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alndin.s Presented to the Superior Criminal Court by the Grand Jury for
the Ootober, November and December Terms, 1879, Thereof.
Date. Finding. Name of .moused. Chare.
SA true bill. rhlma Clarke ...... Murder.
S l & true billl. "i V, 1mr eisit.e. saits.
t Irbe Ib A noert........ MHurder.
ov. S A true bill.... itol.i I l )rlo ........ iMurder.
ov tue bill....YLtor LI nOte, allsh,
I e.e L . o.sti t... ... Burglary.
Sov. a A true bill ....W sRtri ltaunge- .i ikDae.
ov. S t true till.... ohn Drtnn ....... .... Mnlaugbter.
ov. a true l l.-. lvador l,,I ........ Orlme egatnet nature.
oI I1 A true ill.... E watrd C P Imer . 1 Emb ,zzlemefnt. 2. Embhzzlement.
?.. Ii A true bill.... Eitward C. 'nAlmer .. . Willful ion;tinltmft or faits as to condltion of i
I banking cmpanY.
ov., 11 Natrue bill. J,Jhn T. Tannehlll .. 1 1Eb, mS7limwnt.
o i Not a true bill Ired i te Iltriluge .r..... MalIaIulter,
. 14 true bill.... tii on tienner . .. 1. 1 Mlnute Zlcmint. .i. Emhb lnmnnt..
mov. 14 Atrue .i4ll....lltou Denner.. Wl'ilul ncnceoilmennt of ialrte as to rondltion of it
o. i truebill... en inen....banking com pann.
ov. s otatrue bill. mary Apon Woods ...... S Murderr. .....
o., A true bill.... lrear uchet'h ..... 1 Forry. 2. Publishing a true a raise Indorse
i true bll... . Palmr 1 Ialna a ntries in hooka of bankling ornl
puny. 2. Making false entrlies In b .oas of bankli g
o. A true bill.... Pauline Armant ..... Attem Pt to administer, etc.. with intent to .ommlt
Nov. I2 4trse bill.... 0, Williams,, rlinlpnl1Ir .
In se-'oni dge.Ri-.- BaD,.
Nov. gIot atrue bill Wm. Wlsh ani Mike!l
Mcuittullu ... . B)bbery.
Nov. us Atrue bill.. Wnm. Wilsb and Mike! 1 Forgery. 2. I'ublishing a trueaforged recipt.
Mc:agh f, r oods.
210. s Not a true bill George Hart aliae,
tllrc er Hart ... .. obbery.
. A true bill... 1ferry Iry s ll ........ . e1m.h.ilement. 2. Emhezz.ement.
A a&true billi Brry IRsell.......... I. EmbermrrlenrI. 2. Embwrlemt'nt.
a A true bill.... il. P. W"tnhl ......... Attempt at arson.
. 1A t.u. bill.... e'(torKge W. Cary...... i 1. Forgery. 2. Publishing as true. etc.
it? tree bil l ... I i'ony Matrwn, h - .... MU, or.
so. 19 true t.i.. No' yet arremted .....I iEmberlement. 2. Embe.zzlement.
,19 true bill .. Jtel's Tr.li............ Grand iur env.
t9 Not a true bijll rbthre ()'N ... ... Attempting to torrupt jullrnrs.
bill true bIll... . Vavid Urquhart .. . . i. .I l atn p roprlnn orfrt monney belonging to
I h" N""w 0.icans tiavlugs I I I ut ion.
Ds. Atrue bll.... I dward Conerhy... Willful conelmawn' f,+lit Ir, to llil ho
D. us& true bill -.)James Jackson........ Willful noucealtnmu t of acts its to Conultlin if an
SIm l ,banklnv trompal y, withb it nr to Ill,·civt tho pubc'.
p. 3 A true bill.. " rederick Wing....... Willful conolenitento if fcts as to cniol Ion of, ai
"butklng nc mpany. With intent to deceive t he putblic.
S, is A true hill... William A. Powoell . Mulrtder.
e t A tlue bill.... tihu Lewis" ........ t False itnrlsonmntt.
s. true bil ... dward W. Hunnto Willful onneealment, of facts aa to nondillion of .
SI heln knrll comptn rv. wll It in t+olcive tih tibiI+.
ma. Atrue bill.. .Pbomte ltlasam ...Wlllttl c ltatiet + 4 fIr.te a~ f t t ondltlrn ,f t
?W. A true bill.... Not. ryet arrted t ' Wllfit c .,rlc,.at+l, ui ,t odf. l tfcu ' ,ato 1ttl i f a
B- ] CJAPITIIIATioN - 'I' llnl ls, 32; not trtie illls, tI. 'i',)t..l , :i.
'heir Supplementary Report Regard
ing the Fire Department.
The following Is the supplementary report I
-t the grand jury, Mr. Hugh Montgomery, I
foreman, on the fire department of this city: r
situated on hunter street, Ibetweein Tehonpi- R
toulai and Levee streets. First class englle,
double pumps. The butIl.ng belongs to tlhl'
it and l in a very dll atedci ondltion. Roof
leas everywh l re, and in con.sequeInce the
Dster Il cracking and falling down. Sleep
apartment unfit for us, and needs repaiIIP.
e stable Is fdllinK down and rain comes
hoUb the same. 1 he Iiullding throughout s
lin a ruinous condition, and urgently re- '
quirel immediate repairs. 'lT'hy have three ,
e tployse, four horses (ono exe.npt) andl i00
it good hose.
lstuated on Magazine street, between Lafay
ette and Uirod streets. First class eougin, I
double pumps. The huildingU In the private n
of.rtf toe company. Everything In the I
situated on corner Bayou o,,ad and Galvez
. Third clas enlllne, single pump. ,
ildlng in good order, ex oept roof of stable
and floor of enginoc-ouse decaying
gs ry rot. Thley have four horses (one R
exempt), three employees and 600 feet service- I
able hose.
situated on Glrod street, between St. (h alnes
and Carondelet streets. Third class en u.e,
-l. le pump. Bulltlug in excellent order.
they have three horses, two employe. and 5
about 500 feet good hose.
Situated on corner St. Joseph and (Commieroce
ireets. ahltrd class engine, double pumps. e
le find this building to an extreusl'y bad Io
eation for an enlllllne-house, the Hloomotives
Lf the New Orleans Chicahgo and St. Louis p
ailroad passing tbfore its door datly, Ii
with heavy freight trains, causing ll
the walls to crack, the oulling to loHusei,
crack and fall, and the froundation to sthakei
and become unsafe. This compIany has ex- 1
pelded over $4000 of its own moneay In repatr
Sthe buildtng, until Its fund has teen ex
hausted leaving the bullilldn in a condition C
that stilt demands llmnledlate repairs. The c
roof le In a leaking andl ball condition. Tie C
bullding in Itueral presenLts a very dilapi-t
dated view. rlhtere are two employee, three r
horses and 500 feet good home In useo.
situated on I)auphinel street, between Blikn- n
vile and Customhouse streets. First, cliass
engine, double pumps. uiltllinug enerally in
a bad condition. Roof leaks, andol in nany
parte of the builiding sashes have rotted from
the windows and dooirs, and have noever ibeen
replaced. They have three employed, three
horses and 500 feet good hose.
sltuated on Victory street, between Marlgny
and Mandevill streets. Second class engino.
double pumps. uIllhlng in a dIlapidated
,condition. The roof is rottein and leaks, and
requires a nio one. Windows sprung out.
Staire and gallery totally rotten and ceiling t
failing down. they have two employee,
three horses and abtout 1i) feioot hose.
situated on the corner of Eqplanade and Vic
tory streets. First class engine, double
pumps. Roof leaking, ctlling falling down
and building geonorally in badil conditon. Th.v
have three horses, two emuployes, and about
600 feet good hose.
situated on Maine street, between Rampart
and Bt. Claude streets. Third clias engine,
double pumps. Whole roof ii a ihad conditlou
and needs a thorough repitrinig. Tlhey have
three horses, two employee, and about 4'0
feet good hose.
situated on Tchoupitoulae street, near Orange
street, Second clasl engine, double pump-s.
Boot leaks everywhere, plaster falling down,
and south side wall In a dlangieron s condit tion,
caused by water washlng tile mortar out ot
the bricks. Bulldtng generally in a very bad
condition. They have two employee, three
horses, and about 600 feet hose.
situated dn Perdldo street, between St.
Charles and Carondelet stree.ts. Third class
engine, single pump. Building in oad condi
tion; rear wall racked and rains through.
Back wall should be taken out and length
situated on the corner of Perdido and Caron
delet streets. Building in good condition.
tuated on Commoi street, near Howard
st. Second class engine, double pumps.
Iding in fair condition, ceiling cracked
and falling, and needs repairs. They have
three employee, three horses and about 500
Meet hose.
situated on Caliope strutt, between St. I
Charles and Craondelet strets. Third clas
em double pumps. Building in good I
. They have twL employee, four horses
,one exempt), and about 300 feet hose.
ltuated on Thalia street, near Dryades.
Third class engine, single pump. COty con
traticng a new engilu-house. They have
three Iortes, two employes and about 600
astk hose.
rk sah rnrjjt of UJalborne aeL, 8t.
thrl .horseA, two emLIpoyeo alnd about 4011 t.I
feet irood home. A
Aituatdl oln 'lchoupitoulas stror't,,twar H~Maprl
rn. MPro[Id chaRs nilngin, do(lrle prrumps.
]toofI loeking and side wall in a bad morlliton.
I'hey have four horses and two employeRs.
stituatAd oil Washtlluiton, near MR'agnzirl n
st'ree't,. Third class ernginio, single poI iip.
Blllding in good oreior, exrept.ing flor of on
ginle-lioise',wh ~h ought to he r.laLItrod at o1 Ie.(
la'tre should also tr a shid evot lug horses t
froml stableh to engillo-hollse. They have four l
hor.tpes, two employes aIld about 50(0 feet good
alltuated on (lratnimn strent, near Port. Hev- e
ond class oengin, p.hirhle urIIIrnL. Ilnilllng i II
goond orider. 'll'hro horses, two rulploy(s and el
about 8t 4 feet of hose.
()n steam ongino and two hand engines. in
lBuilding is In a dllapldatted condit ion and al- a
most unservl'eable. A now building is an
urgent nee.sslty. I
situated on nJackson stront, nllr Itllouslsani.
IBuldling in goa.I condition. Two rmipIoyer r
and two horises.
situated on Girod strmet., near St,. (Charlen. a
RIoof In t very leaky condition. Build lug all
throughout il It very bad state. bleopling
apartmelnt of no use, and thl e plo y4r corn- II
ipulled to sleep in the hall. 'I'ho same requires a'
Immodiate attention. h
situated on the corner of Lover and Marigny a
stnroets. ItRf leaks, walls giving way and
the foundatipon extremely poor. 'l'e i.estrl,
would ie to pull the .earnl.iown Illl nd conl
struet a new Dulldlug. Two horses and two
situated on Basin strot wnar (ontl. Roof I
leaklng. ()therwise the .e ilding Is in good ft
o(rler. Thr'e horso4 an I tw ) . pl,)lo ei,.
We would respectfully reconrnu.nd that I
eacRh steaml tire comnlpanly be supplied with
1I4)0 feet of hose, as a precautlonary mellasurle. J
where water la s usoe dlistanl'c fromln the -tire.
We also reppronunend that each stearti Iri v
comllpany shoulIld have fourl holrses aintl threlp
employes, viz: ItHusekeep.er, engineer annd
stover, to drillV hose-catIrlige", for the relasonll
that it is equially imnportant for the hose-car
rlage to arrive as early as tihe sta.tn ongine.
We also would recomml rendl that, in con
strurcting new engine-houses, the sarneshould t
be lor sted In sui!h s(tioins of oul r city whose
area for a great distlace around has nonrlir,
aull that thLe samo be bettrer scattAred thian
(lnt your vlumbing done at Sullivan & Bul
oer's. 97 Camp it.rnet.
Reedn's Gilt Edoge Tonl' cures fever and aue
Internal Revenue ({I lector Marks appeared
at his ollice yesterday for the first time since
the assault was committed on him on Cana
street. He looked somewhat "pulled down,"
and after remaining at his office for a couple
of hours, broke down and returned to his
home. The trial of St. Martin for commit
tlng the assault is fixed for the thirteenth in
ste nt.
The officers of the French man-of-war
Chateau It ,naud called at the Cusltom-House
yesterday for the purpose of paying their re
spects to Collector Badger, but the Collector
was absent, he being at home ln attendance
on his wife who is seriously ill.
Bonded draymen have been ordered to file
their oonds for 1880 on or before the seven
teenth instant.
Gas-heating and cooking stoves at Sullivan &
Iuluger's, 97 Camp street.
Reed's Gilt Edge Tonio restores the appetite.
On Monday evening Rev. I)r. Palmer will
deliver a lecture at the rooms of the Young
Men's Christian Association.
The subject 4f the address will be "The In
fluence of Christianity on the Formation of
Character," and it will be Intended particu
larly for young men. The association, how
ever, cordially invites all, old and young, to
attend, and there can be no doubt but that
the invitation will be accepted by such a large
number of persons that the lecture room,
large as it Is, will be crowded.
At the Lone Star .saloon, kept by Mrs.
Catherine Schreiber, at the corner of the
Sorapuru Market, there is on exhibition a
freak of nature which must prove of interest
to all clutivators of oranges in, at least, this
section of prolific Louisiana. It consists of a
bunch of sweet oranges eight inches long by
about six in diameter. On this stem there
are no fewer than thirty fully matured
Necessarily the fruit are of diminutive
size-about that of mandarins-but they are
perfect and as luscious as their superiors in
The cluster comes from the Graver placa,
near Harvey's canrl, on the right bank of the
river, and is a rare oerloetty.
His Travels and Observations in
the Old Worldl.
On the Danube and at the 8uez.
Y~eterdny (hipt. Etdula r('gPterPl at the Hi.
(4hal.irl.s -ototl, aud, na u014al, wan thu ru'lplen!t
of maly 4llh |11t1"I lpa.le[lrly from Ile otigi en lr
ingr fraternlity Prnd the ('ornl)lrelrl'lll pomrfll
nity. It wrs (Pilly 4n1 thu thirty-liraet ultlimo
ththt I arrlveid It Nw York from IEurnplj,
after al four mntl(FlthlP' ilavti of abaernl.c, arlli his
ap-ul y vllt to this pity was as unrexpcutei as
pnHsinug. T'1hu (Uptlin is a mrnmbeiar of thu
MI14lilsIppi Ilver (Inmlnlouln but did not
atctent its meetip'lga, owing to 1,lhla abhpneU.
A reporter of tlvi D1)MORIlAT Inst night
calh'le uion (Japt. I:tia at his roomrle, and
0foiud hlin In PVldl(' ly livprPoveid gli I,! hltl hi
hy hll trip. Af.4'r czv.graltulatinlg Iiii o11 n his
a,pjearl.alo'il th41, r~'p.i Irt r I,4kt dI th. (illlUp, tnin
rrra nltltailed tatutwmuent of hsle truavel~ th
tpast feW mnontha.
1I1 TlIP.
Cap)t. Eads -Thu privipal ohj'ct p,f my
trip was r.crePatlon, pipll na I had l iOnU foi r iivu
iare uonain glie myself this ppppprtnPlit y.
ybandalae ppf satpnieu fpr four viplths.
I (dipartfi Pnl thu lat, lay o A IAgIt 1 PUil re
turned tie last pity o(f I )Phrelllvll'. Lhlerebhy 'x
aPt ly mwklngl up lly thu.. T'1hough the ImIhn
ob1j4lcti ofr my tri.p was necatip ip tilhoght I
mlllght also take th(o opplortunltll y (of informingi
in'sl PiP uPin Pt her 54i4j444t5.
1Reporter- What was the extent of your
travels. (JCaptain?
(·ItLailn I went int·o Europn, Asia and
Atriei. I vliltedl thu I,)um 'h and thi 'I'heles
IlWuri, tlhollgh I haPi1 Rte anlld R x'X lin1aiI the
Ifonrm'lFr Ipeforlpe. I vialt 'd H..'agdiv, where tllhu
t·rIi 44 trlll l l.tlathil CPccurl'ret l tet yeaIr, Irli
Ilnve'ttgat'd( its cI'p4 . I toraveld for 15(4
mllea c-u thu T"l'ips, whilh Is a hialrch PIf 1 te
I)4tuhpe, 1111 rI11s tlh r' ugh iiugar aldy;n I
sai.l.l 74444 iitluan thpP I .eP i tIA i l'no lll WIrnl Vi l,
going thrpugch a tlioitl44P of "u'key iPP EI
r.pe, to 1(rult'lhk, tp, \'Pran, (ni tieP illilk
eapp, (Pllti th'i mi4'4 (4P n 444 1444an1.4 in 1444 l'. I ;4rP
hpgvlI ig lh) 4i4ht4d Stattm 1 Ihl i' revolved let
tels Inom t1hp Pri' p l t'll Pt ti v ,t4Ppi Nlil|teprs,
arp' iinPP044 1ein44P VIe I wa pff i4rded every oIPI (
tllllity t, I(l,(r44 n'4lp'irv atII 1lls.
I'lrpppi (5,nll4l'aninlopl.4lh I WtPIl, to tmnyrnn,
thip'nsl 1,p Hyr141 N III 4f pp l i f vi iic , t44 'Iar~t if
AIl.i(,I , to Alpx0 lIa p lr ypt,, (!44l l In1a T1
th,!'il IA P HuiI , whlr'PPP, pittu p . ptort, atily, I
4prl444444 tlpp 4440444, went, t' ,tppffp, .lupusal ro.
l14hill .I IithreU'4t. Aftlr 4p-r4vldilng sInV.plIf
wlth l4ead 44,)4 fll.lt aridllw 4 lpr nllh'l's 444rll
i1nn4lp o iit lV ot tlhI Hilly c 14n44, I rlt rl.l l Ioi
Ilrir il l4 , in Italy, pnill afterward)44 t1,4k th1i
Pllj.I(n(c Ilry rn44 srletisI'4' If(4" Iiiy reltulrl to tlhe
lllitePid Hiatuts.
tRep. Wha.t wis the rneriult. of your olse.rva
[lons at Hu(1'z, aSid how wiildl the nthuids
mpilloy'd at, ti.' canal there apply to the I
itiaiia n lathini 11
C!aptl. --)oe ofl the tulilness matters which [ I
hadl coupled witlh nty trip of rnciip,'rat lon
waite to examinhel i into the Huez I nll, and wh le
cI lannot fall to paly trhlllltt to tllh
ing~ineltring ability diliplatvl in the
work, the cilrcl tanct' are alt get.her
IfTtlen t fri m'nl lIthosi or the In',tliarma Iithllllni.
Thi4 canial wog dll ngi iin I ll7y 14011, thrllitgh a
level country, whro rainl werei unknown or
ilnftrl.iel't. In addlitinonl ttePlliiat.e i healthy
n1ti favors i.ll'k of this charactel.r. I'tr contrl, I
it, the Anllerica ll i4ithlnii the iliInate 14 Ili
ihialthy, the, country 11is mlil )utntanllliou and
rains are Inl',ssatnlt.
Iit'p Are you stIll In falvorof the ship-rall
road for tthe lsthmull4s
t lt. I arnll, anl It, i gratifyllng to me~ that
I tavte ricalved theiilo liai urlllnlll of r lnm of tell
moliit erninnllt engin eersl, both i in thils cllntry
anl in Ei'iurope, that they aigree io lihe foisl
iillty aild de-si'nitllllty of ry ichm.tili for the
ship railroaul. Notably,liOrnol l pll1 roimnilentl, i.g
Isllh engineer I's have second'dlt in y propolil tion, I
raill If I ecuret the reqllsllit co-o(lerr.tlbon, ,
htiv io li dolht. l will solivt th dillllulty of
tlln Panama II t ml ollmll .
atiIi. Wlhat charactrli4t.v.l' "htill oteu rvte
about tll, I)a.nulli or other rivers In Iurl!!
resemblling the MIs-l.alppl.
Capt.- IThe rIt are nmany features abiout the
I)anulllb whlicth resello those of thet Mi imls
Ilppl, buLt all go ti delliolstrlate that the, way 1
to dIeeplun the i iver Is to narrotw It. This 1
nmethod ha ,,rn foIlnd eIffTi't,ive on the I
I)anllillb, alnd it Is thle ne whllih I advocato
fotr our iiver.
After 4iliion' frlti'tttlr dtesultrly colnvr\sltionl
the replorter' withdlreiw, thle citalIi p ttitlrting
Ihat ilI a day or two he wouldll pro've~d to the
jetlties, andi lcltr rteaf llr rtrno tt. Loui to
itltendl a meeting of the Mississippi River Con
Suffering Ireland.
The following telegram was received yes
terday by the Mayor:
LONDON, Thursday.
Mayor of New Orleans:
Distress increases; aid urgently required.
lird Maiyor
irish Il-.llef Commlittee.
Upon receipt of this telegram the Mayor
instructed his secretary to communicate Its
contents imlnmedlately to the Cotton Ex
chalngo and to several prominent gentlemen
of Irish birth or descent. The Mayor had be
eides a consultation with Father Allen, look
ing to the necessary steps to be taken toward
the relief of the "dlstressed country."
Information has been received at the De
partment of Commerce that several points of
the levee, in the Third District evllenced
weakness. Administrator Belian immediately
called the city surveyor into consultation,
and the necessary measures were taken by
thitse officials to provide for the strengthen
ing of the threatened poInts.
The subject having suggested to a DEMO
cRAT reporter a visit to the levee opposite
the Morapuru Market, the work (lone there
about two years ago by the Belt Railroad
C(opany, under the advlct and supeilntendl
ence of ex-Slrveyor d'Hemecourt, was found
to have achieved the expected results. The
contit cave occurring at this point ap
[email protected] have been stoppled by the crib work,
and the hole to te hIlling up rapidly with the
deposit of the river.
In answer to a request for more barge-land
ing facilities, asked for in the DEIMOctRAT a
day or two ago, Administrator Behan says
that he has provided at the fit of Julia
street accommodations for forty barges,
where heretofore a dozen could scarcely be
accommodated. As to the foot of Calliope
street, he declares that there is no available
mooring place there for barges, and, as far as
the iattboatmen themselves are concerned, he
Is convinced that they aire satisfied with the
provisions made to facilitate them in the
working of their boats.
President Wintz, of the City Railroad Com
pany, was among the visitors to the City
Hall yesterday, In connection with certain
improvements that the company proposes to
make at the Lake End of the Canal Street
Mr. Horter, the indefatigable member of
the Sanitary Association, during a visit at
the City Hall yesterday, said that In view of
the provisions of the new conatltu on ex
empting manufacturers from taxation, his
firm (Sorter & Fenner) had purchased a new
building on Decatur street wherein to do the
currying of skins for their horse collar fac
tory, wilch Is daily assuming most impor
tant proportions. Mr. Horter added (sup
porting his words with Illustrations), that this
provision of the 3onstitution was one of its
most important features, and one which in its
results to the commercIal prosperity of New
Orleans could notbe computed.
The J ttonaa proviion referred to is
to jus rrupi4O
ermpt from taxation and license for the period
of ten years from the adoption of this Oausti
tution, the capital, machinery and Other
propi'rty employed in the manufacture of
textile fabrlcs. leather, shoes, harness, cad
dill+ry, hats, Ilour, mnachlinery, spgrl'nituial
Imptlemr.nts, and furniture ani othelir art iNna4
of woslI, irilJin or atonel; 4nt)4p, statlonerry,
inlk arri paper, hos. st buillrding alndi (lchociolat+t;
provilded rnot, leRs than lIi ve hands are om
pltoytl In any one factory."
Judge Ctlton, lnl hii) c(hnracts'r of a tix
payer of the city of New Orl()l S, has mnade
a tender ti M r. IILaass)in, the Aldmnilslf ttitor
oif Fintanen, (if piaytim'it oif hi4 taxtxt for 1480,,
on the taslts of the ten trill prtviishlo of thei
,onliltlit.ttilin of 1879). O() (urst . Mr. [rsa. sol
refused to iaccepl)t tst proltffr rind thentass will
!o4wgi 14) the i lmirt4.
All this I Iin IInecordiancn with the under
etarlliitg tbetw(',n lJl'itM (CottLon antl the AdI
rmnriittratar' of Filrlnse arid the cIty attorn,,y
to test, the questlon who(dfor' the city can con
atItutionally impose a tiix of liftetn mills
urin ting ihe year I.), Insteald of ten mills as
stlpulated in the cointitutlttn.l.
lie is Sentenced to Five Years in the
Penitentiary, but will Never
Serve It.
On the night of Jurnn I! a man was discov
ered and arrested in Mr. J. B. LaIitte's resi
dence, corner of I'rytaniland Felcilty streets.
On lbeing taken to the HSecond P'recinclt Hta
tion he gave his name as Hilas Mosby, and
the charge of bulrglary was preferred against
him. The next morning he was arraigned
and remalnded to the Parish Prison, where lie
remained until the day flxed for his trial.
ie Inslelited on his innocence and claimed
tthat If time was grarnteld hlln het oiuld prove
that he was an honorattle marn, andll that his
fpresrn.lce Inl Mr. Latitlts's house was dull to a
drunken freik, The coutlrt granted the re
rjtiest anid :(llihwld him twenty days in which
to(, cllect hi evidencelr. Oni the fourt4,,rnth of
November tile cerase (camtie up) for trial biefor)
1,Illge Whllltaker, nlid, strange to say, Mostby
failedt to prodlice the evieiich..
And in cot!('eqiurincei of the testimony
against iim ieitling (o.hlusive he was con
vict.hs of Iburglary biy the jury, but recoim
llmr)en'led to thln mIl'rcy of tlhe cotll,.
4)4n the h wentleth of I),'etrihtr' hhe aPppar4'di
foir senten ce ain rt: IVP.),vd iv yrer.v-' i hard latbor
IIn tie StaltA l's'etdti'rntllty. O(I his w-y to the
plrlisnl hei riiieaWtesd the lsherliT t ) Ititlty
M r. (iGeorgie Li lly, the iproper i t,ir of the (aN
rindilst Iiifu4'e, l his o.hlsnvitiin andl re'qIis.t,
hiis Iproensi it, th .1 prison. Mr. tilly corn
pll+il. il.anllwns itastn.l .lhedlt to se Ill thn (,,In
victelI burg.ar a fortmer tboanrdir, Charles 11.
lIottlt, sitt snllglnir'r anridi rsl)lll ldetr by trade'.
Th'e story was mio4n told. lfHttle, Inls ai drunken
frtak, had wii'i re'd into Mr. I t1ldt.'s prtni
Ies. anti flli'n n ,ii'4[p in thi houtis-.
lii wlas arreste.d Ias r'ecorde l ahove, and,
,lbeing almiatItltO, ,oinr'lIinudti to) give the nIL.
o(f his fi'rnolr vlnplioyer, Mril. Hlnts Moii)y, oi
hull, Ala. 'l'hs tulrnlk'iy, hiow+ve'r, rc otlred
thut ntatnl osf lr1Als Ma.lhty. Mr. islt,,i,nit
dii.h'lig any puDihiIty. anril thlitkling tht ll;,
isentence wouilld iit, ext;444d 4ono ntllitii in the
I'arish ris'ron, ci' ioinihd toi statnul b1i trial
iIlti(r hit flltltiou4 itone and serve Lsh t1erin
lr't !her than he i xpitsel ( .
Mr. Lally imrntdilittly write to a number
of prs.Ons Iin Atlabama, Including Mr. Mishty,
Minuittor if irg'ro'vet, I )r. Voy(i'. th" nmti sr of
'Iu'nti I+iosa ant)i thei editor of the 'T'is.i'alio).i
(ti:rtll', aidt in a few datys recelveid antswsers
virifyinrg I,.et li.'s at ,ternlent, titil, further,
thiit. lint wi.t a lrepitiabl, + r4n.
.ti lg Whitaker, (;h-lt luyl I in, Aill Malone
and l)lstric't Attorni',y Finneiy sxat,,liiturl tlist
(;ommunihations, and flhding th't{, they were
c,)rr'ret, coirdhliled to pltio4 n thes Gitiveror
for his pardon. The petition huns h)an for
wardedI, t4land in a few (lays Ioittle will bse a
frI. mran.
.. . .. . " " i +-- _
A Boiler Sent Through a Roof, Caus
ing Considerable Damage.
At. 2 o'clock yesterday the upright boiler In
the tobaccito IImanufactory of E. E. Harraztn,
No. 279 I)1ecatur street,, blew out, and passing
trough the shed that covered it, finally
lodged in thne roof of the throe-story brick
iullding;o,(nuptedis s a grocery by Mr. Fatjo,
No. 287 )Decatur street.
Upon examination it was found that the
roof of thi4 building had been crushed in by
the weight of the boiler, a portion of which
haod lanIled in the attic.
Thi buildllng was damagedl to the amount
of $2510.
'T'uie factory was damagedl to the amount of
It was subsequently ascertained that a lit
tle hoy named Louis (larretson, who was
some distance off, was struck by one of the
brass cocks of the boiler, but fortunately only
silghtly Injured.
The Weapon a Woman Chooses when
Battling with a Man.
At 3 o'clock last evening, at the corner of
lRampart and St. Louis streets, a difficulty
took place between one Alexander Hart and
a Mexican woman named Cecilia Pedro, dur
Ing which Hart was considerably worsted,
beinlg stahbbed In the head, just above the right
eye, and left side with a palrof scissors in the
hands of the woman.
The wounded man was conveyed to a
neighboring drug store, where his wound
was dressed and pronounced painful but not
Trhe accused effected her escape, but was
subeequently arrested and locked up in the
Fourth Precinct Station.
The Investigation of the Speice Mur
The case of the State vs. Philip Shelp, Jr.,
Philip Sheip, Sr., Mrs. Philip Sheip, George
and Jacob Klein, charged with manslaughter
In killing Adam Spelce, came up last evening
before Judge Miltenberger on a preliminary
After the testimony was elicited, It not
being sufficient to justify the committing of
the parties before the Superior Criminal
Court, they were discharged.
The many friends of the RIv. W. P. Kramer
will he delighted to know that he will arrive
to-day from Atlanta and will preach Sunday.
Mr. Kramer's long absence from his congre
gation was owing to the serious illness of his
family, who, we are glad to know, have much
improved in health.
We had the pleasure of a call last evening
from Mr. Geo. W. Norman, the authorized
agent and correspondent of Mecee's Illus
trlted Weekly, who is here on business con
nected with his excellent and most interest
ing paper.
Great Bargains
This day at 12 o'clock, at the St. Charles Auc
tlion Exchange, in the choicest of commercial
and residence property, advertised positively to
be sold for sucfession, bankrupt and other ac
count, by 0. E. lGrarder. autloneer.
The attention of capitalists is specially in
vited to the unusual advantages pr. sented in
that splendid property known as the banking
house of the Louisiana Savings and Safe De
posit Company. No. 51 Camp street, with Jts
leviathan iron and steel safe, just the desider
atum of large and growing communities like
ours, where every day's experience shows the
necessity of providing against fires and in
creasing burglaries.
Opportunities like this occur seldom. The
list, being larte and varied, will attract a large
attendance. We refer our readers to Girardey's
descriptive advertisements for terms and full
at - _ _b=
slganl Bervce. United tstats Army. !
Daily meteorolowical reord for the eight hours Fr
endlng at 10:s5 o. m..Frtday. January 9. fion
Observations taken at the same moment of SHm,
time at all stati.lns.l mal;
" Ii _er tw.o als
Btations. Bar. I tier shours surr
hour. inbches, j,;
- -- -_ for
Ohattanoota.. • il 0l-it t, 4 H 04
laHve-tRn......0 Io0 - It c17 HW s o 0 li
I[di-n la ..... 305 It 67 H c fend
Ljulvlllel. '30.0 o-It 47'NW T 0
Memrhl....... ':, 01- it 5' "' s 0
Niobtvlioe.. 'Il0. i(-H (n NW 3 0
NPw Orleana. Ihi, on. I lti:l 0 TI
hirsv eo rt . 1o001- T i .... ... 0
Vloksburg..... i3ra , ; . :it 3 W 4 .01
Ao ta ...... . i I - It ' .... ... .
Atlnt ....... 04. -i t 7 C (ha
(lot.~alna..... dt104 It n N 4 .
K.fy.i et....... .l --I 7:1 ' .. 0 Kel
M .bil .........140 l - It (1 4.1 ..."
Montlgom ry. I0 11 - it Ii 8 . o coal
B vatlnah ...... i 4 It c'..... ...... .
I. Indirate( rising; i. Indloates falling; S. F.
ndioates stationary. Pt
LOCAL [email protected] ahl
Nrw ORltAINN, Jan. 9, 1R0. dot;
Time. . 2 Weather. po
__ ---
7 a m. aii. 5 e:, t3W 4 Foirgy,
2 p. m. Fu 13 71 N s Pair.
Sip m. o0 00 ;9 H 4 (lar. TI
Mean ... n80 (o , n .. .. ........ . arg
Maximum ternmiratlur 72. minimum 62.
Grand Opera House. ARn
To a diminishing audience, but yet, at
presennt prices, as we imagine, a paying one,
OITenhach's lively opera of La G(rand UI
I)uchesse was played last night by the French wea
troupll. The libretto man had toned down
considerably, and a ihappy spirlt. in conse
qlu.nce, pervadrHl the aiforncl, b it ('hre Is prel
tunhappily always a i) ut) "hr lights in the
chamtl'r burnt dim." For the gas burnetl ".j
low, and, if we we w dlispuisod to be jo+viil I
about ift, weI would Pay that "lhe poor Indiinn" Bro
hadl 1 (iAi ta ftite of It. As it is, aS"o
wei are .erhioilaly incl;ined. and reapo.ttfully A
itbough firmnly reitertate with the opera-gal', A
to thelli.54)r rlanae'rs. In the dfyinig words of Ow
(lalllen, ",Mre light !" If julstice is nt. I)A
prollptl,ly dnli wei will look 1lt otrrni other A
last, siayinKgs of greaat rlieni and Ilingi lirh t Iat we,
the rranagelrnl . There are thousands o( pretty
wom-onWt() whoo to the> opera, aln in thie c(n J(J
Ilight, which i4 so porhiAlmniloely deolit, (Tit, day
they look, ait a iditllll'w, (we beg pa lirdlon, bult
It Is notttheir fault itke impe'rfcfly mnate
rnl11 l , 'I sp rfes.
Of the pllrforrna.ncer we will suv that it was S
a very giifood olnl. iP'oula Mario ntmake a
sprightly archlfihor:lllwmll 0 went through the elc.
whoul, trying tart with rnriuh entrain, thogh
her rriiiiri ilOiltes alipliiatLrei fTwil.'. She Rstrg
the.l "'ll3tes Il" with suchi tral, all I art thatl
she wais vociferously appilauded and had to
repllat it..
Mller. Angeli, as TWirnda, was very pretty
itll sang well, I. yiltl r k. s a good Irintc
1'mul, .Jolnarl It a llaital (Ine(rrI Ioesin, andl A
MIxierens a, Iaero( I'ark such as we havi, eoln WI
ilt. few. If, Ila cin aold iia-lltance, of o r
pubil'c, a great, favorite anid ucllii est'mtielll ap.
for bl fine shdiidlgl of dplieate cornric parts.
(Or (CipIlt we will only say that hei was
graceful, full ofr lii, and gave mrllh anfima
tion to the perfoirrlna . 'rh. role of Fritz '
i', as we think,lk. , insrigniillant for him, and, Sar
save rell or twil la.tSlliho vlocalizatifon, he had 'I
no ie.lnrliln to show his talent. Fritz, in fact, bre
has Hscarcely anything to sing, and we do not tir
see. why such a singer shoutld be squandered cor
on the role.
Th'l' chort.iRes, as isRual, were uDi t the Ina
nialk., and the illailonlentl retired well pleased. . CO
'"To-daiy t, thile mtlnoen (tlGrull'-Giroila, land
at nigtlt ()ffllafich's Inimitable opera of La
'T'he benefit of Miss Davenport draw an Im- the
minse houllise to, the Academy last night
Hhelridan'rls otnedy, the ISchool for Sca8ndial
was nrIhientedli with MI- Davenport as 1,ldyi
7'itrl,. The performrranice as a whole was very
lilne-so goo)d, iniloetl, that It merits more
ttlhan a pialnIg notice or hastily written critl
cifrn. Sullieu', theretfre, for the time being to
say that Mi~s Davenport's conception and
impeorsonlation iof thecharahter she alsuried
was a grand and iiowe-rfutl on'; that Mr. Price
as ('hairire ,urfTrre wnl as I, meIl('ls; that Mr.
Day onlalr goodii Sir ,Olinr HSurfare. and that
the slupport neCorilel Iby thnelottier members
Iof the company was hiighl y Ratlsfactory.
At, the natinve to-day 1'hIl11 will be pro
uRented, and for to-night liondlon Assurance
and Oliver Twist are announced.
On Saturday, the sevenltntnth, the Sons of
LouIliana give fi grand fancy dress and ruask
ball at Expolsition Hall. 'lThe association has
blOn makingl extensive preparations for the
event, and the affair promises to be one of
considerable magnilicelnce.
T'he newsboys' concert, to he given
this evenlng bly the n swmboys' branch
of the Youlng Min's Christian Asso
cifthn, will no doubt prove an interestlng
arid enjoyable affair. Many of the newst.o3s
have olni voices, and they have tbs'n re
hiarsming for some timer past, and have been
thoroughly drilled andt trained In the exer
cl's which they will iprtsent. The rooms of
the asslilcatlin, No. 187 Camp street, whorr oh
lhe concort is to be given, should be crowded w,
this evening.
That well known organ-zrtlon, the Hope
Benwvollnt Assoclation, will receive and eon
tertaln Its many friends on Saturday evennf g, C1
the twenty-fourth Instant, at Epolsition UI
Hall. The assoclation proposes to give, on PI
the evening named and at the place indicated, O(
a grand ifancy dress and mask nall, and that 11
it will be a superior affair cannot be doubted. J
Ike Schuman, a dangerous and suspicious 2M2
character, was lodged in the Central 8ta- U"
Josephine Johnson, charged with stealing
$5, was landed in the Jackson Square 8ta- An
tion. Ad
Wm. M. Boyce wasincarcerated in the Cen- Ba
tral SItation, charged with obtaining money (,e
under false pretenses. B)
H. White, charged with the larceny of $12 B3e
and also with being a dangerous and suspl- 9,
e(ous character, was locked up In the Harbor 3In
Station. Br
A negro thief stole a wheelbarrow from B13
Mrs. Meyers, residing at No 137 Ninth street, D+
and also one from Mrs. 'helps, corner ofl.
Jackson and Camp streets, under the pre- Dr
text of borrowing It for a neighbor. Fr
United States Circuit Court. Gr
Pierre;G.Gilbert vs. Thos. S. Leftwich.--Sult H<
on promissory note for $782, and open ac- K(
count for goods furnished by E. Marqueze & Kt
Co., amounting to $159 42. KE
Judge Woods, Circuit Judge, is expected to 1®
arrive in the city on the fifteenth instant, and Lai
has directed that appeal cases be fixed from Li
and after the nineteenth. L_
United States vs. A. Mauer, etals.-Case re- Ml
United States vs. J. Coeso, United States vs.
Patrick Lyons, United States vs. Wm. Lang- p
peter.-Verdicts of not guilty rendered. H
Third District Court. B
John Marks vs. Lambert B. Cain.-This was Cl
an application for injunction to restrain de- D
fendant from acting as agent for plaintiff and H
colit cting the revenues of his property under
a power of attorney issued in 1862. It ap
pearing that there was a suit in the Second
District Court praying for the interdiction of F
plaintiff, the court ordered a stay of proceed- J
Ings till the case is determined. aI
Fifth District Court.
lgý. LR. etnlaard 1s. Wa. WilUls-Judg- pl
lit K
flit for defeldant and suit dbsm~s led, Ma 1i
ase of non-snit.
Fourth District OCurt.
Frank Sharp es. Rt H. BarIn3Os et si--Fet
loner avers that Harrlfs, as onRstahle of the
4.cond Juttlice Court of New Orleans, Ille
cal ly ceized furniture belonging to him In sat
f ,.tlou for a claim rigilrist a'nother, and
isks damages in $5000 against him and his
u rit.fle
Juhn I'. Exnic'o5 vs. It te(o Foster.-A suit
'or $.o for irnprovfren'ts which plaintiff
lalrns he erect(,i upon the property of de
Superior Criminal Court.
ot4ND) JURY.
The new grand jeury was sworn in to-day.
(George HVtev,"Ia,I, alias Wilson burgliary;
Pharlee Wll'lirna, .John Tiadftll, WIiasoL
T'aylor, D)an ,Hilitvan, Jas. O'Brien, Wmin. B.
Keller andi (iuerIge (iahrtner, carrying con
ealed weaponsR.
F. P1. Cnllya, shootlri, Cet.; Indefllltel .
Peter Kl-.I,, errh zz~irn nt; indeflnltely.
Joseph F. llBourgt and Fronton W. Gibtl.O,
shooting and wounllrr(g with intent tom li
der; until the twenty-first Instant.
Wm. Me(;aiTrey, as -ult and battery on a
police ofllcer.
First Distriot Court.
The writ of hrabmra corpus prayed for by
Mr. Paul Fourchev¢ in benalt of his son W
argued before .1 udrge Abeli and submitted.
The judge will answer on Frillay.
Mrs. Ann Brown, larceny; Rtoderiok Be"i ,
false in prisoni..lent.
HAUf r.
8. G. Kreeger, J,.seph Markey and Tho.,
Fulham nseault andr batte y.
Chis. Wiiliaus, assault with a dangerouS
(}on. Bird, r'scuilnli a prisoner.
Altert Craft, obtalning money under false
Jack Lynch, mralletous mischief.
P. '. Meehan, Mrs. L'Ze Chase, H. C.
Brown, Pat !ollivan, Mrs. J. H. Reynolds,
asalitit and btter v.
Alex. I)l'lovan, Ialte impri.nmment.
Annie Warwick, Mis. H . J. unier,
(uiat, lamiren Welsh, Peter Hais, Isai
D),vl, El. (I.lrdon, lare' ny.
Andrew Kelly, assault with a dangerous
Joe Brown, dlla,5lirng an animal, $5 or teS
days' Pa ish Prlison.
First Recorder's Court.
Wm. Chi pmsn,carrying concealed weapoD5s
ulperior C, Imlruinl Court, hods $250,
Eliz t Gregg, dtrunk, disturbing the pace,
oI.; $10 or twenty do s.
W. M. Brce,. othtanin.g money under fals
)rett.nan. $250 apprearanonP bodcd.
Chaes. Kjluaare, assault and battery; $500
apmearnt0on betds.
E. O'Donnell, assault with a dangerq o
weapon; $250 appearance bonds; In defalt
Andrew Leard, alias Levi, rape on J1ull[
Warren; $5001 appearance bonds.
Emma Smith, cutting and wounding; $500'
appearance bonds.
Second Recorder's Court.
Tim Tireny, for assault and battery oU
arm Turner, waR put under $150 peace bonds.
'The ctn of Mitchell Owens, charged with
breaklng and entering a house in thse night
time with intent to commit a felony, was
John .Jstlce was asnt to the Superior Orhfn
nal Court, under $250 bonds, for carrylg 001o
coaled weapons.
The following were recorded at the o.l . olt
the Board of Health yesterday:
Mrs. (}eort Meyer, a daughter.
Mrs. John Mick, a dauihter.
Mrs. Albert Frederlck, a ldaughter.
Mrs. Robert Payne, a daughter.
M rs. Charles Bakinger, a daughter.
Mrs. Pi.rre Hrerceret, a daughter.
Mrs. Thos. J. Bath, a son.
Mrs. Pierre Senac, a daughter.
Mrs. Rster' Carey, a daughter.
Mrs. F. W. Ernst, a daughter.
Mrs, Charlli Vignes, a son0.
Mrs. John Ryan, a daughter.
Felix Kuntz to Mary )Dascher.
Frederick Meyer to Barbara Menke.
Edward Thornton to Mrs. Irene Gilmore.
Richard Kenner to Mary A. Brown.
(. O. Wood, to Angelhn C. ClUiborne.
Wmn. J. Simmons to Mrs. Addle Wheeler,
Marlie A. Cucullu, .36 years.
Jacoh Alexander, 2 years.
Mary Schneider. 30 years.
Glovanni Brigonl, 5. ye*rs.
Ienry Locknman. 34 years.
Fanrite Smith, 15 days.
Fe'lice D)elruy, 55 years.
Estelle B. Norton, 18 years.
B. L. Slacker, 8 years.
Tn Jail
In Jail.
C. Jeffri~s, J. HI. Benson and John Delord.
chargr-d with carrying concealen wLeapons
were locked up in the Suburban Statlio.
Ladies' List.
Clark Lunella mrs Rlobardsen 8i mn
Uiancy Kate miss Russ-il - mrs
Irrade P 8mir.h Rohel rs
Gorden M mrs Taylor Betsy
Harrlr J H mrs Terry Millie mrs
Jones Marie miss Tonado Mary miss
Masingill L E miss Washington Ole mltS
MarthI .Jllan miss White J-4 8 mrs
lMoody J C mrs Wlhard B A mrs
McArthur mrs Winultl 1 Geeo mrs
Martroes mrs Wil-on Julia Y muC
'De1a Antie miss Williams E mrs
Perkins Jennie miss
Gentlemen's List.
Andrew A Murphy J L
Adklns J ,hn Mn-ohy Peter
A.hl.y Ed McNott Kobt dr
Bailey Joe Paver L F
Koyd 8 F Ro'.s ts F B
Bo nlfalo D Roberte M
iemis E L Ha.esrs HI
Bowl a H B H8tden ThsO0
IB son i F Hchmldt WE
loarg It 8tark Pe'er
BlrooksRa T R8anrbser Bobt
Bali J P ornf Huamelt
Davidson Thos 8 Hhountoa O L
)illabouah Din Hines R
Duf la Th s F HhyroekOW
oDrner (}eo W Hmlth Frank H
Frr ander A H ott W T
r,,x &:o lSms B L
(iru-t Chas 8' OCair Jas
Goodman W C Warner LO
Genln GustaveB White A J
Griffirb WT Wathon PJ
Gay)WO WilkfMson H8
KopDers H J Wolf & Lavy
Kuhlman H F Walsb John
Kearney John H Wae kine Lee
Kenworth J P Wibray Jas
Iacassa.ne D Willey Noah
Lammar" Edw Yo;ng B .
Lyons T F Yownell Hardil
Loeb J Young John
Mitchell John O B
Unmailable Letters.
Bngan H Gayol A
Henderson A
BipDt.ate PArns Pernot Frank
Clements W L P O box 9.
D.iat iobert Thompson P B
Granson Alex Wagner P
idl Dan
Had His Foot Crushed.
At about 4 o'clock 1 st evening a boy namei
Frank Oval. aged elbgt years, while attempt
ing to catch be.ind car No. 7 of the Orleans
and Dumatne street line, fell and hli lett
foot getting under one of the car's wheels,wsg
severely crushed. ie was conveyed to hbli
parents aldree, lo. 237 Dualne skeib,

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