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andj Ii I)eard(II 1If'jKrldra Nu
Act No. 44 DvI1airl to lB Unuof1ltitutionnl
anld theR State AuthoritieR lhijoiied
from Elforcing It.
Jiidrl' P IIgln/ ' yo'eiýyF terll erp'lidr( Pnotn'R
Inaly li nuthv'l' Itf1'' In t11n('3 r of (I LonIIFI
Rnri State( Us~l'f i I nionu vM.. lho Fltzvattrlnk'
et ail.
ThIn fo!Iowirga 1 n 1vlI3!(31l olf th oilnion
Rtid Ow full I wo?~ ofll Ila 1"oree:
TroE 1I,01 1NANS R'ARI(' Il''Ml"rEIIV '()MPANY C'Ir AII.
'in e iomllMinlllii blat 1it l pr hlil l111n ii lln
(lritilt (olturt of ihi' Unlted HPat.. uunder lthe
permnleliton coll "!frled In an act of (conglreas all
provep Mlar'h :1. r·,. whllt. vestedI ithoe R notrtl
with "origitlnd o'g an,.ell e iof all Pllts of a 'lvil
naturnt iat ,olntlll law or in iequity, arising
under te ionit i ltio lon mid laws of the United
ltat4et' or Itr-otlte made orII which shall bie made
under thelr mhlliiithrty." 1 Stlatutes at Latrge
lhf. 7t , P.I 47o. The 'lvil ijuriedletion of thisi
lcourt. was bIy this statute ll niargeld to lthe entire
extent of the nt uditll plwer dlelvaitted oI the
(oingres iby thie Itrmi of the constitution. Prior
to thi statute tloe jurir.ulltioni of thi court de
rendid il t groat measure ull. pont the ivrolll
ti'n or characlor of the uiinles, and upon
varitilcur laws of the Uiniited States; this
statulte viste a jullrihdietlotn of all i'uunc.
which may involvie I he iufltorcement of the
constitutioln, Ilaw andi trletlles of the Unlitd
S.ltiR Iin thl ir diltertnl till tion. The jurldle'
tion thus I q1411rll d Iollprohollnds RII whli'h
the United l a Illtea iorI 1.a t, llviTles or agent. m11y
bring in lItn lisah.iarge of iticial iduly under the
'onstitutiion. IlIws or trentli, ll and suh as may
I1t man.rllittatl'n'o eIaltu. delln Il.taue Of (ao"llhI
axls er fithligations, llhsid"R these are cmbraced
the vis's hltwoon Indivilunla ndoorplrathloe
ihltre t hLo olllustll'tution, lawi or treaties of the
United Htiilo shall fitrlm the Immediate and de
terlminlnlg osline iof the Icontrovery,. and this
fact iR exhnltile t Io thle court In nch firm that
the icourt oian Iuke icognUliatln of It. Until the
qleetloun is n s ubmlnlttedd andI 1 thus madi, tlhe
indlolll power .does not attach. Prior to this
ntlictment the powers which the Conigress had
not bestowed lItlpn the Federal courts by legis
lative proviltsiols wire dolrmant, bhecatlse thati
authority had not dii llnatetl the tribunal whlich
slhold Ice a.thiorlved to iomnloy them. This In
tertretat ion of this clause of the constitution In
announcedl. i n artin vs. Iunlllter, 1 Wit. t:ll
Osbornt vs. Ihluk, ii Whi. :ua; Altemln vs. Boith,
21 How. B1ol: Maiyor vs. (tioiver. Wall. 247:
Cbtianl vs. Virgiia i. Whi. 2,4i and Bank of tlhe
United Hiun,on vs. Iltoorts. 4 on00n. :2:1.
The oillnoulhnu brllt-iy rocites the allega
tions in the hill of comlntllnt, to wit: 'l'le
graniting lto it biy the Legislature o.urlorate
rights and privileges for it terni of twenty- lve
ears, thll Dllllt f mollllney to the Htate unldner
heIharter, thile nljoytnt of rights. 1111ti tile
DilSIUge oti tile hut ontlnlg act by the Legislatture,
the ritttsull of the 'Hath to aoaneot fulrther Ipay
menta of money, that thei act impairs the oblil
gation of a onti i t ett anlld thllat the (Junral A
snmbly Ini tPrln4Ig It have violated the prohlblt
tory clause of the , tnsitutlin. "'l'hese flots
thus arrived at disii uIne a Ones arishiu under
the onstitullion of the United atles.' Con
tlulning, the court sahld:
The t4tiret ('rl urt of the United States In
respollt to tho clause of the .tonstit;ution em
ihdted in the not of iConugress determining the
jiurldlietlon of the Ciriolit (Jourt Rays: "The
biower undlller onlsheration is galvn in general
termsi: no llmitatroul is impltosld. The ibroadent
lanau ga in used. i tll -'tasse so aristing are em
bracetd. Vin nie are p.cludl tow jurisdlition
shall hie ajutlred by the inferior courts,
whether it nhIall he original or appellate, or
original In part, and aDpielate in Dart and the
manner of itrooodllre in Its exercise after
it has been acrquired are not presortbel. The
constitutiont is silunt upon the suibject. They
are remitled without clheck or limittihon to the
wisdom of the LlIslature t(Oonresst. Matyor
vs. Coolnr. Wiall. 247.
The ait, of i6T, grant 1to the Olrouit Court
" original ci)giglianon of all an 'h cases."
To sustain this point Judae Billings quoted
from I Wall. Supta. and, nontinuing, eahl: "A
cane arining tiun-ir the constitution having
been prreenttol to the Oiroult Court the lans
tion contes tno whether the oase be one In which
the tlaintlifs have a title to an injunction," and
In the conshleralion he reverted to the fact that
the allegatlons In the bill of complaint had not
been denied, nor in there any question that the
act of the Legislature repealing the charter le
the only obstacle to the continuance of the cor
poration. nor that, all departmentR of the State
government have sancti oned its validity. Lou
Islana State Lottery Ctomnpany vs. Rlohbaux. yt
An. 743: act No. 17 of 1875. approved April a.
It was decidld shortly after the constitution
of the United Statoe was made that "the rights
legally vested in a corporation cannot be con
trolled or destroyed by any subsequent statuti,
unlens a power for that purpose be roservel'to
the Legislature in the ant of incorporation."
Wales vs. 8tetson. 2 Mass. 140.
Judge Billngs dwelt noon this ruling, which
he sald had Ibeen ctioncurred in by the Supreme
Court of the Untled States and the courts of the
United titats., "with a degree of unanimity
which h rdly any o- her opinion has obtained'
and he refeirred to Dartmouth Collegen vs. Wooi
ward. 4 Wh. rits; State Bank vs. Krump, 16 How.
3:t; Haw, horn vs. Colif. 2 Wall. le: Blnghamton
Bridge v , (thenango, :1 Wall. rt. The point
made Ih the Attorlney Goneral of the State that
the charter could be repealed "for the reason
that the I ranuollje was for the drawing of lot
tories," a i . tpased 1pon,. the court rullng that
"the anti orltlen are overwhelmingly against
the ptositl in talkes by ihe Attorney General andl
his assoe, do. for while lotteries are reprobated
ai havln an Immoral tendenoy." "neverthe
less, who i the grant ot the rlaht to draw lotter
ies htas tn 'in the form of an absolute contract
tilhe culrts ilavo treated the responibilillly of Its
exvecutlln. as resting entirely with the Loglsla
ture. and have idalt with It as carrying the oh
ligations which its torms import."
The conrt then, in further conslderation of
the iuocatlon, lait down the proposltlons:
First-That a llmore Ilicense to draw lotteries
whilch is not Iinspanlable from the executive
functions of a oirDporation, and whlnh has not
Iteen nto o upon and under whloh no rights
have been vesnte may eI, repealed by any snuc
ceeding Legimalet iure of the State in which it is
granted; andl. , mndu tlhat, whien a Illnnse to
iraw lotteries has Ilat actnd upon and under
it rlghts have bont vestued, i. cannot tie with
drawn by the Ilalntt itur nl to the projtdlie of
theose rights. and the power of tilhe Ltgisitatur
to recall or modify it to tl that extent gone.
These propositiohns w.'rec argued at eonsideir
ablelingth, and to .stablish themgn titotntattlns
and references as follows, were malRdot: DI)t
vs. Caldwell, 2 Robithson Rep 211-273; the Sltat,
vs. Jacob Hawthorne. 9 MIwoulrl litp. Ian:; 'he
lan vs. the lmtumouwealth. 1 Rtolintson (Vir
nginia) Ilit,. 7.; Sta'R vs. 'Phnlan atid tiHIyne. :
Huilnt ilgtin l,'tt. 441 ; (rigiory vs. the Trusteen
of Shehty College. t MAti'alf (Keutucky) It trp.
as9; Phehtll vs. Slate of Virgitini. Howard 11n:1
The court ahid fullhrtr that not alone ithl
refereonoe to lott-rie.ts was the Immorality of tIl
conslderatlon revoked, and to stalblish I that
the rulings and ll d tliois had b)uion the sameli.
referno.nt was made to (t.lhorno vs. Nicholson.
13 Wall. csi; liyea vas. 8,tilo. 1 n Will. lrans ol
maH Vy. the Inu.nalllo (IO. Ii Wall. (t ; hi. anul
W. U. Co. vs. KINg. I Ottit.l.
ThL, luoiltion takt i- thuI court. as nt firth in
ihi' two lrtllaslit ti ntR 111 et1 thttlsht d biy hll.
aultit irtttus refirred to, wanli onlarged uilpoii aiiiii
oliihorathedl at mid'lel1lllrabllo ollngth, nl t HllIe avor
t11tI'nt ill lia hllllt olf aInticI ildt were tak'nll ulp
tttnd ,'u-nilhrd u-r le hl t hhilutnilltt Ie ohar.t'r f(t
t11e l ihtil ltt i d iiii fiiilth''i 'n (IIs t Lt iu o iihah I Mtate l
til trv t'tni llm1ny, l. 1 w tl r the righti. lild. liy
i'-ttt :umtpiy rV'it in it tiur'it -r fratutIne .si-n was in
,tlrtd ito ii. itl iiit r an xtonivlhnc review cif
itllo tli th t ll , i'i t -ite tc',ou lrt d anld id thal II'ii
qAtlutis.sa of ithtt irp-i ortinc, dl(v t to llllgn toi
1lonua!.. Inlll di|, t,, t lli { (orotl rate b ,dl-,.
lholtin' li yv a Ilyg I 'l.11,rtiv g Te, n lr u, lullt dh 1itd
thitn " itthe '· ,l ntlll liii Iiio I.f nr7u, tIioun, a t
o ilrtl l tsl '1nke n\ ay iit t l ltri ll ulltl rihst
Iof t lni Lotull.i'iai itItli oltirti jnotitunany. Thcll
!nletirl hSlit.'- lull sulih righ' Ti itqluitation of
rlaht huin hin inliultshed la well A thtnil oll
w"l1. nor om ne inltun , Iiy 't'l untl-lla u tillu, the i n-s i
vtvon didt[int ti nt- , n-lull irtd', t wh ifhtr thi l-
llon,. te. l ilO W t' o he fran h o a ti
rit4h ofli tha l t lii tr or tl l.t l for Itol tit y (i'1
1114 ol th, wriF t f SntaHil th d m.l I't:leI."
r, tionall ,·tl l haI t the hrhi b itithn -l tho
tlltld nitI .,-i a i 2 which i b inceHs fr a the
Slt. let ,,f Ith:. wtiln h i r.htcourits cad unr t the
dn gslrnrl n- in citlg >ury t a atate Couvnt
Quth curt ,'hu, 'ati t1, h>cae q.ted bY olh,
diltion and action of the Federal court after It
had obtalned full jurisdictlion of the person
and of the snbijet matter. I see no answer to
this reasoning.
In sotport of tbhis position the court cited
Dnvatath Ov. OCamln ilatlroad it(orltany. Bal
dornlo U(. . Il.. ,i 2:a ; Aewold va. Bank of the
United Btate5. 1. WI.. 74o, nnd many others, oan
after an elaborate nrgamtneut delildedl that Ithe
Iljin'ttilon rnuat Islus laol ronder.ed the fol
In the Clroult Court of I- , United Rltatn, lis
tritr of LoulesItmnlti--olotItsta Lottery Cnolm
allny At I.. vs. ,John FI.zIlrtelk et alt. Thls magO
was Ismiltted lto the (llourt upon tlhe hill, afll
davitI and c.lllter amfldavits wit a mnotlon for
ain InljUIoltttl, and t w ar glrUe t IIY the soltcittort
of tlhe lhalntiffs Ralii by the Attlrlne (General
and Assistant Attorney (leneral for the detend
oln111 'nInslleraIlin of the preinls1es, tho
colirt de-laNe 1114d lin Ier.e that tillh act No. 44
oif the General AseemIly of the tltale. at Its AIs
Aioll of 111!t , ant naphroved the iwenty seyctnthr
of Martf, ft7l. ot pI iLred theR obliatllno o f tile
contract elrltl dltn lr Itegilaltver aclt No. rm
of ti. A Ch A Rton of the ijelrril AHr.lullnlly of .ta6R,
Incirporatnlal the Llouitim i Ittatol) Lottery
(Coprtmnllny. and teprivet Ihlie siltd tortloatlon of
rights. franchises and ,rllieges therein
gratlntd, witlhout proces of lIlw, andI the said
I ltt NIl. 44 I illnoperative i so far as tite lame
aabroglttos the ohartr of Ithe said corlporation or
iprobltllli it frolln conduclting and ctarrying on
I lh tllltSIlA tllhere APrt. ofolll by their board of
dilr Itro,ll t fflers, n en.l. emlioyeAIs. and that
tile setd ,omntalny 5 legaHlly entitled to establlish
and authorirtl a lottery or series of lotteries.
antid to sll and llspose of lottery tickets, policy
omilnmilatlons, Ib-vices and certleticates and frae
tional Iparts tiereof, and to dispose of landsd in
Iplrsunltiltle the! pilR tovilons of said cat No. 25
of tlhe year 181;s . for thle priod of twenty-five
ryers from tlle firRt of Janulary, t189.
The coulrt orduer anlid decrees that an Injulne
tionl I1s5ue to tile defendants requiring theml to
t refrain from anly lnterruptiort or disturbantCl
ot the said plaintiff ,theilr oftleers, r' ents, em
aI tlioyees and servantt in the exerciAse of any of
tie rlights and privileges aforesaid, or in the
mnanneLment anld prostetion of the hsineAns
SApItolIied ill the charter of thle said ltompIty.
Ittnder or in vlrtlueof anything contaln ti in Ihe
Sact, No. 44 of the General Atsettmtly Iforealnti.
captproved and romulgated th.e tweuty-sventh
io March. 1579.
i hen's natural mineral matzeltor water. im
ported direct, at. low trices, at Miller A D1)il
Pay your iapitall tax and IState Iloluns.
The hoys of the OJreaeut C(ity ltattlfollt pro -
B nounce the Challnmllano ide Montignl first-ples.
Advantages of that Oa.tal to Now Orleans.
The survey of the lihe along which I hn Plaque at
minots parish eanal Is to be dug was begun in
June last. resumed a week ago. and is now 'onl
Vieated. (Capt. . Uncas Lewis retutrned from
the survey on Hunday evening and gives most
ennouraging reports of the work. The P'liclle
mines Canal Company was incorporated by net
of the Legislature, approved March 1., 1RH95, au- p
thoriving the company to deepen the Taglia- V
fero clanal. antu to construct a new canal by the
nearest and most direct. line to Bay Ilaptiate.
Capt. Lewis Informed us that the plan of op
erations is to be as follows:
Tagllafero canal, running into the Mississlppi e"
river three miles below Pointe-ala-lachbe. is to
be wldened 25 feet and deepened 5 foet for the c
present, with nrospeots of further improve- I'
mentu. Tagliafero canal is Ii mile in length
and emptles into iranud bayou.
The llue of survey follows Grand bayou to a
where the new canal is to be beguu. It will be
one-half mile long twenty-five feet wide and 1t
five feet deep, and is to connect Grand bayou
with Bayou Ohenier. and thits new canal opens
Into the latter bayou at, a point directly opposite
Bayou Bocols. which empties into Bay Bam
b ,Is. This bay is connected by Barou l bp
t tste with Bay Baptiste, an arm of Baraticrla
hay. The proposed canal, connecting with the l
I bayous and hays ab ve mentionued, makes ther
distance from the beginning of the Tagliatero
c anal to Granud Isle about twenty-five miles. utII
Sfrom New Orleans to Grand Isle sevenuty-five
ta miles. By the usual route fro.m New Orleans
Sto vGrand Isle t dstance is between ninty- a
t five uand ae m+ t about thirty miles of
,t it through dreary, sultry and uninhabited
a swamup lands. The advantages to the traveling
a public iy the proposed route
e The trip by boat d wn the Mississippi river
is recreating and affords the passenger op or
tunittes of enjoying the It autitul sceneries of
cultivated fields and Oine plantations. Then a
short iourney of one mile and a half through '
Canal eraglatero brings them to Grand bayou.
After a trip of sel miles of canals Bay Baptiste
is reached, and then Baratana bay. E
Yeeterday the dredageboat hags digging the a
new canal between Grand ba you and Bayou
h Chenter and after completing it, thetaskofwi
denloaanal Tagliafero will commence. Work
e will be pushed forward as vigorously as possl
ble and in a few months the tripo
TO RtbAND 181
I- can be made by a short, pleasant and delight- 5
r. fully plesturesque route. The lugger trade will
n also be benefited by this new rout, btty the fact,
t that the voessels have to be poled through the
it oanals by the old route. whilst with the pro
n posed system of communloations with Grand
Isle they have to go through only six miles of
It bayou, the rest of the voyage being through
tt open bays.
od Mr A. hicols is at the head of the company.
d and Iby his energy has succeeded in pushing
- matters to their present state, whloh bit fair to
continue prosperous. OGn. Ileauregard pro- I
nounoes himself In favor of the Plaquemines
Have costs by paying State license and capital
Of tax now.
SGreat reduction in prices of photographs at
'e Washburn's.
s The best artist and Ijst elegant poser is now
with Lillenthal.
· ---***· - ---
) The wine most sought after now is the Cham
pa- gne de Moutigny.
0 olgel's extra dry chtlamplagne in miniature
bottles, pints and quarts, at very low pr;ice, at
c Miller & DPinlman's. Nos, Re, na and 54 South
S't.etrs street.
Death of the Ivuiane Doorkeeper at the City
it Insane Asylum.
tt Any onet wiho hcas ever visited then City Inanne
A Asiylluml onu1ll ncvr have entetred I's dislnal
I- plrtals wilthout ating Fred liBrown. for hit wasl
Snot onllly one of the cl est Inmates, tbut tlhodor
n knoeer. BaUt noiw Frid thas gonl! tIo koltv wlltt'il
Sat another gato iin anothei' r world, 11-' died Hun
t day night. lnd it was fron go.niccral dlbility.
r- While ice was alvl' tnid lhad clarg ofi tht gnt.
ihe w as faitlht l I a ht i isk.,i athogllc h ca nctin
l witlhouta mind. 'l'htc ,,flitori ofl c the priol were
very fonl of hlim, for Ito ioIi til put -xplllit
Itohflclcnee in himn, a teits ,elu. l will show. I I, '
wat ts pla'ed in the aslytlltl MuIt ic. +lii7, and wits
daiscqharged oil August 7 of thf simeicc yc'ar.
Bult in Hopltnlltihetr follolwing ihe wanq aLatln
ticphced in the acluom. It so havtt-oied that thi,
enepors took a flcncy to Fred tlid platted him ui
,t .large of the gIti., and hi+ tius artitHinidei tot Its
I chargtc for the Vast ti-n yIuarc flithful;y.
Otnldaly one of the fnemale ilnuat'es dressed,
bherselt in the lcloth's of one of th e t il yt' oft
of the ticp'e, and with a blcuckt't on hier arm acld cc
ibroom on heershoulderatp'ared t thegat.. und
l- a't nlllted to pils out.
l Fro seirsod he'r. and calling tht captlain ol
. arlnlm, ttrned her o)ver to him., snying: " flhe
cI-tould n .t fool me with all her f.iltvy dris.c."
OIl acnother occaslon severail of tl,he illmatei
it 'oncpii'cril togethier to gct outt of thu rIs ln. and
a Ivaiiccilag on thcl aithful door-ko-tpor, tried it,
rb hlim of thie keys. I-, foughllt thei largio cdlli
fc as oinc as ihe. eltl, and when they w'rc about
ito vtnulltillh hillm he thrust the keys ,over the1
fo't~ce I lto th. sItreit, tlhus preventing i wholl'
t salo delivery of maniau s.
The wine won b. y th.. Cr-cennct Rifleo on thic
d0 ty of their ompetltlve drill was the Clcham
p. gnc' de MonIt Igl,.
\ Yesterday there arrived in this city from San
Antonio. Texts. via the Louisiana and Ttxas
5 Railroad. a little girl aged ten years named An
r toinette Kuhn. who cacme here with the hopes
. of finding her brothers or her father. Peter
Kuhn, She had pinned on her breast a card on
which was written the following: "Please be
kind to this little girl-she Is traveling alone."
Mr. Hackney, one of the conductors of Mor
an's IRailroad, on arriving In the city and find
ing thathechild's parents could not i, readily
fIund, brought her to the headqurarters of the
chief of poli.le. The chief. on Inarnlqg the
child's story, 4nnt two of hi officers out to try
Ilnd her fattier. inlt they were unIlle.rcCe.tll.
A lady who wa n. ptassenger on the same train
has t iken charge of the ehlld and will keep her
until escrh tilme a her famnily ca,n he finld.
It spia.rs the child was living in BRn Anto
nlo with her mother, who died a few days age.
and it hatng known that her father was living
in New Orleans her friends sentd her here,
The very bhet wine in the market ia the
Champ1agne de Montlgny. iugh Montgomery,
WAe DUanAitrr, I,
Blanal Bervice. United States Army.
Dally meteorological record for the eight hours
ending at 1n:OR p. m.. Monday. May 21.
Observations taken at tl e same moment of
time at all ltatlonie.
Btations. Bar, F hoir ho. . l
Sr hour. inches
Chattanooga. :f, Il, 7It W s IW
relvestoun......i;1( a i t 76iitE le Ii
[ndlanola..... 14- i 70 HE 12
Louiseville ..... .i I( B rt7 ,W .en
Memobhis .....u 17 -It 771HW C
Nashville..... I: 04 II 7. HW 1
New Orleans.. .II .l It 7 E 4 0
Shreveport .... ll:, - I 71', .. . ...
Vicksbturg .....riti-g1 at It e f l 7
Augusta ..... . a --. 741W
Atlanta ...... I." ." -It Rlt HW 7
Uorsicana...... I:t.o¢- B 177.. .
Key W est ...... :1'0.(r- ,' 7iNE "i, il
Monui.le........!I(). Ia iit 728SW 2 n
Montgomry :.. s15 j$ 7;11... ... o
Hava r llnn i . .... 1, it- tJ 7tHW R
I. indicates rislng: . lindicates failing; P.
indicate st sta ionary.
N.Ew O)RlANS, May 29. 1979.
. .. ._.
T'lime. 1 i . Weather.
7 a, . ii 30I 77 NHE 4 UlCar.
2 p. . :1 0 ' 9 t E 14 Fair.
9 p.m. m loin 77 E 4 (Agar.
MIeann I) ,I 7 1
Maximulm ItenperatPlre. nti nlimulluum, . 7.
------..... ---------- it
Dupllint Ipht lographs maY he had fronna -. It
atives madIe i.t Wahtturn's t wonty years igo. It
---------.. .-------an
THE 101)11YS.
This court gat yestordtty merely to make a t
udri al day. an.d will '.ottinnil s to sit dally dur
ing the reullllndr of the Week for thln ame
purpDOe. It will a 0,. prior to atljtirning. tils- fi
peae of all IIppli.latlont for rehearings. s
Then. Cavanaugh anl G (o. Miller. carryinga
cointalted WeaposIHR; I5 or iv, days leach in the
Parish Prison.
W. J. Young and II. J. Thompnon. carrying
coni.:elId weap)ons; $I0 or ten days Oeltih in the
Parish Prison.
nRiNTiN'iRa ('oNTINRED. t
Thos. Waters At lIs., grand larceny.
t'ARtsR ('NTINUoo.
(Guillaume Muneras, manslaughter, until the
.Joalh Coats and Dan and Pat. ]lays, grand
larceny, until Friday.
Frank Williams, assaultl with a dangorous
wont ; fivl flays inl the Parish P'risoni.
Mike Higgins. larceny.
John Hawkins and Jack Wdods. assault with
8a dangerous w'oapon.
George .lones. charged with cutting and
wounding one James Dwyer. on April 13. at the
corner of I1arsin and UOruton streets, was sent
before the First J)istrlic Court, under bonds of
f $2an. _ ..
Yesterday evening at St. Alphonsus Hlll. on
St. Andrew's street, near Constance. a mnuslnal
entertainment and tableaux were given for the I
Sbonefit of the St. Alphonaus Orphan Asylum.
E Lack of space prevents us from mentioning
In detail the various selections on the pro
gramme but in a subhohjuent edition a more
extended account of the entertalnmlut will be
gliven. The Misses Matilda Laeann. Mamie and
l Annie Cook, asslated by several young ladles,
suvervised the concert.
SEverything went on smoothly until the reure
sentation of the tableau "The May lieuno." A
I spark from the blue light machine set fire to a
,f package of the colored compound. The audi- t
enee thought the stage on fire, and made a rush
for the exit of the building. The coolness and
strenuous exertions of Sergeant Wllkluson.
Corporal O'Neal. Oiier Duffy. Mr. it. II. Janin I
D and Mr. (Chas. Masson prevented a serious
panic, and in a short while order was restored
Sand the entertainment proceeded.
The tableaux of the "Evening Prayer," by
Miss Addle McMahon, and the "'Sleeping
linauty." oersenilled by MIRss N. Patterson.
were greatly Radmiroed. alnd showed to advantage
the grace and comelliness of the actors.
Judge Billings yvnterday rendered a decree
Sin the case of Max Grebner va. B1. F. Flanders
Ot alI. In the matter of the Planters' Consolida
ted Association. suspelldlng the reelivers until
the pending nopeail to the .tupreuin Courlrt Is
decildedt and tl ointling Johitn Calhoun to act
as receiver at a salary of $:1ooo per year.
eI --- *** -'
h I'A(E.
Iltve you pnid your Htate taxes?
I(haw Jackson's host awnet navy tohacco. tv
e -TO -
n ' II IE
Nicholls Itestaurant
56 anlld 5 Camp Street,
I turItard to serve
.- IN -
--- AT -
At Half the Rates Charged by
Other Restaurants.
2- One trial will satisfy the most fastidious that
a the NICHOLLS RESTAURANT is a first class
r houose in every respect, mIs8 Im
- OF THE --
-- OF 'rTE --
Thirtieth IWaym' Proceedlng..
N Iw (f)lrl rANl, Hattulrldy. May 21, 1x79.
'I'h" convention was ealled to order at Il
o'C(ii, it a. n. f
'reaentt 'I'he liln. L. A. Wiltz, Preshoidt t
andl 125 Iremelllirs.
Abrsnt Mosier. D)oFnas, I)nljis., Flaulk, Fav- t
rot. Kor'llio'haill!, I'rroohe anlti Htewart.
Prayer was offiTrd by the IReov..1. T''. 1)avld
Ison, of (`litHorl(e, .
The joulrnal of May 23 was corrected arid
leave of b.soince was granted to Mr. Welbl
for a few days, beghilung Monday next.
'The untlnihelld ihlsiheess oin whlch the (Con
vention was erngtagal May 23, at the titno of its
adjoiuirntiient, was tlaken uip, biil.g tire uor
shiera'tion ll of ari tllc 27 of (lOrdinanre No. 331,
"c'onc'erriln lin ltatliro to the lpower8 ,of gov
Mr. Smith, otf .Iackonr, moved to armnndl
artIcle 27 iby striking out, llne it, the wordsIF
"at onice aRlll." .nil in lin res H aInd 9 the wordsr
" t tihe payrnrt of the principal of thie State
(nr the motionl of Mr. Moore, of I ,afour r'he.
by a riling vote (if 56 yeas to 15 rnsys, the
further consireratiloR of niartlhe 27 and the
pelndling antelllrlllirnl t was postponel d rultil the
report of the C'ommi ri tee on 'rublh Iic I Dbt has
Ioonl relolveld anri1 tiaken urip.
Article 29 was redl. Mr. It.,iertson offererd
tihe following as a lsubstitullt':
For thie p urplerof taixation, no prop'erty of
any knil shall be assF i ssedr' for ioroithan forty
orili crierlt of its ('actul craII valiuli.t llrt at tihe
its I egislatur or its oi ikcrs, shall lhaevr, In
n .v year, levy orl ollct a g r'ater rate of tn.x
i.tir itnt tihan fiirti'le.'l ar .lnd one-h llln mt rI II l titir s
rrlsersetllrrilri., cS'rlt. In 1' 44 I(ll ii' lrit i (llll ' liii
1rn'rir g will', i ni vairer ri lIrur rrertiurnrlr, itii
pitrochilil, Ilt.rr ipi al 01 politictal ,orp -ortionl
shall levy or coll llll ain lnrtio vearl, algreatlir
rate of txiiatior than twenty-five nil l n
this nllIesaeillllt.
Mr. Moore, ofi lnrtfouroh, rtuoverd that, tie
further consrideration of arlltich 28 and tIIe
nhstitlitte ioe t(istponeild until the (onlrnitteb'n
on Il'ublir' )obt l'presents Its report.
Mr. Parlanrger moved, atln Ia amoeni lent, toi
lpostpone until the ( ornrirtte on Publi Dit
anlld the (mmr ni teeo on T'xatil, h Equalizla
tion and Exerptiron hIave presented their reo
Mr. Blanchard onr ved the previous gln'es
On seeonuling the prevlous quesltion th
yeas anl nays wt'r called for, with the forl
lowinig result:
ens--Messrs. 1ientian.l IIa llanCiRIi, lIoll.ul,
lireaux, Il.,een, Blrian. Burtol. Byrne, jCa- fi
frey, Carey, ('thaltT, Chaipella, Clalborne, (1o- a
vin, Davenport, IDavidson of' Clahborno, 1)11
lard Edwards, Elanm, Fontlieu, Gardner,
Gtasfkns, (ewrge, (1irard, (la, (Grimes, fa
vard, Henry of ('Cameron, hlenry of Nateli
tochle, Hlerron, HIough, Jenkins, ,hffTrion, 2
Kelly, Kenp, Kenney, Kidd, Kirkman,l
Knloblock, Lagan Land, Leake, LPGard.ullr,
,Jr., Lott, buckett, LyonS., Marks Marshall,
Matthews, Mentz, Millard, Moreland, Molbe o
of Itfonrtehe, Moore of Ht. Landry, Mun
day MoGlola, Ni. aez, Nutt, Olivier, Ott,
I'ar(Unge, 'helps I)onder, Rid, Richardson 11
Ro,bertson, Sel f, 4tnith of Jackson, Smnith off c
St. Mary tl.gg. Steele, Stevenson, Stillse,
Stone, 9tringfellow, Strovich, Hutlherltn,
Tod3, Watkins, Webb, Wells, White, Williams ro
of Terrebonne-- 53.
Nays Messrs. Allain, Baskln, Btlenvenu,
Ihole, Cunninghan, Dickerson, Esto lnal, t
Forman, howell, .Jastremski, King, Loan,
!~long, l'ardee, Roach, 8imon, tMtamps, Young R
oIf ,EasIt Baton Rouge --1. c
Abisent Messrs. IBabcock, Bell, Bourgeois, P
liridger, Bulger, Biulow, (Jahen, Collins, D)a
vidson of Iervill+e, Davis, iDemas, I)e(ls.
Easterly, Faulk, Favrot, Oowers, (ueringer,
Kernoehan, l1anaux, Landry, Mc(Jonnell, Og
don, l'inchbaek, P'oche, H.immes Stewart,
'Thompsoin, Vance, Warinothi, /llilianls of
Grant, Young of Concordla --31.
The motion was seconded.
On the main question, Mr. I'arlange's mo
tion to postpone, the yeas and nays were
called for, with the following result:
Yeas--Messrs. Allaln ktnBakin, Benhamn,
Blanlchard, Bohie, Bolton, TBreaux, Breeon,
Brian, Burton, CalTrey, Carey, Ohaffn, Chia
plMla, Clalborne C()lvin, D)avenport, l)avidson
oIf (lai hornle, 1)e kerson, I)lllard, Edwards,
Elarn, Fontelieu (Gardnoer (asklns, Geo(,rge,
(.la, Grimes, liavard. ifrnry of Cameron,
Henry of Natltchitlches, Hrrn, HIough, Jenk
ins, Joffrion, Kelly, Knnll, K Kirkman
K noblock, Lagan, Landi, f]eake, I(eGardeur,
.Jr., Luckett, Lyons, Marks, Marshall, Mat
thews, Mentz, Millard, Moreland, Moore of t
lafourche, Monday. McGloin, Noguez, Nutt, f
)livier, Ott, lai'rldm, Parlange, Phelps. Pinch
back, Ponder, Richar(dso)n, Roa)(:h, ll,Robertson,
Helf, Smllith of Mt. Mary, Staggs, Stamps,
SHtelie, Steve.slno, Still'e, Htringfellow, Stro(
vich, Sutherlin, TIodld, Watkins, Webb, Wells,
White - I. I
Nays Mossrs. lilenvenu, Byrne, Cunning- t
ham, Estopinal, Formal, (Girard, lHowell,
Jastreinski, Kermp, King, Loan, Lng, Lott,
M(oore of St. Ladury, R"id, Hmintes, Smithi
of ,Jackson, Steine, Yollng of East Baton
iIRouge- 19.
Absent Messrs. Bahbcock, 1,il, Blourgeois,
Brindger, Itlnger, il)low, Callon, Collins.
i)avdonll of Iiervillle, I)avis, D On.ls, )1nis,
lIsteIrly, Faulk, Favrot, owers, (luerillnger,i
ternochln, lnaux, Landry, McConnell, ,
(gdenl, l1(ch', Si 1hl InI, Stewart, Tholml)sol1,
\S'Vance, Wartloltih. Williams o(f (irant, Wil
ia rns of Trr(lun)ne, lYoung of Concordia 32.
Thell' motio)n to postponen was c'arridl.
lNir. Alllin mlloved( that the vote jusIt taken
Ith rconrsil'rde'ed.
(hi th+e motion of 'Mr. Mc(loin tih motion
t recons, e('I r wa lai upon th111( table.
Arltiie' 29 was red. Mr. KnIblocI'k m1oved
I hait it be refrr ed to the co<mmittt.+ ont Legis
latiy I )epall rt n Il't.
M r. I'arlange olTred the following am.nd
mInnt tol alrt icl' 21):
Add "all stationlry, printing, paIp.rand fuel
used In the legi-Iativ+, and oter departtnl(ts
Iof governIIIInllt .h11nll b1e flurnishedl, and the
|1rinltitng, bhin+linrg s(ndl distrilbuti. ngof thle laws,
plrin l d r ating and binding, and the repairing amni
urn1shnig the blt; and orns used for the',
mI4tings oif the ('enteral Assembly and Its
ealrnJittos, shall h, perort-ed ulder con
tract, to Ie given t( tthe lo)wesOt responsitble
itidder bhelow snph ntaxilnsum pric( anl under
su('h re(gulatitns1 as shall hIe prescribed' by
l1w; 1V o 1111 h1r'II 11' (" fillber lIf ally diI|)a, rttn1'r~t
of thll' gover'rlllnll't shal1l beI, in an1I1 way, iin
terest+,d in such contracts; and all snot co+.
trrats sthal Ie suhjet to the approval totf the
IGovernolr. Aluditor arnd State 'I reatsur'r."
Mr. MoIore, of Lafourche. movlr)Vd'l t', pr)lt
p[one tilhe (onslilderatlIon of article 2. and the
amrndm:nt of M1r. larlang, until the report
oif the Com0mit tee o(n the LegisllativIe Depart
mollet shall be rc',eived and taken up.
By a rising vote of 41 yeas to 51 nays the
motion Ito postplonel was lost.
The motion of Mr. Knoblock to refer was
renewed and carried.
Article 30 was read and oIn motion of Mr.
Moore, of Lafourche, it was amended by in
serting the word "so" before the word
"Itemized" and the article was adopted as
Article 1t was adopted. P
Article :12 was read.
Mr. Watkins mover to amend by striking
out all from the word "lpassed," In inn I;, to the 1
wordl "five," in line P.
''he l otion to amond was laid upon the
O()f the motiion iof Mr. l mke thne words "but" i
andi "such,"In line 1, were st.ricken oit., and the
article was adopted as ai.mentlel.
Articles 4, 5, 7 and 21,. postlpouned May i0,
on the motion of Mr. Mc(loin, were taken up
and read in connectlon with lhis suulsttllute of
tred ion that day. The substitute was reai,
as follows :
AIRT. . 'l'he funds, credit, property or i
things of value of the State, or of any politl
'ial courporation thereof, shall not n Ieoaloned,
plliiiiged or granteil to,. or for any pllr.orn or
persons, asssiplation or ciiorporatilp, puhilie or
private; inor shall the State r any political t
icorporation thereofl'l. pllurlhasni ot"r su.!lpsrlbleL
to the capital or stock f iany corporlatlin or
assRciation whatever, or for aniy irivate oln
Mr. I'arlange olTprepd tli fl(lowing ameniid
ment to tthe substitpute:
Add "nor shall the State ppohr any political
r'orporation.lil r) tlihref assumellll the Ilahilllties ofi
aiy politial, lun)licipal, palrs' his ,l, priiivat or
itlter corl'pratluoll or assiofl ti',llon whiatsioev'er;
nor shiall the MStte ullllldrtlke to carry ion
thie bhusiness of any sluchl (rpl'loratii in iorl ass o
elat, ioin or Ibecoml e a part iowller therei'n."
The arneudluent w.s accepted by Mr. Mc
Mr. lRobertson offeredI a further ameRnd
pmentl to, the sublllstitte, as follows :1
Addl "'providesll t hfIle State, tihr gh Its leg
Isilturi, sihall ihave power to granit thei i gut
of way, thru.gh its pu li lauls, tol aRny nral
Th'e apnntmiiient was accepted Iy Mr. Mc
Mr. thlllriln olT rerd to allmend( as follows:
Strike itit, the wiorils ".ior oif anily polltical
oipirlolathion theireoif," poetweell tihe wo'rds
"S.ate and shall." In lines 2 2 and :. and lie
i we''l tlhe words "'State" andl "pu'rchase'," ill
linies n adli 7.
Mr. Mctloiln molve I t postpon the furlthier
onsideratlil of rtip 'les 4.5, 7 andl 20, the sih
stl llte alnti the' prpllo.sed ainepdii.ilipelpt thereto
until Monlday neot..
Mr. (.itrge mll veld ais in amelindmentillt thatlt
the anti',les, subsiItitute .l d a.1tl'l0linii4lit l be
postpoiipli until the report of the mi inpitioP
on (I cirpllrations an.ll !ciirporate Iilights shall
p I' cire'lved rtilm taken ll p.
'lT'hi Imotion of Mr. (l 'urge wa.s cunrr'ied.
On il hie lmlition of Mr. Moore, pof ia.,ltiiourch',
It, was ordileredl that ordilinanlce No. 3;1i hbe
l plinteid ii bill form as am.nilnded.
SMr. Kemp prles'nted the petitipion of cltiz.ns
t of the parlish oif St.. Ileleai relative tio the sR
- tablishlment of a bIurceau of agriculture.
Lie. over.
Mr. Watkins offered a resolutlon relative to
Se formatlion of levee districts,
Lies over.
Mr. lienrham offered a resolution relative to j
delinquent taxes.
Lies over.
Mr. Landr presenterl a supplemental report f
from the Auditor of 'ublic Accounts, with
a detailed statement of receipts into the treas- 1
'l're report was received and read.
The resolution offererd by Mr. White, May F
22, relative to the consideration of contested
election cases at night sessions was adopted
Leave of absence was granted to Mr. Moore,
of Lafourche, until Wednesday next,
A communication from the Auditor of Pub
lic Accounts, with a statement of the fees re
coivel from the New Orleans Live Htock and
laughter-house Company, was received and
The following named members Introducn l
the following entitled ordinances, which were
severally read and ordered to lie over in ac
cordance with the rules of the Convention, to
By Mr. Blanchard
Ordinance No. 390,
Concerning limitation of legislation on so
cial status of citizens.
By Mr. Blanchard .
Ordinance No. 391.
By Mr. Young, of Concordla
Ordinance No. 392,
Relative to duties of of flcers until adoption
of constitution.
By Mr. Kennedy-
Ordinance No. 393,.
Concerning commissioners of elections.
By Mr. Land-
Ordinance No. 394,
Concerning limitation of leglalative power.
REPORB1T' OF (0OMM rr'rEF'r.
Mr. Todd, chairman, on behalf of the Com
mittee on General Provisions, presentedi the
following report:
Your committee respectfully return, with
out action, the followilg ordinances, with the
recommendation that they be referred to the
e.veral committees hereinafter designated :
Ordinance No. 319, by Mr. Wells, of Rich
iand--"(onmeerning removals from oil-es," to
the (ormmitte oun Impeachment and Removal
from )flioo).
Ordinance No. 14, by Mr. Matthews "Con
oerning imprisonmrnnt for debt," toA) the Com
mrittee on Bill of Rights.
Ordinance No. 30, tr by Mr. Loan "Conerrn
ing cormmercial solicitors," to the Committee)
on ''Taxa tlion.
Ordinatree No. 3:6r, by Mr. MeGloin "Lirm
iting thn lriabil ity of the prroperty of the r Itizon
for the public debL," to the C'rnrrrritbrrc on 'iax
attion, etc.
R.espc'tfpil l.v,
IL. I'. 'ITl), (Chairman.
The report, was adopted and.r the ordinances
were referrer. as rccrnlrnrrende:.
Mr. Bell, C:hairman of ther Cornmittre on
the DI)ot, (lovr'rnrrent, etc., of the, City of
New Orleans, preserntl I the following reporrt:
'T'he unrrrr ignd, rin brha'lf of the above
Pnormi ttre, I-ga ilrave to returnr to yrour hlrnorr
aile iriy the followinrg orr'dinrances, which
were erroneousll ly refn'r rrr to this comrn llrtt,,
with thie rr'co:rnrnrlrdatirn that they t', re
spectiwvely refrredn to their appropriateI cour
ullitteres, as forllws, viz:
I. I)rriinraunr' No. 322, by Mr. Byrrne, to the
(.orrlllitt'r' our r iealth, (.laraniLrrI. ' aInd Statr
Medilcine; and
2. ()rdlir.nallln No. 237, by came rmlnlhrI r'r, to
Cornmmritt.erm ot l Corproratiions andI (crporate
irspectfulully subrnit td,
W. A. BEILL, Chairman..
T'ho report, unrlrr a uspomrhiror of tihe' rule,
was aidirpted and the or'lrrlrlnnc's were rc
fe'rrned as recommrenndored,
Mr. Krennedy asked a"dl obtainnd a.ave tii
withldraww ia prttition pr'rs.rnt-d by him May l1. i
Mr. LnGardiur, chnirman, of the Committee
on thie M\ilitia, rroved that the cronslidration
of the report of that conrrnnitt"'e be poxtponrd
until Monrday next, anrd b mad' tlhe spcfrial
order of the day, at I orelork p. in. on that
Thoi report of th- Committ're on Limita
tions, presented May 22, was ardopt'd, and
the ordinances returnred threrr:with were re
ferred to the several cominrtltees as therin
recommended, as lollows:
Ordinance No. 31:1,
To the Committee on Taxation, Equaliza
tion and Exemptions,
Ordlnances NOS. 540, 341 and 842,
To the Committee on the Lgislatj
Ordltnance No. 62,
To the Committeeon on Impeachme
eremoval from ()Olhle.
The fol lowig entltitd ordlilnan esw
orally passed to thlllir R'lllnd reading
ferredt' tI, omtn)ittctes, as follows:
Orldinance No. 385.
To estathllsh La thireau of Agricultr
Agrloulturall Statistlics.
To the Comrnmttee on Agrlculture.
Ordinanne No. :17,
in rIlatiltl to lhluse taxs.
'1'o thill ( ltu lttlt ,l ,n n''ItXatlIon, El.1 1
and Exoreptlnios.
O)rdinance No. 3Rr,
In Ielationl to Ileve!n ta.tXsR.
T'(o the (C ,,unltonte on ['axation, Eq
Llon and Exe.iptllons.
Ordllanee NI, '4!I,
ReIlatlve to tilhe elltion of justices
To thi (Cmtnlltif, on .I vllolary.
(Olrdinano NI,. 184,
( one'rnilslg OapportiIrmonI't,
Fronm t.ho(orr nitriltll oon11 A Ipportlon
taken up on Its third I'readling.
Mr. lii ough lmoi, hv t that that the
he 'reotmmilttt4l to that .otrmmitteo.
Mr. Ilobertson miovedi that the h
recommit be lid ulpon the table, whi
tlIn was .arI'ried by the Ifllowing vote:;
YVla Messrs. JOaskIln, Iblll, llnve.n
c'hard, IIllr.ux, irl'ln I lilger, iBl
gPr. 111h,1w. IBurtron Ilre. yr JafIre -
C(haff.l'lC.lhornI,('olvin, D.tvnportI
of Chllibprnl, Davis, Iillard, EEldwar
(Tnrdll r, (1aIklIIIn, (iNorge, (lrard,
ifavwad, lenryof II Ca IIR ron, llenry.f
t,.lhi1s, lHerron, ,lastreIikl, itnklnr-n J
Kel Iv, Ktmp, Knnlvy, Knoblook,
Lanrl, le, ak",, I, ardli ur, Jr.,o L
l1IIktt, lyjons, Marshall. Millard,
Moore oIf iL1ifourI'h1e MoorNI of AL
Mui. lay, M'CPOnell, Mf'oi.I, NU
I'arlango, lPhelps, 1ie1d, itllhardson,
1so, Self, Simron, RMith of Jackson
Still+', Stil, Sthrilgtlllow, Strovluch
tlin, Todd, Va.nn", Warmtlht,h Watkin',
Willrn of ('frant. Williams of Toer
,Young if ELst lhaton II,, ugo-79,
Nays Mlessrs. i:(,bie, Ilckerson,
Ulnwe0ll, MIatthelws, NIgIIIz, Pardlee,
baI.k, Ilra;h1, Snllth ofr t. Mary, 8
Young o1f ljl(loliordia 12.
Ahtsent MYlesI'. Allan, Itah'oek.
lonlt.n, Bourgoisl, Cahln, Chlapeli.,
Cumnning ham, Davidon of [Irvlll,
IDelli.s, Easterly, Estlpinal, Faulk
FIntell1u, Forman, (la, G(owers, d
Korntrehan, Klhld, King. Kirkman,
LawlIry, Loan, Marks. Mo'lntz, OgRdet
['I, 1,h , t'ulle'r, Sl i , tn.r es', Htamll
Stewart, 'Ilhompson, Webb, W .ilte-1,
ArtIcle 1 was readl, and on th" lhinr
theII yeas and nays wlre called for,
following r'sult:r
Yeas- Messrs. IBaskin, lnll,
PBIlanchard, Irenaux, Bolton,. Breen,
lirilan, Ilinlger, Builow, Burton, 1
frroy, Carey, (haffTe, athllorne, Co
nilghamtr, iavenport, I)iavldson of
SI)aves, Dillard, Edlwarlds, Elam,
(lGakins, George, Girard, Grir
Hlenlry (,f (nanrlon,, Hlenry of Na
fHerron Howell, ,Jastrtnskl, Jen
frion, Iilly, Kemp, Kennetly, KnoI
gan, Land, Leakp, Le,(tardeur, J,
Lott, Luckett, Lyons. Marshall,
Moreland Moore of l,afourcho M
Landry, Munday, Motionnell. M -
Ogden, Ott, Parlange, Phelps Reid,
Sson, tRobertson, Self Simon, bit
sont, Stagg, Stlile, Sto Stringf
erlin. Thompson, Todd, Vance,
Wells, Williams of Grant, Will
rebonune, Young of East Baton
Nays-Messrs. Allain, 4
Clougb Matthews N ue .
hback, i.aach,Sminth (If St. I
-Steele, Steve. i 'n, Strovlch, War
I of Omcord(lh 16.
Absent--Mesrs. Babcock, Bonh
goe+ds, (.'when, Chlapoula, Coliln, D
Iterville Derman, DIanlt, Easterly,
Faulk, Favrot, Fontelieu, Forman
I rs, (Gueringer, Kernochan, Kldd,
man, Lanaux, Lanrdry, Loan, Mar
O(livier, Pocih, Ponder, Hemmen,
Webb, White 34.
Article 1 was declafed to be flnlII
a majority of all Delegates elected to.
ventlon having voted in the affrlr.
On the final passage of article 9i
and nays were called for, with the
Yeas Messrs. Baskin, Bell,
Blanchard, lireaux, Breen Bridge
Bulger, Burton, Bvrne, Cadrey, Cau
Claiblrne, Otvfin, C(unningham
Dport, Davidson of ' Clalbornte :
DIllard, Edwards, Elam
G(askns, (George, Grard,
Havrd, Henry of Cameron, H
Natehitoehes, Herron, Hough, Ho
tromski, Joffrlon, Kelly, Kemp
Knoblock Lbgan, Land, Leak
J r.,Loan, Lott, Luckett, Lyons,M
thews, Millard, Moreland, MooLm
fourche, Moore of St. Landry, i
Connlcl, Mc(Gloin, Nutt, Ogden,
Parlange Phelps, Reld, Richard
son, Self, Simon, Smith of J
Stille, Stmon, Strlngfellow, Strovl
Thompson, Todld, Vance, Wa
Williams of Grant, Young of
Rouger- 82.
Nays Messrs. Allain, Dickersol,
Pardoee, Smith of St. Mary Btamps
Absent- Messrs. Bab.ri, Br,
Bolton, Bourgeol.s, bilow Cahen,
(Collins, l)avidson of Iberville,
Denlis, Eatsterly, Etopilnal, F
rot, Fontellu, Forman, Gla, (.l
inger, Jenkins, Kerrnochan, Ki
Kirkman Ltanaux, Landry, Loe
Mrintz, I'incrihack, P'ocli, Pond.,
Seommes, Stelele, Stevenson, 8
moth, Wellb, Whitg, Williams of
Younll of C(oncordia 45.
A majority of all the delegates
the (onventlion having voted in the
Live, article 2 was declared to he
On the linal passage of articlel
and nays were called for, with the l
Yeas Messr Ihlmakin, Bell,
Iltianlhardt , llreaux, lrleenl, Brldger',
lrillgor, ii rtn , 11 iyre,, iaffr 'y, (t. -
(Claiborlne, Collins, (olvin, (Cunn
ve nport, Davidson of Clailorne, ll
wards, Elan, (iaskins, (Serge,
Grimes, IHavard, Ilinry of Came
of Nitchilt'iiches, lliir on, Ilowell,J
lJoflriln, Kelly, K'rpil, K'ennedy,
LaganI, Ilad, ll'ake, Le;Hlardeur, J
Lot., i.kl..k.tt, Lyons, Marshall,
Millard, tMorilad, Moore of
Moore, of St. Lanriry, Munday
,IMcil',h Nutt, Ogden, Ott,
Riithar'laon, rbe rtso.in, Self, Simrno,
J.Iackson, St Stiagi, Stlle, Htr ,
Strovi.h, iuth:rliri, I Thonmps on T
Watkins. Wells. Williams of rat,
of East Litton Roung' 77. "r
Nays -1''ssrI. Allain, likersOU,
Ilorigh, Iro.il, Noguo'z, l'arde, A
Sinitih of St. M'try, Striamps I.
AIs'nt MrI4. Iatbok, kre
i o,ltnr, Ji,,igiiois, 'iuliw, CabH il,
liavidl',on of Ilerville, l)rnas,. Defi
Ea t+ rly, ELtopiis.l, Faulk, Fa
t li-u, orlmran, Gla, Gowr.. Gt
kins, K iornorhan, Kidd, I King, Ku
naux, Landry, Marks, MBeitz, 011
back, Po:hi'. Poinder', Hotah, Sew
Stvensitin, Stewart, Warmeth. W
Williams of Terrci,ionL, Y)ouiigof
A majority of all toi delegates
the. (rConventioli having votel in the
tive, article :. was .l'ciar'd finally
SO)n the motion of Mr. lRobe)rtr -
venrtion adjoutrne until Monday
o'clock a. m.
b.cretary o the

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