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rrlmldent Hayes' mninthler Pollqy and HI.
miorlal Qiutilitie.
I'; illl t'itl ( o' r 'r . |l , l l lls n tt'h m .
WVARti1N(IToN, I). (1., August l, 11477,
Ir Ih,' htrikl aniti rhdt, whliht haveI jutL dil
tuIirl tihe country shall 'pnrov itnsflhlient to
0arouse the AsItorilani peloplO t4) at full .1nlnt off
tihe dangt'r Iuponl which thny have Ilbt,
dhriven by th, unlconstitutional antl clntraliz
ing policy tof the itptbllionle party, with t.I.t
habits of prollligac'y Its politictal omethods "n
gcndcrod. andl the nihnsutroit4broodh1tof soutIIHs
noet opolies its admulttinistrations cretia'l, there
1s Ilttl. propl' e0t, of peaIl fokr 1st In s,11t rfutlsr.
No such uprising of ianz 'elasts1 of lit' popitt
ll iti tn has over eur'otl'l' in 11 ny 'cvilit, 'ed
'othefroy wit hot an adequate causi); and I1
w, atle w'lin naid Jtunt;, Ibnst.iat of epllin); ldi h
ic ntr wIIl hulllger, we wil dinanr d of tlllm nll
nuth'oliy andl .,iitrll tstl with h h l4 giskl tion, h ,
remedy for t istt eviil in our syitotd wnich
hIt oxcistl the workTlh n nil lhpyid law hbrllk
Inlland violllnce
If hsullh nvillnty nIe onot, promlptly dlisRc~Lnerl
awl a1lpplh.ltl. tar' tih llor evil will spring,'
ip aitr'ound Io al strlk their pIlnicious
r.). dotsior iatll mor firmly into our e inrstitu
1I4ns. Thile wtil rtitings which ,so rcntly
otarulel and tcrritllh the tu ntLry wte 'orn butl,
"ll. forests oIf Ioul't that overiop t.lln1 in
fanlt te atul td ahii-ttret , iut like the pro
phllt'M RtIoulit wither on tihe thirl dfly." The
ihts t1tttjin11 iiltlcth mulT'ring, dtestroytol mubs
tiropiirity, wit rvIi ltei InI the tlo n of a nutm
,(er of lives. That Is all they did In theo way
of hb'in, till tlhey are over lnowt; t but now life
and vigolr lhave (oon im at I ,rbal to oofh contral
Irlng Ileta of the Ilto ailminismtt,ion.
'We do not hIo.fr no mctfhhe of the mufnurce of
utatmnanllwllp necessary to mconterl the over-t
lrown ',er'oations ai 111 monopol of the
country, and to c)nlanlpatei tradll and Indu,
try from the sporal and unlwile llogislation,
itwheh are at the botktun of our Int troubles,
as We dtho of 1,11nd of a wgrUnt tanding armyt
Io suMpprMI IlnsrroItrton lmt compAl the sub.
nisnith of (ti ptopfe tn the trxiasting otrdler
of' thlings. We hoer. Iri(), of the, neonr lty of
giving the 1 lvioral (lovernllntlt cfnt.rol of tlhe
railways ntdl tR'igraIpI, and, I(cltnit , of ivery
ss~intltil lo i totraitlitl acvornmenti , with anil
itllaLtorlnt, tand uncouth aristocracy t of mcionopo
lislt, wit h the manners of thoe ilultr, out ,of
which thlle-fourths of them spralng; of arilly
ohilers and corrulpt anid auhtervlnllt politi
citins. Mlany even ofl thie mlnergble foolswho
compoeod the howling mols of last It-k,
ieries out for thlis tcnlntatlon and oni.en'ra
tion of the lpowerfnl and unsrupulous amen
iles which hm]y worktil their mliary, and.
(atmb'tlai, womuhl crush the(m undor their I.ol
as though they were worms of the dust.
It' i the mridst of all the turmoil, and fol.
lowingd t i oation, we hiad hardt only of
ComtrulntAm thlere woull Io little to appre
lhnd. lthe hinlracticatility of mlni utnism
tendirod' ita nlantn'lartn, excertl I I'l)tol'n IIl
robbers, (suite innoxious. ]ut the theories of
governlltll, 1to whtlh theo roeth,lts havei
threatening to our fre ist o lltutions el to 11the1
peace and security of lthie ciounllltry, artie not
only practihal theor'.li. hut extremely faitrnoa
t.ing thoorint.
The policy ,of l'argely instrning the. army
in part'eular is aivaneMx and urge.m with re
,nowel p)er'thllaltiy by Isuny of tlhe ablet len
trals of the country, and wt, need mss be
surprlised I, whtn CoJngross asmholllo, w,
Iind many half-wittel I)emonrat'l and ),Demo
cratle papers crawling on theirl kneew to alpol
I he larmytask ti for i thel. lastl sessnion, alln
ready anid ager to co' Oll'tin any dm(oian\d till,
Administratilon ior joi R]epulblmlan hl~d.rs
Imay muako' for an iIncrease of the army lllnd
I trust, howwever, tlhath eo lnon snome ofr
the people will see the folly of all Nsuch prop
osltmns. Tho late riote do not suggest the
nued of a standling army nor tllhe propriety or
|turning over' to the lgener'al govornment, thil,
cent rol of the railway and telegraph lins,.
1nr of oItherwise cOllnentrating powe"r and pa
tronage at, W'athinllgteOn. What they do sug
gest is till,\ ns'Wasity of lrwvrring the central
izing policy of tho lpublican party, and re,
Luruing t., tim slrht D)emocrhati tluc.r'y ol
I have never Ibon so thoroughly convinced
as I am now that the army should ho abol
Ished, or at least redu. ed to the number of
men needed to defend the frontier and protect
the public property. When it becomes neces
sary for the general government to interpose
t*o preserve the peace, maintain the laws and
protect property in the several States, there
will be al end of the principle or right of lwoal
.self-government. The States may colntinu
for a time to exercise bysufferanee that right,
but it will be by sufferancee only. The time of
the utter destruction of the right will depend
upon the caprice or convenience of the central
ypower at Washington. The surest safeguard
of the public peace, the safest power to aid the
•,ývil authority in time of public discontent,
and, at the same time, to preserve and pro
tect the rights of the States and the lilbrties
of the people, is a well organized mnilitia. It
is a scandalous shame that the (Governor of
any State of the American Union should have
found it necessary to call upon the Federal
government to repress disorders within its
borders. Such a necessity is a certain indica
tion of the de ay of civic virtue among the
people of the commonwealth, or of the dis
graceful imbecility of its administration.
I realize as fully as any one the importance
of presert ing civil order and repressing law
less violence; but I confess that when the
arm of the President was invoked by gover
nors of soverign States to maintain their
authority, and the regular army was called
upon to lire upon and shoot down American 1
citizens, the Federal Government assumed, to 1
my imagination at least, much of the grim I
and forbidding aspect of despotism, and I
could not repress a sentiment of contempt for
the degenerate States too feeble and spiritless 1
to maintain their own laws. I
It is to be hoped that the American people z
have enough love of liberty remaining to 1
prompit thelnº to rnhlukn tlhlR m.mtt.l,, cilnamor
for lh'n ihenrin f to ho army.1 1 d 11y 1a trull, ti.i
the DI)omnoraticnl pºes of t.hl r.iulntry will r'
lnow ItA dolinand, for a 41.111 f'rthlr ri'lllitio
of both tho army and navy. 'lh,.an inttiitt
tlions arn not 1inril4,(d bythn ivllntry, awll ,'xil.t
Inlg i any 'n blnernhblo strng.th, lhli-y ar-f a
living tldanger ti, ille, cInltil.itiutin mian t.lim
righllt of1 tlthe Htin.,',. JEI rl t H , la' 4t4I l1d Ito
Will' to matitain it. own laws. JAI r1('l 4 <11t l
orders within lirs oIwin I.rd1'r, 1tn, ini tim ioif
pll bli danger, fur.tnih priomptly I.t q1411481. of
organlrand and l dirl p11 II .hn'dsit0 ro to 1.h'
ollttlln lt IIdnf il.n. Thin Inll hl' d4lln1 8c.4 do.lo
lltv with lsaf14d v by 1.11h cwrhtali lllllnlt in r'v'h
Mntn' of a n wall organiized rllillh..
1T1111 I'lURtAI (XIb NA'IltINH.
Fil4'i. years or Repibtlil, a. a dtiniitlrtlion
ii~lfll tllt , '4h whh it Iiii ' l .iii ,l5.1 lllt' it.fIii, (II 'lly
woi llouking.4 whiiihl hai i 11 1,11 (1 1111n41 of v(ie rvy
natio lr whilh IIt Irvl ,r lv' t Ifrlihid. Thl1'('
pro'nhs h11 m qu1touxat 1 llhr linthe lhult
Io h riglt, orf th lri l tit l II 1 ih 4 r t.,is thil, alt
tlaryll Its mpre'litijig thoIf'It(i l fm 1im141 corpoi-ni
for, '!ll tim w 'i ot.p orud by li'lljli, a(ll4ll 1,, i( tol. -
ahionllo. At atII without p nl ollell ptlion,. .ol i'y
paper I gv (o.titn h1nt dth.t iariy h'id thl', n(,ii
of1Tell by 1,he ralloadim dl.lmpluth,., hill. 1,t th
thiuy hnIv1 noh right, to pl I'.l.1t. I1t t hi .iL tIiit
working. Int t, tn o'R111trtl 1 ,lll(.llt r 'I Tt f alffnir'
1.th1t1, nn h ailolputalba prlopositio. 11Ht, w.hy
r1ai thIe. p1lt l Iiv lt rlol ptimlc oulnr in I lini g ithl
oInt, of thi rliighl't f thill working pnople1 whtill
Il fath .,l io ol04t t ant d 41 uc e4 hll 1Nt t o 'lllII. n rt1o i l-h
faiti that iitla t ittor tlaiosr.ll hvll' grollwn1
wtrongerl. haI t.n Ithlaws whih' thl..y 11.tr1.mlp
ontll a ilierty; thi . tlat lrrtnd 4111tu 'neri1. tio t,
toligrial'soln. alnd u llgisltlituril'a4iitiii lnlglltp
thlrn unIll eor.itutionial, allti-riep f hrl' ,n i anvty
fxtvztlrdlna'y priv'il mes, which tlhiy Ihav' in
cor ted by unremistel mr hen tlir'lrts. and
1now atreto dollmtlatl te.f ltl'fomtn.lrltl . or lt h
inltntrr and to opprllo l tin working ptopla' ?
If lthe strlkls thxu m l4 th ,it' rig'ht, u1v4 hir lli
lawl in prv, lthlng thlrlh fllow from worklng
f'or lthe waglw olfri l by tlhe 1mmapalll.n , Itn li
al'ii twha that, tl itoirplratlons 1ar1anmmit lt.
i inout' government; that thly t rgi , thls cr.1111
ituri of corruption;l, that t.hey havel hoild
th.meolvwn highllr than all lontlit lll honnal au1
thorllty, and have tramphul Itpon private
righlts, Iltllic justicae and common hiiit,.i'ty.
And tIltl has hblloon proiluel 'tlh .viulition
outllf o,1 which 1 pritlngu t itlrltlionsu all l'ivollh
tilnn. It ,may abe. tlhat the strikerll' overmt,'Iipped
tilm houllgary oI priva't rights. igt thglt mon
olitilln firsh .t , llturo'll tm n cli ,ia,1 y I)ofi Hlrc ii'y ',
anl disollr.ere d hl. lle natural aInd haltlhful rel.
lIolllbtwlooll eaplitall and labor,. It1.I t' hlthum.
1rest upon ,l11osll 1 whO rt1'(4 tf' r"lnlgt"I'1Re14l thl1
law, and1 violat(l lh1o fumtalrmntahl prht'cipl,
of our government atld of all free l'0 ihty.
During the last ftlll'l, yvaars corrupl4on,
favortL.'ltll, ..,tiohal malhv1OVru)m ald co ntrltl
Izinlg polh'hs have dlsturlivl llh natural
'order o)f our '0publ anl suLlety. and Intro
duced in our systom thosew, ohnoxioul fata ures
whichll have in all timne tkntmhl to nlakl' th,
rich rieher and tihe poowr p.,or', until "woulth
has a1cumulatel itself nluteo mn.o ; and pov
orty a4lso in accumulatinlg n,,ough 1e irhpnas
Mably lNparatal flont it,; oIpI.,pal, lunlonttllll
llcating, Ilke forms In positive and u ngatlve.
Ipolow. And t, l gaods of thin lowl.r world it
aloft on glittelring thronem, Ins happy 1,Jhan
Ephlul.'m.' grinl, hult. as indlou11 t and hnlpo
Wilt; whllen t1h,: loindlss living ,11u44
of) iglorlulne 11n ll hlnger wll woll,-rs h+rrinf1'
in dark fury tndh tr " th1 ,ir' f 1't.."1
I It wlonderfull, thlel, that tllhnrl, Ilas ."Hon ntll
olll.utrak of! tlhe peoplin; thlut1,. Ig.IoIr'nOcae, in
flamed by wrong and misery, ha 'Is(,on up)
and lifteld its brawny arml i lto strlk at th81
gods whom venality 1tal fraln legislintiton Iav1
e'el'taxl and sot up on gold01n t8h1'on140! Who,
hwkhid, will vllnturl', I.f1or141 h1' drugs down
ltldle4 11 ti ro,,t of ti.e law antllld 0ot14 into tl11o
|bslrvlnlel of the privileges of IlumaniLy and
thl,, righlts of so+'letly thn overgrown antW It
Ih1t1.4lltd Inmonopoihkw of h10 1111h , 11 call upon
1t11 hlw it· o (,onlign it,4 1' npll1 hs1, {. llllwll lnn.1th11 IL1iid
obloquy th, revuolutionists of last, wook ? Itevo
lution, lafter lllt, in but "Jlwush}ftl rmild u1a l iI)n
wrath," mln tlhll' eventl. or last, w\kilc were It
And if those events shall result, ill Itro(us|.ingK
tfhi A ericant pt'ple 3 t the crliinalllty of flih
Splllice's adoptdl Iby the l.epllihian party. to
the folly of a lpoernlilous trilff which destroys
c commeircei, an i to the politi'al villainy of
Iimonlstrolls monoopolies which disturb tlle
order of1 si.f i'lty and ride down the pIIeopl, the
- illions they hav cost the, corporations aind
the trade of tihe country will Ihe a icheap prile
f for the Ilssings tlhey will conit'r.
1'The riots ought lint to have asIthished the
1)EMO('RAT. During the contest between tlis
Nicholls and Packard governments the I )iEMo
'RAT appealed to the people of Louisiana and
to their representatives to make no conces
sions to and compromises with the Packard
conspirators. It declared that the people of
Louisiana would resist the Institution of tre
Packard goverunmnt with arms; that thou
sands of good and true men in adjae nt
States would rally to their aid, and that there
was widespread suffering and discontent
throughout the North, tengendered by the un
constitutional and wicked policies of the
Federal government which would provoke
riots and revolution among the workinp
pteople of that section, the moment the first
gun wias fired in New Orleans, and that our
battle would be fought in Washington, New
York, Baltimore, Chicago and other Northern
cities, as well as in those of the South.
Perhalps the wisdom of the President In re
storing tih State governmcnts of Louisiana
and South ('artolina, and in withdrawing the
t roops front New Orleans and Columbia, has
found its highest exrmplillcathon in the peacet
that has reigned in the South, while revolu
tion red-handed, with knife and torch, swept
through the country.
Poor Tilden ! poor Hewitt! Had those chosen
leaders of a mistaken people had the courage
to support their high positions, or the patriot
ism to ignore the influences of gold and bonds,
it is now evident that they might have
becomethe saviors of the Republic. The out
breaks were but another phase of the people's
revolt against the methods of Grantism.
The first phase of that revolt was the election
of Tilden; and if Tilden had had courage and
manhood equal to his high duties, he would
have' had but to open his lips and mighty
armies would have gathered at his back to
support the constitution and the Preident the
'rnii1 AI,.IINI4I'IiATIlIN.
Mhi. I Illyt' yi'i cr fIlly ncL IA) bi t 1,h11t4nk ot
r'liii wlIi iI t'liaiiiiIoi' fto 1ii1' allinvi triitioll, i
Itlrc 4lrfvr 144 It. w11fl y JY II'Il 1'1 141lt inau1)111 1' of()
c I Illltv wllln'h clln.l rrlrlir'rlxtrl c'vr sy (lt'pna tntrlr'nt
IfI 010 gnvl'u iliift. (dl-"ii) ihit., iii- tr 11th
fI I-hihiik of iihijiii- 'nttc'l . if MI-.r` Nlhtyio - lun
r hlttl r· cift -xrm tni of t·Itvv'lying t-l, , kinrf 1.) 1, rn-
flu;li ,,uniitnihuu uthi M 11 l uiih41. ii(ii 11i'i O 1 I i'M (
'1i1uiwho iirIi lh.i i-irt'. ofuu 1.11 giuti'i inn flu'id n
'Iuiihi ui1ngl . I i''i11,04 liii iiiC ul fii'uln, nun'hMr
ily'li.04 0l"h owi'li.1i of I~is iigii. * f Ituor Pnsyoiho. tif
1.11 IL lt (I·H 11 011. 11 VIhll A nil-i.b rnt, thy' ofll
I1141 n'of i hi '..'u 'lflly woll, l I-tli ii n Ifn ilutIl
iu'iu'ii.l of thi'i Ifo Imm in u-i(l4ttluu1-, thu p mufuui
14i4l i'i' I'I'Hi rtlio / Il' ni r nih I cl(l~lll ;i(ty ,ni 1 is-n
to thtlul~l tnne"us pni'r yr4 i of it. vi ' II uu;uuimoiii by oii
huI(' f1411'. i''Ii 1l.lotl llii iit('/i ~ll of Ii ltlU 1itiit,1
Ulf1, rontutr~c ry ntlr ) 4 111l1for ltt lorur I1'I1) r'rrtit
nIlt(' (, .14 AIrcll4Lrai' Il4 'NA lull. ll 1 popult
(liiiv Ii·~~,ui\ l liii; Jill'Iml~ llui fii.i~hn
1, , trulsl .llrt
I tlhilc, ifll' thcyi'Ms, of h1 r.11,1 y'' illuI- 1 tII
ouii I olin iil~ it l h llu' ' ul il''iil. 1·, it~u l hlirt i4rc wiiuni tiii
hyinlgt 1.4 ilunll hIs u'Irliutu Imoprm oii'.- in woth ntli'
wsu , h ll 411u 1 s ow)ll , 11141 j ii, M l, l,i4)i'rn I hihA'rlill .
tIii tO- 11 Ii 1 1'.H itl nI tuii liulio Iii mi' ILc'1 Nl.
1'1, (1 i I'i ltol(l( I ujiu, ctrryit iu ,ni lorlu i I f fio A
1411i1it0'inn ol';i'i-i- , h h l uith 114fi l 10.41 1 -ily I
um nl tr' I hm µ i ll fl ls hju inIo ti t I ll ,/l' oii I ilof II
ponrrn 11111 1101V1 tillin Enrl p11114 lnt fur41W thuh
141411.4 lu 1111 lillµ i4t'"ntl) i ynirj iiial gulol, wit ft
l'irl~itIglii It.I'IIt'l amoiiiisi' iuiif'iu1ng huilors o
fir' h,i1~ 1'i-i~nlll ('nun-l ;louuai 01 iiii, i
11 is 1lllll n llln(ed that it plrof.5surship of
i(lins oo ha (J11 ettiliilishil, though not yet
fully elndiw(hl, at Yaleo college.
1Last year in EIigleanld 1249 jIrs'41,1n wo.i'
killt d on thl railroalds, while I524 were killld
by i'arri'lagnl aind waigons.
About ll ix . hunir~wl i'olitl Inllianrs from
Nevilad Toritit'ry pa1441.ll through (Columnhibu.
I(il4n(14, laitlly, iln thei way tit theitr new honlme
in the Indliani Territlory.
Turkish sohllI',s aIre tIller than the RusI
ilans, alnd will averago at least. live fot, toll
inlhrln. Thely wear full heards, but have their
hali s1 livel i, tlo th hair cuI. very short.
The Lone SHtar itll's, of (lalvestton, Texas,
have lintliiliatill to I Glov. Ilubbarll, of that
Sitoat, tlheir redinessIi flll" natire dlitty in c.la.
of furtherl tpiroule along thetll'i Ii.oit boidrtlr.
Allexa der 'If . tephens yi t ay1of thlt polithal
nit.uation that theat t1'.srilnltr ha d1holli what
Tildeln ii nlct have done withoutl, elvil witr,
a.lll , yIue wifte rotl yuti.or nizd entr-inlLent n the
Thl Atlanta f t'li'ti saysf trhat thh.
Tile lr ' oflr ll MIert Inty (are f Irmly convinedI
thait th onstituioal oIUrnvelio will tl l y put
them ac ck a ilento tlaveriy, (If nIeveral oif thorn
wet.r in Ellert(on the Ithrt.. day fotr 'th pll'r
lpose oyif ptllkng out theiav um n ters. -
Oyin illof t.ht juptynlt o o i llinml tlrllh
twchbhorne ive ant, to ift lilrsonnt ht .b
Ihly n alntl. 11a lrilts If mourlt (Theauord,
theat h has changed clhis mind about tIl)he casgn ,,t
nd ntile w thinks that thet prison r should I
relea. in. Th, 'l'lichorItnolheagues arte bavioant.
Chbotarllnes , tt cke, of Bstlln, who co-r th
itted suiM deL( in an Francisco reentuly,
wrote to his brother: "Kiss your i t chilren,
and your wife and your i-ster-In-law for me,
and so forth." Mi's. Li ocke will problably ask
for ta definition oof the "so forth."
The French Ministry of War annolunces
lhat its 1iniber of soldier~ will this yar ou f
plaithou at the disposal of agriculturlsts for
th purposesth of tr e harvest. Tihlt peroillns
.emp Illoying thel will havto 1i4 pay it w sum vwa
rying in difflrent parts of thei countr from
twenty-five to fifty cents.
- -An ardent adherent of ount i haum-ord,
the Marquis Frwanelie, Ct., . d'lauregad against
the Sulectoral an vring now goinisg onter W ih
Franceat in cityhaf otlanot Hr miltonaparte savh ir,
urginpor as a duty inalumbent on skell ioyalisin ats,
of both branchel, s, to do all they can for the
defeaillit f ofcial candidates set php by the meet on
perial MatMnhan clique.
August hill . Th been iof troluled in the oatse fidel
onrg, uons to put n entric tate furthereTation
of Irish peers, who, by the terms of the union,
were to numbeC r 1N, xchint ive of tiios hold
ing seats as English peers in the Hlouse of
Lords. Nowadays nobody cart's to te a peer
without mea eat in the Cregiscent Cilture. At the
diunion th re were 224 Irish peengrs, but erd 174
the number had fallen tcompeted 1, of whom the wrdiamod
pbaeers of the Uniterd Kingdom.
-Ex-President Woolsey, of Yale, is sum
mering at Cornwall, Ct., Gen. Beauregard at
White Sulphur Springs, and Minister Wash
burne at Carlsbad. Longfellow is visiting
his native city, Portland. Hamilton Fish is
at Newport. Cardinal McCloskey is living at
Seton Hall, South Orange. The Emperors
William and Francis Joseph are to meet on
August 8. The Queen of Sweden is at Hidel
berg, under electric treatment for heart dis
Crescent City Competition.
The members of the Crescent City Rifle Club
did not practi at the long rangee yesterday, but
the team, with others, competed fo: the diamond
badge at the 500 yards range, the p ize being won
by Mr. Babitt, who is a competi'or for one of the
reserve positiona.
('If S'I'OM-IO1()8 PAE FA .TS.
I nstide ierrets 'evelnped by a DPmseerat
" Reprter -Thie Wrangle for edsteral
Pap Coetinuens.
For several days past, indeed sinoe the return
t of the world-renowned iteturning Board ex-ohief,
it has been whispered about in Onetom-House
circles that another and
was to be made upon Collector King by Ander
" son, Oantt and Wells,. They are not, it seems,
satisfied with the patronage they have had in
the way of appointments, and hating, without
doubt, made promises to the entire Packard
Ntate-lonse lay-out, they are now being pushed
f by that crowd, some of whom threaten to
"squeal" on the returners unless they are pro
vided with clerkships, eto.
This manner of bul!doring has had its effect
upon the returners, and fearing doubtless lest
some of their innermost secrets should
nlo MiIAn luelIll,
they have determined to keep them dark by raid.
Ing the Colleotor for places for their pets. They
seem to think that the Oeutom-flouse actually
Il belungs to them, and that as they helped
to make the President they should have the
t Onetomllouse teat tolpull at'until all the seooha
rine has been extracted.
They are of the opinion, however, that Deputy
C Colloetor Champlin stands in their way and that
hI e may prevent their reorganieation of the Oneu
tom-Housee, and therefore have, a la Kellogg,
turned their batteries upon him, hoping by so
r ouring his removal to accomplish their wishes.
He, it seems, objects to having made an immq.
diate and sweeping removel of experienced
I clerks lest the very compliloated system required
to keep the government business straight should
become disarranged, and by the errors of
the business should get mixed.
The raiders do not seem to care for this, how.
I. ever, and all they want now is his head, and they
propose to take it without further preliminaries.
The plan is now to have Anderson, Gantt &
Co. demand from the Collector Mr. Obamplin's
- rsignation, and hat secured, Anderson is to
compel the Collecr tor give the position vacated
to*ham (Anderson), who will occupy it, and with
out the slightest knowledge of Oustom.House
Itneiness will manage things to suit himself, and
he will then control the Collector
Anderson's fllends say he has a double purpose
in this, the first being to oust Obamplin. and
I then eventually make himself the Collector by
ousting Judge King. The nomination for Col.
lector, they say, may not
until during the last days of the extra session,
and should King be rejected, Anderson, having
Ssecured Ohamplin's removal and his own instal
m went, would be the ad ifderlr, Collector, and
r could then ot heads and make appointments
as fast as he chose.
They fear, though, that President Bsyes might
have something to say on the subject, and don't
know aust howtoo go at it. They know that the
Prmeldet has provided for eob of the Rleturn
f ins Board exoept Osanave, and sle not, therefore,
,t longer under obligations to them, and. know, as
their friends say, that the President oares nothing
for them or their threats, a his title is beyond
their reach, and, consequently, think that if they
el can secure the entire Cus:om-House without
making a noiee that
they will just go In and gobble the whole business.
Ihe programme was arranged for Anderson to
arrive here on Haturday or yesterday and quietly
arrange the details of the ourj d'etat before the
Collector was aware of it, and then make Mr.
hObamplin step down and out before he knew it.
in this, however, they have counted without
r their hoat, as the programme from first to last
has been "given away," so to speak, by one of
their coflidantles, who seems to think that the
ovynxllxxten MAY surr-En
and has gone galavanting about the Custom.
House corridors until it has officially reacheobd the
ears of the special agentlof the Treasury Depart
1 me.t, who may lnv.otigate the entire matter
should the programme be carried out. Itumorhbs
it that it first came to his ears by a letter from the
Treasury Department, wherein a hint was given
n that should Ohamplhn's resignation be demanded
or asked, that fact should at once be telegraphed
to the Secretary.
Just how this raid will pan out is not known,
I but there are scores of the "oute" who earnestly
t wish for ite success, and are doing all they can
to help to make it successful. It the same con
nection it is stated that some of those who are
making the loudest howl have already secured as
much patronage as they are entitled to, and fur
ther that an one nstarnce a direct violation of
teeoretary 8herman's order is reported in that
more than
are employed in the same bureau.
Per contra, it is known that the President's or
der forbidding Federal employee from occunpying
politioal positions is even now ignored by the Col
lector, who has in his employ several who holl
State oices. The same might be said of two
other offiose-not connected with customs in
the Custom-House building, one of which is held
by a State Senator and another by a member of
the House of Representatives. Then again, it
is said that Mr. Desmarais, a member of the
House of H.present.atves, is now occnpyirg a
position under the Collector, all of which has, of
c ,nrae, been brought to the attention of the
special agent of the treasury, who, if the whole
subjec. matter is investigated, will have
to forward to Washington.
A strange feature in connection with the so
called raid is the old fight between Anderson and
(.nott and the tollec'or,which resulted in a victory
for the former, and it was supposed that the fight
had ended, but it seems that it is about to be
made anew. Another feature which "mixes" the
averageonseider is the fact that the final report
of the Custom-House Commission has
to Washington, the rnAmbers of the commission
refusing point blank to say why the delay is oc
Yesterday's Pool--The Hope Club (ewe
the Favorites at Odds of Two to One.
Quite a crowd attended the pool sales for the
regatta yesterday, both at Wa;ker's, at 1 p. m.,
and at Hawkins' in the evening. The pricis were
not, however, as is usually the custom, run up
but, on the contrary, they were nearly all small
At Walker's the pools for to-da)'s races rated
as follows:
Single Scull Shell Race-Hope (O'D3nell), $10;
St. John (Musgrove), $5; St. John (ioniat), $4;
field, ingluding Orleans (Dallas), Atlantic (Foley),
Perseverance (Jas. Keegan), $3.
Four-oared Ogg-Hope $16, Riverside $7, and
the field, including the Orleans, Magnolia and
Perseverance Club entries, $2 50.
Double Scull Shell-St. John $5, Howard $1,
Southern 75 cents.
For Tuesday's four-oared shell race the Hopes
sold at $15, Riversides 58, and the field, compria
ing the tonthern and Perseverance, 52.
for to-day'e races, were as follows:
Single scull shell-Hope $15, $onia: $11,
Musgrove $10, fldd 12 iO,
Double Meull-M . John. $15, Howards $10 and
southern $4, the Hopoe having no entry.
The tour-oared gig race found buyers at the
following rates:
Hopes $10, Rlverside $8l and field St.
The follotwing is the programme for to-day's
oULLt, eiatit,.
. John--Bost ose--O. T. Heonit.
RJohn-fBoat (lelestlns--B. O. Mllegrove.
Itope--Boat A. P. Kip-Jomes O'lDonnell.
Orleans--Bost -, M. Dalian.
Atlantic Boat gddy--t4. Foley.
Perseverance -Boat Johnnie--James Keegan.
sFRtolll RA1,- -01114 NWl,g AND RII/IIRW--OI:nnhg
Ht. Johna-T. H. Dayhi bow, James Connolly
stroke. (olors, white and blue.
flouthern-M. Wheeless buw, J. Murphy stroke.
Co'ors, blue.
loward--Thoimas Barrett bow, J. 1. Fitle
stroke. Colors, blin and red.
TIIIRO ItRA(.P--olK MIIIr AMI, la.TtlrilR-a, PI oAuRel
Perseveranoe Boat Katie F. Colors, red and
Mageolla-Boat Harry B., Jr. (olers, white
shlrte, blue Mtrlpe,.
Orleans-boat U. 8. Itemelli, Jr. Colers, blue
and white.
Hlope--Boat Nettle Norton. Colors, red and
Itiverelde Boat 1ts Edith. Colors, red and
'I he first re will belin at 4:1ti p. nt., sharp,
and pools will be sold at the Hi. John Club loaLt
house, at the Lake 10ud, at 3 p. m.
The RIhetareal Testerday of Msasrs. Joel
bert and D'Aquln.
Messrs. Joubert and )'Aquin, two of our an.
Live artitl,r, already well known among our
music-loving people, the former as a violinist
and the other as a flutist, arrived In this oilty
some time ago. It will be remembered that
about eighteen months ago these two talented
and promising young gentlemen were given a
complimentary concert at the Opera House to
enable them to proseoute their studies.
For eighteen months Moeors. Joubert and
D'Agnin have been under the fostering oare of
the distinguished professors of the Oonservatoire
of Paris, and their presence In their native city
is due to a voaation which has been given them
to visit their families and friends. They shall
have returned to the field of their studies
by the Irth (f October nest. Meanwhile
their admirers propose to tend.r them another
concert, to take place at an enrly day. To that
effect yesterday Messrs. D'Aqulo and Joubert,
assisted by some of our best professional talent,
gave their first olhearsal, to which a select num
bar of dildrltte and representatives of the press
had been invited. The affsir passed off charm
ly, but we do not propose to destroy In
avnoe the plesure whch many are
In store by going Into details onocernlng the
rehearsal. iluliMe to say that our young
friends have reason to congratulate them
selves upon the improvement which sertous
study has accomplished in them,. After hearing
them yesterday we are not surprised to learn
that their competition for first honors at the re.
nowned Conservatoire of Paris is almost assured.
We of New Orleans, who have so frequently
prided ourselves upon the produotion of fine
Jonu9lals, will hail the event with toh atmost
I he als last Wigiet.
After night fall last evening it becamtne alarm.
lngly evident that there was something the mat
ter withe gas supply. Street lamps burned so
low the flame could be scaroely seen, and dark
ness prevailed all over the city. At first con
sumers imagined It was the fault of the meter,
and immediately that inasrument was deluged
with water, but without avail.
In the newspaper composition rooms the print.
ers were unable to work, and at one time it
looked as though candles would have to be
brought into requisition. On Inquiry at the gas
house it was learned that the canse of the trou.
ble was the breaking of one of the valves on Fri.
day. Workmen had been engaged in repairing it
all that night, Saturday and sil o4unda, and the
work was only aooomplished about 8 o'olock last
A Dimeulty.
At halt-past 10 o'clock Paturday night a diffi
culty originated at No. 261 Customhouse stree-,
between two dusky dames, Maggie Powell and
Susan Deller, which terminated in the latter being
beaten about the head and body by a stool in the
hands of the former. The injured womap was
taken to the Charity Hospital where she received
medical attention. The aooued party made her
rahort Items.
Joe. Lewis Decoste allal Marohioo, were lodged
in the lHr bor ntation. charged by V. 0. Lopez
with having robbed him of 1500 on the Robert
E. Lee. Special Luby arrested the accused
Saturday evening.
At a quarter-past 1 o'clock yesterday, while a
negro man named Archie Foster waslighting with
his wife, at their residence on Terpsicbore street,
he dropped dead. Goronor Roche held an nlo
quest and returned a verdict of heart disease.
At 0 o'clock Sunday morning Mr. H. Shepherd
found the body of a little boy, aged 8 years, float
ing in the river at the head of Port street. It is
supposed to be the body of the child drowned
iaturday evening. Coronor notified.
BPhind the bars in the SBeond Precinct is
Joseph Zoelly, charged with having property in
hir porsession supposed to have been stolen.
Zoelly was pulled by Offloer Posy.
Robert Metz, a negro porter, was arrested at
N'. 29d Dryades street, by virtue of a warrant,
and io t!ed in the Second Precinct, charged with
obrtaming property under false pretenses, by Dan
For the larceny of two revolvers Charnes Smith
was locked up in the Eighth Station.
Aleck. Williams was looked up in the Seventh
lub-station, charged with larceny of potatoes and
Wm. Patterson and Samuel Carter were arrest.
ed and locked up in the Sixth Station, charged by
Walter Barret with highway robbery and assault
and battery with intent to kill.
Win. Sacks is again in trouble for the hundredth
time; he has been arrested for having stolen pro
orrty in his possesei ,n. This time he was lodged
in the Third Station for having two sets of sto.en
harness in his posseseion.
Palael Royal.
Among the many changes to take place soon
on the grand boulevard cone will be more strik
ing and more indicative of the good time to come
than the swaying to the breeze the banners of the
grand "Palais Royal." Our enterprising friend
Levy, who haa for so manv years been the popu
lar proprietor of the dollar store, No. 137 Canal
street, seems to have had his faith shaken in re
publican institutions and ideas, and is deter
mined, with cne fell swoop, to obliterate the
name of dollar store forever. He is making prep
arations for the opening of this elegant and gor
geous establishment, and nothing will be spared
in making it the most attractive place in the
Southern country. Levy's dollar store is known
throughout the whole South, and as it has been
known for its promptness in filling orders and
the polite attention of the clerks, and the place to
get everything, so will the Palais Royal grow
into popular favor, for we will see in the large
and gilded signs that are to adorn the building
evidences of a new era, a prosperity which we
have longed for but never expected until the
present time,
'raw, iNIA iti ruouluuma.m.
(hiCT Jnwerph Thrwagcnu to Uefn the
Grain at CIamas and then VIsit
IH eci"n toe the, tie nej nrat,l
HAM F'UANC'IR(eii, Aug, tg. I.fewlnen ndvl'is
le, flee 11L. May1 tiedt thlte Ieeilae, ,ewe s'ie1
Farnily, whlee reirnreateel witlh their peeple) at.
Hl.ne.te (:e'eenk 91l thlree,gh flue Ildlian, te eerblle.
)er'evieeg Ieee eeeee rlniitletl 14, the whiltee, ntul
wip, hlint Ie'n panti, 14, K1{ahnielell Ide ewerrrtai thi
eeeeeveernuieulw ctln the tlliee, r'etuernel yeetcrr
clay tA) re';eert. that tips, tnrlltele, nat Karclah Wall
L.leaid thLrey wore, goirlgaeewe, thie rlollflflhtaw by
I hII HuIle trell willh thteir et4,ek arul rendllleee,
cc ecei tLie, wlceci tthny got. th1cm',i, n a 5ecee'5
;elcen tlecey weeelie rdee n nhd l~gt. ti , e woleldIeree.
bieiese, *lrwonl wqueaw wlatcece taint Ilef(Iere lecav
iccg Kacia,, the, Ic hrcptli wnt, tnr,te l riceledly
15 lriin(cpe' lamp) an, drugc ceff all Li, yreeupgn
ceeIeecwe, he'at, Ihlcetn witlh eleelew eenl ferdcrrew
n, ceeing i kee At hinny r~atl~e. Thecy nlwc,
1eluleceel leere t ec cvf rylytdleeg tlcey eleeildl Heed
acid all IJirei' Jlceeree', orf any vahrsl,, Hie flr
Itlheer pu tae tlhit s l,ee hceewtllcew arc'n i, Ie relitcrereeel
1y oterlccre' inlanir tirme th cetlecer wlde, of the,
countaclalieec, wheeee hluy reteern. flier ctatni
Jecclecttw ninro eon,,IrCNtht ·I reliailce.
it. hlie eeC)11 1repelecetl fur euCeveoc(eal dlayec that a
Fcw lceclllcw ianve teeeeet prweec ncar" Hainurn
riiveer, and this moerening Lieuet. WVilecceet, withe
thirtly hee'n. etar teel et.rerww thc, rivc'r te iccert,
thlcern util cntel destreey all their weapplimc.
r itw IAeeWleeeliOvcel that Jeeewpi will wvsure
11e c4c1eree50 auedl extra tleereee, nerd return te
(!aeeeaes I'ralrice. Its, haw aweeecrtoei his eisttenrsml
ecalclen tes e,;º',, the grain orn Ciarna4 V'rairhi
anId theilk gee tee Wallu Walk,, and thee opinion
1w Iereeveernet thaIf. tin will atfeerecpt It.
mIA'r4rOi MANJRlITg' LTINIKE, Msllt.
I hk Attorney General Reftaee to Make
Publi.e lieeommontedatll to Oflte.
(Hpeolal to the Danmorunt.l
(INfcINNA'rr, Aug. 5. 5-The l I alls' Wash
Inigton spl:ial says that the Attorn.y (imnorl
hI.s just InnlU an important decisIon, which
has rsom learing on the illbel suit of emnator
Hargent against the Han Franelswo (Chroneu,.
It was found no.vcsary for the d.efbnsrr that
referencu should Ie haul A to te ofIlcia flies of
the department to ascertain Mr. Margent's
reuonarnuleeiations to the olllbe. Aft.er refer
enu!u, ru the appileation to the Attorney O(n
oral tih request of the Han Franceis.c (ruonl~e
hIs ben debnil. The denial is made on the
ground lthat thl recomruemlaitions of (omn
gr msrnelunu are privileged, and do not come
within the dlfinition of an onffical communica
tlin, which alone the law authorlms to tr
used as "vide'Owe, In the courts,
Jonesc' Olver Report.
[..oival to the DemocratJ,
WASHI NZ.TON, Aug. ,.--Monator Jones, of
wva.Ia, is still here at work upon his silver
report. In addition to the report ta.re is a
vast tlanes of testimony which woubl cover
ii00 printled pages. The entire work, if pub
lishele, would comprise two volumes.
A hanger Mtfely Passed.
(Hperelal to the Demoeret.l
WAHzINo'roN, Aug. 5, --Home Treasury oll
cialn think that hiad the strike conetinued a few
days morn, a serious panic would have result
cli, as it has beern aR ertainoxl that the New
York banks had decided to refuse loans of
money on collateralcs.
The rails During the strike.
[(peolal to the Demoorst.] .
WASHintrTON, Aug. 5. Mr. Vails, Muperin
tenlmdent lallway Postal He.rvhi,, reports that
dluring the strike It was sometimes necessary
to trans;,ort the mail tPn miles in wagons to
save it from the fire and the nmob; but owing
to faithful and intelligent labors of the
e:mployes of the railway postal se'rvlic, not a
single Iletter or newspaper was iost.
Threats of the Nearo Mtrikers to Burn the
IHpecilal to the DeInoerat.l
MrmnPIIns, Aug. 5.--.tuineo excitement was
,;c.asihnaeli in the city last night by the threats
of n,.grostrlkers to burn the, frelghtelevatorat
the foot of heal street. Steps were tpken to
prevent a consummatlon of the threatby plac
ing an armedl force of polIcemen and cltizens
on guard at the building all night, while the
members of two military companies occupled
their armories, ready to respond to a call for
assistance from the authorities. The night
passed quietly, and no riotous demonstration
was made. Efforts have betrn made for sev
oral day's by a few mischief-makers to in
augurate a general strike among the working
classes here, but so far without success.
The spencer Tragedy.
(ope:.al to the Democrat.)
KEOKUK, Aug. 5.- The coronor's inquest
on the murder of Spencer and four children
In Clark county, Missouri, leads to the sus
plcion that the murder was comrmitted by
Spencer's brother-in-law, nanml Lewis, and
a man namednr Baliey. They were accordingly
Tea by the Overlaad RIgte.
.oeeial t-,the Democrdl
OMAHA, Aug. 3.--Thirty-four car loads of
tea arrived from the West to-day, bound East.
'There are ninety-three more to follow.
(Sreeial to the; Domocrat.l
IMEMi'r.s, Aug. 5. --Departed : Common
wealth for New Orleans, Shreveport for StL
Louis, Morgan for Cincinnati.
.. .. . - , . . . .
Our House.
The high reputation held by HSider who
catered so sucoessfully to connoisseurs at the
corner of Gravier and Baroune streets, is not t
be illowed to wane. Jimmy Bogert and e
two notable mixologists, arve joined hands
re-opened the old and favorite place where i -
refined palate can erjoy anything, from foaminu
RBderer to the pnrpie vintages of France. On
the occasion of the openong many friends greeted
the new host., and "Our House" stared mort
NoroO To TAxrai-as.-Parties having any tax
matters to settle would do well to call on W, H.
Barnett, broker, No. 38 8t. Charles street, oppo
site the Bt. Lbarles Hotel, who makes a specialty
in this line, and can furnish all necessary in
formation and make large savings to them. Mr.
B. has bought from first hands, over counter, a
large amount of all the necessary scrip and war
rants to settle all kinds of taxes of various yesav
very cheap, and consequently is enabled to make
large discounts in settling the same, or will self
aeesary srqp to someUs e same ery cheap.

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