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The New Orleans daily Democrat. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1877-1880, May 19, 1878, Image 2

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To the Editor of 11the No4w (lrl.'.. , I vno''rnl :
The I'ir(I r hia vi I rlg lreusl t,) IA* p 1 1.
-the ('n24:o.44'4l .'..414144444l444l.44, and theo ''irn'ui
l lav'ing ii.ls ri' 1411441 to4 puhl~ the1 rai.'~n'', pre'
c('od.v 1h11.' f..IIriwlig 4'x pIn aRtiniry olta", I Ibeg
tai It h)l ynIrII' (44llulmn:.
Ntrw ()ii441;4', M.'y 14. 11744.
To thi F..lit-''r of tIhe. Now Orl.n" ''1i'i044os
Ai +i't44. i~l1"44I tin lost4 lsdit( I h, t 414' 1 h' '(-41414 t i,,
V .it'ialr 1,4 A 111fo1'i. '1 41'44ll 4(4 Ili' 'tir~n rl44
Tirilt i4i''ll'r I. 114' -i'oll i Io l lofifiding in 4it4a
'Itrtil-' o f Iliuoii-.I i V '4'41:44 "Jfiiii noel44' 4'4o'4 i
vs'. Peal4.1 nv~t'ii A4 14I~l4II1 I ho l"414I ofit 41114 Inin
tha attt Io i. N)~i4 'w-i trrioil to (I 1,11'l' 111·1;1r''1v
Irg1($1 rl(l(. 1.1. .1. I IdLi.11' '4v 4'Itcor Ilnil.'1 'l) I 4 41 ii
Wil~lcli 1414 ',4lr11ly.''y. 'ig1I4 end cilll Iiiv rolt11'
I4 I4'. I i 4 r14 ' ' uti' ni1Hon . Il. ( iil ti -lo rl-. 4
fng M t.ll,lm 41 tiilii 111.' will'(- t~rhrtt III' nrli4'li'
Woltll ho (Mad~~l, ill )ui ille hllc'I on Iho r on'lildllon
Impo'3o') by Mt'. Nioh)IIolec'lticl, that en rli~rtr(' nrl
from 1114' Nevw ()l'oan I 1 in siir of t ho tenth
In t which wits.4 I1o toastsL of tho' Ii'it~ir.
41luld not. he 'a illhiit 1111 to 1.1l4' J444 hi.1 ll. a4 lu
1x31'11 done", 11111. m'ItI y I, '414)"n1o' of 4''i' (114.' filn
tj.ors''-..thus I 4I'.ro"4hu1i4I lho. mlemo 4.4 of ihloi
DI ) ou3nA'. '1.1i4 mi4if44I4 oni'44l'14 l wits
t''lu , ct y madell1, landW wol nI 11t. 1.i.e -aIho('
madce at nil, if 111.' tvi Ifor hail not 'ii fully
a;~'.'n 1114 4 li.' oit4.l (1i' 11, ' 4 1.1 ,ll'ti , l
oxpIlana.ti. w14441 i of.4.. (.5 )111'4'', Ito 1 441'n4lv'i to4
,give. (In IllY 4'iI4 4'I'4onII 1M4. 4l l4'4l1 If.'n.ii
tone ha. Ile Ithat I helhudimll4'4I4 M'l r. Ni cho4llson,
frothl w' h e. t ' I OI ' tl th11 3 11, N w as1414 4 n iot,
f4'0441 WI1 4444 1 I4llr44l . I iiil . IlllI. 44144041 III '4414'
th4 fnl4.' of tlhe I)1PIA44.' 14441' which'Ii wnI)4 to. to4'
MipprP44'l lI. hub t.he eIx, ret. Il .4f. I i p4e ro4ipl
t' y r.efulsdI 1144 i..t'lo c4t'i 4,444444'44i4l Tih. is1.
the reason why11 Ih'ope t hi' iII'Ii14'iI 144 ' "i;our
k1414141''. for hi.' iili.iInlt4i 4l lr y article a4
it origina141yll lw'as.
lja(4'4444tf141I4., iii'.
rcllutlt llr lI~ll 1·\ ~ ('l1:1 At!'. 1,1( (1A% 1) 114.~cr
1110111D151 AN4ID.RTI1('Ii4 VMt, REAL E lIATIS.
T1he New I )ri'i'ani' i 4Nho4 .4144'r, In Itls 144441)1) 4o
the tnith nlstlantl Ins.44 an44 4'4I (I4'H Ii41 whicihI [44)re
4!41ta34 it.1'iki4fii.' hurts wall wiryy o4~43f th ai.en~114
Lion i4.4i4 nlel4Ii11I t4444l of evcr3y 4'i l.i'.'An. 11. is4444
sho it. land11I , 14lii'4. s4 il114'4'441hil, thaIi 1 're
'Tllhiit. 1874 Wii'I.HII 4441 (."I (11)111444 4481('4444414il ~(411
enr mluee It, in doh), ail If the view of making itl~
"That, 1147l11 wits n ruu''h more oilttrostyl rllul year
than 18714 Ihl.ri' (lfi l4' n14o doubIt.. .I'i44 w l.114
*'4it~untry was Ilionoll 414'ying4 ltrosll44riI hiul.
'wa4P4 were evorywhi' n pu'' ll, a44144 v(. r4'IIylIdy wiar!
working, iinn'y 44' 4.i4 oint Ifl aid 14.1(1 4 t4)1lm441l
generlarl. But if Ihoi. 44ll441 144.141 and 1 p I'JI i444 4 1
of (liii "144ry 1the 1141'ontr thn u to4-di4 he0 comparedthe
4'.41411 is4 1414rn I loin 44444'41hiu. Iho (4i 414(41'-.
ineu11 of Aaim hms. lately 4)a414hf441 44litli4
I icsq (4 lastI yn4'l4. 4 i44ii. Th'is .44l 'otner,'4 with
that4.. of 44744 Its 4'4 1444:'r(erl( iii 1n ) the r p l44
1 4441 of wheati1 1'2r,.I444 Nis4 l4U44il444 (4r '47 par sent41;
ta4rn, 2r.44,44 I.l .n1"l"4. or 244 pr4 4ro41;ut ;44a4 lay,
rye4 1an14 44sis. a+11' ( ,''''''lit : to 14('''(4 I i'4II 4.I4'lis
144r01.e :42 per 444'i. Nit. 1nly are' Iho ('rds
tlflter n44w thin tlto Tl44 l hn41 14 ( y is '144
odly riherllll In '444 , 1 r4'4, 1i4. 'Ii' hrl4'i4444se
A .in i1'ros4 c1ull iv4444'4 is :m4 Ii1H11H4,444l 14 411 pa'r cent:In in
4 ·L( 41441148 14441(' 44444.4444 .4444444 444 44444444'('''ll~ 44I114 41 (
mo) 1.'' i ll'o If. n 14 4µ .t 440441 H1 .440 l"4 444 ' ('li t.erI 4
''1) lnt 11 4441 P ,' it, Iti vent'441444l44 'l44, I 4ll r4l -n . f
we4 44444414 to 1444 {4'44 i4{44444444. flow4 itl'!) oar 44Ina4
ufiltl rr1r.nwi · 1444141'-4 414 f4444442I
"'l'i kin the4411 Illi4 , ' 4 41 1 44 ht t lrni' 4l llil442, (i st
+_ 44414 111144 4414X Isn ' '1ill Iin l anlufatur in. it4s44
fou4 d that'4 41i'our4 I~x : fll' hue-. I lh of4V4 these4~l4 11441
anp; lurt i~dos lar ngtho' tcit ilvor nld uths ltatr.rrly jI
excee i744.I o444 f ilim p44441414yam, TuInlla cross lfit Ii
ohuln4ry. 4 roll I'` 414244 4414 u 44 gs1441 sntm4144414'1414'44
Biud iigtl-'uillu4r44I 14t4Io4l''4l144 144~ ictnl 444'4' 4Iy
larg 1,41174nink l4 142 ' 4 1 ' 1N4' 4441 11 ". I444 34 '
Notwithshmuli i c lls c, Ihorafvroor Iho i rntlm' vclrmo '
''N441w11144l44 444ii11444('I cW'. II 11( 44iil ,l'. lf', l lo.L nulI~li· *I 4llll~~~·i al14414''4l4444i
num14abe.r of 4I/4'lr'1(,y nut411 if 0444 44i4)414' 144o i1
count'rcylt1' W4o'4.44444' , 11 14erth raising h4g,'(- 4r4{,4 +
anti manllIufactuIIrin 414 o44rn1 goods414 Ihul du 44rin 41 '
ttte most441 4 ire~t''4.'4l44 yours4 of this Itoi``4Mlle4'. 1
The preseut'1 I1ar times' are indel 'ti flilloult i) (
'.re4r44't '14 44.r41lll~ Icri114444 44r44t I 44444444 1 i~l4'4ll
to explain o4r ai'4'4u41 fo4r."
The 1)r;Mo('1ItA'r Wrigh21t1 h1v adil.o·i1 hotl14, the i
balanc' oft ,441 1wvith f444'4414244 4444 44It.4i.4 isI
enormously in ou14 llr fa4vor', wh144?ic wV.it. 444 not1te4I
ease, I bailer'.'v, Iu 184711, aIid thaI. at44onei4' "'in4
the miost, pinwJ'41444 ye'ar's of this. It.'1)it1) ito',"
never w'its 1(lon'd 444 it 414ape' rIlae oIf I.teresl'4t. I
w'hen loaned at. 1a11 4441 what ill t u14leto be IA) 1.4
good s4''uritLy. 4ý
0444The44244 I)No''iA'r tinks44" that'4 unites..4 4s44' j4- t
deed.34 (ficu'li. to4 exl'X4I4it or ac1444.444l for,"'1
Trul~y, 4at 114441 sight1, it. 1s a ptl44.4.zl4in
ifhefl44ia'n,4 TintiL 1it not to41 ton4 144 xpI4lfl4 t
p~artly, at. Icast., 144y 11t ton 11I.44itattin14gK J44lf.4'r
ncue gvo by V441 it4' 44 111l414t.4 throei4g144441 the 1
11411te(i 8144.1os 4'44 pir1 44rtticl7aarly in4 11041441444
to4 bon44ds 44.444 441. 44i44 o)f fill s(emis' o4ver4 rel'l. t
esta4te1-wh4iohl'I ho444ls4 and11 44144414, il.444444It.itig1
1,44144144n.. 144lu4444ic14 444 tirt of14141 (I~f d.4144'4414- a4
44444'h 434" ('4444441.'ioral 41 nI pori'.I)4 oIf 114" (t'44 '41'y3,s
1411d ''nailsl I huh'1' Il41.'44'44 1t4 monopo4ize4i'/ 1.1! 4owe4 4'
of thalt cl44rr'l'.'n Ito the4 (i44.rime(4t, (if the.
m4ass4es 'who4 a)44' n444 ini po4.444'eet441(44 r those'44 fa- .
'voritI' (41,j4'('l of 44'a4il.'(- and4 l,4Auin, whV1ich' ca14rry
Interest4441 5(°111414 4414'4jilng In iron~~4 t414fos a4 444
b~ank vaults,41 awli 4cat4 1441 ins44t.4.4t.I c"44v.'r4'10 ('
into cas t'4+4144 4l44'4, 444444l4 Ini44'y opportunl44it~y or1
4440444"' n h41iking:4 'I'lls prtl(f444'4444(4 hiss'- 144'4 4'
gradua14lly 1144'44'11"Im1 front41 144744 t14 1447.4 t~he I
years r'4felrro('I t44 i'v the 1)144444ie'44.4' in ts Is
44.otnpnI'at lV4 441411'44 ''"'1". '1'l11414oat-oral44w1a('4441 f
quencfl'4 i4s144 l44 I iar er 1414.1 a' fists4 144'4'1 4444 444441,I I
"alhly do4' r4"''t44roar inl 441)4.lii I(4 while 414 ho 4444el1 o4
t44tI.ck4 444.44' 444.4 t 4441442 i41 44. (4144444.4444141 i14 ti
aio.'114 7i'l41) 4 af n.,u 1444*:444, inI wit)4, i444'4."ta41 'I a4
$1(104,1-)11 144 t'o'4i '441441' inI No~w (h)4'an4114, (,t44. inj
114714, hard) Iv borro u)''4 4 l4 ' ol,44( 44 thle sans4', ('x-' Is
" llp n4t4lil4'41 1i 444444 f...,.,.....1 I,,.i('4l1 .4.'144 .. ...
Outside o. the(citiy it is munch worse., for it is
only ocesssioally. sl.laslodica4lly and iln an
exceptional waiy that shrlds ( or pntci'.ns of
Cu'ren'ly Ian be ablined on ruinousl terms
from capitalists. It is well known and Ix,
yond controve'rsy tihat they have adoptedl it as
a fundamnctal priuci le ,in their transactions,
or a saed rule of plrildential conduft, not to
lend at all ,it rural estate. No Inquiry is on
descended to fe mofade as to its vahln it is
ruial-thfiat is enoiugh. An inflexilole "No'
meets the applicaint. Thus, if there is a little
capital at th, service of city piroprietors a
sort of feeble. lin, hil, pulnonic, dwarfish ghollst
ofa capital,andt totall i na'dequatr IAn the wants
of the communllity thfrefRls no capital aill hi t
had for the rest, of tieh Sitate. I'le result is
'complete staglnationl ini fthe city lanld in the
country parishel' nto Illor and no bread for
him who works witlh his hands or nmusc:ls,
and none for him who has to rely only on the
work of the brain-- wit no well-fountoad holpe
of a favorable change in the lproximate futuret
But let a broker, holding between his tri
umphant thumb and index a parcel of bonds
or stocks, suddenly exhilarate the mouotony
of Carondelet street; at that sight catpital will
'gush in a smiling stream out of Ihe rock, as
H struck with Moses' rod. That rock, how
ever, will harden into adamant at the ap
proach of a farmer or planter, staggering
flder the weight of his broad acres or of the
city landlord cryingl for help and pointlng at
his tenantless houses. Can it be denied that
it is only when bonds and stocks canno(t he
found tlhat raluctant koums are mdwu in drib,
ltR on real estate, a sort of deaperate and
iunwelma shift,? Itl is, therifore, vrv rfat
tiral that the cry or 'onpit ailllatsa tis Iull JHi ibi lhli
arnd HLc:kw , justas the lh.h itve, II aIttly calls
f.r bhuMl hbhI! unti it gisrrgjl ti diiiath.
It, In th. , healtlhy (cnditiin ior Pany (tom
im eallll llll h ?
Our finan llllJ sttlat is no- IIi uh Ietlli4 l int,
thIs isynopsia, piiIlintld "ulpn , b pllh.icy in
Iugiiui'al hiy LLIi, , ipitlst whI ..IiI i,. no ii
vItmntn|,llnl Ior or1 I oi is sllri 't' at, i f i'It, ,ai
be'. nmitlb , |)l"m'Jt.t ratl.I f inri,,,aly l i l a bul'rls.n aI1
IiIIutl(its, t, (ci'1uihJllig l'jIiihlalt,; Itnllld a ru.h
Iflter all i lrt-Ir f I '., slil a f aIli iki, hllHIIIIIi
I tiny iare r r , f(,a 1 1oarII Ii l' pr d l(WI ti\v)I. riio e sill
Ii-i' WII, ls iilllrig.11 1.latwiati(.1 Jlulls ti11jil liii
aIiI', InoIi, taxIIw hib, andi f I Ii tat l tai Ir . p .ily
rax i ollhton r'i li rii p allhii lvh it Ii h lrd to
Iand .i.staki i nni. 1 o viii nl] s rui l - e la i, it
5lrlultl., o viry wIllI furt hel'll t I m(lioi y Nli' 1"( h oii fi
rlM'l-' u'l l igllillnl- ll g IwWcdt l n bulili lls i liv i hi tr1
bui sit r uiuit oin , so l iiu li fi r h n ii h iiciulati
H ll lll)l'l.() lh Ill I1111(I I l(11.I. Wild't II111.lL . II'.II]1I
1iin l II, viiuull i 'tt ritilni uiuul ll.ya o'i
I hildri ls iin whi'h i li hitud I nli Iir i i iiut tln
iati' it ? I l ai)) r vest.l. witbrutll,l ;'(iiIui.hulg hi~ssui
raphlly froia a nd t oii Iu li ul ii r i i' , oiit
rli. l iultl. td. ,m i.l, juvi.r li ut hr. lughe II lh
Ib, .tinf', how.,ver, hn dIf,.nv., ,f !.h.' opaldt
li't,, wi o ml uh.,iy -t futret, thi'u i- p n ii t i ni. jik
lug a1 it '-itu,'P-ii l('IIIN isll ii ii ilieill*l'. | 1l.l
r, iniiii ll.vts niii i Iltl' hI uslui's r i 'n lihl, ..1r I(i
111iij i l h nillgh I (l. i I o ly I t )r i :1{i ()' . he iiii II, hu,
11RenI, wLo ul ll (lJ ti lll:.t i' lllre nlll ix.,d
at $!))10;0 so Ihai, n.1.withtavndivng turn
lion ii . iii i to abi i unt Ii IiI r ut e nt
traitl raaR(IIuiiiil vH (~le i'i~YIiiutiu ti siihiu. It jH
Ih, iureltui5Mlr wol'd In reali hi i tat x d (ii Ilhi
ra, lii, (f pir ie t, lll wilht iii li' ntilng h, i ur
u cll4l1, w Ifr it, llIfirliIhiu, t lh lin a it" I ni , ts itill
hng. o)r of noI, blng InMl. It re~ntihg boIe(r~.s
lth. lrolmbililtyoqf t'urlth(! .hprein.th ion. Tnk
utg aI iril.irihi lithii ri t. it whht h i rt i i ,rtl y i
inl iil, Iuiia ,wl h l't.st .lle , I Rn t iri lthi whI l, Iii
'i,; sllhh)l nlltl lll m r( e nl hel' I1 l o(,e-thl f' I of
wvhat iti, I nlow, lthat l,h(. pres..nt one, restl, on
a flh'lillius or Jlmltginar1'y basis. not, wnrranteel
hy lthe. Imarktl'1 vah, atd thl.refor., gIvlng
ri-.e Ino n, ralte d. t. xaf hin whh'h in intlo .rnhl v
oplpr'(, iv1.. IanId t.( whic'h II( in~ h flleo rtblll
can rmionnbly Ie exple'.'ed to submit. It i::
notI impoPssill), t~hrfol!r.,, that, N.'w (Orl'lans
trhight, he for)sl'." in~to) lhu1 kl'u11tt , Ilik(' he. city
aloln. If so,) whlat woul~l , inii It s ('l.d° neetwI
lbonlhd~hablrs Inld qf thli 1111(h envehihad l,)l~
AM III Ih III ,' o5 Itf 3 n~I4 pro d. w'l14)' 1~ )411)4'1l,}} 1s
ooked 11 1)1(11 Iby rnpit('Ii114 and51 I)ItIS)III))l fR '(
5(54 lo'$ vstlsss.1vl~h, ti s 111, P1, If r') rty, 15 III hay -
lug no availabISIle valueJ a( fil, t.l.lh)(y 51e get hungg
t4)or sis(' 'n11 hon Io-ll, Wil fit. If I or) II, d ismt+
ncrI 51 Io n Illg Wllr 1)h ' I ) 101')' r er (11344, thI
hti 4 IIISI i"l, I i pill' 555)lo , lglr)I I'i. 11 $ l' I)'p l) 14
d8 e14 1 c M a t i (( I ' 1 1 ) o f 1 1 1 )5 1 It I z') 4 t I ) 5 )5)I ' 'ol -
)r)i, sI)'1 yl(lfn 111)141')1 1111' Slt)1 soif 11 as thspn'
IItI'I (,If l 1544, IiW ,11ihIM\ In tll' 1113' (I NWJc ll-(
Wills ' )) I1 4'llI~~lj 'J)I . A 1)111l.(iIIV)'I 1)1 )I''l45)ltl
1.1) fsll'eIfI I) I)II 1) . i ' WI I(I11.1)1 It :li 114114)11)
51 l)lIl\lt ot~ IA)n tirllll' Vt't~1 W$) W~isiesi gII 4V'l51)
IIll rs in 11( l l ig . fyf ll, 4,44 , 1 I 4o 'III.II' 4) i1
phressi n 1501'4 111'4l f e(t). ssi l oif 14, nl)Ild h))
(IIjirI' 1sl11 ltiopr fwoll hgM; 10)'I4rik' 14rs 1144 (to1
Itsll itnbist' Itllcllnry ten1t 41a0511 . f1 ith Nlst -
oi cl 1. 1,Ic~l' , where till' hulk 0' our bonds andr
l)1V1) i the s1idi shipuld, whrich W' 'III)' 1))11'1
111A'fy ( (lnlghL 111 b1' hill ug1'l e4f, as lldtporteCL,
Ay Itt h ito 111)1 IflNilw 411 1, 15n111' t ro ff1~4- Ir
l I'0l, (or111(14 I tof Jt' l'l t, l4, its i f th e to l) tot 1,14'
JilI'4)1611d HI~at4ss(A 4(111+r l141)'14411)1. lt idIttt'r
j1 '141; Iil' intIn and5M11 re de jnrgsI lz hgt, iI)'IIIM) '4i)114
t.ll-I 15 114 lssionIs rsl'an s tl' IA ) ) 1)' 11 I'trIll 1154111
)e alyd g11)4l'tip '145)tt, i5511 t wtti llll) 1 (11
I4i)ili)s ofl)5t.,t l 5)11)4 $511' 1)51114 411$ (f N)ow I'I -
(If t WIn )1 s lIltI'I' (If WiI'I. i')( tl l' inIt ' who 'e
I)w isitl aln wl4s utit~ll' 1151 )t Ivct~ MI'SSM'l.l MIS ll Irl- 5)
IbtelS (If i'(Ill)Iy 'S), ;t 111)1 gal o isn Mil'.5uin!
1('I5()1 L e 1 o11.1114 of3' 15 In fisbL h I I'slpi isti itit swI'u5d
5114 555115 of our tSiout 51,rnl')4r 51111sttiI5s,1 i)IVlltiali'
1114(1 1111 jII(') t3 IbotI'1514 us w lhIo nt ,1t41r' 11 51541t
w,551,4'o 14)15)1 Atll mant'1 $411 dr1(·. tif )1 51))' (SI)
Ill Istrlsl 44)) Ilsl l illsnf Ihr~cl of~ b t'sl~,y'ste ~il 'l~lH
5,1I 5l stglI, g t1rl~~3·ll' 4l)'l'(I fstci ii tl'M I, lsstl f. 15111))
mls l t I1it 1.11 osnrkl't-pisi4'I' ll Illroll . d 14 1514
1))1411(441 by till) Ictcorll cnl clitl~y to wh ich ho 1
5(11 t5)'5i'3' lt-A 14'S5'i tl 4 5)rc l'1't c l5cim iI 114t'lf
1111,44 faceI ofII (.41 aId'.5t55 (If lrIId. Itl"i 1441)(14
W4l)'V14. hatelerl 1b1e 1'h 1()sI'r I514 IVolI li1')o
be recreantrriu to hevry1w4whc gvrrl
114111 I))I4Ig ))1 fol'ty-ll~~ itvI (lllliiiq i)455 Hf A~
11.)014 1 111 jti. 1l 3' i t l IIInot, th In, 1 bo 0141
pre)ssingll 1.('(' of lil' fsssiltof it)11 StIll witndholde
tsfn l ai114'Sll I)Improiper f( ,l)I5 14) snkein 15
Iig ,ll)4)11 1 141441.1 1A I ointog115 th 1 i 11 St 411-)1
1(1)5)11· ilc'liI'S5)'4' wllsl J (I'l 4)I)'4, WI wi~ ~itl~ SIsIt)'
sa've the )l)414i. hp11 w'S ch) Wills ,111)jI hl)51s.1
As)I55I' II 5111551. 14V14' 1)' JIllf dWn, pa5(5 r (Iwhatailll 4
stlot (I1II41()4 4)5~.I 4 It rw'1 I)o 51 ou ho t rhoi)11I' s
fInnS tAs1sLt. 1415? A~l wa increasing4),)4'1 in.1 Vsite
304554-Iy riri)'jI 115151 3'' l')Stl.3 Lstal lirll 5l~lii)I) ll-(
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141'lr5))st the u)l5$1r )n4V)' tall foriniltg tIII)
1)5111s n151o oIpeni oII') 4(IVe l'I$155t~iOW flis 1141)1.
efsilttivsl ntsioh'tss ipessi if dr5i4'1wllsn likemid
14)14)114 1.or oI ense o I1114 '~)'14)': td14s1l)I' f1is~ of.
I'rll(1 iy 31rapeshot54, and) (115 sot. It i5o1t4S141)'iId
11i1' Whe law n itstiil 555)3' 115t wlith its114 b1 'itk
or )r)41 4) sssnl1311. 1154,41 p I'Slcitg dII tri neIs- 444151
5(511Iliyio (15 '1151 a) its, 555)451on1 St(lfi' t l)I'.WII'
siilt tsol. l 5 ) 1 n5 41I 1 1151'11 I of hewers
of w oIl a5)) 4111551. ri) 4 f av'14 . n1511 111 1,14144)
I 11:t'S 14 Stell sI n h I' ll4'5l5 1 y455, l11 (1 5)is ,Alg i en 1 1 r m w nt r IVIa t r v t o s 4'11 till'
usigst 1 5'111,4 o1 111554 'I. )Xos'iill) '' in(4t4 1o11~
fIIllS their'.S5' 11554.i~ 13'511:11, In y5)I'ional 1.,1)14
$551~ VI.'(4 111eeysrto ),1( rin
,elTerson pr'edictliAl nn'i i yol' raig t
awf:l,. l( ( t(.s ' 'lquenc('. of ovl '.lergrown pub |lllI
(d('bt 1, i(, in the works wthiith he his ll
qtu'at.l.i ot posterit.', repetubitily w'arns ui
against, tlle evils of the preslll t lay. I1,
tholght.thallt "a nati alI debtl w sit inliivoi ti-ti
ble wiht I Iwi oiha btlluilaln goverilmeit' :" hi
avow- llHef ftsIelf. lulillatlal to all bankik, '"In
cauIs t,hey wlould i titroduce paper l t iS.ad of a
clS.h syIte'll,rlisig up a Imonieyed larist', ra l
country a locust host of grosuly sto'kjotbtr.
aind wiudlor.." 11i ' declahred "that lpa .'r
iIIumone'y may haltve 0t)11i at idvarta ,ge, but t atl
its but'ses ar inevitable, ald that, by blrk
ill up the meosulr of value it m tadi ai lot
tery! of ill pri'lte proprly." I llile n tainted(
"tLliut deluging the States with paper
lonelly)', hfnds and st',1ks, instead of gold and
silver, was withlidrawing our ,'iize,,ns fromin lith,
pursuitst of (')Omnu'rue, nlanufactur'.s, litit
1.gs aiid othu'r fbranches of useiful industry, to
occupy themselves anId their (aplitals in a spe
ces of gaimbling dest uctive of morality, and
which introduc(d its poison into the govern
lent itself." l0e appreheittltM all sorts of
evils from the fuindini system,, "the ullinmate
object of which was to preltpare the way for a
chLnge from the present republicani form of
government to that of a monarchy of which
the English consatitution was to be the model."
Hle never ceased to vent his indignation
against "a trilb of agiolev.ur who had bnp
hatched in a bed of corruptlion made up after
the model of their beloved England." Hi sald:
"Too many of these stock-joiblers and king
Joibors have come into our IglisinturI's, o,1
rathir ttoo inaly of olltu Ilgislatlors havw ,s
otr sti ick-j, I berts antd ki ng-j h)ii(or.."
Itll 125. (Gitn. .ak'kou wrot to at froindi:
"( 'ongrtt'ss i11is t1o power btretiati it ir-potrnil1
iils or banks Or paper iattes, or to carry o11
intetrlnal Iltnprtmvem·ntsl wlthlnlt tle Mtatlos. nior
lIavl' the l tatell litil cittnstit.i itlnal riglIt to,
i:lete bliilt11k1 ot paperI isuM,. Til'ue rIIit 1tl.
coin moiw ney (lanl to, r tinlllr lir vt11 1. ,lu t.h" o |ll 'fl -
ia gi veti it (i itreass an rt thle Mtaltais nirt pt-it
hiliil.tl frot miitl ng t ton,, ti'n,, iaaulig hills tf
,r 'ilt tr makItiltg anytlt hhlitft a !ler t lltu th,,I
,p 3"m,'t .,f dlehts hut hi~h and .11l'v,! cin.
lit nt w 11i I, ttltIi is i t, b Foughtt I ,l'w ,t,'t titt
n1rishe.'racy ofll lhe few ag/ailnsl 1,6 heo. h cr111a.y
tt ntmi'tit. The tlUotttitt 1. wthe t r thi
[i.oplo a1r'I to .'ontin e1o 1.1 o lVer'Oignl 1p w.r ill
thJleir' o Wll JhaIIId., mul ur rebII' l i l n gl- vir.!n
it~et t1 itt I rti l'rt)- t 1tiiitti j . I~ It 't h5I1 wiv t h i it i-l l
..wltm; andl all who, wish to1 h;nl down t.
eth ir 5chihihn, lhat 'luitt lppy r Its allitin Ils t r i
i "ll1~tt- h d ltti lty I I t nt i' lhe y rl" iivi ll llp.niry
i\thrt '(i- l aitItt ilrnow h, is iii1t t iir ita iW lits
this cnc sol \hiniant corrupc H~I11.'ttine l manyr'c power
eiand put itt alwn, i tr thirl t hila ir illI i h tt lul.fe
wI i ldt f .tit atilt i' tt r hliut' wutlu l. ) tr , 111, fl itjt i
put ,ll his ar"m,,r anidI ldw dly ni1H|n , l his ,larlin
a11ld hlsidioull fool.'
Wtint , h' n.a.Ikitll n tl-lit rlturn t, liftt i i thi I
ylur lt t . l, tt .kr 'abl " wtilts . t It a Itrtlt l ha altt
thnngti whhth. .incr Ir, hav, h nku i plaiil iii
itt, w'rit , al i in i ht,- I It lit d i l tar In parhi
tIrcular, wit~llc lrw hi s.h it tti o hit-u, tio.lill .
llal r mIoi iri)', 1, ' i't 'ii)r' s, f) the newr':
11li I tt tIII i titt' I u-tatr' i tg-3a111 I i i ,.l rlllitlJ-i'if
to ih,, nw prinlh.'ld, of tha DmIoneverney ,,r Ih.
I- tIIs t i ay:i ta llttt ht, howit. tl' t titt la i I.
i th11 r uii e -1 li, 1 s ct-t-ttlh. 111111 tt tIn' 111 tli)lli.d'
thtlall ndi n tl hel'lll m.' ult ness. (!1" 111of h ,ilhear, o .
ldih> af H o111l m ny (hrow ndc , f mill l (,,1 i lllo
Soll rst IIn r b clotnd , sto ind oi p' nsl ! tI th rll !, .1
pulicl'aill rivnt s, w onh(11 I,.111, inth li, har . ly
t l~hn ,|y luilt, ar lk, mi htrlii hl in sl'i y..
t.Io- .y 1! womll r io t -hl. w rl , SUlplse ier
pi.ailistil, nnd tos li, o. f llth rest ,1 If iiro..
.lhoulil sm!ld onlly hri nel.lll soi hallinoinnl~ ied a I t
adopt, the inflhexlhll resl utlion.l to iniv.,., hi
relal e,,tilti, onily) on1 thiiir lnot hlolg allh to got1
hohld o" Fe'inch cor l4.l iild stocks; ,.upplolst
111at ttley) sholdl~li d in!lll or1 ivoild asF muli h t1.
Paris,.anl !,hllt, !,wn Inl Pari-,, Ill+,y sh uiiil
111ti such l in 1vestm11.nit. onlll whenl ntlilwing
in1 thilil41lvof4 thli brolad niargin of1 a d.loproinri
lihoi if lhrm.-fourtih. on1 thl or i'ginll, vaihl .
Wlihat, Woulld bom, eof..1 Fra11.,. hin .1 whial !iml,
W hitl, woubll bl!,.omil (. tht1. chlarl1ishel co,.llob,
Mi n id shll w~l.k,.7 i"or sullh a~ lterrib~le ,.hil
olf offirs'l ' ai h11r1+l. r'tmlldyl woiihl ea, tinlyli1
aniid sinv,.i1l• Ib, *Iln, i.,,l hy fhatint, l4lig/z nt andl
OllIergltic !111 o,1lI.
I'hairles '1 lIlwns nd. th+, I'nlllish atai htm itn
andll orlat..r, 1411 onlcel thalt hi' ilhnirh'.d IIoth
iilng so nu.'h tas "lht, bonuitifu sinspliJ.it y. oft!,,
:1 pir (,eit,." Thlat llIiv haivt, hoon verly wellJ,
so for11 al, hi1s lp.i- liool (,omlfoil at;-~i. Ihll,
would h., hli nav,14.isd nll th,, unithlicq-. of1
En1tg la ld tol yi,,Id to+ .+o i'.ill,ait usll anl nairnill
th inu of "1i, th . b lnu! rul sihnlihitl o ," h,- I 1""
cen,Oi " aIF to inhl\'lt-, n~i11o m r ithel r inl Ir!1"tl or1
iil'illn !,.illt , heenowntlll. muclil h tal..,i, to..
wht.ll woubtihl l o rne111 .d J' ilowli iof hler caii
tal h lists , i-d ev n o .,i t h ."tiu iup ii
I h lvt, niinllld in thii. entml i vil ni a~itl i
liot hilngA havow'l l t hi, lpresie t ing oft s..ltZ e,.t hi-.,
l in Ihepnihll., mln tli. , .liggn,,thii.. alrl, hi
tombld- I1. more' f,..I f'or1 r'ilheltin in !tih
lilin Is ofI allelq liie1, whlo 11imy ltiake ill !hi, .ll
tioni. If !lnalor h., h'.i incum tanl!,., I..latd by
1hI iI ,olal'i~r , n t.tih I niti!d Slilt . .ites iu t lto h
"thim olistl prosperoi'tl.. of al~l nioti+.11." nold ail
not1.hutll,anth11 t ri, rynlrl;i') ti",Ihreaitenll wil h
hli alid Ini1(.1, surllyl thi#i'. lmillt. he. li lpoWer
ful eIilsi foi" tthis phtlenioml..lo . Tlhatl noilwt
linlult h., slpendily namr tninalllol, lind thip ubicil.
iliass, slhoiilild ('t onsel.OI. i w.!in s ig'ationlA Iiti l
st. bl, tf!ld and da t~nLatro d, unlJl it, t ilof l +,f
frts(l. he. renolllid. wl hcut doi.n7 )" naplilit inial
lbspe+ctfully yours 1i.
(iliAIll, E, f4 (AVAH; E.
. . .. -, 1 -t4 1 . . . . .
An A&gres* lve Campaign.
INatchit'hnlia Vilindiator.I
TI ' M Iuti' 11t141' ('l/)riion, if wll ui~,rr'siauld i
'trroi tly, will I al' iadvocating a 'ioni tit
.frr thnt the ar.ty would split fon s.uch an
I1su,,. '1nn ('orltn , hishf l 'rt o lo..n a
St.'long t rlk'er inll lth aI ( s4l if i h(o |91't p lin) i
ipl', antd we11 .rc vary iincih Ipainld hto si + its
d(,ff'c'tion. If tlt f'nd of J)onm riir :'y in this
Ht.ahe i: to till ,nflrsh' with a cn ,lrtaiin clahss of
nrn vwho calll thi iOiia'lvi' ) toriiicri-t , w4'
mlighlt na)-ro) with illr m.' n kl ll contl porlll al'y,
i ut wve ti4114,is that thi' I )i'rniuirat ii' pai ty
Ihas i hiigh'r missio1i thth i1th.s. Our ' party
has ph'liogd aniI hron.st gover'nint to
,the pol',h, a1 t ('han 1V r htil hald
1 chpit by lind throullh atin hilncst coni
disirupttil'r . In, i ii, o lrlas'ting illllly. If wII
might ho so i hol, Wii ii g rig l i riin to givi'
S The arl in Ih n Npp for sk. -
p lr I slti ls 11all1. "rh' ( thin . jil ,' of "dif)',nl
iiiig Ihe llirIiy" won't l do' , for tho rIo1on thIll t
I ho' o invll".h " is rat ht'r ;I V . vague' and uIlmlou-,ir
ing 1iibtl. t' . i its itoa t iiing in iiii tu ' fn io
or "l.ofor'i iii uilg rsi ll't n igh l'ih t" . r' " in 1'i,; ,
which o, oded- wll We "11 Inil w whir,. \V,
Itui4it 1h'rol tntl ti4 nio "poli ti c lnvai.i l hi.i
yIati, l', llll t. igi i( t d 11 i'sir iid l )i r(i11l 'l n assnll
Sly of stliupi ~slump s. '(., cry of tAht poiopur
'fort'1), ~ In 111w' hop, ' |1he1 ('1 l rinn will '4,t r
Ilin l in tl' ranks i %i h'tl'r it l .has l )Ii )' 4,iu1'r h y4r -
)lliir l i u.ll'io.
The Nigro in New York.
IN. Y. Tinme.1
In I'irtcr )'mintyl . hIt'ly, a , jury 4'f ol, v,,n.
Whittl )mli al4nd1 on1 I),('Hlo[[ l lan witas 1t1s)on.
'ho hLatfl r 1111h fr' tw, tvinty-lirvi youat. lrn .,
slinvl, wi orking i in th ii. c;th li, l ,tinnu tihi
on1,1h. ItI ha-i li,' l at M larii bi r g n' h fti 4'ti
or4iil yoilis, ill I by hau d work lnd iionll)yit
has 11\in it 'I i.)LyS14il haiill a hha)t I lu hr'Of t sor
foi "r of 1b4 whilt' jurynll l, on ) le' ning l t alia
n l i g g4R l " « a +1 on ir l h, ):ll 'l, inlml ol i ate'
ly irtr'non ili'' tharl tiis v'd h u' if lihiy'
H. ir tcr a rO W llt d I t krI now "1 hatll i'n
thirs to io nrlltV 11tA' tiil t i(, nl ll fi tvny ' whiti'
t1i'w , il orn ',f.ct wf o1 u till fl o it i ii l . Iury
hunch alongsil-' of nigger." About half ,f
t e rp ct tor| com-,v. i)i<urrld i t h! ll ntin t1n of1
tilht (r!',-born j 'ilrI's, auh1 v hlhntoor,/d th' ih
fo)rmvat{ion 1)11.11 th+,v woubll 144<1l,,r 10l in the
cTwou y jail tlnlt di oont ui Stteh wth a
palrk . inTho 1u-ic thcn lr ,d'd to )'ll 1h.,
noset & . 'ando ' the ine 1 for conontm r f e. ,
1111id th,, ''", ly-)'el 1proe.d-- 1 o uin n1io t iho
) r'o)wdi, who .,rl.), ''d11 ,h b11 on thit, IIgu. '." Finia -
I , tll, m'lr,[d tru n intimaitwd ill the (' 144,4'1
11)41 he, wiishd t, , o I ,,s. l et d. This ',itn ,hA ri+,
am1 th, imnlignant fr+'.,nw'n toolk their .,'"uts. .
T h , , ii n l " , t r 'ill ,'o n t,0 m p rt w ' I n o t 1 '4 ]1 4 l " . 1 _
No l ana.er.
Wilson N. C1.) A1havtr,,),.
T mh only obj1)j hi, ) tilnli), ha.t hi ,i: n uhrn 'g d
with iny dhg.ro,, of iIuasiilit, y angain 14 inv''s
t.igatting M r. ll avIs' titho to the, L; +'..idIn1 y
coin1w from thos.. who aplplro'hond thantt 41, ,1 .
act ion will distur, tho Illii't and r )po14+, of tho
countr' andd lbri g c( lirntul to ail , rit('hl'
of inmistry. \\'W 114 no rItsaI.o1 in such 41)
joct ion. A'w+ will usighit t Han whos, h1)u14,
, 4 invayhdd by a h r'rglalr iat. night 1'+'fu4m to
ijoct him, when Ito hatd sulfciemt lorc) at
hand. up11 on thogr, f i )) ) tlmt in dfling 1,,h1
would di-.tur th+ rpof))e of hii, fa.mily 41d1
'a.I .e a 1m4411l14 of co(llil-io)n.
('an it be .p.sibll( that t.hl lusin,,- of this
wlat destroyed it (Co)ngress simnply takl+ legal
st.ps to investigatl fraud whuh may h'ad to
the ejectment of an uldawful o)lic(e t
Two p*r cent discount on State taxes j
pMoet & Ohandon is the wine for connoisseur.s.
A rifiir nit mnatto,' It hai brecon, to( d(Rier114('
what is farbloInahkI for this tollot; th''r4i i
4414411 a 441nf1(4ion 4? tillilgsl that 114 pirelty
an(d Iigly, 11144 I rn a1111 Intcllt.141, I d ariad i vol,
Ihat. 1444 14(1 res (nIlr ly liabl4b to wanler out oi
the II in t1it . 'von 1 her tin t *·'10ol brain ro ark4
(lilt. It fal$41io1n 41 its IIwnI. But (till tlul (414
1110 iiii 11( a41ilt.Il rule' ,;hotikI li t.'ri o )('.4444
WIIud. I.- hw nlIrig. 10 1441 atl(4ti4t', on10 mul 4t
aIllrlltt hill- rl'ssfi t~o hrl·l· wo pa~bl~t/lhllllar tyh'.~
11111 hr) 4141 lusg fril t14` 1a0111iI(4n wlhaIfevi'I
Illly iagil.' wiltl this ll' iIwV44 Irri Irarl14 0ills xitni.
iI 11(414' III ' always hl, I1'(' If b''in'. 11n441
114441 rg11 v 1W 1 4lrl',4144. In 1.144' iiittl1 (if
1441 sii~t v f11411i41444alI' 1114414 wIll 41144'10144'1 t44
p liin wh111'l 111141 11Ii444411I4'ly ( I4lnri; xt. tIllo
I(nline 1144441 t1I444 444014' IlIIringnl44oll t 44f Iri,
411ii will li 'll l 44'-o kin4g. 'Elmo I4a4l 1 'ppi-r s: 1y
41:14111 1s 1444 5 ji444ii', Itile 1411 i 4 frinl'i low
Ioy, l 44 Ii.' I lli4i11 a (41411411 filIi4r , l,'I
I diiick. '11141 trl' 141441111(1 oit44 rou1g if nllt fi(iIlz'/ed
1141444.14 Ii' i' 44tI 1' 1at 1 44' h Siilli1 n tI Iii' ne44k1; till,
11411 144 Iw 4Vl4 l nlit ii. sllillrtll kn111 jII(I aII " III'
14111k If 1114' Ii'x1(, 44 1 444 1so4t tio rouInd of it L',
':ha loo0 wl ill 1' 'II ' I 144.4' 41(4 I l z its 1 a1ll+ n liftI' 1144 o' -
f4I1' ly w.4ilV 4,f IiI'1a141'141 . lw I I4'l'ii41
hn14414 al-(' 1141i14'4, hin11in1g 1.144 h(aI '14i 144413'l.
1'141144. 1144 wI·ll1 441 flow.I 1'i4 4'4''Iy IlIL 11114 IoI
t.1" 4'l11rlli11' EliiiI.4' i'444l4 tl4.1.
In Illikuing 41n'444'44ý twio Ililoil, i 1111 441 \l'44
44i 11 44141 I'4 1 i ll f14 1voii
IIi4111: i ll441 41V 'l1fl;, ' liiT', li4144, 11114 lii
414444ly, iUl' li'i h it I4'sill44 tIhoii(I liltlls. 1114s
tIllll 1ar'ol(' ta1g14t 4 4414'w V4 of l4l4Ih s 4414.I hisi
fron144 444 ll"l(' 41.1o 111('Ii' I.I'ry 1441)11, ain tll'
1;lie(i I 141141 1; I I 'i'pl4414 Ill- 114u t 1(4 pnirl'vi aw44'
in1111 y 011114'l I 41' t4 14 g wnlp blfill.VI14 In 14'
4'IiwlllVrtI i4l'-IiI vain( 'f444 il11'; trr1. lhlil of4414
44111f h141Ih 14441444141 linlf+l( upon' fiIi4l 4' 141a444
will~~ih'll 444'.I; iii Jsl ,lnhul trail 141it fil 4444'44111I
(411.11441 rI'llV4'411. I hle'l 44k nI grist vu i41g41141 141414
41144 114V14414't ofl'1 Illill vl-i~lli' 414 fIle' Iy (o11 - ~l
4l'i1I, of g 4444144(41(11' and hex1444 (4114(414'il 14411111
sit rod 'lo4I41n444 1.1441'1(6 lun 1I4l-id by44 4444 Jl ill
f4'44'.ia'l"'444'4 I~i.-p' 414 144 ( lln t l4l4441444s' HI''
'414rf I Ii lsingt ill' sIri 1144il'4rll 4ioi'im,~'IIi
441411 4llulihil'lj'44 Iil'; 1144141411 1htri 4411'I' it
1 - ' rIll;sa th4441 oIt 14'114's ofII;n(w'H
'44 4' ' (1 1' 4444411114' 4ll fI.l1i144. 141 i li (1 II 444 i4 4 "1.,
p)[)n )u 141;11 It1(1 1114 14[1111114,4 44 444j4444 44' 1I1' k
"11114'. ron ' 411.11 1 41144' 11411141 44 (II' l 1(' Ili)4 .
\411k44414, 114' -41 l, 4444''4 1141.4444 high 114 Irr Jwi( , ('T1_
( 1111.-' III 4': u[)41 ' In 1114"44Th'4n 1114' 1m ll4'' h'- o11 I .
1' 1. , ;III' 4 -4 ~'14 141 It. 4 ' till ll4 -41 I. ( '4h f n 1111'
i'Ihnt 4,4Mill 4'4i ( 11( 1 1 11 1' l .l lT. ' 11 ' fit Is ll,4 .
; 1 44p1 '4. 44444-4 44 4444.~1 - 41.Il4 11 11 II.' .:II Iif-i'
411)1111 1Jn41= 1,444,I 14(1141144 M41'4114, 4ra4n t III'w
wI( ll; 44.~ l~ 4414444 '4414 1444441 ll1'g144441 44 l 111 4444
-"1 4141 . 4444Il 1 " ' 44 It I "4W 4 , 11 414141 ;1.4t1' 111 4'I I ( r' I4
: 11 1, . ' 1 .444444141 '1 ' IIrI 44 '( 11 414- III! 4t iffy( .-44'41, 144,4
I,('; ';I I'l44144444'.- '' 'r1414 I4'.4l.
it(n ;141 p1111;141.4. 44 1i n4 4' r 4444444,
'''441; Ii.4 11111' ';41.'1411' li 44111 4('444 ni14 14441 '.4444141 \'
I 11j11t' 1111 t' 'll (II4 11 1 4' 11 I4.411 444'41 11 ' l il 1 n1".
V,,-:I· : I( I lot If 11'11 In itll k n ; 1( t' it rI IT i ilk I-(fi
444441441144' 4.4I''441444,1 ' 111 41'411;'1 I 414'1411'41
1;(114 (' 141 1 4l :l l4 t r44 14 4 t44 I4 4 44ll 1444.I I' 111[)1.
444444 1iail4'' 4444444llvl j 4T (11,4144 4 41 4g11' . Iii 114'41
11441441 4 II h~44' 1 'nµ"4 lill l 111ii 44 414'4 .1 4 4 11441' 1444I " I
111~ 1444lt"'c444', 144441 , 1144' 4444'4-4141 1l I.4444l.4'l44ll'
414 4444441 I44 [)1 1(41 .4 ;)14 l 11411,1 14 I l, 14 4444 il ;I
1444444II'4. nttlit 4.E44 ~ t'44 'freight 14.4444
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art'14filly44, 1 44nt114 if 14.44 1 wist 14 41 1444
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4444t~h' hu, 14441 44' wi414441(14' 4444''44 1.141411
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14.1.4144. f .il 44l( 4I I444 I 1.1444-4wa uo I, with' narrow4 44 l Rt,.
(4144144. 1-s' l'n,444 444444 l4' (hit 4i'4V'44 with Wkil'
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li 4' yals 4444' (44441 i441 114441444414 44 ( 1.144'rai(4 with144
1111[) kilt II i . 4441144 444441 44r 4441'latll
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I(1"4' 4l4444l41444'4 l4'. 1(1;,ll4 Tip44441,4t r44', 14444 11111
4"4'44.4444144 '44' I II m' II'44414 tll4's' 444tl' 11 s 11t 44444-,
4144 4t1'4 f4 ( oil) 4444W-44-4 4'4 to r444441 '4441 il. 141.
pla4-4;it, 444444444 5[)1,1 44444'.l 1.1 v I, 144-1, 444111.'
1('44441 44 li 4 ilt 14111(144441 444441 4444444 lown,
4441'(1'144 114' rn L o~b rl 'z- ll 1,141~ fill 1,14'144 4 41(144
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4Ti, IIt f 1" 4444s' 41 5 th '1141411'44 11444' 4
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4.;441~ t , '4444Ilt 't 1 414 44r1 441444144 Nll t . t Ik (14144444
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('1,.'s, 41. Wl ii' ' 44I'' 44 jl . 41 44II(I'44' 114'-4 411' 1
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IIIi- 444 ir,1 4'414I' ( i11( 4' li'4 t , I t'' 44 41 4 l14 ' 444,11"111 ''.
of I'44'III ''4ll 11 ai' '. y,44 IV]144- 44t a1.-' nota44444'
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444.44 44.'lll 4444114. 1444444 44'444414g 11;liii~ 11( IIIgit.
Tt. 1111n Nugar' (;rnp.'i(I $.
I'I''( 1'1114 I4'44-4114444 44by 111111'4 4414444 11141414-t 14.'\
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144441. lar' around4 ti4 4444' .. 444.4t 414441,4' h; 441.44.
11-14.14 l 414 (14' 1-144 , 1414 1 g 41 11444ll 11144 i44 -i it 'pt 1,'
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44.44"- 444.1 144 444444.f 1 I.i.4.11 1 444.'44'-4,1141 ,444;5 4441(44,
44441I4184 144.yln1g411f444 I 4 4h(44gi411' ; 1T1441' duit ng11
twoIi' 4.444444 [)44l.4 1 441.44, 41441 4' 444427l ligh X''4I4,n 4~s
o; I, l . l . I '-441 -,Y, '1 ' i f I d 12, 12 14 44' S ' %144444. 4n1 .44 i 41.4-'
14 here~i 44r4(1iI yo (,1u oing4h4 44mmrwil h yotireght
te iTyhoel fulor noran ular toropt. n
rat1. ______1___________________
past f(& Mhantdo1'' , cano be ~ l atrpssti.~l't(
Inumates ef Ihe City inuanne AyAyluin,
il W FIi.If
One Hundired andl Twenty-five Children
Will Appenr
- Ai TilHl
First Grand Tableaun.
tiltiiit of 1,thirt y. irt thnr .fiiniathan. Nimrod,
HFittrin Dulhl, Iri) Itry Mr'lr.wg' r,. Qiiirkirr
il])ni Vnki'rnei. ar1il Ii grnt?, virlIloty nif inthjir
n'hiiriijirni tooii nitumoniiro to mention.
.Rn ...... ........ . " uaker Cniurtshii '
Hjit r Iitln ....... ....... -MH.ii l, ueJlli. N.
J,,thur Himni .... Maiwtr Maruli T.
Seoond Grand Tableaun.
QIuin nIf lButterflli.m in ir mtniilf llint, iar drnlwn
grn, tirig hni Itirhiia Hun. Whitn LIli. I'annwy
link Rite, cirofmlIrariit lily, srol other
fliwrti Iivinrsg counrt hi the Ulnin eni Flow
Itlltio ...... Th, Mlrrnht,,
ily Mini Jijlin M Thinmaii
Third Grand Tableau.
Di;riin i, "l'itiniri .. (itiir,,,i. Cuitit,. L,,,,r .iil,
Hwohen' ii t. Flownrni.Htun, lowmrni.
Ii thl ,.qnni. will tn jtritr,.ldu (I ii" thn · ihalnr,'v
Iiauien,." I y th,,-harming little Emma Hini ,m.
SHng ... ..X?"M ihnr Hitiav I Mniitrni'.
hlv little Arethii I?.
Fourth Grand Tablean.
ltiYAi, IJ'EItHIAN iI.It'IIVI llE,.
iino A rtmminii innitiil nnp.n thu (Gnnlmhn Elm
thli tri. miulrro rniil, ,v her lI yly G iiarn,. wit
nmi-lng thu(nnsiinl lirniiie irnl Evnilutioni
nither t - .Iliueu miml MI rtii l tohirt m "
HMi . ' " Drmi trim Imm
Ily 1K tutu M. P.
hi0 hiuiti. . . .iitiiine1'mornunin
Fifth Grand Tableau.
Grand Io"" r tion of anita Clauns at the Pailanr of
Itho ihlre.n of il·r an, Gabhols of the Hnow
Reception Committee.
LL,,OYD . COLE fAN. Chairman;
R1. II. Kerr. Jar. Glven.
It. McMillan. W. S. Finnoy,
,John Wilson. N. D. Coleman.
F. W. Quasksnbhows, Chas. A. Smith,
Wm. A. Faiuwhn. I,. L. Knapt,.
1., M,'Cutchlion, Ilinry Afflrok,
.1. F. Hlmtaon. Ham'l A. Trufant,
'ail ihalloway, E. P. White,
F. Iistis. E. Miles Hogan.
M. A. Tarlnton. E. I. HIews.
W. H. Holomrnbs. T. J. IBartlntt,
A. IB. Whoilirs, L. A. Valleo.
Alphonso I'angrl. Dr. E. M. S8hlatrA.
E. C. Villrrs.
'ThI eommittia will ploaso report to the
'thailrmi ari sit o;..v o'clook.
'lItE,\AUIREI. .......... JOHN Ii. O'CONNOJR.
T'hI1 driors will hi optnedl it ,i . o','lo k,
The curtain will rirs at at n'lo',,k.
ThI ears on Masgaszinr. (hiCap. Prytanla. D)au
hiriii. rampart, Jaekson, St. Charlsr as far as
Napolrn Avonne, will run until 2 o'elook Wred
in.assliay morniing.
PlI:T('Ih OF ADMISION .............:O sants
'l'i,'kt fTr rpal by A. I: G;riswold A Co., J. C.
Fyri,'h, and at tho btox ,iloe+ from to a. m. 'Iioss
T'he ,thlidrn takingc part will iuntr on Cus
tornstoisss strI.'L
N. B.--Thi parsontt, nhlr'so will hi reserved.
Parson who havw already purhas.nd tlikets cani
hawiv thmrn oxshangsd for ri.asrvdri soats by call
insg at the box-oflis55 on MONDAY and 'TUESH
IDAY. May 20 and 21, and ipaying twusnty-five
rnitI O xtraL. mys, tit
Friday Evening. May 24, 157n, at o'clock,
FOR TI'l TI ENsIriT or'
Part First.
1. Anvil shorns. Trvatr, .......... ...... .. Vrdi.
2. Solo, ,La Zinarillsa. Biy Luilla.
:'. Io,,itnrtion, 'I hs (is s y' W , 'soi , By B.,o .
t. .si,. Ir,Love Like Thsis low Vain 'I'rovasstor,'.
IS'y Adolli.
,,. Hrls, Tho Gipro y's- Wa.rnlrng ........... Coarrl.
By liz tlie.
I lot). Ths Gilpisy C'srtss Glover.
lIv Zilla ,sil EI tril ,Sos'sornrnn.
Srolo, Li Pro asux Clare .... .....I lrrsld.
Miss- Ali!n Aill"A k.
Part ercond.
1. ('hus+s . Joy. .iy. Frerlorna To-das y ; ,n-li.I.
.s. solo, liby Min ........... .John.son.
By Zintsi.
;. i eltation. by Tralsr',.
t. ~olo, s r l .s .r1 .grirIlu 5 ..... Canspanns.
By Ls.ratia.
rI. Io, E.rnrald ............. Lev.t.
By Adslla.
,. lisn:, Home to orir ,Irrlntas ln 'T'rovsto r.,
IBv Azur'snai asInd M snri'..
TaJ'shlnin. (.icpsy (-srstt by Moonrulight.
is yl I' .1,
Sdu-dinnths mrnarket. It Is manufaetural
In GOsorgia, and is prrosntsdsi tIo thi pubill aIS tihe
aqlsal of any Stove on this market for all hourse
th, Id purposes, with a full guanrant'o to that of'
fIs't whil, it I. sold fully TWENTY PER CENT
CHEAPEi., by the undlorsianol.
General House and Steamboat Smith,
Plumbing. Gas and Steam Pipe Fitting, Stoves,
Rano es and Pumpe,
90......... Baronne street ........90....
Between Union and Perdido streets.
For the benefit of the
Sunday and Monday,
MAY 19 AND 20,
I';1 (1I ()Lo N I)s.
'rhll Fi-'Ival will lb inanua ratnd by a GRAND
CON(;EiTl', to cr,,mmnron oil Hllnday at 12 m.
'rhri fornial opening will take place att'
o'oiclnk prniell Vy.
The programmoe consists of opnratic sols.r
tlons by at I)nDolbl Orchtistra. Orations In Eng
lis l and German by Mesrs. E. M. I1UDriON
runl CHAH. F. BUC(K, Honge by the German
(loor, C(hIs, o.t.
A ories of lopular Plays and Games, under
Ihe l.radrship of Mr. H. MARQIJUAIT, will com
lonllc at :I oc'lo'k, consisting of Hack Race,
Iliinninng lbur for btys rand girls. Rooster in tho
I'o. Foot ball Playinrg. hliak lng polo, Ascension
of ilalloorns. Grrasy l'ig Ili robing-pole, etc.
Also,. rl ToruntTl'uurnamunut.
Pony Ran., mile hoats, open for all, not over
four-en hands high, boy riders. Prize, a hand
some sadlio.
Mule Italn, milo heiats, last one in wins.
I'rlze, $10.
An extenRlvn and well Pupolind Restaurant,
loated in the Exhibiltion Building, next to the
HIue Htarltl will be under the charge of the'
,Ladll ' Ald Association, where all the delicacies
,of the season can he hatd at the lowest city
Two largo (Orchoutras are engagenl. and dane
irng o thl pIlatform. as well as in the main
buildnlrgl, will )b kpt, Iup until 11 o'ulock In the
Thl grorunds. will be brilliantly illuminated
andl trivt order mnaintainit.
T'lh'r everal iars are under chiarga of well
k rnown ,ltiznel. nimernhrs of the Association.
the proramrme of the first, day, except the
e,.ning unreruron lle, will he repeated.
( rand "'Troºf~ ink; Illn.-r-.
Douule T'arns, nile heats.
Hirngln Teams,. mll hIears, open for all.
'lub ,. $t5.
The frierns of th, liIt'l orphans and the pub
II,' I njr nernl arc ,rdialy irnvited to attond.
'l'icketsu, 5i. Childrcun frme.
First Vice President.
Plat, Commandant.
A rlnrrT P'. Norl. l ecretary. myl7 4t
Tl'ndered to
' ius Lorý riiuiet,' D14 ton
by the cit izunrs of Now Orleans, elupported by
ther Shakespeare Club.
-arndl -
BLnX -ofll ¢opun May 21 and 22. Those hold
ing tilkets can ugt, reservel seats by presenting
thumrn t the lox-xoftlce. myl9 t.d
-o A' TrtE -
Louisiana Field Artillery.
(Guard Mounting. Dress Iarade.
IBattalion Drill. Mounted flattery Drill.
Best Drilled Gun Detachment. open to all artil
lery commandis.
Bfest Drill Compeny, thirty men; open to all
military commands.
Assault d'Armes; oren to all.
Glass Ball Match; Now Orleans and Louisiana
gun clubs.
Walking Match. one mile: open to all.
Running Match. quarter mile; open to all.
Mule Race, one mile; open to all.
Grand Gamrne Baqiuette; Laville vs. Bayou.
IIANDHOME PRIZES will be offered for above
Proposals will be received in writing for rent of
privlle.es. Address COMMITTEE OF AB
RANGEMENTS, L. F. A., No 14 Peters street.
The Reglment reserves the right to reject any
and all bids.
Admission . ... .....50 Cents.
my19 21 24 '6 28 31 jo2
11i. E. L. SAXON
Will deliver a publt, I, ",turo at Odd Fellows'
Hall on THIURSDAY EVENING. May a3n. 1978.
Snubj~ct-Progress and Culture of Woman
Throughout the Ages.
Doors open at 7 o'clock p. m. Lecture to begln
at 7:30 p. m. Tickets, fifty cents each, can be
procured at Messr-. ili enthal's. Oriswold's
and (irunewald's: also at the different book
stores. mylo eod td
City Hall, May 17, 187$. f
SMirld proposals will be receioved from day
to day at thlis llicn,. until disposed of, for the
purchase of SEVEN DREDGE BOATS belong
Ing to the city.
T,'rms lfast due obligations of the city do
nominated "floating debt."
The city reserves the right to reject any or all
myle nt ED. PILHISURY, Mayor.
bOLIDATED DEBT. Iloom No. 5. City Hall.
New Orlolans, May i. 1878. I
'rSealed proposals will be received at this De
prtmrnmnt until WEDNESD)AY. the twenty -ninth
d'ay of May. 1878. at 11 o'clock. for the purchase of
TWO TIIOUSAND HIIAIItE (morn or less) of
one hundred dollars each. in the Now Orleans
Waterworks Cornmany, payable in the floating
debt of the city, as authorized and described in .
ordinance No. 415I. A. A.. as follows:
Certilli'at.s of aurrorliation.
CrtrillaO's for ilveo-eighths tax excrss,.
Tax warrantt.
Interest coupons due prior to July 1. 1875.
i.terrist coupons Waterworks bonds.
IUnpall ordinanres for years 1,73. 1071. 1i75.
I.' isatrel jludgments.
Crimrninal. tpry and coroners' warrants.
City money, etc.
Ccrtifiuld d',bt of th e ity of Carrollton.
Bids to state the highest price for stock, not
Iess than par. Dayable in floating debt, as above
Blank forms for piroposals may be had by ap
dlying lit the ofJ'1:r of Administrator of Public
The F(ity reserver the right to reject any or all
bids. and answers will brt given the following
day at 12 m.
J. C. DENIH. Adm'r of Finance.
. . (, BROWN, Adm'r Pub. Ac'ts,
mryl. td Commissioners Consolidated Debt.
No.25 Park Row, New York,
Are authorized to oontraet for advertising 'i
our pa1er. no f

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