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.- Mere Inventllatlon of EleeIlon Frarlds
The lmpoPIsll)lllty of Revolution or
DlIlurbanEeM of Any HKind.
W\ As JNOTON, Miay27. (hlark on N 1'ol.tr,
in l1 lrng '.tter I ' IA" I Now York f'rirnd, c'xlait tl';4
.110 ocT"It of his resolltionll. I r~;ayi;:
"WAHIIINGTON, Maly A1, I4714.
.;ll7y !),',r sir-i have youir letter of lihe
twent.y-1litl. I agree with you in wishilr
(ongr,41 would 4 ljo1urrn. I am (Iue of Ilhose
who think the world is goverTdiibl 14(1 ullllIIh.
I houild be MaIl 1 4.s.1ee power of (',Olgre4'e
over matte1it t f ll riva.t, a11id 141 1i l lOgi1e la
thon entirely Out. off. And Sinhle much of the
public legisintlon prolpl.. disfturb.. iuine, .
,hll l nd tluu.tryi I have thought it
might he wellt if Congress, unlessl i' iVInelil
by the11 Presli.lentl, et. lutl, lvery oithlE yiear,
AM is the I h wit(i tl' l egil la.tIurx 1i II iHO
olf theilnth't I propos0dI pill )inu.lnnento
the 14'm l,tIut.1,ll rovivbigtn fllor i'.,rnial 41u -
I811o S of ('l0 gr'II .ll , billt It lis not, b1111 ' Iitl ' .li,' VI111
with any a.,ir. )ther setioni; of the min
tr'y to not hHl µtii we 1o about li h14;, 1rid, wantJJl,
tHroney 1or sobllly, or other Iegihn llin~ll.
' V1'>; ask ime
W.L'lY Miu. T'i 'ligW Ns WAN, 'i (,V1,Ili' l. l Wi ?l
Trilt, howlingll was by 1the iiw.1.lli.JIri4. 'To iln
t4'lpti, Ithe pndingl order1 of bulli.l.1m by It
1m otion I or a st1al4 t nnl i rllt t e 'lil t,) I l JuIl)s I
c(ulonlent, ad ovlery It1eilber hit theI abi llu t
ri ghtl tI object .i 1the intrr141) ptin This oh
jetion is expro. sed gby thel'l wI rIII I, ' III 1j L,' or
IL i.ltana I fIor 'thI regularle orderi.' KornAllt n
One prt It' will prevnt tln' inti.lrri uptItn;
14lo ' ti s l Lhe 44.lst III H, prevetdll It, is gII rl WI
and thlln the ciry of l'rogular order'l will he
f'omn many persons,. It µo hipp nl that,
the''. was aI velry general tnwli llingneis
hnarl Mr. Stopheun. 1il had Sug-geSt,.l ilust
we Should receive and adopt I he idalo anwmi
mnt,. It w14 reportl th111at1 ,11 h1114 givenol the
Repub( llicansa list of 1twenlty-two( lIIameI whIIo
"wopih follow illm in lanpy mlotlOc of lils prlo
vent investigation. Abiout this hI was gross
ly mlgtaketl, and this nundo our side ivpcital
ly unwillng to hl4tar him. But you will ob
servo that when I rose to make a propositilon
to MrI. Halo, and the Republican outcory pro
vsnitd)md mIly ilgheard, it wlas anolrl(lnot by
the press that 'Mr. Potter's inquiry wals i
terrtiptal,' while MAr.. Ltephens' was head
lined as the venelrable ,stat'tniann howlel
.Mown by Potter's i1(1o.'
"Y'('u ask 111ie why We wouhlr not 4 e1I
was nllrot geormanel . An Inquiry into fra'hhIs aIc
otmpl hol, and which changed the electoral
voteA, lI proper to prevent their repotition
but an inquiry into more attempts at, fraud
which rsuitfdl In nothing s8 notI.I. l(catus'
we urtlorstoxod It contained re'citals to which
We could not assent, and which would have
lrn'cd us to vote against our own r541slut)lon.
2. Because we offIt'ed Mr. Hale every oppor
tunity to have his amoniment andoptixl as a
eparatF resolutioln. That it was not so of
fre4. l'lhowe It was really not deiltred. . lie,
c(ans4 , Its inliorpIoratlon lnto the r1esolution
might have had the' effe t of preventing any I
report upon the r.soIlutlon. As it is tlohe ln
mitt{o will have plrobatbly buitonte ooiportulnity
to report in this ('Oilngrel', 41and .ll1 athis li
1, enit ld(, if added to the r4" )1111tio, hle made
to 1prevent the reporlt at. that thie, andl thust4
depriveo us of an opportunity tc rport it, all.
'Just as we gotl rotily to Ireiolt we should t4l,
liable to be,' st opped tot r ta k) further tstilnolny
in some of the added States brought, forward
or lthe viery purpost of proeventing i report.
"You suggest that to raise a queitioh
about the 414t irlsiIdential electoill will
bring on a distur ,lline oIr revolu(tion. Not
at all. Auni lthilt it µ µil- yours'elf in al10141'.
'There is not 1 lii' µihgllAst chani.wof a 1 ,rov1
lutiol hor dhiistllhl tltn. When thell whole coun
try was at lever heat on the subj4c't lof the
ehx1tlIol a way w£as found to establishlI a
tribunal to ptass upon the eI'etJion, and
oOery one sfl4111)1 ttI' t11O hatm d(etellrllation.
The President's tit1 rests upon that. If
Inow it should a ,)pear that Ithere was
fraud whiclh pallnibly affectl the elle'tolral
votl, andl which the commlissiion did
not notice, and if a legal remedy exists for
correcting the error, you cannot bhlhlev4 that
such a proecolllng under the law (ct41uld hat. to
disturbance, if there be no such u legal remely
existing and Congresh shouldi here
aLter fly appiroval of thei l'President
or 'by t wo-th1irds of bothil ho1ses with
out that al|)lprr)val provlid one, why
slhould legal determination thereafter hlad,
any more liproduce disturbance than the' do(,l
slon of the ll;cltoral C(omnmission (idh It is
exactly because this is not Mexico, 111and ihe
calse the Ipeop)le pref1 r determining quellS
tions by legal methods, and if hlgal methods
have not lhei 1irovidled, to invent legal metlh
4x4s of det'riilhning theem and IW submnit to the
determniuatihn thug arrived at- that, this
country cannotl . t Mexionaized.
"About tilhe enuInell ration ofill 'l('ctAl'rl votes
there dhtid be no question. Eight (1i eight
only c.u111t (1 ot lliLted litlas s1.tlen. Neither
(Ioulid there) i iquestilon that tLhe conIh4xIl
v'ote of every 'State Should be c)untied. To
Irefuse Vt tLt would tIe revolutionalry. But
when there werel two hona1.)fid' returnsl froml
at State, eachi cktinid to ie its vote,, it was a
nlecessity to 4de0lht be(,twel'n these. returns hie
fo.re eIth..r retrnil c.l.. d 14.Iie 1'ouiltl(1. Tliis I
tlrmllialiorl couil only ily n1iu1114 by the Vihe
.President. who oillld lhe rl'tllulrs, 41l iy the
ilCongross hi whslio po ul'e1C1' they well' o()l.'lil.
go vtrV n m1' llollt.,, fri' rl th1 l ('i'(('de0ll ,5 , a ud f lo mln
the o.ihi)1s so muyll) ,stato,.Ulli11i 1 had (x
pr'esed. thlait tlhi4 glrave lpower, ill)uiIn which
the last lh'ition dhil, 1i11(1 il1i01l which any ,
inh etion mlighit dh'tInid, ouhl ollar 4.1 vhut(,.ed
!,.tw ,) t ;:=. +,n a T, thi++ l.,w r racitd iu (.l-n
, no'. s141v t1fbefore' a ('ehte ('oldll ho iaili()
i'tvll','li Eillii(ting r :le tn ; 'iliso, whtll
evei th I two hiut-is it of Congress coult not
Iarl'e l i thir ihoi.ce of a returI!n one holll.
preferring onie., inid i the other thi other noIi
ohoies coullt hi ha1.' andIt the tiote of that Sltat
woult be lost. Not, beenau1.i ono hot,-(' hald
ani gr'.' t'i i rigit ir i poW1'Ierl th1 the ot(fllLer';
not wela .e lither, ,r ( I' th ht use., tlgetlh.lr,
ihad the ii righti to rojct arbitrari oily, or to Iefui
t o )l','110n an)l ' ll l '0iniln elec tora'l ve(to, hiut, only
l, t.11 1 i , u tI' hou lrl. JIt conflili(ct ll rI.
tUli -his fr , l it . ,l iiv, oa ith h Ii l ntiiio, reprth a nti
Its l41toi t l h '. , i-ut wtaI ll at ng h ity ti o i hoo .e-i
that1wen the retIIih beforIie e i1thii 41tl of their
, ltato -ll-- he i ou. t(1 . 'lie the V(il, ,i ieS f\liw lit,
la1t olie .l.tlhed. Fort till ' ilt o' iitrti ll iornil4
,ion to dlili) the i ii putrd vi oi wire erhitiih
the w, v t h' le ' t ti o t. , i.w I1(-7, tll r thi liit wiln
-ttir had i ') aiti it tll niiCo iitted thilce ifselvte4
to thi4 1 iew% ill previous di14 u1414ion4s, that wo
ought to ls ta i. o i l 1 tii llt\ tl, that ground; i ii , declare
thatil i lo hi i 'l- ide h act, ion of t (o'riliii a,
woulhl a', pt whk li evel'rt lite ( ltgn, flound
(to le ol. ,'htd,ntlel that it tl h twohious w. houilr d
tail to agree asto which of thelli return- from-i
ally Stte f hie l ii h thiere wora olgt tiere we i'
dult'at' I eturn4 houbld be r-'iived whterieby
the veol of tho State wa r los-t, and no ell.'etiol
Iy uthe ehl toi I t iiiithould h rhuls bult, we would
thent abide and t iahintain the iito tioire of tihe
lhiou..,, of Rlep r ' -entativca,, the body atu1thor
iuial by the oniti Riiion to irtct the 'freidentl
wholr tterNo i no helection hir the lh i ltorial
(o llIge. ilntald of doing this we drifted
a.long until at hlastt lt t go tlictanl, jowing
all the while to the line. hlad got u where wo
Wl'O. Muio'ey to aatept'tt
f1tE IlI 'I'l)RAL ll It, lIN.
aving nhe it''Iuli I, (of courao p'e wto
io lltl d lo : -tl tlli ho its retulti; but wo ought
at least to be aillnwtd to 'sIOW --if uth h t'ai ti
tho fat lhtlt the retir. n iupon which the
tm. ni ssiol pa,--4.1| were prolt unl4.i by fraud.
"I admiit that
'1i11, 1'IIE lt)EN ' i, \ 01 11(11O1,1TH A (lY'IVI. WVAI,
wett I hevte n-t i.,lithd I here wai any dangrt
af Fuhh i wi'ar. 'Th, gelirativ)l wht) ('hargeds i
IlI) the b)eihht- of Fn".eri( kIt and detlndh d the
wtorkt ' of P 'et r,' - ! rg , 1111 i not g o lig htly i ht ,,
another e il t-haggle. Wo must get teasl'
further on r.,6,,r, that will happl n. I .ro
mlle lbt "r ftTer the erl ;ion, em lalrhing i
(on. McDowell, that a great mine
iicht bo kxphh(led by f Fpa;irk, to
w huch he on1-w1'Tere ; 'Y'es, if the traim .e
nilauni. abl],. huit this timne the powder is
wet., 11e wa,' right. There never was dan
ge e a civil war, Thu wholo thing was, as ,L
think, a gigantli game, in whieh we held the
cards, and the Itepubliceauns blufTld us. YeIars
hence. when It is r m.emiberl)d that we n el.vl
only one.lsetoral votei, and that ytlur lid
c1ld not go on without every one of the ro
inailn 1g 4+venAlen ; that we htll i:Sl,)0l poplu
lar majority; that Iou1r m jolriLti were II iaround
the 'apitilil; yours in New EnIglandll, Norlth
w1%4t,, andl the IP'acific ('oat41; that tile moral
t.5nflnI of the (El llntiry was4 that our ialnii waLs
tc/dl aid youtrs- not; thiat, voit had nothing
oill' your Hide but the 'icontrol of an army, (of
whlc'l: 10,0I(1) men 'ludi Int, 11t got t"og'tte.'r,
1ite prlvatAw illy ill .ynlllpny with u%,
and crInl andll d lay "ollifucom ,(duc',,td
,to Imll1(4rrat Irnlld tlrlh' Hlt I l Iih r Lm tI ofIll
Lthe civil over th11. ' I ill ill y .il llt ho.rlity; oill' ers,
who, exe(iilting the llnders (rIltnt, (l1rilnar
It l hunl ianllcl , 4r )li01, l lh ,li vi, linever lhave
IIi g'll n;i4rally uIsedI ,I r i4 ll t' IIhe det.ill' ltlon
1of the loIsi 1(of Jteprit tll ll t vfs if Hl tild
ill tiII 1ll' , II, I t.Il, I l 'ti, ,nttllJliy I11 111 witlil
tlhi , w ill S lp l) ,ar c ,rtaithly, w heneviwr thi ' s. _
i II'I.alt ll; land thti lt you wr' e ladle nl downll
wil the H itre oftllhI. IL ttl)if 'redit tih1' I]s ll r
1otlk tll which llwoiuld have array',i l 1 atlilnlIilt
youl l till th4 nll-eyid nl)titutlons in 1,h1) I(l4n
tryl that unadertche onditiiis, I Hany, hyoil!Ir
n.lelerP. turllrl1vl, ailr ll r tillI Il'l to.ll rly
through, th ( pt ul, 1l of ..if )I w+ . .vllv,.,nt ni
v1I41, will f h regardedtill nko e It fln o thit`
g ll ilRtl1t l plt. lalll plrforl tn ',. f i lit'1 y.
" I tl iniit IhI s imllC i o.f lthe, Iie alu lican
hlag dovn; ha)ingt link 1 downli wherilth I law
w l onlr, our side, lth l whten we' oIgfht to
have icryo up, it i not fill t now to11
halvlt.t. 'nl YOUl i i-i{k is tll!iO 11 i I IIIl- lf tue
stand lltip nga long ais the law lr'atlinil aglfaln.
u ,; Ih l, you will Ink whethe1r, if there It, 04
tldanger. t I r e ill lli o 11141r f r' li ill I ll pI
,llnlitry thrl, tllIrIy not ll4 from aictIn Ib
lllong Rll4 Nil. Noy lorl)'llhallnl from ithle l
pelni1tI, of tihe ull t wril'y, lI, d 1t.'rl Inot, anllteliptli
n their will. Sholh frauld 'llln)ectl4! with e-I'('
tfa, you and all ll hl nrbl eI' IA 1 gll.h ll 13'i1.4
in dnlSouncing it, Congr ( (gh m lhL th-n ntc;
hut., if Ho, what 1'onkgre|' mightdlo being I he
I'V)-IIIll. ofl the' IcL tn. of el lll of I Ill ' parties, of
tll' g'rent bhly of lt he ple.pl, not of it, lparty
woull (lr1 , infI'lT+'ct,u [ letly, c+rtaliulyandwith
I do not in'eall that I exipii t the inv1.tigta
thion t4 te follow i' by I'ithl'r legal or l('cn
tgr'Il'ual ationll. Whllat, if anythilg', shouilld
Ite done beL.( u- oI r i'I yllll lr, I -ust dI' ll',i(nd
uponlth tl reulti of tihe iquiry; Ibut dol
mean that whatAv"r action, if any, should
follow theo Ilt'vitiatin, such action call n ') l
neitheir dl turlb order nor the Iprosprillty of
the (Aluntry. Thii) cry of wolf when there is
1no wolf; this effor1 t toil make It apl( rlthai'I II
therela it anger to pleo ollerO l from this
Invlestigation is a Irepublican pretense likeh]
the 'blo(wly short' julstflationl( of cLarpet
bag governmenllt; like the pnblie danger
exeun-, so US to enforce Dursll's infam
ous order, and the )protction Iof t'he
Returning ]odal by bayonet;; like
the cry sot up after the eletion to pll'
vent any agitation and Ito s(cure Hubimisnlio)n.
Whati, then you ask, is the purIlrmeo of the
Ilnvtigatilon? I answerlswlr Ill H',rtahl' facts,
io that if frauds he i tttablli-h1) It re )etitlion of
Hunh frauds imly he |rnventelI. 1lll1 if not, to
'ialr upl the generalllil bellllf throughout the
linuntry that, tlhere were 14suhl frllauds. 'rlhel
foling amt1on1( g many eltepubllih'ans afterh tlihe
election was thait while w hlul en ,clh)'atvl1
Il the returns, WO had bulldozetd the I l'r.io)'4
as bally, so) thatthe atli m.('iitst of wrongs werell
equal. Tlis o belief in the bulldolng of theil
negro WalS batldl mainly upon the ,irtnethat,
Iln c'rtLain distrlict4 In the Louth whthh
usually gave the lipublilan nalj(or ieis,
there wasl not retllne-l thatl year il sin
gle Itlutblican votlte. Now the penaple
oIf the North lhave nevel'r unl4nl yital that, lthis
conldition of thinliH way firauullintly plIrepared
by the Republicinn. TThey ught to iindter
stand thalt i n, r tt vr w Llll anything so ldanlll
glrous to frtee government as i. returnnlllllh
board to throw out the votes of one 4l141,, slnt
keep in the votes of the other w.itlt .cause;
to invenLLt a pretext for isuch wrongI to a
cept after contrived prots . n.. lid iluni)fac
turedl obj)xlt,ion as color for their acion t44 i
i rm it Ilg u it-e to be a lt l'tred , returi. , i to 1 )4
4frga4, fraudl to be p)erfectAt and gt'n)'rally
ivery means by which the will 1,f I he pllopll
may l' frust'rated anl the popular 'oic( Sti
II, then I.oni ms possibhle and there nuay
he Ihisu ai 1 n diti, n o ' things a lsoluteli y d ,
structive olf fr'ee governmrn)it., 1V' Wbeliev)' that
it was by such pr(.ot'clings wit were cheated
out of th!'e election, anl unlens the procetlings
he OXl )(uwl the outrage will he rn'lepteld.
Whatever may result fromn the proposed in
ve)tigatiolnl you mnaly be sure nothing .ln re
sult that will disturl your stocks or teal
anoi';. The tirouble to (1, 4ital, plr.opertvy and to
fr''liom will (Anne, not pllrhnis hi your 1,imi11)
or miy time, but co(ie at last from refunsin.g to
inquire into frauls. To cionfrnt the evil, if
voli miLy ) not right, it, is toI prevent its repti
Lion. 'T o shut your eyes to it sHlpin)'ly, is to
jilopardize and not to preserve th f'iit.lure
peace, afety and prosperity (1f the country-."
"We mVli4t hla)V IL vW'ry sorry' sort of i, a op
ular government if Congr(ss cannot evln in
qlhof Ie into l frauds in the choice of the ),xee)l
tive without, endan.iling g the Ill'a+'' and prol
pirity of the country.
What then. vwyu ask. i14
TI TEI answer: 'nr (asertain the fa'cts., o4 ttol ii'
frarlta be s(t-abisI (-hed it rIeo'( t itlull o1 f suc'h
frauds may be ,r'ev ent', and, it' not. clear
up the geer'ai I ('li. thlroughout ttre' 'ountry
that there were such fralH. It is tre thlat
no(t e1.(ery al 'gatlornr ofV wrung is h to l in
jnir'ed into by (orngre-.s, but, when a large
{aulnon, it' not. a large. maj rity, of tta people
Ireh tiIt t .h 1 the sat presldirtial eh'eItior wiH
-i(4CUr)'el b3' ( ('r(izi'(hl tra , -sr rel ' an it ojo ily
to (IH4'ertdr~iul the talct,44 ougtrt to( tb( ha(l l.
I1he feehirig a(a(orgH mrirrlrix tl i4'bl(((1(lrlflH
a ftArIta' (±411 leton was, that,, wthile (ye thal 100'4'11
(((h(ate'( iii the4 r'1r(I'rr4-, wve hair( lu(ll-do0'(" heI
wr-or4I '((('l h III]' atroir ('(pu~lr'l.1(5t'li(' f In'StL~
n e g r or1 s a s b a d l y , s o t a t t h e a c c o n t -, of w r u g w e r e a b o u e q u a l . T I 1 b e l i e f i
'('4s baw'ed minarly upon4r thte tact, that. in (('U
gave it'e(pl lii air rnajorli r ' 1 ,1(.,ti'. thr ar no. re
litlnerrr(t that ye'ar' s( irigle l'lphldliearr vot+'.
NIw, the Leoiple (( ti North hav( ra-er' on
(t'd l rHO td tItat tins 'on(ition of things was
fraudl'eIrtl13 y (r('llt I(r Iair' Iyt lt4'pl(rInli'alr.
o~u t rg \t rst, ((rrl·h4'r44t(ri(1 1.10(1., al ']i t(C)((r \, I ·
th t,, '3 (h(((girt t4( undrrrl4randrr tht4(
I thre n 'never' was anrivi hing H) (tar(ng'r
((Ira to tree, g(v('r'n'llrlr(llt as a hie
Sturnring ](oar t. A (14± 'guI (40 (of p4(r-on((
t""irat('151. 1(44c l((r()4 (H115 ti ('344.~ : ('('41'1.1.14
I~(t1,j((((S o irrli'' t(4(i~j~f' 1 (((((44(4(4 ((I' (44'f
yr :snictrvl wit h discretit llo r tarv power to 1 ec~t 1,4,
11u v ( ('(.('II ca t (('((4e thus t((4 (((3 y I~ld
thatt, elect.. So longrc is, they rlft ht·riis t riric
,loll',. thet n ,w uc ur c and indigna tion of tll,
people will preven t, tiIht! from any flagrantp
(((((1 en4I (i ((rariig(. 11e pubIIc 14ss w'ill
('('(H4-jllt(t' H;o(O'( \4'4Ju-" for s((IC'4'( 1g t1(4
(44104(4 f tir.' people;~ s((44((e l(4(((tatio((14( upont '
(((41rag'it y d" 11(43 t(1(4 14411)' P lar' wish. 114(a
l-'d'raI l ((4(i( (r(((1.'(--' th(4 14('4t('4(H4 of re
H('rv((g (or(1er(, su(rr'4(rInn the4(4 (-ith 141441
1 iat'.l, 4(4.et, Wi44l( the'y4ceIs them.e ]'ts(r
need''(, l.licnrr li' ((4 1(ima(, 1.44 ((H therer Is is
l1440g(r' (1(4cl- polo, their ((14054'M. J4( thro4w
o(ut tire v'401~ 4'44 4(' 51(1'' ((((4 keip inr nh'' v 414
14 'r (1 relorr'- t.) 1(ie f,,rg4', fraud,' to4 b)4 J44'(
1(4 1. it an((( gener(4ally ever '('4,' ((4((4 t'WhichI
1i(4' wViIlo (t 11(' peop44J 14' y r((jv (' fru4strated'
arr( 11(4 popula41r v44(144 still('d, th((f lS'4u'4(0's'
possible,1a' thrert 11a(4' b()3'i thusr a) ('(udi'
l(4on of1 thin4(g4 absolutH l (14113 st('Ht()4'1' 4 f
tr one4', 4 rnyro)('t. W(' 1(41(4)0 th(t it wa's' ('4
tt4( e14 ction. Mul(es.-, 1,14 p4r'o(''~irng4 te ('X -
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Art Answer In Pnller's Lelter A Personal
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had t1,i 'nifderrRl anl theo opinion I eiltrtvbinnj
o)' the edffoTe, of the prccx ietinge then goIng on
iI. he I ltou4), urpon the I),emocriath Irpartfy ra
wemii tes on the cioIntriv. I lookieel eer n thiern
,J4 ue) wile' and untimely ,nd fraught with mriH
chi1f. It liearly areppeare tromlr thºele r0ite':
tht, ,l, ' not, i faver of te iloti tmotion to lilfeict
thIe ivet1 . fig.t.til of fraIud of any kindc. I wae
only ag ain, i. i'1r onc--eiclued lIvet tJiJl.gatli I WILH
11ho, Ita. I hae VI' t)iee1 1i4IIIe' thee prli' l'nIit a11 on11e
tiit, Wi 011H t, itiut.ioirally 1i4I'ItI4e , agalinst alny
th'lhi, lit or ifi th1i p','lInt Iciuunherit, tf the 'x
,ultiveC ehi.ir. "'I'' l Dotioiril y of
I e'il;: lr1)ll, IN 1 W IIllI I tvW A-, 1'c A It11-);
woIC 1ilii).ii I iji 1tieA! p rincipleoif law aWiil iririi
11111 l ll tll lliling Icy ,tl, Ii.llw I Cli tiit,li, l ulioll
ally ex"4piline1111.. 'lhii w4l'i the CttI,4 oif thingC
whtenl 14 iti I' llyV alI ,ila Cl l i' tIl Iw l iii),' oeinl
hi lr'41'1y, i te el h ent 11 h11 ..t l it 1, it..11 I ti)11 rot
h1.'l)l from Mr. I'ntthr. I 1l)4)1 no.,',,onulth,,
Iiirc liv o. inireivlc, with Jif'y RIpuhliimn in
the' II iiue o." Ilil. (f th1 e IIiuJc;e'. I iIti v ii e
app'al to Mr. lo tolr ,, witlhdrllw hi: c'all rot
I11le' I hvi, uI I. t io.r , ti o allow Ii l hriiii 4
1inri l, Inl'. M y oj|'I't wv1 , to K4"1 hint to,
wit thrillew I htrall for thnt prel'vi iioi . ctiC.n;l,,
or f h', if 01 w Ild n01t, ti appl'al Ih tlii llth lo-e,
it the paitr'iJt r o i botth ,tid ., I +,ti v.ot flown
Ih , iprivie + Ii i 1,t ion t i l il tllet ,1 1l. hI Il,. ur
al ,y It'R puhlih-1l t 1to offer jult 4;111)h 1,mII1.011
1iC1-,'14 for l.h+ nlarg,'meni, of the invii',iCil
Mr. I'ttr dieuliiiii to witlhuiraw thii 1CiII or
iillow mli thie tii1'i' linutlelt . He1, 4,iail1 it wa1,
from no diCr.CrhlespCtIi lto I', hut I hat hi Ii+LldC
11<01 Ili it, aI++ hb' Wasi+ htilg uldi'lr i14,1 Ir1f't ion;s.
Wh«,ihc1ri MrI. l',lthr hiel CoImllni',iLCit tie
.1h1s14 . i; it + purport, of lly r ynot,', b1l h ul
he le,, rrm in11 lI t.halt, I -hould l ,otC h het rll I
tIpoiN' hulbj'ct, I ldo not know; buti I ',,r
ainily hitl n igot sgie- itil h thutCoite Ih+a, Ih,
i'runrIIt I C I i i tCCC hing C11i tlha-l te
Ii' )il Ie-u W ll ti or iCIC l itioCl.C I I tt., lie IC ,
onii:, fio inv,'i t.tiliati i Mi that miitht he o CffiIIC
from l. ny iiiliu-1il.
. Mi r. ',it f1.r i. lit ''n lifo l l hi.. leaItke ..
11 t1iuhke or whilt 1)1'hee IiCII CCC ht rICCIC 1'i CC
1 i) k , t , l C CCill, itfin1 t. M .i+ Ih ,, Il if ,o0I, it
11111)1 thf` .,."Irlml hclay upon whif"1h I a..ke'l hi
.ili r .e i Ith r rII uiC,. In hhe fiC, ri lnr iint:takni;
i1 lr, 1 l Cop , Citi l t4 l M l t 114!, wt r. W iI01 t.hihe ti1
ill v ' 'riei.V ald h1id 1li (o1n00i.oi whit'vel
,wii h t l lh i ,.1, 'ding ' ,l il w li,'ch I wiL.s )11'lii1'! it
. M r. I',tt 4'1". 1 r ul., for r1ff ninig M r.
I i],1'41 1lnm 'ni, l'ntl. ILppe'l' to hb' f-ilgulhl" awI l
i1)1't. ll lt' bl+'. II,' 44111/4 it, wias bovllurt ' It.
1w1( 4 i , )lot r r0'l . W ily it, wIas; not, 14r'm' an1l',
I 'lll t .,it , all I ll, rl-ud , it, woulJ Hse m to,1
m1 , 11 I-')
111" A ") 1 [ (H
Thiv ir4 ill tfhi Ban.iinf' tla4lx of irifi; fihlirqng
ito t.lfit A ' m if.ifmily 'al diilfi'r on ily tin "hLrl
t ir ii/d **ii grl" . If i. fru iul lnt, f ,tf ,frl tr I
i utii ' i "Ilridi . wI. grxii'i to llxi fra bh
M i'. ut tlljlll, I tlli|tli' ii ti ''i, -, i'' IIII) rIifif-lh
lhi i ' I ri. t l n i. wli.ii .ll i lll all , w h y n otI , i l t )ll I ' .
ifrIu Ul nt 'ount in iiWi N, or lns oh , r,
1i. r. I'otti r j 1fi,'it ht) 1 fbi'., in r f 1i-u-in
H.,l's 1 il, n t,h 1,)1 h 4t- id: "\Ii~'i un
d14'ritI l1 it, fonti, . dm'1i r. iiI.v i.to whi- h wi
4n 111 11u I iit, aitrl which wouliid hiit vi otrc, r Id n
to v-f it lig ii' ji' it, ou' r oi.iwn rIl l Illiont." 'I hi
'"-41ff[ to NIf liin to fi fir, n fnie f i i mti'"1i 1 ' ,
1 1 h fir I ma IiIli''. i in l il) wif n M rI' ; . Ii I1n"l, ti'
tii'r th, lilt iiitn'nt, whii ' r r, i ..it' a it
Mir'IIt, haI v huiii , iby fli tf Iilinni, ci',milnittfild )ihl
,111 ' i I , I 'h l truth 'If 'h'l l ' ,)i ,,l -) ti '- , ,111 i o ld
Il,1 o' dy t illl)i w, d hitsm ito mtik' I )i ,ir t f ,In tih ii-f lLi'.
1 IMr. 1'otiitr ' i ,iII thaiit t ihi' I.1 i''t w.a-,
not, :[iI11 i- not te
,,lf ill,' i Mfl r. IIt yi 'I . If I.., w h'l did i i t,111
ii '\' fitn i11 allIIw M r. (f ,i Y 1.i [.', liMfiff
in 11' t,,1 -111, il 1 hi, h hb ,di-,fu,- tl .y!tait l,' , n ith
thl' u, ), lt ' " luitti l i"tlljl 'f thi, , ii 'Lil 'i h llithe.
luij, tit w aii 11 )11 't, d .t Ii l 1 1 l' li i 1ll ' ,fi' thl flilt -
,-l! ,"'l,,' tii '", w hi,'h hfi d hl',n 4-.o, c., -.tit11
t.'iul II y - f-- t e Ih e II.t ' Ili[4-4 But'.
h il't i 1 ll il-l-f to)i I i it ''ii'l I lifi- )l-'.-"l l liti
1,) t0 a 1 .1 I Iok upon III 1 1 1 whll'. 0lt' thi, pro
h . ill l, I4 , Ift' - 1 8il- tl it ', i f ,ll . l ii tI l lg, l I tii'
fit, 1,i1l"", l'si l l4 firn- t ''unw11-t t I f '-f'1- l rt 1111'.
ni ll 111 -t ' f ll i - 'I v il ..i I1It 11 I. sill fu t~ '
Ih, t.. r h f t1 , '' tii ' f liliil n -" a lilt liii' f I llIh,
-Ifnti'r . Ni -itlhl-r Mf ir. I'lit r, l nor ni''l ii lv
Il,, ci li flu) , vf t itl ii11l I l ay tol hiiM . li li-,
r, l,,.I Iull5', thlat nolthiig :hosr, of tninl °
-i f ll , 'i'l' ral Iii lti i r ' lon1t , ;l o all iflri
of ih,, haw a Ind o ad 1fr-ai t1lig i p,'ol' of ;Ill t
llii4.1f, f ,lli liln i-; inll ' ,il11 'iit'- I
lit r ilougflill, ihll' t Ii i, if! Ir.piobiti ioln - , t
t -hii i1v li'-i gl t.ii f Ii Iirol', dl1 ii any ltlulth' r,
with - viw tr ) dif t uri th llP lrt'.i'i ntial tit I,,'
1 1ill'h it e ll l arfll 11' , 4l-lt fl'ar li l i - iv1 lln ti l I
'h1111 lll-' who iii I ,ir 1 ilntly owi' ' tihll' tll''ind
will 'atll 1t1'1 whi irlwind." i 11v yIol iniioI it 1. I
rliii .t t lly '1 ' iii' , Itil . . a1Ti ir w l -i )r v ' il I hi'
"itlhr ai .dllflriih- t'lil .1 or ai horrihl"
itra.g.i dy. W th,.th -r It. will loaf t It M,,xi
<. nizii tio)n of ,)tl 1'4 . 1!1i, r,, 111l'I4 thl resi.llt. f
I li-iilt hoi'; bi t I 14;i, Is I -'ii 'I n atI ' h)l' i r'
I,''liii o ..'ii: ) , I hil ;l l ' .tI' .,f wli tI S ill-tt il iit
ili inl lh, ll'illd of lilt p,,oplo ' 1t11i 1 1u)lllft 1 y
th,, idbat lt t NTI ' ir llp,41 ,:u t11 pl' ; ,1 a ly 11l 1
54.11d b1 ('o1';)I 41 ril n-, 14.lulivI' ain a
"ifillr l . ftfh w it-p' ri'lg ol ' ijhi 11r-1i. ir '1
li l l, il h.. hai 1 "ofi il) in' tit.i of I:v5 ,
f' ln whih -14il-1 ~g aLll olr wf 4 . V, 'i.t 1-,'
- , " r fully, \A i,;x. 11. S lI i'.lfNS, .
The t)eni.tlion of Nangini..
lu)11 In ti l ) 1 (1 t, w,''k 1h1w h !allow, h;,-, h,'cr'
l x''1.ll ft 1 fv hufS and i1i' rfi .it hi ;v 1i'..'ni ir- .
l'1'ir ,ly" di-sli. roli to th,, 1.)intlI l 115e1i ,"5 11i
1i111i: -11114. it hlurt f1 ua i ff-il t I, 1I ig lilun "
Tl'h,1 1. n,.l iI i,>i rin i'.'I1d ;it .,,i +, l ti o bI' that
hlanin li'.nl it, a pti all, Iil,,atii. No. .,blint It,
I tih 1;t1:i li-1 1ai ilg ZiyI1 , 1r ) ,'1uhtinL on t h,
.eni t.l onl of a 1141111)"1 f,'r i 4I1, and t.h('v ; l
1 1 l r t ak4- 11IIt I thlt l ig l if i r ith,' :1 pl, -
u n ibl.nl [1lld <t l' Ira b le o p ira tio n1 l. ( )1 1 f el r , ilt
w1 i1 1 w 1). ' -. 1 ; 1 g , t" ) l l i n ht1 15 11 - il p lr )po w s -
Ja dil f .lrw ,ts waivd, 4-,1!5 .1. 'rd A hat, h4. felt, t
an a.iln, ald hi, 01 .l- ,0 aildionS w414-. of lirt'
1.f1',1 ,4 hi-: 1.5 , which .1 Ic;han , li',1. to) hhla .k
;il)I hein lt)L kv-hili,. Thl,.,.s_ ,. col1,1Alil )'5,,ll '(
u 4-:1114-4-4 . 'f plb':t-link'. A culprit, who tilt. r.;
Ivd wh,,i alm -1 11|,',, complaindl tha.t.
h;,vhing lost all lion ii:ita illtanit, he h;io h1a i ]
takni fr, '111 a light of which tihi, 111)4r-1i dliel
,l,.tripli, 1 i. A i)otlhi4r '-ri1 i l;:), w 11" ,",1 tp,,d
thlr)o.gh ltl' hir;akiln of ' h,1 halt'r, -,.id thait,
;11'4.4- a , f'c';)lll n4- tw 'if :.isllTe'' ngl , 1it 1 ght 1p) -
f1 1 i'to . A ll - gr' ,1hi" l ath l h. , i11)1 1l 'Is i i
,i i n.i m c1nlt", that I l! pll ei ta l te''l ing
i 'n 'S s. : rtu' 11 1, I11.f r ,, h ,"' "'e ' - 1) )111 th ;II thl .--4.
La i 11 h I1 , 11t 11" 11 at for Al hlliit.l - ,pa1. , tll'
r, .t i o ,livif1n.
T h ' 1 '; ,h illr t-r if ,'l iin t tea } - o f 1 1 1 <, 1',111 i1111
1'1 11i ~4- to. ;ti' thra, 1,,r- I' , -. .ri, n i 11
of thll II;irl'r f111R A mer!m"rl;uil ( '- ",ohini
) 11 -,11 to S at. 1111" ? lit. l'f- 011 t111111. 4-;11?
h,' r, ,ll, a' tw llill t lhl"1.51 fUl -Illn
t,1 v11' 1111'1 ril 'llt", I".b ililillit g ". i th I h ,' " ! i i "
Ii Sti ;it". `dnl l, I A:15 '[1111i 5ly di'fe-r1, .
I'1 ,'i)y 011111 took it ,'ha;ir who'e" 111l, d.
T h,' I' i .-id,."n t t alk,,l I; t "li , li - en l d -: , -
t, r il l it 1 1 f -iut iI-4a';. ,1,1y. or ;-;It 11 1 0 11, 1.1
1, 4 11, i no. t.h ," r t ) l % ;it II - on ,I e , . fI ,. 1 , lI
ah us h'' hIkd. I h;+4.n 111111111 hilun to 4,N~1t hJ
for t , ho, ir-, All A l 111[ -,"1011 th,,il I ,l ..11 "
( )'i) rof i 11' pr,,tt v f'll i, rof F.r, -nIh 11.1)1,1)"
I, to makleI. 1'l11'- 1h,1 ,"};1r1-"_1 of -oli
'IaI ll. Th, .v 111111 that t.i'',1,1 i- a1)0:1!,, u10 to
fl i,.11d-hi tI, llue to ,)1, 1 . . 1 u1,5 tod l i ,, i,}l ,.
1), 1l azulll. .-k'.". A blli0.h 11f 11i11,'15
5,,uld , thl.rfir',, t,;ll l1h 1dy'. Si ifor that
frindShip i- all th ilt t l " h a lI!th 111 . .xp, .'.
H1 1, 1 figur1 ..-l ih a m ition ; !nolig,,, ti,' -1,11 it ,,f' ri
;t ' ; L r ')l, ItI i m 1 f .chlr'lgIi , li,.l'l .nl,'- S
at ,1 " iln llltt''s powa'r; 111'11110, prniib' '; r npiKn ,
[111,"-t 1"; 5 ilw 1r (ray -,.Si-i-1, }l ,,., 1,. 1.t11
11 1 ',; lih11 . . -I m i-vil'n , , 1"'4-b,1 h w r' l-.hill ,
pall p,]l.k. falt- h.tM '.
-im p e .,,;-i,,r ,f Fram . 11.1.., ,)}- 0 h,1 1,1":1
JI. ANI) M)u IX.
I'll In at. the window as he ge.>s by,
As he goes by
In,'ll lift, his eadl to hook atI th nky.
'l'hm w'sti'rin sky,
Tr'otm' if the hsn has set for fdair
Ardl smonly dlv tl rh
A gstinst theo skv in thie, goldh'n a.ir
'l I 'll siuni il pair
(1P failiar Eyes; andn 1 shlil see
As h) looks itt iul
A sudldten ile alril ia ll , maybe;
All thi.v hi thrIo
Or poiraps in four swift iiornints thu
I' another moment therr lldri of mo
For hirm, or, when
lThl. street is turneld, a diTi'ruti., f'ia'i,
To take ri y pli (,
While I by mry window htri', ,'etri..,
Eit lint, of tihe fa,.,
Which ,rnild aIt m1'. as it. p100,d me. iy
With a glnow of t'h tev"
Tllt., uwiu'pt r1ii in w'ith this weestrn a k
'Ih4, 'sunt. .-il v.
'I",,-r irrawv I halll i(. at tih', w'hilovw wh140l
fII i1 .-l. aglain ;
h,' will smil' vril ivdl and ihn, a. Ii
Tihi Mlinii oi story 4l'' r 4 g Lin'
lon't. Iother the llmtbleq.
IN. V. i h irie t i an In t,oll lgt,i r. i
A b.hby htas a right., too fr,, ' ,ntly dn4iml'
it., toi tus let 4ilnIe. It, Mighlt bi1 eaI rut ie hi the
nmri.Iy in,eve to dlistuirbi the" infantl w.t'in it. i,
1 i ppy aiId qtilet. Ohler uhil onr, too, t wo,
tOiee uimi four" y..arsif ag., who ar.i' .aiiluing
tliiiii']mslvs in a poac1'fuli, contn.it titll way,
ilght not ,tobtb.w ntnly intrf,.re',l with. I
hilt,) ,ftY..n -,son i.a litl.l; croh.t r lyviJng in Its
,'rib '(,fing, laughing, 'tmoning {o ihltse in
thi fsw ',nt,'st. aty fa.shtlion, without, I, .1.41 ill
,w, w o4(' s t a"it"a or i1ii ' 1' I , H ir. e it, ('(v1r
it with 'cti,.rI t'i4'rm'tski. m d ,ti'iifr't.nlly brtaek
Ip its .itra.irali lity. 'iT'hen, th a noit, t, tUiu ,o
wh,+,n lh, lthoughth ,'.s popl<+ wnt.+,l if to ht,
ltuie't, they w, re su1. , 111-0ri1-+ tl 0t, it, reflund to
b,,so. It. is habit, itusl traininhg whl.h miak,,
little chilbirv'n r"'fkle., amn fr.tfful, rather
Ilan i.n tural dli.,[,tition, in n. mlult.it l+ of
e.ses. A hiailthy habi,, ,oIlly arild los'Ily
h -kr'uIlei, jfdi'ci(,us( y ftr.aul fraq',ii,'ntly ilathli,,
will y goo l ai nl c1m(f( rtl.:i bl,, ir it ihv', na t
t4,4 muci.h att.ntion. Buti, whon i it is bil tia'
11)-11 n itirnr s, . u lyto b) ' ceraught uli,, horine't
ai.i jIf.ripuit abouim. 'mrroth'rwt u with kisstte-;,
,ok1d( b y ft i n' tions fing ers, a4 n l l ,tt'll' d till it i44
of it,' flow w,,thl fath.r|, hitl mothers .n
h<+," thc, rna.rt.yrrlrn to which they allow th,.
ha b lIi , to hIs uu hj , t ' !
Japanese Children.
T'h111'1e arc n, ,,ril) +.-; in Japan. A lmo't.. ;1s
won 1a4 habi,'s ar', horn they are 1 Llkn out, on
th e hb .k s (, , tlh o bl, ,r ,h il hir ,n , th +. firs t ( h ill
".,rrying the r+,o<,wl, tl| =,;(stnd th," third, and
.o on, 11i)ia toil will 4st n ., omrinlLy of girls
pla ng' htt l,.rlor(', ,';n h with i h;uby strapp'll ,
t, her baL'k. If th a lay cri'.s the"v jump up
irl fhown lit l, i it i .n o H ';roti( it ,ff to -,I ' !
T'hI ' i Jiy tl '|s ge 't x+ 'a im ,,, frc-h air, a; l(
opel.ltions of all t)h' dIif'er,'nt, J|;lel+'- ma,,y b'v+
tnwn i.(,inig on in t irn Ias you p11'- along t hh'
,tre, . Th,' hiuillings-; ,rt all one-,tory, with
is now randy for the rrertion of gunrrat. The
I.Ht)lIralrt. havin. g unergone a thornih over
h li ng I now n it first 'rab . ,',ndllaln.
Al 'rt rd Irft it L.EON ILAMOTIIE'H, 2 HMt.
Charle streot, will mrn,.t with prorn ototttionl
nhilirtf JA Y & ITHA' f 'E. I'rtrletori.
1J 10 %V N '"
haa h, on lrogantly fitted uD and Is now open
for the H'a 'ton.
tannot hoi.nrptuas.ed. This spaiV:OIts buildingl
ha joutt e1on1 rtbuilt arind haL l ta h c'horrifortii
and itoriv l iineits ntl.i.4ary to iIiisur the ,phlus
ir of, visitors. Among th-iii we might mon
tiu the noet anrld cori rtatblet illlng-room, and
the broad and ellightful galleries.
Moderate Charges
and overy attention Laili to visitors,
rnh5 tmr
Phaenlx lonue, Pontchartraln Lake End,
Milneburg, Old Lake.
Having rornned r raflitteti and refornlihed
with all thalate-t imlrov-mrn intti the al,iovi well
known Hkaloon. I irol now L)rt.triId to rei"oivo
rmy friends and custsnmlars. Prl'.cs vary reas
Orldro for Dinner can i, Ift with John Tria
ionil. iat thnCuettom Ex,'hang,, -:ornmr CanaI and
Doe-eatur strata.
17............B aronne street............ 7I
Between Canal and Common.
jail ly Opposite Orunnwald HaiLl
DBR. BILLE has returned from Parts and
opened an offlee at 19s Canal street, bhtwaen
Dryades and RIampart. Dr. Bille has the se
orat of Ninon de l'Encloa, who, up to her death
in her seventy-s.'ond year of a.to retained the
reauty. vivaelty and sitlrit at- when she was
tw".nty years of age. By Dr. Billih' treatment,
which Is pleasant. even enjoyabile, ladi:es ,can do
away with all cosmm.ti-"i and Paints, a.- tho akin
n,.rome. stoft and white. the 'yye' regain the.r
won:ed lustre and streagth. and vlvvlaty re
turns. The old be-omne young, and the young.
who have rirnad themeelve, with ltet tols.,
art: ~xi, .-icF , eeOrcit- hatitlflul anti faill oi thu
I.igor and fIre oif yit:h. All dlm-ace ant
trtuhle ,.t-tliar t0 I lt,,a tr-at'-d by a h,+rmle
10nd arnl iu mtehod. Con=ua:itations a&d corn
d.-uf tf r)& .ITT T.T u+c (':..-.ai Lrr
J. I. WALKER, 1)i. D. :.,
1'4 ..... ...... · Canal street .............154
pojfu 1 IN DEMTISThY.
Exz'tutlive DtuLartm.,nt. I
Whorman, on this night of thn twelfth day ofI
M,"%rch. 1979. Wllliam C. Fltzlnrall. latr, Con'.t-a
blh or ths town ,of Trenton, in tho ,arish of
Ouaeht 'a. and whlle in ths dll,'mhargn of hel
,ofltial dtlth sit IL a pa ,O oflt'r, was shot and
kllltl by iors," Kl'rnion or Lptrs.nv unknown;
and wh,"ronts. u0' fllf i t t informiRattln has ro.t'hcd
m t, that, I'IEAN. PIIII,LII'i. aliths PLEAH.
IROWN, allas CLAY IttR)WN. and HENRY
ATKINH, allw ifENILY BIt)WN. ar, ",hargaod
with inlllg thttt p.prttrittra of this; horrid
Ilnd. aLnd art n,' at tlargantI fugttiv ,,. from
Now, throfor'. I. FIANCIH T. NICHOL,,H,
iGovtrnor oftT,r th r ar.t.t ot' lIrut II )ia, have)
Ith ught lprop r tyo i..,r thit my prot,,'r A rnatlon,
Itlling Itupont the good ptopl, of thin Htat, to
,id and l a si t In th, n.tri, t (f, w0# lh| lor,', l'll
Il!v, alla, Pletua.) Brownl, ala. 1 C,,y lBrown. and
ltHnry Atkin . alltas; I ttnr l'r,,wnt. twl ,7 vir
tue of thu myw rY. ln mis o,,ti r hv taw I ,1I
h(rnby oTffr at rtward o.' FIVEt HUNDRtED
DOLLAtt t a.tLy tporton or .itr-nni who ( h'nll
arrukt th. sa.l Jl''m. 'hid ,. lht'a Pl1,i.
Brown, all ii Clay Brown,a. a,.n tH nrv Atkin,
all He.nry Brnvn. alnd d,1lv T thOr. into, t1,.
llt1od' y f the Ht ,rifn of o Or t.l's. , h. deal( ,
with a A-ording tov law.
nmttt. itt, li As, iAh I'tt u. it rr fn, Mttiln, ( _
Brown, I u of KingoT rlku or *opper - fer, about
tWhorty-fiv. yJOarn II. MnhoNTI It' fhs mwa0v
IDt,-o high, slight t built. yrhni+t llt itixil o nl tw
ohun',t rdI and lhfty rHbltr havintr.hy him Unrt
whitk. fr, aind stin t it tw nty thoalt . tt f lr lrsft,
lHenry AWtkism Lt. tlm r,trv tron, Jro'.t M! laruon,
hivmk, w, 1l-formol manrI, Ch.brt Pthis 'itrns tt.ri
atboullt. t fth~. hi gh l, with., a tmrn itoith tw Lf.
Givt, ttr,,r muinr F'tsgniaro andu tho st. oftt tho
Hutto of Lottwinta, attlsl iity, of Now Cliartan.
thIr tw Jonty-sw.tiMl Mdtynof May, In thi iimtir of
Ionur Lord, one thou-tan t rltht hundlrl o.a
Revert y-elght
ty vort G tovtrnor:
( )Ru:An AuRtovo.
myr- lto t Ait I th,,tr t. , -rtnry of ,ta. , in.
Whoreas. JOREPH L. MONTII'U has mwb.,
rltp i atll ion to m e for ,th ,s ,an ,lhlatilon of two "
brini u rnishtxi ant d umi ' 4tribd .tt y him at-e
prfhiv'hal, onei of which bon-id, dit."d April 21,
i 117, for the Neum of twenty tithouin it dollYars
with Wlliam If. Pombrton, Joseph Mannon.
Ha munt I). Moody and Chatrlt s Pradrt in socur th
tI,;, for tiht sum of five thou aud doll trt .Oar h:
ald the other, datrlt Ft, brut.ary t, Ir:,l for thLo
,um of twenty thousand , 1,ll)tr, with Ciharlsoi
"rades, Jo.sph Mansion, Joun-h Pinta find
Henry DV mrnasIot ts tauriti., for the Ati1ra of
Iv A' tho nantd dollars l b.i , W ll c'onditi ,Nl for
theu faitihful p+rforman'n', of the ,u.tion of said
Jontth L. Montion it tax collector of the parish
of JeIYrsiou. In thi Hntut.
N , w, th ,,r for,. I, F gI ANC HI T. NII . OLL ,.
G,,vrnor of thi H'at, of Ieliina, o hfirnbo b
I ,, this rev pr)l'o, rnatlon, ,alling upon all
vr,"non intrrnt-+d theritin to nhow matnlB, In
writing, ait, th ,s offl,' of th , H,,,'rotary of State,
in th' city of N-w Orloom., within nindly days
fromrrt awrl a ftu-r this lat pu. lh~i'ttion h',ro. f, why
thl sail b: wl. aridl th,. mortxat ,, r,..ultlng
thu'rfruta ,hou]t not b<, ,n ,,lld and an
Given unl,.r m y lgnat, r - aind thti naal of the
st;t<, of Loulah nn, at this ,'ty of Nw Orlans,
thi, ninth day of Misty, in ithl yenar of our Lord
on~ thou a ,nd " hight h m. ir ,d and n ,vfnty-eltbt,
;Lil,] of thi fn. hundlr,,d fit)(] nno,"nd of thi lrade
pnondfent'o or thi, Unlt'hd Hetttrns of Amrl+.a.
Govrnr of this 1tate of Lou aiana.
Jly thi" Gwrrn orr:
WrrI .r. A. HTP",N(),
,',reftarvy , Htntt;. m vt2 .,,
Exi'r'it iv Iv' lpa~rtmont. I
Whiriw,. EMTIIIE i. WEBEIR, widow of the
Iat, ID. A. Wior. and administratrix of his suc
iutiitlon, hasi aliL ll'd to mc ,fr tho i nardlvltion
of a bhnd dirawn and aignal by tho taid D. A.
Wbor. as prin ialt. ftln-it Iorman Mayor, Emily
Wbirr. Anrlriw Hyaf.o, Silmon Wll and John
F. Irvin", a ,s 'auriuti,. ,datd thi, twilfth day
of Mar-h, 'M75, and 'n',litiioinl for tho faithful
prforrman"' aof t h diutiie of ,ail D. A. Webr
tat Tax ( 'll'.o ar of ho t, ri Ah of WIst F'tlician,.
Now, thrnfo,,r, I, FI;ANCIt T. NICIHOLLS.
Govrnor of th S'at'o of Laluiiana, have
thoughit tproter to) ii,,Oo thii miy proritlamation,
with thi, vicw of giving l iubllc" natiini tr, all p r
ains at fi'r"in intitr iatol. to ihow (ia-ut-i, in writ
ing, it lth, oflice of thi H.ir," tar;i of Sfatt . In
th,, 'jity iof Nw Orl:an.r, within ninrty days
from andl aft ,r th l laat ,iiubli-ation hiiro,f. why
ii d bowl fhiuld n'ilt hr ,tiriiled and an
nullid, an'! if -, ur'i-a atw viid iamaiLd liet
'hargil from iany furthn r liabiliti.s in thi
prim iaiH.
Witii-a ffy V igfaitur' i and the ii-al of Ihti
Scatf of L'ui'iI-,na, at afh fti- iy of Now Orloanu.
fhis .--,,riond i;ty of .I.J,riar. In rho iar of our
I/>rd onr, thou ;ild i ightl hundr-di and sov'rnty
'-igh, and thti onif huniird anid ,.,-ond year
of th, indoinwlane of thu Unitald Sttats of
Iy thi GItvtrnr :
W Iii.. A. . .i . ao.
M,'ri-t:ry ,,f Sta` moyl ,t
Exiaeutilv Ditnartmont.
Whrt.,ra. GEOIRGE E. PARIS of the city of
Nw Ori' re., hta itDifl',d to rma for thr u.rieil
la;tion of it b irnd urn ishi an1d ubacrbldi by
him, L.s pnrinc'riai, on t.his ,lighth lay of Fobru
itry I..t, for th, urn of twint tofutanld dollars
with 'I. ('r-a"uh, Jiarnm- W. .in tlfn. Ludgir Bo
,iill' and Jf,-., h pinta, a'f a ,,uriti r, ..-a h for
th iifn of fiva thousand dollara, -onditionod
for thf fai.bful p"r f',rman,'o ai w'l ,xc':ilutiini of
fth dui I'", of thf -,Lid G(,Rr-rg', E. Piri an s State
A- a -or for th,, hi:imil bDit.rict of th, city of
N1-"' (Orliarl-.,
Now, thrsrforr. I. FRANCIS T. NIGJIIOLI.
Go.virnor of thf, biStt of La/l-lana. do. by
th-Oir . ,riernts., isuei my t,fri'r.liittifon. giving
nrti'.-' to all L-r.kan hi.rifn iorni-'reird and in
ter';atrl. to ahow ea.na,'. in writing, at the
offilc. of thoe .i,:rro:trY of Statf,, in thn '.its
of New Orl.ans. within ninity dayi, from and
aftor the last publhl:atlon h,:riif. why -raid bond
andl theu mortgagri rirulting thr'.tfrom should
not b,i ral-id an.d a.inceeiid.
Gi-v,-n undl-r my aignaturO ant! th : eal of the
.ft-O of L-uiatana, a-t thci ilt y i.f New Orleans.
thla flft'o*nth day of Aprrl. In tho yoar of our
Larf,ontna thomusand ight nun'.rail and eventy
Govornor of tho bi -to of Loixlina.
By the Govorni,r:
"WILL. A. Pf-ONmr,
Hr tr'thry ,l St'. f b ot,
No. 3 Carondelet rtreet, 0ew OrleMae.
PI rrait+. from I1
ti;- , ,lj s ..w-i (iJrt oil
I-ia-a of fr-e
' ai led4 to Visit i
dala tL

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