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New Iberia lx noon to have a publlo readllng
The pauper funti of WlVetextr parish Is $200
a year.
iLayvll 11o rd a white frost and )somelo last
AnD Il|onlIr, too, iw to lihave a LIiuillphall on
lty of itLx.
Loulsdana hn 2I,000x).(00 aerxtx of wild and
tmoult|ivated hlI d.
New Iberia is to have a grand ball at l'Tom
perane) Haill on Mardi (Iras.
i ydrophobla ,xlists nmong the an(illno In
the WesteL'rn portion of East l'eolltana parish.
iH. (I" (leolwin, of the (olfax (.7ronicle, has
purchased it, and will now be p.nprietor and
The business of Ielloevn has been better
this season than at alny time saino the sur
The Florida 'arlshes Bee Keeper's Asso
dation will meet at llinton Monday, Feib
lWray 2.
MrJ. 8. H. witt has purchanld J. 1,. Wil
flame's interost in the Detl.to I)emn ral, and
s.ume ountrol of that paper.
Twenty-live or thirty of our colored popu
lat Itn left her last Wednesday by the steam
er Yazoo for Kanesa. IWashixgtLon News.
The police jury of ahbine has extended the
imne for reoa'lving bide to biulld the new oourt
houee, and has altered the plans somewhat.
Borne diflloulty we learn, t being experl
4fenel In obtaining labor on many of the
plantatlons in tlhe parish.-. Uou'ordia Eagle.
Here we are,, Thursday morning, and no
malt by the n.ow mal ln sine aon riday or
Saturday of lest week..--[atol RougO Advo
Dr. (i. J. Tompkins, who has temporarily
b6tMI oltiductlnllig tlte iindon DlemoIrrt, hli re
-Urel, and W. II. Ihinehlder bcoomts Ito edltor
AtsM proprietor.
Many, Hiahlno parish, gave entirely out of
sugar, tihe o her deiv, and its Inhabitants had
toAWeetx'] I heir roiTeen and toddtlle with "long
-W5c.It·tIy" muol.lnes.
The rallroad Ibtween Now Orleans and
Ionaldesouvlll Ihas vastly improvatl lin Its
manslNen4'l. lino: it fell into the haIndl of (.
A. Whitrney , (Co.
Quite a large number of now field hands are
-e wding Into, E.a t Carr.ll. Let thbu'i aol.e
there Is pionLy of ro00l and lho i sI klind o
lsld for thel to cultivate. Catrroll Conis'
A grestt quantity of iteat has been lost In
this p)ortion of thoe Stte by the 1unusnill y
wairlx weat.hlrl. 'to kill hgao, or to pIlkihI
pork, e.mns to be tle (qI14HIioU.- jl)xiulaltt
t d4gl raph.
l'ihei (+ll'ari, S. I Ih rx ilgiroui u1111 p Lhe liar
tholoxevw., wi lli 1N011 Ih a11 t'tnI(bIll aboard, iandl
Unklu(, there he (I I It ivy rail.ll alvhTh It. is likely
that, lho'l l rmalltl icrlo ttsome tllllo. )ttalcht
ta Telegraph.
there was not a lxxtlutitlflul 11now, lbut a dl- I
li Ilghtfu l lh werlll sl IrL n lills) ' I l'll )by hall.I
Weiiaelday night. h1ll in thix ltit i i1 nI
uOu.'hlita I ielegLr .t .
r'tiiank .l aksonx, Iolriled, living nxer I.tilLugh
manl'is Iollite, isou th il' li)01 el' Arhxuie, on
his return howl) liltL Tlii hursihy was liL It, byi
house. ',iirnelll villh Ii,Yzittl++
Trhe, (1lliitoi Il++chuilnn aind Alexlamrll h
Detnsorat'.xi ,m i I ir h colmlhhtiningli r toIf I i liltixli
fromxi I on i }l'i a . 1. I 4atll ,-ill they neI " er!l iv I'
on tit.e. lihle Iui' atia 111 dih elrs i lt i It n vI e I '
receive" tih lho y lii) .xi i xt i all.
Thxe tabine Ilder is niot, frlxhtonexi by the
exodus. Ii dt l ,t I lhatiii, the i arl sh i liis lixt a
largo portliin if it holorll e popul(.lhlxiIn elxee
the w rill', exlnd yet duiuhiihtl lie pltxluiioll of
cottoin and lu h l-u11 xixl nid malt in thmulllluitn".
I)D'puty' SherilT (his1x tlrihk, from ('lihxorne I
parish, left on tI Ih boat FI 1)11y' withal It lite h
girl (white fIor tiho asilium for xiiaixne at ,xi'k
son., Th' li ttllo xtililr ill bx a ndlxslltlx bl y ly
both flathexr alnd miother. jtli.ahllt T 'lo- -
We hear of spollt menat In abundance In dif
ferent piart of our paritlh, 'VOen th llilddlinge
spolllng. Th'l i. to It seriousrly retgrtt4tl.
A great many of our farmners had about,
enough to do Itoum, but now they will ihatvo
to buy. lEst l'eoltolana Patriot-l)ionoerat.
On Monday Inst. whllo Mr. I). E. liuinlphroy
and Mr. Ilonlry Moss woer stndtllng i tilho
former's blila'ksnit ii shop. in I).Soto parish.
Spisetol in Mr. llmlnlre'y's po,'ket, wo(nt off
and shot Mr. M.oe through the log, just be
low the knee. 'I'ho wound In a serious o1n1.
We learn that thte wages or the emplhoy('s
on thie Morgan it llitolI were nodeed this.
week 25 peotsentt. Th'ere is a rumor weldon't
know how IIIIIch truth there 'l' y Ii in Itll
that the halls coteitlll lat.l sttl Ildng for an
ncrease of pay. I New Iboria l.igar Bowl.
Mr. Win. II. Hoilliman tod us of ia darlky
Whom he 'oisidered oniIo of hil patitrist its
tomers paying tn $400) clash, onoi-halft of
which waits to ll acou o a unllllt, and havlng a
balancet over a1f $1), all I.hi piro'nsl of tI his
year e crop, made bly himself. lCatahoula
Thieves are getting veDry bold In Shi ove
port. (One Of themo ran into a store tin 'exias
street the other day, snathed slome n111 ey
from an olhl lnero wouatli whot was waiting
alt the counter, tlashe, out of the Iback door,
and unltd ffil with It. 'hd po)lliuS pursued,
but he was not. captured.
If the weather r.tntlnues so treacherous, tlhe
estimate of loss to I hio farmlnrs of this pariah
Wiay be safely put down atl 2)0,()i0( polunds of
pork. The loses already iustained are very
_eavy, antd the hogs are now gettlng poor,
and there Is no corn In the country to food
them on.- lSahlire Inilex.
The river Is tlhov last year's mark, and Is
stlll rising. No apprehenqson of an overilow
can be entertalnrl. however, as the crevasses
that have Otoo lelL upon absorb a vast prJ
portion of thl wat'er. i'hl dam at Bonnet
Csare, though not o(upleted, lprodiiuces agood
refult.--t8t. John Meschaetceo.
The body of a child was found floating
down the river in a box at Smoke Bend, As
oaishltn parish, tle othlr day. It Is thought
that the child wast nit drowned, but that It
was burled near thel river bank and washed
out of Its grave bIy high water. The remains
were rtlnterrcd at Dlonaldsonville.
An old citizen and a very close ohserver of
everythlug of inItrest called our attention to
the fact that thirty years ago the farmers
planted th(Ir corn ln I lin month of lIFeruary,
and their ,tton in March. At present very
little corn is pianted till the uliddle of Mirrch,
and 'otton seldom ever before April.--[Sabine
Dave Young, who was not allow(ed to be
sworn in by tt:i LegIslature )beecuse he was
a defaulter It tile SLate, is getting ulp i peIi'I
tlon in Ct2lon~ort, a Ill having it extensively
s.lned, prayung thit Lgilature to admit hiin
on the ground that another election to till his
place would be a bulrdn and an expense to
the parish.
Isttaturday a colored man living at the
ihenal repalret to t the oflie of .lustlcr Ber
geron, to - t manarried. The ceremony was per
formed at 4 io'clock in the afternoon, when
the groom anol brhle left for home, and with
in an hour alter the ceremony, the grotom
dropped diown tramn his buggy stone dead.
Pointe Coupet Pelican.
We regret to learn that in some localities
the seed cane I is comrmenced to spoil. The
weather has be..n so very warm it has sprout
ed badly; I ut. most fortunately, the dry
season has en.blhd planters to make an unu
sually early planting, which, added to the
large fall planting, promises us an increased
acreage in cane. New Iberia Sugar Bowl.
C. J. Warner, alias Julius B. Wagner, who
was arrest, d il So.reveport under a true bill
for higamny, rilul was released on a bond of
$1500, after mkinlig a deposit to the proper
o-"er of parish scrip to the full amount of
the bond, anrd making other nees-sary ar
rangements, left thie ity on Monday evening,
n0oe which time he has not been heard from.
In the suit brought by holders of the con
.olidated bonds of Donealdsonvllle of 1866,
agatnst that town, and which were contested
ot the ground that these bonds were improp
mdy and Ilegally Iisued, Judge Duffel, judge
dthe ouLrt J e.dIcIl d it dmet i~
..gUst the town, renderIng judgment In
favor of the plaointiffs for the amounts clalmesd
by them.
Mr. (chas. llutcher, formerly overseer for
.Jlehs flrona,, on his flail-way plntnfaton,
was thrown Ifrm hlis horee whilen rellrling a
rao orn Frhlny, tIell secmd nl instant, alld aIl
loc, Illnstanrtly killwi. It saeems that whelon
throwl his h'ecd struck ajcfiCt ait pccanc tree
which stlaicis onl thee litn of tie road, and the
d kcII orn lIhe ihack Darlof his hIead was cnrush
ee in. Il'tcrrelncine (ourlir.
tL Th' tnRgew on cthe road from Monrn otoe to
Hhlc'rlvelport <inl0 Ieltoc lHomrcer now veery Ir
rcgulnc lly. 'I'lhey rllc nich frolnl H ',ccve.
puet , dcily at 1 p. m., tnnl from Monroc eially
Ii et I ,'eclk p. m., auclerdlhing to RChoeedeie
I line', ct ic iceet arrtve iiereeI froem Mhrrvoevi'rt
frnom 1J cle'ihk ,,t cigiht t) 3 oc'clock in the,
nerlllerl... .lltl rfn me M(Ienreee froul I o'cloc:k tee
i o'lle'tk Irl Lthe morlleig.
SWhillo prosperitry Is reglnlrt In tlhe ruraml
portlion or cilr cectleen, Inelleatilons are ic.l,I
* wailtlng illatL thee lwec arn irterailly reespend
I lug to thee geene'ral business revival. Mar
chanlc Amei oether teown people are reehiehcillng
Sltheir actilvlty, as It )to make lp fer what Is
hot, In the pastt, ow r)lo)Vigll hbeyondI
all eloccih, that thee plrelt of dlllenoclr
aemrenllit alld dceprenlon Is at length oolnoe to
- an ecnd. New teria Hlgar HBowl.
An old ne.lro nametI Tom dlamplpoarwl mys
terileeely In the tenth ward of Asucnslon Ilr
I*lh two yesrs ag(o, and suspilhon orf feul rlay
1 pr ftelh. A few weooks ago asl a platntLer f
the parish was riding through the woods.
- Iklnlg afrter his stAck, he dliseevereRd hurran
remains, whlob were Idcenlllied as those of old
'rom. As he was known to have laild by a
,g oeol sum of money, It le eIIPeosiccl that he
was ncrehdred fcr It, but how cr by whom It Is
tlOw iplloenplbln to esay.
Oe Wewdnmeslay iornnlnllg, while Memsrs. W.
, HI. Love and WlIdec. sewing-mac'hlno oanva's
crs, were at ltrmntracge, Peinto (ocope.,
tiey gct Into adlmlclity wilth some ocrsm-e
ast Ithat placc, andl several plstol shots weere
exchanelgeei betwteen thee ncotccdliy partle.s.
I)rlilcg the excitAceernt Mr. Mr ove hid himeelf
clllehr tllhe warehu)Ie lland Mr. Wilds leflt in
his ulrRggy. Mr. laove was shot. andc dict frool
tlhe wellndis Inltle'tedl from the shbts. Mr.
.Iove, wse a yoencg man, a nlatlve of ulhTffilo,
N. Y., and was roecutly muarrteH l to a young
lay f ly t ci IA , Iloucge,.
liI HMatureey, thel teCth Instant, tltere was
Sgtlethlinc l f cc oloreil people at (lurud'ae s
Hail, In Hir . Jeohn tic Hil)aptist, and itecn Encl,is
was inclrmsllc i with the+ knticngI oc thie peacte.
I1ic nwc htdcl are altcercralthio with cro .lobhn
WVllitcne, whic at omcn drew hise puibtol. EiH
lw c.trcink hllll, seel( as' Ie fell Iget up()Ie
him te, elleelrr hlil. Whilst thlov were' wrlets.
lilng on tlhe Illoir. cert Prllken WilliarmcR , alIan
Sellllllccllce, .ot lIes llItoil ard l lrel six tlenres at
ElctiR ., coo f cci the ehct,s ectrlkingl him In thee
c ec'ck . lEuttl1,ie cied 't.catuily. last, aced 1i'lcekcen
Wevihl Iliccac Ilc hn I-edgrt cd tiec jiall., tllgethler
wtlh Rlictliirel lKieg cc'*t'e a4ithlieer follow, c'hilag
cee wi llc eicg ecccepeili icee efortei'cel'e thec act.
,At cnc c'arly hcellr l'cice'dcty mrnrcihll Mr.
Hleiry l artz, ccif i)ncceiisnlecevlll, cc cctIli.ve, oi
Iiccli 'cc ee. ccc ca ctcs o egrapeierec ley eoelecicuatliotn,
dilclcll llrlf. r i lll eliclle c''lq' h 'Icc l)4ectc i,
dhl f-m lockjaw, a~lt hib+ rleirhbllpllploltllell,
thell I -,leltlh'e, cell iccn.llroic Avenuerc. Tdlle
ol'rolllie wilc ocl(lccl ccoe teo hcle cc icqcelntt
aced ce, jelrv Wiec dIily eccelecceeloi. Aflcer cc full
Ivecl ItglilleccI IIctee 'it nllt tl wIc llatl w rs ilecclceci
th'llcel c rei 1ccs ec Iclmcie tclelciciut hi cecllt crh telyc
cilcecci ci'1 ci llcewy dccc tIc Iceci, ircflc ic'ci Icy
Mr ,ice li. ( icy, ceeid ec veerclilt wa'e rceccleer'ei
aclgelece.ilcg. Ace eicl ccli t elllew o Icy l cth
'ecrcIne'l, ,lie lh M ,l r. r (Iy" w 1 hcll, e llt cc ll'r c1rel
,ill Wedflc'l ice,• I iece cclia ci clrelnlr eeehllclChicc
cclr ilc lhce whe lt'-!i. (rcy ect .lle t c II llg llt ict cc
Iiillct 'ccc N'cw Yllccl"r cliy. r cmi zcll<ttekeeli) Ory
witi wcc lklI e Ct'llco, lcnd tlic Icltter ''si'ic tcc
wcitIc l l Ic t c l ecc lilel, icn ct l lrin re weceetc thetldl
re'ccccltcIe Icela ckcvceci ei'w cil ct.
WVeck etc ecec ed ilroca. ic icr' gcrescincg cteeleei
Ily. (cn Sicndeicy, Meeceiclly cocci I'iceselccit, hlc'tv
IIl'-hlc hc i 'le l i cec lcieeieit I i' ece ins ec icvc c left New
I 'hcrl. for Ihe Vcerccimilliecv c cill a cci thIc, roadl,
wIrce I Ine ceccee ccc' weerkiceg ielicer, tltec scepoer.
vhlicec ct+ Mr. Mc'('crtlhy. dhrilce was Reemee
biccf ccc'lccr eccseede cc iew dayec tecck. icy cc ccc
cciice y hlcck cci maticrlcel, iccit iheet asitec now
h,<l civced''nc, l lite gececii work geece ccll
lcrccvcel y. !)Ci WeV'nede'ciey, cc ccow engilnce, thee
iltgecce Ne. '2, with Mr. 'illccon, Ilieee e'lof oee
inerlcce, clit. Neew I heerle te iecickee a tricel trie ac
ill c cc ce' th ec t cecililtoi ci' tI.ce trec.,k. A ilcgee
ceiplehy o ileeecieer, elccrnk, ecteiilelngl. htincgleeh.
ceti., licec leeon deleetcelleecl whihlle lie t i eiit feew
dvcy ct, ithce 'corrcer' ccl Macitlcoc cncl Wcching'
ten ccl Icteleet, whhh itL t ic reurclclccec will ecce iiecel
hi tli. +,Olistri'i~lon oft thle nolw (idepot of thi
.,tIcc ilic" cccccctrccIleccellll ccri. Ie, dccviicrecet. kci' tiec
ccc cncccey, eec t eccelhicg ce'ry ciehlieltee Ic kecewnc
oee lhl Iciijec elt erc 'ececit, ltho, cigleh thieree lis cc
icuieir cc lleIt tlctei tlice leuchlillcegin qleeee
eccinl will 1 cc ccmenlce.cl. lext wce.'k. [Neew
ichi lc cccctre lcewi.
ilurglars are working up i)allas.
('oncho county hais 80,000 cattle and ti0,0,g
Thrne art slinn wetlls are going down at
Sultting Itats are carrl'ing away the lfounda
tiin of tie llI)nzLIeI .ail.
'lThe Sanentilteationlsts are disgusted with
-D llL)a, ILanld IllV' gui()III to Den'ilsn.
IliLeavy rills hiave falien oa the Nuece's, ,lTi
tl the rant.g is line aIn stock Il improiving rap
I Ioertsion county ifalLiiers are dismal over
the loss of pork occasioned by the warm
- weaitliler.
A ll:a nln ll Ilh in was rrushed bntween
I he cIartl Iat ltrllsollr. the other night and died
i to a few minutes.
'Thei rains have hoen general, and hopl and
(on;iidellln reign throughout the rural dis
triti't of the State.
I'The exodus business still rages up about
Sl)al:ls. Sunilachy thirty-five forlorn negroes
IIftL that plaL, for KallnsaLs.
Ihe Roctkport 'ITranscript says that dlluring
I the cold snap UlCiristmaln week hundreds Iof
redllish and trout were frozen to death.
S(l'ilctles are being brought into Han An
r tollo by the wagon load. They are prepared
by Ilurniing off the thorns and are thou fed to
Out of the 600 English immigrants ar
riving at GIlv\-,ton last fall not more than
half a dozen have left Texas, and these know
nothing of agricultural pursuits.
A large train of emigrlants passed through
Coiuanllchiast week going west. The recent
raIns li Comlanche coun)llty have bIrought up
wheat that was thought to be deadl.
A little child of Mr. IV. B. llrack, an attor
ney of Shermlan, a year and a half old, f1'll
into a tub of water nind was drowned, in thll
Itbslence of the unhappy parents on Sunday
The rmurdeired man found in Elm Fork,
naIr allash, tilurns out to he John Dieglom.n.
Olne Anlitonie Stahl cnlfesses to have mulr
derel him. tle says D)ieglelnan fired three
or fourt shots at hint, when he seiz'I an ax
and dtlalt him two Iblows with fatal effect.
And now they are having a pretty muss in
1(Robelrtsol cUnty consequent on the removal
of the county seat. Charges of fraud, brl
bery, intimidation and other innocent diver
sionsll c('iull'lon to elections ha!ve been freely
nillde by the contestants. The district court
inve,,t!gated sorne of the charges, which re
suited in a c(lomplete vlndicati n.
In 1,75) the number of ('ithollcs in the State
wals es!lniat(cd at 2110,001), Baptists 5I(,)0o,
Epis copali Ins(7001), Chrisltians 7).11,{ :ethodlstb
Oioithllrl 45,.io0, No(r'hern Methodists 17,(:11,
lpllscpal i anld colored Methodists 18,000
letn,,ltist l'Protestant 20Mi)s, Presbyterians
(In 1877 8) 5:)1, Pyreshyte lian- (Northern 700,
Pre,1ytrii.ns (LCumoerland) 815). Tne nu-ll
ber of Israelite is estimated at about 3300.
DIown In Washington county a gang of pro
fessional horse thieves are cheerlully reliev
Ing the mulolotony Landl exciting the people by
approprlating the best horses In the county.
A few days ago four horses and three mules
were stolen from the same neighborhood.
Sundtlay night four more horses were taken,
among them a very line one belonging to Mr.
Tillman. A widow lady and a poor Bohemian
had their horses stolen on the same night,
and altogether the business seems to be a
safe and lucrative one.
iioed's Gilt Edae Tont- rsatores the appetite
Attend Dr. Thompson's lec.ure on Monday
evening at the hail of the Young Men's Chris
tian AsBooiatlon. No. 81 Camp street. On Mon
day evening. Seats free.
Beed's Gilt Edge Tonic prevena malarla.
or W41 DhPAWmrswr.
nor Signl 8ervioe. Unlfod Nt.$ Arrv. I
Ua Ialv mettsornlogalol resorl for rho 1w ght honur
11 - ns¶Ing at 2:31 pp. m.. Monday. JanuAry 25.
'i Obsorvatlorns t.akto at, the nram morntut of
In SIms, a1t aoll tatloni.l
art ln l-a -ý thsru
ir (or4 ons. 3ar. I perN 10 0rs
to -.. -b
rII(4 n74 W 111` 0
14513.33331333r3 1., 7154 t
rI, L)u. 3334 0 3731 4,4 a 5 t 0
iml..n lII .t fit M ·r IC a
h5)3 17333314k " 43t77 1' 51 "{q 14 n
to) Ioo I rosn .9 as1 -'" I 47 4 1 I
144331v43nwor5.I (33.77 A t, 4 17 0
alNs'hl/llR. (rj r1; - II C 7 0
!1}emI'll ll,...... a(I4)4 F 54 IC a 41I
11- 444hvllle...... x1 N - 1-.a .. o n.
Now Orleans.2 9.1 Ii5 - u H noE I110 e
1r- Omaha.....219414-- 54 l5 2 0(
611 Pittslesrg . 3109 4 445 495 W n
Is tlhrevel srtrt- -t . t.(tlO-F . f1 IG 4 0
Ill fit. 1,115111 143 .. - (it 44 o 0
r- t. iisl 411547 :53 '4-4 I5 0
to, Vlo..bnrrs " *.on -F osINIG I S 44
Yankton 1151as...... 23).97)j ' Ii
a- 1.1411n hook" · .... al f - i54'fw a
r- Ufl.t5015)444E1. J934 -0 F In 44,'4 k H 0
'y It, 1r . Inldoates alWling; 8"
"r Inlodlates stationary.
® Some Intoresting Facts About Them From
Is an English Writer.
V* (Mr. Msrchant', ·j1..I.rothauaond BrlTaI,."1
The Prinon of Wales gave the 1'rinsossa
1s Alexandra a keepl)-rIng IIn whsI4'Is tho Initial
Ie Ietters of t he 1ix ).4t3I143 heryl, e3meraid
ruby tiarquot Sne, j oeuth, * emeraldl forrmed
her31 favorlle Iarsn, o7fr hims, "lJlrt.le." 'The
In langausig and1 prope+rties; of 1sr4401343 at534143
rl 'ore as varied41 am are those of fIls')nls; a(1i4,
r. llkoe 1LIsittnlrac 41n41 0 hav tha e proper w'4,asoxw
Inl which theilr good r clltall tins Iprlwlorrlnrttu .
IS Illgh priest9 In this kind of knowledg ae infor
1144 that whoevnr in .4)514715. wlth any StcLle
lst in a sllver ilhg shall hte Ilniumln1at43ly
IN ro4l133i11301. A potlo HIII 445141h Het In flold wIll
14 eng4(ravedl with a Ilgure and1( with the ahalf of a
la Slus, (brot'Ires any IiI3Ile. (iapriI'Irns or 173 r
0'. nelllo, He't, in a HI43Vr rinm, andi calrlIll about,,
n lnsures tise weanrer agaHisC t harm lIt purse
H- x011(1 1333r13ll3 no J3131g(+ ca3n 11(1(4 44lIjIatt Hell
315 tone.), sig1d lI tt 1131 ; .,11 e11501 10h11ll31 lIn 1111441
1 tiers 50nd1 hono15r, 41111 thIet frl'3nddlsIp oIf 13lly,
to4 and~ 111) ao -ll-)worfis ii IlohttlI'.
1t A OII0VrItA3 5llIp3ItIIS113) 1 1(4 thOlt eve.try mouth
511 in1th y('ar Isi 41«'1"5.1533 1131135n(315I ofh 3(441144 one5
1I If hIoI pr1cl31414l HIII 434144. 'Iis' Ig3rn3t, olgisl r
Us 3 I311,t.aS4013'y 41331 (1311,11, 11 *4a!rI-4 tS.1501515ry,
f- the nfl'thylt (t.131r5 I,3'l to l'3Ir35 j. 5,551
i13133-31.34713347 II717ll53'303'3I33l1 IpIrI'33 3l( '5 II' 311111'1 ) t1 .
r. NI .oirili, t.ho 1i170351143 I1113333373153'I'3 5.') April, the51
if 1333313530(I (ti3vv13'3'I3 h Iiiv311) 5.3 Sla3y, the1 lng to 3
1, i(133330lt.1 101113on lfit') 1.4 .1353 , Lho3 csrlII'1103 (H.
I -33to,3It,4411 (1111 .31 to ,1 15y, 1.141 sardonyx (43131
73jo(gs! 301 l(Hty 1)1 4 A34I5INt.. t4 1ry3llo1411t. 111.1
lt lilt'! t,4 I133313nt~y 13L 5.374l.3143355her.h opa 1(13( 731313
I 5.5l,'135' r, I11 t.351 A (11111 31Se t ty 0 C3 N v'?''r ' tul r,
i7 (441(1 tin. 53131311 733 3'HY o45314 Il.,3 I 543 I)I'- ll3.35 Ir.
oIn 3 ( i(rnl:oIny Lho3 133335u13331.35v 5-4 I t3.511,43 (3ov31't1
5, 533'tP.3 311531. 1 s'Iiss ; II. and I513 and3531) r 1,1113
ItI 333313313.4 53tw'ellc 53344I33o3Il 15,5431oln ~t~y 'Ii r3 033 3533
3t) give 30V0LP15III5o (I)t 1. I. Ii 3013151 ,11III 1443t
- v1 t43413 .34 133lready1 11313 o ln' .53) 41 17o .73117 d133505t01.3Is
11 to h~ aIi rll and Ilt (Iot4, t1) Nat 1·l ) U())tat.lll.
'I'h 1 113Sy 05 41143'33 1.4 p7333343'3.3333r I 4330133. I)s'1 (
1,1'1'117. t lo Ilt I 4lH ?,0 Ivi 114(501a11. (33154433. 'I1il
I a335t)t3v3t 144 It 5s1''I'ºlV3t5 074 34g4(713331 drI33 (13313
5,3433,t 11117 11;-14. T ho 33 15315 434 aots Il3tr35 3 c1g 13
1,15Du llvey 11111 403331 lok1 for13'13iI3 g 1)4144
(531331344m. The 443 el 4'5115'5 131jsr plat334 I5y. Thess
9335,'d u(1I35' 4435431535 x 3 134117(40 53131,1 3. 5.135335541534
I hough471 It. pr'3531 431.43' 13 13j3 I C(1315ll., I, I-533 l
5 3 3t, 43 i rt lP t i of 1 3031' 41 1 .1 31,33 01t, ,aflf r. '111.3
133 l 31311434L4 Its '13 11315' l.4I I '533133l 'HII~l13 bly
ShaIvIlng Itl.533 Htt3l3If 5334111 wIth Sit, Irlngs Ill
1)1111t V341 ' lt' fI r r Ir 5.,' l (If 14.tr t hal r1335.5'
1wIllos hasfll!! 545 ,114355.514343 3l135,1HOWt;te43 15)13131/01
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and31 Iswravo 033 1.41(311 W 5333 faso3453344I o1t3 5f131.5153 y
5it4115,ljlg513I vo. 5.554 whol35533 fo1'31t 4)o5no 413.14111.
T'he 051541r) l 41501)134) WITH'3 II han3. Itvhi'n al ell
aparl inn 53 sI Ivill3w30 wts nI Sy the Hal0sct3,lo
5)m'3by thSey ,15 t, m d h 32331 id, anII 1.I1.1 1
I1.35l ri 14,3l~' 40L~ 3 ''13 51.515 T1'13lIst;lll 51( WIt334'3 t4I l
third by a t autnL.I. l fr W( nd 111141 witnl('s) f).
44f 5.13 133313 so. LIl. ()1 3u50rr130g3'. tlsstlrrt N15( 5
mino553r (114g14 W.(15) L4735lilA34I 1'55.1 o5543, sansd
WornI Sly tho t3 Id 13444 it "k,'43f44r' or s1s4
45 't wedding rig. '1'.itsslllian, who74 311t11 A. 1).
211;, 5.31531 3545 5.5331, 30 5,5345313'fl iirlg. wass. 11 1554 b
[l354 PIIont I to th I Isrsd' I brideI 414 a0 p14414. [
8114131 Ha3y,. that t 5,trost,143 rin3gs we'retlrt 113 r
5(14410 091 a .4 ll35.3 for dowr3/y mf3oney. Irn
43501'1143r (layH, w134'I5 t5 l thwitng watt 14t r
33o (bil f Sn iy rlslknown slt It Is lot tlh rle nt1433131,
time, 1the3 rling had3 55, 4(34 0l"11 3334(35155330343 4 it0"
Solio 11331 of 114W4r. It. Porousl 30 s4'5 Sly which h
aill lordI'rs wore 3 ( and53 all hin3 of 3va053553
44.).)51(.414. l'131l'453334 the dl3II0'lly o3f It Was 1,
55t 344(3 th3t 51343 p5rH4 to whore It ,1300 on
trltts'41 313034 5l(1.5 t.4'l5 143 thels 3 hight lrsioj- (1
Plitt 1110341 5.535445. 1143 th535s 1330-4335 1ft 14337,1544
354e444555 155305'1g5504,C433133343345343 (131541 37333 lt Hal o 1
th nlarSllr 1rlad Itages w5 t 15531 515 03135. 41,3'
L,134 15154, but. 3053435 5.h53 k. y4, wo4r5 41411 4'435*4to 5,3
1.114 lhrlllo. W4P4T4t 1.1i K x(144 35543 no35t al ways
I. 7 (If K445141. iron 11a333 W at ono 14334 4g345144533y C
35344'41 y tit-, 5 . '334 34 8433301314, It( L.ilo 147' 34
LivI (lay,3s of th33 541 21315', 4V3451 -1)41(44or (.lilt t.
I mset~al. I'rs 45535.33454, V.55143 11n41 Was4 oSf Iron, 333,
104811441 to have se t, 4' the 1ty 5.33 5. Arl luali 34(4r
an-- 371 V i . Inarr lg3334 r(3 ,,.., .433 ,,,4....074'3 ,".,I...,,
344t1I4~~rU1 13147 134 353844; tlt (XlyilBL 133414731113355574334
ias 8355373451.53357 301131. t' 4,5.441osg 1
Qu~oklrs g633I. - 044( o 116 r1g5
The Tokldo C(teAlagraLiun.
IBaltimore Sun.l
Advices from Japan say: The public atten
tion is entirely absorbed by the dlisastrous
con illtgratlon In Tlokto on December 26. Thsle
is the third similar overwhelming calamity in
seven years, the first In 1572 and thosecond in
176 . Now miles of ground are' laid wast.
inearly 15,o00 homes have been destroyed and
5, (,100 persoins rendered destitute. The actual
pecuilary loss is still undetermined, hut it
is not so great as it would be in Western
countries, owing to the cheap constructlorn
of a majority of the hlr uses. The loss of
life is put diown saout 1u1. The number,
however, is qulte uncertain, many in the
rapid progress of the tlames having been
overtaken and destroyeid, and of which
no vestige remains, as happened on two pro
vioIu occasions of fires. A considerahle por
tion of the foreign district was destroyed, in
ltuding several missinary establishments.
one church and the office of the foreign news
paper, the Tokio Tints. The United States
legation was in danger, but fortunately es
caped unharmed. Extraordinary measures
of relief have been instituted by the govern
ruent authorities and private individuals, and
no efforts will be spared to allevlate, the suf
ferings; but even those will be insufficient.
There is a cry for Imperative action by the
government to prevent the future crow(ting
together of infltmmable structures, and for
the organlzation of an efficient fire brlgadl,
which is now unknown here, the common
multitude opposing it and clinging blindly to
old usages.
How He Cot Ris Wile a Sealskin sarak.
George Roe was a poor mechanic at Nor
folk, Va. He an l a young lady of wealth a.ld
fashion fell in love with each other. Her
parents forbade her to marry him, but she
did It, and went to live with him in a very
humble home, declaring that she could be as
contented there as taough surrounded by
luxury. But she found poverty hard to bear,
and her growing discontent was observed
with alarm by her husband. During the holl
day season, she missed the social festivities
to which she had been accustomed, and grew
iretful. The husband thought Itha a -ew,
Y"ar's present would make her happy, asnd
etole, a sIanlkin saocqle for her. He ln in
prsofn, and bha wife iorgivts and coneoks
----- - -
Ladies' List.
Atuhrfry.J O mrs Nhrus Oilrrl.i' mrs
tlsgi,. .l Mtrild I mr1 i trllorma I lilrsi II mrs
(U virt. Mfry mrs 1LIot lonin tore
ir,)wl N mlrm Ilplllsoll MHarv mrs
clilir FrHuln mle iobin lon ror
(Ioratc Mory I, rs 'rrllhlM r C, Egn ia mrs
lilrtirt1 Alb, Ji ll sture 1'tholrol1$l l/Imh'bthl mrs
litlh I U i.rt Witht, I,,L l E iles
uhinlilrai Allo noiell WI IIs fire tiri
.Jo'in IiV tn iilte Voil' H sIllt I) Iniro
JlH(llll ]' 1I1ir.( Wltqltl rll Irll|Hi! I IIN
MP~nu mm Frantk miss~
Gentlemon's List.
Anthiny B N Mnllnrr J ( lIon
Armntronll & Ron MArcy W U
1ryill W I r Mlltollnrld J F rOv
T I tIl Arthlir MitNoal O I(
lItrur'l I'f ProIT Mlliynold, I A
ItI.or Jit MinAidrnl J
Olalhorn 0 (1 PNIxn Itl
casrrlgann Arhlblahl Nl I*ll ts J A
)lliaolly llhk O'1I yRn It P
i) Lot Jo (iO'Nntl I(lln
)rtlry mr IJlonn (lIrlistophor
Soberty A IaIl Ellilnk
bllot A W lPrry It i ton
Ill1 Porkln P'ratt Oha J
Pritmann Wm llharrdtson it IP
Fnovli lo-IIo i obhrone A1
Havari UT R'I lt l Wm
Ilwloetro.ll Jon Sh-ona
Ilolhronk & Wright Mhtllte Thos
II wlh W ismilI II Prof
Hmirlontil R A Hhemhlln J H hon
Slinslol Ubai Ihilltnh Jos
Jerlomi (ht atlry itullr Plter
Johnson lIr Hw.elmno W 0
n{lidiy Jn~o, Tlly Jan
KElloy Feliz Vattnq Il
Loi Mil'll i Will( A
Ilonui Alhort. Warner Wm Rt
Mannl H Whit our Wiro
Moo Iy Thos dr Willilms H P
Aionot N Wrglaht Jai
- ------***- - -
MT. (1lAARTH I)IOTI. -W II Mtlon, Ma irs
viils. Kv; It Ar ugoen. Ituitllnirt, Yrtnk Wright
Now Ytrk : Jititi Iltar att wie. (Ohunt gr; N
ItS.ly.un ti, It llol sorn, Nlow York; 1) A tiflord,
M{Ialll plol: IH Hilllmin. ('l.n neIi. John i
U tldlron. Mltnl,; O H Ililkor. Niorth (harolnu:;
W tl (lriillimlll wllto. N.ow York- : A.tamn.
I.k- (hllario:t T Audiamtr. Jr. I'Phl haliPhit; Hi
art rlKh Iti It I wftt . Wili. hillle lril.ne(n. Now
York: A MltinluhrnnU. Iltitliln mro; .ii IBriko,.
N.*w Yori; F IIriwni. ltihtlosiro; iTI' lil-itil.
Mlobil;: H thiron itinuor. (!lvliag; A (i Hh-r
onto. Now Yrk ; it 4 Vtrkor. (lry; It WV II tton.
J El Aniil. riv.r: (Gn U I) ihkson. II I, Teylor,
oity: I)r Vao Violt. W iohlliion: : W II Iltilard.
IOIli.Lrti: I) ,| Ayesnmr ftilyl airil tltlvt im
Wril A Hihllylor. Wilrl I[ ?t'lifr, r. '.rrt,l',nli;
Sfit ArkAnen Iotnt,'lulg:r,. MJini KJao J tco
simelttgt.m hI Jlln uH.
(fIi Y III)l t 1J II Uron,. Prmmvlblrneim. It I;
L m r rlg. N 1': ('tm A H ,.n ih. i, lnti.u il:
i. T' W, tbl. NlovIlll. "inii W i TI i ,i. N Y
Ti'ul.. (thir.l; It II Hill. tt; T H IIhllt,.k, M,
bli ; 1 l 1t, i o , n. chti [l Itmo ; J "1 rk. (tilY
W W W, I. WVInllon. N C; K fl Ittat. N Y:
A V ih, M, rhi'vicIar W 1t IIWIhnl. 'ill It
ilk. It,,itmrn. To.; Mr I mr'it llld wif. Now
V i Ii.ir~~\l~o
(CAHTIlY "M II)TEIl (1 W Aitme, I'mrl Elvi;
I J Clti. J I IIelUl. I, aivllhlt I; tit)4,rkiln.
1 IEx Elm; .;1w T Alln. lIi1 tl C:lintn I ,
ran.. tIt: .1 I, Mdly. li-Ilu WV kihl..JkiI.iii.
,.11..; .J lg107. M I .1 - ; i) I' thallrin, rlvor; .1 T
(lil,. ptd; lIr WH (tilry. Ml, ugn ltlly; tlhis
if ) mi .. l ,, . I t.,'; , o, l T rroll.l. It) il hii
I II Al ol. 1f-lihha III 11i1.
- ,-l* @i,. ..
1t'W!E I NEW 4)I.I ;,'(N ' ;)R+Oic)(:lelT.,
Moni vy January 21. 1.80.
.ktr marinte oohltmn.
I3partu res.
Grand Lake arnd barge.
Pitlre of elIe Rivers.
I)tdly tolo'irtr,rlbi reoort of thae nurtt of wat'r
at .arIlu r-oihnt4. with caLngnrrar. la thti 24 hour''
t'iling yo ltrinlay ft. 8 D. it.
Above low Oh£1,
tRatf onru. water. iaage.
P.nt,. Inh. Yrart. Inch
Ualro .-...... .......... :1 I 4
lur lnnatl ............... 21 4 l 4
Lounivillh ............... 11i 2 o H
moitihis ...... ...... :0 o 1
Nirhvlll . ............ to 1
"Now Or ransl............ s . o o
Plttshl Irg i............... o I
Shriv-port ...............2 11 to 4
St. o1ulat ...-............. lo 5 to 2
Vick burghr........ ....... :t 7 to 2
*'Ihlow high water mark of 1+74. IAhove.
b'nr'h-malm rk. tindltlttmo rlne. tlrlloanst tail
Tih-, (trorat (olletin i , of the H. T'. ln,.e, J. D.
iHnglIr in oiumrmnt.1, W F. M.luityre ilirk. a -
rlvad Haturdaia) night fromr Cinc'inrratl. with her
gutarel flat in the warr. arol i-a roenalving to
re, 11rn :o morrow ata 5 . im. HIr large and
prett y cabir is onlliv,+,ith this t ri hy tie prse
,naer of tuitnt a nuainbt.r of laill., making the
routad trit who, ao fr a. lpt narltarrasr go. htavo
aIl)VY"vI thilr trilp thllsR tnr v.-ry mucih.
Thr The,. hhrlon. duhr ilalrst night, will go in
thi Vrll itt il,- k itas Alon in. a i a uala a ridl. if
,tut in I ti'', wai1 lll f ollw the tl.l d n (l,'y Thiurm
day, otlhrwiise thellr 1Ibtu)t it r)pringer will go.
'T'he Florarrone Maryer. (Japt Jaim-n Nihola. ar
rlv d Hlutllrrlay night frrom tlr Arkanna.. hav
Inar vinn, r a htgh as Darlrarrlll (Japjt Ni-hols
hadnrIu't ,le'hd lmat revtaing when Ilsha Would re
Tih old r'lith'e John Ilowarid. ( apt. J. W.
Cirlton, Il.ave' to--lriv for trhe )1uaahitlt.
The l.uran fL. D),tv. thatr. left Thursdlay for
tht, Alt.tialrtays. will r,ttlrrn to leaves againt
WdnlrtrHiays. Atter thli trip she will br the
ragtatar 'i'Trinday packet.
Tl'.r Hmolky City. with a tow of coal, arrived
yesteairday morning.
Judging from the following latter, and the
trli-grams at the bottom of this e Irilumn. yaster
day was nort as tplursant a (ay to Capt. Alken as
it igt might have bn.
MotNI)t CrrIT. Tex.. Jan. 20. 1860.
Cart. J.'r. A_ Atikrn:
Ie.tr 'ru -Thoe prwpettt. for ius over to sRw a
rtaarrmt,at up hprtro nautrn looks d.irlrtredly
glom:ny. Tho river is urrnumar low and clear ans
t'irinu. Wolthsr cierar. pI-,a.atut a"d aiprinll
;Ike. Ve.g-irttion hogins to shoot up.i the little
liris ar- Ilbginning to mate, and wit have many
oltl r ndlattlions of opf on ago t( w,ratlher. The
Itulk of the cotton has brnll markeetd, prices
h ,virtg baa-n good. anid roads n-ever hbatetr.
II;.viug had go()d wenatt.er for gathlai cotton it
hais lbee gotten through wi'h mllth earlier
than usual. Will telegraph you flrst prospects
for water. Yours truly.
(Mournd City is on upDDr RId river. lifte n
mlins from C1arksvilll anud twenty-five mile
I elow the mouth of the Klamltia river. -Editor
Thair N. 0. and R. R. T. Company's steamer
Alexandria. (ctat. W. T. Boardman. Olerk Gijo.
Drown. and the pro'tyv Ctaraer. Oa'. Noah
Sr-ovell. Clerk Ear. J3I-rro-w are both r .e·lvilg
to leave to morrow at 5 pD m.. the Alexandris
for Shrevueort and toh Charmer for Grand
Tne work of casting a new cyllnder for the
Henry T'ot, is rogressingr a- rarl.ily as pos.i
bl. aln 1 sh will in all probability be ready to
leave Friday.
Tan Anchor Line atsmer Conttnnt'l, T. L.
Davidsou mate-rr, N. B. Fowler clerk, will te the
to-morr,w's hIotst to N'. Got.is. asrt will be fol
lowed ThurItirla' b thb lt, l-, of i h,' evep ,rt.
The regulair tri-weekly uptr coatst pactket
City of Augusta, J. E Brou matter, A. L Fruror.
clerk. li-aves to-day at tot a. m. for the Rapidan
DIplant tion.
The White Star Line steamer Whisper. J. A.
O,mustoc:k ras-ttr. eG. Vl. W ,o-i- cluek. leaves to
dav at 11 a. m. for Bl you Goula.
The nraw andi i st il tyrt Si.tr) and coast
Itnitd Sultaes mail pak I E iwartid J. (Gay J-ihn
J. IBrown master, S. 8. Streek clerk. leaves to
iday at :, p. rnit.
Thsi rgularr semi-weekly coarst and Baton
Rouge paD,'kt Ht. Jouu. J.. P. M,:Eirov ma-st'r.
W. It. Gu.thoume and Frlank Bergeron clerks.,
leaves to- lay at 5 D. mn.
The loawir coast packuet Emma Irvine, J. A.
i1u:z ma- tr. leaves to-morrow at 11 a. m. for
O tinge Frmin
The e.oat and Byou (1Dula packet De Hmet.
Frauk Ottundo, for master, leaves to-morrow at
11 r. Di.
The coast and Lafourche packet Assumption,
P. A. Cuarlet master, leaa-s to-morrow at 3
Teo Ualted States mall packet R. E. L.e.
Ca·t. Win. Campbell, leaved to-morrow for
The B lie. Capt. Miax Blanchard,. Ihaves to
morrow. as u-ua!, at 5 D. m. for the Lafo-arhe
Exchange Cllpplngs.
Cincinnati Gazette. January 23:
The directors of the Southern Transportationt
Line tender to Kinsg Hes the use of three mag
nilloeni steamers. to c.nvey his loyal saubtlec:a to I
New Ori.-anr . Thei gra.d ItvIplay of Mard11
Gras will take Dltaic on the 10th of next month.
and it matters not which of these ste tners is
chosa.n for the trip down the river. if excursion
tickets are purchased here for the round trip
they will be h'nored on any steamer of the line
for the up trio These round trip excursion
tickets only cost S4o-a sum not sBtfli lent to Day
second laust hotel boarding dnaInr during the
ae toemake- tlke .--TisThlink- -oit
I Twenty days for Usn to many Dpeons is Ioeaper
I than to remain at home. Aud the el.gsnt din
nmr.. and Lthe suhtantial Israkfrts., and rhe
toolthome auDlitra! And iabove Ill. lte al ptn'
tite for ithens tbat rivr travslalwnya tr ngnrotldrn.
And the mragniflent snrnery. too, that may bte
enjoyed on ci trip oif JaIO miler.
Htull~nmlrs will itsi.v, In the following order:
(Illling i't.51.r hOist. W. Ii Miller. Tuellsiday
twrinl y.st-svslelt; Itllt Miltsshlllt Capt.. 1)in
M isres, Thsseltay. Iwnty niith: (iritd'.el Rule,
(ault. (1 P. Hhi nikto. H e ririty, thlrty-first. All
will ive, their t,lsul.,nngrs a s',litssits to WitnLea
th'. Mardl titns dlslphlly. ani r rnlai Iit Netw
Orinarsi at ileist Its rtn sitay s isfirmn ilsieg'r.
Tins Vsa '+sliirj (, nisrt'r 14 thi tillhserit. fir
I hel stitlsoisuntthit Mr. Pro. E lIm 'e, Itol aishiltr
,f ihes Malelluohe.etir. ) , .Nai.lo.ail Ilsluk. uidI Mr.
(Jhliei. Yiuntilt, lats slurik oif gin Ilsiton.a. have
urlllha std the R notlll" Parls U. Brown, lpayInl
.s.UUO foir hsr.
(iltnolitll (,ommrnsrs!il. Jsnuary 23:il
Thse (Iullldiitg Mitr iEs i vsid yesatlrdsay morning
with ilsl tss, hiaving dllisohgessi ~(lU Lone at
poilts ielow. and rsealstelircnd i large PIasaengter
lieu on the d',swl andl ul, trisJL. ()lii. Jsunl wals
rusheti y*sntsardilay answsring te.itrarnsm l.tters
at tnoslnl nlirdls. eoslihtitlog romsnl for tile Mar
di ( .lae tri il. hrlithn grot sIteamser will ag' out
witn s'rnw led and b IIliasit nobins. The (iuld
tig Btar carrinn nr stook -nlithelr muless. ettle.
arhteu. hole. snor pilsiitry. Gieat. Miller says his
lMpentgaores are srntlline I to a neiOnly hoart, anid
yet there are Itenborlatlrunr whoi wounder how it
il thhla this elsigan, th'ronurhir vo ltnt.eld and
carefully dlsllllless itr.arme.r is alwarsn liles
with irst, ollaes palrseuluor atI premium ratoe.
The agreit cateres. FI warld rown, has sharge
of the Gutdisng ttre culmine ant. i (Joleman's
famoun quadrille band holp flying foot to chase
thie hepnys hours.
Maivr'nRt. Jun. '22,- The mishao to ihe Thou.
Hhrtlook wea more anrlous than reported last
nighbt. HI, ran on a willow bar enlht mll's
abive the mouth of tIhe Mt. Frnresll. anwd sevety
miles below born at o'nloi.k T nleRe|ay morning.
Her cargo nornlste'd of fill IltO tone, with Ro
p assnrnt , ranl she drew 9o tfo.mit. At one time
her .ituation was dlanroiusl the water making
lretly and lunjurliw her ruergi Iin the hold.
mainly esor, . The JaRnes l.is workedl a hours
alasirtill ane d look ofil en tons. Hi took 100oo
tlnr tryo flelnna ianl rllt the rest on tile hok,.
At it last o ight, tifter t,nling lIlhtlneld to . feet by
taklr giT ies cnsrlree dn.rk /lad. the Jas. Lee
Dilletl hbr off. Hil ri.al.el Isid her iargil to-day.
and will gnt to If hislnrs lt -night, whore a protest
will hbt noaterul and thse oarge' will htl delivelred
Iultldt gir .ral avIrain at New Orlnan,. Pllot
UllrdrwssIIs was on Wittb whetli the Sherliuck
VlsIkshlir (lommerrial. January 24:
The T'hotmne Hhhrlouisue arrivels here tills
mlirningi, lit r a's'sski. in a dlrnagleld i tiditios.
iit lsit ill anlt. 2n ht>t frs hesr larboaird guard
lIbr,ken off by the Iboat's stlar itl Hsso Fly tear,
wllherte ho hMl '9 bitl e e sllriross nil. Fromn (lapit. Vir
sltn wt Ii srs tlhe folulisswng irtsiulahrs of the
airhl'lli, t:ll : Ah slit 2 'i', li ssti ,i m. on lthe twntlnt.hl
ili.lsi,lt m lli was rn:sioisiis ait thel hield oif Irh low.
or Ilasr whlrn I he boat lt lluik. I' wais thought at
thie I tro that iss hig its lsi h0 s t ld 'nei rel, burt
(1on eamti tllllon t wairs si rl tliihat shies wa l hard
ilagirloull, lil I ilit sHlIt WL4 Iltllking weer fislt.
titsI h.i s l I hi n its IIhil hl bll at one, llist. The
JLioetH Is,, wais n.tllis I to hiir esti.uilitanps'.
liost. Vsrdln mikilng a ,',otil.rnt with her
Ilto stiy witi hlnul lla a rtn'i str all atss i.ntr.n.s oR -
alslls, toi " siVs thsis ltl. Artmr it grnat.lsr 1r tllo ,
sIf .L, 'nrsigs waax reinovi,'lI to the lI.An. th lHher
Ioik wunwii g iroil st tIllih isrrons Iin t li ti h llslrl
tsar.,sli i ..,o.,et dwwn anad f li sell siT (,Jut.
Vir ' n il si k,' Its sumpslii sl d iflihtiin4 Worl k
Ii gi s .i'silly slli t. t.rnio.; fh.r l, h 'rtlih' lis,',l
Ill the wateir tid her frIlight prip'r.y storld,.I
lit' tilpiss, I Isusklllliuk an' ll il 1llg d ii 6' r fr'l'i t all l
thrliiusl. thiiigh hho Ws veIry tihivlly I inn,in
'als'. Vlruli n " lited n I rots. lit l,,luein . (Jtlilap.
ViIl-,isn ptil'l lits J.irnisi il i' 4t $2's for
tn rvi ts I1 ll is o II, rn,'iit i Ism ln t t I
h ,a i.sl 'isphi' i! to N w o)l";ti s 't'sl
will isut. his hoeit. on th' s.s'l k.s
I ssoon as ha t t hse lia Ib oi. li The
',1iei0 oif thi' bid t lsikliK it lirr it. li ii lli'hi
Shiteg' of wait a's lvei by her tIIlt, Mr. I
\VW n. I;rslnilrw, od.el i. i ti.iL ,l g)vtrnmitillilvillt light l
14e fully half ia till' I0l.' Is1w '11wli on(s thh Anr
kissrs is ish I r, ni t sr in ' Iiths, . P's istisit. ihi''tn
it hick I Ib.I 1' of itslt 1) '' I t ,. lly,. ltlas l
's1 .l . r Iht it wi - la s ' s <nl Win' . Uitnd rwoold
Will n Ills ilt' It b th Wo 4tl'' ws 'ial only rt.D"atth llil
rstly it' (lui t Viie sn ithi I s f ri 'nasli, 'It was ni'
fault sitf lilly's" W'l iritsivit st .t gr ntly with s
(JiO t. Viri-si in thl sitir ,r llsIl is s'l's lint iIiil,
Ilnesi of lit siui I trn t ,is i ,i, nsp I i v lls i si l s tsr
look hI t i ithit tril iil an it.l hilnI fill of fo1spl. of
whli;h runny w"rtt lull . .
iLi"'hi a4l to hii D)omcoorat.I
HT. I ol0U1t M j. Jrta. ;5. 'hll wieather I PlatOn
iihlIdty mild. 'hl Li, Il.rldt ltit will hb rnn
by four or-lt,otarin, w.ho Ih sv it 1I. It. yi-hlorday:
I. It. P gra.m Mom. s Ill I ,rl. N imot an I Chap.
H. l, itng 'i'ro Jrm. A. Him ll'r r arrivdl with i
Ilght tri nld iabout sil y holorsid Irmions in
htar iai lit. ,o,t l t, K i.tas . Ir.virig: (Jolo
rar|o. for Momvfhis. tt)-nrlorrow; Mitu.iti, for
Vilktleirg. Tu'i',ity ; Alton. for Now Orioans
an, l i ( Ololud. f *r Ou,.w+hita Wdn.idtty;
Hlitir. for No v ()rla'tt. Mituri av.
C(. ,). ill.. Jan 25 -Th~ It oltm'u and trargm
pimo'i d oul ith. The IB .dfordl i fittling fat for
Now Orlanirs. 'T1. Ch(,rokoe , a.,aed up at
411. inm.
[By Ttlogravh.J
CINt INNATI. JeL. 'iS.--Riverr 23 foot and rising.
W"irfi'r it nr.
VIr(:.caItuLta. J. 2. .-RIVOr s frOt and faIlllng.
Trio w.,rittnr nR trl.iar.
(]A lioI, ,JlM. 25 Itivy r :t2 fIttt s Inr hr', and fall
ing. Arrlv,,I: J. t Willi rni Oulo. (Cherokee
Now Orlnnas, Mande Vl'kainfrgi. IBtttrrd Cin
elinnttl. Dronart,.": CI ,t1 ., in, t Marto Mt.
Ilonf,, Williams and Bdtlford Now Orleans.
Uir.,rke Clii' nunatl.
•EKVoNrviLLg SitU. r,.--Tho riviri4 22 5.10 foot
ant, f,,ll ,6. W .a.ther 'h ,ur Arriv,,l: ,I. H. M+,,+
1) ,natl . (I l,. flanlitle u ,it U >tl (fo lly frotn Now
Orlimanrs. D1),rprtl'd: Hat y ,Houston for Now
HT. Louis. Jan. ?. -Tho river is is0 fo"ot '2
andti ftl Inlug. Art I vli: ou ni A. ..,'hlor for New
Orlitnsi . Wettlt,.r e.at.r ,,ll i tcoiltr.
LorUIVItI. r .,l. . J 25.--' 'b ri ver Ir I it fordt in
Ihe nal irallli f lllt Wlatthrtr olear. Arrivted:
U. P. MaHnhnc:k from Clut'lnial.
MEMrltlliH 'l'imn.. ,lan. '21.-Tho river is failing.
Arrlvrd: J W. (Gaff from Cincinnatl. DI
lartirt: (' ty or Vick lbrg. f sr mt. Lounis: old
nDust, for Vi kafburle ; Cha loi+ Morgran. for New
Orlans. The weatrher is clear and oool.
M.aMprlI,. lrn 21.-To' J. hn A. HtIvnson+., 4
Cuinlt) .r r~ : Th , fl'utlr,i Citry all tow aS.ed
down lit 1 v. m.. addling bargt M t Ann.
W. A. eLL. Master.
HmnagvmPrnar. Jan. 24.--Up'. Jon. A. Aiken:
Hlv,r fell luicah's last nighl.,
M L. HCOVEfl,.
1-toamor .IJ Bryarly.
GRAND Ecoaflc. Jan. oo. - 'autD. J. A. Alk.an;
Rilvr taillng b-ro 2 talu'.es In 2L hours. Cannot
come abjove Alr ixtuirla ri,til until river riss.
Ti L. I,RE.. Ieramr Lauira Teo..
HHIu.vrE''iir,. Jan, 25 -iatIt. Josiph A. AlkIrn:
River folla luihos. Weathbr oalar arid mtrld
Poun IADS. Jan. 25. 6 D. m.--Barometer 29 85.
Wind northiast, fresh. Woather thick and
Arrived: At 4:10 a m.. ,to',mmshfn Morgan.
from Morgan (try,. to C A. Whltnety & Co.
Spanish bark ituisa v narman. BHach master,
A days trom Ht.vana. In ballast t.to Avendano
Swerdlih bark Minnot. Grublazkram master.
14 lays from St. Thoma. In baliast to H. & B.
Spanish hark Cata'ins, Gorovelo master. 6
da~s from Ihavan:a, In. Doalasr, to G. Oorral & CO.
Am-erlouan scihooner Tillia Vandirharchotn,
Barernan rna'i,or. 14 dayv from Philiadielphia.
with aiargo of wa:.o:-ipo.to the Waterworks
I'allan bark Lia. Morlno master, 75 days from
l.no ,. in I tilair to rua.t'or fur ordltirs.
Hall-dt: H.etaru~hl .1 .Jamnond for AntwarD.
Aumtraliln for L.iver1 , ,ol. AlIglors for New York;
bark Anrdrlultt. fir )I -ntnoil.wu. schooner SU
tau Hnitranton for B<'o,t-ii.
January 26, lf8J.
oteamehin Morgsn Brown. from Morgan City, to
C A Whi tney & o-Aikier,'
Sp bark Catalina (Grom elo, i daait from Havana, :a
ballaat, to C( Corral &co - Point
5chr kbt Ruff, Parker, t15 bours from Galveston. to
Ayoook. Mitchell uoo--Point
(olden City, Hegier. from Cincinnati
Flotrence Meyer. Nii hbol, from firulanelr. Ark
Lity of Yazon. Ledbetter. trorn Yazoo Gty
Whiiretr. Comraiok, from LaeJoo Onia
Fatr Play. Papinean from Iro'irr Coast
Ilsh-. O'Prv. rom Lowr (:Coast
St John, McElroy. from Baton Rouge
eeetse1ts of Prodafe.
CINCINNATT--Per steamer Golden City--z bales
oroton to Allen, West & Bush-' no c.0lpp Bros &oo
•Ino Chhaffe & ona--7 'o Craig :a Itogan- 9 toJno
Phelrs &oo--tn Sctt Mo#thbee-25 -hap Vtrtryv- 100
PhiD UCst n-15 itorarn.-bp Carm . a-2 do and 50
boxe. b tte'r Tt.c Su'rnl & Lr.y--i.0 .ache flour to
Avendano Bros-s-o boxer starch 4 plows and s un
dry mdse Blanks Line-50 bolzes -tarch to Bnrke &
Thompson- 47 Yaeks oil.ake .T W Burbrildg &&co
S14 do T L Alrey &co-38,9 td w :. bdls points 184
a abs and iis trion A Bal'wiai &co--5 boxes bitters
Basortti & Xiques-- ateveiS t, J H Caespm n -l
bble whisky Cobb & Masenat--o btls tar J G C ark
5( bbla potatoes Cinr , Pleasants--lis bbls po rk to
Prowemfeld & Pfesfer-- 8 boxes biters G R a. uiav &
.-1- pkgs hardware Folger &-s-o0 bble kromt 10 bf
do4 ow a G wwi-eranW a-f-. bbls-Soas tS*4acd
atos 1000 boe starob '. Vd & OdMdahl-b-0 WIi o1
irim H Hiller I po dt IU flmahinm & DIe -gt hll
bbli liquor b lible ofrn u Wbls ol,.ir 3 bhle apples to
F Hollander--146 p.oks f1OWll Howard & Flo*we-1
kp glas.wa.re . luser A bbIN, beanr F A Jonel
L bbis whhlekV F oet,-4 d' Jonhn rwlert-4O po0.1
liron (o0 Ynohtnnen- l9 bilbfn {m mowl 151 bhI 1 iprt
O pLkg. meat 50 hf bhla beer (,' | Lawremne too-100
blli dour') pkga llo.gien A bhl . r) 14 ittle kr0ut 3a.
tlerne hams V1 pkgmL meat M jlonkey & liender.a0
10 bbls whi*kry W It Merknl -.l caW-' H 0elis Q6g G
hen -15 bortse Alford & M5arlin 7-1?' aesllcmon
John T Moore boo- U boses egg., ' tube blttelr 18,
hhle grit. Miller, (irl.ahv hNo b bis beans 3 pkgl
bhotter 2s boxe. eggs Miller & teniy -- i bble pots
tnee Joe Mannu--- phg. gianeliirO .5 e Mortia-i95l
NarkL otlont ined s i) ( III1,1 No Hoed A .noitmltlm--li0
empty hbi PlanIeru or il Co U pack kstat 99 bble 0
tlwie 954 halon hay .Chae Io'ln antl-l 3 bbls. whi.
vy itcermr A. Nliltz- I14 ikgi blarlWare RI .e. IIort
b&;o 141 rk. not. M A kognr.r &Aoo---si3 ble potl
tons T t ,t Tlll-' 0 bnase hlitterl 1to h'anxit--l
pktr mdse .1 Nriwertte Aen-- Ih thisb pork N b ales bopi
Coo Relaefl':.r 5r0 bozee starch Huith Bre A60-11I
bblm whlbky Nchmilt & Zieguler- 993 bbll pork end 6
tera la Ird to tohwabseoher & Hirscb-"- pkgl bard
were 35 plows 0n bdil hmesl Htanffser, Maoreao.' Au
65 Imxes hitters to ilropshlre &eo - r4 phl lkgdli t"
M W mlith -4 boggles .1 A Lun,.i cro--1s bble ,vwkt
ky Jr ''hre'r--. do K Vallle-.l tieroes .lard a.421
pklg meot Valrin & Mortimer -t10 bbl fBoar ald *M
bbln potatles Wallace, Fltrrhlild &ol-1-7 ikel habt
,1 pkgq grates to Ir4 J Vol k el-75 bble pork IN
Ianeck onat 9800 pLcksI mcrn .ou Weat &oo--4 bblI 4.1
whlsky 510 boxwe candles 95 pkgn butter ti atmr.l.
tor land aundry md4e ( A Whitine &oo--I1 pkg
Junk 3 Adler lt, furnllture and pundrleon el. ar
---Total 3.14 bales cottuol UI Raeks ollcake 1953 lok.L
ootton seed
YAZ O CITY -Per steamer .lty of Yas.o-647
hlem acotton to Itlobardlon & May--499 do Craig A
higas. -999 Allum, Nuinget .oo--U7. Payne. Kenn.a
dy oin 954 Lehman. Alraham Aco-.usi to Uhba.
Hamllt.n & Powell-- 184 J B Wolfe Leo--lS to .Iar
bam, Black &nolIU H 0 O Newmaln -l9D to Moyt.
Wels Arn-lI(0 Hitkham A Moore-70 Frankemnbas
A Irulrlind- 4 J L Harlrs Aoo-.61 Valdne, blrwlM
A Roberta-37 KenlTer & Oardner-5 Jurey a Gilliu
01 Joe T Hardle Ann-- IN Hvmn & Liohtenatetn-14
Boeb A Levert -I3 Jno Chale A Mons--10 T L Aiso
Aoo--10 Jno Phelp,. bo- - to BjittWu & MayiOa-7
H Frledl, nder-t1 i O Thomma boo -5 Olapp mIro b
4 Stewart Bros &mc- to Nlile & C(amn*ak-2L 13
(ernson Aon--9 March & ioblanker-6- W $kSe*i
o.t00r131 ancks otton seed N O nttoe beed Asse.
olatiouu--anndrln to order -Total 3319 belhes. son
1331 smokL nt, ton rand
DA RI)A NEICLK Per tstamer Florence M vyer
5I holes c ot.ton ltewart Bron Ato --59rt do to ells,
West & Jloeb-9f4 Meyer, Weis &oo-147 Jno T
dle Aoo -195 Jno Pbelps c -o-1 W O W Blankr -
H a Beer-si ilokhabm a Moore-SS J T ?arguns
dou.--S9 All n, Nugent k..-Il H Al) Newlma-15
Buootn HoGabe--3 to, (lesuon, Day A ProumdAt--Lgn
drie. to ne'd.- Total Io' b)ale. cottonl
BATotN I.,0(1 - Per erramer it John --$
bales notton Lehman. A hra ,An 5 do March I
Itchlenker-l P ayne, K-enedI boo- (ptyp, Btroo
co-' II IH-yman 14 sanLk Ii- . IIf rom.Ml Aco-
sIhda nugur .i bWil. mrollu-ei J W JButbrrldge Aoo-lO
do 19 hhdlls iger IRM Ht tilt--5i' doe .J 1. Harris *0e
14 I ItBltmran,- t FIonh & l.evorl- -9l ihls moaIIIees A
Itani.- 10 Ilo i .1 Guay bCo l bolis cistern botto4e to
r. Ii Krever -undree to order- -Total 59 belen soatest
Ilt hhdai sugar 9.H bbli molaes d It bbm d ls elat
holt to
I.OW l (:COAST-Per rsteamer Tsabel---1t hhda aI.
gar fit htin molan a Ricthard Millikon -91 do Cbhti
A ilyd--i4 ldo, hihdl sugar to John IDyrnond-10 do
00o0 Ibln atgrer J W HUrrtrlge n A., - bbln rice to
A Honie-7t sackue rough rice II Allisnn Aeo-e-a
eindrluein t,, rlnr - o.al i bhade sugar 2.0O bblle oe
19 htin trnloiao.
HA YOU -(-TL.A -Pr lt.taamer Whisprlr--57 hhdl
nluar .1 1, tiarrils &(om-:i lo , 9.tl ',l aiolanes Rikh.
anrd Milliken .51 do Cogor & ICKly -..14 A Denils
A Tl'irlrn ?' hi- nger 1) I M(.Can. . ~ oO-30 dO
,I ., viln t ll b. ,r,to, A 'T'or ttll,, hbil mo Sl -
bhla n.unr I tales rmnos andl p rm.ir-.o tonrder-ToeaB
I re 6. - -,tp hilsn .,.rrar 947 hi,Ira umtleaee
UPI'P'KIC 't, i . h'r slmetiuer Falir Play
21 h:is tu- es . Joh 'i MIoore ,I4o--I o.1 1 hkdlst
ogitr 1. (ondcbhati '2 ido r7 hi, molasees Richart
L)llilken--do ' tiid ullsugar V .iorre--3 bales 0ose to
S"l' ,rroeluin,,n--, unrrln.rs to ourdei-Total 8t hh.d s s.
gar III liblbe oaoliuosan
Reocipts. I ;ly ilroalds.
.Tannlr y ' II' hhIti sugar I b'ile ngar 94 bbls of
mo.assnl hf do John Ut.,I'Ir -IL0 bile asugar and 57
hdi id alor Rtobert Hare & Hnon. •I' do H 1 I Forsyth.
I: do 17 bbl molaeses H.bmhard 1MiilllkIa--8 0 oad IS
t:hlida ngar Knillir & ()ar',lner 7 dl. J G Spor-4- do
Ill bbls rnlasn~a (Jlapp 1row. &rto--. do ln bae Oagar
Jno Ch!affse 4. 'ion - i doo .to . Walb.-- L Lacig.
agle 2- A Tortron 'Id 1 14 IbbI, nOlllaser to b.lh &
r.evrt - 2 do II & C: N.-wmlrli. - 1 do 5 hhda sugal
loseph Viglls do LoehUan, Abraham Iho--5 bbld
sugar J1 W iurrlhrilo &,on- do to P Irot4rher-ap
,'a. molasees S H Kenn rll. 1 do P F lP&lexandllr-1
do I hf do H Fo(t.-· I hblols 'iot,rn httronm i bbll U-.
eaes O ll oplkin- In do (olger & Kolly--5 bhales cl
tn A A Moutron I do A T'rrroou I liap ilrole A
--0 W Hnlntoll &(l. I to Il(rtwell &. Chambers-l
Lthban. Abraham &ll - do 4 hido l Laeaag. -.
179 1oeke rnuih rMp I. iod'baIx I. t 'II do FIrateg. e
InOe M1II-4 mnoks lseed oto,,m to C(lrpp Broel 4o
hhlt snar Ini (Chailfo, & Son.--4 hides J Npor--4d
.I M4 WIlsh - hanl, mess V H lrnard-i' do J BibL.
let--5 hi do.f M Walsh - I hf do ltykokiL & Maand
a+ndlIh.(s to order-T-'t'uil yli (,is cswt uo 4 Igacks a
Lotton '1710 eack rough ris. :107 hhd suglar 10 bbla et
sugar 2I1 h1bis inmolass .7 hf do
From Clinton--Por (st.anll.lp r'srlan-19 bales
hidNe 14 dry hllds ( bale oott.non to C. A Whitney -
on- I.ds Kirkpatrick &.n--I do (flood bale) Biske
KHri &oe-417 racks oats to ord,,r 5$0.0(10 ln speie
2i h is sla 'low t110 b lle lidos C A Whitney lto-and
taur drnes to vArdar-T..,'l 54 hal, ' cott0.n
From frllirnola- Per stoa.n.blp iarln-an-18 bale
cotton to II I),. rnn.(l .,o 5 do C A Whitnrey eo
Ilnr head oatillo C Mehbllo tro- 0undries to order-To.
(al :43 bales ootto.
.Januar 5' -:;51 h5les alettn to ,rder--ft do to
A Clam ion &1- r,1 ' It (I S rt wto..I -I7 Gardner t
Copp 7 Valden, Hawkins & Rbtworia-H4 , I aLra
k.o '4311+ b1l0 rmhin Il rJIll. Il.thor (10 adals peas
to orrder- 'nl pkgN pealillut I C 'I hUmau-7 oar, rall.
rald Iron It &' TI' K It-, -i trll .Mli A ( Ilanner 4c e
40 pkal tlba.llro rO pkg.n sundrliil (C A Whitney &e
'.7 I, ae l.tobanhm W Vail Healhuy.lnn--24 pkgl te
hallcon M .L Hurlin., co '" bl,,le whisky Bameetti 4
Xi.;ur. - S' ph,os la4 Vokt ITon W-17 pkg. Iasting
H Hailer -4 do H .7 Weot,-- I 1,Ibl whlsky( to JK Re..
n, nd -I bales domestic S 1, Boyd--7 vks do Yale &
Bowling-i do, I 11 WHot ir--i .I,,hn P Rlohardson->
homee mdse E J Hart 410.-It pklls rop o 1 L Raulett
4&ro-7 pktr wagon.,nff .1 R.4hwarts A.n-7 bble of
whisky to order-1- car rattle it o4 Flault-1 do A Q
Clayton-I do 1 ear poultry II IU McCrt.nely- do to
Miller & MOv-r - ar p,1-1-u to W 1 T Co-lot furni
ture and anndries to order r'ot.l 561 bales .ostlo
The bark Sandlv Honk, 425 tone, built at Camden,
Me. in It:'. rnoetl,1" In 1.711, now in port at N.e.
York, has been sold at t2i Ou!.
The .c l-ll tnnlh Cnom.r, Cantain Craig, sailed
from .New York I)eoern,m r i!, for Ctldad Bolivar,
whore she arrived January I. thus making the re..
markably IlUlck passage of 15 day4.
New York, Jan l--atiled for New Orla,
seamehilp New York, Qf lik.
ealtimore, Jan 91-Arrived from Ne-wOelemi
achr Loulisa Blis. Strong.
IBy Oable to the N. Y. BeraldlI
Rones. JTlA 2O-Arrive'd from New Otlelna, biat
steamobip Hlenly Annng, DI-ltion
Ca I , Jan IIo-ArrlHed from New Oleas. N r
bark Yltawa. Kell oen.
Ltndon. Jan 2l--Clear.,l for NewOrleswe. shp
West. n Empirne La' g.
Leghorn, to ,lJar 91-Arrvead from New Ories.,
Br steamship U t erel fore,
Havre, oan 9o--Saled for New Orleans, bark Wi1
Hunter, Mlnot.
AD MA u1
In e-rery caeo of Malarial Fever, and Fever aad
A'r1o, .t:;0o for rlisorlier. of the stomach, torpldity
of the liver lnd.iIcatlion and disturbance. of the
animal fore,.s which dobhilt>te.. t has noequirv.
lent., and can have no o "ah- itute. It she.olc not
confmlnded with tritnrated componrr s eof cheaph
spirits and resental ols, often soM .ndaer ti
name of Bitters.
I)n ts, Grocers ad Wine leriants I i
twlo<swl -

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