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" l.mnnI . nnll| lI nm l I N lnN um nl m llnmI| lnn I• I NIm mn II . m nl m i m g
TEl DAY mT. Ilo11a ATiH. 1
FbeO MaggIl Wins the gerend Mare, Leav.
ita Maueh Mol t Vletor of One Rare. 1
hAY M'r. Lotrvs, Iept. 22. The match rmn I
between the Adelia and Maggie, for $1000lO
tMl.e, terminated in the most. hotly eontoetA'dl I
1Te0 that e'er tbgok place on the lake coast. 1
The yachts were started from the Judlto' I
boat, Zoo, opposite.o Mr, (lnhrnoit' wharf, at ex- n
estly 1:80 p. nl., In a brisk north wind, and 1
got away well togcether, with malnsalle, Jibs
and topsals not. Ilading for the ,east. stake' I
boat, lying off llenderson PPoint. 4
The Adelia hold the lead for the firstl mille
i'' d a half, when the Maggie happot heIr and
passed her to windwatrd, going around the .1
WstWartd stake hboat aboutt H sends ahead. I
B]oth yachts now weiuareel away for the south- I
wlest stake boat,, earking the spray fly as I
they sped swiftly before the froshoOnlg I
bress.. The Maggie rnounulni thi.l stakeo boat
about 97 secon. ds ahtol of hr gallant com
petitor, and ,both yachts hlautled uIlpon the I
wind for the long stretch northward to the I
home stake,
The MaggIe standtng In towards the' shore
was followed by thel Adclihe so c'loscely that it I
seemed to the eye-wltunsoll t ats If the boats I
had been lashet'l ogether. Ta'nk aftlr tack
followed, and no atdvaltagl.e mttelie tooling to
either boat untIl nearing thle Judge's' boat, ,
whenl one of the tmnost It'aciful mantullvreo in o
skillad seamanship was perfrormelc by the I
sailing mamter of ihe, Mtgglo, Mr. I. II.
Both yaohte were nenrinrg t.he- home stake '
on the same tack, standlng off from shore, I
when a favoring puff of winh sent the Adolla
up to windward of the Maggle. and it seemed
as though hlte would roundl the judge's boat
ahead of her cO,tnpet.ltor. Clemens seeing i
thls, put the Maggie about and stood into
shore upon the starboard taek. The Adolla
went about and stood on the alme tack, load
ing the Maggie about twently yards, and be
ing about the samlne distanveo te leeward.
When the Adolla hadtl steood in stufllciently
far to clear the Judlge'H bolat, llse wont about
and stood on the port tck; both yachts were
now bearing dircotly down on acich other i
from different dliret hone, Ictlc their bowsprits I
were In sIx foot of striking, when Clemons. I
like a flash, shot the Magghie tip in the winld,
and having his starhbcird Jcek on hoard,
under the salllng ruls, fordtl the Adoliha to I
4ive Wa7fiP tack again.
The crew of the Maggrtl sent. up ia shout,
Whleh waasll ned in by the throng oef cpocta
tors that 'wtnose'd this splendild oxhibition
oa ft 1toal seamanship. ,and the Maggie
sped by the Judges' boat 22 seconds ahead
of the Adolla. The Maggie' now fairly hold
the lead, and as the wind stliffnlkld she grad
ually pulled away from the swift Adella, I
making the' westward stake on the second 1
round 42 seconds ahead of her. She In- I
Oreased the gap to 8 soecuctls at the south- I
west stake, whet both ylachtsc again hauled up
for the long boat to windward, which was the
home stretch. The wind now blew out fierce-
ly, and the yaclhts had all their ballast to
windward, with the loe rail under all the way,
but asethey came to the home stake it could
be seeon that the MaggIe was far In the lead.
She came horne a gallant winner c midutes
and 20 seconds ahead of the Adolla.
The first round was acs follows : The Maggie
passed the first stake at 2:52:59 p. en. The,
Adella at 2:58:7 p. in. The second steako was
passed by the Maggie at 3:24 :9-5 p. mn. The
Adella at 8:25:02 p. cn. The hcence stake was
reached by the Maggle at 4 :18:45 p. mi. The
Adells at 4:19:'7 p. m.
The second round was as follows: First
-s- trake-o uhled by tirn Meuggl.e t 44ift1 :1H p. m-rn
by the Adolia at 4:12 p. mi. !econd stake
passed by the' Maggio at 5:13:30 p. m., by
Adella at 5 :14:34 p. it. lThe Maggie reached
the honeo stake at ;:04 :5. p. to., the Adelia,
6:11:18 p. m. The Maggio boating the Adellla
6 minutesand 20 seconds.i.
The Presdllent of a PhiladelpDha Raltroad
Issues Over Double the Capital Stock
of His Road.
PHrLADRLIPATA. Sept. 22.-Early this morn
ing the region of Third and Chesnut streets
was startled by a rumor of the most
alarming nature. It was reported that an
over issue of stock of the West Philadelphia
a Railroad, running on Market street, had been
detected, and that Mr. J. S. Morton, presi
dent of the company, was implicated to a
great extent in the frauds. Tho report reach
ed the clerk of the Exchange, and was laugh
ed at and characterized as a stock numor.
Later in the evening it was discovered to be
a fact. The total number of shares compris
Ang the capital stock of the company is 0M00,
at the par value of $50. The shares have,
however, been selling for $15.
The number of shares over issued, and for
which there was no authority, is estimated at
10,000, which is nearly double the stwock of the
company. The three leading men in the
company are implicated in the over issue, viz.,
John 8. Morton, president; Samuel P. Hun
ter and B. F. Stokes.
Mr. Morton was interviewed at his resi
dence this evening, and in answer to a ques
tion said: "The report was only too true. I
have nothing to say in justification of my
action. I have resigned the presidency of the
Market Street Road, and will face the conse
quences of my acts. Many friends have ad
vised me to leave the city, but I will not. I
have the consciousness of knowing that I
have not made a dollar in the transactions."
Almost the Whole Town Laid in Ashes,
with a Loss of $l,485,4**.
KEYPORT, N. J., Sept. 22.-About half-past
11 o'clock last night a fire broke out in a
butcher shop, opposite the Pavilion Hotel.
The wind was very strong, and within about
an hour twenty buildings, including the
hotel and both telegraph offices, were de
stroyed. At 1 o'clock the fire was raging,
and It was feared that the whole town would
be consumed. By this morning over thirty
stores had been destroyed in Keyport. It
was aed that the fire. originated from
ti e of a lamp in the butcher's shop.
by Are here last night ace as fol
lows: I'ortollnr, IiomO; A. ('arnupnll'sI Iotel.
*Ielnxl; Mlwisol n I l(ise', $2,441,N0; Athltl,'
Ihtorl, $1r00,c); Atlintil Mhfitinh . $21,000; A.
Morris, $I).itr4; linegh ID)oughlirty, $21Oii;
(Chs. Mlllor, $21iln; Jag. Ma,ivoa, $4r00o;
Walt 1It, , Matthows. $oR,Ottt: A. liolhni,
$L0on,): 1)r. McKinney, $71000; I'. 1', lllshop,
$Th)O; Johln Vanwoort, $1r,4: .tnrnns Brown,
$*t1,0;: Walling A& 'rata. $0o,to40; M. Naftol,
*nO(W; A. lhklark, 1,000; (!apt, Ilr'ittmon, $41.00);
iurml llHoflan, lt1(wl; Itndl) o Thotllllm , $1i,
000; A. 1,lly, $10,0i0K , and ollinta. 'rhtotA)tal
loss Is $1,45,tt,00.
The tlsuranesl nr ns follow: Man ,lon
iollwo, hi itowyal 4t naullan, $211,001): In Molwur,
l$1it.00; Prlnnmtcoii. $1,01; Milivllhr, $10,000.
Atlantic Hotiel, in lhrown.ury. $lli,111; Mills
vlllo, $10r101; Irliivlnton. $10110: More.nr, $lr500.
John A. Promtn,, bhanker, It Jers.y ilty, IrIstHt:
lilbolnia, $104111; I'rlnco!lonti, $240M); Mlorr'or
l0000. Walling A. TateL. Ioyal (lnlladl n, $0ll1;
Ht.ati, of JI.rany C(ity, $80,000; Htanilttl'd.
$20100; llxehango of Now York, $20401; 1I'o
pin's, l21i4ll, IlpiMcopatl 41hilrclli, Insuroltll'lo,
$21ni,110. A. llthwk. RIoyal (alarllinn, $4444l;
Millillo0, 041(4l1; Ifolinos, $20,f1;: Firinan's,
$2000. A. Ilolm's, Now York, $Io400; Manun
faiturors of Nowark, $01,01)n; Ftarmoirs, of
York, Pal., $1000, Jamrns Malnia, msloon -
I'rtlnt4lArn, $800; MIoreor (Comlpally, 1500:; Mu
tual. $1100.
1)wolling hooiio of .I. Manurr. In Ilomn of
Now York, $0tm. Morrit NaftAil, lrhy gritlus,
MilIvilI, $S2n0. Walcott A, ( i,.'s bikory, Hltn
of Now .lonrsny, $2110. T. blattelrllr, losia $10.4i0,
no Itnstrrnon.
A motin.lll wast hrol this nvning at tho
ollie. of tilh Koyport, WVrvdlld to organirn an
apso51tatiotl for thoe rfllif or tho MlTer.' by
tho tir'n.
MATTAWAN, N..1., Hnpt. 22.- A frio' at, Kny..
port l.st night tlstroyued all tim thislttis itpr
ttin of the townl, irhcliudtli over 4ti bLuilhilngs,
the Atlantlic Ilotl, Episfopal (jlChurh iiand
Manslon Holse, ioss $20,00(0.
(OttlH!Aoo, Hopt,. 22. 'T'ih IrIo at Lnwlor ido
stroycx] 206 hsinossl hliomus atll I1.vI grainti
WirehouliU , Lopms $dl11,000.
,Exportatilnn from Nlew York.
NaW YoRtKl, Hnpt. 22. I1xportan.lltit to EI
ropo t..-day have boon mmuch hoalictvir than on
atnurdlty a wofk ago. 'I'Thio xprlirlmnt of ,x
poitItig oyst*ris has provedl so sti Isossfl I that
ainothi' bMitch orf 004 Im.rtil n wrll'.,1 n, ,nit t.
Tho chthooe and butter siupnomi s ftot 1i1
The Crerceneft ity Itlin Team.
N tw VY ,lia, Hop.. T22. 'ihnt monnili rt of the,
(losroent City rull tl'am i lft, for Now ( rleiiins
this oevonini'.
A nteamer Burned.ll
Nrw Yoni(, Hopt,. 22. inttlligoioc' wais ren
colovtl in this ity thatl t.hl stAksnior Han
1)1ogo, wlhilih salItl from Now York Holptniui
Ier first for Livei'pool, lii'trlI at stia on 0th
Inst., in Iltitudo 441, lungiltlluo 07. 'Ihor. was
not hinss of life.
Blurnrd Floiur fIll.
CORtK, Sept.. 22. 'T'h ',xitnnisve flour milles
of Bro lwn llrothi'ers have blen totally ldstroy
odI by fire. Fifty thousand dollars worth of
grain was deslroydl.
Railroad Traffic Setopped.
I)'lll,N, Hopt. 22. Tranllic on the olluthern
and Western 1.Railrdlid will he discontinued on
Monday, in 'lons.lOquilondle of the labor strikeo.
Home Agrain.
Niw Yolli, Sept;. 22. John Coekre·l, of the
Cincinnati I,hlqairrr, who h1is been lat thi seat
of war in Turkey for six months, arrived in
this city by an Anerican lsteamor.
Mr. Ellihu II. Washburne, ox-Minister to
FIra'n11, was a passengei r lonthlSiname stmeluner.
The Fever at Pernandlna.
NEw Yonr, Sept. 22. 'i'io following was
reo'olvevl horn:
l"KILNANDINA, Sept. 21.- -Wte have ehad forty
four leathtlis of yeilow fever to datt aind the
disI5evºsI is raphilly sprading over til town.
'rTwenty-ore new cases are reporbel to-day.
The destitution here is great., as all work has
teei stopped. S. ST'rALY, Mayor.
New York's Charity.
NElw 'YORK, Sept. 22. Our citizens are gen
erally responding to 1.1 e appeal of the Mayor
of Fernandina for the sulffrers by yellow
fever, which is alarmingly on the increase.
Judge Davis' Southern Tour.
BrooarNo'roN, Ill.. Sept. 22.. -Judge D).
Davis left to-day for a trip through the South
ern States. He will Ie absent, about three
Indian Comrnmi.sloner.
NEW YORK. Sept. 22.--The (hraphir's
Washington special says that E. 1R. Hoyt, of
New York, has accepted the Indian Commis
sionership. Commissioner Smith, the present
incumbent, will be made Consul General to
C anada.
More Trouble on the Texas Border.
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Sept. 22.-Col. Price,
of Fort Brown, reports that Judge Russell is
holding court in Edinburg. Several efforts
have been made to bring in the five murder
ers hold in Matamoros, but without success.
He will make another demand from Edin
Gov. Hubbard telegraphs the general com
manding as follows:
"Judge Russell says that Canales and the
whole regiment have resigned, and that we
can extradite no more criminals. It will be
seen by this that all moderate measures are
exhausted. How a collision can be avoided is
not well understood by the military authori
Lieut. Bullis is after some cattle thieves who
are reported to have crossed over with one
hundred head of stock.
The San Francisco Worklngmen.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 21.-A largely at
tended mass meeting of unemployed work
ingmen was held at Union Hall to-night.
The speeches were of the most incendiary
character. The speakers bitterly inveighel
against the Chinese, and proposed that the
workingmen should organize, arm and put
themselves in a position to enforce their de
mand for the exclusion of Chinese from the
country, despite the menaces of the Commit
tee of Safety, the police and the militia.
An open air mass meeting was called for
Sunday, the 23d, and it is proposed to have a
street parde ofthe unemployed men at an
early date.
The 'rrcamnry CleTrki Will SIa Nome 1
Ohio to otr.
IVAMII I 14(174 Hnpt. 22. (iioni. M ith. nap
point lIrltot e"lmk of that44' 'I'44'a444'Y y l)44p414tfrn'144.
wn.44 ernllo~l on thih4 mnorning bIy 441v4'r411 4Ilc1'r4
ter n44i''rt~a114 oxaitly whori they stealt4 14 1 MAt i
gtong lolhni's P VI yams'. I In replltl that they
11i mdl gos, pti inh that 14rt 114 thanl tlivot ort'
mni days worn t41k4'n In makIng trips. In ira- r
ply 1)4 1.144' il4414414y 744411m 44n441 (,fork, 4)) 144a
whettlhler thl4y Wouldi It44 gr)41rtnt4 innrleglr I ai,
14n(140 full' that t.lrnn, tIon mitto "Ni; hut you
IWII n o llnIlt i'lu ring will tIa ili,4let(Al f144t4
yiilar 4414 rt't144." 4
Ito Intipitrodl of lal-ti if then lnrkM If tho vitn,
in Ii1 (hi 4 iinty Waa (4104414, aInIi sirns t41' t111n ann- a
Woring In ltihe ngativ o ho· told hi 114 to 40444at.ln,
anii rind hal17 that money It wiiil'l gn044 for inx- ,
pnst thi tn 4 Itilo 1 alupaigrI (Jiirrnnttton 14,
iiui 04444)1 itiIrg tiam 4ntstl4. 1, 14 41144 r4)1444tl
istliki whaWill 4 41I4')l spunr h1it tiat ritght, to
trlrkko knnw~war taa that otherslr what ho sak .l~l
WAmIlNor'l'oN, Moprt. 22. Tlihi T'Im4n.lury t4114t4
)11:U,77l4,71N4 in IT. H. I 44naia to 144.4 I 74 the Na
t.Ii 414.1 Hank it ;iiilatihn, andi I lTi,2IIW,)4)4f t44 an
ttetd for ch'onlallr tlatr l tlllt'ilng that wank pan)ILt, ontt-I
ing toi-tiay, aria *.447,,400. i'ho IT. 8. 1)011(144
hoild for i'irol'l,14ion withdlrawn (141 wing tilhe
wav~k ending te r-slatry uro rlri~H) Nationall
Hank11 lr('44nlatkon (ullttafndlg $313,tiT'2,214;
gloll no'ite'4 $141,1421; tnt 444111 1'4vonnf4 .4(5,H47,
4114; 11444101rr14 $47,274,8t51. That r411oelptp4 o Na
tl 44111 lt 1 1 4tA' for rili'totftn th41 1Wuk,
11$ 11411pialll Wfth th441 1ir'rri'441ilIlltit Wnlak 447
lint41 ynar. alre: Now Yor1k, I170, i(,470,1n)1; as
4'4nplr4t' l withl I477, .17,1114,440)l IHatlitln. 14741,
S1,270,10)40); 1 47, S1,572,0001; P1411414,lhlla, 114741.
11,11(4,000;1 1)177, *41,1)5151,00.
Thme uhilIe KnldinCm at. Ausltln. Texau.
WAHur4N n'roN, ln'pt. 22. Tho t.111104 tolrth
1140414441n willih 1110 J~id h114 h4411fll g44 oIl Aum4tin,
T'4ixl)444, 14 1,44o b),, 0I'4IctA1 ha14 11n pIa444404 4144
iay th14 Horotcary ojf 1t1144 'J'm'n.41ry. 'iT o work
on Miens will lit) I~ rttnmatnetl s t anc'o.
rdliver In Nitro..
'iAIIII INOl'4'(N, M4041, 22. 'riti' '1';'oamllry D~o
cptu'ltrlyrrt, fina~`l upnitInlr I '(, !tin train, llll o
1)111 44441 1(, a'II O 4)4 lv(4. iI t',n hel 41o1. I trtlnlil, -
It, w441$ In laigo hIalrm, 441 Ih4eaVy that that r1414
1144 wo'r)'4'1'4l 4111(4114 r 14.rnl(1 )irt it. 41(1 41111 no 4 a14
41(41144' WIan lo4f. 'I'll 1. bullilon waa 14r411)1444l41
in N4'v1111.a an1 d104t140)tl for th141 J'til 14 lp fila
The Mynndleae..
WA4111N(l'roN, HoIpt. 22. 1't141 ofl4f10' 447
tha14 Hynde114atol worn In 4on(n llltatlfon Iaat lvl
IIgIr 1 with the It4'nreolary otf tho 'l01141ry an14(
t 44the41 oliI(')r 4 o .1144 111114a4'l11104. Th' 44.
1114t,44 417f lull fouri ai d a a11. Illtr (lnt 1414an4
Were 1114)441. 'rTlla w hol e amnountlit 1 1 ))1,000,
144), o1 w44 W I ll *1 $144f,(1,41(1 w4'tr( fur l'i'funldi4g
apl41'p444l44, alull $I11,(1,1)114) for r44411mpt1on.
- The Atauttcrrlcontl waa m nstda' thart that fitlr perl
'1 141 c 4t4mt.n w1t WhtaiM 4( trap idlly p il 7 4
Tihe PremIdelet'M I MIemlmae.
WAmat1IN(1'4N Mopt. 22.-It 1.4 1t1444 t thal.,
I'n stldIflt WIll tlo l, sarra.uIy arpprloprllltion, th1.
r l'ra' 4411hn i will 41binlt to41h14 Rextrat 444LO( till,
d1l11(14'441ay ini thin navy a propIri44.ttlitli 4rn4 4
441att1tr4 regardling thta FI' rlnch Exp(44tltn1,
4104l c(orrTlMpondll(10 wIth HtatAW on4 4trikom.
Itstlx'lrbont4 al I a ltna11 lpmipo thllwl 44114Iloct4
n are b1ingll~g prorto; a a101 t that1 r11141 '044 4tiVe1 41144.4444.
t in447ontr'rnplatlc n of Choir ibtging w4.nt1'l Whlenl
h1s 1EXo(ll74I1013 re'turns44.
Tom Mrott's Int.rntlon~.
WAS4tINO'rON, SHpt. 22.- Col. Tonm Scott will
ktnei Thouise heretlis. wiritr, Iti has tzrted
the htrse fornierly oecuplod by Ch(if .lustice
Poutmagte r Key.
WVAs.INOTON, M'pt. 22. Postnmaster (len
ot'al oy retu'titrnst "ui daty night.
Merious riglhting.
IONDOoN, Sept. 22.--The Daily Terleraph's
dillpatch dated Pran, Friday says: A tol
egraln juts, reeivedl at the Wlar ()mlce from
Melnemet All announces that serious fightirng
Itegan, to-dalay. Tihe 'lTurks were adlvncing
steadily when the message left Shumla this
No other paper has anything toucehling the
reported battle, althrough tseveral have cor
respondlnits both with the Czarowitch and
Mehemet All.
A Decisive Victory for the Turks at. Rlela.
LONDON, Sept. 22. A dispatch from Shumla
last evening says: A great battle raged all
day at Jlitla. Mehemcet All is reported to
have captured all of the Russian positions.
The Russians aro retreating across the Ban
Ika line, and are entrenching themselves at
Tharkiene. Their loss is very great, being
put at 4000 killed and 8000 wounded. The
Czarowitcýh was in command of the Russians.
The victory ,of the Turks is believed to be
The Turks Victorious on the Jantra.
LoNDsoN, Sept. 22.-It, is reported from
Turkish sources that the Russians were yes
torday defeated in a great battle on the
Jantra. The conflict is said to have lasted
ten hours.
The Montenegrins Mtiil suecensful..
LONDONI, Sept. 22.-- The Montenegrins con
tinue their victorious progress. All troops
in Widden have left the fortress.
The Regulars from Wlddin.
VIENNA, Sept. 22.-The Political Correspmond
ence's Bucharest dispatch reports that all the
regulars in Widden have started for Plevna
in all haste.
The Feeling in the Russian Camp.
LONDON, Sept. 22.-The Daily News' corre
spondent telegraphs from Russian head
quarters: The feeling here is not so gloomy
as I expected; the military men acknowledge
that they have been beaten, but as much by
their own errors as by the bravery of the
There is not the slightest sign of hesitation
or weakening of the determination to tight it
out. Everybody feels that it is a death strug
gle, and a final successful issue is not doubted
for an instant.
Every preparation is being made for a win
ter campaign.
Iron Huts for the Russians.
LONDON, Sept. 22.-The Sta.n.ard says:
It Is aunouaed that four large Indon firms
1Vfln VPIA'tflfin.y In vlt.Pfl 1.41 to ma l·ke fIf) f1or it
sflpply frt irih ilt Ito f till PrPI'cff ff'f4 11 ff Ii
l'Iirflfst. tfor I(1,(x)O I{;IH,1lfU Sf lfl'lf4.
A grand Turklah V1rt.ory at Ilila.
IiflNliflrf, i4IIpt. 22. A lifl.Intc ih frfom ('oºº
fltalt.lnlffiplf fIlfy1 t4iiii1t 1f11ff Vlf'tnl'ry of Mffherml't,
All fver till' iti sslniis at, Bllln Is lo''nntI If il.
'I'wrllvf tilcl lifIft Jtlf arnf w flr' flfinlfl ho ris
fill f'fll., aIInlK!24)1) prlisnefrsf tAtkf'n.
The Nilmwulane KIIIIratC JrAvltzu.
LffIflNft , Melt. 22. It, if Ifufillfrv'rlf II' 111f)
MltmR hrrvr· nvtulurlnwl (Ornvitixn.
The Uerolisi *snlmbeif a Trilt.
1'AlUP4, Sol)(,. 22. Thu nf t lff fit Iif'Iffi
(lnmlbtt.tn fffk pluwal to-dlfy. M. A l(m, ivrurº
snl for (tarnllHttn. c alrhrntr tllJ 1· the vorrce
Ulouafl trIbulnal was anf I fff'ffrlltffftrnt If firrt. Ii,
flfifcc rtrll itslf¶I ro lffft.PfnIr, fanfd r('ffllll'flll 111ff
IprIfiviouI If Jflflglirni,. tufria fttf wI4f inot, prfes
FordI(>3Nf NEWS.
The UuIzlrurw; fltlrlnE.
VIRtNNA, HKpt. 22. '1110n I'r('MH,' Mnsa : No
Tformaffl lfff)a1(lff utlslI wafrnf ffntA'rfl 11114i at,
Hablrufl.) , flbt, thilnn Ixf re fl- tl lt) 1 ill fff
plftf f fl'nrtit) botwefl'l Illli.IIrek a((ifd Aflf lflAAy
ff1 theIf' l.4f,ff'ff policfy.
Watchilug Prlne INapolqnn.
PA 111, 14, Mft,. 22. -'I'l fls, e tlfffnry of thin
Itlffflf'il IPr'eflclft. o I'tilll4f hAs gforel tA watltlhI
rI'lllef Nnf-ff letfl, 'ilhoI ff11 tillth I lolglilln Ifrl
Preum. Prnueu.1ionq.
hmON1(N, Hopi,. 22. - tl.Ptnrf''f PI' s dlSilllslt')l
Says: It. is (I I'll1)l thft, Ithe. *flrrnlfd rdcs Ji,
blm~ will bel prffsfeeualtfI.
fcrfNtoN, Hffjpt. 22. Win. Ionrvy Fo'x T1(1bot,
fth' inll c tIIVfnflt' of pIotllftAgrl'fyflly, is )ltafl,
14(1)1 Fflfvffllt~y~rff'Vf1l.
The Uhlpwrlght.u' )trike Ended.
[fION i0i, Ikrft.. 22. -'I'11fe (CI yfll dnshilwrlgtfIt,
who hiiave ifoil iIns I o fn k trike ' f i Mix mfflthf.
hiavI' nifgifll an arfitralltion aglrCuIfnltt htIlfI
will redonel wofrk trnlilin t.ofly.
Nirw Youi, Sept. 22 Wall streft, 4 p. III.
I'WPI1I1 foi tilhf wffkl *'l Inl i1.f-1l4Ifd cfIles whrff off
lhfts rlliporlrlaifl I-han fIfo Lhrfibrf, welks pa11t..
11u llnesf 'if)) llrfhLlo. Mfinely Whiff gefnlrally i
an iA' tf'1' lWnt. fol cell but11 toi-wardll th1f flIIfri$
higher rIofs IrovaIlltx 1I anld thielro was lIsInesA
fnt. 6 an 7. '111ff lmlhmakeft Ila14 boon lftea1y Idt
fli/raj7 per' anal, for prile~ mlhfl'fanftllf papffr.
'I tIff Milk fftal.U'fllrlff, Is ulnfavorabll'; t)Tloucght,
flou)it, by if (l rffl'ea of 317$I,;INN) and(11 1, $1 5l 1
In legal tendrslflo and a TaIling oItl In sjofifP,
Inlul bry IfLyllr 'IlS oi gocldI Inta) lihi' Tr aisury
finl Ri(A!kllt, oII thin lfynlIli'latin whilellf t~he Ims4 In
legal telndffrs Wif Ilfiff tIf) illpnllfntf t)i tilhe In
t.0111 II. .I9Iirfgnell lxcanhgelgO wIa qluift andfI
stnuf1y. (boltd Wasl 1e11yand loyIwer at thef
Ipmining anltl dlrlllfl to (f IIIwows poilnt14I1!f
May III, 11,112; extremnnps were 1(,¼(rR 103'4.
(iolVf'Ifl )mffalt il 11ils wof'l 1Pgu'lllar with gilll.
Jlll rfall illfllH we'ref faIrly ae'tivII and rIlrfI'.
Itbdlfrl)Ll andll nlIPufi lanlffhmns tSpfCfIIAtifmH Werfe,
firm earl-ny In thin wf'fk aIndf plrlifM adVlalrl~l
`/, to 8 per cent. There was a Ilower
anld Irroglilar milarklft, wIth IL nIi'olino In
1Irifces lit I pel'r c1entI fIronm thleI Igigleit poinlt.
I'1n tlP e wat1 f 1 1 1du til rilntI1un11,llffflft,
th.1.t 1.11ff Wd ilroad Conventlon tlaf filflhr'nf(i
till nfxt WffllffsldaV witholut, adlvneillg t11f
irntos. Th', If fsLIflil Of till' Inmlrket to-flay Is (414
Molnfy a'.tivP and was lonnnfl lip tr, 7 per
(Tunht fill fail, losing at 0;107. lForeign e x
chlanglf WIf (111111; altInil tIfllflllfffs wasLl dIfne lt
412> tllr slxxty flays aIfll 4+3;'. 4(1o donluanf.
(lolAl l03!M; carryinlKg 1atA's por cent; bor
rowinig ratAls I111.1, at. 7 per pcnt por annum and)
1-04 intl Molnldaffy. ItallrroaI boinfIff wfrt,
quleft; ( Iffitral P'affllbi 1(15>, ( liwelfrlfl, (Coluln
bIusI lfnId Inllialfr apf lls (Cfnltral lllsts ro,1*, 1to 22.
Sovnrrnmnic at.s ftAllly; V IlltAfl Mt.ilefs cu:llI'rnlffy
12`'2. ITnlon i'rucilic ilLatlro)lu r(,Inds, firsts 1144%,
laInl 114% /,fi~1(5; ('ntraln 1%f5/,f4100. Mtrks
wffr'f Illeft a1nd1 firi during ti, aftefrlnoon,
with rho lfxvIfht.Iofl fIT W1I'MtoArn ll ion, whIhl,
dlecfllilnel tAo 75'. '.. l' ljihe ffo1 Inl 1'f'nlnsylva
I firt {i'ntrat tronn thehightiet ,ilmint oauwfod
fhiangeH InI the1 gellnfral lIst too 1 sight, rt. llIn
NEW Yonx, Sept. 22. Flour quiet and firm.
Suiperfline State $5 25'45 75, extra $6a6; 50;
sullerlline Western $f5 25ser4 5, extra $6'L6 W.o
othliern (iiet, steadly; No. 2 winter red'
$1 55; No. 2 splrinig, for first half October
$1 31. ltye quiet, Western 7041071. Barley arid
eas nomiirnal. (lrn dull, in buyers' favor;
Westelrn mixed 57(t 58; New York No. 2 55j.
()ats steady; mix*ed Western arnd State 334ri
41;. Pork, new rness, spot, $13 50. jUs? firm,
(tut moeats ste;ly. Lard firm. Whiskey
$1 113(4114. Cotton, spots quiet at I1% for Mid
dlllngs. Cheese .1 i quloted at 7fs2i for co(m
ron to primne and 13rl13:'4 for fancy.
Freights firmer; quotted to Liverpool, by
steamier, 16,500 bushels grain at ld., 15(Ir hbis
sugar private rates; grain to Cork, orders,
7s ad.
tBALTIMonRE, Sept. 22.-Flour steady; re
ceipts 31,000 bbis, shipments 4000, sales 2001).
Wheat firmer; receipts 59,000 bushels, hip
ments 47,000, sales Hoi.000; No. 2 eagh l1 52%,
September $1 53, do October $1 38'%(( I 39, do
Novemrrber $1 37. Corn steady anrd firm ; re
(eipts 54,000 bushels, shipmlents 44 500, sales
30,X000; ash and Hpiternber 58%, (ctober 59,
Novemnber 60'/. hiwl oats quiet arid str.ely;
mixed 324034, white :15. Whisky firm at $1 13.
ST. Louts, Sept. 22.-Closing-Wheat, No.2,
cash, $1 30; no trade in futures; No. 3, cash,
$1 23; October, $1 18%; November, $1 18;
April, $1 17. Corn, cash, 4f3%~; epternmber,
43'l. Oats, Septenmiser, 26%i; October 26%.
W'isky, $1 (0. Pork, $1. 50 September;
$13 15, seller's option.
CINcINNATI, Sept. 22.- Whisky $1 08; sales
100 bbls. Grain quiet. Rye steady; 63 for
No. 2, (607ia2 for good to prime sample lots.
Barley in moderate demand; prime to choice,
spring 700,75. Oats held steady but quiet;
mixed 27ra29, white 290432. Wheat in fair de
mand, light receipts and steady; red $1 25(i4
1 33, white $1 30,1 40, good to choice. Corn
quiet and easy; 47r4l49 for ear and 48 249 for
shelled. Rye flour dull at $4 2.5.
CHicAoo, Sept. 22, 11:3.5 a. m.-Wheat
cash $1 14; Sept.ember $1 13', October
$1 (6/%41 061/; all the year $1 03A. Corn
Septemnber 43; October 421.
11:40a. m.-Wheat-cash $1 14; September
$1 13%; October $1 0(;/; all the year $1 03:./.
Corn-September 43; October 42%/. Pork and
lard nominal and firm.
1:05 p. m.--Closing - Wheat - September
$1 13%; October $1 06%; all the year $1 03%.
Corn--September 42H ;October 423/. Oats
quiet-cash September and October 23,/. Bar
ley-cash and September 63%; October 614'
64/. Pork-firmer; October $13; all the year
$12 554.12 60; January $12 75. Lard October
9.5; all the year 9.30449.32/2.
LONDON, Sept. 22.-The breadstuff market
during the week ending to-day has been gen
erally firm; the prices of some articles .hav
ing been materially improved, while those of
others have been fully sustained. Flour has
been steady throughout the week at 32s 6d.
Wheat, off the coast, opened strong and on
Tuesday California advanced Is. On Wed
nesday quiet prevailed, but Mark Lane after
wards improved and the market closed strong
with Chicago at 57a and Californla at 6 , an
nwrlnvrt' irln oral,' of 2ei i.vr Movndt y's pirli'..
Tri mi.nl may ht Maid iOf nr'$lioti t() irrliv,
livpli'iosohi,, MSI.. 22, 2 ;t. Hal.w of Amil+r
Iunn trdiri iado.,+: I uturs. qullrt. Ulplatndl, I,,,w TI
Mlldling l laupt', Novoitrhr dolivory 0 110--21I1
I)etotelhr .ndi Novenler dnlllvory I' tl{.
I lo.ilNN, I4Opt. 22.--Cwlnin fr lln moneliy indrl
In'rtlwllllla w <+hin at UTith anll ivan, dluringl' tlhe
woek of . 1nII MlttiA4l St,ottm1 t|n)-fortl,.t al
v.nllld '4 chiln ig at f7"i; nosw liv in in
rhrnu nvi, let17' ; fotltrt-nt-ahalT'Im wlvanovd.
Nnw 'ork (ontraln unehanged at 104. IIliuialm
C lntrnl 711. Erih shinr.s (d ltioni .
11Au"11, Sept. 22. -l1,'1144 hrn vo deuliUnll i4c,
during tOhw wink, chaloing at 1 o11f fib,
Whomal, cha4l wih 4enarncly lo. dn
clded Ralvarni, Chlenao havling ll provndI
from ,l1 1thi S (r lid, nIII C(lni.,irnia from ,lC'Re4D
i )R4 I611 t.) I0Mlr,;a2m (kII. Crn, off tco(r(t, open(;d
meaduly at 20s): subwlswutntly thel marktd, I)
ltrinithllned, and pt'kls ml dvaIlaild I) 2111s (Wdr( n,
UlN1; On 'l'hursday H, tern"e wa mnirch woaker,
lnd prlit' rca'"ded to 21, at whilbh liguro tho
rnnrlfrk,?lMiorl stantly to-day. (orn to arrive ni
,lodl qulilt a.l unchlmingd Lat, 1s, N
A liglhth aldvAne whhth took placoTuoesday y
having bnen enbruqulmntly lost at Mark tan",
wheat naul iorn have .eon t ita throughout,
I ih wisak; sugar, bith sPi t. d l nafltnt. ',n- 'r
tinrlul. 14t .AIuy iat 2; tallow 4214 trlltnlrnti, rl,
2a7 141ºlgr2l4i, antd other aIrttle.o,+ .(arIl it fol
lwws: I'Otrloum, A"nd' 'ii refinnl, 11 4ii. 'in.,rr, ih
r)i4" Pal,, , 1. Il1)O)-1 l ofl, U1N.,
Livisturoor,, Hlopt.. 22. Flour has heo+ w
14A4uly at Ii( l,1. What., 4tAnMly; mark rti
to-day closovl quiet nAt the following prlres:
Wlntr' Wewtern lomw crop 12s Ild; do iHollu
,rn 1214m hi; Catifornit cluf, I17, 114.)Il4,lipt of d
whiatn for tthe wotk r,4.i,eo quar.trn. of which ni
22,101) qulart4rs pr t Amerian, 0(orn han d(so
cfllnd Ild, ilil ng at, 2814. Woi qluot' thn olosing i
ipri'lms ri,i tIhn following aritlhlim : lInrliy :s lid;
oitk I1 I."48a 6(1I; p111t 40P1, i d(cllint of I"; pork i
at)tfrn'll 7011; W.sternll 7014;iloIng ('lear 401; 4
shonldora ho:H f; tI I.U ; extra 11(r1; hamrno. 5nM.
ndvaincid 11' dutring the wiok ; ;ird for fin i' pl, i
A Inerle'an. r
New Yott, HS pt, 22.- Arriv,.l: I'rtltflani a
from Lvoerpoorl. Mallltl: Adriatli, Clity of r
(tJ4Iister aind SpIl.ln, for Li vortuiml; Ndt'lalnd, I
for Antworp; Ilorrnan, for lirmon; (Clydle,
for llavana, andd lilivia, for (;liagmKw,
1Blo'ros, Hopt. 22. Arrivedl: llyrilan, from fT
Llvorpeol. Malinl: a'nrthila and Mars, for ,
ilvi'rpool. k
t(,ili;ue .ci , pl,. 22. Mi, atil : lntltrlo llandl I'o
ruvian, for iAvtrpxootl.
lIAvil., Hopt,. 22. Halled : i'omerann, flarm- t
Iburg, nnd Arnorique for Now York. if
iAultm., ,1,,t 2. WallNl: Rtate ;f, G-rg'li,
from (uIlruagow for Now York.
IhulIstcs, M.opt. 22. Arrlvol: Hrasbirg, a
fronm Now York. aHllti: Moserlle, for Now F
(I,rAll,4ow, ,opt. 22. Halledl: Vinflurlt, for
Now York.
HAVANA, tiept. 22. - MHallll: (: olumrnbu, for s
Now York and llverr ool. Arrivedl: (ordlvan, b
from Now ()rleann.. athtel : A Igurli, for New
York ; l'nl.stine, for Cardlfl'; Ford, lt Wuo, for
New York. s
M.iiorrnAhlrro, M.ept.,21.. Arrivied: I'irrloiere,
f rorul Now York for I lvro.
The following is the "temperature" at the
various points named, as reported by the
Blgnal Service telegrams furnished by Bror
goant Brown, of the Hignal Bureau, and Inll- t
cating the state of the temperature at the
points named, at 8 p. m. yesterday:
Cairo 7 degrees, Cincinnati 75, Galveston
711, Knokuk 40, Lao.roase 76, Leavnrworth 12,
Loulnvilln 78 Memphis $0, Nashville 79, n
Omaha 88, Pittsburg 70, Shreveport 12, St. ,
Louls 71, At. Paul 74, Vicksburg Ho, Yankton
(D. T.) 78, Augusta (Ona.) 6a , (Corslcana (TaIx.)
1R, Mobilo 73, Montrnomrery 72, Savannah 71,
Now Orkenns 77. and Key West l1.
The following were the variations of torn- I
peraturie, according to the thermometer t
(iFatlrenhelt) at Duhamel's store, on Canal 3
street, yesterda y:
6 a. m., 70; 12 noon, 76; 3 p. m., 10; 6 p. t
m., 76;.
HIgnal sorvwlce reports, dated at 3:15 p. m. s
yisteorday, notrtl chtar wleather at all points,
exc:pt Havannah, where Iitwas "threatoming." s,
---4*------~H------* I
Last Thnrsday a rnumerons gathering of friends I
I -fowed to-ti. grave nur-oldtime-comratdl, Fraat- -1
(reig. No braver man ever lived; no gentler I
nature ever drew breath; no truer soul ever I
aspired to what is good and beautiful. He was a
good oltizre, an honest man and a true friend. I
When the first aun fired upon Fort Sumter gave I
the lgnli of a four years' internlcine war he en. I
listed under the iSouthern banner and his bright I
bayonet followed its fortunes through thick r
and thin until the last remnant of his
regiment, the gallant Thirtieth Louistina,
surrendered with the balance of our
Southern heroes before the crushing might
' of superior foro--all or us In the brigade
knew lFrank and loved him. Loved him for his
chiuld-like simplicity, his lamb-like meekness
in his lion-like bravery, After the war
he acted as we all did, and strove to
make a living where Jackals were squandering
the substance of the land. With ns he rose on
the 14th of September spainst Kell:,gg's myr
midomes and was wounded. He lingered for
awhile, but the glortous 9th of Jannuary found
him again in the front. Now, be has gone to
reasp the harvest of an honest and pure hife, leavr
ln. his remembrance as a legacy to friends wto
will never be forgetful.
The remains of Mr. I. M. Davis were yester
day followed to the grave by a large concourse of
sorrewing relatives and friends. He died in the
country after a long and painful attack of gastric
fever. Mr. Davis held several positions of prom
inence in the financial circles of this city. He
was at one time president of the Bank of Louisi
ana (the old Ajax). and more recently president
of the Peoples' Bank and the People's Insurance
Company. He was an able financier, a most
competent, energetic, exact and honest bank
officeer, and always gave in his administration of
affairs general satisfaction to all who had to deal
with him. He was a useful, honest and public
spirited citizen, and in all the relations of life,
public and private, filled the measure of a good,
true and faithful man.
A Democratic editor down in Houston,
Texas, is very much perturbed by Sec
retary Key's New England speeches,
and raves in this way: "We spit him
out! We spurn and loathe the crop
eared craven, the foul, unclean buzzard,
who pollutes the eagle's tyrie."
Walking along the Strand the other
day, an English officer saw approaching
him a man in tatters carrying a tray, on
which were some small pies, marked
one penny each. As he got near him
he recognized a brother officer, who had
served in the same regiment some years
previously. He accosted the poor fel
low, and was sympathizing with him on
his sad plight and altered circum
tttnces, when the other exclaimed,
"Hang your pity Buy a pie."
TH f. 'lA; o P ENT WHO 1AVE MsN4Pl
rn:tsINVAMA rlm'roM* or
-Iankrcnptey of the North te Lr t i ll f ne i M1
faplinlltation and Inflation
tof Valuen.
I (Hemvira Correporleedonnn of the T)omnerst.J
Nontwrtlr, N. '.. -(opt. 17.
ft. grlove. me to learn from lateti fls of Uth
P, MAo:rATr thatetrtailnof my elditorrl frienk,
not.dly tho.e of Texa;t , are not pleatedl with
swro re"ecnt c',rnnmnts of minn upon the l-
narnclial Intd cAnmnrcial eoditrhin of the
North. As to the inelnteation t.hat I am .r -
gageti in "trunkling to Monthern prtjudles,"'
Snmust b n perniltt4fl to confess that It, hast
,rrni s,;ntrtuu.!. 'tih faiet, is tih.t It, iS just,
rnow implls lttn to write the e ret, tru;e,.0l.ol
Lthe statl of things at
11tt. NfiLTII,
without, in somnoedgre at Lbest, . t .ting then
rellings of that largo and highly relpeotabA
hlass of Mlt(,hern people who have, not 0l)
dnredl the dvlil's work of the North and its
nmissanrls in their midst wltb l~stimln.g
meeknress luring the last tnm ynnr;s. The
"prejedllcnn" of this clme of p.ople Irrae hanro
,iupon what. consdler ran of tihs, nIoblest In
petlru s of human.n nature, to wit:: the impule
of ret.nllitlron or relnlgel for w.anton, 'r"eul I"l
jury and oppernslon. It is not nr'ne "ary 1
'rreM WiOWWS A49 T1ftrfe1'rITrj Trlir at 31
h1AS 51flitrnhdf',
at, tlhe hands of the North, It. carpentm.l
oreiss'I.ms ndl Its negr, auxillari.n soine
INe*;. I presumrn suiflelent account thereof to
nsawonr all my present pulrposes collll b
found in the fiesM of the self-same ''exas Jtumr
nals whlchinow nmtuse mei. At. all events, I
know what, these wrongs rand indignrieqt
were, I first saw threm when I left Now York
to take up my roesldence in a Hlotherirn Htate
irn Is5;!. I wasI a R eplhlicant of V'rommnt and
D.ayten andl Ale Lincoln and fHorae treifey
antewel.mnts when 1 loft. New York. I was a
Fleral sohllor' and catriced .n honorable, d.i.
charge In my pocket. But when I looked
aboutt rme in mrvy now pla.m of rehldensul aa l
saw what msAnner of monstrosity it was thot.
troro the name of K.epublkianlsm in the Mrnoth,
It did nst take me long to rer:h the .con.l
slon that I bemongede to the otther ervwdI, on
rmnattor by what, name it might, I, callrit.
(o, over since that, timr I hiaw
looked upon thoe, who rnanlpulatMl
the lnpbshliran party, thereby crnployingthre
vast physical weight and moral power of the
North to oppress, rob and lbedevil the .outh,
as. ghouls who were mislsing the results of a
viotory which I had helped to gain. And I
think I can confldently appeal to every man
North amwl Moth, who has in him the manly
instinct that makes the fightlig soldier, to
Ssustain me in the proposition that there in no
anger no duwily as that the true solldier feels
whem he Is told that the camp-followers are
maltreating the prisonmers he has helped to
Much Is the feeling with which I have re
gareled the conduct of the ruling clasuses.
the North toward the Iouth for the last tell
years. Thus I have come first to symprithiz,
with the Mouthern periple, and finally to share
their sense of wrong and outrage. I would
not give much for a race of people who, after
suffering what the Honth has suffered snrem
'66, would kiss the feet of their despollers as
soon as the rsistlerss force of :ilrrumstaness
should have put an end to the rapine. With
me there is no impulseo o cherlbshrl as the
impulse to get even somae tirre, somewhere,
-sanehwa-rwith thosen who have iniured rIe. IL
may not bhe a strictly Christian Impulse, hut,
I can't help that.
Well, so far as such "prejudice!" :rxlsts In
the Mouth, it will always be "truckled to" by
rne with Immmnse satisfactIm, amnd I ehope my
friends, the Texas editors, will adu,pt what I
Shave written above as a pica of "guilty," rad
r mrlify their sentence accordingly.
S Viewed as a whole, the North Is honey
ombrredtl with the business vices f dishonersty,
r extravagance and the craziest possible crrm
I of greed for sudden and unearned gain; Jike
w ise with the social vices of pretension, prod
Igality and hypocrisy. To llustrate, I wil
In 1868 one of the "solid men" of this vi
I cinity was appointed guardian of a boy who
Sdrew a pension on account of the dlath of his
father-killed at the battle of Antletam, If
teen years ago to-day--in the Fedweral servls.
The guardlan had been and Is now sewmnlor de
Scon in the Baptist Church of this village. My
father signed his bond as guardian-a "mexa
formality" as the old gentleman supposed -
for he hadl no idea that the senior deaecon d
the local Baptistry would require any fleshly
e bonds to secure the pittance of a soldier's ar
c phan intrusted to his keepinK.
Well, time wore on. Two giddy daughtm
Sexhaustee the senior deacon's substance i
frivolity and the thousand and on, extraw
Sagances of the present generation ,of North
e ern girls, and the other day he "made am
Sassignment." In the meantime my fate
k hall forgotten allabout the bond. But he was
f soon reminded of it after the senior dewse
.1 failed. The latter had drawn the boys' pea
Ssion for eight or nine years and had used it
, along, as he said, in the course of busineses;
I, the boy meantime earning his owr living and
fondly imagining that his pension was m
mulating in his guardian's hands.
When asked about the matter the goof
senior deacon said he had used up the money,
that he could not account for it, but that
Jhis .onscienmce was clear becauwse tFe bee,1sum
was good and the poor boy would not suffer
inquiry developed that the fund, includ.g
accrued interest, would amount to nesrty
$2000, a sum which my paternal ancestor
very naturally disliked to make good, ewe
for so holy a purpose as that of clarifying tUs
conscience of a senior deacon. So the oh!
gentleman, not being imbued with that pern
liar development of faith in Christ Jesn
which "clears the conscience so long as tie
bondsman is good," mildly called the atte*.
tion of the senior deacon to section 5286 of tie
United States Revised Statutes, which says
that any guardian who shall convert to hia
own use pemulo funds held by him in ta

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