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e We seys ThatI N Wantsn N5 oIptram Paid.
Judge Smilth, of the First (ecorder's Court,
pad a visit to the Mayor on tliday to asoertain if
there were any prospects that the otloers of his
ourt would be paid soon to receive, however,
the usual answer that the taxpayers had not
some up to the treasury to settle. Judge Smith
teplied to tbis that theso were lawn relating to
rhe solietton of taxes, and that it would relleve
his oMoers a great deai if the law wers o.
fe4. An unavoidable lnterruption put an end
to the eoeveration, and the Judge walked out of
the palor. with an air of dissatlsfatson, saying
SoeItbing that we did not exactly underetand,
but which was esplained by a visit to the 8ecord
r's eourtyleterday.
It was then made pistn to our mind that that
he Resorder contemplated a novel method to
aeIsre the relief which he i seekInlg for hib
derk. and process servers. It consist In keep.
ogI the tes imposed in his court . rthe purpose,
ad of ltrn ug them over to the city.
"Sat," we aek.d Judge tmlth, "' s not that I.
onttra. ntloun witu the law creating the record.
e's ou.rt, which rquir that these enus hball
be de.osIted dly Int the treasury of the alty ? "
" that'e so," h.e repled, "but my men must
h:ave somethln to eat, partUularly when it I
eonsldered that ther have to work so hard for
' their wages. Why,' said be, "they have not
adewer than twenty-five htndred arreet on
beas waerants alne the 7th of May last, and
, Iha a great mat more than the regular beat
welea have mede during the same period."
",1 but judge," we sai laughingtly, "are myo
o befig impeaohed by the Council?"
," was the answer, "I am Roing to.see
Iser Brown to t, y and flud ot whether
will be paid soon or not. If I don', get
r ainswer I am going to make the
ey aon't Impeach Hme. I am a State
appelated by the Governor. They can iwn.
, my Oseessmor, but not me."
hertlese," we again ventnred "on what
ude an youl.snume to enoles L the fines,"
Sdeltion ,of the Ilpreme Court," said
"1 know," he sadd, "that they will
lP deisions neainst my positito, but I can
us one of the supreme tribunal of the
nodered in a oase of the 8tate against one
the awn.town ta ucollector many years ago.
that the ,lilesotr had endeavored pre
retain hie per oentagl on the tax o,_.
be re turnler them lo, but it was de.
that e had to take his risk like
Other oreditor of the State. But
Llowing year he made no his mind to re
hise..mmelslone for both years on the colle
ao that year, and the case upon reaching
me Court was denided In ble favor.
n't dM why the deolfion shouldn't apply
w Ind thoes of the employee of my
aI M sI a to a tax collector."
tas wait for the issue, as the Judge
Ca if egnM Talks the Matter Over withl
the idamer.
t ha.ing been reported to the Mayor that the
o a coffee-stand in one of our markets
Itthe habit of keeping a prtvate bottle, not
Ie vlolation of the hosene laws and the mar.
-OHjsases, which forbid the sale of
las In any of our publil markets, but to the
It o the elffeLiveness of the polioe
(it .appears that st.e polloemen are fond
.oR ede), the Mayor aid the Chief of
ked the matter over yesterday with the
al of remotrng the temptation from the pollce.
Who pae the beaos ºp thy Vicinity of the
ý a ly, the Ohiel took ocareson to alnorm
S that in olden tlme there leted a or.
SImposing a flu on all vendors of spirlta
.a r every day that they sold spirits
a lieanse, but that as matters were at
pesnt, ln the absence of the rrqiletbt ordi.
eane the recorders could not assume aay Jurl
oe_ oer es of this kind that were In ught
them, the violation of law being, the reo
1ad a matter for civil action.
Maru having eaugted the expediensy of
fhe ordinance, it was ooludded, after
oonversatson, and in oonsideration f the
trcaes of th.' statute known as the revenue
st, to refer the matter to the CityAtorney for
i onion. The existence of an ordinance of
h e eraseter refeterd to wotll, It lI thought, do
_way with the numerous licese esuite which the
S a.yearlly to put in the courts for co letlon,
at m th time that it would prompt an early
eOlleeotoo of tuese licenses from the fear of ar
1et which it would create in the bosoms of the
r lor dealers.
hle ulOrks to eummene the Index This
Yettrday the experts appointed to arbitrate
bths matter of the assessmeut of the Globe
¶'etr. _hereafter to be known by its original
taimed l National Theatre, reported that they
Lafid Bud the value of the building at $80,000, or
410,000 leku than it was asesesed at by the asees.
re's, and $10,000 more than the oompsan wanted
t tobe valued a' the Opea House is asslesed
$40,000; U.e three buildings of the Varieties
eatre A&ss.ltion at about $84,000, and the it.
at $40,000.
. Reas otff thinks that he will be enabled
to tursver the asseeement books already bound,
Sthe tax bill elrks by the middle of the week,
they may begin the work of indexing
IThe making out of the bills cannot take
until the books are otosed, on the 16th inst.
Ie have already said, it is the opinion at the
Hall that it will be impossible to complete
bill-making by the let of January next, with.
lsome heavy night work on the part of the
se assaessors are still harping on the revenue
, _aig that some other method than that
for in the law for aeeeseng capital must
reso.med to in order that a fair, aesseement
t e made. One of the assesors goes so far as
e that the law be so amended as to
the appointment of experts to examine
book0 of merehants and tradespeople ls die
` masse. Among the large taxpayers on
ot o or cdty who have not made any re
sti he names of D. H. Holmes and W.H.
. of Osnal street, are mentioned, each
4Iwhom is asoseted at 76,0400. This the asses
think is fair and the amount senffient for
houses to carry on their badness, consider
their long standing sad the consequent high
ae mert which they have acquired in their
rtendent lters has appointed Mias
Bobb as his private secretary, to supersede
O.bas & Br wne, resigned. Mess Bobb, who
a lady of fine acosnplishments and the
ter of the late W. P. Bobb, of Jefferson
ht already tnstaded in her position. We
4 t oo son to thank the late secretary,
Beows, for many eats of courtesy shown to
dy urtig our profeessional relations and wish
all the successe which he antilipatee in the
,.'lken of his profession, that of a phonoe
. Mr. Bowne has located at No. 39
The Mayor made the following promotions and
t ments on Saturday:
Ptaipnnot-John Sullivan. premoted to pa
James Kavanagh, James MoGutmn,
Hoaie, P. J. Harnan, appointed as super.
s fead Peoinot-t-Pal ieri M. . Gavan, Peter
James Lung, promoted to patrolmen.
efbedy, James Cooney, Adolphe Marahe
EJdsi Paechet, supernumeraries.
Precinot-Win. Klugler, Aug. leteye,
to patrolmen; Joseph O'Conaell, A.
Joepl Olivier, supernumeraries.
h P.rednct-Octave Mayoremne, tW. F.
W. T. Slaok. Johan . Xeilheur, aM super.
Preei.et.- H. Bahn, pnomoted to patrol
Joeh Motoy, John Dilon, J. E. Mortaln,
PReeinot-Wm Easgn, enernamerary.
(Sewtntla) Preeinot-U. Petstfll, an
J -tn rks and operators-Charles
ridage--Dralase- Alhgers
e Cly WNain 8.U .
s ethe a es-Btbah, t.h
or the beading in ofr ts
urvefrk y ti a egspi to
bare it mpetre4 b braeing p the paut tht
hive worlkd with betoden..oL-e.
The Mdlor bhas IIU d that ofoer to con
struot suIrtlo dilaoge pipes to drath the oIth.
borhood of the bridge raino nayou BA, John to re
letove the loation In aMe of hea,' raine.
A delegation of the Algiers dremen waited on
the Mayor yesterday to maks en ae el for aid,
withoutb, hwever, obtaining any, the bsokward.
snee of teaxpaers being rlven se on eonue.
Preparations are now belng made to repair the
north well of the Oity Hall building. We have
refrained from alluding to the matter before, but
now that all danger is over we are at liberty to
isy that at one time the OCty Rill building was
in I very precariouos ondlt on, the will In qtu N
tion having been thrown out of plumb, In certain
plcoes at the ournice, to the extent of five or ela
inobee, owing to the partil failing nto of the roof,
that had been originally badly propped. For serv
eral weeke workmen have been englgod In rt.
pairing the marble front and raising aod
strengihe ing the roof, the ridge of which at one
time showed a deproelon of over eighteen
Two IeFgroe PFight, and a Third Recosmes
the Victim.
At hIout hlf.past 10 o'olock yesterday morn.
log a dillliulty took place on board the steamle
Blue Wing between two negro deck beads,
named reepeotively Fred Jackson and David
R, ed wihob termtilaed In tle former drewln
hie pietol and fril.ret the Iattd'. The ball mliand
itl Intended mark and took effect in the 141i
breat of a epeotator, named Isarc Moulton, aisc
a neero.
The diliulty wee caseed by Reed teeasi
Jcotalrn regarding hll disobhrge from the boit
onl Friday.
The wounded man was taken to the COhrlty
Hospital, where hbl wound wee examined and
pronounced dangerone.
Jwtkson was erreeted and lodged in the Harbor
Strtlon, charred with ebroling and wounding,
with intent to commit murder.
A wan named Ben Edwarde wee arrested,
oharged with belng sooeesory before and atet
the feol to the shooting.
It ad was arrested, charged with fighting and
disturbing the peOe.,
AT ISaeT CA1tiJH1.
A Murderer who lee Wefled the Law for
mIx Teare.
The facts concerning the arrest of the alleged
murderer, Jul*e Alteziro, cs related to a l)rtM~
(nIA'r repirlor, are as lolowe :
The saetued, after having been hunted down
for si years, we finally captured Friday evening
by Aide Mobonald and i'es-a, who made him a
prisoner and looked him up in the Central 8ta.
tion. It appeare that ever lince the murder of
Galng the doened's son habed been following hibl
father'e silaer from ltse to State, city to oity
and from prlish to prlish, with the Intention or
klling him wherever he found him. The son
wae taken sick and wee forced to give up the
The caue whichbl led to the murder was that
the deceased's wife bad forsaken her husband for
Al aniro.
The bubsand discovered Alta.iro'se aeidu.us
attentions to his wife and had ordered him never
to or,,w the threshold of his door again.
One nig,,' as the iiutred husband wee return.
ing home, he dino vered Altartro coming out or
hie gate; he immediately moved on him, and a.
be did so Aleastrn, not esatisfied with hbaing
ruined the unfortunate man'e family, threew
more gloom over the family by murdering the
man, who wig only acting In deIeoee f hie fam
11y. It ie Hid one of Qlari's little daughters oe
ealimed 'o ,he murderer as he wahe ring at her
father, "'Piea'e don't ehoot my pa."
Obief Boy"an has telegraphed the authoritlee at
aton lit ung notifylnng hem that the prisoner Is
held enbjeot to their ord.re.
T'he olleial Iatitl I.Pt whli be found In another
Duhamel's Fahrenholt Indlcatorl a tempera
I urn of from 54 to 61 degrees yesterday from It a.
m. to ip m.
Thie anal street stores were brllilantly tlht.
mlnateOd huat evenin., and attracted consithera.
Ide attention from the crowds of p'romlo'nltdoer
who throngd that thoroughfare.
Mavannah was the warmest anld T.arowss the
.colet. place reportoel by the signal servhi'. tele.
grams yesterday; the t.hrmomet.+r at the for
mer polllt Indcallting a and at the latter point
:12 degrees.
Military practice anti special offhand shooting
at the Crescent (City Rifle Park to-day. and at
Ihe Orl'ans Park a bloran or so of the members
tf the prt.s will go intor trainirigf'rthlt ciontest,
st Lards. off haInd (shoot -it-word). whilu takes
place ion Hunday next.
ReIferrlng to an account of the, fire Friday
night on 1'almhyrn street corner of Hto,'hohlave,
lthe foreman and assislant of Phladelpolia 14
cIaim that thalt coniltity witas e firs tto arrive
on the ground mlan hat watuer on the 11to three
minutes before Iany other engine.
Ye, torday being the last d y in which iurrent
taxels e ,od he paid, the omfes of the various
,iolitetors in the city were thronged with those
de'lsirltt. of s villa the penalties which iairutl.
The collectors will, on to-morrow., omplete the
delilnquent lists and present them to the
It will be a source of Patisfaction to news
paper men to kno v the welcome fact t.hat t hero
are no counterfeit o, e thousand dollar notes.
Let them he e it louos. however. albout taking In
live hundred dollar notes, as we hear thai the
. iuntrv i-, flooded with counterft'lts of that de
nomtination. 'r.irhnliii at. We are safe.
Dtanphine Windsor was landed in the Third
Station on ia 'harge of larceny.
. ohii (aIvantagh aged :I years. tiled suddenly
at his rcsl tne'o, No :107 Lafayetlte street.
J. W. Bibh. also chlargecd by the coroner with
tunllnitiiigchtir, was lld Illtutli $14400.
A man nert td EB . Kinnnessoy halt his hand
crushed yesterday by bya gin in the Planters' oil
Thuos. Albemarlo. who is recorded at the Con
tral StttI ion as a Ithlef, is charged with entlmezzle
Ilmet of $5.
Wm. Reardoun. charged on Coroner Ro'het's
a.ttlalIlt with mansiattghttr, was yesterday
ilae.td under $t0.000 bonds by Judage mith.
A man named CIharles White. na emtmloyo in
Mldginnis' oil works, had one of his hands badly
crushed while working a gin Friday night.
Cornelius Moseby was yesterday sent before
the First District Court under eeW bonds, for
wounding John Connors less than mayhem.
The body if a white woman was found float
ing in the Old Basin.at the intersection of Rob
ertson street. yesterday morning. Coroner no
Joseph O'Connor. charged with assaulting.
wounding and blting Wm CGannon., wits sent be
fore the First District Court. under $250 bonds.
by Judge Smith.
Jc e Grason, alias Connors, and Will Stewart
alias Ge . Smith. two suspicious characteri,
aftier Chief Boylan had ttheir "mugs." were given
six holrs to l"l:\e town. You can bet your life
they left.
McCalhey and Clark Sent Down.
James Clarke. alias James Berry, a deputy
sheriff. and Billy McCaffrey. alias the Kid, who
committed the outrages in the rear of the city
Saturday night week. and who so unmer-l
fit:ly beat thrnee unfortlnn.te women. were sent
Ibef ,re the F rat District Court. noder boids.
by Judge Smith. Clarke ' bonlds. who was on
two affidavis,. were fixed at 0steo. and McCaf
frey' at 550o.
Alleged Brutality of an officer.
At u o'elock Friday night, as Officer F. Fizzioo
was conveying a youlug man named Louis Ri
beraud to the Third Prveinct stttion. from the
corner of Orleans and Burgundy stre-ts, it is
alleged that the ofileer struck the prisoner in
the mouth with his club, and km eked five
teeth down his throat.
A DEMOCRAT reporter yesterday called at No.
st Orieans street and saw the unfortunate
young man.
He was lying in bed suffering from pains in
the breast. His m uth was swollen to such an
extent that he could hardly close it: s-veral of
his front teeth had been knodked out. and his
whole face was swol en and disfigured.
The suiterer stated that Oieer Fizzico had
knocked hi- te th out with his club, while ron
veying him to prison, anl had also struck him
in the b-east wit, the club.
Thi- case is being investigated by both Chief
Boylan and Judge Milteuberger.
Louatltana Gun Club.
At the regular monthly meeting of this club.
held on the t-t inst.. the following gentlemen
were elected to serve for the ensuing year:
Frank Marquez, president; Jeff SBenzeneau.
vie , pr sideut: M A. Calongne. seeretary; Ar
mannt Leric. treasurer and manager. It was
un nimously agreed to postpone g'ass bll
shooting to the ist of May next* alstoto extend
invitations to the honorary emLers to the hos
pitalities of the club room. A committee of
three was appointed to confer with the Newr
Pans Gun Cjub to take steps to habe the
hA reriedo, 4
Weber Anatsue to Close U'p His West Fe
Ilelanalm s ah l Matters- Meports
of State omeers.
One or two unimportant appointments were
made by the Governor yesterday, but beyond
that nothing worthy of note transpired. The
Governor received during the day the opinion ol
the Attorney General relative to the legality ol
any member of the Board of Health holding the
position of secretary and treasurer, the substance
of which was given In
The transcripte In the oase of Woestley Trneoc
altas Degree and Aleck Brown, convicted of mnr.
der in the parish of St. Mary, are still in the
hands of the Atorn y General and will Ihe passed
upon during the next eay or two.
Turner, it seeme, killed a man named Fredo
rink Erhardt, on Lepecmber 5, K70C,, and was triad
and convicted, and Brown killed one Wmn. D.udley
in the same perish, on January 11, 11477, and hit
ease went through the courts, resulting in cono
The Rltse Superintendent of Public Educatioc
has Isseued the following:
O rrrnf Or Trn N'TATg RnPnltrr.TN:ENT or i
Public IEduation and of the A ent of the l'ea
b, ly RIlnoation Fund for Loutnians. (
New Orlense, La., November 8, 177.
Under and by virtue of authority vested li
the undersigned by the Rev. Barney hears, . D.,
general agent of the Peabody ednuason fund the
Rev. J. K. Gnthelm, Messrs. Paul Oapdevielle,
.o~, Collinue, Louis A. Martinet and Joe. A. Craig,
of the
(!ITTY 05001, NfARD,
and Wm. 0. JRogers, Iegl., Chief tupserlltendent
of the Olty Public iohoolts, are hereby appolnted
an xo0utive committee for the etabllishment of
a free normal deparement for the professional
training of such colorn id graduates of high school,
or other institunion of leaning, and other ad*
varoned sudents over sixteen years of ase and of
proper mental and moral qualiflcations, a. shall
subsoribe a written declaration that It le boias
Ade their desire and Intention to exerolse the
teacher's vocation for at least two years after
their completion of the normal course, to be at
tested by
granted by the (lty Board of cohool Direcors or
awarded by the ofieers of the Board of lRegents
hereintafer oonstituted.
Said normal department will be under
the control and direction of the State Sn
,erintendent and the executive Ormmitttee here.
Inbelbre appointed, oonetltutin a board of seven
regent~,who shall drt rules for their own gov
ernment and for that of the department, provid
ine expressly that said department shall inolude
a jnior end snlr course ino its onrricalum, and
aha it Ishatll not admit to its enior ourse mre
than thirty competent students domiciled in the
city of New Orleans, and shall be open to at least
twenty such stadots from
of the State.
Said board of regents will meot In the oaloe of
the State Hnnperintendent of Publio dNuestion
for organization on Thursday, Noveiber t, at
the hour of noon, and thereafter at .noh time as
shall be ixed by its rules. *
i01OU. M. I,UrIIIER,
State Superintendent of Pnlhlo I, lonation and
Agent of the Peabody Education Fund for
The State Ruperlontendent of Public Eduoation
has Information that Weber, into school tre*'urer
of the parish of West Felloiana. who hee upward
of 810.000 hbool funde charged to him, is now
deslrone of
lfA.ne A H TTTrrtIax T,
but would prefer to present his books and
vouchere here rather than to go to the parish sad
settle with the board. Weber. aooording to the
statement o of oneof hie friends, is willing to de
fray the expenses of two members of the parish
board to this city and return, and will meet them
here with two of his advisters, when, if there be
any defcIt Ia his accounts, he is ready to settle
the balanoe.
At his reqnest the matte has been referred to
the parish board, and a reply was expected yes
terday; but none arriving, one of bhis friends went
up to the part h to interview the board upon the
subject, and will return early this week.
8,veral of the State official have commenoed
their annual reports to the Legislature, included
among the list being the Secretary of State, State
Auditor and Superintendent of Public Education.
and from present indioations each report will be
That Remarkable Work of Art Recur
rected In our City.
It may be on aecount of the cosmopolitan
oharacter of New Odleans and the onuaiunt
Iathlerm that our metropolis has almost, since
its settlement, been the haven for those who,
separated from home ties, Journeyed thither for
respite from political troubles and a place in
which to make a livelihood, that the workers in
art and those who considered its value resorted
thither with whatever of value they possessed in
that line.
With this prelude, and with the premise that
artists have hitherto made our city a home when
all other places failed may be accounted the fact
that the recent discovery of a rare work of art
was here made. Some twelve years or more ago
that well known and thorough artistic genius,
Olague, in his wanderings, discovered in a cabaret
down In the Third Dietrict, by accident, a picture
whioh, from the slight view he had of it, he pro
nounced at once to be the handiwork of some
Happening t) drop in the emall room in the
rear of the sailors' bar-room and noticing in an
old frame an oil painting, he with his thumb
wiped off at a dash a small portion of the picture,
revealing exquisitely wrought a cherub head,
which gave evidence of the wonderful skill of the
mnostro, whoever he was, who had composed
whatever was behind the covering of blue paint
so carefully and evidently with a view at hiding
the value of the beauties beneath laid upon al
most the whole surface of the picture. Much has
already been written and said about the beauties
of the
of the highest type of beauty so delicately
wrought by the unknown artist, but like the
crayon in the hands of the puerile artist
words failed to catch the full, truthful grace and
expression so richly portrayed on the canvas.
A DEMOCRAT reporter visited not only the pio
ture, but a number of connoisseurs who bhad el
readv examined it, and the result only confirmed
his first views.
The first gentleman waited upon was Mr. Eng.
Chassagnae, the fortunate possessor of the
Reporter - Mr. Oharsagnac, as undoubted y
this painting will b-come daily more and more a
subjec t of ictorest, I called to learn if y, n would
be good enough to give to me its history ?
Mr. C. (with a considerable show of feelling).
Ah ! my dear sir, it has
You remember Clague. That grand fellow who
knew Louisiana scenery as well as anybody. He
was the one who first called my attention to the
pi uare. You know how he was, strolling about
everywhere, and one day he came to me excited
ly and said: "Ohassagnac, I've found something
that's worth all you've got: There's a
painting down town; I'll show you the
place, that you mast buy. If you have to sell
your piano, y,,ur furniture, your bed, everything;
sell it, for you must not lose this chance."
Olagne wee filed with fervor about the picture,
and urged me again and again to make every
sacrifice in order to secure the painting. I told
Olegue that if this pieture was for sale, and was
so valuable, somebody else would surely fi3d it
out. Olagne's response was, "It ts where no one
will ever discover it; I know that." He theo went
on to say that he had discovered down town in
a picture, ot which he had only seen a small
patch, but which was evidentlyjfrom a master's
hand. Some weeks elaped before I took Olague's
ai. uadm e the ptreharse. The paitintu at
was obeenred with a coat of blue paint,
t$ bktaiter .tat wt kva a ate~
The plca6re for tids wee about twelve year go,
was nesleed Sad placed away in my grrt,
where the children played w*lon with,
tMAol.t IT OvIri ltlC. It It, tn
inlts frat Ie.
ltep Yon did not then ontsildnr it. of valhe,
did you'
Mr. (haosagnua Not at all. it was only about
siz waks ago that our attntilon was called to It.
I took it down and let the eletern water ran on it
for a eronldarablae time, bul the paintin anld
outllines were still obsr'uredi. I theun onl~ed in
Mr. U. 11. Buck, well known here as one our best
matetur artists, and asked hie opinion. lie esid
with my tonasent he wotuld attempt to bring out
tihe eolhra. If the pintire wue an old one a'cohnl
would not hurt it, but If modern the oolors would
We took It down stairs, and Mr. ouck worked
at it for about three houre. I wee etanding in
the yard when the outlirnes end figure of the oen
trel subject of the picture were developed, and
when I nsw what it was you coanet imagine my
axnite.tment. The blue paint, which had surely
been placed over it to ortineal its beautien, ainn
off, and "there," said he. pointing to the paint
iug. "is the result."
Itep arter the renovation by Mr. Birek you
doubtless had many conuoleseunr to view It's
Mr. 0. -Y' air, maan, many. In all, now, I
think t is selaty-seven, If not more. We have had
the well recoglzsed amateurs of our cilty, and
with but one exception all pronounce it from
some or the old maeters of the art.
RItp. To whom do they aserhie It'
Mr. U.-Ah' That le a lneaeten they could not,
aud an one could, anewer safely, for, as you
know, it is most atfllttlt to tell, even from the
style and coloring, the works of any artist with
During the conversation a well known gentle
man whol wae present made an offer of
t9aM)O ron rar. ra't-rlNo.
and It, was refused.
Nest Mr. I. ift . . lio, whose pioturen hern
have attracted so mutc and 1, a' redit attetlion,
wea called upon. Mr. Jnlio rsad he was tinder the
impreselon that this Venas was not Intendead by
the painter to be the fall delilnea Itn of t.le
sunjecot. le thounght it wee the first study
of an artlat Brfore he mado his more elablorcat
work. lie, however, is satisfend that the pclture
is one of rare me rit, and undoubtedly from a
great painter's hand.
The Itadlan U)onsul here, upon viewing the
work. ctald not restramn hlm eapresslouna f won
dermnut,, and at once oommunicated the discov
ery to hi governmant.
'hea picture ae hat Sreedybees said, repre
erate in a wealth of hb.an"v, rd.taut in tlit and
daring in drawing, a V nue seated il quiet grace
in asheil, whose path over the waters It attenlded
by Trirtoea, tone of whom, with dAistaoded cheeks,
is giving in sonorous notes warhbng of the ap
proaoh fr
At her toot twin chernbs, with a touch of Raphael
Ir their faotu, are seated the tiny pilots of tae
royal oraft.
In coloring and drawing the picture is evi
dently of the Vonetieu school, andl In ame re
spents speaks of Tltian and in rsome of the sa
rool brothkers, if not of Tintorello.
Titian mally be sailed a sort of father of our
modern art, and has tonese in their warmth and
vigor almost alwayse tll of his hand. In softness
and management of shadow he was a pioneler In
a land where civil action had already made Its
way, and bLe freedaom from mlnolhIra gave to hise
pencil a freshness fw artists excelled.
of 1512, Titian's pupil, naouht to uanite tihe
beenau lee of the Venetian and Florentine echo ,ls.
and in hihli hghts opposed by dark elhadows-a
osur of pre.ltumbraudt--he wrought out wonder.
fol effect,.
The Uaracol of Ilologna (115O) were three
brothers lardovico, Agoetino and Annibale.
itmpllolty and elegance distinguished their den
signs, anld their Madonnas possesserd a wonderful
grace. The oaademy they establlshed at BIo
logna was, from its progressive character, do
nominated the eoleotio school, and art students
from all Italy flockl d thither as disolples to the
Which of these master hoands brought into
belang thi wonderful creation no one can now
.ay, but that we have here a gem from some of
their hands the best judges agree,
A wiatenaent from Mr. Thes. Devereaux.
Thrr hai I,-en con.ldarallo mention maule In
print latlely regarding the cae of the Statet vs.
Thins. Devernaux. who was ,,harrad with the
killing of Harrlis. a well but not reutlrably
knownl dtlwtivt. The trial wasi at very 'shortl
onlle. the tallt,. afterr hIaringtho a'vidal'n 'a of lav
oral of its witnesses, abandoning theI a cra.
Froln the intoroet manRifeaated and romnllmlt.nts
mltle, it DirMornAT rapaorter yestorday vlr.l'te
MIr. I)avorraux and Intorviewed him relative t,
the ranhjr't. He stated Ilia, he regretted a trial
thad lnot areaon goRne Into. far lhfWits very anrxfilou
to irling out the full faata'in the carct.
The writer, who was on that ltullrtin at the
ilane of Its oaourrence, itn his journalistle du
ties lharld oneilon to publish the raecord of Har
ris lit other Statet, which Informatlion wasu
learned from r loveareanux. hi. was verlill.d lby
roc'ords. anld Harris h ggeI d to eo let ra e, as
he stated Itr' had reI'forlmed.
Thieaventa gven below followed shortly af
I publtlshadl thir record of ilarris in the I1/lle
tia. having given it to Mr. Whitney in 1975. for
the I>rpoaa or f kItoalJing him (Harrie) off thr po
l1(.r fI,rea and Itr n g roaprpolrlntd as a dt'letativa
in rlrr Inntari to a aIrragr'a'eItltat tr.atwe!ii myself
ana rthltr dhretrectivrs tr tro gao Io work on1 thlt
farro Hrastar hrI btr r(ttLinaO.d. 'lThert war at
strong Inllurrnae rhrhlraind tht lhrornto kalti hlim.
anld It wat so strong we adeamtd it nec·assary to
lt.ke this courrs.
In puraruaaa of his IusIrntue.s. Mr. Whitnry
ntetrviowtrd HaLrris and inforlnttd him who tiar
author of lhI' Dubllsh.ed l'hargs, was. anrt tar
ris thalli madet threats. Mhortly after this h'
)regttn parr.l'aelltIng me bly fralse chargto; for
first. hlakmailing: eracaondi. laenntay, and tharn
thei murdaar of a thief; all rf whlich felI to thet
ground without the necessity of atlay tntroldue
thon on the parnt of the darfenase. It w-,s thenr I
arefltrra'd ,,hargeaa agatnst ,Huprint'nalent
Ioan brfor" the Pollice Boardl, bhlt nthing
catame of it, and tiraro Watt no frll hearing.
Abarut this time tlhe whisky (asers (eame up,
and an attack was made upon a United Statatt
det.tctive in St. Bernard tarlsh, in wha.h the
ofIeur was stablrd andnl thrown Into the river.
lit called upon mo I to(tsist him to brilng the
parties to autstiet, and I acteda iln the capacity of
a detoctive.
Thile mattir wat placead brefore the Grand .Tury
ofl the rtti-i natl r true bit founid gainet tanrt
J.. Ward for laving in wait. etc.. and against
'obtL Harris as necessory before and after the
From this time Harrms made open threats
against my I faa to vari arts arsons and at vari
ous t imes, to all ,f whi.h i paid no attert:on.
The nright of the ii rst Wednesdlay in February.
187t;, on returaning from ai maeting about t11 :30 a.
m.. a ntittr a if the et raaf a: DIsti or gun
wero enatp0,1 on the opDlosite atle of the street,
insidet of a wood yard. attracted myattention.
There wan a high wind blowing. and I thought
that I might bie ristaken, and a tributed it to
fatling woad, or the settling of the samrn. Next
morni" t.I xaained the lot and discovered
foort- rln;s. Sveral times hetwe n that night
and the 25 h of the same monrth I reyeived at
various times hints to look out for myself and
to he ta laul. On the night ot the 25th, as I was
entering the door of my residenea. a report of
a firearm soutnded from the same lot. Upon
elose examinartion the fragments ,,f a shot un.
one barrel loadrld, the otherr barated, with tla ,ts
of bloodt and piers of flesh. were foundl, and
the trace~i were followedr. and the party se-n
andl spok',n to as he elimbed the rear fences.
andl whro fird the shot.
Next morning a purson was found in the
Charity Hospital. who hal presented himself
about 1 a. m. for admittance, his left hand
shattered and burned from Dowder, the riL:ht
side of his faa'eburnd with powder also This
man gave no explaaaitoa na t, how he received
his injuries, and refused ta, o so.
Upon examination he was recognized .s the
same p rso' who had a't-mpttd to ass .assi:tle
th', United States detective in St. Bernard par
ish, and it was Ward.
After this Harris was interviewed and par
ties statd tnat it was the tub ic opiuaon that
he was the instigator of the act. an t on r :eh oc
asionr he made repeated threats against my
life. and expres-ed his regrets at my eacape
from War i's a'te.rrt.
I wa- warned on the 27th of the same month
b.y three differ nt reporters of rite tress as tor
Harria' interview with them and :ia threaten
ing language, etc. on the 28th again by soame of
the poliee: on the 29th by several citizens and
by an ,ffieer of the mounted polier, who stated
Harris was out there target shooting., and -tared
th:rt he aHarrlA) had something to do and want
ed to make sore work of it
On the morning of the first of Mareh I was at
the State- an[ .was hlat armed that Harris
aiad~ia Mv~~ctW~Iwti
or f~;h ~ win aroiiii thl' Intldling, and .Tl'4n
W Ab44l,1 o. ot~ thele t, nihout ks o'look I
W01 w ing Ir~it 00l rtmoo Itrl*t, bptlirn~o k'1
5$'l~~r44411 Ito 4~ (r·rlr44' l''t,1.1 iou II~. pat 41i15t
tIo'io 1.' ivii44 rl1.rvkltso' to, 4.'i44 aL Ilrlnk.
W~'l44I4 4''415l5~ltl I 'al''n'fli"1. 1544swt., 'os l 14444 th~l
*1'44o of 44o Putto, n'.H)'l sot ot WIty. 4 eo·W Ii IrIMP.
"4414 1144 44' WI) 41.orl Ii'144 IlrlltlI idxi sl ths, W4t'114 11i'i
U:·rtil~r Itt 154 Uoo 41 4Pc WI. ''F'tll 41444(41 rou'io4,'4l
wIi'* Wrll o r ig h n.: Itoll~ckllg 4 dl'rc'''4I tl In''.
W Io'nl nhoutr 4.-ul I'nt n srt, ho 4.h4llnr144i Ii WIlk
,'r''qu' 'df 111444' torWgirrl oiot. 411141I 444444.44444 51 Ill
H4'", ul,',J~rlll lIV" ot lr 15417441 o(Port. WII~ c ttro4
415n'lI. 1 iioi''' 4'V41'y 41.ll'f)~ln 4~4 1141444404 44141.!
41114i hil th'r· 4111IIgot(,'r ofl tIss' 44441011.4 irt"c''' 1411
r''rrtmnr~t ' tl"'ll
tI'v"4t041r 04444 Iir"I-. Wh''ti ihoorf. 4.51 tlr'' iii'.
III'''' 1111lt)( 41111 I·I''t. II" foll Wlith tai* rllgh(tlr 441. '
A ~ iso 7"44 I Dnns4"4k',dl 4k"l 'IAnt' whle~l I toolc.
11.14. ,Itlrt'414'4 441. 11. gfn~l04151I441OWll'hc WIlls 444.41.44
11.4 'ill 4h'' 4,nloo4loln'o, n~tt' r'1411111444l'I 11401 ctr ''
15414'.'l iiI k 111141 444n IlrHt: I will 4154~ f~ WitII)114
III41.I4'i14''4 W4441i'41 u~lt UorInlnoo .s ntld
w4""' 114111144 S tn,414"r'4 (!osilrt. I 441W 61 gsosttfnm,.n
.itn.sani Ilug 4i1'l' clY 4114 tcll'41 ·14. '4 hm to 5447449r 14,t1.417
ois'` 141 Irre rll t5441.,t'114 1411 mIJt 4444, 11.1(
'rliO 'ol We. 444144104 Iorgnl: 4.444,4 J
W444 toil I too(1~a444or'M 4 n~isr4 th s''' wi~f~l V 44iwni.
I Frc~~l'' f 4441 47444'4 F1., 1)1.,4II' t 11144441441(( 44414111 4.44 44
wsith 401' '' 4444 444t410 4)114.R~hlf 1144'y mrnforss'. I 04I.
"4454 I ' IJ 1114411 iI1.rgll 14'14J41E ti Irllt4' 1fi
414'l'l~ g. k111 niwln Ign t.J41 If)i' 41.44,7 454 711. 4i4r WIr(lISI
i4I.i'iiW/I. Ilrj ltls.rsl~lr W14 550'*Iiii~r h~l II''44 445' rrl'4415544
Ih 744 i44'hllrtc ror 544 11 ol 4,1.lrl 4441 I4'l WI4'r 744. '41
tcrnhy 414114nt 111144441144 45441.4'0h 44s',t 41 441''n 4ulu
of 44i'' ft. 4 * ri-I Ao l'rio 4554 4cen 4,4 '414,1 W1.5 '4
lilly. 41 e.144ltul.'a 1'914144144 i44jiis
144144 W4444444 44141.0444 ].tiiIW14 4I44'' 4
thef itrIo1. r'otli~lnr s* . priistp.4 rcor a. lm W rrs..5s
11f)144l4Otril'lr 41)4r tll', 4'Krbp11hi whenrr toe apps'ttrii
14011.,tis rr~rl1.?u·rr,ilfl Sh nl.cess~tty of aI lirfS1.fi
~·~o'l~tlrida~e Fil th fllmIrI4rt (o ur t. rIrr lll
40n 414415 Oi '44l Ft . 44ii Il tho for l 4110141441.f 4415 41.4110
44 4145 i54 41154t 4.. 1)1116 4.474 44j41r tr'f lilor 14 1 Wr,1r ir
41.04IIlll~ 444 · 'r I 45) (J.'r llri7'rs.411 lr 144Mli4
111111 III1.t4.4115.4" rtjtl1.4.44r'itl FIl' 11 Ilfir~ 4.45" yr~l 44.7
1111 '.11,411 III404N-. 47 'if t hs, I~tllrarr 45l114i'II 4f 44414
'i'44l' Aw) 's'444 r.b ths~~l ltor 144y lonorl. f(tirrF 41.44
l1''''hlrly 44irl,s4 44'll'01i4114. si~r 44415'41.F4C''4 yHLIllY iif
4414,is'4', ''7lfur 4440. ~olrli' fI·romal .411.1 4111F7 tO
4411 4565. '''' 44'' 4ll,'iitss't' It,1154 c~ti 4narg 11101114 451.-ic
44111 ,1 4 44~·,4 114444f4ny it 4i 44'' Fi'' 74t1ti44 44
(4144.u~~nla jsit.c·
'flhi4nnln( 1N'T7411Vf(44T1' '44. lr trlrnln
4)0 1.411 Hsn-lIr4rr, ofA14t45. A4rIy '141r14 g
Hilt lutslvcil1.tFst1ll'54'fllifI'rIl'ul "pri
evidence was ahll rted by which It was maule to
appear thi, he thad been appointed and com.
mlssnined by C( C. Antoine. Ll,,i'enant Gov
trnor. t to ti oftle of Assl thnt Attorne,y (ien
oral. u:,der act No. 35 of 1174, and that he was
duly Installed in that oAice, and performing it,
functions at the date of the Inauguration of
Gv,. Nicholls. oni J.lnuary 9. 1877. It was also
made to appear that he
from ofil ' ItI bh s clc .esnsor, tlhep resent i nelm
.bent, was a1,.o nted tand qutadfli.d ia ner the
scIne ivt No. :s5 of 1875, on the 22nd of Masrch.
I877; that ihe had not. drawn ptay for any port Ion
of the year 1877; that atin aID rotiation had been
madtlel Iy i.et N,. 47 of 1877 to ipay the yearly sitl
isrv of t eo ,ll,.. nard that he had mulon aIm a:ble
demand for sa arrant for ith sumo of si7, tihe
}alaalt l |ii : he l.itl II as due' hllll from January 1.
1577. till his suII.essor was applointld, aind the
samne had tbeen refulsed him by the Aullitor.
Upon ;.his showing the rTlator closed his ,(s(.
and Intirvnollr it Iitluimn"r of witnesses were in
t rolli 'etld, the ll IlubstatlIe .r whose tcstlimon y was
that all the avctual work that. had been done
by any person In the capa .ity of Assistant At
torney G0 (oeral dulring the year 1877 had been
rformed by the preosent ilcumboat. Judgle
.xamined. and Ihe t stifled to the clrcumstances
of Judge Eglfn's apIp intment and qualification
under n.tt 35 of 1874 onr the 22d of M.:reh. 1877, and
of his sulbs(equent qualiflcation on March 24th.
under act No. 10 ,of the extra session of 1877. Fi:
also testilled to the immense accumulation of
erLse- in the Superior Criminal Court, which he
attributed to the Iegligunee Iof his predecessors
In ofll,', all of which asces had been attende"l
to and disposed of b7 his assistant Jut ge
E 'an. He also testifled that he found all the
affairs of the o((ce( of Attorney General con
nected with the collection of taxes very much
invol ved.
as Assistan' Attorney General since the 9th of
January. 1877. Witness gav, it as his legal
opinion that the present incumbent was en:l
tLed to the whole of the $l30(0 appropriated by
act No. 47 If 1877 to pay the salary of the
Assistant Attorney General, although he had
not qualifledI until March22o: that year. He
thought that the appropriation was intended
solely for the salary of the office created by act
No. 10 of 1877.
substanti ted the testimony of Mr. Ogden as to
thi ac umulation of cases in the Sup .rior
Criminal Court. and the further facts that these
cases had all be n prosecuted to judgment by
the present i,,cumbent. and that the relator.
D.bble, had not appeared in his court as the
represen'ative of toe State. a any time from
January 9 to Marce 22. 1877.
took the stand and sub-tantiated the evidence
of the pree.ding witnesses. Ttere was a greaR
dial of irrelevant testimony in the shape of
opiions. legal anti per.onal. adduced. but
these were 'he substantial facts 4stabhshed by
the defense and interventi, n. viz: that the re
lItor had never performed any official act as
Assistant Attornev General after January 9, 1877.
and that Judge Ean had performed al such
acts after his appointment on March 22 Ino!ud
ing the discharge !of labors that had accumu
lated prior to that date.
in rebuttal. He said that u:,der the act of 1874.
under whteh he held. it was net his duty to ap
pear in criminal eases except in case of illness
or abs -nec of the Attorney G neral. His duties
were specific and related solely t, the collection
of the reverbue. He stated he was not respon
sible for the accumulation of wIrk the it
nesses for th' defense had describhed. He had
performed all his duties as laid down by law.
Du "ing the p rigd spoten of no legal business
in the coarts had been performed by any one
because of the
the var legalitl, o B. Superior Criminal
Court being a not being de
ided till AHe ha
_ tberr 1 ?y
ernlmnt Dprlor t hi r :4n vnl. .n had been,
l.mtlga thlot1n whI ba.ley.i tlt.. PI'ika'rlwas dxý'
jil'l' ( tvernor. ilt, M|I nis . I .n a qry i0. 11177, h r ihn(
,r'th inlly rwr.'gnltrid Iitl. Nifill'M Irn Ihe l4
fl,'t. (Governor. Hald he Ib'.n o'll ,",l Ily hblo
Iromn tIe ollftui of Ala.rtlnt AttMnrriny (innersl
1'4woh! W laJ..wv howmd in luiniinl ,r. hlt h. f.|lt
grateful for not h,,vingt bl n r,. m' od,) h,,trl, ht
TIt~ AItIIIIMU NT oir 5'11lN.F'Ir,
,lulrllr InIllly. lly ,oll tlr.h .ni it RI to wh thnr tin
"fniton itf A. i4l4tsIlt A'.tornriy I ,"lrnr ., .rr1"f tt.d by
'lhlti- of whltIh w' r,, to 1.t pt.-rf,,, l bor, y the
lIy tlal 1!t lll, ll l'l, O Il1 l thl , n rpp intlnt rl. l , a.-i
-lantliflos. lnos of a It ve'ri or, or wi lthor lheorlofll
ihl lt)'arnftilr of nil InnumbIIn'llt"nandl, iteo fu'lr.
onllllrnr lit ThI, prxlrnr-l dnl itratlllon il the irt
ll that hl 11 f1 4 111 hi o1 01111i0n 11uri ng thai 4isrt
fI i tho (Ilovirnor, lilaloR , Iolt,,n r lI.n'.vrm lld by thm
vl"rn ,r ' 1|r. ainllltin, l .. u Iln t for r' ti1to
"ot. o o.i rt that thIs provition ,rf tih, at
AMl1T1' NOT 11t114 t!ONfTllltIT l.Tlt&.l,.y,
hit mlit b, Ilnterýr dretl under art 'I1 I 22 of th,.
cnll'cRtM Alfb ll lorl, Inti+n to diJclhrllr'f lthe dltIi
of their offlo1' until hnlr umRl or' hll. itr1 ll hav,
1i11n Idt.lellll. I Illr. o1I ntl(,. 1'Ax 't IIn ('1418 of In1
|,mnilhumtnt or ..l-,rnnl.lna ." t It ltl'r hiIl urnIthot
h.Inn Irnnrlti'nihul't nor itlnpndl, 'I , T'i' tlore fari.
of Ihn 1no1n-DperorntrsireO ., th fi lImi lonf of
o(mre 'did not Imrl, the vn,.lr at rffl. lor
wiai1 it 11, Ig1i her aI thsa pym5luent of the lniary
ltlowidl biy Inw. tlsth.iol Woe AilIt.nntI. At.tor.
1ny Generatrl when the In 1ihf all ovirome t
Carln Into iow' r, ani ullndlr h. 111ll lstllutlon ti
r"rnirtldlst In lthat i,111'1 till firlnitlty rllemove(
aend nUDDnted hy tihn ppointmfn,, of hin MnU'
,,,,..,r IIi' (lnlllllt d Iih, balel'm t|11n him on
I'4r. MlIt l r, f tr d sl d lnf lsnt and In. o rI~t nor, f1r
"ntll tlllat th" 0,11fn was nut. nt'ull no4uand
thllat. It. wina vltv'1'ttld by thli n1rum -xplrat.ion,
nh 1term if h11 K' liogg Mlini't1tratio., u0Ji '
ihn 1 ,x r4'l provl.l.onl of Ihi, 1lt4 of 14744. Thi
r,,It. r tli0r h|l i no11, ii5iIti',1 r 14 Is lt r llrth t iv't, the
"ill''n rmnininllg vwlritl and the oniv vlegm tie
clild rulvltln .ol wo(il' ti an n 11ttablll 0 h1 . 't' o fl r;,.
norv, ll oS V y s oi l, l,,.rd nla l 11t' hIs rnsi .i - 1fr
141 lnot,,. T'ho al)nry' of Ill l. -~nln In. -urnblnt -
wih for I sotlit, ii 1114 nl o' ill", .'.r' tei'd by at
N,. It of the t N r'i ."".sion of 14177. It wis [illn
Ihlet lila l as prostrlntion i wll ll nal r itrllin' . No 47 (
Iha 51na1 ii14'llin wisl 1' h ly for 1 1hs alary 0f
Ill i' r140w otiDtin.
Mr. llgcintan, Ilt irrr'il'ing Mr. Milisr. ittrantit>i
1li rltlt'n!tTon ., Ihs ftlu'T, thst J isre'i lin."In hadll
ilru. qullllild indnsr wst No. a1 o'f 1-14 ,1f Mareh
'A.' I177 il1Iii ww1 r+,r I l lr r a i rt l ll th ;llt5pl.l.. g'
of ,, n or. Mr. Millor th",ught 1h'4 u t1rnl
liff, rin"'+, Thlli 11prrir1halli Wlls wax avidnttl
for L.hl of1i"' lr-nt..mfl uitnr t1ie litt of 11477. 4
Should rnanivii the wholeIi) Mn. flu had ,"O"
,frt.ll thl e i r ltnlH4 of 11 ll, 5 14t,i in l I I' n nIsad llJ
wit- 1ntI 1 14 It lsth full tI Y4BL v fo'r I l year.
A fr lia r rs'{ litf of s'olln.i fhn 11t44 Wal lakesi
Superlr Crimlnal C.rtn.
A.lAlAllrp.D AND I1KBADIID oltili'.
Daniel Weblter ('"), 1Ji.o I'b.e (t). Wri. Oree*,
Jr.. (t), and Engele V lslrublO , all charged wit
larrytag conoealed weapons.
Diael Webster (o, having pleaded uatl.t of
arryltg a concealed weapon, was fined 2O or
thirty days to the Parl'h Prison.
Wem (Gren havsnsn ps,-I guillty to the amie
charge, was gJlven 86 or five days.
ngene .i Vlfear , ble m, was fined $2 50 or
tw.nty-four hours In the Parish Prisno.
AIAoINic, AND PIADADtt NoTr r01r1,'Jr.
It. it. Rowley, ftale Imprlsno-ment.
'rhma. Kill* 1.,a, sesnll on a pblloe of0oer.
(eorge Allen, brlakisg and ent.' rng.
It. Montgomery, oarryin)g con,&als d wespoia.
S.ate vs. Jack Toby, oearg..d with breaking
tad notering -t'l e dleftodant, Toby, yesterday
applied to the court for the appoDlmesnt of
rinsel to d*feuod him. The court appointed
Wnm Reed Mills, Req.
Th'lis is the third appllotion made by the se.
rmnad; on the first Hy. C Miller. Eerl., wae sj
pdnlted, and on the seoond appliostlon . W.
uantington, KEq , was appolIted, but both geo
tlemen declined to sot.
C ,TIN.r:L ED.
State vs. James White, obharged with the mr-.
der of W. P. Carter--On application for a obange
of venau. Argument con:ouned to Wedneeday
next at 1 o'cluock a. m.
The time of the court wa yesterday blsily
oornpied la impaneling a petty jury for the pree-,
sat month. The court has ordered a book to be
kept open, and each juror hb. to alga hls name
after bding impan-led. The Jury after being
Impaneled, were discharged antl konday at 10
a. m.
First Dlstrlet oeurt.
The District Attorney will file
againat the following parties on Monday:
Philoman Darden, Adam Warebeim, John
Price, Jaw A. Doure, Benry and Mary . Laood,
Marie Ar natead, Joseph Al me and H. A. Loomis.
State vs. John (G. R 'oh, (coroner).-Lacy Aam
Jnnes charges Coroner Roche with havlDn oD the
.'1d October vlolently assaulted, struck, beat and
kicked her.
Wm. Johnson, Rebece. Jones and Frank Usat
Sylvia Ohandler.
In another part of thin paper our readers will
see an earnest appeal addressed to the citizens
and merchants of New Orleans, as well as to the
planters of L iatsiana, on behalf of the poor or
phans of eat. Mary's Asylum. The poor helpless
waife are in the greatest distress, and the char
itable sisters who take care of them are most of
the time at their wits' end to procure the daily
bread necessary to their suastenance. We hope
that a sympathizing public will come to their aid
and lay up treasures for heaven in holding out a
helping hand to the poor orphans.
Get your kid gloves at Kreeaer's
ITyman Miss L Lym.n, Miss H Lyman, New
York; M L Byrne. city; John D Bangert. H W
Johnson Philadelphia; M A Carter. R H Bart
ley, Wa.hington; A W Simmons, Liverpool; W
P Vose, CH Marfee and wife, Pa!e Christian;
William Paunders. London; Thod L Morse,
Iberia; H WR ,gers. Ia; S E Foote, steamshti
E H Souder; J D Magruder. New York; J A
P tter and wife, U H 4: John Barton, city; N 8
Williams Terrehonne.
ST. JAIMES HOTEL-H L Lewis, BEo Easter
ling, M Sandford, N o; P K Erving, La; D D
Fullylove, Bay St Louis E A Ford, Miss; D A
Rosener.,nt., T H Ris 3Mem phip ; S Patterson.
Florida: Mark Dngan. N Y: L T Davidson,
Louisvill«; I B West. tincinnatt; A N Morris.
W"-It Virggnia.
CITY HOTEI-Sell Howell. New Orleans and
Mobile Railroad; M-s L Barnes, Galveston; L
D Cambhll. ity; W B Fleck and wife, Ma'oon:
W H Wood, Haekensa.k: M IRahden, editor
Deut.ehe Weteh. Mexico; J Dunifee, ChiCago;
J C Dillon and wi',. Indianapoli : H Weiner,
Philadelphia; RC Bue'a,',n Camrn n: Jno H
Brown. S Louis; J M Meyers. Indianapolis;
Edward Maurin, Donaldsonville.
The following are some of last eavning's de
tartures by the great .Ta,.keon rourt: G. W.
Fohber, New Yr k ; W. H. Lambert. Cin'innati;
T. Morgan. Monroe; MrS. E. Austin, St. Louis;
James Hawey. Provid°.nee. R. I.; Mr. E. M. Ha
gan and Mrs. E. M. Hagan. Vietsburg; John I.
Bell, Monroe; J. P. Longlev. Luisville;
P. Anders n and family. New York: R.
T. Penteost, John Cather. St Louis: W.
H. Atk ns,,n. Durant; J. C. Windham, Mon
roe: A. Josc n. Boston; J. M. Windel. St. Louis:
J. C. Bat s N. F ; G n. MoeMillead, Vicksburg;
G(-orge D. Nicholl-. Cl cinnati: George W.
Akins. Monroe: J. Brown. Alf. Jones. Vicks
burg; T D. McCormaek, W. C.. owan, 8. Alex
ander. New York; Win. Rutledge D. adwood
Cal.; A J. Ma-aulev, Memphis; j. Counsteach,
Buffalo;: . Gilmore. -t. Louis; D. Cott. Louis
ville; W. T. Watt N rth: Clara Smith, Tolono.
Ill.; B .n Fra-er. John Wils 'n. ('iniinnati.
The foil wing were among the departures by
th- Mobile fast line las' -ve'ing: Michael
O'Brien. Europe via New York; R H Marr. jr,
N shville; B Snook-, Louisvil -; Mrs Kleune.
New Y, rk; E M MMAdam-. Na-hville; J C Cook.
Clumbus: "'ol W J B.-han. New ork: J W
Mitche I and s A Grier Columbus; N Bern
stein Joseph Marks. R A Holman. 3 Bergman,
New York; W B Pr ifory. Aigusta. Ga; John
Douglas. Louisville; W J 8kelton, Kentucky.
70>M ke gtvTes A$ £l '$e..

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