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Couarla and FVla nw sste,
XSs4yV fonr steamships e11aret from this
Port with cargoes alggreaiting 1,9I7 l Inea of mo..
t~n, not countlng other articles of morhluandise.
'kree of thnose cloarcd for Liverpool, vir: the
.8MAdringhan., the AIIce and the dreodri'r. the'
last namnel carrying tho very Ilarg enrgo of
it lalesa of ottian.
We mentlinld yeste.rdRa the f.ct thet mnany
4.btOplarnts had heen ntale that the naval oll'n.
had not ia sutlficuhnt clirtlal forco to pnas en
tries It roeadlly as the reyqulrenenuts andl Inter
elsts of Imports demandetl. Where there were
firmerly four or five clerks to attenl to this
bultness. there is now but one. who. thoutlh a
most aetive and eimil+ent. efflloer, nl tlhe oecnslin
of several arrivals from foreign ports on inc
a:ndthe eame day, which wte inIy henceforth
dIaring the busiton season expect. to r'cur
often. cannot gilv the requisiteo prerinits for an
immedlate delivery of onod4. it fact, one
large importer has Informed its that within a
few days he coild not obtain his ptnri s In
time, andl was forced to make a .peldal applttla
tion to have hbls g.nd remain on ith lievoe
twelve hours longer than law antld mtst.rnt all
The grape yield in Ohio hnae Ion very sntls
S etory this year. althou h titere were veroy sori
us apJrehe lolsl of a faliltrO in tlhe sIprliing,
ran ut n-lar al one i20,tuo Iasknets wre
hiIPpe iToly have fettched from cennts a
pond for onords to a contl for clholnl.e Detl
Wro. , Catawtias have stold for 4 i'outs anld pll
The umiber of hoags paekead slnio Mlarch 1 to
No'e' berl, awc+,rdling to isti mrlinats aiid on
pplt , and ILtackin.lg rntlrns furlnistllll to the
'Hnolnnatl i/riFr (!rrenltr , are an follows, at, thl,.
hlldermnuntioneod placel' :
1577. 1711t.
l natl ap ...... ... .. ..... I, to,St i ln,st
Totl ....... .... . I t 2tll,tI t 2, i7 ,
Inorease ....... .... ....... ltIl.424
Pork Parkingkl
The packers of Lotulvilln have openil'tl the
"W S1L.aIol. as wit, WaveO hertotlore annllinllndr
t as yet "the all ii hasi int, Iioutonll oneralti
Sthe line." Hiligh-.n. Ta.lgar &ll Co. have
l tic hogs tamilton JIros &t Co. 1715, lnd
Srran, tLhallhrun v Co. iNan); totall, O1ll,.
hose wo have commoenced oplrntions are
by very inust1lil seartiit.y in the pros
of the provision mirket, and may
ale to tsP~Oe of tlleit product as rapltly as
t becomnes available for shipment. Iti ls lit.
-l g matte, however to sltggest. to alyl y f th'e
that they may be stilmutlated na in the last throe
-e pons, to advance prices, In the ardor of collm
etition,beyopd the range of prudlet disnrertion.
Those who have not started their ne.+taBhl!h
eta anticipate a further decline, basing
tlr conclusions on the assureld ilncelaseo of
the supply of corn andl hiogs in the West. as
well as the genweral ex uerinncn of the trade
stne 15714. l he theory is entertainnd that the
undertone of the priovisoln and paking itntlor
._t dturing tlhe nsnson ill bhe mliori caltious
han for many years, and that business will re
conlfrmed morure strticl y tlo loa itlmatie Irin
tiples. The dlhSstrouIs results of the butitltess
fir .kee years, together with the comparativo,
&.len eo the former linlceit.ve to hear sp.eiu
tl;oel rrltrdil by in flted viltells, are relled upon
o scoure a molre ranqnahlll n an cinsnrvat ily
sis of ticesanlld dealings.--- Llis'rill 'tiritr
lwt'wrnt l, Nov'. Ii.
Water vs. Rall mnotes.
he St. Louis T`ints of the 6th inst. s.,s: The
at market was dull and flat with Drlees on a
I tltng scale from the neening to the los.e,
io udla lgKn irple grades and future opthios.
SI ltte nvillnt thl t thie recent adtvane. In
rail rateso eastward has materially assisted in
tunsettlilng valiues in Western tllarkOts. ThIer
is but one hope for the future. whitlh. while late
to put ifnto prqtcattel tiTnet tthis sIsoniat at, how
ever. be r.mindled to some extent, andi that is by
Itkitg advantn.e of the walter ronut to Nw Or
Ilans. and thonie to foreign narktl'.s. The nid
vant se oft cheap rates by water were fIribtly
esabllshetd during the tDat montlt by the re
elptd of grain at luiffalo by way of thi lake tnlli
oalls from the West.. The Buffalo ('itmtrtinal
A etff'rfits.r says:
'n mnovmrnent of nreals for the month of
Otober bas been imtmense---almost without a
arallel in the history of the port. The re
elpts of all kinds of grain aggrg4toe 14.3tt
i bbushels. Of this etnmoint s.1,tl.tutl bushels
re whent. and 4.1t7,nl were corll. Tlhe total
Iports from the opening of navigation to Ote
tober a1 were 1,949l.129 hIlishel., to s.t0lsl.lra last
eat and 4:t.tr9.sr,' in 1s75. The movement t.hus
far Is in Iex('.s of the entire receipts In many
prev ousyears. T he showing by canal I also
been greater tittan the capatlty of the boats now
available for the u .rinless. and honce R large
uantty has gone forwardt by rail. The total
hments by canal for the season, as report.ld
b the canal collector. are 4'.lt.ii.6 bushuls. to
I.2470tt9 last season, and Ioe,t11 .74 itn 187i. The
toal colleetions reach tio7,nt tlhla year, to 13.
In Il0. ioeeivers, forwarders and carriers
have had all the business lately they cared for,
:4d the prospect is t.hat tlere will 1b, no scar
aity for the next month. The season of 1117
promlsnsto b, among the best this port has had
nInce the war.
Ulp the Watfr Paths.
[From the Kensas (lity (Mo.) T'mRe.1
With a certain road secured, Kalnas City
WoUld need only to utilize her wate.rway to the
-ul In order to occulpy a position as indepetn
eumt Ba commanding and as bene'flcial to the
SnewWPet its over Chicago held to the North
west. Water Is the great common carrier. No
human invention has ever yet ben abhln to com
te with It In the transportattion of ordinary
freight. C(overed all over with ia net work of
llways. and laccd on both sides by the sea,
rance is propnrlg to greatly exennd her canal
ya etois. iter little rflers and her canals car
red] 1..721,05M,000 tons of goods during the year
175, at the nmall cost of 4,177,t94o Irrnes. He ratll
way omft.als tadmit that they would have mben
compelled to charge i56,0t(1, c francs morn for
carrying the namie goods. In otlher wordsl Ilhery
lmtad that sunh aI tillltal waterways as canals
and small rivers. lroked and dannmed, ean ear
-y" reliht for one. liftecnth of the actual cost of
rtalway transportation.
NoW, It i evidcut ihat, wtllh thel mouth of the
ssssIDlppl open and trade ownc turned that
spty In such volume as to attract the necessary
rhiplnIII to the port of New Orletns. the trade
of tiae new West with the outscla world can be
conduct'ed via Kauens City and Now Orleans In
a way to put an additional value of at nnleast
twenty-five cents upon every bushel the Kansas
farmer raises, besides cheatevening to hiln all
the Imported articles which he consumes. An
old steamboat. captain tells us that, with one
towboat and three barges, worth. talt.ogntiher
about st 01 ., he can take trcno tons of grain fr(om
Kansas (ity to St. Lonlls anld retlurn in ten days
with it back loadel of 7To tons of goods at a total
olutlay of isoIn for the round trip. This would
hle onlly twenty -'x and two- thirel enllts peer ton
efor the dowl load antd lfty-thr d on-tlre on-thlird
cents for lthe hack load. Allow hlln onel dollar
oper tocl for thee down load, and he would carry
our wheat toe Ht. Louis for three centts It bushe'l.
and with halAk load of 7e5e tons aIt thle saelll
ratees. would re..eeve $.i2ro 0 for his ton-lday trip.
1e woull thus tb wtlllcald for all his risks and
invest, monts. whitl.ea~'lrying our freight at rates
only l,.no-Ilth ctf .lhe usual railway chargas.
Allow him to gee onl to Now Orleans with his load
at ll"er ton,. or cClteits per bushel, and, with a
boL."oadn of T7o tlls at the ll .tlne rates, he would
rzee v$o s$r for lieo trip, whlich could be made
in a lttle inore I t blon Ieer' wyoeke. It would takel
Strain of iwelnt y-Ivti eca is ae longer time to carry
the name freight Ibt.weeun Kansai City and Ntew
Orloean and eli' iranspoerhttion Iby that mode
would cost thee shltipterse not iess than 6I3anioI).
We exhort our business .. mneon to e ttkeu lhos
figures under a1xi'ous ieensheieretion. Whiat
cal be dcone' teo racplltz' Iton therm In the solution
of this question. and the working out of lthe
problemns we hnvo suggecstld tin tllhs artein. lie's
thlie ieth of Kansas City to a future rank scleoudc
to few others in tie' nation.
The Eronomy of Wealth.
(llurlington llawkeye.)
The re'cent adlvance in railroad ratls suD
plies tle teIxt for a renewed discussein etl thel
cheap I rlrnstortation qloestion. In ghtnce'ing at
the whciee qcetluton. and all tihe cire'umsteianees
tlrroundilng it. there is good rm ason for reaiclh
ing the conc)lusion that the great lakes and thle
Misslssippi river and its t.rltlutaries. we're not
created merely ias derinrellllt g avenuies or for cli
matie inlnuences. They were meant to be high
ways for commerce'. It is certainly it safe
maxim that "n it lre' le'vr oreatets an ything ini
vain." It was a hasty and consideratelt conclu
slon whlich banished the" river ways and lakees
from the future transportation problenm,. boe
cause the railway system hn s conce in aend
largely usurped the functions of in
land water craft. We nmay never
again see the day of the famous Miclssis
elDpp river passenger steamers, but the
etera of that great stream are certailnly not
destined to be unruffled by the prows of inland
commeroe. For the past Quarter of a century
She tpdeney of trade hM becn on direct East
di .Weet lins., and will lU largely continue
that direton but a the MiipSlp valle
more ti I pop*ltdb will
Cc) -19*
~~ e,
4ntss1! and tnt llau of .
an r ta Iaxertni&, C 3lL I M 6af4
m otiXeiao is ye I-its i tdnt,~v Iýriwt~
tý garow, anr grow rapiidly. an or~m[ an
ilppu tenrt [actor in the oorni'rcnll future of
the United Itatejs. Every c',nriti1gratlnn of
tliootio1ny ant iolf-IntoroMt forblto the aneill
rdon thllt tlh' oiiroanle anRl matlnfat'turtd pro
d'1ets of t ht' MI1issitstsil valloy will ho Itthieit0(I
to tiron Xtpn1111i If ocvrlilnit trnn11otlrtoi' lnln
fore thoy are Filpiptiill fir thij vall1tutilral matf
kont. I1'(1( natural 'ore11oR will lii (lown thon rtViI'
to thin aulf. 'Timis will nom"ln lu duen limn(' it on('
if the results If a nnturnl law anti tho u 0 'lt
in of oa pr'onssI o><pirt trade. It wt ,pre to
Co0n ap'tt' with othtior lflIru ralii p1 tuarknti ;jg our1
prod 11111, Wl urmost (o so unoder the morst faviu
ing rirý'u mstnlll'ns.
K1o01111r hlcnn'llnnlltl Intllnen'vn upon nontrnlrr'n`
(1 our fntural wcntor Wayp 111 tho nltTiit. upon1(
froigctt ratsri. It h1141 a tonnfl'y tio tlim rlt' o,
to not, tip nl~")ir''k IIYnIIIst oxsIHsoVCv 'JInrU ) s. WVI
dii no t1ke fIlly s1101ok tn the dperagLUog ii rry fir
ivhtoi l l'tullrs in a mlllnntrim wholn Wi11torn pr
dU* 011 will Iiot tralnprrlrto fir aIlmosllt uot tllI1Z.
n ralwaysrria n1 canwtor "raft urn boatr fil(It liit
to lvhrgfrates on pepllflrli ani( fnoigtit
L'atliii)iiltl but It Is avldruut thorn Il too 111'
nompnlIitltiif between the two sy11tn rs of trans
pnrtnt iorn an thatr rrcnl11, r inn Put t rfltr n to fn n
nmoniioily. Thls year. It Is lpild. larrci ilnlil i
ties ifs orfn Ore seiik I g a tnarkot. at Itt. 1,01111s
hi'oarsno of a laIk of rtilrild i lttfatillboM to taki It
to flii ieaiionrii. iltlire Is ntluit an inrlialhult
alfuit iif gran goilng to Now (lruin1n1 iiliit
thnnI1hio b)y stiipmlnir 14011 Will to Europo. Thu jot
1101 at the torithwe'st. PI14s1 arc' a 1110(0111 0011
ronan stpianIlrrs 1011 nli 1( t ihewllhrr nit. N w
Parlena. It has also 1010n qimmnll tctrit'ii thtIa
urnin do11P not. 1111111 pill in Pllufl.cl thrurrtlt 11h
warm watnts oftht flitarlud ttl.ti At bontit. Wtt h
tralt bugar rptoi 11 riclib, nodt in'riinimnd 'ioLvaltoI,
iron hinrarg ad storrgn failliitirs, the Niissis
si)Di wilt yet ben100nn a grielt national highiwauy.
rougitll I lalikko tranntportltiO1I ratIes11 nod thrt
mart'keto 0101.tn1 101111 W estorn prmiullnts.
... . . -..llt l . .- ..... . .
. Wdnnaday Evenfng, Nov. 7, 1877.
OlParingR. BIlanoee.
Novombor 1 ....... $1,407,740 93 $1T7,724 fi
N OV ¢nfl lh r F ..... . . 1,f OG9 H (310 192, l.0(1 79
o.ivniltnrtl , . 2,t01t,33i IH 17.447 310
Novnember 7 .. . t.t.81 n7 112 1017 48
Total thur far ........7,199.049 3 170,474 42t
mome r of the Ianks tn-day rpnort'~dl a good do
niand for nltnely, whilst others o()nly noted (Ia
moderate iniatiry. In commtnr.ahl pair t' and
mortgage nots the businens done has not hInt
of 1 llhlnt. importane to cause any clhanti
In rates. Exe tltional eotrnenrola paper
129)- 9 oent: Al o 170t-; second grade do -'3
-: loans on col ateraai lee-: Al mortngna
paper 10l-. seond grade do ---(i-- i neunt. per
Gtold was only modotlrtely ativt, and ratoe
are steadly.
Foreihn ExohnanK, rulid] firm and met with a
fair demand.
New York eight, undor Ih, influnnce of larger
offerings, is weaker.
Htrc'ks are steady and but little movement
State Console are in good demand: the offer
lngs arn fw., and the market. ioI8(tl lrml at.
47 ,1897',1.
P'remnium Bonds ruled firm andl met with fair
nales, closing at 7(1737'1:17
(toll opened at lcd)al't4I.I nagtint 10I at. New
York, and ilostod at Itllt('ll3, agnlnst IcvO',
in that market. Salis-x17.e1a9, gI,3833 and $1ooe
Iatl 101, and $7185 lit il(ri.
BTE1lLINt A 0ALEH---0t1, clear at 489. C.181o do
ait 49t144ii9.,. 10.1001 bill of ildling at 415u4h0819 I
£7(011 do at 4814lC45..4i.I. 1I,(IIO ill of lallntn an t
clear at 4.i9@s4it, and t£5ct hill of lading at
4891),)45.l ,. hank sterling --to4119, commerlall bills
1l1AN iSALES-lto,000 commercial at ir,
75,1eo do at Rs1, a d 1,00,,1 do at ts. Bank frai'm
--4-. and 0.1ot for o ,mmeoriial.
tl(HIT BALES-.so,.n, tp,1e0e and $2n.lw8)
hankerrs' at 3, $in.1ll,0iI do and *31,it0l iolirnmr
.Inl at 7-10, 20,1oo) batnkter' at. . and $4iot0ti do
at. 11-:2 ' cenilt dlsii'oulLnt. Thne ianks are thnlllk
tilg a 'ii i oent. and onmmerciall l4tuoiiil tt 7-il0
t oeil illllscount.
NiW O lSANIS STOOl fxoflANON 8lAS.4,
$10,eeo0 State Consoln sos (i)) ................ $7
10.ono Premium Bond .. ...........
ee,00 ltate Consols ................... Rn'.
0,189 t1 (t(3 ,
,iOt5) 01 i (lol .... .. ........ 51S
4.310 do do ti .................. . 17i
raIe PreJ mtlnhm Bonlids .................. :i7
'r 7,IXN do 'to ... . . .. . :17'.
7,0011 dt l do .tn ................. .. 974
l, State Con ole ....... .... .. .... H n9 i1
73,000 Premium bonds ................... 37'4
.00on Premium hBonds ............... 371
0 ,.000 do do -----... - .. ... . . :17 14
$10,0s8) State Consols.... .......... .... saM
a,2to Pier Diom Warrants .......... . us9
10.15n1 Premium Bonds .................... '7 4
1rn18. do do ...... .......... a1
12 shares Orleans Jtallroald (o ....... 23.t
11l,ono lState Consols (B this yntr) .........
oiee Premium honds ................... 7
s,uet8 do do ........." ...... l74
IBy Tologravll.)
New Yonx. Nov. 7.-Wall street-Money closed
at 5l t ieot. Exichange dull at 4.51(o4 ,0. tGold
ctlosed at 10ou4. (tovernments closed steadiy;
(lrrency sixes 121ftl3l122. PaRiflt l Iltroalld
honds closed as follows: Union ofrsts 10l()1o0l' ;
land grants tI(o1.sIlo,,% sinking funds 194"1.1g409:
Centrals ll lti.1,11Oil1. The stork market was
chlarattorized by tleprosslon in the late after
nfoon dealtings, andl a lower range of prieo prDo
veiled in the entlrctllstt. Thui dellin fromn tho
highest point ranged from t, to 24% i cent, and
was most marked In Lake Shore, Michigan
Central Western Union and thel Grangeoshires.
The following are the closing bids:
New York Central ........................... .nlo
Harlem .......................................14,
Erie... 1411
Lake Shore....... .................. 107 °
abasha ........................... rL1
Northwestern .. ....................
orthwestern, preferred...... ........ .... 4%4
Rook Island ... -....................l
Fort W ayne ..... ..... ...................... 91
St. Paiul ..... .......... ............... . 321
St. Paul. referred .............. ......... 07'
Pittsburg .............. ............. 71
Delaware. Lackawanna and Westirn ..... 491I
Noew Jet soy Contrltl ............ ...... 141b
Delaware and 1H udson Canal ......... ...4. . . i'
Morris and Essex................ ....... 7
M ichigan Central............................. (
Illinois C ntral..... ........................ 7 1
U nion r ................................ 7
0. , and I. C......................... ........ a3'
St. Josetph ... ............ 12
t. Jose h preferred ....................... 27
Ohio ant Mississippi.
W estern U n on ................................ 7 '4
Atlantich and Paclfle Tolourapih .... ......... 2
PciMlai M .t ..i1........ ....... 2:1
ul ksilver .................................. 17
Q toIcksilver, preferred ..................... 1)
Ad il s Expr s ........................... .. . l3tx
Wells Fargo & Co. Express . ..... .. "H.
American Express ....... ....... ...... .. r3 '
United States Express ....................... 4r,'
Wednesday Evening, Nov. 7, 1877.
Yesterday was a bright, pleasatnt day. but husl
ness was quiet, owing to bac'kwatrdness of the
crops and consequent small, comparatively. re
elipts. There was somo demand. particularly
in the provision line, but there was less done in
the wholesale jobbing trade than yesterday.
IMoas pork was dull and dry salt meat easier,
but bacon showed unmistakable signs of im
As to breadstuffs there was a dullness In that
line throughout the day, the demand sbeing light
and wholly confined to the lo, al trade. While
buyers were coy. ("half willing to be pressed,")
hoping for. or anticipating easier ilgures In
vietw of the steadily accumulating supply, holdl
ors took a very different view of the probable
course of the muarIket, and manifested a dispo
sltion to send their goods into store rather than
make any (oncessions in prices.
On tile sugar leove operators in the sacchar
Ine staple had a fair business to-day. Bugar
was quiet and in tolerable demand, and mo
lasses active.
Cotton was also in demand, especially for the
higher grades, and fair sales are reported.
reaching 8200 bales. It is a notle.able foot that
the cottons thus far received .here are below th
ira l 1!d it, en.e the- Sar o1lit
fdtl Iry hihetr pit oe tha aruin
(JOTTOlt-hi, ý1tealttdr ttndthte toni, of
e a ntarkOtt lir( nY *owt onfir met by an )14y
t ve tenifin to-day. v ittl a out! movpml i
reaWrIiitt to Ranh babeo8, VrrL h~ut prirn, r i e(I
firm at yolteroitity l ttnirio, U.rtaion gratos.
Rnectl aR Whit" tutu Rll,101ly.tnpll 11 1 141R, IV'c~Po
m811'h inuhitred aellot, 1tit lOy intipnktlI outiit. 2
ptLiltl 'l,4
with nvott tonIi g do~wn, nrrivftl.1 hoillu 1-;N~l
Alwo a~t ilhot 811108ng oft'"'1 i litiI 8s'w rintttit
At N'w YViri tltro p o woire 1 fir withI Rtlt'8 ii
4!(,1(ni tItihilil n iiont 42,'11 oill Mi'tItiar, atnd Mlnii'.
*lair 1 111,IW1'1 nn III prvnnint, eapw'lalllly In all t.in'
Th omr·(, dl lnl, lit lon'11 fort (111 Cottot t N fP't'hllllgt(
'To-IfAY. Y19t~tltltiOY.
Low Oldinalry
Lo~w Middlitig 141
Mloot] t tillin g 11. 11t
(lbltodItltlgFiltl l .. 11'ii .
Hlitt'ko tot 4211f
Mitlrlka llitlt ivl, l V. . . . . .'lit
TIl stmt"t an nit I'.ittftyr hutt ynI.177...21,11571
N et ri''ttil s Iup tl lay. ti i... . . . 1,t2
Ntit tutil it t tt'o- itiny.........6. 4266 li
N!itrit, 1 . tt'1 ti l It1to, it4i. 1
'I'Attn nIinu thi tit t r nt . ho (ItItIt
Ttotal strflrk rtlitijIt da fitu iii Of t Vfiti 176,i774
omui titolity's wr'st"l5 wotitt :Ilg tlltlil.o 2ltt24 I hid.
515a4 bati' (o N 'w fork.
N t ro i t se p11100 Vniti · · ·· . · . "...... 1(1,1111
(Intrflt tiltr .ll it lt 11r .1111 ,1,7 24
NMo ttc......... I .'11 ltldttAOd 7 . 7.. 111.. n
Not ro'niptaf this dalry 44't yearr ..... ,. ... 9,1477
Nt ri'itil it1 2,11'41 171111.. .. 42.2111
Net rof'niirts sa.ºn ticllr' bout wank ... ..:i5,HHn l
N 't rtn lsttiplt o. tn. . 2time l.2 t vo8 1 ... ...... ,)171
N I ot ti ltit F l l41tiiiht i:1.1. .. .. .1,711111:
N l. ro il t t t Rilk '' S i t u ' I (l't . I: .12 . 2:1r,2:11
P 1oittittl filt Rhliit aid SR p.t' nf 1,1 lt74 t o.111i1
Jittut 1ix''tlt gu, ln; trot~;": Ilivr "prr ll 21.41(
at. loonll, a anted at the Exohan(IIoI 14, 1V 1,14 inl
Ilrn'Rni 1 5,212 half's.R
Af'f'nrilinn t~o tnln Patti)r l rnontvivnd tt the (),,)tin
Exf'hitngo~t tttn roetlptm fromf7 noon't vestnrfhiy}' toI
nouin to-diay Wnrr 35"'11:1 hfilnn.. ng~ltltis . 27"4 mot.
I aut,
For five dnyA up to 12 in, to,-day, ten novn-t
mont art ports w att a14 follows:
$w''11l Rime~r Hlstlln timec Rain s )into
Fill, ry. lad woPcrkk. last. ynrlr.
Now 1"1'lilR 422+11 :5,14!, 111,,11177
M011VrR~, 1 e 1":118 1.62 17,41 it
Sava Inll 22,111' 17(,12 111Hr
C!harleston 2: 1.421a 11,4(0 IN .71
Wilmingon 6,41.) 4,115 Vol
Norrlillk 11,34 1,07 2:,21
Now Y rk 1,4111 a r5 nr,:1
Rile) i) . 0,124 1,144 2,42
Tot.lil .... 14.r0 171 120 20a 14.,03+4I
2Irnnptsl at. -'rts RiUor n l4ptnmhbrnllier I ..- 34l1,1.12
8tr44ll3pt43 msamo (anie liast year .. - . 1.119.1215
li. ft olpo Ir4I4 nm time v-ll4 r b forl' ...... . 41149,917
The exports, 4'n(lotlidto 1 for the 4past three
. . 11. 'Fr22an"o. (lont. (han. , Honks.
Tihs wenk 10,740T0 11.n4r l 13.14, 0 1.1,n4 .42.120o
L-.t, Wonk. a4,:,i3 34.174 2".1H24 2 '14 40,44,H02
l'hli w nlrk j 27,41 Ir4.24H4 1:3.014 2,I:10 1.42,134, +
MHU(iAl-1eo-Jlt44 l4o hh1ds. 'Thel market rulid
qluni't with ia modnlrait0 itl tivity: atout 744 h12hds
sRilllng at r.,g for Inffrlor,r `etir, for c·olmmWon,
4',4'.444 for yellow 'larlfled, 9,4 for off whites
and 91 0 for whites. Woe 1note: 2 forior 3r4;w
4(4,': 4goo41 omonn142l 244a0041 i: fair to 530(od fair
7 7(1'4; fully fair to prim; e 7T'4d)tO4'44: 4tri4'ly
trim(o} --4; 'rhocl - -.-; yellow c'iarlfl4ed K4.Mn4
1'; white0 n 1 Bs14 4,l .
M(OLAHMtEH--Itocol,'. :ti 247 4lbis. Market qlnnt
nali dlnedllllll(l Ko4Od,. [4w gr2.(ala b4King in 0good
2supply antld n4iglh4to4l+ We t qulot., oom4mon I( rdl
3o44; lair 42(044l ; prlnm 411(a.49;: strltly primn
4400r22e, anitd c'h4l0aol at. at n:402s4 1" gallon. The p ales
coveredl 287 IbIsI---2 ,onlmmon to, fair at 24(04440';
fro or rimto t4o 4h44'o2 at 47(0(2(1; :445 fair at 44544234',
and 27 mixed1 lot 2lt 44('.
iFIR )UIt --i Juneos in thi n1 art4lol In dull, thron
being only ia mnall 2loca'l diamnalla ; hllders, how
over, take l a strong viW v oi 14o probabinbl oourSr
of the market and rofulan all ')onl4(34Rions on
pre<sent 1,quotationhs. Hals 6O1 aind4 to bls at $1i;
so andl 40o at t4 2140; 1,0 2r,, 2), 20. no and I2 it at $7.
(omnimon l ql1ot..d at $44}4 24; fine 4 e(0-4 7G:
sutnnrfln4l $0,; double extra $a 214176 60; low treble
extra m r.g@ o 76T; good do 500, 25; bholne do 4 6)4
404 7o: chole0 extra $t 7507D47; fanl.y 57(7 421 2 bbl.
Dealeres and groers5 obtain on0 above those
("COiN MEAI,--Thke a4ivanmn ,,laimnod by hold
ors ha2 parthlaly boon c'e4tl4'dl, d by buy1er. Thn
SIIpplys) IlKht. antd lth4lough thn domentlld i
also light, holdrs aire firm 4t $2 r042 142 a2 4 bl21.
dntalers jobbllng at $12 ,52 0(O 4 bidl. 2.atlos 1400
hb2 at2 $2 (1 .
(7()ltN IN BULK--Thef market Is bar"., andl
su41DPlelos w1ould ommtanld tl1 ,4 bbushl.
2Y I-No. 2 8 quoted to arrive iat 7Tan It22 bush42l.
WIllCAT-NonLI on the market. ptring oim
mtands $1 241i 2 t4 and wintersl so('i 2 11 ,u1141l,
tO(j'ri -Einay and in faitr 4demandi at $l 14,r:l o0n
41 bbl on the 14itding. Job lot1 sell at 444 0t
12 bb,.u
I'ORK-Ia dull 4antd (easy to buy at, $14 2. The
1.uppl 1is not large, but lth Idemand Is small
and conflind to small transactions to t.he loal
trade. Dealers still job at 11 2.o016 .o F1 bbi.
aialae--21 and 40 bles at $14 25; 2. and 22o at
614 37s.
D1)Y MALT MEAT-fias rfuhd irregular andt
neaoler to-diy. with Sa1les of loos10e bhoulld(2r4
ranging from 0',4' ex-detet to 02.4 out of 4stor4,
.and pickedl nmeatl slling down to l.th1 ilntar
flgure, We quote the malrkot 4l4ay at 4;'.~ ;,4. 0
loo4s4, and pmaked: do4l1rae jobbing at, 6Jat4'Wlu7.
atlmes-20,tx)n 1 loose, ex-d4pot, at 1 ),'3; 1),4444
lh at 4Y e; 244 and 25 hox',S at b(4O.
BAtION-Is in very light supply and fair de
mand, the market ruling st2artl,01r and stronge4r
at s'. for shoulde(rs. 49r,(),4' for nlear rib sl4ot4s
inld lO4'@lOb',' for 4'i14r shloa; d4ainlt1r johlnl4rg
. .4%02 higher. foailes-0 eRsk4 shoulrldr 2a2ts, '. 105
andtll 20 b4x0'4s 4,lnar rib shlt's at. 91',+; 25 ,asks dli
at. )O's, ; 5 iad to 4i 'mks e('inar s4s14 atI 1i0 so'.
BIIEAK'A8T BIACBON-Q-lult, alndl, according
to c'Ut lad glunlity., quoted at tif,1lorit; jobbling
and retallling at 1o0)(lliW,'. Hold--10 boxes at
LARD-D.ull and nasy at . 4'09rr for refined
and trackers' ll tlor4's ; kgeg are quotld1 at 9I'.,(
refllted and 9'"e for kettle or packers' st4Om4
Ipr'4ssetdl. )Deailors job) a' an advanceil( of 'Lfab.o
on tlhose1 flgu res. H'oldl -2r, tler'es kettle at 0.,
I'A(IKE1iH' HOG 1PRODUOTBl-Dealers are
solling on orders in the jol, tra4de at s 42 half
4bbl for pla2 pork. $12 24(440 2 bbl for prime mosn
pork, $10 for prime pork. and $11 24 for rinmtr
pork. l'lPklid pl444 feet are selling at $1 14
keg. Ham sausagtis are dill and l uoteod ilt 47
(c444 a tlb, Family pork Is jobbing at 12. o "44 bbl
PI''klnd Digs' tongues are quoted ato i aiece.
Plokl4 d h.a4ds amre offering at $104111t thier'.;
foeet. $10411 threoe. and jowls at 5i1; 4, tlrc4e.
Nn snwroe rlm o0n hanid.
COtN-Tiheroll I t little Inft In Irst ntand 5
Tho domand is good and vrl'os are Ilrm, wllh
an upward tond.lney. White ;5s', new ynllow r, .
old1 y'ellow r,710a4e.. Hales 1(Nh) yiellow at 57c and
.o.( do at sriHe " bu.hel.
OATH-'The stock iN aeumulating and the
mlovement only moderate. 'The market is eavy
at :u3:637e. Males l(0o anlld te) choice G(alelIna at
:7ie hbushol.
BIltAN-- The stork in i rst hands Is oxhaustod
and that on the Itevo Is hold by dealers. Hales
21)0 haws at tree 'f (Wt.
HAY-All grades are scarce and the market is
fIlr. ('hole qullotd at $1, orime $14 50,15 50.
HRale's (:t)thles'5 choe, at $SI T ton.
IBUIL( C(1()N--"tock light and market noml
unal atr.e ' hbushtl.
BUTT"I'Et-The(i r,.eI lots of Northern are fair.
Wesstern arl' in light su)ily and in fair request.
We i.lote New York creamnry, inoe 3Wi.:li,;
Now Yorat dairy 1I,3 20.. WS Ifn qluality; Western
rPaaclnked 10&ml(8€, its in quality.
CIWEEE- Ih-nand flair anl prices staaditnr,
with only a modenrate stofok. Now York tream
15(t(55',e Western factory 12(@14e. as in quality.
COFFEE--Is dull tand unhanged.
Cargoes. Job lotHs.
Primo .................. 1 ( 2 2011( ' 2024
Good ............ ........ 10(4 x19~ 194GL20o
Fair ..- 1.....0...........i 19-- I
Ordinary tn low fair ... 1i;44O1'@1 1*6r171,
'T()lOBACCO--Nothing report'ed to-day. The
stock on sale Is estimated at 520o hhds. We
qlote a0 follows:
Inferior lugs8 3(3 1. low luglas :.33; emedium
4@4',5. goodi to tine 4N5'i5%C. lW Ileaf 5i¢10,a.
medium 7,,,0'. giood 9010o.. fine 11(@11se. ani
sehlelt ons 12@i2'..
RICE--Market steady. Choice K6n04.;,O. prime
nccW;c(', woold si,'Ja:ni, fair 5 r,,5i'i7, ordinary 5 's0
5i '0(' common 4 'a05.i 0, No. 2 :.(5,34:(' Ith.
H'ARICH-I-n good domand at 3)'5c in lots;
jobbi ng at 3504(44 ' It,.
HALT--Demand good and stock fair. We
quote,to from warehouse: coarse 75'n)(', ftln
5(e.i$1 : Turk's Islandl neglected and nominal
at ss4.,oc fior bags of two bushels; table salt, In
pockets. '1507 '0 each,. as in size.
BIAG(ilNG--Qilett at 121( wholesale; retniling
at. 12 !1301 . Baling twine quotoed at 14c whole
saetn. 1Sn(o: ir6 at retail.
ESCOLENTS-P'otatoes are quoted at $234
2 50; onions s(:arce at $s 50.42 75: apples $1 5r0is
3 50; cabbages $3&5 F 100; crates $1 7502 25
WOOIr-More stocks offering than there is de
and, and it is held above the views of buyers,
is qOted at 1120. Loutisianaclear 2%e.
S1r-upp eAs1h 04, = 4u1, 4t;
sese ndussset
"Mmea, dry ask" *MMO.~r ;Ib
A kr~t bare and nbrgmIllv aso
WI -Dull, o 1 a id r tul ar. (3ojd1
r'hunoli nnptor ao In rlirng atl SI 171 Illt. 1n1 lity
IrOtlto t Ci1 1,4 I1 tll 34 uanllon,
lºnmeut .li Mrket..
thy Telegrsph.]
No3rw yongi Nov. 7.--()pqning--WI, ilwt· Itlic0t i
11111111111: hli'iil o Si 21), MllwuLlakO1 IL :, rn)
wlnitnr CI :Inli'` :I9. No. 1 SIe llr.io £11. (Jn IIlil't
tutu-1 firm. I, ·lit"l,( Rp·w WI)WOt 441,1117 lollai,'ila
""'i 7117). 1114 ,1114H Wi ral'n iiioil 11(N1 )1)1 aaiii 2ld124
Ih4CM. ryc 1271, tililiy 151',14(17. Ilillt r011), tIlrlk 1141
Iicy01114, I PIT 7ri, Kr)on1I Ilol4 17142, 10nr 11 17141),
whisk4ty 12,111 14111,
I'PIrk 'IIulot.; $i11 44 *llinnry, $11 147 Fobrnary.
s17 ail Ii', 'pinior, 417li 114) ar. 1.lord cl lIliit: 1.417
.I ntllnllry. H1', Fn I I rul. 1tIS Novomlnmrr, 14.)11 a J)o
c4rrlt1lnr. , r(,0( ytrnr.
( IItoi1' NhVlnt llrIt 1 : 071C 4 nln $i 211: Mlliwallakol
$i 211: No. I Mllwt llkno #1 113411 41i4 1IHll'tl 1,1 i)ll
iltlhlI. (Jrgi 41114t r11nd firm; 1411) 4114111111 buahl
plo lIi4 1124",. WIhl/ ky-- Haglros 1110 1,,1)14 Iu S Il$ I.
(Ilats-- etra Whlite No. 1, 42'4i No 2 J. 31454
N, i Il (1h7:417'x .'xtra mixoil 1d.I. '1;N: 2.
5:1. 74 Eiii4rllnar ; 71:1 Ni7 vo ml o1r i; 70I1 I)iI nnnl
onr: $1 Hil ynr1, I,1'lllt11 .It; 14,10 iiatrtll ryl 14.7954
Il41IIll'Y ; 14.121( Ni Iviall I r; Mlii '' ,414,r,7', I)oinn.l
lmr : H.17', yr'lllr.
(JalnllAlIl, Niiv. 7,21:411 to, m.-Whoat im40ttln1d
at Si 4l14 il0l l1'k Nov'vnaho r; $1 lOi6 illollr vfnt';
$I :1'71'NiiI 114 I nntlIber, 4 Jorn '1)1'lit alt 42114('449'
Nivi'mlnhr: 411, 141ln1 v'III 42'. fir May: 111t14
for Jlalullry 411, T rul Dlvinltilr. Outs (iuilot at.
24 for Nov'lrlbnr or IUli'lOUI)l0r 24'414*2'4 for
H'r. LJ0Ii1. Nov. 7.-(lo1'471-- (-No. 2 Wlait 51 27
bld: No. :1 wlhr'lt $I 2:I;. h11 Nulvnionrr $t 21}'J
1,141 1 l'omb~ior : $1 21', 11i thlo var1 $1 9N111611i
.JIntll) lnlalr 1 St ,111 NovovuIIn r rllb sI 10,
8t1Vollinir' ltorn-- '1sh 4914445'4 1 Novomtwnr 42 ',
L1yl'ollOL :lI'4 vail thu your 211 1, 1.1d;1 Jalaunry
vnlinhlor 211, 17111 I;liori mber 2154 14d; all the year
'21 4 llid; 410011 ry 211', HN 4IIi/r1,. Ilyo---0I014h Do.
li'lmlil'x 2 hti(]l, 11114s tI1n-- Whnat H14; Cornfl
21) O0t4 iII 1114 ll'y II;r 1)11. WhIaky Vl 17. .Plrk
lid Nivomuh~r 12'`6 all till youlr 12', bidll Jon
(!ra('INNA'r~t,No1V.7,-Untl A clllit-mixed ct ~11 R:
viii white eHnP: II. Iiyn--Ht.nndv cltlnand. 141411R
uierk 14 1)rl1 111, 111l 14 ilty lt. $l) 25(1112 l. (100)1 c
lllilll.1 iJ Iuini- - houlldllrM 4l'li4'44 -i.Ioar rib j14J1l)1
I 111m4., 14 144)14',, for (ollolll) avornIgCol. WhIa1kV
'pIllit. 111111 MiltIIdy; SI 17. Yo1)4CM Inr fair doliinI
-trod Iii-ail, ('e~rn III 111"'ltirntr, (inm tlrl anti u ttcn
'Iy 131)831 for 1111W 111 lId oar: 42(844 for 11111 and
40 for Milillni). Whloat 114 IlJlloirll lit SI 9111120 for
roili 111111 Si 2144111 :ii for good1 tio 111 ioiI , wit.
Forelin Ilarketl.
l,oNtloN, Nv. 7. 2 V. m. -Flo-r n~nlhannll rltl .t
:tmlo; importf of all Uradn intut tlhet Unit-tl Kiug
domrt for flthe past weak ulpwtIrda of tI,000 ItHi r
trl'.n Wh.at, dull and nol.ialu : tlr oar 'mNt thO l
.oniit- e.l lowur on th nuittliud, pri., fo r Ohiongo
sprling. at r1.cr 214 ; rodl winhsir Ullunrhnng.d at.
r. ind ; OCallfrnrlia unnlilterldl itt, .21: garpoa-1 tIo ar
rivu rmnhhangltul: (luhlago 4iuu: Callfornla .lnHim
Ian: arrival@ for nrdnr light; imports for thu
mI lt wiink upward of ; 7t3.Iu u. quuarters. Coo1n
firm iind iunulunglod (Carmgoa '1 o enat tnfu lil;
'targOnei to arrivoe 214 5dl(: arrilvlsl for ordore
Ilghtl: irnportned into the Unitled Kingdom for
the parut wnnk upward of tno,nI qIuartlru.
LtviaRPOol,. Nov. 7 1:45 pD m.-Flour un
nhirnugl. taln qlueltt,. WheaiRt lnonhangoed; upturl"g
104 rdlmul~iu 21: (atlifornla (luh 12iu iIauaIu 2u1;
do avnrcgi 121. 7d'0l(2 10,o. (Corn ftelady and un
lltanIrfll,. 9214 hl1. C(anrula putR. unI. llhaligud1
--·- fill. - --* · C· ---
'rtulr tilay, Nov. H, 1177. I
Daily rport of the - tagtuo r watfer with chatng.rlu
in thU twenty-four hours onding yewtirday
at a p. m. :
Ahove low Chnnga.
water. 11. Fall,
Feat. Illn.he. Inhchi,. Inlhn14.
Cairo.... .. ...... 12 H H 0
Oincinntl .. 5 11 0 1
Littli l(ok'k . .. i5 i 19 ,
Iuliuivill.. ... ... 4 2 1
MempIhle . . 7 11i i
:Now Orle-an1u . ... 1 1 O
ilt~t.Rhaurg........ . r, 5 I a
Shri.rveTort ... 19 l0 2 i 0
Bt. Loni H ........... II 1 I t
Belolw hgluh watu.r mark of 1H74.
eirgeant. HiIgnal Hirviuo, U. 4. A.
llnut Wing No. 1. John Howard, Yar,on Valloy,
J. A. Hcudldlr, Iabonl.
Alvin. Bllun Wing No. i. Otauhilta Bll. Y, Ytzoo)
Valley, Tuxa., John fHoward.
To Art1e.
Martha, Alvin, lower onast: Blun Wing No. in,
Mary Ida. Henry Tote. ItVlar coaut: A. C. IDon
nally, Mhannon, Goldeo City, Ohio river: Gov.
Alien. Outhit* Belle, Bayot Har: La 1Belle, C.
II. 1urfoo., Iod river; I1. C. Yantlr, Gold Dust,.
Mt. Louis: J. II. Ianna. Baton iRougn: Natcheoz,
VikYlknhrg; Brthla. Optlousas: Frank I'argoud,
(I rh' uvlle.
The weather moderated considnorbly yewtor
day. remaining cloudy. with a stiff wind tromn
tho northeast. the prooursor, we fear, of more
Thi reel pts of Tuesday night gave the land
ing a very livoly appearance. Hthipments were
not very active, though the Howard had a fine
trip out.
Thi oIastrop laid over until i p. m. to-day.
turning over the freight recoived to the
len Cornwell takes charge of the Wilson's
offino on arrival.
Capt. Dick ItRohrtson. who has been on a
vlsit West, returnffd yfste'rday.
The Big Munflower, . 1. Fletcher and the
hull of the old Lotus were all towod over the
river yesterday.
The now and vry fine side-wheel packet Gold
Dust. C'apt.. E. W. Gould in command will be
hero to leave Haturday for Ht. Louis. h6e is ad
vortisnd as an indotpndent pf'koet.
The New Orleans Outten Heed Association has
been dissolved.
FrankOakes advertises as follows in the Com
mercial: The Lord willing, high water per
mitting, and the huilders doling the halan(c of
their work with ulikkness and dipatch, the
propellhfr Itapvl Tiransit will he ready to leavo
this port. for New Orleans, from the i't.h to the
1ith of the prosent month. Partios having pro
duiltf boats to "tow out." or other profltable busl
ness to offor, will he promptly attended to by
making known their wants, by letter or other
wise to Frank J. Oakeos.carPl'arker. Wise A
Co.. No. 11 Publf Landing, Cincinnati. Ohio.
Ca pt.. Thorwegan's great Iron steamer Charles
P. Chotnan was to have left St. Louls yesterday.
The Yazoo Vallny brought of the Olnncoe s
carg', 411 boxes of hehRsa, 7 bdies sa(ddlery, ti)
whoe'llfarrowsf. if; lIns whools, 10 do legs, I box
hlardware, 4 washing machines. rboxes sauce.
2 trunks. I gin bruIshi 497 sae.s whoet. 24ii pkgs
lurnituro. 4 hoxos H. H. goods, 44o s.tks oats
and 15ir; sacks corn. A part of the above was Con
sigined to the underwriters; none of it was dam
f (0tl...
Tilhe Thompon Dean lrrivtd at. Memphis
with 2: liales of cotton and 2nSn sticks Heed, Hhe
waIt to have lbft Miem phis yoeterdiay Of hor
the Avalanche says: More frolght offers from
here, than who can carry, while at. various lamnt
ings iilohw a large qulantity of cotton awalts her
coming. Homei 2It) bales or more will be realy
atthe, mouth of White river by the time she
gets there.
The Natchern will arrive to-night from Vieks
tullrg anid return Haturday as usual.
Theli New Orlieans and lied Rivetr Translporta
tion Company stlanmer La Bet le leiaves Hlratur
day, without fail. for Shreveport.
Capt. P'. A. ltLarlOt will hlave his well known
PosIlt and Larliur'tihi piacket Assumption iat the
landing to-day, readly to leave Haturdlay. SHe
advert ise'rne, t.
Owing to a dlisarrangement of the mabhlinry
the I.,.sie Taylor was detained Tuesdlay niight,
andi did not got, away for the Atchafalaya until
yesterirdiy morning.
Tilhel .ohn Howard, leaving yesterday. gore
through to Camden. ('apt. Montgomery went
out, in charge, Capt.. E. it. Perry In the of)len.
The John Wilson fills the H anna's plaSe fo n a
Wedlnesdny packet t, Onachita City. She will
arrive to leave next Wednesday. Tho Now Or
leans and (Onachita Transportation Company
are koeeping their boats on the ag. and are not
allowing the cotton to accumulato at any point
for want of tolnnage.
On arrival at Trinity, Capt. Jack Slaymaker
tulrnedo over the command of the HStlla Block to
tick RIawlins and returned on the Howard.
Calpt. .. L. IlH.tbins also was a passenger on her.
The John A. Hcudder had a big trip down.
She returns to-day. lBesilads being a huge
froeghter the HSedder is very attractive as a
passenger steamer.
The Bertha will arrive to leave Saturday, as
usual, for t lie Opelousas.
The well known coast and Baton Rouge
j, aeket Ht. John will come out Saturday.
Frank Bergeron will tm in commandl.
Thi famous Alexandria and Grand Ecore
packet Bart Able comes ou(t Satiirday also.
Capt. Dick Slnnot.t In command, Geo. Ilamil
ton in th ii offito.
Capt. Jack Blanks' Little Bob B. Ison the way
The fl11t Golden City will arrive to-morrow
andI leave Saturday for the Ohio. See adver
The tug Nellin In landing the barge of seed
broughtby the Txaa, at tae head of Bieaville
street, yesterda morning, knocked a hole in
the St. Francis Bellejust forward of the steps.
The damae was re redan the day with
a sde doo, t S lrrhel tibPe tahsr morzltng as
I : er Ittroa4 rrfat was taken moo aa
ripethet runner ieaves to.daty tr Bayou
t St rafles Beiln fliavti daillty ait 7 0o a. ll
from Bllenville etreet fpr Wet wego, runn3l1it in
otpmoetion with the Now Orlans an'1d 'Te1ias
Railroad t. DorinMsonvill.
The M. I. lin steanrmr Mnrv idn. f. A. ilurx
mast.r, lr'vine ti, lcay. cc uicul. at it 1' o'clock for
the lttpupr coant to lioi '1 Tii rnlld.
The vilenwllt pRa(nsngr andl Uoltro MtRts
mail stearmer Frank i'nrgKul. J. M1 Whit.e Ilnn
tot'. urt. C luiih n.es 'lrk, Inavtl t0o- y . at ri p. in.
for (Itriinvlli. Vic'khllrg nail il andilingn.
Th'ii Now Orloans nail (ni'i TransP iirt'it fl' '
m(It iani e stea tirrnotr &irthli. W. H. llinIoant mrni
tior, inrryiri gt i nited HMtil1' mail. I'iivos to
diay at i f t,. for Ir't iLn. "
The Alvln, W. T. ovell mannstr, also of the
above' o.rpany,. livi. to-lo-mo'rrow iat 12 fn.
Tiet r.iiulir t rl*wnekly naf4t, andl Ionrialdon
vill" yekot He-1nryr T'.Ii .1 F. A eoln l inste m r, M.
FI. Landlry ,clrk. .lonvwe to-d'lty at 12 mnl. Inrking
all Xlantation lailingis in daylight.
'lTe inllenrlI Mnlmplnhi and iend pw'kot John
A. HI'nlddlr. I,. Frtank h litk in ornn ij.il. lChln.
Dix clerk. lhaves to-(dily at i p. In, wl'hiout faill.
Thn Now O)rlanr aidl Otiwhlillt Tran aorta
ifln Company stiamor .ati,rri, (lie Iton flgo
mrotefr Ioia.v.o tio-day a.t I .. i f.or t he it)Oun'h lt
through to, (nimiden. rigniing through b illi
The Brtllth ruinnr, J. M. Itbhnrn me tor.
1. (. (I Myer clerk, is re" iving to I'ln av tio-d.y
at ti p. in. for nl, I dings on I) he O(iahIita avd
In iu I)'Arionnno.
Tn ine setnamer ,,hn II. II.anna,. Namo P.
Mi!iroy in cormmandn . liaves to.morrow at. 12
i. for J ,rt.rn ItoIgo tn'i "t'mt, Intlrin'si . Ca ,t.
., sehoriussaye heia chfrge of the lofinv ,
h itUn" dll Mito tns i.i I vknt Gov. AIllen
lohl J. Drown mct-rr. H H. Htroek ,Inrk, in.eaves
to-morrow at i p. m. for Iayii HMart.
[IlBy T'iegraph.J
V.ro.n1urt. Nov. 7. To U. (1. Wnynri, Now Or
le'nis: 'hi (lollon (.lty ieaves heri nit lii. IIn.
Will arrive Friday moititing, and I'ave Hatlhr
lay. 1Ifl ilnst. posit.ivelv.
J. Ii. IfE(Lt(i,Elt Mastlr.
Ex~ hanlle :llppings.
(Cininnn ati C(,mm~crecl. Novrnuhnl'r r:
Pl'rTenruI iii, Novotrnibfr 4.--Theli riv.r has rison
stea'lldly nil day., nid is still rluing tfrim one toI 1
two iinches pr houir, with i .ot hly thie marks.
Iloth the Allh'gilleny anl Molnouiilgait'a airr comn
Ing out together, and It 1is trlnnl thrn will b"
7. tprhiapn c, fooet t,y morning, and if cn ,onsid
orahnl ,oa.l will I senlt out io-rlorrow. Ileavy
frost last ilghlt; wacrmlr this eavnling. The
John L,. thltNia will prbnhblry vommnrnrorn to lbol
for Mt. L".lin i f.rt.hwith. inn will also liht Jron
M.ointelin for New Orlanlll.
(INm'INNATIr Nov. Ti 'ifin Mary EliJnAb.tlh.
(C tot. Ii. A. uift, I iiIlve'rtlo'iI to li.av for New
O(rl rIlln on Wedl i.isdlay.
(lapt,. (It",rg' Wnlf tolegraplhs frrm TLmni
vi lls the i,hi"ri'kt o will arriv th is mornrurg. aind
mil iandl lnav lfor Now f Irlenins on Wlidnsdallly.
1Ierrii HN., W'riopy the following flitholit
anll protliu'a itonle from the ILten!rdlor. if Fri
(a t. A. 4. Hanrvey, of Migg'sconrintly Ohio, an
old ilatlboiutmrnl well knlown by COats. IInhi.
cIalkii, John C(. lMliler. Hlugh .hpoy, and olhers
oif our oil-time bonfitmn'', snluds thlie following
vtailnablin trlrrnatrrion fr'iom the upper Ohio:
Our poDItlo (ro i in light ind i salne few, 'rh
iimostl of thono go iiY rln ,iohoat fr'Irm hore ari
heavy farmers. I don't know of hut, one sale of
vuotetoet in this neoJghorhooil, annl thlat, at
orti ients.
I near of sorno sialns near rtelnn at at .,Sir.
The foil winag I a list of the boats alrealy dn
tormlind ii",in, riand thlo irorhblhn cargoeP : A. J.
Fino'lbr . (!,.1 tor l i, h Ni hbi bk otiitnts B1 J.
Plrine, flat Ioro , 21.0 irhl pottatos ; McKay & Go.,
flntiontc, 211 tlhit pot.aton; Allf. InIouglass, biarg,
41Iii, ibin lotatos;: Ad. 'Taylor, iflatbot, it0w bbls
potatoes: Phil. EIIhlit. 2110.1 bblc potatoes; IRoad
ap. 2 . fl 'tboaIs, 4111 tl sb i p(iotatoe' Hliggy A&
Clark. : hiints, risoo bbils poitatoes; rOWn &
Wells, hioats, lo lfluis piDtattou.s: Thomas
Alexandlor Waverly., ltliosats, assorted; Wil
liam .i ,. 14. ilobnrtha, flatlatf,i L asiRCrlti lo.d; J.
Hayrn. milnil barge, hey andi potnttohi; Albert
PI'well, biarge., riplei and viotaltole;: Ilichrd
Hpo'ni'e barge pinat.sJs, and hay. Thono bolat
are b"trween Mlurrtyvliln and (ullynuldattl.. Tln
following arn roported e gfoing to run holat:
8. Ncott, N, Jonn.s, I., Pliknll arol Rloush .
Be.nts. In uldlition tim nusul shiprn3Lnts will
te mlad from hIore to N',w (Orleans by inv amers.
Mont of the pti.'h blow potatoes are holId lip
for the spring tradei. 'T'hn applen crop is very
poor. 'mhi ron i-rnp Is vrVy light. Capt. Je'.,b
I,hheol left his laminr g rtimr I'it.tslaurg, I'rinn.
sylvania, Oef tioer 24. with a produte boat :con
ta.llin 2r0, hblis acpplne, no hhln onlions io. 1
bushels piotatoes 70 ktgs nRills and several bbls
whisky. Will flil out at li,,okinport and Evans
ville. C(pat OGo.rgi 1. ucholl is re.roiving part of
loel oif produeo fit l,oehstr, aitd will Irll out
below f.h flls. Thn Vvaery eveille reports:
Ilhrvy Hchrodor and Hiram Bakes are loadulng
a flatboat with romr for the lower eoaeting
trade. iJas. K. 'loasants will load the mudel
barges Mary Houspton an i U. P'. 8chennk No. 5
with hba and potatoes for Now Orleans. The
Union Furnituro Companu is loading a flatboat
with furniture, ntil will be off n a fw dliys.
Over 00 ohhdi of tobhrano have bamn shipped
from Ghonmt, Kenturky. tht pnut year.
CAIIo, Nov. 4.--The U. , choenk begins
lnalling in the morning for New Orleans. tnd
will grit away befor itt rdlay.
MT. Louts, Nov. ei,-Cap,., Joe Kinnovy r. Is
oxpiiitnd to-daly from Ioonvillo. 'I'he Kate
Kinney will leave shortly for thle lower river.
The Joe Kinney will, It is said, load Inde
p'denantly for New Orlalns.
Menmphis Avalancmhe. Nov. r:
The John Means and hargos passed here
withoutlanding on Huniday about noon. The
cargo on board was chiefly from Cairo and be
low. The Golden Clty passed hero. goln
Bouth. Monday nI.ht, drawlnrg sSG feet and with
almost all she wantedl, having added 9~o1 sacks
of corn at Now Ma"lril and FNrris IArding.,
Bhe mdled heore somi on tons of plunder 75 cot
ton pickers and 210 cabin peopli. Oihe hin no
room for cotton or other freignt. A part of her
eargo was 11.1,(xº esmnks corn, 12100 bales hay and
:~ss bbls flour.
The Centennial. which left NOw Orleans l.st
Thursday, stoppid at. Delta. opposlto Vicks
bura. the other dny. ti, take) on bo tween 0ro o and
I lo,x111 snuks need for Powers' mills.
8. E. corner Chestnut and Seventh streets,
American Watch Wholesale Malesroom.
oloe em eod
Old stand, 3$ Carondelet street,
And will sell carriages and buggies for a lower
price than any dealer in the South for the next
sixty days to come, to make room for a new fall
stock. Will sell lower than any dealer in the
city for CASH. or thirty, sixty and ninety days'
aoes tan:ce. to suit the emergency.
N. J.--I have exclusive control and sale of the
celebrated Emerson & Fisher top and no top
buggies, that cannot be surpassed for beauty,
elegance cheapness and durability in the
United Httates. They are manufactured of the
best material; patent wheels and axletrees.
steel bows, very light and yet strong, oil-tem
pered English steel springst-all fully guaran
ted ; all of which will besold in accordancewith
the times.
I have also a large stock of CHILDREN'S
CARRIAGES, from $7 up to $40; a full assort
ment of VELOCIPEDES. and the square JAP
ANESE UMBRELLAS. new style and water
proof. Call at a3 Carondelet, and examine be
fore buying elsewhere and save money.
Again, I have exclusive sale of the work man
ufactured by Messrs. McLear & Kendall, of
Philadelphia-the largest and most successful
builders on the continent of America. They
send their goods to every city in the United
States; have many established repositories,
well stocked with the finest work, over the coun
try. and build 200o and 3oo0 jobs a year. This
work is the very best quality for wear and com
fort, fully guaranteed for twelve months. This
firm has stood all the financial eruptions and
panics for twenty years. and to-day Is far in ad
vance of any establishment in the country.
P. S.-I also buy largely of Messrs. Dart & RBy
nolds of New Haven, Conn., the Young and en
ter rising sucoessors of G. T. Newha'll. They
build about sixty jobs a wookr--work that aýnot
be uenrptased for durability and finish, full"
all at o1 Crondelet treet.
L, T
The following tariff of charges is oMopf4. by
the undereignod to Augutnt ~1, l.s7t:
For forelln Iorts, diret , r rrn.etwi.een,
whether by stolnm, sail or railroaed,.
per lhail ..... .............. ..... 7 1 1o .
For east winc p rtl, stearm,e Rll or
railroade , Dper lalo ................... 00 .
Drayca" to phit, eer bhile .......... 2110... .
Lahelr ion eolOtlls ha iulneid by 1 sipllDpterM,
paylile on dellvery, pedr ait ..... i o10 t. '0 ,
Covering Ramulo holel with shliptel'.'
patches ........................... . fiar ,"
Extra handsI , e ah .... ................... 7 1oeltI ..
On eotton sihlpmarked, not orderend
the day It In weighed, stornge.a nde Iv
laebor. I,r hbale, with thee tprivllege
of remlanlnilk three day ............ ofol ."r:
Altear throee das, storage for first
month, Ineludling th ththre nldatys ..e . slOntlt.
On smtll numbeirs thee 'largo, for labor
and storage for any pe'rilo to 81st
At'gllst, 147m, tnr hale ............... 80f l$w
On all Iise!. or parts of istse olf erotton
reo.eetved li I Weighnd for hauling
eor t.rnrsfer to anothnr press, tiut
not, haiclted the) Hanrte day it Il weigh
cel, it charlge will bee ulleleI of, per
hacl ................................ IO i00481
Extra dlrays eu.on rlotiton retuellrnedl from
Whipl stoamer or railroad, nea'h way
twolveP and a half eenclte, tio h paaldel
eby thipenr, tog.ether, per Ihnle...... 2#O llggi ..
PFor oerwardlingl otton, lbor, peer
hale .. ... .. ......................... 10 oeiitll
On iall eotton ship-marked or small
nulllnhbered, removed from oner presst
to elnothor for the pulrpltose ,lof str.
age or compllressinllll, oer shippedl
wit )oecuthningt 'oepeem ersetreel, tet'. )ac+lo, ,S+O tiI
to ten palil by thie ullrchaser upon
delivery of thee ott,oln.
Cotteon tlaken by original ilanters' mark wil
if removed upon tithe lay It ie reeelvetd £l34: `
wetghed, he deIllierel frem of charge,.
Leveem Mteam (otton Pream, JI. C. Deals, PMli'
Commeorcal P'ren., lmlith & (rtlnimlthl.
Oanal Htreot Prees. .1. C. VanWlekle.
Atlanti, l rers, M. J. Zeunts & Co,.
Flrproof Prese, .1. I'. Mooree,
Jacekson Preos, O'Brien & Co,.
Louicalcna Prors, E. K. Bryant,
Natebheez Pres. Ir,. A. Levy, Jr.
Orlnsnnq. Peltcan and lhippers' Prests, B.al
Boyd & Co. -
Liverpoeol Prens, Stanleyr & Co.
Penn, Kenteucky and Planters', HergdOln
Virginia Press, Lewis & Lynld.
Union I'Prose. A. I'. Mason. ooeg 2W
J. It. WALKEUR, I). 1. NI.,
.. ...........Dolerd street.. .........
ecedee t,t .U
Mn. a Carondelet street, New [email protected]
Portraits from
or from ni.s
crayon), from
at pleiasre.
020 tno2
The undersigned are still offering their
in trade at lowest rates. The pri0es of
have been so reduced as to be within n
all. Bend for price llists.
W. W. CABRRE A 00.,
ago Delord sttrWt:
eol tf New Basin. New O
Agrloultural and Mechanical Co
This institution is now open for the r
of students and cadets. The session begdfi
law, October 5 and ends July 4.
Tuition free. Admission granted to
men and youths not under fourteen
ago, who are proficient in the branboll
common English education. They Ban
any time during the sesslon. Course Of
for the present optional with the parent of,"
student or (n'loet.
Military Cuadl will be quartered in the.
verslty buildinWr other students can fand
board, at reasonable rats. in the city of
Fixed expenses per month: Board, I
and servant attendance, $12 : washin and
ing, o2 50; fuel and lights, ri cents; med.e.a..
tendance, St; total. $16; or for the
nine months. $144; or at that rate for part of
slon. Payable monthly in avanoce,
Contingent expenses per session: Esti
uniform c'lothing. $47; text books and
ery. sin: modieinas. $8: breokages saId
contingnnosn,. $5; total, $72, Payable $4e
trance; balance, $24, January 1.
In cases of withdrawal from the I
aelets will be charged only for the time n
tendance, with this ex'ception: that there w.
no remission of fees for the last two molte
the session.
For fulller Information. ladress
oeao m D. F. BOYD, Pre
The uunderstgned begs to inform his
and the public that the
attached to his Confectionery on CanalG
corner Carondelet having been refitted,
open on TUE8DAY, the 1eth inst.
As heretofore, he will exe'rute orders for
Marriages. Hoiress and Iteeptions, wi
est our market affords.
N. KUNTZ, corner Canal
l 101Im and Carondelet stres
511.......... Magazine street ........
All work exe.nt.id at New York prics. 1til.
No. A3 Commercial Place. Now Orles
SGeneral House Work atrnded to
notice and reasonable p Alt
Loeks and Oopylng Pross re4;:1
Keys of all descrptionslo
ins a seeia.lty Y.S
Pra dcts n h bbes of&naidbjt
U' -

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