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Abatement of the Fever nt VlekR
burg-Eght y-five New Canei nani Twen
ty-one Interments Yeetergday-Arrivnl
of Phyilelani and NurRe6.
[Soecial to the Democrat.]
VICKSBURIa, Aug. 25.--- There Is no anbate
ent In the fever here. The only change for
e bettor, I am Informed, is that It has as
med a somewhat milder form, and is ylehl
g more readily t, treatment in some locall
-; but I fear If we have rain to-nigllht, of
hich there Is a strong Indication, even this
1 prove of short duration. The number of
w cases for the past; twenty-four houros is
ghty-five, andl the number of interments for
e same time twenty-one.
Mail and passenger vommunicatidion with
laterior was closeid to-day by stopping
' tratns o:l the Vlekshurg and Meridlan
d, which lias bhi caused by the strict,
tine measures inforced all along the
by every town and station.
'The Howards received twelve male and
t female nurses front your city this mIorn
g. DIr. Mercier andl Levy were detained in
-keson, but arrive d on i aspocial train to
;ht. Dr. hlrumlly, with three nurses, from
£;lhi, La., reached lhre, this afternoon and
sported to the Ilowardls, who Immediately
-t them to work. The nurses from New Or
Ins were also put, to work, alnd the poor
Sferers who are i.-o.'lving their nttentlon
3 greatly rejoiced. (1. W. It.
5ipahlling Aeccuntt FIrom Greinada--In
erease In tihe Deitht Rate-The Dead No
Loniger llnrled in tlie C1emeterlet.
'Nxw YOeim, Aug. 25.- A special frou Gren
a, Miss., via Water Vailley, August 25, says:
t ii o'clock last night lights could be soon
-wing in tlihe lidls adjoining this city.
JOl inqull(llry as to the caiuse it was asc(''
mined that this was the tiue, when the living
itry the dead. 'll'h gravoy'ards are not used,
;id now vicltilus are beinlg Iirleil in the Iear
t lot to where they died. The tlluation is
'-Triblo. line deali takei s the rounst and del
;to, togetiher with Ih l(e por' Elthiol.lans, who
ti.tl this )lagu were always proof against.
Is disease. T hicen negroes were found stiff
death this norning. Oult of le300 stricken up
this hour not ai, sintle le bIis recoveredl,
hile nearly hall' liis ulelr have 1Ibeeni con
-ed to their graves.
bhe burial corpis has h.onli illatnled. The
-I areo tiried in rmtml of the very ihouses in
mloh they moet their i ldeal hs.
.hlere were tlhirteen deathls during last
ght-- ight whitli, atI live negrsl' . This
Laves 150 nolw pro'stailtr a' a dyiing with fever
,st night.
iDr. J -. H. ay, who has blon working night
ad lay niaring r iln l llIhelping the sick, is pros
,'ited by the disease.
:d Blurglary In New .lergey--The urf
flanL Finally Friglltenlled Away.
NEw Yora, Aug. 25. Mr. Andrew Engol a
rmer who owns a house at Fairview, N. J.,
out ten miles from Jlersy City, called at
-lice headquarters in this city this
fternoon, and reported to Inspeetor McDer
ott that about 1 o'clock this morning four
-ked men forced anll entrlae to his house
6` commenced to ransack the promises.
red Engel's ibedroom, ([nd after
n h ig -t'"' 'Wi e4ý y .lthhmr0i11t t end of a
lBtol handeulliiffi'dhtn, and threateoned to kill
lim he lraised lilly alarm. 'J'iey thLn tied
rho hands of Engel's diaughter, a young girl
welve years of age, andll fast,"ened her to) a
dstead. After this they szixeid Mrs. Engol,
ld holding tle zzl of ai r evolvIer to her
erl, cnlmelled her to lead them through the
ouse5 Enlg]'S son, a youllg mllan alboult
wety-threo years old. 1ind b (e(n distuirhied
the noise ma~do by the rollbans, ultu when
the reallched his 10n hoI Sieized a revolver
began liri!lg at thilll. The despraldoes
~om(lg ala.mne, IhlIi fronl thei houls, tak
ug with tlei allot a $1t )0 In monIey a,Und
ewdry. It is eppls'ed, from marks of
.lool foundi on th11 staildl al1d in the yard,
hatone or more of tile burglars wals shot. A
entral allarl was senlt . lit in thlis city andt
eory to look (Iut for thile d(esplradoes.
sBulcle on Board of a Steamer.
W YORK, Aug. 25. -'l'his mrnhing about
',ock, when tihe hIoston sIl.alimer City of
•once arrived a.t lher pier. No. 40 North
a man who got on the bat( at Allyn's
Co, Conn., :lst nigilt. l,1and whill ho bought
t1icket gave his nIamlle as Burlrows, was
jli by ollt( of tll wa.lt'era deli'1d i his berth,
til his throat <ut. i'he deceasedl, who had
ad4ubtedly conumiltted suicide, waIs 45 years
-f are, live feet sevuL lnche+s in height, has
"ovn hair allnd smlooth faL'., and was dressed
- .1 black coat, linen dlustr, white lilnen
shirt and dark 1pants and scarlet mixed vest.
In lit possession was found $27 in money,
a siver watch, a plain gold ring, ia package
of R.ssia acid and ita poeket-kni'e, with which
he (ommlitted the isteed. The coroner has
take chilarge of tile clasel, andI will probably
holdan inquest to-morrow.
. .. . .-+-- +k· .. . .....
PCI.T EADA, Aug. 25, H p. m.- -Wind north
east light;. Weatlher elIdy.
Atrived: Ate'riean steams.hip Knicker
boilc'r at 1 this morning, Keimble master,
fron New York, to A. Moultoln.
British steaisllhitp C(,ipella, at 10:10 a. in.,
DryJen master, 21 days froml Gibraltar. in
ballhst, to (Gord' &. Eungstfet.
St.amshlip Charles W. Iord, at. 2 p. m., Col
tonn master, 2' (day fromi Havana, with geni
Or argo, to L. A. Yorke & Co.
Stiled: Steaushllp AbIliel.
S3CUTHWEST lASH, Aug. 25, 6 p. m.--lHarom
eter29.40. Wind southeast, light. Weather
lazy and warni.
N. arrivals or denl'ture.l
----- --*** ----
eRuslllan Advanre Into Central ARIa.
IN. Y. 'ritbuno.l
The Russianis ha\v rt's.uied their march in
entral Asia, On .lune 2:3. when it was evi
eat that the Berlin congLress Would have a
ceful Issue, Gen. untilfmann and hi s stall
f the three expedlitionary cl.)lullllins that had
iready retcived inircthing orders. The
rovince to be invaded is B1 kh, the ancient
aetria, which was con(l·llorel in the seven
nth century by the Great Moguls, in the
ghteenth by the Afghans, and in 1525 by the
kharlans. The rights, however, of the
mir of Bokhara over Balkh woere never ac
owledged by the Afghans, and probablly at
is moment the colntry is held neither by
okharian nor by Afghan troops.
he territory of Balkh measures 250 miles
length by 120 in breadth. With the Oxus
the north, Balkh is bounded by the Hin
-Koosh on the south; andl, abandoning the
loof the Oxus as restricting th1em unduly,
e Russians are now, to ail appearanc0(s,
at to assert tlat the Hindoo-Koosh forms
e natural limit to their Central Asian pos
ions. The explanation which the Moscow
ette gives is straightforward: "The time
come," it says, "for us to increase the In
ence we exercise on all the populations of
ntral Asia, and this will be all the easier for
inasmuch as the Sovereign of Afghanistan
ot with our adversaries. The development
our influence on the borders of the terri
y ruled over by the Empress of India would
the natural response to the seizure of Cy
prus and the greater part of Asiatic Turkey
Iy the English. There are in Asia two politl
cal forces advancing one against the other,
nd ldestined fatally to meet. England desires
to become the immediate neighbor of Russia
in Asia Minor. It is quite simple that RItussia,
in her turn, should desire to approach the
English frontiers of India." This new expe
lition is certainly very significant.
Jeannerette has quarantined New Iberla.
Notwithstanding the yellow fever panic, the
police jury of Assumption has refused to
quarantine that parish by a vote of 6 to 2.
The National party is trying to spread it
self in this parish. We are very well satis
fied with the Dl)emocrats.--Houma Courier.
Mr. Augusto Jolet fell from the top of Mr.
Brown's sugar-house on last Mo.day even
inug, andl received injuries from which he
died the next day.---Terrobonne Progress.
At a meeting of the board of health held
Monday evening. August 12, we learn a quar
anltine was decelared against New Iberia, on
acectullnt olI the presence of a case of yellow
fever in that town.---Abbeviile Meridional,
August 17.
In deference to tthe widespread, yet ''rro
neous, idlea that it is dangerous to visit New
Iberia, the executive colmmitteoe has conclu
ded to holt the ctnventi on on Monday next at
Mrs. Sumoedes' residenr'e, a tile below New
iberia, instead of Temperance Hall, as before
published. --[New lberia Sugar Bowl.
A few dlays since two daughters of Mr.
.I ,seph La.cour, while engagedt I lighting at
fire to rmnake a cup of colt'e' for their sick
mother, got a can of ctal oil and pourotd the
oil on the fire, which causetd a terrific texplo
sion and bi'rlel the children so so ev'erely that
tbhey both died that Iamet evening. -AvoyIlles
Our delegate t t the tonvention, Sheriff (.
. BShaw, arrived horne last Fnturday morn
lug. He looks well and hearty, and says he
will face ten toursand cases of yellow fever
and all the ll.quaranttines frorm Maine to Mex ice
beforre he will come in an open skiff from
Pitiaqureutine to New lbthrla again. -[Abbeville
Meridional, August 17.
Yesterda.y morning a negro boy by the
llanrt of l'ontey Fitlds was drowned il the
ltllrghi runnrring atlongside of T. W. Jonrts'
saw mill, on Cross bayou, while att emlpting
to walk a pitee of narrow plank. An hour
or two rftler the fatal accident the body was
r'ecovt'red and Ithe coroner Inotilired and a jtury
elntpanrided, whi ch returltnetd a vlerdict that hto
came :onto lis dieath by accidental c.drowning.
[Sl r'ovtport 'ii toes.
()ur planters are gatltering splenlil c'rops
of corn and hary, allll are lotukllrg hoplefullv
forward to fi favotaijb season or sugar-mlak
ing. Our iadvices fromt thtoseveinth atnd egirltlh
wards rtre to t the effect that the cotton ,el crop is
in very fline conliition anrtdl proitlses aI heavy
yield. No worms hlave yet aptpenlreIl anrd little
ipprltttnlt I .oln iced be felt conterclring thi.ler at
thins late day. At sorae ltocalities ron uppert
New rivetr the trps. Il thave slt ful'erle fromr! hiiutith,
Inut. tlhse larel) exceptional cases. [Donaldstn
ville Chtief.
We learn that on Friday last a sl.hootintg af
fray took plaie at Pattotrsonvile ittweenl
Jamres.I. Roberts, formerl'iy of this place, arnd
a son of Drfl. Santders, of lhat vicinity, in which
Roberts was ilstantlytl killetd. Oulr Si,. Mary
currespotlndent having failttI to give ius the
part.iculars, Iby inquiry here we leairn t:hatt the
dil llctulty is said o, have origi alte(l Iy I1b
erts rudtly interfering wit th a gamit of crle'ek
ers .beiing playedt by Shardters tanlld atrrl rtlir
genltletmanll, and upo their eormilng to blows
i{tober.ts retired iand retuLrnd with a piistol,
iand knife, and a pon0d irp l upon Handers., wtho
returnetd tihe fllr witih fatal result. (New lte
ria Stugar otwl.
IPlaqueminesr Observeor.
Major Edmlnd A. Burke, the nominnr off
the iýmrnocralt.irt-(onservativye rntrt.y of the
S,,rtId'l Louisiana. is to.r widely and favor
ably known to the people of Louisisina for us
to under take to introduce hilu to orn readers.
The faithfl'ul perfoirrolrlnc of th. lr dtics of
Sulpe!rlitendllot of ther Now Or()leans aoll Jack
sl .i Railroad, Sliperirlntiendtnt oif Irlprmovi
mornts, and Tax C( llec'tor of the First, Iistrict
of New Orleans, Iat di lffiren, ti, Is. , has ren
dired his namer too popul r ito bie praised
now. 114i Is adrrirably litted for the prsition
of Staiti Treasurr, apart froml his iirnancial
ca.pacities, his judgmilnt is clear, and in that
poisition tlhe perple will he suilre to have ln
hoirlet, fraihful and efllicient o.e li-or.
Although the cholice of thie Irish was fior
Ma1jor Johrn (C. .Mn.ure, of Cadhlo, we carn
safe.lyI say that a irnirr clmnpetornt persoin than
Major ilurko coul not hrave boon sel·cteid ias
the nolniiine for the piosition of Trraisullrer.
'Th rnll rnerlnt ser'vices irenltllredlI by Major
Burke at WV.shington last wirnter, in behalf of
the Nic'holls gorverrnrrllnirt, whichli were c.rwred
with succesi,. have s.rrjved to givie hinl ir. very
hilh a.rlnd dese.ved position in thi e iistr'merl of
aIll iJui.isianrialns, and whrich have l en appre
,ilated by all lovers of .tirxl governmuenrt.
------,(k 41) -
The Erai of Reform.
IPhiladelhdia Times.I
The'lre is a headlong revival of reform. The
notoriouls Janrlls 1Harlarn is on the stump in
Iowa; Subsidy Piomeroy is rmakirg Ia canvass
of Kansas for the Sonato)rshlp; Orth is run
ning forl Crongress in Indianar; lIRobeson Is ex
Dectinrg a rnominiation in Nrw Jlersey; Kellogg
is appointing ail the Fedleral olficials for Irou
islana; John Sherman Is going to nmake some
party speeches in Ohioi; the President has
been trying to set up a nomination in Cincin
nati i Clhairman Quay has told all the Federal
olicrIals in Ponusylvania how rmuch he ex
wcts each tfo contribute to the crause; Boss
Keyes, of Wiscronsin, has cornm out for him
self for United States Senator, while Brother
Orvillh is going around interviewing hirmself
for the newspapers and edrucairtinrg Brtlher
Ulysses rup to a third term. ItRforr like this
is perfectly irresistibio.
... ... = br6 - ..
flow the PoOr arc Huriedl ln N apleR.
A fitting fliniR to the career of the Neapol-
tanrl poor is the metihod of their burial In the
Campo Santo Vecchlo. In death, as in lift
they are hrerded together. A hare', paver
spaced, inrlosed by at wall; 365 stoIoe cover
ing as many pits, of which one is opened each
day for the reception of the dead; a irmovable
'raIrne, with R i allmtl] cflin suspenderd by a
chain. Such is the set-scene, such the proper
ties of the last act of the tragedy! Every
evening at 6:30 o'cl(ck one of the awful holes
Is opendlri; the co(rpse bro)ughit for interment
rare lauled with rirlOcet, roughne.rls from
their pauper shells; the priest sprinkles them
with holy water, and hurriedly gabbrIles the
prayer for the deai. Then rwrch in its tor -is
thrown Into the brox attached to thire rane;
the bolttom of the brox gives wa.y onr trhe
presse lllof a spring, a(nd the body crashlres
down to join the hea)p of corruption brrlorw.
Laughing boys aind weepinr[g mournrors press
(to the pit's rege to gaze at the. ghasttly sighrt;
thie ecreaking or the nmachinre minrgles with cries
of (leslpair. A crowd of lookers-orn eagerly note
the numbtrr .rof tihe deadl, their sex and ago, in
or'der to choosre lucky numbers for the lottery.
Shooting rifle-balls at glass spheres filled
with ferathe(rs is all very well in its way, but
like everything else, it is likely to he carrir'd
too far. The utmost limit is rearchel when
Bogarulrs, in Hell's Life, makes the startling
anrnrouncement that he would shroot any ten
men for lr£100. It is a pity that the ofl',r is
not matde on this side of the Atlantic. With
Kearney collme East and Schwab keeping ,beer
on ice aganlst his arrival in New York, there
would be a gorod crhnce of the money being
put up.
Th Colonnade Hotel. Philadelphia, Pa., by
its judiciousl reduction of rates, will maintain
its famous reputation tas a model first class
house, alive to the demands of the time,
Honora Paid to Gen. Grant at Vienna--Hel
I% TWined, Dined and Distinguiahed by
the imperial Household and Cabinet.
NEW YORK, Aug. 25.--A cable special from 1
Paris says: A dispatch from Vienna gives
some interesting dletails concerning the recep
tion accorded to G(en. Grant in that city this
week. He arrived there August 1s, and at
the railroad station was met by Minister
K.nsson, the secretaries and members of the
American legation and a large number of
American residents. He was loudly cheered
as he stc{ppe.l out of the railway carriage.
On the nineteenth the G(eneral was visited at
the United States legation by Count Andrassy
first minister of the Council, and several of
his colleagues. In the evening he dined with
the (ountess and Mrs. Grant at Post's, On
the twentieth he had an audience with his
Im perial Majesty Francls Ioseph at the lovely
palano of Shioenbrunn, spending the re
mainder of the day driving about the impre
rial grounds and forests, and visiting points
of interest in that romantic and historic
nreighlborhood. On the twenty-first General
and Mrs. Grant were ountertained by tihe in
trial famirily and dined with the Emiperor in
thoe evenirg. During the morning Baron
Rteinburg accom panlied thie Emperor's Ameri
can guests to the arsronal. On the twenty-ree
ond Minister Kasson gaveadiplomatic dinner
in honor of our ex-President, at which nearly
all the foreign ambassadors were present.
The members of the Austrian-Hungarian
Cabinet attenrded the reception in the evening
and anIdded to the attractiveness and brilliancy
of tihe occasion. The G.eneral expressed him
self greatly pleased with Vienna. lHe was
gratilln~l, also, at the marked attnntion of the
E.imlporor's housenoild and the earnest eneavor
shlownl to honlor him asii a citizen of the United
States. Gen. Grant leaves lMonday next for
Steinm eutz.
A Trilumph for Anmerleatnl peer.
PATris, Aug. 25. --Anhrnser's (Amnerican)
beer "trs blo'ei awardied the grand gold medal
over all comupetitioin. Eniropenr. and Armeti
The Exhibitlon Rllildin To Be Pre
PAlnis Aulg. 25.- Paris has pretty well d(e
.lided that the exhibitioni b~liuling shlln be
preserved after their closer of thli exhibitior.
l'here tnis I oen a goril deal of discrusms ii oi
this surllbjet amnr g the goverrnr.eni.t and mnr
nricipai funlctionLIries.
ParIN .nRip. PerOonaIM, Etc.--IeetlIii ofI
the CMeteorologrial Congreg.
PATInl, Aul.. 25.-Anlother sensation i. in
Stor(l for Parislans. A Madritid citorlpany has
,mule most elabtorat preparations for t niu
Ither o('f hull tights, to Ibh carrield out strictly on
the Slpanishl pFitl. 'ThI'se events are exp.cI.tt
to draw illonrreitly with the boull'rgeois.
T'ihrt wias a great. interinatiional bIian iuet
grivlen to printertrs 'Itudatatv at tihe (randl
lhotel. It, was n brilliant alTair r. Most of tillhe
large Tc' ontilnet.rl firmsln w.r. l'represented.
Seveiral suborldiitnatr oflierrs of tie govern
Iti.t were presentIi. Spechies wire of the
order [prevlllnt'l, at tllse diliners, go()ssipy. fill
of little Ilus.itness i llhsiots, with here itiad
there It politial inilendo.
tIHenry M. Stanley has gone to Switzertland
to rctueriate.
(leil. Meritedtith Iletil, who is lnow here, has
tleirtlded to retlurn to Athens,l. (hGr'e'it', notwit h
standin.llg tngress has sui pprerasdt his a stllary.
T'his is thie only instlance oni recordil in our
tdays of a Unitd States fll(nction)llry serviing
lirs cotuitry from pure pat riot.ism.
Miss (lara Kellogg ia still in Paris, and
rxpets toI, sail for New York albout, the thirty
first ilista. t,
Amoi)lng prorlinliil, foreigners who arrived
here f lis vweek is I'rince M,<hornmlol, d ]9lii Iky,
colsini t, tol Ith(edwive of Egypt. lThe alldvent
,of thle Khdivo'l s it , siil is nit , it sa.tlfisflctltrilty
eplfainerl, but affai's in Egypt are not in a.
Vieryi htappiy conditnolt ,just nlow, and ptrhapsl
thlis prince,, to use it, colloqullalismr, loft bIefore
thei houseia tell.
'lthe Met trulttlogical congraes hadt its in
angural sitting at the Tmiler'ies a1t , o'clock
this lmorning. Thtre werI It niuml)ter fioreignI
saval ts nresents, inclulding MM. Iuisi'es iel
It,, of Holland; oltimtyir, l of tI )itmark
Ilargtnna, of Modrena; P'ired'tllza, of Italy. (Of
tithe t. 'iliiit, Frelih ietl.rtltorlgi.ts, there werte
Ml. Mang.orll f tihe Institut.t; MA. Mafitaita, oft
t,hei M etc'rolo irrgi.al H rIlli ,u; M . Allurand, of
l'uy-dl.e-)rome Otservatiorv, i (tn,. do Nan
souty, of Pie du Midi ()i)Orvaltory. 'Thr
were xtral r tilt t,.ilrig.s sill lY for thtlt, pirpose
otf olrganizat ion. At the afternooin sitting,
underi the lpritsidtt icy of luiajes, papers were
radl tby P'eredl'nza ion etitteorolotgital tganiil
ziation in Italy; bty llofrnyrl'i, on theleffecl, tof
saeartiion olf i.tumospirl I, L'ssure on NEuro
pteanI climattes, antI by l)lejustes, on storli
( li iof the largest a.dtllinc'se tOvnr asana, Itleid
in Lipsie attl.ilendedr (Gilmorlire's furiwell con
tort iat tJ1h ShlltionhLausion Wedes11Vilrt dav.
A Race Who Eat Chlldren-Their Re
markable Iellers-Primitive
Marriage Cuatomng.
The inhabitants of the mountains back of
Aux Ca(,yes, and, in fact, nearly all the inte
rior of llavti aIl a few in Aux Cayis itself,
adhere stidl to the old African system of
heathenis m called Ohidlismi. They have their
churches in the moiunlain fastnesses in almost
impenetrable thickets, where none but their
own kind dare enter. They are the most de
graded cannibals. Somei of my readers may
Ie astolllshedl to knoiw this, but, nevertheless,
I assure them that such is the fact. Ameri
cans are engaged in mnissionary work in China
anLd Japan, but in this country, so much
nearer home, where actual cannibals exist
even in one of its lariest cities, this work
has been sadly neglected. These people do
not eat adults, but children, which are con
stantl y stolen for the purpose. Last evening, in
the same street where I am stopping, a poor
womalnin went out to a nleighborinlg shop for a
moment and left her child asleep. When she
returned it was gone; stolen by an Obiad for
sacrilice. I am told that the manner in which
these people operate is this: For instance,
at each service inl a temple the priest allots to
a certain person the task of producing a child
at the next reeLting fr sacrilice. When the
child is produced, if it is found to he lean,
they apply themselves to the task of fatten
ing it as quickly as possible before it can be
kuiled. Ailasortea iim 1ets-' rc--esort-cu to by
these fiends in procuring victims. O(no of the
mnost corntmonl is the use o(f a certain plant
which grows here, tie se.cret of which is
known only to these Oliads. One of the
women will come into the city selling cachou
nuts or something of that sort, and as soon as
she sees a nice fat child she will manamge in
some way to embrace it, at the same time
taking its hand in hers, which has previously
been rubbed with the juice of the plant. In a
few hours the child apparently dies, and the
parents wonder as to the cause of its death. It
is buried, and the sane night these people will
come and dig it up and carry it off into the
mountains, and there apply the juice of an
other plant, which arouses it from the stupor
produced by the other plant, and it becomes
as well as ever, and is sacriticed, A story is
told here, and vouched for even by the foreign
merchants here, of a child which died in this
way, and its father was suspicious of the
cause and went at night with four men, all
armed, and laid in ambush and watched.
About 12 o'clock some Obiads came acd com
menced to disinter the body. Soon after it
was brought to the surface it came to life and
walked about, and the whole party were
about to start off when the ambushed party
fired on them, and on hurrylng to the spot the
father was astonished to find among the
slain his own mother. The child lives in
Aux Cayes to-day, and Is a handsome young
lady. I had a man pointed out to me who was
in the grave three days, having incurred the
hate of another man who anplied the juice of
the plant to him. After three days he was
resurrected by his enemy, and the effect of
the plant passing away he came to life again,
but without reason or speech, his enemy not
knowing the counteracting plant, and his ene
mly made a servant of him, and he toiled every
day in the fields, till one day an Obial priest, e
who hated the man's master, applied the
proper plant, and reason and speech returned. r
The Obiads, when children cannot be pro- 0
cured, sacrifice sheep, and for this reason you ri
cannot hire a Haytian to eat nmutton. The
Ob)iad are believed by the Haytlans to fly
about at the hour of midnight, and they say
that at such times they emit fire from their (
There Is a tree grows here that if you slaeen
under it you will never awake. You will
swell up and die before the morning. There
is another tree which if'you rub yourself with
the juice of its leaves your skin will success
fully sustain any attack with any sharp in
strument or even bullets, without the least
injury. Itwill renrrain for two or three days I
antd thetn assume its natural softness again.
A Haytian should he be out after 10 o'clock at
night and set, a pig or cow lying in the path
way, would not disturb it for worl(ls, for he I
would firmly believe that some horrible dis
case or other misfortune would coune upon
him should he do so. I might enumerate a
hundred differentauperstitions which they be
lieve in, but have given sufilcient for the
readicler to draw his own conclusions as to the
degraded condition of the people. At 12
o'clock in the day all business is suspended in
lHayti; stores are closed and merchants re
pair to their homes, and everybody goes to
bed, and the streets are almost deserted till 2
p. tn., whlnn the stores gradually open again
and business goes on till 5 p. im., when they
all close for the night. At night the streets
arce almlost lesertied, anid ait t o'clock the
drurlls roll at the various police stations, and
if you ai'r foulld (ion the street after that hour
'sit ' are arrested and taken to a prisonll,
in corpnarison to which a third-class
itlg-sty in the Unitced States is a
palace. In the rmoiinta.inc regions in the into
jrior the marriage rite is not tobseWrved at all.
If a young man sec's agirl that holikes, all he
has to d,) is tio acsk her paroents If he can have
her, antl if they cccnsent all ie is requiried to
ido is to fcurnish c bed for hr to li on, i, nd she
c.ssi.ntes his inace for life. There cire cmany
argecrl pe'ople ill tlhei interior who were never in
,a town inc thelir ives, cxcept, perhaps, a mounl
tainl villge, andcr if ca white lcan pcasses
tlhrouilgh those rcegions the childr(en rLun aind
scream. Th ,f. people aire expert hior.:isc.cein,
acrdi I aci io thi ey may be soon galloping
over the ciii cntacin passes in the mornincg, g'
ing tbi their work, yellin lg and swiinging their
cutlasses in thl aicr like Indians."
Tihe "'Rle Law," of tConnectleCt, A. D.
"Fo',rasmuel as it is observed, that many
abui es nre .e''pt in, andl committed by fry
ql'bin, takring of tobaicko:
"It is oridred by the iauithority of this clurt,
Thalt no r(lersonl illnder tieh ago of twenty-one
years, nor any ',ther, that bruath not al'reaody
(,crustnrr himr is Irirnsesl.to, toI the .i( ,tlh.er'eof,
shall tateany tobaCk, l unttil ht'reherth ir(euight
ia c'ertifhuite rlnrlli' the hanllls of some who Tar
approved for knowledge anrd skill in physiek,
tilha t it is useful for Ihim, and also that lien
hath re.iiveid a license fronm thenourto for the
saminre. And for lhe rogulatirig of those, who
either by their form..er taking it htve tteire
(own appr.el-rersions, imade it n.'eessary to
thoem, or upIon l're advice, are persuad :I to
the uise thieri( f:
" It is ordered, That no man within thils
coloenye, after the pubilerrtioni hereof, shrall
tako airny tohacko pullih1reuly, in tle stree't.
hiiginwanys, ior Ilpplion training dlayes in any
open plireis Iiti'"er pienalty of SiK p15rr 1for
inoll iifIfensi' agalinst ihis oroder, in anly the
palriir'lirlis thiere',( to bI( paid withouit gariun
sayi(ig pplilol coiivietion, lby the testirnony of
ione wit.rness, thati, is withouilt just exceptlioln,
ibefore aniy r(i rmagisitrate. Anid the cinstat
Ihis in thie several townIs are reqi(ired to
lllake lpresitienti, tohr eachur partlic.h la'lr eroullrt.n
of Fan'ih as they dIon unnlerstarrnl. aind cu
evict to the t.ranigro'.sion of this ordler."
------ 41 - --
iiea.traylrnL Mlrguirrelr,
The siquirrels hatlve beiolme so destr'uclive In
partsi of ialifoirnia ti. orgri'agnize( efforts to
get. rild of themr have i(been IIa(ir,. A Mr. Bern
toniI males thir dest.ru cltion r a specialty, trin
veling fronm plrr'e to pla'.ce for thie purpollse.
After six year's of ixplei'irinirting he clraimrrs toi
haive (isooveler(: a, coillpound, thnle spoisonous
part of whi ch is prssiis.l acid, iby which hl can
'externinht( the lipsts. To ,the poison is adhIrrid
ian ingredlient. sin gtlliry attractive to squrir
rls, goriher's and ,othier de.scription i of ro
ident . ilt ir~as wlheit with this cmrrilpmli,
scatters it, about., the rnillrnals cornilng forth
almoriist, imnledial.tel y, parrtake with avidity,
andiI din inl a few secorlds. Mr'. enItrxrn has
teen operatirgin Santia i, arbara (conity lately.
The Los Angeles lirrdi4 sfiays that at "tlire
rancho of Mlr. It.. T. ilrel!l ihe killed 1:3,470---74.00
in one lrday; at Mr. .f. S. L.oll's 10(.0110; at the
Stullrgi. Il rothlers'' ,4000ll; at S. I'. Stowe's t00fi0,
andr at W. W. Hollis;ter's 2700l."
The pgn of g . p of A. Gaspar'l 'nut, if Aix-la
Chiapelle, which won the great iralftch f'rorm
Blolre, for which over two thlouirsanid birds
were tosssed lp), upon its return from Brusllrs
sols, to which city it had been sent to lie idlenti
fi tibeyondll dispuite, received a rec(!option that
wasn pirfectly royal. The wholIe town was
afooit aind inet tihe distinguiished (rornqur.,rr at
the railIroal station. Two p)olicr oflice.'rs in
full uniform hreadned the triumphal procession;
then c(rie ia rank of lIrummers's and another
of fifers; then the Pigeon-Flying Society;
then a R)andl) of lnuirsic escorting ai transpar
oncy presented by the colornlboplhiles of Bruns
sels; then a torch-light prrocession, and at,
last, in an open baroluche', four gentlemen, one
of whorm bore on his kntee a cage of carved
wood Inn which, calmrn and prourl, was the win
ner-a superb gray bird.
'I'he sheriff of Elizabeth City, Va., explains
how it camne about that a white girl was pub
licly whipped in his county. He states that
shei was convicted of steaoling a pair of shoes
and a pair of stockings, and was given the
opftion of thirty ldays in jail or lifteen stri pes,
emiphasis being placed on the former punish
tlent. 1tll the girl and her rmothor, too, in
sisted upon having the whipping and an ill
ietdliatt, release, and the constablet, a colored
moan, (-eell tedl the sentenoce. 'lThe prisoner's
clothing, however, was not ri.movivd, and the
constable did not exert himself, aind the only
spetctator was the sheriff himself.
..-------- 04-- ....--
Four masked mien wre captured while
ransacking a house in the cou!ntry, a few
nights ago. They becarme very indignant
when accused of burgl ry, and ox plained that
they were only Kearney mien, and were fol
lowing Dennis' advice making ain equal di
vision of a "hloattId bondholder's" property.
The explanatfoni was very ingenious, but it
availed thenm not.
They tell about t,e weather being so hot in
Jully that it hatched eggs in cases on the rail
road. That won't wash. We rniight have be
lievedl that the eggs were baked in the ears,
but no railroad egg was ever sound enough to
hatch.-jLowell Courier.
In the near future the bore, instead of car
rying an autograph album, will have a phono
graph concealed upon is person, which he
will produce at the unhappy moment arn re
quest his victim to shoot a few words;ittite
to remember him by.--[Oil City Derrick.
"How greedy you are!" said one little girl
to another, who had taken the best apple in
the dish; "I was going to take that."
SpeecheM by Col. Reeves, Capt. E. E.
Ildd, Col. R. It. Todd and S. D.
McEnery, Enrq.
[CorresDondence of the Democrat.]
MONRoE, August f19, 1578.
There was a large and enthusiastic gath
ering of the Democracy of Ouachita in Mon
roo last Monday evening. to ratify the action
of the Baton Rouge convoution. A great
many prominent gentlemen were present from
the parishes of the Fifth Congressional Dis
trict, convoked to nominate a candidate for
Congress. The meeting was called to order
by 8. D. McEnery. Esq.. Capt. W. P. Ren
nick taking the chair.
Col. Reeves, of Tensas, first addressed the
assembly. tIe took occasion to speak first
with regard to the nomination of Major
Burke, saying that, while he would have sup
ported Col. Richardson, and while he recog
nized in Co(I. Mon.!lre a Iman whorm Louis
ianians loved, a thorough gentleman and a
noble-hearted patriot, he thought Major
Burke worthy of the honor dolne him at
Baton Rouge. He said: "Major Burke has
done us an inestirmable service. Through the
inlluence he wielded at Washington and his
bold assertion of our rights he secured to
Louisiana the blessings of home rule. I fully
and heartily Indorse the nomination of this
able and successful champion of our rights.
"The great question," pursued the Colonel,
"that camie before the convention was that of
instructing for the calling of a cronstitutional
convention at the earliest possible moment.
I thank tIeaven there was a resolut,ion to this
effect. Since the le)rcr'cratic party caine into
power I have thought itincumbiiint on us, both
to vindicatre our self-respect andcm hilrulor ini the
e-yes of the world as well as flrom motives of
interest and Ilicy, to utterly repudliate the
infamous, fore-hbogotten, iei od-dyed wreck
andl ruin cmestitutiion of 1865, and frame a
now organlic law for ourseilves." HIii gave his
reasons in full for his opinion on this subject,
and then proceerldi to discuss national qutrs
tions and our inte-rests in C(Iongress. Ilis
speech was emphatic aunl his views well rle
Capt. . E. Kidld, of Jackson, was next
a Idtlupon. Hisap l, ra l was greetedi with
hearty applaruise. Ie ber'gain his sfpeedt by nio
tiring thre p iresenrc of srveral ge'ntlim'en who
had this nirerling brrn sacrificed on tirhe altarr
of their country in the nominations for (Con
gress and the State Sielat- ; irfnd referring to
tiheir present enuthusiasml observed that this
seemirdel ti he a feast of the disappointrt ld. He
said he was haippy to rmrannounce that, ars for
himself, "though slightly dilsiguried., h' was
still in thle irng." lie, spoke of the action of
the Bliton Rouge (convention in tihe hig-hest
terms of commrentlation. He said: "The
voice of t.he peorpli his rbeen heard- the i.st
vt'stigr of .l ltadicl misruile shuill be wiped out
forever. The ljudgmient has been ,ndnlered
by the highelst couirt of appeal, It rnds: 'It
is ordered, ladj.iu dged anlld tl dicreedi that the
legaicy of infalrmy is repuluiated; thart tlhe
irecordl of our ipolitical dl'gradatii)n ltt torl
friomi itds lids rrild snrttuatterid to the winds, antil
that ther, be a constitution for Lourrisiarna lby
SLouisianiians.' " le orintinued : "'Ihe, rights
( of the colIored ipeople ii the new constitutionl
shall ald will ei lprotected. They have ini
iner i( ti a frlr, anld I for one desire that thir
new organic law of Louisimana shaill t'iach
for tihe presnt, and priophirsy for!ever, their
entire safety milner I)lurocratic governm t''ll-r.'
"Touching iiupon ouri policy in iCongress, ier
sa.i tihatu prrri mliotien lernst st(lhp ail to
give Dlaco tir nirlateriia isilres. The' So!uth d'
rrranris that thie Missisipili be I-veced;
that a rLailroaid fre( from i' ee annll snow Ie. c(x
ti ndied t e tr Parcific. We have beul trnrek
f lin lg orl enough to Northern seutirtilmnt. 'Tle
Soritihi'nw ,,b.ps forward, and by bold self
' assertion will liherie, rti h ldertiurl u.l her right's.
In nobile acrnd inspirinig Iunguagige Mr. Kidli
Sdrew the pitur re of theI' fulturer glory and riiug
nifi-nrir' of' the Souith, thrrough literal and ii pa
triotic lIgislation, "' when prosperity like tihe
tire'ath of sir'rilg shall earnri, making grreetn
and bearruuttifii t nil fitrniolt us. iand ther halpyll)
notes of themr ickinrg ilrds shall flhrrtoitfnrl'riomi
thre orange groves andli vialla-r'r. Ibowers orf
lIiorishinrg nm hadi ' liorir h 's."
called out. ali d(liliivered rIn fblin and stbt,'s
manlike spe'ech. Ito iimlorsid all that tlhe
litt:n Irlnge Convnrtion had drrone. II' srok
in the highest t'rmi of tho o'I'rvie(s of Major
llurke. an'i rleilared the're was noti r an in
h'lnlisiallna that, had done l molre Ior the
speople of the State. It wasn diuae, he beliieved,
to I;ulrke's atble irnnagemrn!t of our alff airs lit
Washington that Nicholls was now Gove'rnor
of Louirsiana1., (land the baton of hrrne Irle
was in thi hands of the intelligent and ihoinst
represerttlyive. of thie people.
"I indo)rse fr en the bottom of my heart,"
he co('tinued, "tLh resolution inslrr'!ting the
Legislature to call a cornstitutionial conven
tion at the earliest possible oimiilent. I favor
ed a constitutitonlal con vellntion iibecausei we
wantled a constitution. We had nun.e of oir'
own, and the one which was ordcrid I. was
ralically defeitivew and ia disgrace to our elo
ple. Fellow citizens, the highest privilege of
a free piople is tho frame their organic law.
This privilege was denied us. The constltu
tlon of 1518( was rnmade; under the portantous
shadow of Federal bayoniets; and were that
constitution perfect in ev.'y particular, it
would he no constitutiron, and I would spurn
it froim lrs to le free from a sense of shame
and in vindli(cation of the rmanihood rof our
peoplei "
('ol. T'odd adverted to national politics, and
nade an able expose of the principles and
policy of the lDemocratic party. ltel.rring to
thei principle; of State rights and horne rule,
said he: "I do not hl'sitati' tl dieclar', that the
only hope of the rnainltillance and perpetiua
tion of republican institi tions and of the lib
erties of our people lies in tIre nforcemernt of
andrl the angtraftiir. on the policy of thei .gn
eral government of those gr'at prir('apl ,es
that cctnstitute the basis aril groundwork of
the Democratic party." Certain ideas, he
said, once fondly cherished had been dissi
poted by the war'. "Buit," sarid he, "I deny
that the rsu lts of(, the war arnd thei adoption
of the anmrldrdlenlts have changel the charac
te;r of ourr governlmerLnt and convertedIL it irtto a
centralize(d dispotisrn, or replublic, if you will.
No! a thousand tirnt's no! T'h:e principle of
htlorn rule will suirvivie, o t' reasserted in tlhe
l'fiture triuminphs of the party of constitu
tional liberty. It is a principle which existed
before the Fedeer'al constitution was firainxue'
which the constitution was draLired to ce)rtise
erate arnd plerpetuate, which was planted en
ourr shores wit the cerring orf our firs st colony.
'The love of thre people of Louisiana for this.
principle should ble intensified by thet recol
eUtion tihat here, uplon our soil, this right re
ceived its greatest ,low, andri he.re, in our Stalte,
was wRitnlssed thLre most infamousll and sham.fe
Ie is violation of' State sovereignty and rights,
when the minions of Federal power'-- thLe paid
janissaries of a corrupt dynaity--invaded'l the
sacred precirncts of our l'gislative halls, and
at the point of thre bayonet drove fronrt their
seats the chosen representatives of the people.
I rejoice in the prospect, nay certainty, that
in a few sihort mIlonths thie ) Drnmocratic part;
will have control of both houseis of Congress;
but notwithstandling this our triumrph will
not he complete, for thil antagonistic iforces of
States' rights and free goverrrnimnt on one,
hand, and c'ntralization and usurpation (,on
the other, will be arrayed against each other
in a mirghty struggle in the lpresid(lential con
test of -18j0. I believe ourir f'eS will ibe led by
that arch enemy of the South and free gov
I ernment, (;en. Ulysses S. Grant. But the
r solid South, whreeling into line with the na
tional Diemocnracy, under the leadership,
shall I say, of that gallant sodlier, but morel
glorious chanmpln of the sulpremacly of the
law an i the subordinatlon of the militarv ;co
the clvil authority, d(en. Winfield Scott la,n-'
cock, will move on Lo a' final victory over the
cohorts of centralization."
Col. Todd spike encouragingly of the levcin
and Pacific railroad bills, and expressed,, the
belief that an enlightene!d tatesmrransrilt
would soon acomniplish these mighty enter
M. U. MEnory, Esq., of Ouachita. clocAd ch.ira
speeclhes with a short ibut anlmraterl and e"n
thusiasti.c address, in which hIe delared the
Denrocrcrty of Ouachita united, sihoulder to
shoult'r, and that with the colored voters,
who would have t1he privilege of 'rgli.serinl
and voting, they would swoop the parish by
an ovc'wewhlming majority for Burlko and tre
constitution. 'IThe concluslon of his rnemarks
was hail,'d with shouts and cheers, and fth,:
meeting adjournedI. itr er.
The committee on resolutions presented the
following. which were uinanimously adoptrl_
Whereas, trh action of the Democrat c,!c
Conserv;.,tiv. party of the State of Louisiana.
at its recrnt convention at Batoin Rouge on.
the fifth of A ugitst. has indicated in emphatcl,
terms tlh' principles and policy of the party
of thiis Hi teL in the approacthinlg canvass, and
has cio .;n as its stanldard-bearer Major E. A.
Burke. of the city of New Orleans, for tthe
(,flic of State' Treasurer', and In ter!lls un!is
takal, lhave anniounced the voico of thl.
people of 'his State as decidedly In favor of
the all iof a constitut.loal convention; in
view of the para.mount importance to suctesR.
in politieJsI contests of the concession of per
sonal pr'judices and partialities and the
unity of sin.c5.'1 and zealous co-operation for
the con.; r!ona goodl, thorofore,
It'mol,'rI. 'lThat we fully ippr'ovie ndtl inldoren
the I" 'elp'ie anrd expression olf the senti
mrllOlt- i nol;unlle'I in the resolutions of the
lic.,mcr atie-( c'ionervative party at, Batoar
irouge 'on theo fifth of August, andl pIltlg' tin
their sippo.,t and the triu rphant h clection (of
Ma,,jo(r E.I. A. Hurko our zealo(us and active tlu
I. olv rrd. Thlat whatever ma y have bleen the
dliiftOre tt' i'f ildividual oL(pilioin as Pt the pro-.
priety or policy of catlling a conveintlton tfs
adiopt awnl ,,stablish a new constitution for the
State o; L, uisiana, the action of tChe envorn
tion haslin thoritti vely and unel llquivocally Odp'
termiinc,,l ttl.t quepstion in the aiflirnativt, a.nd
it. sholill[ anlie will, in spirit and in fact, recteiti,
our i Ith re, .l arnetist and zealous supporit
R .liwel, , That in view of the great Ihuport
lanr.'e .1, the uC(:c'ess of the m)pocrl"ifatiric-(on
s,'rvatl.i"'r ps.rty of this State in the alpprotLch
intg etItct intl, lnot only is to its policy of r1dli.t
cil rf'er'.ml 1f thi. abLhuses and us!8urpations ofC'
l.ftdllitJ! rtie i'ul, but ill consi,'derationi also of
the nllt,,'a!tv inl the presidential contest IPr
18.50, !tVw -gui nticirantily prt.oathhil g, of utter iy
routing i t1l t lefeiating the It:1dial part.y, we
eatrnr.utly ,^1:ll Iupon1 all )Dellrocrai.ts to r:conid(c'c
the vst it niportarltc'o, toth State andltl natitoaai,
of the i.ss-n, ionvolved, and urge1 acl,t tve, z'eallots
eifforts to lofetP.at andt forevti'r iput at, rest tir.
last effort, of li.rvlicalisrnfol' spoil and lphlnd;r.
R. W. ElimAtis i.ot;,.
.d. P. PA'iRKEl.
It, was rott and votedl that thits' prrl'o.,c'K
ings of tho meeting be puhlishcbd in thc, r),
thita 'f;tI/graph .tland Netw ()Ortins lUs ImO(:TA C'.
i Whelupon thme mI'ting tladjollrnc'tl.
W. P. JsNWIncK, ChairdrlDnrs
I DAl'I ToDD, Secrtary.
Movements and Programmes of the Meve
ral Parties.
Owing to tlh fact that the sickness an (i de.-e
tituttion in this city occtupy the public minr
to tho a, lmo;it entire exclusion of every othlcyr
s-ubjlet., very little atte.ntion has lately hfow
paid to or inte rest manifested in politics.
Notwithstarlding this, however, the lo(leroI
and workers'l of the oeveral parties have bee.,
anrl a;r, still, engaged In an active but qu(Ii',
ca.nvaiss for the coming election.
.ar working hard and carefully, watchinL.t r .'
noting oaie move of their political opponents,
and ire prepared to take ,advantatge of riv'er
thing and ianything which can be us;d ,l r
their i iR anelloment.
Thor is is In intention of standing by auit
quietly.4 witnriesitng the coming batl . Tl, oy
iprop cse, as far as possible, to keep their peart..
orgranized ;rad drilled, and although it is pr.'
bable they will not put up a , mal in li oppi-"
tion to Ma(jor E. A. Burke (considelring hire,
as they do, too strong to be beatenli, or nomrii,
nate a Iparish ticket, their intention at thlic;
time is toI rltun ulclcn in the several (congrnw
sional districts. and there arel' no Irndic'itiions"
of anything ,occu;rring to cause' 'a ciiig
I urpose.
are making a notablestir, but are not consi4d
:redl by the leuders of either the Is'uillt;raStir
or Replicti iani party sufficiently stLron)g to is
feared or to make an illiince an obijicit.
Their Sita te convention, now inl s+,iii o, wil.'
bring the party into the cattmpatigni by tle
imitiniation of a State ('rea.murer 'ind 'io -
gressiorial ticket, and there ca(n be ino llilou!bi
that the names put forward will re'ceive r.iii
the support that the party can. give t hBeier, anr
that Fas hard ia fight in the party isa apaile of
will bt:e maide to secure their elcti:lln. Th'-.
representation from the counltry in the coPr
vention is scimall. The exact niuIflei'r, Ihow
iever, ini attendanice will not be knowln uL-tii
to-dc y.
'ht adldress of the
has ibeenl recl eivei with "tlrmlst i vlrllv.!'al ai,
provdal, and there can he rno doubti tilia. tei'
oppiortunirty o'ffered by the ceirnritite' to pe!r-.
sons dli:sir.'ulis cif hecomtling merilis' lc to eIrirol.
the.mselves will be taken! adv artlage iof by i
latrge, numrl ler, anld that the ro',lls of the: ai-'
'iciationi will be consiilc'rably i.increc'S.
While the oi'jects of the asscOiAtion ar.e
gerierally approved, there s'eiins to, be 'rn
sidetrable doublt of the ability of the: orrgani
Zation toi carry out these iobjects if it .,hdldh
so hlIappen tihat the ward biutller:- lland prlr"
fissional politicrialns should g ,ie nit 'rlc, of
the parishl conivention. It is f'arie'di tha the' tir
ad'i ' and appeal.s will not be s iiuf iily p'o
tent to as.i,enate; a, sufniienlt nlilif er r., ' i lf h
voters frorm thei mass of the s'ivrl Ii iiL'Vi ''
either to dii feiat any peirLticul r iiticket or I i,'k
it4, or to 'lI"t o.,nc which theiy t f te n
tioin, may put up.
is working liar]d hut quietly. Io., orgi uiTc
tion of thb.' party ir, . tioroiiuglh arid cooi r t+"
thaft; tie'i"' -i- very -i-i-R
wort'k to lie done.
THE" r(rH,:OfRD 37FN'S PIROTE'rTiV- T5IO:1;
are lookiig a'roiinid for a ehaic ti ia i i:
-iimrewirJ'', aindi arte open to prl' .i i,i ,
The org.inizationi, it is claiunid nubohers o,
tweeni 2l00 and :i(i(if leo lbe'ns, ianI I'w aniai"
,her are conistn.tly reei(; veil.
PElt"l,:. AL.
Dr. Wa rren Stone returneld y-s1,4 dhi, frol:
Port Ead-, looking as fine a. - v r -:.Pf,. i;,
arduour work and splhmndid fiaht age.,. t fa,.
yellow fover there. rep . t, .. i,
c.ase., which are left in the h; rl-. r ri
de.nt physician. These patiein- . nl
well, and yvelliw fever at P t: ..: . I,.
nr.onsider"d rlnow a9 a thing of a .
c(ongratulate the Doctor iup~, -
Port Ead.,l and particularly hia"
good fort iune in linding in gitur, h ' 0
return hi.r cbhidreln, who had I .. .: , v ¢
;with the yellow fever during r ' - d
who, under the, able care of I ir.
now doing ae well a. could ",,

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