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The New Orleans daily Democrat. (New Orleans, La.) 1877-1880, May 24, 1878, Image 1

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r c---- ----- - - --·----------- ---- -- ~_ ------------ - - I _ _ __
IFR()M I'll 1 "1'X'IT\I: ,.
PI1NAl.,T REqO1,VIn , PON.
1 JlWemardl WIt Probable mwrrea.r- 1111
agomln n ion iRFperted on alyes' Re
turn to the :Capltal.
it,Rtianl to thre I)amnr'rit.l
WAaFIHtri'(r". Many 2. My dlinpitlrh Inst.
night wa ill-ardvisedl o far a. Ihavery In c'on
ernedl. I knrfled to -tify frotnt hpeardqru larter+,
that alhn' o Ila fu lly troRolved upron in tI!he
Pjlitr"t, Attrrrney'A off.e, aml will he midenr at
ones. TI'he name of 1,liey'.' a4el'insorCl wrunthl
liavehi lreeisent in linRt 'ITu',neal litr fr the
'reqieat nof hls friends for ofrire time. which,
WHO a eeiledl lto.
It is toiall0der~l tlhat rl,.irntrl'd ninlre will he
Pent to the' Renae ai r " arn''ee s 'r!r., allri
ePllogg thinks the nominirtirrn will he, nentrle
a.n s4ll as the Pl'.cldent returns'ltl lt I he eit y.
1 i1lty MIlel In Two Hour. and Pourteen
lAprlainl to Ithe Dmrnr'r.t.1
rT, l0r"i'f, 1l av ':1. Ih'Wrolf, the liong di.
tanitu r!ider, gaive a lifty-ile lr Ii lthe a.ii
phittheltre, at the Fair 4Irnrilnd, ihils aftler
nolonlI.P irtnllot l it~etd i dlataiwr in two
hours and fl1lourteen int1., hnvirng one ruin
lta to lsp' e. al.. Its quickrlet tnilel wrias mntlrdr in1
I ... The riding was dlonet ofn n qiiart.r miler
track. His next rdle will he onei of three l hun
dred and twenty-live tllia iii CAVnIiItAen
hours, anld will I, madel in | Loui of.ther
next week or the wurk nfter.
The Platform and the (Candldftteu.
Pi'rl-'sti'mr .l May 21. iThe conventmlon was
called tio ordfer shortly aftel r 9 i 'crhwk Ilon. I'.
It. BIiuknlew in the chair. Library 'hall was
criiwded as it tiever has ipell beforirie. Afterr a
dimarltsaton regarling t ie order of li+IiniesI
and voIting on cianddltirel.t, the lair'matin of
the cmmin tolllllllp ni i lutons made his relpor.t.
which was revel veil witll great cotlln.iiln.
T'he replort was adopn it wl hout lialnesinri.
as adopted is as follhows:
ThIe Iiemo.iIIriirv of rtl'po .rh ania uinni
imously derlar'e tlint th r' I{rliulltriin nrty'.
Its mieasures and its menr. ritl iir r'snIIa le ftr
the fiinanial ll(attewa the miseery and wanlt,
that now exists. II, hlin hadl control of the
li-glation of the ,ioiiitryi', anid ll l enactett
an.d pursuldl pn l'.n tha has epnrlihedp the
few anl Iimproveriehlwl t ll' many. Its system
it fianice has been one of favor oin , 'lenli
monopoly, of uIItllual Iaatiron, otf Pxellliol
of crasses, of highi rlate of Inte.Iet and Rt l'i
iiorseless cnlrtra'tirn, which has dIra iestroyed
every enllterprise that gave enplovynent to
i a ,r .
IaI priesent hold upon Fdireral power wan
e-t-ered ly fraudt, iperjury aInd fiIorgei'y; Its
laws ae unjust anlld its practice imnloral.
They distress the people. and destroy their
eubstance. The only remedy for tlherse eIlls
Is in anl entilre change of politie anln the ti'
throunment of those in power, anl we ri
That the fort 1herp ot rum rtlinn of t he volulme
Of IUniteld ttatns. lal tendeii r notes !i uinwise
and unnecessary.'ll The y shoul hei t'retlvei
for Ceittls duti le anIi retnriued a fast. as
received. (inl.d, (illver anil United Statem legal
tender ntotes are at par; t.hel'refore there is
a jusit bhila for a paliper eli'vIlatlnli.
A ch.se cmnntleltion of the Fedleral gorvern
meant with the hllbti.wilan i'nteresl ofl t1110 lpeo
llP throlugh national hanksa, toenle to monolpllo
ly anltd cntrall7attflni, Ibut in chliangtlng the
system, uniformilty ot notesir , sopolirit oi the
nnLehohler anil protectionl, of alpitatl inveisted
Sthould lie provided for'. Treasuilry niotes Is
sued in ixehange for bonds lhenring a low rate
of Interest is tfli heat fonrni inI wlhi'h thre
credit; of the governmenll t ca1ln Iro givein to a
iaper iurrrptincyo.
lanid ailil 'nplita havean equal demand uplon
and equal responlhillllit Ito tlihe law. !oll-n
miler'e and tiantlfaciltres shoutll libeeneoirr
a*ge'R, o thllt. stn cad ly loviyienlt and fair
wgXcA may lie ylolded to la.or. Whil nf. fet.y
of investments and m(1 iil te returns for its
use belong to capital, virolr'e oll Irrenklig of
ordler in u1 ]porift of the real or supposedl
rights of lither, slm1t1nh1 lie prompintlly siup
pirensed by t he strong iir of the li1w.
The Hllolpbllertn pail y, by its Iogla ll on in
172, whltih r'.ldul.'I the tariffT ipon ioal tifrou
$1 25. to 7; icents prer toln, anid upoin lront. at.rl'.
wooll, metals, paper, gl.es, leather, and ail
manufacture of eachi of them, 2 per lenirt
etraulk a fatal Ilow at the indulstlrl.n antir
labor of P'ienniisvIaiiIa.
Public lands are the conminiu pr'perty iof
the iieop.le, ad they aholir ill 11iti h 1 srb, to
speculators,. notrr grant-lin I -ail nroairr lrl ir'hi'
eorpioratiinsl , butiliel r heerved ari ho lieitunilt
for' actual settlers.
oiur ptublli debt should hoe lld at home. and
the bonlds topreoewntiig it. oailiht to, I of rrnill
dolnominIattiona. hI which the s'avinra of ,the
ilasses nlmay he investm'l.
Thonrlugh Invert-igaltioni Initrr thie dcntrral
frauda ol 11741 4l144ihIl lie tinaAde; t.lhr frlnli
ihiouhl bi r .xirii, lhe litutf h vin'irat.el aind
tie crimnnle punishul Id, rit Wi iplpoin aif,
attack lpir t 1 lie Irl.Pehhiilhl I it Ito an alminllttln
r lu lin f Ititintl4ti aIiintl tlln ith144 in ita ri'lnll!,.
The lepllurblhwli parlt y', 'ont rl tllhKg t fl Ielgia
Iltion iof the State, tIra rn'fnmRd ti exeuIto
mnany ofI th rlefrlor ,mf the lieorw crontitilior in;
anwmg ot.lltr hilunge it lIlan nr'glrct'rhfl inl i'to
fuised to cuiliil the, nc'.,ptinnmOIr iof all of itt
Srovlalioni liv t le crrlpolrnti.,lin oi f h liit 'latet:
-o preient noilue adiio funirwoniifilh i illis'imliI
iati.on in (h(llt'lwr for i'trinPLirtal,.ltlr 4i irf frrigKhlt,
anil pan.inllgerc . anid witlhol bitallrit iiot r
drlaw.eck toi any,, tr gIve t, lll eunlua llmiean
for t.ranllspportlng the rnw rnrat'rinl of the
Htate, in anReh mnnlr end tn, iichi prittil, il
they iaY ptefer, anll ii runllhrli . In girn.l
faith, moiitllY etiatment. .f ill cwii', tli
iionoey of thie' f~iopll wan keult.
The lepiluihul.ai partlly crea'trw new oftlipo
nind riadda errormrnranlu, pi'rquiiitr' tio othl~'rf, 44l4t
tiI thennl withith fvoiiten whirt cll. trlf ruity 19
to mianagl its prolitlial mnllac'hinirv, It. ill
iillniimtratjon orf .he Stant "vi'rnIIIent grol wA
lanl' etlxpennive wit nll llri yhc urlr lf ile, rulle.
i.gfallata lon has hccii iir el 4 ir by l elpl uili , tun
iltrlrlrlotl, who in turn iiiallniilitt anuid nill,
t-',l Ihe nominiattirni of flbi rlplilllh,'In par
ty, anid its c.nIdlnIit+tra ar'' tilh er'latiorin of a
jiunti, whtioe d.n'tenv an' n.re'ropte.l ii ilir .
e'lrsfilrlh ilandatori, tof :ihsnolfe, htrdltlllry
urea and theai' men as unworthyiw the 4tuIjplprt
of an hone I t an free peI, ple ,l. d we nvit
all of every sluul. of politienl opinion, i
ulnite it h ius in delive4ri.l the e4mm11 tn
wealth from their hateful rule.
Andy 11. Dill. .1. IT. Ilopkin, G;en. Win.
McCanhleel and (e o. A. .Jenkins wore t hen
put in nomnlination for the Iovernorship. All
wero wNontlie in able speechesll'. e''upying
pwalrd. of an hour.
At noon the lir4t lalot. was rendl, as fol
lows: Dill 92. Ilopkins .`s, McCandIAlo, 47,
.Jenkins 1;. Plal let II, Marsh 16. Monghtlan 12;
totalI, 250. *
The second ha llot 9t4od I: ill 115. Hlopkins
,. 'MPiallet 13, Monighau 1 i .onkins 1.1. M, -
4'andlms 41, Black 11: total, 2.0).
IAt this point our r.'porlt c4lo'.1.1
House Poetofflee Committee.
WAUTNOTON, May 23 .-- The House Com
mittee on Poetoflice and Postroads to-day,
cxamt'til ion,,€. A. J. Creweel and Hon.
''ht. II. 2rtati, .w'ud A/Riqatnrdt !',int.mnatr,
i'onter!a. with re'rat.ape t o 'ouirtnla Inpo''le plr'
parting to, top aIgnid 1y Pby kt. th1( moil muti
hiiirtliit(. Thi e ipgpeiei ir" p l'oiso.lia, p ntalelt,
Jdlt .1 or +idraft .r iriI' ,twoon .Janullrlry I IRtl a
F'eipuarry 27. 1i7Q arll t1," ath intil ofif the
diriftO, pibout eisttlt, i'p ioed tI MenatA i'r Iir
Arv''a irerit in the ('lti 7ton' j (at bi·nl nlntk, ,if
wllih ('rel welil 19 lIrehlelnit. l'rk iha l nif,
ltrn In Waalltplniptr lii. 0iwor thr1 it uPr yn,
andilihe' oipulntuit'e huvn' teor'r' trying ti rae'n
tIin il i, 11 wrn.4 Ihtit lignil+l thie papers hiu r
ing hlii ill;"me, but a5, fa'r av" tw|ib t ll , mil'Pa" ' ,-
Importation in lulk to Interior Ports
IWIthout Routd.
W 4tniri.l.l , NlMa 2:1. The 'l'reamaury lIpe
partmnieit Ian tltrtedl Inst ruoi Ion s, li th .tr'
vVrir of cust&lmnts at 't. Ilotipm, to na'i'pt t hie six
tnirnthl'e imnil fro t Ilhe lelitiher iugar Ileliniltig
(!omlnany for the transpo~prrtatit witlh.unt. ap
pralaremenit of auigar liotlOtl't at N'w OI
]trlie ntl dijeatlindl fo'r MRt. luia, withlnut r,'
j(Iltring a ibori in ic'h I tpllortlatlin as hr.e
tirfure. It in plro.pose ii ttro xlnll likeprlivilloge
ror t he Irnne'llnl~la t rpnnaportrt.hiuI o'f all hIlk r
nrftithlt'la Inº porte. by large t'onei.'rp oini spelt;il
anlplime t l tn i Ito lhe roasuiltry I e ,par l a ti lint
The "Offielal iaefte'" for Government
Wa4gllroi'rr,, NI ay 2'i. In Iple Ji'illo' ipalt
;light Mr. tlltller'a ill to eutipelolid fill nwmn
ilter ld.'rtlIhf ing, for f ip (ioiiv'ertrnei blI t Io'
pibll+1ato~tl of an r allclal aldvrr'rtlsr, plnaedl.
It "hall lie ,IptlhllshI' weekly. nalt to( a.nui
aletrlers free(' Iitirlugllr thle ml ll, anid J. to hI'
idiistrthuttil fireef i. ,,st to vpterpvy ptilie Illbr
1ri.t to hliIe Ilrk s f li0trrlut ucelra. thi renntmt
m "k,,of t,. 'lthe wt'k lfi lie it ip by iht,, puuit
lih pru tt 'er. Viote. l(i to 77.
The Potter Coimmltte will Prolhablyr Not
Organlize eflere miaturday.
WVArmrirNt''iu. allvy 2:1. (tllirminpi I',ter,
of the incvest iigal l lg coun nhtlil, liha' retiolvod
a th'giranti firiiii Mri' liaeok, if New Viii k,
Stating that he will nit the able tIo retor ii e
fore HRturdlay. MI. 'ottetr -nl '- it ls orrunlit
to. otl t1hat atoiiuiin t -Ill plnt plr',hlllhiy Ior'-
gttiilzei bhef.'rc i 1,hl.
Ainther Plymnnth I'hlnrh Oarlaidnl.
IlImiIiti.rTN, May '2 ti h'lt bfy giatalam ofr
fl1irkl lin apimidI mip,!r iu peitlllv tyliae who il r
side in the i riatrinut ii'ntit 'i nt lutirl,, hiii,il ,of .iii
hleights, hnva again foiitiI P salitj't- for
s'anldal ip emi.i',tion witih P I v1rniuitlllt l'hiurlh.
'Thie prlilipnillal i lii f al e tn ii' tine'', piwivir,
hnappeni Ii Iih Rev. Frntik Soltith, lhl' "uliiing
antl hantlilat'ii iltsalatlu m who Ipn ha gll' i,
PI .imtiith Ji.lthoiel in II kit· p oi'l,1.
FlIrytliith ltethiol is an !iletititn wmlhidl
was fotldlllll d ii l the Ia.cir iof I'lyii'ullthl
Chur'lh and I ilS nliportei I ilt iorerl,;gR ii,ir.
II. has a rpending i'lr , for imtchllnlihe ic ilsi l pi',ri
ehlldreI, atil iiil npiidnilav ilvine .pr'vieii aI!,'
hold in n Inrlgt rta-enll l hip t l (e c ll, tirII.i Itn
Ipulrpv. 5,hii,0l atlhilurp ltitunlier ipluit ii500
atld, afthtil gt h tiniler i tln l.Pi ' i- of iI 1''I iiiirutrlit.
Iapnla Signitr r, Is really .iuiitr oll.di !Iv thel Rlev
Frank Hinith.
Before liea Intor t( ,rook clharge o'f , he l i''t Ihol
he was cr'etrl'y of the li ol rng Mirn' I'ppJlei
tlani AmoiIlnti nli i ii'hieter. In ' impiiil'' tio
Ilr'ooklynr alollit a yar. all ia tl Jf ago nilitl
wlatir'fgarle Ieias inie if Mr. loimli'hrla ll gl '-,,gi-.
otonl after takltig lila presmint plitti.
'lIe'ti~10Jay mtortting, asamnIit Ii wi.el In vilPg I lie
I thell, M ra. Matilha Kho t'll. a younglr win tl rli
linadsonly dressed l ant d trf Irlill.ke a.pnl
ance., walkdil hulrrledly t i hiallte. Hirnitl
atarteil to liay, hilt lthe yllllng wiinalti htondl
in hls path anlt exieteidly itleipoinceil hint in
uInmeasturefl tpr'lla atll withi violen',t hi ngifiige.
and at thint pIlut an clierl, gei'ntrli lllrrlli atln
lup, nidl tiI h Mrl. SmRitlh' fa thllr, niiltd lenlghllt
l.he woman i t li .arm.ll.
Rhie tipr-ni.l and striuci nl haim po"eral luptitme
witir hetr piipbrella. '('11e tippngr.' ' li"th iliin
inlto, thle ilithel hut le eilld ?ti f iu .Pitl p' friti
(ter'. The oi, gi' uutl''iull|nl afteIpr w-Ilh, toi,(ak
thii woman r y tch apr. aunt, l tillp atiho walkled
away. lra. klt tell ia I rmr'ni li oif tthii
ltethpl liltli'e (lass.
A rejriltep air naked theip "no ier ip.ti th fe
'lalle t lf thlie lIrpiule, anti If Mlit ilinlr lid nlt
iiargid 'i wirr lt aedutIn. Hnmithi prpi fiirp'
tIt an'y nitl hing a pipt the ipatter, tiilt ahir t rl-i
tlheie erb hP d tael buttu r sne rawsr r hti r o itiinpil
ior Mr. HI4gnti . II al ddel that hl '.ir' ,ori ht ,ls
Ill vlitll alllla .nireld pRop,iple as he often i,'rlh.,
auclt at-t.aeks Imnusit: ,e xpltII'ul.
lin anslwer tio aI reporter Mri. Higinir ii ill
The hargem of this wpoman ri ha i, I 'up lhi
veatlgatedl b (y (lie ('l iriiriltit'. n l - w' is' di't
think Ihe apiilIIunt It..i l iI thing Itii'v i'
rivei! at te llln ,ellrlt thrt mit ei inns ll
renti, her ieaI p Ito yuinIug wIioma wal h (I l,fl ast
as tlil ht late. T, lhie rpriiti,''l isr 11',i t silli, wmell
to Iap. t(at limipti,
Maltllad' blrotihr "fall: "W' dutl'1 wvant to,
any anvthing alhout thtq (lilattrri lp t. Mi ..
(or ailiti iyvaelf ialt.e ,ur i tiatifpipni'int a tif. ai
toii nil('o. vii, i.i a aniiR1% i lv i it I Pnr 'lh ir.l'h
(amiln iltoo. I nItrlie, fi.y afatpl nilit in srilt big
I harv Wirllt oi ni 1 Mr. 9-1gior t5, filt us hiip t,
turn liy dfia'riruento Iputil I git tip-u" I lionpi
wtari fi e ay ii tntllilig. I lpi n on', I iii, ~,i r, ! iit
miake n lipens'' pulitulli, niil wh,1n I do I will
sip' i'l.se I hiuii,
lTie uha'agmi werp matle natoinal '-mit'i t ws'
Tl' (itpee woeks ag. inil liithe In tet it 1 tliiin wt is-'
i'uiulpui 't.'l 'i' ' plp aiere lylI. pil puihliIty wobi l
iunrliilitedilv have' luoi.nF i',',le linal idot ithe
rtnuitt. ' hrliluuglt the' n'aidil I ti hi tnrfaei.
Hmiiitih'm frp'e ii da at h (lii thi ill, ei e wi'p i o
of llap'kiiatl. sinl I.hpei i'rn llon'liil if erilon
abtile to p'ilpn lia.li ii" liiioiiele i f init- lilpro
The I nlhnubla College Crew for thie lien
ly Renatta.
New" Y'plpu. M.a" ¶41. 'ITlu mipiimri u"
('ulhniluluhi Ct pllegi. , linil.t P'Chuh, whlu, aipil fli-i
Eii'.rpl.i t.+,day (, parti ulpuupt In Itihe lIoiul,
ei'grit ta. thn (lii l amip"ia, taku' walh tihierni t.ito
heat wieli' af tIhoiipnadp pif ut' iruoi'ar. 'lihii
hplil go arpil( Ostxfril u!rir'up'ithie'r lilrl rgninu.
tIpe ftijiitiii 1,plup Ihiwnrig (lhit. Ihi iivili
ptil ii ipea c'hpapilphna if Appr e lrii iunniluugha,. iii.
ut lihi Iritillu'i Stati.1. hiil airi"ly is rp lirirpi
|,tialvo a t lie lpbipnlla ('olltge. It itiii hli
i'itii cf th.rn, hiw''ve'li, It lhri'rh are' a at rp'i',pp!
ir'i''wa (helpir philii'al training hui' en tin ''sii'l
le pt atni t.lhey tlli,' n l pii leu rli rl , lii ipin. 1) pihlI ly
hut miii lna fait hIflllfr , th1' hiii'v Ira reh i'on purulpuuriiug
fi i the g roat eotil. anii I in Itore Ia gr',!llI fur
thiii lelpid that t lit'v will a' 'quit lhliem'tulv',e ii
ii liuiuat ealt lleltacti ir'+ piuaifiuu'.r
Exerative Oillers In Con1gremm.
('rNriva'vrl. Mnly 2. At th,' Musi je alld
y}4to""rday . for, it I'ar'' att tonllllr' , MAlr.
ferry Jlotnril t, l on of Aug st. I('l
nrntL, of New York. lmad n o in
t.erlsting n iddreP s ertititltI "'l ,,cni t ivt
t)fli'ors in I'lingrt'04."' which rInc ln ttnti'I t4i.l'
that provis ln shouh i he main whrcth iy t4'
rttari.os iof the depart.lonts. (Iani'iit tofltiv'rs.
01k11I he callw1l upon by Olthr the SMnat!, or
11tti8' itf llt'¶resntativee to make trin Itati
the protr.lnt, i'tenhl|r.omlottorna.lities of t-.ii ll
tlons and writ t.n reports. Ilm(liontl' Ind
(Idrest was follottw'di by ia (lti'ttsslion, in which
(}(o. IT. P0ndlldbfhn, of Ohio, 1nnoun111l hi,
'litef [in tn l idvanlt llalt Z of tIhe pr,. , 1itl
'han go.
Libel Suult Agalnat Peter Cooper.
NEW YORK, May 23. l'.etr ('(wipr. whit,,
hlittif't and vc·nll'rabl. Rlat il th(. c'ilr·+it, Cou-rt
at Brooklyn yesterday as l.r1,fnda!nt i a. suit
for libel brought by Wallamo P. (-room tt. t'
ittr of tihe Now York ,l.rran!ilcr .Irnatl. who
lays his daIIages at .$0,tto). Thelttt cht r'164
Irow (Ntt of I r..rl(ome's e'onne(tion with the ln
ldepl.'n'leit Greenback party.
NEW ViRK, Mlay 213. -Capt. lognrtdun nr
riveil her(' ti)-(dav frtom the Wst. .and will re
main here until Thursday nfext,, whin he
leaves for the Paris Exposition in the City of
Montreal. So soon as he arrivsw in London,
he will arrange for his $2100 match, one hun
dred birds, five traps, thirty yards rise. Eng
lish ruies, with Mr, Cholmondely Pennell.
And All Thoer nRelalng to Tfrkey In Adla
tI he *ettled by n neparatf (lonven
flIn Iletwepn ERngland and l Rquln.
t lo! ( !"I . Riny' 7".0 It inr thorit.a.vl pll
ntl , |tha t. Countll'nl. IIh Z !|ni" brin1 tfrI ,
B'l'ntlrk, I', ..'lli,r,.f I. r,l,"wt~ th,, .nhj,,-f ,,f .'1
illlatriv , TOIIs po' piilitg that all iIpsttlio
IPI uI(in IIRBV1rstu Im aPrk R oe nTfiltl
avidu tii'itail ti f1ts ;i'piipoail I siropiai
IIosIIre l mleere sth llo- ilislln Treatlg h
urk!.yiIIn Ai I he Imple s Pnlnf of Aftl
.,ty The TIrlrkr Qmrolny: erlrllierc'lo~.
I,,l IH IJ .''*, n J .lt "llll Wlrll!J rit.ll Plll..fll I!
Arlc t,-dh, Tm,,' .rlca Iircif· t.Il.,r,qwll(f
fr ll1( ' | ilR hp 11.7 tllJ ! ll .I I '.ill I'L~tltf~ I I1 t r Il- '.' "
1411 It t. .d. .ltU-Irl~J lh.!, I,,cr pth,, s l ·r,. l,,i th,
sar;rsa nt ' h.l.vel i tt i I t w..h r. s lht 1il, red '. !
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Esumonred Neerret A nPlo-Risualan Tren fy
('onstanssinnple fhe Point of Ansdl
t ly The Tuhk, 6rnwins l ImpreIous,I.
I,lI'[IirJI ., , fhsl n I While al tlhl li f asllfjtla l
n wss.w t in-c ay i. c rllc4 ,t ;a 'l"i ,, tI l'rli 1l' r,,,
hi the Iinad rseatit if fth' ieoia~ettitn liiali hIgh
!.t.f that llllltl ll . If Ita fln t t a ln tadt1vly,
at wi'i l ~insii asl It ia'ai 'ii n Iiiiling
Atilhti 'i l k. tl i r lHl t i .isn ltak , w.,ll iar
Iiirkey ?
It hi ala iso n iitsao l t tint 1 ilpo isiiia l'aiji'it
lag li Mii? Rot anit tir en s'vvtiii's' Ihii flt"na'id
tiiila intatiliig. untI It. In tiiiig lt. I fat ('iiiit
Mtchiijnliitls vialt Io PiinIs w II's' ilaisai wias
tiiti i'hs' liim Iii naaavif ti thea. preitylnalii'
wllhi lii a a il Itsa's kept .spn'it ti r hiii mil .
Iac ruot Ia viisit irlghtiti's siiil Iii gsa
s'sssss'nt s'Iiilos' It Iai'Ialsaiin i thnt I,s'ss 14ls51'
hit va iplornnssiay him p el'i t lii wany fi a
gieist IEsgliash t sriiuphs.
ITis psslil iif aniiestv ut. jsiiai'st Ia I 'iiitsi.n
pris ri.ntisg tis stat Isni li-' heas tli' lii it~it li
ut jisskiy hn 1 i'ai giuwling fo 'assiiie tinv
ietIi' iia 'esa. Iin iglIssi sit Itno iuiraa tms l s
(rnIt Ia tanisil iti nut srosk will iiir fo
this 'Ilawlisha wIll tiusnim uchaniitt si it
TIIE Rl'il i t iR lnL' (IIY l 0.I'04E
Tie Turkq Strrnlgttrlnlng Tprir Ilneqs ni
ItefcnneP antE girlotlng Uis RP
I~lrr rnI I #rI lnIiai !( Hr.
Unsoolftv, ,MayI <t. Tht- m,!.ai,|ttn!.lnl o9
i.s tlri- thatt lthl. womlll! il I t Unrecini
tff rts willlit' flP r l, ,lt l ! t' i n thItL ' ivei
Mntple tenlar-y4 hIlqtlmmi I rir. l flue. Eiusup~l~lnnl
4oniadqthme I1 euration E'onowreonqq n
filtii i i c n tiiA i l utu i. Tlh pats. . sallllt inll. t
liiif ttitiitiiitii it iiiiti,'iiii !li ill'.i"i'hi ii ti t? Ih'l
Inatirren'tly ion Ahl h ler!. Freqh ala jretufi-,
lalellt!. at f ,i.|tlil g g !o llllglrinl
aiI-i ii ihtu.t. n.i. I li al i ! i ptlu in 9 i i u Iii
Rimalun Rennrmuiu at": En erousm.r
w ith ii'. !l. t 2.l nl t uj 1 uifia t f nti. iiiti
liiilfiv' -'i.viing o e o t z liii'o gt ii t n t lintkw ,o
~-1I1 (Il~i'IF. n~il.A ND
The lIIure T l!ur( Imm .ent hIlo 'nert Intav,
troli I II Iiioiirirti t.hi u <)Iu hiioiri ifl Ir h ri i H.uit
tlh!r . II-l ' t i h 1hlin n aw m thol ,l thl11n!
t iil ti1i hif !-llh . !li' Iiv l h t It ' ittii Sthi.' lini i
whifii, Iho I Ibt ii-h. VlpI rl!tt.-A'il l I f I he g lt
tioi wil t lulu thin I m Itlllt u f ,ftiii ,i" t, Il hittut
th-'y llli ht i iii v tiu - on- ,th if lit'h, oughl
thitV 'tr t, i iw t elr thllti ao r ..a.thl, Illa ,i
thith nhi itv t! r !i t ftt ir ' i ,f itint h r
tihiaI'P ann I'. ing-, l Ity ,Itit iit I ilrit!' , . 1 I n-
Thnrte ,'i an tini ywa t nw nil enf
IIilltra Ing ithitinlrri h anti nCtsin i n-il
wit! ltrip. In pl win. i iititrl i ' ulit tttt.lti ' t~~iip it f iftl,
hwpilutl u hit .laei flit'. thuaIv.' All tlirt tr
thei.l lrtbtere wa tt h lr n• ame i'uihllniIg mm it
tirn tin wli'never r I (l t tir itr!'. d.hia l ha n il
Ilnlose n fil| A . 'r e 'Tlm r' Vielnnll lntr!
and t-,l iilt h tit(. h i mer thh.ki thnl thita nltr
whic werel genirottly a iat it di~ni. 'rhi "ad
l singe. wlore r.ovnllhhn ine. lr•ai eit
andMis n otlnon.
Atpptme ncstarn EtheianstJ aftr fletniaing
thenational anthe of "Gol igievonnttenteUn
oiflWall e, I r eliv quit anrtl o vtilll on. hllllni'r
nonlltl! otaonly develdr ate.p ! Iongreasi- e
Ic our i Malytvl 2 lr vltr i ) i LrllnE . G In
wai !,o di wonll upon by adcll iil. cil Lon ci , ,r of
hlit irlotiefttl , nwi l i I -n pre ly t, aL whiP ll,
rtilment, e',ldo .. i Ilro n l nl frl t olP ur Iit Inplt.h
c Iffllolr l Iri lho Iwo til r0iLn lornri nlnm.
it f!1 11.(r1e w lrl ni1, la . a'i.,! l+, ioor !ful.
fllllrrl(llol j-(in hlA nWlr~i Incronltl t nll alilnrnl
Lovoov. Mayrc~~r c2!rrlr A iptch f runl·, rrflnr
winninople (, nyw Wthel hfold~ Iherr tht the
Instlcu rrectiRnR Aga:InstVlj:~ (lsamlanearemi'hn
iUlnNlncl , Miv TI 2 N Thint, h u rr' , ti InI tIn
ZllP lita aglnltilll.the Hlin inLtI is pl' nd ig Iit
Is n lrlne! h i th, i ill woo 1,i! ll .! nmlt I,,J t.fo
ilanisi IIr" ull ar ian' a. T" ool l·,~l l rop t ll n! tl ing
at.n 7!larrillc· wl'flt linl-t 1 tlh. R[L.l stianuil
Alr;ti nllll Hafountf llll
Ruulaon., ·. , R linlflori.ieln a nt Eir,]ronlilll.
hLov ou Mn. y .vo, i ll spai h , flllrll| l. TIlol - Ill#.l
Aintathecnlstha thn Ruhand altr DInfonK
thae roatonlva reinformie of "fl flrra thu 'rnon.~
i'ilr fWele" i 'nvgi,7ng thlle an oiioni a f h
Illlniore't Eilorly lnmenage Ie orert lit Ill.;
tira will ta1. n pro'mliinllnt. ;ll!l di.!tirgi shil~
Expoi|toll vo th.,lilirtn y thonwarfiilll. peotl |'rls
y'.!tliny a~fternoon,7, n~ttrat.!f l byt15 he gl'lll,.
miilitairy$ .tim! l oirll hni!d onerll''t, thlli had(
th,..i arrlaniit,, in Mr. lilllrno . a ihonor. T|he,!.
lhrlv=t houli, sindi v..,l~idt, oin t~h,' rail f4 +t h+
Glilmi~lore 0 comipaniiy furlnol..l a gro-uiip of .iltb
dood.! co(lorl, almollft furrll'l'Oll tl, nlo it waI., |byt
othli.r harls, Iin tli. hrillianlt ral' I arla t. anrl
.lalrk tblii. unliforimli of r yi+il ar'lilhery, thie
Hook.dx lusill.i iar O rni. tht, Hlrs, Guaird-d. al.l
ltih, Royal E'ng~inll'r't. Fulllthlr tback ill thl.
vaIrt7 f4elli-!'ire!l! Wai. phoi,(od tht' +horlul.
TJh'. (conl(,rt, oieI1,l with a% malr('h, aiftJer
wtii.h O)liver WendldI Holmmln,' tiymnl o.f
ttnes' wasfl. solng by) 3ll00( Voicom,. Gilmorel' hiav
ing t~henl mountli lb th !l+ ' !ros lrum to l+'wl hii
thandl, re'!olved an exceflintgly" Walrm nwll oni
twl'. rangt with hiurrahs awil ,hotlsito<f wil
iourlnl. In res.twmn.o txl thi. ap~plaulso thie handl(
plilyed "(iG.l Save ltih, Qull.,." ' ll thiroughl
the 'concert the+r+, was ttie. .ime -/nthusia,.ti.
,and enrI(orrJa e't(., of. Americanll natlionarili a~ir
w-hich wer.; genrou.sly apptda.ledl. Thie l,,ad
ing singers were Mr. L~loyd, Mim+,, latt~enit
andI Miss Lillian Norton.
At the conclusion the ihand, after playing
".he Dationlal anthem Of "Gold idlessthe; Prince;
of Wales," reoeived qulte an ovation. The
concer't ce"tainly developed great expressive
goR.il [irillr"g for Arnt'rica. Arrnl.ttgtmrul4t will
Ilrobtt.hly ti Itntll fir Mr. ( lmoltrr , by whhih
hi will i vi' it 'isc'lt' . ftwl tnriw ll r,i rtsl. e In
i ,lttrn ftromi I lt tl'ut, l iii e hlbin , Irlp f.rt ile
"," A flr'tlift
Thefnvernment and the Parliament The
foriall1t RIll- Increased Ta latlon.
rl.Trlv.h . Maiy 2 r,:1. It. ir eI vw.l ttnd t If !h
elia'hl.llut rllj,'pt I thf iovnrrnnr, it hill hour th.hl,
trt ~v it.ltot l Ii f n l M iI. ll t l xtIk l,.,t . hft , ilt i, ,l
itin of 'rtrli.trtt Illt will lihltly tnkt phl,4 . cu rly
in the n tlltlllr' .
'Thl' ' RIov'.rltl nt will .l. prAt tnt , hill It
iln'Ir(.n tIl' ff onl t fl"(0'to., whir'l 1h It, x
ip ul will ht' rAljhvit"l, iftllr whhui thii' ugrv
lirit ent will IIsuln. ippn to theelec t .
The .nomlervatnlen .iaredr. and thitle .
Plalltin IInppy, Over fhe Prospect of a
Seneral Reipfltni
l,oiNoi,', M arfy l. A rlilpnttl , frtm,, lfittli
any. li oint e tht ig t likle co't,lrrintinit prfv.ilt4
in' ('~ orl~f ithti lu llel tm ht ,r' , l i t ftle 8p 1 ' f a
Ln.rn(.lll ul , l ntlr,. 'lThe gov.r-nt rrl t, It It ,s aid,
shoelu tile, wianinrg by, lan th fof Mr. intdr
stonlie, who aRpl'n i .I t, thl + con1try whlin, him
hum itnejoiTritt hie hAk, nwl fAur') ahimthif
vrc tld out t of oIfile'. ThI i, MS,'inllftR ,nrtl oth-r
<l.. +h,+l p lh,. tiff trh aq.Itf olh .htoi w11h
lI+, rrt, l ti riuiirtiiu rt ((tin Au iti . ,litl v.
Ith piiosiitt i of ' gung , lniltuui i tt I' nt.t
unit 4 l4 ,11 th their I, Irmtr-1 will 'low sin
1 I I tltnn K ii? t
I'r A 1,,11,
Propo.ed Internarlltonl t.thil/iinn.
' ii , it , y 7,'i ' The uitihin t .' nil rltt
Ii . 1441.
P.tllical Welnin of the Prompeidl taliani
, -' Iit v ' , allflly '1I i II , l, t iu iti, l fi pat i t l rii t
fa r g I h i l tl ! . dinf t 1 , ,f I l" p n ; ", 1 rh U t to
~ry l fin 1 hln n!No . o lnt l A nn uingr it I
th fight ht, rlsirnhi tlIto nm rpl r mannmrr i fil msi'
pl latr lis,.'onthn, , dikor, populir hlougflht
ft ln hibthl .omt I rl,, l rnn rl i,, . ) .p,,tio , of
Ihn ov'rnmellnt fr till, r' r ftl t if wostlir
The Relalan I(overnent anlnnd the anadall
FItitIerie l ommissllon A 'Comnplinl 1,.
IIt'.:. ,l M, 11 "'il, Ihil.ig rn g',v-trn
wiant i, h tu t ,rwt d It A oIRRmpl in t II thA
R,' trlrt y of Hltis of Ito, Iln/ , ni tl lhf to, thn
of I b i ,op t c"hs, Iilg t i .r tio n it ,! , aI ll, w alsli
athent of Mr. ImIfnI,, its Mi+ igfor at t Wn bishn,.
toor lIi" in e o nnw1in fishwyrv i''lur 11114
s inr,. i wi hNn 1in' I' ,I ., ll: i wr ong light. 'lI bell
Anti! a tu ov',rv Snlr nt filtslla wk to orrnkn
lt1,1liol, by i 'v '++ ldld<n publienlhi n of rII t!hi
, r ,·;r · i l lingl , u i.,l n I III. ,, in n frinl er
thI, '-sit thing ! f lhet ,.,r . 1 r mni mint
R11lnelss Trouhleas A Brlifsh War Chip
of" the Panific.
If'tr+r.ai lond'nl N thrtlon l A'+noulator1 I'o,, '
4', t I , ,M n.y If 'I Ir "l- n, ,thingz of Ire
portn,,m , tip rlpor t frti n (',t,t 'i A runs i.
l -ine t a f it of dlriil.t-lll In (Ionfo.| rfit .
,n om s<spendin 1 ilt inlhium 's hluw hl , fil
o, nr,, l.o 'l hA I'1 r,<ip nin nil, l tllronio,. it
Inrua' t nlorln ,hoir g, bisinome In lite, ninrmf.+,
opt.trnt inns, wit h , lmi + of ? ?..0ul,0 , nt<.+l 11 Ilrgr,
Inlmllll ll"r o p ,Ipl 111 thrown ut111 l, orf nmplr oy+
"ht I, ln'it l Rtfnthn ,t'up of 'v r Adorns
nilet on th,' trnth in-111111 f'r 1f1 RMu'iit
i ,lwhlt l it IIitan 'ir M snj,+t , h',- i shlp Mh',h
fi Sthin F otn, i4 1 hi, ln ,k nfl,,r t:n ,, l;nr l'ti8,-8
t+,.r. it -,oof war
C'harae. Ienied.
I',it ', ,lay , Ti r fllo,-,i-gs fl '',i! hl ,
,one -.,nt frlit h, I'. rls in l m ,-, irt lha, No+w
Fink ll, pu'ttofhhnntlh!,r of the, Illt/+ 1 "1
",o, i[' thIf W naslhi.gtrrl flia nt.,le.., 4rint e' , ii
,tin Now Fork Hllmrdfl ilt,. t ajfr r'wivedl hie't"
thail rt,;r/u hn, e'i !h , , , ln In i+ ,ll inst thl ,
ofli, Ao n(" 00=111 (Iolnoral nt thi. .apilft l. | ro'f''.
n , earr initi r, of ('ong o ..
"'l'h+ +,r l","nce uinhrl whl.h lth .re abotr-!
urn homefl, Is toI ,l'"ly Flv.iv I r uiW + I ,ull e'
Ih{montion to th Shtut, floportmrnnt ',f tfh,
nft-"l out't ll,1 In n"" r'laimn" ,t Inbw ;+1i1
1.11 orn. 1 u ,old n l of grolum lmt+ for 11l",'
'om plhait. g'ums, rI' pl.+, l.r+Ily,
"Ai T, A 'T'+mltr r
t('',,nill stonmo,aln t,.ui.
Thle Runlanqs in New York The Ilimbrla.
Nrw ',rP,, Mny 7:. Mr. ,'hikhkni. fh!
It l siln Mi i utr, irt i t utkun ! fi tltlaf t
ift u l t t 'ir |ittii ' htit, it (ItII+ I r, l iii it fll ii It"
thil ( Inge.,ril,, I1oo,, whlrn h" ''sn r"endtlv
ionif r wlth 'tni t ul I !i - itiiif nl ii th ptrt.y
,rriet+.hki n rl rvrnl oth r iA lltr p' Wld.
m inu .! r 11-l-. 'lh , pi r:.ty If isf r',rn. , il
Iit, viirg Srl n d i ai i t i i rl dt llJh F . 1 of thti' r
tin,'' it the f 'Inrrn'.rs
It Itvi lli thnt r"r rlll I. t4r lid l r 1i, r "'tm l
ft Wrriu by 'r'ie of ttfiy (lhit litt ri ( 'lit ' iltt Itr
t In . c iuIont ,, tintiLi hl i. 1111 .t,, ttnow n t ot
Pf Maine, would srn le vN hn r pran n.
tntry tgtrrn n rtithitiom trotf tilthy etrai., Iow
htlr wt. ld f jtlt hw r inll It it y lis I ori two.
A nuller Drlllled.
Nvw t ar g. Mnv 2,. Intoy A iA H-ftn iiri f i llt -
liii s, via 1 f An t rangiri , In inn s tigi ,. TIiri k Itt,
The Mln.rnu English Da IIr. rrenr'.ly Itr
two iirlnri whrt litn ituilltting tt 'oil l of hli utr.
wTliIt wil nrv igritail t y aut lit tk Its II i lariniri
fin4 ' itut ttilr. Ir t will t rTnr br e that.
'I( tlt r NTni, r~Cnty 2rly 'hllnig tlad T'lri, kttIa for
t l ti'htt rpT i.l.hl of t h., worlI, rtifc l th
o,|llpn! " a~llowan .' wa t.o 1rr rl.l awl .lh Ii.
Pinning illt Rl rned- No Inslurance.
1 it ttInrtultA, Mayk bet t i arni thi mrorn
Ing tlh+ planing mill krnown a. f rrwin', a Ia hr'".
t try fran. tr tur on Unity tr t., n
Fr IllicInkfort, wa ntirely Detroyed. by ire
IlA oltS tin1t. No inVa rany 2i. 'Ihi"t Uneitnt,
('hnt . te'v,.tif on, Ohl i nrlde r' n r',wthr, l"h' irl
tintllr, nd Phi in thillin llting, af lflratyd .n
loF'' alt.g''t~hi'r lboiut, $1)II.
renian Drlling.t i
N rV. K Yorlr, May ?1. A rcomrpnyyof fI'oninns
hillic hi'n orllnmrl~ wl iw n itroyerN, aN. .,nd al-i
l.,in.g thoroughly drill+d b.y it mnrnber (of th,
national gunrd'I. T hf, Tm Ir bhI ru Frr. r 1 +i0 , s uet l
r t, talk u- on t subj+,t, +o t.hir futur,
The Minneapoll. DIsa.ter- Coroner'. Ver
dirt - Nobody to Blame.
N i , ,v,, n T . , M a y 2 .1. - T h e c rm ,e r ' j u ,r y
r'tul'n, it verdi. h that rtilt re t. nt Iki + t.'r
n+.'irrrrel from , n sirl .x:plomin of ell dH.,t.,
whiht whIsky iptnited, with tw .rk frlvem rst,ne
uhninty or rpty. hvitsn we r.hw into one.di
A Fatal Excursion.
Ernprs, of india, with a party of ,ight,,en
Dilig,,t Search is bieing rndle, bhelow for the
Illlcit Ditlillerles Destroyed.
TIAI'uII.Nma 'Rni. Va., May 23. T]'h fnit'nd
Stat.s revfnull offl+.,rs on Friday mad,' anr
ft+nsiv, raid upon parties earryirg. on illi'it
distilling in the: mountains of I loyd a.nd !
Franklin cofuntiee, Southwest Virginia. Six
illicit distilleris.+ were detroyed, and 200 gal
lons whisky captured, with twelve prisoners.
Thirty or forty shots were fired into one-di
vl/,i h (n of tlt rr~vr'rne l jUS"Hn r Hume train Htriiek.
(I'w(4 hfrroit wttto " wi lmf av d , 'Chon i'"i4'illd 7 in
tIhto VII'';' o h t tln Rlitltnr ot fittnH 44 fliRtIl antd
t114 ror'n
Teutertly'. Temperature.
'I'hln Aignrtl RcPrvlr·n t; lIarrnlph1e rnptcrrfa from
iitler povints, ft.trvl at. 3:43 if. nri., givo tth trnt -
pteralur'e 14.4 rldl(IWu
('!nlrv R4" (Ufoe~ouirtl 77, IJlavonport H(1i, Pit
lnmvjuo 448, dailvo toi 91, Ii'Iauintln H,' Ktv'kuk
'44, Lanrv'Iitoa 7?, Ij~avt'nwtirth 4a, fjolonvlllo
91, M(?t rip q H 7 Nashviltln HH Naw( rlrRlun Hr,,
OrnRIIR it; I-'tttRhtg 7t, Hilrclvvrrrt H7 Rti
[A( )III HR, +t.. Paul 79, Vlekfhurq H7P., Yanrlflllt
C7, Avgu'4trA 1t;, (oi'tir'anaIR 'f, ,Roy Wrot lt,
Moblia 12, MIoftllc.irory! 4, Fa vanruah '4:1.
At the (:tilt Port..
'i'jtr+ nt)Innrllnld tntln nplc)wt Pitt r a~ttn o~f tjlp
wind n'rl volotwity titt fhi erln ol rat 11 gul jnrti
as '4l"W1ii try iia I W4444l 4rvin' vt loegraw 'i r(t4Airl
at '4: VI to. tn. yfluilorday VoinrIitl
Ml lot
)frl'rotti"(,' Wiotd. poer hintr.
0,tjvnatrin n firc, Ittvlarl. ff-,nth~lntta. Q
t(Jui4Iaoan tP''I- ' :I't I . H-lit.hnnttt I1
(;rrrurlana Far, 11 11'P,,. F··rriith. 10
Koy '4%it 'i' iii filling. sR4,4(l In
((iitrit h '.r r, FnOIf'.. . s o'iorp f i',
Calage of the River..
I(niyl t.nlorraprh-'' ri'ori t or fhtn s(ho e ot
W'44'-r lo tv4rlrn 4lrr4. jia. witllh fi-ang'a iti the
?t 11/111114 eniding yI4tl't'4l49y ait 3 1 rn.
Altripov ow
Ftntifl4t0. (ItIvIrPn.
It-f.. 1n 'A 'A
(Ifrnti;''r, . I' tl II
44 I i
ai' t' rr- 'rlA -* 44 (
Atirgn'ttn F. ", 44
Lrt,'rllhgn .u to f
tNt'rtdon wrt It r, A r,
Nitvlivll'u, i4
'~"w t'p i tlanar4 't II i,
Omnahatl ' i
91,hi'449"p'r4 n ) ;,) .4
St. tnll Ig ! r 1 i~ f
El1. I'a'll I 1 oi
Vlr, 2'1 r¢ "r, a fn
VI'·k'~tirg '4' N r r
vankt'4 1). Tjy. o Ii 44
1ri4'lw 1119h Witiu'r tiatrk if 11141. 11444 Fil vdoif
Ioeal Ohbervatlonu.
4(l',rro'-i1toaily liy 1,, Frlgori-., No. rtl (ihartrns
'I'tnrtatlav, Nlav 2 '4 it,.in 2 p. rut. f; p. m.'
'I' hifv'rtii4ttiobr 7't' 47 4',
W 1i4hl 'i' ''Ii
I':cvallflvK wli'l'( S'J i4 ( nd 44(441 tW4 I.
THE WOR/:AN Ros r'E TO T1YA4e.
An Order *Jranted Veaterday by .Uudye
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I'i44'i' 414114'4l p4o44444 .1Il11i' 1'44.mpt4 1'l (1o (''44
hot0( will4 what 4444tii(144144 fil 14'i44ght. k(444w
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unit4 Pnli'n'ii (94i0;4(4ty. ('44(444 (441v(444t4(l sa(id(
(14441. the' Wt4444' ((4141 r W4444l'i (4, labr htoforo
thtti"n iv.rlrltrat'4t"4, nosh4 W44l4bl (444 try tt.lorr
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wt's4tfu flit" (1444. th( ntl1,4f.t4 44' o t14o nr4144rtt
(4l('4 w4444ll hr"' all'-fl
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in4flit,(4,f4 ' 4r7 (1' the i'4.4a(4 (:44444444( V( 4r yltg
firi lt'ahvn trn ('44( i" ((' (44nn4rly 14"V44t4Iu Vi 44(4(
('Iy i44 44(4(11 (144'4('ni4 t(4 r444 I1, in.g.fu(444(/4
4 fitl4 f tn ((4ir44 ll fi r(444(4. 1,44I fh4(n r41igti f.or
c4'4(444(' WO (l rr4' 4144', ''44, b444 rt14'' 14'rt..V the
frn ti' fo the liL! tgu r rr , tl Ir appointr iI r tdr' r+
nrtritrnturiG Ito ti- tit' v nlut' of the pr Ilrrrt.y wt'
Fu'r'l (to "'~ 441'444('14 I;' (' nrthil ('4.t44i'4 a4(44 (41
bry fh' ''hat', 4 '' 1414 will 4444''4 t.4(444. It at
4t'('fl4444(4 4t r" nir'' fi~'4 I by t.4us av ('( rti (i-iN
(t14orn4' will flh ((4t. 444444
_okt''4 I. '4 ( 44' 44 (4'ii r ((444 t((4 4(44 y 1444y44144
M444(444 (ity
Wt,/4 (c'4"'(4 (1,4.144' 444(1r ('4444(4444. for' a 74u11
(r'''4'1t if '114 (ii .rl'' (444441'' fry .144414444 441111(44(4
t'i,( ((40 ifli4(4',4/i 44(4444 "o.(44(
qCowtrtli~t4,i TO RP4 6:RtIRUIID.
The Pennmylvanin isitate Trvvnpa Ready
for Any Frnergenry.
N. Y4. 'i'ons.l
1,1 4 (A (444,0(44/, May l'4 _ '('in jrnr4444444. (44(44
4n,,44.1 took. '1(44' i~''hur 44944.44(4 447'rl 1.44 (-P44(4]
iP 1444d4t' 144'." '04 rnnV44i 44 44r44 (4 to av,' 1 hoir
r((44( wi'll i(4 lniol, ':44 (.hat,( ((4 44(4444 o 4 .'t141(itl'0
''sil they ma440y 144' 41.444(4,14441w 14r"4pt~l .- ''is
I'orir EA I. MKit; 'A , A. rn. Wrather Plear,
rrli andrl warm.
Arrivnd lTrtti',h ship H'iritrr. Mltk:h"li master.
P;. days from tlavr,, In hailast,. to A. K. Miller A.
HManish hark t"arlrtn .ampnrn mrastr, 4.
lays from Havana. in ballaat t, '.ilg, Crorral &
Amnr'rlran br'ig arri', firthn Hlall rnmastr. '
'jaýy from Matausir.a, with nugar. to Agar A"
8Uilcdl: iHhor,,nr ".arrenrt R. Day.
Horr'nwrs.r 'AsR, May S,, p. rm. nro.rntr
2'. 0. Wirndl ar,,thtagat., vry lig ht. W.arhar
Jlear and warm.
No arrivals or 'Iepart lrea.
. May rqute'n was r,. rntl y 't,,fr ,by bahllr,t
its a T''exas vil lage. Now I.,ouist,ri has a sirm
i!ar r',rvtrst, in the: elirtion of a qtueen ,of
lnit,y for a f".tival. 'Twerlvre norlinations
are publishEvl in the Ioru.str, T,,raI/rm., with
an appeal tr, their admirr.rs to vot.e Parly and
roft'rn, at- tsrn renrtt a ballrt. ThI rormney is to,
go to, a chharity. Young marn are a,;ti el:ly .an
vai-ing the city, and as the b.a, llotA.tx i-s rot
to 'ot ropnrl until the rountinrig of rthe vrits,
t hre, i8 an 'x"itiing uniesrtainty.
Billy P:angs is a Phil:svllphian who rrll.rtn
btrl ills. lie wernr a very high hat with the
I"ge.nd "Irtul fills o,,lle~rted" paint'vl ,'porn it
in letters of uonsidr.rahle silz,. The "d.btor
rlass"' naturally otijt, to .se him hang
aroundr their doolrs, and he. has little diffimulty
in making his eolletiorins. One indignant
debtor reoently had hirn arre:ted, but Billy
was auqritted, the jeudlge ruling that he might
wear a hat with a town r:li:k in it if he saw it.
The Czar suffe.rs from lnv'-terate mr.lan
rholy, the G(rand Duke Ni(holaa from liver
diseare, and (Gort'chakoff has the gout. it is
evident that Russia s1 not ready yet to have
her supply of drugs cut off by tihe bJockAC,
* '011OD AT Or .
Pa4,u',.h and Itq 1ndnqtrlen Polit4,o, O,4
Wq~tqrn KrntiIkv -The Tide O1
'rIºade Lottery qI reIInrN.
Iflpo'.'al C tl~r!A1p44.144,' -f .4r444'r t..a
l'PA444'44 4 K V , M44v 14. 4174
l',,iui',4 144' 4rn 1Rm All ifip w v ti1' l,(r.#I'
M¶''le.aInirit 1,.hor44 ar4 4i444i'4l4k4g44o 'ngr', of
rrnpll (,vll,ntari. Plantingis Ir R,rr· ftlg rn~lr· ln
'1'l I7't s rV am wall kop!fn fin u'lr phi ' .4.1
r' pirni' 74444r4 444'w Iy Inlk! 4444i! 4 ho ti''in
7n4'Nhly 1444104041. No long,'r ar"' I 1l 4,1 rcIrlo
4trlinro'.4 4 aiw'l4'o. with gI441¶14 o47 kIlo r-'prof.
anr Izv '1iti'4141 44404444.44
ha vo144 ho,, lh('. 44444 4'4'4l.' 1444444~ilf~ 447~t~r II '' #
Triprr or.or.
PIn v'trrclr wi the nurr n n ll 'n ~i lrn Purr,, of ti m il
''440.4l, arill ihn 1 11444 g r.'7o ,i' to woi k ''4t14o4
than444 4,ri w444'-44. A tll.agnho r,I 4!Pun work '. rf'.
guttu4ral loin W. g4oing4 tif. F4444 I 414Ij44( 1444
444444 ilfot, ovr'ri Vw?,r 4., '1't1 'n 4tatto of il 44444"
41.4w rim, 1'4'rt4144 I '4"i'. p4.1vi p ,,Io , If
i4t4. 14 .tr44441'4i4444 arol '1'4.44444.4 inn 44 41" 4 (''I
rl rig t44 '
'1144' Ii'4(414414 14n441t fairpr,'r'4 1"'li..vor' 11,,h
lalior. 444 will ru hrl lrrm It work fall h7.ll . 444.
144 II.'' t 4444 tr l ligri 1411144444,' (.7 1" f4.11 ( 4444wR.
f ht' p444il.I4'4h .l 4v4'ntrulI hro I."14'i44441t, to l"'nir
441''' yt1.444 'll, og, t.1444r! ('4444 i(g''4441414I 1144f P:()
'pur441r 4'luto 1l44'44 hi'Vro4 4 nlol r''"t"v.44 14" T'lh
141111y of '.444(1 n. rat444n to p.'Illi'' P I n444..1l444..
With t! , 1'rl 414'4'114444 o7 44444' Ilagrt'' it, 11i
t.ut.l,, II1'' -t ignr 47r Nlk'r,rror 1444w 4'4l44444'd #1
111.044 4r ic r 44'tr.g4 144444 'l4'4 4.1."44 Iir,4. 444i.
g444444 F444 r4'4444't14l 44441a pr'1"4'rtIl, n44411 lit'
'.41144, n41.4k, 4.4444wy 44441441 l''4r4'' ant . 'l'14. n 1.ri
.'rl, 444044 I11 r4'? 4rn14r , ' '444444' 4o7 hi 74,!4444
444r'44'1t14'44. No, 44,4444 44,' 14444 r tr( 144l '4 h44J,
14144 r1414144 444.' a 7r4444, 44', 444'i4'k1" 11444414(14.444 4 n
Fir pr ylrpl a r tiui' c~wnrk l 4n grly I a rll ( o1 rnti
1441' 14o t144'lr pl)4'4n,.'rul 4' l''o'"r-.isc 4.4lo ,l
TrH E. '4414 (4rl 44 n A '44. 4 Ant, 4444444444,r'A t144414 I''.
I44 144 4''4('4,'nt"I1 4.4414'r a4444 44444144 744.41 14444'.
Now 4u'. al 441 444' 14a1i1 4 n,4 414.4441 Vlly t 444114
Pal.nrk 7ron N.'w (1414.44444 144/r, 441444 [" ' 4 4444
cllcII in un nri tr, fih an rri ovoythig iniii lit rlr, pirl
1rl 't"I1' 4 4444ti 41 4'¶4' Ytrl g1.14rn444 'l 44 A444.J4'o
gIl'!'. aul rig nwl lt.ly 4?. 11.4' m14tt' o7 tI 1' Y-fly'
441(4 4444r rut 4444r, 34444 4'44j44'' 44 p 44444' 444 "1 f'4 v
Ihf 14 i n 44.4 4.1i144r14.114 r44 Ilirl4,I'.'n
Yo4r'444 4444 Ii atffm 11444444( for ipnr arid"4. 44 it i4.
444444v4'44 that, two goer, It 44414 I 41444 IF.- 44?, 444.
444444 N"¶w4 !r~l"¶4'a4 wIth?. In '4,j lir' 4 r qfo lo4
fll'1 .. lt4h, fowl gr4441i 7444114 1144444444.0 t4v4'lo
144 ar444g1 ,th, 4444414.14(44.414( 1144m4. Vo4.t wh,.' v'oi
44441i Fitt 4414444414114 Ii, lo ('44k740.4 .o ¶444 '44'r 1144
"114714. (4 44444447,4 '47 l." I ""'114l.4 11444444, 44(44
lanks ¶4(444 '4444? 44. 1,44,1444 4'4v''41'4 wifi (b 41'n44
444''w whi, 11' 4144444441, 44444 g44 4aning4 withI 44414 ig
phi41'k4'44 tnr,'orl,'.lr '4t44k 44444114.11 1144' 444p44
Ir'a ''r4",l.' 11444444 tha4t tai" Iir''!. 44444 5744441441
1444141144'4. 114. ['0.411444, 1.1t,4 gunialI h4o44, 1.4 iii
41441y hI' gip4 t144, huti, 1,h44 14444vit 1.4 ar( 74., YW 444
I'4y upj 4'l144'r744lly, 1.444444444' ,o'4l gat 1.h44 w'.4l
v.7 ¶44.44 444444443. 17 y4144 '4144,441' "1"'4l'l th.c
44 ig lit. 441, Cl. 144 h144.44.1rho /4o4t will got t hol,
('l,'r44rin t I 4'444144 1(4 IlgIt, 1,V4'4 to, 1.041 'fill
144 4(ot a4 t~wo In."?, ('44,14114 11414444 anrie w1404
4'V444 341414 a'44 t1,o 44144rk 1f 44n4y 1444,4'! 4141t V(444
(a'444111, 34.4 may43 44ust, ri444444r44l that. you aril
likely ''14., uc 1.4414444 744' or' yon444 g444 44., 44w.) 4'.
Purn 4444441(44t.04. It. inm'4 (44,1 4141/ 4g'ga.rdiv
141o?, Il. iq tr' ..l an t4r44 11,41,4 444. 1.14 144 '444i1 fr.
y4114r 4(4(114 with1 lw,w4 14(4144.4 1,f Iim44'4144 r444411
for'. y4444 ,it 44 nay,3 y444r4 j.44/'4' 4y44n and t to. 1.04l.
34o44 'na44 art'? It, lown1 144 44 44''.41 44414a '444Z'4y'
144441440 4444441444'1414, #.4j41. f;Il.44444.4,, wh44.
wrilth h 1 b144 '.lii0 44n44 (1i1'.P4 4144,4441. '7 14!n
I 444114. 44on44 'n vary3 1,444144.4,1' f444( w'.rk, In
4f 4rIn,"a . 114 1,14 44)i104 rar 4444g 1,"!n fait wp'4 1144
~w.. 44441444 a'u'r.444l4 4414,44 '4i": 44441444 4444 14444
#"('44, 11444 '.4(444 47 444 m 44yn4.4 ,444110,41 4444 , whl4'1
I~u tic o lW, 114(44 4444414 4o~'"'( t 44.1 .j '11t(.4 rate
w4444 444444444113 (Ai 4:14s,44 7.ir '414 44411444 that4 t 144
rin w440(4 444141114 O1w.444 1,4' 44nin 4'"44 i r't gon
"rally worm. 11441 #1444 i4 44ll o''44, lf'IW, ºtu144444
11444 4 .grn. 447 fruit 1,444 ¶44"r, .
('.v(.ry144dy 441444144 1.144 4444,'i4 44 fur lkilr 441,444
ilt lioft41' lir4144441. n(. t,#4n f'444 4r'4444 4oor in44 1 4. t
144?..1 44? ,7t'
rth('rr' iR n(, a. di-;seating vaen; if i rI ti l.'Ni
t. he a, mrist rigitslusri dei"P ifri I h( rprogrim
iv' ra rirl pra'ti.'rl mint of your rit- 1 iu;i no,w
e ttheir way rlor rly t, ,ro. l ity r , i r r'
rrnwsw wvr.ithF. New ((lhi,r, flhais, lef s ,
on the gnaunt it, Initwer n '.orruipt lInalirai
rule and the old togyisr of her (iti'n-e.
'Thnold ica, of waitin lg for thie r, sriltsof, hter
ntural risoaCUries and hlir jtiia~tiont had
,rrrought, the wolrofrf poverty nrl do.,ay t
your very .doior. It, rid Inot, pan out well
ain Dr. i'rtault, arnd his i'o(,n.il of .even.'
rannot, say ,hat, It duir. i hir flings at the
Suprrne (cuntrt will retoundl arid "iruirn
Pranig" thirnivre e, tffr'trually. 'The high
piurse.iI virtue of (thief Iiicsttice 1tannirig aond
iirlgn, Marr will prort.,t. these ein.ent gen
tielrnn from asrault,. of this kind.
This ldeelion has noh doubt timu0 ilteh the
riwnirs ;if Moirgaan's Texas IoMad. anrid fir auin
other year shal have prasse you alan take
the lrrnnsetc route to Han A rnt'ni, or the reout'
to Kanaq. and Colorrado via Sihrovorprt an.d
Ialila.s. It was ga gIrl ti, nig that Louisiana
and Now Orleans htelpe-l therselave'r, and did
rnot, hiav an rutsidrer to stip in anrid Ihilid the
ri.l.s and thin run thunr in the int ernst of
ot her itlies. St. I.Rnis boasts of furnishing
the irainrs to 'rfnffive anri ronstruet the njet
ties; and MArnmphla.. yes, Mriemphrir, wantii tr,
tenrdr another ret of r''r.fril r matter to buil
the Iarataria (Anal Hi inree Monrmphis reeently
expl.oded an ie-house she rmright, ~iosit,ly
have dug this canal deep enough for a ioiiis[
aria alligator to floatr . it ifs now v'ident
that ,o'iiianians are tlepTndjng upon thenrm
el vis, Ari dro not rlink to oitlihr large over-r
grown ,itiei to spend thi"ir rooney on Niw
PA ff Air
is really one of the su'iiurb oif New (rieanis,
anrd her pjsople mranifest, the kinr'liest feelings
torwards in A vast amount of flour is shipped
from there to our marktrkt, tohar is t.rrieri
that way for shiprnrnit "over the ,eas," and
almost every farrilly here hha rlativea in
New Orlearns. Marry of the eharrning btells
of I'adir'ah s5pfind ltheir winterr in the (riw
cent City, arid are as rufi :h admired there a,
at their horn;e.
'Padiieah has many natiflal alvantages of
situationn, and is reaching out, for the trade onr
the 'Ioenneee river up it Flornter, Ala. Thi.
traule was turrmd to' I;varrsville, Inrd.. ldring
the war, but in(e, finanlial. erhrtarrassm.n.it
has dealt so hardly with her, Paudurah, wit t
her solid mnerchants, hfs stepped in and is
getting a large portion of the trad.r. I saw
t,-day, on the sidewalks, quitea largeamrnount
oif rmerchandise for shilprriet to If ighland ans
Florence, Ala, This flourihing city ought to
mornopoirihz the 'mrnrrere of the' T'ennease
river up to I)ecatur, teausie freighJts to this
place are very reasonaule fromi cery dn;
l'.lueah has two daily new.faprera: ..~
eral wholesale house in gr.o'rie w. drry g'.ods,
hoots and shoes. Her uro-rhianirts are solid
and gilt-edged. The Catihole and Episcopal
churches are hansorne and cormio.ious

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