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rrutiaiei fremn Ptrart Poore.
In Jtine, and he tihlnkq that It will be. JIu no n
fldence In this re.ult in shared by very few
of hia political ap.oelta'.o.
The Dnlckyc.ylun Ca1e -c l ll100 Danawgee.
lItOIt-NeANI'., M.iar',h 4.-The jury In tit Dlcokiy
allct ha btnt lthe tIn nnllll In thello t owu ,
]dmiltoh for the actin ttil e montha. and whlth
ame itn oil ri fpr !trlial int wtk, broutlgt in
vI.rd.l , RtlF rall liortling, awardlinrllgl I IPRn
DLckey sl dnrrigies. ThI'iun has hen eu a
anote 1 one beaitt-n of the neiltl etanling of the
Vattles whitse nlnrmee were wrntihi t Into it.
Ftur n and lrain ltIerelptn.
~Nww YOtRa. Mrih 4.--'rh' ri.cip'la in this
flty tf grain and illl.nt r dlinlg iei.hrunry chltow
a large ialn over thoi e of tht e t ne monll Iin
8IIT, nutu they irohbul y wirn Ih e l rgewt iof fily.
Februtitry ritittn. u on r-.,orud. Rl'ut-nofilunl
flgurn.shutw Ii ritpl. ti i6li.ut.btt blurr, I.n of
fillo r li , iti fnit tu iteI lt of itf i ,t i ln Itll R., tnO
ot fi.rl 4.t h rrels of ll l tin ull tl4,S. is4 bushl.tlel iof
An A illtnnenft.
Ntw TYort. Marli -l . ,4 lhn ti'. Rnohlnnlit' R.n.n
wholealloinid remtll uitire in waooted trim
MlilliR. lrnitw gule,a, i t l.. muli lo nalgignlntiit
to-rtiy tol John II. lirlllr. 'hI" nv4etA hllow ii
s"urplua over li ,llte lf nt Sh t Iit. .
Illhiinppilu illof Nt rtle..
NtcIw YOitR. 17h,. 4. TiTh khluintnpilng of nn
rnen In Iitha 1 ic l ltryr f',r naeile n n itRlav In (titltl
a. Pral atutlullt to liihv Itein ithIlrlat oln re
Tle aonilltiern 'tintTllllr t'aen. 4
Nt::w YotR. F-blt. 4.- 1'll 7i.faiine Pnars Tmhe
flltlire of tlle tlitlh.ir ,nses In thl l Sli , luth In dill
to tlle nftd itlntillll it of the iagenlt of l Inh -
terior epuattuiinlit.
Tile Way Tl'hey nar It.
'tNeCIFiAt lint .lch 4 -T'l'ht Mlial i lItvitr i
$cl Plp y Rl'ld Iiyell nlllt oln HI'mUtda y. ihtinl
itha *l20,0l.( Asenl, thouin lt to ine P1tlal.
Drelne tar IBnlil.
New IYnv, Mari'4h -(onhll line title morning
de llned to ]leot, the tiwe-t lilnt reuhend.
Mere Meltlllonl.
131trnoLtI , Malrch 4. -Tlet Ilroiehlyn BDane DalI
Club will winl t plty to-diy at the IroeuDecet Park
plrntlp aroillnld.
WAutmoroll, inrtr.I 4.-Murphy leaven Wanh
Ingtoil, after making 13.i10 telntierianine clin
Post AESn. MlliI'lh 4. 6 i, in. - Wind nortllwet,
IlIht, Weather ?lear.
A.rrlved: JIritflih setuumhlhip Alle. (leorge
I.atar, at 11:1n a. mii., Ildalt frIm Pernamtbueo,
in banllt t D, inn it& (ii,
Balled: B.ll' ip QIiorln. Lady (Clrondon: barks
A1rort , (!OL utant,. All , Ia Jooer. Peppin: brig
RouTnw.eRT PI'A. MaRh 4. tn p m. --lltromnter
1at:tt. Weather cloeir inllil cool. Wind south
eei. Igthr.
Arrlvi: trhltiash llit Lnrd (!larlendon. ('n.pt.
Pavia, 10 hours from tlltveetonl, to flail &
atpghn for Orlltlor.
No departuree.
THiu MIITI'lK If uW'IV .
Seenes Frrm the ilelanllrphoses nst olvid,
am Illuslrated lity lle Mistlck
Krewe of Conmans.
The following ill IIe thell R nes IlOlen'lll
by the Misaiek Kliwo to-nlight:
Car 1-- Ovid -Fame PIotry.
2Our '---Temple of tIhe Hun.
Car 3 --1'PhIton.
Car 4 --Ton ll il PI'hton.
Car 5 1FHnrulos and Dtejnlra.
Car -- Metlnmorphoe. of Aralihne antld Iy
Car 7 --)Daughters of C(!eer .
Car) Jan an I (tl lol n l.oec e.
Car 9-Feast of Biaechus.
Car i- _--Silence.
Car 11. --Daughters of Miny aI.
Car 12--llats.
Car 13--Ulysses and Companions.
Car 14- -l)Dhue into a Laured.
Car 15. -8aorillon of Anlus.
Car 16 -Orpheus in ilades.
Car 17--Syrinx into a reel.
Car 18---Juno In Hlades.
Car 19-Cadmus and Ilernmnne.
Car 20---Punlahment of M Idse.
Car 21---Acuhtlah In thie Temple of Apollo.
The Krewe will appear on (arondelet,
Canal, Camp, Julia, Hi.. C(harles and lourbon
M W4.
New Orleans. March s. ir7i.
Mears. J. W. Fairfax, T. Devereaux and other
Gentlemen of Mecainhlc' No. t:
The courteliesi of tlhe Varietlle Th'leatre are
ape'' ftully tendeld to your vietllting guests
from Vick.hurg for this (nndlllly) evening.
'1ou . A. liAtl,.
New OrIoyns, March 2, 187H.
To Tho. Deverelvaux, Esq., Prvesident Mo
chanice' Fire Complany No. 6, and Min
bers of said ColnlliYuiy:
(Ientlmem We m.loat Ilrp.pcrtflilly req.lltl,
and invite the attendnnee of your guelsts, thie
Vicksburg Fire ,1epartlment, to visit, the
Acadeumy of M isleC, free, on Monday evenint ,
March 4, under your guhlanio, hoping t Lle
enitrtainmient then given will hellp to amuse
your and our citlzlon' visitors.
lespepctfully yours,
I). llI wTrw ,r,,
Academy of Music.
S.innmonus Hrlom &C Sw iweatnanl's Minstnrls,.
ST. nunotl.e T.ArTR,
Tho~. Devereaux. FAq.. President MIechanls'
Fire C('mpanr No. Ii:
)ea r ir having learndl that your ('om
-pany will entertain the fire d(epartment of
our sister city of Vicksburg, and desiring to
alt you in ointribultiig to the iples.ure, of the
visit of your comrnlaide to thle lCrUlent City,
permit mne to tender to tihon, through you,
an invitation to attlltnd t.he periforiIance of
Hieley's Hliheornian Minstllsr, at thie St.
Charles Theatre, oil Monday evening, the
fourth of Marlch, the annlliversary of tilt' gal
lantl, and renowuned lire departmentl of New
Mehsrs. Moute and Hlealy, of the Minstrel
Company, Join n11 in this ionplimlontalry in
vitation as a testimonial of thleir high ap
prellation of the gireat merit of oulr fi.e d'
partment ani thllir resplet for all those who
may be its invitd gul'sts oni ai feitiN-al 0c
ctsfon like the fourth or March.
Trustinjl it, will Ie convenient for your
friends to favor us with ti.iir• plwone ' on the
eveninig mltnit.iloned I have the honor to hie
your most obelitinl servantl
tRol.l. STIOiNO ,
Manager Sit. &'haris Thatr.t. ..
Those who voted for the New Orteans Pacific
State ci edit loan in the Ite ateo py 'erda.y wore
MIeassrs. Attain, Dry ni. drci 'age Domes.
)nmont. Ellis, lOgo.., Gla. rovter, liarper,
Kelly. la.drv, Mitclhell. Oden. 1tobrtson.
Randiford. 8*ampa. Sutton. 'lTexada Twitehell.
Waketlhel. Whlieor. Young and Za.harit; and
the nys wore Me ,rs. 1loatner, il tems.n .ar
Ini. Gotode. Pt lkins. .lichardson. Stubbs :and
Dcnnrated ehaminor sets, complete In all de
tall. latest styles. at E. Otnuer & O..'s, 174 C.nal
The ball of the season will ho given Mardi
Gras night at the Mt. Patrick's Hlallby the Young
Men's Benevolent Association.
-WvBta*-a' Irra. rAPrR OIL C.or.. arT.-
Our readers from the country shiuld not fait
to call and examine thn-e gaod., now so much
used for finishing rooms. covering fio ,rs. tec.,
and see for thems Ives their beautr and utility.
Mr. Edward Thlumt son. 112 and 114 Poydras
street, has them for sale.
C~OrTHNo.--Mr. H. B. Stevens' large clothing
and tailoring stablishimnt. situ ted at the
corner of ('anal and Exch nge Place, is the
place to go if you dt-lre fasahionahle and cheap
clothing. i:evens h' j aust received a large ln
4.aee of novetllas in he way of neck wear. etc,
which wall be marked dos n to the luw4 figure.
Call and inspect him.
Elegant tailets, gtq,-a.uen dresses, fun at Its
height, the best must in the city. are some of
the many a ractionn to he found at the ball of
the Y. M. n. . A., Mardi Gras !]ight. at to S
'strick's Hall.
An Imlmense Concourse of People From
All Maten of the Ulnion Greet tle
Noblle Fire Department.
Thei skihn wiorn propif.ltin yt'ti'day to our'
li t(it(',I, itndl hi ft' i1itth of Marh was ushlred
ti with th e tiotf f brilliant rays thlit Apollo,
i1mt1lll1l I1I caulted the lllun, ei('ll lnlutin t1
for rtchly titi- iisanation. w,'areoly l.la
Mothr !a.rth hegun to warm up
undetr tl ctmbrlllinlllnc of the Jolly RoilI
of light., whoiI' doofr wore' flung IIen1 in 9vC'ry
street .uil quart rc, and tiillenn, matrons,
inutIrag and c.hihi'ron, tintivo andll fo',itgners,
Ihlaik and whiti, without, rtegard to c'tor', ccv
or ,previous itiflll ni. ilnl tl f fort dsiresnedl in
holiday atlirt, will Ipsllt millling and fanice
Iean..tlg with joyotta antihipatlin. Nor did
orln (l1tfu0-hlr011 if Ill i'oilel disappoint the, l -
prm'fant, trowd. (hld for tlil0 pacdll in lhltw
nil hirtLn. i.dl,, wihit' or Iluet, of the iln I
pllatten, wit hi blactk fl(ti.t, and newly
ititintsl ctn.i.'Plu flashin g ItI(det0' th'
tIt'ti ran yn, theiy diIiplayll without ec, oc',p
||nll ,lll'(h ulltallly beta'ilng r lIl d(loroll1 no f
ductl an wol thlin hoanrt of all. NW4 liove
ourll firln'tlll lt, onlly l) I lultPe thli'y atre bIrnvi
alll 1k, hollior ito I th1 cilty I.nfort- sntrlati.'~r, bitt
for th. r'nson l Ihat Ith. y 1J'10 the lIprot.el',r of
otr propor'iatty rtu of tho livi. of our wives ltullt
chltrlInI. No dainger t.7 (o fttighltful tiat thtyv
will tlnit ri.nk, nol dril ci hrtole thIat thley will
IIit i1ari'. T thm n we owe safoegtard and i pi
tctioln, and wheln lthr1lt anI11tal ifc1Rt day
icon'n Ift catnnolt Il fe f lfhtl wilh too much
pletltli(or atil ienlthuslianm. An was liInnounttcel
Itn yllesterday mlrnl'lllsg'R lalpers thi, dilToront
cmtltpllntllea forlnmil onl (anal lat rnt, atnd It was
a l'nautiful iight 11) c(iRe.
We have rarely nccn (ut'lt a crowd on thin
populoius thioroughfare. Thue imllany .r.nlgl't-a
now i , n lie city, gtiZantlt of the replltation
of oul brave liltil'tenll, lthlrongld ti .a'.R themflilc
fiorm Intho lint', and Itheir many friend in the
city., mlded to lh ntiuirlllil, tnatld anl almost
elIItmpact masnn 1 of p0'1pln) fiiironl thn (1ttstontcl
Iliousli to liitthibit slt rli:. Notwitltntnutnilhng
I lie v'st cocllouil r' naFnIeti il'd thiirt', ('lampll,
Ht. (lharhlen, IRyail iand otl(ir 't adjaP.ollt Itrot('
wore ciro vmi aliit so atIn sm to Ih11up1ht frlt'
iirh'uhlatioln. In till this crowd we canl
lnot omnit; nlictitlitlin-g, thilough wve mln.y
mlkake mollrllh of fair o)1nt1, halte, that
wi' w're parilriulhIy va' ttruk with fi'.Alh aul
rosy fame lihant wo had nteve'tr (cct hefore, anid
who, W conncluti01, lul.tt lii'iong to fimtitie fit
vt rid daltes, whlre bI,'at.y kec'l, i n.lwaPys
fresh, atdl whre Iov'line-l in thing of every
their lttet d a ,lt ' c thel line t'igan t1 i morlve, a'i
platoon oif pol-lemen openintg thi way
thlrough the detntlly ctrowdel d stret,,i'n.
'Thfi lfitt dlivishtn wan heladedl Iby f.the grand
nmarshal, I. N. ilnarks, In full regilia, sulr
roundedl by his aill: 0
W. IH. Manning .. Vi'n Proeident
henry Andry . . s'trr4try
W. J. (Cheva ler ....... Trpa ur.e
Fred. Camerdan Ex-Vh'i i'reslient
John MeIaffrey.... Ex- Vies Prelsdent
Ge oo. H. Braughn Ex-Vie' Preslient
Louis A. WItz Ex-Vies Preasident
Alfred Ilellantger E!-('hief Englunef
Phil. MC(abe .C. hief Engineer
Jacob Bein . *- Volunteer No. I
Cuha. Evrhad .... . Mllneburg No. 1
F. (arrasz ... . Bt. Bernard No. I
Dan Ros ..... . . ... MissiseIppi No. 2
F. l-hehlbrt.... ....... Vlglat No. ,
Frank J. Bulger ........... (olu mbia No. 5
Capt. Thos. Hastingsan. . .. M.a.hanic No. 0a
Paul Walermnan .. .........EI.n No. 7
John M. Oos. ............. l'holnxlx ho. 8
P. E. tarrazin ............ ....Cr"ol No. 9
A. Hambola... .......... Louisiana No. 10
James Lynch ..........ad Ferry No. 12
P. L,ohy ........... . P'rseverance No. 13
PRatr alaise............ Philalelphia No. 14
John 8. lldgins ... ......... ...Jackson No. I9
I. I. Henrllue...... . Washington No. 21
John Norton ............Orleans No. 21
I Turney . .Exempt -einty JeTIorsan No. '22
Edward llurns .. . .... J...ITerson No. 22
Peorge Z tztnllntl . .....hnlmette No. 2:1
Cleorg- W. Kirk...... ..... .Cr,~o,nt No. 24
Joseph Hlornor ...Louisianla ILsa- (timo)nan
F I. AnIalovih'h ,afavette 11. and L. ,o. 1
W. J. J. Armatrong Amerlean H. and L. No. 2
Ernest J Weno'k ... . top H. and L, No. :
Owen E. Hullivanu ..... Pelican II. and L. No. 4
H leading the proH'esslin, as ihas always been
the cOl('o I11, (1w11110
pre('('edl by the fine band of the Washinogtlon
Artillery. Sixt, y-five men appeared in line.
and we mIust say aa fte a body of men as
thern is in our department. At the head of
the rope) were the ominlpany's two favorite
horses, "Loafer" and "Our Predl," the latter
named after the worthy foremnan, and they
see.nill to look down with contlmpt on all
horel(lesh inot In thi parade. 'T1he engine, a
sa')md-ehlas J. lTers, camne next, hlookin like a
pi'eY of burnishled silver and drawn by four
prancing steedts. 'rhe decorations were beau
tiful, but art the same time few. Mounted on
tlhe smok0e-stlk was a handasome white satin
cushion, trimmnled with gold and sur
mountld by a large silver wreath, with
the flgure "1" in the centre. Resting on the
driver's seat In front was an elegant golden
frame. beneath which rested a handsome sil
ver service won by the company's two horses
some years ago; swinging in thle cntre of the
frame was a large silver trumpet, no doubt a
trophy of sonim hard-earned race. Extending
from the cushion on the smoke-stack to the
frame in front on the seat. was a white satin
streamer hearing on either side the words
" The Old Veteran," this being the oldest
complany In the city. The sultion brackets
and other port ions of the en gine were taste
fully trimmed the whelIs and running gear
being painted( red and gold; extentingl
around tih' hiler was a iflue wreath (,f white
and gold.
In speaking of this company It would not
he amliss to her(I state a few facit about
he'r. IHen.ides l,'ing the oldest e'm1i)anly il thell
fire dopartment. No. 1 also turned out oil
yesterday the od,,ivt horse in tih organiz 7l
{lon namely, old " Loafor," who haIs h],n in
this mpanlllly's plsse.aslOln twwenty yoears,
Ilillnelen of wthich we re (spent in ntivo
se. vicel. Thl'e forenman, Mr. Fred. S'ihnli
der is :() lse another old landmalrk, ht
hav\-inig boon actively conllnet.' with
ith dIlepartment for thirty odd yl'ears,
and is to-day as l active as ill the d.ys o'f his
youthl, hie I.ing n1ow tll' forelman of-lis com
1pany; he hll1._ severail times t1oo1 e''1te1 ilas as
ristrll, chief of the department, and lilled
other p].siions of trul'lt andll worth anlllmg his
follow-irelln'. 'Previous to thlle paradlIle tile
collpanly repaired to the hollse of iMr. Schniel
dolr, wihiire they were tilhe r'ecipienllt of a
111ultiful wr'lathi from his worthy wife, and
also of a lilne silk lag froml t.le lady andl gentole
linoll friends of tilhe llllpallny. A filn' dinner,
providetv by the' nmarsllhals, lcloed thie day's
rih(e following are the ofilerl' of Volunt'eer
No. 1: Frank Schoulerman, president; H. B.
Whollalge, trteasurer; ('. O. Webb, (''secretallry;
F. Schneider, foreman ; W. C. DIe tn. first as
sistant: P. Okuli, second assistant; Marshal,
P. F'arbacher; Aid, J. Rein. l
Presidnlt. J. . Augustin; Vicel President,
W. T. Inbau" Secretary, Wm. LeMonnier;
Treaisurer, John 1)olhoudle: Foreman, A. l)ar
('antel; First Assistant, Tlhos. Kieran; Second
Assistant., Jlohn Preto; Engineer, John Taafe.
'Thle lin ULtle steamner of the company,
Lwonora Inbiu (named n after ex-Pre ident In
Ia:lu's daughter,. was welt arranged. The fact
of its lbeing tasteful iy decorated is no matter of
surprise, sine1 the fair hands and skillful fin
g.ors of Miss L. Inbanl. M~r. A. Darcantel and
Miss E. Darcuantel had arranged the floweis
and decorations.
On the s5n,' ke-tack rested a huge bouquet,
the gift of Miss L. Inbalu, gxodullther of the
engine. Red satin balls, pad-worked and
trimmu d with gold, adorned tho suCtion pipes,
slpportPd by flowetr. Frrtm the srmokii est R
toi the driveir's Reat, anl all over the engine,
ohleant hgold chains were suspended.
At. Blerrierl No. I rliRsteflrs overlfllt v tnuem
tiers, all well uniformed and of gallat.it Lhear
Irrsllh the rope,4. in prettyv tralpplnrs,
moarerhol the fav-,rite horse .f tie .uompriitany,
"PAUI' F,"
and "NuImoa A," lno I l Potteld ty th li "hyVs."
1)AVID ('lOR('iRET r!cOMPANY Noi. 1,
of (retnos l'rlesildn-t J.Whtteile; Vloe 'r,,sl
dent., 1'. 1)tuarl ; Hr--ritiry, -I. rl'Iliokik Trreras
uror, WVi. bangrovrv ; Foreman, F. tr'on h lv;
First A sistat lt, I. 1 rI r'nt : Hor,,wl A ssiat I it.,
J. , r)ttrhrinfer Eigineoir. I1I. W. jli-iitin;
lirlrsokoolier, M. N cuh; Marshals on ilt Iy, F.
Fr~ril runt J. i avidl r
Thi'l. ciolt-t-t ,iiipnyv fromi en 1't1rii b tirnued
oiiit forty n -ri. t rung, nuit was altv ri-pie
snult. (lhi r eng.ne Insa new ioe; Ith i, parnrilIc
Is th.e flrst tone in whlih it. hturs oiieii cl t. It
wuvis tauiiullfrtv arrnngr-i wI ht lt ,u uit- hlw
iuii iuil ipl-iprliiate it ci-irrtiioirs.
iif Al 'ers P'rsdint..l J. Iltihev; Vice I'rol
dent., F. lrrtmrnr ; "Tre lrsairerir, ,1. [irrlrlv; Hi-i
retlar ,. IIl.i llerl lln; Friioririmn, It. It(li IlKimO':
FIirstni, Asistrlnt, Li. Fiirister Sci·-rMinl A ast-l
ant,, Ut. Fo.t'; v Engignhicr, F. Ciiiun inglrati;
lii irsekee ir. Wrn. Itirrly Htcwiilrl Al.
ireat Mahrnl- tin du t, tV. II. \V'l( andl
it. H. Wicling. Furilly l lv srtalwart rrii-i
horl the lirrns pr-i.,.ling theIr- lii-ett~y little
st-earnmer ( fiolrtl ss Jelffrltes.
nrrl.ed afl.er ltho lughtter ,f 11. I. V)Wil, Paqr.
The i-rig nio wurs urnl-ri liv "I'nt tl illy,"
htih Iisthl!ly ,culleiPr. A hlitn tlririir'rs i-rn
rmi-sei un I the stearuir's stiun-, r shirur iitI-it liv
I'le tn l.lS1 1)11t.l l~l~ll".. ll)Illl!llilr.ll l.
a. gilt. ncrg l'ietrik. Arlll'oliinl lile 5rr o(!itt.ill-i
wvis woiinil a lliarge tblrer I iihhn, !tith Indrllefi
wlitb-h were fastelrre.ti to thtue sIgnal tr ll ts. TIIe
"K I fI I1TT11 R M A M l Ii:,"
was srtls;nayei un the . Thcarnr. le tiiroki't s
shown I tir rrdu'rr.ritl arzr a rnlrinitir rif ilor vrlvet
hrll. fr-inrrrir witlh lIlver-. Tlue erinr' htire
frnrrernu.tiitkers., ir! ri-'eiinrt if tirh rlathi of fi 'our
Ilroer lrs, trirer' of wiI iri trla' Icil-rllost rn Ire
llt-flrtl lrAl!teller. "Vi,," tholr fi rlhful
hirrise, whi hii trs sete twl-I yeears irf servife,
was Il aratr tllrig stalrllli tna gila halrilRs.
sm nnaetrair (AND) ENaiNE 'ruii'MPANV Ni. I.
'irli-nt N i. I, hcrnnir; V ie Proshli-nt, M.
l'riaulartl; heerrtrlr,' V. aii i'llnuezl; Fi-r.!a lti,
Tl. Di. Al urn' First Assisinrt. U. Got dor;is Her
ind AlsslstanIt. I1. Fri--di 1Ho nsfekisp!,r. i'.
This nounparry nyiratu'red lift y-.twi filine I-ink
tinlg rnui, hir - nrrlfnirn.n, l drlR t'he lad of
liltarsthul It. Ili iizlei, ias.lte.l ly i. Hinlr-.
itly. 'T h on- rig bi tail lI deli -calr-filixv I Ir
nitshnel, anuril i-i- ttoeitt thre sun's rai-s li. e Iiil
Ist'lI; strul - It wairer-i. i;tT Iti art virntirge withIi
liiihn m rlsiui Idonl ratirirs f fir lwer inn n i-carri
Ih atili ailn r ll.A11ll noa i rllll iht'.raN Il.l l ii ll'N~cl.
I'Proailent. l~ni Myer-; Ti-.rnsi'r , i'. A.
ileri; Hi-i--ela irx I .Hi-'ioi r; i Fire iniin. |.
Ieioiniiger; I-ri-t Aesist. ti. W. . A. I inet:
H e ei , il i l ul la ri i!, ,. I l -r g i , .
thu t irirll iral rl i rlllir.rlie li twnt --tcwli nllmii ..
b ,is, rlr ti lei oif t. Trihii -r.
Their tri-ti., "1itt 1 Mairi,." wri - orv r .r--l
itatly adtiirornil with mti!rt, i's nit t Ih lk--.
lr.4&rVEl'rafR HtOOK A err rAllrirt. POiMP4r
Sir. I.
i'r-o-!hlnt, ('. J lh'rry: Hio-iri-ninv. W. I nw
s.ni; Trin-ir r, - , II. -ixiltt; F.rirrlnr, lbilt.
It'll; First- A ls liat it, . I'i. ,l'rt-t,- ; Hoi-i-i-et
Asststnrl1. J. CUrrinhliiairrti, wae thin r- it in
lirre. This taiiciaruiitliait ilrrpriv,,e II i-uck wun-i
iltiirwn hy foiir whi-te ,Iairgi..a. iliri wI i i-i-ri
rinti- ini tre nre with it i-n v vlvri t lohI, 'i
whuih WOv-re ain liUini lers /nitr if t1iu1i htririri;
frouii oir oi l -i i he I ri-' k t f- i hI i t her -i t -luk
st.rea-miers. l!i whhih wliiti uirqtlurihoil. "--lt
Itew.inid, (I nr lei.ds." 'Thi-ic wri-e t4ita~lrwart.
ilrrei nil thin iriti.'
Mcl inl nlviqlon.
'lithis r1vllivii wins ireadld ity (Ih ief " olir e.
(O'('orinnrr rint Iis Assts.tritt, M. Itsy, I' ii.
Ford, .Jamrie- l!liyeie ani F. . ('sriitll.
Frilltwnng tihe Aihls ruirre tIre ithiaiituiron of
hlIe wurld,
M-154T4RIRPP N,. 2,
drawn by aex white hors.o led by joekys. the
animals' headl Ielng' dee',ratedl with plumns.
The engine of aliver. "E. A. Burkn," was
most ta..qtfullly dlel'rat1ltl and 1eIaring her
nlotto, "Non Nohid." Her nsmokestack was
d.c.oratie with a pair of horns, and bItwenl
them wae ataRched a pitc('e of blue ribbonh , on
whlch was written. "(!' amplon of tih World."
'The suction brackets wvera dculcrated with
blue (en.hsll, on which were little el1ver vansrt
filled with ilowers.
T'h driver' seat was ornamented with
somet of the 'ompanply'.s prize) of silver.
There were fully 100 jolly-luckinhg men pull
Ing lit the ro(eo, an11 within the dIoutille I1n
proudtly mllarch( i the hI I)rse "M aurie, lhart,"
and "'l otv lart."
The 4l.eors of thls comnpnny aIre: I'rol -
dent. I'. arnltrdeon Vite P'r'.ilent, 'I' tby
hart; le"oirding Her,'tary, I. lereegea yy;
Financlal Meretlary, J. Mut, .Ir. ; T''reasurr,
J. Mehinnla; Foremnan, II. J.1. PIh'e; Firstl. A4
slaa.nt., U. White; Sevond Assletant, A.
vIILAN1 ' 1 (i, ('OMI'ANY NIo. .
Charles A. M1arsh, presilent ; A. F. F'reibut,
vico president ; I,,o.. II. Tardy, oecretary;
iHenry Luses, foreman; J. KiefiTor, lirht aa
aistant; ,Iv.Riley, se'ond asistalnt; .1. l'on
stein, engineeor; W. J. D1). lHoward, hous
keepor; Il. Lyncuh, toeward.
Profuscelyv tado'rnl with fragrant ilrWt'l's
and handsomely dcporated and bmrnisheld,
the fine third-c('tq ArnoskeaIg lngille of the
company, the
drawn Ivy foulr hIIOlsel , undeir the eontrol o)f a
many well-attireld jockeys. onjoyael a full
share of dmliration and praise.
A large Iouquet of flowers resl-tl on the
(lmolkestac.k, and on each bracket gilt horns,
set off with red and whllte natin trihmings.
On the seat was i.1 in1r silver cooler a prize
won at tonlm fair by thel pomnlpanly. The mar
shal, Mr. Onelimo l)ubouchel, and his aids,
Metlers. T. Shtl'pherd, P. lIermnann, T. (~o urage
and T'. Artigln.o. preceedd tlthe well-filled
doubhle Ile of lust y "flire boy," riggedl up in
their .h t landi most olgantL uniform--a rol
shirt, hblak panti, cap, and a leather belt, In
esrib)ed in white, on a rod ground, "Never
des .air." Within the lines the four trusty
and faithful horses, "Lion" (exempt fourbta'n
YearsI), "Rover," "Tligr" and "Fox," r'ared
their proud heads and struck their hiloofs on
the ground in appreciation of the admiring
galz' of all.
No. 3 was Indoed well represented In the(
parade; thei meln hlooked spllndid; the enginl
wasi carefully fixed up. In fact, this company
had a goodl share of public' approlbationll.
namedl after tlhe charming young lady, Ml? As
Carrie Lalland', with thll moto, "We raimo
to save," foll)owed next inl line.
The cmlrnpany was ~ed by its m)arhal, W. F.
Clark, with Judge W. J. J. Armsatrong as his
'l'his truck It a fine piece of workmanship,
and was run(oe in this ity y Mr. ('lark. Th''ll
truclk wa.ºa drawn by two gray br4ses4, with
Pixtl men on the r(opes, an( wa(s very neaItl y
deodrantel. ''The horse Tom O'lBrion was within
the ropes.
The oflh4ers of this company are: President,
E. D)urrive; Vie, Pres,+ident. H. (%:hse(rly; t0c
rt:,ry.. . E. Comi,; Foreman, T. H. O'lPrion;
First Assistant., E. J. Po()wers; Ste4)4nd Assist
ant, ,Jas. SIisN.
'Tl'hen followedl
with their Amoskoeg engine, named after
Lady Laura Grandjean, with the motto
"Always Ready." There were about ninety
men at the ropes, and the engine was gotten
up regardless of expense.
On the smokestack stood the goddess of
liberty with our country's flag in her right
hand, while her left held the shield. On the
driver's seat was a pair of buck's horns,
mounted on a most tasteful yellow satin pad.
The suction brackets were decorated with
small 'ellow pads, ornamented with small
bucks' heads. In the ropes walked the horses
The company's officers are: President,
G. P. Malloy; Sncretary, Goo. C. Wright;
Foreman, Thos. Vizardl; First Assistant, A.
Gainmanu; Second Assistant, J. W. Hartnett;
Marshal, no. McCormick; Aid, F. J. Bulger.
Next that appeared in sight was the South's
named after Annie Howard, with the motto,
"Periculo promptus."
This third class Amoskeag was drawn by
pRi gresy nages, their hearts being dtwnated
with pod , yeli w and white piu roa.e
fril 11f4P41estaek hldk a tn t.y lrliie and
white pvrnn;4i4, while the em-i ion I,min'koios
wei-e 'oofff-imenlei in the saute planner. The
volves w!'o-' o 1fo fRlleted wIth large tpiuqlflets.
'ihis engine was fdefraatod by Mrs. (lit.
FI' oi-o or.
T'Iheroe were HstV-two men Mulling the ropes,
iuidlf-- lere Ti by Sputte r's Ni Iver I iprw~t hand.i
'Ii'h oeeFlfteft. iof this 1f'pifff41 ny Is (11-i1c.
NiMpiden; Vi'' I-resIdent \V. I1. I'ffttfef11fnn
Secretfary, N. P. I'hiiletpo UIsn:14t--, (1. Zitlr'ie;
LppfffOuiff, It. II. Iloppluff ; firist A~seltflfit,
tr. Hntac(k"I; Seellrld AssiStant, .. ;loRcplll Mad-l
I'40fSU x-rffN FROM V (('11114(000
'fi-Pp pide' l ire fl4'eglot ipt~ (Pr tileoleff fripp
Vip-Istip p-'g, tf eff'l hr their ('idl NIr, Mr. \rVpn
If-4-inI'tf. 'I'hip-o ROnfl4'Off' were tiif' ii vie
gufests of Mi'I-h~lfffio'' No. 6, ovoil I lieS. w5Ff
1'rrllr,wr· d b y he1· ir llfo's.
"I4 i'iir t ie' lack !" was the ei aif I hunt gave
IV'' 111a T 'pul '44 p-jrg elar M "fffil
1lli.- fi$4lfiI, tfifiodw after M1Ico Pirnoi
IhPffilCof, is- off the 4a'elerf-ted l ,oi-rieu jflit<
tA-inll, fffil, 4tl4 fllf allt fff'f'1 ue .: ) p14"1oPiAtll it
fl(lf'ffIllf 4fIPprif f if, hfifff.i (I IhillV 41 livour I lul
threlie 0 iff-, llfitnf- Iffffi, )tilly, .Ihifff fffflu
Ofrflfr If 1441. 11(0-14(4144 hosewofe4a ILpt iff tlff
hlariness, t ife I ,he hacfk ! c oli lima'' 1i1114l.1f
tfliff'4I ff i('141444 ff I ihree hipI'll'-s, 11hifih tiffsIlI
Pff'ily ff41 thiff flfffalfs 'It.OIrPIP'i I p', ' I llwý
Thff ffppatf fffflfoffp~i4uu ffiat4ff' pifhlfit, the4
cofgifff wa.114h11 rnti 4 ffIffafft ff' t 4f i'ki'ketik,
gIPIPI, Pf1POI whifif rp'ste It('4ff tiwf. Si44 f f
Iffg f If'1 'ff4 + 111ff (514-1 tiff' fpffi opf thifft' iflwf tI'
ffff'if ~rlffl-lf' 4llU iff'i ' f(P ll otf (ii'f- oppil 414·R111 ffi
'I`iffff 11441lclT 414'i'P ififffffff'f opfl~'lHfi~ftii fff~
meihanle iirlrlri ir In the shcrtuilderr Woo~rl (;rts i`
ftffif' tiff' ''ff~i'i' V ui4'sf.
'h11ff' lipti llplp I ~ert. I%.1)t 1fif fIm d (Vf 1 w fRflfffrtI
(if Isif iPfff , 414w41 ifffl l I'tfhlus. ffgiftut was his
ai41. the pp'ipiip'rs ar-: l'rffr'Clf'i 'I hi(4.1 11ev
4r'fffif '; viI'o]40'ehf"Iefd i'effof II'llfffihlf 'IPeff
top v, NWilliamf4P Silfiffo f fac11f 4ffr, It. 14444ll,
fir- fraff .lames01 Iiffrfy; Ilft fj'411i11tlfft , i'ftt
(ir tgiaffr', s11(044(1 af(at14n fit, 11. M. l ffffey.
rF1Af1(,f1f Nf. 7.
*ifffff'1 ('nr fpjflif'i re4fidfleft ; . C'. Jirfeflpucli,
vip-i' iff"1114'ft :i (/ tftst, 114444411 or }i. \VIPN,
l rff11ff "r'; A. 8P-'ifffiff, 11444t f01'11-fftfft :A. 11ff
pif 41414, EI. V. i~f'i'l f'fI, Is'1i ., ftfil I'p ii 'Pl'ftifpt
line 110ffP444 "iilava If 4(4111 ot'tn-~i (fngfin44 "',h4(fnf
I aOfPf14If'ii diifff if'.' ffffr 14141k hf' f1514', l'ii I''
jiflrks 1. 11ff' ('ffiilfif s WO P'firffflly hrifffltif~i,
evffi paft elififfffr Ilk'fP 4a ffflf-f-r. i~I'rff tif'
fsffiftiff'11141 i', t1f ifl, rv4'fi coa't P''I~if'lPfif'i4
fThffliir htil l~~ii4'd 44tntff i deorte wt
Moiefit upiltil',pi" t Ma f rkIef 144411 1ff 4'ff1 el4"44
gifin' iitfiv n pffP-4l44'f'- pets ififPff g'i' sa1114411
Vl fiffi1'lVk 1414441-4 iffin luff ff4411 I' shiri'tiff
f'mt~' Ih~ 4if'i 1 h4114 4 le ifi t'ifif. irtfpptt-f'
t'rffle 1:(1l1*4f ff4 Itfo'' ffhlV i~f'fflflfRt t14fttr -
iiil" fP(i'p', ' fil i44PfiflfiR kfffefllf' Ptu' to141
hnisf44111'PI' I iffPniifug". -. goild e11gle (144f ff4
faunff i lie (lffifk4'5lIrk withi if iffffllY f'Slpfffdf'P
Wi 44 gs.
4444 4,101riPffi 4'.ihi Ill-ifI 'Ii '' ") 1044 ff44 (ng'
1'01t 4(14l'r (41 f If 11f' 4,4 fiPiffi
14ffin II'' fgi414 '.144s p1444'"I it lf'Ifufifffl 'Iilier
Pew'fi4's 44i141 'Ip-i114/4 01444'' ) ip' by fIfliay
I 4414'
444405 fC Niff 11
1t-'r'ran'.'ito Antioaklog, lt 'Ila'dly AniA
iatnruN." A gilt. Pl'hrenix rr ,t'iq ,s'm'rli to
usaotl fromti the woll Ituihl ptlitd moketa'k.
Twos ,trtir Iof white l llk ext,'tled from,
the 1'lrenlyl' hill, in ,oth aide.. to the engine
lpiptm. ( in th. tnuk was p.tltac'etd a ballsket of
well arranTi d rli'ltilleini flowi r.q.
aventlly inln ii1 riled shirt", lMark Ilpants
Il.ck 4 e' t het r t b its withl º,t l litning , i arl heitld
nlownl of Ihe pnilue.
A!tuong thlett prt.n'tdl the bay trotter
"~lTin." in Iluo tap~,,s. (li(corated with silk.
auil a asilver wrt'ntli on the girth, the wroath
oinrel.hig li . th nmn118" "8."
'Iho gr'inid imarsihall Of t hto itopanly was
Mr. J. Cotlt', asistlhed by Mosirl. A. Lulgi
band M. J. Cooi.. o
The Ioan.rd of Ioflecrs Is comlposied of fth fo l
lowing gientleionl: Me.rs-, I. V. (lfiillotth,
Presitleont; iHenry Lambert.. Vi r Presidenrt;
1. Lannghliaw, Treasurer; 11 .1. Martinet., Ho.
r.tairy; .. Bell, flat assistant; II. Sllublrt,
second assistantl ; Will, (ilt.sti, engiinoer,
ind J. T' Heaward, Iihouse-k',plor.
1,OPE H1OOK AND t1,IiiEl N. iO.
P'residoent A. Lynchi; 'T'reanuror. A. P'. Kelpl
,erlcotllrv, f.. IT. Rticharld!s; Fornmat , John
';vtins;, First Assistant, bohn Edwtirtl ; Hte
ouil Assistant, .1. P'riiodiintt ; ilotuoiekoper, .1.
J. (Olivor; TI lllertian, W. JI. nt iels..
'IT'his t·aclle.it. ic.oipany w-ts repre~scente inl
ileo panralt)' ty eighity sturdy . netbtrt s in a
ta.str'ful uniformn; ir.cd hirts tuiid Ilack plints,
Oin thei r lbrea.s shone ai ni curve Ilato repro
aentinl tthe oniileis of their itillig, ia Iths'k
land lidderl, and t Ihe nlutlnher "."
Their truck, the "A. 1'. lilo," drawn by four
lrot'a oiliitil thio Itrlaise' of all lookers
on. Ii, was builit, v Mr. Jose h Sehwa rt.,
of hiis city, and in tOf ollst elaborate flinisth.
In the I cntrt stio d thl o statue of I(ope,, point
i ng to lheaven with Oltn hand, whilst, the othe.ltr
rested otn tto atnchor, the einbloin of salvation.
Neoxt to the stao t ltotietd iup tl i t mmll i'nrlao
palir of gilt hlorl, tiroas which was stretchedl'li
a ilue str'eamler, with thle dflanlt. Iott,o
"(!Conn nd take tllheml."
From one enrl of i the trluck tt t.he othelr flut.
tr'retl a largo at reamer of blue silk, lnsct"ri ltd
"Champion ofi A nmrlca." Insilde of the lines,
'proutldly ossing lits manln , marchedl th
flviLrito liharger of the corilllrlny. "N. A. Llant
him," lii i brlan new harness of patint leather.
'I'he ct'ompainy dese'rvtes credit for thu taste
fuil manneilor in which they havo organlized ith.t
idltills o the turnout.
'his d,'serving tmipany is oftlered Iby
L. A. Wilts President,; rI. Brewster, Vico
.'realsont; J. L. Harris. Treasullrer; F. K.ath
man. Mcretary. Mr. A. V. FIottt I the fore
man; F. Itavmond, Fir'it Assistant; V. Fltto,
Heulonl Assistant. Aihead of the comlpalvn
rtode the Marshal, Capt. (C. C. Cain, Ltassisted
by Mr. P. E. Sirratziin, and followinig clnio ttih
stulldy ralk andl lile of the noll Ifiremon wileho
are otver rI'eady to risk t,heir lives for the pub
lic weal, The fine, filrt-closs A ntoskong
a bli(jon of eolganc'K and workmanshnlhip, was In
holidaly ai.ttire. 'I'hne "boys" hiad evidently in
ithehir miinds resolved not to ho lato in the
piul'arldt. Their eltgino, with its decoratltions,
wit.- ole of thei fieatures of ,the daly. O)n the
mrntok'.stalck resoted a ssoft, whlitju volvet, atcushion
on which Irepostdi tho crown and culnt, of aLrm
oif Ilex. Fromi tihe stnrokestaci.'k to the pittpes a
whitei sttruatnt'r Iloateol to thebrIrezoe, and on it.
was l .scriled in goldon charactc'ra, "Prid't of
tio South." Elah nsuction bracket suti lporta'l
a white tap witll Ipndelnt goldin balls, s.g
gestivu, of the mnystic couming of the ever wel
(ncom C(omus.
All thu nlon prosentedl a line appearunneo in
red shirt,s, black pants, white kids, white cra
vats and sixtie'n-comtrb fire caps.
Insido the r'pi,ot there nmarcld the t, hree
gaily elntartison'tund hlor"a's of the com iparny, the
"A. V. i lo)tto," in white' satin harn-ess trim
mtd wilh gold; "M'A. Berry," a white' and red
p lttent ilathl'r harnes, wit h a ('reps('llt onl the
top, inscribed with the words "u()r l)arling,"
iand "J. L. Harris," in fine trappings alnd two
d:er's heads well disposeod on his hartlinrs.
L()UISIANA N). 10.
President, L. Josephson; Secretary H.
Heubauer; Treasurer, Jos. Plischkl; Fore
man, J. Bubler, Jr.; First Assistant, 1). Lam
biski ; Second Assistant, John Jownee; En
gineer, L. Clark; HIousekeeper John Holden.
In front of the company rode Mi. Hauptman,
Eaqn, the marshal, assisted by Messrs.
Anthony Sambola, Charles Eschlinger, A. E.
Scheidecker and L. H. Frantz.
The company's new third class Jeffries en
gine "Christina Bubler" (Mrs.J. Voelkcl, god
imother) was beautifully decorated. On the
smokestack stood a large gilt pelican feeding
its young. From the signal lamps to the
pelican's beak streamed a white ribbon, with
the touching legend, "I ive and die for tho.e
I love." Inside the ropes, keeping time to
the music and looking quite active for a
"Loafer," marched the favorite horse of the
compa)ny, caparis,'ned in a beautiful set of
harness a present from Mrs. Voelkel, the
godmotherf of "Bonnie Christina."
Fully 93 firemen, in neat uniforms, too well
known to be described, pulled at the ropes,
afdt mnarched awqi like ther e(.qttqtors of
lnlsiana Nn. 10 Is a great favorite with the
ieople (of tihe distrlr, and trnulyv the brave
'laid(les" btel'ogiug to It, enjoy a deserved
popubrlrity for their Iacttvity anrid ,zeal i the
noble, task of protecting lilf and property.
"Oui.r Niam rnirt Examlle." This sengine,
christeniitid "l,ilv ! latlirt," wnas lthe font ar ,f
the day, tiring the most, Iiamrin.uely 000li
rated. Sh" wias itdri wn tv ait whits bhrirs.:
()n her simiokistltikl warI a huirnlorl palI,
mnrlndoof red satin trhirierl with .ll st Mars
andil frinigo. Hurrni.itiritn tilis wn.s a gold
necster, who api!'.roil la tine irnrwing lustily.
'hie driver's sef ct ari Iu·lltin i-lhrl i.eta4 weir'
donratted with reld satlin Ipais arid oinh pal
was oriia.rento(Il with Iia pir'e of silver, the
prtizes whic'h thIl n.l it lptny woi inl (ay. gion
iV. which' new grive hola a rei'or ll. 'Thlurow.r'ir'
wonI ts'v-six lc'ai'' of silv r inll all. " ,lin hlun
drrrI eiplani.hI looking min worn tuiggin at,
Ihl' ropies, whihe the oiinrip y's pots, Mike,
l''te aid Ital, at"lipeld proudly witlhin tilt
'hto oflooerl 'If t iIris rnmptt are: l'realorilt.,
I'. Menlly; Vii''' l'rl'siont, T'lhor.. B13rniinin;
Iir ,lriling 'criretrrv, It. II. A. Mlonero ;
Fimanuiinl Rooreti.ary, .. M'Crlr'art hv'; ['rreasurr,
.lIhl.'ro ]lrani ; FloromIan ii, WiIl. IlIlkoe; First
Assistant. .Inarmes 1). i nii 'nan; Hioioiii As
sinl4t f. Phil Hoillly; M acrhall, ,iarn ,s (1105
on;i A iI..lrIns l iyitch.
r',n4EVlR iiANIN'I No. 1`1 "'ne'l!ri AI rrADrli."
plrsevern.orii No. l: retin-rinedl tio make iI
d.ispiia y w.. thyII' Il er past. r.eord. Ninot y
Iuan stopped piromidly art lih rioa, loead h.
their -tniihi fattier and sou, John Gl. lIoho
anil 1'. ,uihy.
"'ori.vi-rnuruor," ir as sIhe is htristlr'url "Eva
Maircs," Wias sir ristrfniiy dir oratibi that she
.-uirld lrlrpe wit t aniy eLngi' inl the' lparIle. In
her srrrimkist k was ia rnagnltiinert piyr anid
of n'tifncianl pink rioos'. Iri s~untln tirn'ki'ts
s ppIortidr ai phintforn r ivord with hlioi,.nl
whilth resotd vases, hollinlg lhoniitots of pink
flowers. The ' re ine, whi oh is a thlilrd-lass
Ioll, iiwas idriwn bv iw. horse's.
()11oelars ( I.I MnTean. liro-slent; ,J. I,.
Mutttor,,vii I ,reident ; 'I'. Nortro, s ucre-tary;
J. Lipmrran., ireasl'orr; .1. Fltzatrlik, tti'r
man; .1. J. Kuhitirr, first assistantl 2. M I(,I
linl, s'nomrl assistant; John (4. Rlonire, mar
shal; P'. Laiadhyt, id.
IAIIAi WII.'I'A NoI. 14 "4 FRIENDi N EEI fts
'I'lis ornmlipiny had 70 men on the ropos,
nral was or vr tastrefilla v le rrnratarl.
Shli wias ofnllloed 'Is folhlow.: lJohn ItrruIr
ilons, pr.i'iidint :i E. almrnut, vi" Iv prusildentl ;
W. II. K l(ilinpotr, sorrotary; C(. IC. laleyv,
traisurc r'; l'otor IJlidoa, gramril rInarsrhIt.
.Ii!Hkt.90 No,. I. "To rrrH RFiS(.lF.."
'lThe Itxt. engine that htve in ightt was tIhe
nrhow, an l re holdeid the firtih divlliorl.
in heri arniriko-strIk wasi ait ried silk lrshltion,
while on the diriver's sent was also a rdi silk
rsrlronr. on which was raised a silk streaurer,
onr whirh wAiS. written: "We OwntIttihirn--"' '
theli roae ll'." hre we're at. lIst n sevlenty lv,
liu lullirng rr t tIh ropes, while tile h.irse.
T'l'orn liurki, rn I t!hri.. Mitle. In full regalia,
nmioir'-tid within the line.
(Ill ioi'-r PI'riesidleit, M.. J.. Rhohiean; Vire
Preslidntori . I( inrari Jr.; heerutarv. Ii, W.
,iinwil l,l Jr.; 'l'racsl"ror W. Dnutilln ; Fore
mill. WVE.. lohrilv; First Assistanti, 1. 'I'.
iidlle ; orinlrri Assistantl , (loo. Wilcson; Iar
Ahunit, l'li.. laltlro; Aid. ,ino,. H. lu.rldgirns.
WARHINITIrN" rNO. 2.9l- "OuNWA iri."
'Thtl aogline. ,ristnermd "l" rmie Ma rks" t he
flilt'rs iof whic'h rl.: irolhlint., W.luet.
alkrks; Vice I'ronidr'lt, (. J. MAlG irinis; Mo,
rtl.ry, '. i tia-k; ' 'r..isurerr, Aiugustuis
AMl rki'; Fremani, Frank I II. ltrako; First A
ditant I. ( l Mnrzttoi; MomurnliI Assistantr. F.
r.IZln, inrirlurt iil'nrg inext.
hhnli il aI third- lilIrse luonl enginro, and hadil
fo irty-ive mean fit the ro Ii',s.
lii t in drlivor' a snti.L thre w.rst " ilver car
vihr. while hor s.nt ion pipes held Ilibaskt, of
flowers and grva"si.
HIlr smokesta..k was orntramented ol with a
silk pald, from whltih m ari'd filt eagle,
The lhorrae, "Little Mik'" aniil "I'l'er
writer," rlir.naln in the r oes.
Presid, nrit, ILeiin tertoli ; Vite-l'resitlent, F.
fhir' ringerl; Foirier an, II. iV. IIuril; First- As
sistanit, II, Larirbert.; He'onlldl Assistant, MT. IR.
Milatilgotlral; Se'rottry, ''. ltrousset. Mar
sihals in ttie par'ade, Leonce lrounyi, IEsq.. and
) El. Rullivln.
"Pe'lican Hook and Laddier" I a familiar
title to the resident.s of the huorind iliatriot,
wtho take grnt. interest In the welfare of t his
sterling cornpany. Thliir Xlp.iititlirona that
the "IboysV" woulul imako a first rate turn rout
were not disappoints'd.
The truck with its fine decorations and mot
tns, and Its four prran'ing stoeld In hand
iruno trlilappings, was iall that rould be desir ed
in point of trsty appeaaranoe. q
(in Ithe tiruk warin a htiisornre csilver set
relnsisting of a wnitfer e'ler, p[tither, etc., Il.
pries woi ilby their, trotter "lunlnahi," who,
toget lhr withi till cOirpanlioni, "''olly,"
lrniahoitrl Inside th line ll if all thre iu rsicl
aitr bust nl was express.-g.t ii up on hils nie
- Fillyofour erni "ftire boys," dresseld In
white shtiirt, black pants anld n, black
ioltI with silver litters, pulld thet lines, and
trarripjel along like bully boys gui ig o ai weild
'tiohen nam thin guets of Pelician Hoik and
iauldsr No. 4. T',e' wrev ii.'oi'rrhrsofIior Plii'rn.
IIi'k and LIadder No. I of Baton Rouge,
[oi liniinln
rILr,r. ANH FRIrE ('OMI'ANY NO. 21.
1Prridronnt, .1. Hlerbert; Vice President, A.
Kerrl; Filnarial Secretary, P. (Chart.ier Ru
c(ording Sherotary, E. I)'H1lrete; ''reasur'er.
P. Ihhrn; F'orernan, S. I. (fill; First Assis
tant,1 P. l)nrriels; Second Assistant, A. Ges
salgno; Ilouseker.per, L. IBrevier. Mblrshale
on diuty at thte parade: Mersrs. S. Whitaker,
P'. Ilaltz, Patt. (larnonr and J. V. Nortoln.
This company turned out en inunar yester
day. 100 strong. The mlen, in gallant liluiform,
bore themselves such as only our New Orleans
"hoys" can, whether in pleasure, in danger or
duty, alwa ys steady and true.
'I'lelr fine steam engine, the
named after at fair daughter of Louisiana,
mriust have caused her godmother's heart, to
t hrob with pleasure at her splendid appear
an(O. 1The lsmokestack was adorned with a
soft., vhlvety, yellow cushion, front which de
peided long wreaths of exrquisitely arrangedl
flowers, extending to the signal lamps. The
lrnlckets weor decorated with small and well
shaped caps of orangKe-'olorod rlvelvet. )n the
driver's seat, was placed a delicately worked
fireman's it'p of pulrn silver, a prize won by
the comrpany in 171; at the French Blt.zaar.
Inside, the, lines, splendidly harnessed anrd
shapely inr form, riarclred the three well
knowni horses of the v"omrpany, "S. I. G(ill,"
'"Tom rn O'(Connor" and "I. f'. lieauregard."
Four gaily icapar'isoned steiels pulled the
CThe ' beau tifuil Ilittle steamr of Orleans No.
21, witlh ther tasteful ilxcoratl.ins, elicited rnur
niurs of liapplause alll along t.he miarich.
,rEI:.'EtSoN No. 22 -"-IIADY AT THIE sHoNID."
This engine in an Amoskiag, and is chris
toned after Miss Lucy Sceliri-ber. There w,,rei
1i''linitenbers aIt the ropes. Thet largest horse
ill thei elipartmrnllt marcll'.ihe to the aoundml of
sprightl rnusic within the ropes. The engine
was drawn by six horses, led by six jockeys.
The suction brackets were ornamentcd with
white satin padls, while a large pair of luck's
horns ornamented the! driver's seat. (On tihe
llilokestack was a satin pad, on which perc:held
un eagle.
President, George H. Sbhre:her; Vice Presi
dent, I'. P. P. Kiser; Recordlng Secretary, John
A lexander ; Financial Secretary, Aug. Sprir ;
Foreman, L. Bi.nsel ; First Assistant, A.
S chmidt; Second Assistant, G. Vindichezzi.
President, P. Doir; Vice President, F. Ne
moth; Secretary, F. Bruseau ; Treasurer, O.
Thomas; Foreorann-F. Mbth-; Fitrs Assist
ant, P. Kohn; Second Assistant, P. Rought;
Marshal, H0 Munster; Aid, Geo. Zetzman.
'This engihe was very tastefully decorated
and attracted much attention as it passed
along the route.
President, F. Dudenhefer; Treasurer, H
Beerhaus; Secretary, G(o).Watson; Foreman,
H. Meiste-r; First Assist Int, F. RIubohrnkonig;
Second Assistant, M. HIuber; Engineer, C.
Dulnnl; Housekeeper T. Jones.
Marshal. Major Behmn and his aidse. Messrs.
G. W. Kirk anid J. Bchlumbrecht and E. S.
Levy, rite ahead.
This company mustered a goodly number
oif fine looklIn mnembers, martchng aheadL o
the 'I'ilrd Dllstrit favorite,
a fine englno, every part of which evinced the
'ar'ful rmnniier in which it is kept.
Flhi wers, striea'oirs an hlifriisome decora
tions setf, off to advantage tIhe beauties of
"Little Mnry i'" On() the tRlokestick srnall
r.frrnt t.,l ,i(lon o f huipl(Iv ev '.tton hales made
a noivea appeartane. 'The egiine we pulled
hv floir hlorse (of evin shalde, unlolr the guid
tni,, of I Ir any li,ttle jckeys. Insidle of the
linu:s strode
"'cUR PET,"
in hitnd1Frmr pnlr nt, Ileather harno'es arl ap
Ii:l'riati a tprnlalnin a
'I'lis r 'illnv lhin tanlkn great p.ins to sati
isfy thit plhil, in rl I fit tansteful appear
non.iii, hd it I. uisel rss to say that they sul"
''lrh paradie lintrg ivor, thei various omrpa
rlii dihadi.,til andl ,rispectlvi'ly witllrs'l their
w'lv ftit l [,,rilLI (hl in('rs, where the faItiguesr
o(f thn ity wiiro forgort.tnl in revelry, mirth
and gItto. I fellowslhil) .
Fror the hiancnflt oif our frlen lly visitor from
thie Lonlainnta vriihon . Ranrd slster 8tatelv We
jlnhlish the fr,liwing liut ,f steamersR , ome of
which were to tn,tar to. sdy, hut have laid over.
il order to so.n, modate the sight-.neers who
hiavh linoredl New (h l-ans with a visit:
,itr;nnlhl cinvllr -pri . FrnrnetIs helll , :30 A. In.
Lower Con't - Wihl (azelle, in n, m.
I, over (!iat:t-T'islpate, 10 a. m.
I up 'r U( Rat-- 1,Ile, itl ,,n. m.
Url, pr (..cat -t ,ph 'I TrpnuIt, I0 a. m.
LaIfourlhll ' t. M rvt . ir. m.
lakfuiir she- Henry 'lTte. 9 . mn.
JIfllii r'hne ---Asum rptini. |i a. inm.
JIition RoIine Rvt. Jihn. i0 A.. mi.
Ihiru, vr, ar: tiirhl,'a lelle, 5 p. m.
Rltd l'ivr -T'Iens. 5 p, m.
()On.JtlunR Fannl on. 5 p. m.
lhliyou iln (inizn- rTor Parker, 5 p. m.
(nvhli -- John WiIs--on. , p. In.
ii vyiu hart htlornw-- ltara P., i5 p. m.
'.'itinlR arndl M , on--T'r"rsns, 5 p. m.
It Riv Oller-- Era No. 10, 5 p. in.
Vlireh rg' -- It. P. L ,,. p. inm,
Wh,ltti, River- - itv ir Aiugiun, . me , in
M1imphlia--r'Thrro tsoe n l)uPan, 5 p. m.
Menmphi - J.rrrnes Ioward, , p. In.
(ClIninlnatl- Ch inrin. Morgan, 5 p. m.
Among rumany otheir grailona note of Hli
M.ijiety Roex. we loern that he had one of his
retinue to bring to thin lIty a beautiful lamb, a
linAvn deendtant of the lO'dtJ PFlece (eld toy
ov de oravr), one of the oleast orders of Chivalry
fotni tde at lrugesm h; Philip the Good, Druke of
Hi.ir nnmdy rno the norgalon of hlis marriage
wiiti the Prvio IIem It nhella. of PortIgal. March
I, i. Tio Mrj tv.r I olr t rr llovt and revered
Resr, had thie heonuif,ll lamb ehrhitened ' Vie,
trin."" in honor of his royal emcsin. the "Queen
of England and Fmpres. of India."
At a meeting of the Vandry Riflme, held least ,
night at their a-mory, 10 (tamp street. the fol
lowing offl+ers were elected for the ensuing
lantatine. . E. Morphv. rn-eleted: First
Lint rntt. It, R. FerruF n, re-el-e od; Recond
I ,,ntniatI, I'. I An , lovih, re-eleited; Third
liitenant, E. fI Ferrnr, re-electedl First Ber
i'iint, A. J. Mather. r.e-tlsitn,1: Roond l er
gen.ti , WI, , De-mn, re--nleted; 'Thlrd IArgeant.
Edlwin liar'is: Fonurtih terctrnrt, L. A. Kearns;
Fifth .e-gen't. t. (. . Thomas. re-eleited: Color
Siergsnt. .1, P. Ward. re-alno'e]: Commissary
heigennt, Ham f)Dondrl, re-efleted.
Mr. .John P. Coleman. city editor of the Vickn
tllrg l r4,rnPrctial. raln grt(aced our sanotum with
his presence yesterday.
We received the visit yesterday of Mr. Henry
it. O(:etehitn. city editor of the Onlumbus (Ga.)
Times. This gentleman is here to witness out
Manrll Gras proceedings, and mayhap report
the same.
AMr. Henry J. Jackson. of Mobile. represent
Ing the Fireman's Press of America, eo in ogt /
city on a sort visit to witness our fetivitiestins. We ,
hor a ho will be pleased. He paraded yesterday
with Lafayette Fire Company No. 1.
Yesterday we had the pleansure of greeting I
that sociable and courteous gentleman. Mr.
George 1'. Everhart. of Chionago. He is with us
for a short time, and we trust his stay will be /
made most agreeable to him.
We were oleaqed to meet upon our streets
yesterday Mr. Wm. Wolff, who is the worthy
representative of the large mannfactring
house the Meriden Malleable Iron Company.
New York.
We had the pleasure of meeting the hband
some countenanne of our member of Congress,
Mr. Ackleu. yesterday, Our honorable Repre
sentative has just returned from a visit to the
Teche country, where he has been, looking into
the interests of his people and studying up
matters likely to help them.
Ann Brennan was lodged in the Central ets
tlon, charged with larceny.
George Williams and William Howard, for
lan..cny. were locked up in the Harbor Station.
Coroner lianon yesterday held an Inquest on
the body of a child, aged thirteen months, that
was scalded to death, and the jury returned a
verdict according with the facts.
Yesterday, on board the steamboat t. John
a .man named Edward Rted was assaulted and
s'rlcek on the head with a poker by one OharIll
Wdlliams, who was arrested and lodged in the
At a quarter past 9 o'clock yesterday morning
a man named B. Ezard, while standing at the
French market., was robbed of a gold watch and
cbhln and $50. No clue to the thief.
The watch was recovered by Capt. Kelly and
Sergeant O'Rourke from one James White.
whobrm they arrested.
Yesterday a negro brought to the Harbor Bta
tion a case containing several alligators, one
cage containing a young oanary bird, one black
beaver hat, and one bundle of walking canes,
The negro stated thet the property was owned
by a white man on Canal street; that he went
to this man, bought a cane and gave him s20,
but the man want off with the money and never
returned again,so he just took charge of his
A Woman Tries To Kill Herself.
Yesterday morning a woman named Ann
Cooper. residing at No. 19 Marais street, a
tempted to commit suicide by taking a dose o
laudanum. Fortunately theunfortunatewoma
was discovered, and Dr. Nagle being summon
to attend her. succeeded, by means of a stomae
pump, in saving her life. The woman. itap
tears. was jilted by a man she loved, and hens
her rash act.
At half- past o'clock yestertay, on the Millan
dan plantation, In the parish of Jefferson.
difniculty took place between a white ma
named Ernest Guillta and a negro named Ber
narid, which resulted in the former being sh
in the breast by a shotgun In the hands of t
latter, and very severely woundedl. The
cused was arrested. The auseo of the diffoiult
is unknown.
()ns of the pleai"ntest recollections of t
(:Cntcnninl trio to I'hladelphia thousands
perle will connect with their pleasant ouarte
anrd agreeable treatment at the Colonade Ho
Label: I..member Bollinger &,Co.
French china decorated tea and dessertse
vices. of the latest styles, at E. Ofner & Co.'
174 Canal street.
Nrcour., Tru TAtoan. - This celebra
tnailor. whose mammoth establishment
situated in New York, and who has for
number of years extended his operations
nearly every city of any size in the Uni
Httees. has established a branch hop
here under the Crescent Hall. on Canal street.
The famous German Military Band, undert
Ieadership of C(trl Beyer. have been engag
for the ball of Y. M. B. A.. Mardi Gras night,
the St. Patrick's Hall.
Tro LAKE PARK HOURs, which has just
rebuilt by that well known restaurateur, e
di, cuisine,. and most accomplished rlsciple
Hoyer. will he one of the most attractive pa
to visit during the spring and summer. Tb
new structure has hrtd all the latest impro
meots in the way or comforts and convenIen
attacned. a dehigtIl -tand a-tacrto verand
encircles the house; a large platform has
erected In the rear. where one may order di
nor and dreamingly watch the passing era
as they llde gracefully over the waters of t
Lake. The dining-rooms of this establishm
are comfortab y and neatly furnished; in fa
everything about this house indicates a dote
mination on the part of 1 s proprieror to ma
his t:ouse a first .lass r"sort. Mr. Brown
f irms its that he is onrepired to fnrnIh dian
to societies or military organi.,tions at
lowest p~slble rates, iasurung them first-old
"B'ollinger." It is rleh and full, and has
exact degree of dryness to please the
fastidious taste.
, "l '' ; 'v·::,^· · ;!-

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