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311'5 speech 1rIlghtefls tie fladi'ala, andi
Anw the Critical Moment Is at land.
(Ivoolal to thn I)omonrat.I
WA(lHtttfTON, Nov. 2H.--Tln at toll of 1 thn Hnn
ftte to-day mhtlaea unmo itnprnenton inrn n thl
trientl of Louulatana hut It' l by no PIPIII no
geasarilp robonuailvo.
I al the 1tntihblleans wi-rn (ruitutto to v'ote fop
2xellogg hewi 011(1 onrtlnt Iy ho p'at oil but as
I have rrtu' ntedly rtlntod in thin In' t
few days, thenm arne at.mnot two HoupntI
oni that aide who mill 11(t1 voto for Wi0
logu on tho tnit piolttoir of rnotltn I1m.
At all events unoh In thi moor" +I f pyio~nolll · In
formatlon, amd onil tin trPngt I, of I ht I amp nI
h~eltbPrd to aharip thin' 111111 of 11i1 friluli pit t11
442t"on of thoe Moito tP-+laly. IIUEII.
A Demhbnhll In the RIndleal Uanka.
IHt'nelut to thin 1)nmornorr.l
WA1(1tP14OTP)n. N v. 2R -- thu I tl IIIIit flt 'ltIt
lIke a bomtphelt Intlo tin Ialuiltr ranks. and so
far dnmotallrorl thipn th.t pit n uljn llp1rupnptt WIll
e allyd parried. Ilpo tlIltl P1ti Ia n111w at its mlolpt
crrittral 1 lnt, unit RollI uu'n lrlonda a (\ro trying
to brihg other a1.pMUpPP"lliI thIaIi 110o(n of ut"ri n
MehtaI) y logli' to tIPit'. ItI Il.
The aenlate.
WAUIItnrroN,, Nov. 12.-lMr. Thur inn ,+tjetlel]
to t e no-lderatieion ief thep report, if li ('alI
it.Lt. on PrlMvilgnes anj Ii Ettlont .
The chair ovorrniull ttI he IoIjol ion.
hMr. Thurman avnaniled from tiln Inistl iof
the (hailr. and Ithe (thar wias eulliteilnet ity "'ii
-yea to il nlays: (t ionover voting witl the li- l
ueublioann, and Mr. )Davis, ofit lianis. niot
voti ng
On thfe motiotl to takeI up Knlhntiigg iawne f,,
Consildoratlion lhe vitoe Stood, l. ieie 211. liy.c '2(.
an i the (Chair gave1 thlln ieat1ing vet' ill t1.ti1
affirmation iind thae "ias, wai tiaken !ILi. onllo
ver voted with the Itvuliehllni ~.
Alter the retl illng of tihe iiurnal, Mr. lE
miunds askaed that lthi jn.e, 1i0ial I' ,II eli-ih l oi a ia
to iulltatn altter Ili, words "al huml l III n lIovl
that M. I. ll atr .l'b sworn in" thte words
"wheren )nlti Mll. EdmuInlll ollnl i ii,'teild1 tli tpe s
eateon tidur tio.l" l ce ordter'l
Mr. W ldheilgh s dait t i horn ii teas one h h I, tel t
th lenae ia repoiit, frim th l i' rillittaci ll
rivilegeee ciud I eloetlonsi, nl' ,.- a eilltnd by twoI
lesolatihons: ono that W. P'. Kelt tig ims iniittlt
to a t t I.s Mtanator frolnm Louisn eee aI. lllIt tthoi
other that H AI hpotl'olrl 14 t'iltIitled tio , , . . al till
the flo.r, and that W. I'. Keligs wasi lit. 11
moved to ttrke iup for e'oIullalrlit ltii the Imlr
1r, Tlhurttau ol bjOtootl. l n I iiI did Ho ai mlri '
eree nid ileta ei of Ithicc- litth rile', Itint uhf it
the oXPLratlilill f lh emorning oug imr. It liti hte, ii
o llt i lt y il iiti by tII t iIr. hit no reports.l
Dills or ptitionsl 1hulhld be eonsdlohdl without
1Mr. Edmunds aid the NI utane h r frolm (hiln hilt
not read the wholt, of the rulte, lllt riimulal tho
reatd the asteltaw., whieh provitel. thnt ep-es.
tionpl relating to er, tlout It were nIlwayv in
order, except, whlltn tll j ulrn I was lilnig r.oai
and eorreolted. II said tthe seiventh rIule
covered thills ase, whllch rolud.' I hat i ll ue.w
tions of arivlloeg il'o i alwlys in order, e it
a-ainht the pr. nseitatlonl of hills ,or t'll t ,ins ior
&11vthI glo nolt ritating Ito tIia iuesa.tiion."..
Dir. Thuiman mid it was thod t v of ha (t'hIir
to decide which of the :-les seliinhtl hlav this
Drepeleene,. He claimc!e t.halt astli the eghth riumo
wa. framed llter tihe C'verntll it was i.'vidently
"lzvDlanatory and had trofor-onen.i
Mr. Bayard elalmed lthat rull tlvie overrulled
rule i+. Ith and hlat this qllu sti.elI shoulllil li1i
considers d by the ho., al lu untiltli diso ds ot. tin
Olalmed that thai applied to til( lrat. pitrlesnlltl,
ton of oredentlilse. anld aikIed f this was not , it
qolatnuation of til lhst tlreseination of I re
e.ltials and a tonlntinane o iloto question of
°M'r. i dmunds Maid if woul bn it aingullar
peiDtale it all tho business of t Iinmorning
hourB shountl ioe "iitpooneld until sui'h an ihltas-l
tigation of a l nltio t ll ot Irivingi was dilsiioNd
o;-; but the rlul read aliso, "llnd olther qs llt ion
oprivilege," anad this wis aa uiltair lailelltion oif
prlvilege, and wasl the seIoni stage oif the
After some further debte1,ri the (Chiir deet'dud
that the sivenith arutl i,ovro l thee Iliait,'', alnil Iln
onuld rule that thLio h-etuitor from Now lianpl,
-s.ire was in order in Calling . t ri itI reorl.
Mr. Thurmlan IItai t Int in orderto test thei
anestion ftr all tine. nd notail , plartlelartrly i,
this questiont, i-e tlt, itl to be is diuity t,, apipacli
from the dot iaN ni. i1iann ont this lrllruandu t the I
yeas and nays, whlch worn ordroed, resuiI.inltg:
yeas 21o, nays 2M.
The4 queltliou thlhn roeurred on ith motion to
take up the repllcor: t.Iha veito \Vwasi tueletIi lby ye'las
and nays, rnialtinta: yeus 1!1. niaya 291. unitd thei
Ouailr giave th.e olati.ng vote ill aalivor of tulkiln4 Iup
the report.
Mr. Thurmnan moved to anlmend biy strliking
ouat all after thewurt's"resolveld." all Il.le'lrt Ith
word "d. C. Bu ltor li hm,ow l"wirn ail all Sie-iLnat
irom Southl (Crolina."
Mr. E lmunuds said tlhis amendment would
lead to dnba'.., as well as the miin gih ioues lioi.
Io-morrow will tiThkiiali.giviing Ihly. iil iinext
M-ondny will Lib the Ih-."t MOlnlclay hmi l)e..i l
ber. the day for thla iai-imt ulg of ti 1 regular He,
slon. He wanleod tieo 1 It H tile airrila.gemlnlelnt
ioauld not be na 'die so thhat theiy ioulll l x Ii. it lli
for taking a vote oil tihose quesisltiuns. ell \voullhl
euageust that ithl vote Iiin K. I .al age ci ,i e takia
on Friday at 1 p. nm , ilitl I1hali tihe vltoo oi But-ll
ler's easoe bO taken Oiu hlat lrdlay at 1 p. Ill.
Mr Thurman thought that if itti othelr hsie
aw &. anxious t,, nmake ln . rlralng'entut. they hiad
better agree.el on all Irrallctlllient to v\ote oil Eiis
t.s' ease, which hatu bioon p iighltl Ito tmollne hs.
Melvrs. Hoar and Waldhigh lsaidt tile cotulelit
teii Was not yet readt to r -ilort on Itilet ei.lu.
Mr. Thurman sald, "it avon onlly knows,
when they will teo rliady."
Mr. Saulahury said that. on the 121th Inst.. It
'was moved to taketi ut tile Elstis Iase .o i e't
o)mmittee, and Mr MIMi I.lla, of Minnesoita,
immediately moved to adutl oirnn, -in t lhey dtil nlot
hold another meetting. He said hit too)k tllli In
formation from thie published lroeelllini g in
.the Eustis ease.
The diseuuislon was pronlonged in a desulltory
manner by Mes.rs. MeM I ian, t1111 am iga I llts.
with a sort of understanling thatll they wtre iot
in order,. as they wer- not eonlhning tl.mselvea
to the ues tuon before the Snlatl,.
When the Setnata callet tilh qtluesion on it, the
Vote stood: yeas 30 lihays 30. illad tI e Chair gaive
the eeatingt voes ill the n ga ive.
M:'. Davia. o1 llino.is, v- teed wilh the Demno
crats. and (',nover w.th ti thel-lulicuan's.
Mr. Thurmnil said hie must chlllenan thi
right of the V iltce Pr·es' 'eat to vote on thlls qulls
tion. It might. e nal to suchl ai point thait tlhe
Vie. Praesid-ct mlight give the etlast.ing vote on
the question to sH at a Seliotor, andl by giviv g it
mlght give a lseat to one aipplieelt or an thor, as
hb ehos,. wheln the constitutioen ll l id I ithat ea-'l
hounseof C)tngr ess houi I lhe judge o f hI lietllati
fl.ations of its own nilcmlbemrs I f ilih Vice. Presi
dent can givea voteo in sittli <leNs, it w itle bo
the Vine Presidenet aw li he ltoel itit t I til, qlitliil
cations of lan apiliaillt for i Nseal lhre.
Mr. Edmund- raid tlid t t ai.i a liltst lt exltraordi
nary proceeding all thirllugh. This tlliill
would, an0 the climax. He, r, ad the lausie ofl i
theconsati ution whiie, dec ilrs ihlat whlen r 'h
vote is evenly itivided on a quo-tion 'h i V-it,
Pre'ident sihill give the eaisti ing v\d, anlld
claimedtriat there was no diff-Trence iIl thle
wording of the c'nstitunicn eoi a vote ly thi,
Vice Presideat on the qiullitlcatho-le.ns of l tnm
bhers from that of ias vuoting on any otther liila
tion. He clalimed th t the objection of the eon
ater f-om Ohio -as not a vltlei one.
Mr. Hoar said he pre sumed that no one wouldl
claim that the Senate weas a citverent body when
it was determining the qualitilation of a mem
herfrom what it was when dcidingany other
auestion. He ahl a ease similar to LIs hla' t
arisen on the lthof Janunry. I.i0 when t he Se n
ate voted for a cha lain. On tictt otcea
sion Mr. Butler and hfr. Slier each re
eived thirty v tees. The Vice Presidenti gafve
thecaseingvote. He read trom thte (;elie toi
Uhowtbaithe case wa- debat-d by Clar. King
iDogleas and oth-rs, and that after the, dvebate
It was decided ttlht the VYce President had a
Mr. Bi said he did not believe there was
bnY restriction of the vote of the Vice Pre'ident
nhen the den eo wa- eveuly diri led, only that
in ease his vote was not necessary. The motion
e Ist e ithout the vote of thu Vie President,
i_ chair was has.t in in its vote
Mir. Eaton said he that the motion
Vu lost etih.ol the oe dVe.e Preideant.
-Z beiieved th. Vis hail ae-il ht to41
" ]7 ;+: , < . " , . . '' :
i . t it Il. i,, loniihI ii , tit Willt ilitv t i it (iri ttittii
,r Rthfl r lM rn h. IiTHi . ht wl ,lllt l lilv.i, l t, I th tl
Pitii. til I tll llritlllllt thlt it- Wat Y(I'Illit. ttiin, I, h iin
Ilin ututtiItn tif t. I bi ei~tit PI-iyriulrItt Ih viuttiiu tri
wi tItt tItut t it tt Niber wnu illryl. I ii it t hut.l uirelv
tili. I thu i VItt I 'rtiiu iltut n n llmllltu btu t rl ttuti to
tIiunt l IIi i rit th toi ra oiti it itt 1 t i ti ,u.t t
t rit. E nini ,. 'rhtt 1 tuii t ,.iu tI . iti hi f t.hl
iTillltiit 1tutn, to tbn .h. r ,llruiu i- '- t iu utwitthlinIti na .
Mr1. Snolnll, - Ahl mily Ir ,iend fr,,lll Virl'llillt li
wl!!., I1f li ur. , . tti , Ii lii hI W II llII t I.Lt l.r hu t
gtutiti lt vihoiu u w tth th i tt tul ilan t lt, liiir li
iurti .rht tuiA t f rlit IrtI II wii ti N ir. , rl(ututul ii
lhlit li ilti itii !rutti l uutI ut ti m l ii,. itilit 11i ; i
1,,,f,l' .# tlll, jI',,li tt I bi t~lrll!. H~ilt It, IR ,t vIllly l
hit-i ' laii n i t r i h! ti! nl t th.
lir. (Illltlnli n n.ollIIt ilf i i nttii i i i t tln
i i- ii i ,i I!.t -ulltu i tt tit .h ilt_ i t v l -
hti.ll I ititi tu. I tiuti,'l itit jutll ti . ll ·tu! Ill t-iilt
ivJIlt l. If h11t Vtlt , I'rlttt tiuit tt rt ll liIi t vlitii
wi tll li tia , iH II+ tltIl i t w lll ii. ,lti o iii anni
lllln IIIn Whi,'h t!1 .o· i J i .vI. y divril Ii
t1t lll t l I tiil iti th hf 111 ullt it o it Iuit.
l Ii . ilyilt !1- I iu ,II w tills i tP til i.lll i ii thtu( .
ilt. wtItiitt
iltt Ilu ln iii, tt i-Th l tl t iii-lll I pi li t i
Mri Ilill .uiin It Iti" H Ii ,ut· liuiiiu urt tt llt Ii
tutIuIll ill lt ll iI ' lh 'llt, titl, i I ,itir \'tli t i l,!t thtu
Mliiti. itliiit n ti! it h ti ll t I h r n ni -ut l
1liil i tih l.l Aom ll tu ' nuliriu, i t tn i tr u- it-ut tut tit
<Itit y Witi tieYon titiiulutu n i tiln -t vuu-ytt u -hunth
iantity Itt rutittuitt uttui gutit it the r 11i 1 toitti
none u 'itiirgul hul( n li t itio uuti rily ituv it-i
fi11 liik vu.t ii ItIr I y IIi witI. votl I IIwIV ll1
h~lIllle I'+l ,., Ili,, l!,, iI hlll\ ~ jll, t II l, I I t, Cll! 1, I v It,
hli ! i l , rai llls / am l t p liil th llllath to no r tll ,to l, .in
lit Eut uuitnutin ducltntuunuii tom ytintu tint tiiyt
oi! Itmll mbllirl' I1 In b t '.l'u., thl ,luleltll,,l wvias l
tuilu tfut tie uit iu. l i vl I will hiutll tl.
tu I ill irt, fmiii wtit i l l t 1u eilui i- , d lh,, i Iii tl hilt t
h,,.n illlowedll, ilh o w.,uibl wilthldlir.w II
l'Ih , ('h i. iii~ he l ni, lll o i · ,li t ihl ilt h 11i
rliglhltt n his van. wI henrlt,llll~llll h.. Hlllnit wa' W|L
Ivr l y div lI.I I m! . nll Il lt i"re " t *Ii, l t l li. Iha
(ll ii'l·I/ 'Ill lll 11) i~ 'li ' l.l.i * Illll) i'/. l i
Hl'nllhi wonlt rillw novln4us mrelrin thatr Ight\l·l In
li! ,I · tIr . ,'i',.li,.li I r. li · I YY rl l iii
Mllr. I-Mlllil.hillrV not) up npll lr,' mHin lllr' rII1a1 i t!! ll
ItliiI t tintllil flrtl h l all'l I11 thul, in in w tl'lly ,rt i
oIf tha(tllon itll i on * r, vi ys 11an 1'l'lv Ih ))(1 Eii l'et ions
trhtoll in,!. w, i'. rn eit f,,rlth whltlh Mr. 1 n4lf'.
allel I Ilol i 'r-,v-te If iillow 1e lime ful ol .l u.,; Ith -r
linolv ed.'Ihni 1ho reportII'( of thaLI~ manmlifo he((1111111
/7,,.l /im .'lll !11.ll l l', l i¢)r! tl l h,. ~· ,',llllll t.,ii~ IIll,
reasumiil l tol th I cb sllllllllnill o .
Mr. tunti huryll. chi med thiiallinolll
Mlr. Waitl h tho hit llint i'forii, wal tilii
onl ,,fFnll'v iis M!r. iK, IInal h ll, mimi ttedl w~lill
Min11 r , l alili ,
Mllr i1r1r.l If tlian Man t shbli rfi to
nd11 t h , Im l lt i l w , ' l b etil l h. . mi gll i nl l v I,, . l
wliongto ll .1 oLlt.I ith i qtistn II-. Hllllll y ul'.1lTrdl
BI ,[illi li'r. 1.,,I Irl Il,.trl clhl~l hi Wtlt.I IIlv, III~rlt~lill
hnIi l l!, r illlldlt. I a.n l Ipwlill.- !harges ni han
(itiui inl Iel. c Illl in f r I' I oli. o -iyii
.. +,. In(it" ~ ~ hll i~vllt t tl, I,,!i.ltll ld t., I '+ll'llrlllly
> lt o lnlc,,l Ii ii (Mr l+. I ,lllol l II L,,iiM r o thIe
1Init ,I S ai~tll .. I, ,,*i4I h c Un, h
to! ih li, rIi. ,Hpli ITor'd Ihil heroubtll~ pro.v\, thil+ aill
wAI willln!V !i g to rdi+~' tl: Lt| lIngs I(!'ll,. nl4 l i tIt L
i 1 Id li. t l H dnnln he lt lil.m ingi t .o l l Iw i nl.
rllamlbeil'1 oif the, II.l-n+. i i l Ihlrl.! of the! H-l, ui se
(InIlt. l Hi i M. T' H I l ni mill n hlill il. I l. I1
ih l l ilhl w A I ,r. ,,t t.,, 't l ,ul. I1'Jjorldl't t i" , ih
i l r li it! hinl Itl dl; II. lI1, h tl,,',v IIli l ila ll ii.
H, listll w ,.iilt liot . .ill .ill. Hl(,llo w ./. lol il waiilI
F41iow !that hll wll. tl mani ert~ir,,ly- iill l!+it + f r /4 ,11
l., i nii, ini ,lilToir,.t Ilor lu Ili, annl anl ,'hiil'7, ti
illlowinlg slioffordli 1, llr.ve. thl!em. II. blolwil el
11!, sonomitiii o,,, If tih+, c, uldll be, pei,, lllllid hi
showii th lilib plt, nlll olld friaiilH 0 EUi I., gl,.ii IOl~
i ovllll Wi nlloq u i a.!t.l a si e i l ook phi sti.
twe'n,,,illl aiiid MG.,~lillan./, lier. W%'iilll~tih iand
nai,. n li f 1,., ,,ni miiilll!, ilii thi, nilll ati onll si~ of
fi'aud~ whil.,l II was! e~ldinedi.. wasii nv,.llt/iilnte
()Itilr anl ! oivlr o i stlll.
Mrli. Wale~hIgh lsilblt thie whle h, lnitf wai. .lm
pilt !,noiilh, All trhoc~lharans[,. il friliud b u0l born~l
liivbl oomanit, . thy Ill. w.l rl'l n mii nni itil.,, naid
notif+ o tol~llll ;'rnin aiiil lh i,. tiiI e r. thati hT,,d, n ,I
tlinn', w,4bion he, llluppos , ed l. an ,,llv/ry one s ,!
Llo.,,d. thait iI wasi hlllll dIoni lfor thel
onlly. Ii,0 rnft edil, thl, ,'hliia{,t of M~r. illll ianti
'laimlnd. Ilhat Mr.i' Hooifn'rd hillt hald ever-y 00-i
Mear'llill f~lo andl~l illl il. l n xpnial.h
aci onllil ilikeii, ai whil, Myffol~lrl hiiI ofTr,.d
1,) priov,, nioid Ibol .']lailiid thiit Jill lh 4
Moit urei'. IIIIIlllinI IIflour nterlql at linto) il iconitro
vqiiay am t what~ll nel arrlledli ili l~ih ,. ea ini stilll , nl.
.'ilyliig natili th I n,, lhli ci'liith i , n fliiw lpillls.
At toi, mi n ulil a tl,! Mr l. I'anl ingllk imiovi.I lhat
flli Bon.tieli. t.,kl, aiI. i iii tl1ill hlilf-lpri..t 1.
M.r. enilltlorsnn iiloved, t,} niliiaild by. adiq]llOulnin
(ill Itl lmlar-iow% i 12 ill.
A divisionl wasl. d,,In dedl,.t nlii| i'lsuiltedl: Youlf
wlilld worl'l orl'dlerie , iiii r uI toelll~ l: Yiell 211
nnly vs 27. aniit hli, 1 liitll mbojur-ni .I
iillll li nl~. llll nh! ,l~lli;~i 9i.lli. ntt. n
Swearingl In hellogW--Thuraunnsan Point.
lVASuNI'roN, Nov. 12.- 'l'iho 1natt il, 1ilts j ust
de'hded iby ono niinarily t', swear in fl Ilogg.
I ih V li I 're ,ide.I t . .l t t he ,1 (1 e' lllina v+ot \ .
Thitrlinil hiat IiH now Ir, 180d the 41l1,,tion of th!e
right of teil Vice Pi-. sidhlit to vote in thills ('15'l.
The Presldent's Mensagre.
WAMV1NIIOOTON. Nov. 28 -The Prt-ihllet's 1I1ns
nage is aboiut two-thirdis combl tod, and will Io
1istrillesllt to tl l) )press on Mlondlty.
AAil-lNo(ION. Nhv. 2.-In alddtllion ito the
points inl tIl PrsiI' 8idlInt 8 m -8g I lioillio ld itn
1her8 ' i1tetll(M lust night, it Is l.lIrnelld to-dlay
tIlt tIlh Pr1,. ielIt trEolls i I lllgtIlli of IhIl MDtxi.
la iorldlrtroulb , and the rotalltolinsexistink
111,w on this col1untry anlld Mexico·. land mkllesk
In1o illmportlant, relloiondationsl t for till , set
JIltnmllt of llth qllest loi at i-1ao. It also thor
ughlly rnvio wst hie in l nll.i qluestlion, alll Imliakls
sone important reo'nmmendationl on th ' su!b
jet of tlhe tr atmrent to be a)lppled to the In
iolns in all sectiolns of tilhe eollnltry.
Ieeting of the Menate Appropriations
WIVAIIINI TON. Nov. 28.-The Senatel Appllroprl
atio4~a o mt c('olnlm t ltloideretl d miscellno oulll
Iolhilenel 5 thli mornillg. The I'osti.lsll tlr
ion rail was Dpro11l1 I1t and urged tle mrolppro
prlatlon of unlllxpnded balances for the lStar
oute s11 vi..
Ma I Agentsi Upton l(nd1 Powell. of th1 War
ianll Dlvision of thel TreasuIry D, Ialrttnlltll, w\Vier
11so1 tlhereI to Ill go oni the committeel eartaiulln ap
pr printil ions for thait depart ilent.
S11sides Ilthse, s.tvi iiral . 1nltols made aIrg1
ruenls in trefelre(nce to sundtry aLmounts sub
lit ed itv them.
(Conslidring the condit ion of the Klollogg and
Itutler coldtls 8 inow going on in ll tilI blInat it
not or, hahl thalt this bill will be disposed of
11 ring the extra sessioun.
iarlan's Friends Feel Assured of His
WASIITNGToN. Nov. 2L.-Tht friends of Gen.
-tarian lre quite n mildlnt that hIe will be c1oa
Irmed before lho expirationll of lh1 extra ses
,Iin. 'IThey claiml ti t at liL-t ton tl le ulllicaltll
IId all the )omocratic Senlatolrs will vote for
is conlfrmation.
fhe New Orleanls tolilectorsiip Packard's
Plum After All.
WsIIINGTON, Nov. 28.--Therl seems to 1)e no
lulbt but what it has ben determineill to per
nit titi nontination of EffinghaIl L:wr(,ne, to
Ci Collector of the Port of ~ow Orleans to ex
lir* with the extra s8ssion. anl th1n to noml
iate ex-Gov. Packard for the po ition.
I'te ard hasl, already had I 11nmost friendly in
erview with the President, and the I;tttr has
xpnr ssod himnself as perfe tlv s Itisil d With
'ackard's expression o0 good feeling towards
he Admini-tration. The Prsidelt is satisfied
ha Packird. if appointed to the collectrship.i,
ill endeavor to eultiva'e the most
riendly rela'ions with the people of
ew Orl ans. and manage the Custom
louse independent of political affiliations. It
learlned on high official authority that had
tackard sought an int-rview with the Presi
tnt previous to 'he nomination of Lawrence.,
0 would have received the nomination.
Arrival of Sir Ei wanr TLborntea.
Nxw Yos&, Nov. o.-.Sir Edward Thornton,
ritish Minisea t the Uaied 8tat.. arrivo
tW-day foml iurope
Expected Itrplpi. or the Inveut.JgtttinC
Coiunltictte In t.he Caoe of IP41tterson.
('oipnpli , H. ('.. Nov. 'u. 'Ihon L'ciultlrro
I i''nn lul1 yl/llI, '4'. 4l'Il'.ri lin". w l''' Al N'1rgLo'1
tio nP nnnopw iw m·nl'.1, iolltl.in hat on: A. l'llll4,
All Ihltn rnl14ig41di m' 41i114 W11)1''' I41141'l,1411
ihrll ji.vo 4n'.' 4114 144 u'l I" hI 1111n4 1 n Its I 111W
444liarl 4o'411r4111l).na' "~le 411111ml 154,141 ~y4'
Itl' ,4'1lnlltlJ t 11.4114) l1" 1 n 1111' I l oll ,' Ii > l T i') '11144
1111 11141i, of Ii I)i r, lnl 1l. 111 #'l fl' 1 t 1hµ1 1.4114 11
11114III Il1.4'41' 111111 Ilnnl I11 111111 ` l'114 )n 11' ll'l r
/r III ~lrii'Jl 11)111 1.411141 I I' l r'lr, 111 1111.11 ''III 1411'
nIIn' 1111;2mto 14 ~l'l~l1111.' 14 1111141 Ii w14l Illllll 1411
141.1 141 ,14 I I ' - nlill. 1111 nIi 1 11'l'il l. 11 ll -j 4111v41l141
oI .ii.. 1 4! 1114 II'I rllI ' r14 ll'Il lllII e rm H 1"t' 'loII
frI1om 1111 1114111111 11111 n l ;11 n1vo111111 t'11 11.1 orfI isfi
4l111 IIIr Int Ill '' F 14 11 ho 111111. 111114 111' . 1 1e4il1
IIn'illl'k tillw' 111.1114 il l1 Ir"ll (nll l IIli1 " rn11 g III.
144111 111.111. tI . trIO 11 1114414. m lntllll4'1 1 1 111. III
11141111 441141 111 'j''t Ill.'I ll$ y.111 1411. 1.1'lr Wtil
'JIV I4) 1111$,1 mo rnt i (l'4'I' IIt111 hird or I , I 11 11u. Ill
hlr' Oll '' It- 4r~l t. slanlmu
iloop41 ''111441111 IlIloIu 1 w II i1 WI' I Ii''t 411' 11111
41111. nl 111i 111y or I 11~ ' '111 111141' 1111111 'IIt' 4111 14111
'1r11411g I., l1. Nov. 1) 41 4A (/4 1. 1)1 1 ,1' 1441111' 1111 '114 114')
4144 11411 411111ry 444vIIl~rl4 41141144( r.,1 rlCL II (14~1' 1114
111114 ) 11111 1441t" n.141.11 l"' of 41'. 41' r1'14I. II.I1
1)11111 1111 114' 11 worn Il' w1111 11 III IN 11111fr
,',L '/lll('.' li1 ' 'l'lll'14 1'4 1i 411 IN u' iti l I p Ill tIo I il
l1.411.rl1414 1' w11 rl .1144 , ot11t11"
VIA14nI;IN'1 111171 Norv. 714.-- RIl'olIrilnl ii. flllo
1111 r 1 1 1 ll'1.1'l' IIo 41111ll444 .4 11 111l'lI yI 4 Il. -
Or p1111114.
it, llt ''' i ')'i)r tn'Iglol n 'nt 11 wil r (JU )J rly ills, l n-t
'1141141 of 14111411Ir 1(114 II 7n 5141114y 1)4111) by14hl
tlilllrit , i i I1111(1 '1 e1.1 Il Iwlo'ly 1 41411r. 1i11 ( !tll t
$751141 Ill 114114111r. ____ k~________4 to,1'
A till) k fog, 1)111.44'" I toy Ihvirro gll- Ili nigh).i
uppnl si1 Rrll 11451)4t well t1) ' r' Ltll wn44 I J') li' II4H
n''"nllly I"'o wIIl kcn'.w/tllH
'I'lls" joiV11 ofl ""r4 1)14 InrfIiirrtrly rlil'lent fel
ti"` 1 clllton .II or Ih n LI I.IIH( jr. () rhI· Ty Hl( Ik(· 111,
nnu 41v n,,n iIllrl I, : , llniol lllrr II,"J. L1~
fit firtr -v, roIIsl uI twI 1I( ' I1111 I'll try wool H il ly·
lhlwk lo m h"' Il "LI fl.1, 1I' tol tllltl tilll, hilT' role
fill, Ifll (1.nw.l 'r"V
1)1)I1)1 111 Hun iw' this silo 11111g, 111111 1111, 1"fi f ty.
o'"III fwlk ti ll, "I llr (I llnlif'4 of Cl Hh/trI.'. fois''
nH1) r(' fro to wr'" r I~."t. I''11'r 11 1
Sale of Iold.
WA'ASitrh'.ro Nov. 2.--Tie, S,'ortilrv of tihl
Treasury fins ordered onO miiillion dollars of
gol to b1)u sold Satuirday lt 12 o'eloik.
A New Trade Paper.
NEW YORK, Nov. 2H.-Theh liw 'Onllllllrial
i'l ,1"r in th, inti.rest of I ( train let wnnn the
United EStates aniI Aistrlalia has Issunt its IIist
nu lltitIr. 1' titlo Is the Au1 lralian a , Ir, meri
ca~ Home NVews.
Deposit of sllvr liar..
NEW Yoart, Nov. 2).-This afterlnoon there wals
tldeposited in tho vulits of tlhe solk x,.halllntC
loveuty eight. bars of silver. at,,ih w.lghing rIo5
poulinds, with an average Iflllne4.. of sl)-I1tt).
J'hoir total vailo was $10 il,00. Thllt (cantei frot' ,
the Ontario minlIes.
New Yore, Nov. 28.-Gov. Rtobinson hnia par
ioneild William M. (Grove, ex-Curiom-lfoulse
Weighelr, who wit.s convietIed Inst Sept. mb-r and
onmmitted to th.e (lenitotitry for lOur tmonths
for an IIassalllt oni (tGn. (Gorge II. Shari,. Sur
vcyor of the -Prt of New York.
Thanksilving Day.
NEW YORK. NOV. 21.-To-morrow )being
Thankasgivi Ing D )y. a I legal holiday. all )
·hainge.s will be 'lo)ed 1ndti bIusIlnesins Ion Vall
street will be generally suspended.
Moody and Sankey Revival Meetings.
MANCHESrTER, N. II., Nov. 2S.--Tho gr.:at r,'
vivall has closed aftIr fir ll wook of gratifyingl
necll')ss The ('tlrl.tialns of Manchest'er iar
thoroughly awake tand working int conc.ert. Thill
(n lings thlii week were crowdeId to ovorll',w
lug, aInd greait ilnterest was manifest)-l through
The noon meeting to-day was the largest of
the mllontlh, many bing obliged to stand
throulghoIIr the )iservic"'s.
TheI afternoon anld revning )4ervic.s were
dlensely e, owdtl'd, and nmany were unable to
:Liin admittan,-e.
Mr. Sankey lIaves Thursday and .Mr. M1 ody
Friday. After tie , vanglists lt'ave the work
will be continued with great zeal.
.llton Again-Will This Case Never End?
NEW YOIRK Nov. 28.-There is a fair prospect
of an early reopenin ' of tlb- Bct -her ca-e. This
ime the party will be MIrs. Tilton herself. For
ever rI weeks pa-t a rumor has been current to
he IffIct that a re',onciliati in of Mrs. Tilton
and h',r husband was in eontempla ion. and it
was th -n asserted t 'at she ha I intimated her
willingness to let the past te bu i[id ant for
Cotten for the sake of her e'ill ren; but th- fol
lowing letter from a confld.,nre of the l1dv
sum arily disposes of this. Here is the letter
in full:
BROOKLYN, NOV. 2. 1877.
Editor Star-Will you a811i one who kn ws
:he facts, and 1+ not af, aid to retute any sueu
sensation, to reply to a paragra -h that appear.
d in a recent number of the Star on the Tilton
matter? First. ti a re-union between Thero
Aiorwe T i taaii4d s ktwot- a Is all bosh
11 1' l rl 1 R11 I llusl' hr e. '* s t In insIr
00II Ii000 TOP lIU tl 1 0 O. l F. Tlmn la b In (llt
pit e 1 wilitt t wir l lo a n nt or r
alrol RtIIIJ m~linin hist (:harm11' 1)1r of a m rtyr, full/
"'lTliit lrt ,li a pt l wife" li th l l llnhr th Untli
irivi-y I- rt in l Niiw Yirtik pupil Brllrynt i kiiiiw'
yi s giitri w ll.r I,.1 i' naio r,- i Ilipnl lh irn of t il
!lit| phl .ilkl pr. w nit rv tt, ..l P~it.lr l ,,it tl l %ullrii
kiii vl- i t itit-ivn i.ttir lnn i' 's l mttn ihid lil
i1tr l l I'rii t i'iV I nll l llli- l t IpIi tpIl t1 lIlti -il II
"Thnilippi t lp.hr wlppit " Ii tllvve i'v, ll r l . elvIt
rivy- tlt 1 lip-r t ut n .l t, In l 1,b ina t tllr tnii, I
It pp! i1 u r t.lv Iin i L Iw tti, t .Irii riiii tin, t it.-i tkll.W
tih,.W t Pt, f iuralr,! , tvt i t t i h r ih ti, n
ii hit- it wip- inP i ilupu 'iii, s tiii iii pthnt wlim i
oul-r Ill.v d rflll-- i nI litil- ry i irlllt'll"
Itif Mr. 'riltpIn wtlt n hi Nw Y iuk pu t r lJ bltnili
n ppih l lv tli ,I hii r n iip ii h t ll i trl i h tr. I t ti
r1)11.1 ,lll i. !Wl l! r r iallllM ltl II IraINI a 11ou n
linv I Atip- Iiai|trw Iu tIr Iiw plit-ti n iillnit Wup- h lilt.,
wl-h hIr Ito r.t.rl l tl. hhl ? Thatl, MIr..'Ii hto
It' i p wi hi I l tr Ill h-t hIii t I1 1 tll s r l i.fn ii,l
lln ltn ,t I ia I it r , 1 k p! - o u i id it IIII .rtiitnl
fela- Trhal hter hlt < I a • Tllo h Irl th ,ll seei ( i llt,
lu pii-! lurt etI ttittll thi h P lls tpp e t i i uf t lt rl. i
iiittItltt ____________ II
Ifr. r ii ( l'l.. ,'li hi .l l- l, l ,,i ,, Hll'nk hl.f it hl Iiiill ll ll
fli 11 p oi. r l h Ilur ,s, ii, I fil FrI n lnkw t il al -
Slu .lI tip r i , Ii I l'Pf1nh, 7 if. n7 ! ln.t hnl ill
i t-y,1i1 ittit' l nulrit i t thu t iply vp-pi t w i
tltru .,ll7 - Ii l lih.e PIt v -,l l i -uir l'e . ti i Ws l t , l
llld .' I.L III.".II.Iir i FII', °|Jl tliq .I(L( ~l.,lt('
lpitt. PI tt ,IIp i hii Li i-lhltltiv'lll u llpp Ilii ,ti-tnp.
I, ihwir t urir I 4iii .lcrti hi in'ultl itre
lit iring IIh l tll r vl ll ii-lwh ht pit 1II thi trlniplile
.li itlpi l'ip-n. ii? h lp, u !,lltiil," lit' !ttvlitl n-l tit .lv hli
tIpt tdtiIIvitt w, II u ii f i 'lllptpi- , itI- lllpt r- i tltlvPr W n IIp,
tIly-ui-l i vt Ih IllP*li I' i t hiliitttlp,
hea In 10 I~nsayo l h .nwh 1 n. b,. IA II
Iri l-i , cl. Iwr nitl .. ll ,ll l! .ll I
hrIli niIt to i t vr nit p:i p itpi tit of e l uVa tvi. w Lp-t
ip-ittIllll p vppy l ti i
'':I-I~r lv I iiiuupi ut )Inti(q 1I-ipi tititi'dH tOI tJLtJIi,l lluIv
Whleir wl h l 'irli fhlrl.mn ,l 4 l lnl i ln Io ! 11dl
II l t i.. tx it ti pp , it rn T iliu tt it - vit i hitiv
Ituitliii lip-ilt i ipipirt th vp'liii ip liy b ut-ppuurni
ln b iitiit it fl I I1 1 r thh ity of $ iiltvl I int.
-prin pr th u lih t-r-,h,- li- i htiuv'p lirl t i.lllil i II-it
h'iu ior i N w o ll irkl ltp rlll t ittnpn ip vtillr
tit·lr.i thIiI. Wi n viltl, N , w llw , tr t ' ltitv n , wpitrl
lil- yn uit ti-i ll , pitn t ir. nltl iil ur kinr it li t,
tippil-i pupl pi ttW," ltut tll ppi . "l.Ipt 'ptp l lirlu.
IIpllllpu Itll i I l llI ip t ill p p ip nllhrk Nith IhIin upLIup
Wh1 r l I hn Priminn, wl sk ,,i h. . .hl
l~lie tion a I M ih ilk n tlhl rnllllll to[ ||1k1 nenll.
l l, ni, I jet lil i n',il , atI. l.. orI l'ivl', on a llowl
partio h llll hii,-ihid" w ihtl,.,- nmlll s hlnir P, han
Ir f v o l ly llI Iiii
llsnou i N.'.,l' entr N11 YT r k~l'. l'ay 'lh l kn h,
|iliat IIII betwl. I r .d r T ltn.
himli .'1" 1'. ulrl.4 r lnI i l14 1f Iither ar l n th
'lmh, I know ,ha T , i~llr, Wt!.nl !; n1 9! lylT en1lil
hy Ihi r !1i% rrowl.l Ill lll'.. I Ikn I III; ;tha I. ,it on * it u~l
hafr, tlll l thi. thul .f ni,,,r -, f t~h e rlZ .l i M ,
lilonl °lilt inkiiil wl|. l b,1 holtty,. llril l hn vet , m i
ithll .. f rl ll I:1:1:1, wh ,h ilb ll. .l, hi thellbr 80IH.'
mhgwn t,. 7 i ., i1
Stepor I tf l lsl! I stereslsesyl' ofl er~l.l! Pri1im alnl1 iO
W~lt uiry'w.,,f.l"i rii'h,. ,llon E r wad M lj I, 'ho, r~l
i: , h t4'l If ofL V theP mar t7,11,1t o.f Thn lilr oug w
Tlhr|,. oil r I pIrintin fr .l.thnl thr n v°XI!uIr. w1tr
$2,l: ,,,i: is f rl i. ein ri ll nipi hf fll for floll: r ai'.pol
lfl rexl. H IiM~ ,.lh I.l,,SdI. ll 4
Thi ni t *r x orhl~lt ar e wasl'h rlf l.og s":,. Haingl
anr() hullxpm lilz hwan .hl i J ne t5 nti , |olf~ll abo
Inoe U atil .o utlh un .v lnr t ok $.hr'ion M lhb
rl..'ll fromi~ J :ll : t hll h ihnr esl . ..lInl,. Dominher pla
ti. h lln.m l r ofi hll ployl, , l v m.d'ls11£d,1 n w ivlil ye
TIhn lllrmentl numbi r I IH. 479l.llll Th r lhm ]of llnrl
f: et Jlhoot Iiii l'l'rV itll, ..| lI 4 it red , ll 1. 9 :14,1 r|ILI
Deara,. . n .l ny ri fithnalIrk fnly,'. $1 rag l . ol l.
hind I yt I i h , '.hlronu inen Itho20k N, f, J.1 111in1
up. lit, .Ih II! W.loa f h blisl y earto whih'.i
FR 4 M10.
MacMahon AmRImnrcl of the Mupport of the
t flalte.
I'amot Nov. 2H -T'r..iertnlt MTiMiahon, yister
day. r'e i.vl l Il,. I. tiron fromin t lh party of th.
SIhttt in lithe en,,. T, ' .,' iy ias. red thef Pr(t
-ent , the unwvering sllppoi~ t of th Iprty in
ho ltresu(ltr. ilsik, it I it ne.ura.gedl hirn to p r
5 V re in his tr,. ini polity of resis.aneo to the
I(hIuttrto ;r, of I'' |,IIiIt".
II. Ma,.Md n riVl iti:l
('ifntle,'e-, I thank vyou for your no-opra
lill, l ndi b li,' I hi v,' a rig' I t. o, int on it
Ift hre sh n is fttihful to duty ais the g.u.rdian,lt.
with rue, of thi ('e )II t itutin and of hI.gltity, It
will u tatI i nill,. as I f,'dl .l r it will. If. in
fortunl ately for the coun'ry, it, shoulI jirov,.
othi wieo. Our iot will still he the same, and I
shall know how to show wou the, way.
IT 'S lY.
Internatinal Exi.lulf ion at Milan.
MILAN. Nov. As. - An In'ter-ational exhilbtion
will bi held in thi ci, y during the year 1879.
Tihe Turks Claim a Victory at Plevna.
LONDON, Nov. 24.-A dispathl.l from ('onstan
tin t!,h Hats thelI Turks Oie-in a great, vir-'tory at
II vnao aid thnt, three r,-doubts thtva br..i , itp
tured from th - li-tins.
Gortscakoff and Peace.
VIENNA, Nov. 28.-Evening pDaop'rs publi h
Bu lihar s advices aet-rding to whi-h 'rinte..
(orteih. koff is tn_ ag d int liv ly diplornati
iteroutr-e. A p oios.l has already bet n
made for a eoInferen,e on petac( ond.tlons.
Str.ng Position of the Turkns atOrehanle.
LONDON, Nov. 28.-A speial to the Daily/ 71-,
graph, from I',ra. reports that the Turks h Il a
sitr -g fortifl ,t poi ition a the t-ad -f Or-han, it
defli-, and itntv abandontd the town of Orehanie
for a gir, rteaisons
--- ---------- -
"WASIIIN';ToN Nov. 29, 1 ai. in.- Irndiiations
For Southl Ath ntic Sits ,isinmg barotnetnr,
after a termporary fall along the coast ; i n, eas
Ine northeliterl y to nort hw,-s or y wintds:; eoldll
tini g(-nerally I" 'iudly weather, with rain areas.
Fir the (iuif Statet-, rising and higher b nt ,n ,.-
ter; diminishing north riv to weslerly winds,
anrd general y (-lder. cl-,ar 'r pi tly e otly
weath-lr, followed in the HoSuthwe-t ty falling
barometer and easterly windts.
A Branay-soaked Nation.
The national vice in Russia is drunkenness.
The: lower e asSes are so br utaliz d by ex.c- siv.
id inking tha they are rarely sitter, and during
Jfee days land there are ab.out one hundred and
thirity t Ithem) thiy are always in at s a o0f
iut,,xication. Tie popes or priests also s -m
to think it a part of their re igi ,n to be h.,b tu
ally in a muddledlrate. Thi- is the reaso thtit
the Russian pe ,san" atDpears so stupid tan
thick-headed. Naturally he has a god uand -r
standing, but his braius are so s skel with
rodki (brandyl that they are never fully at his
command. Wh- n be sees his spiritual guides
as degraded hims-.f as pnrorly tlhd, as illy
housed, and as n~ilh addtlted to the nse of
alcoholic drink'., the peasant stuptfles and bru
taliasz h-ll f with ltass CoFmPulArfo of coa
satse .ep.9sneeI . , ..ame.
A Ifrandl EIntbrlnwt of the ('ol oen NImn.
1ast 1141441 n tltil rln4n 4llr rIf 15h1 (1lttrn 11.4
"h,4ngc' rus''t ,e1. thi, EkX t iung'. n fltlo nIt nnrld
a'4' Wil; v rvy Il l-4,14, 1nd145I h.4144 plrc'1t. titanil
Ib.144trll~,rI 4, wi.iml whn,, Pr4'l44 54441 kIJn ipk 4'iiin Iir1
sneu'v I I. Inc 144 or rr 4.54-4 14. wn l fl n I th4M lnI54
W, 4. lvb3:k . Eal., Itarn-l-ont of this Ex..hnng4n,
lit. l . (5. t41at.,r, 1'1vul Hnr'rotilry. wiwo, tin uevcr,
Alt' r4 t lh 441in 1441 hill[ 1i4't4lI ('·ll5rl trj o.rdllr this
4.1111I necof this in inn4ts-.s of t.hi p.rnvi us In "it 5g,
on lnot~i a,. w444 41t44p4'nn44'i with. ni,,! 5'rn4'451111t
545],v (I 14441 4,. 'I 41 nc Itril uI. '11 t-IrrM 4041 i4
(orf('444l'.44' -Al ow in-s tilo nrlgrnI u4.,t. yone to
4.51 41,t 14 p 111 ti. 4I44.lIllllint, your 144'v444tt. anfl.
I IV4'4 it 4 4r ' 4 JI ll, I I 11f 4 l.''c 1 41 4 o n v it ( ''444.41-4 4l 1
0414414 ti' 1'dIyl 4.41441'to 41454444 44,01i i t yo t144
1t-144 1,4444l.4t 14414, In at, IllI. 4ll t'n v.ttrn, wt .str
you ins(', , ,(,,I ill ,i,,,sl th~ unit ln 1,1,,,, l(,, ,,,,
4 Vii' 114 1ti t14'4 I L110L41 ttIIl IL lIMI, 4nrt
gn trl4414t.44rl.Yl44 wit re U v ," 144 l Ii 1,trtrlv
pr'l nritya.4wil trp flll 4t wt inQv'r('nrt
if y.441 v41r14- 41 4144444 1·4, to t,, r~l44 tip -lo- itt
441111 14114 III 11144 11444 rI of v','r 5141444.4 of SIt
4 1444 r o 14s [
yon · I r1~tlt vtr who hX!JvRhy "1 Wirth th With
I4'll'44v4rvP( fill 14444414 4414444'.jll (11444 ItillI tt104411 1f
44'441'r 4141414414''I-14 444t44 '. 44' IIv'.eJt,' wItlI ItliMI
'.41141ll Itrl''4t1s hrlv vluI wilt, 's44411 1141,1 In ti)n
It'. 1441 'f 4thr' 144444 4114 4,, Itl' 1411 f lll'41 ur4 of
t411 1' i 44,' 14' it 444.141 t41t, 141441 hi il 1114441548 III
Report or time 11lre4'tor4.
'fit , 'ill il, n I'lr'5 II Fyi4 l'r4'411 444 4R, 444 414
MNI 4 444444 ',f this "Wll 4.)r1 44,4144 (.tt'o E.x
An 441'41 rnili s flrtI' I ' ollf 4thtn ly- IIwA. th11i
14441441t r4t ll(irl'4i14 144'4441k ii i'r'-4"'ll. f- or 114 In -
11444414114 444445 4411.t114 444 i4 141 4114 144''ln11t4r44 4l
till' EX it)" loti~' lll wing llrdr,n 4yu Pinr rrf
444 4411,.4144t4 4141 II 44'4'44:
II, It ' It ittry ''f h414 5x,..'t,,mn t4414i'thrr wit,
it'. prl44r'-n 11) Ill Ill .'1.l J.ll n14i 4414 s 1411 1l41firlthls44
rrf '1111 it, hn4h I'll iutrtunu rnr in ringin
.41141-4 It-rr t414 II 414rl 144414414'1 II I,, tYrrllB l-41111
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wIr. Illt 1441ht, hlt ti'll (1'urr4.n'lISof t44 1n, year
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1444 Mild14 I', O41ni144 44 14111444 (,4-'144'141" u~ n at any
tn1141"4.41441.441 I444 i444 oration. In Ii n Ilot 41 4 )
jt vI 414144Itl) 1441444 144414444-4 41141¶ in
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114144441I'or 114111 CO4444 444-Itr, I44W 44 4144ni44414i 1444444
41444 444'' 444r rhI 41,111 44 0': 44ow 4Iarg~r',- ,1,4
44' 44 1441-d 14t' 44444y p''' s4.44'41444 44441,n 5l4't4Ing4
'Inly. 14444 4411441441 r'.. 4r414a of 4144 I'4 4rl-r s1n141
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1.1410 L444h'141 g444 lur'41144 4444s-, n1w 44 bntlnt q tol~ tIll 44
i'lln 44 441444. tIll 44.'''4.t,1 41444nd for- t, - 444) 1444,. Iit
it. - '4I'l4144'nw 114l44! i 141 341444 y Ir o$4444414n.1 47,
'Fri t-I4 .4 l444 lt4',441-4l4' 4'414t. hu44,4r4'45 mifld
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-unto '4'~l444 41 4lrt 44'4414rly 411111114 to Ib,, Fi'innrv'n
(4,rovl' by11 hi' '14 r~l r4 and..414441l4 Wan -t spr riai44.4
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41n,44 4'r144I44444 li' 1.1,.. 141411 ti 1,11, '.1'h4444fc4 not
i.4'44.i4l for irlnl4lo4i ,I11 44i44 ha44V4 trar flilnt to
414141 l44441n l144414 4114 u1144x''l-4444,l44 4'4olhI114I'44;,
11.l14, nlr'1114 thus. r41.4114'.4'1 11,14141 114 vl4v41n4. 1)o
ill r"' Rlinl 4,144 ys-l44iy ul'14 4.f twouity-n111i" no4w
III " n I" 4111.
1''14I iox44n4 of thy, Ex41ha4r1l'.. 1fln41419i141 tr441,1
4411.11414n wI 1 144 441.4r14'4l411544141 1t'41444111414 4o1
1144 tr4,444141r14r1 4.114144.1. 'JlwIiI( ut 1141.4 I- ' Se r4-11.41
4141141 th 444 yi 441 114. 114 n' rly 44 'j1444ir41. '.1 4 iit 'il
111)1 4.4 dl~lal4l1, 444.44 'l414Ihlr..4,41Int.. 1to Inboitt 411'
114414 14,14.4i 'as'4414 t by frl.44,'-n 4,4 -14114 414444 'of
it,-- 14411 1444 4y14i1 1'inn444'41 (4441l441tt41, lt,'.Ir 4414.
1444141444 l,144 144o4, v1r4114414 p.14144414 wI'it 1441 ho,
y1'.441' 4 41n1411ting. In r'4.414' nurn41t,4r14. 1.4 $4 11.414444
Allt 'iii- ".4-41 r.''4' 14.14 .Nov4 41.'r '22, 11944. t.4 NI,
vl'mI)'-r2 21.147-
Ix'9'14444144 (444.4'-r 4. r~on 11411lto i441411 s,1'
1tl4'I14l4'14 44441s 41444 [torn1 4,41144
14.n4r'nl14 Ir mldri 445141 1441441.t on 144ns14 1 ,34544414 011
l-1l4.44rv4141441 d4544.44,1114.4.4.-- - -1,4,H 4j4
1. 4414.1 1444..44'11411. d'l.44.41' 44414. - l... 459 )(4t4, 4
TotIl . .. ......... ...... ... ... . $94,941 T ~
Ex(Fflgni Lronji r r X'tiII4V4: Of Iof i.n') .82,(n):
XI~Inrvj!io lt,I ,IrtlI,I fJ . . .81,24 I
L,:v,:o iluqlelj tio)t I!~lrtrrll~rnt........... i0,.x44 3):
Tott~l i ......,.... .~~
In IiiI'I,"tio l With It/, ILhIOVN It IK [,roper to
HLt.t, but at. tII iI~iI of ('1,-i ri tet tr. 1IH11"r'rI
IL?'.'' 1tH for teytIar thnr., IHnru I~l1,» ruin( jln
ti lih l in ,,,,11 (.7 otlotll',"u In a1IIJ Il.in to
4j2,I2Io, of akilh thl'er! hay'' H mI'," hH~et,'OlIh't'd
$72.12. h'.1vigg la h)rt1LO. oultiat.1flI hItIL thill hIate
of $3 [171.
It uit~ol'r III n ,H ptiLi1ri to IroIIIrIsilrhItte the Ex
huuI e onl the voiht.iilai d4 441,CH1H of ill, Hyst.In
ItIe '~itYIXIrON AN[) r.teVICE It4Iai'g'TION,
,c.eh year of t h!e existenre of which only serves
to II~er o strrlat r ,t Ir tl and in:on..l'.l vrliy its
i:r at valuei to the 'ota m rce of NewOrl .ans,
rand salu ary infllutnae"e ulpo the intilter'ts of all
who trio with our rity in the great :aplti.
Jl-f rence lto the tLipervlsorf C-rnmritte.'s re.
p rt. shows. that upwat daq , .t ;7.r~000jIi worth (,f
,i -ttoii has teen carefully witr.t'hed . nd guarded
within this y-ear, from the timmi of Its reeeip:. at
New Orleans uitll i s final dliposit in the h Id
of iing, ing e-sets, aid we ernt. with uar:onflta
ble -drid,. poinit It thie aggregat lossa. made
from inavorllidablre IIauses, durin,, the year
1876-77, (tne: m I-ilest aicggreiate ever kn-.,wn in
his or any oth-.r mrarket from whic'h proper
asta mieit« can sh, ohtain du). s eonclusively
ohowing tha: Now Orls"-uni tolerates neiither
car!:rr; t hiitntllitg lnor pLtty pilfering of : h cot
t-ii ii tris.te:d to h'- carl. (of bI, r menrh nts
At yllr ltt annuatl meeting refrienrie was
rnadu; to tr i fT rts of various r'otton cities (in
,-, udulg N "w York) that wer end.eavoring t n
aiiie kifll iy j, i tIaugurite oir itan ,of sll pervi-lorn
anl in- pl:ittuln, d,'tailt- of whiich ha teen fur
nishted thinm on apt.lication This w.is men
in Ir I the timoi to shi v toe aptrecitation of
our eTffrts by o, her nrmnulllinitiesa, .Orm" of
u hirch were: our dir.elt coim pti! o, a Ther infll
'.cr t O llr .xC;tmi le. is:L- r, iwh id thr:ireat p, rt
of i.iverr o,,l. from which v: have rr..ived th.,
nqiriual Irld I,t rse.rn t of hter grc:ats-t merr
riH ,iLts andI l.-ading busiMn.-s mrn, ai s will he
s.en ,ty the 'orlowir g :etra;vts fr -m the pub
shuld proceedirigs of thr; International Otton
(Cormvit'hon in July last.
[r.xtra,'t fr mrn the adilrre-s of Mr. W B For
wo.d , president lit-'r-itional Conveuti n and
proeid -nt Cited Cot on A.sso lation t f Liver
pol I
".-- hrve t note I with much pleanlure * * * * *
the .s abtlishhmet of a huotter sutpirvision of
eotton in N,'w - I, ans before shipment. which
lhas bor e rnmost satisf, tory r, ultsp and we
h e, to se': the sysatm r.xti-idirl to other p ,rts.
pI,-rticularly tihe p,,rrs oa Mobile and Galveston
fr m wnii:h pl cras we. o ntinue to receive much
uountit y damnag d rotton."
in introd-ing a resolution at the first day's
meeting ,f the same conventi,,n. rilartve, to
loaes sustained by "ounritry damaged." "Mr.
Ik, n (vi.e; prosrul,-nt rf -he United C tton Asso
elation of Liverpo,ol) alliuded twe quote from
the published rn note-) to the frequent eom
plints agai ,t Mobile and G(ailveH'on, and made
cornl,aris n with New Orleans. where, sine-' the
estabhtshm-nr ,f supervis rs. eotton hias ben
carefully shipped and cases of country dam
ageud' balsa c-o parativle rare."
W- qu. te further a res lution offered by Mr.
Sirpson, idelezate from New Orleans. which.
after d sec. ion, partiipated in b, the presi
d nt and v e president of the Liverpool Co ton
Br kers' Association, the prasident of the
Uited Cott, n 'aso ia'ion of Liverpool. Was
adopted ,maainmotasly, viz:
" 1 hat it is d, mIrable some m.de of I e
or saper ision sh- uld be established 01
on arrival at Liverprol. a small imp atbeing
levied upon each bse to dsetra tbcoseta sdr
in ltrr.rtngmrriint. nrild that a o nmmitto be 1t.
i.nI,.t to frrthnr this giropo.l, tandt to fi.
:ljr Ir I'rr, oinr i.rk inrg Kh ilpi. the W hei ltyý
of rottn on tthwharnandottnrkinjdlrtnlfp
Your honl ionnsirl"r that thne etrUsWe
houbllt not ,ily It it Il thtor,n thni matnhbetr or
this ''hlrnige. and ipartiti".lar atttntion drimwI
ihll'rtor, but thati theyr art dlatorringl of oluta
rouniielntion to ovnry +'oumtrmy nhlgper who
i i, aIt IshiIn ;rodr'I tIo N"w Orloans p.ie
tfo nhow tlh II' Lprrialltrti atiroAil or f r teI.EaEO
that Nw icrln rri I. l kingkll, not It lh 4
of thi, ioxporti'r alonn, btit for the tnt.l
rini',, aini iii tihm trruIi. from the planter tot
r'tton Plnllnr nllly Wn , llnrt any, in the Intrel.M
of Ihoninty and lair ultinllg-that wetely .
turn tol1 vit iii, for what wt receive of eottonor
of 11oney.
It 'hluhtl I' part.iaula.trly rememberad., 1 ba
[mirtliiM ciiiii''rniolt tihat IThi, xpense of preit
ur-.iprviriotn is orri by riilthnr Iha the piantrtB
th+t cnri itnor. hit In anki for in money D1
fvai.r, who la rlimhiurnid hv tle Ir lo ot, ten
tne.raiti mi ritfltu In rn' ,pr anmpllnig
Wi, notr, with lirpri.im anrl rinr't that tWOI' '
thri.,n forn.tg, nhlppr. riot minmrbrn of t
"hnngg",, still rnfuia' to alho'wt hb tHe etpard -
anol ll pl'ltio n rigula l to rn, iand ianst pon
tiiin I i,,ti.otin , adn. from lna .'tI .
tinild of Itni'Ing it t wk in them hane. We tf "k,
hIowvir,. thtl theiai arirtl llray be lad 1 ti
Ints ur ridi'n morn i'ariiduay, tend apon bum M
c;nvinii of Ithoir jutitlii antd in~ýi ttti I +<
will tI'ri" of th, trdlt in gn.ntral, wll
thtitr 'o. cpsirit it n o its 1,0 make the systA
univi'rsIalty i onplirl with,
In virw of thi a ntiria anesm' latad to lb.i
itridit if inpirvlnion atnouint, and at m
i tllu't of i imnitntmbir orf mIrtiimtr, your boori fr
iuindl thti fin,o to, i4 ntn ,t r bale. It I. .
pro,,i.l) , howivyr, that, title rat. will lf lli
~tf ""viring thtoifxpoinieai of ,hn lia, tioa
will ritll'i, thsiirptl'i.u now on ha i ..
'll, repoirt iif tlhe (' rnmrilltnt on OflhhI -
ntl Htnt.tatlstn, nhowu riot ntlon on their Ipag
yindl th u-~tntl artriiniu riutlne of d.ittIa
sionl by their nprtl,+..r aaor The )nOlU l g
nryv a dl'rvIed iinit limtrintlt to kir,
Wait-, who tri' ti d from the ihairmanahis a t
itarviinii i tint ri'nptu" t y of fivt years,
Ni,.tiit ionsi progrminmg for a
N .W IFri,,nI11AVIA l:oNTAAUT.
for tlh, vitir. nt thll dlntl of the comlldtmtteal' lwr
t1 . t i , siv n il- ' tle n ,iio plitatr(.,
VnA triita KtA itf I Nlt CrMMIT9t'XlhI
arn hirnwith nrutmirtttd for your onfllie .
I ta wi,r I th ornti ri hutnr n+m n of the KI
htf wo, knd rinoothly antd atiltafw+tortl, rm I
inui iri'it uponi thiin iniirnre of ts eozmttS
.td i itilli''im rani in Lrnpl',yPo.
liv ordr ,of thi, b inrld of ilrretor.,.
II. N IY l. I 1I0,1lIt, l 0toreta-y.
ReportI of the Commlttee on Me. t
Alftir the applhtna t.tiltr followued Mr. B
t1'ih hind Iitidl d 1Iil iti ll+ i'omitI made
Nrtw hIRtiAiH C(OTTroS ExositaWGU
Niiw IOrmnlin,. November 20..1f7. '12
To tlt li'rn.idlint ardnt Ibord of bflreootor l I
O( lIril.,. ~( ttoin frihang :
(/leiI.rn.', - Your 'inmmniltoe on Memonb
ht tf,, ri Iut I tint .. IIo hi,,t. h.mi m ll 00M t
t,,rnm .lurinr ih,o ylor : ~,'monting apli
Ionr mdnmi,' iotln t(, thtii lin I+iange
At thrn l,. of, thi- Ilat, min tnul rnrort db
biy t.htir i rid ,'u nsl++s .a th, t roll of the Bu -
minhrn.r.ii iit Im oit,rn, i; vitl Inlg r,4oibe
It; pwr o'r alornov t ; ini'tm whiob there
tb'i nrtmilttl 19 rinrulh r., 149 vsitn.t i.
units ip wira if nIt4hurnur; ri roimit,º have
miiun,I Rntl I:3 htmv- Iu.I nmm tinddid I for
pinynmlnt oif d+ lit..t; visitiog zmninmbers hate!
'Iri nr'il for flit ittlua,,m ii 2 pVo1!
attoirrn'y htlv, b tonl wltlhdrinwn. OnemaS
vialtilg . Orittiri eli I piowi r of altulr]t!
diltdl: 2viilting moimbnhr nrd i ipot. o
riny hlivr, i.,itt,lid for anrtd bnii e,0144 Ito
t"rshi,, a. rnl otne Iiower of attorlayl b s
at vinitinn mnminoh r.
'Irn roll of the Exohangit at this $aLm·.
IMr 20, romirnpriain 217 mrino terr,. 72 Vlllflli
irmn i rtnd 1I9 ,were of a:toru/.y.
It. will thuis le seeatn that lasin our la.
mi,.tirng w" have lost from various
nmtrrlntrn tinrludllng vittilng membere
warmWa of II tornty) and di I ring the nsae
hitven atdtrnlitt.l ;. t, ihia. mrakin our tAJI
bI hi i p ait thi bJs latt 1l. Ramainst 291 as r
at, this timit lIt.tt. y , ar.
Itemqprtifulnly submitted
TIIrH. I. hIIUN'*, Ob arminut
JO. W. AI2UI.A--
J. W. |LABOU.-88_
Report of the Comau lttee en llaaAe.
To, Mr. Win. C. Black,. Prec.ident, and the
of Direcetrs of the New Orleans OottOa *
'I hi Flnoarnceo Committee have the honor to u'
Their entraneLc ,onduty drates the 7th of
enmb:er I t ; since which time they have
te, ruptedl y p:rformrned trheir dutl.es wit
stri't. care and e.eonomy which they have
-ed to, be a Ieauling reequirement of their
'ThL.aret numbet of small collectieons
laye vteurr Lnrg n thoe lustalnle of the.e
Sdepartmnents or th Exe:hatgo, has re t
their pro-.,cir'iletlng, r galar weekly, and
ulen; eaxtra mn.7:tincg, amoun ing in numan
come s4xty. at. whlch your cormmit'te have
(dited ove' 2000 ceash v',uethers; and tbrou
thi- term as at Its b"iann!ng. Ithfinanoes0
Ezxchamnge, have bee, and now are, i .n .
and pro 1errous con-ilfion. The Trea.urer
pre sent a tabulated rzepl,rt of the actual
movcrnen for the year. Ir ,m which tie foll
Ing Is reduedl ase the revenues expens .w
pr,flits of the Exchange properly appoe
to the, r:ching year:
Annunat clu'H parnytle November 1, 1WI,
$tza:;.c. les d~e:inqum;nt cduei 4 Oncul
I :, l,.J ..... ... ..... ........ ....... f3
Duos lIo new nmetrbers and visilt,
member.s admitteld during the year
Initiate,,n f se.. sfales of daily mat ke .
report, Inte-res-t, sale 12 bales cotton
in J'hilade:lphia. etce................ $,TI
Total net revenue..... ...........W T
Various exrpenese actountI4 of
the Exchange, pu!cllca
tion of daily mm ket re
port, annual jues and ex
penefle of delhegat-4 to the
National Cotton k-x
enanrece. etc .......... $30,4O o
jis4' on tihe a 'sa of eott.tn
shpelr d to IlhiJadelphia
ii Jtune, 1i76, for exhibi.
tion at the C(ente:nnal
Exosition ............... . 699 62--411,.4. d;
Total net surplus .............. .. gajfl
The Tre"asurer's acount with Departmen.t.
Press Supervision shown a balance of $l
and his a,:,,count with te: De.artmenet of
inrpteetion a credit balance of $1190 OS. fi
caset a dlecrease of about $400, as compared
last year.
The dcrafts of the Commitrteenon Lrvee shelulag
and rep-airing. drawn agacinst the subsriplddf
land cl 4eetd in eare of the ExChanse. have re'
lusre. I that undl to an in-ignifieant bse.&
blThey aggregate for the year 5547 41.
Of the Trc'weurer's t,,tal :ash re eipt., $.ikei
a~l :i and of his disbur-ements $ls5,s0s31, arlea
fren the rere'atedl esulance and return of lk.,'.:
at inter. st on riedge, eof Al colla erals, of tlhbi
cand of tlrhe E.chane,. as t' ey from time Ls`
tim- exrc.,:ecleded the imrnr:di ae wants of Its ma
agent:ent. Tlt:ese: loans, a- tar as they have ma.
turr i, . have be- .n ecllecedl; In two or thrl.
cases only hats it been necessary to call for -
litioncl se-cu: ities to make go ,d original ma -';
gins, acend in seacth ease the borrower has prorm: -
ly rc"--pond.ed. An earnest s-rins- of the respoJo
ctAility attending the eare of these Inveue
ha. pro,rnted in your eommitte, a corruespo -
irng -autror,. In the early part of the year, too.
an lunsettced state of public affairs miade&eaW
factory investments diffle alt to eftf ot. Howeeys.
our (-ornmitte-., are able to report their la
v:stm'inti unattended with loss of any kiid.
acd yip-Iding an aceumulation of interest. -
amcountirng to $24S; Me.
The etlinrination from the Flst of assets as re
ported last year of -ertain bills receivable Iort
some years, esteemed of.do.b.ful value, sad ths".
l.tucti rn or delilnrqent dues rnd I se on ~
tonrt exhibited at the Ccntennial Exa.rpositiotl, '
the proper charge and c edit of the ctoael
y ar s e-ash in-ome anid exrense give a
net capital to represent the t sah- resoof
rock of the Exehange now in the hld 1(s o
members, oh sbl3.ex 471.
The ublication of the dail market
hase yie dd a net incom I r t year #f41001
The Comptroller of the aurrener at W
ton city has, d.irtg the ar. deelared ti
dends. aenount inc tegefatrto 26 per
-bleto epositors in the ýestt it'
Baat a d the Treasurer has so l
ekWi from the beak resetve! la thistt
sthe tictal tk*e far e-nleeteIdtes pe
an asrlhala depeslt of $1 R The
eara ses H exreatrtilot of fIrther

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