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Aa hhnPv h rh ourpr i'eyrhy.
Wifli s.trge w n ratrsug,
The field of amber grain among
T et the graybreards rustlin..
own the lane 1 strayedo with lties.
loles interchcanrtn
a a spunill of hIihfulnniq
rat was almost eOtrangIng.
lIt whon her waist I soughtto toakt,
er figure eloser bringing.
A rowA thrush from the htiwtl bu nk,
tirst into joyous s nlugi
And when, unohid, a kiss took.
e. re t a word was spoken,
Ti e who e world into vtie nwokn.
though a spell was broki,.
Then "Crltnklo. 'rinklle" eriote1 p l' . rr,.
The wllnds nlbov itt plutying;
I sabat In l ytlie revld
he h arley topes wore saying;
'ThO ranks of eorlu in alh y gali.
Their rhantl.o hlan.d were ,lroi-.g;
Whilst "Euonre"' rrn i1t, unelglihboiri ro
A woodveoker kuet rppittnitg.
Hot fluslhed hel rheoks, asI though a . thron
)f witlneesi were opeeping.
1To let the world know all woro wrong.
1ho murtmired. almost. Wping.i.
1tt when we drirw from out the Insi.
Wlherein I til love's story.
She smiled to think the waving greia
Shouldl elebrati' our glory.
Fqr nlntgled with ithe pinudlits 'enar
Thatt onarded rnks worn. onlling,
There, tinklinl reame ilnto t.llhe ar
The soiund of waintr fnlling
Jrom whereo thl t,rook wllith many p Ir, oi.d,
Its slver Vpal WlP tlin ing.
And soft I Nadi: ' It hatl tile l 1i1ind
Of marriage hells a-rlngIng,"
IMarksvillo Bullotini
But a few short weeks will elapse Ibefore( the
Lgislature meet,s, and an interesting sessin
it promises to be in view of the grave matters
which will then and there be discussed. Ac
trdling to the generally declared wish, both
of the public and the pres.., the flrst duty to
which the Logislature will probably address
ltself will be the consideration of the very
grave and Important question of the revision
ot the State constitution. To this all minor
questions will have to be postponed, all others
elbordinated, if the Legislature hopes to
.rry out in a spirit of fairness the views of
It represents.
There is no doubt that the people of this
Htate favor a revision of their constitution
gand there is no doubt that they have indicated
sclearly as such a thing can be done, that
revision to be at all practicable, can only
e effected thronugh the agency and instru
maentality of a convention. Whatever differ
eale of opinion may have once existed with
Sserence to the mode in which this revision
ihould be effected, this difference has long
mines disappeared and passpd out of view in
t Ue light of more recent discussion. All par
Sare now in accord that the present con
ftitution is too defective to be reached by
amendments, and that we have no option, if
we desired one, but to call a convention and
fr me an entirely new constitution.
The Legislature has thus a duty before it,
1nd it is a plain one. Neither ofllclal blan
dishment in high places, nor the Ilatteries
and najolery of the capital, must be allowed
interfere with this high and patriotic duty.
The people are in no mood to be trifled with.
The votes of their representatives wilU be
Olosely scanned, and a rigorous accountabililty
enforced. The representative who expects to
lsiJty his trust and yet escape punishment,
grosly deceives himself. There will be no
mercy shown to recalcitrants. Nor is it to be
eredited that any such will be forced Into the
trnks ofa paty whose watchword is reform.
The duty of the Legislature, in this view,
we repeat then, becomes an exceedingly plain
lne. % firsot act, after voting the appropria
U f, should be to order the convention. Its
st, if t carries out the will of the constitu
wt, will be to adjourn.
, Against.
[Lincoln Sentinel.1
Thetime Is now near at hand when the con
ta convention question must be set
and we hope it will be in the negative of
Sproposition; for we believe that a consti
S btona! convention held at this time would
trove detrimental to the well being of the
e and good government of the &ite, We
Sinstl of calling a convention that
otah prudenoe and economy will constrain the
z t~-aelilature to propose amendments to
Oonsitution that will inimediately, when
pted, ourtail governmental expenses
remove the heavy burden of taxation
M the shoulders of the people. A reduo
Sof taxation is the all-important matter
ch consideration at this time. But in our
ts to bring about this desiratum we must
careful not to make any false step. There
are other questions than that of economy to
consildered before the policy of calling a
tutlonal convention can be doter
miln ed. The whole state of political
mattrs must be weighed in the scale.
The political sentiments of a majority
of the voters of this State are by no
smeans settled and who knows what the re
sult will be if we hold a constitutional con
wentlon? To attempt such a thing in the
present juncture of affairs would certainly
place a very dangerous argument into the
mouths of our adversaries, and, we fear, re
ault in the defeat not only of the roplosed
constitution, but of the Democratic nominooees
uor the next general election.
But aside from all this, we believe that it
would be cheaper, wiser and better, at this
time. to reduce taxation by amending the con
stitution than by calling a convention to
frame a now document and submit it for rati
"'""l.(toan. A constitutional convention will
o0st the ieple not l.es than two hundred
aid fifty thousand dollars, besides a great
eal of excitement and unnecessary trouble.
When we consider the uncertainty of the
result of a constitutional convention and the
general confusion that will inevitably follow
whether the new instrument be adopted as
our organic law or not, we enter an earnest
roitest against the movement for a constitu
convention to be called by the next
W Lgslature. By proposing amendments to
lthe constitution the most objectionable fea
t tes, expensive provisions of the constitution
,aln be changed, giving great relief to the tax
payer and at no more cost than will natural
incurred by the next session of the
egilatMre. Most of the arguments we have
seen in favor of a constitutional convention
have been addressed mainly to the prejudices
and passions of the people, and not to their
The question to consider is, not when the
present constitution was adopted, nor who
by, but what are its objectionabie features,
and how can the necessary changes best be
made. If the people of Louisiana were to
have a thousand constitutional conventions,
the greater part of the present constitution
uld be engrafted into each new constitution.
The objection has been raised to proposed
amendments by the Legislature that "the
people" should say what the constitutional
.aw should be. In answer to this it is only
aaeessary that "the people" have just as
7much voice in adopting amendments as they
fould have in adopting a new constitution.
The convention would be composed of del
aates from all parts of the State, and its polil
Ucal complexion would be similar to the pres
ent "make-up" of the Legislature.
For useful and ornamental Christmas pres
S ats, go to Navra's China Palace.
Owners of Land in Europe.
SThe grand total of 1,153,816 so-called land
w .ers for the three countries-England,
ap.tland and Ireland-is reduced to most
wt proportions by omitting all owners
o :one are, ~who are, with rare excep
s, owners of houses, or even lessees of
only; for the return includes as pro
.(7 orse all those who hold under leases of
• ';-y:t lxty years. From the total of 301,378
Sa-zrties of proprietors above one acre great
S:: must be again made, and after
ii.- owners of house property, dupli
at ,holders of glebe lands, and cor
kaPrte bodies and charities, the most liberal
.stimact can not put the number of land
n* . ersat more than 200,000, of which the
-,ters in 0England are lees than 170,000,
It is rnteresting to compare
of land, of whom cu. -
of landed property. In Bellium, M. De La
veleye stats, of 4 100,000 Inhabitants, 1124,
000 are owners of land. The numbers how
ever, appear to be excessive. In Sweden, of
8550,000 families, 200,000 are land owners, In
tihe United States, of 7,200,000 heads of fami
Iles, 2,000,000) own and farm their own lands.
In England, of 4,4110)000 hrles of families,
only 170,3)051, or I out of 20, is an owner of
land. In lIlrand, a purely agricultural coun
try. and a country of emntll peasant holdings,
olily 1 h0adi of a family out of every 52 Is an
ownelr f land; and in Iootland the dispro
portIon is still gr,'ater, for only 1 family In 384
l tendoweld with land.
.. 11-- -- .* --
Pistoln and Prayers.
T'horn are niany ways of collecting the funds
n(le.ear-ll'y for roligiollm plrposes. and new
rnearrts of prour'lgl c'ontlri'l ntlons are coentinu
"ally iivehnted by genntlemon who bring to o heir
dvotiollrs the sharpn.ss by which, It may he
SIrestmunlred, they iare r'aarlacteril.d in their secu
irt tra nsltilons. It wns only the other day
tlhtf, to on ch urch. elose-fisted worshipers
were spultrred Onl to genorosityby the happy ex
irrdtti.lt of sending the pro tliest girl in the con
gregation ronra with the plate. This might be
r'ltl'cd, with regard to eontributions. a gospe'l of
love, Ibut we s.0 that an appeal lhis recently been
Itumader o tithe o)ppsing emotion of fear as well.
At ait levival meeting in Knntuek y. a Mr. Iuirk
ih.rrd,. upon being sollelnit to put something In
the oontributlhn lbox, strenuously objected to do
so. Homell little dllscussion took plar'e, which sco
ciuran.,l Mr. Thllomas,. who had char ge r f the
Iox. fIhnt he felt omnpeiled to rebuke Mr. Burk
head's illiberalily b, shootg lih him dead in his
tow. We hrlvn no oulbt, thau tihe' examnple was
an excellant ron. alnd that the next worshipor
ralled upon hlld but little dlmtoulty in de, iln
as to whether Ire, rprrfrred to to pes in his eo(
trlllutlin or his (ehroks, hut. tlhe force of the las
Ron has IReo smenwhln weakeneo d b the arrest
and incarceration of Mr. Thomas on a tichartge
rof murder.
For rursful rind ornamental Christmas pros
rIrts, gro io NrtVlra's (!hi .a lalaoe.
Thie Jetties To Be Examlied Before Eadsin
[Ht. Louis tepubllr'an.l
WAsmN(INTro oN . i) .. .- Capt. Eards will
emoot with a (disap.a)l)ointment on his arrival
here Saturday. A telegram has been receivod
fromn him saying he would be in St. Louis
TI hursday morning andl leave there that
evening for Washington with the cor
tiflcateo of the inispecting engineer in
his possesrehln, showing that he hadl
Searnedal his seond payment of $cr)0,00l.
The Secretary of War to-day informed
your correspondent that he would not
make out the warrant on the Secretary of the
Treasury on the receipt of the report of Capt.
Brown, wiho is stattioned at the jettles. He
said he would follow the law and first send a
I board of army engineers to the works and
await their confirmation of Capt. Brown's re
taport, before he would make the rea qusition on
f the Secretary of the Treasury. This is what
was done on the occasion of the last report,
but Capt. Eatds and his friends have, since the
tchantge in the manner of making the report,
b Ieen of the opinion that on the certlficatr of
I Inspecting enlineers the Secretary of War
would Issue his warrant for the money.
For useful and ornamental thristmas pres
SCuts, go to Nayvra' China Palace.
The BRed Star Shoe Store, corner of Custom
house and Boulrbon streets, still continues to
attract the attention of parties in needr of fine
andt cheap shoes. A call during the holidays
will be greatly beneficflial to purchasers.
PIA.nrln NoTtrmi.--Mr. .t. Anglade, of the
plodge and loan offIce, corner of I ,urbho and
Conti stroots, ntotlilas all parties interested to
pay the back interest on all articles in his pos
session by tie '4th of December, otherwise they
will positively be sold by Mr. P. J. Spear, auc
tionoer. A notice to that effect appears in our
Geiger, who has had at all times a tine and se
lect stock of the above articles, has, in anticipa
tion of the rush proceeding the replenishing of
wardrobes, made special and unusual en
deavors to supply himself with the most fash
lonable and economical designs for suits, and
his selection of patterns for vests is particular
ly worthy of inspection. Mr. Geiger can be
found at all times at No. r,3 Chartres street, cor
nor of Customhouse.
Renmaining in the New Orleans Pees Office
December 22, 1377.
Adam Virginia mrs Abrul Marie J mrs
App Josephine mrs Alexander Theo 8 mrs
Barignon L F mrs
Brayette Dora miss Bayon Marie S mrs
Blly J mrs Braneaux Mario mrs
Bouton Ellie miss Brown C E miss
Barger 1' mrs
Chandler Jennie miss Crook Georgiana mrs
Conger 8 E miss Couturier L mrs
Davies miss
Deproualoe Marie Dyer Lizzie M mrs
Drexeir Leon miss Dodge Jennie C miss
Ellis Lucinda B miss
Elliott E mis Edwards Jane R mrs
Farmer Louise miss
Frech H mrs Finney Mary A mrs
Forrester E 8 mrs Furman Vita miss
Gard Irene E miss
Gale Christian A mrs Green H mrs
Green Emma miss (iroy Lizzie mrs
Ginlotto IIenin mrs Goodwyn C mrs
(oldsby L B mrs Grubbs Julia miss
( rus Jane h mrs
IarrTs Naroy miss Halston Elizabeth mrs
liamilt,,n Annie miss Halborn miss
ilarreard D miss ioeath Emma miss
lHabar Carrie miss Hotfman Tilly miss
litre Christine mrs Honze H L mrs
Howeli Phil M miss Horner Caroline mrs
Hlobrook mis Howard Julia mrs
Jackson Ellen mrs
Jewry Mary C miss Johnson Jane miss
Johnson J L miss Johnson Eugenia miss
Johnson Mary miss Johnson Beooy mrs
. luoutin Marie mrs
Kavanagh Mary miss Kessler Jonnie mrs
Kermaun C L mrs Kennsrd A mrs
Knowlton Chas mrs Kirk M A mrs
Louis Carolinue
Leholteld Ghas mrs Longmire D H mrs
Logan Bridgrt mrs Luelly Henry mrs
Long M W mrs
Mathew Felix mrs Martin Ida miss
Moley John mrs Melville Susan miss
Max Josephine mrs Monroe J T mrs
Monahan Sallie mrs Montgomery A H mrs
Moses Anna mrs M.macter Mary E mrs
Murray M mrs Munseh Catherine miss
McDonald A J mrs McDonald Susan mrs
McLivrs Lillie miss
Packhaus Allie Patton Freddie miss
Plattsmire Lucy mrs Payton Sarah mrs
Patterson Mary Picket Angeline miss
Perrault mrs
liamies mrs Raynal M J mrs
Richerson Annie mrs IRice E A B mrs
Rico Lucinda Roublen S mrs
Russell M E miss
St Amaund Louis mrs Schulz John mrs
Sifers Elizabeth mrs Smith Lizzie mrs
Steckton mrs Scott Say ah mrs
Spar Elenore mrs Bugden M J miss
Strupe F mrs
Taylor J H mrs Tamer Ede mrs
Tarteff H mrs Tripagnier Clara mrs
Todd Annie miss
Waterman Almira mrs Webb Mary mis5
Willitt Ellen mrs Whiting Zelia mrs
Alcals Frank W Adams Chas
Adams Jas J Abadie B
Alexander S 0 Anderson Wiley
Alexander John W Albrecht Wm
Appel L Anselly J dr
Angel J B Ayers W C
Arnold Louis Adonis B
Anthony Geo Autterweib J
Aurbach Auguste Arbhur Reuben
Blank Gust Barrett, Laulis &co
Brant C H Bates Frank N
Bastean E Bayersdorffer W J
Barber L IH jr Blatzaker lauis
Bauch John Bayow D H
Barrett Geo Baker W D
Baldwin J J Aco Baggette Jas M
Barker J H capt Black B
Baker C M Bacon Orlando
Black Chas Ball, Hutohings &co
Barage C Batt Martin 2
Blair Wm H Banks Elias
Benito Thos L 2 Belt W M A
Bennett 8 W jr BIemaw M
Bethaneourt John Berry A J
B -evard J G Bertucio Salvatore
Beto & Brothers Beverly Carter
Brll Harry H Bennett Jas E
Bernheim H &oo Bentwick Fred
Bermel J G Beauregard C T
Beninger Jasoob Breus ng Joe
Bernherdt t Birnard Otto
Berne G Bird &co
Bitter JoseFm Bean PWtriok
A~++ a :+y (:d f2is
Conetr Jan W BondN 0
Doagordonj mr Brom ey W
Bonham N A Blow John G
Brown George Brown Crawford
Bronson A L Bollong It E
Broussard C E Bokor W II
Bomardner J M Brown Henry
Brown C F Boyer A L
Burns F Ilhrke Oliver
Buirbro BIrioo lish I1
Butler G A 2 IlIrunsam (.",
Burnlul J.spar llldinsky WVni
Burrow Jas l)runott H ii
Bullkner h 8 Jlularman Mm
('aly John Carraher Frank 2
Cane.a Ill ('Loi arltlon Fred
Carlohs l'or o Carroll Frania
Canavan John Calwell Jullus
Uarulbrs Smith Clark J Hot.t
CasR Caut (Candlor Imr
Cantaredno H Carroll CI,
Ollhh Frank E Clark W 4l
Canty Jan I) Calrter T J
Clark (Carlio !unnnak 1' B
Crealrh Westlnv iClifford lHenry
Chllre.a Johln Chinr It 1
Croft Chas 2 Colling J F
Colon Enle Cronanx 'I' .I
Colo .I K Costley .1 f,
Colvln Peter Collin W I'
Cholppin H (I 2 ('onroy Thos
Courtln,y Thos C(llolmlland L
Curl Is has Ciudiff W M
Cunniffo Frank Cumtniphll Wm
Palai Pave Davis LJwson
DUley Wm Daltonm O()ar
Da,.nher Geo II Dlrh ur August
Decker 0 Dons Harry
I)lvert Wm )oBIni Lonaro
Ie Alton mr and mtrS I)vi.tt Philip
ihlrain (U Devnreaux it M
-v)reaux I) )rvzilo Wm
',kersn II 1)irmuoyer ( E
Ioyvln JhuL W D)noiero (liovanio
I)onnlan 1) Dolniy A
LDouohm Edwari I),ldler II
Dupro E A l)nvlle John
Dunean mr Dunros It
Easton IHenry Evu'ang Ham W
EavoA. an E Jdw.ards It E
EIulke'rmar ) J olhedo1) D Mariano
Enkholm W H, Eust is (1P
Farlor . N prof Fanereo V W 1
Falrbanks C (C Frinl,era Levi
Fredorilk .1J Feuwlik Jk
Flmingl.1 21 Fisk E 1D
Fielding Win Fry W 'T
Fllzgerald Jo.hn Flnmn ,,no
frlth T 1' Ford Chalu E
Fullon Jacob
Gray Mones (all Adam
Galllaher idw (mignot Loulis
(tarnog CO (a rnotl Grly ) H
(iallahor MI 1' (hrrdnnr W R capt
Graham A I) (Iraham .in G
Uroen Walter (Irooves Jos M
GOrnron Jag (I thllnmore Thos 1U
(Gibson Jas (illntlo H 1'
Uoodwin A ( oyyer (C W An
Godfrey Chllag ( )ood1anmlu1 lmn.)
Hanly Jamon Harmon .J W
Harriaon Alex Itargcs W (I
Hart W B Hllath Frank F
tHarttfleld J B Halllnen EBlw
Hardiman Jo Ha rt .Iamell1
Mlanton Wadue Hall .1
lianna Thus .1 Hart II R
Hepol W H nury W ('
Henderson W lilersny N II
Henzdersono Wm II t.lulol I &,'o
Howard .111 o Hnea 3 IL
Hoffman PC Ilgars A Pattlon
Hioloway John Ihward 4 W
Honor Folelx HInfTmuman W II
Howland C Hloldridge Goo
Hogne Wmi Howard . A
HIolmes T homanmu Howard F (I
itubbard Jos liurnbio'lit Matthew
Hunter It Hlu!tr M
Hlubhard 1D Huhh L T &oe
Janny Thrse J.tuksonl 1 I' capt,
•Jalc son .Ja P James A II &'o
Jayne D dr & son Jones L C
Joubert Louis .tohnsor Henry
Johnson J I Jones N II
Johnson W Jones F A
Johuston John
Kane 'hos Kraft .Thn
Kane F Kais'r John
Kerly .Jas 2 Kenn Thos & co
Kennedy Pat Kennieh C
Keneal v John Keever J M
Kernochon ii P Knight J Bt
Kitchor W W Kimball Tim
Kohnlein F Koch F
Kostman Chas L
Lawson Jas 1' Laumnana F
Lawlor Thos Lawton .Jas
Lannier S G Lantu G D
Langdon E B Levy H
Ledoux Alphonse Lellolm A
Lewis Hager Levy Leon
Levy A Lengsilold W H
Lee, Richardson &'eo Lennort August
Lester Chas Livadias Eduhond
Lingham .1J Lyon A A
Lionche Conrad Lower Albert
Lodges mr Loeffel F
Lumbar H Lubergh R
Matthews Jai J Malone Hiram
Mariner John L Matthews .1
Majore Giovanna Mackey Alex
Max L Martilla Low
Marshall Leslie Mass Chus nco
Madden J H Mansberg M
Mandlllon Joe Matthews F L
Mattle E J Major Clalborne
Mague F M Melville M A
Merellan It P Morcer E C
M,.hle E Middleton Robt 2
Mills Henry V Milburn Robt
Mistric Jules Motor C W :3
Moore W M 2 Mobley (1 8
Mollencamp Wm Moran WYm
Morris Philip Morales M
Mackey A Moore Miles
Morris David Monaghan John
Moriarty James Moore Stephen
Motley lobth Moore, Adam
Mooney Ii W Movins .1 W
Morgan M E Mullen Alex
MeDuff John MrCutchen John
MCaombs, Caruth &o McKay Henry
McGraw J.no McPherson Edward
Newton C E Nelson C A
Nickerson Willie Nouolr L L
Noonan James Noxon Phillip
Noulan Jas A Nugent, J I'
O'Brien Jack Osgood . G1
O'urion Thos O'Neill .tno J
Oliver Jno H Osborne W 1I
Ottorbeceh Adolph
Payne J W Porgonin E B
Patterson . II l'opp Ernest
Plater Thus Perry Robt S
Packard C iH PI'owers F
Payne Calvin Port ýr J
Pratt W F Porter Royal
Patton J F dr Poulen P
I'Parker John Proctor & Gamble
Peres .f J lPrltchard Eugene
Peterson C Phillips H P
Pellet Chas
Rank H It Robinson H
Rain C C Robinson Wm
Racy Wnm lowand F P
lRay John Robinson Nat
all ney John Robinson A .
Raymond Roma Rouch Jos M
RIvers J L Robborts 8 C
Redmond & Devoro Rogers Andrew Y
Renault G Rousseau J A J
Reese Iorace C Rhodes D C
Reilly. Ja E Rodrigues Alex
Ritcbertson Dick Rudolph E IH
Richmond K F Rucker John B
Ries Henry Ramsey S N &co
Rich C T 2 Rutledge J C
Stradford Cornelius Savors Thomas
Swan W S capt Schaaf J H
Saevto Angelo Starkey W H capt
Swain Andy Swab J
Schwab &Aco tuard John
S'aughter John L Saunders Robert
Schwartz mr Spencer Peter
Shear James 2 Sherman H.K
Spencer E L Sheriton Thos
Searing R B Shelby John dr
Stein G H 2 Stetson Edw
Steele H R hon Shriner Philip
Stiff C W Simma P 8
Siner Chas E Shields Andrew 2
Sommerville W B Storms Ths B
Sobert J P Somervill Harry
Sommers Henry Schroeder Louis C
Scholtor C B Spoor J W rev
Soiley H N Smith S M
Smith RIbt Smith B Il &co
Smith Philip Scull Lewis C
8 ruthers Walt t-hutler L M
Taylor & Giffney Taft J W
Tate Tell Trebling D J
Tiearney W H Tinebant Ed A
Thomas E Tonsmeire & Craft
Thompson Wm C Trouette Jean M
Tuttle Charles
Upery L St Violet &co
Viney Fred Vienne Joseph H
Wadsworth J A C Watkins Foarm
Watrous E A Watson A E
Wagner John Watson F 'ram
Wallace W 8 Walsh J, Jn
Wall W P Wallstef, Chas
Wands Robt E Walker, Levering &co
Wardwell D W Walker Norman 14
Wheeler Samuel Weinman F
Webb J C Weber Gustave
Wheat Hernandez Wethesby L P
West C A Westbay John
Westfall Thos Wheaton Edward
Wllgand Henry Wilson Thos A
Wright A B Wilkins Thos
White G A Winters Paul
Whitmore Geo W Wilson Jas B dr
Winehill E w J s WhitneR C J
Winthrop Jno Col Wbite L
Wyzenskv H Wllman J
Wilson Henry Wilkins Thos B
Wymer Jas Wills Geo W
Williams W R Williams D W
Woolf Kohn doo Woods Jas
Wolf Lewis
Yong Jas Young W T
SoUJ AJOH P M. G. PB , Postaster
,,- - 'I
Oity Hall, December 19, 1877.
Administration teries-No. 4261.
An ordinance fixing the polling places in the
several precincts of the Tenth and Eleventh
Wards of this city.
Be it ordained by the Council of the city of
New Orleans, That the polling place in each
precinct of the Tenth anti Eleventh Wards, as
created under ordinance No. 4260, be fixed as
Tenth Ward.
First Preoinct-Bounded by Felicity, St. An
drew, the river and St. Thomas street, at No. 163
Religions street, between Felicity and St. Mary
Second Precinct - Bonnded by St. Andrew.
First, the river and Roulsseaut streets, at No. i;
Philip street, between Tohoupitoulas and ouns
sean streets.
Third Precinct-Bounded by St. Andrew, First,
Rousseau and St. Thomas streets, on Roussean
street, between Jar kson and Philip streets, (Po
lice Station )
Fourth 'recinct--Bounded by Felicity, Joseph
ine, St. Thomase and Annunciation streets, at No.
137 Josephine street, between Chippewa and An
nunciation str eta.
Fifth Precinct-Bounded by Josephine. First,
St. Thomas and Annunciation, at N . 331 Chip
pews. between Sorapuru and Philip streets.
Sixth Precinot--Bunded by Josephine, First,
Annunoisatoo and Magaziue streets, at the corner
of Laurel and Philip streets.
Seventh Precinot--Bounded by Felicity, Jose
phine, Annuncia ion and Magazine streets, at No
81 Laurel, between Jisephtne and St. Andrew
Eighth Precinct--Bounded by Josephine. First,
Magazine and sCroudolet streets, at No. 623 Mag
azine street, between Jackson and Josephine
Ninth Precinct--Bounded by Felioity, Jose
phine, Magazine and Carondelet streets, at the
corner of I'rytanis and Felotty streets.
Tenth Precinot--Bounded by Felcity, First,
Carondelet and Rampart (late Laurel) streets, at,
the corner of Carondelet and Josephine streets.
Eleventh Precinct--Bounded by Ft licity, First,
Rampart (late Laurel) and Liberty streets, at the
corner of Jackson and Franklin streets.
Twelfth Precinct-Bounded by Felicity, First,
Liberty and Magnolia streets, at the corner of
Josephine anti F, ert t streets.
Thirteenth Precinct-Bounded by Folicity and
prolongation of the line until it meets First
street, with its prolongation, at Magnolia street,
between Jackson and Philip streets.
Eleventh Ward.
First Prelncoot--Bonded by First, Washington,
river and Chippewa streets, at the corner of
Fourth and Toboupitoulas streets.
Second Precinct-Bounded by Washington, To
ledsno, river and Chippewa streets, at N . 97))
Tohoupitonlas, between Seventh and Eighth
Third Precinct-Bounded by First, Sixth, Chip
pewa and Constance streets, at the corner of
Fourth and Laurel streets.
Fourth Precinct--Bounded by Sixth, Toledano,
Ohippewa and Constance streets, at No. 305
Laurel, corner of Eigh h street.
Fifth Precinct--Bounded by First, Sixth, Con
stance and Prytania streets, on Magazine, be
tween Washington and Sixth streets.
Sixth Preoinot --ounded by Sixth, 'T'ledasno,
Oonstance and Prytanis streets, at No. 835 Maga
zine, between Seventh and Eighth streets.
Seventh Precinct-Bounded by First, Wash.
ington, Prytauia and Rampart (late St. Deias)
streets, at No. 654 Baronue street, between Wash
ington and Fourth streets.
itigh.h Precinct- Bunded by Washington,
Toledano, Prytanis and Rampart (late St. Denie)
streets, at the corner of Sixth and Carondelet
Ninth Precinct-- Bonded by First, Toledauo,
Itampart (Inte St. Denis) and Howard (late St.
George Avenue) streets, on Sixth street, between
St. Patrick and St. Ilavid streets.
Tenth Precinct -4ounded by First, Toledano,
St. George Avenue (now Howard street), and the
rear limits of the Eleventh Ward, at the corner
of Magnolia sad Washington streets.
Adopted by the Council of the city of New Or
leans, December 19, 1877.
A true copy:
Tuns. G. RAPIER, Secretary.
For the Holidays.
Esporial attention is directod to the large and
select stock of
153............Common street........... .1.
Who has always on hand a full supptly of
Brandies, Whiskies, Port & Sherry Wines,
Devonish Pale Ale and J ,hn Jeffrey &
Co.'s EdinburLf Ales,
For which he was the old time nagnt.
The )busness is continused-Mr. Turpin being
dead-in theo same nanom and style for account of
Mrs. TUlt'IN. d(o2 tI
No. 8 Carondelet street, New Orleans.
Portraits from life
or from Dletures of
the udm,.arsd (i n oil or
crayon), from $25 to
S I a pl cc of fr.e rte
sort, and the public
is invited to visit it
at pleasure.
dclt tf
57 .-......... Chartres Street..... -...... 5
Corner Bionville.
Just recelved by the last steamers from Eu
rope, a
Christmas and New Year Presents.
Jewelry Boxes, Gloves and Handkerchiefs,
Boxes. Fans of every deserrlption. Backarat
Crystal Ornaments Bronze Articles, Jouvin
Gloves, Perfumed Sac"hets, Jet, Tortoise Shell
and Fanoy Jewelry, Chatelains. Cra-vats, Black
and White Lace Spa, ish Mantillas, Shell
Combs, Flowers, Bridal Wreaths., ' nd a large
assortment of other goods too long to be enu
merated, but all unsurpassed by their fresh
ness and elegance. Special saloon for Ladles'
Hair Dressing. Manufactory for Wigs and all
kinds of Hair Work. All orders promptly at
tended to. Branch, 6 Str. Charles street. Gents'
Furnishing Goods. Barber Shop saloon, with
hair brushing machinery. de9 Su Tu Th lm
estaulish'd newspaper. "THE SHREVE
all the material, subscription and advertising
lists, good will, etc., is offered for sale on very
moderate terms.
This paper has by far the most extensive cir
culation of any in the State outside of New Or
leans, and can easily be made a fine paying in
vestment. It is the property of ladies, who can
not give it personal attention, and therefore it
is offered for sale.
The purchaser will be required to carry out
contracts with subscribers and advertisers.
Apply to W. H. WISE.
del7 1w W2t Shreveport. La.
owing me back intere-t on artiý.les pledged
by them to me to pay for same December 24.
All forfeited pledges will invariably be SOLD
P. .--The sale will commence on the 24th
instant, at the corner of Bourbon and Conti
streets, through klacide J. bpear, auctioneer.
dels st J. ANGLADE.
only dentists in this city doing work on the
European plan. They will come to your resi
dence and fill your teeth painless; Silver, only
e5 dents per cavity; Q 1d. only $1; (ilening and
Pollhing, 50o cents. Appointment hours 7 to 8
am.. to8p.m. nd desby msa ea~ tt
SAVE ,3.
Its competitors receiving only an award for some special feature of their machines
The World-rnowned Wilson Shuttle Sewing Machine
Has Unlimited Capacity to do all kinds or Family Sewing and Manufacturting
ITS PATENT AUTOMATIC "CUT OFF" on the hand wheel prevents the MW
chine from running backwards, and obviates the necessity of taking the weok
from the machine to wind thread on the bobbins, which must be done with .a
other Sewing Machines, to the great annoyance of the operator, espedally i
tucking, hemming and ruffling. It does one.third more work in a given length
of time than any other Sewing machine.
Thre Wilson bhines will do 1 much work in one ay ia four othe Yai Iu
It requires no special Instructions to use it; an Illustrated Direction Book It
furnished with each machine,
A properly executed Certificate is furnished with each machine, guarsantd
to keep it in repair, free of charge, for live years. Machines sold on 0u
terms of payment, and delivered, free of charge. at any Railroad Depot is tiL
United States where we have no Agents.
Send for Illustrated Catalogue. fr Agents Wanted.
For full particulare call or nlllrP.a
189 Canal Street, NEW ONLBASL.
S. E. corner Chestnut and Sevrnth streots.
American Watch Wholesale Salesroom.
oxli sam nod
Has removed his office to
No. 52 Camp street,
Over the Sun Mutual Insurance Company
no4 3m
Light Bread, Rolls, &c.
Hop Yeast
aIt i put up in haf-pound tin ca.,
1and warranted to kep anH length o time
Wre on every can, and tf followed s Wrictly,
So uth er n T ra d e" by
Near Rampart street,
Dyspeptics can eat Bread raised with
this f east with impubnity.
visit his put ore,p in hafis oods-pand tin cansfy,
d wemselarrnted to Ihep any Iength of time
in an liy te. aperll difrections or em,
Bel on everyr can, nd f Wholesalowed srictly,
a Mitters' Tools anrd alleabless fltinas e
Vbebo t oroA. IAe tha .1 IE
Teas, Spices, Mustards, &c.
158 Custom-house St.,
207..............Canal street.........207
Near Rampart street,
invites his friends and the public In general to
visit his store, examine his goods. and satisfy
themselves that they
Can Buy Cheaper from Him,
IN GfOODS. feS iv
Below New York Wholesale Prices,
Also a large supply of English Pipe Hooks
Gas Jitters' Tools and Malleable Fittings van
bebought. et cash. t less than facory snots
tBaas k, easmpstreak
.~, wain uuinum.· *:
will d1,part. from and arrive at the
strot depot from November 18, 1877, as f tO
Express No. I. :00 p.m. I Express No.2, 10 m.
Expross No. 3. 7:00 a.m. ExpressNoA.410:OI
Nos. 1 and 2 run daily, a and 4 daily
through to Louisville. Cincinnati and
without change, and for St. Louis a sleepers
attasched at Milan, enabling passengers toge
through without leaving the train.
Only one change to New York and Easta'r
Friday evening's train makes no conneetli
for Chirago.
Accommodatron trains between New OrleI
and MoComb City:
Leave New Orleans 3:45 p. m. Saturday ,ci
7:00 a. m. Sunday.
Arrive at New Orleans at 9:2I a. m. and igiS
p. m. Monday.
This is the only line running double dAdr
through trains to and from all points Northem
Tlickts for sale and Information given ate
Camp street. corner of Common.
A. D SHEfLDON, Ticket Ao est
F. CHANDLER, Gen. Pass. Agent. an
Via Louisville via Atlanta and via Bt Lo
Trains arrive and depart from Depot. foot at
Canal street as follows:
Express. Hun- Express...... :Slk6 ,
day only....7:55 a. . Express,Sun
Express ......5:00p.m. day only ...9:08lpV
Pass',nger. nx- Passenger,ex
cnAtHunday.7:50a.m. o.ot SundayS:l0.U
Pullman Palace Cars daily to (lnelnn
Louisville, Nashville. St. Louis Washing
Baltimore and Philadelphia without
and only one change to New York and Fr
Ticket office, corner of Camp and Cooiau
street, opposite City Hotel.
D. B. ROBINSON, Snperintendeat.
mh2 tf J. W. COLEMAN. Ticket Agent.
Reorganized for the Summer of USI .
Working out of New Orleans via the N. O.
M. R. B., and presentingthe following attru.se
lines to the attention of all North-bound Tou
fats and Travelers:
Route Ne. 1-All Rail.
Via Montgomery Columbus, Macon. August
Wilmington. ichmond.
O62 Hours, New Orleans to New IYeT'.
The same time always as by any other Use
Pullman Bleeping Cars to Opelika.
Solid Day Trains thence to Augusta,
Pullman Sleeping Cars attached at Maoon
Through train Wilmington to Bichmond
New York, with ZEegant Parlor Cars attac as
Richmond-thence Pullman Sleeping Case 10
New York.
Route No. 2--ay uIe.
Over the same lines to Wilmington as by
No. 1. Thence by Special Parlor Cars to Ie.
mouth. Va. Thence, at 5:30 p. m. daily (er.aU
Sunday), by the magnificent steamers of®
BAY LINE to Baltimore. Thence by New KS
Express, arriving in New York at 2:0 p. m.
A sixty-nine hours' run-only seven hours ,I
excess of all rail time, with the advantage of a
undisturbed night's rest and superior asew
modatlons upon the Chesapeake Bay.
Route No. A-The Old Deminales LAim.
The same Lines to Wilmington and
mouth as itoutes 1 and 2. Thence. on MIondad.
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5:30 D. m.
magnificent sidewheel steamships of tbe
DOMINION COMPAN . which invariably arrh
at their New York wharves at 9 p. nm.
A through run of 76 hours, combinintg
essential elements of Cheapne,. Speed
Passengers should leave New Orleans n atu
days, Mondays and Thursdays to connect elos.
ly with this Line.
For Tickets, Cheeks, Time Cards a.rl all f"
formation apply at the offices of the NewOt
leans and Mobile Railroad.
A. POPE, General Passenser Agent.
J. H. WHITE Southern Agest.
L. L. McCLESKEY, Southwestern Agent,eor.
ner St Charles and Common ste, nolt a
1e ama len chestaut sreet,
Manufactory. Thirteenth a& d Parrish stree
succeeding G. W. Watson L Ce., retired.

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