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TmEM INAWM , 8Y9l*r.ty 4 . WT1
E tlatne's Wealth.
IN. T. World.]
The British revenues for the year ending
March 81, show a surplus of over £00o,oon st4,r
ling, instead of the dellcit which was expeoted.
The London Times of yesterday explains this
as the result of certain special and temporary
causes, but the fact itself, like the resi nation
Lord Derby, will doubtless "surpri,e' official
circles in lit. Petersburg and strengthen the
position of Lord Beaconllieli at hoiie. If
one of these facts goes th, .how toe Russians
that Englan(l will not patiently subliit to tLhe
virtual establishnenrt of a nu.-lan pro
tectorate over tle disnernb.tIere Turk
shd empire,, the olther will tend to
shSrpen th,.ir percrletion of the enor
uasons financial disaldv.nuIItge alt which Great
Brltain holds thwll thl iisipo tal n Lnt c, is
in the story of bt.Ih nations. * * * Wlhen
the financial strength ef England is full'
all od out to suppori uchll wr as a war with
Russla for thei coltilf f the E: tirn question
mustt lnevitably b., Rlusia, even though un
exhausted by ecllii a sure stru Iggle as she shas
just been wnaing, may well h sitate, to grap
ple with sinWws so trieloUinous. A naper lll"s
Just been IsIle blfore lihe1 I..ltlstieal holoty In
} land by Mr. G(iffen, in whlll tir subjects
of the weiltit of l.gliand and of the recenut
accumulations .f clpiltral in tie Ulited kinig
,dora are cotnsiiere'l ,Lrelfully anIL at longth,
and with results which hrave startled even
those Englishluen who hlid tihougut theii
selveis mrrst faimiliar with tlhe Iluanclal his
tory and condition of thlleir ciun; ry. Mr.(fiTeon
finds, forrexalpll ', iit rigard to lthIgrrwth
of capital m Great ilrititin, that ii the teii
years tbetween 1 46I anid 1l73 thn caprital of the
country was incrteas, d by the, enorouhins sum
of £2,400,0(00,000, or abitr t I welve thousand
millions of d6 llrs. In 1565 the capital of the
empIre was £6,100,000,00o. In 1575 it was
£8,500,000(100. In other words, En land hals
beenadding to her capitaalizid wealth or her
national estate.at tihe tr Ienldous rUto of
£30,000M000 a ye lr. AnLd whereas the gross
a·seesd in'.rion of (reat Brit lin at the be
Inning of the .einture, when she was car ry
on her great wars with Nap.lolon I, was
bu £115,000,000, and in 1855, at ithe time of the
Orlmean war, was Iut £3)08,000,000, it had risen
in 1865 to £3J6,000,000 and in 1875 rose to
These figures, as Mr. GiToen says, are "bowil
derlng" in their Ilrounts, and notlhing in the
way of politiacl I ,onloiiny can boi more liu
portant than a thorough llnvestigation of tlhe
causes which have led to such collessal re
Ius.ea'sl Bankruptry.
Russia already eoeW a depreciation of 41
per cenlt in her currnt pale.r, and the ex
change at St. Petoe stlrg expects a declara
tion of war with Eng,land tL, be followed by
an open national bankruptcy. The imperial
government had barely estollshedl an equi
librium between its receipts and expeudi
tures, after maIny years of budgets showing a
deficiency, when tooe Turkish w ir br,,ke out.
For the year 1876 the ordlinary receipts were
$410,806,000, including somie $8,000,000 of the
revenue of 1877 paid in adivancie Ly meurchants
who had imported largely in excess
of their inlmuediatt needs during
the last quarter wille pIlle was yet taken at
the custoim-hoLuses. T'he ordinarl'y expeudi
tures were $414,563,200, which left a delle t of
$4.20,000, to say nlothing of the addttidh to
the debt thoun beginning to be inade fr the
expenses of mobiliziug the troops called iut!t
in expeotation or war. We have biefore us the
estimates for 1878, wiich anticipito a revenuel
of $440 292,200, including all the aniounts
drawn front extraolrdiIIar 't S. iutI.i', such as t he
sum of about twenty mi ilions f'ronm the 5 ter
cent foreign lon of 1876. I nsmiuch as af er
deducting this the amlount to be raised fiolui
the people is somewhat lalrger than the rev
enue of 1875, a year of peace and unusual
prosperity, it will be seen that, with her
crops unmarket.d and her labor market de
ranged, Rusasi miutt meet a lucre lsed bur
den of taxation. The estimated expenditure
for 1878 equuls the reeilpts, and is a trifle
over 600,000,000 of roubles, without including
the outlay on account of the war. Up to De
cember 25, 1877, the Russian treasury hadl
been called upon to pay $317,180,000 as thei
expenses of the Bulgarian and Armenian cam
p , the funds havinig been obtained by
two home loans in paper of 300,000,0tl
roubles and by a foreign loan in coin of
100,000,000. Up ti the present tinme, especially
as salr the armistice of Adrianople additional
forces were called out, the war must havo
cost Russia $400,000,000 at least; andi as the
notion of Turiev's ever paying an indemnity
is simply absurd, this sum must be added to
the Russian debt, which will then amount to
about $1,800,000,000, the addition meaning that
some $S0,000000 a ear must hereafter be pro
vided for in the budget. The Russian leieie.
pointed out three months ago that while t he
value of the paper rouble was steadily falling
the neoesi~ares of life had of course be
come much dearer, the arrears of taxes
had Increased and insolvency was sadlyv
common. In two years the number of
casee of bankruptcy adjudicated by the conm
mercial tribunal of Moscow--excluding all
amicable settlements--had risen frimin 68 to
11$, and their amounts from $3,887,000 to
$23,100,000. The volume of paper currency
had been inflated one-third, and amounted
to $784,000 000, to which should be added such
items as the 50,000,000 roubles issue made on
the thirteenth of March of treasury obliga
tions, which are redeemable in September and
bear interest at the rate of 4;, per cent per
This is not an encouraging prospect for the
rulers of a nation about to enter upon a sec
ond war infinitely more severe, more perilous
and more expensive thin that which has just
closed. The eminent French ecenomist, M.
Paul Leroy-Beaulieu, when the armis ice was
signed, regarding the war as over, calculated
that for many years to come Ru-si must
raise an annual revenue of 640,000,e00 ir 650,
000,000 roubles, which would impose an addi
tional annual burden of $70,000,000 on her
subjects, the greater portiin of which
sum must come Irom licreased duties on
sugars, brandy, salt and tibacto. Such a
burden must be grievously f, It in a country
which lacks the elasticity of res urces found
in highly civilized nitinis organized in some
sort of conformity wt h tile principles of po
litical economy, such as England and France;
and it is not surprising that Prince Gortscha
koff and the En peror Alexander contemplate
the future with less en, husiasm thait the Pan
slavists of Moscow or the lieut'enints who are
lounging as couquerors abt)ut the cafes of
Pera. To go to war with Great Britain, is to
court national insolvency; to abandion the
treaty of San Stefano is to risk a domestic
SgaUsh Oteers matuying the Plan of a
Camptgan in Turkey Prepared by
the Engtlh War Departmrn'.
[London (Orre on dunce Uhicsoo Times.]
I notice that Lord Napier has completed a
scheme to enbody 250,000 solhliers in India,
for service abroad (but 45,000 as at first pro
posed), but following the usual cautious plan
of the home auth tritles, the plan that so
vexed and disconcerted Napole n in the
Spanish campaigns, and exhausted him so
completely by compelling himll to keep enor
mous arimaments on fi.t without correspond
ing results, there will never be more than
40,000 to 00,000 men in the field at one tune;
the remain Ier to be traiined as fast as may be
required to supply reinforcements and
11ill vacancies. he same plan is to
be followed, I hear, with respect
to the two corps d'armec now ready
for service in England. The scheme, as
have been Informed by English officers en
gaged in military obset vations here, is to
Ieep on foot abroad not to exceed at any time
more than three corps d'armee in addition to
two at home, for any emergent
cies that may arise, the labors
of the war office being confined to the re
Inforcing and mutint.iuuil. of the three c irps
in their full force ant efliciency. Greece, it it
said, is in Case otf war to furnish 20,000 men
Canada 20,000 men, the Indian gRover nment
40,000 to 60.000 men, and Great Britain be
tween 80,000 and 106,000. If Austria joins ths
allianc, it is stated, she will attempt to sevel
the Russian commntliatioins wlile the allies
advance from the Mediterranean coast a
Turkey; attoempt very lttilebeve4
the tuuiaens from the fa Benohrtu.m a
eoure the entraOe of the British fleet into
theB lac .a .TMttaccomplished, the
aile! dOl.l S IU opllltll ti the
defense of their positions and movements
designed to harrass and finally cut the Rus
slan communlcations by sea and by land.
Large numbers of British olcters have been
engaged In exploring the state of this oast
ard country from A ths to Constantinople.
It is claimed by the English officers that their
maPs of the entire region until lately known
as Eurpea n and Asiatic Turkey are inucom
parlb y better than any others extant.
1 have been informed that a commissEon of
(Greek and English officers have for several
days been studying the plan of campaign pre
pared by the Enigi sh war department. This
plan Is known to have been in existence for
upward of a month; but that Ipotion of it
which is intended for the Greeks has only
lately been submitted to the authorities here,
and as the city is full of Russian spies, the
greatest secrecy Is preserved as to the d(et ills.
T'he general understaniding is that, whilst
preserving liberty of separate action the
"Greeks will not attempt oplerations near hllrln
except in Th'lcsaly, but furnish a sulle~ietit
force to pretecet the frontiecrs, call out reserves
to reinforce, and feel the troops in Ithe fleld,
and provide It corp d'armer for tranlept .t to
sonic point on th be tgoean sea, wherothrlep will
operate in conjunctlion with the British.
C rowde Galnn from Coentant Inople to See
the Victorious Euitaane.
I Londlon Truth.]
Kian Stefano, the flattest, uglhet, and most
- unIIIIteire titLg f IYi ntII'y rI'esorts in the nigh
IeirieI of ConrustLntinoplie, has suddenlyi
riscell to lllr lel hied honor. It has thrown oltpen
its In.t le ,iilses tt thile strangell rs, and the-re is
a stlneig riairy, in hospitillity, between the
rich Gr(eks and ArmtIuans, who own rlmost
ot thle he nelscullno villas there. Their etn
I rremaement tee weolc.lne the comillng guests
inmust be taken for whaItit is wo th. 'They
ido niet l;eo the Inewcomnreis, but they know
which is the winning side, anld their sinc+'rity
Sis about on a par with that or tihe (reek
I ishop of Torhataldja, who publicly htAli.l
the Russians as deliverers, and then privately
- centided to a beHnevlent neut ral that the lutu
l- sans ihad made h s life and that of his pircple.
ca burden, and, with a deep sigh exxclairted,
it "Oh, for the good old tlrns of the Turks,
when we had everything our own way, except
in tire matteir o tithes and t xes!"
San Stefano lies cih see to the s, a; Its shore
is bathed by the Marinora, and during Aug
a ust antd September its chlie recormmendation
are its batlhing and quail shoting. At pres
ot sit the Rus-iaus are the great attraction.
Their ndhtary display and tleir splendid
bands are pleasant novelties for thi Cun
stantinopolians, who seldom see or hear any
thing liner than a shabby out-at-e-bow Turk
lsh regiment with its brazen moentony of
trumpets. The railway runs extra tramis,
anti the goveirnmllent stetalllrboat cr.nlpalny
hIave put on extra boats, which are crowdled
dally with excursilouni.t eager to behold tile
colquerors. I he Russian force at alln te
fan, is rapidly swelling into a respectalle
Ssized army, the 1500 mlen orilrially expectedl
ihave increalrsed to 16,000, alld its friesih regi
ments are still arriving. it is but natural to
expect that they will outgrcw the aeomiriro
datiosll of Kiln St.ofano and spread themselves
on to Makrikud. froml which to the Seven
Towers---which neans Constautinrople itself- -
is but a step.
Lig htnlrg Mirikinnr In a Dozen Different
Parts of a I Ity at the Naine Time.
The D)etr;it Free Press of March 27 says:
At 5:30 last evening the' community was
startled by a blinding lhash and a trremelndoos
crash of tlhunder, and it is entirely beyond
estimlte to guess how manly personis re
marked upon the imnulse of the nmment:
"Guess that struck near here." FE oum the re
ports which were current upon the streets
list night it is fair to conclude t hat the stroke
of lightning In question was one of the most
remarkable electric eccentr-l.ities on record.
inasmuch as Its effect was felt in all parts of
the city, while the illumination was very
general. The most direct and serious result
of the exphelion was the partial burn
ing of lire engine-hou-e No. 9, on Alexandrine
Avenue. The foreman, 1). Broie'rick, was
standing In the west door of the building
when the flash came, and not ..ting particu
larly affected, stepped into the yard to see
where the lightning struck. lIe immediatoly
bcwame aware that the lower to the enagle
house was on fire, while the roof to the stable i
was also burning. Meanwhile, the lightning
having burned the fire alarm telegraph wire,
the stable-door latches were tripped, and,
stunned and staggering like drunken met,
the horses, seeing their stalls open as usual
in case of fire, stumbled forward to their
places beside the pole of the chemical
engine. Broderick ran back Into the house to
give an alarm and found the hostler stunned,
working in half-dazed fashion to hitch the
frightened horses to the machine. The work
being accomplished. the engine was drawn
into the street, an alarm ws turned in from
station No. 125, and within live minutes after
the first shock Broderick and his hose and
pipenmen were half way up the tower doing
all in their p)wer to stop the tire. Besides
the almost miraculous escape fr,,m harm of
the men and horses at the engine.-huse, many
other singular incidents occurred. Mr. Foley's
house, on Crawford street, was discovered
to be on fire immediate ly after the thunder
crash. A fourteen-year old girl was sew
ing in the upper story of a house on
Franklin street, and was rendered nearly
insensible by the shock. Wh*-n she re
covered the needle, which she still held be
tween her fingers, blackened and softened by
the ebctric heat, had been bent in the shape
of a sickle. A gentleman living south of the
Alexandrine Avenue engine-house stood in
the back door of his house when the lightning
struck the building. He says that with the
crash he saw a sphere of fire several inches in
circumference leave the tower of the engine
house and dart In a southerly direction like a
meteor over the wires cf the fire-alarm tele
graph. A city lamplighter was upon his lad
der near the corner of Grand River Avenue
and Crawford street, trying to light
the lamp when the lightning came.
His torch was wrenched from his hand, his
ladder shook and turn. d, and he, very much
frightened, fell into the mud. Gratiot Avenue
car No. 41 was coting down the avenue,
when, blinded by the sudden light, the horse
attached to the car turned entirely around,
and with his head close to the side of the car
stood there whinneying and trembling, and
could not be coaxed to stir until he had been
loosened from the traces and led entirely
around the car back to his place. From all
parts of the city came reports of shatered
glass, shaking crockery an-l frightened men,
women and children, but as yet no fatal re
suits or even serious cases have been heard
of, although diligent inquiry was made.
Punching Citins.
There are people who apparently delight in
punching ho.es in new or curious coils, or in
defacing them by inscribing upon their faces
initials or something of th,.t nature. This is
all nonsense, and we are pleased to learn that
measures are to he adopted for punishing
those who indulge in this miserable Yankee
habit. The Committee on Coinage, Weights
and Measures have agreed to report favor
ably Marsh's bill, which provides that
every person who fraudulently, by any'
art, way or means, defaces, mutilates,
impairs, diminishes, sciles or light
ens the gold or silver coins which
have been, or may hereafter be, coined at the
mints of the United States, or any foreign
current or are in act ual use and circulation as
money with the United States, shall be im
prisoned not more than two years and fined
not more than $2000; and every person who
shall, with intent thereafter to circulate the
s ame, deface any of the coins aforesaid by
placing thereon, by any means whatsoever,
i any name, word, sign, device, character or
picture, or who shall utter or tender the same
as m ,nay when so defaced. shill be imprisoned
not more than one year and tined not nuore
than $1000; and coins mutilated or defaced as
aforesaid shall not be a legal tender for the
payment of any debts.
. . .--
r It Isa estimated that over 100,000 persons in
s New England have signed the total abtinence
f pledge since December 1.
A Constitutlonal Conventien.
I.t. Mary Katerprise ]
The theory of our government is that all
power resid.'s in and emanates from the peo
ple. If there Is any of the old time repubil
canism left In the land, now is the time to
make it known. The Legislature which has
just adjourned was anabortion. Great things
wetre expected of it, and in all great things
there has been sad dlsappoilltment. The
whole people have called otlly for a consti
tutional convention, but InstAeid of obeying
the exlpressed will of the people, the Legisla
tureo has sublmitted a parcel of amendmnllts
to be voted on at the next election. Now, It
may and probably wi I haplipen thit there will
ie a divornsity of opinion as to those amend
n,ents, and the cinseq lcnee, will be that the
colntitutit n thus Iatheld ill) will be anything
but a comlltlete instrulment, and we will Ieaver
a lmeagre organic law-neither lish, fIsh nor
fowl. We suggest, thler.ef re, that the p sple
refrain alt' glthe.r from voting upon these
anlto,tdnenlts, andl instlead tllereof vote direct
Iv for a collvention andl at thesane ti ne hle't
their delegates; and if the pt ople adopt thitl
plan In every parish, there is no Hpower on
earth that can thwart their will thus ex
In this way we can remedy the failure of
the Legislature and at the saetn tlnm so re
buke themr, that nle coinig Legislatur'e will
tuir disregard wishes so univer sally ex
tpress.ed. T1 her need be no trouble in earrvy
eg out t his plan. Every pari sh will have
ietwo.'n this and the State or congres.lonal
ttonventiton, tllheir tpuish (otnventionts, andI thtl(ll
the question can he detemirltd ; and shlould
this lhe igreetd uponi, each parisih exec'utivoe
tonntlttee can have its tickets printed, and
then put the lqutihon directlly belore the pao
We say that lnnsmnluh as the Legislature
has palpably dlisrgardetd our wishes, let us,
thet pmo tle, exercise the rights hillernt lit us
and call a convention and elect our delegates.
LcRllativoe teform.
iCoushtita Ciltiazn.)
A mountain labored tand brought forth a
mole-hill is the tmost conlcise version at our
command just now. The Legislature ad
journed sine di' on the twenty-second of
March, afer sitting seventy-twi, days. As
the litoeen days f,tr which the extra session
was called wetre not consullllld, it is to be' sup
pOthed that the importlt tand nei'cesstary legis
latlve work awas linished. Much, Indeed, is
the (case,. if we limit the Idea to the objtects In
dihated by the G(overnor in his proclatmation,
and we belleve that public opinion will sane
thtn and approve the linmitation. Tiere
were, it is true, o her projects which
lmany persons ditemanded, but it is not
by any means certain that, as tol these, the
Legislat ure' could have acted in such a man
nor ts to give general satisfactionl. Omis
sions of this kind have irovoked criticism in
stniome quallrters, and have caused d(l sppolnt
Ien.'t t o tltSo who lhtkedl forward to a sweep
nlg and radical revolution, without regard to
the prIrtmmses, by which the revolution was
to bet effttbdtl; but after all, the pubilie will
jludg(' tilhe L.egshlature by whaItIt has done I
rattior than by what it has left undone. Aft, er
examining its work, its far as we are now
ibllte to Iot so, titt're would seem to be some I
r,"tsaon for Senatr Whlte's eulogism oil the
resuits of the session. 11|1 showed that re
trenchminett hald tlumn e'ffet'titl to a very I te1'
amou.tnt in every dlepartmient of the govern
We have n'tt bifotr its the data on whic'h
Ihoese c lalMlin i Ins are I,-tled, but if tlley atre
te rmret they ihow that in tihe' imatter of re
t.renchment the just ,'XljpeCtitioslt of the pub
lic have not been disappointeod. Much was
expect4lt from the Logislature. It was tite'
1lirst (Gneral Assem.bly to which the peoplie
coultd ll~Kk for reformn of this,' gross IL'suIIeOS
which had grown up during the corrupt anil
corluptling rule of the Rejpublican party. It
was regard(ed as the exponent of that brilliant
victory which was won in the face of so many
ob(ta(cles, and of so long and weary a strug
gle. For this reason, perhaps, more was ex
pected from it than, in the nature of
things, it could accomplish. The task
before it wias a task of a magli
tude which might well deter the high
est intelligence, and repel the most de
tcrminin. zeal. Opinions were not united as
to the objects to be achieved and the methods
to be pursued. It was inevitable that much
time antd ee'rgy shoiuld Ie expended In reach
ing conclueions which should satisfy public
C opinion. It was inevitable that many desires
should be disappltutKd and many projects re
jected. But what was done seenls to have
been well done, and what is left, undone hias
been rmntitted to the more mature t'onsidera
tion of the people and to the decision of the
popular voice. The Legislature to be chosen
next November will take up the work of re
form. and consummate the same according to
the dictates of a public opinion which will
have had time to untite on concrete measur'es
and opportunity to express itself in an intelli
gible form.
A Somnambullnt, 1 hlle Asleep, Charging
HIimself With Murder.
IN. Y. World. April 21
As Sergeant Haggerty was sitting at the
de k in the Fifth street police station shortly
before midnight on Monday, a pale young
man entered the room.
"What do you want?" asked the sergeant.
"I have come to give myself up," answered
the yonug man, in a low voice.
"Conic to give yourself up?" said the ser
geant, half inquiringly. "Well, what's the
mnatt er?"
"I've killed my girl," replied the young
man, who seemed to grow paler as he spoke.
"Come, now," said the sergeant, forcing a
smile; "this is the first of April."
"But I killed her," pleaded the young man.
"I poked her head throught a window and cut
her throat from ear to ear."
The sergeant at first thought that the young
man was drunk, and then that lie was an ea
caped lunatic. He asked:
"Where does your girl live ?"
"She lives at No. 516 East Fourteenth street
and her name is Eliza Gleason," was the au
The sergeant called Soedial Officer Bissart
and told him to go to the house mentioned,
Just as the officer went away the young man
started for the door.
"Hold on," said the sergeant sternly. "You
are a prisoner."
The young man, not heeding the command,
continued towards the doorway, and the ser
geant hurri'd from behind the desk and
grasped him by the shoulder.
"Where am I ?" exclaimed the young man,
shudd.'ring and looking about him in a dazed
way. There was no reply to his question, but
he was locked up. The det-ective returned
from the residence of the young lady, saying
that -he was alive, and that when he informed
her of the charge the young man had made
against himself she thought some one was
trying to make her the victim of an April
fool's joke. Yesterday morning the young
man was taken before Judge Flammer, in the
Essex Market Police Court, and was immeli
ately discharged. His friends say that he is a
somnambulist, and that he was und, ubtedly
asleep when lie entered the police station. He
had been reading of Mme. Restell's terrible
death, and falling asleep, dreamed that he
had committed a murder. His name is Peter
Coby, and he is in the employ of the father of
the young lady whose name he mentioned in
the station. Dr. Austin Flint. Sr., and Dr.
Ranney think that it is a very extraordinary
case of somnambulism.
From a report recently printed in the Lon
don Times it appears that the postal savings
banks, under the direction of the British
government, produced a profit last year of
£245,849, or about $728,000, over the interest
allowed and the expenses of carrying on the
W. H. BARNETT. Broker.
8 St. Charles street, opposite St. Charsle
i, tel. 00 y17 2
the un.'enufl ed agnts of the Iritlbh e.-s.
ship VANOU4BD. Valiant miter. from Colon,
ill1 be resporible f * r 4 l raoh by
he rew ofi.raid ".s
aplo t AAN & (.
@OUle of tbh Polle Jury, Parl-.h l JC
r.hu l . A$ d' s. 1, l.--09l els
n ofthe rl of Jt'effron, right hbh
er. I gritEeile that the iltereat o(lpolun
ue April 1,. 1878. will be paid on and after that
dte on presentatlon to th" un'ertlgned. at his
ofle, at the (.nrt-hose, Harvey'- Canal.
(i" horse-lo ao m. to ' p. in., on Mondays,
oednemdys and rtidurkEM BLRTHOUD.
ap9 it* 1'rish 'Treasurer.
Omfice of New Orlense fad dirrolltoe
Company. New Orleans. April 4. 1878.-At a
special mieting of the .oard of Djrepotr r held
thibs dly. iadlvi tn d of TWO AND UNE HA L.
PER CENT wts diclared out of t he earnIlngs ,1!
the past thre· m ,nth4. payhale to the stoek
ho ders of this ,omioty or th.eir I gal repre
sentativ. s. on and arlt.r SATUJDAY. trtetwen
tieih liiwant. WALTER V. C01OU 0 .
ap7 14t *-- f
Union Insumraner ,Com1paMny, New r.r"
I"a s, April r5, 179.-The annual ehettion for
Dir' orr of this iompany wi I be hell o , the
flfteenth Inst.. it the fflce of the coripany. No
3 Car.nd.let street, between the hours of 12
m. and 2 p. m.
aC,5 lot J. M. CRAWFORD. BRSretary.
omles of CresceeInt lty Railroad 'emm-
pany. No. 103 Canal street, New Orleants. April
a. 1878--The annual election for dIroctonrs of this
coi..any will b, h-ld on MONDAY fllfteenth
nutant. het cOnI the hours of 11 a. m. and 1 p.
n., aIt the office of the corpllfan y
ip13t .TR JUT.TIIV. R. r'remrv
4lice ofr Ile 4 rece t City I.ito -tLe·*c
Lendint annl Blnughter iHuse Companv, No 21
Sarolndlelt a rest now Orleansr March 25, 1878
At, a mne tlng ,if the B atrd of Dilrectors. hell ort
he twenty-ilrst In-tant. a divldend of two dol
Ilrs and a half (12 50) per share wIa dO)lartr.d
payabhle . th Iet sckholders on or ,of or MON
SY. April 15, 1878. J. N. AUGUHTIN.
mh27 t ats1 H.-Prot.,rv.
I h' reby telllty lhe Public eIlh I will nIm
from and after this date pay any debts contt tlot
ed by my wife, Pauline Rome, as she has left m"
house without my consent. 0. W. BOBL,
Donallt,,nvillo, Feb. 22, 1878. farA.
No. CrI (htmp Mtreet,
NEw OnR,EANs April ;. 1878.
This bank is authorlz-d, by the Treasury De
part nent to offer for sale and recelve subscrip
tions for the 4 per c-nt funded lon of the
United States, in denominations of s50. $100, i0oo
an t upwards, at par and aecruLd intutest in
The bonds are redeomnble July 1. 1907. and
bear interest. Payable (quarterly. on th.- first
lay ofJanunry, Aerll, July and October of each
-year. and are exempt from the payment of taxes
or duties to the United States. as well as from
taxation In any form by or under State. munl
Slpal or local authority. ald will be Issued in
regls'ered or ' oupon bonds, as preferred.
The interest on the registored bonds will be
paid by check, issued by the Treasurer of the
United Statles to the order of the holder and
mailed to his address.
lrdrrs by Mail Will Receive Prompt At
tentlon. Full Inior nat lon iven upon
Application. Correspolndenre Invited.
ap7 1m A. II.LDWJI . President.
(A Bank for Small Savings)
f!»...»«.».Barenaeo r eet....»-.. _
This Savings Bank will receive on deposit ant
pay interest at the rate of 6 per cent per ann.u
on such small sums of money as mar from tipe
to time be offered therefor by mechanics, elerkk
minors and others, thus seurin proteotlo
from robbery, accident orfraud, and also afford
Ing a means of profit on savings by .the semi
annual interest paid.
B special provision of law, married womet
and minors can deposit money in their ow.
name, and it can be drawn by themselves only
Such deposits cannot be controlled by hus
bands parents or tutors.
Apply for Charter and -
J. L. GlBi sO. Presir
M. BENNER. Cashier.
mv25 Ivi'
S4 ............Chartres street.............14
mh:9 2m
kuctioneers and Commission Nerehants,
Nos. 45 and 41 Decatur Street.
New Orleans.
I -or
Of each week.
. Liberal cash advances on consignments.
jail tm2dc
I will load U. M. C. SHELLS at the following
100 No. 12. 6.1 ........... ................. 0
1 00No. 12, S , l , ...... ................. 60
600 No. 10. i2 . 13........................ 8 00
tEach Shell guaranteed. Orange Powder B
sand New York Shot used. Pink edge or felt
wads in each Shell.
AI Aent Laflin & Rand Powder Company.
jas tf2dp No. 5 Tehoupitonlas street.
I J hould have one of Pollat-ek's New. Simple
and Practical T'able of ascertaining instantane
ouosly the Cost of Imported Goods at the various
rates of United 8tates duty and all -xpeusee add
ed. It is .coarate in every dtali, asnd saves
time o calculating foreian invoies. Price afty
cents. For sale by lendin statoeners and at
e Orun-wald HaIL. OLSTlATS , uaoauntant.
18 Barunne street. t in M
W*ANT .,
best of reference given. Address . this
office. ap9 at
s V .itu i o do o i t,.ewo and nui .
situlatlaon to do boneewo k ast. e r
nurse; wlliing to travel Address .J.. tbis
<,f01i. apl at
man wants a ailtntioo In a respctahle
private fatmily a iwa.st r and ironer, or to do
h,)usework, wathlng and ironing. Adidr as L.
S. Ml)emo ra, ' otl.'.. .a S9 3t
lueoks. Nurses. :asihnaerimala. A Ite.
n lear the 1i y. for asmall fimil., Mist he
thoroughly comptentrt unl rollabit. tReferences
*epqu'red. Ad,iy at 255 Jackson str. ort b tween
sAnr lt a t ,. apltft
a1. 8so0 Maazine. D. LEECH. Soiree
Pisnnlt. i'S lv
S329 and :i31 De:ea u street corner of Bar
racks i-tret.t cont uining a large store, eight
lartll roIomst, kitchen, w toe works, et'c.
2. ONE THIIEE-bTOIRY IltU0 E on Decatur
a'relt, No. 308. ,on'atling s ores, four rooms.
kitche,. Wterw rks .re.
3 ONE FOUR8 ['OIY rOUJ'E on Da.etur
stre, t. No. 0, frolllrig on Peters stre t. N.. 78
Apply at No :377 iThar reR street, holw-en
Frenchmen and Elysian Fields. mh3o 1It
clIm pllloe and In good running order ready
for immediate use. For partieulars a ppty to
feIl tf 149 to, i.t Magazine street.
New Os lelns April 1. 1871.
Your attention is hereby called to the follow
ing ordinance:
itl HIdl. March 29. 1878.
[No. MIS--Administraltiou Heries,]
An ordinanco to provide f r the estab'irhment,
regulation an i gov-ermnI.lIt ,f lrivate lar
ke a il the city ,of New Orlea es. and to pro
vild prnaltlies for the violation of the pro
visions th reof.
Hz(rloN 1. B,s it ordained by the City C mnnll
of the clty o f .Ntw Orleans, 'lat privatei mar
kets for th' sale of meat+. fish. vegetal,les,
trait. and Ith ,r comestibtls, may bo open.ed
and kept in any portioln of the el y of New Or
I 1,ari nlt within a radius of six sqIuares of any
Dub C market f saild city. p,,vid Id the pro
pri. tor of naid mark t pays the IeeOe Ipro
bhilet therefor. a d otherwise cmpli's with
ithe provisilons f th a ordlnlalue and o her or
dlances relating tol the fiSl 1 tsulJbPt twilltter.
HEC 2. II, It flrther ordained. etc.. That all
privw,te markets shall be k" pt in the lower story
of he building in whiclh the y are op-ned, and
shall bee proviled with str~one or concrrt-' floors
They shll be thoroughly wa-hed awed el-.n ued
dt ly. N, meants or o h r comnestibles shrall Ib I
iexposed on tllhe banquttl-. they hall tom ,lo.sed
0Durll t ialIy at 12 ol'(cl,-'k mn.rlidi.n of each day.
F r any violation of any lt the provisions Iof
this sectlont the persons offelldl, gshall be liable
to a tine of not I -s than five ,Ior mlor- than
tw,,nt -five dolla's, to hi- imLp l~d and collected
by the recorde If the district in which the said
market may tl situaited.
r-EC. 3. BE+ it inrt.nr ordained, etc.. That the
Adllliistrlt or of Cmmloerl(l shall have full au-11
thority, by himself or ideputy.tI insp-ct all pri
vyte markets at ainy hour wh" n they mlly be
open for busine-s, and a,y refmal by any pro
priltor of a private ..srket to permit such in
spectilon shall render him Itable to a tine, to be I
imno ed and collected asIrovided in the pre
eeding seetion.
Jio. 4. Be it farther ordained etc., That no
private market shall be pernmitted within a;
radius of six blocks of any public market of the
city, and that it shall he the duty of the 'hief of
Sol ce. under the directoln of the Adminisatra
tor of Crmmorce, to cause any private
market op- sed nl violatiol of the provislons of
this secion to be closed, anI any per
son opening a private market in vio
lation, f the provi-onns of this section. and with
in the said prohlbited distance, shall be liable
to a fine of twenty-five dollars for each and
every ,ftmene. said flue to be imposed and col
leated by the recorder of the district in which
surh private market m ty he ir uated.
1-EC. 5. Be it further ordained. etc.. That this
ordluance shall take effect from aid after its
passage, and all ordinances conflicting there
with be and the samre are .erehy repealed.
Adopted by the ý ounell of the city of New Or
leans, Maroh 26, 1878.
A true coby:
Taos. G. RAP'Iz. Secretary.
The provisions 'f this ordinance will be
I rictly enforced on and after the fifteenth of
April. 1878. CHAS. CAVAN AC.
ap2 7 10 14 Administrator of C ,mmerce.
Neew Orleans. April 6. 1878. 5
Thetenth allotment of forty-five series will
take pla e in the ofco of the Admlnistrator of
Pubie Accounts. City ali. on MONDAY. April
1as 187 at 10 o'clock a. m.
J. C. DENIq.
an7 td Administrator.
R own 16. City HalI,
New Orleans, March 1. 1878.
Sealed proposals will be received at this office
until MONDAY, the first day of April. 1878, at 12
o'clock m., fr the construction of a Draining
Machine, to be ereet'd on the banks of the Or
lean" Canal, on the propeity known as the OLD
CITY PARK. Metairie Ridge. in accordance
with the specifications on file in Ihe office of the
City Surveyor. All bids must be properly en
r veloped and indorsed as follow : "Proposal for
Construction of Draining Maahine."
The city reserves the right to reject any or all
New Orleans, Ma.rch t6, 1875.
The time for receiving bids for construn-tion
of draining machine is hereby extended to
Wednebday. May 1, 1878.
Corner Gradier and Carondelet Streets.
Prices Reduoed During the Summer
is now prpvare.l ta, take Boarders during
the summer man he at rIdo'm 1 rar-e.
without botrd.
Sboard. MRS. M. C SSIDY,
ar7 1w 601to Proprietress.
Mrs~. K. C. LOGAN,
The Latest Novelties in
Millinery and Dress MakIDn
(Next to }runewald Hall,)
; bddrees. P. O. Box Ia8s NEW O-ALA B ,
fl u7 sa Oorete a sBpoealty,
Triumph n.l4Cowlnfn aress of the
And the Grand Oonoert Combination.
Tunemday wvemsSg April 9.
Wednesday, at Woes', AprII IS.
A new pro.rarmme at nach Oonoett.
Admisseon. S1 ; re~rvod .ents. tiesets extra:
Gallery. 8o cents. Matinee adm"nteS $1.
extra chsrge for reserved sesre
Bous oMie now opon. aplt
Mr. HALL has the apl ·uorsof rmnom einl
the rturn for T'l4tRE NIGH Pr alnd WltDtIS4
DAY and TIIUIDIAY M .TI.ENIh. of the ia.
antl her grand troupe of eighty art',s.
MONDAY. April 16--Atlme In L\ MAJAOR
L 41E. I needay. Iath-Aimee for t that
time in the grtat P rlali suceOes.
Matione--L' RI Ii NDIGO* Aimqe as
Fanttsca Wadnesday Nig t-Aimee's e e
flt- LA VIE PA I14lltNNsl and the secon8
srt of Ls FILLS DE M'E. ANOOT with
sit the charaeters reversed: Aimoe for the
fir-t. time here as Ange PIou: she will [in
Pretty as a P.eture. a.d Hildebrand Mon
rose. Thnr,'ay Matinee-Almee In
Popu ar Evening Prices-Admisslon to Orches
tra it dt Orchestra )i rte, s i; Reserv.wed Su
in Orchestra andl Oroht tra Circle St 6R
A"mlisrl n t, Balcony, 75:o; Unerved Seat$
in Balcony. St ; Iamity 0 role. son.
Sptlai Ma' ino j Irise-.elnerel a Itrmesion to
ill parts of the house. 0oo; Ieserved Boats.
s(c extra.
Box open lr wile of seats on and after Thurs
day,. April it. alotf
Positively I-'t week of the (.OLVILTTE 0L
LY COMPtNY. Wednesday and Tusd yv yEve
Irtg and Wednesday Matltee--BABES IN THE
WOOD, with (chmi P.mnt mlutue. Wednerlus
Eve'lIng-OXYGEN and WHO K LL.B 00CO
ROBIN. Tnhrsdav Eveninng-The new l.endos
burl rqne. PIPF-PtFP. Friday Ev.mnt-&
,crand gala nallht C mhbind henedt of Milk.
Ems R esau and Wilst BEomian. iatnrd"t
Marine Evening and "nndity NI tht-Farewell
Evenint,. 8uuday April 7-At doethie bill
LnBINRO' C(RU4JO, and "HE.ATHtS.M 1.
NE<r." romB ue Board. apt
PICNIO..... ......PICNIC............. PIONI1
Atthe junction of M-,tarie Road and New Canal.
Partienwho desire btgle PICNMIRben rest
this plea4ant garden, with large shardy latfor1
ad d shed. oin r a-onabhleerms. 'heaO.ty Bltt!
road eats on C .na street will mnsfoerteclit ar
rangements fI,r tarrying parties. lNiaire at
the plaer. or No. 24 Exchange Alley.
uwhl W 8a Hu Ir*w
oe. 11 and 1 Bnourbaon stre,
H. WF:NEIt, Proprietor,
Far been newly frescoed, and is now tohe 13l
EST HALL In the South. The artistlic pos
meat of the hall was opened to pubie
tion on Saturda.y, the tath in.t. alt 7.o'
iA large number of European d Amerlil
papers always on file.
Three rooms for ladies and familles, with si e
I crate entrance.
The largest Orchestrion in the world plan/
from 11 o'clock a m. to 12 m.
PFive (lonRs a glass. (eell Sm
A Wild Oazelle. houl of Cnti street+ on the o
twenty-e.venth of Maroh. a hblak MBIiOtAN
DUM BOOK ([about *ix inches long). contanin
a letter marked valuable and some paSp o
n, vaineto any one b it the owner. A
reward will be paid for its reory, t byPlL
HAM ILTON, master steamer Wild Gamille.
ap6 tf
. w. C. U. IR. Lw , . 3. . G en,
Author of " Practical Observations on Newis
Debility." "Essay on Marrg" e
Senior Prprietor of the
state Museum of amy.
St. Louis. Mo,,
Beas to inform the citizens of NewOr..
and vicinity, and especially those who have a
ready availed themselves of his serviocs,
he has returned to the city for the seuon,
may be consulted. till the Slat emaotaot
his old rooms,
5 ampart street, Detwees CmsI am
And may be consulted DAILY from to l a. mtU
3 8. m. and from 6 till s D. m.
Dr. DIAVIESON. having adopted as hilemaeol
practice the treatment and cure of
Nervous Diseases,
Has spent years of study and research Ih at
branch of Medical Sieenee bearinn s
the sufferings arisina from YOUTM]UJ10].
r ental and ohyslcal debility, and the loss of
vitality, and his long and varied experlence
the best European Hospitals. teth
ears of the most succeessfui ractice. both
Europe and America. enable him to gsarantes
Belief to Al Safferers
who consult him. Dr. PAVIEBON. he bees
specially and remarkably sunoessful In nis
Treatment by Correspoandeas.
It is, however, desirable that at least one
sonal intervl.w should be had if praet.ee .
Dr. DAVIESON especIally Inlotes the alt.e.
tion of those who by paeing themselves
the care of ignorant charlatans have o
creried their sufferings. The phprseleW
understands his profession and lebore.w I
elligence to advance it In the respect of moo
is abneractor to mankind and the
m.ation in which tDr. DAVIFA fsheld :
physicians themselves. is proof that dll 11
apply to him may hare
Imnlett Faith tol a Rapid sasd Perm-.
a ts tlre
Dr. DAVIESON'S work ""Preaacal Obeer
tions." now in its 2zoth edition, will be found
valuable guide, and may e had, boaund I
cloth. price 96 c.r$s bya addsesin the author -
Dr. SYDNEY DAViREON. . 9 Rampart st.eoL.
between Ounal and ' ustomnhbouse. 1w Owleas,
or from OGBOl ELLIS. bookseler. opDos" .
the PoetoffiBce.
Dr. DAVIESON may beto consault. at No.
Bampart street. between Canal and Ous.o.
house, New Orleans, up to the st.l of iar .
after which his addrg.s will be l.eeOlive tree,..
4t, Louis, where he has been permanently lo
cated for man- years
Office hours from to a m. to n. m. and from
7 to 8 D. m. Snndays.l . m ti I t .. only
no am
IzmL. mm.i xma
Pure and keesh, from the eountry.t hbeL h
Corner careadiet and denmes saeIm
and aLasel. Ne. . Canal steet, san
e em u taem-msaee, WNot Ue.
The cly places tn the cLty where this sale
brated milk can be proered.
Prat. rleh and sweet Jersey and Aldeul i
Mila aund Buttermilk. at I ceats per glass, t
e~..ved daily on te, via Jackson Railroad. f
tbhe amons Areola Dairy Farm. Said stok
t'fom the well-known Fowler's ImporttMlos
Aersey and Aberney oatta
Also kept o. band, Me 8oda Vlohy. .
eral Waters. Home-mao Pd sa Paser
The best stomaehic and tonle sovereign resei ,
for Dyspepela. Excellent for an a·lt-maif "
morning beverage.
Law Prie-are a ed Uelau
For sale in all qantltltee b
Sole ManufaEcturer.
jatd ly do No. s OctiuM se I. New tlm

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