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(II 1( 1KENS.
lIavling cc'eirved during the 1)ss)l tiwvs or tlIree
year'the. igr)IItl morl ,italtv liiid udreltru'nti eo . of
thn ,',ciltry inll h I 'ifv n11 Itoi el nviruncs,.. i
esli f l steer' set ecrctlti," i frssn'e e s ll il
. n' - 1)) ', t,1 o ')i911 with 1th1 k rnn di 'n "1.s
I h 'he erllaisiiei as ievs t, es )luncighin
,and 0 , I The+1. I'a'- 'i 4)H) Ita ovI n1 ull-. l nallI
Sn, v -- l asry niftlh igh it is rtiee It suli
1R kI iI a-'(l ' It l rlmlry oi .jlr | l I ow a i lly l
uontico if, nsr f thee tllr9 h i siy honks riii 5mii'5i
fin ug ei xte-.l lrn l al.llp liesnin ef if eslueltio cr
bl.e it, fitsp r i illc I'infelec n llst buI t i lo 1) t I or ll "cllllt
rea1l h th oie ine 9f 1si9 d)) sie4ne. 'lils i .ns
s sih.l'ltr, 'li t et lsswr Wltsll ef enIr(I s'I .'r lj ,t ici, ll
l '11 ne+' V'', µ,1i 1 .l f , i+r.ilccs I el s 1it" h c l ici wll
giv, + it I sllis 't a in 1 l I I I fii" )) gah1.i of i del ls:altsI. It
i s u kriw ln fI l thw ellllI 14li. I.0ewr. . s h, 5t
ol4sesit vire-5tscei µl i fs ie iti p etltse of itll of tie i
fea.lrt ,e tri ''. It will 4i4 rnitc',,h 1i1i) lilk iieitil
Its 'I l, i lt fr ill II r e. tlhl i n, tfne riiijll J 1~il)t'i9
of whitle h if ls f vIg' ini hllel 14 II.eIt h Ii'"I'. lnlx.,ii Inl
with c'',rn stueial eir flIour which i(14 g~ntrIIIlv lti
U tl ic' ht l f, id. '[hiI 1i1i4se i inl Ifh, )"1) , b"'e ,
inert for w Iant i tlte n eii..a ry IO- r.rritriilis tlhait
flow from tille livet. lnigs 1 $ ilnl l hti'VtinIII,
til pre iler it r rh fe -rtlin ,r er',i - Iln di l ti ioiln.
If fll t tio l i-it ti's ve iillineisiisei ti' , hee o I ssll)lo o iltl
ritatse ld t ff ill i sOlieri tin me. It-ir1tivuleirly i, l
warm WINeiiatliier, 19iii)iiR nei 1uri nl eIl o sn fcc1 -
tanmir aieT.e ht l iin in I h.ii 1ilg i ltii j. iltl, ri whi,'h
I visciil c,'o llrupt inell nr in lilrswn Ililt) ihe
wlndilo l ,nd f sit I lIhI l nnial'r I I ) lo i hy Ie h . .uhiil
ing hrait te this )rille sf thi s eof 11 , w -hih eoon
bRel 55lim4clle s toiIei'. 'Thl'4 'le4 ii l e iAli0 clehli' . InL
it'yhig to initns i . to tlhrow lvnIk its handll atnI
(4ul s kly l ni'li w tli lir) IN mL tih tl gilt I l~'ii, landi
heorn~ i he ti ith , I list4ialis of 'K'iis" ian lih' dlmi
ease. I h6 VI u it litle donit thai wh-in ini il s lt
wors lta( ti . I lt I Ilsiles. haves hit i c1l inhsll
that, the daily f e'ldlllr often l s l un ii to detit it
until it ir.se made oalid iprogress,. i is dhe i
tetetd by t1s, e gu1h ril al dill anr I itslert h )e'n ,itilne1
iof te it il ke'tk its wtil lie i w(eIt toe l ea, lyhl
drsgging lsn erus tsl ane gives tiss)) aeutseassrne-o
0of sickess,. If ei ilxa nee e.l lisnoy tse will se f )ei)9
on lthles rwn f ths head ns id on Its |esetui , sistli
thte- sires removed with 4eeeessi diflisilt y. 'Thel'yee
arte not, nlilie thi hlei nn siesi d lesi.4, i
I fornern y hall rnies uls my mind this this is
all t'"4ese4 ) f l i ll., tree tdu -ll by thin e ei erly- gr' lei
g rats-s ans vsoize b lesie 14 footie. CI1reels l t iile a ii
few volr1' 15g cc )li ee in n loiiilisln to us))e Ihis
" tihwo , " l* , sijfieet ie 0,0 d 11 h 1 powderelsr isolr
v eJmi'n "is ih Ls l' O esill fillr this is-trseessing d1)ii-iiisens
The tewo eeicield form i, tonic ol f Well e.liiwr
q1ae l slity se is hllni ellntly roimene11di e IIctl as i
rieveh ntivetil l iIieIri tiviiith e eel. l etf e e y Tie
attiiek ecfttils liis -isn. I'15a5iei51) not starties' at I tnI
rrencnssdi i li aei to hilvo lll thol llicncs. u ,tisct
I'ue ,te yui iliscieenla. Yourasitc11nihleu ll te
nlteemt d e in i whisn ( list usinn unl ed to )).. l
knowing that ih mi lisist itubtli yt1111n.i in t oi .lt -
alogue of 4p))isnsue i.s stryehnlia, which isii ties
extralt siof m ix v licsla. Tlhis in itsIelf is 0l h
l asted toi iide lei at fooling of sk tisisml ll. i. lut Ih
hav. e used it inll e ven1 it is a lisAhc.line teo hs1s i.,
hieiltist and Ihi sk c1)1, and do I.,ilin t hat to themis,
and all other idisnescI'. anlmalis wtll'hln asre' nt
sraesr Ir tee e in their habits and eroiouslsities. It
is not oileiionousli. It il esetirui f Ill ve li the welsc e
e-ahine and fl Ino ebrslds, aniid lito le feathliere'ld
aimphibises tribes.
Tle nux vmnienl i a Tivr.lhfuge,. ii te.ih, it
sats dlretly uem tho nerhvous systemni. and iap
pears to give n.treae.nd dispelsitlion a ndii nhility
to the laying b.en to drop heri litter of egags.
When the two artiolles. nux vomila ansil hui
vense sulp hiuret of Iron. are combllinid, they
enmlpope tile very lest and sitroungest tol.ei. To
the sksetitl, In reforouee to tIli nix vyomi'ea and
it tloisonoui effoots upon the chicken. yecss
have the ipower within your reaich io test tire
matter to your nutireo atisfaction. (o to the
druggist and got weighed out five or six grains
of powdered aux vomion-this is three or four
times the noe' ssary llntityto begiven usulllly
as a mediolne. ornlbhino thi with the rt mu of
good corn broad to the hulk of a goose egg or
about what one chicken would eat; it should be
well manipulated and mixed. Give this to a
chhlcken, place it In a box and witnoes the result
for the sueceoleing twelve or fourteen hours. The
,uantlty here Indioated, If given to a dog or a it.
would prove their death. I have said a good
deal more. perhaps. than may I't of Interest, to
read. At the concluslon I will give a reeipe for
the feeding of fifty chickens. for three months,
of this compound. My solo object is and ha.'
been to render a helping hand to the many whoi
arlrwellagtlheir famllen to miganto their danily
expenaes byoultivating and raising poultry a d
eggs. But only one-half has been said to Insure
suocess. Nearly as much depenlds upon the
feeding and the proper preparation of food. a
in ivifng the necessary tonics or medicines. I
shall now more particularly addrems myself to
the newly married wife and to the many older
ones Who are Inexperienced in this praise
worthy domeastic household ibusiness,
I will begin by saying that I slui not in favor
of a tight. or rather inetosed, hlln-hoeoli, lIhre
in the bouth. I profor a eimpinle half-fitnei
shed: letting It faeol, thi e east ; lntt in th,' wtest
seld extind quite to the tarith and vwe v flat
weatherlboardinlg Ihe enlds, ats alsRo tlI.i east or
front, the latter ito within three tti of the
ground; It may be twelve or fourt,,on foot highi
with good rooists and enasy mltns of acs.rossi I'
them; in the far Interiior, near i, thelid of the
shed. nests m dli of thl third it f itfi (l Ilo r
barrel, and keput hid bytin-h or rubbish if aiy
kind. as thel hen, when seokiing a nest, hnltiits
laine soeluded, hilden pia,,' t, dret her gg.
iii anilmal. as a deg or hog, shoullt iiver iit·ir
this place, willih would it seoon by th hiL, delivce
her to seek another saufr liace l fol}r h eggs.
In everything contnected with ihlekiui s try
aodl consult Ithinr lublis and insti iies. You
can 'iontrol with a little tilod, but soialr,,ly anll
one be driven. A hen in the laying sela
-en saimuttktl cwver h~ hclfttsed -o- in M-t wt ar
worried. A rooster should lie i llowedl a run
of ten hems. In setting a hen always give
her Ia new outlit. for her settling nest: il-, In
hay Is most aeotmtablle. If y)'ou are desi
rous of having more or o(ne sex than the
other, take all of the long eggs for malis. vies
versa for a female. Mark ac'h egg with linte
date of setting, so if lnolther hei shooulit lay to
her the new eggs can ie soleited. A hoin is al
lowed twenty-one days for incubation. The ioon
for her and her brood should be prepared.
Frame for the coop, 8 Uleces I inch squlare. li
Inches long each ; : pieces will fornm tih sides,
2 for the legs and the other for a top tioce; they
are halved in at the top with aln inch scrow.
This is the frame of one sldo: the other throe
hut together it like man tier will be for tioe of her
hide. Now lay it, down and spreald the logs
apeart to a diHitan.n of :3 fe at at the bottom end.
Now mnail a lath :I foot long on tlh boit.toul of
each leg, and now describe tiehe ingle of the top,t
Andnalso theL, op pinessos, tth- framtt will it.
Your front or R.si will oethillt 1 luches ati top
and ir I ictho iat the blottom oif ,tt h side iof tihe
coop. No.. wleathr lheard with lthis, letviring
top. Now ti.lte'i the two slau pieces two feot
aiart,. so that oin lat i will miake t wo ptiees.
Each end liltbe up gives you aI cotl I foot biy 2
at bottom and illn ahe's 1u1irti at ioj: this is
also -',ovr'ritd over with liih , x ott t liovilit ti
square hole at top of 4 or r. itthos to lend
through. And, if neeossary, to be title to hatchI
anvtnnof tihe litkens wlhen wantedi. A d -
is also left in one of the lides. r oir; t illites
with a shlutter hui ong tihe lowier ilath w it
loather hlinges. titd a tIhumli buttllon to fasltlenl ,
sIhttor tu. Now to complet it for lthe so' iti
get four Rlocs iof thin one-half Inth stuff, foulr
teen inches wiidl, dresseld on on' .tide, and thrueo
foot long, hinged tlot lher with two piies of
go-id bharness leathler one anud titluartI'r inl. hs
w.id' lnd two ntl ii half long, with two latwvo
oun,'e taiks and iiiito thrtio-iinarter lich s'r'.w
non ,l'-h soit of the hinges, stralddle t his over
the coop aili yo'ur ion andt her brotid urosiournt
from both rain ind 41sun. l'la'.eo this poop 1iu
sont' ptleo.\ where it tcan reiniilit until the chick
ens otn shift fir tlheilsolves. Youi will try amtd
Ilanver oeid tIl"t brIld outside of ti h lt(oop, ni you
will Ed n ittIt t ' Lh glreat tlttLL i litaago it servets.
Yntl guard IllillnthI liher worst oenemies at
night -ih rvl' lllitd mik. No troillll' Itn gethtig
hi' lien i lii itr lbrod ot ull of all a -llirolt,'hi g
slot i or alsitl for tit your mcell alid Lrtitsi'sl itst
the loll Ilite pu't tip a flyinig rnl, atnd t li
anothir ritttnr tit, fl' thil coe ip,. In a ,ee'lk's
nig ht: no hllltllrlug I. r oii' Viivintg thtt No hotiUe.
_ Iont for ru no coop, itnoit'y laid out, is Jul.t
32 ocnhis.
The F'¢,tltug and Food- For the yiling
orood. tlft, r the lirst day and night. have a halrd
boiledl egg a nliwihod up withl a litti oeri Irtbread.
with a telistluou-nitfl of blatck ptppelr fInely
ground mixed it this. may hi gRiven them for
two or lImore lays. after which Irish ptaxtons,
may take' thll lhia iof ltie egg. In a few datys
the coop shotiCI he arranged to l't thiem out at
will, but not tit lien vi t y. Thtey will soon tlearn
their home anl the way to it. At ith IIfth or
sixth day. weatther ibeing good, she mIay he
;. rued out with them.
I' e usual pln of Iodtiin. is by giving >orn
inelal as ground fol Ibrld ir the l table, must
e--ti winti this mole. I hethl 'vi it is practie ti
. ount of it. groat ool'nvintno'ne, but I hls
1 c it si, tiutli never ie tfed ultae; it is predlus
S-i to coi.ngittoiwirateo ill the rol 'i nd t'l Ifa-'11tate
,. tin , hI of lim ot lis':is,0. - s 1 irevioeutix
r , i . t . i tm .!" posedi I t I.,--li, ', that alihl,ty
S , i, . u '' in givi: , tar tto the i- -,i i,
rep aom I inillng or as1 ,.
. . _ it' . Anh! r; d,, :i:til
their combinations, in a solution of lye, either
dripped or diluted concentrated I e. The pro
gramme in ivling the compound nux vomloa
and Retlphuret iron in to take a feed of the lye
Roaknd corn. coarsely ground and unsifted, and
pour off all the lye. and after it 1is a little pool.
addll the ompound. well intermixed. This may
h)e givn onrti a wi'k itnles the di.lecisn bnh
prement, wheln it shtili he inerasetd. (Corn in
whole grain Rhfiull lh t o trttnl. but without
ithe Lo otntl ; se wol aleso erlikekd torn. nil
hI Ihn with onas.i~onallv thn lTaningc Of whRat,
fIhrley an.td rli-, whith may he fed dry. It if
It lo ito, I lftornat the fl f h id: IfI ihl, l e kiept
iI ti liillif f ' oIl, tlnd iof rtnd itpopper sttllttli
It, :iu lid f1 the lye., a. w'oll t a
little Ralt. '1h1(A o, 'aeio-n l f, ,, of i. litle]
iriow rn ,r aknl mont, otlhor hlla n oir ioiof. A
goodl plan is, if'onvenitont" ito t I e tatli ani
I -to, grinder, r.nni'lg the meat thrl10gh two nr
nlll'y |IlI- cr ink k ll with th rno t l tl I.tnlI niei'll in.
If ui'h li .thif ' n s hero, a, in lthe W it iat thi
till- . P.rorut lnu Il a ,nl or two iof tli refuse aiot
l'nning i ti f ft whI al to to l o iut itn R~lI no 'n
va, runt l ilit , it ffiow ufth iutii iof itll tliaunu
o hullt ll 0 ilh mf4l.tIlh o.er.
thlt vi iet n Rttfifta rtet of itron, ini tl)it i onta
iti '', l ti at i 1 1 :ir ; tilitWrn, d 1n ot v.rtulfiat; ti
milluill p rt ion i f fl ' l ll of tulfhur. 'Thin lat i.t -
Ier,,lintf will' drii t ffu r lurov ntit itiu int(rodult
'rtioi u of it h anff itire t. rfr |ctt ts i
'T.vrhnoll no Inther 11 t n11, r nllllgr ldient J sifl -
phur 1tf 111 lut groet atifnity to ifoo . If Ii fhiniv
try giving it lt rittin ititl (latthe tih twoosie in..
ftttttt with tiok gatheretd In the woodoi : thif
aii1 inuritlihln tlin, of iw ntny-folir or thirty
ti ho l-rs. j howlt g hl ow rnltidly tihf llphurlt
Iomo lnu alnd u irvtt ainto through i t 1u entiri if-u
toln !ith thei bl-od.
What i1 have prwvioullli re'mnrkt haswt hon.nt
mainly for th votng atil fiehkn. unfi tnhov oi.n
mor1/ 1. Runo',t to tine ,lJsrasu' than the ad|u1t
'hikenll ; b til thou ifor t y Ino IIIani exliimpt, atl
with Alh yolife tte uif the Ii it eciro fing, intyttl
toti' tno and thty arft niute I li in like manner
win if tt lievtt1 ft-tr a (wiek or two they t ht w rtit
hty if 1ramulty In swallowing. 4howing thoe ol-r
nt0,' l of tho lmnonth llld throe t, with atin corn-l
ilnltl ' Iugh or 'tolfking; flnally the hland
walls, with pro tuht.ii ef on theff nsie ir fit]
fi"t . At e hei stiag of t i a th dla ft rtey a.lurely
rr ncver. Not tong sir eli ad it , . tonvernt-ion
withr i gontlefrau frll ultei fitppit -a t hicken
min who tohli it ltnt he hal hIo n a oilt n'eifiul
with nif ftiw i'hit'kent with the ilt , of aenrhtlif
f tid in the followiutg mtnnttr: T.take teo spoon
fIla of ewpot froeh milk, with n llttl, onugar to
woolonr it., and ohd thrio ,ldronp of the sitrng
,idI in tlihon ilk. In.i witlh a trnfl pot n pour it
two or tllh p otiJnes fill f|own Its throat. ']'hiR
to ho it two t r three i itim rttinay. I have
hal an o(rs"ion to ntm k, only strip trial, and I
think it ii touu. It it iI an im tIiirovemi ntIi oli
tho ,hlorhdi of dadium or limt, ts dir'ettd by
This proe.nritiJn of Jlnvennoa4 ulphlturt of
iron and e tha ol,,wd-ri'4 n nx . hra. with eul
phnlt, a''tnl ho hai l In ''.on of twot o)u|di . t a
quntlily stuffl'ont for fIfty admlt chiek,,n for
four monhc.
By A. Marks, Levy & Co.
-. To rIt -
Wihllout lIinit or reserve. consicting of
war and I'ly-l 1'iam.. Bliver To, Hoervi'e
allln Tahtl-w.iare. Soliti re tind ('l. lustr Dia
montld Icins. Earrings and Il roclhes, Vest
Chaitns, l,idle's . ts. Ladiesl ' 'hatins. Ilra o
It., lStuds. iulngs, anid many o'ther irtlt'lbs
(Io numlIerouS to IllotttlOl
- ALRO -
Levy. auctioner.-- On MONDIAY. May ;.
at the store, 20 ('tump atroot. at I '):, r,' iock a.
m.. and i ben continudl from day to day until
the whole stock is d~lstlose of
HIRABLE GOODS,). from the best andl lilnst
Terma--Cash on the spot. ap2R myy r,
OFrtes ov rT RI Cfot1? iTsanri orCF Trra CoN
solidalted Debt City of Now Orleans,
Room No. t, City Hlall.
New Orleans. May 1. 1875.
Holders of certificates for Premium BIonds
signed by thel clo'mmissitoners of thll 'onlRll
dated debt. are heor"ty notlllled Iltt the bonds
are readly for immndilat delivery at the oftlr,. of
the Administrator of Finan"ot, anl ithat after
th' Ilftienthi of May. 1879. allt id bon ot tillod
for and delivoroll AliE AT TE K OF TE I (1''I'lE
ED. J'ILHtIUItY. Moytr,
.1. C. DENIM,
Admhinistrator of Finano.,
.1. (. BItOWN.
Adnlilnilstr:ht . of Pl til,'' A ',''o ints8.
Commissioners of the Consolidalted lDbt.
OFFrF-ti riF Trie -o-tWr(i't aosinFarns oF Ttn- Con- -
ioI,IUDATED DEBT. ollomnl No. 5 City l4all i
Now Orleans. April 22. 187R.
Sealed proposals will he reenlvid at this IDo
partment until WEDNEHDAY, the eighth day
of May. 1875. at 11 o'clook, for thue lltr'lhaise of
FIVE THOUSAND SHARES of one huindred
dollars each, in the New Orleans Waterwworks
Company. payable in the floating d'ebt, of the
city, ass authorize'd lanlI d~lscrlbod in ordllnance
No. 4419. A. S., as follows:
Certifloates of tapproprlation.
Certiflcnatis for flve-eighilhs tax oxc'ess.
Tax warrants.
Introest coupolns due prior to July , 15,17..
I nterost coupons W'laterworks bonds.
Unpaid ordinan'ce for years 1873, 1574. 1875,
1t7tL, 1877.
RLeglstered judgments.
Crlminal. jury and coroners' warrants.
City money, otci.
Certifleed debtt of the city of Carrollton.
Bids to state the hliglhest pri,' for stock, not
IHes tllhan tar. payable in floating dlbt. as above
a.s ,rlhod.
Tho c'ity rieserves tht right to rej.et any or all
bhld, ilnd anwl,tWars will Ibe given tho following
day at 1 2 m.
.1. C. )DENIS. Admn'r of Flnanoo,
.1. (G. BROWN. Adtn'r I'nb. A't's,
11p2:1 t- Comlllanorl Consoledatod Debt.
New Orleatns. April It. 1878. I
Sialed proposals will he received at this office
until SATURI)AY. May it. next, at 12 o'clock
m.. for the pulrirhast from the city of SEVEN
I)I1EDGEBOATS, in whlatever condition they
now are. with all mtachinery and aLpurtenances
thereunto belonging.
Parties bidding will bo required to deposlt
wlth the Administrator of Finance i0 per 'cint
of the purchase prIce. as stipulated itn their
bidl. a c'rtlltate of whilh must accompany the
bid as a guarantue of good faith.
Terms--Cash: or past diun obligations of the
ity ' coming under the head of "the floating
The city reserves the right to reject any or
all bids.
apil td Administrator.
Below New YorK Wholesale Prices,
Also a large supply of English Pipe Hooki
,Gas Fitters' Tools and Malleable Fittings ca
be bought. for cash, at less than factory naote
tlions, at S6 OCmp street.
&7ll .i .S K G. FLEUING, AMent.
By Hoey, Macon & O'Connor.
Sculonill tljtrIict i(' t olrt for thl I'Parih of Ortlrtln.
No. 411 li.
SJ. Ilony A ~ Hn,ll, or 0171, No,. 11 Car ontd -
ult itroot )n TUEHIIAY. May 7, IR7., nt I
Io',lok in.. at thll Mor,h i ntl moil Auitiolrl ira"
Ex'lhangi i. Itlvai l ro t, hlt wiolli (!nril l (id f'nai
''iih 1,0,0''' Hi f "''s, by yirin, ii' f m[ ''rd" r of thl
i h of 1rhl,,,, . ,l , 4I pril :. 174. will b, a'l,
bly p hlli, n 'ti nll for no'w ienltl of ail l 4lH v'"+;
,ion. lI,, fllwing di, ribir l prlop' ty tI wit
A (CEtrAIN LOT OiF (Iti ND. t,,iothlhr
with [all thii bmI ilbiiing ulll n lliir i l vo i nv Pl.t thorn-ii
I1. ri t . wti li y r, p 7 vl' it , ,rviti, llh iL,, lli it
t niit allIn , aitf nt7,7 il tihu H,4 mii Io i-frion t i f
illdoth y, lii iln .tll i i- I h ,il" by tllh i'.hli.
h)il it w. I't ,rn . linrionlr 'k . i li iiii hill ia 1s
l it tlstri oti, iml u ri g 'il 0 tool ir 'lih fr nllt ilol
wni'l Publi Road or Ir 'tra tront, "onu nonain
f l iuli tny of tii27 fll o r I ,l 'h i i linil l' iro l th.
I liltn r lf hliri ,iii at I r t h i i k ilpth f lly nl ih,
itront, lul ot 77 fiat ii inihpliu i 4 Ilfon t ll in ll t .tu
poeilt Siii n Ilin'. itlh,, imt' provEil niii t ily ul ria.
it thr - s ltory bri'k 7 ullding, known i N .
NW th Io,i'ter ani 'rt.r
T"rma of o (ino-hnilf eash on thi Spot atil
thn .bit.nnin n4 a n d il4two yu r' 'reldit in
lnot i , f It lit p u r.i h. a. r, by h im iso lo r '"a d,. to t
ing Intl rnat it, the rm t of R pr tout por a innll
from daly of anil moill filial pmymiont, with Ith
pollinl naut i of '" p rdv nnti t in n y' Inn in in vnt
of quit. llmprov', ntil tIo m k lpt fully inha r,
and LDelley tr an Ifeirrnd until tll ' noth s nion .I t l ,
til whliold to be somarllel' by ola,,hl mlrtglti/g
lnid v u'llarl".q lion oIn limtn pr ple'ty <midfl.
A'it of ainll nt thet no.,pnao f ihn+ op ril'h or.
b)firn Ma ai',qd T. llnrns. E ., l tnaty publi ,
m101 I1 20i27 11ly47
IH. & N. SAinRY,
Auctioneers and Commission Merchants,
Noe. 45 and 47 Decatur Street,
New Orleans.
O each wink.
Liberal cash advan.es on conmlgnmentn.
tll[1 am
Exacutivl i)p t l 'ltllint t. I
VWh rens,. s iot in :Iola ,f thy ,ltvisdrl HStatut.s
of tho Statf, ,,f lrouisbtna, tttrovvI M irIh 14.
11i70. pllrovin1 "'4 lThat tilh (ov) rnor hll I Ill isll
of hllealth. dllaring any pla, whrllo h1 ior shall4l
bI4 r(,"n n to lmh llw. it p[(Fithibnt ilt. ,rnntnglansor
infi fthu di(4 , xi l.4.lo bht un inf inf- tal' pla e.,
stating the numb4(r of days ai qnarantln'T is to
he perforornimd by tlhe vssols. I thitr tassmngirs,
omfnrs andl erows coming frnom such pIl' or
Now, tlhnroflre, In llursllnon of tlit, pro
visions of tilh statllut aforImtl. and Illupon thile
recomm lndation of tih Board of ltll h,. stating
that there is rleason to l1nlivth that. ti tllis sna
son of the yo ,lr therel is dtlangIr of t he ilntrodIll'
tion Of .estilntial, contagolns or Infctions
disease fro'm thef herrIirinafte"r lnamld Pla'ces, I,
FRANCIS T. NICIIOLLS. (Jovornor of thnHSttnt
of |loishlna, ilav' thought proper to isalln thhis
mny proclhamatio, dn. llalrilng thlt all vosso1ls ir
riving from and iafter thel fourtiaenth day of
May. A. D. 147r. from .the folilowing locI'atilons. Ito
wit: All Wiit Irlliha prts ; all ptrts along the
coast of thil hilt of Mexleo south of Teoxas., x
tlfpt., the Bay Islands. RIuatan. Utilln and 1to
nauw; all [,orts along tihe mainland bordering
oil thel ('artlbbhnn 11 ; all ptrts along thin At
lantic coast of Soutll Amerlct, usF falr as ths city
of Buenos Ayros. all of whi'h shall i subtlit to
lliarantino. and that their offmTers. Ierlws, pIs
stingers and clargoells arriving from thile alov
named plac''is, or having tlouc'hedl or stoppelod iat
any of thilm shall tl Rsulijot It Ia quarlIntinn of
ton days.
And I dol hrby tldirnet tlhe roponr offcers Iat
th+e Quarantinn l tiftlrn to rigidly nformo thle
oxcllution of (1this pr11lamation, and nI.or vilalt
tlon of th+e law of this Sialt on this sulh,3',,
1Imatter to )I vigorously pr(,Fovetl,l
In Iostimny whtrirof I hav, hIarllunto 111t my
h114ndl an1il '1nl411'ld t lh so l of tIll 11 Stit ftI by'
afllxldl.It tlhel city of Noew Orleans, this thirl
lday of Mayl. in h yllr oIf tlour linrd 4,no lh1n
wnll eight h nldhrod and f V, s lvlnty.-,ight.n ln of
ithe on hlnirel t and s('o1nd ltyour of Ilh Indf
tonwdtn'o of the It'lhd SII(tat of A mria.
(iovernor of tht Slatn of Louiilana.
By ilt G(overnor:
Waii.. A. HToNwo,
S. retolltry of St.ate. rll. t 1ilt
Exc,'utIve. Dopar'tm intn0. t
Whereas. GEORGE E. BOV EE. of lh parish of
St. James. in this State,. has ap lind to imto for thil
canelilation of a bond furnished and subserlbrio
by him as prtnl'lal, on thO fourtlrnth day of
November. 15714, for the elum of twenty thoulranld
dollars, with the following namod 1s1eurities, to
wit: Eugeno Lalehe. for the sum of five thous
and dollars: J. N. Thibodaux. for the sum of flive
thousand dollars; landt JosRnth Lartigule. for
the sum of ten thousand dollars. condlitlond
for the faithful performance of the dutiis of
said OGorgo E. Bovyon as Tax Collector of thU
said parish of St. Jaimns.
Now. therefore. I. FRANCIS T. NICHOLLS.
Governor of the State of Iousliain. do h lrlby
s144111 this my proc(lamation. ('alling u11pon all
persons interest.1d thlerein to show c'llrtls, inll
writing, at the o ffit of e the Hell'retary of State,
lit New Orleans, witlhin ninety ldays after tillh
last publittion hereof,. why the said ond, and
mortlgllag rsllltinlg thllorrofrom should not b i
oanmoled and Iannulllul.
Giv(ln undelllr my 1ihand and thoi sntl of the Stat.
of Louisianal. at thle city of Now Orleanl, this
sitxth day of April, in the year of ouir Lordl
one thousand .ight hundred alnd savollnty-.ight
Govelrnor of til State of Loulsianna
By th( Gv ,' rn.lr:
WI[rL. A. SHTIONo. SRretary of State. atn2. :sclt
152, 154.......Camp Street....... 12, 154
Is now prepared to sell fin1 als well as ordinary
Now Furniture at greaitly red.lnod prlofs.
Country or|ders respectfully solicitetd.
P. 8.-Also Furniture taken on Storage, and
Seicond-Hand Furniture bought. sold and ex
changed. One price only on each and eovryF
article. No deviaition. Country orders Iromit
ly tilled. f mh 3m
DB. W. BILLE. 8pecialist for all Chronic Dis
eases. Private Diseases and Female Diseases
has just returned from Europe Office.1960anal
street, between Dryades and Rampart streets,
up stairs. Nervous Debility Weakness, either
caused by abuse or a.e. Ai WAYS cured in a
short time. Private Diseases treated after a new
sure and quick method. Female Diseases treated
with greatest success.
Dr. Bllie's reputatlon as a skilled and suceess
ful hysician is already years ago established
in New Orleans an ! vicinity and he has cured
hundreds of cases here which other physicians
had failed to heneift.which is well known to the
public. Dr. Bills is a graduate from one of the
best colleges in Europe. and was for years as
sistant physician to Prof. 3ilord. Parts. Con
sultations and correspondence strictly confi
dential. Charges moderate. 196 Canal street.
D. W. BILLE 196 Canal street. Jeo tt
By Plaeide J. Spear.
HIl' E IT'H. FIRST l)IbTlI( 'T.
S-T'iEET. HFlITl' I181 iti T.
H,-,,a I1i-t ri,,t (hourt for tha Pariah If Orla-mins
) No. 1 IIYAl, HSltET' 'I IIHIINAY. May
7, 1i 7t, art It a, ' k it.. w ill t,- .,,,1 fa i at --lh
li" alcltiul, it th Ii EIit '11 N'I'N ANI)
A TI''It'ONI Mi; tS lf\ AI NII E, (IN II(OYA'I,
IlIrol S-IiN t 'I' I'E IN. Iy vit a, loll illn 1,1 rallnnu ,
t, n+n <lr, [ r I ,,mr IIh', 1 Ir, A. I, ' i' , -,t..la ,It ,,
,f ti, H ,n tnoIl Il-atri,'t ',,, t for th.l pa tiht ,f
r at llll l ti a)llt Ar iil 3t , i, g for l" llr l unt ioif taill
about, sl ent .I stn, ..ih following dnw.riblt
pr'.,l ritl-,, ti - wit
I. A (IEItrAIN OT OIF (IIOHUNI). sltnutal
li thII First, Di} i rl t of,, thia ,'ity. I in th s. ,u,
hJ"ou ll t] y Dlryttd s,. ' l'r. a'l'iioar' lIOarialt l n rt
,ilI, E tlrrpl aataimr I1. HSaid fiL formI la lh llrnllar
rf iJita rtal itl! Et; trn tra t,l t land t I part of
titfl Ilt ,l,-ig nati d v the N,. l; In n aLt ,,t.in Ithin
ll.rawni bly Jos.iih PTili. suirvyor, uiitlor data.t
,f Jui ly )to, l lltoi. ttilov. r fo'r, ltI Ito; said lotI
miasurltr-ll a i t 1f11 it iu1hr. a11 li .m frlontlll Ion ti t
panrt itr't hv at dept.h d' t15 a fat. ht'tw-tin partlin
Hlaits; tog- thtr with thl building thirnn. li ur
,'ih:,i Ib hv thil, sail lata Au.gnt 14 traita"vtr fritmt
Ni'-hlahts lia l rk t by irt ti)r tassa'd ona t t tha iwt +it y
third l of l[ar'ih, I;. l foor W . .1. (aitaitrll. tan
t itj y.
2. A LOT OF (IROIUND. altaatnl in the Firtr;
Diitri''l of thi ,'itv. in thit u au;aarl ioa l dIliai- by
libain (ftt rm ,rlv Wi hiatn)'l' ir h r+.ir rnr lttama urt
ani Fntnr I.j.u tro+ts, formingl tll rcorn"r O rl f
Whitnn.laa l R ain art istr . na a linag. l.lau tw rinirg . .,
fint i itn'it,, front on iitsin stria t by o.t t fr t t
in'hnu 7 linpt la.t 'p;, t Aog lthlar with lth bulll
ing, thirant
H. AND A IOT' OF (ROHIIUND, aalj-oining iin
tht r'ar th- IaNt fat Aurt r il-l a tlov, les,'rihl,,
forming tha ',inoi r ,of EIatrpt arni, It arn lair
-t raata. andl lrtntalaringlla fa- t 9 Irtaha .t lia-
front t on rilnnt rt strt-tn t by tn t orat If inrJ-ih.s
lin., r in rapth wlr front or n Ea,'t'jrpt Ptr'ioat. 'I'T .
athaiar with the buitlings and rllaprltvalaints
Th' prop, rtits sat' ,nlly andl thirtlly ,
ri l .i w lr l' purhtanld by (tih' art lilt'' A Igtr'it
N tratr tia yar. ly thr.i aa'ts pla ,.ttt, thit first, l. -
tirnt Malih l ( rntn. inotalry. Ort tah thirty-ir-t I
of Maltrh. I.'aI; thialas-t l, u n lso a ia tfort l th, atid
nttat ryt . I( i nait. ta r tita' tw 'ltty-aatttt f Mi t tar ,.
ttlr,?. tawl itha, thirt. h frt ''lho nll s.. t k. no
ttryill tih, twaniti y fifth of .a l ry. I lttt. a ,
'''rm .s and (on lditions Ono-third ,'ash. til
,i.alan'n lt rone and I e vorsn ' er lit in notes flllll it
ita' pur'"hast rar. atlarl lllr pal r ai ttl in altr-rLt
Ifr <lll ty i f . l IIa t l rantil iulatil, sat-urda hv lmolly
gagt ala cart l viRdl la's privll'lag ; Illtht pl rt-.hnitar;
t" la.y htw -r' ftt" a a at 5 p."r "nt it 'a.in otf snit
to ri-an-,r th, at Iitail ln it of aitl lailat ; thlat propl -
IN th t vtllandors aa )iliatrlt "'urity, aLl tir I
pathns'lllrs to assr the irnttinagan tnt ovarv
and tlt ll .a ' llnlr tl nt ol f a nJ itti iTionsl . l'ur
haslla,'ir wil! ttil r untirttI to, rmtikn a dal ,posait of i
parr talt ti itll aala ntala of ad+ltt ll Jttiotti at the
iiaoiintt t of salat.
A't- af atltln Ifora T. Ti!aamor,. r-a.. -Ftanry
p1pLli, at tht iit ,xpltia a f atf rtarala ar.
Second DIistrlet ourat for the Parish of Orinans
No. 4o (r,4.
40 tOYAL HTitI'tET'---'I'UEHiIAY. May. 7.
18711, ait '12 ,'a a k mi., will h ta , ill at putli,'
anition AT THE MEl('IHANT' AND AU(;
TRiETHI'- by virtual and in ptrrsalntat tan atI
oriar from till, Ilin. A. L. Tiatat. Judga of u~'
H.o'an'. Distria't (I.o rt for tie lparlh of (Ur
lllan.. ltatadt April 2, 1474. for sitt'unll t of tilt
Illb vt nattt'aatson, the following desa'rilad trop
urtis, to, wit -
I. A I'EItTAIN LOT (OF (IROIUNI). tognthlr
with all tiaa ilrLrovna naltl ts thl'trn n,. si' ti't'd in
th, Ht"oaid l iatrilt ,f this ity, in tha saritlnr
bh uttta Id by ('anal. Tonti,. Iltohthitnvt and ('lis
tI tornhan r ts, dO'sigmnate+d n. llt No. 17, uplon
it plt i f C(. A. iadilnl. i latnrl April 1I, .at,. tItt." -
it id in tha tffl'a of A. (. Ainsworrth. late it al.
tartv pulait. andi mt"atis rting 2, fauaa front all (.Tl.
- tmhau.rsaa Ft t hyt-, f""+t tin dat pth. b-rw-,t u
ptaratlial Ilns. tand bomtlfdl in thii, ranr by an i
ally ta fra tn widn 'olmnilln to said It ailrd
athnrs. 'hi l th ar Pam irr pr rart i agul ria Ilay
anid Hainry Wrt v t purtmllrital. trotil Mrs. Katl'
}rown. Widow Aldolt Brlllinlg. of thit 'itt.. not
ing illn her own namall and as nlatliral tatrix of
her minor chiitltlrn. A r -uut l II. l ruot ngl I
tarah li'll t ra uttatring 1 an Ittnry A. itr inar ..its
~nr a'' Ip' ssn'td hbforn Jou.p. l W. J lns, a nn
t.lry plltl,-'. ,'tat-tI A gagn t 2g., 1'tt.
2. A ItiItTAIN ,i'T aOF (UllOJUND. togathar
with t all iit il ir ntimt, 'tpr t;nu.t it th in "it . l tiuat til ii
h, rnbu' l hly Canal. Tntl. itnIhhut"lv, na l ('un -
it tar fs l ,.l . 'r tsa . b'ing ft t roaar half of lot No.
i a. ,tl ta plln of O. A, fl.t lin. .nlta tt -April 1I. su.
anmil loaptsltadt in ttahe t',-a, f A. '. A iniswrth.
hna i notary nthli h t rlaits rialt. t tinrnt+i nl uga .
ait t 'I'alan, "- F 5t ["'t fr-lr tit "inr l.r' f .'t n I -
tu rn aaar;I ndl Ii.i'la'ahtlt'Va trvrtts, mill it'att rI
intI 1. tat0 front o la',,hihhi v a s.trat,"It by .7 ftat
in daptih, lttw,,nn par.illol lintts. Whia i sail
prtparty wavs u 'iat llt'd h by natai iaiir'y Wray.
I tanc ol, by tpurahrt n from Mrf . HItI t.ra-otwn.
widow of IlH-nry A. Brrlninal , yhv a, taf ptsd hb-
for. ,ftt tph.l WV. Jolats, It notary /pubtlit, alnd
anttdl Hiptt',a rnt r 13. 1i7,;.
Tatrmn ('tani on atmila tiottn.
At'its of aal' htforn Josalph D. Taylor. not try
pui li",, III tih .Xpo .ns of tir purl'' oit-s.
I 6a. rr iia 19 opt rraV3 7a
S ond Districet Court for thn IParish of Or
lLans--No. 40,075.
r 1878, at 12 o',lock m., will bh sold at pun -
lii' aiution, at the i MER(Il'lANT'' AND AU[C
SH'I'TiLE'I'H. by virtun and In pinrslrilanr of an I
,oriir from the lion. A. L. Tissot. Judg of the I
Senoid Disitrict Court for th, patrish of Orleans,
" tted April 3. 1171, for a0'' lnt of sanisd snPs
sion, the folluowilig drlesrlb,,i proplr rly, to wit. -
A C(.IrAItN LOPT OIF (OifatUND, togethnr
with all tiii hulllling it alil innimrov.eiintsI
Sthern., sftuatsd in the quar.o bunded by
i Franklin. l'ydras, i.erlidlouand Libeirtystrot.,
in the, First District of this -ity; saidl lot mn .s
Iriing 20 fil front on Franklin strilt by 120 filt
1dep, hbotwIon parallIe lines, and b]unlled on
thu rir iby an illlIy 'of 7 tii't ii jiih-i iln widthi
.said Iu t being dcisignatedl by th, No. II, onl t
I,aln nIol by J. W. Smith., nginleer., In loll.
hI ing the same .roil,,rty atl' ulroie by sailu Am -
liit .Jons, alias EmmaJons, hr pnria'tsi from
WI arren Bllar bly act passed !lh.oril Felix I'rrvy,
late a notary utbliun in this ,'ity. on thi se,1'o1l1
day of February,. lts.
Term.--Ciash on adljlllierntionr.
Apt of maile before Jios. I1. 'I'aylor. notary pullb
li. lt the ,xpenn4 f plrf hlsor.
llS, 12 1i1i 28 mv3 7
Senondl District Court forthe I'arish of Orl,. nm
NO. 011.25 3.
i Y PLAIT)E J. SPEAR, Anlrtionnr -OFi'ICE
May 13. 1l78, at 10:3r iiclock it. mn.. will b,- soid at
p uhlii aui lon. at No. 345 Eratos trrit. btioein
I Liberty and Hioward streets. by virtue andl in
pIIrsuanle to an order from the lion. A. L. Tis
set., Judgel of the HSuondl District Court tor t.h,
Iparish of Orlians., dlatndi April so, 187,. for o d
Terms- -Cah. myl 7 11 13
ISventh Diltrict,
New Orleans. February 2o. 1878.
The taxpayers of this dlstrict are hereby
notifield that I am now ready to recilve cur
Irent taxas and licenses for 1878 at my offies, con
ner of Hampson street and Cnarrollton Avonue,
f1a. H. TEBBE. Collotor.
No. 25 Park Row, New York,
Are authorized to contract for advertising in
our paper. nor
Joneph Rock vr. lernardl ielemmer.
sihll ,of OrlirLt s. No. t(t1r7-- Illy virtlrr ,of it writ
of fnrtl fr'lis, to ~ lr.n drdrt' by thu htn
oraibl, tihF, Fifth Distri,'t ('olirt for thF, 'irish ,f
Orl'.l'ir .s, in tihi ~lt,nhovr i titli, i'sll(' .' I w ill lr,
r'r'rv', to'l , ,' t l lli' p lllf'tir,ll.-i u, o i ti ll, rL',l l i ,a
Iii si t i, . Frl.. k I.m .. t i i, followingl. '' s'F,,ri,
Ao t, ! i 'l Av,Jto. wit
AiI+ TI f' l Ir)VAlirES nontnirwl in tit,,
t, 9;iirrlv,''s ititeii d nit. lth (rinrlr of I'rti.illlr Fal
:rknliniw, of r""tf, in Ill, 4h ,,r, nlI 1istri it fir this
''ity, . ir lf i ii Ih I b,.r'v ilr thIi r 'nir thilr,io f, rtril
i ln i l t ' FF ll l tl vititoF . vlii,'t IraFnging, 'i h h
nvlllJ),'ll I[. 1,Ni+l¥.
S'Ii (ir inv n r y, wh'ilh ,rn y l sl,, n in
8,1 j", 1 ill t flit, abo u it.
Il iof O rl'i 'liF . ,N-I . "' '0I 7 tIV v'inrF,' ," if w rit
SFFiF, fl rill, F ',gI' ii ul l Wii . FI, If.
lt son, to n", dir,,, ',l hv th,+ hnl rr l,
th, 'lh, ir i F Ii Fri',: iturt f,,r th ,i F pt ih of
O rlits. Io tiro if,,,,v in,, itlol +T ni ". I w ill
, Fro,'''l' t" s. tl it rI liF' iHF'"FoiF. ,'io thi,
irF o'ni. ', t Fu llF t iFfirF i'I Fig.myll i, 'ii HA.Ti'Iil
J A Y. l v I , I', F ' ,' , k i. nFt., ith foil
il wirglil l' rii F priA ryi'V, Fto wit
ITil' (N, 1 ' i',.ANT' (1,C I' EI-IfOURNE,.
ill tuilild ~t Fi. ,I rFn li r 'of ( rliFmF i n otli n I 1FFi
Ih rntlii iro t,, in r tlliFt, IFFirsl listri't of. ihits ,ity,
i .vi rll inv intory. whi-uh r Il y elt s.lFil t Ill" y 1 if.
AiRg . thr rinilxpir Fi fi n of tti lit, if or it
pr'mtils s u i llo tilo thirty-first. Irlay .tof O irn
htl"r l td 1t7O I . iti ti n tll iitll ritll'F t'' r th F i-l
fllrlll nn iniI ly l .olrrt. l. liavai hli r urin ini lty
'' l11 Ilftllm( ro s.l .
I 1t < i t i i . , .i h v" klit its "l ngi, n g to d -r
Tii n u For tilt irtirnti s o IH I ie n1-hrin
''a in iiEh llt, mFd for tih tai''s ftri turin
tof iin, F t rririt'ti- r Fto Jlvy ni"' iti's i
thly fill i(it. limt thiF hi tin Fl ofr thin iFl'' ofi
I Fili'ttinii, if rity, urnth ron th lisi.rot.
(Civil .ibriff of Ith, Pi' i of Ori'iisi
tn1y7 I, Ii
IWrm. 1. Yl'(.vuilnenu vr., *John M.4,iuines,.,_
hri huiihi rlil.
11[FTFI D[N''itit"r (FOURl'l' PFOI THIE I'Ail
ish of Orltis. No. F,-+p ily virtui of iti writ
if F inr fr''iis, to FrI ,liriFi't l 1y it , hionrr.,ri li
Fihi Fifth ItFinirt 'Conrt for ihi ,tirish of
Orllns, il ith jilov,' r tiriil,l F i , I will u pro
i'r"iini ff" ri/'isignntnd, of i I i't'MF.DAY, lilty
7. 1t171 lit ill -i o'"li'k a. rii.. flit following
di,,ii'Frid i .pro llr ty. to wit
l'i (Is tON'iEN'IfH O(F HT'tOl., No. In' (iinnli
t.riFt, in t ih . ' 'r' iii I st i F i i i i , i ,ity. ''iF -
iSititF g if it, s riril i'tiiNi' . , I, pU r i v, l lntorv
whi',h mv fiF ' wi in lilmy inio.l.
Hi'Fit- in Fir'' Fiot''' l it.
'1 Irus -C sh o in t ' olt.
l'i'Fof.AH II. IIANDY,
i('lvil hitfritf fF lii I'nirihti of Ol';tio t.
John J. Dillon & 'Co. et al. VIa. Mrs.
A lti " FI . Nj ,il (!,ti.n . (i nll li r .,r til,.
I oii uf Or. l' F, Ni . Flffi -. i virtu Fi + tf i writ ii
lil' liii SixthI list rilt Court flir tihr Itlir-i ti 0 it Or
'Iln' s. IFn thi llr itovn r ttitll ''Inusr, I will pro
"w"I to s'll it irrilin i nrtion, it the M Tir'hantFi
td 'i Anrti ilonF rs' xF h i ng'iiri, IrloyIl stl.r"'t, . ill
Iwllnn Co(flirl tlolil (htrt hirrlluii s iti'oFF ora4. Irn thi
Hinrriil iistri'et of this rit y, ini TU''[HIIAY. May
7., 117, rat 12 "'"lor'k in.. thn followiing tdl's ri ,,l I
tproIir'rtfy, to wit -
ElTi' 'f tho sIofndrrirnt ri roin in arnr to tFi
Fhrn i" 'ortn inr liots of gr inm li. sittllll n tiih
ritght bink or f rth Mirissrthir i rivoir, iippr,'iton tii
city of Norw (rlirrs. rtniynniltr!sig trby Fhn r ,nrmirs
iOn, two rl twnty-liv. rof i urll nmrtorlr
flvn, whli'h Is oi.. lt. trl b, y I, ri',i l antd Atlhti ti'
ll'tnuiu lanlid Trhayrr nrol I''t.nr strnr-ts. it. pIr
.lI mailr ir by W. Thoirntron 'J'trmrpson, sir
voyor, ron ti1' .Fulvnth 'tiy of Marhrr'i. IMr.,
ir'itordingc to whi"h plan tSi lots m su.tIl rr, r
in Amnririnn miruuimre.. ias frollows, to wit:
Lots iuatmlrilFis inl . t. l two adjolit nith
oth/r ifl, l moasure "t1"1h twonty-.'eIn fot+
flvn insh" front oni Thrryrr ,trout iiy rnri
hIurirrid Iand twutyF flit. in ldepth, hntwri on
prllrill i nv; lot numnbr on1 forming'
tii"rn "'rirr oif Thrnyir ttrut rnld Atrlantinr A vinili
iof sRaid nqriuarli and lot nrnhiir l twunt y-fiv'
misuris thirt y frut six inJlos six and irofh - I
iin tr in t lr in.s fronrllt on Atlinti. AvJnl li ily lonor
Wonlrlrrd and tw-rtty-thr,.+ foot night inehot in
r. i rii ny Ilir' I iy (iriirtiorr iF. '.'Try, it friirini+r
i rlt.r r l ouf Ftl It' d f' ,fintrir from fii rt (in4t rot
hy ln.t IrF.w'w o.forirn fuirtims (ilhrr.il IIina no- l
tiFry pIilih' in this' 'ity. on thFii twr nty-flfth Frhb
F Ili 'r'. I""7.
iniiri (! in tinh, irirvr r t it.
Tin IrF--Cash on t(hi i:pltl
(clvil Hhiritri t f tih,' Pa'rish of O ,rilanr .
fill; ', 1: 77 yiv4 7
Alnme alnutier V%. Mr%. Widow RatbCe
I tInk 'r. iitfividiitily nd a l ti ttrix. -it ii.
T-ll I)J1TIll(r CIO'IT FtOR TF PAlllT
r ith lofrl.lll s. No. .T-; l' vlir tl f it writ of
:il i r ellH1 lll', t i to cl irv" h rl lll h r-I
hhii, tle .ixth iti-trirt ioturt foi r t it~ pirir h n of
lhtlns, i tn hl tlhvoi flRi'letd ..it sott , I will ir
nod ito .,ll itn l it i ttl, 'ion,- . i t, tih, SAl or'l a ntll
i dnI Anotionn llr' rn l ' lxnI h nllgo, Innt yi str.ft, lo-
iwi Ci nal m lu'trnhouse strf-ftr. in the
h,-,ml lii~tIrlet of thi-. -iv, on HATUlItDAY.
1; hv , 1 i . IK l 12 it l o'Ik in.. Ith fol'lowiHng , .
sn!. ,rl l pr o,,rty, Ito wit
nrotd ts lot numlb! it'r Fix, i ni fthle f ari n (nll I
trtw'ril witltin St. Philip, ,Johnson. Du rnaifti
tiltII ( r tI uto ~ot . intrtt ll lit o . i l I -,t I ri ot ,t f thif i
t nwo fot f-onit en . St. nhilii strost neul hlldri
atn itllty-sa.vn floot six invti t s int d, th on th-nl
line toward Johnsn street. on-, hurdlred aI
twonty-ight foot nine in ,h -. nis..o. In di.ph on
ithe opposrite side lit ni, tli whih paint tlsa por
tion of l rounld opens It' right tlangles thll r- ft. t
0-rwar Ivstr t.' and thn'o ha's a now
depth of I tw, ty-rll igh fl t nine inoh.rs on liln.
Duralll with said (Itlvtz sitrt Nt, hus giving ton
litd tiol'titin of gr uhnll it ixh-ty- i on rot irl width
nr itsl rar lino. together with th hui ldrings andt ,
squirtt and ristrif Icut deslgnated itll lot Inumbl.r
lvoe. IInd adoiningli thn portion of lground ihovt
,tnstrildll. measturing thirty fooi t front on St. i
Philip str nit by one hundrt d fot. in tdopth, he
tworn parialev linst ; together with the bul d
Iugs, imnprovoilall. l fl l d rputtonan, es thorn
on. Ilting tthe same piroprty c aiqu ired by tlhe
defendants herein, fnr having inherited tlhe
samn fronir the late Etgen, Hai.kr their his
lind tltand father, its follows , to wit: ' the siutd
Mrs. Widow AJgitthe lnhker in the proportion
of one undivided half in her own right, and int.
full ownership its widow in toi munity of the
lata Eugene IHieker, aiml f thre ustfrut of I heR
th-ir half uondividt lit part thk .r-tr uf, tart ilt g to thr
chilirin of the lit E.iugene t larr ker; to tth
minor's. E rlmma. atlvinaI. E! Igentr, ,rll.urn,,
Andrea lmand John Hlah kr, in the propor:tion of
oIn uulivided sixtenth oath of the aRked
,ropl rty tof said two lots; t lluki to i rs,. Eufrgeni
k, r. wifLe of Nrna P. H.'ker, and to MCrs.
L.-oaulii Ha'krl wife of Hamilton N. Gautier,
iso in thUiti proportion of one univdEd sx
tleth. ath. or th..llk propnrty f trortT Ihe Lor
Lion abrl lot of ground above dosoribd,,; and
said l ortion and lnt of grounrd wor r trirel
by lthe litn- EgnI f'thfkl'r by ti furr h caNs from
I t, henirs of the, io Mrf Elizaeth Emma Guil
Trni iiia-i on I h, Up r. Iltt.
Civil hotrift T of tihe Paltrish of Orb-in.tt
rIG i i fny7 O N11 1 E ER1T. r
Nueeemalon of Felleate RaptlDte.
lsh of Orleans. No. tn.ft4-Notio, is hor,
hy giv ,n to thit creditors of this ,,ftattt
and to all oth-r persons h-rein lrintere..tdl to
show ('muse within trn dlays from the presetntt
lnotiltoation. If any th-y have or can, why the
ac--ount tares.nld by E. T. Parker, Puhli' A,1
rministrttor and ttmhinistrator of this estate-,
should not hu ap joroveidt antl homologated,I
ad the funds distributed in aucordanco there.
By orl,-r of the court.
mny7 12 16 JOHN HEREERT. Clirki
C uAcesslon EF Thomas W. Deeson.
Lý of Orleans. No. 40,,.S4-Notice is hrrby
given to the creditors of this ,,tate and
to all other Dorwuus herein intres..,4d to
show pause within ton days from the pr sent no
titleatlon. If any thoy have or can, why the
aWeount presentod by E. T. Parker, Pu'iAe Ad
minitrator anlt administratorof this estate,
should not ho approved aind homologatesl, anl
the funds distributed in ac'ordaceo th(erewith.
By ordr of the court.
ms7 1 iF JOHN HERBERT, Clerk.
J. It. WALKYR, ID. D. S.,
154 ...... .......Canal street .............. 154
R. F. Theurer vi. Jullu Fuldsa.
isth f f Orhia,. N,. 2r,2.1--JBy virtue of
it writ of f) rl f 'l, to r, ro dirpotOd by tire
ht, rab," iih,, Third Drittrit Court for thry
i' i411 of t(rit'itp , in tim .t I f vi, eontitl'd
:1't1nl;,.. I will pro,''' to .,l ii t pIh lti' auction,
It lth, MIr''h n f tt v 1),. . AIu. thio tt,rs' iEx.hangst
IRoyal tr,-t. hltw ,in, ('1lln11] Lnalt (', ;to tnhouse
flr,,t'. it 1,, H, ',tv i'i tri .t , of thir ; 'ity, on
Fillt )AY. Mlay II, 17,+ + at I, , l,-,iok m ~,
)hi , f ,ll iw ih lg d ,- rll,- ,l pt l ,rlty , )to w it -
1. A ('El,''l AIN iO't' IF I iI;iUND, with all
thow hnitilit" ftt'wI i l tav,tt n rnls thtrit ne it
ott'i, in th,, "nh Ir" Wa-hl igton. Third DY i
i, * ' ,f thi ityi. if,, i. t ',t tlih n' o tc r ten
Jof narltI nsmlr , .v. triran 1i1 ntrawn by
I, I. lit,, r vlfur.i ii',,d th[ 'i nir ty- frs tof
N I vY.M yhr, : t' . ,lit, , i ittld i ., the ofollo oW
iultcs M 'tiiv. 'i tI,rv pitltli't i thisR nilty. laid
.iirnt niv tmu' htlI. lr,'tl "c ilt, thirty f i t, tireby
i ih, A ci r litn' i in ' d'pt ilh, h itw" n tph oralitI lines.
:1111"1]~fin n,"n":n r". i;,ing hf Homo property
fi' u uircdi l tII y t ltIi' fn llnt hli.rRin by the said
i +,.frirn I; bilh Frt itks . fl r ),"wt pI, S-d bfore o
iJ" lh t 'c hn,, ni t tr l t puh liti I n 1tblt u cit y. dated
t. A -it' ,It'AIN I,tl T i ()F' (i (Uc ND. lt t onty d.
fring twit ittut lin iun Thiili j is; t rt tof thr i
,,itt i tiht "'ilrt IoiitfId ( I fii ort. r.amnh p rt
Ilti I',v' l. ti . lI ,uli llt a t,. l t., d hihle r n) and
ltity 't ic 1h"ti c, it.irui.crit fm s.ile f atsed by
fit, Amriel.) r ,lt vt n o it t i ,ar n "t itlttlbt r tws lv ,
un t1,,r ttlai .,lrt wnt i v t I,. iI, iillS t eh n deputy
rl'u,.,yr ,of, th, lhi First Mhnicpe llty, tiated
tw,,ntyv flrt N ,vem , r, . Ixit, ,hpositd in the
. A t,lofr .il,N (, ( U, N, ntarv pubith in this
'llitty. idii int )m it r,"s, iv Arntli ans mron ur.nd
Itwtr Ht. ,tyght f.ut ifr rl rit Port street byone
IIIat t titi t'h tltnttlrto ,lri ini n r in any w rtan
pl .rtliningt. i aing th, ' itrnu propi t rtI y aRtiscred
by Ilt tI Ft'ntla'n hmrein bty pt t l ha rteh rot oMrs.
iA Wir ,rhalt,,r ittnd, anti .Mi ,tsiphine treevot.
r it.t pif.' , Idy Frtn . Wt.It. Jn ti,nll, lnotaryn anub
li, in ll it h. ,itv . I.t ingl . tlln srey pro, 1 ert
'Hir,, l ic thr , a. t in. r of
T'mJ i-- CIt .iuh ,n t hi" lU't.
Civil Hhr itff ,of thi Parish of Orltans.
Du:t flriv7 1i4 I ?.
Jean iarr ale vhr. er rra. nd Dlntran rt
r4'IFTll) DIITlf(I'"fT (:OfIiT FOL T THE
1 ptrish of c rii t ;, Nit. n. ( .1 --f y virtue of
writ F itiofri f"-ri ti. E' s, t am rlt irotud byh the
wihiorw al Mrtiu Fifth lai'ri)t, Wilht mCourt for the
trir f s l , wi i ti I itn hit l ( t ovrg Antitlednl ause.
I will ir oi'k s fI to t hr II st p ihli r al ntion, at the
trihtats irnl Atri' wiors'e of E phang Royalht
sfrfntii . htwr. ( na iti nd tilctu rt'l nhoub Streets,
in th t, H Il',d , l itilrii, of this f'ity, ton FRI
it, Y. Ma, .ll . i'i 7,. t ' 12 i 'i'lo,,'k i m , the follow
it. i d ;, ri,, ,l lrtp' ,rtv v t w it -
I. 'I'W; L'Tit OIN ftlN' (IFN), sihnfnttd in fau
hillr Mttriti nv. Third D)ilt. it f this city, des
Ignlhr' n 1t y i til nIu. rs c nllt andli11' two of the
",l'ha hJi-,Id by Fr-,,nrunn, Liberal, Union
tal ), nic hti' , acorling to a plan made by
I f, ". M, lnt ,,r) , late t1rvnvor, on ihn twonty
Iv .on'l Aprilt . cIv.t, , ,p,," it i d in the offle of A.
Itarnlttl. notry - hill' of ' this ity; the said
ltt- ar f rc oit i guiltis I.rlt moisuri t ao h thirty
'itnutf iflt'vtiit ~-'V injl',h fiv , ins front on French
7000 struot b on" humir",I and twenty-seven
f,,, two in('ih fiv" linos ,iny Int numberone
forms th , 'iarn r of ("i and Frenilt hmen
str n-ts, with th,, hN 'ldi,, sta ., thereon. Being
thn camt prtpirt y ltt dfotu ntdtit herein ati -
,itd lby.p iurthas. 'from tih hnirs of Thomas
on the sr',nd of Dl.nmb.r, 1865, registered In
ctnvtt fytum of)inn, hl)ook o b,. f ll r f 15 rf.
2. A I'OIltrifON OF, OItOUND, together with
flu uil uivhlings atl itprovyr+tnitsi therson, and
alii rights, ways., PriviIt,ge,' anrid aDpurt-onances
ing, ilthaed in tho Third Distritit in this city,
idslhnatb d as lot numlhr yliv. having sixty foit
fronit son Frtnhmtn trbet by a deDth of one
hunmir-l and twtanty f"",t ; tha.ild lot of ground
hbing h)twoon Clestinm and Josephine streets,
and t'on tarid within the swu.re eighty-one.
b,2ind:, by Fr:n11 hmn. Union. Celestine an1
sale smxm)tled boolr J. (1. Eustis. notary of this
o"fty, on the twonty-third ''f January. 173. con
voyann hook 102. I'rlo ;-H.
Hizd inI t ho,. suit.
Trms-- (ash on th" -pot.
Civil Hh-riff of the Parish of Olans.
80lp1 my7 14 28 .i,
i+,lh ,f Orlans. No. 25n,9 --By virtue of a
writ 'rt Hnri f, ,trs, eatrr,.t arotlrn ttchulters.
wildow of Martin Frnd'ric'kt, Wilhelmino Fred
F'rtmri,'ku, wife of Charls Wessler. and Mar
gtart ha Frdrl-ks. wife of Ruprecht
l[,rnnrngr, to, rnt clirnetd by tho hon
,rniol-, th, Third l)istil-t ',,urt for the par
ish of Or'lns., in th, alve entitl]ed vaulse, I will
prol)"mof to soli lit puhli' unction. at the Mer
+h+a.nt. and Ao-tion, ors' E,¢+'h )nge. Royal
'1r""t, b "tw + n ( i ' a; Ii .rhli+ ( ] )nhous) streets,
in thf .,.ond Distri,'t of thi. eity, on SATUR
,If,-;''ril.,l ,t,'"h rt ,, f" w it
1. A CEI;TAIN LT'I" (OH" lOUND, t.ogethor
with the, btl li/lZngr ther'no . situ'] appurtrnanc
t rit ,f th i ity, frrltiringth, rner ,f Lafayetto
'ari'l 1w11 vtrfats, rilld by yvpress and Clal
horn" +'roots; L-:,id "i, ,,f ground measuring
tw at y. f'', , 'njvi, n in" owl, six lines front on
UIfavo|t" (lt" Il'+'nu) Htr",,. twonty-five feet
"l++vt'n i ,1,,-- on', lil)~ in whith in the rar by
lifty-four f,,,t In fl t,th and fronl on I)rrbigny
Ht root, and fifty-six f",,t four inhs in depth on
thit oppo, it't sid- lint.
2. A LOT OF Ol(t)I'ND, situated in the Third
Distr~i'-t of thin .itv, designated by the number
two. in sqlare number thirty-two, bounded by
M51rales. Urqu)ihart. Ht. Anthony and Bagatelle
4tr"W. t ~,, aInn d rt (It' h~ L A G.ra.wf-rd."
itt2:l :0 l[ny7 14 21 2').
and John H. ICainyv, individually, and as
rnrmbernh of the firm of btewart & Rainey.
bankrup tit.
In Bankruptcy-No. 1300. *
V V John S. Itnrirny., individually, and as
rrinmbrr4 of above firm, of New Orleans and
district afresaild, duly ,lerilred bankrupt un
der tihr n t of (',ngre e ',t March 2, 18i6. have
thisi dlay filed in said 'rurt a, pttltlon praying
for a distchitrgue anid tcr tithlatD thereof from all
their ridhts arnd other crh:imrs provable under
said a-t,
Notl ie is therefore givrrn to all roedltors who
h.tvr provld their dis.. andl to all otiher per
'ins in iint'.ret, that the ighternth day of May.
1 -7, at 11 a. Iri. is as.igunrd for the hearing of
the irntm, andr that they may trhn and there at
ltnl anld show ".u.-. if any they have, why the
pra.yetr of the said tw.ition should niot be
granted ; a.,i further notir',o is given that the
ibank ruite will undrirgoan exarlmi nitttion before
I.gist,'r C. H. Krllogg on the fllftoonth day of
Ma1y, A. ID. 1s78. at 11 a. m., at his olfice In the
Cu.tom-ouse building.
Clerk's ofli':,. New Oriane, April 29, 1878.
atip.:t nmy7 it ir,nrty Clark.
A. D. RawlingR va. Mrs. C. I. Brandon,
No. rt:0.
Friday. F,,briary 15. 1878.
I ort their Honors: Thomas C. Manning.
Chief Justice, and Robert H. Marr. Alelblade
DBlilane. William B. Eagan. William B. Spen
nar. Associate Jurticr.
On motion of Thomas P. Farrer. of counsel
fo, plalntiff and appllant., and on suggestion
of the death of dlfendaur and appellee since
bift apveal was takelr, andt consIderlng the affi
davit fild by this attorney, that the heirs of
said d.,wasetd are unknrwn.
It is ordered by tt.he iiArt that the representa
tives of said deieaseirI appe.i.a be notified to
att,r-pr within three months from publication
of this order In the o.ffl'ial j(ournal of the State
or in defaiult thereof the said appellant will
prore.ld to have said cause tried and deter
mined a(tm*,rding to, law.
I herr-,"y certify the torgoing to be a true and
faithf l extract ftrr thl nilllutes of this honor.
able court of the dty. rmrnth and year first
a ttv written.
Ini ts'tirmor. whitreof I have hereunto set my
hbendl anrd aitifxed the seal orf said ourt, at the
city of New Orl,.ans, this nineteenth day of Feb
ruary, A. D, A 1RO
1o20 Sod ALP. ROMAN, Glerm,

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