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The lpepublican Legislators Not
Yet qualllfid or nla
Their teats.
Gen. Chamberlain, Commander of the
Militia, Acting Governor - The
Oharges of Bribery Openly
and Uxplioltly Made.
Slains Ill-The Policy That the Repnbli
cans Will Pursue The Situation
Growing Still More Oritical
and Panicky.
AtrAUe TA, Me., Jan. .-- Two days since the
Portland Arguw stated that H. o,,uie, deputy
heorlff of Kennebeo county, approached J. H.
Meadall, itRpublican. from Heirttord. with an
ofier of money to nlfluenot his leIgllaltve ao
alo. Soule has given the Argue forty-eight
hours to retract or answer in the courts.
The Bepubllcans to-olght report their es
5t acnous this afternoon as very satlstfac
try. Members of the Couuoli are of the
pinion that their terms of oflice have ox
. It ls thought this will oompiloate af
somewhat as regards the qualltlcation
A lepubloan m bohers, slne the consti
prEvides that the oaths of of. l ,e shall
by the (overnor and Coun
he Ilepublicans are ready to qualliy, alid
ItLL cimed they can do so to-morrow before
h* )aioe of the Supr'eme (ourt or a justice of
peace for the Sltae, but should they tall
ual~ifLtitlOon, the Fuslonists will be with
o. a quorum, and the business transacted
will not be lea1.
Swann of Minot, and Harriman, of Konne
punl k, both members of th., lous, will pub
prd to-morrow, testifylng that Wallaoe
5, White is the man who offered them $l1000
e to absent themselves from the Leglsla
toreM. White deales, in the strongest terms,
he whole transaction.
POrTLAND, Me.. Jan. 9.-A dispatch to the
" fa Se: The lapublicans propose to test
leahty of the organization of the House
L brnlg the matter betore the supreme
; one way mentioned benlo by lojoue
to preeant the Treasurer of the State
OiboeIpaying mileage and salaries of members.
It is said that Blaiane had a violent fit
Wetdeerd night, brought on by overwork.
1 Phprfl anr were with him live hours.
h hbrieVr seumimtee gets to work. The
IaIo lofb e persoa who pstd the money to
. and Harriman will he given. He is said
b a& lawyer from Wlhthrop.
. O.rarltRLAIN AO.TNO AS GovEnon. I
AVU.1TA, ~M., Jan. 9.-Early this morning
or ien. Chamberlain issued a general or- 1
stating that, in view of the extraordinary
tia Dnow presente'd at the seat of gov
t. be would assume command and
the public property and institutions l
t State, In trust for the people, until the
vernor'a suocessos has beoen legallv elect
and duly qualified. By this order G(n.
h berlain assumes, tempul)arily, the of
of Governor and comuander-lo-chlef. I
l~tire police force at the State-lHuse
wa aboaned theis mornin-o-those lndluate I
b y G0en. Chamberlaiu taking the place of
that have been drilling there for f
weeks. The change was quietly made,.
The&nate.-At the opening of the Senate
bit one tepublican atppared and took his
se t--Senator Locke, of Cumberland. Thi C
vote on the bribery order was recounsiudred r
and ordered laid on the table. The committee v
appointed on the gubernatorial vote is com- f
t ollofl Measrs. Atwell, Liuu, Thompison of )
..nc, Barrett, Locke, l)lngloy and Flliut. The t
committee on Senatorlal votes will prsm'ed at u
onue with it duty. It is composed of Miser. c,
trlokland, Pattn,. Thompson of Knox, Ran- ti
COnmbe and Sampson.
. iose.--Seventy-two members only ap- I
geared in their seat toin the house -all Fi- t
lets. The House attempted to exclude all
ollatl reporters, but several wore
ggled in. Thomas II. Swan. of Minot,
aid read astatement that $1000 had been
him not to appear at the organlzatlon of u
Segislature. Be stated that the money q
been paid him by Wallace R. White, of f
lnthrop, and that he (Swan) should not H
mit. 1
Mr. Harriman of Kennebunk, stated that q
same offer bad been made him by Mr. a
te. b
BoerTow, Jan. 9.-An Augustat Me., special C
the Herald to-day says: The feelnlg of t
bt and distrust which prevails has lu
itssed rather than diminished within
- four hours. The military power, d
no troops are oalled out, is becoming n
conspicuous for Maine. Gen. e
ale in coustant consultation with s
l0vil authoritles. (Jen. John Marshall i,
we. of his staff, arrived from Portland I1
morning, and other old army officers are8s
to-day, h
conferenee at Blalne's house lasted until ti
late hour this morning. Teams were com- b
and going to and from his house as late
In the 8tate-House, just beyond, all was 01
let, the Drindpal ofices being brilliantly
hted. No men were vilb~le, but men were, i
At the Augusta House every person who tt
or went out, up to 2 oc,'clk at least d;
an objectof suspicion and closely watched
his business was known. A
i moruing the politicians are somewhat
and the Fusionists a little panicky. ct
of them are anticipating a struggle for tt
pos0esslon of the House, while all are a,
for the promised bribery revelations. I
morning, when the House met, no Re- Di
can was in the hall, and Locke was the et
Sonas in the Senate. This at once gave a
Ue to the Republican policy. h"
As soon as the reading or the journal was
Mr. Swan, of Mechanics Falls, rose TI
a question of privilege, and gave a story
an attempt to brnhe him. T're name of the
party is Wallace R. White, of Win
a Republican lawyer. pt
voLY.r. ,
BosToN, Jan. 9-Mr. Swan, Ftsionlst Rep- de
tative, made a detailed statement in the "
House of R pDrevintatlves to-day of the ni
atanoes attendlng the alleged attempt fa
by .m agent of the Republisan party to I
him not to take his seat on theaysem- th
of the Maine Lgistlature. He said: "I at
from my home to this city S turday, Si
ary s. On the eventngof the ifth, a re- n11
e person, wh is now a mimb~u r of this di
ones, informed me that W. R. White, of be
lathrop, had vff,-red him $1ci0s in cash to tb
up his certileate and resign his seat.
had tnld him that he wtnted threeI
men to resaln and had asked
to see me. Oj this information of
ment to the Augu4ts Hoilse, where I iU
& H. Govre Secretary of State th
told him what I knew. Mr. Goeand m
went out and fuant Ala. Solon Oase, ta
and, In presenoe of Mr. (love and Mr. Chams,
I hastily drew up and signedi my amdavlt. of
bribery Ipreviously t.legraphod.) Mr. Swan
then described how the me.ting was arrangurl
t betweon himsmlf and Mr. White, by a feluwtwl
Sagreement on his part to acept the oiT.red
bribe, and ountloutwl as follows: "Mr. White
took me up stairs into a e()rner room and
showed me the folowing statAernt:
"AtxOITHTA, January 6, 144S0.
"To the Chairman of the Demoeratio and Gr eon
baok iomwmlittee:'
0 "After matured(litberation I haveooncluded
that it is my duty as a eitizAn to obey the
laws as they are construed by the Su)preme
Judicial Court. I alltnot, tharifore, lend my
aild in keeplu out of their seats tepuhlican
memberes-elect, whom the Supreme Court has
dclared entitled thereto. I therefore give
publlo notlo that I will not participate in the
organization of the Iioeus, mling frlely and
fully determined to obey the mandate of the
court. To resist that mandate is revolution,
ldetruetivo to uboth my party and the great
interests of State. 'rtt. I. IwAN.'
"lie informed me that I must write and sign
a statement Ilke It, also sign my rosignlation
and deliver up lly lnrtill(c*te to him. lie
said they should not want, to nie my resig
nation but wainted It to show that I acted in
giad faith, and that after the hlouse w.S
organizoied I could take my soat and the It,.
putlbllcan would put me upon importanit coi-
ui Ltteu."
Mr. Mwan then related how he copied and
signed the above statA.nunt, together with
thell rlsg eatlon of his Meat, and received fromln
Mr. Whltl $1(000 therefor. White then asked
him whether he (dwan) did not know of other
mnmhemrs he could get. HSwn replied that ho
thought he could get Ilarriman, of Kenne
bunk. and promised to bring him to seo1 White
at 1 o'clock. Swan then want to the State.
llouse, and in the preseonc of E. II. (Ive
rnadoan aiflldavft to the above facts, stating
that he took the money and signed the papers
in order to expose thel fraud.
Mr. Swan theIn saw Harriman. Iarriman
had an interview with White in the ulsame or
ncer room, and also rtwlv,.d Ilmoney. Mr.
Swan tlnoludetld as follows: "I then want to
the Granite National i iuk, taklug the money
that Wtite had given rme and bought a draft
on Boston. Ido not claim the molnely. It is
subject to the order of those who furnished
It." o
Mr. Swan's statement was followed by one
irom Mr. liarriman, who dislaynd the roll
of bills he had received. Th'e Hollus broke
Into loud applause, bult the Speaker called
order, declaring that such a shamefrl story
should not be so rvcelved. In an imnprossive
manner Hiarriman oltled on ()od to witness
the statements or facts and his Intentions at
the time of receiving the money.
Mr. Clark next rose and made a similar
statement regarding the attempt to bribe him
with the promlse of money and a custom
house olfflo.
A spoeola dispatch to the Boston lerald
adds: It is charged that when White lft
Harriman in the court-=iouse to go after the
money he was followed down the street and
was seen to enter Mr. lllalue's house; on
leaving he went direct to tile court-house.
A large number or remonstrances were Dre
vented by persons claiming seats in the
House. D. L. March, of Ellsworth, claims
theseat of E. Hale.
A committee of five was appointed to In
vestlgato the attempted bribery of members.
In the Benate the president statel that it '
had been Intimated that after adjournment
to-day the ohamber would hb takon charge of, i
but that the necessary precaution had been
taken against It.
A committee or flfteen was appointed in the
House on the gubernatorial vote.
There was no quorum in the House at any
time :o-day, but the sesdlon dragged along
slowly, several nmembors sendiug out for
lunch. 9
Niew YORK, Jan. 9 - -In response to a request
Rmade, by the general agent of the Aoelatel I
Press for a persolnal statemont from tle4n tor
iBlane, with regard to the charge of corn
pliclty lu the alleged bribery of til Fuslon
unmtn'ra of the liouise, Mr. Blaine makes the
following reply:
"I have seen your dispatch. That Is the
first I ever heard of any charge aginust mre,
but whattwer the form or phr..se of the
charge, I pronounce it an unquallllld Caltun
ny, and merely a part of the monstrous,)
wicked, unparalleled cInspira:cy to deprive a
free people of their suffrage) Ii" fraudl, f ,rgery
andl perjury. I amu busy night an d day iI thle
task of thwartllng the ons,.,lrat>ors, and It 1s
merely a part of their deatardly, despicable
course to invetnt soe01 formn of slandetr againstL
met. I have not seen the charge, but It is a lie
out of whole cloth, and i cattlllt now be dl
verted from the real work on hand to do more
than denounce the calumnry and Its aol hors.
ATWoUsRTA. Me. Jan. i.-- iChe ouse contin
ned in session all the afternoon, waiting for a
quorum. No business wa transtacted. About
forty members were present. Mr. Perry, the
Sp'eaker, Col. Wm. Dickey, Mr. l'atsted, Mr.
Perry, of Camden, and other lea erns had fro
qutellt consultations andi apeared anxious
at the situation of affairs. Fears seemed to
be entertained that the Republicans were
about to swoop down on them and capture
the government.
A committee was appointed to see (Gen.
Chamberlain in regard to the condition of ar
fairs. They Inquired If he would use his
power to protect the two houses. The Gen
eral would make no promise, but that he will
do his duty as acting Governor and com
manauder-in-chief none doubt. The House was
evidently anxious to .et a quorum. The Fu
sionists again sent for Mr. Voter, of Farm
ington, who has frequently refused to take
his certificate. It was reported that the ses
sion was prolonged in waiting for him, but
he failed to come, and at a quarter to 6 o'clock
the House adjourned without transacting any
business whatever.
While the Fusionist leders are doloing their
beet to rally their forces by constant cau
cusses and personal appeals, it is the general
opinion that their forces are wavering and if
It shall prove to be the plan of the Repub- 1
licans to tire their opponents out and make
them give up from sheer exhaustion, early
developments seem to argue success.
The following special order was issued by
Acting Gov. Chamberlain this evening:
"Lieut. Col. John Marshall Brown will
charge himself with the dutty of examining
the several public rooms, with a view to their
security, and is authorized to make such ar
rangements for guards as he may deem
necessary for the protection of public prop
The administration of Gen. Chamberlain is
heartily commended.
The slusalappi Latllature Caucusauln
for senator.
JACKSON. Jan. 9--In the House a bill ap- 1
propriatinug $70.000 to defray the expenses of
the Legislature passed.
In the Senate a bill making the crime of
removing rails or placing obstructions on
railroad tracks punitashable the same as mur
der was referred to the judiciary committee.
The Democratic caucue is in session to
night. Major Barksdale is apparently the
favorite candidate.
In the Democratic caucus of members of ,
the Legislature to select a candidate for Sen- I
ator to succeed Bruce, Messrs. Barksdale, i
Singleton and Walthall were piaced in noml
nation. The tiret hallot resulted: Barks- I
dale 5l, Singleton 41, Walthall 32~/. Third
ballot: Barksdale 53, Singleton 391s, Wal
thr Sy,. _ =
LiverpeOl Cettaon rokers' Creulsar.
LIvaaPooL, Jan. 9.-This week's circular
of tno Liverpool Cotton Brokers' Asseeocia
tion says: Cotton was in fair demand I
throughout the week and an extensive busi- I
ness was dole at gradually hardening pries, 1I
od' altbotug a Ulte Leiater nm Thiuday, 7
most descriptions show an advanc" as
comnl·mld with the porbce curront on i).c.m
Sher :0. Amreltans haveoeon. In Isrge dormsn!d
I and priles have advanmuel :3 161 for gttI t mid
Idlhng and )niddllng fair; the lower radesl adl
lvanced 1-16 I. 8a Islandi was st..ady and It
modlerate requclst. lFuurs oponills with a
hardening tendsency and afterwardsl ht.moe
strong and active, prioes advancing fully a
farthing. A quieter rfl)rng comrmen)ed
Wednesday, when they declined 1-16 I. The
market bcname weak Thurhsday; with some
pres.stre to sell, prices d.olliol further
1i-B irp!O'I. The final rates- show an aivance
of 13 $d on those quoted in last week's cir
Senator Jonas's Railroad Bill--The Land
Grant of the Backbone Road Trans
ferred to the New Or
leans Pacifio.
WArINlmeTrN, Jan. 9. -The bill introduced
by Mr. Jonus In th 8unatIe yesterday sets
fortltl that, tlhe Now Orleasn, Ihaton lt muge and
Vicksburg lt llrouaud fa. lehl toe ,,iply with
the conditions of stiontl 24 of act of Mairchi 3,
18711 authlur'lzlg tthat road to conn'l,. with
the rexas 1'actilte Ratilroad, etc., and the, bill
therefore provides that salld sectlon he re
pealed, anI all grants, rights, etc., gIven to
said Now ()rlans, laton Itl sign atnd Vlcks
burg lrtilroaul C(ompany be forfeitedl, for the
resomn that, .at.l t(icmlpany has not cor)ollIet.l
145id road within Iveo years from the passage
of the nct.
It furtler provides that the same section
be re-cr'nactue!l In full In favor of the New Or
loans Paciic irlt dliway, and that all rights
privileges, franchisels and grants of l4Id
coufokrrslo by said section he confrorred lupon
said Now Orlsans Plauill; .ailway Uirnplly.
Mr. K,rrlan Introduced In the Senate yes
terday a bill setting forth that under eOn.
Butler's order of June 6, 18562, there were
selzed In various banks of New Orleaus large
Al.ns of money, which were the pro.soeds of
the oonllicatlon of Nor horn credits, under an
order of the (urlnfeerate Co)ngro-s; that such
sums are now In the Unittel tates treasury
and ought tobe diltfllbuted among the loyal
creditors to whom they belong. The 1b111
therefore provides that the owners of such
debts may slie the i.nitted States for themorn In
the court of claims, and upon final decree
may reover from the treasury such amounts
as they are severally entitled to.
The Treasury Department purchased 470,
000 oUr(nes of sliver for the 8an Francisco,
P'hlladelphia andt Now Orleans Mints.
The rnatte committon on the Southern ex
odul organized for business to-day, and will
begin taklllng tettitnny next wouk, when wit
neeses will be sumrnnonedl from Indiana, North
Carollna and other 8tates. The cottmmittee
do not at present contemnplate lgoing out of
Washington for purposes of inquiry.
The sub-committee in charge of the fortlfl
cation bill now before the Senate Approprla
ti•ons Commlttee heard to-day (Gen. Ionet,
chief of ordrince, anl (in. Wrght, chief of
engineers, In favor of an increase of the
amounts votedl by the House f tr the arma- I
mnont of fortllicltions from $215,00o to $511),O0j.
The suh-comminttle will report rfvorably on
this proposition to the fulL committee Mon
The Senate Not in Session and Very Little
Transacted in the House.
WAIIIN('OTON, Jain. . o-- ouwe.--Among the
bills l trItl.iin d arnd referredI this mior'ning
was onelt by Mr. Ryan, of Kaines., a.lmittlrig
free of duty clothing and other arts, I s d s
tinel for the relief of the colored oeil rants.
The Speaker thou proceeded to cal com
mittte es for reports of a private nature.
BI111 were passed removing the political
dilsabllitlli of A. H. lMaxwell, of Tennessen,
anlld % V. tSharp, of Virginl!!, and Iu!No a unrn
br of bills for the rellhf of private Indi
Mr. O'Connor, of South Carolina, presented r
a petltion for th pasenge of a bill for return- :
lug to the Freede'nt of tll' Huth the amnount I
of their savings in the Freedman's Truot I
Conpany. 1
Mr. Hayes, of Illinois, Introduced a bill
granting pensious to such survivors of the
Mexican war as were not concerned in the
late rebellion. Referred.
At 3:45 p. mn. the House adjourned till Mon
dTlhe Senate adjourned yesterday till Mon- 1
The Mexican and United States Troops Act
ing Jointly Against Victoria's
Band of Apaches.
SAN FIRAN,.,co, Jan. 9.--A dispatch from
Tucaon, Ariz ma says: An important mill
tary movement Is now on foot to capture or,
crush Victoria and his band of warriors,,(
about elghty-flve in number. They are now
in old Me xico. Gen. Trevino, with his Mexl- I
can troops, marched against them with a t
view of forclng them to fight or to flee to New
Most of the availshle troons In Arizona are E
being concentrated at Fort towle. Gen. Carr t
, emmanding the troops in the held, arrived F
there to-day. IHe and Major Morrow of New 1
Mexico, are co-operating with Gen. Irevlno.
The Arizona troops will leaveat once for New
MexIco to Intercept Victoria, and should they
strike his trail he will be followed irrespe
tive of geographical lines into the interior of
Mexico. Victoria and his band are Mesca
Ilero Apache Indians. Their capture or defeat
will settle the Indian question In that Terri
tory. They have been on the war path since
An English Brig Out of Provisions and
Somewhat Damaged.
LONDON, Jan. 9.-The British brig Edna,
from Unarieston, November 20, for a port in
the United Kingdom, arrived at St. Michael,
one of the Azores, on the first instant, short of
provisions and with the loss of some sails.
Her crew refusing to proceed, she is repairing
in that harbor.
LONDON, Jan. 9.-The Norwegian bark
Vaetoln, Capt. Norloff, at Leith, from New
Orleans November 1, has been damaged in a
The Augusta (Ga.) Races.
AUGUSTA, Ga., Jan. 9.-The third day of the
meeting of the Citizens' Association open'd
with cloudy weather, a heavy track and a
small attendance.
The first event, a trotting race, free for all,
had five starters-Allie Wilkes, Little Mose,
Ned M., H'trry G. and Joe Ray. The first
heat, was won by Allie Wilkes; the second,
third and fourth and the race by Joe Ray.
The best time was 2:43. Ray was the favorite
in thq pools.
The second race, half a mile dash, free for
all, weight for age,had five starters-Short
fellow, Dell Col. 8pragye Aaron and Jim
Fay. Col. oi rge w by a lengt.Del
' . Aaro, Gird, Jim Faynrth. Tipm%.
The Wars, Riotu, Disturbances
and Familnes of the
Old World.
Riotous Disturbanoes in Galway-A
Battle Between the Montenegrins
and Albanians near Guainge
Aid for the Famine
Stricken Peasants
of Bilesia.
LONDoq. J.n.9 .--At Conarve, County Gal
way, on Friday last, the polloe who were pro
teoting prooress srvers were asnsulted anr
stoned by the mob. The pollo fired four
shots over the heads of the tob and then
charged with flxed bayonets, whereupon the
mob fold. There were reports among the
peasantry that six or seven of their number
had boln injured, hut the authorities have
been unable to find any of them. Four of the
ringleaders of the mob have slnce boon ar
rested and committed for trial.
vnFar WO
'PAnlt, Jan. 9 - Theu colncil of Ministers
has deuiltdl uponll a (thlinrt prograrmlnton, to
h cmn r nllllllat.-d to the Uh(amimsr In thie form
of a rminirterlal statemenl t and not of a per
sotlnal rnnsagn.
TI'h statmirint that the Cmontde Ht. Valller,
Minister at lIrlln, has withdrawn his resig
nation, Is unfounded.
ILONDON. Jan. 9. -The authorities of the
French c n('dl (omnpany inform this agency
that thorn is rio trlth in thi renort recently
mentioned hv the London rtiaslard that the
syndlulto which controllel the allrc.e of the
comapany had thrown thorm on the hands of
the contractor in consetquenc of the discov
ery of ia flaw in the contract. They say that
as soon as the cai, to make connection be
twisin Breht and Engiland Is laid, their cable,
which Is in perrect working order, will he
opened for tramll', certainly not later, they
think, than the first week in February.
VIEINNA, Jan. 9 - T'ht I'otlitical (rrrespond
en71' pulish"s trio followlig telegralr from
Unotnllge: The Alhania.nr of (Iisinjl have
marched out to oppose the Montenegrinl.
The latter. having strict orde rs to avoid a
conilict, retired, but the Albauians attacked
VI INNA, Jan. 9 Austria has received a cir
culltr fr',n Mmlout.egro protesting against
non-fllillllrment ,of stipulation for the sur
rendier of (ulinrj,-, ac:usilng the Porte of In
citi"- the Altbanliaus to resistance, claiming
indemInity from rurkey for belong forced to
keep a large num.ber of troops under arms,
and urging the ,rowers to take energetic ac
tion on behalf of Montenegro.
LoNPQN, Jan. 9.-A (licutta dispatch to
Imutelr's l'legraiulm iompany says: Partiou
lars of the pron,,e ilngs of thecurt-martial In
(Caull on tlhe Afghans whoi were Inpllcated in
the attack on thu Britsll resldency on the I
third of optehber las.t, show that the whole
of the libtan mlen who had beeoon excutel
wern tither coneernod In the Inassacrn of
Major (.avagn.lrt and his staff, In the mnrder
of wout:imed smldlrs, or had t k,,n part in the
tr'acherous sltatks1 on the British. All the
other prl'lo-ers worn relaefd. (. iu. It.L irts
has cornmuuicatil with Mahommled KlLnn.
- - - 7
IBPltI.~. Jnm. 9.-In the lower houRs of the
Prus-Hrnl DLiet to-dIay the Mlnltlr of Finance
announcediu that the L'venrunent would shortly
org.liz publll re'lh.f works in allt of thr
sTorers' froml faml ine In upper itllesa. (One
hulndlre Id ari six thlousand Lper8soII, it Is said,
now .,dt relief, hut are supplied with food up
to the close of the present ill )nth.
IUS" I t.
HT. PIETEtUnUlt(s. Jan. 9.--Ieut. (Inn. Sko
hell.o, insslp.,i¶ or of c vvalry, ansd frtthor of the
G(e. Sk.hul,,ff who dlis.lugulshed himself in
the Turkish war, i~ dead.
LONDON, Jan. 9.--k Pretonla dispatch ays :
Herr Pretorlus, ex-PresoPlent of the TraRs
viaal, has been arrested on the charge of high
LONDON, Jan. 9.-The News's Cahbul corre
Epoundunt reports thrut nearly all the Kohls
tani, Lughmani and Logar chiefs are surron
The News Berlin dlspatch states that Prince
Blsmarck is so unwell that hecannot come
to Bersin.
The vote for the relief of the sufferers by
famine in Upper Silesia amounts to 6,000,000
itThe News's correspondent at Cettinge re
ports that lighting near Gulsinje is said to
have resulted in a victory for the Montene
grino, who, although only 3000 strong, de
feated 12,000 Turks.
A R-uuer telegram from Cannes says that
the Czarina Is better.
A Large Fire in Deadwood-That City Again
Threatened with Destruction. I
DEADWOOD, D. T., Jan. 8.-This city this
morning narrowly escaped being the second
time destroyed by tire, which broke out on I
the outskirts, and, fanned by a hurricane of £
wind, spread with great rapidity. It was,
however, gotten under control before great
damage was done. Intense excitement pre
vailed, and all the stores in the city were
cleared of goods, in anticipation of their de
GALVESTON, Jan. 9.- Co-morrow's News
will pubiish tne following special from Caum
bridge: M. A. Seay, who is supposed to be in- I
sane, went to the residence of J. N. L vdd, ten i
miles east of here, and shot L tdd dead with
out the l.ast provocation. Tunuce he went to I
Samuel Tuho,'s house and shot him five I
times. Tubbs is not expected to live. Setay
then went to Logan's farm and informed 1
Logan of what he had done, and before he
could be prevented plac-id a pistol to his own
head and blew out his brains.
WILMINGTON, N. C., Jan. 9.-Allen Mathis, t
colored, was banged in this city to-day for
the murder of -uhen Herring, colored, in
Pender county, in 1878. The prisoner made a i
full confession.
NEW YORK, Jan. 9.-Frauids on the Pro- I
duose Exchage to the amount of $31,000 have I
been discovered. The defaulter was Benj. C.
Bogert, who has be-n treasurer of the ex
u lae for many years a- ws a hm gly r
5peot.d merchant, in whom general confrl
dcInce was flt. Ii ,Kgrt did not appear at trhe
exchange or at his ofltti after the discovory
was mrade, and dild suddenly yesterday after
noun at the homrre of a friend in this city. It
Is thought that, unable to bear his disgrace,
he may have committed sulcide.
BAr.TIMolRic Jan. 9 -A collision nore-rrld
on the initimrnore and Potomoa Rallroad
within the limits of this city, this afternoon,
between the limitoed xprems from Washington
sRd a train from the North. The eng~nes
were badly smashod, but no one was lnjured.
The cental ysternm a Fllaure In Irew
NEW YORK, Jan. H. ''he board of managere
of the Proulc E xihange, at a meneting held
thin morning, ricwrinded the recent amend
mente to the grain rJles, which made them
conform to the oental system. This was done
in anncrdance with the vote of yesterday, by
which It was decided that the observance of
the c.ntal system in handling grain, etc.,
would he impracticable until the neoessary
leglaalrhon could be obtained on the subject,
.and the loading commercial exchanges con
sonmted to lmultauner, ly adopt it.
A Larite Sequret to a Sellsel.
(7r vErqANo, O., Jan. 9.- Ieonard Case,
wh',o dIatrhi was rerentlyanounlno ., has Ioft
2r250,0M0) for the otahllshmrent, of a school to he
called the "Oasa Sbhrol of Applied Holence."
Premldent of the Union mLeaue .lnl.
Nxw YOnK, Jan. J 9.--The lion. Hamilton
Fish was eloterd president of the Union
League Club last night.
Dertlh of a Veteran of Ihse War of 1I12.
BATIMORTon, Jan. 9.--(Uoi. Nicholas Brower,
the oldest survivor of the war of 1812 in the
State, died last night.
Noaevemnta of ocean Vearele.
Nxw YORK. Jan. 9. Arrlved: Ialy. Htate
of Nevada, Elphinston(, i (l Domninon. Ar
rived out: Alaerla Nueva Ponce, Mikado,
Onestt, Iscaila, Wickham. City of Rhch
mond. Homeward : Herbert 0. h1slh for Gal
LlvIrnPooL, Jan. 9.---salle: Bark Stanly
for Wilmlongton, brig Rskarnmereon for I
Richmond. Arrived: 8tnamers Deronds from 1
Norfolk, Nueva Ponce from O.ariaston.
-- - **---~~-----
The Entire Oongregaticn in the Tabernacle
Throw Down the Gauntlet to the a
Government, t
[By Telegraph to the Herald.]
HALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 5.-The new Mor
mon Tabernacle. which has been three years
In course of erection, was opened on Saturday
by the Saints in a conference which continued
till yesterday afternoon, during which the
supporting priesthood renewed their oove
nauts to preserve the faith, Instructions and
fame of the church. Before the close of the
services Apostle President Taylor attacked
the enemies of polygamy, severely censurinog
the natl,,n foropposltion to the choice Institu
tion of Mormonism, which, he maintained
was a divine Institution saying the Lord had
told him so and made him htCome a polyga
mist. Now he wanted to.ee whether Heaven or
Uncle Ham was going to prevail; for his
part he was going to stick to the Lord. He
insisted that polygamy was the true exercise
of the Latter I)av faith, and defied the United
States to abolish it. He averred that no
n lion on earth could prevent it, nor all the
nations emihlned. The tabernacle was
crowded. lie called for an exoreaslon from
the audience, which embraced 5K.0) people at
least, askina them to raise their right hands
berore Gtod If they sympathized with him in
his de.tlance of governmental Interferenen.
The ent.kusiasm was intense. All hands but
one went up. Mothers even lifted aloft the
hanis of thir chlidren. Apostle Joseph T.
Srrtlth fhllowed, speaking In the same strain
and exhthil ing the samne deflant attitude. The
whole affitr now simmers down to the ques
tion. Shall President Ii 'ya and (ongress sub
mit to this impudent bluff, or shall they ad
vance with clvllizitlon and sweep off this
frul blot of barbarism from the domain of the
(;ilted States?
I)elegate Cannon seems to have accom
pllshed little with his assoelate apostles, for
t hey are dellant as ever. B fore he hleft for'
Washington he said tp) a gentleman here that
he was satiaftte that .lther polygramy must
go or the Mormons had to go. The delegate
is in an awkard posltion and he realizes it.
Hie has to speak sense among senihble men in
Washington, while hlis apostle chief Indulges
herh in re.bllious rubbish. There has been
current here for two weeks a report that the
apostles were seriously divided on general
church poliey, and that Dlaegate Cannon was
called from Washington to take part In an Im
portant dellberation. The chief apostlewants
to step into Brigham Young's esh.s, and be
President, Prophet, Seer and Rlevelator of the
whole church. Apostle Smith elalmsthat as
the nephew of the founders of Mormonism he
isentitled to the highest position. Apostle
Orson Pratt claims that he is the oldest
apostle, and that Taylor Is only at the head
because Brigham had a grudge against him,
Pratt. They are in a nice muddle.
'The politlcal cauldron is also agitated over
the metling of Congress. It is understood
here that Secretary Sherman advances Ew
ing for Governor, in place of Emery, with
the view of working luD delegates to the Na
tional Republican Convention. The soldier
element favors a third term for the ex-Pres-l
dent: but the active Republicans under Tri
bune tuition are for Blaine.
Why Edison Will Not Accept His Chal
lenge-Electricity and Cats.
INew York Bun ]
Mr. Edisoln lauahed heartily last evening
over Mr. Sawyer's challenge to him, pub
lished In the Sun of yesterday.
"And so he doesn't believe I can run one of
my lights three suessilve hours ?" said he,
good uaturedly. "Why, of the thousands of
people who have, within the last few days 1
visited my laboratory, many have remained
six and seven hours. I don't believe they
would offer such a challenge, The fact is, I
haven't time to bt'her with Mr. Stwyer or
his challenges. I am always ready to explain
matters connected with my light to any one
who is really in earnest. But this man deals
in absurdities. The secret of his animosity
to me lies in the fact that I refused to have
any business transactions with him. The
Wurdemann principle I discovered and ex
perimented upon nearly two years ago. I
found it to be impracticable and costly, and
did not take the trouble to patent it. This is
the princile upon which Mr. Sawyer's light
is constructed.
"Some time ago Sawyer wrote me a note,
which I still have. It. was couched in lan
guage something like this: 'Let bsgonns be
bygeores. Take me in with you on your light.
I will meet S ou at the Astor House this even- I
nog at 8 o'clock to talk it over.' Well, I wrote c
him a note politely declining to meet him or 1
to take him into partnership. He knows that 1
I won't accept any of his absurd challenges.
The oppor tunity to obtain free advertiremeats
for his lamps, however, he cannot help avall
ing hi me·lf of."
Mr. John Btight, Jr., the son of John Bright,
the gte at Englishmau. spent yesterday even
ing in M.teuo Park Irvest~atiatng the electric
lights aLd the dynmoo machines and gere-d
rato~r. He was accompanied by Mr. HK . M.
BUey, president of the Piladel.hia Local
Tr a aph Company. Mr. DzlghS has beeR
- making a t~ur of the orntry for somrmooti.
n ' li is the proprietor of a large oettor footnf7
y In ltohedale, England, in whlch nesaly 25
r operatives are employed. Ho well was he
t pleased with Mr. Edison's lights thatlhep
, Iertalne the project of illuminating his mule
with them.
S One of Mr. Edison's friends told an amU'
ir I story last evening about an early
mout of the inventor's with electricity. -
, sonr, hesaid, having seen the sparks y In
Sstrolling a cat's bac, procured a large
nand pla.nyed It. in the aircuit, oelag one ofl
fore and one orf its hind paws as eleetrodeW.
Then he tried to start an Indtsed current lb
rubbing the cat's hackt briskly. It wast
tirely suc eseful, and Edison, his friend said,.
Sstill rbears on his hanrs the mare that Ire
suited from using the cat as an indietlor.
g Statements of the Captain and PNt of the
Twhobat--How the Difliclty bg .
IVlcksburg Commeratal ]
SCapt. Thomas Tobin in command 01 the
coal Iost from which the crew were eead ftly
taken by armed ciltliz"ns of Lake Provie na,
charged with compllicity in the murda t 0
City Marshal McGuire of that tow, tOe
w.re set upon and shot while In esto 17,
giver the following condensed account et 1 he
On last Hunday evening I arrived at Rl 8
Providence In charge of a coalboat. bhortl 7
afterwards a II..boat, loaded with potatud ,
belonging to .itterhouse & Pierson, am 0
n down the river and landed about I)
o yards below my boat. Bomne housa aft.e
wards six of the crew of my boat went doO
to the potato boat, and the crew of the two
boats proceeded up into the town. W
there, I am Informed, some of them draa
considerably, and one man became lod
boasting on the street. After remaining
about 8 o'clock In the evening, they
to return to the homts. The man who ws
boasting so loudly pulled off his coat and hat
and remarkeda,: ' Boys, let's take the town.
As they proceeded in the dlre~oton of .
the river. John Brashiler, one of my crew
and Jim Brown, the boaster, and who i. ai.
to have done the shooting, were at some dis
tanee behind the rest, when the city marshal
stepped up to lay his hand on Brown. Brash.
Icr started to run. While running he beard
two psletol shots. He did not see who dis
charged them. But turning his head basl
ward as he fled, he saw the marshal on his
knees still clinging to Brown, and heard hlm
exclaim: "O Loroy I" or words very stlmtar.
At that the remainder of the party seems to
have been at a considerable distance In front
of Brown and knew nothing of the shooting
at the time it occurred.
A citizen of Lake Providence Informed ip
that the marshal tired once, but thll I do nt
personally know.
When the members of my boat's crew come
on board myself and a man named Basslt
were there. About fifteen minutes afte this
a body armed men came down to the boat and
called for the captain. I told them: "Here I
am." They ordered me to come ashore, sam
when I compiled some of them said: "You'tr'
not the man." They then ordered me to bri.g
out the whole crew. I called for the leader,
and demanded protection for my property
and my men, and told him I surrendered to
the civil law.
We were marched up town and putls p
A few minutes after our being locked up,!
pulled off my boots to rest my feet, and be
gan walking up and down the room, when n.
man, whom I was afterwards informed wa
the sheriff, levelled his gun on me and ere
me to sit down. Nothing more happei edto
no e, and at 12 o'clock that night I was re
leased. I told the man who released me that
there was a man on the boat with me who had
not gone up town at all, and that I desired that
he should be turned loose, to accompant me
back to the boat. He believed me and let Mr.
Haze'll out. Antecedent to the shooting of
tmy men, I was warned that troublewas a
ti:ipated. Did not witness the shooting, be
ing on the boat at the time it occurred.
Mr. J. B. Carnes, the pilot of the coal boat,
says that after he was taken to the wayoe't
office under arrest, and had testified, the crowd
began to gather. They came in, ordered sn
to take rseats on benches in the baes oart of
the room and asked our names. As soon as
we told our names the brother of the marshal
drew his pistol and commenced firing. I
jumped up and asked what was meant, sad
attempted to escape, when I was struck b.
three m,'n, and the firing became general. I
jumped down the stairway and escaped, sad
got into a boat on the levee used as a ti-shop,
and then my friends, citizens of the toww,
came and took me out, and I was afterwars
protected by them. My friends advised me
to lwave, and I shoved off with my boat, with
a crew of four men, and arrived here this
morning. Three of our men were wounded;
one died yesterday, one is expected to die to
day and the condition of theother lsunknow..
Advance Io Pa.ssengr sates.
[New York Timnes.]
A general advance in passenger rates frona
this city to extreme Southern polots went
into eff'ct yesterday. The fare to New Or
leans has been advanced St 15, making the
rate $42 75 Instead of $36 60. as herettoro,
The fare to Mobile has been advanced $5,as&
that to Montgomery, Natchez, Galveston and
other places In Tex t in proportion. The ad
vance given is based on limited tickets. Toers
has been a sl mul taneous ad vance of $2 on eaa
ticket from Chicago and Cincinnati eastward.
but the rates from New York to those citles
remain unchanged.
For Judges.
(Natchez Democrat.]
The Vidalia Eagle says: "It is quite geer
ally conceded that the bench of the Courtof
Appeals for the Spcond Circuit, will be com
Dosed of Judge O. Mayo of this parish and
Capt. W. W. Farmer of Ouaehita. No better
selections could be made." We trust that this
may Drove to be true, and agree with the
Eagle that no better selections can be made.
Wells's Name To soe sat Ia If NeOs
WASRIIOTOIT, Jan. 6.-J. Madison Wells
arrived here to-night. It has been determin
ed to send in his name for another term as
Surveyor of the Port of New Orleans if he
desires it. Of course there is no probability
of his confirmation. Friends of Wells say
that he may wish a renomination simply as
an earnest that the administration has not
renounced him.
Conmlnl Iname t Rooset.
[Philadel.h a Times.l
It is a notable fact that prospective Gov
ernor Davis, of Maine, who is to be saved, if
saved at all, by upsetting the false counting
of the returning board, was one of the com
mitt#e of the Maine Senate that counted out
Senator Madigan, Democrat, exactly in the
fashion adopted and imitated by Gov. Garc-'
Ion tocountout Davis now. Ho w evilchickens
come home to roost!
For ~peaker.
[8hrevecort itan ,ard.]
We unders'and that the friends of the Ho.
R. N. Ogden, of New Orleans, are preeeing
his name as a candidate for the Speakership
of the House or Representative. Col. Ogpde
has had much legt4ative experience, havin
been a member of both houses of the General
Assembly. and posseses many qualletlloas
for the offlce.
lUnted teases steater.
[Mat kay Ile Bulletin.]
Gen. Radall L. Gibason is a candidate for
Unite Staes L tor of this State. Ge..
Gibson is a gý man who deserves well
the people of this tte, and if Gov. MoEnery
was not a pastulant for thbe same pcellltg wa
wealPd jihstoseAtssuseeen.

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