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wo P s sceared at this portyeeterday fot
)d'eseet with ,5ry lstwSQ MUW there betts
:R y;i1itiy small diirenee is the amount of
their hs e hreiehi. Th . A. Thomson
siA botrdAmus bales qt cotton and saoo pieces
e fesea; h ' eare Ms .ts411 bales of cotton
sad4WplOces of staws.
SAfatOo nneted with the recent destruction
br fir of the steamboat Lotus is worthy of men
ia: lthr had On board a crew of about sixty
asn and fteen passengers. The first mate,
fr. ap>;, amost estimable man and efficient
ogddr;,bd fodorteen of the crew, lost their lives,
and a.th Prssengers were saved. Among the
lttser was a lady with three children, one at the
brea. The total loss by the Lotus disaster is
s..imbtsd at $107o000, including boat and cargo.
ateamboat Port Eads, with four barges,
- vefd here yesterday with a very large freight
, It embraced 24,t49 packages of merchan
419, DM,500 bushels of corn in bulk, and 8o,ooo
blshels of wheat. That's right. Send forward
tr gratin Western shippDers, and we will sup
ply ample 0cean tonnage whereby to transport
it. sgpedtiouli too, across the broad Atlantic.
heo eOg of insufflciency of shipping at this
pIat · ar this purpose has been gotten up by in
itae4,t parties who wished to stop the flow of
*ara this way; but their mouths have at last
been stOpped by the solid, undeniable fact that
ap t#e grain that has been shipped hither has
*ten sent forward with the least possible
The steamship Borussia, which arrived here
yeste day from Liverpool, brought loee boxes,
we half boxes and 185I quarter boxes of raisins,
which, under ordinary circumstances, would
oet be considered a large consignment. We
41onlyefer to it for the purpose of mentioning a
fact in connection with the trade in this article
.hat forcibly illustrates the hardness of the
time. Last year Importers of raisins would
sllt t000 boxes to large grocers, while the same
pttites take only oco boxes. The prices have
fallen correspondingly, and the demand is re
mnkably light, notwithstanding the near ap
pti"ah of the holidays. The truth is that many
Sf these who formerly were extensive consu
.1ter of raisins, currants, almonds, etc., are
now too poor to indulge even in such small
Snaew use has been found for the telephone.
Sdies it was introduced into several mines for
.tqhpurpose of communication between the
1iE 6 at work below the surface and the offlcers
oif moDanales above ground, it has occurrod
t06 a~ dy connected with one of the mines
that it could be Ased to advantage in indicating
the ventilation of the mines themselves. The
elawelation of air in the mines is shown by the
anemometer, which is situated below. The
miners have fallen into the way of being care
less as to the ventilation. But now it has been
ouand possible, by attaching the telephone to
the anemometer below, to indicate the flow of
t ina the mine in the office above. It is pro.
-poed shortly to try experiments to see whether
~tetelephone can be made available in divers'
DetaWtlons. It is believed that the instrument
S--ay be attached to the armor of divers. and be
tlade a perfect means of communication be
_.lYpa them and their assistants.
According to the Postmaster General's report
the actual expenditures of his department dur
L.g the pDeast fiscal year was s2,322,504 24, which
were 44L,885 8m more than those of the preceding
year, and $s,9ss,488 55 less than the estimates
therefor. The total receipts for the year were
, 1,119,12 2t less than those of the preceding
ear'. and l1,196,618 54 less than the estimates
Sherefor. The decrease is largely in the item
,4 offiol~apeatage stamps, the amount derived
'* s which during the last fiscal year was only
tgY..To0 cr, while in the previous year it was
;t,8Z.5e9 48. Excluding official postage stamps
and money order receipts from both fiscal
years, the reduction in ordinary receipts was
only $188,592 29, or about three-fifths of one per
cent.' According to the terms of the act making
theappropriation, the official postage stamps
used by the Postoffioe Department during the
fiscal year, and amounting to s$e6,095 50. do not
.iure as revenue.
The government of Guadaloupe offers the
sum of $90,000 to the inventor of a new process
of extraction of juice of sugar cane or of sugar
tabri cgon, this prize to be given to whoever
btai~n from the cane a yield of 14 per cent
of sugar, and the cost of application of the
seW process not to exceed forty per cent of the
value realized. The cane raised at Gaadaloupe
contaias 18 per cent of suar, and, hitherto, a
percentage of 9.4, on an average, has resulted
from the ordinary factory machinery. Recent
ly M. Dueharsaing'invented an imbibition pro
tess, bywhich, it appears, the yield is increased
from 9.4 to nearly 12 per cent; in fact, according
to the claim of the inventor, the advantage de
rived from his process is a gaia in the per
eentage of a yield of 2.8a. At any rate. M. Du
eharsaing's invention was deemed sufficiently
'Important to warrant the awarding to him of a
-90,000 price. The present premium, therefore,
Is a second one, and it calls for a still further
improvement to be made. The experiments
on at least 660o,oo pounds of cane, are to be con
ducted under the auspices of a government
Two vessels arrived here yesterday from
.Ldverpool with cargoes of salt, viz: The ship
Anale Gondie, with 2163 sacks, and the ship
Choice, with 4900 sacks. If, in the prospective
reviasionof the tariff, the duty on salt, which is
-ndeniably an article of necessity, should be
ismoved, such a measure would be of incalcu
l.ble benefit to New Orleans and to the greater
portion of the West. Instead of ships coming
here from foreign ports ladened with worthless
ballast, they would bring to our port full car
oees of salt, as they did in the good old ante
helium times, which would be sent up the river
to supply the demands of our pork packing
friends of the West.
inhe New York and Kanawha Salt Works are
having altogether too much protection, and if
our iT estern -riends would only look atthis
subject with a practical, impartial eye, they
would speedily discover that this onerous duty
on imported salt is senseless, and injurious to
the common interests of the country. We
would respectfully direct the attention of our
immediate representatives in Congress to this
matter reminding them that while it may seem
to be a small and insignificant seasoning to
their daily food, it is in the aggregate one of the
most important articles in the domestic econo
my of the nation. Let them put their faces in
the right direction in the persuance of this
much needed reform, and never look backward.
Remember Lot's wifel
Laws ot Stock Fluctuations.
Robert Glffen, in his new work on "Stock Ex
change Securities," which is highly commended
by the London Timnes and Spectator. brings for
ward some "laws" controlling the fluctuations
of stocks. Dull or hard times push up the
prices of first-class etocks; investment stocks
tend to fall when the business improves and the
demand for capital increases: prices move in
cycles, rising for a period and then falling for
a period; under the competition of capital for
iaveneates, prices of first-class stocks tend to
word a permanently higher level; interest tends
to lepUaa; the very best securities, like govern
mentbonds. rise during a stock panic. These
ýaea of the recurrendes Mr. Giffen has ob
aer in the movements of long periods of
ears, and~rhih*ie supports by a good deal of
argumeuet ned ideneea.
01 wa on ,but w
en. . or 01. m10P on the reouremd n s
rth g of the goods is
- 4td. Importations m a dt In
open day, an not until ater a permit
been btined from the Collector
MerchanJdise, l duly imported, may be entered
for warehousi, without payin the duties
at Ithe time of he entry, in which event the
goods are delivered and disposed of at the op
tion of the owner importer, consignee or agent,
at his expense, in any public warehouse or
other place provided by law for the storage of
such prover y. Both the duties and exApenses
are required to b3 ascertained at the time of
the entry of the goods for warehousing, and the
duties and charges are to be secured by the
bond of the owner, importer or consignee, with
sureties to the satisfaction of the Collector. the
goods being at all times subject to the orders of
the depositr upon the payment of the duties
and exp,,nsrM. Affirmed. Mr. Justice Clifford
delivered the opinion.
Friday Evening, Dec. 7, 1877. }
Clearings. Balances.
December 1 ............ 2.041571 16 202,52o. 5a
December 3 ... . . .... 1.03.030 82 110.496 11
December 4............. 2,488,392 18 149,109 91
December 5. ........ . 2,472,34 47 221.031 50
December 6 ..... . 1.83l.,599 67 149.138 71
Decembel 7 ............. 1.956.260 85 213.477 09
Total thus far.....$12,691,795 15 $1,040.536 67
Throughout the (week there has only been a
fair inquiry for discounts at the banks, and the
counter transaetions have been large.
The offerings of commercial on the street
have be~n and are now only limited and rateslare
easy. We quote;
Exoeptional oommercial paper sRR9 7 cent;
Al do 10912; second grade do 15@18; loans on
collatorals 210;e Al mortgage paper 90o10;
second grade do --@- W cent per annum.
oild is in good demand and firmer.
Foreign Exchange is active and higher.
Sight met with fair sales at steady rates.
State Console were in better demand, and at
the close showed an improvement in rates,
ruling at 6~9sO7.
Premium Bonds are quiet and easy at 360ft37.
Stocks are quiet and steady.
Gold opened in New York at lot", and
closed at 1024. Here it opened at 1o2102 o2'
and closed at 102~@9103. ales--$15.o00. $50o00 and
$200 at 1027$, $2(000, at 1027 nnd $3o0 at 103.
STERLING SALEM-£2-oo bill of lading.
£30,000 do, £3w0e do at 48s95, £52.000 and £13,000 do
at 4s9@4895. Bank sterling --@493. Commercial
bills 48..~@489 4.
FRANC SALES-7r,.oo commercial at 5.15%,
850,000 do at 5.15 @5.15. 350.000 and 150.000 do at
-. Bank francs -, and 5,15A.t;5.15 for commer
SIGHT SALES-$80.c0o, $20,000 and 0o.oo00
bankers' at %, 540,0o0 and $28.000 commercial at
3. $35,000 do at 7-16, $20o.ooo00 doat 13-32, and $30,0oo
bankers' at 13-32 F cent discount.
The banks are checking at 3 P cent discount.
Commercial and bankers' sight quoted at
7-160'i * cent discount.
5 shares Union National Bank. ..... .. .. 174
$5,010 State Consols ................. · 6
25.000 do do (B. this year) .. ... s875
$10.000 State Consols ...................... 8s6s
20,000 do do (B. this year) ..- ..-.. 87,,
$c25.00 State Consols ................ 86
20,000 Premium Bonds .................... 3
5,000 City Consolidated ......... ..... 42
$15,000 State Console (B. this year) ..- ... 87;
500 do do (B. this year) ...... - 87
$20,000 State Consolse.... ............. 87
5,000 do so.6
10.00o Premium Bonds. ... ............. 3;/
8.eoo do do .................... 36
$15,000 State Consols ....................... s 86c
5,000 do 87
18,000 Premium Bonds-" .............. 30
15.000 do do ................... 363
$o,0oo State Consols, deliverable Monday 87
5601 Ordinary State Warrants of 1874 24
The following are the weekly quotations of
the New Orleans Stock Excnange:
Bid. Asked.
Canal, pv 100 .................... l00 102
Citizen's, v 1oo ................... 81 82
Citizens' Savings, pv 100.... - -
(Germania National. p 100........ - -
Hibernia National ................. 84 86
Lafayette, p v 50 ...... . ... 1:3 -
Louisiana Savings ............. - -
Louisiana National, p v 100 ...... 10 109
Mechanics and Traders' p v 20... 9 10
Metropolitan Loan and Savings.p
V 100. ..................... - 104)
Mutual National. pv too.10.... 87 90
New Orleans National, p v 1)00... - -
People's, p V 50 ..... ........... 44 45
Southern p v 50......... .. 40 41
State National. p v 100 ............. - 69
Union National. p v 100............ 81
Workingmen's. p v 25 .....----- 171 18
Crescent Mutual v 100 o ........ 75 76
Factors and Traders'. p v 100..... 99 100
Firemens'. p v 50..... ...... .- 48: -
Germania, p 100................. -
Hibernia, v 100 ................... 79 -
Home p v 40 ..... ............ 27 294
Hope, p v 100 ......... .............. 595 61
Lafayette., v 50 .................... 22, -
Merchants' Mutual, p v 100 ........ 42 43%
Mechanics and Traders' ......... - 85%
New Orleans Ins. Ass'n, p v 30.... - 28
N. O. Ins. Company. pv 50........ 38 40o
People's Ins. Company. D v 25- - -
Sun Mutual, p v 100.......... 101 1015
Teutonia, p v 100................ .69
Union. D v 100............... ..8 -
Carrollton v 10o ............. .... 116 -
Crescent City, p v 50 .............. 25
Canal and Claiborne. p v 5o ... .. 356 -
New Orleans City, p v100 ......... 1415 144
Orleans. v 5 ..................... - 25
St. Charles Street, p v 50.......... 75 768
Bienville Oil Works Co., p v 100... - -
Crescent City Oil Co ....-.......... 110 120
Crescent City Slaughter-House
Company, pDv ...... ....... 30 32
Carondeet Canal and Na. Co ... -
Im. Bonded Warehouse. p v 100oo... 29% -
Jeff. City Gas Lig ht Co.. p v lOO... - -
Louisiana lee Manufacturing Co.,
p v 50 ........................... 10%
Louisiana Levee Co., preferred. .1 10 1 30
La. State Lottery Co., p v 100...... - 80
Louisiana Oil Company, v 100... 97 10t
Louisiana Cotton Tie Company.. - 250
Levee Steam Cotton Press.p v 100oo 33 -
Lamm's Fireless Engine Co., p v
100............................... 1 2%
N. O. Gas Light Co.. p v 10o ........ 104 105
Odd Fellows' Hall Association.... -
Sugar Shed Company, p v 60..... - 72 82
St. Charles Hotel Company .-. - 6
-Btern~s Fer. and Chem. Man.- Co--. 1 50
Varieties Theatre Association.... - 250
State Consols ...................... 86 87
City Premium Bonds .............. 36% 37
City Consolidated Bonds.......... 40 42%
City Waterworks Bonds........ - - 39
City Wharf Bonds .............. ... 50 60
Canal and Claiborne street R. R.
mortgage ...................... 77% 91
Slaughter-House, mortgage. 96 -
Jefferson City Gas Co.. mortgage - -
Jackson R. R. 1st mortgage ...- . 105 -
Jackson R. R. 2d mortgage cou
pons 93 97
Jackson R. ". 2d mortgage debt 376 -
Jackson B. R. Consolidated gold.- 27
Miss. Central R. R. 1st mortgage. 93 -
Miss. Central B. R. 2d mortgage. -
Miss. Central R. R. Con. gold. .... - -
St. Charles Hotel mortgage ...... - -
City Scrip, 1874............... 31L2 32%
City Scrip, 1875 .....................44 46
City Scrip, 1876...... ......... 1% 32%
Half paid Coupons..-- .......... 33 34
Legislative Warrants. 1877........ 97 99
October. 1874-....................... 28 31
November, 1874 ..................... 28 81
December. 187 ..................... 28 31
November. 1875 ..................... 66 68
December, 187 ..................... 66 68
October, 1876 ..... ............ 43 47
November, 1876......... ............ 43 48
October, 1874 ....................... 26 29
N'ovember, 1874..................... 26 29
December. 1874........ ......... 26 29
October, 1875... ................. 26 29
November, 1875......... ...... 26 29
December, 1875..................... 26 29
October, 187 -....................... 43 47
November. 1871.. ............. 2 6
December. 1876................ 25 2,
tByv egaapkj
. ý. .-' tl eddid.
~~A "
jre mlees t s .
at e111cJ lE s I0
Friday ECvening. Dee. 7. 1817.
GENERAL REMARKS-The weather was
bright and cool, all that could be desired for
out-door business.
The general market continues dull, remarka
bly and oppressively so, considering the time
of the year. December shows no improvement
over November, and all the bright visions we
have indulged in of a business re-awakening
have thus far proved to be but " idle dreams."
But we are content to wait a little longer for the
good time that has been so long coming.
In our great fleecy staple there has been only
a fair business, the sales footing up 9600 bales.
The market was strong throughout the day, the
better ounlities exhibiting an improvement of
4c. but there was no perceptible change in
average lists from yesterday's quotations.
During the week there has been an advance
of 16c in the price of lower grades of cotton and
34e in Low Middlings and the higher grades.
During the same period New York reports
show an improvement in that market of 22 to 24
points in futures, while Liverpool quotations
are 1-16d higher than last Friday.
The receipts of cotton at this port during the
week amount to 53,201 bales, against A4,532 for
the same week last year: net receipts at this
port since September 1, 446,850 bales, against
493.751 for the same time last year.
The supply of flour is large, and the general
tone of the market is dull and easy. Home
round sales were made, holders, in some in
stances, letting go their grip for the nonce and
making slight concessions to the demands of
For pork the ruling prices are about the same
as those of last week. There is a firm feeling
in this article, and receivers arc isking an ad
vance of 25 cents on yesterday's prices.
The receipts of sugar continue small, only 612
hhds coming in to-day; sales r5ic. The market
is steady and firm. Stock in sheds 103o, against
3759 same time last year.
For particulars of markets see regular report.
COTTON -The market to-day opened under
influences that stffened up holders. Liverpool
was firm and futures at New York were better,
and added to these there was a good demand
and, during the early part of the day, a small
supply in the offerings. As was to be expected
under these circumstances, factors were decid
edly stringent. so much so as to materially
check the movement. Later on factors uncov
ered their samples more freely, and a fair busi
ness was done, footing sales to the number of
o00 bales. The market was strong throughout,
staple kinds readily commanding an improve
ment of .)o, but average lists showing no
change from yesterday's quotations.
In a review of the week's business there is
shown an advance of 'bc in the price of the low
grades and kYe on Low Middling and the higher
grades. The changes at New York during the
week show an improvement on futures of 220(24
points. Liverpool is i-1td higher than last
Friday, and Havre I franc on spots and 2 francs
higher on cottons afloat.
were as follows:
Low Ordinary ............. 8' 8?;
Ordinary ................... ; 91s
Good Ordinary............. 10 10
Low Middling .............. 10o. los
Middling .................. I 11
Good Middling ............ 11 11
Middling Fair ...-........... 12 12±
Sales to.day 9600 bales. Market strong.
In store and on shipboard Sept. 1.1877.....21,350
Gross receipts since yesterday. 12.101
Gross receipts previously........ ...539-,59- 551,697
Total supply ........................ 573,053
Exported to-ay.. :1...............722
Exported previously........... 322,357- 326.079
T'otal stocks this day- .4.............. 246,974
Total stock this day last year......... 272,168
Exports to-day-732 bales to San Sebastian,
1524 to Boston. and 1466 to Providence.
Exports for the week--3o,53o bales to Gro
Britain. 13,020 to France. 9415 to other foreign
ports, and 8290 coastwise.
Net receipts since yesterday .... ....... 9,657
Receipts from other ports .................. 2,444
Net receipts last Friday ....... . . 7.016
Net receipts this week...................... 7.122
Net receipts last week.... ........... 5:.201
Not receipts this week last year ......... ;,3:193
Net re eipts this day last year ........... 4.5:132
Net receipts since September 1 ..........44,850)
Net receipts same time last year... .......493,751
The sources of receipts have been from Red
River. Ouachita river, Arkansas river, Chicago,
St. Louis and New Orleans railroad, and the
Mississippi river and other tributary streams,
giving total net receipts of 53,201 bales, against
54.534 bales this week last year, and 446,850 bales
since first of September. against 493 751 bales
same time last year. Adding receipts from Mo
bil,. Texas and Florida, the gross receipts are
found to be 62,241 this week, against 65,912 this
week last year and since first of September
551.697 bales, against 592,442 bales same time last
Cotton on shipboard as per account of the
Cotton Exchange, as follows: Liverpool 54,262
bales. Havre 41,649. Bremen 7985. Mediterranean
7019, North Sea 6802, Spain 1202, Mexico -,
coastwise 4101 total, 123,080 bales. This. taken
from the stock at noon, as noted at the Ex
change, leaves in presses 123.894 bales.
The exports since September 1 to date from
New Orleans have been as follows: Great
Britain 139,390 bales, against 173,804 last year;
France 64.176, against 112,147 last year; other
foreign ports 52,025, against 35,662 last year, and
coastwiso 70,488, against 44,944 last year; making
a total foreign and coastwise of 326,079, against
366.607 last year.
The exports from all United States ports, con
solidated as per telegrams to the Cotton Ex
change, for the week have been as follows:
G. B. France. Cont. Total. Stocks.
This week.. 62,898 20,732 15,654 99,279 727,184
Last week.. 52,170 29,084 26,742 108,619 695,484
This week
last year.. 113,116 24,180 18,358 155,654 928.654
Since ep. 1. 472,416 118,161 130.662 721.239 .
Same time
last year. .617,070 173.943 112,778 903.,798
The telegrams received at the Cotton Ex
change give the receipts at ports from 12 m.
yesterday to 12 m. to-day at 31,933 bales, against
31,325 bales last Friday, 36,170 last year, and
23,542 the year before.
The movement at ports for the week up to
noon to-day is given below:
Received Received This week
this week. last week. last year,
New Orleans... .53,201 60,393 54,532
Galveston. ...... 22.112 18,227 27,843
Mobile........... 1.063 17,541 19,775
Savannah ....... 27.112 25,751 22,715
Charleston ......23,404 15,488 23,374
Wilmington ..... 8,880 5,029 4,495
Norfolk. ...... 6,259 10,633 19.503
Baltimore .. . .. 258 783 427
New York....... 7,918 6,990 5,694
Philadelphia .... 792 1.659 2,204
Boston .......... 6 220 1.642 3.3.33
Other ports ..... 2,968 7,829 3,565
Total......1.. 178.187 172.865 t1;i0o
Receipts at ports since September 1.....1,681,614
Receipts same time last year ........... 1,995.650
Receipts same time vear before. ......... .1,685,030
The closing quotations of Foreign markets
to-day, compared with last Friday and this day
last year. were as follows: Last This day
LiverpooL To-day. Friday. last year.
Middling Uplands. 64d 6 7-16d 69-16d
Middling Orleans.. 6ed 611-16d 6%d
Tres Ord. Spots.... Sof. 79f. 78f.
Low Middling afloat 8sf. 78f. 791.
OCEAN FREIGHTS-Are quoted as follows:
By steam - Cotton to Liver ool 9-16d; to
Revel -d; to Bremen %d; to Boston. Provi
dence. Fall River, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
via New York %c; to New York Xc; grain to
Liverpool loed.
By sail - Cotton to Liverpool 7:16d; to
Havre %c; to Bremen 15-16c; to Genoa lc; grain
to the Continent lo@lO%d.
One small vessel was taken up yesterday for
Havre at 29-320, cotton. Rates steady.
Steam rates to Northern ports have advanced
to $2 25 for molasses and $7 lnhhd for sugar for
New York.
SUGAR--The receipts continue limited, only
612 hhds coming in to-day. The demand was
good, and 563 bhds sold at prices showing the
market to be steady and firm. Stock in the
sheds 1030 hhds. against 3759 hhds same time
lastyear. We quote: Inferior 34; ommon to
good common 4*~6c; fair to good fair !/@
6ic; fully fair 6Xc; prime 7e. strictly prime
7Xc;gray clarified 64@7% "yellow earlned.as
in quality 7~3l47 ;( off whites, good tochoice.
7984c."white clarifieds 8%sC.
MOLASSES-Beceipts 212.9 bilse; sales 1978
bbls. Stock at the sheds 182 bbls, against
I8,678 bbls same time last year. The demand
is good, especially for eholed grades. We q :
Common 2e(97; fair 42 ie
FLOne bll
market ist duall and sy. al--2 bblis t $:5o5 at
1 a 70 at ; at ; 0 t 5 87; 100 at 6e; 25, 150
and 2at$6 50; 50 at $68 0; 50 at $6 75; 0 at $;.
100o and o0 on private terms.
We quote fine to suerfine at $4@4 25: single
extra $4 25@4 50: double extra $4 50@4 75; treble
extras, low to choice. $6015 75: choice extras
$86@ 25; fancy choice s6 0o@6 75 9 bbl.
Dealers and grocers obtain 50o above these
CORN MEAL-For this article there is very
little demand. and the market is easier and
lower and now quoted at $2 40@2 45 for W estern.
and $2 50@2 55 for for city ERole Mills. Dealers
job at $2 75@2 80 ' hbl. Sals--130 bbls at $2 45.
steady with a fair demand and light supply at
403 o3 50o 1 bbl.
CORN FLOUR-In fair request, chiefly for ex
port, at $3 7504, according to quality.
GRITB-Easy and in fair demand at as t0@3 50
P bbl on the landing. Job lots sell at a3 6053 70
a bbl.
ItYE FLOUR-Is in moderate supply and
easy at $4 2504 50 1 bbl.
i'ORK-The week closes in this market with
prices ruling about the same as at the close last
week, with a firm feeling, and receivers asking
an advance on new pork of s25 on yesterday s
prices. We quote the market quiet and firm at
$13:; dealers still jobbing in the order trade at
$1375 ' barrel. Sales-Se bbls at $13, 20 at $13 25,
DRY SALT MEAT-The sales to-day show
a better and steadier feeling, and one lot-a car
load of loose shoulders-is reported at an ad
vance of 3c. We quote the market firm atnc56t1c
for shoulders loose, and s4c packed. Dealers
jobbing at an advance of %e on these prices.
Sales-1 car load shoulders at 00c, 10 boxes do
ats 5c.
BACON--Is unchanged. The supply is small
and the demand light. In a wholesale way the
market is easy at e7%o for shoulders, 8'o for
clear rib sides, and 9(994'c for clear sides, deal
ers obtaining o4c advance on these prices.
LARD-There is an ample supply of both
tierco and keg, and the market for packers'
and refined tierce is dull and easy at s.908::n.
dealers selling the samto r ,n!8,4c. Hales-50
kegs kettle rendered at 91'4.
HAMS-Quiet, easy and unchanged, with a
moderate but steady demand in th, local trade.
We quote uncanvased and plain canvased
10t6tall.14e and choice sugar cured 1340014'4c,
deloers getting ,a)l( advance on these prices.
BIREAKFAST BACON-Quiet and steady at
9@100oc in a wholesale way, dealers jobbing at
105o t(11e.
selling on orders in the job trade at $7 75 7 half
bbl for pig pork, $12 bbl for prime mess
pork, $10 for prime pork, and $11 So for rump
nork. Pigs' feet are selling at $2'.2 25
keg. Ham sausages are d'tll and quoted at s@
8hc V tb. Family pork is jobbing at $13 50 F bbl.
Pickled pigs' tongues are quoted at 7%5fc
apiece. Pickled heads are offering at $1o0011
. tierce, and jowls at $s 5009 9 barrel. Bo
logna sausage 7,'07%0 . Spare ribs $7009.
WHISKY-Is dull and easy, city make selling
at $1 01@1 04, and good to choice Western at
$1 onl5 os $ gallon. Sales 20 bbls Bourbon at
$2. 100 bbls in bond at 45c,
dOFFEE-The demand is good at advanced
Cargoes. Job Lots.
Prime ..................... 19400@19 19%.@l e
Good ..................... :185 @19 195@19%
Fair....... ......... 1 '40l@158 1s8/@19
Ordinary ..... • .......16~@17 17 @17Y
TOBACCO--There is no change to note in the
market. The stock on sale is estimated at :ion
Inferior lugs ............................ 8 ® 3 4
Low lugs ................................. 3 @
M edium .................................. 4
Good to fine .............................. 4%@ 563
Low loaf ........................... 5. 4@ 6%
M edium ................................. 7 @ 8
G ood ...................................... 9 @ 0o
F ine ........ ..............................11 @ 11
Selections... ... ......12 0123%
CORN-Largo supply and easy. Sales-1000
yellow at -; 300o white and mixed at 6c, and 300
yellow at 5Sc u bushel.
OATS-Are steady and in moderate request.
Rales--00 choice Galena at 39c, and 5oo00 do at 38e
P bushel.
BRAN-Is easy and only in moderate demand.
Sales-500 bags inferior at 70c. and 300 choice at
soe I ewt.
HAY-The supply is large and the demand
good. Sales-looo prime at sic 5s; 250 do at $16,
and 500 at $15 P ton.
BUTTER-Amplo stock and demand fair.
We uanote New York creamery, fine, 30031c;
New York dairy 1sO827cd ?ujIanality: Western
CHEESE-Stock and demand light. New York
cream 15@15%4c. Western factory 12@13c. as in
8 altARCH-In good demand at a~c in lots;
jobbing at 8X540 IF lb.
WOOL-More stocks offering than there is de
mand, and it is held above the views of buyers.
Burry is quoted at 11a12c, Louisiana clear 280c.
clear lake 27%~190e P lb.
HIDES-Supply fair and market quiet; coun
try green s@s8., dry salted 13@13%ic. dry flint
TALLOW-Scare. City sp: country 7c ' 1b.
SALT-Stock light with a good demand. Since
our last report one cargo, all coarse, sold at
723e per sack. afloat, and one to arrive on pri
vate terms. We quote cargo price at 70@75c, ac
cording to filling. Dealers are selling from
warehouse at 75t5se0 for coarse, 95os$1 for fine,
a4 in quality and quantity. Turks Island neg
leted; held nominally at 320 ' bushel. Table
salt in Dockets 1%@7%c each. as in size.
POULTRY-Old chickens $4 5005. young $2@
3; ducks $3: geese $6: turkeys $9~12 P dozen.
EGGS-Western 2528sc; Louisiana --@-c
RICE-Is in moderate supply. No. 2 3% @33,
common 4'404@4c) ordinary 4%@5%c, fair 5%c,.
good 53@5ce. prime 5 06o, choica 65fc P lb.
BULK CORN -None offering, and the market
is nominally 551ac 5 bushel.
WHEAT-None here, and nominally at $1 30~
1 35la bushel for winter, and $1 '20l 25 for
ESCULENTS-Potatoes areselling at $1 250
1 75; onions at $1 2502 25; apples at $1 503 50 6"
bbl; cabbages at $6e8 ' 100, and $175@2 ' crate.
BAGGING--teady at 12c in round lots; re
tailing at 12%®13c. Baling twine at 133e in
round lots; retailing at t4c.
Domestle Markets.
NaEv YORn, Dec. 7, 11 a. m.-Coffee firm; car
goes-ordinary 16(l16%, fair 18%, good 19. prime
19%@20; lots 16'5o20%; sales--364 Rash, 2572
Alrika, 500 Donati, also 4000 mixed; total 10,736
here p. t., and 1000 J. Wesley, 1000 new light;
total, 2000 at Baltimore p. t. Sugar firmer;
demand fair; sales-800 hhds at 7%a7%; refin
ing, fair to good fair weak: refined dulL
HICAGOo Dec. 7.-Market opened with pork
steady at 12 07% for January. Lard-nothing
doing yet. Wheat strong at $1 09%@1 09% for
January. Corn steady at 42%@42% for Dtcem
ber, 41Y for Jannary, 43/@44 for May.
Union Stock Yards-Hogs--Official receipts
yesterday 35.157; estimated to-day 30.000; market
rather easier; prices nominally $4 2004 30 Jor
light and $4 20C4 50 for heavy grades.
11:45 a. m.-Pork dull, but unchanged; $12 07%
@12 10 for January. Lard quiet at 7.87%@7.90
for January. Wheat unsettled: $1 09,@1 09%
for January. Corn steady at 42%@43 for Decem
ber; 41%~42 for January.
Close.-Pork-$12 07%@12 10 for January: $12 22
@12 25 for February. Larl--7.97%@8 for Febru
ary; sales at 7.90 for January. Wheat firm;
$1 10@1 10% for January; $1 11 for February;
$1 09% for December. Corn firm at 43%0@43% for
December; 42@42% for January and February;
44% for May.
ST. LouIs, Dec. 7.-Wheat-No. 2 red, no sales
for cash ; 1 s tbid; No; a red-; t isL4@ 24 Jan
uary: $1 23% cash. Corn-44%@44% December:
41%11@42% January; 46% cash. Oats-26a bid
Dacember; 27%'28 bid cash. Whisky $1 06.
Pork $12 cash; $11 85 bid December. Cut meats
general market 4%; loose 6(@6%. Bacon-noth
ing doing. Lard nominal.
Foreign Markets.
LIreERPOOL, Dec. 7, 12:15 p. m.-Cotton firm;
sales 10.000 bales, of which 1000 are for export
and speculation; Middling Uplands 6%d; Mid
dling Orleans 6%d; other quotation unchanged.
1:30 p. m.-Flour unchanged at 299. Wheat
firmer, but not quotably higher; spring 0l ed@
11s Id; California club 12s 1id@13s 2d. Bacon
long clear middles 38s; short clear 398 6d. Corn,
new, 298 6d@30s. Breadstuffs firm. Weather
There are on passage 1,152,000 quarters of
wheat and flour, and 529,000 quartc: s of corn.
3 p. m.-Wheat, winter 11s 5d. Bacon, Cum
berland cut, dull and 2z lower at 40s; short rib
6d off at 39s 6d. Beef, India mess is off at 97s;
other markets unchanged.
American cheese, choice, 64s. Beef, extra
mess 112s; prime 88s. Bacon-Hams-long cut
43s; shoulders 33l 6d. Lard-Prime Western
steady at 43s. Lard oil dull at 44s. Tallow
Prime city 4os. Turpentine steady at 25s 6d.
Refined petroleum steady at 11d.
LIVERPOOL. Dec. 7, 5:30 p. m.-Bacon-long
clear 37s 6ad short clear s8s 6d.
LONDON. Dec. 7. 2 p. m.-Flour unchanged at
29s. Wheat generally unchanged; Chicago
spring. off coast, 51s@51s 6d; red winter 55s 6d;
California club 62s; Chicago to arrive a little
stronger at 50s@50s 6d: arrivals for orders light
English country markets dull French markets
weaker. Corn unchanged, but strong at 0s 9d;
off coast to arrive rather better at 298 6d@30s;
arrlvals for orders light. -
Bead Navra's invitation to the ChinaPalae.
Am nsewhb M *IX a, 15 'saai
Saturnar Dee. 8, tan.
Isabel Alvin, Belle, Blue Wing No. 3, Texas,
Bart Able. Natchez, llorenooe Meyer, St. John..
Isabel, Alvin, Bello. J. H, Hanna, Gov. Allen,
To ArIrlve.
Martha, Isabel. Alvin, lower coast: Mary Ida,
Belle Henry Tte. upper coast; Assumption,
St.. Blary, W. J. I'Ptevent. Lafourehe; Com
monwealth. St. Louis; Gov. Allen, Ouachita
Belle. Bayou Sara; Shannon, Fanehon, Oua
chita; J. H. Hanna, Baton Rouge; Lesslo Tay
lor, Opelousas; Willie. Era No. 10, BuIuf river.
The weather remains clear, cool andt very
Business moderately active.
The Bart Able arrived with a splendid trip.
She ret urns to-day as usual.
The steamer St. John, from Baton Rouge, ar
rived last evening with a good trip.
The Sam Roberts' barge Perry Tharp was
dropped down yesterday to take on the 1143
bales of cotton brought by the Kouns. She
hadn't it all on board when we left the landing.
The Col. A. P. Kouns was towed across the
river yesterday.
Opposition between steamboats, lively as it
may be at times, like everything else, has an
end. Evidence mountain high and as strong as
"proof of holy writ" can be had of this fact, and
bef re another moon one more instance of It
will be added to the record.
The Belle has changed her hour of departure
on Sundays to 7 o'clock; other days she goes at
9 o'clock.
The Kate Kinney has 500 tons for Rod river.
The now Mary Houston leaves Louisville for
Cincinnati to-day or to-morrow, and will leave
the latter city for New Orleans next Saturday.
The Cherokee leaves Clncinnati Tuesday and
the famous Charles Morgan Thursday.
The City of Alton leaves St. Louis to-day.
The Port Eads, with a tow of 4 barges, arrived
The recent destruction of the Lotus by fire
presents a rare instance where the loss of life is
confined entirely to the crew. Her passengers
numbered 15 and crew 60; as stated by us
Wednesday, 16 of the latter were lost. The value
of the boat and cargo has been fixed at $107,0oo.
Capt. Dannals has been suffering considerably
from his burns, and had to keep his bed
Wednesday and Thursday.
The Willie, from Bnuft river, will arrive to
'The Ouachlta Belle for the coast to Bayou
Sl ra to-day.
The W. J. Poltevent will arrive to-morrow
from the Lafourche, and return Monday at 10
a. m.
The John Dippold, from Pittsburg. with sev
enteen boats coal, arrived Thursday night.
The Florence Meyer. with 1620 bales cotton
from the Arkansas, arrived.
Capt. J. A. Carter. of the John A. Scudder, was
in the city yesterday.
_The Kate Kinney, from St. Louis. and the new
Golden Rule, from the Ohio. passed Cairo
The Golden City leaves the first of the coming
week for Cincinnati.
Those roadways at the Customhouse, Canal
and Gravler street crossings have been opened.
The next move now will be to cut off another
square from the landing; steamboats have no
right to have so much room anyway; they don't
pay for it; why should they?
oegular as time itself, the great Natchesz ar
rived from Vicksburg with a big trip, and re
turns as usual to-day. 0
The beautiful Golden Crown. the last new ad
dition to the splendid steamers composing the
Cincinnati, Louisville and New Orleans packet
linn. leaves to-day, positively, for the Ohio.
The Belle lays over to-day, as usual. As a
daily packet to Bonnet Carre the Belle is a suc
cess and a fixture. She makes her time with
ease, and Capt. Harper, assisted by his capable
and attentive chief clerk, Capt. Brou, are kept
up to their eyes in business.
The Mary Ida has shortened her trips to the
Welham plantation. Press of business and the
desire on the part oL Capt. Ruiz to give his
patrons daylight time With the Ida is the reason
for this change.
Mrs. Massey. Injured In escaping from the
burning Lotus, is lying at her home in thiS city
dangerously ill from her hurts.
The St. Francis Belle leaves daily at 7:45 a. m.
from Bienville street f.aWestwego, running in
connection with the New Orleans and Texas
Bailroad to Donaldsonville.
The M. I. upper coast daily line packet Mary
Ida, J. A. Kuiz in command, leaves to-cay at to
o'clock, going as high as Welham's.
The Buo Wing N.o. 3 J. A. Bomstoc
at 1o a. m. for Donaldsonvilie and the Ashland
The splienld steamer at. wary, Joe vauLnren
master, E. Nicolle clerk, leaves to-day at 10 a.
n. for the coast and Bayou Lafourche through
to Laurel Valley.
The regular tri-weekly coast and Donaldson
iule packet Henry Tete. J. F. Aucoin master.
M. H. Landry clerk, leaves to-day at 12 m., mak
ing all plantation landings in daylight.
The Ouachita Belle. John C. Libano master.
John H. Mossop clerk, leaves to-day promptly
at 5 p. m. for Bayou Sara, Baton Rouge, Plaque
mine and all coast landings
The semi-weekly coast, Planuemine and
Baton Rouge packet St. John, J. P. McElroy
master, leaves to-day at 5 p. m.
The Natchez, T. P. Leathers master J. F.
Muse clerk, leaves to-day at 5 p. m. for Vicks
burg and all mail landings.
The Bart Able, Richard Sinnott master. Geo.
C. Hamilton clerk, leaves to-day at 5 p. m. for
Alexandria and Grand Ecore.
The New Orleans and Gulf Transportation
Company's steamer Martha W. S. Bassett mas
ter, leaves this 5 p. m. for Pilot Town and Port
Eads, carrying the United States mails.
The New Orleans and Ouachita Transporta
tion Company's steamer Cotton Valley, J. W.
Carlton master, Messrs. Gllruth and Haskell
clerks, leaves to-day at 5 p. m. for Camden di
The Bastrop, also of the above company,
leaves to-day at 5 p. m. for Bayou Bartholo
mew. Gus Hodge in command, S. T. Goodwyn
The New Orleans and Red River Transporta
tion Company's steamer Texas, Geo. W. Rea
master, EH. C. Boazman clerk, leaves to-day
for Shreveport at 6 p. inm.
Tne Cincinnati. Louisville and New Orleans
packet Golden Crown, H. H. Drown master,
Eug. Shinkle clerk, leaves to-day at 5 p. m.
for Cincinnati.
The regular Tensas and Macon packet Tren
ton, J. B. Sullivan master, J. L. Robbins clera,
leaves to-day at 5 p. m. sure.
[By Telegraph.)
BATON RotoE. Dec. 7.-To Capt. F. A. Blanks:
The Fanchon will arrive at 6 a. m. Good trip.
J. W. BLANKS. Master.
GIBARD, La., Dec. 7.-To F. J. Winburn, agent,
35 Natchez street: Steamer Era No. 10 will ar
rive Monday evening and leave Wednesday.
12th inst., for all landings on the Bosuf and
Black rivers. T. L TAYLOR. Master.
VIcSBURO,. Dec. 7.-C. &. Wayne. agent. 106
Gravier street: Steamer Golden City has been
detained by high wind and fog. Leave here at
daylight this morning, J. D. HEGLER.
Exchange Cupplnag.
St. Louis Republican, Dec. 5:
Capt. Kinney wants it understood by the New
Orleans people that the Kate is not going into
the Ouachita, but will enter Red river to stay.
Capt. Kinney will leave in a few days by rail for
New Orleans.
Capt Jo Kinney, Sr., says that when people
talk about old boats there are sometimes one or
two they forget about. He had the Robert Ful
ton built at Madison, Ind., in 1839 for the St.
Louis and Pittsburg trade, but she drew four
feet light, and that wasRAto much for the trade.
She was a side-wheeler of 250 tons, single en
gine, and very fast. He took her to New r
leans and ran her two trios per week from
there to Bayou Sara. the first boat that ever
made two trips per week In the trade. She car
ried the mail and was in a fight all the time
with the Brilliant and Clipper No. 1. whose
masters were Jesse Hart and Mona. Laurent.
He sold the Fulton. and he thinks she was taken
to Mobile.
The Eckert had, up to Sunday evening, taken
out of the Tolle a lot of meat and meal and 300
bbls of flour. Several of the bulkheaded sec
tions were found to be dry and secure, the grain
having protected the decks from the fire.
A dispatch of the Ath. from Evansville to the
Commercial, says:
The Golden Rule lay here all day taking
freight, and is now at the elevator taking a
large lot of corn, and is drawing over 7 feet.
She was visited by hundreds of gentlemen and
ladies, and all were enthusiastic in their ex
pressions of admiration. Capt. O. P. Shinkle
received a most cordial welcome and the hearty
congra'ulations of many old steamboatmen. He
is highly delighted with the boat, and her pilots
say she handles splendidly and runs sur
prisingly fast. The Rule added considerable
stock here and gets a lot at Henderson.
Memphis Avalance, December 6:
Business at the levee was quite active, the
leading item being thecompetition between the
big Howard and Thompson Dean. The James
Howard came up early yesterday morning with
68 hhds sugar 161 bbls molasses, 989 sacks seed,
200 packages ties and sundries. She went back
last night with 132 bales cotton. 149 bbls oil and
sundries; also crossed over the river to get
stuff from the other side. She has to cometo
the Lee wharboat and add 1800 sacks meal, iso
bales cotton and 2650 bbls oiL It is hardly pos
sible for her to get all on and leave for below
before early this morning. The T.mhs.eo
Dean went south last night with 152 bales ot
ton soLesacks oil cake, a o bblIs oil, s cabin and
Tulrata of Pt war bilosndo rebate was
tiul they mak a good thng Just,"
cake Is per ton of ma ponda eeA.
which is of greater bulk, is C per ton '=
zoun s.
Den U ?aW 1ky
Parlors at the Turner Manstlo
155...........CANAL STREAf........... .
Begs to inform her lady friends and thesb.l..
generally that she has on hand one of the meiS
beautiful and complete selections M POf isu
styles and fashions in
has employed the best Parisian Artiste, $ nSa
will be pleased if the ladies will mall t >i
Parlors, 188 CANAL ST.RE . -
Mume. Julie LaB. Fisheý. .
ocl1 tf
Berlin Zephyr Worstedi
MImne. ERo% Reut
No. 9 Chartres Street, Near CUt
Begs to inform her patrens, and the
general, that the
selected by her in the North, and r 1
rect from prominent Parisian houses, now
store, and comprises all the newest s
Felt Chips. Straws and Velvete, trtnm
leading style, and at lower prices than sal
Her stock of Berlin Zephyr 8lipe P
Java Canvas. Mottoes, etc., is varied
will be opened October is, by Mrs.
well known in this communit s n
most competent in this line of bu-ine.
Orders filled at short notice; 1p;erfss
entire satisfaction guaranteadd. o01
No. iS St. charles Stlee,
The undersigned reSpeCtfully
the public that they are prepred to
complete Chain of Title or list of T
Real Estate In New Orleans, book to
grant or purchase, when requi.
Abstract of each transfer in the, n
curing to parties purchasing
Investing in Mortgages perfect
fraudulent or defective ttles.
indexing our "Conveyance Ber
our system, enables us to give in
mediately. _".
Attorneys. Notaries, Auction.a
Agents, Surve ors and all parties in
Titles to Real Estate ,are invited to
amine our 'Record, '
del 3m L..2. ._i3 E &
Raw a "Dfeboli" afre esde te
the Recent Fire at iWE.wsw
Depot, mISs.
President. Vice
1. TVTUlRU .
Secretary and Treasurer..
roA Tea
A. ROY, Aget.
EDwAdSn' Dxz'qr
Dear Sir-The No. 7 DIEBO
chased some time since, went th
conflagration and remained
HOURS in the burning ruins. o
sides and front was very much
Considering the extreme heat to
been su bjeted, we feared greatly or
tents; but judge of our joy an4
on opening it we found oar
papers in good condition.
D. Q u *,
The above is a sample of the
being daily received from all parts of
trA large assortment of these a el
always on hand, at prices as low as
work can be made. Write for estim L
27 Canal Street,
A.& It.O . .A ie `
To Partles Amieted with
eases, Declared to be
All cases abandoned by the physiolas
The rich man will pay his moneyonly
having been cured, and the poor
treated, attended to and cured for
Chemist and Professor of
from Paris,
Who can be seen every day from so'
morning to 4 o'clock in the
The success which he has obtalned
of his fortifying and Invigorati
by attending personally to
known. He has cured, andsre
the towns bordering upon the
many persons abandoned by
confined to their beds for many yeas
ladies, as well as gentlemen, hare.
care, -recovered health -and
His new system of treatment is
sovereign in all cases of apparent
rheumatism, dyspepsa. neural
general debility, lencorrhea, sratu
of the womb, fever, diseases oftheeyes
ness of the stomach, persistent and
syphilitic action, and all theseehroaio
which, in the Southern climate, strike
parties and bring them down to the
gradual and excruciating agony.
N. B.-Hils treatment excludes all
that have for a basis arsenic, meroti
ine, which usually eause the loss
the weakening of all the organs. and
patient in a state of prostration,bly etl
riously upon all his faculties, and vo.
giving him a disease which he.diaoe
Phrenological science alone hasthe
pointing out the symp ome that
diseases and discover all the phasee
ence. It takes its data only from
study, It does not surprise-ft
by the light of its truth the
knows that he can be cared andthe
Pisreg teaioasulta
S5; at ,omteil, $So.
Is acknowledged to be the
It is manufactured with IdAX. ftIso
aDULTnaoi, d.e 4
dal tf

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