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test News from All quarters of
the Globe-Europe, Ala
and America.
Massing of Russian Troops on
the German Frontier--German
Newspapers Insolent
to Franoe.
e Irish Land Agita'ion Extending to
the Cites--The Mexican Preai
dential Oampaign.
MEX 10.
VrIY Or Maxtoo, Dec. 80, via Havana.-
eleotion exultemoent is absting. LGen.
tea is losing favor. Gen. GonzrBes will,
Is supposed, be the aixt, presideont.
G.en. Trevino teclgraphled, December 22,
t the Apaohe Indians had defeated 200
roian troops near the Mex.can 11li, and
i exspedition had been sent from the
otlflhuthhua against the American In
Who had Invadedr the State.
efyes has defeatedl the revolutionists
I.n. lting heavy hlos upon them.
fro1 the Itierra Mojda district up
tbr 0, show that about 1500 personr
". thelaines; no more could Ilntd room
for want of water. An American
y is ainking arteelian wrells there.
on agent from Balt Luike City Is at
it.. nuegotiattna for IWrulsslon to cr
a Yorin.n settlement In Mexico under
of relialous liberty. The agent ex
to s iUoed in his misslon.
tilItWAN Y.
Ip, Jan. 7.-Detailed reports of the
military preparations come from
pointe ou the Austrian and German
tr. These riepirts art bheinning to ex
attention throughout Europe.
A phiale has just been i.lued by a Berlin
entitled "Fio tl tiatoine of the Ger
Md Ruseiau Fronuter." wherein the de
of each country are elaborately die
and the rnpective advantages of dif
plias of lovasitt on either side can
. The author is evidently a German
man and the appearanoe of such a
u.dier the present clroumatanoes is
iA M erlin as highly sigunlfoant. The
4impreses the bhelet that Germany's
rontier is saultilently dofelded, and
German forles can be easily and
mobilized and thrown upon the im
p Itn sulfslaent streonth, even on
t notice, to hold the Russlans at
. te frontier until tueasures for reeiet
Bt. Interior can be thoroughly organ
L e Gasete. in a long article re
blsuch of Prino, Hohuenlohe,
or at Paris, on the occasion
_ t Gvy's reception to the diplo
rep sasetat Ive on New Year's Day, de
bt the peace of Europe is thre ,toned
only, and that (Germany and Aus
d atermaled to ,old Itl+lsea In check.
lf remarkable for its insolent and
tone toward Fiance, and its hos
nla reproducing the above article,
. toa the fact that recently the
-- Uts has faithfully represented
'a views on qucetliou bi for
DOJan. 7.-A dispatch from Dublin
allume . says: Th. Irishl rent agitation
istered a new phase, and has 'xtended
the rural to the urban loclittes. A
toln foot to agitate for a remission
of rents ou the part of the poorer
and tenants in Dublin and other
Jan. 7.--A COhul dispatch says:
aataing Uabul hlhasu.ed Jau wrote
sayiog that althoutgh for the
retiring, the Alfgans woul-t not cease
untll the English were driven from
Jan. 7.-Tune Kthedlve has accepted
n. on of (len. (Uordon.
Correspoudlent of the Liver
says: Judah P. Beujamin has been
fur the claimant ln the £1ohtorne
tkGa., B.oe-An Exciting Hur
dl hose, with Several AccideLts.
A. Ga., Jan. 7.-There was a large
at the race to-day, including
ladies. The' weather was mild and
like. A light rain had laid the dust
l-thetraok in a tiusoe)uditthm. After
Obime races, whtch particularly
the ladles, the rest event was a
and a half dash, wlich had three start
Belie of R ck Hil and Round
Dance went to tne frout near
pula, and won by several lengths in
ha. I e rao., two miles d sh over eight
had five starteri-Lowking, Picnic,
mnet, Dalgasian and Jura Fey. At
hurtle Picnic tell, severely brult
rider FP. Cater. At the third hurdle
an- Dalgaslan led. At the fourth
fell, slightly Injuring his
Low l-g passed the mile poLt away
kept the lead until near the seventh
when she gave out entirely, and Fay
tl.t weint to the front. Far won easily
Dalgaslan was the favorite, and
.Fe won the race hut for the accident.
Geteral and Party Reach JIackonville
maM Are Heartily Weloomed by the
People of That Town.
LL. Fla., Jan. 7.-Gen. Grant
y Uarrivd het ypetefrday alteruoou.
* Balute was tied by the artlodry
y gnd an drera of weloowe made
ulrwith, of the dcy ounctl. An icu
mruwd hued the what vas and etreeo to
Yb. Qemrta Ceiratl 3.rl1g.
Ga.. Inn. 7.-By antract, E. W.
t fthe at. Lutus, Neaevlle
Biliroad, guaranasea the
the Georgtlr (etrat BaUl
e *12fur fitsv, U ear 7 per oenSa
ad assume all uahlilrtea or the
d sad branauhe
rte 5eflIY· tlie III, C al  UISS. I
Jan. 7.- the oaie miners of the
district ym&erbday rsuyed
to dig no men, oast until paid
per bu"J"r dLgqlog. Taqly ai j
resolved to work but eight hours' so that all
the pitmen in the district may have an opor
tunity to labor. About seventeen hundred are
on a trike and will not resumo until two
thirds of the mine owners and operators ao
F cede to their demands.
Pendleton's Amendment to Bayard's Legal
Tender Resolntian-The Department
of the Interior and the Utes.
WAStINOTON, Jan. 7.-H enate.-Mr. Pendle
ton gave notteO of the foliowug amendtuent,
proposed to be offered by him, to the Senate
Julnt resolutlon No. 49 (Blayard's resolution):
At the end of the restuiton add the words,
"And said notes shall not be available for any
I of the reserves required to be kept by na
tional banks, and all suchll reserves shall be
kept in coin." Ordlered printed and referred
to the Finance Committee.
On motion or Mr. Pendleton, the Senate
took up and considered the bill to authorize
toe Secretary of the Treasury to invest tne
Indian tlunas held In trust by 1im at 4 Instead
of 5 per cent, except whore the treaties stipu
lated of her wlSos.
The Vice President laid before the Senate
to-day a commuunicatiou from the Secretary
of the luterior, transmitting the correspond
ence calHed for by the reslutlon f the Son
ate Deceembei 8, 1879, concxertIug the Ute lu
dians. Secretary &ehurz, in Ise letter of
transmittal, says that he forwar(ed copies of
all the correspondence, exci ptIIng two letters
received from lien. Adams, one concerning
the testimony taken by the Ut com tmisslou
era, and tie othetr tououing further negotia
tious with the Utes with reference to their
reservation. These letters, the Secretary
says, thel interest of public nolley demand
shouuld be withheld from publication at pre,
The Vice President laid before the Senate a
colmuniecation Irom the Secretary of War,
recommewdlna such legislation as will pro
vide for the acquisition tby the ullt"d Statoe
of a title to the Iands on wnuloI Fort Stockton,
Texas, is situated. Reterred.
Bills were introduced and referred, as fol
By Mr. Coke (by request): To promote the
immediate and rapid coustructihn of the ln
ternational and Great Northern Railroad of
Texas, from San Antonio to the Rio Grande.
By Mr. Max.ey: To extend the jurisdiction
of the Northern District of Texas.
Mr. Windou auulmittted a resolution in
structing the Appropriation Comunltt'e to
conblder the exprtllency of establishlng a new
executive department of the government, to
be called the Department of Agriculture and
Luommeroe. Ordered to be printed, and laid
the table.
A similar bill was introduced by Mr. Davis,
of West Virginia.
The Senate then took up and passed the
private bill for the relicf of Doddradge &
Davis, of Corpus Caristl. Texas.
The Senate thno went into executive ses
sion, and when the doors were reopened ad
llouwe.-.By unanimous consent the States
were called this morning as of Monday for
bills for reference.
Mr. Chalmers, of Milslssippi, introduced a
bill which referred to, the regulatlou of coin
certificates. It prcavi lec that the holders tof
gold or silver bullion may deposit the same
at any Uutit-d States mint to be colned and
shall receive cuin certttiaates for th' value
thereof of the denomination of less than $5;
such oertilicates to be receivable for customs,
taxes and all public dues, and to tie re-T.su
cable. Thrile bulllonu sodposited is to Ib colulua
as rapidly as possible and applied to the psy
Itent of thie bonded debt, bult there shall be
always kept. in the rreasury gi.d and silver
coin equal to one-third of toe outstandiing
cetlfllhat(es. The issue of coin certiflcatcs to
be limited to the bullhon so re!rilved.
Mr. Townsendl, f Illinois, offered a resolu
tion Instructing thie CIoummttu on Foreigru
Affaire to luquit into the exDtedietncy of ailol
isl uing all ae evoycs iet ra.orditnary and mlutiters
reshient froiu the United States to foreign
countries. RBlerred.
Among the bills introduced and referred
were tihe following :
By Mr. Mils, cf Txtas: Requestlng the
President to invite the government of Mexico
to enter into a treaty ; also a similar bill rela
live to Brazil.
By Mr. Culberson, of Texas: For the re
olnage of trade illlars.
By Mr. Page, of C.aifornia: To restrict the
emigratiomn of Cullnes*.
Bills were also intioduced and referred as
By Mr. Acklan, of Louisiana: For there,;ula
tintu of lnterstate freig.hts and passengers
and to relieve tih same from restrtltions of
local qutarantine.
By Reagan, of Texas: For the construction
or a railroad from San Antonio to the Rio
By Mills, of Texas: Directing the Presi
dent to prohibit all Ilndians on reservations
from going into Texact.
Mr. Stevens, of Idlincls, reported hack the
S-nate bill amendlung sectione 2324 and 2325 of
the Revled Statutes in regard to mlueral
lands. Alter scnue disetlsstoon, Reagan, of
Texas, and others, opposuing the bill, it was
passel--yeas 177, nays 29.
A Large Mass Meeting Held in Richmond,
Va., to Secure Aid for the Desti
tute People in Ireland.
RICHMOND, Jan. 7--A grand mwae meeting
Y of the citiz us of Richmoud and Mancheseter
was held here last tilgat in the Interest of the
destitute and uff.rinug people of Ireland.
r fhe gathering oomprised representative peo
ple of every nationatlty, creed and political
Ex-Mayor Reilly presided, opening the
meeting with an eloquent and stirriug ad
dress. l'his was followed by the introduction
of a series of resolutions of sympathy with
the suffering people of Ireland, and pledging
the meeting and people of I cnmond and
Mancheeter to contritute witi all possible
liberality to the fund to ta raised. Other ad
dresses were totn made by Right Rev. J. J.
Keane, Catholic Blshop of Ricnmond; Rev. J.
G. Armetroig, of the Epi-c.pal C urch; Jae.
H. Dooley, Capt. John S. Wise and William L.
The Mutiny on the German Ship Panline
David-The Captain Serionuly iqjured.
MonILE, Jan. 7.-The Norwegian bark Bolf
has brought to tais city news of a mutiny on
boaru the iermaan ship Pauline David in the
lower bay. The captain was too severely
hurt to be moved from tue vessel. On appil
cation of the German consul. the revenue cut
ter J. A. Dix has gone down to bring the mu
tineers ashore. t'helr examination will take
place before the consul.
LONDON, Jan. 7.-fntu asteamer Hansa,
whien went ashore on the island of Terchdel
ling on the fourth instant, is breakting up.
A .efsiaag asilreld.
8AvA1NAa, Jan. 7.--Georgia Central Bail- I
road stock, which Tuesday evennlug was I
quoted at 79, went up to 93 this morning,
iosinog this evening at 89. There s a general e
expretmsio of eatiafactao at the leastng of
tae road.
The Pr.egemat e Per Ia Wew York.
Nzw Yoa,. Jan. T.-PreeWidt Prado1 of
PRru, has artrved WC .
The Fnsionists Succeed in Organ- I
izing Both Branches of
the Legislature.
The Republicans Confine Themselves t
to Protests, and Leave the
State-House in a Body. I
One of the Most Disgraceful Scenes Ever *
Witnessed in New England Hi- -
tory-Republican Attempts
at Bribery.
d PORTLAND, Jan. 7.--The following appears
1- In the Argus this morning:
AvOUSTA, Jan. 5.--I, Thos. B. Swann, In the
0 presence of Hon. Solon Chase and Hon. E. H.
y (Gove, Wake the following statement:
I- I have this day been approached by an
1- agent of the Republican party to resign as
1- Representative for money. I am going to
if take money to-morrow, and thus show to the
if people the fraud and ,orruptiou of the Repub
Slcean party. I expect to have another party
K also take money for the same purpose.
1 This is a true copy of a paper which I now
y hold, and which copy was made and signed
4 near midnight, January 5, by Thomas B.
Swann, in the presence of Solon B. Chase;
a witness, E. H. (Gove. Also an affidavit signed'
by Thomas B. Swann, of Minot, attested by
E. H. Gove, J. P , for the State, stating that he1
was luformed that $1000 had been offered by
one of the agents of the Republican party to
I- a Representative of the Maine Legislature to
resign the position and not act with the
SGreenback o. Democratic party.
,f Therefore I consulted with the members of
. the Greenback party and Informed them that
I would have it hinted to said agent that my
resignation could be effected with money,
ao nd if I was off-red $1000 I would rake it and
v sign the papers that they should request,
and should then expose their plans to uefeat
I the will of the people by bribery.
At 10:30 on the sixth I met the agent at the
court-lhouse, signed the resignation and pa
pers, and received $1000. Said agent inform
ed rut- that he had got three or four men to
e remain away and prevent a quorum.
A similar affidavit is signed by Moses Har
riman, of Kennebunk, with the followlng ad
lditional attest:
AUGUSTA, Me., Jan. 6, 1850.
We certify that loses Harllmau, of Kmn
n ebunk, exhiblted to us this evening a pack
age of money and req.ested us to count it.
We did so, and it made $1000. which he said he
received as set forth in his affidavit.
E. H. Gove,
rR. M. bPHirINGER.
BOSTON. Jan. 7.--Dispatches from Augusta,
received late last night, say that Gov. (iarce
Io0 has issued a geutril order turntng over
all the property of the State to Major Gean.
Chainbtnrlun for its protection.
Dispatchca also assert the probablltyof the
electionu of a Furtlonist as President of the
Senate, who will bouim' acting Governor at
the expirea ion of Garcelon's term od service.
BosToN .Jan. 7.-A special dispatch from
Augusta, M1e., to the Journal says: An Ira
mouse crowd is In atteudalnce at the State
House, the rotunda, corridors, committee
·rooms anti galleris being j tmnmed. The
Smemtubers 'loct, with certilcuatoe andl without,
and Counted out members, with all contest
i ants, are admitted to the floor of both
At 9:45 a.m. the Assembly was called to or
der by Assistant Clerk t;i.tls. John C. Talbot
announced the drawing of seats. Staples,t
clerk of the House, is present, but does not
act, Mr. Gibbs presiding.
LATER ---'To Republicans came in and took
pant in the drawing, and every member re
spohded except Voter, of Farmington, and
)iow, of Skowlhegan, and the fourteen in the
dlf"'anchiused cities and towns.
At 10:30 the Governor and Council attended
in the Senate and administared the oath of t
,,tice. t'he Senate organuzid by the choiceof
Democratic officers,-the Republicans re
Lraining from voting.
In the House, Rev. Mr. Walls, of Blddeford, t
Representative-elect, uopehted the session with 1
prayer. Assistant Secretary Gibbs called a
certflied roll, furnisted by the Secretary of
State, asking the members to respond as their
name, were called. All responded except
Sunw and Voter. i
AUGUSTA, Me., Jan. 7.-In the house As
sistaut Clerk Gibbs proceeded to call the cer- I
tiflH,i roll of members.
Mr. Hale took the floor, and claimed that
oertaln elected members of the House from
cities were not on the roll, and moved that
they be included. This led toalengthy speech
froum Mr. Hale, and objections from the other
Mr. Hale wis ruled out of order by the as- I
sistant clerk, who refused to put his motion,
whereupon the Republicans withdrew from (
further participation In the proceedings. C
A message was then sent to the Governor t
and Oouncil, stating that a quorum of the
members ,f the House was present and ready
to be qualfled.
Great excitement prevailed during Mr. a
Hale's remarks, and uproarious applause fol-.
lowed. After notification to the Governor ii
that a quorum was present the Governor ap- t
peared and proceeded to qualify the membere.
He subsequently announced that seventy-six
members, being a quorum, had taken the
necessary oaths, and were regularly and duly e
conetmtuttd the House of Representatives. ,
This announcement received wild applause
from the outside.
Gov. Garcelon said that he now put into
theiihaude the opinion of the Supreme Court, t
as well as the petition of gentlemen from cer- t
tain cittes claiming seats, and invoked their I
careful consideration of the same. Three r
cheers were given for the Governor, followed I
by prolonged hisses. b
rne quorum is made up of seventy-five Fu- C
sioniste and one Republican-Eugene Hale. I
rPbe Fusioniste not participating are Sprout, p
of Vezide; Voter, of Farmington, and Snow,
of Skowh.-ga.
The Senate organized by electing J. D.Sam- h
son, Preetdent; A. G. Andrews, secretary;
Franrceis B. Green, assistant secretary, and a
tue other Fusieon officelur nominated in tue cau
cue last night.
The Senators elect w~ re called to order at
10 o'cloca by lion. Samuel M. Lane, C:ere
tary of the last Senate. ohe roll was called
and all members without exception answered I
to their names.
Senator I cike, of Cumberland, at once
gained the floor and read the protest from
th-~ Republican m-mbers against the Senlate
proceedlng. The &cretary refueed to enter- a
ta.u the motion, and a messenger was seat to o
the Governor and Council, inflorming them It
that the members of the Senate were pre- hI
eat for the purpose of being qualified. it
The Goveroar and Council appeared and a
the oaths were admiaistered. a
Senator Loke then renewed his motion,
but toe Seretary wontid not entertain iL.
The M.e.Wt praeaeded to the electIon of n
Ptarldent .t the 0mmsts. thei ep&ublioaea . ar
fuslng to serve on committees or participate
in the election of officers.
Jas. D. Samoson was elected President. A
protest was entered by the Republican mem
bers on the ground that the election was not
"I by legally elected members of the Senate.
As a quorum was conceded in the Senate,
Interest centered In the proceedings of, the
House, the galleries of which were crowded.
After the prellminary procerdlngs, reported
In a previous dispatch, the House proceeded
a to organize by the election of John C. Talbot
as Streaker by a vote of 72. Nb quorum.
Mr. Hale objuted but the objection was
overruled, and Mr. Talbot was conducted to
the chair.
Tnree cheers were given for Mr. Halo.
Mr. W. C. Gibbs was chosen clerk by a vote
of 74.
Mr. Hale again raised the point of no quo
rumn, but was again overruled.
The Republicans claim that there was fraud
In counting a quorum, and that names were
signed to the list of persons not present.
A. C. Cheever was chosen assistant secre
tary by a vote of 68. Again the point of order
was raised that no quorum was present, and
s ain was overruled.
The question of notifying the Senate of the I
organizulation was debated, Mr. Hale takiog
the ground that there had been no legal or
ganization of the House, and no other body
could be informed thereof. He was, however,
a overruled.
SThe protest of the members from five cities
o was presented by Mr. Hale, who then pro
e ceeded to address the House. urging that the
only way to allay the great excitement pre
va ling was to admit those men who was
clearly elected according to the expressed
decision of the Supreme Court. He moved
v tliat the House go Into committee of the
whole and conmsilder tihe cases. This Legisla
ture, he said, ought not to take a single step
until evenhanded justice is done. The House
reullsed to go Into a committee of the whole, B
d1 only five voting in the aflirmative, and the
matter was referred to the committee on
election, when such committee Is appointed.
e Farmlngton and other cases was also re- r
y ferred.
o Mr. Dickey remarked that the Supreme
Court had nothing todo with the action of the
o Legislature, which drew forth a defense of
a the court from Mr. Hale, and. the plea that f
the constitutional barriers be notswept away. t
He said the election of officials under the laws ]
passed by this body as now constituted would t
t not bh legal.
r At3 p. m. the House adjournel.
Bo.TON, Jan. 7.--A special dispatch to the a
Hterubli roin Augusta says: The scene in the
Hiouse of Representatives this morning was c
Simnply disgrtaceful.
Mr. Hale was a gentleman and acted like
one, and he must have been ashamed of his
friends. The repetition of the oath after the i
Gover nor was drowned by the hisses and a
groans of the mob. tl
The Fumsioists put things through regard- II
less of parliamentary law. The scene was '
unprecedented in New England.
The Fusionlsts must now stick, and the Re- 8
publlcans go to the Supreme Court. It was 11
Impossible to preserve order in the House, Ii
and a row would hayve result. d if an attempt
to expel the disorderly persons had been
HARTFORD, Conn., Jan. 7.-Tl'he Republican V
senatori,.l caucus last night unominated 'Hon.
Lyman W. Cor for Prealstent pro. tem. The
House Republicans nominated Hon. Dwight
Marcy, and the Democrats Col. Dwight C
Mor is for Speaker.
JACKSON, MIss., Jan. 7.-The Governor's
met.sage was lead to the Leglslitutire to-day
at noon. It is very lengthy, contains re osm
mendatl ons on the new Revised Co(de, sena- a
tonal election, lease of penitentiary and sanl- It
tary questions, and suggesting an ilcreased
appropriation for all State. institutlons. The (
planug re-leasing the penitentiary will meet h
with strong opposition. The indications are
that the seasion will bI ia short ono.
t -
SSnator Davis's Bill for the Creation of a
New Intermediary Federal Court.
SWASHINGTON, Jan. 7.-Senator Davis, of
Illuluis, lutouducel in the Senate yesterday a
bill for the establith'umet in each of the judi
Scial circuits of the United States of a orut of
appeals, to serve as an in'ermedlate tribunal
between the etroult courts and the Supreme
Court of the United States. Such court of ap
peals ib to consist of the Supreme Cruat jus-l
tice assigned to that circuit, together with
their circuit judges and two of the district
judges, to be teslgnatr"d for each term of the
,f court by the senior circuit judge.
To these courts it is Intended that a large
t class of the cases which now go to the United
States Supreme Court shall be appealed.
The docket of the Supreme Court is now so
large that it is impossible for it to dispose of
the business before it, and it is claimed that
- often appeals are taken to the Supreme Court
in minor cases because appellants know that
they cannot be heard for years.
t The object of the bill introduced by Mr.
I Davis is to limit the jurisdiction of the Su
preme Court to oases of very great import
1 anct, Involving questions of constitutional I
law or of very gleat property rights, and to
make this new court a tribunal or final resort
for a large class of the minor cases, auch as
now cumber the docket of the Supreme
I Court. The bill provides for the appointment
of eighteen judges to do the business of this 1
Among the petitions presented to the Sen-.
ate was one from Cnas. J. Covert and other
citiz'us (f New York, asking for a grant of
land in Texas for the purpose of the cultiva
tion of tea and grapes. Referred.
Witnesses in the Kellogg-Spofford case now 4
pending before the Committee on Privileges
and Elections, are summoned to appear on (
Saturday, the tenth instant.
The President sent the following nomina
tions to the Senate to-day: John B. Stickney,
to be attorney for the Northern District of I
Florida; Louis Dupleix, of Louisiana, to be I
i register of the land office at Natchitoches,
l La. Postmasters-Duncan 'rordon, at Cuth
bert, Ga.; Carloe G. Wilson, at Milledgeville, I
SGa. Jobn T. Newcomer, at Greenville, Ala.;
B. F. Scales, at Union COty, Tenn.
The House Committee on Invalid Pensions
has unanimously agreed upon a bill granting
a pension of $8 per month to every serviving
soldier of the Mexcan, Florida Creek and
Black tfawk wars. It will soon be reported
to the House.
Large Fire in Memphis-Two Firemen gilled i
and One Seriously Injured.
MmaPHas, Jan. 7.-A fire last night origin
ated it M. tienochsburg's stare, and at 11
o'clock was under controL The front walls of
the building fell out and buried three firemen
in the ruins, killing Pete Meath and seriously
injuring Ed LAnard and Anthony McCarthy,
all members of No.2 engine. Leonard has an
arm and leg broen. Ite building was the
property of th estate of the late James T. (
Lesth, and valuel at k6000. The aenurance I
W aned fret SMS In the HuftnurJL , d 1
Bremen; Hamburg, of Menklenhorg, anti
Mlsslissipi Valley, of Memphis. I.Rwseher
loses $2000, uninsured: Louis Lange's loss is
$4000; insured for $1000 in the Hamburg, of
The fire to-night destroyed the two-story 1
brick buildings Nos. 383, 385 387 and 389 Main I
street occupied by Louis Lange, hoop-skirt
manufacturer; I. Roesoher, jet jewelry store,
and M. Honochsburg, picture frame manu
faetory. Nothing was saved.
LATER.--Ed. Leonard, the fireman injured ]
last night at the fire, diled from the effects of
his injuries early this morning.
PERTHI AMBOY, N. J. Jan. 7.-The draw
bridge accident, which occurred between
Sumwmitt and Woodhridge yesterday morn
ing, is more serious than heretotore reported.i
The freight train which broke through the c
draw-bridge conslsted of twenty-two cars.
Of there, fourteen went into the gap and took
fire from the engine and were destroyed, to- t
gether with the drawbridge. The engineer
and brakeman were hurt, but not danger
ously. Loss $40,000.
ATLANTA, Gat., Jan. 7.--G. T. Wilson son of
the late postmasmter at West Point, (d1., was
sent to jail to-day for robbing the mails.
WILMINOTON, Jan. 7.-Two large Iinuring
mills of Pennypacker & Co., were dritroye(l
by fire at midnight. The loss on the buildings C
and stock is $50,000; theunsurance1s probably
$40,000. C
CINCINNATI. Jan. 7.-A Union City, Ind.,
dispatch says: The bridge over a swollen
stream gave way on the Cleveland. Colum
bus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis Railroad,
six miles east of that place, precipitating an
engine and eleven freight cars into the
stream. Three men were killed.
BOSTON, .Tan. 7.--Stephen Longfellow, a
nephew of the poet H. W. Longfellow, was
to-day held for trial for forging the name of
the latter to a check for $1000.
ATLANTA, Jan. 7.-A onetlifttion special
from Rome, Ga., says: In the Obollo district
to-day, during the election for tax receiver,
M. A. Amith, a baiiiff, called Jasper Spencer
to one side to talk about the election. Smith,
without warning, snatched a pistol from a
by-stunder and shot Spencer dead. Smith
and Spencer had had tii feelings toward one
another for some time, but had made up. A
large party are searching for Smith, who es- ii
caped. ii
-" -v
Olfer to Nell Bonds to the Gorrrnment.
NEW YORK, Jan. 7.-The Sub-Treasurer to- I
day received proposals to sell bonds to the I
government In response to the Secretary of
the Treasurer's circular of December31, stat- t
Ing that he would ourchase $5.000.000 worth. I
The total offering aggregated $7,148,000, and
were mostly from New York bankers. The I
Secretary has $5,055,000 in sixes of '81 at from I
104.20 to 104 25, arnt $1,945,000 fives of '81 at I
from 103.35 to 103 3711
Nevements of ocean Veelsl. I
NEW YORK, Jan. 7.-Arrived: Saratoga,
Weser, Mahubattan, Regulator. Arrived out:
City if London, Maaq, Morglay, Gourac, I
Ohio, Germanic. Homeward: Busy Bee, for
GENOA, Jan. 7.--Railed: December 31, bark
Carla, for Pensacola.
GLASGOW, Jan. 7.-Arrived: January 6, bark
Gem', from Wilmingtou, N. C.
LIVERII'OOT, Jan. 7 -Arrived: January 6,
bark C1haaseur, from Galveston.
United states .rnator.
1Shr venert Standard.]
The canvass for United States Senator has
already Co.mmenfl In earnest. The New Or
leans DEMOCRAT, In a Iadl0ng edit)rial advo
(.ste the (claiIs of Gov. John McEuerv.
Gen. Randall L. Ghson's friends have put C
him in tie flild. We presume that Judge c
Sp,,Tord, in view of his prohahle ademission
to the present term, would like to succeed
himself. We have also heard mentioned the 5
aDmeis of Chief JustleA T. C. . Manning, Col.
William MI. Levy, Judge William B. Spencer, e
ex-Senator J. B. Eusti-i and Judge R. H. Marr. t
There is no danger of there being a lack of c
candidates or a want of energy in pushing c
each one's claims. t
lKnoxville Tribune.] t
The Constitution says the prominent candi
dates for the L tualtana Senatorship, to mio
ceed Pitt Kellogg, are Hdn. Rind ,11 L. Gib
son, Hon. James Eustis, H.u. E, JIohn Edi,
Hon. John McEnery and Judge Spofford.
Hon. John MrEnery was elected Governor
of Louisiana in 1872 by a majority of over
7000 votes, but orders came from Washington s
and Federal b.yonets, and the order of a
drunken Federal judge interfered to prevent t
the people from having the government they d
had honestly chosen.
-... -- ... -.-.
naa noneatly enosen.
The t lerkship of the Hease.
[Rhreveoo t Standard.]
On the solicitation of a number of members i
of the General Assembly, Peter J. Trezevant,
Esq., of this city, has consented to become 1
candidate for the (ffice of chief clerk of the i
House of R.presentatives at the ensuing see- [
sion. The mere mention of his name in such I
a connection should be sufficient to secure his |
electl ,n. There is perhnps no other individual
in the State better qualified to fill the post
tion. He held the office for two consecutive
terms, when it was peculiarly difficult to fill ]
it the one being the Compromise Legislature ,
of 1875, and the other the Nicholls Legislature !
of 1877. It is admitted that he discharged ,
the duties of the offce with signal abillty,
making himself thoroughly acquainted with
the routine of business, and with the princi
pies of parliamentary law, and conducting
himself with dignity, deference and affability
towards the members who are necessarily
brought in constant contact with the chief 1
clerk. It is of the last importance to a new J
House, with so many inexperienced new mem- 1
bers to have so efficient an aid to the dispatch i
of business as a thoroughly qualified clerk in
variably is. Hence we earnestly favor his ~
election. 1
Mr. Wood's Low Interest Project. t
(8oecial to Oincinneti Commercial.] a
WASHINGTON, Jan. 4.-Fernando Wood has I
made a visit to New York and comes back
impressed with the opinion that the 3S per
cent government bonds may be sold at par. i
He has revised the bill introduced by him be- c
fore the recess, providing for funding the out- e
standing debt into bonds of this character,
and will re-introduce it at the earliest oppor- t
tunity. Mr. Wood will oppose the passage g
of any law to increase the funding operations
of the government that does not reduce the
rate of lnterest. There are some persons who 1
believe that Mr. Wood is encour, ged In his
scheme by holders of large blocks of 4 per
cents, as a favorable consideration of it c
would give this class of bonds a vigorous I
boost. t
--- t
Fnttreiy ReeSvered.
Naw Yon CrrTY, June 16, 1879. a
H. R. Warren & Oo.: 1
Gentlemen-I hereby certify that my wife t
has been using Warner's Safe Kidney and I
Liver Cure for Bright's disease, and she is c
now entirely recovered. When all physicians' I
remedies failed, onse was induced to try your a
remedy, and received beneficial results from i
the first bottle. After takin four bottles she
was entirely cured. Yours truly,
Rosl rr B. Fr. .
The exodus movement in this pareish has
entirely died out. We Is rn the colored peo- E
pleat a teptfaaing to engaees eoergsiUllivla a
(The DEMOCRAT Is responsible for noeew a
the views expressed In the communuaaeCme
under this head; but no oommunicalttone alL
be printed except from responesible pares4
Boys' Hotse of Refuge and the St. Vinaaer.
To the Editor of the Democrat:
I have read with a great deal of Intemmt
your able editorial of the sixth on the grerm
jury report; particularly that portion ci i;i
calling the attention of the authorities to tke
evil effects produced on Innocent young bajg
by sending them to the House of Refuge, bt
associate with criminals.
Fifteen years ago this evil was so maq*
complained of that the Society of St. Vanmet
de Paul was lnduced to undertake thoe ab*b
Itshment of the St. Vincent fHoume, to prowk
for and educate just such buvy. Seven bek
dred and thirty-live buys have been iatilt
"Homne' up to (ate. Large numbers of teti
are now flue young men and in good sitgr
tlons, who only for this hore might now bac
In the charter it is provided that sixclaiens
of boys should be admitted. The mse.xa
class are boys "who are committed for tie
first time to the House of Refuge as ~
Now, although the funds of the "Hume"
have become by the bad times very low, aieE
rectors will receive all bo)y of the above clea
at an expense of not over filteen eutse da,,
and I sure if the Society had means tmag
would receive all those boys who are ind4imt
ger of being associated with oiliunals grask.
Very respectfully, your obdlient servets
D. P. 8cAN.AN,
President St. Vincent I.uma
ii ... -..a--- ,~--- -
t Depredations of Visitors to Menlo Park O
tinned-The Beautiful Inoandesoerms
Still Bright as Ever.
iBr Telegraph to the New York Heraldi
MENLO PARK, N. J., Jan. 8.-Notwitbsa -
ing tne fact that Mr. Edison has clos.d ic
laboratory to the general public, a itatt.bg
visitors by spe.ial permit only, hundredso t g5
come nightly to Menlo Park to see thbeegs
tric light. Of the number comparatively fSi
have special invitations, but the crowd, ata
satisfied with the street lights, a dto.za -
which are kept constantly burning, and the
lights in the uwellings, which are in nertrI
every part of the llalge, lit. rally force te
way into the laboratory and almost tat,
posser-sloo of it. The good nature of tae
great inventor is taxed to the utmost. Did-.
liking to turn away scores who come frota -
distance, he permits their admittance natg'
they become so numerous that it is utterey
impossible for the assistants to do any wu _
For more than a week now his entire estab
lishment, with its twenty or thirty ski.h.
hands, has been practically at a standst. l
owing to the throngs of visitore. Tney, cue
from near and far, ti+e towns for severJa
miles around sending them in vehicles of oaf
kinds-farmers, mechanics, laborers, bosp
girls, men and women-and the trains depe-t
iting their loads of bankers, brokers, captalt
lats, sightseers, hungry agents lo.kiol foe
business, awl othe ri. All iioldly walk to the
laboratory, besiege the doors and li tnlst
seeing Prof. Elieson, uatil that gentleotu aat
times wishes tie had never invented the ele
trio lamp) or anything else.
Among these numbers are not a few math
clous persons, who, for some motives of their
own, seek every opportunity to play trirc~
with the wires. Twice to-night the latter
I were temposarily "short-circulted," but Edi
sou's ingenuity prevents any serlous dnma...
Forewarned by the attempt made the oth(g
evening by some unknown person to throw
the whole pow.er of the current on a part oual
of the circuit, thus attempting to Injure soie
of the lamps, he rigged up an Ivgenlousat.
tachment to the wire--asort of "Brety va.t..
that throws (,ff all the electricity of theed'.
cult the instant the wires are tampered writi
All his vigilance, however, is not able to pCew
vent the little electric lamp hom tshing ab
stracted by unconscionable people. Six uriee
lamps were found missing yesteridav, makhyz
fourteen in all that have now been taken.
Outside the annoyance of having his sane
tuur thus invaded and his apparatus bodlkj
stol.n, Edison has to submit to quest an
which must be a torture to him, b-cause at
the Ignorance they display. Said one welt
dressed lady, apparently quite intelligrst
after the system had been explained in (detaM
and much pains had been taken to make r-er
understand: "Oh, yes, bow wonderful II tas
derstand it all now. You bottle up the i4ig
in these little globes and then sell it tfor
much a bottle I Isn't It nice?" Another int
lectual visitor entertained a crowd of adml.
ing friends by explaining at length bow the
little chalk telephones which abound in the
laboratory furnished the electricity that ,a*
out the electric light.
The requests for lamps and horseshoe car.
hones are numbered by the thousand, asde
many of the visitors feel indignant when the
assistants politely decline to take their per
fered pay for the same, explaining that they
are not for sale. The little globes of litrei
continue burning in all their beauty, not itb.
standing the predictions of the skept...
The three hours' test which a rival eleda
clan loudly dared Mr. Edison to make, pe
claiming that only that length of time wra
necessary to prove the utter failure of Mg
invention, has now grown into a ts at of -
hours and still the lamps are burning. Tac
lamp which I referred to three days agoas
having been placed under water and madaote
give lhght in that position still remains asb
merged and no change has occurred in th.
light, thus suggesting an importantaidi.-r
submarine divers in their work. Sever.
thousand people have now seen the it1_g
and Mr. Editeson feels satisfied that he hm
practically answered the skeptics.
The exact cost of the new light the invicta
has not made public; but it is cbaraetestil
cally summed up in an aneswer which he t*x
overheard to give an inquirer:
"After the electric light goes into geeing
use," said he, "none but the extravagant 1l
burn tallow candles."
The Death of oae of t'he ,'Ltt.le Wemsme.,
[N. Y. Evening Post.]
Mine. May Alcott Nierlker, the youznga
child of Mr. A. Bronson Alcott, of (:unai ,
Mass., and the sieter of Miss AicoLt, the au
thuress, died in Paris last fuesday. She ws
the youngest of the four "little woWmen" wis
have become so famoud in the pages of er
sister's books. She was born at GCont4,
Mass, and studied art at first In this cu4a
try and 14ter in Europe. She was marriedli
1878, and lefta d ughtter not quite two minetla
old. She had ekacuted several worke, wbl*h
Swere exhibited at the Paris Salon in W1&t
and other paintlogs of various kinds, wtAdr
were readlly sold in Paris and Londoa.
erssble Canadisa.
Mr.Gadbois, of Brockvmlle, Canada, afer
benlg cured of a prostrating malarial dilsea
contracted in "lexas by means of Warnl's
aa.e Pi Is and Safe Bitters, writes to us: "f
Sshll nver travel In that oilainte, with
your Sdie Plle and Sae Btters as prast a
Imy oustt."

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