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e einpowerae to employ and increase
number of clerks now ad ,rwed hiltn by law
for the sixty days proeeding the election t Ibe
held in Novemlber 1878, provided the numrner
hanll not exceed (50) lity. The said tlilgis
trar ls furl her ompowered and authorizl to)
employ an Assistanut Registrar of voters,
dut'i the' sixty days pr.er'litng the ilv',tion
to be will In Novembler 1785. at a con.lpmnsi
tilo nbot tl o exivl't.l ote Illindro.l 1 nd fifty IOlll
Ia's per monti. t'hel stl Assistant I Altmis
sigtineil ito) 111mby ltlt' Ilegistrair.a n11's siildIin thi'
event or Ill' ILahl', 1111: I1r d1isal i lt y till' If ith iis
trar ll, le tllwn 'rlvtli aIndl 1-'lllll to inrllterl Ir l
the rwraisirns of I hII s nei. 'lllt fill Alsitt'l.
'reltsury not Iot1hrwiw, a.pproprinted.
EUInI. 4. i it furtl. r h i, " ilfied, c r., Th'' t nil
the provisioºns ef thinl art shall 11 IIlmitbd to
the elnhtio:l to, I, hotld In Novemb,,r, 1H7.
'Tint tht titio b, a Itndwl by 11,41;1hing "a1nd
to autho, ir' I1,i' ii'gltrar iof threl Ip1rii4h of
Orlens, durlliig 1 sixt y dlays I i 'r.l in tihe
election to bh hlhi in Noviml'ir, 1378, ti ii
(lt'tess the mllollllll f ('ll',H1-lW now aItig ll,l'iz"'1
- y law, anRd tl Illil t, t .lL IIt-ia i n4l lllt, I 'gistrlltr
V Voters, and to fix I said11 aHllssistnlltt nim
On motion of Mr. 4tAtlills the arlmlnlllIllllu'nt
w`lre adoptjdl i'ht iaii.
On motion of Mr. O()gdi' tihe ill was IJled11
to its third readilng.
The constitutional rule was FIsuspII'ndl by
a four-fifthl aflllrmative vote oiif thio S,.lnti
and the bill was road the third tihu', andl
tlnally pnumasl. its titli aIs lUnlneidll was
ayopted, and inolti of i(IncurlI'rne' ordl' ir',l to!
be sent to the llouse.
Mr. Ogden moved tO r1'clons.ier tl.h vote by
-which. H]ouse bill No. 21;5 was Iulnlly pass.edl,
and on his own mitlion the lotllln to lrcI'Ion
tider was laid on thel t1abhle.
lOUTRE l11,.5l ON FIr15RI' i.6AI)IN(l.
On nlotlonl of Mr. Rloblrtson hlo I'liiis were
t.uspended in older A tako up at this ltino
house bills on lirat re.dling.
The following ,entitleId Hlouse bills we1 e
taken up and retud thl Lie sth time, thli ioistitu
tiOnal rule wals 5pIr5'lyli'wnI asL to each bill, tlland
ft was road the s..cond t41nw' anid reiferr'ed, aL
f ollows:
House bill No. 200,
"An act to provlid fi1ir i'upltylyg the In,.4 (s f
public records andt other Ipalp.ra eonsumieli bhy
.ti-e burning of the court-houue in the town of
Leesburg, parish of (Iluner' er,"itc. I
"- To the ColmittltAi on thle udiclary. . .I
- House bill No. 21)5, +ill.l.Ill - · I
"An act to Illtr.'polrate the li1tallllonliVWasit
_o Alriilerk yf if hipityo . N tor cans."
To the ( ill C itteeon ('orporat o. 1an1
Parochial Affairs.
House bill No. :1i2,
"Anzac t to repeal !Re''Io44I 439"¶13 *911391,,
817, 81928, 31)241, :19311, ,.3931, 313,,93, 8934,
IM8, 89:38, 39:37,31.:tl1, 1334, 3910, and it reuw
* tNo.1 oi of th'1xtrasesml'I f177, approv41'4'41
April 241, 1HVI, and to auoeiid and t -4'4-14414. I3(c
iion aIn9 of tilo 11vhvisd XI Hhltt,4' of 1870.'
To tin (7orniiil tLe on thLe' *lolicry.
Hiouse 1411 No. 41;1,
"'An a't4 to ('141lii)' the voters Of itilhlani
parish to luoot,' th114 scat11 of justie uin -aid
To thn (7ouininlnt4'c on I'(Irorat144144s 14n41
Paronmhlal Affairs.
ilouns hill No. 488,
"'An aet to autlhori'z th110 Polie' .1 Iry I 1114'
,prrih of 'raIngipalllla to levy a )4p4'ieal tlix I
redeen the ouI4t4414l44r g Ianr 14'114'4 1i4," 01,1'.
To the Oonbnndtt444 on ('o nprattions and Patt
toohlal Affairs.
House bill No. 181,
"An act entItl.1'I 'An olt to IA a411154bizSI li'
"'Pollcic Jury of' the pa) Mbh 4f Wash IlnlO1jt44l 1to
Glevy a special tax of IIl' 11ilve , 441441 144 1to 4 1n4'
`,tie outstaI dingi 111414t41 41144'445 of t Ih)e plllh r4
ceivabie for two alid o400-hlalf m4lls414 44f 1144'
" 1t me; and pr'ovdldlng that, two anli onic-half
mills be ('llo4'('04 III cuI'4r'4'1i'y.
Placed on the c'ndutlnar Ont1m4oti (if Mr.
'1'ho )'resident, appinted a+: csm~nit te
under thI' resl'1iion oII'i'ro'l Iby aTir. lloalam.o''
tto sel'ct Run) 111 14 Iit 4541941111 ha4ve' 1414'l'44'4' 444 4
thIs s4'5i014, d('4-Mi43. Iloa4JIr, A 1111 441 t):
On motion of llr. D.'40n4 11h4 84144,40 4441
jouried until Mlo4(4day. MJ 11(11 4, 13734, at 11
o'clock a. n1.
i44rI u Nly (4f ItO )1 t4'.
-OF Tfl1F
--OF Titi:-
MRtr(1t11.Al1 ýl:'t ti(N OF IH ,"4.
ForCl.NIxth IlayM ProeeedinRg4.
New OrleluIN. WdI'II( ay, Malt-lit1 1. 1H7;4.
Evening NwcdInh.
Thri 1ltuv(' wiui ~tLIhMIc to orlttor at, 7::1(
p. m. Prresot.:
Hon. Look lu tt, Spoakio. and 1 'lsars,
Aldigo, A ' '"III . BIar toni, 1 iIi tlrt, tBirat.
Berty, B roiird, I1ttito, Ilri)tzs'r, Itilijiet.
Bro olats liowihon, rownl, Millw. I a rlt ('atI -
- inise, D:ukot, IComr, Cl~uro, 11'.at-v. I ih4kiit t.
Zshill of, h ,uIno, vlltc. Ur lait-, lilt. .to it,
Kennedt, Kraidd, (latnpiti' 1' I h,eIti-I toiptnti.
Of IJu~ltlo. b oytis,, M igiti ri, lIL rot.n M'";nt4
Moon, N~ -w"'ti, N ttiii. t''ratta I, 'itt.s, Pr0l
ttr, Rand tpth, Riltia~n isotlit tonir It, 1?., ,lt
Sin~gletA, s~ li .r, i'iyitr. '1oTI [hr, Van--e.
-Voorhies, WViikt'r, Warniot~t, Wiltt nn.n
Washington, WVatsonm, Willte, Wi-e, Wood,
and Young of Eat-t hrtion LIontllg 41.
Mr. Kidd rlO t to Ia tgttstiotiof ot pivitlt-g.
and sent up to ttw 'I'oi1.'4dt'tk Itto fol low
ing articlt from iia No w YoI-k 1'lroil, of till'
twenty-sixth ult1·inlo:
(By Tltegrniih the Illritnhi.I
"N~yw ()RtlAs, F', 1,.2l. -Th' I' e l:mnd'm ntll.'s
to the tnst.itiut ll w'r. tilinall v pa.s..l I by Ih
L#egisantui' to-day. This ..'tleos tlhn qui.t iin
of a co(velntiun, and frellv'et' ur'i 1 s aainst
any nian'lof i' e.jili d.ioiun of I th St utu detlit.
placing tihe iinds on the lirn.,st basik.
The r MoT,'tt. Iun'h bill. lth' ruwie of
'whitch will ailsohb plit'i to thi' intl.i.t fund,
will also very prbanlbly p uss, a can vass of h,
General Assimbly showing a large muajlit y
in its favor.
SThese in ultstir'Ls'5 (for iilh I1'tr oe Scu'it " ol
the State oands aod pl wiung the'm hI,\ and Ii -
pute) wony lolnmn.'llnbi hiV the elpit illits
and bondhlder. andl indors ,t iby a ii rigo n
iolriy of thei' p"rti', and as tih' .utii(, of tih
j1gislatur e platc tih S ,nt soilittly against
repudiation of anv prn l.i of hiro bmnlads, the'
fact is received with universal favor."
Mr. Kidd said that, if the ariil,' had np
pear.tl inn tn instigtiieu.nt pIt'Ir', without. cir
culation, he would not feel calel( up in to no
tice it; but when sue.h a retl',ction upon tly
convention muen in this Houa'e appe'al) ' tn.
"the great thunderer," the New York Herald.
which seeks every corner of this republic. he
ae.a.ompeed ont*e it. He was sure that
he sap)ok for ,very I)nmoorat who to-day
votl.rl for the ronvlrtion bill (llflty in nrmlrr),
wlhn he di'nolrnced and rropudtirtl l tUho idea
co.ntainr'd In tih, art cloi tlhat they deusirod a
cnnv.ention for the plirpo o of repudllating thi
hrimen debt of Louuiltana.
Mr. Voorhbis, chairman, on behalf of tlh
(uomliillt.ttd, on Italirall L, repIortAl'v at follow1:
To the Flonrorltlhin SLetakmir of tho flolNo of
R pLrofrnl'tRrat I vi1 :
Yomllr eir' llillr..f'. toI whmtlrmsvt, ri'fi'rrl'.d
1 n tl hill No. 1I2,
"Alln a t, 1o, iiltrpor'lyti n1 id flLi j'it tin t hr 7i
,o(l rlletl lllof . tile N+,w ( llrllalirs, T1'+xtlxa JIlli,
I('.ll.lorall il wat'.,"
Iigg'7.4 Jll nn I olll/ lndmnlntI n foIllowt
l141,'rt, a.fller $11, w lnds "l'nl 114t11!1'," !1h11
woild. "or i l11'i onlti l pLtri ' rl )y," nidt . will1t I 1ii
Itnt i ,tl(t ' 'rliinlll'd 11ie' pa.a.lg ,4 lh
b ll. A VI,I '(Ii VII ' tII t II I' ii,
U(h'Ia ill i 4i ( 'lllliitil0 oilN IlLilr"o ls.
'T'II m Ill ol l l l wl(rllle r.., I0 111111 1i' dill pt,a l.
lMrlt. iihn IliiIoved ti'o a iiitu' d in e'c tioni 7,
tftfLer lhu ward "prinl'ipl l allls," by Ilnl'rtiig
theil, woli''1 " wll ml'lia'ilo."
ililndrll,' i sI nsl in41 tli of thr riulhg, iho rill
wili pialiii (I o n third if ',l t' gi . li l if t Id, arlt
tie itlilte w bas id11tiiti tfl.
tr'it. V im i rifo iiti'ved ti o i' o l niot r iir Ii V'ontetl
ju.t talkon, and oli hli own motion tho mio
till tol irelonlllder was l1JI 111)(O11 tho table.
On liot iol oif M r.li Kidd,
Ilollu , bill No. i!27,
"All not. to tri thr sil rns of the pl~ lle iof
lh bis trrat oi i thier .in t r ion O hoill Ing It toll.i
tiOtiional iiivl irLtin Lof tl ti pliopler of ihti l tir n r
Waf tlliiana by I allet ion, )lglli provildin forli
theli l.tioln 11f ( d hr l at.r tn riioluch t ll-lnt iot if
nl'Iiotn'vl I y thi plvple," 1'10.,
lining th nfll' inishw 1rtu'ine, Mar0l of t1,h1 d1ay,
T·o lii tf lir, i itiihal hfr arrllit nin r tjs o h lt tlh
wlfr ttkfn uip aind madil o the sl'citrl rri'f of
,thl diy for to-mor'ro w at 12 t o'elf k rll.
Illt , billt No. 427,
"An ltlll Lo 011xill1 and organize tMh iilitia;
'to ior' nliZo, IrLInl iand tqri Itll spel'. l Inif -tllt
Af'llNiI; ,io atipprolpriat, tL thousanld ollars for
1ariiing, eqitllpping and paying th .ilo ,"
Wa taif ,lkill 111 and r'tt.igned l ,; tillt spoo.li l
lollr of th daiy N for. Wedlday at 12 'tt'lol
I ll.
1 IEPIiTirI I OP NO.MM I'r PFi. '
Mr. Lyons, ehairnlani , on jeihalf of tih (torrL
Itult ,, tn Corporations, r'portl as follwcs:
Now Orleans, Mar(h 1, 1474.
To t t1 i lonrhlo t peaklr lind Members of the
Hloulia of It 'r.ro llntaivos:
Yoirn i II(., l ritlf.uI oil r'i 'ipo tatioin have till'
honor ll Ill reporl,l -
F i'Itvrablily ron
iflon.s ill No. 451, ontIt.led
"Alr Iiact, el tolling tL 1 illo i tel'ti'r of til ,l
I/ vlitif lit. v, v a nlnj3l'ity, kit
olnatlao hill N'1. 44, eOttlllJ I,,
"Al flt to nll rl'rlirLtltl' l. h'I P.' I.ill1n l in.l s
P iish (1r 1'itfa l imi ny,,0te I
11iifavorabl' oi l
11 r)ri' hill No. 41t, entlitlod
"All aL to1 inorpornlat the Wnshinlloi.
Loukiinn,. Piro ('oilipany No. I," for t h, rm.
Ion 11111 by reent, legtiilation lirhfeLompa
SUnfavornha l i on
ihi1111 l 'ill 1. 367. .l itt 1 ihrl
'"An a ti to l i orport l( (' At ii r i LL i irn o.f -l
pn11y No. 2 of Now lberia, for .4atllo irea4ons.'"
iin fiavor Lbly on
li.us, bill No. 21, entitlld
"An iot to hr'eato till' parish of tit. ,tlseph."
iinfwvornbly 11n
Ilol A L bill No. 449, enitlted
"Aln It, 1o illllnnd third ' 41tion of an nIt to
inlopot.1rt11 hl, Lawn of Martti4vill."
• lnf'Lvornhilv (i1 0 00
Htious nill No. 24.1. entitlhld
"Aill3 te to ilc'o)rloralo the town of Now
Il ifavornhlNv on
1ioli1 1 , Iill No. 111, etntit l,,!
"An act to 111ienrporait ,1o t i lidpol Grove
lawlg0 No. 1. iooUValouit As.lcliat1ionllf Ra
pidh.4 pu1ni l.h."
I(l)0poolfully submit (.1.
Tl'. II. LYONS, (Chirinman.
M r. 11vis. chairman, on blhalfof tell (lom
lnitielon POn ulh>i E',duclattn, suinllitiod the
foll.wt.ig r)lport: 0
(COMwrIrITTn ON P11n11,11' [Ene1rrATToN. I
NAW r IrIlolti.. 1larl'1'h1. 1, 17,. I
To $he1 onilorlt',le Spen.kolr and Momberts of thll'
i1011..11 of II u'ro nt'll1 Ivor:
Poor (Conlll'ii. oil Public Edlluntion has
the ho.!o to1 11 replortl oil
ll11i1,, hill No. 115,
nvoraiibly, willth aii liwndm lnts, oil
llou)1 e hill No. 14, by ! 1liit.,.
CHAS. J. LEED)S. Chairlllan.
NOTI[. OF 11L11. ,:[ .
MI. l)ejoioi gzave not 4o that ho wolI!d ail
n44I((4' it1 (lit (lit ilrltl'1uc0 tIle' followving. (411
'i1. 11(1 144 ini.rolluvoil t4 . oIe 1'4' ( iiib 11h4'
XV1ich'1 (v4l." o4)1rdo'r(11' toA bo placed o(I II14! ('411411
Ia r. I '44 111114ig
1140U4(' 14il1 No. 4f17,
",An 1(, to provile for' thI' peelx eolleetlon
of dli'IinIpi)'n1t. eity ist111 S'tai.I 1;1x('1 anal
lIi 41I4e5 ill Ih h' til l of OrlemuI to0divest,
just ics co4urts4 of j4rs1v'441ti4m1 111(1 lnve.] dis
ti 1144o 1111(7 with 1 1 1111 j1'4'11d1 ilg. c
The hill was pilsse ,r to i.-. (11-4.,1111 (1 rclll:LdIi(,g
11)41 (Viol Iwas 'I'eI',r to) theuot (biuttea it tile lJu
h11e 1 ix'.
P 114u4(15' tutu No3.l'13I4.
"A(4 114 14t jto 4~ prop i4'('4'i1Ii(' for I ho State
fr11 l 1i4'4' 114,' 4414(444 l o4 1. I 1)114 111( 1114, li 11 4l "1
441:UI(' (I 1i(('s4e . )4J ilt14)114'4 an(d fr01 11 a t 3C
thIo'll) 54141 winos1')4 (1.1 (I1i 1(4 Ji '(4 lu 1(14' f'1' 111-'
41('I(114(14)4l 4 11 4'4---l--- 'ti(4I of 511.141 ta)x;
(4)44i4'1.161M1o (t lii r4'gi~it4'r; t44 1611110I'
:1141 641111,1 441 llulI4lst('11444' ; t4 Iri' -lh' ' 1I)6
14 1111 L, : 1'"t, ll)' 411 44J4di -AtItII of 1114 In' J o
1110114 of h' irud 1s\·i mid taxo:sc'otltititd of r1' uWI
Iv s (441 ('11 lip 4'5 111) tI1'.' t'4)Imo4t io a1 or'4'I
der, pu'n lig tim l 11o)11nO _111'. I:IS )4Lvii to
'4111 c 1ou s4(154t i(4n 2.
On this 11lolc·Io l till. y ens uod nays were~
('(1116(1,4 With (h0' fl olllwinlg i'4'.)4ll1(.
4,'ii, 1314'4141,4 11.)l ('4, 11)1', s 4i iorrll). Nri'
4)4ilh41l4, 'a4hIll, ('('44 144' -2. vgle )1k'
hurl'r- F14 ;411. 1: LI (4. l' ' 111)41, SI11k41 '.1 11.1141t
ig14t, (idr~d, ,114'i'.1)14.6, Lyn,1)i4'1o(uo, N)4ow
4144114, 114.1, Pitts tiXS4 'tI.I4, li 4 )I'1l
li-t. Loci;;}'4 I.lt sh41, Speaker, J4 4d
)1,'aie., 1%! lu', 14l'41.144, 1'.4ck'l, 114414V, 11:11
lzS , (14 144(' , Si oile', 11)41.i', 14411i'.4'l, (41.444'.',
1h.na"is, 11111 (4441(.f 44 ki'wt )lkoah lso R ugi'.S -
At.1 14 1141 (of :\411'.(Uji 2o 114141 oh'f 4~o114)Wfl
(a~llye 5(4) llaiIlsY 1.4tiig L Ida'1,' x1'hl'4 111'
\4((111'4, )41114141'5 (14 14(1, 4441'4'l' ( 11(1 4t11}', CII'
by us 4, 1111.11(1"o wittiiu the huhIs, Ste i wl)t
Xli',oIs 15iukgr6vu, latI4445 1 '1'111(01.rl'flditae,',lt
t1'11 n~loellfioul 144 0 441 rk 111' walorth) po.. ic1
f!'urthe that that nolhi)ng' so furishe acron
furnishd toi apborets atl the ori1-nalo00ur
Mr. Dhnkgravo wxohd4rw aisa amendmeat t
Mr. Hill movrld that thi amnmlhdnptoloTerId
bry Mr. IHahn Ih laid uponr the table.
And on that mintonl Mr. llahn callnd the
yPIL9 and naya, with til. following reult,:
Yen -lion. Lboi. IIMhI, .piLaker anl
Mosrr. Ahllign, lharbin, lFrrrn, llor y. 1rmly,
Ih'iiik.%, hroiwn, JBuk, F arvilleh, (mon. Coli,
F)'Avy. Iha rie ]s, I j)i' , D b,,l vigni,, I )i'tii'e,
I)rivw. J)hlkii.iison, I)inkrwll'gve, I)IIIFIe, itzz
ilrtrirk, (hrntlt, F ;il. (Fliiil R, O rali n, Iiilani
now, Hill of Asi-ns+ion, !lill o' thb'an,.
I ltii., 1 11i . M..lhir n onii I, Ro , i Ii l rthi o ni1ri ,
K,,Ily, of t)l h,+n.. Keni n, l ~ll.. n+llliltr, lOmnis.
F'i'yii, Mnglhg iri , M ru t ill, Minli. NIlnr'. .
'o,r Wli IhV, ileroi I ugit itlint. I nthd.
Hi.n g,. Hollard. IL n1' , ,. HI iillr, I ylorl , T1'<.l.
liver,r Voor)llpl+'+. Wasl'.hbllrn. Wash!inlan.i~l WVn
won. Wibld,. Wis, and YoIng of Eamb Itton
ibilitr - .
Ni ','s niarnri. ~;r , l'i:lr. illio.i, l(iniw ln.
(Iirb ,iss, F i i'nCr-rs', I unk , ruSi(nlIII. F il ii
Flllini. Iuntingti n I, Nwr.In)ii, Ikl'F, ISmari.
St,'aw'Ir, SiingFi(tIonn oill I Vnciii' 17. 0
Th+, annondinont, was hdbi uipl. the tbleh.
IMr. lyoni ii the (ihair.i o o
Mr,. Voorhlow nmoveld 1,yo iwlll~l hi llhe 3 o1f
Al i'. Xiiiifilini uinirvuiF Itinitiiiiriiil in iiir 'F( nlolt
th1 , in slr t inlo a Iti Ii b iy trlklll r .g)iiit thI woiri Ir,
" '',il iy retal', or,'" nllid by illFo l'illtrig i lili 4F
oifter tlhei wo ldS, "F t rio (rni " thn wotrili a i '
"m. froo,-hous,.."o
it; wmain iniovinri F-hut F Fin nowimm'iilrne Fioif Mr.
i|; |HIIIVI )Illllrl,IHt fj~lir ,+,f (l.[~ll·lrl11, N1II,' . P
Vo.rlh[ . r \r n in i F tiF upon Fh1 tlableI.
i( r w ihii'h l In ii i thu yFiei' v a n. a w rirnniF vlll I'
caF FlnrF for with F hi fi lowini i' nit:
i'isi Mo rui.r'. It ll1Fi rin, i'arro in F , Fra l', l Fr'
iry. lrh'lgir, BilliF i ,, (iim iF iarhi ' , F'rii.' .
I jiln 1i )ei I hlFviglinu, Diek it iur II, r ch llu 'n F , Itz
pIatrick, (I FFi ,iin. linF, llunoitngtnn, KI'Flly
or ()i o(lF Illn, llaori. LF iinir, NowriiillL, NinWiZ.
F'itt i. 'iortF'r, Silllair, Stagllg, Viini,i" Vorhii
inii. Voi<)F, wl Young ofI Eut ijn ntiii
Rlouge 30.
rN,rs 14 A +'Fmnir'Fi. A hiligr , Iriiikn,. IBrivw'i, IButi k,
Iiiii'tni, Ouirvnillu Fniiiiu (iii JiAmy, hiuiyrir'us,
ihitiigi', I iinkgrunmi, G'anriF, Fuary, houuint-,
F rinie ri. Finniiruuiiul, iFtF i tl'o As1nrr' irnlui. 1F1IFl ii
O l'lniuru , ,JFni i t H . M . Fi.h in in, Ihuihl'r!, F roh lii
aun, Kueting, jilunii, FIeiiiain o F ih bit, Mali
ruir'. Mil.nF Ribiy. Itvinut, Snuar, hrllu.,
StnW'nt, Siomiiii" S.pifi'ir, 'FrlDumr, Walkhr,
Wlaunhliiriu, Wn."ihitingtoir, WVntuion mii Wihlu
T hl mn otiulo n trFu Inii V ii1uii o , t hn l , w ai Foit.
and illu' au, 'in iuili ,t waMs adiipt'l.
Mr. Knting mviiluut'hnF at sec'iiin 2 hFun ado)pt
id urn inme'lirnliF, ail (iii that motion iii Fill fur
the pie'Viiiiii qneii ioin.
I'inuiig thinm call.
Mr. Vourhili+i-u mioret that tii, lHouiii ulri now
(n ,hii h FFuit on .lh' w't'ur a it nnmnyr wnr'
calhud for with tie folliwinig risult.
Yiai Mniar. IBialy, IhFrry, Brino, IFrFd
gour.. 'rFi.sy, F Dihlavigiuo, l)nl'nd'ii, l"FiFzlI rit k.
lFiin, liuntingtio, K+,llvF f I, ' ihiiirica, Nuniiiz,
St,-ugg, VXiini'i, Vioiir'hiiF'- I awl |i Wni F IS.
Nam's M's+rnrn. Ahligo, Itarrnn, IHairru,
lBruuulm, lhirwd n'ii, Ihlirtr (i, 'arhlso-, (CrivilF,.
(runliur, F 'rli, I avidsnit i1 Avy, l)Dayrir,,. iii
jute. IDiti.,gr', I)riw. I)wkiF oni ni, 1uki . u' iiniFt..
liaiy. (F ltblt, ( rinniuri, Uha no oni l, i ill FF
Asuiunniioun. iIidt , huriun, II. M. .ihnnsonu . Iith
n'itFuuhninuii. Kuit log, [ii Frd, Fiyiun, Niag~rinir',
Milan. Niew.om, Ior her. Itahy. itornm.,. lo~u
tFr ii, It'viaFiid.iF. Smi i', S,'Fller'rrr, S ur'rmrirt. S i",. ui" ii ,
l'uvilr, 'iTrlib r, Wiashbiurn, WVashhunt.itrn.
\V ti '-Mii, W ilit'. 'ii's,, an YF 'unuiing ii ,ai it
Jlintonl Rou.!l 51.
"'Flr'ii Fl(l{l ,t iiiluijriniim'un Fruit ml
Mr. Iirry ioviilI that, i' FouFr do i ui w
'Fhr Sjiuunkur (M r. lyonsn ir ih t njhair iuld
t ait tie miotio w, v ii i i n uhii i Fur.
M r, Itorry apieiidin ( fIri F 1F i' I cin rion ift iit'
'Fhair, awl FFho liii'rhits triomyrn w ;,suiF, ti tIhi' 1HIuu.n':
"Shall thF' duti.sion iif titr ,hair hu' hrld au
i ]ie juiulgiinu'iit if ht HIloiii' ?'" o
(in Fhi qniu'n-i-i ln tIhi y'i'i i nd 1nru ynn''< w irn
caulFni for wii h m hyt foFlf wimng ri.-.il |
Vinirn lini. ]LruiF uish, S piak+,r, and
MAui'isi . A Flig'. Ilarr'rri, li'irril , li wthm r ,
itrirk, lhurt ni, ( a'ur iir.. F'art itlF'. ('l'no-n'.
F iimo, ('i,1', l njoiri, Iill'Fvigi+i,, Iurnw, ]u-k
onlnnri, J)inkgraivi', Fluke, Firioi., ilipuir',
lhant, t. (htry. (htnwll, (iru'i,,n, .i~l.les i.,.
llahn, Ilmnnn.d, Hill Of Ascension. 1h0ll.
,iini, IF. M. Joiniiim, Itritrt .i ,hnsin, Hilly
of' F)rl'ns,' i,. Iruinis, Le' +,ron r oF (m id( t . M m
rloiri. M ilin, N ,w' o' ,Ni nei , lna i', Itor i,,I ,.
Hiitrn, li. minl, Stiuiri, Staumgg. Si'leri. ~Strw+
,.rt, Senones, Hingzl0,tn, Hpiller, T'l' live.r.
Voo+)'ilrhu, Wa .hlburn. W\\"in<il++to. Watifsonl.
\VWIbl,. \Vii, aid i "rF nriIg i 'aSit h:utniu
ni',g, 57. o 0
N'r v oorr . liii r, lriIrt 'r lFAr.\v-.
FitzlIalrick and I'rylr 5.
T hl' i it'liiFii F'oin \i ' i'it nt i il.
"'' i ihilFli ii' h Il t l h o i ' trh 'lFrm n i-. ,iiii . trn ,
int'wld FIy thi' Fhou.
A diviui.n wan crilrl f',r, with ihe fnllvw
ilug risuilt.
Yini ,7' utia'n- 5.
Trh,, rtll twinyg cnl'- th,)nu : S I', llhwnil). nl.,k
I)lll' IS unsw rl'"'d to tbh' 'ir nIll ilnls: o
YTes oion. Lois Butrsh, SpMii4o'r, and:
M ,it srs, . A hliyg1, ilarroin, lr ly, l i'. I yv, Itrl ,'ii
l'llridg'lr. ilo s'., \i. 4l. 'l..n, WI t(i , 4, I put C:aIr
Sit.s -, ( i eril ', (r..ss', t(' 11, a ('I 1', i ):lli1 -
)ojot i, )v 'lavig l', li tii, 'I, Iir w. I)ii.kul on l,
I)i llkgrav , l hi 'n.I I lr, ''. " ZIpatr i .
( Iilit,. s ll.ry, ( In ltiitl, t ( ''ll tI'ln'l, i pllllan o d,
lill of A n -i , till o1f rl'.ans, MiIll.,
.Jo1 1111, I. . olhc nson . Robert, .hohlnoll, IHolly
of i)l 'lo'l. h I, 1 'r t.illl g, i'iIsi ri l" ,'. L 1.". l ii
aIrd tof i alhho ,I\')I1s,. 1: hdgoir''. \Mijolll, tNun..,
Pitts, I { byi , ]'itoiw, ir~l Iot.li to.i, Ilil., ind, aI2.1.1,
ISta g, I ;oltl',, t.i wa'i l rt xit'ulllll'4, l irlI ' tol n,
T'"llivI'. Vinv , Voorhi'n s, \ast'iin hurn, Wai -I h
inlgton, . ait ,W;il dIe1 nd ,Wis1.- ,;5.
S ixtI y -fiv e 1 1o ' I 'Lm lllh l a n d i . q - l(111)' 1 ll ln.
Thuu qii'stiol on sl'londingl tihe' previou s
ql'ort ionl was luglin l ll il t.
Mls haI. irry a I4k to h xptrusl' from Vii' oing,
olbotion hling. Inadi'.
",Iwll the nwlnhr from the Tlnth lI'pr!
M r. itipa ril X 'i il, c 'y,' 1')' ill' ye 'tas .,nud
nays, wts ilthi -,l ii rinl \t- . 1uli Vd : su
at-, M 'ssr . 1ir . i ih'a , I)'. \v v' I'itaza tritlk.
(O:irnot, t ll t, Kidd, lintr' l"ilt-, H/ nlou ,
Smart, l itM: 's w li till ,o wI i 12.t y
Nuevs lion. Louis Busih, Slpeaker, and
essr. ABgeBnrdy, lIouks, l3owdtm, hBuitc,
(C: ll'lo'4 , ('a 'villh', ('4l'.4}. ('Hill(', ('1oll, I)1.jo lo,
IN-'til' ., I)lr'w, 1)ieln'k ison, Di kgravel' . I)uur
deln, brllrv, (1ary', (laudet, (;racil'. linhl,
l ,dam ilnnd, IHill otf Asen-ion. Hill ,)f (-loan) ,
Jones, II. M.hJohim-o. Iobhl'rt .ohnson, I illy
of O)l'e'ans, iK ,'ting, I..1"d4, L n.',n il o ('a rbl",
Lyon-, Minghoire, Milii, N1'wsolm, NuneI,
P)rtr'i, 1I{ta y', llll4wro, viallid, SlnaiT, S 1
lils, Sm inllis, Spill'r, 'I' . lvlr. Vo irhi.s,
\VWa4i hirn, \Viashinligtol, Wa.V ion, \Vibhl. Wii.'.,
W oId I ll Y:1 u11 iof l': n..4 l lato1 i 41 R ougi4'e :'L2.
' rh ei I tH 1 il41 r ,f u si d ti 14 1 e x .tu se M r. | h4 l'r y fro m
rot ing.
The pre'vious qgulOstion was .oeond,,l.
Tfht guitiotn wva llut to thli Hiou4',
"Shall tf main qiui 'tion b II)W put,."
Mr. ' itzpatlrick c.illeiI for thli y .as and
nays, with tlh following reslllt:
YTas Ilon. Louis hush. Spak,'r, and
os-, CU m., (41', 1)'.\vy, l jo ,, litil.. ,
prol'e (IIIlit. (-,11 . (G uti't., (ral'; t'll, Ilanu -
m1onIf, t o1 . sc.1,n'1 ion, hill of Oh' n,,..:.
lGtl v "f tOrl, na1s, 14,, ,tin;, iuld, L M1 ,1L.,0,
alrd ,,1 off 'idd1. 1,\L Its, M ,~h ,ir,, 31ili n, New,
- .nl, Poter. H1.3 v, ]U nniwr*, 11, 11ton41, Relailid,
tin:me, 5 l11rs...O.ir.nnl'. T'olliv,,r, 1, 1lii'",
Vashll'urn. Wa.hinltuon. \lat. on, W\dhe, V ,is'.
andi11 Yo un , of EaI t U, ton J ,i ou41! - ;2,
Fitzpat.lick, ]|nhn, ,:1 ai , Nune'z, Smlut,
Stag; . Biin b'tuil, VI)ll hi,'s and Wood-n 12.
Tho' t.ain qustiotn wa:sý ordori'd as follows:
"Shall section 2 be adlopted as amendd 7"
On this questionl Mr. Fitzpatrick called for
the yeas and nays, with the following result:
Yeas-Hon. Louis Bush, Speaker, and
Meeuar. Aldige, Brady, Bruoks, Bowdla, Buck,
Butrt~on, C~nrloR, (3nrv1Jle. aomn, Cokc, W,'vy,
Ltriologe, 1)r41w, 1)lckeuswon, Dl2nkgravo Du
p~rel4, (,,nnril,, Cfiary, (1aiidtltt (tl13wplet burn
1143'ltc II. M. J1 3111181 I 111 3h141It, *J(,11118rl4, K~d I y
of 014P~n118i Kf''l~irllK I(5418, Mngloirol, Ni I 1411.
W.ild'·, 33011 , tVis 52., · l,·i l 'inl::
NL 114 7118818 IIH~ ~l'rlV, I 'rI8'ltfi)lV WI)ILvHI)r
IV114114 Nl'v.'1'H.Pll, 131'",, 13114,S~ 8lrI)Vlnlt, '
31 I.jl IiVIIII Il 114V144 1 ll .111$ I' 4,I1l ji.1,431
I It' ilt ·1111 11115)141 fI3- tll't 5111 43411 1113', '.'ly(1(1.1
Ilollr'l), ~r~l~iil, l~lrii~. Slric IlSl~rtI II
8$ ".v4i~l· It·, SolIles, lily! .lr, '111111 v.'r, Vnl'l'·,,
WnlolI'IIrro, SVllts~lll, W4i11114, W181' Wood, nodtl
Noys1(I M''ss i's.1 I'lerryl~l~. 11111, 1III 'll145',1)111
Alll I.fltl nrl 111111 IlI 'V iII $I· rlnl~t. 11'11111'1
1111W lll~IjlIllIl. lrir i Iltl. yrrr.
Ali; I. 1111 l IIIVIl I 1i- iil~rl.1 13111''ll1 1114 foI 'ow
(1il~lu NI~i'' 1. 81111'11. 11111''311 1 315 11.lrt ''43~1
Afll :r. 111111 IIIVI1I o lll W~ :ill'l 3.1' l·lIIIrl$. 1,
tHI' lIl I' ·I III ,0 1411$ 310 11.8 fIll~~(I L Iws(;-i)ll
riilrtl 3'llilK 11111,1314 1413 1 lrIjLIe. I1 hr I(Vl i
il'IIi. ill lIJl(l 1)114 iIll~l'. LJj~l~r~ Ill.jlI,
3114111 13',WtIi114f11wo 111,
'I 5' 311Wl 7
Forn)-ycýtl4'SII a Ilu Prroi'nedils$
II 1st; In ip 1rtu: ;' tN'r~l'trt V;I.
N,"w (trIs~ IsIs4 4 5y Is y. 7I:t.'. 't, tssix
7`11· riiiii· \~: I· r:ill~il lo :hill 1 11 1" sr.~l
( n11:u, ( 1,, i aili i, I,. Irtlt, l ii ·'II' ·\ Itrr -
111lsi. 1 .ss)o ltn t1ni, f';1ts. o r (1' : ) II' l;' (ansi s'-r.
s(t, b1) rasv, i)I' Isv'\, 1)"
Is ' Is hlisast''ss. ('ssIss'l '. I('sisl tra (ts'I-. Is
111111.', I) 'l. lrrr(.I ul ,t,(,1 Iu1.1 I 1). i.: :,(II, rtlitl
slol s 1 i s l "l ( t11 1',11 i)", i t A v I ).'(ru41n l1sts'III , ,,i
of Is 1s Is'ss ,s' - ;, 555 I l [la. i lsa r''* g Isks'
II.11 (ssiis'ti .ss', l sl stl l ist .f 411 s1s.4 st, K."114l ,
\Vinn, r;$1:1.11' 411' . 1 . SI~s,, h ')tiny, Kn1111 La~
Jn11 l('111 n ,1,11 ( 1 I:rLf, !: L)r I'ilvl-,7
\ks4iu's' *sssss lii11, .,III il .1, (llssil sslsl
Iti '. 1: I)))ti ' 4 s1t 1+ I s ,'t I . 1is' . hui , is'ilrIa
ass'i,1. ~ I r.lJI~ I a Is'iss'-s. i's 'st is is.l II I '
'iiiislt l", si-issrf "'i55l''/ tire a'ti.(, ` 'ill, lst l''sn
sio l, 414, 4 4114'i 'fn\ ,r, 1 '111ý5, si ''siits
iii'on,\Valon 5V ":,' \1,44,1, nun; 1.' (Ill
)'lit 'ts -' sit's ie iaiiI :114 I 1 I 1ij a11 k7. t
:11111 nt 11) 5t 'I .:1llxlllll ,A v( I 11o 1 ,.L1,, 11, 1,1', 1J.(
'asittu 1 Iis' 1r ik, 11111"k, 1)L \ 'i'S Isi4.tr+ .\is' I'ta
it.' ~ ~ ~ CTT sisi' 11'os 'S ittt Ioii sstI~.Ji ii
iit'.ss, Iigins isI, )IIss is's-s. i ntt'j'Is, Iil
ii s'. jIr; ts's-sttsstts'-,)" 1I torst, 14'.t-sjtst1,111l.- ( llii -.
is't' Iv, i Iss's, 7 I 44 t'1,144('t .155ttoi4 1T1 55t55's" I 1,
1115515'. f It't't5. 2 1"til' is', 'as I )t'l 1.'.'1, hT. , )ii , ",
III\, lwstss'iisei, Iltiisstt1.(ll, \Is'is's-, 1'siss511''.
iIsJIts 32.
l'1')1. y r ls~iis' 1hLi 1 1 4. itr. it' rs'i v;) l.
'[lit'l jsutii'tsl s 1 '.'Istiisst' 24 5V55s'5u ' i i 12)15t'555'i't
1(54 5 t't5'tql 'ii.
i'.))' Iou tt tt" I' 545th, 1,5) nis' ('Iils's sis- CIts.,
wl y I I. tss liVI· s ii 'i-i
5o 1 'st s ll'. stist l IS il'. 1'.t I:tii . I ;-t'iaoti
''nk-Xii st l Ist C.C siitts'sl sss ' ,'asssl s~iuts 51s
tfois't- ''ass it Its ii ts'si'ts 'sts iii' ti) ii na t., 'ss
";1 a all to nnak l)tl I :I III rl '-4[111)" 1111 ;11 -f on
11\I 's'o 't si si' i' s'is'ti', sttsisttsit'I illy' 17. 1`x21
11.441 ~1151 555, stjs ulls'nnl( i-s-s1apr~ .
Aist's'i t., I 8 ,i-"i *
Wa illi lit- Isstisiv 7. Iitl - tilrliI2 10 Ill' 1it
I"T IrE O 1stII 15.-tA SA.
0 I;'s'.'s ii''t )' I )' 1 )in,' Itit
No's ItI.55')i ,,.1.1' lasry I. 1147.
'o tk.' li' tI l li'. tsr ) i .1 Ms"rtsiss-,rM s.f Il
11,)1, 1, of 11" r' Ss'55t5tL5I55'5' o
''sX 55lr sa rIs I Istiliit shill t'l'- i is l, 51155 t its'
"An nri 11,1)nl 'u(111.n)1re- cna tt al artorl it )')
'An ntt 1)) ints'sst'1t tl, itt llts No~y (iis':ttis 7.11 -
t' aii51 :i'5 1scit ..1 ',' 51 Ist'stoI'ts Ju1ly 17, 15421,). )1.t
clr Pthe Cwt, up le ljllnt i he or l , i,
Mstrt'ls 11, 154.154:
'iw st' is-s 'l ' t1his i-lit's i hs s Is's-. '5e1, 1.
tttitl(t'sitsl4 t s tol tto ilssrpsr ito r's 5s'' '
P1isslo ' sr..'lr iY 'ss'isi'l htilssttg )1tosiI tln is' 'sI' 0
i- is ilt sss~'t i ih ists Ststi''. n si ist Its ttslat1)'
is1 555. ts'ts,' rut o'ts tilt i'lt't i tssl5 ' tist' t'sss) 1,'. is
wA11ss i Iisis .v.' i n I'. 14 '? L4 Itiit.lit sva ')s'wthsr
the)55tttio th " law ''t ith its, s t tll is.s 'ss
tstA'dst toe its' lssl'tut'b"'s'. 'te t heou
;t1 '. Ilrislgs'r t1oilsi's I tsatt.h i ~ l~r Ii" rsi o-' I
tsstast'It tt 21ir. lttiiry, 1)ss I ju 1ht tiss0D 1oi'ti' l'c
fsasns 1to t't't's5w' tiis'itt.
XIsisis tiisstissn lislt tnst psr'va'il.
111'. I).i'v ais~ked tise ( 'l'rk isf thll Iol ssiu to
risskas a SI ila'tss't0 ttsfl'('ltsling tise 1155 lýts,
wichl, sy' I.'rlxi i'd'in saf tistl Liust', was wads:
as folos:is~S
Tb.' papers now off"r'r'd Isy Mr. D~rury wt'rn'
offs'ra'a tto 1111 by Mr. (uisiaisrl. whtt hias boll
the Clerk ifthelii Psaskard H~oltlI' 'tbhs'f its', tlls
Clerk, cstm'oin posse'ssionf of thie office or the
clerk of the House', adjoining the ball, Mr.
Guichard stating to him that he w~shoI to
turn overto himthe bil and vto uiesage of
the Governor. which should be in possession
of tho H[ousIe.
The Clerk declind to recolve them in an
ofnicial ,capacity, or Las oIilkili docu meitsI.
Mr. Drury moved to r',fer the pa.per, to the
c(r)rltrlitt., whic'h motionrl W wnarlsldptd.
Mr. Vorhbilt'sidlt' up th,, r' lufion intro
frd.eh'rd, 'T'hat lions,' hill No. 414, "An art,
r, l'li i lt i' . t h 114 o iate ito sir'll t "iiti a lit
rilpr ,, n'll'lt ivf 1i '-. li-r , >ldl 111 r llding lii
w-nnt' inliXg s i.'ib 1l +' art, No. 1, apllprovw'd
111i4 r.Y 31. 1. 71v," bn9 a,lllldl n 1 plr~rt"I'l',w I ill,
fills in tiui II..oof mi. mat y ht , u till d w lt alt,
li i h' , Ir b 1 Ilµ.ll l , a d )ls t.(l i IIII id rs.
''ln l,' ii volurtion wais r>'4e ti, tinit
I'tinling furti onsidij i'ationuT> f the r-tsolutionill
I loutls hill No. :tt,.
"All nlr'. Ito taii. t. srnl. si'u i, .ilofui Ir p ,op ' of
, ilkt t)llllill, (ln li'il ' I , h1, Se lf,t i.,'
ofl l,- 'i'diu lts Iy .'.',i, ;.i a1'1i pro. i: linl; g fl'r
Ihlt'lllilln oi t d,1Legatel, to ">>,h 1i> vll ellntion ,
if nrd, 'Ir, by tilt pii1ph," ' lt,1,.
Awl orn hitigion lllll l tllt.b hill ws uli lill>..d
na t ltht1" " I'il ri lt'r9 t t'r of Liht, hy for. tlI l ltty ait
1 o''hlo'k p. Il.
ihftot lilhiNo. 11 11,
"An arut to provid rvenugI.,or trhcal ;ah
frio l l:i ss on "lllll'lill ltn, llo oi 'eIhallls in afin l
tlt' said wiewr arlld liqlui,,ra; to pr'ovhho for the,
a.'rlll nmllllt' l anIll m nll tlnin of( , id tllar' ; to
land p nll 1 h ,MI llllrh'y l off-1 n,I <s; io [pre1. . ribe tf1ith,
jul1f. ,f orlh- Audil.or am ilh. i..l' -rlhnltors
ti l,,r lhi> a.tI , i m1 l the disi ,os:iti n of tlhe
ill( I \lhoti I.In r, 1r. Ov in'' g thl h ill wat ro
ussim.l'd Iawlr l l' tilh' sp ritni I ord r of th,,
day f-r 1 ( 'rlok it. Ill.
Mr. WVashhlurnl n'vll,, up
lou.s. bill No. 227,
"AnuI tIiI, fn crmltt a general lo'ven flund; If)
divide lht ,Satat into l,-vie diIstri'ts; t4 pro
vhid for thn >tp>pointml.,nt of distrit hon;rds
o, la'vr' commrnllllJ4iioni!rs; to cr'tIat1 ditri[cl.
h4voo furuis, wlld to provid- for tlhe , ll4','lti,in
anl di4sbu>r54e'lnit, 11h1011>f,"
orlar of o hr sIlt ay for 12:310 p. In.
Thl .onsidIration or t h, rrsohlt i' " of Mr.
V,,,rhio's, rlating to lhou.se bill No. 41i, was
i11, ",I,'lI for the' jre'viou, s qu,,l ,ion, and th,'
',all was s,','rn d by h7 1 lhous. by a risin>g
void of Si youas to 2 11lly3.
( )It fhl' ullwl;t.ion,
"Shall th-, naitln qen-tion ho now put.'
Mr. I)ingraw.vo call'd for t0 '. y .asami nays,
with th' following r4''.ut.:
\e'4.;1 Ilin. Louie Iheh, Spefal r", rwId
11,.sr". Aldig,, lharbin, Bind)y ih'rrv, Wii,
Ili 1i , irh i g 'r, I illi.,n, linw ihlin. l.,'ek I'lti
Io -, ('r,.ss , DI, kayi", Milinkgrave,, |)iake,
Iuilrol,+, (hti, kins. (Will6''pi, Ihnnrnowl, Ilili
of OirlhnnI-, |notinhill l, ,Jonn-, KIIv of
Winn, hilly of Orleans, ]t i>"i>, Lrtnarl t,.
Lords, Llo>tll't. of (oif wdo, Lionlha ll0 of ( )fr
hlnii Lyons, Mwrtri, M anl, Nuni,', P"orrnitn,
titls, Norltr, IRiv.clha slon i0 I llo,° iylawdl,
Shilksple..ltl', Srnart. H-i1.gg. ti .lf1', L ,wart,
Sin, il i-'n, hS1 illIr, Tavlor, V"'rtis',, Vnonhi,,
aV hhburn. Wie,, Wood, .i'tou of (libilornl'
tall Y4,11i14 or f;asl thut >li Itaglig' f5.
Nays M1 l.ia.. lPi.tron, Ilarlr',tt, lBrownw,
Ihshy, PB l-ton.i ('nrvill i, ( na , (;ol>, lDavil
soni, lrAvy, l)yri > I ,js, joi, ho it g>',. I) rw,
Ithlt ,son lnurdron, Gutnitn . (nary', Iinll t,
1: in, n. I I, inhni. 1lili of A' '-rii o.> > , I1o11,
.oh l... II. M..h.ihlis ,i. Rol, ut .Joh n n.n. KRe,,t
hi>, K.ern, Lewis, Maluir>', Milun, 11111y',
If. ir'',,. tinltr, H mlinnll s, T. °r lliwv r, WVltlkr',
'lr h, Walii, h iia,, i n id WV'tl+'# on N2.
M r. iinktl'grav>' moved It i,',.1.-idrrh.rlion.
Mr; V,,rhi, s inoved that the oitinon tol r>'
ioniill+r" lo, inid upoll tlh. 1 1il",, [fill n lihnt
iotion Mi r, Dinilgrav>. ' . lm d for till' , -ts awl
illlV.,, wilh the, followilni' rrnit:
o ",r,, s M r . Ahibbt., larhlinl, 1UflrlT l,
lP ,n ly, 1hort ', Irail, I'ri,'", I rid"',r, Ililli>,u
fi; nw. 'n, ;l>'k. (C;aIlow, -. '" -s; i I k
UInprf '",. (;tskit s, G II"In-pi,,, linrnmiind, f lit;
I' (11lnii-, HIlilnili ltonl , .Ifni,,-,I, K flly o
4'm. nli, K ,lly of ilelIlns. Kihhl. I, Un lm r,,' Lon,
Il ns,i , Ly l , t n1nr 1in, ,lllansNews. lm, N luiiz,
i',r:il.a., I'ilt", I>. rtlr. iii'ha ir . ,n , I',,l'',
ILt hlnld, Slhakspf.,ui'>, Swart, Stgtg, N,,11,
4 ,I I r , in lug i l'to l, S p i l ,r , "T :I v ho r , "' .I n ", ,
1'1111s, \Vai-hi lnrn, Wihl,. \Vi ,s, Wood,
l 111111;1 of ('C I +Ilt n Ytllfl'll ll :I fr Yol .g of E ls. lila ti
N.,y, l[,"s. i's. Iarron, lH'ar''','t, ro),ks,.
I I',r %i, lhsl-y, li llton, ('lirvillP, I o', I'olh,
UInvid- n. . l1) vyri s, l>j .. - it, lii.,. .,-I)r.w,
I ii k ile ,n li, I lili Dl">l'n I,, ]!llllli , ( aliln,t, (;nrI ,
;m-lvt,, O l'wiiini, Ilinni , W ill of Ax luni.i.i,
N; vi 11,'«rl. 111lrro,ii Flu' i~idl, It~oitks,
I:lr~ý.n, It",l' \.! , I~lil'ti~ri, (:ial.\illle. ('I11 II() ('rlr).
)lvi I-ri, I )vI'5i, I )it.isgi, Di rita, Icliikori
31,..it y, i (·s rr'rlct, ;10 r':a ci~ itl, ifa ichr, {fill i
\sr1 1I nn , IItio , Jrl 'iL If ,r i t.r. ntlis· t (: lint,
- 't. Iuhru , -.u iiic·ng Ki'r Iiri, 'hul-w, Mmgl mimi"
\Vallr er, u hlligtuu iurrln \Vat.-r :i.
'iii imurir-, irimivuilc a0 Aru·muckiurimn, aridt
0l1ilt the irutijli ill I;ifi, uji-juh r Iii laidi( ij iini
oin Iii ' rlion i In ria upotI tli tiubl the Oio
.n to n'enn?; idAvi, 1I iruiu.'rtuve, riiiiiih'i
V Mr. K<L'tinig.', ialled' iit the yils anrdl liniy. ,
alli ii' full wuwtu r" ilst.
1'"u uh-11-srs;. Aluligi. At-is-k, Iluirlin,
,,r"'i'., tlt li'shi, Bll, t :mimiitlrl, \rilii o (ri.ii,
I iitit iintu , Juiuus Ku-l Cit' I "tlI-it,'
), ii,. 1mmk, Dupei -, Liitt~uturi mY (nr'4m-ti
I uku.pu-atn Sititirt, Kelly ~r it'Olutef, -miii
IThon, Spillea, Ltay'jlo, \i'reeV ,iiri" rl,'K I
uynit, artin, W ixii5 and w~rn Yoiuig ALa.- Ikitiu
Ntaysit' ylusrb' Iarin. Iur rret, Iryland,
Iluix~lu'iuru, I)Avyt, lie~joli, $iI Itv, It11-j iw,
hilthu , iliiit ln eu-ting, Sai, Jeiiti tuti
N Cayli L -., Barrln, Brrueti, Brunt-,
h'ctw OT SRU-l.v, Tr't n . I aniSX .nin 'rI'
To tvlo Ho or, lH `Avy, kl(rttnd lem rs ol th
Pitt urim stewart, S--n IDiu'S liI our, V;iail-u',
Vi arwlittl, V;rasr;;igt' 11 ah llili if Alt-,t -.·
The follo)wing message-i were, recuived from
the Senaate : 0 ,
New Orleans, )1 r-h -. tsi+S.
To the Honor';ble 8ptmsk-r and Members of the
House of Itepri-rentarives:
S am Oise"tt to inlorma your honorable
body that the Senate has adopted and agreed
to the arnentndiert to the constltutlon of the
State, propreil tby the Holuse of Representa
tiveI, nurmb.'red ni. neteen by the House, with
an amnirlndentr as annexed to the accompa
n.lnlg enllgro.Sed (!opy, the yoas and nays
havi nrg b'r'tn tilktt tIhereo,,n andI two-thirds ofe
il Ie Shnriattrs loot Iltraving votol in the af
IRspictfully, JOHN (LEGfc,
S·o'rret.ry of the Senate.
Hlr.N C'nAnnan,.
Now Orelneis. Marcrh 2, tx7i.
To Ilir HFonrrlrn l,l'hnkor rand Membluers of the
ii n '.ri f 1tI'ir',,intritt vr :
I g.nn dirt'e',1d to inform yourl hotinorabRl
irlv ihit, lh, Hn'iatr' hitas 'oncirurr.rJ in the fol
I ,wing li0ir ' hill' , wit ll a rlrll.nd iutla ass anl
nrx ld I~ thi bille, viz:
No. '215,
"An n.,'t to provido for ia iornpl,'to registira
ionl t' V)otis'; to plrovi1 tIhn lnller of mllak
iun 1 hlooks t.' hu s l tIl, thit t.ll' electiont in
I 75; to provide 'lall i st for a viohlation of the
pr,,vilions of tl.his arot; to plrtsCribJ ortain
lg t.il' .of aa. S rigsi'tarirs of votie.r and
e'l k, or r.' gslg rti 'n, lnr to insulre a just and
air lop porlunity for all legal eheitrs to regis
tt'' Irln voIt.''
Noi. 24(1,
"'onutlhoriin tfo l'Po lie Jury of Wehster
pa, rii:lh 11, hcvy I special ta.x to liquidate the
undhhhtin.ss if t he palish."
No. 37,
"An ni.tl rlatile to thr te Superior Criminal
I('ll rt, l l ti ' p r h is'llt oti f I )Or i-l in's."'
A iso, has onecurred without amrnendmenti in
oiluse hill No,. :1i,
"At ni't to authtor'izt' the I'rolfwe Jury of the
pltrisch o ('nilisin'lr ti, levy a ap fiat tax to.
pay its fl'ialtiring dlbt."
I bspectfuiltly, JOHN CLtEGG,
NSw'r'otrry of the Senatei.
New Orl'an,. Mlarch 2, 1878. i
To the l inorarrhl tikrr and Members of the
ftlrror I Itfli riir nirt tives:
i rnn illritl to inform you that tIh Helinat
hatoe vr'urrdi r in teire followintg Hlouse bills,
No. 21,
"'A lt I. for t h r,,li,'f ofr tir' Ftruit C(rowwlri'
Lili''r i'lrr ('nrtipany No. 1, of tih city of
New Orl.'ia."
No. 451,
"An ni. tto atmend andt re(-enatt se.tlon f6 of
ait, Nit. ,i of t hI Ligisl.rturei of 1875," ita'.
Alan, Nit. 35N,
"A ni ailct, te iniorporate t hetown of Waterloo,
in the parish of Poilto Co(rtiroI,"
Wil It nti tit ttlttt'til,, ais t.r.tr xte l, to the hill.
Alst,, to infor yot that the Lltrutinant
(.v.rnor anrd lJr" sitd.nt of the .renate has
signoi'd duly ,n'trlle'd
renat hill No., 129,
"Ain acrt, ixing thIe termn of tie district
ianurts in ithe s.iviral parishur of the Slxth
S li.ildi DI I ls i it ,"
A nd to r. iriurt, tih signagturrof the Speaker
of thig Iose of iti'prt.sntttives to theR snamffle.
And lhIgt t, h' nt 'r hina riassedi and r'e
nlie'stl 'ii mr .'inlun I'rnit'' ln the following in
t itdled 14n, II hills, Oiz:
H. nit't. hill Ni. 210.
"Ain ict ui thorizing and trnpowe.ring the
'oli,' tirty orf Miorehou.ice to abat ott remit
She t i'rount rof i ' r.' hil orifr itiu il bond."
Si,. atei htill No. 159,
"An cti hnurt ring th' Monroe and lnst.rop
Ni.rrow 'I inuriie l.r ilr'or.i CoInuanny; dlefining
Ihi' pi.a .v d u l dhtlie's of sRai(| emrupnny, and
iut honfrizing tlih .oti'iny to isl11 Its htti lj4an
IandI lit rgg tI ' ri ifi ' poptirtyof tit . company
ls, i'cioi the pI.'yrtnt Ir thiof, and author
izing tihe sal', Ir' ritind cinsolidation of said
.na ulhr'II ; urnd l itlh 'izing tihe partishe.t, eitlt.g
ILIA twwnw lOMn t1e route of 1mid road to
tiisu h'nd' ti aid in the ,initruction of the
Snatg.i' bill No. 157,
"An itt tro lrrvidf' for tih appointment of
live nn"'-b.iru of the Polive .Jury in the parish
Sihiatl' bill No. 117, O
"An ti rt to rti"''.ifynd iionIrrl a rintract
,nl-rd into Irluwien tia iparishes of Enst
lItton IRug.; and Livingstan with R. L.
Prover, rt'lgtiv ito building a trll bIridgum
n''.ers i th A niit river, trndr rl I'r ci rin'gctet.ai
,xclui-vi privil',ge's upon said PIruyer. 0
Sorimt' hill ',o i1,
"An ii tol artnit and re-oFnat aetol.nu 2 and.
'wtiron 4 ruf i f. N o. 7, appr'ovdi Mta'rch' 21,
177, eni it led 'A i nrt ti regularte anlI limit tthe
liability tof prioht o r f Ihis St.ate, the parish
of Irg'li'ns r xi''.rip"i, for o-tass irndi fees in
crimininl pur,''ii lings tuefore jur.ti'es of the
pl ne, I iin n pas ish ll d lisitrict iour'.tls.' "
I I fsl Ie't ull y,
.JuOHN (:LGG(;, Sccrlr'ary.
Th,, fo,l oswin H I I oI , rlfilwt r+(,x'iv t(l rormlt
l,., i, i tl';-ii~ xi i-io' ll ;ni a ( i iiN ir.
4t500,* of lli. Iaall..
N.' ()rlliias. .Mi-Ih 2. 19'8.
Ti t.e flthn'rahd,'i H ,ki,'' ir and Mermbors of thl
I! ii i' of IGepl r .I t lil/lit l1'' :
I havi the' h.onr to inform you tiht. I have
tllo i, )ll N,. ; 11,
"I',, . .' th,' Iime of ho ld Iing the termsl of
th, I-lriltr ('urtl inz+ thiparish t of abinl, in
tho," liv )nto,,i lh .Iwflihial District,.
VWry respic t rully.
I7RAN( ti( T'r. NICH(OLL..
G(overWn ior of Louiiaina.
On lth mot ion of it NI. Ityland
Hliuf ,' ill No. 3:1,
"Aii not to prl, vidi rivenr ies for the State
fir.m li'-,l in ii' ,ulpat ions if daluros in and
,,'ller of winl'H anll ipirJituoolls and malt
liqtusor-', atld kI'l..pers of bar-roo.s," +v.,
I,'inig th,. sui"ci;IIl order of tIhe daly for I
o'clock pI. n., wa tak. n upil and r'ii-slignged its
th, spii ial odir of the day for this day at
lIlf-past; t 7 o'elock p. ti.
(tO tihe rot ion of MIr. Iiewis
Hlousu' hill No. 319
Was tal'in ill) anl ri-assigrinei ai t.hu' upeeial
ord,'r iof li ditay I'for Mon(layiy, Mareh 1, at 12
S':clock Ii.
TOn the mti.n iof Mr. Voorhiiii, andl in irc
• n,vd n,., wit h his r,,'olution,
liou.- hill Nti. t1,
"Al ) t, rr;l.apport ioniilg the Statt, inti, ,Sea
ta 'ri'l trisl l., .r . ,tltativ l e l)istri t.,"et,".,
\\a;, tak,'it +;, u 1on its secowli rºu).owling.
IMr. L" nautrd, of I ad,lo, nmoi:ved l that the hill
A Mr. Voorhi... m, v(d that Wihe motion ti -
prinit he lailI upon th, btle.
Air. l)inklgrawvu' all,'id for the yi"as and nays
on the mtotiin i- lay (n the, tahble,with the fol
S'( as--l-,"ssr.'. Ahlige, Aye-ark, I)arhin,
Bra y, } 1 ry, l1 I, i.i'e, Jiridg'r, Billioel,
I -ow iin, li,-k, Carl',o, (Crissy, )elavigne.
l)iiligr;iv', Diou', li)uprlio', Iitzpritrick oIer
tir, I;aikini, dli.-1pie, llarmrmonl, Hill of
i) uirs, luuit,in la , onas, Kelly of Winin.
IKelly of iOrt(rile , ,Li Le!di , .Lolinarit ofi
r;0ilti), L,,hhui mri of I urli.nu, Lyons, Martin,
liatnis, New-oin, Num, z, P'idalt,a, Pitts, Por
t"r, Ii-lhau lsa, I, Ji, i tRyland, Shiakspt'ar',
Sitrit,'i. Sfta!', b-lf, H' llrs, Singil-tmbopillir,
I nylr,', '1,(, V lrhit s, WVaitubur, Wilde,
W is-, Wood a il oi'nl of (;I ib lirnu . Ii.
Niavi .1+i-srt-- liUi in, .La rett, Brook,,
liroi,. o,-lieu , ui toii, (' lrvill', Como, Cole,
l);iviins-n, I'Avye In yrir Drejoii', I)De L.ucy,
0t~i+', i'k nd D1un)ll'd, Gantt, Gary.
i;aud , , ( ;raii,"), Jill ,l As 'lnsi(ln, .ones, 11.
31. .Ih(i-,Jii. l. tiit J',h'i-on, Keeting, Kern,
Lu-, ,i M!a Iii, NMiln, lilhy, litrn'rii .Stw
,rt, SiaInIIIH'. Il,ivir, VWalker, WashinfgtonL
'ht) notion wal.s lad i upon the table.
The titi,, aidl a paiirt of the bill were read.
Mr. D)"t2i," mov, d that the further reading
of the bill bo d aipe'ns.ld with, and that it be
Th'h quti rt on was put:
"Hiall th, firther reading of the bill be
di-piensed with'" O
Anil on this th, yewts and nays were called
for by Mr. Ki.eting, with the following result:
Yeas-Messrs. Aluigge, lisa bin Brady,Berry,
Bell, Brice, Brildgr, Biliieu. Bowden, Buck
Uarluss, Cressy, D'Avy, D)ejole, Delavigne,
, , .>t,)L,. . . . ; M ... r, . •

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