question
that every one of the old claims will
field a profit from the first day's work
done on them. Ores which here Wquld
not be looked at twice, would be oin ly
mining district in your section first
class bonanza ores. A few months will
see changes here greater than Nevada
witnessed in her first ten years.
Darr NEWr
The St. Tammear Pamner weloomes
a wite coon in that parish.
COlrbon has appeared in Oonoordia
parish and is spreading rapidly.
Abbeville, Vermilion parish, 1N to be
come a money order office after July 1.
FPour only of the members of the
Grand Jury of Asocension parish can
sign their names.
Nelse Vance, alias Jones, a notorious
horse thief, was arrested at Greenwood,
in Caddo parish, last week.
The police jury of Morehouse has pro
hlblted bills, theatrlola performances,
etc., in the courthouse of that parish.
The salary of the Mayor of Bastrop
has been reduced to $f110 0 a month;
considerably more than a field laborer
Paul Polite, a dangerous negro of
Pointe Coupee, was shot and danger
ously wounded in that parish lately by
Mr. Ily Benker.
There will be a postoffloe established
shortly at Linsmore, on Wilson's plan
ttion, Black river, COonordia parish.
Mr. , 0. Taylor in charge,
A cotton worm in the green state,
was brought to katohe, from Olare
mont plantation, Conoordia parish, the
other day. They are not numerous.
Near Jeanerette, Mr. Emile Drullhet
formerly of lt. James parish, made last
year with the assistance of one hired
hand, twenty-seven hogshead of sugar
and all the corn he needed for a year's
The committee appointed by the olti.
sens of Baton Rouge to solicit subscrip.
tions for the railroad to the Baton
Rouge and Clinton ItRilroad have al
ready raised one-halt the amount neces
sary. They will come to New Orleans,
where they expect to beable to get some
money for the enterprise.
The prospect for the rice crops in
Plaquemines are excellent, At Pointe
a-lia.tache the salt water injured the
young rice to some extent, and it be.
iame necessary to replant it two or
three times. A smaller area has been
planted than last year, but the amount
produced will be nearly as large,
The grasshoppers have appeared in
Concordia parish. On Mr. Fulton Grit
fin's place, Black river, they have de
stroyed twelve acres of cotton. On
Lower Black, river In the Cynthia
Bayou Bend, they have destroyed on
different places about 150 acres of cot
ton,. The young ones do the damage,
the old ones migrating to the East.
Jeff Cole, colored, deputy constable
for the Fifth Ward, arrived in Shreve
port the other day, having in custody
Joe Stewart, charged with killing Wm.
Stewart, It seems Horace Edwards went
Sunday morning to make an arrest of
Charlie ficks. He found Charlie and
Stewart in a room together. Taking the
warsant from his pocket Horace called
on Hicks to surrendet' when Stewart
fired on him with an Enfield rifle, strik
ing him in the breast, and before Horace
fell to the ground Hicks fired on him
with a musket several balls takingef
feot in his head and body. Immediately
after the killing both Hicks and Stewart
broke for the river bank, no doubt with
the intention of escaping to the other
side; but they had only proceeded a
few yards when Joe Johnson fired on
Stewart with a rifle, striking him in the
head killing him almost instrutly.
Charlie Hicks, who by this time was
pursued by quite a number of black
men, had reached the bank of the river,
jumped in, and after striking a few licks,
was drowned.
Steel t$i are nod being laid on the
ViokalJg and Meridian road.
The Holly Springs Reporter comes
out strong for Gen. Featherston for
The West manufacturing company at
Holly Springs is shipping a large num
ber of wagons to Mobile.
The Mississippi papers insist that out
of deference for the press, some editor
shall be placed on the 8tate ticket.
The West Point AdrreIrtfsr and
Handsboro Democrat have both placed
the name of (Ten, Robert Lowry at the
head of their columns for Governor.
There is little doubt that the amend
ment to the constitution of Mississippi
abolishing the office of Lieutenant Gov
ernor will be defeated at the coming
Candidates are numerous in Missis.
sippl. There are no less than seven
candidates for county treasurer of
Clarke county out already and more
Columbus, Miss., has within a very
short period witnessed the birth of two
sets of triplets in that city, and the
.Idependent says that "twins have be
come very common."
The Port Gibson people urge the re
moval of Oakland College to their
town, which they declare would be a bet
ter location for it than Natchez, where
it is proposed to move it.
The damage done by the late rains
near Batesville Is inestimable. Some
planters have abandoned their crops
entirely; many bridges have been swept
awa ; great damage was done the rail
The State Fireman's Convention will
be held in Galveston next year.
Marshall will hold a fair this year,
commencing October 9 and last four
The peoach crop promises the best
yield for years. The trees everywhere
are loaded.
It is twelve days for a cattle drive
from Henrietta to Sherman, the point
to ship cattle from.
The cattle shipment from Denison, so
far this year, has been greater than it
was for the same length of time last
season. Twenty-one car loads loft that
place for St. Louis on the 18th inst.
Paddock, of the Fort Worth Democrat,
states that a shower of flesh fell in the
White settlement of that county on last
Monday morning. The flesh is said to
have resembled beef very closely. and
was eaten with apparent relish by the
Thotnas Nichols, of Panola county,
had a difficulty with Thomas White in
that county, during which Nichols shot
White, the ball striking him between
the eyes, penetrating his head, which
may produce death. White was the
aggressor. Nichols made no attempt to
escape, and was arrested at his home
the following day.
NoTcsg To TAXpAxr.nRs.-Parties having any
tax matters to settle would do well to call on W.
HI. Barnett, broker No. 38 St. Charles street, op
posite the tt. Charles Ho el who makes a speoial
ty in this line, and can turnish all necessary iner
mation, and make large savings to them. Mr.
B. has bought from first hands, over counter, a
large amount of all the necessary scrip and war
rents to settle all kinds of taxes of varionu years,
very cheap, end consequently is enabled to make
large disouant in settling samen, or will sell neoee
pUary scrip to settle the samne very cheap.
olrFIlC jg W OlttAlAlnW DMlOORAT, I
Thursday Mvening, Stle 95, 1877,
Itw ot& Ulets anrltta. lOttll,
June .............. r$70,0 1 tf0
Jane 2 .............. 900,210 72 82,112 16
June 20.... ,........ 1,031,10 881 117,001 97
June j 7........... 020.2J4 50 f81.020 6,'
Juune 28............... 1,028,150 70 186,972 25
Thus for this week.... $4,295,887 82 46o08,09 78
Same time last week., 4,707,080 47 711.011 47
Total last week....... ,5601,768 77 881.f817 70
Total week before.... 6,848,702 t1 800,087 21
The demnind for money continued light to-day
both in bank and on the street, and commernial
paper was unchanged. Oold and Forelign Ex
change ruled at previous rates The movement
in the former was moderate, and on4y one sale
was reported in the Iatter. New York sight was
unchanged. Stocks continued quiet. State Con
sole were ni 5j cent higher and Premium londs
aboutl3tj. ltuy P.erp and State Warrants ruled at
previous rates. Nothing was reported in fhlft
paid Oity Coupons,
In agreement with the notice of the Adminls
trator of Finance to receive bids for sale to the
city of $10,000 Wharf Improvement Bonds, the
following were the bids resolved !
Jno. L. Knepfer.............. 10,000......at 6D.
Jno. 1i Penlston..........*..1,000 .... at 00 2
P. Mr ........ ..... 0 .....1.. t 6a
*Jo. Crebblu..............$1 0,000......at 00
*esling the lowest, was accepted,
We a *tinus to quote: kioesptlonal commerolsl
paper s8-- 0 aent per annum discounot; A do.
100-; second grade do. 19@16) collateral loans
--8; first efle mortgages 81®%, and second
grade do. 10its.
Gold opened at 104!,@10it , against 1056 at
tew Yotr, and now rtuts at r106rc115', agatlst
1056 in that market.
1he ,nales summed up 2,0,r0o, embraoing
49000 and $15,000 st 105, 55000 at, 1 l@105L, and
*000, *10,000 and 416,000 at 108b .
oreglln Kcnlonge rtuled a about previous
rates, The only sale reported wees Lo000 ball
of lading sterling at 608.
At the elose sterling bills were quoted at 60R5P
800 for bill of lading and Al clear, and --@615i
for bank (bank counter uate --(514i , and francs
.94.0.,9@,.4 far commercial nd nomuinal for
New York sight was unchanged; the only sales
reported were t15,,00 commeoiclal at 1a10 V cent
discount, and 810,000 bank at par.
The banks continued to check on New York at
Z cent premitum, and commerolia eight was
still quoted at t( 1 oent disouunt to par.
15W ORtlAlN. STOcK EPfAHAtnA1e SAtle,.
FtiaT tALL- 11 A. M.
60'JO0 State Consols ................. 82t,
20 shares New Orleans (as Light Co.... $109 i0
10 shares People's ank............. 4 to
$5000 Premium Donds ................ rt
10,000 do ... r,
500 Mtate Warrants ................ 81,
AnooND (1AL.-,-2 P. At.
10,000 Premilm Bonds ................ 354
o.ld yesterday, not before reported:
60 shares Canal and Claiborne Street
B allroad ........................... 0 00
td1000 Premium Bouds ................ 8t1;
Btooki contin ned quiet.
Mtate Consols were higher and Premium Botlds
were stronger the former olosingq at 82tW@8H2R,
against 81, t82 yesterday, and the latter at 8;
35,, against ji(t,@.Jfg.
Ulty B0rip was stilt quoted at 011@r4 for 1874 Is.
sues, at 84$@0 for 1870, and 81i82 for 1870.
Nothing was reported in Half Paid City Cou
State Warrantsewere still inoted at 8l'4iSoi'4.
Thurdeay Evening, June 28, 1877. (
Quotallons represunt prh'esjor round totolsfrom
Arl hoands, unless oltherise staled. ,In /flinq
smtal orders higher prices are paid.
COTTON--The sales to-day (not including 04)
bales additional yesterday) embraced 2300
bales at still stronger prices, reqtliring a forther
advanoe in our quoiattons of a tull lto in most
grades, but only a partial ,o in shome. We give
also the figures and report ('f the Exchange as
Gen'l Quotations. Ex. Q.
Inferior ............... 7'74 8'
L ow Ordinary .............. Otl c)@ u'4,
Ordinary...............Ir. . o0, 04
Strict Ordinary........... 10 f( 10t
Good Ordinary ........... 0'10 l0 10';
Strict Good Ordinary....... 1%-101 -
Low Middling.............. 1.t'l @1l 11
Strict Low Middling ........llf lll __.
iaaddling............... 11lil1, 11
Strict Middling............1.ll l11' ', -
Good Middling .............11 t 4l12U 12
!d1dling Fair .............. 4 . 1/,s
fair................. .....121, 1 --8
The market opened under the influence Of still
more favorable telegrams from Liverpool, Havre
and New York, and factors raised their preten
sions fully l.c---In some eases more--which re
stricted operations and conflued the sales during
the morning to 900 bales aftet which further
transolious were reported to the extent of 14t0
bales, making a total for the day, as noted above,
of 2480 bales.
Prices i uled in favor of factors throughout
the day, and although showniug a little irregular
Ity closing at a net advance of teo on Low Ozdi
naryto Strict Ordinsry, a partisal oin (ood Ordi
nary and Strict Good Ordinary, ,to in Low Mid
dling and 8triot Low Middling and a partial .o in
Middling to Good Middling, in which we noted in
dvance of a partial tio yesterday. There was
some inquiry from brokers who were unable to
fill their orders at their limits.
The dispatches reported Liverpool active and
firmer at yesterday s improvement, and subse
quently 1-16d higher, with sales of 18,000 bales.
and arrivals openlng 1-32d bitter, but later easier,
and closing quiet; Havre firm at an advance of I
franc, and New York strong at an improvement
of 1.16o in spots and irregular for futures, which
at noon were quoted 2-1008)4-l100o lower f,ir
Jones, and an advance of 7-1000 in Jolys and
I-1.00~5-10,Jo in the later months, and closed at a
net advance of 8-400(9-100o In Jones, 7-1000lt
8-1000 in Julys, 4-1005 1000o in Augusts, and
1.1000@3-1000 in the later months.
The Exchange makes the amount on shipboard
not cleared (before to-day's exports of 9,4 bales)
11,770 bales, embracing 1)40 for Liverpool, 8008
for lHavre, (120 for Spain and 107 for coastwise
ports, leaving in presses, agreoatly to its so
count at 12 m., 53,130 bales, only a part of
which is on sale.
At noon to-day Middling was quoted at (salves
ton at 11i/% ; at Mobile at 11i t; at Savannah at
11c; at Charleston at lf. ,; at Wilming
ton at 11:'; at Norfolk at 11¼o; at Baltimore at
12c; at hrew York at 120; at Boston at 12t'o;
at Memphis at 11%o; at Angus'a at 11ti@
Il'.c; at Philadelphia at 12,/o; at Cincinnati at
like, and at St. Loits at 11c.
'Ihe Exchange reports: ".dales 2000 bales.
Market tlrm." Its quotations are raised 'c on
all grades except Mindling Fair.
Stock on hand oSept. 1. In76-balue...... 29.377
Arrived since last stttomlentl.... INi
Arrived previously ...... ... ,377.98.t- 1.3784.111
Oleared to-day ............... ...
Clttred prviously ...... ........1,742.4 4 t.:3t:l.:
Stock on hand and on ship
board, not cleared-........... n.091
Same timhno last rear ........... 7941.
To-day's exports were to Liverpool, via Pasca
Receipts proper stuce last evening 100 bales,
against 20 on last Thursday and 7:1 last
year, making an aggregate since Friday evening
of 7t8 bales, against 1524 last week and 73 last
year, and since August 31, 1,185.057 bales,
against 1,402,410 last year--decrease 217,353.
I'he Exchange telegrams make the receipts at
all the ourts from 12 m. yesterday to 12 m. to
day 548 bales, against 603 last week and 1542
I*st year, and since Friday 4891 bales, against
6248 last week and 10,0862 last year. Total since
Auugust 81, 8,912,676 bales, against 4,059,781 tiup
to Wednesday noon, June 28, last year-decrease
147,105 bales.
Exports Friday to Wednesday r nclusive, to Great
Britain 11,883 bales, against 17,768 last week and
18,360 last year, and to the Continent 8525
lidtes, sgaiuet 4162 last week and 2900 last year.
Stocks at all the delivery ports, made up to
12 m, 261,957 bales, against 286,826 last week and
2950.673 last yeas.
TOBAOCO-The sales reported to-day embrace
113 hhds. (3 and 110. The amount on sale is now
estimated at 7350 hhds. We continue to quote
as follows:
Unseund and frosted lags 2@38, inferior
lug. 4@4%o, low 4%:@ 4c, mmedmtn [email protected]
to fine 8)[email protected], low clea 7@80, medium oYU
s1 tince lsa; evesning 4 bhds; etported
Se on . hand by our ranning statement,
10 015 hbhd.
Y1IPl1GTh -The steam room has been pretty
well filled up, The market has sbown more ant
moCtion, but the sail rate to Liverpool is tsleer.
We quote as follows:
By steam-U-otton to Liverpool 7-10d ; to
Boston, 'rovidenoee Fall liver, PhiladeliPhia
and Baltimore, via New York, ,ao; to New Yolk
%o. (rain to Liverpool 7¼1..
By, erl--Cotton to Liverpool A,; to Havre
8tUAtl- Rteeived this morning 60 hhds. The
demand is confined to job lots at previous prises;
24 hhds sold on private terms. Inferior Is
quoted at 70, goon common to fair !9e, fully
f air 9 , prime to strictly prime 9tq chokle0oo,
seeobtus 9@10Rk, nentri tfal 1os, yellow olart
fled 110e, off whites 11 .4@11'o, pure whItes 115
M.A( h BE-Ier~elived this morning 149 bbls.
Little or no demand. Huopli-k under the sheds
are held by dealers. onmmon, not fermenting, is
quoted at 40o, fair 500, prime and strictly prime
07o, choice 000 8a eallon.
REFINIERY BIOLA8BBEO--Olty refinery Is sell
Ing on orders at: Common 40ae fair 500; prime
65e; choloe i0e; golden syrup Wio ' gallon.
FLOUIt- There were no receipts this morning
and the market is nearly bare of choice extra,
whblh is scarce and i demand at still higher
prices, A reshipment of C00 bbls low grade is
being made for St. Lonis. The sales to-day com
ptlee 475 bble, of which 25 at I7 50; 25 at 9O 75;
t0at 9 68; :S at 9 8797/- 25 and 150 At $10 A bbl,
and 17 bbls on private tmems,
Common is quoted at $4@4 00, superfine
98 25, double extra W*@8 28 low treble extra
90 00@0 78, good do. $707 il), choice do. tt 60
@9 60, choice extra $9 70610, fancy $l0rlU k8
r5 bbl,
Dealers and grocers obtain 50o above these
prices in their order trade.
Ohiego closed quiet- $1 42. Junl wheat, and
$1 250 August. St. l.snis 9t 85 bid seah for
No, 9 and $1 0851 70 for No, I.
StYlI FLOUR-Uommandes $ 28558 50 V bbl
from first hands.
OOhN FliOURt-None on hand. It is in request,
and would command $4 l9 bbl.,
OlITrS AND hO1MINY-tritq are in light sup
ply and in demand, The supolhes are sold, to
arrive, at $8 90144 JP bbl; they command $4 150
4 21 bbl toin store. lominy Is in request at
11 75 t bbl,
OliN MEL,--Is dull and offerlng at 2 onf
bbl; IS, 2., 50 .0 and 50 bbls sold at $2 90 I bbl.
Dealers are jobbing at 9$ 16(3 25 ~ bhbl
P'OlK--Nothing doing and more depressed.
Mess is offering at $14 25 3 bbl. Dealers are
jobbing at $1/ 25 ' bbl.
Uhioago closed steady, $12 8711 July, and $1@
1. 021¼ August. Receipte of Ih ge 8230, yest'r
d*y 13,740; light hogs 94 55tli 70, heavy $5 086
5 8.
DHY RALT MEAT-I- dull. A lot of 80 boxes
shouluers sull at 5,'e l it,. and 80 boxes on pri
vote terms. Dealore are jobbing them at °447
Go W lb,.
IJAOON -The market Is a little firmer to day
under a better demand and light supplies. 1C
packages sold, ootnprlilng 12 and 5 casks shoul
ders at 64t0; Ir and G casks clear rib sides at
~1e; 11t asks and 40 boxes do at 8j'o, and 10
casks clear sides at 8!/,o a It,. An tfer of t4o
was refused for 20 oasks clear rib sides. Clear
sides are quoted at H/eo 1 it. Dealers are
jobbing shoulders at 70, ocear rib sides 4/,o,
clear sides Reo th,
II KAKFati JJA(ON--Is dull and quoted at leo.
IAMi--The stock of choio sutaarcured bright
and fresh hams is small. They are in demand
and are quoted ati-Oi@ll!/o, as in brand and
sin.. There were sales of )O tiereoes, spot, at
9!"o,. and 50, to arrive at 11e It,.
I'ACKEICR' 10Is l'HODUUTS - Prime mess
pork Is selling in the order trade at $18 50(i614,
prime 11t, rump pork $11 r00l0t2 W hrbl; pig
pork # 915 1tt half bbl, pigs' feet 050o V keg and
1 25 '1 } firkin; tongues 40 anieoe; new rib sides
3./,, t It. A receiver sold 00 bbls jowl pork on
private terms.
WHIrK¥Y-R-otified is quoted at t 051t 11
1 gallon, as it proof and brand. Littln or noth
ing doing, Dealers obtain b@lOo above these
prices in their job trade.
UOIIN IN 131 LK---The malket I. stronger and
he ders are askinrg 5444D05o ' bushel.
IbltD-DIull, but from the stock betltg emall.
TiProe is lonted at 9eDilt-no, keg lt'4tt1tc, pail
10/to 4 lt. iDealers ale jobbintg fierce at 0'¼/,
Pegl0.ge., pail lt' ,t, pall 10440 :+ t. Uhicago
closed at 9o August.
Chicago closed dull, 8.75 July and R,85 August.
COW 'giAH--The season is drawing to a close
and the market has lost its activity. That in
frst hands is difficult of sale and quoted nomi
nally at #2 25(i 0 GO' t bushel. The dealers, how
ever, who hohl most or the stock have a pretty
fair trade on country ordilrs at $8 * bushel for
black, 43 10 for whippoorwill, $8 20 for mixed, and
$3 5G0 for clay.
CORN IN H4Ci(7K-Is in fair supply and the
demand is moderate at steady prices, 1400 sackse
sold, of which 200 and 700 white in burlaps at 9i0,
800 choice white In dundees at liOn, and 200 yel
low In gunnies at (to I,1 bushel.
Chicago evening rdoipaiches quoted Irregular at
47O471to July anti 48'4o bid August.
(A to-Oood supply and thie demand is more
tolive. Prices are firm. 2100 scks sold, of
which 400 It. Louis at 40e, 400 at 47., 250 at 40A,
180 choice Galena at 49ol and 7 0 do at 500 10
BRAN--Light slttlply with a fair demand. 200
and 1510 salts ro11 a; $1 10 1. 100 It,.
IIAY--The market Is quiet, and there Is a fair
snpply offering at nticllhaigtd grlnes. (N) bales
prime sold at $18; choice is quoted at $18Hi 19)
U1111 rEt The receipts are more liberal
and the demand is fair at unchangod
prices We still quiote Western creamery.
fuse 25@27o; Western creamery, good, 201123c;
Western Dairy, fine, 20@ilo; Western Dairy,
good, M17l8lc; Western repacked, good, 16i)lS@1;
Western repacked, fair, 14rilSc; New York
creamery 281028c; New York Dairy, line, 25t68
200o Noew Yok Dairy, fair, 2010i22, ptlb.
dIHlEE GCood sotply atn dull. Prime fac
tory Is luoted at 9it4l9c; off lots and rejections
t0i.814.; New York cream 14t@t150o 1 lb.
IluE - Light supply anti dull. Prices are lower.
Lorisilana ordinary is quoted at 5 9ckbi4c; fair
p"@G.Oo: good 68rt6' 0o; prime 6trV ~t ; strictly
prime i4ai7c l I t,.
OOFIfi+l-Only alimited local deman I and no
change in prices. We quote ocrgoes: Ordinary 17!i
@0171, (gold); fair 1,)/.:lII1f; goodl 20I%.rt
2u/,t; prime 20R" 2(atc p Ilb .Job lots: Ordinary
17RA4.lH o golu; fair 20(L0j14c; good 20drjlt21o;
prime 21I1% 2ytc ,o lb.
We are indetoed to Messrs. Small ,. Co. for
the following tel gram dated Ilio Janeiro, Juno
27, and New York Jllur 28, 1877:
Purchases since the 211th inst., 37,0.01; stork,
18,1100; price, 1111300 -very firm; exchauge, 211;
average fdally receipts, 410)0 bags.
l(GS-Li ht supply, and the demand is mod
erate for jib ots. Western sell at 144$10. Lu
iisans 10r200o i.+ denr.
itOICIPTH OF PILODUCE -Arrived since our
review of yesterday: 45 bbls whisky, 5 tiercees
hams, 4 casks bacon, 10 boxes ,bacon, 4:10 sacks
oats, 160 bales hay, 65 hhde sugar, 141) blds mo
laseas, 8 bbds apples, 15 kegs butter, 160 saclts
cbw pens, 61,550 Ibs moat, G7 bal s moss, 13 bbls
onions and 1118 bbli potatoes.
EXPOITH OF PRlODUIIE--Exports since our
review of yeslerday: 172 bble flour. 141 bble
pork, 15 catks baon, 5 toee lardi, 100 bi's whisay,
49 bble corn meal, 1078 sacks corn, 81) sacks oats.
4 sacks bran, 75 hales hay, II tihdr sugar, 78
bbis sugar, 71 bbls nmolsses, 134 bbis rice, 178
sacks coffee, 110 saks lsalt, 7 kegs butter, 6
bbls onions and 525 tbils potatoes.
Nog. 112 land I111 Ioydrlr a.ilreet,
StiE. A' tiNT FoIt
Tlhrori,-Bolt im LooPks. iKnoh Loatt'hto. HSlf
Loorkinl Hlitttir lrihk.e. Sa-li Axl PuI'ulreys.
'l'hunm ) L ath·fe, Hlh I a..tnvrlt. , I'llh p'
Borilng Mahinhl . Sh(!lf Blrac,'kts.
Cominaiutions, TooH. Cor;n
Trailoe . pplitld iat, .iatory pricet . s t '1tInt
Fisoal Agannt Halo of Luishmno.
Now Orleans. Junt 19. 1877.
Notlet i, hereby given that the Jutne (1477)
Cotpiovna on thie (rConsolldantd Bontld.s of the State
of Louisiana wili be tiashtd. at their maturity,
upon ptreentation at this btank, or at the Bank
of New York. W. B. A., In Now York.
jolo Im -'resdent,
UltrEnD ITATUa1 iof AM.nttr.A,
19tate of jistana.
Ex>cutive 17partment.
Wheram. nrttlldation ham been mulde to me
for t i t.tatl'lation of the following bonds, to
L O)ne drawn by l'dward PIIltlury, ai ptrnel
Val and aa Admltnittrator of Finance of theo lty
(of Now Orloans, with J. 0(. Van Wlokle, W. tIor
don, TheI phll I.'ruldtormmn, Leon tl)uyrout.e
anti (lalrinl IPaseal an luretlinR.
2. t(ne by .Jamna in . lirown, aq prinlitpal andi ne
Administrator of P'ubleo Aontllltt of asnit city.
witlh Hawyer Iaywo(od, (Charhls A. Eaner and
(4o-rge HNw rrlok ai turntips.
a. Onrn by E. A, llrkn, n t prlntllal and it Ad
minitrator irf Imnrrovmenta of said aity, with
John HawklnJ, J. Hart ald Frank Johnston ae
4. (rin by .1. O. Landtr, ni pirinorllltl nail neo
Admrllni"irator 'f (tolrnmrno of Rald rlit, wilth
,Joa ph l-rlta,,, . I, . . Lrnamri". 1,. . FI r
stall and U. A. i; tr;r a eu .rotliea.
i, One by h'. L,. l}any, an printltin l and tie
Admltint Italtor of AmaCpenmntn ilf P alld ly. with
I'. ('atril violli, Juleln T mayny, 11. E. PyvIhaul antl
Edgar II I neke as retleti.
t. O(n by Dontel Montlrthy, aq prin'ttlal and
a dn Adilnistrator of Plnior, of aold ity, With
OGoren rnlltlh. J.hn (i. Ilven. William 11. Hmlth.
Emtile J. ltt'Irinn and M. Flannery nt nuratioe;
7. O)n ,v Toy ln, Brtroll, am prinolnal anld as
Admlnlstrntor of Water Works raul PnIblit
Illtildlnge of ctaid oilty, with 'Thomne UnITy, N. E
Linambnia, L. 1 , PF. Il.. Itrb andt John Finney
t A etretiee.
All of whinh tnlid bnds wiro Paclh eorll trlhod
t. aforreetil n ol th 27th 'lay tof Novenmhnr, 1974
and are fIr the t ntt 11f. twenlty-five thousand
dollars .oth. 'onliiti ernd for t!t filhftul ti r
fornana',n of the d eite of etan , of saltd itrn
nlpals iht hair resprietivn adrministrentive rjt ail- I
Now, thr ,or rn, 1, rmrnrR T. Niholihe, (lv
ernor of llir htSttp otf LIiIti itnis havin tlhuiyirti
proper to 9eell- tile, my tprtoltinatiom, Uivlng
ptobln iotlln to all Interoit, thatltrn ot,nenrtott
and tiltortslted to thoiw tau.se, In writlnlu, at tli
oif.Tn tif lthe Herttry of Htate. at the city of
Now )rltan.,. wilthin ninl tv datty from and li ter
the la.t pnhllt i'atio ,lif thlm n lt lltn, why thell llai
blond. or ehll Itr i tlhen.pmhould not bho eanntcllid
atll anitllllltd, ntintlii mo Iurtll h-i abiove inamedl
dilelhnrlnd frtom any filrthor lihIliity.
In tprtimnouy whereof, I have hera
inttalinod y narnne and atllued the
T u an of the .Hate to he hnrniUtto afifxd
SI' H at thority of New Orlnan.e this twelfth
dlity of June, in the year of our Lold
anin thhouantld lght hundrnde and
Aeuvetnty-snven, anti of the otne hun
dlrel antd first. yrar of the Indetpend
enre of the United Htates of Amerlita.
foivernor of then 4taiei of Loruleiana.
By the (overTor.
W.it. A. STrowOn,
jol itand HMoretary of Slatnn,
St nt of Lioil Walla.
E rct!-llv' Iv 11ll.n4rtimt.
Wiranrn., aplllitnlin hali liMn lnalntl to mo
for tihn cliell(ti.ln of a boirld drawn hby L. T.
Munrlr ok. and y himl lutI', lted1., roll thle lth
ilay rf Novembon r, an prtn'lpal, for thn nuim of
Frorty 'I'hoIuand illhliurn, with Him'I W. Htam
rnont, ,Jolihn A. J'rit, Joli, Thor'n 11i1l John fi'.
'lnr'.s lil, il na .ourI ti' , e'nndlitltindl for tih
fiihfuil 'ierformlan.e of the dit i of .nidl i. 'T.',
Mllrdriok. ai 'J'rn.lairei r rf theim Ilonl f M itrl.
politll 'P11 rl ofr tlh, "tlly of Now lrtnnnA.
Now. tIhri fern. I. Frani. T. Nt"ihalls. olv
rrl or if thlu Han if l,,LninlanI , hbavr thought
propni'$t. t'.n i n thi. miy I' trmlunmltlionn. giving
pihliC t' Iprtlon tlo a.ll ,ernoiin Ito w Iril IIw'mth n /tr.
" ItI hlmil roall'rn, nil who lrn thlr in in
tr.n'nteld.to i'hliw namlli.. Ili writin.ll at. the fl.fie
if the lHn,'eriry (tr .ntal ,, nt. thi 'lily if N"w (r
Ill'ol., witthin ninety 'iivl from ulnd afti'r theu
lnst .Lilti tion oi i f thi nitti"n.whity th# natld hliiud
hollhl no.t hb Pnill, l llllld1 nn annulltid, (ndll the
mnulritiw ii|nrovn nameild dihin.iiurgdil frm anly
futlh r lhti iltity.
In witneiss whrenof. I have hiirriinto at my
hili, and "uaisd thu iiil if t the Hmli at if L uis
innatao hi aftllxn at. the Ity of New Orleans.
itt tw lr'fth lily of .Jiunea , in tihn yoa, of our lord.
i ln lthurn ..'d ll ightl.hlnndr ,l antdl vl nty- ., v. n l,
itie lnndi'll lli if l the Ii Huttn of AnmIeri'.,I .
F ItAN;iI T. Nil .lti lH,l
(Iovo.rni, r ofr ti t ,t , of fii r tihil.ai la.
fly the ( , ovrVor :
WI, Il A.A. TriiN i, t I
HRoltrrIH y ay f Ilihii.
hIIl II r.i wllltln r'ight.
,rllh7 (a rl, r r lntd,, .. rlnl , n
I l. Iinh. r onuro N'I thtrr. .TinrpOi AtliMhrni.
ET mntivn IlDevartmr nt,
Whlkr .,n A. Wpli klntinm lno ben madik . ii fori.
Ithlm un, orll.t ion onl l b nl.di l tlrill n l (ithfl Otr
11. .Ju1NHON. nr by him ibghriPol,, o" the
thirtieth day otf llnmuo r, if r., i ts prinnipl, for
fthn mo of ion thotsand dIlarm, with Wrighit.i
t. lh, '.I onorn Prh. I. T.r Nt Alphon. (rt
Walker, John A. Watkin, tnIl Patrik Ilonninh.
i.ri4 enfitin. la.onl itif loI illI for the faithful atr
forml ee of Illt'i t.i alt ofrnndf hl ti wloir n Il thon
inon, t Ahd t lorl' rI'hil ri Ai ounts oWlr theori In-t
lii'itol ld, tiol.iow niun''..% ii wril rlg. , ati tho ifl teo
Now. th turiarv f NtI, o, ati. Nt cit.'iw ov
hrnor of thni' Htati Of L Hiln, hlyhn thollhrghtl
proI e to iasnu thismy proohlrmationgiving
lhpub lic atlio to all pron t whom h nthld o
antsshall r n and who are tl.horl. in
Iii teutmo whllaitrour. if whir l ha horn lr
trenl ii, to show i mi , tliy writ ling. at the ofnlnd t
I. N, onut' il f ti m hltn t., ofr h lhiHlani. hti |ho
iof the Hrt.l xn lit alir t'h o y of Now Orloln.r
,t phi twntlit - fti net.ih whiy oth May, In oht
hll hu l an ril ndrltnltl t i a nnulledl, anll thI
rntie nhovrFIi namedNI T. NIar from a," y
fur'rther liabi Jlity. I ,, b J l Hn
jl testimony whtrnof, I havl here.
o olrunVorit a liy Ihald rnif nlulltid thi
J Ts, H. Iiotl of thn Htnti of Lninians. to be
HI laix, t thnty of Now OrinanAIo.
----- hti twenty- ighth day of May, in this
Anulred andt Hnr"ti-rv miif ontat.
hirir' the. A, n hundrfl " IIrr first year of the
ma, rneclive? tlht Wililho F". (arlir, w. nWi .iii thu
niiht rId ioi wllpnc-lerd o'f theUnl1r, lnti ats of
t whlr ,ilhl tunii t . rlili Whitn Ii nuw tL, rgit'.
nivt hii-' tti'i froimi iii tin
r Governror ft t tn t to of Louiahuanl
AI itahnt Hlr.htar. y of hato.i
Whnr 'aii , ill nutIh. li',i o inf r t n harri b n brig
rntg.i iiilve thuat Willa F..Ci i rte' r Whi s.t i n hru'r
lhtrnii o ian Iio ity of Nfwr .iit "rim' l.hrutaly mvir
dr1. In',. I h.oirti, oneJr a rw;r W HITi FIVE
INIEl)f having Atittedo the acrimhe; auion
nwh ir e as, t ii i f'ry .aies Wh hite in at large,
lari. or lo r of thar tm rt oif ,our ana. hv. .
th.ir l.l and aitn ii a whIR in ,tr ng antid bring
ithat. yh mayr h h triel fvor faidt rite'; and by vir-id
itt 13ofthe nolthi jit. It.yi.i vniatly, i t fl la.VO of
th1IURE DOLLAS for the approenins.
aovn nto r delivery of nitd .tu'al White In the
f riso Parion oa the parish of Orleans.
iiiamti White iti n whiith man, nged t-wonty
iuvin ytarh, hiaaht rlve ont ftrix inhes, florid
the wholo United StnteS.
Governor of Louislanfl.
WILL. A. STEmoN. Secretary of State. Je2
IrnArvtimtr M o1 WAT1AnWo.II
AND IJ'Uttlt,0 iUllttLDlt
Room 7 (City ilnll, New Orlean., Jtl.n 0, tffll.
f'roprllnln will hI rt",'lved by the ndl.erFgtgild.
till F'IIDIAY. Jtn" 29.1i77. at 12 in.. for rff trlblg
(!c,ur RItm1 t lt'it ,fltrdr of H1eoned ail hhlrd
i trnl.ar , (Jnkhnon Hqmarln) e"trdling to Planme
and Ht4rllnintionlo l o'n fli' in tin" rflmo of the
(lty Hfirveyor.
'iTh' cityv ,ror·vi thi' rightl to rojot any aRnd
nil bhil.
I'notlin" nakini prntoapnat for thr work, arrt
rtrquir.ld to, dntpoit with thl Adminiltrator of
Irhmlin, l ,.s avilylnon of t lhir ltntinll, tio abide
tby lh rrnljutliclstion lthu anwilrt of s$1t, in eaah.
whtih athall ip, frfolltd to th nitlv in i±e oft
faiilr, to plan thm ollrniit.
lllddrn t" whoilu i'nt.rwt is not a.warlded,
a.hill havlY thl'ir dtpnlln rott,urnrd t t utlhem, on
Pl'rl.s,ln 4 will ho ondtnrl d, Prtponah for
Alt-ration ntl lodIliair to (Conrt Ilroto of Ile
,,rdr of Honrd andI Third Diatrlrta.
Adlhl. intoratotr Waterwork alnd Publio
jrsr Iltilldl ngi.
DIwTRIlIUTI;IoN Op 156,46 Ii PRli.
'th fourth nemi-annual distributlon of
1tMH, on ueris nllotted January at, 187?, ashd
April 1i0, 1f77, will take pl1ain in the Vo.nnoll
Uihmlher, City Hall. on MONDAY, July 1o, 1871,
at 10 o'clr,k i, rn.
jna2 td ,J, U, DERNI', Admlnlstrator,
OF PrEMIUMlll HoloM.,
''he HNVAFN'Il'T AL,LOTMENT of forty-flve
norion will takeydlaoe in the otficn of the Admlna
Iotrntor of Pulllo A.mrountn, on 'iTU1,H1DAY,
July Ri. 1977, at In o'ulork a, m.
j~n it .. V!. I'ENIi, Adminitrnltr.
ri'nAtrmwitTr oV WATR.Wonailn ANti l'toAlCt1
IUiit.iloal--lltoln 2.1 City HaIl,
Now Orluan. , June 28, 1177.
Hpal.dl pri .lnnal will bh reueived at thin rfflr
iup to HA'I'lI IIAY. Junor ao. 19177. at 12 o'clook
in., for tIhe aain to thl oily iof New Orlaens of
UiOAI,, to hIp dlllivrnrd within thu Waterworks
T'I'mo Ity roersrve1 thn rhight to reijnt any andl
all bllre.
Ad mnlistrator of Waterwoi k and l'nublte lluild.
Ilntu . i"024'ti
I)IpAirTMiNTr ( P'oiaiice
Adminiltrator's Otliwa.
Now (Orlana, ,lune 28. 1977.
tri rlt "I',,n1t Od l on Jraoy etr pt. between
lIor.rlaux and Vnlonle. .n FPIDIAY, June 22.
Il77 -
I N HAY iV llIHE,H .,about, foun rt.n hanlds high.
arnlll hlit. ,otti nr'ndll the botly,. inark' DP
H. ton righl, thighl, whit a i rintt ofn f;trahln.d ant
,toon, .dl lotft hind rfot whlte, whicrh, if not
.lalmedl within flv, dnw. and exlpnns thereQtl
,tin1i. will ho hol. at notllin alrtioal t n.t id
motndrl, on Tl'lll>IA Y. ,July i, at 12 o'clook in.
.ly ordr ,of
bIol,' . E. DIAMON)D,
n27 it AlmiintrltUator.
irfth Diiustrlit, 11l4 Magazrtnio treet,
New r(rinann Junye o, 1ir7
All pjurtlis uloingc hulineus itn this disttritu4 woa
hIRVe .rot .tlul their fltnit II,"inse. will avoid
silt nail er'lurmo ly paying thl same on or
Irore thhe Jt of ,illy nret.
juno iot i. . A. ('tittfIN. Tux (cointuor.
of Fine Cant Steel to the Sulphuretted Dust.
Then halvinrg anld rnd trotetd the value
of this rrrntund, are reesprtflully informe.
that it itnn aet hiia at the Drug Hitoro of I. I,
LYON ntlo many other rdrugK.ste of this city,
To th unlninnititd and skaetirol I will say
trhat. In tplacing it btfore the publit. I have de
vlated from t.he whole ronclavo of inventorp "Of
the Ptirent and hbut. anti-tillopsra mrdlicile'. etc.
I rllede to their Invarlrble .anrrey f Ingre
iilennt. Thie iaRe nellltrd nily rother mode In pro
dllu"ing Hrillhrroetted Iron in bty the hydl ogen
prironre, where it is molde by ilunreds po
.pounds for thre ommere of the world, and i
not .to Ie d'lrpntlin l on, tas It uollrtailns touo grat a
uroportior of rrriton ('hnlrolurl), whllih .atrnot
hI arvoitld in t.ie irrtcessi of their manufa-.
Iuring It.
Thi ullphlrntt of Ilfnnnul Sltcl Is the pTure
e ldphurlt, of stel, +tuvilg rniot, it partircle of for
r'l.n marttr In itsornldinatiLon. It I made try
'l'hroe rmrmlnnt profcnors of he.mistry and
physilcansu of Frnnre, to.,ther with the Utitend
ftalts Id.ipnntstory, ata.er that thte great ob.jeot
In drnminitering iron Is to, got thi greatest
prmuntity nto the grnatrint juie.t of the stomnah,as
it l Isttlntslnd to rrnovatl and purtlly the blood,
annd ita known value an a ttrnie.
,yy tr W.T. T..
Rlaving romylrnted rurrngwements with the
Domtrnna Hnwing Mahlinar Company for the
.touthern oanncy of t.heir c-rlebrated machines
I now offTr I1m,,Ui t tthe public at tile Lowest
(aush rnnd Time lttatrn.
TheI.e mRachine arosr warrarnterl to hn the light
oat runnling, most durnhl, and slmpltnt In on
strlnltinl of rilly lock-stitch h rnt'hineo made.
A nrow stock of f)omaet.i, and "Grovor and
Baiker" mehIirinoe just rnceived.
drover and Baker Sewing Machine Depot.
Nro. 5 Cl.artrem street, New Orleans.
Slate Rooflin Composition.
Fire-Proof & Preservative Coating
to- nn,, wll makreny sO;.t r'1' orpr.. ven rnrnrev.
.hr -,.ailt of, thn .tSr; t le ..+ equ.l to eitnrn
nt r Iliaennrn pnt. New Orlteans fi.
Swith Imnd wh
Me nut tarl,l by hn'. rl' & 3tro Magazine Maruket.
SonpliruIH h!ia. Familiern Hotel.s, etc.. With
Beef, Mutton
POrk, Saiusases Tri.e.Wt., lte.
And everything the grarket affords.
MARTIN LANNES, Ja., Butcher.
Vegetable Stalls Nos. 121 & 12. Magazine Marirf'

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