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.. . .. . .. . /· I .... . . / --- Hi- I i lIIm I H gieI_ I al m li s . H n I • lH
4olleetorshtp tUneertalntiee-lng's NWom_
Inatlon still In Doubt.
B[pecial to the Domoerat.
WAstnaNTOr, Out, 1g.--The D)emo,'rnts in the
llenate still healtato about ttaking measures to
seeure the 'o-operation of two or thre BSouth
ern Renpubliean or earpet-bag HNnatore, whlIh
0o-operatlon Is essential to the seating of 8pof
'ord, Eustis and Butler. The fruit in rlyp, but
it must he pDlked off by hand ; it will not fall
from the tree of itself.
As tO the CJolle.torslllp, I w'an only repoat nl'
dispatch of last wenk. with the additionnll fatl
-that King's ntam will not he sent to the Henate
t all, Unless vigonrously pr~osPd by his friendsl,
The Proesidont says that hi will not ho able to
ialit New Orleans, as ho had contemnllated do.
ing. this winter. 1IUELL.
The senate.
WAtltNiTOn, T.O't 1ti.--T''h Hnenato mot at 12
if, an Dprayor was offtrnd by tihe haplain.
ill. ietltion. att,. won i' rmented, and rn
Srroda follows: i'tltiions asking for in
em d omLp'nention for I.tter c'arriers, by
ton, Camoron of WisctonslHt, (Cameron ,f
nStt lvanla, and others. slefierred to the
e on Post Ofliries and Post ltoa,'s.
S moerln, of 'enns}ylvanta: A bill for the
fre W. l),lglass. late Collec.tr of Inter
' lnue. li,,,rruid to the Committee on
r. Plumh: A hill to repeal nurtain nuts
nllag titles to iurtaln titles l Kan:ns. Rie
e to ptmmitto, on [Pil in Lantds.
Mr. E.warmds: A bill to establish the rati
of me fa r f lrttrlet ttorneys,. Iteferred to
a mth ttein the Jutdiciary. .
y Mr. wthers: A hill for the rollot of pero
sos in the insurr etion ry Htat'e, wihose prop
M been ~lid for taxes. Iteferied to the
'tt o t\it Jnldh ar I.
mr er, rmu n: A bill to amend chapter
othe vis itatutes of toll, United St,)tle
S trion to the eluctln oif P'residmnt Vion
de Iltofrred to Committoo on i'rivi
i 1gs ant Elelt.ltns.
Alo to reptal sction 471t of the Rvilsenl
a ae relating to the samte suhjuiet, ltefeorrd
to & the r.ý commit io.
MRgais: A bill for thn colnage of the
S ar, asud to restore tlle fortner standl
frrd to ('omnnittee on l F'inuatn,.
Plturith: A till to provlde fortthu sale of
- ter the public lands in Kannsas at one
military reseIvatuIos. lHrorrod to the
Jttpo on Military Affairs.
r, Morrill: A resotaution instructing the
onaltteo on I'nsions to report. by bill or
Oterwise a pin for the rtuduutloun of the tfoe'
ag salaries of pension agents.
r. Ingtlle iisn5 osted as an amnndmnnt that
the Ieqmitt lu I" l'trutted to iniutre Into the
edieny of aliollsllng all suh agencieslo,.
e3luation was so amendedl and atdopted.
eW halr lald tIforo tho B(ionate the regular
er, btingt the swoarlng in of J. B. Eustie an
peItr from L1otislalna.
Sr.Thurmnnn briefly sot forth the clrcem
iatcos of the euile'ton sttylgi he wls electedl Iy
t was callh di the Wheilcr Compr mise Leg
uture, and was refusedl adimnlslon here on
eground that thore was no vacancy: that
tnoh bak ba d altready oinen oleltd "eltnator
m that Stato. H said that was the only odjen
O urged against. tils edmlsleon and hIasre
S8cat anttlcyded -l that Pinehbaote was not
ned to a st. not having bhen hinaly eluect.
Y tý roper or legal egigslatlvu body.
r Thlurmnt arg,,ut that Eustisl had boeen
ed ailmtseon to Ili HSeunate on thi, grou Qi
at the vacany was . flll.d by tihe election of
l back. ni 1 tbh' Henate I nving sintn decided
tlnehbaek was not ohleutd. It followed that
ts at elu'ted. Hie urg d time Snate to
te or i motion to admit Eustis at once, and
L uisana it voilce upon this floor.
rmunds read at leonth the credontials
Ot wh.ch wore a transcript of the pro
ings of the Lnglshtture alludetd to, and said
ere it not for the fact that Conagrers had
Qn act to that effect. the piiper purport
to e the eredentlals ot the hrlhator elect
oe no credentials at aill. They did not
v thero per seal or th. oropeor elgnnture.
had the law of 18hf read. giving autho Ity
r the holding of eli"ttomnis in ti t lutitirrc
ary States, a it said lthnt wias the tinw unnder
hoh they acted: but hie didl inot bIiev, it wts
es d that a Leg ilaturel should mu.k,' sport.
ty of elvectnr a Unit d HtaL...s HMnator.
Sthen ater the man had iton elected, and
re had thaken his siaut, a now L'gfstlaturon
should set forth that the former t,' lollt li was not
ýIdd an-d thein proedt to lit' t inoher man.
e did not believe ht that li teslg ne of tho lnw was
tet by the wat in which Eusti hlad been eloc iit.
-OtUdd rupon which he sought a coat here.
M dloigh ucnlontundd that the conmlttee
ad not had tlime to consider the mnatter, and
-erefore should ntt le dtischarged from the
ttrther consideration of these credentiaihls, hut
ahosld have proper tulne to arrlve at a proper
elusion utmon the matter.
Mr. Saulsbury sill he thought they had had
ntple time to dcel 'c the quIest-lln and taie
Amendment. No invlietlgation cotnsideration
could throw one shi gte ray of I int or logil on
-the subiect witch the committeo did not already
' .fLMclran thought that the other stile of
theUSenate -war in too mnluclh of a hurry about
resng this matter; If they hadl waited t whil,
e thought, the iomnmit ene would in due time
Y ten up the ces + and reported upon it.
Mr. Walleigh said th.it the committee had not
one scintilla mro - f information tupll- the case
than it had on the 7th day of March last, when
he Senator from Ohio moved the reference of
heoe credentials to the committee.
Mr. Davis said the matter was entirely new to
him. nd he did not feel pripared to vote upon
it to-day; he regarded the uiestion as a judicial
:one, and desired to exattlneuo thie c.ost bforo
~leltg ocalled upon to vote upon it: If tho vote
taken to-hily, lhe was nit prepared for it.
desired to make this extlanation.
. Thurman said he did not see why Mr.
atshould not be swrn in art once; It was
now enty months since Eustts had been
he thougt It twas time he was ad
tttted. Inasmuchb. however, as some Senators
expressed a wish for fulrtther tin e to exam
lai nto tho case. hi wouli consent, iand would
Sove that the question be laid upon the table.
m rHamlin moved that when the Senate ad
.o.rn it bI. to mo.t onn Monday next Adopted.
a O motion of MIr. Coukling, the Senate at 1:25
v. m. adjourned.
steamer Lost.
LONDON, Oct. 19.-The steamer Kimpton Hall,
with twelve Ihves. was lost by collision with an
.unknown vessel.
Cardinal Catalti Dead.
ROME, Oet. 10.-Cardinal Annibal Cafalti is
mlead, aged ee.
Gverythlng Uneertain ant Everybody
Apprehensive of Trenble.
LONDON, Oct. 19.-A dispatch from Paris
says: All who approach the official sphere ex
claim: They are mad; they have lost their
heads; they are dreaming of a state of sfege. of
.a fresh dissolution, of a dictatorship, of a plebts
cite, of more energetically managed elections,
F a of the so-called safety of the country at aay
Sacxtahon will await the action of the Cham
If it shows an aggressive temper, a dispo
o thwart the Cabine or force on them a
rabae policy, consisting of thsabandon
_f his functfonari-s and violation of his
eoneracted pledges, be w dissolve it
in the unlkely vvent of the -enate
assment to the lt h
ijunction, fl thinksR alo that at this osltalione
on unlltd latst the counltry did not fully apprs
itate thi Interests at staks.
A ISavings Bank llRns-Starttrtlinl Develop.
mnenets tXpeeted.
Mowfl ratii,, Oct. lo,.-Onl. Frank Iolnd, a
prollllljin.nt broker, and John (Campbll, c0om
mitrdisal editor of the Is'irtl of this eity, worn
utharllnd in the Dollns court to-dlay with con
tplrtiry to Iniurhot hs Ul Dity and DIrstrl Havlun
SBtrnk. iampyMIl nout a ditpiatich, clalmol to ble
Illtsltlue, to thi Now York Tisio, with the in
Stsntlion, it Is atllgdl. sof sniling a run on Ith
banllk. C(ol. ionil has uelintlsrdI an action for
StI.itiiondamgnas aganinst the baInk for fatl.n ar
rnrt. Clamp.ht.ll his subtiunatled maIny of ttll
first. citiznns and the chllof estockholiers and
omffl.'ir of the btank. MHtirtltng d5vuliopimints
ars rxspos.to1. tmpliattllinK tinnyleadillngl brokirs
nitn cittiz.nl of high staillllig.
t The Wheat Peet in Canaia.
ToqnTro, Oct. lu.-Thu (oisir ht-day has no
ailorlal wat'ring tell farrt.r f (lanada
aigtllllst tIh1 wh.let punst. whlitv h is alroldy dIlm-.
aitng the fall wheat allarmingly, and sally that It
will lcUome a Isriuslo matter unluess eonsible
mlalltisr arie alrldopted l tthe farmnorll
Itslporltn from auvsral tluatiorsl statthat thll
till whe t Is Ilooking fstishll.
Mukhltal Pnnha'l IlDeeat--luselan Report
of Turklkh Losses.
LoNIoseN. t)-'. l.-A ettasili dispatcih t, ti thi
IranlsrlIudlI froilm Tifltl , s.ys: It 1I estlmated tthiat
the Russans csapturzd, at thue Iattlt of Monday
hast, thitrty-two battaliiis of Turks. four
htrlgadesO of artil ry. Ilftnon oMloers anti two
thiousand hoºsos, nmong the killed nro a itan
of thie Ulrastltan islftain. Mhli o yl, and thei
'rurklah tHoniolural of Cavalry, Mous. Pti'lha.
'The Rlussln n esotimato the' total Turkish ios iat
abolllt sixtteen I th uslantnl ilmn, toluethir with
groiat scorns of lmunltlions anild provisions.
lAnlault on PleVna.
Io.NoN, ()Ct. ltl.--It I rumoredl that an asussault
on Pllvna I ommnolllanc.)d Thursday.
Contraband of War.
l,oANInN, Oct. 1o.-ttls stated material for Rus
sitn ehuts, contractod for in England. are doe
tained as contraband of war.
Ntnw YonK, Oct. 1-Wall stroot.-Monoy closed
at 4165 , cnt. txohange 481.4841. Gold 102l'.
Governments closed steady ; currency 0's l120'.
lPaolflc Railroad bonds closed as follows: Union
firsts 1e4'ti1r 0; t1 d sinking funis e94,~94'i;
do land grants 10 2'Il10. O Centrals lWoc ll44tnt
The stock market. was heavy 1and lower, and
'losed with considerable p essurn to sell. The
diecline ranged from 14 to 1M 1 cent, and was
most, marked in lake Slole, Wedern Union,
and Delaware and Westernl the decline in
Western Union was assisted by rlmors of
trouble about pooling arrangements. The
trnsawtions to-day nagregritd 182 118i shares.
The following are the closing bids:
Now York Central ............ . ......10
Hiarilem . ....................... .... 14
e hore ..................................... l'.
akbhore .......................... . t
Northwestern .... .. .............. .
Northwestero, preferred .................. 1 '4
Rock jsland ............................... 1tr. ý
Fort Wayne.................................. 10
St. Paul .................................... 37
Nt. Paul. preferred ........................ As,
ittsburg ................................ .. . so
elaware. iltkawanti anit dWstrn ...... 51
New Jersey Central ...... ... ........... 10~t
Delaware and Hudson Canal ..........
Morris and Essex ........... ........... 7otY
_ciiltgan Central ...........................
Slllnos Central.............................. 7s
Union P1,cifilc.......... ... ..............
O . O , and . . ..........................
it. Joseph. prerred . ... .................
Ohio and MIsslsslppi ...................... talo
Puam a ...........................1
W netrn U nion. ............................... 7na'
Atlantlc and Pacific Telegraph ............ 1a
Pac.fle Mail.............. ......... 2.lth
lutekstlver ........... .................... 19
ic ksliver, proferred rr ....... . .... 3.
( dams Express.......... ................ 7
Wells. Fargo & Co. Express ........... s4
Americatn txprnss ... ....................... 5(4
United States Express .................. `.. 47
In Mtote bonds Tennessee old sold at 42'.
N.ww Yona. O)t. 19.--Floor quiet; No. 2 Hinto
and Western $:1 510(4 75; supoertne state
and Western $Sn 1 o0; extra StItte and
Western 41 75~r 60. ontlhoern. hlour utrItt and
unchanged. Wnlat--t'pring higher and tt·ll ':
wlnter stronger anld i la Irle demanlld No. 2 red
wlnter, tasti, t1 :I bid: do Octoth r. $1 41)J 1 bid;
No. 2 spring, catLh. II 29)44 bid; No. 2 Northwest.
casti, t$1 29 bid, itarley fairly active: 78 for six
r weicd Stateo : 82(4L52i for No. 2 Canadla. Ityo
stcudy and qulilet; Western 615 sl071: Hiatte
72(5Sl. Corn t'tlve and Ilrmn; ýiilc higher:
;teamitr. lash. 1944o' do Otober. s!tie 4Illi: No.
2. cash1, 569', bil; do Oc ober, 600 bid. (ats
firmer: No. 1 white 41l; No. 2 d, 370t37Le: extra
mixed a:n :ll 'e6 . Iork qluit antl lower; moss
$14 0l0l4 20 on spot; $13 75 bid October. Lard
firmer and more act'ive'; 8R.O([email protected] for prime
Wcst.ern; 8.75 for city. oilf ulnchalllged. Cut
mrauts qalot and unchanged in prices. Whisky
qulet: Si1 :lt'. Spot cotton 4lutht; Middling
Uplands 111 -10; futures qiliet. Cheiese is in mod
erate reilcuest and prices are steady at 70413 for
colnmmon to erinie. and 1314 :ital83 for fancy.
OmCtoo. Oct. 19 90:0 a. m --Hogs-receipts to
day. 14,0.0 official yesterday 11.883; market
quiet and firm: light. $4 s505; heasy. $t 70to(,1 25.
Wheat steady at it a',. November, it 07('1l 074r
O.)tober. Corn quiet at 42!(0442a Nt vember
Port easier; sales $12 (0o January and Feb ruary
Lard-nothing doing yet.
Close.-Pork utiet at $14 o05114 10 October.
$12 45 seller year, $12 60 January. Lard qu'i t
at [email protected] Octolber 8.15 seller year. 820 Jan
nary. Wheat unsettled: Si o8', October, $i o0%
(el 08 November, $1 o05h01 05(/ sellor year.
Corn s'eadyat 42% November, 43@43,s October.
41514l': year, 4341 May. Dry salted meats
Boxed quiet: shoulders, 6'; short rib. 73;
short clear, 7i.
CINCINNATI. Oct. 19.-Pork $13 50. Bacon 7%(o0
90( It,, Hams 132413i. Cut meats-sides 81 Ytt
8'»a.4(%. Lord 85'/a:9('I94. Hogs $4(a'.i receipts
of hogs, 1491 head. Whisky $t 07.
ST. LOURs Oct. 19,1. m-Wheat-No.2 red win
ter 1 as5 bid cash: opened at $I 2(!' and'l tosedat
$1 271h for November: opened at $1 25.,u and
closed at $1 2.', for December. Corn 42 for
October: 41' for November: 42 cash. Oats 21;'1
for November; 25'.(a026; cash. Whisky $1 0.
Pork is johbing at 1:l 75. Cut meaLts-nothing
dloing. Bacon 7'.(i@i( 9Oh. Lard-- inter 8 4.
LIVERPOOL, Oct. 19. 1:30 p. m.-Cotton quiet and
unchanged; sales 10.( 10 bales: for export and
speculation 1000 bates; Midd ing Uplands e;hd.
Middling Orleans 6'Bd. Bacon-long middles
o0s. short middies 42s. Corn 28s 3d(s28s (i. Lard
4s8. Oats 3s043s Gd. Pork 47s at. Tallow
American 40s ed. Rye 40s 6d(40s od. Wheat
spring los 3d@11s 4d. winter 11 2d@11s 7d.
2 p. m--Breadstuffs quiet.and steady. Weather
fair. Corn 28s 6d128s 9d.
4 p. m.-Market closes without change.
The Strike Riot Cases-A Verdict of "Not
READING. Pa., Oct. lb.--The jury in the riot
eases, which were on trial during the past ten
days, came into court at 6 o'clock this morning
and returned a verdict of not guilty in the c ses
of Levi B-echtel. Henry J. Harwick, Thomas
Kendall. Hezekiah Wat'en. Wm. Weber Lev!
Phillips, Geo. Butman. Win. Rush, J. W. Weber
and Albert B. (retch. Geo. Goodhart was found
guilty of inciting to riot. The county to pay the
costs. There is much surprise expressed at the
verdict, and remarks are freely made that no
one will be convicted except on confession.
request of many patrons of the New Orleans.
Jackson and Northern Railroad Company and
the travaeling public enerally. the Sunday ez
earaloatrait to ity will be run onee
LRoeouandw Ooo t~. Til oiia
The Favorlite, Mahletick. Adventure and
Chag. Gotrham, Carry off the PrlZem.
I[SpRcial to theo Dotnoratt.l
NAMIIVI1,Is, O't. 15.,-Tlh' dLlly Wa f Dlntistlnt.
thotith thrlotnltrning rain, and IIh' I ra'k hi lgood
iondltlon. 'The tlhr r. ftitirItnt won mtily.
lu thr' first rmat', fotr tho uta.'inlion It uria, ti
ldah ,of two tilli., Mahllti 'k. 'th fiavorlle,. won
in 3:410'.,
'Tlon tl'f tltt WVIs It, anlling r Itw', rnilno hrat.,
boat two in t iron. I',,li at tlh trtn4k sold: AId.
vnntturo tcim: l'irtlo ti; Mirtith Sit: fllghland
Vi itag+ t25; (ilt $2A, anl thi Ilolht *1. Tho lira.
bhat was t.tiken by Advintu iron i :4t, Mir nt
tncund, ,taltln thirdl, tindl tlh re.It hinlhold.
Aftor tllt Ilontl prtol d 1,Il. Advontlhr toni:i, and
the tnst of lhto llhl Sloi.
Adtviititrro Won th .n ttt d., hit totil th1 itin
In 1:4t,. ''lt ' wtlin'r vitaI tff I~t sfr1lI for ttiia,, hilt
wits hil nll bIy lItir uiwlr.l', ('I. ( ,fttroll, nii that
'IThe li rtl and Itst mtl. o W'ls forll iian ntjtothlation n
poerm, ii. lldn lnh, I'n , ools rsoldt tr.,k : Cols.
(torhlnt 1tc: ]idff antd IIIn, ero; Inll nlhin sir.;
Alile Murphy anu llt.tumrh.Ith. In th- I1l(11, at
71. (Gorthaim Willi In 1 ',.
To-moirrow I. tli' last daily itand piromloi.t to h 1o
tllnh hat )on yet.
Favorites for To-morrow's Rares.
'Thl favor lt ro lnvell,,r .,l'i King William.
with Mirlh til l ntit trIt evton.
Races Poistponed.
(tiN!INtNAT. Ot. i. --T''lno rimool at, ('llcltnmr
Pailk IsH orniniu wlih'' . postRDllplldl, I)witng t1o
th, rain.
CtINCINNATI, Oet., li.--lthnrt Wlnattr hung
hlnl-molf holr this Itrning ou tnirtotint. olf itht
dl.rltnt of thet Workingmiltin tlckot. Willster
was a nLws.t)OItp.r aL'trlour.
Steam on the Street Railroads.
Ninw YotK. Out,. 111.--S-tvnrnl iof tih Brooklyn
t0reoti rlailrotal ,ompanis llltH tav boo.n authorhized
to usi' t.t.,am on tlhelr litn(.
Thie Clgar Makers' Airike.
Nitw Yotg. Oct,. l1l.-Th'lIi atrlku ofi Ihi otigar
makra hts thlll fls bfit' ,odulltllnu ld inn i hlwful
tlllul tnior. A stpedty dhlj iltlIlnotl of the trl'ubll)ii
it prtuiabii.
Ohallenge to the American Rlflemen.
Naw Yonlt. ()t. la.-NIr lounry Hialfird Iltl
tmatn. that the A tiir'itnn rtlotintim will tsoon ri
'ivi, a chanltlng.e to sholot Ilt Wiu bledoll.tt
Cotton Exchange PrriiJct of Life Insurance. I
Ntw YoxIK, (Oot. 19i.--The Cotton Exclhitinllg
annnlnitton on Iho plon caf Ilef hlulnrannln miltong
llts mne[hnprl, r.inmnuolldll+,lld yulrrday drat llh- 1
mditllat steps It i taikin !to hole) hili' .hiurtrlor of
titn Exl'ang it ntntiltl sto as tit natbli thlie lEx
chanKtg to inture theo Ilvos of its Itnmblrt.
Involuntary Bankruptcy.
Ncww Yoa, Ont. 10.i-Natthanl(d Chtneoy, wiu r
n.otirld a cotntrolllng lantrst In tile Z Ion ai ri
cultulral works on Fourth stront, afar thllir fIll
urt aiiutil tI year .titirtft tindoruook toTrrun tti. -
-onCOrn, hai Ronat ni lntot u nntalry ta.nkru tltl y.
Nominal Itltlllllti. eC tiirtt, prinolpally dtie on
Iho omvposhllion of Iftly ouinlts onl ti tilollar by
the old c'ontl.rn. The assets arme nominally I
ilthout $tnn.tOo, hut they arit ,over'dt for ihbir full<
valtut' by tnmrtgatgtue tlnd lions to) ao-tri, rodit- I
Electric Light.
n'too KtyN. N. Y Ott. 1i.-On thi stnami r i
Farutdiay, lying off lttberts Mstorma, lmst voillltnig
oxp'rlmlnts made, with the, ilitrt' lgthtlt
th row an lntanto dicvlle Into the citnu of peopl'
on the Now Yot k s.Io. Tht, ialttrilty Was piro
dnulctd biy il poworflll btlttery worktil by atoam, t
wllhih minakint 7ti. rovolutlttns pittr minlute. 'iheu
elaltrtltlty I ttilt'd cttl t n haop, by Nit. 2 wlros,
Ilaling nin i'lach intl ti nucrbtut ilolnt; whllil thea+o
are join, flt t.tt'hr rtults aIi duiit'll n whlito Ilght. I
Tluh hrett inolllrrtll!d by thite loetrtilty Is utin i- 1
c'ient toL molt ii plion i ogf lts in six ll a,ottdl.
Ileeelver for a Rallroad.
Ni~w YORK, OI. ct. -Tire dire-tors' rioom at
the otl''e of the Ilaonniu i anid Mt. Josepih hal- I
road yýstririrda~y wa'4'riwded with exitte I st<rk
'kblots and 1 ril ulh. rs. Threre was a storm
of lndilgnatlr n iovr thie appointmtiit of a re
celver for lth inni thul Iland at. Joisph iRailroal
at ('lhllleolhr. M,. ''The lns'lt'rnt was cross
nraminlI by the sta klryrllr , aIsit asked to re
Relnsured. I
NEw Yonx. Ont. 1i.- It is ar.noruLne.d that the
Oiltstau lung risks of he Gnua. anty Fire ilnsu- I
rialle ( omany of this city h wve beon relnsured 1
in t he Ltoyal of Enuglan,.
Arms for .Turkey-Wa lchinpw herChncers.,
NEW HAVEN, CoNN.. Oct. 1v--Tlie steamship
J. B. Walker, loaded with arms and ammuun
tion for the ''urkish government. Is still an
chored in the lower harbor, where she has been
for about. a week. It is claimed that she is
waiting for orders, but. the belief prevails that
her oflteors are somewhat anxious on account
of the rumored presence hero of agents of the ]
Russian government.
On her Inst voyage to Constantinople she was
chased for two days by a Russian steamer. It is
expected that she will leave on the first dark 1
night. Shie is very flist and once outside the ]
sound will stand a good (hance to get away.
The Cause of It.
PHILADELPHA. 0O.1. 19.-In the case of Chas.
H. Magarge & Co., paper manluacturers, who
suspended yesterday, the liabilities are not yet
known, and t l luga they are thoug ht to 1)e
heavy, it is asserted that the assets filly cover
thern. The cause given is that the illness of
Magarge rendered him unable to attend to busi
Later-Proposition to Adopt Chinese
NEW YORK. Oct. 19.-The striking cigar makers
are still holding out. but as far as could bew
uMscertained no new shops have been added to
the strikers. TI,-day delegates to the central f
organization report that men and women are as
determined as ever, and show no signs of fall
ing off. The manufacturers held a secret meet- I
ing this afternoýnm, and. it is said. discussed a
proposition to aldopt Chinese labor.
The Massachusetts Afloat.
NEW YORK, Oct. i.. -The steamer Massachu
setts, which went ashore oil Rocky Point, Long
Island, October 4th. has been successfully
floated, and arrived here to-day in tow of tifs
steamer Relief. She will go on the dry dock f, r
OswEoo, N. Y., Oct. 19.-About midnight last
night a fire broke out inthe drying-housoof
the Oswego Falls Manufacturing Company, to
tally consuming it, and partially destroying
the wool house adjoining. Thle fire is sup
posed to have originated from the singein ma
chine. Loss estimated at $60,000, and is ully
insured, mostly in New York city companies.
Raiding the Pool Sellers.
FPOBOKIN, N. J., Oct. 19.-Kelly & Bliss, Rand,
Dupont & Co. and John McDougall & Co., pool
soelers of this place, were raided on by the
sheriff of Hudson county this afternoon. The
proprietors were taken to Hudson (Oty and put
under 5o.00o bail eOn. All exceD. Kelly were
looked up.
Ocean Fruights.
Y.oi.rME -UME-. a
.lhown to ,ontrtot aN yet for next wek, Ieyond
what has allrllidy beeon dInne, RS previrusly re
The Letter Hayes Wrote to arrfliel Auk
ing Him to dPve Uip His benatorial
I(lrhlncinnatl Cornnrc.lrtl.l
(to th,, :ktth or June tie following was pub
Washington, ID. C., March 11, 1877.
" My l I)rr Jrnc'ra' - In slecordancto with your
r wish, I put ini writing what I expresstod to
you vorbally last, night. It sHorns th mo that
'1 lltl an srv! tfs c'ountry ansi your party
bu'tter by rmnralnlng a iilombnr of the Hosto
of Iteprasnritativss, whero your long expu
rionle rand gariat abllitit so mninontly lit you
I for i,4lnersihlp. I fully apprtciate the groat
sacrltlcu I ask you to imake in withdrawiisu
from the aosnatorial contest. But I am xmnil
dnt that in the tond you will not regrot It. It
is my Ih'illf that your prospects of eloetion as
Hp(.kor arIe very Inrly eary crtain, alln ysou (do
isnot nlld my Iassuranice tlhat I shall gIve you
thet' hoartclest (co-rooration to that ntd.
"Falthfully your frhlomsl,
"Ii. II. IfAY N."
Mr. (lartli.dl promptly lpublishedi the fol
lowing :
"( .ob Mi;sU , ( ., Juily 1, 1577.
" I)rr iv r I hiave just sto1n hi the ('hinin
lnat.l (tnu,,,urretl of this morning, copindi frontl
the Now York Slun, what pur)o rts to b|e a Iot
tAr of the 'Prsldent sto an. It Is is a forgery
in ouvsry li aneii and wod.
".1. A. (lArInrIFErD."
litlre Is the, authontlc copy:
" Exsctrrriv MANstoN, )
Wnshington, I). U.. Mareh. 11. ts77.
"Illy Ih)tr (ietrrsl in atccvwrdlincO with our
convr'sation last evetning, I heoroby expresIs in
writing what I saild vrbailly thin. It Is my
doslrro that you shoulld withdraw from the
sonatrlial contelst in ()hio for thlut eiason that
I think youl could be of morn w'rvico to the
,ountry andt to the Administration in the
IlHoufse of lloprnesentativts. I regard your
chanceso of oictlon as Hlrpakot as oxct'llent, or
I should not ask you tso mako this smcrillh-.,
and you may ihe assured that whiLatevr I can
dto lA) accoitipllsh it will be i.eartily done.
"Falithfully yours,
"It. i. IIAYTc."
"To, Gn. J.1. A. GartlIdt."
(iel. (iarltli sosuns Is, have lodnlod isot
wlsl'ly Iilt too, well.
-*-- -***
The Senator. that WIII Support tue
Presieent'. Civil Service Policy.
[New York Herald.]
WAsnINaO'ros, Got. 13.--The I'resident's
lcvil service policy will come up in a
very practical shape before the Senate
as soon as nominations are sent in for
confirmation. There has been a confer
ence of leading Democratic Senators on
the subject of their attitude in this mat
ter, and their conclusions are positive
that they will vote to confirm good men
regardless of the existing and vicious
custom of leaving the ;onflrmation or
rejection of the President's appolnt
ments to the party majority. It is be
Hleved that the Republican senators will
-beealled-to a caucus, In which an ea ftrt
will be made to induce all to agree to
confirm or reject on the reports of com
mittees, continuing also the old customs
of allowing the Republican Senator
from each State to control the patron
age of his State and to procure at his
own will the confirmation or rejection
of persons nominated within hbs State.
If the Republicans should agree to act
upon this old practice, which is called
the courtesy of the Senate, the Demo
crate will naturally not interfere; but
there is reason to believe that some Re
publican Senators, friendly to the Presi
dent, will refuse to be bound by this
mischievous rule, and it is certain that
if any stand out they will find the
Democrats ready in a body to help
them confirm men on their merits.
Under the circumstances the interest
ing question arises, How many friends
of the civil service policy can the Presl
dent muster in the Senate ? Among the
Republicans Senators Booth, Matthews,
Christiancy, Hoar, Dawes, Elmonds,
Wadleigh and Cameron, of Wisconsin,
are thought likely to stand out against
caucus agreements, and there is at least
a probability that half a dozen will be
found to confirm or reject on the merits
and without regard to the "courteay of
the Senate." Thus Senatorial patron
age may get a fatal blow early in the
session, which will be a most important
step in the reform of the civil service.
[Pall Mall Gszette.]
The Tur:est.a t anette says that. the
Khan of Khelat has entered int'o secret
negotiations with the Ameer of Cabul,
in order "to make a combined attack
upon the English,"and that "the weak
English garrison in Khelat is every mo
ment fearing an attack." Major Sande
man occupies a strong position in Seal
The same paper publishes a telegram
from the Governor of the District of
Semiretchinek according to which Ha
kim Khan who, after the death of
Yakoob Beg, had asummed the sover
eignty of part of Kashgaria, in the
towns of Akis and KDrle, had entered
Russian territory, in the direction of
Isai-kul. with a force of one thousand
men. Whether he was forced to do this
by the advance of the Chinese from
Tiirfan, or by the arms of Bek Kull Beg,
the present ruler of Kashgar, is not
known; but the country is now the
scene of a civil war. The commandant
of the Kashgarian fortress of Tchaenuk
has also fled to Russian territory with
the troops under his orders.
Get your kid gloves at Kreeger's.
Blaine's Assignment.
IWashington Evening btar.l
It is said that the following conversation
took place to-day between Senator Blaine and
a Western Congressman:
Western Congressman-How do you like
the indorsement of Hayes' policy in Ohio?
Mr. Blaine-I think it is a very good in
dorsement of the Democratic policy.
Western Congressman-Do you propose to
give Mr. Hayes to the Democracy.
Mr. Blaine-So far as I am concerned I as
sign all my right, title and interest as a Re
publican in Mr. Hayes to the Democracy.
Get your kid gloves at Kreeger's.
The Tax Collector of the First District invites
the attention of those concerned to the prori
sionst of act 23, approved March 1. 1877, remit
ting penalties upon back taxes due the 8tate.
provided the same are paid on or before De
cember 1,1877.
The delinauent rolls are now bei made np
forthe eara lS' 18 and 187 and l s he L
,laws . ri ýpPlled to the oonlleeb f
ýýan rtb' '`
War aplrlt on thie Frontfer--The Worder
Nexlean Population In Myympathy
with the Thlieves.
IHpetibl (C rrDspendinren N. O. Demonrat. I
HAN ANrTNIro, Texas, Oct. 13, 1577.
'i'The agricultural fair at this place will open
on the 23d Inst. I atltenero that of last year,
and It was a great failure: and really I think
the associatlon manifests decided pluck in
making another effort. They appear to have
taken serious y to heart thei exhortatkm of Mrs
Chick, and a very rnlritoriouslln frt have they
madle, and If sustained by the co'mmunity at
all in proportion to their desert, the present
fair will be a de cided success. Western Texas
is becoming, year by year, morn of a farml ng
coulntry; and an imiprovedt nmethiod may be
observed in all farm operations,. Still It Is
decidelly in its infancy, and vast strides are
necessary to catch up with the spirit of older
communitWes. IFor this rloaon the fair dlsM
not make so considerable a show as I would
like to see; but this year will I, a great trn
provement on the last, anid with .anch sue
codlling year It nust recivve imrportant an
.tisslons, in Improvisl stock, agricultural lan
plemlents, etc.
IMI RIIUiVRMNTr ol TriE lT, 'rv.
Han Antonio is to have the waterworks
after all. TheI contract has been signed for
some time anti ground has Ibcn broken.
They are a vital n.c.ssit,y to the hnalth of the
city, which, however remarkable, has yet
suffered from defoective woerage and water
polluted with uirfaco d rainings.
The city railroadl still hangs fire. I cannot
learn that the comipany is taking any steps
towards building it. The rity Is, however,
growing so rapidly; so many line residences
and business honises have been finished alAd
are in process of construction, that wator
works, street ralr'oauls, a theatre, and all
modern improvements must soon be added.
The unrivalled water power which Man An
.mnio possesses rendiors a spteedl tntroduction
of cotton and woollen factorles a certainty;
and with them will begin an accelerated
growth--an enlarged prosperity. The exton
sivo building operations now going on are
not the work of new comers, but wholly that
of the old popultitlon. In fact, our solid men
are beginning to unlock their strong boxes
and have embarked lIberally in building; but
are slow to perceive the lmportance of extend
ing aid to manufacturing enterprises. The
spirit rit must awaken in the near ftture. It is
impossible for it to remain long latent, with
the obvious openings for the profitable invest
ment of capital.
This region Is saflTrirg from a protracted
drouth. There has been little rainfall since
June and, except where there is IrrIgation,
ton is trtfy in the "ne. and yellow
'.ef." Fair-erups h.aWr hetn harves tl; in
some places abundant ones; but the yieldl In
this neighborhood has not equalled what was
anticipated. Still corn is selling at thlrty
cents lower than I have ever known it.
Western Texas is. greatly excited by the
au(aclous raids of the Mexican hborder
thieves. If the United States does not take
some more elliclent steps to put a speedy stop
to them, I think the endurance of our people
will not hold out much lodger. It
-ee-ds but a leader for them to take the
matter very determinedly in their own hands.
The governnment nrnume no longer daily with
this question. It is one vital to the interests
of Western Texas, and her people are b.Ing
murdered and robbedl daly, while several
thousand United States troops are kept upon
the seaboard, that should be guardng this
exposed frontier. It has hcorme patent to
the densest understanling that )lia', grant
ing his desire to supprOss these raidi, is ut
terly powerless to ellcet the smallest approxi
mation to such a result. The whole frontier
people on the west aide of the Rio Grandle
are-in full and active sympathy with the rob
iers. Nothing but a sound thrasnnag will
quist these turbulent cut-throats. L. F. I.
Capt. Leather.' Hospliable Invitation to
the Committee% About to Invetli
gate tre Barataria Canal.
Vickeburg, October 9, 1877. (
Br',nwn Bayliss, Eas... Presidrnt Barataria
I.|ilp Cunal (comprbny, M.lIphis, Tonn.:
Dear Sir-I hear that a committee of
gentlemen from St. Louis, Cincinnati
and Memphis will visit New Orleans to '
inspect the route of the Barataria canal,
and the object of this letter is to tender
them the hospitality of my steamer,
should they select to come or return
by river. I desire to express to them I
my hearty sympathy with, and pro
pose to use my best efforts to foster
this, the most beneficial enterprise that
has been undertaken for the West and
South within my experience--an enter
prise, the consummation of which will
swell the tide of commerce to such an
extent that the bosom of our great river
will swarm with the tonnage requisite
for its work, and enhance in conse
quence beyond calculation the wealth,
prosperity and extent of the population
tributary to it.
With best wishes and congratulations
upon your success thus far, I remain,
very truly yours. T. P. LEATHasS.
xPHIxrs, Tenn., Oct. 11, 1377.
Capt. T. P. Leather~, steamer Natchez:
Permit me gratefully to acknowledge
the receipt of your kind favor of the 9r.t
inst., te2dering to the committees of St.
Louis, Cincinnati and Memphis the
hospitality of your palatial steamer
Natchez, en route to New Orleans to in
spect the proposed Barataria Ship Canal.
I am not yet advised as to what route
or conveyance they will select, but if
they accept of your kind offer we shall
certainly avail ourselves os your gen
erosity. I am happy to see the repre
sentative, experienced and practical
men of this valley indorsing this, the
greatest enterprise ever projected for
the interests of the people of the West
and South, the oompletion of which
will result in untold benefits to the
whole country. With considerations of
the highest regard and in behalf of the
committee, I am yours truly,
BuoNsoN BAYLIss.
[N. Y. Herald.)
WasimwrToxN, Oct. 13.-The question
t of a long or shortsession is to be deci
ded for the House by eaus of Da.e
" oornsomoo ahý I ll
few. A number of Demorsat. .i
sire to let the necessary military
propriation bill come at once before
committee of the whole, which, -
ter perfecting it, would then reporc
It to the House for an immediate yo
which done, they would adjourn., Hu
there is a strong party in faVor of
somewhat longer session for aeml
business. Many Southern and Wester
members wish for an immediate I
nouncement of all the standing commt
tees, so that business may proo
as in regular session. A Kentw
member stated to.night that
very first call of States for
would develop the fact that
less than twenty members were
with bills providing for the repeal of t
date of resumption of specie paym
and for the remenetlzation of sil
The principal effort will come f
Ohio, under the lead of Mr. Thom
Ewing. On the other hand many No
ern and Eastern members wslh for t
appointment of only the Appropat_
Naval, Military, Judiciary and 1oted
Affairs committees, comprehending 3
immediate business of the House.
The Numnber of ctntests In tinhe iiu.N-e
(C'rner-'dourt nl.J
Garfield, Hale, Conger and Willla ..
of Wisconsin, were yesterday appoi
by the Republicans of the House t t
look after the contests for seats invo0V
ing members of their party. T
are twenty-one seats contested in
House. From Alabama, Jere. aHe
(Rep.) contests the seat of C. M. Shel,
(Dem.) From California, Williatm &
Piper (Dem.) contests the eats
Horace Davis (Rep.); P. D. Wiggintt
(Dem.) the seat of Romero Faoboes
(Rep.) Colorado, T. W. Patt.er
(Dem.) contests the seat of J. B.
ford (Rep.) Florida, B. H. M. Davidbe
(Dem.) contests the seat of W. J. .,
man (Rep.); J. J. Finley (Dem.)
tests the seat of Horace Bisbee
(Rep.) Illinois, Jonn H. Hungate
contests the seat of B. P..
(Rep.), and B. L. Wiley
that of William Hartzell
Lousiana J. H. Acklen
conteststee seat of C. B. Darrall
J. B. Elam (Dem.) that of Geo. L.
(Rep.),and E. W. Robertson (Dem,
of Chas. E, Nash (tep.) Massachuse
Benj. Dean (Dem.) contests the
W. A. Field (Rep.) Missourl B. 0
(Dem.) contests the seat of L.
calfe (Rep.) Oregon, L. F. Lane
contests the seat of R. Wil
(Rep.) Pennsylvania, J. L. N
(Rep.) contests the seat of J. L. Be
(Dem.) South Carolina, J. RIo .
son (Dem.) contests the seat of
Rainey (Rep.); L. P. Carpenter
contests that of DW. AW. ken (
and 0. D. Tillman (Dem.) that f
Small (Rep.) Tennessee, Wm.
dolph (Rep.) contests the seat of
asey Young (Dem.) Virginia
Segar (Rep.) contests the seat Of
Goode, Jr. (Dew.), and W. B. EI
(Dem.) that of Joe. Jorgensen (
Smalls, of the Fifth South Carolin
trict, is in Jail awaiting trial for bribe.y~
A railroad meeting was held in8
port October 14, in the interest of
railroad from Shreveport to Monroe
the Mississippi river. This meetie
deavored to get the North Lo
Railroad Company to open its boo
and agree to complete the road
Shreveport, but were unable to
to any terms with it and in cone
reported in favor of the organization
a new road, to be styled the Bed El
and Mississippi Ratilroad Company,
committee was appointed to draw l
charter, which will be submitted to
Legislature at its next session.
incorporators of the road are 3J;
McWilliams, It. H. Howell, N. Gr
R. H. Lindsay, 8. P. MoCutchen,
Robson W. J. Bruner, R. N. MoKel
Jos. Boisseau, J. J. Horan, L. A.
J. M. Foster, S. J. Ward, J. M.
lingsworth, A. Currie, N. C. Blan
and W. H. Wise, of Caddo parish,
and A. B. George. of Webster parish.
The charter provides for a rail
from Shreveport to Monroe, and t
to a point on the Mississippi river opt
site Vicksburg; the capital stook 1i.
to be less than $25,000 nor more
$1,000,000; the board of directors is
consist of fifteen members.
The people of North Louisiana
strongly in favor of the road, and
endeavor to begin work on it as soo4
possible. A large amount has alra
been subscribed to the stock.
\Nomanee for House O(emees.
[Cincinnati CommercltL]
WAsusITroN, Oct. 14.--The action
the House Republican caucus to-day,.i!K
presenting the name of Jere. Rushe
Wisconsin, for a complimentary vote
his party for the Clerkship, does w
augur that pacification in its fall sphil
has yet been accepted by the
which put Ha es in his otfloe.n
is an out-and-out opponent of
President, and has so pub
declared on more than one oca
He was a member of the National
publican committee. His term of ofM
in Congressexpired March 4th last,
he was an applisaent for the First.
sistant Postmaster General's positl
and failed to get it. He the
dorsement of the leaders of the pa.y
for the place new held by Le Due.
The list of nominees of the Bopub
Jlcan caucus with but one single exep.
tion, shows that all those upon who'
party honors were bestowed are an
tagonistic to the President's Souther
po.icy ; and, indeed, Gen. Garfield, wb.k
is the one excepted, does not honesMty
indorse it.
Get your kid gloves at Kreeger's.
[St. Louis Republican. _
WAsH.soro7. Oct' 14.-In the
sion of the other Louisiana ece
Republican members were m.eh
rined to find that it it had not beea
the carelessness of .Gov. Kell
and Nash, of the Fourth aind
triots rspectie, would~ e had
feet prima facl r et and8
their seats Instead .EI a sad
mm.: ,

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