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I- u ai himinmmmn N •BU I N•a
o o0
-. OF-
o 0
- -- CONBISTING OF ---- o
o 0
To be found anywhere in the United States. These goods are all from
the world-renowned factory of IIAVILAND & CO., Limoges, J.rance,
and made expressly to our order. We have
by the celebrated artists, Dagert and Rambeau. No such wares have
ever been brought to this city. They must be seen to be appreciated.
In GLASSWARE we are offering the celebrated Bachlaret and Bohe
mian styles and designs, the exclusive property of our Mr. OFFNER.
TEA and CHAMBER SETS will be found replete with all the latest
designs. o
In NICKEL and SILVER PLATED WARE we keep none others but
the most celebrated brands, which we offer at factory prices.
We have the largest stock of HOUSEFURNISIIING GOOI)S In the
Southwest, which we offer and guarantee to sell 0 o
Lower than any House in the City.
Be certain you note the right name and address.
174 ..... C AN1Iý rtI rEI. E ..... 174
Opposite the Varieties Theatre. fe9 Im
This Griand Establishment should be visited by every
Stranger coming to New Orleans.
Strangers will please not oliktruct tlheo sidewalk in froig of the PALAISt
ROYAL'S magnificent show windows, as the interior display of this mammoth
establishment has been made to harmonize with the exterior show windows, and
polite ladies and gentlemen clerks have been purposely engaged to show°visitors
all the necessary attention. o
For the Cardival
Buy your KID GLOVES at the Palais Royal: Evening Sha,'s from 40 cents up.
Grand display of FANS, fron i5ocents to $50 apiece.
PARASOLS, all prevailing styles, fromnt 25 ents to $10.
Novelties in French JEWELRY. o
Ladies' NECK WEAR.
The CHEMICAL GEMS, set in (old-the bestoconnoisseurs can't dlisingulsh
them from the First Water Diamonds-begin at $2 0 it pair. o
---o o -AND---- o o o
A thousand other Novelties which ladies delight to buy. oWe echo the sentiments of
the public when we say, o
and get a Catalogue to read at leisure, an? if you can't call, send for one. It
will be mailed to you free. Address o
aS7 Im
DeblatinL the qneation of Indemnnity--The
Claim to the TurkilhI Fleet A bandoned.
LoNnoN. Malrh 3.-A dt'.ipath from C(onMatln
tnIllio p nl fihy I11(+ ~ i hIll a II., 10n m o111e S bsti.n
tinll co,· aioslq r.Iogr(ldinia th' h1,l11Tundaries of
fIhIn aria. This .01int In now ttllnld.
Trl ,114stion Yf wnr inldmnlilty wasn dIlttnl
yolt.rdaly. To faollitat, It paym ,en, l sll int 1 lb
llabandonedll hor lamr to 1the TuIIrk .h n1 +,lt. Thei
lgnillng of thel 1mcea negotil1tiolns is ncar at
hand. o
Servia's Resolve--he will not Realgn Hler
Bldan.+r ). Mar.hl 1.-- An rxt rlaIr'l Inry (Ch1
not cnnnlll'l took l,1(CII vOrtolrdalhy. f'rin 0o ,Mirn
proeidnd. and all th. milItary ntlIhoritirn wore
prreent. It is s11d at It I11,wa r.,olvd lnot to
resignl the Iorrit 'y which Hnrvia had l onrlqerod
In New liulgarln. ThI H"rvlianl nrmy will for
Ih1n Dpresent( rlemarin on a 11lt wlr footin g. Ar
tillery ronsrve. ars or a..lreIrling. Prlince Millllan
will rtturn to hsl hoallluarlIora lat Nilich.
RuSI. an Iteserves Called Out.
IT. PETEIninrrIa, March I - Tho Czar han
onl( id lout four diviaiins of the r.oervl., wilth
lartillory. -0 o
o PEA'E.
The Grand Duke NichIolja Announces the
Rilnntulre of tihe Treath ot Peare.
SLoDON, Mar(ch 4.--A disntl'h fronm ClonItan
tho111Ilv' sasV a grandl rovirw of nissalan troops
wan holhl 111t H tllnHtftllfl ycvtllrtdayl (IH n1Ily), . nd
the (trlllnd Dukr Nichola+ announllOl+l that hllr
tronty of Illamn hod oll signoiI. Itls4la h11
renounclll, I herr tla1m flrh E1Igyptiau and Dull
garian triblutes.
Enthuslasm In Mr. Petlersbtir Over the
News of Peace.
HT. PeTn.ntlltln. M.areh --Tho tlannouncn
m1l1nt that Kilru and B.ltonm havnl bolrln ,o11dd to
,Iusaint and .alo that the tr'etty of etarn hap
|hoo.n enlne'd.d, Ilhas wrralnd groltt nllthllr.urliasm
hn ntetrn,,s nro crowdad with poeple, and til
louse11a er all ill um na td.
----- --.e -- . ....
o Coronation of Leo Ilit.
lihma, n March :1. T'hin orontton ofr l,,, Xlli
took I1 n'eI to-daly n thI Histin1 CfhllI , in th1
Vati(canll.ghl ceremony I~hig privll,.
Excitement in Political Circles-- Dimissal
of the De RIauchervllie Mlnistry.
(Q)Ir, (. Mlarch :--'Th Lrutofrnant-(overllnot
of tho P'rovin,'+ of iftollior 1), Ht..lnt (dis
mrRsIed th D imnl IB r C!bmhrvlll (inot lawr night
I0and sent for Joly. l.th loadlor of the reform
party. to form a new ministry. Nor futthnr nar
Iloulars are to In, o1) (htinld at, prnont. Tho o.x
citonment In political cirles, has boen Intense all
No Prospect of Getting at the Stephens
Bill for Two or Three Weeks.
WARHIN(OTON, March i.---Whlle tholr is a grnat
dlslro to got at the hill for the 'rITnaM Pa'lcIfle
RliTlroad, it Is not p)rolahlo thalt the comlmite
having that matt,,r in charge, will be nalled with
in two or thror wOeek. The committcns 1 ulrle
calld1 only dulllring the molrning hour, and a.1lch
oommltton is entitld(l to tWO mornllng hours.
ThI rall now rost with the F1,orligln Affalrs
omrlmittee. t1, Ild orn lire at I. lllnta tenl onunltllillml'u
of imprrtilmn. tofollow, iall of which will have1
bills to report.
Rex Will Arrive To-Day.
BAToN B,.romc. Marlh 3:.-'l'hn stm1nmr It. E.
ioo,. with l·x 1luI soltt. DIs.tt!e hero thibs iVI
ninlg. 'Tho L,ou has, 15io, ia large num1.thber of,
ot.lhr pl1asengrlll..rs, a1l hound to partic ipatl In
the Clarnival.
Pont EA.D Mr1 h 1. r D,. m.--Wind wost;
blowing hardl. Wathlor clolur andl (rlo .
Arrivetl: HStlnmship NIw York, Quick mnn
tlr, at I ai. m., from Now York. to C. A. Whitney
& Co.
Splnish )arkentinn (Ilomnntiln, Honty mas
tWr. 4 days from Havana, in ballast to I'Pig.
Corral & Co.
Hallod: Htrlmmhlipn Nymphl B(oru4ia,. Alt
morn,. Ifaytialn; balrks Virgo, Ern(a. Vasco do
touTrwiscsT PAnS, Marlll'h 3. , p. m.--Iaro
mater 30:3(1. Wind west: blowing very hard.
Weather clear and cool.
Arrived: Amerilan schooner IR. B. LockA.
Pltrlo master, to days from Port Cortes; cargo.
fruit to G(. rande.
Balled: Bark ElIan.
A Subslttllte to the Sugar Schedule of the
Tariff Bill Offered by Mr. Wood.
[New York Times.l
WAHITIN(ITON, Feb. 26. Thr (Committee on
Ways and Means to-lda.y t,ook up the sugar
schodule of the tariff bill, when Mr. Wood
proposed the following as a substitute for
those paragraphs of the schedlul imposing
dullties uponll sugar an molasses:
"Orr all sugar nmlado, conientrated melado
concentrated nlolass.'.concr'l'ete tanlk bottoms,
0and syrup, molasses not otherwise provided
for, rnot above No. 13 Dutlich standard in (olor,
and testing by the polarisclope not ablove
82, 2 3-10 ce(nts. per l)pound; not above No. 13
)Dutclhatandard in colort, and testing above 82
alnd not a.lboe 87, 2 6-10) cent.s per ponllld ; not,
gtbove No. 13 1)utch standard in color, and
test.ing aboiv 87 and not above 912, 2 55-100
cents per pound; not abov, No. 13 lutch
stanllardi in rolbr, and testing above 92, 3:1-10
'ents per poundL; alhove No. 13 anb
not abtove, No. 16 D)il'h standlard in
colo', 3; (cents jpe' pouinol; above No.
16 and not above' No. 20 Dntch standard
itP color, 4 cints per pound-l abovl, No. 20
I)utclh standard in color, and on all relined
loanf, lumpI, .crushPd, g'ranulated)l anld powdered
sulgar'. 41 cents per po iiund; on Ilmolass's test
ing not over 56. 6.;' .elntsl per gallon. Thtere
shall be allowed! on ',xported reifind sugarl
and svrups wholly manufa :tured fronm on
portedl sllgarl ani molasses, on l which duties
hiave lnot beonn paid, the full atmount of duties
paid, less 1 per cent."
After discussing the substitute the com
mittee adjournedl without action. Duringthe
fiscal year the amount of duties collected
from sugar and molasses under existing laws
was over $37,000,000.o0 0
Senator Goode and the new Orleans
oo [Terrebonno Progress.]
Senator Goode, who so well replresents this
listrict in the Legislature, blrouglht upon
himiself the ridicule', if not the wrath, of the
New Orleans press, because in the perform
an'c of his duty he advoc'ated the removal of
the capital to Baton Rouge, on the grounds
that the Legislature there would he undis
turbed by the mob and the venal press of a
large city. None of the papers of New Or
leans need trouble thenmselves about the re
tirement of Senator Gosode in Assumption or
else 'here, while his constituents are so weVll
satiasied with and appreciate what he has
done in the General Assembly this winter.
His constituents are perfectly satisfied that
he is working to their interests and don't
trouble themselves about the opinions of
those wihonl own in int.lest n ilthe r(emloval of
tlh' c'apl ital Irt. di irtv l1y oirposa d 1o th' t h)it.tr
ets .of tlhe ptl ,l. Ijeil ,I of tif I lhe SHt1 i. , ilarge.
''The DIoI(. I ,A'or ( t ll) ith Ith. in aIn 1tditr.'ial
cri't.hi.,sig the Largolll nt , of lthe lnatlor on(
thiis i ,e+ t ion, saidi that "if, was the itrg' rntienti
of a .lurk or a IuIihuial suddlnlyV tra'tlnspilIu)t I
fromt) ! t.hose rll itrl'try governi ntllt n.,'' lbut oil
I hat. very niighl, a dligrae'fntL scInee' {lolk pllene'
in Neiw (rlans, i llustriti hIg tlih corirlci'tiinss
of Snatorll, (0 d11'"I p>ifitou, aldl s.howing thatl
the New Or()'lanlls ollbli 1I-In roughll which (cant
he got togi'Ilthr so easily in that, cit.,, are iin
tolera! le 1iil(otes to ai legisnlative body. And
,lenough to dI nnc.O dA, rat t, pr++ v | endi g" , wais 'onI
strirninhl rhI following tortning to putlishli
anotho'r 111++lito.rial ion the, mnbIh offt air wh1i1h too.1k
plac1 Cho night before on (Canal 1trto(t,. and
c'a.llied it. "t1hi disagratce of Now ()rlhians." (On
th"o tl0h It tatkno+wldged lthat "if rel',pcltbhleg
tllonl, andl I.rnonlll thlmt seveoratIl mellberlin4 of
thI 11'gisnilI , .lri from tI'h, nt iltry, re not I,
prmlcitted tllhe poor.oprivil go of expressing
1,their opilllliln on mltlttlr's of State poley
without, lmollni.liton from rowd t 's and bu(i ll iis,
No'w ( )rleans is not It, l it, [plal+ei for tlhe so )p
itoal." 0
''ho oeapital wan.c removed frotm ]tlaton
lit ng. . yv it hl g id h tiv e h o lly ( 1+ . ' tl, ran d
illhl wit designing mnol, whoSl;e lo je1c, inl ro
moving it, tIi Now Orleiin was the lbetter t.o
('1Onl('en their nlfariouts schol+'s to at'(o1tl
pliTh llhad 1(gismht ion, tio o.rganiz rings. t1o
gianttA, toon illies nwW l1rvilegls Ib)firli
the work (ii.oul~bb ilin sv('vIreXi, and( receivo in
'ill thse' fraudsl th a'.Sita nle ofr the p. re of
No'w (hIlans. llowathIy Msuc(.de(lIl. slo theI
hwa)I of l,14)ilhilia lid wha41 t t.hi' Noiw (Or'leann
aprls say of e(iht' otherl'. It. wa·s to this
Nlow (l' iri .ions jourl n.nsu that Sonaltor (1o)d,1'1
Ir''f"trte whIIu he o44hjo,'tlt II to New ()rletinni on
a'+couttu Of the pies;.
Till ELi roItAL COUNT.
The 11111 AIreed Illlonn Iby tle alNub-lom
mlttees on lt'1 Revlmton-Tl- Eler
oratl Colletre To le Done
Away With.
IImsfnon llorakld.
IW A, i ':t T(IN, l",'b. 21. T' he no n i il .to rlo rt
vising tho ,olo, orl tl collntt will hai v, In, l t ingl "
of t he1' full 4'<olllltnit.t.o'. tI-IllLorrow for the pllr
,oseof ho1'0ringmhe reportvotedil<, ths, -commit
leurl. A hill has b 4,n t gr1'fiv'l uInl that, will
llprohb ly b n'tdopth rld by thl full c(rnlliit,te ,.
t'-hihs 1(14 i't away with .th, l'lum.'y Ellectoral
('C lle)ge, but rinilnw thl) ,loet 011. l principle by
g'ivil.a 1t' ('l,1h HSitto ti tl}' 11 r1(111W of VlotA. ' that
it. ha114 it, pr'seint, in tth' I';leltotral ('ol4leg1 , by
nIllowing it as many votes as it is ,ntitled to
14il1enat1r4Ilr 1 11 1ehZ1b'lr" illn Congress.I Thi
4anni, of oa)1" f ll llill , h votei ' is to havellt o
the+ SLit'eaIthoriti' s (',Itifytn t he votes
'as.,and fo.waird tho'n to Wiashington for
hl'l co)nt. 'l'h, o s .o., f StI A .'1' ar1 , dlvid(ld,
c1an1I idatl r ieiv'ini a r'n m jrit.y. For llinf stan'o,
tih State of olilahwa rl , has three votes in thei
l+.ct'ornl (',olleg . If l hay s, hal 100,n00( votes,
in this St ~ llt+11 l ril(ln 1 40,001. thun Hlay es
woul have I (n+,-sixth of Mhn three votes, or
sx-.tenths ofr a vote, an Tlhden two and four
t14nh.hs. This avoids a direct vote lby the pIo
ple, wVhil it gives the cndllidalte the,' full ,lhne
lI1t of the i popularl votii. ThIe rtull for otll.aiinh.g
thi, prIIper lproportion of the vote af State' I
ta tnultiply the vote o' cacih ('nndihdat, by the
number of 'electoral votes to, which th State
is entitled, and tlhen divilde each tprouBrct by
,the iggrteglat. of vot.,'s c)a1st forr both, and tih'
1ql 'tient will Io5 the I (il , to wI iii h I' cI is th ,
1, crreditred.
The IAstery.
[Thibodaux Sentinel.}
The Now Orl'atns D1oEM(oiR1,AT i wakintg a
mianly fightl against H owarld's monstm.tr lot
t1r1y compiny, that, has )o i1) l preying uponlil
th4 public prosp)f rity f for yearts. II is .the
gitnIr'st swindle o1 f the tig' , foster(,d iy
bribery allot corruption.
[lparta Rural 'T'imes.l
if ih bre over was publi', pressle' and pub
lic in)ig ,tiohn gen'i'erally and specially ex
pir',ssedl it. is now agatini ,t til, Louiisiana Lot,
tory. 71 i, Now (ilorlis 1)EMO(I'RAT is ll.'ling
illh march for lith ovo''tuow of tils lpri5ol1
4(t 'u14 l I(onopft ll y.
I[hroveport herald.)
'T'heo Now Orleais IDenomr)AT is waging
Ilorc+', war on l.h11 Louihsitna Slat, Lottery
(Ctmipany, handling it with ungloved hands.
flon. A. If. Leonard also steps to tho front
with "dawn with all existing monopolies,"
nil 1.t lput, frt'ivr out of the power of the
L'-gisla.turi to create any more corporations
with e-x.lowtvo privilg1,. It. is inore than
probbihh the L)tti'ry Company will stave off
all actionon the 1;itjct during the present
14,,4,ion of thi Lgislahire, which 11xpiro.s by
limitation on the sixth of M1larch.li.
The Parls Expo*ition Irllidlin.;.
IN. Y. Times.]
Work upon the Paris Exposition iullhlinrgs
is going on with unusual activity, for thlls
cotlluntry at le.'n.t., and the palace is nearly
con npletel. Froml present applearances we
are It) have somre agree(able surpris..a. Upon
the Chamlp (rI Mars Austria is putting up a
model of the Innspruck Inn; England, the
front of West.lminster Pl'alac; India, the front
of the Lahore Palace; Brazil, an Orinoco cot
tage; )Denmark, a Danish farm-house; tol
land, an old-time Amsterdam house; Swe
den, the residtence of Gustavus Vasa; Tunis,
a minaret: China, the villa of the rue Bour
Belou at 'l.ien-Tsin; Japan, a porcelain tower;
Sian, a native house; Persia, a gilded model
of the Palace of Tehoran ; Greece, the cottage
of Pericles, after drawings and models dis
everedt;d Egypt. a Moucharabi house; 'lTyrol,
a Hlotel (de Ville; Switzerland, a chalet;
Venice, a front of the Palace of Saint Mark;
Russia, a Musc('vite hotel. Already we are
having a foretrste of the articles for sale
lduring exposition time, such as handkerchiefs
with pictures of the buildinigs upon them.
O)ne represents a group of English looking at
the paIttlinte, Ono prs(on holding a large blue1
irnm ella.. T is is a barometer, as well. and
tho mtbrellra ehanges color with rain, wind,
antd fair weather. o
S0 -- J--ý --- o
iov. Hnampton.
(Jackson Clarion.]
'IRo regtiments of colored troops were re
vieweutd by G;ov. llatmpto,, ,nin Charleston, S. C.,
on Saturdhay. All the ofli trts, as well as men,
were c.hlore'l. Several colored hands were inl
the column, and the display was the finest
ever mnr.dtl byt colortsomldiers ln that city.
h tlter t n review the companites massedt in
Tont of tlli City Hall, where the Governor
address.li them rielly. 1He corgratulated
thmrn on the imlrovttemctlnt of their organiza
tion; reminded theme of his pledge before the
election that the colored race should enjoy
equal legivileges. under the law with the
whites, and asked them, as citizens, to co
opelrate with him in carrying out the pledge.
Gov. Hlampton's government is signalizing
itself in two ways. It is keeping faith with
tihe black peoptle and punishing the white
-- --- * -~~ -- --
Washington's Birthday.
The New York Tinmex gets off the following
ctharacteristic plaint apropos of the passage
of the silver Iill : Let us, then, cease tee per
petrate this idle mockery of hoisting on Wash
ington's birthday the flag of repudiation.
The West has avowed The conviction that the
principles which governed Washlngton's life
were those of a fool and ` Shylock. The
Eastern States have discovered that the indd
tpende(nce which Washington gave themr has
vanished, and that they hold their property
and their honor at the caprice of the West.
For Indiana to honor Washington is an ab
surdity; for New York to celebrate his birth
day is a mockery. It is time to blot the
twenty-second day of February out of the
American calendar.
The famous German Military Band, under the
leadership of COrl Beyer, have been engaged
for tile ball of Y. M. B. A., Mardi Gras night, at
the St. Patrick's Hall.
llaye.'Veto to the nllver nill Ao Promptly
alaid Alile by CongrPe.
The following is the full text of the Presi
dent,'s message:
To thet Hous. of Reprosentatives:
Aft.r very cal.relful conlisilderaltion of 1(linse
hill No. 10119, ontitlled "An acitto aruthorizwa thel
ioinaglllr of the silver dollar, and to restore ilt
li'anl-ender eha.ractlr," I fool eornpollod to
return it to the 1louse of Iteprosentlativos, in
which it originatl,e, with my olbjcctflons to its
lHolling theli opinion whic I expresseul in
my annuar l messa.e, that neitlher the Inter'st
of the govirrilnot, inorI the people of tho
IUnitedl iate.s would et prl'1mobil by dis
pragihl" oile''i.r tils onef othe two pr'cious)l
In04'1,ls which furnislh the coifluige, of the
world, and that legislation whicih looks toI
mainl.iining the volume of r titlrinsic money to
as full a measure of both rnl(ill as their
relative commercial value will pert'lit would
Ie neil her unjlust nor Ino(xpiliont, it has lH'enll
m y *1 rln.nrst dlesilre to clncl'lr with Congress in
thii adoption of such i nif sur'e.. to ilncreaselll tihe
silvor ,,ina ge of the co01ntlry rs would not imn
pair the obligatlon of ,ontracts;, either public
or private, or iljllrilously affect the public
credlit. It is only on the conviction that this
till dots not mel1, these es0sintlall re i rements
.hirt I ftol It Ilmy duty to with hold from it my
alpproval. My ,res'ent ollicial dutly as to, that
hill plrmi.ts only an attentlion to ispecilic ob
jetlionls to its pasllsageI, which lsei4rrn to n1e sin
importanltt as1 to justify mr11 in arsklng from the
wisdom and l duity of Congress that further
con( ide il rtion of the bill for which the con
stitutilon has in st'h as+eg I'provided. The
lill I provides for the c~oinage of sliver dollars
of the wieight iof 412% grailns each iof standard
silveri, to ie a legal tender at their nominal
value for all debts and (lues, public; and pri
VLate,. ixe('i.Jt where other lwisei lexpre-'ssly
stipulatedl in tlhe contrant. It is well known
that the mnarkot value of that numlber of
grains of standard silver during the past
yi'ur has bteen fronl 910 to 92 ant'lts, 1a c !lolllparlxl
with the standlard gold dolla r. IThhus the silver
dollar authorizeid by this bill Is worth from
eight tlo ten per cent less than it purports to
tIe wortli, andIL is miadtle a lehgal tender for
debts. ;ctral(ted whtlen the law did not recog
nizn s1ulh coin as lawful money. The righit
ti pay iduties en ilsilvelr, or in certificates of
silver dhIpt i. to, will, when they are ilssuedI In
sitlliientt aLmount, to ciirculate, put rin end
to, tihe receipt of lthe revenue in gold, and
t.hu1 ( l compel the payrnlrlt of silver for both
th( principal and intcerest ,of tlhe public debt.
$1.1,41:1,3,400 of tilhe bonded debt unow out
sttlliling iwas is.iued prior to February, 1073,
when the silver dollar wilos unknoliiwn in
circulation i this clountry, and was only
a crnveinient frll of silver bullion
for eoxpolrtlatioin. $583,440,350 of the tbondwl
deblt hals boon1l isllsu l sine 1(Feilruary, 173,
wheln gold alone was the coin for whi ,h the
Ihrendss were sold, and gold al1one was the coin
ill which bolh parties , tfo the contran.t undlr
stoodiil that thei bonds would be pail. 'I'hese
hIndls ent0rui l into the markets of the worll.
They were paid for in gold when silver had
greatly depreciianid, and when no one would
have bouIlght them if it had 0tn unlderstoodl
that they would be paid in silver. The sum of
$225,000,o00 of these lxnds has been sold dlur
in lg my adminnistration for gold coin, and the
Unitedl States received tihe benefit of those
sales by a reduction of the rate of interest to
4 per cent.
1)uring the progress of these sales a doubt
was suggested as to the coin in which the
payment of these bonds would be made.
The public announc.ment was thereupon au
thlorized that It was not to tiM anticipated that
any further legislation of Congress or any
action of any department of the government
would sanction or tolerate .the redemption of
the principal of those thonds, or the paymenlt
of interest thereon, in coin of less value than
the vein authori'oal by law at the time of the
islsue o tilt' bl(nds, being the coin exa.crtl by
til l' (wgovernment in exchange flor the same.
Ill view of those facts it will be justly re
garddtl as a grave breiach of thile I)1lic faith
,o lundlertake to pay tlhese bonds, principal or
interesit, in silver coin worth in tie market
less than the coin reci'ived for them.
It. is said that the silver dollar, made a le
gal toindler by this hill, will, under its opera
tions hei equlivalent in valued to, the gold dol
lar. Mlany supporteirs of the bill btlieve this,
and would not justify an attempt to pay ldebts,
either public or private, In onin of inferlor
value to the mioney of the world. The c(apital
del'fiit of the lill is that it contains no pro
vision pro(teicting from its operation pro-exist
ilg debts in case the coinage which It creates
lhall continue to be of less value than that
which was the sole legal tendier when they
were contractedl. If it is now proposed, for
the puroiis of taking advantage of the dl
preciatiin orf silver in the payment of ldebts,
to coi and( make a legal tender a silver (ollar
of less coTmmercial value than any dollar,
whether of gold tor paper, which is now the
lawful money in this country, such measure,
it will hardly be questioned, will, in the judg
ment of mankind, be an act of bad faith.
As to all debts heretofore contracted, the
silver dollar should be made a legal tender
only at its market value. The standard of
value should not be changed without the con
sent iof both parties to the contract. The na
tional promises should be kept with unflinch
ing fidelity. There is no power to compel a
nation to pay its just debts. Its credit de
pends on its honor. The nation owes what it
has led or allowed its creditors to expect. I
cannot approve a till which, in my judgment,
authorizes the violation of sacred obligationIS.
T'he obligatioln of public faith transcends
all questlons of prolit or public
iladvantage. Its unqu.estionable rmiLln
l.narlce is the lictattA. as well of the
highest expedlience as well as the most neces
sary duty, and 1( hould ever bie carefully guard
led Iby tit Exilcultive, byo3(ongrl's andl by the
peipl'. It is my firm covil('ti(ln that if the
ciunitry is trote tieifitet Ity a silvetr coinlage
it (1can tl dIlle only bty the iIi' o(f silveIr ldol
Iairs of full valuet, wtiich will dtefraludl no man.
A ilrren"ey worth less tlhan it pirplorts tio ie
worth will in thei enid, defruld not only the
crlolitors, rbut, all wh are eougaged in Ih'it,
those who are dlperlndelt on their daily l1abor
for their dally bri'el. 1.. 11. ItAvEs.
Exc'utive Mansion, Felbrulary 2, 1078.
D 0 --- -
Hlow England Experts to Get Her Corn and
Wheat In Future.
[Anglo-American Times. London.]
Thile cofnslumption of corn in Europe is now
large, but will be presently enormous when
the means of carriage are supplied, for from
the centre of the great valley of the Missis
sippi to London, Bristol, Liverpool and to the
ports of the Continent the transport may be
by water. Maize; eannot afford costly trans
port; but it will pay all concerned when the
advantages offered by the river systemr of the
valley are turned to the best account. The
London General Omnibus Company ferl their
thousands of horses almost entirely oni corn
meal, for a tired horse thus gets his food in a
substantial form, easy to digest, and not re
quiring, as with hay, for the horse to be long
on his lhgs before he can eat a sufficient quan
tity. It is the best means of fattening
animals. The question was how to get it to
market with a profitable margin. The open
ing of the mouth of the Mississippi, through
the jetties formed by Ea.ls, solved the pro
blem, and now are to ie seen the disjointed
efforts of those who seek first to take advan
tag- of the change. In one place the anti
quated means of carriage placed a difficulty
in the way; in another, the tonnage Is not
forthcomming, while ships lie idle in European
porti, that would be'glad of a full cargo at a
reasonable rate-. But these obstacles will
soon be smoothed away as capitalists become
assured of the fact that a great and pern.a
rnet supply can be rolled upon with cer
tainty; in a word, that, a now trade in grain
has bIeen opened up the whole river to St.
Louis, upon which tA)ground theiroperations
for that Ibsis e)ing given, numerous subsid
Iary aIrticles will also find their way. It may
he aml'ed, the belief along the river is, the
great house or the larings have taken up the
subje.t, andt that to their operations much of
the activity is due.
The Katie, arrivedl last night, with 150 Mardi
Gras sight-seers.
T'lhe Claiborne canal is Ibeing dleopened from
Esplanlade street down.
The clharcoal landing at the Old Basin is
crowded with loaded schooners.
The cabmen and hackmen say the Mardi
Gras business began two days earlier this
year than ever before.
Hope Fire Company No. t will dino their
friends to-day at the Masonic Hall, corner of
Du maine and St. Claude streets.
Visitors to the city will find in another
column a "city directory," giving the route to
every point of Interest in and about the city.
The police on the boats will be found ready,
day or night., to answer, respectfully, any
questions asked by the visitors now in the
Both houses of the Legislature failed on
Saturday to pass a joint resolution inviting
His Highness Rex to a seat in his own Parlia
Quito a large number of strangers visited
the French Market yesterday mnorninr, and
as many more will probably go there m the
Eagle Fire Company No. 7 have invited
their friends to partake of their hospitality
to-day at Lelere's Elite club-room, on St.
Louis street.
The l)onaldsonville Railroad ferryboat St.
Francis Ielle arrived at 7 last night, crowded
with country visitors to the city for the
Mardi Gras.
The Gentilly shell road will shortly be in
tip top econdition. A large corps of laborers
is engllged in ballasting the road-bed with
fine shells.
lRex says positively that no advertising '
carts or wagons shall appear in the pageant
to- motrrow, and the police will see that the
ielict is obeyed.
The severaI young gentlemoen who attendl ed
t he "iquadrille' on Saturday night declare it
t,,tter even than the one gotten up for the
visiting statesmen.
The flremen's parade ta-day promises to be ';
one of the most brilliant New Orleans has
seen for many years. The streets will doubt
loss be thronged.
There will be crowds of visitors in attend
ance at the Legislature to-day, both houses
being in session, and "filihusterin " may be .:'
seen of the very first water.
Rex's boss baggage master, wl arrived
last night by the Fackson Railroad, Itold Tom
Cranner that the "old man's" baggage would
lill twenty-six express wagons.
The boats and trains arriving to-day will
be crowded with people, and by to-morrow.,
after the trains have arrived, It Is expectedr
that fully 60,000 strangers will be In the city, ..'
The safest places in the city now are the gti
Charles and City Hotels. Double squads ofl:
night watchmen have been put on, and thieves
have but little chance there for a successful ;
Visitors who have already arrived will have 0
an opportunity to-day, the weather permit
ting, of witnessing a - Ire department display -
that cannot be equaled, much less excelled til*:i
any city in the Tnion.
Those who promenade Canal street to-dafii*
and to-morrow will find locomotion much sis,
celerated by adopting the Eastern style-thati ~
is by keeping to the right while on the ban
quettes (sidewalks).
Our street cars were filled to overflowing
last night, and if we were in any way, so t.
speak, facetiously inclined, we would say that,
we recognized there many faces that we had.
never seen before.
The Globe Theatre on Mardi Gras night -
will be one of the centres of attraction, for tbc$'
the most original ball of the season will lbe
given. Parisle will be excelled, and Jardin .Ma
bille out-done, so they say. -
The coat of whitewash on the trees In Lafay.
etto Square improves their appearance veryi
much, and a similar coat for the trees on the
Canal street neutral ground would not make
them lrKk any worse.
Considerable activity was noticeable In the -:
engine-houses yesterday. The work of bur-.
nishing, cleaning and decorating fire engines
was going on, and we may look for as tfine
paralde to-day as ever was seen.
Like Sir Peter Teazle, who had "a settled
married look," most people on our streets:'
yesterday had a settled expression on their..
faces, showing an inflexible determination to
see Rex and the Mystic Krewe.
Our streets are enlivened now with the
peach-blossom complexions of our fair siste -r
from the North, down hero for the Carnlva.t
Already a score of hearts have been broken at
the panorama presented on Canal street
It would be well if the New York rule of
everybody keeping to the right was adoptl,'
on our crowded thoroughfares during the kr
nival. This would save much jostling and I
serve to allow the throngs easy passage on the
.ouisiana No. 10 will give a complimentary
dinner after the parade to-day to their guete
Carrollton Fire Company No. 1, Hook and
Ladder, and (Carrollon Fire Company No, 2'T
Independent No. 2 and Home Hook and Lad
der No. 1.
The Nicholls' Rifles, one of the newly or-
ganized militia companies, will entertain '
their friends with a "hop" to-morrow nightat..
(Grunewald Hlail. Lndie-s' invitations can bee
hali by applic:ation to the committee at the
btox olffce to-morrow.
There are in the city now qulte a numbe*
of detratives from other cities, and more will
arrive to-day. 'lThese "fly's" come, it is said,
upon the invitation of Chief of Police Boylatl
ito) keep an eye on other "birds" who have mr1
grated hither for the occasion.
The arrival (of His Royal Hig0hness B1i
will be announced as on last year by theW
blowing of steamboat and locomotive whfe-,
ties, ringing of steamboat bells, etc., and the
display of yards upon yards of bunting from
the: stearnm hboats andi shipping.
Some of the members of the Legislature
seem t) think that It will take six days yet to
pass the general approjpriation bill. They ·
base their opinion on article 42 of the consti
tution, which says: "No bill shall have the
force of law until on three several days it be
readl in each house of the (General Assembly,
and free discussion thereon, unless four-flfthf
of the house where the bill is pending may
(leem it expedient to dispense with this rule.'
T'h' impression is that the Republican aide
want an extra session, and for that reason
will filibuster to prevent the necessary four
fifths vote on the appropriation and other i
"What's the use. of the owner of that trunk -
engaging a room here," said a gentleman in
the rotunda of the St. Charles last night, as
two porters, with a monstrous Saratoga,
passed. "lie might have.set that house down
in Lafayette Square or Tivoli Circle, and not
only found room hirmself, but could have
accommordated a few families." The Saratoga
in question belonged to a Chicago young gen-.
i leman, and measured just a ine by seven-that :
is, nine feet long by seven high. Ten to one
the owner will ldeclare, at the King's ball to-:
morrow night, that he is "so sorry he didn't
bring his trunk with him instead of coming
off in such a hurry."
Post multa snu'a pocula nulla.
Ergo blbite "Bollinger."

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