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l. f ttltfhla at the Drnial. Made, and earl.
Vs Ial the Docliumennt to nulhlan
tlate All Hie NPtatenemnts
F. ll.w Yonx, O(t.. .-The examinntion of
' Pwd.e, rtgartllig the roblhri of the ring
idah bore his nlamel, coltinuital thr-day tsfore
Slt0 9 mtnmaic cotnmlsslon. Tihe attnran nr,'
nge . lh anticipation of siAwo ta tnal rela
i'-weed said that s1ino the last days of the
OlaitlIatlaon a ntbll,'r of palrtl.e, whose
Ulaimes he haId mineiionl, hald, t.hri,.gh the
lW ,persD , denoisd tlhe troth of his stIate.
- . Hwished to say that he was readi
sabstantiate everything to whirh he haul
fled. The witness iproIri('d a chetk,
' .Janua1ry 1s!, 171, for $4fiII, p.nI by hhn
Albany Argun, amn also reota letters
.tho ,illori of tilhe AIilbnny u hrnal, to
proe that he hsa, as previously testitted,
dIr Ila.k d those journals.
S ardlng the statnil'nlt of It. P'. Apgar,
that o 1Waisr ap'lrltsd hbti, b iu\never nIassMIg.n' toI
I . and that his pay amio.inttlhd to aboutl,
eonly seuln.het t,o over iis expienso4 ill
city Tweed produemd an leltter from Al
a I i 1470, requelsting pnlyment for his tsr
to onahin him (Apgar) to liquidate his
Ld and clotlhing bills.
also produchw.'l letters toi show that I he
ai ppoilntI llted a nlo lilneitllm J11n(R I. WevY44 I41
r of metret at $1(lll li y"4ear liR a favor
l"isttar Wloodin and also a het.t,'r froit
ý. tl. i Ilastinqs, of tl (bmm,1erc'iel Adrrrtrlicr,
aLiL g to'I'ws'd t1) stand hy hiem against
sneers of hisR Iolnulicitan aIsso1t'iat.. ex
ts..n greataltt a oil on fr Tl'Wi'I, an1d task
lR I'wOee t t prottIli, hin Iis he fielarelI that
hewould loc'kedIl lip in the basIilllnt of tilhe
eed testifiel in referrence to the Brooklyn
and nirelieatt his stlteulillent that ihe
ad I o000 to ) riheo the adll'lrlOln of this city
'to Y s.a rslduhtion authwrizing the appro
So by the city of $i,rdHo,,o. for the
) e money was paid, and the witnesms got
s. hare frorn Henry (I. Murphy, o11e of the
directors: C(ornnlly also got his pr=
; S . The resoillution making the appri,
on was hIanded 'Itween by Kilngsey.
Stie was al delinit uml('rsltanling hetwee',n
and Kinl!sl y regarding t1. brhlig
- ctlons.. T1io lstimtlll_ (of tihe elder
lbing of tih lrohabltlhe cst of thie hbrllge
S8,000,0)0; tell esthunIto of the110 younge
ebi og was $1,50,1,(1)i. T'leh reollltiton to
pastled was Ihtstal Iit the lighighelst eslll,timate.
hey oexpetetd I gain a great ldeall by this;
they expeted a g.lol d return from tIlhe st'k,
la.d much l!(1tionering lst'rength on account
the large numb.+r of men to to em llyed.
Ingeleyy wis to have supervising c(enml.
i tness did lnot know if nv frai,'lut 11 trans
actions i euonnettion with tim Now York tower
-of the bridge.
Kingsley was int'restetAd in tle' quarries
which were to furnish the stnlle; kIln'w that
the was, b~roi.usw e witness wanitld an1 inter'est
himself, but found Kingsley inll Iailad of 1hiUl.
Witness was asktl lto give tihe namnes of the
persons on his private pay roll, Ibut said he
~ould not at presenlt. lhi walntid first to) iay
his respects to the persons idenyillg Ills state
mentse he cnullt ll nt renlllltlrllier overythling
he had passed through, bult it would not xbe
safe for men ti depeni(ld n the hiope of his for
tlltt1ln In making thllir denial; his nm.mo'ry
W:ni·rd for a man who haid gorne throughi
aid suffierel s su iuillsh. 11l ilHul hd d'IiloIlntI l
and facillltle for prolving all lhe statled when
B-alled upol1 to lo (so. ltllRegarding the conll
atruction of the courl't-h,.use, witness said
that -Genet had full chllargie, Indl l (Te 'Twi
signed all bills (lenet broulight hin; t.h lir'e
was no questiln thllt Illinoiyv was stolell in
_that wo:k. Ho btelieved all that was provl
on t enet's trial t.o Ie ll'rfoltly trlue.
Genet and iJudgei Jolshth Piiorter and, he
.hotght,Judge MI'lnade weor iomilmissioners
for the constl'uctinll (of thllat courlt-houlse.' Al
derman C(owing a Rpullbliicln, hanlded the
wltness ai partial list of tlhe 'Talllnlrlny Hall
g-neral committee, and askedlI if any of those
ptes were connects)l with the ring frauds.
Alderman Iwis did not think thlle qulestion a
one. Townsond, ,Twcul's !ounsel, said
t the questlon was i Ipolitical o(no, besides
extremely objectionablehI anld unjust to
the parties whose nlllis the paper blore.
Co.wing said that, the investi gatiot l had been
mainly political. (Colo mainltallirned that it
.as not political. Thell objct was to obtai.n
the names of all personslls. Irr'sective of poll
flQpu who were conlnecthl'd with the ring frauds.
After further distussiion, Iweel.l shaid that not
.ne of the nmen whlosel I es wllliere onr0 tlhe
panler had any connectIllion witl thte ring.
S;owihg askedtl witnlless if anly of theose menl,
reI meImbers of t ill i Tl'arnlllllany lha ll generalll
4nimitt e, under the ring rogiign, anti he1lped
to run the city Igoverillnlmeit. (Cole l4ialil a
Spde-oh in op pols iti tol Ltllhqu.stilOn. (Cowilng
tlpled land said hei wals 4lsorry t1o soe tlhei
I !taclo (of iia 'oill(nisl, the servanllt of the
f 0p , objoecting to questions of Ia ( nllrll of
comnml1 ttri; the counsei l wiLts there tIa) 1ask
uestions propl'aos' by tile eulrllnittel and (not,
decide whlat qu1estions welre to be asked.
After some further distllhi TownLI nd uI( g
that the 'lnniilnittite agree upion Ii i ques
to be asked, at tllhe next l(t'44.ing. whlich
d cover overythillng. Cole assellted anld
ie notice that the witness would be fur
ed with a list of tlhe Tamilnllllny Hall
committee, the (Customn-House parts'.,
anti-Tamllllly lelader's, etc., and would
asked to point ollt aluy onne (ll any o(f t.iltso
who was connected with the ring frauds
ded the great labor ihvolved in
the colmillttee's (11(rItirlins nOd
a he ite allrwiiltw' the sirviceth of a
attention was paid to hit rI'quletlt.
nghis attention caWieli to it, 'tweed
he beioved it was Waldo Hutchlings and
lHutching of the Albany ,Iflenal who r('
mended Martin . rown, for the po)l
C. ommittr th1,n0 adjollurnled until next
,ursaday at 11 a. ill.
rs from Hastlngm to Tweed, with the
Meat In Them.
The following is the teaxt of tim letters of
ugh Hastings to Tweed, to which reference
made in Twe.rdl testimony to-day:
a WAnHIN.roN, January 17. 1471.
y Dear r'Teed- I am in a tight spot here
want your aid. You have no, doubt soen
8' speech. The pooxr devil, before com
ing his attack on nm, went about the
"Insinuating autong the Rlepubli(cans
t I was in the employ of l'ammany Hall.
Secure the secrets of tile Republicaus. He
this to got up a prejudice against tme. In
ise peech he held up the (bmmercial Arrer
in a melodramatic way, exclahiting:
Is the evidence that he is a hired spy
Informer of the D)emocratic party."
In his printed speech it is Tammany flall;
his public address it was the Democratic
. I wish you would reach Kerr. who is
e committee: can only be effectual to
w morning, as I expect to be brought
the House for contempt. You will have
the nature of objections before the Coru
ttee. I did not open my case to show omy hand
to what I hoped to prlove, so that Brooks
take advantage of it. Can't you tele
h him? Do what you can for our friend,
Schumacker, and some of the boys will
the balance. I am rather suspicious that
put Brooks up to make the intimation, or
the charge, atumlt my being an in
I may tie leikeld up In twenty-four
think of me looking through the
in the basement of the Capitol. Won't
a devil of a fellow in a small way for a
-m-al time?
S s In tribulation, butageous,
ER 4IEW letter is dated:
I Fns l~toL sn 0111(3
at Washingt on failed txo reach me ther. I
ftiound it nt 'ny or.' thin morning. The warm
sentiments h of friendship oxpresaatl In it it have
Ibound mru to you forever. If I have ono vir
lItu ntnou g the many that moat peiople' lanstt
of that 'one is gratitude; never to forget a
friend; never to go hack on man. woman or
Ichldi V:ho dos Ince a favor. Thl'eri are not,
oempty words. I write with a fullness of heart.
when I say, through sIlnshine andlltl aiivorstIy
thinrotgKh igood and evil report.. lno matte'r what
Illay oeifnlr, rely on me to go to tIhe frolnt in
you r behalf; command me at any time.
'Pardon tme for bellrg so expressive. Your
kild oilTr" in your letter is tso glenerots thlt. 1
arnnot reaist opening tmy heart to you, Iuld
isay in addition (oie bhless you and yours.
iBrooks ahil to John Mrehumaker that ihe do
sirsli to have !ovryt.hingtdrop after the report
of the con:i mltoee. John canel to mell it11d in
formed me of Ihrioks' wishes. Of all things
disthlst'ful to me are law suits, and soling
mrly nallme i Iliet palpers I have got hoiartily
si:k .of it, vent when it is rnipil m entuI,ry, tand
I prosume yo ii must. feel muchl that way
yti rselrf. Before leaving Viialshingthi, Mchu
maker" s;Lw tHLr iks andtit ga.ve ri tr o uitler
stanld that hostili ti.s wir+ entleI. I will io
I1p on'l' Titi'sd:ty night of this week. Againt
thinrkilng yii for yuilr kindness,
elitleve i:e', ever yiurtt
II..I. lAST.Nru.,5,
To Ilon. William M. Tweei.
- -c------ -
NE1W YeORK1 Goi5pIlP.
fiunuranre loipsirmenti.
NEcw YORK. (I, I.. n. Tilh Areti lFire In ltr
rancei- (o l1panty irava e tiiVmi ctIlltei olne 14 mlllk
good atn inipairment of $30,tl{in ii ts catpital.
il Iian.
Williarn C. (HlIman irl beleoved t.n ie sencretl,ed
in this city.
The Alli'rr Defallt.
rThe deliilt of the Alligor Blros. I.isuirance
Agency is said to hbo fully t$150,(H)0.
New York lereinadel Philadelphia.
NKw YuoH, ()'t. 8.- Mr. .ohlnson, who was
tnfortufltitely unsuccesfuil in ilil s t'lephilnicl
experlnlrnt oin l'Tuesday betweeon (liIt)O're
Gardenl and Phladiillphia, ari('(ethIl last even
lug inll mlakinlg a line exhibit.ioni, the wires
bling In perfict c('onclitlon. Professor (hilnoro
has conlld.onth.l to give a )pulic telophorlnice ox
hihition this evening. (Jornet, tnor and
baritone solos will Ire givern.
NullUhly Masx-Ne Dliln't Tell HIU Frliend..
NEw 'YOnK, Oc't. 5. -Thre frlonds of Mlax
Htrakoaeh, ihe well known lheatrh'ial andl
IntislJal Ifiaoager, wero match si. rprriseid th
hear that that, gentllenillt r was tlirruietll anI11
ha hIx'en llarrlbit for l'ore thanll twio Iin Ilths.
None oi his acquaintii eaLll had iany knowl..'tig
of suilt aniI eventl, nor anyi reliison tro antll iipatet
it, and overn Mr. ltrakoacih's ineph w. whi.
Ilvues with himi at, hilt 1tims on Fouri ltont|,h
stl'ot, was itslgnorant. if the fact that t his iuo-li
hInl tluruttdl h.ltomlict, until hI Iear'niul it. by
arhblnt throuzghadiispatch from Mr. S.trr
kosq.e ti lt his ra ther-in-law, aliinn loiniitg the
safe arrival of hi wife in (aliforl!ir.
ArtIt it Ilinel.
WViI. Page, the well known artist,, is re
ported to be seriossly ill at his resilDenol,
Iott+lnvill, Staten Island. lie had last 411in
nmevr a severe attack of vertigo and is alsio suf
fering from the eiffT e of mallaria.
Oh I Glllman, GJive ~ a IRiet.
No tidings have yet t'oen received of Win.
C. G(ilhm1, the insurtranco scrip' forger, but it
is ameneraly btllived that he 1 in 'hhling in
this city or its vicinity; the belief bring the
result of the' negoitiatlion to savei Ilnfrl ont
Ilirose'lti)on. I.y tlle payment of monlyv y his
fainily iand tlihe surrender to his icredlitlors of
all his owni assets. I. Is is elievedl that before
begillning his forgerlis he lusild up iltost. of
the pltareds of his mother's estlate, of which
hie wals 1,1e0 oxytlr tor.
Childs' Play Siopped.
Wtarner A. (hilds, chief clerk In the aitilit
or's deipartl'lent of the New York (Custorl
Hiouse, has bI(nii dismnissI.ed on an olrder from
Washirllngtoni. Hie wias at t he laud of what I.
called the usuirers' ring, which advancied
Inenll'y on the salaries of cllstHlii-houllse onl
liliyes,. chargIng ten per (elt per mouth
European lShipments.
HIx steamners left, for Euripean ports toi-dlay.
all taking out full cargoes. Shipmients of
bratdstuilTs, plrovisioIns, dair'y produce can
Imuul goolds, ti(obacco andi fresh belef, were un
usually heavy. Anotliher consiglnment of Ken
tiucky blue grass stock went out, and a new
feature was the shipment of live 'featmhers,
tihe We'ser taking out 56 bales.
Iterclpl. andi Exporls of Grain.
The arrivals of grain at this port from the
interior are steadily inlriusiig, andI for thi.
past week lia\ve fiooted up 905,70)11 bulshlliis
wheat, 73,90s bushels corn, s1.1,01 lbuslt,.ls
oiTl.. 52,(01) buslhels 'rye, 2;,7ixt b,.ushtels tarley,
intil 23,0( ii bushels malt,, esids I i30,011r trll relstiar
Iliur. 'lie exporlts to fioreign poarts haveir
reachled the la g' qiuantity 1,20,00n 0 bIushels
whent, 711,50 ibushels corn. aind .211 busails
ibarly., lbesides 25,0(1(1 bitrrels flou r.
Mlarrisae iDells.
The mnarriage of Assistant listrict. Attor
niy Ihloraie Riussell and Miss [i ibln, daughter
of ox-.h lige Iilton, is anlnouinclidto to tke
plael sooni. The ell!aginmelnt was made riorh I
to the death of A. I'. Stehwart an the cre-i'
molly was delayedl becall se of that event.
plOrtsman's Association.
An organization under the namein of the
Bergen C.iounty Sportsman's Association for
the protection of gainme and ilsh hlis beeni
(eftetedl In HackensOak, New Jersey, with the
object oif securing the enforcenient of tihe
State gaime law and of stocking tiiii county
with gamne and fish.
(Ge orge Wilson. a sailor belonging to the
IUnited States ship Lxmbra, arrived In port
last week and while intoxicated last night,
was roblbed of $12100 by Stephen McDonald,
who has disappeared.
Democratic Success in Ohio the End of
Garfield, Matthews and Foster.
CoLruMIirs. O., Oct. 6l-Should the Repub
licans carry the Legislature, they will be (er
tain to have a Omajority (in the State ticket,
and Gen. G(arfieldl will the the next Senator
from Ohio. It is conceded at the Republican
headquarters that Stanley Matthews cannoit
be re-1lected, as a mniajority of the Repliublican
Senators and Reiipresentatives on the ticket
are against him. Should the I)eiuocrats ear- t
ry the Legislature, the coiitest for United t
States Senator will lie between Ewing aiindi .1
Pendleton, with the chances in favor of the,
latter; and in case of iI pretty equal division, I
with (Gen. Dlurbin Ward, (een. Morgan or
Frank II. Hurd, as compromise candilattes.
Should the I)enmecrats carry the Legisla- i
ture without H1iamnilton county, Thos. Ewing
will hi the next Senator, without much
Should the Republicans carry the State on
a platform indorsing Hayes, the anti-Admin
istration element will sink out of sight; but .
should the Deiiuocrats win it ends the political
career of three leading Ohio statesmoen, Stan- h
Icy Matthews, Charles Foster and James Gar
Democratic Wominations.
Aunt-Rn, (Oct. 6.- At the Democratic County b
Convention, held here to-day, the following ]
ticket was put in nomination: For County s
Judlge, S. Edwin Day, 01 Moravia; sheriff,
Thomas Reed. anti surrogate, .1. Rosocranz, I
both of this city. a
New England Strikes. a
MERMEN, Ct, Oct. 6.-The solderers of the h
Meriden Britannia Works, sixty in number h
strucl ta day fora return tote wages paid n
prior to the eredutoa in doo. lwm
TTbe of Wfkivz. e k (o. wifl
Mtory of a New DedfOrd Whaler Just lie.
turned from Hudson Iany.
Nriw Yolut, O(t. 6;. Mr. 'I'hotnn ln arry.
Soulnd nint.' of tihe Now Ilodrford whalor A.
Ilaunghtor. which was lst In IiRuIon liv.y
inst .h1 nt, 1101ar ( a1t' F1'iull ertn, arrivdl o iI
this ifly yolstlrday, hringing with him a
Rilver spoo)( ll.nbl tho .ng att orf tarni of HIr
J.ohn Frlankiln, and ai nllumIolor of whitAe fox
skins whi4h hIt o(f1aihned f'rom the E4s.4.nqinau4x.
IIn was froud by tho rol,,lrtilr ,t th,. WhaiLh+
mfn's4 IIH,.dnquarters,, in St$ uth 'tro,'t, an4 ltold
tlhi following staory:
I 41)6lfltind th1n a14p4 n from onn of a patrty of
IIftro.n Enqultmaux, wlhi 41an.n from1 ('apt
Engilol .id; thorn worn timl' lwn In thl. party
who worn at h4ltst 70 yt'rs oild, anlti wllo t 1l4I
only st4 t4wo ,w hilllis in their Ilv.i': ono4 In'lilg,
I Ilnngilne', Sir .John Franklin4's shipi, and the
ot,he|r t1,h (ullarur'; fthy pokitk of F'r'ankllIn,
the pilot, or c,Italian, 4as a big 4i1 tlan; thomv also
said fthyhad a 1antity of his ,.oks andl
wrltlngs ; th11e' rnI1le thl.ir way 41south to whol'4re4
wn wIor st4+in lg illn Hudsoln iiay from (rlap,
EniIgllihil. by M4lvillit l'4ninsulai anid iItPoinil
Baliy dtwn tol ,Rowers' WV.ilolmlet, whicll hlvlly
loadls 1111.o Iiludson lIray. They at1ntel t1ht,
l'rnnlklii n's vosWol'I W as4 atove, and4l thalt thin na
tive' h 1ped ti441 tl o (i '(nlas tll444' h raftt'Ir 4a
tiiruti. however', slikuoss att'kil tlttm, a41
ltheir p lvisions gIavo1 outl. I4nl4 t41e party 1ill
'Thin onlv way I an 4 o4nj4.,tu.lrn that Frank
li1 rch'lltliI tfheilr phi14+t44 wits up i)lavis' MHIt'aitls,
aill4 thoul t nitnlhlr through E4g lilps1, or Lanzntl
ter HIIul d41. (J.p' Itl,,I eld4 I is at the Iioutlh
orf Fury anid' 414 cla tlf,4 raits. Fhour yloi'rs age.o,
whin. I was out. ill th4 li4 ruegions 1llll til iar)li'k
(luitor, 4l4mil4n4a1h4 l Iby IEdward 1'Potttr, wa
oltaindohl 4ev4,r'ral of .ir 11Johln's s -4oans fromm
tflit naltllv,14 of (itia.,4 Littleold. 'IThay appjiar
to pini4o1 very littil, stlremss on their haLVInig Ia
largi 011ly of thrnpy ll, 4llad t1,d l that t1liy
lhavl aii lhiirge nllrimi'r of Frlitklinkh's m411en
urlieirld hltar4l' their holirrw. My o1pinlli4n is t1hat
FrIanklln and hi is Iravv oxllhorler perishiled
nlelar thorn.,
Hamhulrper' Fi'nllture Factory Totally
Ileultrnoy'd-One Hnllnlre Mlien
Out. of Elnploynaernt.
Naw YouiK, ()ct. (Ii.- TIhe furniture man
falotrllry orf ns, W. W\r. 1rilThlr4414 '.1 I largl Ilvu'
s.try h rhb k ILhilding, (4'lu4llpyglll Nol. 9i, 9)4,
1(14 nai(1 11)2 Attor, llliy it4riot4, illcaught l4ir 1 at 4tn
ou rl'y holur thi ll tlorlning 4antl wlas j4urnl'i4l tol
tilth griounlld.
'Tin lIi 4ni44 w,'orn flrst, dioovi rId bly p44opil
lvling in ,th1 t.,nntnt, lihi4oms in 1the r'tir of
the huillin, g.and ao.mdtl ttt have originstel
ill .th th.ird story of No. 102, ov,'r h. m1nain
offli1. An nllhiaim w41as aounnh1d ati 1 :15 Ia. In.,
sl4lnt out. l'lh4 Ilimnlol sproiutu with grlat rapid
ity tand ntn lii llhd thin whole hulling, frol4
top to bottom.
I)Donnsi vilumh1nos of smoke hur1l41t from tlhe
frontf windows and drove biank Iithe ireron
who sought tl throw wate4r ilnto4 tihi intel'rior
of the li Iiilding. ()ino of thef I 44d14r's, whichh
some4ti of tlhe Ilremo'n worn clirling t,o4it tfhird
story, t.1olk 11io, a414l th14 leon 4.r4'elly soal(lJ0d
from inslltlllit d(1t1,h bly dIroplpling from It,. 'Two
oif ti hhfillr'mon wore had4y IUrn 44alolit ,4the
face n.nd! Ihandsil. 'l' ho41 .t4l, t1l 4.to salol tl4he
front of the bulilildling was iltulinold(ii1, landl thel,
firtollnlon (!liirnt,,ll t, tlhe tA)p of tihe, 1 nolllighbori "g
hous.s with thlv u il" host. 'I'ho istrott flrolt of
the a4 il1te Iry bearnell sio hot as 41 ake it I, iplo
sibl, to stand bIfor1 it.L,lanlld manlly lbildlinga
ion t(.in opposite si0t1 (if .the street , ganl tio
take tIro.
'rll lagIner boor salo<0m of (kolflovy T)anhor
manll4, Ni . 495 Attr..4lriey Lt.re.t, WILas iIerilllIy
thrlateni,<l. and tlhe larige cigar fctiiry of
,ro"ld l)iolbirr'v A' C)o., Noi. 14, was in great
ldangilor. In t}i nroar of 4the blurning 4uilding
wornl sevorlil hligh 1tentolntsl,, thle oliupantlt1
o)f which iu4htil a1o1 t tll he strtsl' wild with
fright, 4and malllny b14.gan tol moove their fulrnil
tunre and othioi"r honlsloli'llil ,ffet.Its. At 2 aI. m.I.
thel firermtr4n1I g4I4lie (0o.<1troll, and all dlang r of I
thei sre'alld of tlih flamesHn can.l. Thle ,lu11d- I
iug was oiwniix by Mr. (troonsman, allti is
rated b,y him as worth $:0,0(41, lland4 insured Il
fo1r $15,i1aU. 'rTh!, stl k anid l4i10c'hinrery ii' 114114
iburgr Is valueId Iat $1540,141; inluliredt for I
$140 ,o 414
NEW YoRK. ()t. ,. 'Tihe total loss by the
lburning oif In iiiiburger's ilurllilurn ll faitory on
Alttorneiy street, list. night, is pacel at $115,
O4 0(l(. li l lburger's lon Is $4 ,(1l50; insire.il for
4 $20,001). I'h, building was ownel bIy Michaei
(tl'rossman, valued at $35 HIl, and insur. d for
Anothur ,.etlnlste.
h$1 l.7o0. Iy th lire originatein. i the varnish
r orom aml the tlln a s prrad w, raphlly that
4 thlre llre n had ,lgreI, diillculty h, speven(t
the lre ftrir rnitu reing to the aiioliining
huildings and tneuuntn,. One himdrd enr
t.ruction of this factory.
Another Et ntmate.
The loss by the lire originating in the Ham
burger parlor furniture factory this morning
foolt. iup about $150,1100.
euIii.ence Blurned.
I)ECouRnc STATION, Ky.. Oct. . --The resi
dence of Henry Kottenibrok was ent.irely de
stroyed by lire last evening. II mis $310,H00.
No insuranie.
Departure of Mieionarteý.
NE>w YoilK, Oct. 6.- The following steam
ships sailedl to-day for European ports: Wei
sr.', of (erman Lloydvs; Etll pia, of the
Anchor Line; Celtic, of the White Star Line'
City of Richmond, of the Inman Line, ant
Egypt and 1)enrnark, of the National Line.
Among the passengers by the Ethiopia for
Glasgow, are a number of missionaries sent
out t, Burmah by the American Board( (of
Foreign Missions.
Trial of Mrs. HRoers for the Abduction of
Her Dauwlter, Mabel Leonard.
NEW YORK, Oc(t. (;.- -The examination in the
case of Mrs. Rogers, charged with abducting
her dau;gliter, Mlabe. Leon lard, from thie cus
trhly of W. C. Harriott, wa(s eontinued before
the referee, William St. Clair, thlis afternoon.
,John Messam, the first husiband of Mrs.
Rogers, sat facing .John P. Rogers, the seco(nd
husband. Messamn was plauel oin the witnes's
stand, and his appearance in that position
caIusIi Mrs. Rongers somne surprise, anld she
looked at hiru in a very dramatic manner, her
eyes tlashing with rage and her lins tightly
comlpressed. M.;sam testified that he was
married in England to Elizabeth Meekan, the
woman now known as Mrs. Matel Rogers,
whom he identilled as the woman now in
The witness lived in Westchester county;
he was anxious to take charge of the boy
iGeorec, now ten years of age, but did not wish
to take charge of Mabel, as he did not know
whether he would be able to take care of her,
but on that point he would take advice.
Mabel's original name was Hannah; witness
stated that his wife was an actress, and he
was accustomed to go for her at Niblo's
Theatre, where she was engaged as an
actress, at night. She sometimeI eluded him
and would remain away until 3 o'clock in the
morning, and eventually she became so that
he was unable to control her, and he then left
her sometimes she would remain away all
411111 ho wlht n4on, to tho l aIMIILI for n1i rriordnthn
bIy hin will' for tHing drunk arwl Iroatinig a
illrtlrinnlt'r. Ill' 00a.n pu4I 1111ri 4hlppod for Irfl(
Inini. Vlh'mn ho lot(rirnri'il I h roo yt',la agtl Iir'
did rnot nrotify trin wifo, arid 114d npvor lnliiokoll
to hor Rirll(o rIrIt.Ii 3'4ltArl'ilay.
Mr. Joirkli i4, tho ni11 p'rt iltnlllll0llt ot thi' Ho
ohr'ty for tlii' I'lrovovrrtbinn of (1 'rolt'y to ('lil
droll, tAitilit'r ro'gardlng tho114 oomprrhriidrrt. of
Johfln 1'. Itig4.ri4, that, tLiro thii'lrt'n wuro atian
hor0·ro. Wltt'nn hn,1r . uo'riº Mtn, 1,igt'' uiri(l
tilo' hnitlr)u'rnu' llI liquori. Htio waln a cart uom
alnrtin r at thti l'arluniari Virtorit.ir'u. 'rhi'lo rarao
tor of thu Iplll'iO Wain Vory hai. 'rho (l1)1u Wan
thorn adiji .Irriod 1,111 Morulay, whorn Mr14. Roug
4114 anti lithir' Muaboiwilli ho 441hna'rI on tin'
At nrvl'lt.on.
(;ovrnoToN. Otht.. iL~ jirhr thun)1ni, a iNwoido.
aim it, 4 1 yt'ai'n i Ii, wvani killoil41 ho' thini lniir'r
irig ly th1 "iraving iii of ia 4wl)rl 11 I ~roo('flhlc i
141 rui't,. I iiIt.ltI4 itA ru *J ltiti In nu4v4'ri'y blamn
o)11 for ii o 1,14 ii'14'ltoit.
A PIt.ail (Jalme of Card..
FA rMotrlrr , (iot.. (i. -.Jo1hn 1I. Kidwo'l lain.
night iaL IiliIoir htidtdon th it, Hawk Miawi'lI
thiri nigh tth) hourt. Kinlwr'll wan1 ti.k4nri to
1"ll~roiii,th tol jailI. junho niliilulty lironi1' frrn a
d inptiuhA livoil ia giinrr I f Garde14.
Thi Pirkering Villey Rallin ati4 Plqnitaer.
l' riE' IX VllVthnli, 1. I'tIt. C. -'irhn rl'lurin of
1141Jl'y r Viriti'rl i (1 4 14111141Vr hinti l,night by
ihin)v jiiiy lViji ii l t44 L "Ii i4l'tof, tho w 'llVk v (1
4v'114.will hotill)ik'ii. Irwo of~ tilil Inil144(1
hiav' ninuo04 (110(1, VI'z: M ua)l'r~i I oi irtit,, liriko
iri~an, 411141 Mrm. Al~ti,it 1'onnlypiwk4'i', miakinig
flilil (1oiili4 iII al.
Thie Wrirk of the Mamwanrhi cett-.
FIEuiII'IR r, 1,. i., (hiot,. Ii.' Tlh wroo'kold
ntoaallorr 1t11 M11411,,'hIII14'tt14 I/ in I Ii t an piO 41114 mIi1l
tio1l I6µ V4'4t·ltriiay. "Il to n'ii11i4'i14 Fr111101141111
1,4trniiigtAtt ar)14 1'4rrm4 ivi rig hlor' 111mgi arid thtu
eoant wI')','kWnI,'n aIro har41 d 11L work. liopm ai'
ilntA'rtatiiiiml onf gittting 14',r alltiat.
Twenty Veae+Ie Hich ani Dry on the
nerh 01 Lorunf Island.
Twont~v V01'n44'l, ii'.liiiliig thiroo yacht-n
W4'llt Ilsliiiro in I'iirt .i''I11'rlnn, Iilung Inlalihu
Iiiaiiii II, (ill nririg Li' gail 'i Ii rrnlay lIght..
'I''hc.y aro a tll IvingL high a n41 drlly anti art' aill
1)1(114' (ii J'1044 illjiir'oi.
Jerome Park Raresm.
.1014-IME I'AriI. N. V., Ot~t. t;. 1I ho 1'11('('F( or
1,1t)' .luky (111"' to. 40111y wtr Jllr4 l T$0im* 011
Thn r! fcat rat",· n. nellin p nrno o f 14(1fl, )110
n1111141 1 11(1 ii ight Ii, withI nix ntiiltk'l14, Wan M
wonlii yIl Iiig ginil.11, wit. Li iv HMaliuer1 Mi' 11i1
antI Itarlpal lillililck tiliri. 'rimle -2 :nt/.
'li'us MolliiI rl 11141) 11 w ta n Ito lli n111i Wn op
ntaok4'fur two-yoai'-o:ltM, dii 1tIanu'lnu tWo mullin,
ini wh4icih olnly twin MtaultIlt. It, wasi wiln bly
L'rllziIl, )stating Prrin4'etrtm oaniiy. 'rlinn -
:1 :4llY%.
'l ii ' third ra110, toll tho n'ilimpaagno ntakon
fori two-yonlr-l 14, ha10 o'ight ntlartorn atl1
WIrs vc(lr by Alt ('ii, withI Mallitoma (400011)1
and11 Fawn tlilril. 'JIrrno- 1'2(44. Tho (111iutallc
wanl throo-fourthhn of II 11111(1.
'r114 filliELh an1d4 11114, ratio4, for a prn of114 it
$400, dlMslnmA on1o 11'lli', hod11 livl MtltrtR'r14.
Minneola wil, wilit (tho Ion lkloy ot4ondnll.
114iluo I.1 :iY.
i Hare at LouIaVIlleC.
LoU.svrlabT, ,ht. 6.- Thore was fine sport
at thedI ke .' Iiib ( 4 In(i. Co'urse to -day; the
weal.thr splendid i and the attenlancea goislI.
The milte heat, milce was won by EmmlrrLa C.;
Ti (1)o( wlon the nille and a hlllf run', an i
Lizzie WhipIs the Galt House stake. This
hf (1051 tih fall b rim races.
The Iirlidte Burnera.
ItEAnrNo, 'nPa., Oct. i. As anticipated,
r Trout, iinnglhatt and Blizzard, three of the
. alleged bridge burners, were discharged to
day, the prosecution failing to rnake a case
Sagainst themn. ]Ed. Smith who was arrested
- 111 Troy, N. Y., and broughit here, was on the
witnless stand this morning. He is the man
I whom IHumphreys in h is cin fession before
the grand jury acc.sel of having struck the
nmateh that hired the Lebanon Valley brlidge.
Smith pleadeid guilty, anrd in a cool and (to
lib.r:t t manrner n irrated in full the story of
ti(he iurldne burning. Prslident, (Gowan, of the
pr3Irscaltilon, irlll Ia lengthy alr.tress to the
i ury lthis afternoon. 'horii is a general feel
ing tlhatt Nachtired will be luwcq Iitt,.il, there
iing nol dIrhct evid.enic against him i. After
Presid.nt GoWven's iihrii's'4 the case was
given to the jury. Smith and lfuilphrevs
will probatbly be senteincedll to ten year' s each.
Navy Movemenit.
WAsiTNOiT(iN, Oct. 6. The Adalrrs is mx
plenti'd to sail froln Monitewvide a lut thei 1t
of Novemillnr for the South Pacfile Station.
uerz Canal 'ronnage Atatement.
WASHINITON, Oct. I.---The Vice Consul ((en
oral of the lnitiled States at Cairo has trans
riitted to the State Department a statement
showing the trallic through the Suez Canal
for the seven years, 1870 to 1876 inclusive.
The number of vessels carrying the British
flag which went through the canal during
those years was 53117, with a toinnrgie of
9,3311,430 tbins, being more than twice the tmn
nage of all the other nations, France Is sic
ond(, showing vessels to thie number of 561,
with a toniage of 1,639:,917 tons; the number
of vessels carrying the A rmerican llag which
passed through the canal cmuring tlh above
period was only II, with a tonage of 19.310
tons. The number of vessels of all nations
was 7584, with a tonnage of 13,521,758 tans.
---- * -
Ru~slan tErount of Thursday's Battle.
IoNoN, O()ct. 6.- A telegram firm Moscow
status that intelligence has been received
there that thei Iu5Sils us retpul Iteed two attacks
by Mukhtar Pasha on Thursday with heavy
LoNnoN, Oct. ;.- The kDai'y Neins corres
pondent with Gin. Molikoff's army, tele
'graphing from RItsric.henrs, Thursdlay, l says:
"At 3 o'clock this a'fternoon the Iusslans.
were surrounding Kizili'l Tipi, when Mukhtar
Pasha, deo1lpratle at sleing his Aornrlllninlca
tion with Kars threatenred, advanced against
our centre with twenty battalions. 'the Tu'rks
were receivid with a crushing artillery fire.
The Russian tiraillours irove them back, pur
suing tholui to Sanhbatin till nightfall. The
Turks w're uItterly diemoralized, and every
where took flight.
The Turklish Account,
CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 6.--Mukhtar Pasha i
telegraphs that on Thurwlay the T'urks recc
cupijal the hbights of Great Yanillar-Yagnial,
which hadl been evacuated by the Russians
during the night.
Two Tutrktsh columns are now attacking
the Rumssiars who are concentrated on the
bank of the Karst)al, opnosite Kabak heights, 1
whilst the Turkish cavalry from Sonbaton 3
and a corps from Kizil Tepe have been sent
to threaten the communications of the Rus
sians with their camp at Kinrabel.
Fighting was proceeding when the telegram
was dispatched on Thursday but Mukhtar
Pasha concludes as follows: "We have every 1
confidence in our success." l
_ nal ev e
"lgal service bsevatling.
Was.IGmTO, OTt, .--The signal service
_rrSat2 1 5p~m.
thi' Frit.z, fromin Iairli'In, (.a.; wirnd twentyv.
4ii rontlil. iii rthi'i.t heavy 1'1p'1 j inlItI)' 14,
4x'tihirigi' 4igrinl4.
'l'h+ ilgrul SIrvi,', oh+,erv'r lit At ulintir ity,
N..1,, riplort4 in tih, llhif 1 1'-;ignai nll I' 1h, i!
p. iim.in.S Illows:
ihiiiner I. I'. Fiiar irnm, i' Ilim, .kapirt.,
MI., I inichoiirdll oi Ihits ,stt ion, wit It owi'r
tils tIliwn away, wn.iting thi arrivtl or IL
tog to toiw hi'i ilnto part.
*~e- -- --
Nrw YontI, ()c't. C. Minny c'Ioerid a.t ai'
11. 14 t., E ) a'I)ng4 c('1l114 (l du(ll 'ti 5 tltl:rH .
Go(l u cl is'iI at I102, . (i iveirnnmrilents iii Id
t'ILrmiy curi ri'nc i" 124r,µ120il!4. ltei'k
nInarki(t wi. it.rnrt dierl lnrllli I1.1' it ftr'rnoi+n
witlh I furthei r it varii' In lriem; thi, t t high.lt
prIi'eI of the wcr'k Iurl of tIhe VIOLr!, wit l the
'xc'ption of 'ii ntii ii tt)'ki nitl ii i fw i+othllr
4hare4 were inl., 1.-,h1,1v. 1n ..hI" 1111111 dlLl
inllg.4 th(r'ie w I L rim l'tin i f I i'l, i'enit
firorii tlh high+tit, p)irnt. iof t.he hv.
'IT'h fullw1 t rwig ri, ir.1 cieloiinrg bidi:
Now Yuork C.'nt.lrl... ..1n!
Ilarl'rn .... ........ ...... .. 142 41 -
Eri .......... ...............
E ric, Irb,' ,r+it le ............... ... 27 r(1
l1Lki, Shr ..... .............71
W ai.I,. h ...... ..................
Northwcitiirn ... ...............42 42 '
Nu)rthiwint4'rn, ntrrrnerrel .. 7. i7.cO
Ink hilandl . ....... 104 -
Milwaulkw 1 a ..nd I'nrt li ... .... 41! .
Mil waukinu( aril Mt. laul, prefrreld 71 ,r
Pittabrl,+ . H (r
I' .i . .t .. ..' ... .... ... . ... . 13 ( 7 -
D)olawariri iiCnil Di ni4 Canal..... . 42 ( -
Murriti iin 4 Er4s+x ............. 74rl.4 r
Micligan Ii' Cnt.r'al (12 '
11()ll4ir (I ' int.iral . . .7 .
Unionll Pacilic ... ............. (17'
. (. wl .l I .(.......... ... . .Gl'/
11t. 1al(d St...1) i' I . 3.r
OIulinitd Misiri.'ippl ............. .I',4t _
lianlrnlllll. .... ...............121 4 -
WAtitrni lUinion 'I'lr'graph ... 2% @ -
Atlniticat aId Iru'llc 'l glraph.... t 21 ((9
Plwultc Mal .................... 24 2 - -
Qurlckilver ...... ............. 2i¼ .h -
QUInknilvir, prfI)'irri .......... 41 r1
Aiiriini Expei', .................Itt (r -
Wills, FtarIoi &, Cro.'4 Exproess..... 85 e -
Amrrii.enrin xpr .. . 94!r -
tnituil Stattii Expr.+ ...... . 49 '/.
In St .t' l honds ( rugial ;'s roue to 94: lon
ilmtnia ci inoils nold It 81 '4, (0tl 1)intri>t of
(olutniiia 3-65s ait 744. Mi souri'is long 'n
win' strtil t y at 10..
l'iih cvnlits oIf t.h wilck in financuial relirlns
worin'+ ri'l or 1sti ihunrtaut a. d caill Iloans
froirii 4 h1 74', wit i mnIost (of tin tuini1!sri1µ at,
5.l8i p 'entll,. ''h1 fiornigt hn IxclihLnuc . h1lLv(8
tii'n wi5011 alnd 11ii t4lldinel. (Ioild sp( l i ,cttlion
heavy Iild liowir, I tue ricec4 dr!ppi1irK fromi
Il3l I( 1(02<, (i)v'rnnuieiit, t(iouds qulltl,. .Lil
rii| iniil 11rm(iiclltineuItis ,pchLttlnionit W5,11
ginrrrally irlrrn, arnd at tiramo hbiuyant. After'
frnr liu'int fitlllnut. i il,ni4 t.,t' wits Iltl ia'Ivani+n i
I ti x '1Ii rent,, thi greatust, irtliioivirneut hidl
in aial stick alll truniik lino sir arc.
Nrw Yoicr. ()t.. I, Market opened with
flour ui ht.. Wh+eat, stronger red, cash,
$1 47: t!1 53s; ()Octhter $1 50/(@1 t9; No. i
4spring, cash, $1 34@1 40. ~orln- steamt.r r,
cash, r,8%(59t; ()Ottbetr 59%4461; No. 2, east
and Oc:thelr 5l 4r 59.. Oats easy-- mixed
Western :32rf3tP/; white .h3ai c44. Rye dull
Westrerrn quotltt.t 775/. Barley nominal--(fan
adta 85 , ,95. I'Pen, ( ,anaula, in bond, 8. IPotkh
dull.- ()c.tUel her $14 30; Nov .nlier $14 bid. Iltrd
quiet O(;tober ,¶.17%~,9.22%; Novehombcr sold
at 9M2'.
ie:e qidt t and unchanged, $11 50(@12 50.
HSpot vott, lt firm; mlidllig luplands 115-lt;
futures firiu. (fhetw, Is quiet anld irinn at 7(t
7'/ for r'otmOnur to primet , anid 1:3@l;/, for
fnnrlc:y. Whiskystudly, $1 13..
CINrINNA'I'I, Oct,. 6.-Rye ste;adly and moOd
orlatAt; No. 2, 5tHO8259 in elevat<or. Oats dull
with litsrai otTeriiings; white 28'2230, tnit'd 25
(ra27. larley- It,'tetip ts heavy anll demilandl
light ; held at i65,ý75 for igood to chotice sprIng.
lit gs O(itl demarnrd I wNl stealy, andI pDrices
are unchanged; c:ltolrllloii $4 614)9#5 10, fair to
gKttl light $5 21rt5 45, packing $5 25fa5 50,
select butiihers' $5 50@5 60). Lard steady and
quiet currenlt mruake 8(%@8 , winter steam
84;'. Moss pork is in light supply and dc
mrand m.loderate; $14 50,'e14 75 1i bbl for city.
PacIked nmeats starco and firm ; shoulders 7i'/,
clear rib .d.58 . lBaruon steadly ant in fair
deirtand ;(shioulders 84, clear rib 9iy-,c9.%, silos
9% 4 Ith pIarukei. Whisky $1 (07; saIles 225 bbis.
(H'lli'AtlO, O)ct. ;, 9:414 a. rn.-Wh(at firm;
Octcl.uher $1 (t'8CIl .is%; Novenmber $1 .'k'-%
uhid; year $l 05t4. (Corn active; October 42%,
Novemblter 42'. O()ts not open. Pork Oct:o
her $15, rintiirlal; year $12 85012 (47%; ;Janr
uary $12 ,97/. Liurd-Yteat.r . 30), sellers Jan-. l
arvy 5.
I/A l IrroItiE, Oet. 4. -F'lotuir firm; ree'lpts
3200; shfipnunts (;+.5); sal -s 1370 Wheatsteuuly
ranid firu; receipt- 5),(K)11; shi)pmrents 52.5,r;
stales 81,1i0 ; No. 2 cash .1 44%, ( )ctoter $1 44%,
No. :1 $1 42. (Corn IIrrn; receipts 11,0() ship
rnlcts 15(I,18)0; sales 1 5,1810; c('ath antld ( etLtr
58. ; Noveilbher 5.%; Dtea nbcr, old or new,
58 Oats stt a'ly; white 35($(31I. Whisky dull,
$1 12.
Weekly Review of the Liverpool and
London Markets.
1TaVErlTlo , Oct. 6. -Hpots have been active
througllhout the week and closed strong at an
advan(el of 3-l(6i over Monday's prices. Mid
(ling uiplands to--daty 6 9-16d, Middling Or
leans 6 11-161. T'he sales of the week have
been 77,00() bales; the stock is 535 000 bales, of
which 270,(000 are American. The following
are the opening, highest, lowest and (hlosing
prices of future deliveries and now crop:
Opening. Highest. Lowest. Closing
Ot. . .. 42 19-32 4' 6 9 1i
(let. and N ,v (;'t , 1;5-32 46 6 15-32
N v. , i 13-82 1; 6 13-32
Nov. anld 1)~e (. 17-32 42 i 4 12-32
1Di'. and .1 n.;' ;', ; ;i;t,
N :EW ROllff)P,
'JO ii Vi, F M P
Oct. and Nov ''-:,
N ov. tand Oe'..;', ;', G, ;
Ier'. an ilJn n..t; 32 2, 4t 9-32 tYr
.Jan.t and FeI- ..6 7-i; t;' 17-32 a 15-1t
LoNNO, Oct. I; -'T'n follwiing are the opern
irig. hlight-st. lowes' ttiid elosing t Jl'et for tlhe
Week. f th+l' irti' ,ii-s helsow named:
Ope.ning. highest. Lowest. Closing.
;'. . tONDH--4NEW FOlt1r:-AND-A-HAL(4,.
1 ((74 1 (4'4s 1 nt', 1 414
No.wr 1 1 (, 7t J ( 1,7' I :1 ( ' 1 i .,N
l'referrId 22 2:: 3'22 22!
teading 16 142t 14 16aI
LrvErProo, Octi-her n.-Flour de,-linetd ed
3ls, closing dull, Wh,,at fell 'fT Is ;d, but i0losed
steady ar ,i .line; pri-e.s are as f 'llows: Spring
11-r"l is : new crop winter Wetstrn 11i aR ; do
Houth-rn Its lii; Californiat club 12s!dc ul,3;
do a.vw.rage 13I ,. i12s ad; do Houthern 11( lid;
California club 12r 9,lti139; do ave!tlave 12, E(s042
120 at1; Ihe re-'l: pts this w ,eek havy- be,-n 7(;4.io
qual ters., f which 42J,00. wier, Amerrican. Corn
w'rong, eiIivanritng adl anid 0 ,losing steady at 240 3d.
Oats unchtan2ced at :te:t,3s oad. Barley 30 s I. Pe I .
4s tou. Che-se alit. Beef--Under me s dit-ned
2t: pri'' !mIs; extra diecined Is; now 1n0s;
prime mcn..s iiohatgcrd at ¶os. Baeuon-Cumbetr
:' ntr luu uni-han,(ed it :36l d; short rib 42s; long
Ilear 40s: short clear advanced s; now 42 .
Po- k nuncharog-.; p,rime mess Eastern n9s; do
Western 494. Hams .0s. Shoulder{ advanced
is: now :vsa. La-d declined ti; nowl66. . Tal- !
low 1418,. Turpentine 268 61. osin--Common
5s . i; do ,ale 138. Petroleum 7%.8 I; refined
123@13d. Linseed oil los 61. Lard oil 478. Cot
ton seed oil, American, 348; Amwerp ee.
Mniilrt : 1)OnmuIrk, frr London; WVniMor, for
Ihroenon; CeltIc Fgypt and ( 'ty ~fr Tl.chmond
for Liverp, ol; It hiopia, for (Ilnogow; (City o
M o, for Vor 'rz, anrd Carondelet, for
Ilti4wTN, Octl. 1. Arrivel: Thbrirr.a and 'aln
tfinn fronm liverpool. Jllled: MVttathon and
Mhinnoata, for I lvwrpo)l.
QEInrPA, 4I ot,. h.. Hatledl: Ibomtilon and
Harananl for I, vrpool, and Hovorn for J on
FIAvotr, (Ot,, ;. .Halhd: (lillle'rt from Iftn
I trg, fr New Y:ork, url uI 'trre for New
ITorcNIy, O(9)t. ';.--H.ilel: Hlateo of Novead
Ironm (lagow for New York.
IttVrrrnltiAM, , O)t,. G.--Hiled: (rooco for
New York.
lItrOTor,, O)et . Hnilod: A ragi n for Now
litrtrrIrN, (. t. . Hailed: (lder for No w
Lirvarni'~o., O),t. 41. Arrived Vlctorla
from laton,. Hal lal: Ahynsil'ria for NOw
York and Ii.ngarlan for Roriton.
IIAVANA, ():t. 6.- HaIled: (Ity (of Now York
for New York.
'Teor'e hi alrwayR bon conatrllerllie dIwmiO -
aRon o(ver th.he lsuporlortity of the -everal mnau
frutlturerw' bran t of lager hour tetweon con
nr,iwoura of that, b>nworag, n.rid a declohn has
novyr before been arrivtl atu; b but no*, from.
tiet following dipai.t.ch, ' the tr lrinkers of
Mt. Lorin have utnt-leot it:
MT. I[,orrt, (Otobeor 2, 1177.
To Fdtw. Vrate.r. 70 (Common rI runt, New Or
loaI . II.:
Anhouter' bottled hbr wao nwardted first
promtlitrn at the great, Mt. I, lot Ixlpositlton.
E. A .rranror. IoO.'H JILItWi N AoH''C'N.
. - .- sO* .-- ......
The Rid Opened and the Contraet
Awarded to John R. Reid.
The bide for the oonstrntllon of Base levee
were opened y'sterday at the bttate.House in the
presence of the Governor and Rtate Board of en
gineers, the first oo'omn of figures representing
Iho price bid per cubic yard 6fr the
r(CN'TRIt.TIOW or THiE p: EVE,
proper, and the seo ,nd oolumn !bo amount bid
per sqrnare acro fir leoaring the land.
Bidder. Per onbho yard. Per sore,
'r. it. Cornell ................28n. $60 00
H. (O. Ilronan ............2./ 75 00
R. T Pnrran & too .......2ls 4( O00
I'. Byrne & Co .............24: 25 00
P. 1'. Conway & o.........21. 9 40! 00
Am. al'nry & ton............ 3 35 00
R. F. Wrotnoweki & Oo......320 , 3t 110
Join McOinty.......... 25 50 00
It. MoPhall ...............26.15 16 67 86
P. J. Kennedy ..............3?2
J,,bu i. reid. ............... 24 60 0
The bid made by Mr. Reid bring the lowest the
conrtract, was awarded to him, arsl on Monday the
neoersary contract, which has already beeoon pre
pared, will be signed.
Aoerortling to the estimate made there will he
over 3.5,000 cubic
i RD8 0o4 EARTrnWOat
to construct, and the work will be star'ed as soon
as the necessary agrseement Is arranged.
Our gtreets Yesterday,
I'o the stay-at-homes our streets yesterday
1 looked to be almost overcrowded. The unforttu
d nate individual, or, In many oases, the fortuiate
individual who summers it in our city becomes
. so used toseeing the sidewalks dotted by strolling
pedestrians at long intervals that the recent ar
r rivals that have so swelled the crowd of passers
make it appear as if the city already is faul
Camp, Canal, Chartres, Royal and a dozem other
thoroughfares from 10 o'clock yesterday morning
no ii quite late in the afternoon were enlivened
by the presence of, it seemed to be, thousands of
Snew arrivals.
The perfect health of our city at present and
during the past summer has had something to do
with this, for we notice ma; y well known faoes
that were wont to remain away until November,
but who tired of the ennui of watering place life
have come back to relish this delightful O-tober
weather at home.
Another thing that has in a g-eat measure con
duced to this inflnt is that ever-body, now that
Louisiana IS libi rated from tRadical role, feels
that with the brignt pro-psots of our crops the
business of the year will be in full flood much
earlier than beret fore.
ditce 1860 we have hardly had hero at so early
a peried so many of our own nit;zli and those
from Misslssippi. Texas and Arkansas. With our
free government, with the m4tt a.i ulcions pre
m',onitions of a brick winter, it ie sere to sy the
Crescent City this year will be airu t, It, same
busy capital it was in other days. Ev,ry train
sads to the number of vi-itrs, so I in a fw min
utes' walk one can see fae as +17r recogn ze I by
heir full bloom of country health and vit or that
have come in to see town before the great runh
of November sets in.
Mr. H. n. Jenkins, Solicitor of Patents, No. c7
Commercial Place, offocially reports to the D. .O
rmAT the following complete list of patents
granted Southern inventors for the week ending
SBptember 11, 1877:
Texas-Freiberg, Klein & Co., Galveston, trade
mark for cigars, 'Jack Hardy;" Frank Hannig,
Lockhart, neck-yokes; 0. N. 8hismanian, Galves
ton, fire escape; J. K. Cummings, Ladonla, wash.
log machines. Arkansas--J. P. iHammett, Drake's
Creex, mechanical movement.
Yesterday's Rare.
The five-mile pull yesterday, betwee, O'Don.
nell and Muagrove, attracted to the New Lake
End quite acrowd of spec'ators, and m:ny went
only to the cemeteries to sare the race. The
word was given at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and
from the start it was seen that O'D ,nnell would
be the victor, as he war going over the two and
a half ni'e course up the bayou and return, beat
ing Masgrove fully 800 yards.
An Unfortunate Accident.
At half-oast 11 o'clock uaturday morning a Iitt
tie giri, nine years of age, named Josephine
Lavie, was accidentally ru- over at the, corner of
Madison and Chartres street., by a wsgon driven'
by P. Gallot. When the unfirtunate child was
taken to Mr. Llados' d ag store, en examtnation,
it was found that her left ankle had been crushed.
The child was then taken to the reslidnce of her
parents, corner of Broad and Dumaine streets.
The driver of the wagon was arrested and locked
up in the Third $tation.
Read Navra's Invitation to the China Palace.
Iava flgnris in great variety, at Offnier's. 144
Canal, opotoito Varieties Th eatre.
Go and see the beautiful variety '. fall hats
just received by John U. Ad term, ` .i . Charles.
Dresengoons. menrninga, flannel", blankets
hosiery and house furn,-hinrg gods, In great
variety, at M. L. Byrne & Co.'s, 1I; Canal street.
MER RA. PEPIN & BOVseA.~D have just re
ceived and are still rec.iving a large and very
select assortment of fall and winter goods.
Their stock has been selecretl by )fr Broussard
in person, whose long acquaintance with the
wants and tastee of our Southern pople 1- a
sure guarantee th t he has selected jst the
very thloi we want. We advis tb' laties to
o on Monday and Inspect the b altefsl ati k
d lay lked a~Im. their Ba'd in another

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