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The New Orleans daily Democrat. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1877-1880, December 06, 1877, Image 6

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Mt*RllI .l t iV ALMS.
* ttllnegl' lSani of . Inninatst v. I.d. I
1I n ID PITIfliOT (cofifT FOlR tHi' I'ALR
L of Orleosmsn N. tl N!lll)N. I A 71,471if the
ttIDe tlor Dl tist .irl (1' i 'lrt) - it v ri r it of i w rit
q oll nlO t main. d irie hy ty hi' houl r nbin
tie l ate JMbteriir lint i l+ i 'irt for I bie piarish
Orleans, in tIhi, cbhovi, iilttlnii .elilt., toi Eneiinie
wltamalti latie $hnrlff, anll by saitd into HlriiT
et t nilIorrt'id, i Will l roinood to ell lnt pub
l itlion. at Ihn Mi l'i haltlhtn i Alls iand ltl llllonler"
iianitn t y, l t hti'.. t hotwotll ()lini i1t (11 n
tn.m 1oiiaen trertie lit ite HNno nil I/ilt.rtri f Itih is
ity MON IAY A. hJncary 7. t7a., n I ae"'.ltll'k
ilii Uth ýl ! lid~vn 1 " l rli ,ml 'i;pr lr I.to wtl
AN F IIND). (I"thtrwalt IsI
the l 1 trieg ng i lS l Id 1 ltreiveitiinleee I iiiriil. itll
ateutl I n lir ltctrI rh, itl lte ni1t . i t lii
S r, oundnl ly I'rvlitnnll, ]trnt. Nntyaeli'h
l l tno. l cll it , i I'IYtl tWotin it. il'tl i t erln
Ited ani twenl,- y.caefli frvt thren In ihen fi r t
Dle in depth, i htt,wi nts aritinlll linie. Atniorli
risu I tl , lunld i i ii t. ritrll iy all licri y
i t l iO-r ti l) 0 iilimen ulti n of i nt( l . elit
l n.t. thereto: will'h 1 nhi Ilon t, IS
i4 I tlo i ttn l lii lthl ru'uirill el!
y te loti, erlr i a, itt1, y lin Driaw l byl
.O A t, )044, dI oll lio d II Ili r lnolmll s of
aV1 ot er tsuo il. , f rrinrlltll , nit' unihll'
i a hty; totritt r with .ih i xtnili a ,itros of
mart ge stok hielroio atte d, lining the
operty s!'uitrnit by th i llnln l hi.e w,
inud M. vinllll. from rl. lllurn Lowiy
S atli ttg)Y 'll 'irtl'r Axnaiti. ptir ltt,'l pi, tnil
or Ail tlp Iltoutliu ittin. In.t' i .nittily
aoIn t. l s lly on ttl Ilii ltlrlAnt l it 1 of MNltr'l,.
p"injhed in hlt nhoe n.v it.
ma--Thie Diure'htutaur ,t fu il.h ittck nt i o
i t oltmlIrI O n tiltel IltPitlre 'l I fty, i ttv liri'i Ii
Ia l tiU o u l ili tl itt , ity of A pril. I.iH ,
l l. aeh rdti.l. i t ie i lnu, 'itlttrthr oi thll,
t i J "n i Lo.liii, nd thn ihlanon
'- i le vitre naor txl ansuti ril the iltiinr
ar O iO and ripolibliljtio. oif ea stiokholdr lof
l io n ianik of im itis lli, atl Ilie, s.tlo k
o@ soo furnultn ailoii li t ,lnlrit llnd wil WI tt i nit o
ll. D Linod loforn .1. cinetehe, niii' tryy. on
h o Ont1 o l'.it!:l, l hl! hounlit, of ,lvishlrlo
If In lo 1$. on tin it.lrllh.loh of Nptni,,ln
, 15144, and wih th hnrilffr'n dold Rof alo in
case.T6 'ItO)MAH It, IIANIIY,
Civill herliT of it l 'l'tril oif r. nii n
'`; ý 1,.. C_! L, ._L... . . . .. . .. .
Iiles F. Harll e vl . William I. Iall.
+ t [1rH I 1TRt(ITCTOURIT FOi)t '1'H1
S f"rl of nOrlmni, No. 44.nit Iiv vin tin lif
rirt fo honurn anid saln.t tmi' llrn red ia.lby the
ý_:',_lltbtle thile folrth ()trht i Court foir ti,
r =_ of Orin tanine hoven inritleticd lUitn,
i. roceeid t I s itll atl plhlh niithnt, al, the
a 1) ilat d An lltionolu r' ;xe haetI . Iit ylll
B_ l Getw janral andil (uistaomnl I1lln slat',t,
th - eootndi )stricut ft Ilia ll,. io MONIA Y,
s 7 1070, i t ,ii ll L o'e lock i, tli, Lf wllwi itir
) T O (llROtINt, tnorther
t`- i ite aillnga anti iroveynitet ihrtiitio
"., wayn, ttrlvllng ru, aeryltuden i l an dvan
tl)regitlrl appnrtithtlnin andt liilln.g,
iaods bio. le Lourth ltrlolt ll thiu t1tIr in
,-_ re boulndd by C(ihlpipn w. lolrahrl,
Ints on late JTrsey) and First stroei.
Std by lthe nunlier tfltennt onl a iplan ,f
...tills raint, iatrvnlto r dlate tontyl fr lllth
, 14, d.cosaitnd in tl.e o f1i) t i of L. It.
S..l. tate noa. nrotir lblio in tthis oily. mteat .
a"oor. in to salid plan, forty feet four
1l es roi t o fI'frst Stroatl thirty-nitne tn.t tahn
in' ldtil t the rentar, by one hnlidreit and
y-tve rot three Ilnches In deptlh on oaillll
S e ing thi aie tproilplrt, th e itefnitlleit
n aiullrenld Ily tpulrhlanr irllo Mrrirl .1.
y, lper an att pased hfor e, i. M, iiiunr,
alnotry publ t Ic tincacYl . u) t he I wecntlltlh
In the abovce atit.
ma- h IItll l'" . IIANI)Y.
(l vil aHhor i lt lofte LPics al' of irltic.nli .
4018 I9Ia8 J7
iplhe'U linsurance ECaomplny vs. Ilalais
'lti ti Doe'kter.
OU.TJTL DTiTlt' ('otolUT FORT. 'li. EPAR
h ofa Oureansl. Nc. 44,tl-- -ly virtue of it
.Ilt of fler fanlta aitnsit Norlrt A. lhtlii
. to me dilr'lte by tlIh hltonobti ilte'
th i tletrhorut for tier liaLrih of Orlotnsn,
l a.yt}Vo enttltet caus, I will Iproi'e to
ell ai pthlhr a i.ett l. the Morihintts andi
ht olonas ' Exthltngoe, tRoyal sltrnt lbltwotlit
ye andlti Otomihiutnastrn.ta. Ini lo ..... t lo i
oi trt of this e'lty, on MONDAY, tnihtieber
I. 16TT, at I19 t'elni'k in., the following diesrltalrl
nr, to wit -
-m th o People's Iltaurnri Coimpanvy, sUtldingl
. 1, books of the tcitttlpalty it tho nanit of
i tblas & Doektor.
e)O ecnlalim fordivldendio n tlnatie.uool fcTro
-I o date, amounting to about one hutdred
- tnty-lvo dollars. Said olaint forming
E o theabove, and will bo sold with the latter,
sed in ethe above sult.
- lts--adasohn ih s uiot.
Civil Sheriff of thie Plariih of Orleans.
doe 10 1s 17
atlbara Iu Ltten and Her Hlusband ve
r Mary Oorlis, widow of Mumford Porks.
s. h of Orleans, No. 8474.- ly virtue of a writ
Sre.! uttreand sale, to Inm directed by the hon
rablo the Fifth Dist.rlet Court for the parish of
, -.rleans. in the above entitled cause I will
rloneed to sell at public auction, at the Mor
*'bnt and Auctioneers' Exchange loyal
between Canal and (lustomhouse streets.
S Second Di)strlct of this city onl HATUIt
, January 5, 1878, at 12 o'e0lok m.. the
Sdoecrib ,d ronorty., to wit -
or with all the improvements Ithoroon,
rig ,. . privileges. customs. servitldes,. ways
.@ I ahtº aDl)urtenances therounto belonging, ait
Suated in the Fauhourg Avart, formerly city alnd
prish of Jefferson, now Sixth D)Isltrict of this
Lty, dealnated by the numbers one two. Ihr,'.
:- ur ani enlghteen of square nllumber thirty
ht. whieh is omprisued within Chostuit,.
.. Flquemlnes, Dufoeit and Honliat st reeots, as
petr plan made by Wm. Forshey Surveyor. aind
* deposlted In the officc of 0. C. .L.dreyore. lIat
a notary public in this city. for rtference. which
a id lots measure as follows, vla: Lot ntlltiber
Sone. thrty feet: lot number two tlhirly-oofootel,
S-and lots numbners throe and four, each,. thirty
two feet front on Chestnut streot by one iun
-red and twelve feet In depth, and lot numblller
Qig: . hteeon measures thirty-t hree foot four inches
trenton Dufossat street by one hundred andi
twenty-five feet in depth, and all between tar
a lel lines, Amerlcan mIeasiure being the siame
DC; property whlich the dfolnlldtl herelt aliuired
b,: ypurchaseo from Thomas F. Walker. per net
s ~aed before .Ilames W. llreedlovo. late aI nIt.,t
- y in and for tho city and parish of JeftTrson.
-.n the sixteenth day of May, 1t56.
' eized In the above suit
Terms-Cash on the spot.
Civil Sheriff of the Parish of Orleans.
de5 14 24 ja5
i lt e City of New Orleans iv. John
OTeek tlni.k.); same vs. same.
p- parish of Orleans Nos. 84.948 and :1"i-
S vlrtue of two writs of fleor fadts, to me
4lrted by the hIonorablo the Superior Dis
.tý1crltCourt for the varish of Orleans, in the
above entitled causles, for city taxes of 1875
516. 1 will proceed to sell at public auct ion,
the Merchants and Auctioneers' Exchange,
yal street, between Canal and Customhouse
S. treets, in the Second District of this city, on
WDNCESDAY. ,December 26. 1877, at 12 o'clock
E,. the following described property, to wit
nseti in the First District of this city, in square
a mber three hundred and fifty seven., bounded
,. Thala B Howard, Erato and Freret streets,
deSl nated as lot number sixteen. measur
ig thirty-two feet front on Thalia street by
sixty-three feet in depth.
uated in the Fourth District of this tity-, in
square number forty-nine, bounded by lious
sea, Fourth. St. Thomas and Third streets,
designated as lots numbers one and two. form
ing the corner of RIousseau and Fourth streets,
measuring sixty-three feet front on Roussieau
teet by one hundred and eighteen feet in
deoth and front on Fourth street.
eized in the above suits.
Terms--Oah on the spot
Civil Sheriff of the Parish of Orleans.
nows des 26
-;. t City of New Orleans vs. Joseph Alex
ander: same vs. same: same vs. same.
3 parlsh of Orleans. Nos. 33.546. 81.078 and 396-
SBrvrtu of three writs of leri facias to me
d.relted by the honorable the Superior District
. o.rt for the parish of Orleans, in the above
ratitied causes, for city taxes of 1871. 1875 and
.. I will 2proeed to sell at public auction, at
Merchants and Auctioneers' Exchange,
lleralstreebetween Canal and Customhouse
_-- . In the Second' District of this city, on
S~jDN]SDAY, December 26 1877, at 12 o'clock
Si .te followit d mocrihbed !ro rty.to wit
' A CERTAIN LO T OF OGOUND, situated in
": " First Distrlit of this ity in square number
.-. o hundred and e.iht. e oaaded by Basin,
ine Iatryett o ad Oitred etreets desig
1.>sallty-eas of nambtylfieti yen measuringthi~rty
on the spt.
n 4 H. HANDY.
-i oF' er f to aph rleans.
The City of New Orleen. vm. John 61. Hood;
psitrihtu dena VII. psis,so n ,8 -
Ii V vii rtu of tws wirirs of flrar facia.rf, I? 111
Slrri'(tll Iv te I n'rIltrrhlir, m pllii M rrllorltl pIrlri
(u lri fllir ti i risW I+Ih rf Orlf R iA. In thih sI ron
(1)iiI l+!` h +li~ IIl l l'lt ;.)I· 't ( I(+)1 +'llll, 1 I I++li +lt l 1170
oilitilstri srml.srs's, 'r lIty ripsr'n of IfT44 anund4 11.
I will prst'rrsrd l flr pisl lf u)ulih lln iirllon, at. h
Ifsrr'hntilsi slit| Asll, rir-is' ie11shfantls44r. Isrynil
ml I . hirwi ll s ns(juisl nisi (si I risilr li fr lpss pAtro+tIIa.
In lht Hn,,Mosiil I)Ilrhlnr thlir i 'lrs , l n. WENI)E)N H
IrAY. Dios,,rlll+rrr II;, 11i7, a.rt IA o'rllorlk In.. till
fllswlng rlrpsrrril nl Ilrlst trr Ly. +t, tifil
A r'ICETAIN Is l')IIII)N OI i (llI)tUNN I). lit
rl firn flrh lfirsl Dll isf)tril rrt 11 'h f I+ll illn pssl llirla
lIIullltisr' IWo hrU llssirds l iIrrty- Iix lssiUdIeitfl
ly 'Tru i Wrilk Mf . Jofr ph r ntrl (umls llrntl
plri r'rsl. fsrignmfted m'rl liss I lnuiers fhf51 rirs'st,
lrinsrl1rll li 4 W twr'iiy-.fI frstsf foisnt (ill n Trl'sofs
Wslk lry iilrty7mOrlvnr fsI. irrlnrl Isl.
Rsh'. I . ,ir l l! I . , Iln fhr iii v rlvi .
T|fflllr.4 wRll) ll Vh, sysl.
Tllhlish iT s4ffsA i I. I I siiNDsY.
(+ivil Hhrilff o)f tihn l'a+rih of )rl.)+ni++.
Ir l,r l i|++ll s 'ii 'iii
lly of 0w orlieins vyi. Lwrernre inien :nl-.
1501151 VI. Pstlll nr P10ll,1 VI. Mili ; iRIsL rI VI.
FsI sll sr Mflt1lr VII. Fsu1ll+.
I .,U~ I tIl IItIt )lt D IN T I+ I(T ( Ulrtl V PO R T I T El J+
')I Sltllh f () i'o' llt , Net. : clT llpl itl.1t, l 0,2.ll. i,
Nillllltll lllls- (l~l V)l' ll~ll.T PI'llm 'rlII+iI
112,211mititti :114 Ify till isi sr fln Wilrit rf ifrsi
fs'fii. 1,t nfl! sitrrlsrsd bfry Ithrs hirorshihrrr tr1s HilM.
IRr'irlr1 s lIIIr', (Irit l fi th vli lris)Ir f )f Or ssllslsi ,
In II11r IrI sulrlfv i Irstith srl rri, fr , intly I xnr! l rrf
11 11.1 ;i1. 1 14, 1 r1. I is i ,tl i t11, 1 will i)rroinl# It
isl ill linsr l trsifrlrt , fl) l fIfr( Mrl+rrsliiti'fd s hurl
A usiIitr1o't1i!rs' ilrfh iings , it ldl tItfI'1tI, fistws'sII
!litirrlilf iillr tslrlrlrllili s' sim r llr'r't i I fI111 s' fhn's ni#
lillrl Isfr, f ' If trir r' I).' iis WlIlII s.NMHIIAY. Jls.'ssis
f~t rr 21,. 11117. isl It oi'l'frk in.., hlis fhnlowfng
#I,,. i(rI,,i nlP~cl +)#1ty c, l ) Ilct ln l - ni +lu i yc~
ts115s d 1rstuiinf'f y. wfis -
A ()EIIT'I AIN if I Oll)lN (F f 1IINI. ll.f.
isrsfd in f if Flyrti lfl.sr i fitirs rl h ,ly. ti
151 ttll'ion ti)iiiI rI),Ir shls hftsirsf'ntl tnil flfly.+fwo.s
lisr)issinf rl v i b Isf rty. h +.'lrt s i ir nr b llri+rriir
s ris lsrwsiid illinmit, y-iian stl fsl )Irt srnlin
frstrifon, iniistri fysls shisi-twrirsl sstsofo frontstIf y-ih
i~llort~y loo bl'~~ y onle. hulllell+1 nd ll(l wlly-fiv,,e
irn fir tuf1 h.
fnlrritsr is Ilrr srbosvie sirsfir.
T~lrmritpsh- th tihs fl I ,s.
(If,'11vif .hfslrTf ff ih t sisiuh of Orfsrsinss.
nir s s 1 It'll n
Thie Ellly of Nisw Irlsnii vyi. Mins I .
(hIf l sy tlsiin vr. Irtscitslif' 4tr Cfly : is.tisiss vrr.
-_.fhlil'itfOTf DIr.fTIIirl' (1OIl1' FlTs TiIli
i; lssissihor (linrfrrrul. Nssrs, :1i.217. 11.72141 rrisl
41trI:1li IIly vi'si isrr ts h fir th t rr l wif is isf f Isri isrirs.
fsr sin dirffstod blr tfrif lsnriosrisf Ii Ihe 11rsrifssI
I)fsssrl',l (houri, for Ihils riifslfth rsf Oilfsriirss. In ihi
sfrri vslr itf ir Pr IttWirtl'p . 1is s r' fly f Iisr rl f TI1l, 1 1t:I
aiinr 1175 1 will slDrsrrtr f II srf tll I t tIflll iirslfsrsl.
stf !,1ir' Msrrrfsioiriat miilsI A 5sft isttirs ir . ts'flhsirgt
RioysI 141i'rrr, 'f tweIti (ksi ni al ftlrt I ll)lst +ri lsi
psi'ratji fitsth on flirHsrnr114 tsri st 1f51thillity. rr
IVi'li~)ItiiII lVl5 Ih#i)rn'iistrs I.11 1117t, i)i lhm+11. rsir)(1
WF, )NE.I)AY, lhninhell~ir 7+I. 1877, Ill l2'al a'<l+k
III., fltn folls ing dit r lrrib'll, nlsld prs rljyi lf wit
I. A ('liITAIN iNI '(flil'llN 111F (1ililJN I.ii.
ushstd hi sth Thr'd ilfl frif sir llitfis if ly, ih
psisiu miss llnuiislr oeiis shrrsspsr Ilvtf bli s | i tlirt
llsvrlntl.yv-onIl, ltsirsnrfi bsy Iv fsi. Airsfiy, (Jnllsrfly
stil r i iast rt.10 friosfirsz I fr h .5l'nitl of (1ty
sirstf Ars ryp ysps* srirri sssi1sirstll f l iir4t It hrirlrisrsd
fsss+f, ii'siill. r)ll ('hit'y 1415'.rsf fhr tr tir hssis tIsr'~l l
srlfshtf.y-oslner fiot Iss ilr'tlh f niiil frrntss rrsr Auri'ry
psftsl' 5l.
2. A (ilttIrAIN islfITIlfN <f) (IIOITNis, p.ml
iunstf'l in ists Th ih. Jiiltfril srif itis ,fy. Ir
Psrftssiisr lsillstlrrrr 5#1115 ifsssrlsrttsif flit. i-iir rsIsit
pstrvirstf-ynii.hr funtisli-rtl fiy ('lush. Attisiiy ( oll'ssfly
ssissi Dilts r f tr1o . ,stis,. nistiisllt5 i.ns11rfv f I t lrstitl
sin ('liay s itr4ini fry sisr i h n sril l sI sldl y-trs-si
fsssri. In rtrs1t h.
M,, l I it In r hi ow infrti'.- i fll 4.
_rsttrllls (stsf i t. r)I fir+ is Irl..
'I'illl)lAM II. IIANDY,
(Ivi l n iariflsr i rIf ifsrr Iis'nls .sr linrl1iru .
T'Ie CIfy of New Orleann vs. Estatne oi
'T'hoetl lial,.
TTPEiPI(OR |)i 'I''IH l(T (I' 1.TRTi' FOIL T'lti
pntrish of ()rl,,nl, No. s4 ,tl-1-i y virtu,, of
writ. f tlert ft.Ns tLo Itll' ii ro (tod by te honior
a tl t ll ,r M I lprior tlltl.ltritl (olrt, for 1 14 parish
of Orleans. ih n lh llthe ov, -ntitld 1'1ltl41,, for olly
tlaxo1 of I17r. I will prllooo d l1 l,1l lat publ It, ml.u -
Ilo t. h f lt ot''rhanlllts mtlld Autolionolrs' Ex
ohlLllge, Royal toot, otwo n 011l atI( II1lldl ( ll-~ )IIi -
house 4treItl iII tholooondi iDiHtri ct of thi114 ciy
on WEeIINItN)AY, iDehoenther a0. t177, et t','hlk
in.. tith. ftllowigt d,,w,'riih',d pr rtot , oi wit -
i. A CIitTAIN I'OIITI()N (II" (CIt()UDI), tll
inttid in the First I)litri't of this allty, i
squlare nubior htt red an d tinirod an lilfty-llv,,
hounded by Magazine, Thallli I anm In lndi Erallt
str1tots, dtoisinat.l. a lt ots mittint rs tti, an i ds
Iwo, olrmnlug Ithi oo ltoer of Mlgiazl tie and TI 'hat In
rnt. mes, mn ring for 't y foot flt'nt. on Magitz'inll
st ret by ol'ht.y-flve font in diepth and front on
Thal lta streot.
llated in Ith First. Distrit., of this city., In sqluare
inumbr one Iunldrled alld lfty-nix houlnded by
Iampl. Mallazinelo (alonin and Eratutto sil'e.s
diesigntitld na Lots niiumber itwenty-tWo anti
twonty-tihreo. mlatsuring sixt.y-four tfot front.
on Camp stl.rot by onol hunlldri and twenty
ight fet, in deytt.h.
ilitod In the lirst Dlstlrint of thils city. In squtltare
Ilnumbelr one hundred and lifty-nin' boniulndo
by tdolordt. MLtagazino. lnlln alnd I'onyfarro
st roots, designated as Iotl. numbetrs ihirt ton to
Ilftoen, nmeasurintg nightty-four ftlot front on DIo
lord streeot by onto.hundred andtwenty-four foot
in depth.
iated in the First Distrit of this il v. In wltitro
nuilmber one hundred and ilgh! y-ltlhrIo', iihounded
by Cainpl Doll'lord. Prytan ilt, Mt. (tharilts t. r'tlroo
ind Tivoli Cirte., dltsignallted as fllt ows: Lots
numnborls si xt lon to twenty, lntllllll' i ttg on(l
hundred tand ton fotl front (on Ctatimp strnlrI by
one hulndred and twntiy-eighti foot Inl d' plh;
lot, lnumbr twenty-o'll, nilmealsuring twttr1ny
s'otvn foot front on Tivoli C(iroin by sllvntty
live foot in depth, ; It nlumiiler twillty-two,
m-'sLut ring twotltV-Mnvttn fot' front on T'ivoli
(h'role by night.y-Ilve foot in d1plth.
antold in the First. Distriot of this 14ity. In sgnare
number one hundred and fotrttoni. tttoundid by
Annuntmtat.ion. Ttrpsit'thore, Robin and Cotn
sit e' streots. do'signated tts tot nitmbttnlr flyr,
forming the corner of Annitolatthion anid 'I'orp
sichore i tt rots, nll.asurilg fifty-seven foot front
on Anlltntitl'ttion i t street, by one hulnld tred and
woenty ffront on Terp.inihotr'
Mt reot.
uited In the First, Dist1 rit of this city. In squilrot
number one hundred and ighty-three,. boounded
by Tivolt Circle, I)Dolord. i'rytania. St. Chairles,
Camip and It. Josemph streets, designated t i lot
numbeor twettv-three imasuring twenty-sevten
foot front on Tivoli Circle by ninety-fivo foot In
uated in the First District of this city, in square
number one hundred and thirty-four, btoutnded
by Magazinie. Constance. Jiuliam and St. Joseph
streets. designated as follows: Lots numbers
nine and ton, measuring sixty-five foot front on
Magazine street by one hundre ad id twenty
-se-vn feet in deptl-h; lots n-nit-Iberl t-lltirto.nn to
sixteen. measuring one hundred and thirty-six
feot front on Magazine street by ninety-seven
foot in deth.
utoed in the First Iistrict of this city, in square
number one hundred and sixty-one, bounded by
Magazine, Camp. Julia and St. Joseph streets,
designated as follows : Lot number four. moasur
ingthirty-one foeet front on Magazine street
by one hundred and seventy feet in depth; lots
numbers one and two, forming the corner of
Juliaand Magazine streets, measuring forty
seven feet front on Julia street by one hundred
and seven feet in depth and front on Magazine
stroet; lots numbers thirty and thirty-one,
measuring fifty feet front on Magazine street
by one hundred and fifty fooeet in depth; lot num
ber forty-five, measuring fifty-five feet front on
Julia street by one hundred and seven feet in
uated in the First District of this el'y, in square
number one hundred and sixty-three, bounded
by Camp. Girod. Magazine and Lafayette
streets. designated as lot number twenty-five,
measuring twenty-four feet front on Camp
street by one hundred and eleven feet in depth.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms-Cash on the spot.
Civil Sheriff of the Parish of Orleans.
n023 de 26
The City of New Orleans vs. K. Beriaer;
same vs. same.
parish of Orleans. Nos. 84,527 and 2780
By virtue of two writs of fieri facias, to
me directed by the honorable the Superior
District Court for the parish of Orleans, in the
above entitled causes, for city taxes of 1875
and 1876, I will proceed to sell at publie aue
tion, at the Merchants and Auctioneers' Ex
change. Royal utreet, between Canal and Cus
tomhouse streets in the Second District of this
city, on WEDNSDAY. December 26. 1877. at 12
o'clock m., the following described property, to
uated in the Sixth District of this city (Burtb
ville). in square number twenty-three, bounded
by Live Oak, Webeter, Laurel and Henry Clay
streets, measuring three hundred and seven
teen feet front by two hundred and eighty-nine
feet in depth.
Seized In the above suits.
Terms--Cash on the e8~s
ivit heri. of the Patshof Orle.sa.
..r~i.......... ...
The Oity of New Orleanet v. Ir. (. luhlllti.
108t0PE 01- DINHTIIqT (+1Ol.tT F()I1 T'lH E
, iril ho t O()rl.slt ,, Ns. H lMii . -1 l y virt lln oIf it
writof thll f.. 'i. las io m dlr-,.h.,l l th, h ll+Jllslt.m
jti l thi s Mul. p ii 'iriir 1 )Iitrio 't ((I r )ii'I rv i i t hs ti sli'lith oi
OriEts', itA is th I ihtrivin'll l ish. l ,iro,' r t if f v l 5.i'54,
S1if"sI7 't5, I will p u'itd Ast fuIIlll i hb' in l''lii , ali
thep M i i ni Ai tl nistv s, Ex'hI' I V 'rl,
Iit o y . ,I s |l'r+n t l, b pl +tl,w Io o Ia n l uI I I I t( o hll o eI, ll l i l
streietm ll i l10 .,ou d listrirh, ,t hif l i tyh oll
WE.IN'E I'AY. l,,iiiina r ti , "Ii, ait.I, is,' i k
III Irhe, followhinig sts' 'rlht-| rl i Iiro I't v, ti wit
A (EIL''AIN I'tlli,'l ION (I F (uit1 UINlI. ilt.
uiitsit iln tlirt J IvIb.ll i '+lt sir thiu ilt. I| sisuirtv
numiihs.sv two hiitioid risl twtWliy-nv,. Itrismnsisd,
Ily 5 smuiuis . ( ll u .t (Jiivtstr snuilllslst, sIIIut Hll . (;ltisrl's
MIIt,.ii'ts. i lhrtsls .iss.iIs I nip lIii nubli llst rssr tt nis, i. l
IIInI twI nty fol. t, fl(roll ton (II lnim n tnllll tl l hy
ui..rhlyPs s vs s ,iie fts iit 5I itl in iii Iii ltl iin tsily-liv i
lHii, d +ii n his shlv,rt I llli u I sllslt.ti,
Misitisl hi I liii i ihilvis M~il t.
T'elrlslu .I -lmlslli I llsrC h t l u t.
Civil MHhl<t'ifuii u tfis J'tivrihh itf rlttv ilsniin.
IIIITC I II'l )111)1r 11ll ~ 1 lllqlrll ,lrV
The tlilly of NWw Orleann irm. EmL Eflrlll
*Jsiiill )iivi lilt ) 5IL 'I VB. iiil'l+ it , 5illl)) V'M.
iiiIll I llllll55 V ii. Mui.Iisii.
I* ll'lr lllo t II ll. ll <IIH IIT 001. I il R IPlr l TIllI
tilurislh ut (Iirl'nisi,. NM. 7T)-,. 74el. T
,I4.I tllltllll n i llt l II v iviulini is? tsour wrtisf ll
Ilivl fslsnsia , iii issii ii l's'ilsi ty ttsi.h, hls.nsrit'it . thi
Mtii'ririv uistviifri (oumrt friiv lth ii u isu 'u f 'it r
I++il+,hiI~l. ihlvl nIIIo ,i+ll llA .I II + IlN , 11!Il 1,
loans.ll In f the abovo nni If . 100 easo, r of y Isol
sit Isi'74, 1t171" uisi1l I57 , ? wlIl Isrss"'u'I toi
tii ill i hlit llt'lliii Nii lli iVliN . ',h llill'tuu iIIsu l Au'
tJls i sI l Iisil yi,is. iis W II N IIt i lA . Is'tus''cs'is U iui
u 11u t7. 1 1I,(' . u i 1 , s lsln iivi.i. t1i . is tll i. in it 'li' oll I
VIr A I lit'II 'AIN t'i lTI'' N I ON Ol (I ItIIOIND . s i
uuni uh Iii ti si i'hi\ssv inlh I )i.ls'is 't f this i'llv+, iln
iiqiiil'i iisuiiisii'iws'siy-iswo M, siiw iiusiusi ihe
iissISlst ii i ill -i' ttIsI, i 'wii . hlt iiiisiiiiill I I +IIii
I llulilt il iyiNhiill , ii iii.invlll is. aslii h illt lio II li
H "liiss'l Isii l I ' 1')rl. I,lt i ilili. nl us i ftis, ll lws r: siui
uIstl timtir is) t'l urlll ll I t ihi'isI illlnl thu si )uls, i 11s i
n 'siolv f''i'J Ill isst siil ti-inst ins ll'lliultsllsis
liiit n mii iii'po ssis-su . lmissusirin us i p Iistv
llvis tslsllslil sl is IhiuIi'tI,'i h y iii 'st livislus li s iti
iii lii,,,,t t ii 's.iit lll Iiil Ii ') sl t luisi 'ii i. l l~ +iii
iil (lliti s' Is,1 I iil'tui, itiiisiviiiitisst isi tssi ll llllililV
(iln lt ~,i l ntiiill si IIri l nsiLs lls lls is JMsy ty liili) nilii
ili5 h tI h fii liti sit i'iisi l t isv l In m i mI in st tam'lsi, iv
nl ; 11ltl'ts l li t 'sit -uw' s ciils t, I. a rnlll. I\ thi r -
'1'iiliiiiil i l I iii iinit I ll s~i I~ti.rW ih nlliii
f.t H l ivflt Il tl isi-rl, iI lil Isissn t I\lr ) 'll sllll i ,l
<lrllold ii ni t f n ctltt tl, ll, d llt t -
Iii'i5 Mi ilcili V i.,l Ilrs i tl ittij l isisil i-tsstllst
f..f Al (!,l~lTh. IOTO F IO~)
Uvin i..)i's s i i h i N iint Ii'M tsisiiit tifsihis iuis-isiis
sisil,,I tVi. t lii i ; si i w ii. ii' slis sy vsi
S Ithl'tlli(ltts Jl ( lh)IN'I'IL'' (i)Il~' ilh ''l -
Iiiii'isui sit (hit'll<sis N Ih t. Ws hiI] tu n 5,)
5 i)554 ') i 571 I 55'i.
Ti'e Ii itul sitew ortralins vi . i4r nis r i -
li '. tv in va. Mrsi si sit 5 ll5 ri5 tri, iii 1 iis,
GI1itis ,1i ; I niliii) vs . ltoiiii. lt iis nhiitn r:
tV tiNI'! VIA. Ill ;i' i ui"fil V,! '7. stI'.) ssill'tis '.
illi.A 'I '; iI' VIN . h t'li iN t- l
illll'lglollll DIHTILIIIT 00ti<llT F+)It Till
l iiritsh ilf Orlliainl. Noni :17T.;I98. releI.. , r,.,ins
IIHisi's it ' ''is-si H I.It'-tsthi' ''|1+is 'iis'. \ 'iii l s-5551 ''
Sw, iI+ of Irl bilisI. L isi5 dlrs-s t,,l'
sui tsy hnoiraiisi li I thi. I's'ii supe irit Iisisitr i s's' is.
h¥ ti'stssisi li~ii isht+ Isisiais ttsil'?s'l'Jlsr llssi'sIuIiriis.l
fi' I'lhy'i lsiht tit isll ias. ii Iil , i a!,v i '''ivld
ie ttl , r lli 15551 siisii tax s', f i '1s1 1 , Is 171. 7,tlil. il
'I A st,'h I will 'rAIn I t, 'I'll t, 5ih i mitli nI' . -ti
s.isss'l P+i~riiis tis'-s lSil'l| '1 ssttis.t s,, i ''it' . I~\'ii s isi555'i
ILilynil rft!.l,|, ll wlloni ('rivl~l o Ilil (uItlf uil boill<u
s r Iets, il s tile isI-sll t I ii. ll thin v.f isssss u.llys ii
WiEi' s NIii'IIAi . I hl (. I'ss liss i s it . 1ri 77. l i l so 1 ,si '1s is's
in ., thii l is t ish sl st c tis . i r l y , h , w l
i. A u'II'Ih'AIN I'tltTtI)N (iF (i1hislNNIl. sil
iliId hin the i, I,+r Illutril ,,f Jhil, ,il v, inl ..iaillre
litiil Inh i s' lth li' s h )Sii'll'ts'i si t li s ili ' nSt iii s lqsiiis
di hy tinsm liii , i'lt in Li st is tlsi'lI sm's.i a s rsi' ,su
dtihtiig i W d lv i iis II ilinhailth ) Ih ltirt y, sitn i'isi.is
Iwen y-ig+,lh( f,.,i frot,,l onl Shagllltll il, sttron* bly
ii Iht vli sistl . nii siw lty i s. f 'it i d li.
'I', A 55 '1 iI AIN s lm lllIs N il tillNlS. i
illnl+( hin thl FlirlM ItlIrllet <if lht. all.It n hi nolri
liiliii thr,' 1i'. hiiidrled nilil lhirll v. hi mel il hv\
lhlydrasi, Libh+rlv, ILifay,,,lll anlil Fra+nilnlr
tlnch-. frillnl onl I'nydr'li .ltirl!+t hy onul |i ni all+l
anld t,,nl f,,, Ill dllll t.
:1. A O'ITI.T N i't'ITIiN s ) AM I 1.11 A 1. NI 1t
ii'id in tl s' rrir t t I ltus ri ',l iiit I s iti C Iits imiai-i
nuumb) r tshil' hlndr1 l mil forty-. b n, hoiid
out1 Iy Lihbrt y. J~Lfaynttlli. IInwa.lrdl andi~ Iayra¥l ni
Ftrull' M~t, dllldunalll~ted u1H IOf Ilil 1ihit l~IW , 0ilMlluli
hin I witliy-t we~ ot+., frl.nit ,on Lilh+,i y ali renl hy
o~lglhl -+.x fant1 tn delptl.
M,,;'l,< I IIIll iha th v+, !uiltn.
TJ rntlNl.-.. liash oni th si++ .i+ .
THi(MANl II. llNI.Y.
ma t .II S'herif oftT hel Ili urli+ shl iof I rlansli .
T'le CILty of N1ew OrleanR vs. F. rLeehd
'tlah oI rnor.
L--UPElifoIt l)Mlilltlit 1' COUlt i l,(It TIIF'
JO tarsllr h of O()rliiis. No. no4s -Iy \virin olf it
writ of liirl fl s. h i, it re i lro.st-Id Iy lhi' 'ie h nor
able thh Mnlll..rio r Distrlot. Courl, for the . Larsº h
oif (lill 14 , t,. Ill thi ll i. idthl iii u sil foot r l t1y
laxes of l I76, i will lproe.o, (i to sell oI f p hillr
iulietiil, inlt hle t Mitrehantits atnd A l-tl innr.r. ' Ex
Sh a nl g C +, I t ,y a tl s l r1 i4 , t.,l w o . ,n ( au l l I a n d 0 u 4 +
tIionhouii ,i i st.ts+., In hol' S ri.in iJ)listrlit oft hl.
illy, on WEI)NEMI)AY. I)Donmtir 26. 1877. at, 12
o''lok ni . thi. following dmsribdJ p rop'rtly, t
wit -
nateid in the Sixth Dlistrit. of thiIs ,ily, in
qqunll noltr olgl 1r h-fiour, i0 oliIIidIi by 'T''ihiou
pitoul un, itWate.,(liali nd ,onoa strrt-, disii.ig.
U11ted 15 f ollows: Loit numbllo1r14( onel(, lholng a (,or
nor lot, ineas1uring thirty f.oot front oin 'Thou
pitoulbts tt'reil by n itn ty liv., fet. In dto ptl; lot
Onumbr two, lliry'irlllnlg thiLry li fet trilllr on
'lhoupiiltonuls strieet by ninety-live footL in
ulted in tlh i Slo th i aritrit of Olhis ,iltn, i
s(nrlllr u lnml libe,'r ill+' huntoll di andl nl+ l*tc n,
Iotuld by ''houNpitrla nts. V raino.', E.lorlIynnd
Ilnord alutx ?tlrtsl, d :esilgn t id 1u) lot nul.ll br.
ont , fin in g Ihe ('liser o f T i'. i tfultis tl
Valone I stri , ti liu illt rt g s ixty f' t fron'llt on
'hEhoupitouhi s 1re' bly orI hundr.ed fetc. i
Siii ,di t he Ii a o yii,5io 1 til . l
Ter.t ts (Il8 ) i llon t il l spo t. l
The City of New Orleans vs. Mrs. Edwin
II. Kielley ; samre V. SItatill
SpEI'rih of OrleIan. Nos. I42. H1.2 al 3270
ly virluw o if two writs oif lorl fit1si to
iloe dirtcted bIy the honorable the Supiierior t is
trhet Court for the parish of Orleans, in the
above entiied cuses, for illy taxes of 1875
and 1876, [ will proceed to sell at public au.tion,
It the Marcihants and Ase tioneet n' Exfhange ,
Royal snlret, between (anal and Customhouse
streets, in the r Sifotonhd Dl rishtllt of Orleans., i
02 WEDNESDAY, 1D2 mbIer 26, 1877, at 12 o'lcock
in the First DiNstrict f this city. In squarL num
80er two hundred and mletn, o.lnd ed by Cal
liope St. Charles,Triton 1Walk, Tivoli (isret,- 8nd
Caronde et stroots, measuring thirty-t!wo foot
front on Calliope streot by one hundred feet in
de th.
Scized In the above suits.
Terms-Cash on the spot.
Civil Sheriff of the PIarish of Orleans.
1. d 126 . ll ed
The City of New Orleans vs. F. L. Enoul;
sasa m a vs. s.me; same vs. Sa~e; same vs.
same; same vs. same.
k- parish of Orleans. Nos. 12,473, 50,483 bis, 68.451.
81,051 asnd 37-By virtue of five writs of flMri
fhias, to me directed by the honorable the Supe
rior District Court for the pirish of Orleans, in
the above entitled causes, for city taxes of 1871,
1873, 1874, 1875 and 1876, I will proceed to sell at
public auction, at the Merchants and Auction
eers' Exchange,. Royal street, between Canal
and Customhouse streets, in the Second Dis
trict of this city. on WEDNESDAY, December
the First District of this city, in square number
two hundred and seventy-two bounded by Poy
dras, Rampart, Dryades and Lafayette streets,
designated as lots number ten and eleven.
measuring thirty-one feet front on Poydras
street by sixty feel in depth.
Seized in the above suits.
T'erms-Cash on the ;sot.
Civil Sheriff of the Parish of Orleans.
rno23 de6 26
A. Reichard vs. Delta Moss Company.
ish of Orleans. No. 9586-By virtue of a writ
of fleri facias, to me directed by the honorable
the Sixth District Court for the varish of Or
leans, in the above entitled cause, I will pro
ceed to sell at public auction, on the premises
hereinafter designated on WEDNESDAY. De
cember 12 1877, at 10. o clock a. m., the follow
contained in the DeltaMoss Factory, situatedat
the corner of Canal and Galvez streets, in the
First District of this city. including the build
ings. The whole as per inventory, which may
be seen in my office.
Seized is the above suit.
Terms-Cash on tbe oMA H. ANDY
Civil Bkrit of he Pai Oreai. ns,.
. .t 0 - -
.uc ielsor Wo'PICa.
lueWreSMtlon of William 11. Iloullemet.
ilt.ltrih of OriniiFti. No. 1i,/In -Whiirnii.i,
Iiiinry I, I'hlnt h1144 itilnllti ill thl 'luirti for
iflnvtrH orf t16ltinl 4tiitr lliii ,Ill, ,h 414'1t o if thl
Into W illimn l I';. I lllienl . clcom',,"'l . , N lti'l, ip
H4how i'illI4ii witlhln ten !lly4L why t.t1 IrityOIr of
Ihei unti4Lin it loti ttn r Hboit l not, liii genii lviti.
I.y Ir'i. io f iho .oll rt.
1,,1, In I ,* JOHN IllIIItl it'r', ('i-rk.
Nllrre.lllon of Illliaeth I,irutce L.r, d. -
unt-nult wif orf Viotort' 1ugtiiii Maninithliv.
li. l .f ()l'itIti4 Noi i. r.tr1 Notlin i4 l,,r,
th r 1,1,'i I 1r,114y4 I 'lhrin ilr t1, tr',th l, It Flolll ,llW ll 1 l4ll
within) ,lt Id lye f r m fil re n "illl .il n ,
If inly thu-v llivl, fir ianl., w Ih it lll llll Ilt r -l
i4n11. !lhln lly Vi'lor 110 I +Mn1 irty' ll l i 1 ,11ni 1 l br(tLr -
111'" - I h.rnwitth.
fly trini-r ut t, iiioiiu rt.
d.l,,lO Ir, .l* llN TI,,It RT III I''. (lork..
uuruepulon ol Elizalrwtlm Aredit, or Arendt.
S Ir i f i rll lel(II. NIl. LN' :.r,7 T Notiln I1 h rnb' Y
i lvi l, fthn 'ri.l l,"tir of !114 " lt it,, 1 d t.o all
ol. l 'i ifr 4 4f ~rmih i ." r Ni, tI. ,w lil1i1
within tin fiivl firrl-tlll Ih prui,"nit no itin 4ttlll i' .
IfIt t tli"y l It I iv o- r , why h tII-u,lllll llr -
Fltll 1 bl y E. T. aI I rk r, . ubli hl i. initiih itrl tol'
il, lIl n rivllnltir llh r tof ohf i 4 ,)i 1ti t, 8iltvi. i 1) "t blif
Jiill l' l rov lllao liii, .1 n, l 44lalrl. aiiil the f min i4 4
tribnt-.l In 1.--11ianvt,.hr,, with.
Ily (lra*.r lof Ihn n. ul't,
S0II** .Ilj lfN Ii I1it it T ;1'. (tl rk.
Mril'rlf IOflltl Olf Aii. lIIIr, Wil o oh.
S i-CitNi t)i11 iitht'iL ctath i'l FO L 'H 1 VAI
.h i-f o . rlnnltii Not. Nu41 t i1 Not'l ut t h" iro. v
t.lv n to tl li t , ihi f Il i14t.ui'tailn, i ti n titt i ll
oiihll li i' i 'h~ t li ll I F Ni Flll i,'It '- 4 (ur k.I
wrn111 1en Inv 11148 4t1 h , pr n I'In/tilflation, if.111
llny Ilih v h)mvl l l r nnllll , why th' nl IIw 111111' II i
S4nn0ihi l 'by C11bhlinr II. wllri n It. It inli anlllry
I0x"'"i ll,1r "t fit 11 1 i41, 1 411, i ,iil1 ill1,, h, 11i.l1
p lro v"d 1 1 n it hrl, l ": lltua l, 14111l Ihll Ifu nl i l li -
ribi 'll~ i 11 tI tiirtn in tin t i'. h.
liv trt-tr Ni. - ilni o f rt.
41,' 4" II JIMI N TIII,:ilIFli l, (llrrk.
mirr. ut ltin flit i nla I1 Mlleli r, Willow oi
tt Ii i t it I 4II titI uiI tut-Itt11 li if ttii'
itilton yi.lll. i,.
it' ' N l) )lI''llIC.' -( lit'l' Io l T ' ,
1 1i001h18 ,f irienno N". "I1117.1 \Wh'14r'4""11
If"r letter4 .f wlihnini itrhlifln on Ihutt, i nt, " f i tl"
11! Anl l 1,liT.| Millhr, willolw of M lrhl I llt 1 .l"
Iltl , 'Iv"!ia n .l. InIt 1 h1 t '. N lti'.l. 1; howihb 4i4.vl~
fit 1ll! Wh"l ml II I111114 ".1l"1.r1 Io 4111 %,w a'1l, ll n
w1ithtti I"11 (Inlly" why II~' Iriiv~'r o1fI h tii ( i ~o
1 l sv111 ,1"4 t1 hl !0urt
11d,'1 1" .I0IIN Ii ElLIIitT, (Allrk.
"r11. Kiin v.. Mrhoonr Morn..... nd
1,r 1, MI1'8..1. Ili ,,k i. 1,1 i '. W . Mlar
l'Hillil llHTI'rli' i'( llll Ill TilIE, I'All
,+h of Oi rll''nn , N, . --- 1: v irtlu ,, it.
w\ rlt of IItri f1 i,,ll , tII rIll+, rIl , l b, y !' i II, if.
.John I. 1L1r- ..,hn,. rhi nlrd . oii~tl-i {f Ih, I'"1ni' in
i41l'1 for Ihe i" 'r4i:h i of Url'"iil4, I will 11r """11 ti,
41,11 tll pubhlilinetlut in W 1 'IINEH IAYI', rtn.,
i , I n . 114 01 it I'),I, fr .
T H'lNl t ! "! I II I I I1- , it I I,r ill;t(: i ih irI lhlk ,rt, .,
it" .1 i4 1i w Il., ,thI, h il h 111 .'int, ,,u. l ft~Ihe < f I loit
finit,;rn h, i ' 1,I n In ll , Il,""),l i liill nhIo of t 1
T ril., i an - n,1 11o 'il th1 ' ;4I.o.t.
,l, 1 I,' 'l' v ll ...1, 1:(:i 1i( hl'Y. (Connt1nlil .
HT4''TE ' i'F; t i. IllI ANA.
Tillil1) Iti)T.RI'T, '(11Rl'i'1 Ill T'IIlE; I'AlIfIIl
T ell whl hou p I o rI o n.nt. sh11ll 'oms,, rrnti.ng:
t ihli, hi l rnl t l ed | I.by lh Civil HhoIriff of the ir.
lh orf OrIllms on Ihe nighlth of NovnIIIthr, 175,
",nldr aind by virtue of a writ of ller twalts:Ia
lKaiLJus 1'. A. Ir. ('0olZInave,. to Eugll nll WagegL
mnul. h1t11h rl dHirr ntlf, bh.++.. Iy tIllh hooorar bl, tihl
Ilh Hlupl rlor Iistrl (.lrtI. for tihe plrish of
1OrliI.1., in thell mal.tor of the Drai ning (Jllrnllis
lonolllre olthe First Di)raining Distrlt praying
for the holnlogntlion of thet aissHrIona t rolls,
No. 25.9:35 of tilhe Io'kllt of sal(i] ullrt thelln record
of whla'h "11sp in,. h .onformanbly h law, been
trallforre+l to theil Third I)lstril , Coulrt for thl.lle
vanrish of OrilanN, being now No. 24,t40 of the
do,'ket of sahd ilourt oho propert y hereinlaftr
doew'rlmd, has applled to this t ourf, for a monl
llon or advw'rtis',ula I t, In onllformity I.to sni.lions
2370. 2:71. 2:172 1land 2:r1:1 o !f not', No. ol,. approved
the sixt1.nth of M ar.h, 14711,. allnd I'0I11om11ly
knownl IIa a1ln "ali for t.lo. revisIonl of the statute(:
of It g'lllneral ,hllra+t' r."
Now, thirl)forl. know ye, a1ldI all plersons in
Il.r~esthd hilrein lare rlldt anld alrlmonishld, o in
tlhe nnr of tho e Htatho ,flouls lni anlld of the
Third t)istriIt Coulrt for thl. 1arlsh of Orie'ans,
whol 'an setH up any rightll , title or 1'im In and
to the prI ov lllr v ht , Ilntfli r dtellrit,., t i cons11 -
,lulln'e Of any ilnformality Inll the order of ile..
dolreon or im1g1n11t of the icourIt nIdr whith
the sale Wlis rnatlL O(.r lity lrrlngulariy oh r ille
ig litly in thll ap ratlllli lentlr a n Iadv ortilel -
IlIint, ll time o r manner of 1 ill, or for I liny
lther dlnfect whatsoever, to Firshow csDrel within
thirty days from t le hi mllonition Is first
inserted in t .l publ.ic pap trs whythe, 1malo so.
lltade shoulrtd not eilonl Ernmtd anllt hmologated.
Novtembl)er, 1f75, undr land by vir tu of a writ 1of
(olri ftho liut l 1111t 1 t it hy. A. D. C IL1n v l dire,'tid.
to Eugcrtil Wll ggman, lar t sheriflf, y the hon
orable the tato Superior District Court for the
arish of Orl , n te tr of 1411: i a "Thve l)raln
ing Commissioners of the First Draiim g Diths
trict praying for tunded homologation of three as
seHsmont rolls," No. 25.t75 of the docket of said
late court, and theig said Ernest Merilh bencame
the ur bothaser for hen pri and sum of streets. 13,
(one thousand 1and eigthy-thro ee 1-10 dollars.)
Description both property as ontan tred Inets.
sheriff'sdeedof sale: Sqreofa we number five lun
dred and eighity-seven, and mpe rovf ment, in the
Firstt DCoustrit f bounded by and measuring three
hundred and eighty-five feet six inche.s one
line on both Dorgonois and Broad streets, and
four hundred and eighty-two feet two inches
four lines on both Perdido and Poydras streets.
In testimony whereof, we have hereunto set
our handy and affixed the seal of our said Third
District Court for the parish of Orleans on this
nineteenth day of November, A. D. 1877.
F. A. MONROE, Judle.
no22 23 de6 21 BEN ARMBRUSTEIR, Clerk.
In Bankruptcy-No. 1575.
Orleans and district aforesaid, duly de.
clared bankrupt under the act of Congress of
March 2, 1867, has this day fAled in said court a
petition praying for a discharge and certificate
thereof from all his debts and other claims
provable under said act. Notice is therefore
given to all creditors who have proved their
debts, and all other persons in interest, that
the twenty-ninth day of December. 1877. at 11
a m., is assigned for the hearing of the same
and that they may then and there attend and
show cause, if any they have, why the prayer of
the said petition should not be granted; and
further notice is given that the bankrupt will
undergo an examination before Register J.
Ward Gurley. Jr., on the twenty-sixth day of
December. A. D. 1877, at 11 a. m., at his office,
No. 47 Camp street.
Clerk's Office. New Orleans. December 5. 1877.
des 13 20 A. DEVONSHIRE, Deputy Clerk.
house sad it an O taken for eoie.
tion In all oho wi.Drivle 0 ofi
++,,,++ ' + -,+-',-+ . :+++-++: .. +++
By Placide J. Spoar.
8eoind Dlistrit Court, fir ' ht) Iprith of Orlehnr
Noi. 2o,.;in,l.
I~Y PJACID(l .J. MHI'At. Anti.lonenr Offm·l
4k I4 i yrl itro' t -On 'I'IIlUI tHI)AY. I)D ol'lo
Itir G, 0177, IIt I o',lok r1,, will hi gold nt punbli
. 'llon,W t IV (hII, hlTArIN An'htion E I.Frng,
I~ornolt't rlottuillt HI,. Ihrltarli v lttilh . on H1It.
(Cltt rlln strnglt. 11WI, ( t nn 0 1111011 lul (CI a ravl.ir
ltri~n.i , by virtue rtll In p ltut'ull n iti n o trdir
No.m t it lH i N..t., It iit. .ul 7,g of thi
HRound 11kit1rinh. Clourt fur ths, pltrihh of Orlnann.
i lnt 'ni o ,y I nary y 1,. i ll 77, t for t 'to nt lll f to li i1iov
k ielmirlulin, tlh followhwng d(Isr rlbld proporilln,
vi/ -
I.,ivnn r witllrh nil thn Irt r.vnnot with wit vrlt-,
ways, t. irvlit, tln arotl 1or 1 turinn WIk ithirtoun
ilonging otr it nywlfor iaprttt rtay ilit i.
r.io k tly '.ol, if ally) formlnl tnogttlr tI1.
form+t rly w. Iof WillisiIv vil illl u t.trrld i th u par
Uth of i, vingston, in . Ilti, nto of IIlihtuit nt , In
torwnahi| l i koul-U h, lnng +. .1 aI d t1 e t.(, r(n+ nsl.
fo ra ilo t in ti ofll I, o hllhul. (.1 bittms erll
front u n rit ittll"l ik t rit'k rt, its r j Iuntrloln wlltH
th A tnif' river, and , tendihnltl t in e.l th, ar|l
Nv ol , t Itvl ion ituit vinlitlon of l o tit.i u lovu tri
iAI' A(IIEH OF IlND, ltmhn.d on tihl,
nI'unho. nith.l r lnr, irn the wnuirh orf Hi. Tulint
lulu y, H1-t111', it Lou llJ.itl. helm tilt, konthw,+55t
,utrftr of 1n4tlolln No. 27, ianrl lit No. I of .,,tlldon
Ni. : n 11 fillw oro lhw', st fr 'll t lnnl ntllloltt'r of
Ie nIts ollhw1+.t ellll1or or nm , in N", ;it, all lot
No. k ,f t10r'.l, No. E , it lhw kishi1, r7tlingr 7
tl _. (Irmrln h r i. itri!t of L, ln.
'ThaswhWolI to b sold w'.ordlnIg to plhan of
ArthurlAn A ir'rII. iu.r'voyver, iad Oh (Itho r !29,
'T'nr nl i (oll(lIl.inn Ono half ,'enh on ntl
Ilmllle n , Ihi tln un 'i n n a n. rd II ,f n)1r,1 11.1111
11nrl vnnllor'i Ilon, it (i privilnon Inhl rot mrlty
.old, hourlJng , ps I'al,"nt Interi.ns from day of shli
until final altymnanl, Ih1' n'n1u11e if r' p r r•'n t for
tltornoy¥' fnuk, it ('1,551 of judi'dnIn procd'n', gsinik
forl' thn reovory of paymont or olfad noIsk or
env portion ith iof. Inn. rnn, al i d l r, n f , r of
A,.is f o lHn hloforn .I. V. Montl r i', notrary p1 |
li , ill this, nxp tlln of pIurnI'IhllH+nr. (|!(; i,
Jity Hail. Din,',mbr I, 1877. 1
The awvran vriant.o froth flour b.i.tn thli ditty
snven dollar:; In accordatn with said valtut
tlon the vrice) of browl for tin wik commonc
lno on MONDAY. nmber 3, 1N77, will bra:
H4xty-Itwo ouncrs for twenty rants.
Thirty-on, ounelm for ton rts.
1 B.tswan ounloxt for flv) mAtst.
Balkork of broad are ruliterod to uns only thi
host flour of Ihn above vaine th er barrel, and the,
unsof rlnaund. r Inflrfor flo1r In brand offored
for mleo In thi city Is prohlblttid. (Jonsumere
of hbrad art ronnstuld to rpoort, to the nnure.|
polio station any vlolattlon of this abovn ordl
nianon. fthor In variation of weight or ruuality of
e1I ED. PTT,HBTIiTY. Mayor.
87............ Car ndelet Street............ a
Paid up Capital, $1,000,000.
Assets April 80, 1877, $1,282,908 66.
ED. A. PALFREY, President.
JNO. CHAFFE. Vin,,e President.
THOS. F. WALKER. Socretary
John I. Noble. T. Lytt. Lyon.
John Chaffn. Ham uel II. Boyd.
Ricihard Milliken. Joseoiph M;Elroy.
J. I. Warren, Wm. J. Bhan.
R. T. Buekner. B. F. Enachlorman,
Ham'] Frildlander. Wm. C. IBlack.
A. A. Yatess. Chiu. Chafeo.
John I. Adams. L. C. Jurey.
IsawU.evhorck. Wm. Hartwell.
It. M. Walmslcy. C. J. Lods,..
A. II. May. A. T. Junln.
S. H. Snowdon. Jo,. Bowling.
A. M. Blekhaim. eti
(Buccessor to Daniel and J. D. Edwards.)
Manufacturer of the most improved
And every description of
Copper, Brass and Sheet-Iron Work.
Dealer in Iron Pipe and Fittings for Steam.
Water or Gas; Brass and Iron Yalves; Cocks;
Oil Globes; Steam and Water Ga ues; Boiler
Tubes; Bolts and Nuts; Punched Nuts; Log
Screws; Washers; Rivets; Cistern. Well and
Force Pumps; Brass and Iron Wire Cloth; Rub
ber, Lubricating and Hemp Packing ;Rub
bher Hose; Belting; Lubricating. Lard. Signal,
Linseed and Headlight Oils; White Lead; Cot
ton Waste; Cotton Stem Packing; Gas Pipe
Stocks and Dies* Pipe Cutters;: Tones;
Wrenches: Pie Vises; Jack Bcrews; Finu
Brushes; Flue Bcrapers, etc.
Agent for the
Bend for Price List.
22.24, I2 and 28 Front and 21, 3. 26 and 27 Delta
street. New Orleans. je P'77 17
Ul . ....... Magazine Street ......811
All work executed at New York prices. r29 17
Southern' Shoe Factory
-a and as Canal .sreeL. Mew Orleans.
I am of the same opinion as yourselves any
am determined to help build up the manu/ae
turine Interest of our native State in order to
help the laboring classaee and keep the m ey,
which wouldotherwtse go to th Noxth. at h e.
About ayear ago I startedn my cry, b
using the best material and ina my s
romly. Ihave been enabled to eaten m
puortd u morn women and
that ýs ould he o therwise left the
ýda stm al r in- g my Fa.tor. I
sur~at~~rrn~r~A n~~ro
14................ I.*. a1It ............--4
In conformity with the rleaiuremlts of tbhsl
charter, the Company vublish the followUfl
Premiums recelved during the year endifg
May 81, 177, Including unearned pDremltul
of the previous year
On Fire Rlisks....................... IM N
On Marine Risks .................... 417$
On River Risks. ".......k.........."" O 3 f$,i0
Total Premiums................. $11.1
Loss Unearned Premiums...... 118.111 40
Not Earned Premiums May 01,
10777 . *...... . .4 ......U..,.o..,....* S
Losses pald
On Fire Itiaks .............$n11.067
On Marine Iikse.......... 17,0129 0
On RIvor lRiks............. 8 77
Taxen and expenses, less
Interest ................ 3,~ 8
RItelanrannro and Be.
turned Premiums.... le,106 0-- S10,914 NU
Profit .................... $11.010 II
The O,mpany have the folkrlwin asset:s
Rea1 RElate..................... . $99,070 1
(ityBlonds........................ . 110,4190U
Bank. Railro,,a and other Stooks
and Mortgage Bonds............ Ibtl0AM I
NotRs meured Iby mortgage........ 14.04 41
Notes secured by pledge............. 3$07I
Bills reclvable ...................... 7.,1 11
Premlum in course of collection.... 9,007 U
Umwh on hand........................ 77,001? 0
Total ............................. $102. 11
The above statement is a Just, true and 0fe.
raet transcript from the books of the 0oaaopra
PAUL FOUIBOB. President.
O. W. Nort BSecretary.
tTAns 01 LOF uMANA
Parish of Orleans. City of New Oriek
Hworn to and subIcribed before me the seed
enth day of June. 1877. JAMEB FAH E. ,
Notary PubU4,
At a meeting of the Board of Directors, held
on the seventh day of June, 1877. It was resolved
to declare a cash dividend of twenty per o.et o.
the net earned participating premiums for the
year onding May 81, 177, p4yable on the thik
Monday of July next.
Also, to pay to the 8tockholders, on demand
Interest at the rate of five per cent per antnu_
on their stock.
P. Ma.pero. Y. Beebe.
P. Fourchy. M
H. Z. Ikl.tlft. , W. Smlt,
Charies Lafitte. D. FatlO.
josn if J.J. Fernandez.
-or Tax-
Naw OuI.EAxs. May 19. 1.r.
The Trustees, in conformity with amended
charter, submit the following statement of the,
affairs of the company on the S0th of April, i5I7
Fire premiums ............. $1s,08 1
Marine preomiums.......... 20,8s
Biver premlums............ 51,934 U
Earned premiums. less re
Insurance and return pro
mlums.................... ,58..91
Losses paid and estimated,
Including all known and
unpaid, say:
Fire losses........ 1.as 60
Marine losses..... 7.926 41
River losses....... 25.510 2o
-----00.81j t
Taxes. expenses,
discount in lieu
of participation,
etc.... ..........961,892 f5
Less rents, salv
eage savings. etc. 11.786 72
Gross profits...................... ,s *i
Of which M6n.7 85s Is appropriated to
lnterest and 11iuldatlon of doubtfl asiela,
The company have the following a seta
Bills receivable............. e48 .$
Loans on Bonds and Mort
gageo....................... 6.948 5s
Loans on call .................. 1
Cash ........................ . 63, . 71
City Bonds..................... 72,5 "4
Bank and other 8tocks ...... 78,4
Real Estate .................. 159 .
Premiums in course of Col
lotrlon and Suspense Ac
count ..................... A . .415
Total assets............ 681,O
The above statemenL is a true and eor.eg
transcript from the books of the ompany.
THOS. A. ADAMS. Freuideant
HENRY V. OGDEN, Secretary.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this alnt.
teenth day of May. 1877.
The Board of Trustees this day resolved
after Paing the annual dividend of TE.
CENT Ua ital Stock of Company, thata
of TWENTY PEB CENT In cash be , osd
MONDAY. June 11, to those parties e t
receive the same.
Thos. A. Adams, Fred'k Camerdem
Sam'l B. Newman. J. L. Harris,
Sam' H. Kennedy, Andrew Stewart.
John Phelps. Joseph Stone,
Adam Thomson. George Martin.
Henry Abraham, Alfred Moulton.
Victor Meyer, L. C. Jurey
Edward J. Gay. Edward sll&
Joseph Bowling. Geo. W. Sentell
Bimon Hernshelm, A. Levi,
Simon Forchelmer. Win. H. Matthews.
Joe. B. Wolff. Paul E, Mortimer.
R. B. Post, John V. Moore.
Ed. Pilbury, W. B. Coer. -
Jno.E. King. Henr .
euben . Bush, . Irby.
my22l y
Paid Up Capital, 51HiO.,O.
Net annual earned pre
mlums and Discounts
and Interest .............. M45
Losses. Expenses. Taxes.
etc..... ......... 5517.. 7
Reserved fund lo.1eo0 . and
Dividend on capital 10
per cent. ..-. .... 5--.-- 1 4 -,N6S 5
Net Pret -. .... ,, nur1
Assets of the 6(mpany es.
timated at their cash
market value:
Stocks Bonds Loans and
Cash on hand and premi
ums in course of eollee
tIn.----- »--.----»-... !a.93
Dividena d paid on stok te atpe.
um.n and on rSi n ple tweeatiD
Thisofri s I wfq·
des ou reBlver r on

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