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Wbat Is Happenuig in the Other
quarters of 'I'his World.
ey Pouring in for Suffering Ire
4-Bassit Determined to In
orease the Size of its Army-
S Rai7road Aeeident
in France.
Uo.odition of Aflaire in Russia Gloomy
and Unpromising.
DIus.r, Feb. 4. --The I r ih Court of Queen's
bas grantiod to MeRsre. D),vitt, Daley.
1e and I3 eunnn extnnlon of time to plead,
orders have been giv, n to furnish the so
with copies of the nladltments against
It Is believed their trials will be had In
'he Mansion House Relief Committee met to
. Lord Marlborough preslding. It was an.
oeed that £41,ita bad been reoelved by the
lttee to date and £15 4to distrthuted.
si.s to InUni,,s from thie Lord Maesor
eo been r·o Ivved from tbhiry bshlba. In
icing three Orthollo Arctrbb~hopns and one
. Staut krehbmht, , deJylug the truth of
.Parneil's chargt.e of dtIrerlmrunatnion against
tdefaulters. and expresslug entire ooufl
Si the ctnmmlitter.
-gYoba. Feb. 4.-The treasurers of the
lab famine rellef fuln. of Dublin. noknowl
ge the reoeipt of Jn.fnlt frumn the Farrell
mIetin.s.o etc. In this countiry Over t30,0r1t is
OWStiated to be In the hands. of the treasurers
various citti. which will be tiansmitted
CLrrIN D 4.-At a meetingt of the Irish
4 itiat Lun' 1'aune leasterruy it wac re
that MOichael I)vitt shoulI be devuted
alt upon the ediltora of French and other
atlental eWIpauI.ers to euntlet their support
effort of relle of distress in Ireland.
Mayor I *ray. soc.crr ntli by thecorpo
on and olvil oefilers of )utbii,:; will present
tlon of the corporarion in favr of repro,
lO publio works rlnd air emnunlmnt of the
laws lr the bar of the House of Commons.
rI ay nett.
- Yoazn. Fb. 4.-The Mansion House Irish
committrto has telelrap hed bore extrac a
sleters and tHelerams of twenty-five Irish
oLe in all parts of th,,e country. protesting
ni t the ihojutice of Mr. Parnell's charge
. the Oomn.ltte refusei rollef to distressed
l tenants wit p h V. not vald their rent, and
e.sp eing the u'mo-ut ,iolldejur: in the Man
on use corm tlu Rand the dlirnless and im
WI3idtitt of Its dlstrlhbtlron.
Lolbow. Feb. 4.-A Parus dlspatch to the TIRily
pays: 1 he government a pngears dt
d to rroeed awalusi the Legitirmlet
eneyolent societies, whIch distrltbute in ar is
a tifloates for relief hearing Bourion arms
anted by a royal crown.
Sexpcted that, Dr. Paul Broca will be
SIlle senator by a majority of nine in
ef Ouut Drmentnllvl, deceased.
- a rtallway corllslin at Argentenil. in the
4spartment of the 'eoln et (lse, seven persons
I rekilted and twenty wounded.
SbArgentlel iailroad aecldentcausedmuch
Zoltement all day. b,..erse many of the nou
pa nts of the wrea k,d train were well known
tly man, who were r. turning hom-. Tw.rnty
Svpersonls vro srltoriouslty an many others
P ll Itjurled They wore rostl.ry conveyed
neigtllb,. leg hour ,. hone' thorur Is dfit ltnlty
S'soertalnltu the exact numtbIr of violctims.
S_-LowiAt.. Feb. 4.--A Vienna dilpatch nVR::
iworthy Ra"TUtute rnt-r.-etttt thi+ Int+rnal
dition of 1ut -ni as h ' uning dally more
tOli. A numb 'r of ofltirs hilh iu 0om
aRnd have bi'onien dliii flToed. while those who
.rO not uromnuted alter tho lite war with
rkey have, with few oXri'ptlons. jolOed the
he Bt. Fetoriburg Gobls., commenting on
Ount Vnn Melhik's r.it.-nt remarke with r' gard
the general ttrinarmamnt of Furo.on. rav:
s aln, cannot retnau innetlveliu In the cti of
e armament of the rest of Europo. but will
oreaee her army.
Oriw or Mirt'o, via lHavana. Jan. 24.--The
I exican ministry Iit to bht re.ololst ructed. ( n,.
b~eco, pireoret. Mini-lter of War, will take the
initry of Puhlt' Works. a.ti (rn. Trovlo,
ho In daily mext`.'ti'd from Mthlliio. will take
t Ministry of War. Hnor Ilt'itI. Ministnr
FPorelgn liunt.lons. iAxn eo."ti to rmhlin in
is event he will pL'roht, y Ihe eiani'udl'l by
nSor rRomero. formerly Minittolr I \.awhlting
ton and intoly Hlor,.ittry . lth, 'Iroaittlry. aind
Senor Parkhurstt. o'rotatry of the nutolutr, will
MAnDRID. Feb. 4.-- At ofieinl tol'grnm an
nounc, the re-' 'nt .i'ietrrlt,'oe of ta torrldu'
hurrilane at. the Ihill II, Iln. llu e,m whith
eapPed great ditutll1t, hit on' the it-ill andi. and
O elbtDling. H-eveurll nti irhitt ip It an. R
IDanllb gulnhatt wire wro.'kid; theii latter is
repOrted to blavw boets a tiotil hloswith all of her
LONpelr. Fih.,4.-A dl-qteih it the itndard
onilologne a~ rlt tI ll (t 4'o nt 1)l St. Valit,,r
0as 1oneo 'ar i to ommuntuiate with M. iD
rayolnet on the [ ropv.tedt httere.a.,e of the tBor
man rm. .
0LoliOw. Feb. 4 -The ,l;',ln.',l etnfate that
among the riotentr .ii tit ,Uttµitwd iy t h. g "orti
monotto be iro -t. oited ith, otnittig of PI'rlia
meat ista blt riegad-: ithe et listtrets in lreeland.
MalRt1r. Pot. 4 -- In ti thtamtntr of Depu'(ow
to-day the Mln;ithr or ,.' . ',ini.- replytuing to au
interLellati ,.aliidi t hil tl ' r--v *rii -.itt wVotlii au
eaeptany prpetial for i$nn'iid i ii' i nmmtt'"'i
reforetu whitoh woutti aIittorat t'o coidltk:u
of theOubanUs.
RoME. . h 4.--Th .4 i'',..' e Ir,' llia Kutnfnoainc
that Oea I nollil. Mintti tr ot W i:. hits ri
signed, Cons e'iut-ijti'i o l. llttlitndie of thosne
generats it thoe rnty hivitrg aats in 0 en ouat-t
durlingthe dsoussiofn n n the arist tax bill.
Quzatzo. Febt. - At ai mtooting of the Ir..h RP.
I let Oonmmitem to-idty It was l rod ti ih, t: .1000
be remitted to the Mlhltitotl House fund tOvtr
8se9 have been , hit ittid htorf.
LowDoN, Feb 4.-Thi itelaht IIen. Sir G(orge
Iamiltni S.ymmoiur. reir 'd littltlnmeit. and itvi
Henry M utile. promtlntt tihillnithltrot it alnd
elergtyman. nt still morm, pronitnrint ltanita.
ria anti discovorer of the dry earth srevtom,
are dead.
The Lnlavtille and Nashville atllroad
Capturer Two otlher RHads.
ExtMO E.RnT. FPh. 4.-At tihe annllt metfing
of the s oekh hrb ile f thu Mollie and Montt
gomery Company, hold in thu s''ty to dlay. over
P.0rO0 phires Cof steok. re'reit'tt'.ii t'd. thto oIl
towen direclomr wirit tiuntlmtui-I ily e.ted:
r.H. ren. of N-w ,Prik: E. P. 8!,.f It,. Ii
Vlie or Nw,,mtt,. H.,n ry (0. Mtlrrell. V. D. .ald.
well. o L 'ttl=vli o; (ONu, Clirk. H.nr Ant hon.
Jr.. . H. irtlrd. - PF~.ter. of New York; Oleo,
Washington. of Tennessee.
AL a subseqieunt meeting of the ltreo tOr E,
H, (troan, o' Nw Y,,rk, wv'g ( c-,td ,r'seldnr,.
sldt Mr. Auth t ormetlry. Thls effoet t'ro' le
tirn .ihir Re in tthe Irrnnvgemnrct of the M ,hil
nnld Mri g'tvur rry B1 llriwd in tlhet Interest if tIhe
i, ulvlille and NIash'illin, IRtirIod. The Ia'ter
ti rnltrnlty inktrs norinllarril citntrol frim this dBaih
tilt vill not. It i rIlll-rtnood, resumnrr etuac l (
conltroil rlilt the, flrst.,f Mlrreh.
Pre Ilornt 8trluditf lrd, Vice Presillont Nnw
e nbh, On-"oral M:manur Luefllrllnk and s' vertI
diretRors of he ur lsvIr llIr nurf Nvavshrile 1 1Ral
roarrul to-lday hard .a conformln *' with D. IP. Pllll
v"1. owlnr of thI road from PenlsacolI to
HlOvsma, whichl rerlllnlei ln the smln allnl tlranlsfr
of the enlllrv It'.n ofr he Ilter rund to the Louis
villu std Nihvilllv (JConlnlrlly. The sloe will vnot A
llttlrfr itl wit'l thi, construltiton of the road
notltl o the, Penraenla junctilon. The Lnols
viii inl N.r-hvlllr Comianyir now has an un
hbr ken Inee tf road from Chicago to tidewater
in Pensacolta Bay.
The Ship Qolonial Empire Abandoned at
LoanoN. Febh. I.--Ti shin Oolonlil En olre
fr-nm liv,, vL) tI for PI)au.Se l), was abhndorned
at seia J.tniualry 25, Ileakin Hller crow was saved. '
P'ouaRmourn N H , eo, 4 -The fishing fleet
for whe.nrs raltry fa.rs wrire entertaineo hale
elen heard fIrm anlld are rsafe.
HlIontusan. N J., Feb 4 --TUe shooner CaR
t;alir, winrcht wnas wri,,oknd here yesterday morn
Inl. has brokero to usties.H. The cargo or to, I
bals of Cottou has mostly beeoon secured by the I
Coast Wreckli g Company.
Naw YORK, F,'b. 4.-The steamer C4tv of Ma
con rose Istl iecr tLiri+r thiR morUing, hivi ng had
aln eveuntful paRtssagn. She not only eosolln
tored extremey rourgh weather, but took lire
while at soea. and o ly reached her deetlnnation
by the prompt aenrln of her ofmoers. She left
Nsavannah on 11nturdrly inast, carrying thirty
cabin and three (nocK passengers. Her Oargo
eonertted of 1i ra blas of a ttion,. i quantity of
wool In bgs and general moronarrisoe. The I
only dim .e she sustaineld Ivy the fire waR to
the Iron cellings between deckts. the plates of
which ar, warpotl in somi surits the ll-place
meots being an inch. The alideat will nit
orevent her trnm -nlling at the neaal tinme next
Haitrdcly. iOrt. KipetSin says in hIl report
that theri were abrlut sixty b ar's of Octton cn1I
some misoellaueoile frlilght thrown overboard.
the greater p-trt of which was mire or less
Iturned and all very wet. as thero was Rtolrnt a
fo.t and a half of water on the dleck in the
vi-ilty of trhe fl rs. Under thi sldt of the hot
tom tl-s and the cargo under the hatches must
be considerably wet. Tro damage to the slip
is very light.
MONMOUTrH. N. J.. Feb 4 -The schooner B. B.
Balh)'k,, t will prove a total loss.
MAasvIRstI,. Mass.. Fih. 4.-The three-ma+tend
schrouneusr May J. Ortner. Inloaded with coraon.
is asihore on Mirshflrld Ii otoh. oppo-ite Abing
ton village. reho caln pssilbly be sitaved.
LoA tltAN.r't, N. J.. F. Ib. 4.-Thero is another
Vnssel ashbor onii Harndly Hook, oine nllel norlth
,of the ltighliandr. The threst-misated sc('ooner
Htethon Ihrdlturr, from Chder Keys for Now
York lodedrl with lilumber. narrnle 4shoreo t 2 I.
m. yn.etrday. '1'1 corew of[ fllour m1rn wior
env'l by the cnrew of Illfe-nving station
No, 2. The vesAsil is high antl dry eo the ilnobh.
Thie carego nd pLrrlirtIr thie v.,vsorl will be saved.
A iiworfiil glans shows the vessel iof shorn to
be a t.wo-malste.d sichoonlr. A trig is alongside
of her.
Lowe DBRANCsn. Feb. 4.-The bodles of thre
SIrrnemedn. sur troied toi be membors of thI c rew
of the vssesl which fornrlried oppenesit Loong
ii ranich yssterdlay, crmim ashirnr ero tihe beasch.
opporsit the Hithlaindl, this m )rning.
A Billiard Tournament at St. Louis .Ar
ranged Ior.
NT. Iouis, Feb. 4 --A billiardl tournament has
1)01on arra.ugeil to t.aike pilnt hre ion tire twrn'y
iirst,t IWInty-aondl ian I twouty-thlrdlt Insnts.
Thls ILrttcttvnte arem terTtS. lex-t-.rn, bunhtt.Ai,.
Da~ly and (trllligror. Thle IrIt prizen will hoi a
billlitrd taisln anit $t.ri in monn o; thi sound.
Stin ; the third. $lir.
CnHAItIeTON, F h 4.-- il.'o Oharleston races
On olrid tor-diay on tre WashlOaton cutrllr. 'l'he
d a'tenRlanero wits lunusurlll iy larrgo. The weather
was Ibeautiful and the trlack ua excellent condi
t lion.
" 'is first ovent. (3rollnr stakes, mile dash
for two /ear olls. wiaI wton ty hlrlickonwood, the
favorm Ittr, by a In).Ke, (I.tlblrir second. Tanewood
ri good third. Tiure. I :4.
'lrheo s,'OII(ndr rall, InIl lon eats for all negos, was
won by cf. .bll h Mari FIl i. the favorite. In two
Si rnilhtl hlats. II clanr arnd excilltrng rtu in In 00';
r. Emrily se8ioud. Lirtky Hit third. Time. 1:43.
'1 he third conitet. three milel drnrh for all
e ags,. was wolln asily bIy e. . I,ilLrnd DUlnel who
r wila Ii tr tavorit by longy i) odds, aftie . atnd
Ortphalu Girl it r)pour seonlld and third rodpec
t ilvrly. Tihme. 1:lI.
An Entire Family, Father, Mother, Son and
Niece, Murdered in Oauada.
1,W'AN. Ont., FIi. 4.-Abtlnt 1i o'c'lock last
night tarty of men. with btIukonedo and
runl-kIi d Iloes. entur , the' d+vw+l!ini of tho
'nollelwhat Inotioriois D1),nilly tlamlly. and inur
d,Ioi'rd f.tthor. nmothellr, ioU n ai n lli i ia nliiie. A
smatlll bIy unnin, (iinor took refuit" undor the
hu all d .mtoiaOd unIbhrt.. TI'i,s pIlrty , hen -et
filro i t hol hlouso. wtilohi. toCgether with the
bld lli' of the rnnrllrile.o inmait s, wita totally
onsumeld. Annl hr snr. rsltling ibtut throp
miles from tho homostead, was odlied to llis
do.,r shout the samlll holir andt shot dead. The
iwnshiitl Is wild with e'xitO.i'"it,
I I AL. 1
nMit.w1wAi'tRl. F'b. . .--I is now known that all
but tw Illl matt of the hospitral were roecued
from tie Ulro.
Po'.?1NI.INICtI. Mass . Felt. 4.--The t8onthworth
lPa:,r Mil-. wea1i deitIroyii ity frilreaiat night.
LOS1 nIt st.dto i llt tiu in+' $7t1 1o0).
Movenlrnlt of Ocean Veteele.
Putt 41mE1IIA, Feb. 4.-Arrived: Prinneyl
NEw Yona. Ftb. 4." Arrived: Ariz 'na. Morgan
ity. llrlgadio, . Arrlvd out1: Ellin Farmer.
CIT ,. HoQlewartl: UInrl't 'a torPus;icla.
U(lUasntiw. Feb. 4 --Arrlvl: Ot tLih third,
tbtrit tJLtte lt from Wltmlnigtonl bark Btelphide
trl ( tl harlestiti.
I.1i :tIlot.. Fh. 4 --Arrlv-d: On the third.
stilt, Cgiy ,f Richmond front Mobile; bark
D.viid Mlneoml,, on from Glaivoston.
(IlrvENou. Ft. 4 -Arrvd: On the third.
ship %4-i. '.e it Ble from Penneollta
I)UtIRv. Feb. 4.-Arrived: On the fourth,
bl)k Khlunleot trout Da ll n.
Bsatlil.oN., Feb. 4.-4rrived: On tNl first.
burks Ibis anid Pubilla from oCnrlhiston.
The Indian llng.
Ntvr YORK. Feb, 4 --It is loirnel from a trust
worthy H suice that the comml:tae of Indian
CUmmwtsionrt i nvoestigateig the chars.
ngainet ex-Indian Uommlusstoner Hayt have
fti,tnd the charge of corruption in connection
wl h an At ht nit mining ihome to be true. atiu
that Il r's tagent in the i.fiir was his own son.
Edward H. Hayt.
6old Dlscevered hear Dsnver.
tPvaR. Cot.. F b 4. - Gold bas been dIe
ccvertuil nar the mou,-th of the It .non oif Platte,
tw. uty miloes wort of Denver. tSpecimaenu of the
oresasavy $21.199 pUnr ton.
A Rank In Ironble.
N.w YOre. Foii. 4.-Thoreare rumnrslthat the
Pr-.I'iuc It ink of this eity i- tin trouble. Mait
ters are q i:et thlre, h w, var. to-day. and the
blink otliitals are retoCl-nr.
Waltham gold trate.ee at Hill's saction.
Lambert piotures ;are all the rage. Why? Be
aauee they are everlastiUs and beautiful
Catucusi or the DI)legates of the
Pennsylvainia Republican
Conventl ion.
An Earnest Fight in the Convention
Between the Cameron Wing
and the Blaine Delegates.
The Delegates to the Ohicago oonvention
Instructed for Grant.
HAnRRanuo. Feb. 4.-A caucus of Blaine del
egates was held last night, at which lo5 votes
sere cast i hils interest. Afterward a caucus
of all the delegates, by a vote of 123 to 110. de
cldtd that the convention shoud to-day select
dnlegates to the National Convention.
The Republican State convention met here
at noon to day and organlzed by the eoleoton of
Hon. Russell Errett temporary chairman.
After transaction of the usual routine business
Benator Herr offered a resolution that the dol
tgates elected to the Republican National Con
vention, at Oblongo, bO Instructed to support,
for troesleont.il nomination. G. R. Grant,
and to vote as a unite on all unestions tha, may
come before the convention.
Mr. Stoone iTfred an amendment renffirming
the resolutions a.aIat a third teform ud,,pted by
the RI-'pultiiean 8 ate Convention in 1876. After
conslderable debate, 1' which a large number
of delegatets onposed Senator Herr's resolutlon
and favored B aln.e Mr. Stone, of OCrawford.
moved to amend Herr's resolution by striking
nut the name of Grant and inasrting that of
Blaine. The motion was lost-l.4 to 9n.
The rtPestion then recurred on Herr's resolu
tlon to instruct the delegates to support Grant
y,'as 133, nays 113.
The second part of the resolution. instructlAg
the delegation to vote as a unit. was adoptred by
a vira roes vito. The PI'nnsvivanIt detlegatiP n
will therefore support Grant at Chbicgo next
'Ibh platform adopted by the Republican State
convention congratulates 'he country on the
result of the Bephbilian floancial policles: de
precates fur ther financial Ilgislation at present:
tavora the protective tarlff.and reaffllrni the
general prinolples of the Republican party
with regard to national queloions.
The Rllpublti'an State conventlon this even
ing nominated an Auditor Onneral anl Justice
of the Huprem.ou, t,. and, after the adoption of
the report of the committemand the appoint
ment of delegates to the Chicago convention.
adtoturned sine die.
Business of Small Importance Tranacted r
in Either House or Senate. a
WAnIawoTON . Feb. 4 --Sate --Mr. WalllamR
proeotued a petition ofl sundry snamonn, Ina- t
tors and voseol owanow bf PtlihadnlphIta. ga lnst (
any chango In the shiuping act of June 7.
Mr. MPxov, from the U,ommltteo on MIIttary
Affairs. reported the bill authorizrng the ,cro-
Larv ot War to aoqulro for the Uuitnt States
title to the land ueoo which Fort i8tookton. I
Tx is, is located. Plaild on the calendar.
Mr. Anthony. from the U ,mmlttts on Naval
Affairs. revported a bill for the relief of Medical
Dirletor John T. llorllnhigh. Unltel, 8tats
navy. He also from the esnmo colnnitteo, ro.
prloed favorablv on the bill reglitlng the t
rank and par of rttalin marineoehtifers In the t
United 8tales service. Pi.oed on the alenlar.
Mr. Johnson submitted a resolution for urint-l
lng tieo cooles of tio transactions of the \ ir
ainlsa Cim.impnes of London. Adopted.
Tho Senat thenntook up the Benate bill for
thl tellf of Iravten & OlIgue, of Ban Antonio. 1
Tex. It direOtu the Nrerotary of the Treasury 1
tO l,..y tIhelS22,1. for .lexr lab Ir and mutt- 1
rlals uxuonded in conRt icttlon of the ll qurter
mrOtrllieTru'lP Uly le ,otat N(41an Antonilo.
Mr. Conklingi moved that thin lll he Itoa.ldnnldf
a1nd reflrre. to to en Court of Clflms. where he
Ihotlgh' It properly hllIolged.
Mr. Maxly doerf.nil tleo hIll and nat d there
was no re0lsonl why It should go to the Court of
Aft-r cousldnrablo dbhat Mr. Conkllng's
amendment striking out all excetlt thellonallaCtlIg
0alauR1 and referrlng Braden & Auguis's claim to
1h Court, of Claims wals adopted, and the bill
thlliln almndet d aHRQUd.
The temntae then took uo and ,pa.slnd tlhe bill
aullthorTiitlg the colnversion of gold banks. 1as
amonded by the FlIannIe Committee.
On motiofn of Mr. Johnson thlo llnnate took u p
and paassd., R amnOndnd lu i commlrtt, the bill
aulltholtillng lthe .hlr t try of the TresI'u1Iry to
have coliltrueted at Danville, Va., a lUnilditig
for lthe llomnlodll.on of United tm .ltes c?('1lrts,
pi1tof l ,'e..rvenu(e oil.fe. tc., at a cost not to
(Oxno I $74i to00.
Mr. Morgan subllmittel d a raeolution troviding
for 1the printing of 1.0 il atdditiona5 l nopi.s of
1ho Iieportof 'ruof. ]liloy on the1 csttou worml.
Mr. Horeford Introdicod a hill to repeal the
act of Jllly 4. Il4.4 with referlelrn'e to the war
chulms of Illyil citizetn , and. provildlng for the
ref.rllnuc, of all such elalims to the Unito(d -iat, a
diSt let courts, wlth direlctions to report their
judgments to Congress. Referred.
Mr. 0.ll lutroducod a Iltl for tihe Imtrove
mont of the Ht. John's river. Fla., at Volusia
bir. Iteferr ,d. Adjourn id.
llousc. After transnltling some minsenlla
nlious lnlqluiess the House resoi~end conaidolra
lion of the bill riuortowl yesterd.iy from the
Juilcli ry onomlnitte.e amfindlina nrtnln ,re
tIon. of the .t, deolrmining the julrldlction of
the United Stateso (lrenlt Courtsll nd regulating
the removal of caoesu from State to Fedotall
Mr. Ollbertson. of Texas. explained the pro
visions of the 1till, and Mesersr. Wollhvhrn. of
Texas, and Willlt. of Michigan. spoke ini i a
sIupor.. The morning hour having expired
It. h1bill wOut over without 1a tion.
The House then. in commit tle of the wholn.
c.,InshdIIred and tlrsesd a j dut reolutlon nil
troiUs i tinu $20.01t0 to enable thtl United Stltll
Fish C~mm.llllhloSltor to reflprIOll tih Unit1t,
Ftates Hit tie Ilnternllationnl tiahorj extllbltin ait
Brlln., Ornluli. in April next.
TI'h- Rlsel i then retoumedl thate on revision
of rull. s and, after ri jctllng the amlenldmenrt t1
rule 4, givIng thll ( nolllittenl on PoIatlflfO1IM till
I0oads1 clntl rol over th1. poiltofTlIli apprýl)rtlatllnl
bill. and also an unal.mentd aultitortzing that
Icormmittoo to report aitlill hill for reference to
the Apvropriation C' )nmlitte. tdjourned.
The House Committee on Banking Reports
Favorably on Representative O'Oon
nor's National Bank Bill.
WASHIN;roN. Feb. 4.-The Hous8e anking
and Currency onmmittee, at Ps meeting this
muorn i .g aithorlz-'d tepre-'nta'ive DLavis to
report bnck to tlie House, with favorab~he !
oonmmendatln. the bl'l intr .loaed by ROpro
-entativ+ O'Conner. of tSouth Carolina. author
lzing national banks to make loans upon mort
gages on real estate.
The Prnsilent snt the followina nomination
to tile Snat, to day: Alex. O, Wl14. of Loul-t
ana, to h. Surveyor of Customs for the dis
trict of Louisiana.
It Is repIorled that T!Iomis . B'odZget. son of
Font-r Blodgstt. f irmerly Gonvrnor of G(}r.ria.
Is in trub!e aith th' Tre-asury D.niartfment
about his a counts al nollictor at Sit. M try's. G i
Ha is charged with taking illegal fees and with
other trrenularities.
The grand jury to-dap examlinrd several wit
Inesse in the .as of LIucy B. R. flrton. charged
with assault with attempt to kill Jno. H. Mor
i san on New Year's day.
A reiotu'lon Wa- introduaW.t to the Hoiuse by
bsepresntative Aoklen. of Louitana. provid
Ing for an iavestlgation of the acharg.s asteal t
him. plbtisbhd in the New York Herald and
Dltoit re *Press a few dais since, to the effeot
that t.n ha.l flTfnal In T t n Ite Ni' a wh t, plrplrt.
aid to aI a riFeport f-oraih thoromnmtaitt 'ion Far
algn A ffT-ait of whilth e r'at i lta i In h Ie ii ,t a
nitmiatb', wHas inrlaila,ral ib. thei Fairli.n AIT tlrs
aomanilttin, tao whh'h it at t r. rmrn l, at t'mtir
mfitettag to-day. 'Fh(a rman t of tilt ir Investlg-t
lon lt for thae present withheld from the pub
Thelt PresIldant has the Laaorsti in "ae ae ofR a
Matj 'r tanno befor.a him anl will ,tot no them I'
Il tattalv itlty. It is uInderetoonld 1he will apurovne It
the fInlll.t of the (nart-martatl, a hit ion
t. noel Major Itno to dasmissal from the ser
The contoeste.1l Plntl 'n casa of liablon HaIll. p
from Fio idal. wos tak 'n up t, -day by the fhu.e w
Co)mmlttnua on FlDctlons. J. M. Ashhb coom
mouned his argument for Mr. Ilull and will d
concluda" Haturdlay.
The hill of ItsRresenta Ive O'O aenor, of Routh ri
Otrlinm. awhich the Housei Batking andl tll, -
ruelnCy Otmmittt.e agreed to-day to reponrt ft-. b
voaratly to the Housa. allows all natlonal b ink
ing RaamoIlIa Ions to mak laoIans t the extent If It
onh quarter of their eapital and spirp'us upon d
reatl etIate martgatite, suihje,.t t, mtuch( condltlons
na may , h Imoosenl lb the dirootrs or ly the
law of reaoneitlve banks.
Thate louse 0 emmltire on Milltary Afrtlr+. at
thair meetlng to-day, dlrotedl a favorable re"
pao. tto be mttlde to the HIlaai tapon Repra-tenta- I
tlve Upton's bill, "lauthorlzlng the HtOretary of ti
the Treasury to asIertamn and report to Con
greaathe amount of money expendetd and in- a
IobtedneaR atPssumedt by the ttate of Texas in
frontier defence." The report, however, will be I
made with the proviso that the United luatsi o
phall not be committed by the bill to the pay,
ment of such Indebtedness.
The House Cnmmittee on Agrlnlltume agrrnd
to-day to rervot fatvorahly n the House bill (
praarod by Mr. Alken. of tIouth Cl rotinat. as a
as:ahatitutel for Mr. Muldrew'a bill, and making
the De)atrtment of Agricullture an executite t
Police Jluries.
(Assulmption Plaoneer.
The present Legislature will hie called on to
make laws rlteulatin the po ice- j tules throurh
out the Ltate. It Is nina)lles to say that the Ie
bodies, though insgnifltoant as to their prwers
in omtnptarlson wlt't the Congraess of the .tltedi
Itates and the dilffTrnt laiglslatures., yt, I
within the sphere of thailr otpratlons. exer.lise e
great Influen(ce on the fortlln'eR Of our people.
In fect. they constitultR paristlh leisalatures
andl dllettcy affTect many of our important In
teraest. They hIava control of the taxes, in
which nll property holders are Intere-ted: of
the roads and brldgea, which are closRly o ,n
naaatea. with our c(a'mlfort. andal of the levees.
which taratnat us from overflow and add to the
eartainty oif stcuatrlng outr oroat s.
Thus It, will appear that each Inbahibant has
a direct Interest in the ,compoaltion of the Do
lien jury, and Ian watches their proate~diugs
with greatt nternest, as h Is Iaware that on thiair
juadgment and oonomical vinews depend the
auto)unt of tax he will be claleal on to paLy.
Again. bhing the canUtodlllus of tha patriah
funda. It Is theilr duay to men that the parish
treasurer dott his duty anat ke"tt lanD his a. unts
with ttleparlish with artr ireoorrenir pass. Antother
Important dtity, att a very oneroust one. 14 to
rigidly examluna aill tounts ptrtlaantea( against
the tiatrltih, to rinn that no fallsa ,l intal are orn
aitntitd, or mort oTllrdmal than the law allows,
Untiaor thotaase rairllhnatan'o th' quo-tion pre
santo Itself as to the mantlir in whlich thse
i reserotanati als ah. old h b posnltead., by an clen
tIon or by thae uapoolntment of thn G ivornor ?
SOulr voting tpopaulatlon ilhas undlrguone a grealt
anlld dismrout change, st far tes Iattelligtnllto is
concerntledl., since man.alpatlon took pi.te. atnld
In mnst of the sugatr parishes (of the MItato a
majority of the suffratev- are not Ihiohi-r of
Dproperty. pay no taxn ren o atre utterly indllffiTr
ent as to the qualiflcttiontR of pollt a jtrars.
This stat rof things Is g nattly to be dtrltorad,
I a tIa thatxniug power is etatrataed to inllif' arent
a ntl Irratpntashihl paarl rti.a. The ol.l ltime Dem
norati doaIa'trline that any pIwae lodged with
the vottrs wait saten and not lliahli to abllua' a
they worn thae parties who wanlli tuffier. can no
longer bhll gcood. Many things haIve Ottalader
gou t Rhange Pinea the lnnoantt aiaty ofa yoaung
atnm aaracy. and tllad hias rat. not a rll the lat. l It
fait,. JalT rso,t. with all his foreClat, cloutl not
r look so falr In the futalrn an to, formtiat. much
a. I-I sa to predict, what wait in slore for us. and
V that thern wctld in the couarit of tltn sprltng
ino euXa'.tit.lolt to what hbe consildered solid and
i rnfutalale axioms in politlea.
We arte untiatln to say how oalr views omny Rsllt
1 other iportlions of the Tcatea. taiat we aren n.t.,fl
d tanut, after aiving t dUl re flatclon to this timatter.
that the I aGovernor wou)itla rnrnly faill to give saRt
" Ittatlion tO tha penoala, n~ t ih urotars wotl hIe
if sepl.atc on Ithe recomn mendation of prominent
ci, tl tn of each parish.
Thls Is one of t th mlost Important qjiaetlions
I whlih will come be'fore the Lngial,aturn. a ati wo
, trust that no disiataltlon on the parlt rf mnm
II htersto pander to ia Rsiupoaon dcislro of the
mnIssH to votat for evaea y tfllaar to hIte heown.
I will ,aRots them to overltok thitl needtl oft rop
i oerty houters Frtat sulffraage s a goodl thing In
its place. bult, lIke tovery otther hblesstltg nlmay bea
Sgreatlly ta.husa.d, and we thinR jullstie antl right.
II ntitle m..n owning property to select those
who are to0 ' ntrol aind tax it. ThlI can only hb,
Sdlona lay llvintlug the anpointment of the prolic.e
jr ju ris t t the (I vatrnaor, who, with the re.aom
0 mndatlons of thae eitiz,tn4 oi' thet illTr.rnot par
ishes, will rarely fall to sHnlet atcomliat,+ant and
I protpr agents o a the Inllt.t-nal affairs of the
Ir narshea.
Record of a Contestant for a Meat In the
I,rXelmalture of IuIatlluana.
ttate of I.(uislana. Parlish of Orinanse nd
City of New Oe leanp.-1'-r onallv ( ru.n awl aD
peiaril befsfethoi hund iiletnlid an horizvtd au
t.horit , on tll' tw tll fr ily of ltiM y. 1579. who
ihlli luly sworn aRcording to law. ldopodeltl anid
ay: That he witas a maulmb r of the Legislature
of the Stiat of L tnI.lat in the year A. 1). 1477
(reirli(entlng the tarisrh of Mt. MaTry). and thabl
Ila wa presenart on the Aday on which it vote was
tak,'n to el-ct a United tat-s enatlllr.
l)liDeponnllt state-l that he ociitrled a seat near
tbh one occupied iy Samutl rThomas. of loicsler
l)itlonent further says that he was personally
and hintlmattely uaiiuintted with said H itlnuel
'I hmni. I, f lBoslo!r. and on the dlay or the dlay
on wh'ih said election of United St.Ites h,
itor was flually dneolded ttihat sild harnuel
Thomas. IRooresintuatttv from Bosler. wa" not
Lpretit and did not during the day put in an
Dpo,,nent would further respoctfully state
that one Jospllh . Watson, who was not a
member of the Ligtl it. cil'ited o- n that
dly t hi Ment of thl before ienptlonil Hain iil
ThoImas. the maember from loisIter. and that
whei, the vote was talken for United States 8H-n
tior the salt Joseph It. Wt'soLoi inrsionlateii the
ihali Tl'hmas. the IP.eal Itl'pro.etn'atltil, iand
voted for K.Iloitg for tulteI ltarai- Bitnator.
lIpiorinet furl thr states. unlder oath, that one
Louil J. SHoulr, member of the Lgislature
froml Av'yaollea unrtlih. promslad him he WiIld
ptiY dolponient f10iu) two hundreld 1 litars it he
woulld supportll anld vote for Wrm P. Kllogg for
Uiiit d itsr n HiSnalitor. Deponent further stated
Itht he did surpoirt and vote for tho saltl IVI .
P. KlIllogg fir United HStates Hon eor. and that
the snid Loiuts . H nelr 1iI prly. n sipr .ugreit
mrero, t. I hltidrelfdollar.q to him, the deponent.,
In coIniirrttioul of wlldd vote.
t( igu.ld) W. C. GARY.
Mw ,rn to and subscrlibed before me on tlls.
the tuirteenth day of May. I A79.
Asslttant tlecretary of iSate.
I certify that the above Is a trun nod nor
r.. t cony of an affidavit made by Wlluiam C.
Gary, made, salgne and sworn to in my I res
.lnCo. tile orluiilal bsnia on tlel before the ('om
mitten on Privileges and ElHectlons in the Spof
fordt- Kellogg case, Washington (I'y.
-- * ----
How to Mtart a City.
[Eurek( tI ti a's) Herstd.]
The town site of Svery, we unrlerstand,
has behn platted, and last Friday and S itur
day a numher of lots were sold, theprices go
ing up as high as $123 per lot. Qulite an ex
clternent seemnlit to prevail, and ipectulattonl
ran high. A rumor was duly started some
days prevliou. to the effect that, the St. Louis.
Kn'tas and Ar-z ta Rtillroatd would b-i ex
tendied from LeRoy to Severy anrl use the
track of the St. Louis anti San Francisco
from that point through the. Flint Hills and
then branch off. Erlgineers were seen at the
the proper tiiwe running a line on the route in
dicated from LeRoy to rsvery, and that was
sufficient to-confirm the ru or. It worked
well, and the town site, which is under the
control of persons connected with the Atchi
son, Topeka and saPta Fe profited thereby.
WEINEtN DAY, February 4.1550, off
The Senate was called to order punctually tit th
noon by Llent. O ,v. McEnery. Twenty-nine ,f
Senatorts, a quorulm. present. t
Senator Watkins. fro n the JulPotiry Corn
mittee, reported by substitute on bill No. B. to
provide for the tri d and ouuishment of (,ff-nses 0
where the penalty Is not necessarily imprisoU- e
mont at, hard labor or death. The bill was or
dered prin ed. A
Benator Walton, from the Committee on Ag
riculture. reported favorably, with amend hi
mouts, on Henate bill No, 4o. to readjust the d,
State Land Offl io. Ordered printed.
The sLp clil committee on constitutional 1'
legislatloo UpRse '.'d a rep.rr. whlich was or- tl
dered printed without being read.
By Senator Locke Of a bill relative to the
Lhuilana Agricultural affd Mechanical Col- h
By Senator Rogers -Senate bill No l6. defln- 1
lug the duti's of tistrict attorneysi throunhout
the Nate andl to fit their fees In criminal cases. u
By eona'or Newton-- e,aine bill No. 57, to
amend and re-onsent nt No. 3S of H5I
By Senator Vait-oe-~nrate hill No. 5s. to carry d
into effcet a tioles 249. 250. 251 and 252 of the H
new constitution.
By Senator Aby -A resolution requiring the a
Sergeant-at-Arms to remove the furniture of
the censta Chamber to the anteroom of the
Governol's office. d
Senate bill No. :1, an act reliriveto district at
tot ntys Ihrought,n' the State. the parish or Or
loins excepteti; Imposing upon them the duties
heretofore p,*tf rmed by pa'l-bh anti district at
torneys pro tempore, and fi tuo thtir emoln
men's of omol for the pe f rmanca of such
Bena'e hill No. 5. an act to prohibit sheriffs
and clerks if court from holding any office of
profit un,'or the pollce j tries and school boards t
in the diff.trent parishes of the State; to pro.
hbitt compensation lIn uth canes. antd to pro
vile for the punishment of violations of this
Senate bill No. r,5 an act to f iollitate the trial
of causes on the ordinary docket of the Su
preme Cont I. of the State of Louisinna.
All of which were referred to the Judiciary
Senate bill No. 7. to provide for the trial of re
eus-d l 'Res in the courts of appeal ; rtportedi by
subhat tut.r Tlne pubstitute Was adopted In plane
of the original bill, considered engrossed, andti
passed to its third reading.
S"nato bill No. 4;. toe printing bill. came up
SretulIr y. but on mo'l in of Senator ltobertson
was laid on the table, ubj- nt tostll.
Senate bill No. -, to amensd and re-enact ar
r thli. 27 of the (lodk of Prftitlce. The bill was
flunal.y passed by a unanimous vote.
House concurrent resolution to appoint a
eommitteeto rexAminethi condition of all the
hanks andl bnking instituacons in the parish
of Otleans.
The number of the members ( f the committee
was fixed, on m'tilon of Senator lRherison. at
three from 'hb Senate and Ilytv from the House,
anti as amended the resolution was concurred
The Clerk of the House appeared and re
ported that House bill No. 52. making appoo
priations to pay the expensesof the General
Asembl y. was etnrolled and had been signed by
the HSpeaker of the House.
A report to the same effect was made concern
c -rnuilg concurrent resolution aiking the
TUnited States Snate not t, recgnilze W. P.
K' i ogg as a Senator from Louisl.,na.
The report was ordered spre.ld on the mln
utas in compliance with thl constitution.
The Senate thll went into tiexeutive session.
and immedllately thereafter adjourned until
Tthurdlay at unon.
g Sena, b11 No. r,: The bill provides that It
I Phall be the duty of district attorneys through
out the btuati the t ierl-h of Orleans excepted
t t attend Ite sessI lons of the co-urts In each of
thie parishes of tandr r-esective p1,j4Tl--..s4-t
r. tricts. and they shall repoteeut the State In all
Scivil and ciminal actions in the districts in
Swhlich the Hiprome Court shall hold sessions.
It Tthy shall also represent the State In all crlmi
nal ciases coming before sail court. except in
s New Orlans. The district attorney and asisft
ant for the p irish of Orleans shall conduct the
prosecution of all criminal cases before the
criminal coults of said parish. The district
a. attorneys throughout the State shall be entitle t
to reclve the sum of $15 for each criminal
n prosecution in which the accused sha.l be (on
i victed, to bh teaxtwl with the costs.
Sin. ate bill No. 57 proposes to amend the act
to of Inorp, ration of the town of Iastrop. in the
11 pari-h of Morehouse. The limits of the town
)e arn fixed as follows: Taking the cent'o ,of the
I- court-hou1n as a centre, thence north half a
r- mile: thence west half i mile: theneo south one
d mill,; thence east one ml,; thence q rth one
)e mile; thece west one-half mile to the place of
On the first Mondiay of June next, andl on the
Ie first Monday of June in tiacih year thereafter.
tin nelection shall be hi Id for a mayor and five
I, councilmetn.
T'loi council is autltorized to impose taxes
andt liceistis.
tO The other provisions of the bill are the usual
So-nate bill No. 55: Whenever one-third of the
tnxpityers itf ia parlish hall petition the' poice
it juty to test. the sense of the voters upon any
a 1quistlon relative to the uldilong of bridges or
to works of litornal imnprovements, or remov
nr lug parish seat., etc.., t. polio-, jury shill or
o. ie a Rpecial electl u. nder the general laws
of the Statt. and at the place where the preced
ng enection wis hbtl.
t Pt I lle juries ihall make an entimrte of the
ex Dn.Ru P. amoutnt of es-nmearuent Hanl rate if
taxatirin nece..ary for their parisnh for the flt
cal year, provided no aibangat shall be matiti of
Sparish seats, boundirb a or Ilnttrnal Imprve
i mnts; andi also another istimatfe of the inecis
snary ixpensse, amount of ai-sPsment, and rate of
to tixatton In the event of any and all of the
a ,r, osrtlions votied upon shall be carried by a
, mnlirity of the voters.
It niotilt thu rtt itt taxatlon in the estlmate
xt ex ,,d theb coin itlltlonil limit. ht qluestion t '
levyinrg such tax shall sutbm itted to and
n- vottd i( by ttlht proLitrty txaYitrs. is required
i Sy ii rtif on 21t t of th.e trontrtiuttlton
All elmit itoin held unudler this act shall be pro
WEDNESDAY. Febsruary 4, 1ih0.
The Homue was oale.l to order at noon.
Soiaker Ogltun lu the chair and seventy four
memrnbeirs prrss'"t.
Prayer was I iT.red by Rev. Dr. Walker.
By Mr. Millaudon-From .1. V. Gulllotte. late
eltruk of the Sixth District oaurt, asking
_11,311 for fos I iI 8tSit tax suits. Rteferred to
C .nmlt:eeo on Cialms.
By I~ rt eutsaive St. Clair-From citizens of
St. Mary, pro.esting agLCanst the paessge of the
bill lroviding for an li.pe tion of boilors in
the country urlishes. Referred to Committee
on Agr.eulture.
By .xp.esentntive tBeasley-To increase the
Committee on Agrfctultureto nine members.
The report f the ComrnittoC on Elections
and Quallfl, ations in the ca*i from Assump
tion parish. rec:,mmrndiing that Messrs. Bulow
and Oarduer be cjnflrmed In their seats. was
The rules were suspended and the report was
taken up.
.1t ur entative Williems. of Terrebonne.,
moved the adoption of the report.
Revreise rative Ril hardson moved to amend
by mklelg the report the steelat order of the
day for I hursday et I o'cl'ock.
itsresoentativ- H.i *'Hhan moved to lay the
amendment on the table, which m rtion was
Representative Farmr to -k the flor and
on· s.d th- adoption ,.f trot report.
At r nome fuirtner di.euusln the report was
made the speeln order ot the day f,,r 3 o'elock.
and permission given coinsel of the parties to
address thye House ati that rime.
The Commitee on Health and Quarantine re
port'~d favorably, with an amendment, the bill
to prevent the adulteration of food and the.
lniughteting of e ttle In an unbealthy condl
MHveral mnmb ri gnv' nolt -, tiht they would
at af 'ulo i u y I te. I I "d . rtin el lis.
By ItOp'',ý4nin llvII M.,l) Lotll-An Rct to
Poiji;iil7,, lih 1114, IeS on the sale of liquors
throughout th,, H!oae,
it, Iner,.osentative Hathewly-An act to re
utrle thne iannrg f all li ,.,.-ei.l pl o-s of bust
u..s lu the Hi ate on tiunday, with certain ex
m uotlo's.
By Bt.ovreentvttve Frnzl-r-An a.c for the
protection of gamte antm!altllR Ranlli Ih.
By HrIprnannta lye M4.IOnillgh -An nao to re
ri're emigrant tgern at t i sy a tax of $500 in
ea-h parish where they carry on their buol
By Representative Ja"kson, of Natchitoohes
An act to regulate the v:a tICe of dentistry In
She titale.
On molon of iRorerecnthtlve Ogden, H)use
hill No. 8R (the ac., to permit I.tlo jurors t.o ren
der a verdi'.t in civil ,cscs) which was defeated
on Monday by a failure to r.welve a ouns'ltt
'tlonl rmnjuo i Y. war takeU Ut, for reconsialdera
tion by a voleof 41 to It.
l Tpr.'senta'iv'e evor'-anx male the point of
order that it required a m jorly of all the mem.
bers eleated tIto Its int tti, sk. up abillwhlch
had been tefr-ared by fallure to receive acon
stltutlinal majority.
The ipeaker ruled that while it retquired a
msjority of all the mn'. b rs elected to Dass a
bill, a majo,rity of momber. turesent could, take
uu a bill dereated boneau.e of a failure to reoelve
a majority of the votes of all the members on
a 'hlird readig
Representative Dyvereaux appealed from the
denitlston of the Uhaitr, which was sustalned on
a call of the yeas aid IIIay- by a V )t of 67 to?.
R-presantative H dildenhatl then gave notiooe
that he would to-m)rrow Introduce the bill
A number of B n-ate bllls. introduced yester
day, were taken up, read a firet time and placed
on the ca lendar.
"An alt to provide fortth uiapec Iou of steam
boilers." lntroduc d by it -pre' a tative Luciee
was t, ken up under the unfavorable report of
the Commlttee on Agriculture.
iepri'uentatlve Jones moved that the bill be
Indefinite y po-tp ,ned.
tpresentative Lucke moved to lay the mo
tion on th tattle. Lo-t.
Itepres-nta, ivo Cosgrove moved as a substi
tute for the motion to ndtleinltely postpone
that the enacting clause of the bill be strioken
out. Carried.
On motion the vote just taken was reoonasld
,red and laid on the tabt. le
"An act to fix the first terms of the district
courts unodrlr the constitttion of 1879," Intro
ducpl by Representative Farmer and reported
favorably by the Judiciary Committee, was
taken u p.
A number of amendmonts were proposed and
adopred, and the bill then passed its seoond
reading. as follows:
rtTrnos i. lei it enaCed by lIh h(eneral Assem
bly tof the State of Iou.tisiana. T'hat the first term
ot each of the twenty-sixth judiclal distritt
courts shall begin on the first Monday in April,
IR5n, ito that parish of each respective distrilt
which is named first in article lo1 of the constl
Btuo. 2. e1 it furtlher enarled, .c.. That the
ditrict judge of each di tirio shall, by order in
open court, fix the subeetiuent terms of the
court, and shall c Luse the order t, be entered
itn the minutes. and a copy thereof shall be sent
to the clerk of the district court In each parish.
and shall be by him ree,rded in the mintte
hook of the court, and shall be posted on the
tjoor of the i' ,rt-house.
Sa. a. IIe it ftCh.ier enacted,. elr.. Thatin each
district composoet of only one parish, the par
Ilb of Orleaus exoept"d, the district judge shall
fix at least six terms of court in such parish for
each calendar year, which shall begln on days
at least six woeks apart, and in each of the
other distrlcts the district judge shall fix at
least four terma of court in each parish, except
In the parish of Cameron. in waitch there shall
not be teos than two terms of court for ea.h
calendar year. which, in ech district composed
of two parishes, snail begin on days at least
four weeks apart, and in distriots composed o
t.ree or more porishes shall begin on days at
least three wee-ks apart.
lSetc. 4.lIe if faurlther enacted, etr.. That ea80ch
distr icJt jullle thall fix tthe terms of the oourt iý
such manner that no term thereof in any parislh
shall o nllt wlth ,any trmn of either theaSn
oreme Court or Circuit Court In the same par
lih. as nor flxed
ao. r. ite if ftfrlher etrnactd, etc., That the first
term of the district court in each p riJh. and
each alternate term therein, shall be a jury
term, at which grand and petit juries shall be
tttwn,. snummwtnnd nl- tr-m-panetedrin the man- .
nor provided by law on that subject, and that
the dIstricr judges of the several distriols ma
provide for other jury terms In any parts
when, in thirr discreutoo, suth terms maybe
ScO 0. le il furt, r enacledrl etc. That all laws
in ctnilicit herewlth are hereby repealed.
"An act to provide for the salaries of clerks
of the courts of the city of N9w Orleans." was
taken up and ordered to be p rnted.
"An act to provide for the tansfer of certain
causes from the courts of jistlices of the
peace of the parish of Orleans," etc., was taken .
up. amended as recommended by the Judiciary
Committee, and passel to its thlrl realng. as
Her IN 1. lip it enared byl the Gen eral Assem.
lly of thet Stiate of ,,,ti.iana, That all oases
rnuding h fore the reveili j istlces r f the peace
for the parlsd of Orloans, oi till appeals there
from. tnding and undterm noned before the
Third District Court fIr the ptrlish of Orleans.
on the Ilrst, MI nd y in August. 1880. shall be
transfttrried to the riaty cour s of New Orleans
on the firat Monday of August. 1R80.
First--All su"h citos blfore the first justice
of the peace. the second justice of the peace,
the sixth justice of the peacen the seventh jus
tlice of the peace and thi eighth iju-tle of the
eonc.., and all appeals therefrom. pen flng and
undetermilned in the Third DIstrrtit O)rt for
the parish of oraeans. shall betransferredtotho
First City Court
S enndl --All such cases before the third jas
tle of the peace and the f u"rth justice of the
pentt. for the parish of Orleans, a d all ap
peal. ltherefrom. po nlngannd undeterminerlbe
fore the Thi!rd District Court, for the parish of
Orleans, so II the transferred to the Second OCity
Onlurt of New Orle.ns.
Third-All our-h cases before, the fifth juti
of the peace for the pariah of Orleans, and a
S'ato therefrom verlndint aid nodetermin
before the Third 1)stri t Court for the parish
of Orl ann. shall te transferred tothe Third
City Court of New Oileantt.
it;(:. 2 11k i fiurther enacitd, etc . That all cases
Paso translerrti lfrom thle usti.s rf the peace tO
the clty courts sthall be prooetd-d with as II
,oriulnally instituted t' f ire thu sail city courts.
and all apvals so transferred to thesaid city
b1 courts shall be proce'ided with and tried In the
p saime manner as the sam would have been
tried anl proceedled wil If the same had re
romained before the said Third District Court for
the parish of Orleans.
"An act to provld- for the appointment of a
hoard of Insp-t'tors to uxamln-, into the quall
flotrtins of persons dust. Ing t,,c Ot a- enaineers
and providt fir lssuIng f' rtiflcates thereto"
was taken un ufder the unfavorable report of
Sthe (lCommlitter on A.rlrslPur,.
r Iltpresentaltte Vinehan made the point of
order that a trollar bill had b-:en defea'ed this
morning, and nuder the constltutlonal rule the
pr'sent meacsure c.utlid iot bim entertaln'd,
SThe Roeter ruled that the pointeof order
was well taken and tha, the bill could not be
Rcpresentativ Quilnn anpealed from the de
of ision of the Chair (Iltrresentativ.e Atkins in
e the Chair), which was sustalned by the House.
"An Not to provide for a Bureau of Agrlul.
Store." favorahly reported by the Committee On
Agriculture, was takpen upi and madi, the special
a ordler ot the day for Monday next at 1 o'clock.
"An act to define the crime of concubins.e
and provide penalties for the violation thereof."
was takenuo.
a Representative Allain moved thatthebill be
indefinltelv postport't.
SRepresentative Jsctpson of St. Mary, moved
a as a uistttitut~ that the bill be referred to the
Judiciary Committe Adopted.
a "An act to permit Maessrs. Hornor & Benedlot
to sue the Htati." was read a second time.
a. Reoresentative (lurley moved that the billbe
Ind.-finitely pestponed.
SR oreeentatsive O)PIrove moved that It be re.
Sferred to the OC,mmittee on the Jndiofary.
Adopted. with the understanding that the com
Smftteii report wetrer tbs bill w . of the claess Jj
Sthat the ctn.tlttion requlreseball beadvoer
tined 'or thirty days before they can be consid
d ered by the Hens.
A numbher of hills previsonly introdoued were
a aRproOrIa'ely referr d.
r. upresenta Iv Birtllilu moved that the special
,v order of the day (t.be ornt-e'ed election ease
f n Assumnptiecbte acated, and thatt be _
* made the order for to- morrow at 2 o'cloo.L
II The House then adjourned until noon tO
e morrow.

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