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M..4Mý1 ý1YL FYI 1NVý
At A good nighabt's eiesp over blasted aspir
and ambitions not to be roealled, the
other side" In our lrte nnpleasantness. nJst
b' yettled, woke up yestardky morning
01more pletld thoughts, Friends who had
aeked before opposina campfires and who
dontheilr best to annihilate the opposina
left easterday morninag and hobnobbed
sook hands over the bloody ohasem, so to
Sthe strets, however, it was not every fare
w bteaming with jo: in some inltano0Ds
bt admitted that thi nttustial jlInleno
over a fraternieintr drink did not, en
oear the dark aloud that yet linered on
"atritiot foreheads. (We want the proof
*t of th paper to underetand that we did
Writ soreberds.) And his is the reason
l Yesterday was the day of ,nttlements,
y bets bad been rashly made and many a I
lrtihed. And of all ex rie ens in the
t1o sattlifg for I 18r ehi:t, n thie must
an tring. ra outblo misery in
election hbrt When a man Las Iput
s, nathe aspirations of ra
a ottom dietfr on a olitid o It
it all. h mlrolrtunns, ow
af to stblunaty lfeand must bh stood
umooianbymih o era re worth any
aibis wide worl and w t soula are
to Aer nios. ell,. the bet. are laid, ii
oAmi trn to ey everytbing. or
its ea wil ieovely. T o era of
ott, ha many an a fraternity In the tt
eo ty aa fnifm tIs morni eg
Soour dl patoes our nomrnre for n
0 wil reach th i wy this morniao at e
30 !p tat no 4slft«giion tht n orni.
m aii a et ben ms fyr
oyt sr oltli'Nn are live to the pnr
et 'seaivin their ohosen leader with bo
ment from Bal ry A. Louisiana n
say,oommapied by Ucjt. J. n am
ae onPn'oby Sporen s band will u
0l wt one gua at tUrroll toto
$ e omeo: tot~e chosien aunrof Now
b oe nu d awilebanrk thoern 11
Sowto triteYwhre .at tbhe toot of
t, theT ili I wloomed by a salvo
10?(a Uovffrti sualutas tired bsya do
tpomenehLleut. Stidney Lewis, of
11U 51 it a d Artillery.
pl are anxas to see their oandidtate
Sovernor with th nureola of vie- di
ad im and we vouch for him an n- t
reepton, At
o Negroes Meet and Try to Carve
SEach Other to Death,
A a quarter past 7 o'clock yesterday morn.
on the levee, at the head of St. Peter street.
nulty took place between two negro ia
Samled respectively Ohua. Williams and
Young, which resulted In the former
ieat in the left breast with a butcher knife
# hands of Young, while Youngo himself
a paintfl but not dangerous wond in
nmen w1ae removed to tha Oharity
bte police to medricl tr atm-nt,
rnavin reetyed. probably fatal
V rt at u e hosetal while Young,
tvod ony a flesh wound, w
to the arbor Station asd liok i
ith tabing annd wounding with
edifculty, You: iLat d that
Son to l ee when Will a
t n too s Wila ,. buifel
a a¶ Ieend himse I
vite t . at t was too
Sgsi1 of blood, to make a
Publio is Bwindled by Ex
at the cabtreasury In this city
detleted among a number of gold
of the kind known as a filled piece.
atly' executed, but was detective in
4 plating had worn off and the fill
ppeSr from a conversation with the
practice of filling gold pieces
stal il much more generally
diers than would be sap
lea is by no cteans un.
N s in which thelllin is
is nP through the piece
r ispy pt al~thhole theeh
Sher 5b yspiitting hecoe
jouth tW halvesuo ti but a thinm;
Sout- into the pieos on the inner
the top and extraoing a quantltg
P ve dollars worth of gold can be
a twety-dollar uloce, and it the
r pert d can, i filling, so regn.
th rin" that dteotiuun is
P. Macheoa's new steambhip Wanderer.
for the New Orleans. Bay Islands and
ports trade, airived yesterday unde r
and of Capt. Leitoh, at the head of
Sca beauty and in every way fitted
Inwhlich she is to be engaged. Her
-i.1 feet. beam 2 tfeet and depth le
r~s a neat cabin, coutaltnin t*n
and forty berths, and is a staunch
y oraf eleaves for the islands
. rryng the mail, which closes
Belize and other ports.
n ounnoement that Speclal Agent Weeks
return to the city and cwntinue his in
i late the affairs of the CuOstom-Houso
quite a commotion about the build.
Saderstood that the special arent has
G. Richardson as one of his as
ohardson was of considerable as
to Weeks whet' he was here bofore.
e bly posted in the workings of the
rtments, and as it is notoriout that
to love for the Custom House people.
es about the granite building may be
i. RNsits, leaf tobacco dealer, has again
arrested by the Internal revenue officers
and neglecting to keep the books
for by law. He was arralened yvtert
e charge before Commissioner Lane,
.vin examination was o aced under $25o
to appear before the United States Circuit
!fell-known organization will give a
Saentertainment on Saturday evening, at
rtoms No. 9 Campe street. The character
9g nt~emen compoesing the associatioo
a *rarantee that the affair will be bath
Sand enjoyable.
K Miller. No. 18 Natcbez street. do the
rk plnmbing'and gas fitting at lowest
ket rates.
Smeeting held by the Bobet Guards, of the
ward, on October s. lMe7. the following
,were elected: Joseph C. Lawrence.
dt; John Kaiser, vice president; Chas.
Ssurer: Jacob H. Schellang, seore
Faust, sergeant-at-arms. Fully
voters signed the roll. This olub
r full support to the Hon. L. A. Wiltz
is a sateral 'summary of the
Be week, ending October 4. as Dre
hehief signal omoerof the United
st week the pressure basin
lowest along the northern
States and highest over
SThis distribution of Dre
edso nthsrly inds
a ~d tnor Alog temperpAt of nrthe e te rn
fcr oenu in thn g ~ntwe~t, or artwet ¶ b
It, h ap i c ly k1 ra inn, an it 011W
eoltatt f lps gPaton Tarrtorv nid Oriton,
The ru nalofj for the weel averaged itonut ate
11r. fpilows In the vatrious ii est lots: Oatuadiap utarl
thi Ima provlnoea treni; Mt Ltwrcnn vaiiiley 0 en
t nnhos: lower hIke region 0. tno ii p+r lake
rst regIo.An: New IEngland trace; ftlddleAinnt.euto
ng Mtiitrte triton: MHiqi. Atlnntit $tul.t'n On:M; Ifiastern
Ad (hiIf HtaesIt. na t; Westeru (uhf Hintus I 'ti: (his
varlle~y and TonllPW*n e I raceO; Voterl( Mtsstssi ºI+1
ho ytii4eyit I inTteer MissI orewe;trln or Msno; it]
no Iiiver of the Norihr l vlley n iti EIneisrn mioen.
mid from 13tkottte Iho Interlior or ToxnM., 0 2,1
nnlnkyr Mountains a 11' Weste.,rn pllatnllt ii on;
to Ueifornta a 00; mo~t oOrtigont iand Wiwbingig
ton Trriltory I Mi.
,. The fottowlainiimarrtiagcn, hirthe .ind diraths
in wire roterioi Pisl.ierday Itt thit olhito of the
if. Boird of Hliath i
Ill MA1110Mil1(1.
1T..~c, (iiit)nrt to Me n ,!irei II-i nntori,.
)tt Vluneiit G. ito ft1 Mi Megintlrn'i I)'iittzitnr,t
ite Vitiurln I.o2a e on ti Mlss LHot iii I tuizidi
nr i1 th Mangerislrr er'n to Miss Wiry Zlo,&rlor.
sl Loiiiittnoris;.p to Miss I M~ tbryl Ztm~kiir.
lIt hitt'ttti.
ii j~re. Autntono tiovit'it.t. . Ouuuiitr, acoo t
!t. rs hu. Juecr Ii ,liloa, it 141,ifn tuiatur 8i.tm
It her J:ibe. an +nHpnto
it r.Jme .Fitea1y Tutrsola. H't n v
Io r.. (I)ub. Jonby.i Ie year.., i4 d)tugtelro, Hnptolv
11iht orr1an.
tr I nRA'Plns
4 naoive s orrent, 7 dayst . 707 Ina. tY. tlii, itltiat
In oo NInnOrle iit.
Mrs. U. ouby, lid years, j74 )IlI1UhJInO, nativev
1ro rajj~e.~it.
m E linn Wiv~'lliams, is monnths, 7 Oonlstanrnc'o
ng nqrive of LotV(*llana.
inirP4.Aliaryth itnttiir, 02 yeitrs . . Jeliiror Binr
' r i n, ativo of Ircltittd.
J r,* Augustla Itttlleharrt, nn Venrs. t. ollnritnr
ptqlrb, p rtlvce rnl (f!lr'lrltrly
1'rovlotemac PIYtidt, 40ii rs 7$ Ht. Thomas,
net Ivseof Atuhsabsii. yiii.7elt htii
" ýeph ltrn n, e'.. ni yoarn, 121 Mouth Franklon.
ao tn a , (L Udet, o. tin years', I~olllc'crsle. nearr
v jin Mr. (torY. 'ayaIrs.I, Tisiron. near Atdanm.
airs. e alin8 e 117 MiUr e. beotweiin Urno- n
Otty liii ito hoed.
Mrs. LU. ralto, 4t years, lilt (Itrod.
+ Notwithstanding the rain and a iowerfully
depreaslng atmotihore. i, plenilid hounotair worn
attra cted at b oth vorfornianona at th ie A o ad em y ri
yestenrdaiy. The play of "M'IIAte" will tinr knot U
to1 the boatril uriuio4b thentjret week. (ot IFri.
lstw Allnle ililoy will hike ýor ienuault, when
bhe will Introduce now sotngs in tthu play.
Sixth District Court.
pAleida Alvarezr vs. Emile Caller. pllntlff,.-
I Prayer for a writ against dlefendant to prevent
his leavlig the stata until e has paid a clalm
PIllntlftf lolds Tagainst him.
Goet. heppal'., tutor vs. Widow (hnie,
E iust.--r yer f or a writ of Ihbetrs caorlrm to
Surotu tt body of Annie tuna,. of whom
plaintiff is tutor.'_
Seoond Recorder's Court.
Charloes Stevenson, allias Wilson, burglary and
grtnd larceny. l$ ts) apptnauretn bonds.
Mr J. H. Baldwin. the entAerprlsl.a and ar
table uentlemau Who purclhams goods Jor the
Immense dr goladls estHblisllenut of J,. l.Ivols
Canal street, li.l just returned from New York.
Mr. lal(dwn repres.nts business in that city an
booming, and antlolipate a lively trade here
this (all. Their establlihmnut will move into
the Touro buildings on the first of Novumber.
Chns, Goodman was looked up. chbaraged with
obtainina money under false pretenses.
Jas Hdeling aged nineteen year. fell from a
travezs at the al.utte Di y D.ck yard and broke
his right arm.
Geo. Steve son, allas Wilson, the negro whom
it is alloege omumlttd the recent robberies in
the fourth Precinct, has been arrested by e.r
euant towley.
A wll1-known character, named Frank Cus
tfr. alias slippery, wis lodgeot in the CUntral
otation. obharged with assault and battery on
roror al Cunra an also with resculng a pris
Jas, Borath and Frank Lyons wore looked uno
in the Fourth Station, chargod with beting flond
under suspncilous clrcumstance on Mr. Abra
ham', promisee, on Citiborne near St. Louis
Sam has got back to us anain, n."t Trclie Samr
but Sam Banderi. a better Sam, uyster Sam the
dtam o the bland era of orster,, called for short
Sam tlandera-Rip lSsm. He reports his crop
of oysters very promising; they have been crt .
fully planted, thoroughly o.atlivated and his
piantatiotn hands know ex rt'ly from wnat tree
Io pick the b~wt oyster. For furt.r ntuforru
tion apply to George's. at the Jewell, on (raviur
A Painter's Tumble.
At o'clock yesterda evoeng Win. Morgan,
while alnting Mr. Lealnd's retidetnce, No. 7:
North IRampart street, tell from the wiRdow of
the second story and broke his lolr. e was
conveyed to his reitdeuce on Thalia street. be
tween Howard and Liberty. by his fiefids.
Acoidentally Shot.
Tuestlay evening a young man natnedt Wm,.
Wilkinsou. aged eighteen ynars, was wounded
in the right leg by the accldentti4l1'charge of
hies shotaun which was loaded w~it'No. n shot.
It appears Wilkinson, after a day's hunt, re
turned home and placed his gun 'hgalst the
wall. From some unexplainable cause the gun
fell to the floor, andti. one of the bar, ole elxulod
ing, the contents took effect in Wilkinson's leg.
The wounded man was removed to the Charity
Hosploal for medical treatment.
O'Brion Seeking Redress.
John O'Brien, who was arrested some timn
since for ditobarglng his pistol within the city
limits and willlfully iring at a member of the
polce force with the intenldou of murdering
him, yesterda~ made an affidavit against Our
poral O'Neil Patrolmen Bechler, Sheridan,
Tomlin and Clark. for kidnapping him, The
accused officers were all released by Judge
E ans until such time as the case can be Inves
Tans Booe.-Everybody seems to anticipate a
lively trade this fall, and miny of our bustuess
houses have laid in a sululy of goods to meet
the expected demand. The mammoth clothing
establishment of H. B. Stevens. corner Canal
and Exchange Place, is filled to repletion with
the most fashionable and elegant ready-made
clothing to be had in this country.
Capt. Stevens's tailoring department. Nos. 5.
7 and I Exchange Place, has just received a
large assortment of piece good4, including all
the novelties in plain and fancy sultings. Todt
and Moriarity. the well-knewn artistic tailors.
are busily at work trimming their sails for the
rush which will soon set in. Now is the time to
have fine suits made up, thereby avoiding the
rush. Just think of it-suits cout to order for
Persons who have a weak constitution.or who
have reason to fear consumption, should regu
larly take Laplace's Indian Turnip Pectoral
Balm. There is no medicine yet discovered
whih compares with it for enriching the blood
and building up the constituti ,n.
Go to Barnes & Miller. No. 18 Natcnez street.
for first-class rebronazln.
Our Rallroad to Texas.
LLake Charles Echo.]
The steamer Col. Hooker has arrived with
185 tons railroad iron from Calcasieu Pass.
The trestle work in and near Lake Charles is
completed and ready for the ties and rails.
Steam plile drivers have been moved from
Lake Charles west to Bay Shoupique, and
east to the Grand Marais. All piling com
pleted between Lake Charles and theGrand
Marais. Track laying goes on daily.. La
borers constantly coming in from Texas. As
sistant Manager Charles R. Adams at Or
ange, and expected here Monday. Work goes
on steadily.
The leader of the Liberal party In the
Erwpytian Parliament, Gamad el Dim, is an
Afghan bt birth, and a born political In
. With a dead-whlte complexion jet
b eard and restless black eyes, he is a
noleseble figure.
UIlmnaI Bervia.. u5itZee tutee "nn. . I
Dailymeteorologloao rev'nrt roy the nIght hours
endinu &t 10:01 P. m.. W nO,4nAY. Otobnwr H.
Observation takou at tno sni momnt of
time at. a llt, tt .Io1
Otationn. Day. p Irlr (ItlourA
W hour. riirllrccc
q) iyl.1tol... 291 9v - It NI h; 17 0
UIu1u·I. 211(111 (II1 1 II
ouIHVIIvu ... I R .M
nrjir.ln. ... .... . 7;'i4H 2 o
* a~ ' it . . . a I I L 7:1 .. El n
Yntr'w ( »roovi. u n?9 it 77~H1, 1+ I
Shr'iviiiort . '1.11 I t 77. ., 0
Vlohwbmrgr ".. 90 I+l, IL it 71141 4 n
&Iygllntd......1l412) It 77 . . . . I)
Attr ra ........ 1114 IL 7 HI 7 0
S1tH nn1(hU.. 2( hA IIt *74 N I; ( 0
yp at......14: I t 70 IfHI, n aA
tl .... ..... u' ,: l It `6 IP, ' t1l
11y12WI*4ty . 97 l 71' It~ IJN I 114I
iii , 1 7441 .I. 0 I
lo ndgo1Ln11rt y F. 4 IL 1t NIE I
I dlcnsteeatnt arie I. ldlwgrm Illn*; t
N1lw ()rIIANs. 0,"t.. (1. 11179.
Time. Wontiour.
7 a. mn. 7o1.on 77 it, t Minoky.
2L. 11n. W141 III 711 NI 11 I'(rnro,tinlng,
II u. Ifl. (10o' 07 8H H~~~1 Ulwur.
Wnn.2911. 17 7(1 M.
WMaxiirun tniin~riitiuro (112: ilnIniieyi1 71.
ILoiua~rlll .1. _
WICATIDUli 4R raNi 1lIT11r.
WAnrIIIotr.l'IN, Ot. yy ·---l'or Ilse Middlll Atlanl Inn
witnds. rilourly still wtirteirp lrll4rl1l,11(1. $1(1 I lrWor
IFur 8outlJ Atlot lln Htitn.w, ri budf or 1ulrt.ly
uulouady w1. thor. wI; , w 0llh.11t rornl III11, Vnhlt.El' I,
wlzids. zo, uoarly staotlonry IUonhL'orntaro and Iii
For thu Eurt Qlut Stimto. doo(11frosIngi noIoruI.
noes oroonno 11 by onutiuloiil 11110, soutniorly
Vin&rld nofrl nt lIonnry Irin Louruturo u,.d bu(.
Plor Itor Wnst. (lilt Hit,otne, 'lnir or pnrEly
elondy wtntjlrur. siuiith*lyr lnd in. unohrly miI
tlountI Y 91. ra4l rare; Hlaid burormetor.
Not r120 ToIhn iisrino 11d tbo Mihio valloy., elunr I
or partly wotnticlr, .outllnrly winds. Watilouuary
or 10 luwEr toluplntl luto andi biromotor.
Cotton Crop Ropoit,
(!'unrAcs'roN, Oct . H.-I'ho report of thn
- Chlart'lsto EI('chnge for fHMlt)Amlber Is (Hon
I densedl from repillm of Alxty-nrin) correspond
I lnts In twenty-eight olunllt!i; averago (Inte
)opitmbl)r :P). The weather during the miouth,
as reported by all, has been very dry and very
favorable for picking, bui iby t"noJt a4 unfavor
able for maturing of thet top crop, thel growthl
having .been checked by drouth. The plant
was fruiting well, but in most ca(ws is not re
talming its squarell anlld bolls. Many co)n
plain of conmiterabile damage by rust. Tihe
lower counties recport two-thirds as having
boon picked, while the upper coulltil.s averaoge
abo)t ono-third picked. Esthmuate's of the
yleld of lsend cotton per acro vary from 11)1
pounds to H1)0 poumds, the avereago being 450
pounds to the acre. The yield, ns conlpiared
with lhat yelar. IS 45tlimatedi to be the same ni
three counflthes, and from 10 to 50) per cent l;es
in twenty-live counties. An average estimate
is about 20 per cent less, which delchtency,
however, may be onsl.lert.l to some extent
countorbalanuod by luncruease in aurege.
The Middle Park Plate Race,
LONDON, )ct. . -.,The Middle Park plate
race, for two-year-oldh, three-quarters of a
mil cl dash, was won by eoau DUcbrt, Grace
Cup second, Dora third.
tPhR l ^+ALfI4Nt MA'i'dit.
NEw YontK, Oc()( .--+Murlphy continueR his
load, having completedl 282 moles at 10 to
night, to l'ale'r's 272, Currn's 250,. Spellaly's
258, Allen's 237, Howard and lulesol's 250and
JBrady's 2401. Dlekinson and Hlenmere'r are Out
and Walkr. Mahoney, Pierce and Key have
made 245, 237, 228. 200) iles respectively.
ALBANY, Oct. H.- -Albanys ,4I'roy Citys 8.
Strike of the Leoulaivlle tove Ionulders.
Loutsvilhtah, Oct. 7.--The stove mouldere
yeilterday tuaide a detmand for an advanco of
15) per cellt, an1)d are tonorally idle to-day.
Both employers and employed take the Imat
ter coolly, and are quietly awaiting develop
ments. 1 he strike progressing in Cnclunnati
will probably determine the result here.
uncle SaimmlY Denounced.
NEw Yonwt, Oct. 8.--The State committee of
the Tam many Halal Democracy have issued
an address denouncing Samnel J. Tilden and
his aspirations for the Presidency.
Mr., Mrs. and MAti.
[RI. G. Whito in New York Tlmei
I am asked *dhen it became the custom to
call married women "Mlsslz." instead of
"Mistress." 'I believe that it would be difil
cult to lix upon a time when this deplorable
change in pronunciation took place, and, In
deed, I am) very sure that the clipped and de
graded form of mistress made its way slowly
among tile folk who worn born to speak Eng
lish, and dhi not prevail until some genera
tions had passed away after it came Into a
certain vogue. In fact, 'mintress is not yet
absolutely driven from the field, for there are
people, both in England and America, who
discluim miMiz. )and cling to the old, full
sounding, dignilled mistress. But although
the question propounded to me cannot be ex
actly answerdl, It gives us a good occasilc to
glance at the history of our most commonly
us,4d titles of respect,
Mister !,, ilke ,miNsiz, a degraded form of a
better word, master, and master itself is the
product of a gradual decay of the Latin
magister, both words having the same mean
ing. Master, however, s1 not directly derived
from mngister. The Latin word, In the course
of those centuries which we call the Dark
Ages, dropped the g and became maister, or
muistre, in old French. In this form it passed
into old English, in which it Is fund always,
or almost always, written either with ai or
ay, and there is no room for doubt that the
pronunciation of the word was the same both
in England and in Fronce.
Our wretched little Missiz has the same no
ble descent as Mister. The feminine form of
emaister is maisteress, and the latter word
naturally soon followed the former into use.
At first it had a like application, and was
given to women who were really maistere+ses.
But it lost this elevation much sooner than its
masculine counterpart did. The desire to
please the vanity of women, sometimes called
chivalric, sometimes gallant, which has done
much greater harm, did some harm in leading
quickly to the application of this title to all
ladies-that is, all gentlewomen, who had no
other. Sooner than maister, too, it lost its a
both in pronunciation and in spelling. Mis
tress is a much older English sound than
Mistress was given as a title of honor to
young girls as well as to matrons early in the
sixteenth century, if not before that time. Of
its use in this manner in the time of Eliza
beth, Shakespeare's "Mistress" Anne Page,
In the Windsor comedy, is an example. Anne
Page was a more slip of a girl, but being the
daughter of a gentleman, she was "Mis
tressed." This use of Mistress prevailed until
about the reign of Queen Anne. Until the end
of the seventeenth century unmarried ladies
wire called Mistress-Mistress Mary, Mis
tress Betty, and so forth. As their mothers
were also called Mistress, the fashion makes
some confusion for the modern reader of old
time literature, particularly in the old Eng
lish comedies. In the dramatis persomne of
these there will be half a dozen ladies, all
styled "Mrs.," of whom some will be married
women, and others young, unmarried girls
It is not always easy to discover theexact po
eition of these ladies, even by their manners,
particularly when the Mrs. Is a widow.
Mis, as a title o rspet, Is the most
modern of the three common titles of our
day. Two hundred years ago It was a title
, I of posltive dlsrespeot anti was apolled only
I to unnhanto women. Tt Csamn to Ib thus gutn
r I orrally used in the trime or ('harles i II. In a
4. well-known IpasWt g Illn "lli.vrt's DiaIry," of
of lthe dh t c or 142, hle rt'l'w, e 4: In L thi atr'.o I
yI f. rn alltd .frmo llH clou lnri ll carll'd Iltx
4'i thllin , iLt w Ia/1 m lft, rh;i lintl 1t),l4d.n tol bI
i. w 4 rl.( 44 M t foi o . i oi lt ioc l, L11 li lt l r (Un at th i n l. 4
Sn i yiii lh il tlto il l lrl( wo 4oI1).I l" ) hi'II:' 1)4how
good, r'Alrt why yonig4 ulrntrrii d ihiiu livt
practii m tio ulirtio flit 1 , 'lt, how'ver4o , pro -
Avtlti very ltrf I , 4ionl y lit,,or through ( ittii
MNtuarts, m1 Iwent out of i' rlgln.nd with ((hen.
W Itr. 141h to tlIirat14 hitry oi f tV ih word
by the hlp o I tly e' . nll to Exl Iho r in,.
lIht ttgol 1.4 i'(tlilx'n , hhry 1 'ethlnpn, Lwtili ny Wy-lt
Jorhly, Sir 'John VImhrutgh, unld Willb ttm (hr
I r'ove, h v le i ( 'll, llll I L ta alf. hl e itii u 4ln l-on
Iho 4-Msht.t,. I .low 41aid why wat II thltl,t144, iltn
mH tIlnld'erllnvI Ld HI thorouhllyf ,httgLad d r isy
lynuratiad In athI niloan ltli, notlng rIii kit)IttoyIl
show. Wf onlly Itlknow tl thlt hl ug' Iltg wn
Iruini.1 ahd, 0i tL i ho till, whhltste, i t w'a , on o1)4
JhorN.upe0,ct unllrh a rlad s II aid II la, Iats II,
14).41.nlln on f o ir espt ..cl, l nl dihr Witllnl ailnd
Mary lill A t )h.t
A Wot byrful Reoioni - Bolievld to ontain
U'Y too l Wealth, but Which overy
hody Fears to Explore,
ILUad vilio Chron hlo.I
Almb t o adouain nbrnll.htr A tvhe framon Twhi
1l(4411, wilch1nl are tie womllnl or ,ll luxonti entl
the w.gard t e Pnery, and algai p 4rha.p Ltwenty-Ilv
(111.4 from 1.11 lan1ge oilly of Ladvlle, the
oltravtllr vloe alew ronls to the no rintll.. dis
0n'hlttllKld 'xlt l(ltrer 01 Oiclqlii to., w)tlhl palrtls
tihat urroudly Ihdepvg e udthat 11 11 g 'lfatltimel
t4 IL 1.le'a, siuol¢ f1,i th 161,10 sr* tllIarn known 1161
liallt-Moon ertk. It al,-r or thwl uhalr ,l' thle
awlopy olf thle great dtlvhd, through haltw of
r lanows whose undet rtln ot layr. lio never felt
1r the warIht raysk the tn velSri ovdr$ ts ay
4t1u'l, whre fragrantnt a rt bowlrs flowere, baret
ily wollrted ll the an uit Ia'ls 1tr)s. Follow C Ito
ly, couran downward anld it will logo itslelf I
land iy follown y itu n pUt hatlL tlp an hour' l ride
l' from where tho 1l'4 141,strkeo4 the cr1Jlo, It 1s
loVtl tl, ght of Iln all-Moot tcan. , through
whose ovelrhanging pblow. Iand I' tek In th'
ly lo, over fad ll to the inadowe wtlier tul.
Syatls, il14 trllll iiaso )1,11n rIflitwoll ' ,y tell
tu rhe mouth of thei canon it barrel shaptd,
ln('l the trttall( ovn lth over the 1t huldred yart'
I Is made by swigi frlll om lon rook Ito an
SotheLr Iln tlhe strolm by IIi O. U of overhang-ll
Inl boughlls and blranches. AtV'll tovery itel, the
Mor.u t.liis mole1 enh, anting, th lux I arut
under growth at times reachwl a ing nearly tol
the watl hrs Uent, wlrnd agt whla ulte hutti L
out tl view t la few rods to the front. t'1'HIl
efa hnltled explorer on collng. ht thhse plrts
might n radil y y b.avr that, the hd realIned
the end, wer' Igreat not flr thile Iulo lof the
water ts, w ildh bay irt) rd eomwn, ly milrs
, away .oursing down through the shadowed
cavern, have b, virtual 'thrownr out through
the ,rano to its mouth. When In about the
dA tauc,. e (nane tIh canon opens outd twihco
trail, whidh ends at a great bowlder here, but
Is well dotlind as It reathon into the canon,
a$ Itt run1 by the coustant tread of ant artxi
sentinel, whose duty It might 1(e to halt all
Intruders from below. In this break Il the
canoln and for perhaps another hundred
yards, the troll has boon followed by the
gold-s.ekor Dr l andihltalla-l, when both are
turnetd bhak unrough absoluto feor of what
mway be found beyond. The trail Is all well1
INea tn at this point, aIt over the p'4rt passed,
but aglAl the pLir s or.hvl'linllg tilt canon, the
streamn whhlne, and the travelor lor 11 hl y
determination to Ste4 furl h41'1.
More than ono man, profealug greater
courago than those who had gone before, has
gainel| this point, wondered at what might, bo
unfolded to blm, and, like the rust, retraced
his stops, congratulating himself that ho was.,
allowed unmohristi to return. Hortosay that
la inhabitbd only by bearsan(d mountadn Jlons,
and that the botealr path that) boen made by
thlos to the great boulder, whore it ouda, and
that those wild INest itl are now, and ptrhapl
always have bke'n, virtual prisoners within
their own grounda.
A gentleman who hlis lately visited the
wondierful and unknown catlon wais Inutr
viewed by a reporter for the Chronrl'h. Like
porhaps a hunldred others, he went to see and
ierhaps dtiewover the unknown beyond, but
Ils heart failed hiM, aed he wasr quIut satin
lied to hear related the strange stories of
those who had made bold enough to rea'h the
polnt uatnoti. 'Thls igetitlou wia told that
miners had brought out q1 artz picked from
the Oldeo of the canon, which contained more
gold than rock; that many of them believed
that its walls were made of such stuff, yet no
one was bold enough to pass on to ascertain
the truth, because of the stories told in re
gard to the canlon. One of these was to the
Sefflect that some ) ears tago two prospectors,
lured on by what they had found iup to the
second wall spoken of above, passed on and
never returned. Our informant declares that
there is no doubt but that two men passed in
search of gold, and that they never returned
Is a fact attested by those who waited anx
lously for their report. The Chronicle man
r suggested that they might have passed out
I through some opening in the canon as yet
I unknown, but this Idea was exploded by the
statement to our informant by those who
were left behlnd, that if they had lived they
would have certainly returned and reported.
Yet another story, and one which appals
the traveler, is to the elTect that the James
boys use this canon as a cover and hldIlg
place. One man has posltively asserted that
while prospecting upon the summit of a
mountain which overlooks the break In the
canon, that he saw an armed sentinel pacing
to and fro over the trail. At first sight he
thought the person to be a hunter, but as his
strange movements attracted his attention,
he made close watch, is sure that the man's
business there was that of a guard, and Is
ready to swear to not only this part of the
story, but that at one time he observed two
men there, and that he believes it was the
purpose of the second to relieve the first from
duty. Whether these stories be true or false,
one thing is certain, no man to-day can be
driven or coaxed for a greater distance than
about 300 yards through Half-Moon Canon.
D;Iftlng our a Hu.sband.
Three romantic Kentucky girls recently hit
upon a better device for securing husbands
than by advertising. They lived on the banks
of the Ohio river, and agreed each to set a
bottle afloat containing a paper on which was
written her name and a promise to marry
whomsoever should find the bottles. One of
the girls has married recently the man who
found her bottle far down the river, the second
is engaged to the one who found hers at
Natchez, Miss,, and the third Is corresponding
with the finder of hers, who also lives at a
great distance from the point where the bot
ties were launched.
It Is generally understood that Gen. Grant
will so time his engagements as to be in Chi
cago in November, on the occasion of the
reunion of the Society of the Army of the
Tennessee, of which Gen. Sherman is presi
dent. The friends of Gen. Grant think that
he will then take the opportunity to deliver
such utterances as will be significant of his
wishes and purposes concerning the next
Emmons Blaine, a son of the Senator, was
quite conspicuous on the stump during the
late campaign in Maine, but a peculiarity of
his canvass was that wherever he went the
Democratic majorities were increased. The
MMissouri Republican thinks that the Ohio
Democratic committee should secure his ser
vices by all means to follow in the wake of his
"You army chap," as the girl said to her mil
itary lover.--Bangor Commercial.] "That's
where you soldier self," he wrote back when
he eloped with another girl.-[Ottawa Repub
lican.] This may be trooper haps. Hussar
for theothergirl.--Boston Post.] Some mill
Stas mischief at the bottom of it, no doubt
Philadelphia Bulletin.
'Baltimore has the smallest debt of any city
in the country of its, size and wealth. The
debt is $7,040,002, with a current valuation of
$250,000,000, a population in 1870 of 257,&54,
and a tax rate this year of $1 50 against $1 90
last rear. This, however, does not include the
State tax, waich runs from 17 tol eests on
$100 .
The attention of the public Is particularly called to the
This reduotion s possible on account of the doorease nla the oost of labor and material.
by anu lowrtrlnu of t te elualtyi o either
bDotwlthstMnding the Dreviously acknowledged
It has lp the ooo tant eud4eavr of the manufacturer to render it still more worthy of thetavr
with wh. c t hia boon reajelvt. by such
As wil sim iffy. strengthen and perfect it for the many uses to which it is applied, until t
Thoe Most Perfect Steam Pump Miade.
EhIs aaMoh P Is subjected to a rigoronus test before leaving the manufactory, and every luam.
form loblate ouwrsves to refund the purohase money n oase any Pump should fa1 to .1e
We have oonetantly on hand a large and complete assortment of
4 Ar1VLN Owaa.a-ws wacs
Wlt the invontlon manufacture an4 Ruse of BAIBIED WIlE dawned a 1W h a Nl
Nilu t'rwviouly aill fOn'ees of w re or woodt htad to be made of m ntleentm s t b ý -
reJsist the brut force of the animal to be restrained and it epended
strengcth and activity of the animal as to whether the fnene coUl
broken down or scaled: hon. fo had heoome verp cgsy,
and, in many cases, almost Imposslble to be ortne
thus makine a great drawhack to the settlement of
some of the flnuest portions of our Continent,
With which BARBED WIRE can be transported the asmal amount of tim d labor
to put It up. its wondorful efficiency a ionee. and its (Jomwoerative Cheapness,
made for It a moseet wonderful an'd remarkable success. The a out ola
have boon uprocedented, and though little was heard of it for e.ars
580, it is now known al, veor the olvlilzed orid, and used in
Sall the States and Territories of the united atates
We are Prepared to Execute All Orders, Small or Large, Promptly and at T1r
Low Prices.
The special attention of manufacturers. mill owners, and other parties ausing stea i
to the reat economy of employing Injectors a a moans of sup plying water to steam bo
In most cases these Injectors may take the place of Steam Pumps to great advantage,
eve where the latter have been set up and are now in use. It would be a matter of eoono>let
apply one of tahe former also to rour boiler, for the following, among many other reasons ga
pertinent, that might be given:
The Best of Pumps Will Sometimes Get Out of Order,
others frequently, in which case much valuable time is lost while making reire. BeruAaf
such olronmstanoes, is a comparativoely inospensiv machine, alwayse In order and rea
at a moment's notile to take te place of the liabled Pump and allow the work to go o .ft
ina unusual had ,ccurred. Tlou atlain it may Lbesed to great adnantage 4nrnplenish ha e ,
during the htldttime, so as to e in a good Oondition to get p a JAll headf team tel &u
the morning, effecting by this operation alone a
Great Saving in Fuel, and Wear and Tear of Boilers.
The Steam employed in working the Injector is returned to the Boiler with the Feed ,
thereby raising its temperature, and preventing the unequal expansion so disastrous to
Plates, caused by pumping in water at a low temperature.
The Feed Water enters the Boiler through the Injector in a continuous stream . whlh Is a
great advantage over the unavoidable intermittent supply vroduced by all kinds of.aumps
These Injectors are warranted to work with the most perfect regularity, and when prot.apr
applied, according to the Instructions given, guaranteed to work to the fuulest extent of
oapacity, as laid down in our table.
Thay will also, if desired, be sent on trial to responsible parties for thirty days: to be saw
cented if found to work as represented. otherwise to be returned tree of expense eesept lee
Shapley & Wellm'
3Bar, Hoop, Sheet and Boiler Iron,
Machine and rrage Bolts. Packers' Bach t
Nuts, Washers and Nails. Hand Bolt Cutters
Steel Blacksmith Tools of all description Ecl.pe Fan Blowers
Files. Band and Emory Paper Emory Clot i Spence Flue brushes,
Sugar-House and Railroad Lampa and an- ortable ore
Putnam's Polished and Pointed Horse Shoe Single and Double Trees,
Nails. Chains and Anchors,
Worcester Self-feeding Upright Drills. Bevolvinga d Plad.
Morse Patent Twist Drills. Road e B
Tank. Coopers' and Boiler Rivets.,
Lap Welded, Steam and Gas Pipe,
Steam and Gas Pipe Tools of all Kinds.
Brass and Iron Globe and Angle Valves; Brass and Iron Full Opelna Valves; Brass and Iro
Safety Valves: Brass and Iron Horizontal and Vertical Cheek Valves; Brass and Iron
Steam and Vacuum Gauges; "team and Bervice Cocks; Brass,
Air. Cylinder and Gauge oeks; Brass Gongs.
For Journal Boxes. Engines. Shafting, for Blow and Fast Motion, we claim will save FIFTY F)N
uENT over the use of oil.
Anvils. Vises and Bellows: Dirt. Garden and Iron Wheelbarrows; Bubber ose.,
Belting and Packing of al kinds ; New and Second-Hand Portable and
Stationery Enginee. Boilers, Shafting and Pulleys,
Estimates for NLTew Boilers Furnished onApplicationl.
Parties desiring to purchase will save a Large Percentage by calins on ns before urachaslis
eOewbhre. Seadfor oar BRevised Catalogue.
140 to 160 A.GAZINE STRUET.

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