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I. l· 'n T .·ii
Actlls l the ,ermnau I apenaeAt Clt
ieas' Asselattin. .
Nlw Ytax, Oct i .--The otweiitive enmmlrtee
of the (erman IndsDendent Cltiaenr4' Associa.
_tio heli a morettlg thin afte noon, After trais
t Ot niomle business the following pre
amlet ahd resolution on the labor uoestion was
" eThe lMffvitgt of the llaboring
$ widch havs bec fleu APlartt dtring tlhe
ye , antI whLth have re lt! In lithe
t ?kes Plk IIn roftids and i Iin
Ot durini the last sumnmlr make
the Llture to searc for the
o t troub e and
, labor biurenu similar to the one
OpoJatlon n the StHate of Mlanabusetts
gIo fur to dvelop thle resourle P this
trle at tie root of the tro te;
P tf , . ha t a ,,o L m l t e e o f fiv e ta n p
d toraftt sultable r olttllon. akltg do
laditur to amend t.o laws in resard to
tion of t he intereeotls ior akit t
tai at aigh re.luionll be submitted to
ttieetlirg f th asoohrlt on.
W Wgrn Whisky M.en Kirk Agrainst the
Recent Preight Advalnce.
Jioax, Oct. 2K,-A Poplil frtom lfncinnatl
Sm.~nter comtflie ation of thoe dlstil
Shisky dIler of the West, was fIormPed
7 to force dtwn the freight ra teInet
_.whllk1. ForPfwrly and unotl th iOIto
Smeetinug.nd the' 41l4,111 i n oluttr lta
W.ent en foritli class freight. Now.
olk rule. t It ten ,nts per hun
Y urth eines nii the leiago tasis.
k' y mnll ohlot fr thi, and llnel
as farmned headed by the dis
nld dalers, and jolind Itn by-trhoseo
by whia,'h thy agr,' to give all their
t 1tsto the Nntlonl. .lt t b,
~'hn ilila . They dntt1lllt.h
nr tcuti ,i fromt Pr 1irent .Iot or
l3 r Pttcs, bltt that by witllhrawlng fron
I t Itohe linon theyr will forge them to ro eg
itle ltttet deroranle, and tot whisky back Into
l mnnsylvania offlrals here claim that
t abaro, Iade no ',nn'enston whatcver, and
at th will demand and receive the full rates,
ay rthe t, however. claim that there I come
Silte and that by ians f drs wbaks or
bfU ne no of sonoe nort the whisky manl
a. eod their tolnt At anmy rite tlls put
tng f aill whisrrky for the Fa.t fron alt
tl pýel Wst rn eittrp into the bians of
It e n nirtiila Ri lraid Uompantr annl in.
arheMt fheir revenue at the rate of fully a mil
lion dollars.
American Temperance Union.
Naw Yo x, Oct. i.,-The meeting of the,
American Tem erance Upionll this afternoon.
was very largely attended. and was more than
utsnal I nnteresting. Th i principal ntenkrs
Were Mr. Emma 8. (.cnklin, one f t vie
wereMidents of the oerinty, and IRev. Dr. J. H.
p[iie1,of Indianapolis.
rcs. Oonklin made a few well chosnent re
mark, and then recited a ponm. especlally
ritten for the tempernn~e paper of which sthe
-seditor, whioh wats received with much faTvr.
r, r. Bay.e, of Iniino polliwas reoelved with
_great applaus. IHe is the postor of one of the
l argest eh re hte in that city, and it very vopu
Slýr Wth allihe temperance people throughout
tWet, Be prclaimed war against. eo.y
form of intemperance. It weP a plagUe-stln
the community. nnd so terrible in curse thi the
'eople throwughout the land wr be honmin
roued to the r hc ot(jt of putting it di n Iny
etjI5alve action. Whnt the Au, riY'n Union
8iOng in WEw York they were dlong in the
Wk ndhad determined that they would have
S bitory law.
present the government was rohbecd in the
of tares to en'orage the trafsic: but the
Was coming when they would undoubtedly
at their polty s at foolish one, and that
i the nIatio far excee'd'd the amountor
n. A decide`d change of the excete law
t only tean-ti solutiorn of the questIln.
in the West public opinion was dtaly ripen
to that oLend.
A Dangierou Lovern' quarrel.
.lnanrSBtao. Pa., Oct. 2 -YA young man from
0 untingdon. Pa.. named EIdward Fisher had a
ltine out with his swetheart. a young lady of
is lcity, during a visit at her residence lhst
t, and rushing Iron her preseneq to the
Steoe outside. he drew a revolver and del her
Stey shot hi elf in the LLt.swsast, inflicting a
-aggerous, uh pers i bet mortal wound.
F.: 0 was tot o 1.
BoaTO . Oct. a2.-Rhaw & Haywood's Excel
sior ils at eas TiltOn New ilatuisiir'. werel
destroyed by fire last night: Laes stto~o. No,
Killed With a Base Bail Club.
Noiwtcn, Conn.,. Ot. s.--In this eity, ablot
2 o'clock this morning, a pistol maker nrmed
Benj. H. Mashey wats ts uck on the head with a
base ball club and killed ba woman named
Bowen, whose house'ho had ent,'rd through
the wlndpw, It is believed that she act,,1 in
self-defense. Ma.shey leaves a wife and three
Death of Edwin Adams.
EiLADXi p'iA, Oct. 2s--Edwin Adams,. the
Mr breathed his last at lt:it o'ciock this
erni ng. There were present at his bedside
durting his lat mnoments, Mr. and Mrs. Dan
A rtl and Mrs. Jarvis. of BOston, and Mrs.
Adam,: ibout an hour bsfore his death he
eIEUlle his wife to him and bade her an affec
nato f erowel.
en mfnutesh" fore h ex tred he called for
IUncle ), meaning Mr. Ban Gardner. This
tho. time he spoke. although he was
leO to the verv moment of his death.
ewill . tIed on Thursday morning next
at Mou riah Cemetery, in this city, by the
Actors' or. Many telegrams have been re
ceived to- by Mrs. Adams, condoling with
her in her afliietion.
Liberal Club Presidency.
Now YTOmx, Oct. 2..-Mrs. Elizabeth Thomp
son, the distinguished philanthropist and mis
sionary, has been elected president of the New
York Ltheral Club, formerly presided over by
Horace Greeley.
E Diffcltles VWith the Mexlcans at El
WAssrmnrox. Oct. 29.-A private letter receiv
ed in this city to-day, dated at El Paso. Texas
Ootober 11. gives the most authentic account oi
the recent troubles in El Paso county over the
possession of certain salt lakes that has yet
been received. The writer says that for the past
ten days this county has been the scene of one
of the most remarkable events it has over been
.y misfortune to witness.
On the evening of the s.th ult. a mob of NMexi
tans surround-d the sheriff's house, wherein
D. H. Howard had taken refuge from their vio
lence, and succeeded in making the sheriff
their prisoner at about 2 o'clock a. m. the next
day, and later in the morning they got posses
sion of Howard.
They let the sheriff go, but took Howard to
Ban Eliario and kept him in a room under
guard for three days and nights, and during
the whole time an armed band of Mexicans
were parading through the town. and the wild
est rumors were afloat to the effect that the
Mexicans were ariing t..'leaa it the Ameri
cans. From aoo to were under
arms day and night.
They imprisoned the and jus
tice of the peace. leavi ng t t any au
thority whatever. The Sher a all other
Americans from the towns below e fled from
their homes, and flocked to the custom-house
in El Paso. which they barric.ed. and armed
themselves in ease of attack.: IP r the last ten
days the custom-house has bege a garrison.
The Mexican mob would n release Howard
unless he would sign a paper tat he would not
prosecute them. and to leatve the country in
twenty-four hours. For three~ays and nights
She stood out against the rusing to sign the
papers, they all the ti Preatening to take
him out and shoot him.
At last the priest went to Howard and told
him that no power on earth would save his life
i he did nt sign the papers, which he did. and
e to Paso and asked for ploteetion In the
unto - ý,wtNJI 'tiers.
4m'a3tad ___
retuirnd t. h whole oountry wili sin In a
turmo r iugt
of oustom o tne Lbortly aft
ar ntered the otom-hh r- I
mtoilot wi on H o 1 th t
ta the a aO s ltiW te oteW tl, a. e r ta
shot gotrod r mt t tha ot a t
t we woeato--me and ie
folt .owdt dee t whorh b ort' decay aon r"
h ane d ov r tint fortle that at d , diI 0 I
fto hi A dtartrnt y, _T n t tr p n ro I ar
tO atfu ord elliht wo
oul t feor A meryi i tlmets io I
tro1, ity tw.r ped frl i t t 01 t
O tost e dw tid Ioant. te i OO
Sfee At tit
T e ns fllet the treets bltt 0ittt rt.
iy were witnltn i henld or tr u lt#tLo The
rpoft lent oU, sllng themn thl t~ae ~ thlt0
ottO h the etCitomfitontusud ti5 y piPJtI
th0 determnlimntlon to oit it.
Anothe t r.ryoerir wns dlftrghexdO tadO Sn 1
wnit ah, irtl r t er, a Ileutenti ate th
rrlvol bult the Mlticns hntd an dsatp.o .
Thi reainloflor of thire night 17 noW t r
n lr nm. Tn-dny Mr, Cordle it t0
It Is hard to tell WhMt will rerlt t t Wl r
t ronlule. It was it very grolt mleth5,-WW. .
raw thetroops fro hoere. The ae o
totr harNlne woul nav .rs o th,
rer thevery I lt ete I. then. .r a 9
twraspb atd In cIedeountfty. Weit aoe tntNn
s. ufor the Anin tht ui one o t t-hi
htailt$d to tth'e point, A frlr
tglatle irl.vilteing the 'eunts tr gwt1
nouWebment on f the touoe thCoil b at
prhaotp seoulittihlon r Ivorese's tbOheff I
eort gtrel n t t anna hoent tuhe t awel in et
hrro ip te nys andrh s anu Com rlto, which
uhual veor patoi. S ker ithomnet lsts i.
waie said at the coneetrn a C e
Certin oulsidi' artolo. with whom the wiu h
is doubtless fathor to the thought f tow t
Iht ,oniltdhcnth T ruvel tis as tot n ht
.tlrmonte bu was a iln thr sort of tthqry
not rel ble, rov ,nrml onent the enmrt of
sIDp of the Wlvs and IMeaninC mo lte, whieh
IfUsally sgtlDtn e w it to ary With Itthe later
signed to Fernnndo t nndt oF Now York.
Ihe %4euranma t oh C.nglres.
WAsr~tiuTON. 01. s.--The movement on foot
to sectl're the pitsetli, of a r- solution to-morrow
or next ,ly,. providing f,,r the adjournment of
Cotigress titIs week, is meltn ffwi'h mre or,p.
postioln than was expetedt, ant it is now vorv
tInprol,ltl)l tlat a majoin ty I ItIts fvor will h,'
ountid in the House, while its claims in the
Senate are still more doubtful.
Mevtoa's Coaditleo.
Ws orow. Ot. 2s.- In a letter just reieved I
r. John Morton he states that Senator
a o vhry much Improved.
Texas Appelntiaents.
Weseroro.. Oct. wu.-The fight betyeen
MeWArs. BrNewter and Campbell over the Colie
tor-h ,of the tlid internal revenue district
of Texas has reeowe. Breeter did no
tender his rgnatl n ut wa s uopended. and I
GCampbell app In his plne. th I
tlon now is wih nampe wil be s t In t is
Menot . lboth parties are stro e ba kt np,
bit the Wbances senm in favor of ittnrnphl c
iuat estlon of0 appointlng a UnIt ,h States
marshai for the western dlstrlt t of Toxas, to
suiened Parnell. is boing agttwttd hoer.
Mayor Blooker. form. rly nlmarslald the dis
thct, Is stlrongly ursed for tlhe plnace: a Mr.
Wheeler anleo a former marohni. in also named.
ad the fri-nds of C. W. Pasctllll Jr. iato Co uitt
cnltident that he will be solecebd. Th n mnatefr
has attracted a D rot tdeal of a'tonati on hero
among the trl.ids of the ditf urent iaspirants.
The President hti not eonludlud wit lther h.e
will rnake a seloetion.
The Seal lisherles.
WASHntiTON., Oct. 2t.--Trnaury Agent Moul
ton, who is in charge of the elUtoms Itislnes
a Mt tt. C(corgn's Islnd. ha gone to Mt. IP. ul' Is
hind to look after the gnvernment inltruests In
the seal flsheries, and will remain at lt. Patul's
until text spring, provided his wife ijoins him
this full. Mr. Moultton reportt that afflairs oil
both islands are in excellent condition.
The English Mliston.
WAsIINoroN, Oct. 2a.-The' name of Mr. Jothn
Walsh. of l'elnsylvania, 1is Dromin.ntly mn
tionedl i connew tion with the tenglish mislon.
Ho sntaids high it the btlimntion of the Admin
nt rttiont. ant wll. no idoubt,. ronci ve the ppoint
mont. providedt the Camoron faction etan h, pa
ieflel., otherwise the appointment will go to
soneo other Htate. The frlields of Linator Cam
eros expraos the opinion that he will oftTr no
objection to the appointment of any other gon
tllnmltn from PeInlrlvatnia.
They look uponl the position as one of the
most honorable within the g[ft of the Adtninis
tration, and roegard its tendtr to ]'ennsylvntni
as a comiliment that ha oult not I)e dieclined.
They hotld tht t no persoa.l )or faotl lotl feelitng
should bhe allowed to fsand in the way to rirvent.
this high office bolng conferreid pon snm otne
of Pnlnsvlvanla's honored sons. It it mo'e
than likoly thit this sort tf spirit will prewail,
and that the English mission will go to Pean
sylvania after all.
tin~r n o n .tonwt.t.. . . is isin
Russian lides.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 28.-The Seeretary of the
Treasury has given instructions to 'ust mins
officers to prevent the handling of any Russian
hides supopsed to be infeoteil. This order is in
consequence of a dispatch from the United
States Consul at Odessa, stating that it a disease
has broken our among the ,attle in Southern
Russia, from which thousands have died and
are dying.
A Missi~sippi Monster.
A Mississippi river towboat captain relates an
experience on a re'ent trip which easts into the
shade all previous observations of sea mon
sters, hydras and chimeras dire. He was tow
ing astring of coal barges just above Memphis,
Tennessee, when he heard a loud puffing noise
up the river, and presently a monster hove in
sight which caused his blood to curdle and his
hair to stand on end. He describes it as resem
bling a vast snake, with a bull dog's head and a
pelican's bill about ten feet long, lashing the
water into foam with its enormous tail
and spouting oblique streams of water
forty feet high. The creature's neck
was covered with burnished scales; from
the top of the head hung a long, greenish mane
and immense fins projected from the back and
sides. Again and again the monster attacked
the barge, which fortunately had become de
tached from the others, with a violence frivhtful
to witness, plunging its beak again and again
into the boat's sides and making the river boil
in its mad fury. Its rage was soon vented,
however, and with a bellow which made the
boat quiver. it plunged beneath the surface and
shot down the channel with remarkable speed.
On examining the shattered barge, the captain
found a splinter from the monster's bill embed
ded in the timbers which he says resembles
ivory, and is as hard as steel.
Senator Cameron and the English Mis
WASHINGTON, Oct. 26.-Conkling said to-day,
in reference to the refusal of Evarts to appoint
Simon Cameron to the English mission when
he was recommended by the entire Pennsyl
vania delegation, that if this kind of thing was
to go on it would be bad for the Administra
tion, and that unless Key, Schurz and Evarts
are put out of the Cabinet within sixty days,
there would be very little of the Republican
party left to work for or live for.
A member of the Cabinet said to-day that the
nomination had not been nor would it be ten
dered to Cameron. It seems tolerab'y certain
that it will !a offered to either Morton McMi
chael or WaI Veagh.if it is given to Penn
avania at In view of the action of the
ensylvana del on it is believed. how
ever, that te willnot begiven to that
,but to the le will be
grant Pained, Vsiltsd and latervIewed
His Future mlovements.
PARIS Oct. 2'.--Yesterday G.n. Grant visited
the studio of Mr. Healy, the Amerimnn artlst,
an vo a sitting for his portrait. After visit.
.dffret vlace of interest he returned to
bhotel, andin the evenin ws hgnored y
vist from several ilst1nguzshfd people
montg the visitors wr" the ftm"ly and t ue
ess of Magenta, wife of Marshal Mao
1teral re resent tivesR ol f'. nehnewstepv
.e Interviewed thts Ex-PrTesdent, bnt fotsun
very ritioont. He dnllned to express an
i.on on the olitl'al sltuntati here. He said
his frst impression ef Franc was that it wore a
prosptrou, well-ordred and hrpyv aspect.
T.he folloWl. g ere (en. Irent's definite ar
rangementý: On th flrst ofNovws r d4n'
with Un.ated tate. Consul oencal Ton a . ani
on the ad with President MacIlho On the
oth he will attend 4 arand hlatin)et. of Ateritan
re.idents. On the sth a sprneid performaneo of
the Italian opera will be given Ih lls Il mnor on I
which oeiten hea will oenUpy tt, Sltate1 box.
ard the hou.e will be decorated with the A mrl-,
can nationsl emblems. On the loth he will dino
with Banker SBllgman.
At the and of Nlovemlr ex-President Grant
rnd family will go to Spain. and thence to Lis
bon. They will t hen'i return to Meville, and
tike an Amerkean sternmr at Malna ,.conveying
them to Gibraltar a pd Tangor, and skilrting the
co4ut of iar)try, dlisembarknltg at AlexnIdrlia.
Gen. ClGant will stay some' days itn hgDpt,. and
retllrn by way of MIIl.a to htlny, where he will
remain some time.
.aealahon Cmonprmiseew.
PAnts. (ti, 2l.--The' (hrotiltll,,rnnl states that
"Prosidept MwM hon has* saoetrs l the rosigns
tion of the Cabinet, and has agrod to a, polioy
tf eonlmprom4se.
The Customas Tarlff.
MfAtbcr. Oct. -Thp Minister of .Fortign
Afflairs and the ianhl Minilster at Wastinea
lg expect that an un.erstnllilg Wfill b e ea
-rjed at ttween lipaulna andtti U aitedl talaue on
the question of the customs tariff.
]Exlting Sesslo of the Prusalat Dle. .
Estaux, Ot, 2s,--The Prussian Dit est m yen
terdays and an exefltln and Important dedJato
took pianR on the questioe of a adlnisteriai rn
organisatlon, in which the Prograesssts and
Ultratmontanists worne defeated by a vote of 217
against 18rJ. . .
Russlan Troops Elated over Their Vitoery
Lowisot, Oct. s.--A Russin n ofi'lal de patch
froum Porodli save that, the Grand Duke b lho-
Ias ins taeted on Thursday the battlefield' at
Sy Dubruk.
Thf troops are elated byv thi r vkitory. The
Russsan loss was 2t killed. The Turkish loss
was nearly equal; eighty Turkish oiff;rn were
taken prisoners, anti a flag and four guns were
England to Greece.
LOOinx, Oct. as:-- ari Derby, British Mislater
of Forelan Affairs, has seut ang. to the Greek
government delirln that the rsh govr
ment never Ilntlhd,. to question torte'e;ljb
erty Ofnti on, and recommending respet f
treaty obligations.
Treating for the Uurrender of Kars.
ST. PegTrnsnutin. Oct. .2.--Thoe olos Dpublishes
an cuneonlirmed telegram frpm Kuruk Dorat
dated at! urday, whl.h sWays that the Turks are
treating for the surrender of Kars.
TheTurks Deny i1huorko's Victory.
LONDON. Oct. 2.,-A dispatch from (Constantl
nclo says t hat the Porte denies that the Rus
sians obtal ned a victory at Dubruk.
Mukhtar and Ismnall.
LONDON, Oct. 2e.-Muklhtar Pasha telegraphs
under date of HaturiIv that he' has formed a
junction with Ismall Pasha. The joint forces
are (oncentrated in ia strong position on the
road to Erzeroum.
-----... m1..
---- r
WASHINOTON. Oct. 29.1 it. m.-Indications for
M ndity:
For the Mouth Atlantlc States. warmer, elearor s
and partly 'lndly weather, southerly winds and
falling baromutetr, foIllwed in the first district I
by rain areas and rising barometer.
The contest for the gold badge at the Crescent
City Rifle Park, yesterday, was quite spirited, I
and being as it was open to all comers, with mil
itary rifles, the prize was determinedly contested
for by Messrs. Branch King and David RBsen
burg, the latter leading and winning, as will be
seen by the following score: a
David Bnsenburg............ 4 4 4 8 4-19
Branch King .............. 2 4 5 4 3-18 I
Ferd. Cook................... 3 4 3 4 3-17 1
J.H. Stevens................. 4 8 2 4 2-15 t
J. M. Henderson.............. 2 2 8 3 3-13 1
Referring to the Indian summer again, we no
tice also not only that many trees on our avenues
are putting on a new dress, and we have even
seen a new crop of figs as large as the finger-nail
on some of the fig trees. rhe indications to
night are that we are to have a cold blast, and
tender leaves and buds will be nipped effectually.
It will make a great difference with our street a
railroad companies' exchequers if it should rain a
on All Saints Day. Last year the City Railroad
Company alone took in on that day, which was c
bright and sunshiny, $3700.
A Negro shot by a White Man and Mor
tally Wounded.
At twenty minutes past twelve o'clock vester
day, at Burke's grocery, corner of Dryades and
Girod streets, a negro, named Dennis Henry wae
offered up a bloody sacrifice at the hand of a
white man, named Wm. Reardon, a clerk of Mr.
Burke. The facts, as told to a DxaocRAT re
porter, are as follows:
Bome few days ago Mr. Burke employed Dennis
Henry to haul some lumber to be used in erect
ing a new building somewhere in the vicinity of
his store. On Saturday Mrs. Burke entrusted a
negro named Joe Bannon to carry some food to
Henry. Bannon not having had a square meal
that day and not being certain that he would
strike anything to eat before night,
of the food entrusted to him.
Henry having been informed of the fact that
Bannon had eaten the food sent to him, made up
his mind that he would hold him to strict ac
count. Yesterday both men met in Burke's
grocery, and Henry accused Bannon of having
stolen his dinner. This caused harsh remarks
to pass between the two men, and a fight ensued.
As the men were scuffling Beardon stepped from
behind the counter and ordered both of them out
of the house, and backed up his demand with an
ax handle which he held in his hand.
Bannon left, but Henry deolined to leave.
Beardon then attempted to put Henry oat, and a
squfile ensued. After truggling for veral mo
meats Beadon managed to wrest htOs1ZU ea
the grasp of Hbetaygm4 ftssai, *nL b qbla tabs
mt on the banquette, and aeardom follewe hitm
Henry again showed fight and ae he did so,
i.erdon Who had him ll the time cetverei withi
i pistol, fired and the fatal bal toet effect in
O right side of his abdomen, infiiotklg a mortal
The acoused was almost immediately arrested
adleghed up ai the Central Staloon.
The wounded man ws. taken to the Charity
hoepltal, where he now lies not expected to live
tbe night out.
Get your hkid glrvr' at Krooger's.
Bead Nlme''s invitation to the China Pince.,
oW hapew and styles in china at al ;'."n
snlyI7tI il Can ttreet, oppositor I
rioe rehie Attiaked by mtellians withl i
Pltols--Ie One Huart.
At 10 o'clook Saturday night Corporal Bider
repaired to the corner of Ursulline and Peters t
streete in response to a call whistle, and on arrir- I
ag at the mene found Officer Gallagher attempt- I
ag to arrest about twenty Bicilians for disturbing a
be~peace. While the offiers were on rotis to the
station with their prisoners, when opposite the t
Vegetable Market, they were fired upon by nn
known parties, who had concealed themselves
behind the stalls. The offcers fearing that they
would not be able to ge their prisonere to the
station aboult they return the Are, pushed ,n.
They were no sooner opposite the Fruit Market
than they were again fired upon. This time e the
ofBiers returned the fire, and a general light en- I
sued, and the twenty prisoners taking advantage
of the eltuation, all escaped except Pietro Gas
pard, Philip aseon and Frank Lamargo, whom the
officers managed to bring to the station and look I
ap, charging them with attempting to eres a I
riot, at the ease time oharging Prank Latargo I
with carrying a concealed weapon, and assaulting
an officer with a dangeroan weapon.
bergeant Rowley, on hearing of the difes.tylt
repaired to the market and arrested the following
parties oharging them,from information reeiede
with attempting to create a riot: Geo. Ponefrt
N. LoUtza, Tonfahlo Bondo, Luke Boovia aso
Darlng all this shooting no one was hurt.
Got your kid glove' at Itrocror's.
Bead Navra'a tnvitation to the China Palsce.
Offner hbe ont oe store--174 Canal street,
oppolsite sarietis Theatre.
Our friend Julio has come bask from a tow in
the Teobe country, and has brought home irve
landcapee illustrating some of the fairest points
of view in that beautiful country. The largest is
particularly ohraoteristio of the Tech*, with its
shadowy trees overhanging with luxuriant foliage
the placid stream, One small landscape appeared
to us as combining many elements of rest worth.
It represents a seene in the environs of Prmakile;
away In the distance a receding steamboat seem
to he gliding out of sight, and She neat dwellings
In the perspective are harmontonely tbended in
the*faroff in a grayish tint fall of irs and hIbt.
Julio has eertainly not lost has tim .s time n g
,he beautiful Tbeh..
Get your kid gloves at Kreeior'a.
Bead Narn's invitation to the China Palace,
Bet plated were at Offner'e, it CanEal, oppo
site ealatied Theatre.
et., Chlrles Theatre.
Neat, graceful and artistlo is what we could say
in a condensed form of the entertainment of the
Berger family after attending their first per.
formance at the St. Charles Theatre last night.
Before going further we take pleasure in predict.
log for them a handsome run, for it will reach the
ears of our art-loving people with the beet
grounds for credit that there is for their appre
ciation at the St. Charles Theatre, one of the
ohastest and most charming entertainments that
they have ever enjoyed. We would like to dwell
,particularly upon the "legitimate mulso" part of
the performance, but the programme in this
respect was so varied and participated in by so
many that it would require more time to ex
patiate upon than we have just now at our com
We cannot omit mentioning the name of Anna
Teresa Berger, as artiste of the highest order,
and whose peformances on the cornet have won
for her deserved fame-an instrument upon which
she not only plays with remarkable skill, but
with a grace and coquetry surprising to behold.
We had thought it impossible for a woman to
combine these elements while playing on a wind
lanstrument. En passant we must pay a com
pliment to Miss Etta Morgan for her excellency
of execution manifeeted in the saxophone solo.
Referring to the remainder of the troupe we
or mmend to our readers Miss Kate Douglass,
who sings the ballad with great taste, and al
thoug her voice lacks volume she possesses those
resources found in cultivation only to All the void.
The Coleman Stiters are very entertaining in
their musical acrobatics on the banjo-a pleas
ing oddity, indeed, like the nerformaooe on the
tumbleronocon of Miss Kellogg. Mr. James W,
McKee is the best and politest character singer
that has visited these parts in many years, and
possesses a very pleasing voice, which does not
ack power.
We have but one regret to express, and since
we are giving a eandid opinion of the perform
ance, we will utter it: We do not think that the
character iketches of Jeppe and Fannie Delano are
of an order compatible with the remaintder of the
entertainment We much prefer Miss Delano
when the handles the higher key bells in the fan
taisie entitled "ILes Olochee Suisses," which
elicited a hearty round of applause from the au
dience. We will conclude Dy saying that every
thing presented by the Berger family was en
This evening the bill will be repeated, and oar
laty friends and the young folks are reminded
that there will be a matinee on Wednesday.
The "Duke's Motto."
The Opera House was filled last night to its
utmost capacity with fair women and brave men,
to see the performance offered by the Association
Dramatique Orleanaise to Capt. L. Boany's compp
ny, Battery "A," formerly the Bomran Rifles. The
performance ended at so late an hour that we
cannot speak deservingly of it now, and reserve
our criticism for to-morrow.
Get your kid gloves at Kroeger's.
Road Navra's invitation to the China Palace.
MYagntficent vases and jardinieres, cheap, at
Cuban Amnesty.
[N. Y. Herald.]
The Captain General of Cuba. Jovellar, has
telegrabth-d the following dispatch to the Span
ish Minister in this city:
HAVANA, Oct. L, 1877.
The Havana Gaceta (-lfire.l to-day publishes a
royal decree, dated the 2oth inst., authorizing
the Minister of the Colonies to grant certain in
dulgences for penalties imposed by civil tribu
nals and courts martial on those guilty of
treason and rebellion (irnidencia). Property
confiscated to the State on account of such
treason will be restored on an appeal in du
form to the government if the reeusants submit
within the term of four months. The returned
property will not be permitted to be sold or
mortgaged until two years after the entire
paeifle.dtion of the island. The products of said
property until its return are to be applied to the
war funds, and no reclamation will be sltowed
for indemnification for total or partial destruc
torda - -
Got your-kidaloves at Kregegr'.s.
Bed aNavra's invitation to the Chta Palace,
Pepslar Alra. With Ran)e Areemnnpl
mont, Heard Threegh a Telegraph
tabte., W erkh 1 Spnuaning the
lssslseipp Jlver.
When, on the let of April last, some of ow
city papera pepetrated a h.ge sell pon the pub.
lie by as Invitation to witness at Grunewald alJ
and half a dotn other places an exhibtion of
Prof. Ben's telephone, or, more plainly speaking,
A TMA4Lit TL.a.MiAi,
it was haraly considered poelble that seeb ma
invention really ested. Oonsiderable had been
eaid abou it In the solentio journals of the
North, however, and the hoss perpetrated by a
onserted motion on the part of the reportersdrew
to Gr.newakl Hal1' some two oa three hundred
anliots spectators, among whom was noticed
some at the santifle heads of the city. Neo
that time the invention bee beoome almost com
mon in the Northern and I4atern cities, but not
ntail recently have exlserimenke been made heuyse.
The .rst was made a month or two since by the
manager of the
AMselAw mmIeI' r I u(ft nAIIIAPFI OIIPAmlv,
Mr. W. Ii. Boflnger, who secured the instra
nmant and conneocted to them the wire leading
from the aain osies in lctehange Alley to the
ofbce on the corner of Ihelcon and Magazine
streets, and during one morning the inventios
was tested publioly and -found to work admirablv.
hineo then It has been a qn eaton of some doubt
in the minds of some of ur local electriiOanst
whether or not the telephone could be made to
work through a cable, and yesterday the quee
tion was settled
anqor)Ane nwear,
and to the satleraacion of all those, leluding a
number of electricians, who witnesse the experi
The District Telegrah Company secured for
the ooomseon the line and cable (aerose the Mia
slseippi) owned and used'by the Orescent Cit Oil
Company, leading from their ofdce, No. 190 Com
mon street, to the oil weord on the opposlte side
of the river, and located in Gretna, the total
length being about ftoo miles. To the end of
the line on the oppoit side of the river and in
the oa1ies of the till wee attehed the telephone,
or half a dozen of thema and to the line end on
this side, in the office of the company, 190 Com
mon street, was attached as many more.
In the flrst-uames omes there were congre.
gated Mr. Geo. W, Packard, superintendent of
construction of the Ameritan Distriot Telegraph
Company; W. S. Deiany, manager of the Fourth
District office, with a friend, Mr. Charles ack,
and Mr. Dartey, and in the last named ofoe
were collected severalof the gentlemen conaneeed
Tr5 caoiWtu wrMT 6tr. coartir;
Mr. W. HI. Bolinger, of the American Distrit
Telegraph Cotmpay who had Inited me ppeetS
tore severasl pretleal elaetedaae *bMr.
Irvine, able r operator of the Wseer UVa2 T l.
graph Company; Mr. Bm , esieeta$ ci pr
ator of the sam company . Barry L
of the Democrat, and i ar
Thomas O'onaor of tbhe~ mt med
au erlan of fiare slam sa poll. tale.
t ue. Ju Aldige nd qate s ramber
f gentleman engaged in ommercial pursute.
the DzocsaT reders may more olearly
understand that which has heretofore been
termed a
anad that they can see with what ease it can be
adopted as a ready means of communioation, we
give before the account of yesterday's txperl.
ment an explanation of the telephone (or tele
phones) need. It cobalrte of thre metal port
tion contalned in a osetogof wood or light hard
robber, about Ave or s inehee in length, anad
nearly three inches in diameter at the enlarged
end, and an inch and a quarter in diameter at the
small end, or that to which the main line is at
tsched, •ad in this oasing, without battery or
electricity, ls generated the current by the voice
of the speaker bhimelf that commun.eates the
sounds to the other extremity of the line. In the
enlarged portion of the oasing is
A raaxaNzwr ANAeET
held by a screw, and at,und one end of this mag
not is wound a coil of nse ineulated copper wire,
covered or wrapped closely with silk, the ends of
the wire being attached to longer wires, extend
ing to and terminating at the smaller end in the
binding sarews, to which is conoected the main
line, making, as it were, a "loop" or complete
circuit inside the telephone.
In front of the pole and ooil is a soft iron diskh,
all this being noclosed in the wooden or rubber
easing, having an aperture immediately in front
of the disk, and which, besides serving as a pro
tector to the magnet, sets ms a resonator. The
inflence of the magnet, which is susceptible to
the slightest vibration, induces all aroundit a
magnetic fluid, and
is attracted towards the pole. Any alteration in
the normal condition of this diaphragm produces
an alteration in the magnetic Sali, either by
strengthening or weakening it and the slightest
alteration of the magnetie laid causes the induse
lion of a current of eleetricity into the coll. The
strength of this current is dependent upon the
amplitude and rate of the disk, and these in turn
upon the air disturbance made by the voiece in
apeaking, as the telephone (the larger end) Is
held to or in close proximity to the month; there
fore a wave of air throws the diaphragm into v
brution, and makes a obange in the magneti
fidl, and next an induced current is generated
in the coil or magnet. Where two o more tele
phones are attachbed to the same line every vibra
tion made by the Arst, or the one nearest
the ground wire-the end of the line-is
repeated by the acceeeding telephones, and
whatever sound produces the vibration in the
iret ic transmitted and reproduced by the other,
or others, f there be more than one until it has
I pssed the entire length of the mei line.
Thus it was yesterday, when some sax or aevea
gentlemen, eaoh with a telephone in his hand,
and oonnected with the main line leading to and
to the oil works in Gretnas occupied seats at the t
office, No. 190 Common street, when the spokes- ý
man at this end inquired of Gretna if they were
all ready.
"Yes," replied Gretna; "What will you have?"
"How does this come to you?' was the next
question, and "Do you get my voitee well?
"You bet," was the response, "as clear as a
A running conversation was then kept up by
the gentlemen on this side with those in Gretna
for two hours or more, pending which time Mr.
Delaney and Mr. Darty, with another gentleman
in the oflfe at Gretna, sang quite a number of
aire, Mr. Delney playing an accompaniment to
and, strange as it may seem, each nte apon the
inetrumet was heard with the voices of the trio
ceear and distiaotly, and even when the banjo I
was being tuned each time a string was touched
it was hear at this end. "Old Black Joe,"
"Sweet By-and-By," and nmerous neother popular
airs were rendered to the amusement and do
light of the lsteers on this nde, and were ren
dered in 'a ereditable manner, too, although the
music and sound of the voioes were earried
through a telegraphic cable lying in the bottea
and thence by an insulated line on toh tops of
houses to the ofliee on Oommon street. If there
I was any doubt before as to the ieadbilty of
Itrnsmt sowamd throuh atele.rkable
it weas ysrol s, at s
AmerlIee Dltrit Telegsph COmpamy Wea Ae
dearvordag to setableb.
Aether experiment will be made
when a land.- ne will be nued, and wmhi w-lp .
.ably sow ome new f.aturee, e s
visit er rooc el lesexir,
a lorsLetko as near peortet ao ane io dmo I I
he need. _
The VWepeselm. ase acre IaiW F .',,
ler ts telemalty.
The day at apart so eonesmorateo Ie daa
and wbleb is obeevrd to all Oathoilie ra. gI
with le domet tveeneseats as lInao as .
and counre on the Adrt N.o ember, thel
itral custom of dseeoratig the last ra 1 -
of the dear departd ls thin eeutey,
feaded its Iafluene beyend the limits e
tiMlr oberuh, and has give birth In the lWi
ewell as in the Auth, to the deooratlig d
which eahob seaaen iwled th oat rf
.tilu, has ixed to tell posterity that t.ese ~ii
died io behalf of other hatre not abed the~b
blond In vain, sad are t rememonbered by t1ee
thebave left bebt them. .,
In Ieow Orteass M SallInt Day i0
feature, a grand tmapostg solemnif whieb
to fill the stranger wbhevsalts our eaiftcutee , "
admiration for the eatesn qris the bisehes
it presents. Theentosawlieab sbd toI
stri.tlyoby the c.tbolie population In
has fond many proselte outside ofd
who rival even
ia esnwea4 oleMNossus *
is the nagnhdoanee of the Bfloral decorit is
stowed upg n the tomb of the d. arted
ones. Thtrdbepoe on te part dr the
ante has manifeLted Itelf e ytessively only
a few yean, and the Indiestoa ar.ethe i r
soon become almoet alverusl.
For a motbth a he the show windows of
tariea ore have asnoamnd the eemnhge o
day by the pisb tot' w eatbs, ta SO
ebdemn, wranbt Is areti l sere of
, nd vsit to tth aemeterIse
mted conteast with the usua athe.e that
wont to proved t the hbitatMel s at be
All is now busle am d et or emitbe
wt te trepoolsr of n ouemeberlesWickf ti
rons, rorble easters ad other leed
owhere pt .aien the tombe ad tva.te f
ador the p ae wltbu e please a
whble there is
to be delivered on the ee of tihe
all baing been retained a fornlgl
era, to be converted iene bonquet.,
tSa ote' Day will esmamad a.y plie
dor i nlie o d to et upon sthIe m ,
artifieial ornambate are
natural flowers glee Shim
the etlbieat tiwt 1s 11t
of the Lastset maet the we
vyianm e t.I b t o gonsoam
ease,whon they loiaw asest
t _ey a eaSed by laerde of p s, oI
for sale or Ifu t a vftetore do sa
or ute"ad e".o r tomneof the
dent people being always caref to aseon
servicee of reeon. sl eoa sobea befor.
And every yea t seeee se
Death gives no respite to the world, but I
creatng aching heerts and fresh nemeof
the departed.
The water plug on Oreasme, ses k
utreet. has not ban repaired yet.
t The bridge at the eotner of Peters and
,leeeph stretsa still unrpalred.
John Crowley I In tshe Second Preinet a
ebarge of asmaulting and beating John M.r.ibt
Offier ew esant an unknown whte mnts
Charlty Hospital Saturday In a siwk ad
Marcelais J. Perez is in the boarth
charged by his mamma with malotone
threate to mill and dissrbing the pease.
Alice Howard got away with ten dolars,
weialth of Bob Sandera. and for the ofeln
Incareerated in the Bighth Oahboo'se.
Citizen, realding i the vicinity of Poydras
Clatborne streets eaeptain of the eten.th
s the offas that Is dumped there by the dty
At 12o'olook yesterday a shed attached t
Sbounse of Mrs. Welsh, corner of St.
Magazine streets, was damaged by fire to the
tens of .o.
aBobtSpeon was arrested from.ufonrmsotl
Sclved and locked up in the Cenral Y
charged with bring off pastol at tie
Franklin and Poydra sets.
The bridge at the corner of Delsdae _e
h Topitonlas st.eete i s and la'tsda
Scondition; aso the ast the eraner'
5abouspt lh and. stree ts. e6
1ah Borla Lmd o to fn d
I raem of o the that re s t hed
S aturday o ng themt uldam
L Mike oodt, alias rasry an da
I Woods, sliaes 8a l kSllian, were
- Immared Inth lht Prea int Statifcs
with .Bango uJrous and suspicm i d
I tomh'ascoand Burgandy eteets and
the Third Station, carged with bhlairg
Sdistaurb~ing the peme ad e rr7.ns
At olk ensaturedt nary the a
unknown whit'e man was found floting
river hesd of Oired street. Thme mouetia
inquet, and reetrae a verdict of asl4*
Henry onepper, M midnight Saturday, wli
for Y. Bohan with shev eded intention o
tilag the latter's light out. Eepper is t
FouMh station chargad with amsslsad beaies
Swith inten to kil __
3aiber Wa
Saturday sevdalan aaunknown white
weyed a ma camed John Potes to ths
Hospital who was aufering from
wounds.. The usaknew iedividaI one
man stated to the sptali of the wateh
ter had been beates oa thea h 1d
man. The woundaed man hai bis b
and left the hospli, but was
brought baok to the hopitl In baist
intoitesstion b! Of u who bad
Potter was sober, he stated t
first brought hi to the l who*
coansidered his Meand, hIý robbed Me, d ik
and then beslt bjm over the head."
A White li·s sesta a Ne0r sq.
At six o'aloek last evening two javeris, n.
Blunt, a negro, and Geo. Biddle, a wite bo, hei
name involved in a dffiel at the latersbias
on linton street, between ether and beI
Oarrollton, whise terb aed in Blunt bi n
in the right cheek by Biddle.
The wounded boy was attended h t Dr.i.
who pronounosd thewod shght.
The aeeusaed rrmnde.ed sslm ss be
uthorities, ad was losked up
)d o urs di.
. lei Ye

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