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gg M to W be aren st metfee the
sie Ueard e a seritous thawe.
, hh having addresed a note to Ad
Diamond Informing him of the son.
ySDa, commanding the First
ý;eeli~ed ! reafolig to reselve in the Black
: LL committed from the reeorder'e
Wb5Vtioe Prison, the Adininetrator of
paned by Administrator Oeveneo,
eerer and Ohiet Boylan In order to
eeaoee, for it was understood by
that Sergeant BRyan aoted under in
a the olef.
e interview, we are Informed, fugdta i beto otedmndge
was that the Sergeant wanted
on mttment of the prisoners on the
t e Recorder'. Court wee the proper
entmining them, end making out Uhe
pr ertohe treneported to the Perlub
he matter wee
AmtoAHL a1r'rrhan
eagreement that hereafter an onflioer of I
oth' t c i al mny the drir
thereby relleving the driver and the 1
fof Police of s l responsibility in the matter t
delivery of the prisoners.
the ffai does not end here, however. It 1
has Involved Sergeant Btyan in
diculty. It seems that Jud e
haig expressed himself emphali"
ththe would not hereafter now.
Mý ioer on the oath of Sergeant
o bt e Cie of Pollee has c0onluded thath
a sAn charge should le placed before the I
Dowrd for investigation.
ol mpliance with numerous requeste from
MMAIber of the pollee force and other city em
$lW ea we have Inquired of Administrator Denis
wbetbu there were any prqepecte that some.
Ahtl be paid to the- employee before Christ
' M. We regret to say that Col. Denis replied that
6Nge was no money in the treasury, and that
coming in. In no far as the executions
sens are concerned, he was daily
re asking for further exten.
the settlement of their taxes for
n every e be has had to refuse the at s
without the effect, however, of immedl*
g the condition of the oily
6 following is the list of jurors drawn to
'am fmA the month of January in the superior
Jr. 28 urgundr.
II,1 fi2tt. Mary.
neau 4t. Peter.
af. ýal.`c 185 rd
se we Canes,
a Ans nuclation.
oM Main.
pp ate. 487 Qmq
s au, mpa J n
ee tI la"out Liberty.
enquenet, opital and Chartres.
as~se, ass ~a. ne
° e venue. goo orh Rioberteon.
wi is Common.
E, re, 184 t r.
y}`' Araid,9 Martny.
my liet Philip.
I wo 114 Gatenane,
a ;rt.14h Ga et.
co, lgari nt
7 teweI 890 tr ttThomas.
- s 8, Dital.
rr .
rocard co rsutinno.
uot.Oe V86 esiory.
ott, An sestry
toy t Cisarlen, cor, Eighth.
I , . re0* e p.
or, 1501 roline.
on. ird and St. Charles.
h an, 411 "out Rampart.
nyce se rytanta.
el. C sta3o r onude.
no t,0 rew.
om, ier spilanade, between
and Do e hon e.
u eming, p. near Piayune
bn ak. Nasi and ThalTa.
a rown, 179%f Call ope.
rnr,131 Ursullnee.
jpiae a, N1o atreDae.
tue. 411 Constance.
loom ntepua, b erats.
ame iray. 174 OCrondelet.
IN 1 D pr. 143 Not. Diam.
'. 15* 0n158 out
. nmaorn. ae" Delord.
250 coastanoo.
P omas anne, Poydras and Tohoupitog
S eCatrelle, 131 Stl Mary.
uCsaret, as Bayou ooad.
rts n., 85 Main.a
uggan. ote Dophine.
Delamore. o Peters.
Of a afrerl.5 St. Ma ry.ne
Y, ý erleln, 1l15 Main Bourbon and
De . Bores. 11 Royal.
lamore. ) Peterseu.
16 a L alrop. 389 Camp.
p Goldetln. s2 Poydras.
-M . Mi c L 14aurel.
K. , e. 244 Felleity.
lei. . 4a Felicity.
I r ack akon.
1 .5 Xnon.e 223 Burgundy.
r ca.et,4e St. Ann.
U uny.as1 Chartres.
* nn 181 Perdido.
e urel. 01l Burundy.
U I , le. 2 4 F erpellhire.
.1na.27 Commercial Plaeo.
S yman. 259 Slith.
S 1, 4oo St. Charles.
¶n. 84 Perdido.
>. oore. Race and Cy.lseum.
S Cok giCamp
A r Bell3. 23 Came.
.in ý Keon. 400 St. Charles.
41Church. Jr.. Pleasant and Chestnut.
3bA. Carrlere. 203 Ursulinos.
$Ag aley, Camni and Commercial Alley.
es Murtha, 194 North Robertson.
ts .E. Deacon. ii0'% Jackson.
Is T.s8. Coons. 274 Carondelet.
1:. utee.8t Philip. between Derbigny
i Wn. iman.
StW ..MoClelland. 455 South Rampart.
isio acBicmSt. Mary and Chestnut.
US WEL stn. 112 Orange.
.iUgfl tl 562 CamDn
sas rues. Second, %etween Willow and
i13 P.. . 2 Baronne.
ret 201 Burgundv.
EdadJ. Hamilton. 229 First.
Owneree, 173 tOarondel.et.
Aiken. ses Jackson.
a Marka, 410 Magzno.
g,322 Delord.
Brdey. 1 Prytanla.
Halley. 286 Canal.
A. Ditton, 64 Jackson.
aix 36 Roen.
Harbr 227 Daronne.
L.Cha e. First and Coliseum.
via. 222 ColIseum.
k, 15 tlarondelet.
n,121 Delord.
r, 8 Charles and Second.
*s touth Peters.
.Camp. near Commercial
Wasing on.
e~sat . a$4e.
61 7. e rr. i h
101 uq' 244 4 'ý1 j o T
1 M .
161 . l1
1069. 1e9wIn I4 mmop
167 . 07arh 48 1'jyra8.
intl ehlan. ¶1ihlrrpna Prytania.
110 arnolt, log oruaher.
1111 aI. (Ftia7. 1 (lam,. Ui
102 9. , 11 (ira41reir. Ti
114 0o J. pttJr.. 22n Annun jtlof.
134 0A. or, Jr Meenth a d tli eum. IN
110o. l rt, Mt. Mary and oeum.
100 94~ts u1One tS nyw.
1071 to J. ,idde rdorT. 'ono arre, 60
169 W.Jk"ruan. 00 r tania.
to 0, t. COharlen and Poydran.
170 24~.oek, 212 C41"l O.~
Stohs p iWk n 71, 9 dost.
179 . H oambtrr, Coino ln retal 1'laoe, between
( and Mt. Charlea. Al
174 . Barns 948 001 seum*
114 A. PAtuil tn 17'rimalr.
17,Rintol Bt1iert.74JEpolanade. o
1701 RinwuoIA. roea,7 ~lni. o
177 1. F. Orroe'ir. aiv ard. tb
178 Hi. ( der. 294 Philip. 1t.
178 W. 0Wfn, 244 Camp.
1181 1 K. , r ('olisarim,
181 'at, H. Mc~rath, 267 Annunilation.
182 Virtor I~rtori . 221 'hliaiia
ins EdBmn 11. sri ga, nerond, between Pry
tan1a and Mt. i'harlei
184 (.0. Foraiter, 1i2 First.
i1n J.. 1raret. Anninriattion. near First.
1033 Emilo . (arricre '041J Urlirre8. V
118 James i Rau. LAbvous1 arnd Catlre.
138 loam'! H. Lovy. ,117 Ilarotnnr.
18R P. H. ¶,raven, 194 Ht1, 0hiarier.,
191 Jos. F. Parker. 7n I'u ytinI.
191 ýrdward Rorke. 192 Trlboupitoulalrs.
19 Winslow Blanchard 0s Wravier.
19t John C. Hurter, 1)8 (jhestnut.
194 Leeds 81rnenl af, helord, at Leeds' Foundry.
18n uhaq. Donnelly, 314)4 Fulton.
114 J.1 AB1raeelinan, 1(18,J 'ckrtn.
1)17 1Loui1 11. Fair.Mtid, 91 Mrwrgainn.
198 L. Hart, 2144 Mrgrn'the.
t19 Wm MI 11331. Bol rono and Nt. Peter. It
211o R. Ii, Han reron1. an North Pwters.
2g1i Wm J. Garrison, Jr.. 133 Jackson.
N124 12 Mar1 luv, 274 Cioinmercial Place.
23131. nu 1tte, Unrer. 41, (hay e rHo rtel. p
2404 (In. W. Dill, 2149 J1 rkson,
2114 L. L. tneoin. 210 brato
206 L, Lemann. 34: Knran tie. It
7 W13f Finley, 222 0 ,i se11m.
25 J.Q Je A 1 2408 Main.
2E. uillard, tUnion. II
210 Champion )rouut. 128 Burgundy.
211 8. Kaufman, in CIlo.
212 amiuel Ohandlerr.oo Erato. d
119 . 1. Harrison, 201 Camp. It
214 lonel L. Levy, fill Orange.
tin1. Hir t., 2311410Cam41.
210 fly. 0. tt11n. 2n 11ltnia.
217 3 emtai (Ii. Len, 3348 Mnrrarinn.
,its hfi Krieger, 71 141cr?.
19 AI'keret rlcono iilaronue.
2314 J. Coing, 3324 Burglndy.
221 A. L. (1ines, 142 Common
922 Frank Bryant, Phili+ and i'rytaila.
223 Loils J. ight, 131 Uravior.
224 W. P. Clark, Pi 1'hilir.
2214 J. Clements, 0t8 Galennie.
2211 Js. W. Corrjpollor1s 396 Burgundy.
27 J oe. BayoB Mt. John.
L J ogan, 207 ('arondelet.
21 H. orlin, 488 tI. Ann.
230413. l1rin, 239 Cantu.
2411 J Wlkir (Orerrient Hall). Oanal and St.
212 ,e, !oradt 1to Poet.
2J133 ark Bradeh. Jr., 2118 Jaokson.
23 . Beebe. 11 Month (l borne.
a4 alimuel Delgado, 218 'hlt .
231 Jo hn H. Br wo, 21o3 Wasin gton.
2a7 Alexander Levy, 181 Annunciation.
178 John0 W. ()pr x44111 Mt. Charles.
2341 S2wip 013 i~a, 1n17 Dau phinn.
240 Eam V. itcheil, 912 Common.
241 InrL Barrett. 312 Ursulines. a
242 H. MuKi ney. 291 COnal,
243 Wm. rj. Morgan 175 Elitorpo.
244 P. Car oll, 1441 donatanre.
2414 W. N. or Jr.. Seventh and Coliseum.
240 Andrew rady, 44 Carondelet.
247 J. Chariton, 232 St. Charler.
248 A. Henderson, 2330 Julia.
494 T. CIA gett, 22 iruth asin.
2o1 B. Mil eet,208 Common.
241 Chas, TBeaurrgard. 242 Dauphine.
22 J 311rr3s so3r kt. Charles.
213 PhIt W. Dielmann, no Jackson,
244 B. G. Barton, 1419 Canal.
244 J. M. Ha nna207 Cazmp.
241 Samuel Wa. er. 142 Baronno.
247 J. M. Mcandlilh 415 Ca()pt.
2418 0. H.0. D oor 1814outh lFranklin.
2419 Thosmas J. Baxter, lit. Andrew and Annun
200 Fe dinand Gumbel. 7 Magazine. t
211 A. anon. 14r4 Liberty.
2612 (. H r1 4i18. 101 Howard.
269 1ly. 8. Bririkner. Jackson and Coliseum. a
214 Patrick Norton, White and Melpomeone.
2e6 Jeremiah Lincoln. 118 Robil
211 It. G. tittcheil. 1o Anmrnciation,
2017 Edw.Feibleman, 24 Baronne.
268 E.W. Merrick. 198 Camp.
269 Jule0 Bauduo, Broad, between Hospital and
270 J. B. rrajollas, 12 Gatennie.
271 John .ecker. 42 Royal.
272 W. 1'. reret, 8 Uommercial Alley.
2741 Obas. A. Amory, 214 Camp.
274 R0. Brothere. 441 Camp.
278 gB. ocrutchtson. 214 Camp.
271 Ferdinand Marks, 1346 Terznlchore,
277 C. H. B3srrgs. Philip, tear Freret.
278 John :13e 211, 2118 Urulinns.
279 T. 0. Hanna. 241 Camp.
280 V. U Purves. 292 Carrondelet.
281 Jos. F A. Boyle, 1341 St. Mary.
282 Jlohn Maker, 189 Jiackson.
233 Oro. Forster. 3r, Elysian Fields.
284 BInI. P. Caesardr Hospital.
2i11 T. U. Honer 2.31 agarlno.
211 Douglas M. kiitatrTck. r31 Carondelet.
287 M. A. Peck. 1142 Ctto.
255 Martin Druham, no Chestnut.
219 Wm. Doll. 4140 Chartres.
290 M.C. Lyons. 2710 m,.
291 I. F. Briggs, 221 ('anal.
292 Hy. 0. Buckingham. 210 Camp.
213 Isldorn Dandanir. 203 Canal.
2144 Jlohn HI. Brickers. oa Ilorutt Franklf n,
210 Ed ward McL~ormlrek, n'orner Derblgtiy and
2111 Loule Burthe. 201 Bourbon.
297 Michel V. Dejari, roll HI. Philip.
2118 A. A. Dorvin, 82 Poet.
2141 B. F. (lover 2148 Coliseum.
3140 Pat Dupleosls, 2411 Mandovltle.
24)1 (Geo. D. HIte. 2 Tchoun ttoula14.
I :teg Harry L. Jewell, 422 Uarondelet,.
rot Antokne Belt, Esplanade and Dorgenols.
8144 .. MI. Deatonde, 378 HIt Ann.
1041 A. Gerlllard, 10 Mouth Rampart.
:1111 M. Green, 202 South Basin.
:407 J. 8. flour , 2112 Bir undy.
9041 John D)avia, tlot SI. Prter.
2(19 3. 0. Duloaesr errrr 44 Second.
310 Gee. A. Pike. 211 Carondelel.
311 A. 1)emollifenir. 204 St. PhIlIp.
312 John Henrierson, 841 Tchoupltorilas.
:1123J. J. Mrrrrin.2.'e Magaulne.
'414 Jacob Ott 474 (lamp.
3111 Armnandftardout, 245 l8t Philip.
:211 H. W. Pralfreo. 201 MI. Jaseph,
317 0. Chtapetla. 221 Common.
118 L. A. Burthe, 148 Barrackir.
219 JTos. DeGruy. 177 Orleans.
:r20 Fred. DeTrouvitllr 82 Bralnarrd.
:121 Michael Carey. 27 oet.
222 Louts Bflirt. 261 Decatur.
:424 Gus Hollander, Cailiotre and Itaronno.
:424 A. Car non. 127 C~lara.
:tgs E. Gardncr, Howard and1( Poydras.
3211 (. Chamuplin. 1414 Mouth Liberty.
:427 John Deut. 407 Orleans.
till Frederick Hollandrir, s9 Customhouse.
:rgi Conrail Green. 101,91. Charles.
:3:0 .John Golden, 77 Annunciation.
:1:4 A. L. Abbot, :141 S1xth.
:142 Joseph Martinez. Sit. Ann and MI. Claude.
:1r1 W. P. KIng, 21:4 Julia.
:1:4 Edward Borcier. 2714 Royal.
3.04s L. W. Block, 211C St.. Mary.
:t3c Theodore Bcrkson. 24)7 T hirl.
327 N. P. Moore, AnnunciatIon and Robin.
23s4 D. E. Cotton. :322 Caitllltlol.
:2:0 John Connolly. 200 Jack..on.
:140 C. Cleary. 32 Poet.
1 341 P. Davidson. 222 Main.
342 3. Bourgeois, 1111 Esplanade.
342 F. P. BossIer. Sr.. 168 Barracks.
344 C. Bleinheimer, 1418 Baronno.
2411 Joseph Oarriere, 228 Treme.
346 B. W. Bullet. Jr.. 211 Bayou Road.
347 L'iuts Cenas. Royal, between St. Philip and
:148 Louis W. Baquie 127 S~t Philip.
3411 H. Raymond. Laiayette. near Baronne.
:uo U. B. Hopkins, 228 Blaronne.
This commisigon has not yet reached the citys
though it is expected daily. It ia not positively
known who will compose the visiting committee
beyond Mr. Hubbard, the chairman of the Postal
Commission, and two members of Congress. It
is hoead, however, that Mr. Waddell, of North
Carolina, chairman of the House Committee on
Postal Service, will be among the visitors.
Col. Tupper has notified the Mayor of the ex
peeted arrnval of the diatinguished visflora, and
every arrangemlent has been made for their re
cepioand entertainment. Durang their vilt
they will take a tuip to Natcez n thLee at she
avaiadon of capt. Cannes, and also another to
the Je s _ _
New A*rWuIae -l Mahouie. te anal
oemplete mll of the nenate and house, b
With Majerities In haith.
The Governor failing to arrive, the State Levee I
Board did not meet yesterday, Neither did the
Treasury Investigating Committee, there not be'
hng present a quorum of that committee.
The State oficias generally are taking more r
than an ugsal interest, in conversation at least, t1
over the Senatorial election in 0
Tm rotRstfl eUCATOItAt. DinTtemT,
as, with those members ill and the vacancies ex
leting, the political conm lexion of the General
Assembly will be close. To show the importance t
of this election a DmMOUt(1tAT reporter yesterday v
obtained from the oflice of the Secretary of State
the official list of the members of both houses, as
follows :
rnu ,srewATm.
First Senatorial District-First, Second and r
Third Wards, parish of Orleans, Jas. H. Grover,
W. S. Kelly, H. D. Ogden.
Second District--Fourth, Fifth and Sixth -
Wards, Frank 0. Kaoharle, H. D. White.
Third Dlstriot-Seventh, Eighth and Ninth
Wards, Will Steven, P. A. Duoros, Jr.
Fourth District-Tenth and Eleventh Wards,
Fifth District-Fifteenth Ward and parish of
Plaquemines, A. S. Dumont.
Sith District-Twelfth, Thirteenth, Four
teenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Wards of Or
leans, and parishes of St. Charles, Jefferson and
St. John the tBaptist, Hy. Demas, T. B. Stamps.
Seventh District-Ascension and St. James,
Pierre Landry.
Eighth Dlstriot-Assumptipn, Lafourohe and
Terrebonne, F. S. Goode, T. A, Osge.
Ninth Distriot-Vermillon and St. Mary, Isaso
Tenth District-Cameron, Calocelen. St. Lan
dry and Lafayette, W. A. Robertson. 11. L. Gar
Eleventh Distriot-Livingston, St. Helena, St.
Tammany, Tangipahoa and Waehbigton, Harvey
Twelfth District-Pointe Coupee, EHut and
West Fellilana, J. E. Breaux, L. G. Perkins.
Thirteenth District-East Baton Benge, J.
Henri Barch.
Fourteenth District-West Baton Rouge, Iber
vyle, Iberia and St. Martin, T. T. Allain, S.Wake- I
Fifteenth Dietriot-Conoordia and Avoyelles,
David Young.
Sixteenth District-Tenses and Franklin, J. H.
Seventeenth Distriot-Carroll, Madison, More
house and lichland, J. A. Gila, 0. B. Wheeler.
Eighteenth Distriot--Onachita and Gaidwell, F.
P. Stubbs.
Nineteenth District-Union, Lincoln and Jack
son, Gen. H. Ellis.
Twentisth Distriot-Bos ibr, Bienville, Olsi
borne and Webster, A. 1. George, U. 0. Mitch
Twenty-first Distriot-.Caddo, W. Harper.
Twenty-second Distriot-Desoto, led River,
Sabine and Natolutoohes, M. H. Twitohell, J. W.
Twenty-third Distriot-Eapides and Ternon,
L. E. Texada.
Twenty-fourth Distriot-Oatahoula, Winn and
Grant, 0. J. Boatner.
Making in all thirty-four Senators, of whom
eighteen are Democrats, fifteen Republicans and
one vacancy to be filled. Of the Democrats two
are so Ill that they may not be able to attend the
sesesion at all, which, not Including the Fourth
District vacancy, would make the Senate fifteen
Democrats and fifteen Republicans.
The roll of the House shows the following 4
Ascension-Frederlck Fobb, G. H. Hill.
Assumptioc-Geo. Drury, (one vacancy).
Avoyelies-Pierre Maglotre. L. J. Goner.
Baton Rouge, East--J. W. Dupree, J. M. Wil- ,
lilmH.O Y, g
Baton Rouge, West-Oscar Holt.
Blonville-Jmimes Brie., Jr.
Bossier-H. A. Darden, (one vacancy).
Caddo-C. W. Keeling, A. H. Leonard, (one
Calcasieu-G. W. Richardson.
Caidwell-R. P. Bridger.
Oameron-Albert Gillespie.
Oarroll-Nicholas Barton*, W. L. Molillen.
Oatahoula-T. A. Houton.
Claiborne-James J. Duke, John Young.
Conoordia-Anderson Tolliver, George Wash
De Soto-J. T. Means, George T. Pitts.
Fellolana, East-T. B. Lyon. W. B. Porter.
Feliolana, West-J. B. MoGehee. B. H Byland.
Franklin-L. H. Bowden, E. G. Randolph.
Grant-Ulger Romero.
Iberla-L. A. Snaer.
Iberviile-J. M. Oarville, J. S. Davidson.
Jackson-E. E Kldd.
Jefferson-0. F. Brown. P. J. Kennedy.
Lafayette-Martial L. Martin.
Lafourohe-Charles Garude, J. J. Leveigne.'
Lincoln-O. S. Gaskins.
Livingston-Levi Spiller.
Madison-W. H. Dinkgrave, P. J. Watson.
Morehouse--J. D. Hammond, W. M. Wash
Natchitoches-L. G. Barron, John L. Lewis,
Henry Baby.
Orleans Fret Representative District-S. H.
Buck, Charles J. Leeds.
Second-R. H. Wilde, J. A. Shakspear,
Third-J. Fitzpatrick, J. D. Hill, George
Fourth-E. W. Huntington.
Fifth-J. K. Lanlare, Wm. H. Peralta.
Sixth-Jules Aldige, Albert Voorhees.
Seventh-J. M. Cressy, Henry Bolles, Charles
Eighth-James Kelley.
Ninth-A. Delavigne LouIs Leonhard.
Tenth-Louis Bush, ýB. F. Jonas 0. J. Berry.
Eleventh-Jesse K. Bell, E. B. lBriggs.
Twelfth- J. T. Ayocck.
Thirteenth-George Gracien.
Fourteenth-Aristides Dejole,* Wm. Kern.
Onachita-D. A. Briard J. J. Taylor.
Plaquemines-E. A. Milon H. C. Warmoth.
Pointe Coupee-Bernard Diaries, Milton Jones.
Bepides-E. J. Barrett, Baptiste Drew, John
W. De Lacy.
Red River-Andrew Bosley.
Riohland-P. H. Toler.
Sabine-D. W. Self.
St. Bernard-Albert Estopinal.
St. Charles-Michael Hahn.
St. Helena-Chas. E. Lea.
St. James-Lucien Como, V. Dickinson, Rich
ard Semmes.
St. John-James Cole.
St. Landry-Louis Desmarais Frank J. D'Avy,
Elbert Gantt, M. V. Singleton, Jr., Louis Stagg.
St. Martin-Emile Detiege.*
St. Mary-B. J. Brooks, Wm. C. Gary.
St. Tammany-Jules Brady.
Tangipahoa-M. S. Neweom.
Tensae-J. R. Stewart, R. J. Walker.
Terrebonne-H. M. Johnson, Robt. Johnson.
Union-O. B. Steele. E. T. Sellers.
Vermilion-Adrisn Nunez.
Vernon-E. E. Smart.
Washington-John R. Wood.
Webster-W. W. Carloes.
Winn-G. A. Kelly.
"Conteeted seats.
Making a total of fifty- four Bepublioane sixty
one Democrats and two Independents, and three
vacancies to be filled by elections already ordered,
and which will result probably in the election of
Republicans. There are amso four Republicans
now on the roll whose
SLATS Asa corzSEran
by Demoorete.
The total ahows seveny-nine Democrats in the
two houses, lixty-hine RepublcanO, three lade
pendents or IAberal ~ yuýli s and Dar ran
elsetobe Rlled, sad uding thewo Demorate
ho ar ,le yet
Wes fr 1e Spubtlaeee (three Is the foesu ad
hate in uriaton, too that in the par
lshes where Yaeaneles st, . the jptbileans a
making every possible effort to send their repre
sentatives to the gose, and in the ease of the
our hb Senatorial District some claim that Plesh
baok will be a dark horse in that race when
Hence the importance, they say, of electing a
Democrat in that district.
Regietrar Landry yesterday assigned to duty
another clerk in esoh of the registration precincts,
with a view of inerealig the facilities for regis
tration. and hints that the white citiese should
register as rapidly as possible 'as it is rumored
that the negroes will crowd the registration
ofoees on the last day that they are open.
At the annual meeting of Pelican Hook and
Ladder Fire Company No. 4 the following officers
were elected to serve In 1878:
President, Leon Bertoli*; vice president, F.
Oneringer*; secretary, Paul Rounset*; treasurer,
; foreman, 0. N. Durel*; first aseistant, H.
L. Lambert second assistant, K. L. Miangolara;
warden John Connolil delegates to the Fire
men's (iharitable Assoolation Leon Bertoli*, C.
L. Defnentee*, John Connolly; nub-delegates to
the Firemen's Charitable Association Paul lions
set, A. L. Leaumont, George Lagarde.
Jtmge Monroe, of the Third District Court, was
yesterday paid the high honor of being called to
the Supreme Bench to supply the place of Chi f
Justice Manning, reoused on the trial of a cause
before that august tribunal.
In the ease of Calhoun ve. the Merchants and
Traders' Bank, the Chief Justice having reoused
himself for cause, and a majority of the four as
sociate justices failing to agree upon a decision,
Judge Monroe was called to the bench to aid in
reaching a decision.
Met last evening pursuant to ad) iurnmen'.
Present: Drs. Taney and Loeber and Messrs.
Hardie, Nott and Albrecht.
After waiting till 7 o'clock, the president not
making his appearance, the board adjourned till
next Thursday evening.
Frigerlo's temperature "soundings" for Wed.
nesday night puts the lowest point at 130, while
yesterday it "vibrated" between 60 and 64, with
one-fifth of an Inch of rain during the day,
The Signal Service telegrams reported heavy
rains during the day at Galveston Corsloana and
Indianola, and light rains at other points. A
marked softening in the temperature was also
noted at some of the Upper Mississippi pointe.
No change of importance in the rivers.
We were pleased to meet on our streets again
the welcome features of 3. W. Rtobettson mem
ber of Congress from the Sixth District. Mr.
Robertson has lust returned from Washington
for the holidays, and furnished as with valuable
facts concerning the levees, which we will make
use of hereafter.
Hon. J. L. Scales, of Desoto, an active and effi
clent member of the Legislature of 1870 called
on as yesterday, giving a good account oal'firs
in his parish.
We have had the pleasure during the week of
meeting a number of our friends from the
country. Among them: Mr. Ogden, from Boes
sier' Mr. J. T. Lane from Natohitoches: Dr. F.
M. iamford, from Vest Feliciana; Mr. John T.
Lindsey, of Cameron; Sr. D. M. Callihan, of
Baton Rouge all of whom are still in the city,
We were g'ad to meet yesterday Mr. Douglass,
the president of the Tyler (Texas) Tap Railroad,
of whom and of which we will have something to
vsy hereafter.
The Hon. Chad. H. Grosvenor, Speaker of the
Ohio House of Representatives, arrived in the
city, with his family on Wednesday, and on
yesterday called upon the various heads of depart
ments at the Custom-House.
If the weather is not favorable to-night the
grand sacred church concert for the Italian
church, arranged for to~night, will be podtponed.
Obstructions on the sidewalk do not apoear to 1
be diminishing. Canal street at present can hard- 1
ly be called a thoroughfare.
When the next presidential election takes place
or some time thereafter, the awnings on Royal
street will be raised to a sufficient hei ht to permit
as ordinary man to pass beneath them without
losing his hat.
It has been suggested that the City Railroad
Company might, as a matter of accommodation 4
to passengers, have iron crossings on Canal f
street, from the neutral ground, where the lower
lines of care land their passengers.
The boys of Pelican Hook and Ladder Com
pany No. 4 were out last night on the occasion of
their annual election, headed by a band, to the
merry notes of which they kept step on their visit 1
to their numerous friends. We return thanks for
a delightful serenade.
The Thalian Coterie gave last night one of
their delightful entertainments at Orunewald
Hall. The display of beauty was sufficient to
make those who had the good fortune to be in
vited, oblivious of the passing hours, and it was
a late hoar when the last light fantastic sounded
its last footfall.
About three months ago the Aryan Club was
organised, the object being to establish a read
ing room and promote social and friendly feeling
among the members. Their rooms are at 82
Camp street, up stairs. The following gentle
men have been elected officers for the ensuing
year: W. C. Harrison, president; M. A. Peck,
vice president; 0. 0. Symms. secretary, and W.
H. Morgan, treasurer.
U. F. T.
The hall of Home Hook and Ladder Company
No. 1 was crowded last evening with the elite of
the Sixth District, reinforced by auxiliaries
from the First and Second. There was scarcely
standing room to witness the performance, given
for the benefit of the United Friends of Temper
ance. It would be too long to go through the
whole programme and invidious to mention one
particular performer, as all did so well. We
only regret that our allotted spice forbid. men
tion of each individual artist.
There were duets for piano and violin, songs,
recitations, choruses and tableaux, all done to a
nicety. Prof. Gruneberg directed the music, and
refreshments were freely offered for a paltry con
sideration. We mean such refreshments as
friends of temperance will indulge in without
coming in too close a contact with the enemy.
The stage was "impromptu," and the scenery
painted, "all for love," by a young, and we must
add, very promising artist, Mr. J. M. Parmelee,
who is a member of the council. The
work was evidently done in a hurry,
but we noticed some fine touches in
the painting which deserve mention. To
Mr. H. C. Bauer's untiring efforts is due the
principal part of the evening's successful culmina
tion. The tableaux were particularly taste
ful and well-managed. This, if we are not mis
taken, is due to tue intelligent taste and poetical
nature of "one fair spirit" who ministered for the
occasion. We are not prepared to gush over
total abstinence soc eties, but the U. F. T,, we
know, have done a vast amount of good in the
great cause of temperance, and we are happy to
be able to record an indorsement of their good
work, such as was given last night.
Morton's Report on the Chinese.
[New York Tribune.]
Friends of Senator Morton say that as a
member of the joint committee on the subject
of Chinese immigration he prepared an im
portant report, in which he took side in favor
of the Chinese in California, and denounced
the outrages upon them. It is now said that
this report cannot be found.
Prof. A. T. Selover, the empire card writer
and teacher, can be found every day at the cor
ner of Canal and Dauphine streets. He makes
cards in every style and of all desriptions. is
fan old resident, sand requests public patronage.
New Ameriesa sewing Maodne, ies msl
Donesettl's beautiful opera of "La Paevrt5t"
was prodneed last night for the first time this
season. Being a great favorite with our people,
the house was, of course, filled with an appreela
tive and applauding audience. hiss Adelaide
Philippa as Leonora, Mr. Charles Adame as Fer
nando, and Mr. Van Hunien as Balthacar, all
met with frequent applause throughout the
piece and several of the favorite alre were do
manj~ed more thala onee.
Tomnight Mne Pappenheim will take her beAe
fit. It will be positively the last night of the
opera and the last appearance of Mane. Pappen
helm in the city. "Failt" will be given on the
occasion by particular request. "Lucia di L it.
mermoor" will be given as to-morrow's matinee.
AOADEIM Of 0 1000.
At the Academy to-night "Le Petit Corsair"
will be presented again.
will appear to.night atithe Valieties Theatre as
C0ot. tders in the play of "There's Millions In It."
This play has been presented to our public be.
faraymond's Impersonation of BSllers Is univer
saliy admitted to be one of the greatest of
dramatic charaoterieations. The play has every.
where been recognized as the great American
drama, and Sellers as the representative Amert
can. The ply sparkles thioughout with wit,
humor and pathos; but there le secarcely need to
say more. Almost all our people have enjoyed
an evening's laugh with Vol. Sellers, shared hi'
enthusiasm in his mighty enterprises. The piee
is one that can be seen a hundred times without
tiring, for one always feels, when he sees 0ol.
eliler., as if he saw an old and cherished friend.
01. Sellers has aleays drawn crowded houses
here, and certainly will not fail of an audiences
to-night. '
The Varleties has the grandest preparations
on hand for the Christmas holidays, and old
Santa Claus himself seems to have actually
taken up his residence within the buiding pre
paratoryto a grand reception of all the little ones
of the city. Several steamers laden with toys are
a ready consigned to him at the theatre for the
grand toy gift matinees on Christmas and New
Year's day. On the first oocasion, Christmas, the
theatre will be visited by "Dollio Drace," who
will act as patronese; while on New Year's day a
valuable carriage and team will become the prop.
erty of some lucky youngster. The holidays will
be truly celebrated at the Varieties.
Heron Hone, for stealing wood, was looked up
in the Seventh Station.
Jose Martinez by virtue of a warrant, was run
into the Central Station, charged with assault
and battery on A. T. Seiner.
Michael Lynch and Ed. Smith are in the Coen
'ral Station, charged with assaulting, striking
and wounding one Margaret Lynch.
Chas. Levett, for having property in his poe
session supposed to have been stolen, was sent
to the First District Court under bonds of 5260.
Benjamin Blndsoe, charged with assault and
battery on Fillmore Durell, was yesterday sent
before the First District Court by Becorder
B nith, under bonds of $250.
Ellen Quinn did not eubpona a witners to
prove bow it was that she got away with 18 worth
of tinware, and Recorder imith sent her to the
Parish Prison for thirty days in default of $20
fine for pilfering.
At about 01;0 o'clock Wednesday evening, at
the Planter's House, on Calliopestreet, a diffoil
ty took place between N ok Oriener and Mike
Bowman which terminated in Griener firing two
shots at bowman, which fortunately did not take
effect. Nobody arrested.
By virtue of a search warrant, Special Mike
Hennessey recovered from the People's Loan
Oflile, corner of Conti and loyal streets, a gold
watch and chain. It appears that Win. Von Sachs
was given this watch to repair by Mr. S. Wiel,
but the accused, instead of repairing the wateb,
soaked It. An affidavit has been made against
He did it with Elm Little Club.
Wm. Johnson, one of Africa's youths got his a
mad up and for want of something better to do
struck tlla Jackson in the head with a billet of
wood. Johnson is in jail and Ella is in the hoept- s'
tel. The eause of the diffiulty was jealousy. It
appeare Elia made love to another sunburnt chap, ti
thus leaving William in the larch.
Wickedness in the Church.
Matilda Salmon and Emma Bailey alias Jessie, a
came up before Recorder Smith yesterday on the t
charge of disturbing the peace of that little col
ored church. But as the witnesses could not y
testify to anything save "dat the devil was in
dat church" in profusion, the recorder discharged
the accused.
That Uoardisg-UouWe.
Alfred Chittenden, Mrs. Kate and Miss Katie
O'Sullivan were before Recorder Smith on cross
tyre affidavits. Chittenden was charged by Mrs.
O'SUllivan with assault and battery, and Mrs. and
Miss O'Sullivan by Mary Fox with insult and a
The evidence went to show that it was a board- i
lug-house row in which all parties were partici
pants, from the landlady down; so, for the good
of the boarding-hones Recorder Smith placed a
Mrs. O'Sullivan nuder $650 and Ohittenden under
$500 peace bonds; Miss O'dullivan being dis- °
A Conflict of Authority.
Sergeant Ed. Ryan appeared before Judge
Smith Thursday morning, having been brough
np on a subponso. The judge asked him why the
prisoners who were in his cells were not in the
dock. The sergeant declined to answer the
question and was remanded to the Parish Prison t
for twenty-four hours in default of $25. Chief
Boylan called on the Mayor and informed his
honor of the steps taken by Judge Smith. A
committee, composed of Administrators Cavanac
and Diamond, was appointed to investigate be
matter, whiohbwas done, and things were finally
adjusted, Judge Smith releasing Ryan, as he
said that be meant so contempt of the judge's
court when he declined answering the question
The officers and members of the Tenth Ward
Central Democratic Club met last night at their
wigwam on St. Charles street, between Jet ephine
and Jackson, Dan O'Leary in the chair, and
Richard Mooney acting secretary.
On motion, T. J. Bath was unanimously elected
A motion was then made, which was unani
mously adopted appointing the Tenth Ward wig
wam as the polling place for the election of dele
gates to the convention, the poll to be open on
Saturday from 4 to 9 p. m.; that residents of the
ward would vote according to the ward book of
1876, save those who have moved into the ward,
and they would have to be properly vouched for.
The president then appointed the following
co missioners and clerks :
Tommiss'oners-A. McConnell, Jno. Elwood,
C. A. McMurray, Peter Coyle, Wash. Boylan, Jno.
Clerks-Jno. Williams, James McCabe Jno.
Mosiurray, Jno. Taylor, S. Itoache, Jno. Tenny
son, J. Spindler, W. Freeman.
The judges of election are to be selected from
among the commissioners.
At the meeting the boys appeared to be in the
majority; their candidate for the Senate is Cor
nelius O'Donnell, and they are confident that he
will be elected.
The following are the other candidates: Col. B.
N. Ogden, Col. G. A. Breaux, CoL Chas. E. Fen
ner, Thos. N. Maxwell, John C. Golding, Hon.
D. C. Labatt, James McOonnell, Chas. Kummell,
Richard Pendegrast, Win. Fagan, Capt. W. H.
Manning, Geo. G. Flemming, Geo. W.Bryant,
Geo. Kastmeyer, D. C. Moise, John Kaiser, C. J.
Berry, A. D. Henriques, Randell Hunt, Charles
Chaffe, T. J. Hunt, J. P. Smith and Wm. B. Lan
Grant's Intentions.
A relative of Gen. Grant is reported as say
ing that the ex-President will remain abroad
"indefinitely," and adding: "I am sure he
will not come back while the quarrel between
the party and Hayes goes on. He doesn't
want to be mixed up in It. You may make
up your mind that while there is a conflict
inside of the Republican party here Grant
will keabroad. s he is stu
! B ii ervice onon theote
(kil at MillerA ' ' tourl
folaaa .ýng1,prim
Danziger'M NeW fte
Danziger's New NOW`
167y........ CANAL fTEST **** ****
Uetween af urbm" &ad i n&
NpeeIal W'eductionM In P OiI -
- Poft A? .
Parties in search of ttnig ns
praesntlt for their famt ieafd
at our estalli hnnt a1 a islbat
slitable for all ages and cond 0it
Calllk vtIearl ca make Your seleatI , fl4.'
,g1 eptegods for you andsl taan'
da~y yonI Wish.
in thesl hlar times nothing is more MOre
priate or more appreciated than
If pt I.ill 1ý' t*Olae2~Att41
and in order to en-ommodate all we hav 106da
All we ask is a
(jomnpitrironi of Prke .
bldEW48 OODS FP1 THIl JfOl1tA
The tireatest Bari alns Elver Ofehred.
Unautlinl new Snowflakes at l9afla41.
Beautiful now hfowflakes,W s likiIOlOri4U,
atlrt.and 6e'.an yard. worth 2ti and IIQO. YA1 r
Ilourettes (al l wool and silk) at 26 iWO1 11J~
Double width Snowflakes, formerly sold at
fl noa aard. now redwood to 16t', a yard.
All- Wool Mateulasseti, worth Uoe. at only Mo. a
heal French Matelassee, worth geo., at Mo, a
All-Wool French Oaehmeres. worth 780,, at
41:". A yar'i,
Empress Cloths (in all thg new shades) 00.
a yard, never sold for less than 400, A
We take pl easure In alling r r e to
this stock, satisfied that youi will fin (ir IMat
stock In the city to select ron. an WO
bean specially reduced for the hotiare.
New Black Cloth Cloaks at $3 re.
All- Wool Black Cloth Cloaks at pi and $7.
Matelasse Cloaks at se. 5l1 anal $16.
Dolmans at 65, 11 and SIC.
Children's Cloaks atýe 6ot, f4 and 66.
Children's benutif iul Matelaase Oloaks.
*DAalqz st's ..5.
......................... ....................
Children's Fur Sets at 51 25 and 61 6o a set.
adles' Fur Capes, In large slae, at 1i0 c $4.
White Ermine Uapes, In endless variety.
Nothing more appropriate for a present than
a milk Dress.
pillBlack DRESS SILKS t $1 yard.
havy "Bonnet" DREE88 BLK at $1 25 a£d
$1 tea yard.
We have a large stock of heal "Lyons" SILK5
from the best manufacturers, and guarantee M1
the goods we eili.
Extra fine Black SILKS at 62 a Yard, worth
Sublime Black SILKS at $1 so and s a Yard,
worth $4 and 55
Colored 81 LIS, in all the new shades, at 710.«
SILK VELVETS, In all the shades, at 0l26 a
Black MILK VELVETS at $1 25 up to $2 a yard:.
Our prices and goods in this department are
famous. Nothing will pleose your friends bet
ter than Kid Gloves.
We have handsome Glove Boxes to put them
in. Our assortment comprises everything for
ladies, children and grants.
Splendid 2-button Kid Gloves, in all shadesj,
at roe. a pal r.
Undressed 2-button Kid Gloves, In all shades.
at r50". a pair.
Extra good quality Kid Gloves at 7i0., $1 an"
$1 25 a pair.
a-button Milk Embroidered Kid Gloves at $1
We are the sole agents for Harris' t eamloes
Kid Gloves in this city, and retail them at New
York orices.
Children's Kid Gloves at 25 and ne. a pair.
Gentlemen's Kid Gloves at 75e. and $1 N pair.
Dogskln Gloves, i-button, reduced from $1 56
to $i S2 a pair.
Dogeskin Gloves, 2-button, reduced from $2tIo
Si so a pair.
Plush carfs at $i. selling all over at $2.
Marjolaine Scarfs at reduced prices.
Handsome Milk Ties at 6c., 75e. and $1.
Silk Bows at ?,c. and oec.
ApplIque Bows, worth $1 50, only SIC.
And the prettiest assortment of Ties to be
found in the city.
Collars and Cuffs, only new styles, just re
ceived, at 25. a3 and soc. a set.
Handsome French Collars and Cafs. Em
broidered, at 75c. and $1.
Pretty Sets of Collars and Cuffs, put up tI
handsome boxes for holiday presents, at all
Handkerchiefs in pretty boxes for Holiday
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, with Embroid
ered Initials, in handsome boxes at $2, $3 and $4.
Gents' Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, with Em
broidered Initials, at $3, $4 and $6.
Also, an endless variety of all kinds of Ladies',.
Children's and Gents' Handkerchiefs.
Silk Handkerchiefs for the Holidays.
Special reductions in prices.
Milk Handkerchiefs at 35 40 and see.
Beautiful Silk Handkerchiefs at 76e. and St.
Our assortment of Silk Handkerchiefs will e
found complete and prices very low.
-Arcao -
Extraerdlnary Xeauetluns in
SHAWLS, etc.,,.
157 Cla4nal street,
S' fas e ? o i

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