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he moasny market I easy.
lbe orla exchagel Is steady.
· bt Coasole and Premium Bonds are
Sto*.. sontinue to improve.
Cal.ON Ia teady here for spots, and, although
.a WIer than the opening for futures, was
. allwhalt off from yesterday's alose, Spots
. a Weak at New York and futures steady.
dvercrool spots are 1-lied lower, while futures
eS at55tdy, Havre Is I franc hlaher for Tres
U r6 t ia in fair request and steady for the
S inaum and lower grades, while olarifled and
: e0 better qualtlites optin kettle are quiet.
Ios r is firmer.
lraita i strong, with the exception of oats.
gbieh are easy.
"led, it anythblo, le stronger.
rovislolas are in request for the jobbing
Gro.eties exhibit more animation,
' o ..ntry products are quiet.
[email protected] ANe IlPoUWT UP TO S . M.
.. Bran, seake...... .se26
7 U ,'. 104 2.ao.n.0,a.... 2
.. to b.ans. barrele.. 7
ik.. 79u ortn i hulk.bu. 2.omo
I "..... 7,541 Flour, ble....... 7,600
S... le H 'rme., rteroes 169
9,.997 He,. i orate.... 6
l.. 91 , Larnal'...... 200
1.. l .ard, barrels ... 19
l. ar, oase...... 60
::: 666 bole . 1,675
6 I... , bblsak ....... l,
,o..... M5 eatk.s......... 4
P 5tr, barrels.... 111
eal ....t t n " .6 l.barrel ........ 0
614..l da . Paokm * 122
S .:. s "".. s. I ap, boxes....... . o.
maWsf 5 * f bbTaoo, hhds.... 15
hpe. ga . bhie ..b.. a97
0to 00oo
parOM V& OanuS.
bal ...; 1.460 Sugar. bble....... 16
PAi PIto D1 JANiInO.
bop ................................... 4.00
PReM 00kA.
. Mhda.... 1 Molaasses e to... .4
501 LtrvIrp)OL
b bls.. .sa till ake, sacks.. 2.500
. b........ 1. ou tor, bulk, b . ..ss.out
vra oaoIA.
bilk bushels ......................27.. 42
lash ........ l.o Vi.ur. bbla....... 1.100
73i. H~ I ,e bhle........ 2
9 fB n,, oask ..... 1
d that th' It.rei prea oer of the
a fundong bill,. providln for the
M r oeoatbonds. Iiis probe Ie. how.
1 report. like man othrbers which
the at.of r. Wod's tarff bill,
I Dier ian tie oon dlenoe of Mr.
Se sqooees ofs own eforts. It
a mitrt'tne if the billlhould paes
Drotto ped. lVI.nr no dleortion to
triofyth Tresulrva to isening
r oa shlher rate of intert If the
SQuid. rove unnalable. At present
lt nle r r oeaa to hoe that 7oo,.
# per Hant Monds couid besold at
t OUi aO onld pavs suoh a bill. bow.
s ensto modify it mulght be found
iNew York Commerolal Bulletln.l
ar, arler. of the firm of Parler. Harver
aiormfn of tee committee of the
anro Assoolation on a National
lw. and who went to Weahington
.qW flaoit returned home. He say
. e to eoaresuob alw I le ork
SW tern raten-r ouests from West.
men to tb'ir Congressmen that
y .po d. On Saturday the New
ber of ommeroe sen on a letter
r a;or fiten leadin 0 commie.
akai go, Bo~or Bard- of Trade
" dlegationt use their
r s reotion. Mr Farle
0 Ih . if the Boardo
t iy a should apno the subleot in
dlrect the movoment West, where
velyt needsd In order to be nootess.
i[O. .. ogmerolal Bttlletin.]
oof considerable interest to brokers
In stooks. grain, etc., bes just been
u Supreme Court of Michigan. It
t afirm of dealers in produce at
m,. made a in raot with certain
eon ronts in Detrot by which the
tby on'Onange for the former a
Et f oor for futuredelivery. Some
ras ns havina been entered into. a
terose between the partles, and led
t., in which the defense was set
e entract had reference to a gam.
on and therefore, could not be
e defendants claimed that the
to a contract had not c ntem
any aotual sale or delivery of corn
Sth re cent was in the nature o
on th rise or fall in the price, and
as understood that merely differences
w to be paid. These all-gations
l1d by the plaintiffs, who testified that
ledtmading was that the actual title to
sta ld eas; in other words, that
tld bhe a boa tide. purchase. The
ot deny that anu agreement would be
t was ilearly understood by hoth
to be. not for actual purchases or bona
tlons, but almaly a speculation or
mto tature Dricel. and contemplating
esayment of dilffrences. But there
o tegt objction to a contract for future
r , t itsa 1, uttimate to buy grain to be
e in the future, hovlug thereby to
Sya rise in the market, as it sl to buy
on speculation. In the uresent oase the
theld that on the face of the transaction
ittitt was good.
[New York Shipping List.[
stI Mrln trade in the earlier departments.
a e manufactures, is gradually iu
n g. and tles gives a strong sutoort to the
ket for the principal raw materials, not
ding their materially bigher cost than
iorresponding period last year. But in
it tant d.partnments thb movement
by short of the mtoresuangine
on for the reason that prices have
S t which seriously lunterfres with
lme eonsumptihon and txortnat on of a
variety of commodities. It should be
in mind that though there ban
a substantial reaction from the six
of marked depression whlih Ast
the flush period culminating with
of 1871. there is a limit to the means
mers, and that they have learned by
feghinche the wholesome lees tn to do
any things which they cannot afford
pay for. The advance that has taken
ia tcles is strictly in acsordance
t supply and demand, but in not
et e through over speculation,
sUeuor b feayond the point for whlch
su tr warrant. There would there
seem to be oeeasion for the exeurcis of ju
sprudeneed a onaervaLtisa on the Dpar
mereantile clalsses. The rapid reouper
Srin the east twelve monthe should
Sof the adversities resulting from
causes In the past-of the wide fiuctua
the period of general and feverish
- ty wlob was the outgrowth of the war to
atter depmes on and s'agnation which iol
wed. Alitte attention to the parallel might
iult in ving stabilty to business aftaes
aadinseeuring a prosperity which it ml-derate
wo be althe more permanent. Aside from the
tendefcy to inordinateepeouiation in certain de
: esnts.tteontlook Is favot able, and it will be
uthe interest of .11 concerned to avoid undue
aeion. thereby keepng industry and oma
nero upon a healthy and legitimate basis. The
aioieede of the expert trade contluues. be
S of the persistent effort of speculators in
ace to compel forelign buyers to pay what
reard as etreme prices. Meanwhil
prices of manufactures and many
of greneral merchandlse are stim
the imprtts and reducing the
os of trade in favor of the country,
bans wants are infinite in number and
There ae iongry mouths enough to
way with all the food our prairies can
Sa if all the mills In Chriuteadom are
0 .ar na mucA mor
mone thn at th m ast year but hey hve
money than at this tine last year, but tbhe navQ
bheome annuaotomned to work with very small
margin of autrvlas reserve, w loh i not en
Israed by the treasury's DerlodioaI disburse
ments for interest.
The Mark Lane Express. London. February
to10, says:
home little progress has been made with flhId
work. which Is still hehiudhant In some dis
trio s. The land. however, Is now In good work
able condition. Itepor's relative ao winter
sown wheat are favQrahle in those distrlots
where it has apperred above the surface. The
dato weather is unfavorable to threehing.
Bally dry samples are practically uuobtadn
ablt·. Even fair averae lots are rare. Trale
both at Mark Lane and in the oountry has been
eoeredinaly dull. In aoon c ulne of this nnd
bad condition mlle~e wuld searouly look at
English wheat last Monday, and a deoline of
1s to Is per quarter was quoted even on the best
tarcels the provincial markets following suit.
Dense fi alo seriouly Interfered wi h buIl
nes tin London. Tht itnports of f.irelno wheat
Into London have been moderate, but at Liver.
pool the avrivals were more literal. .st Mon
dat's decline of Is per quarter has not, been re
covered, as the consump+tve dmsand was very
small, but there has b-en no lurtner reductlon.
Oate were depressed in oonoupq.tenoe of
large imports. MIir, was steady, owing
oblchiefly to its scarcity on the spot. As re
girdts the speculatiln for a rise In America
taking into conslderation the fact that of
Amerloan Wheat the purplus is not munh If
anpthingr In excess of europe's needs, It i
auite probable that prices may eventualld
just themselves wihhout a great rise here or a
great fall In America: b it at present the ques
ton a«, me to be simply who ca hold out the
lingest. T he art Ivala at parts of cal h, been
considerable,. tblnuah red winter wheats were
veryr seare. There was a great depressilon
early in the week. but since the p, owlug to the
advance In America and the large t uantity
of wheat taken from the coast for Oontlnentai
ort', prtces have advanced sixpence to asal
ag pe quarter, with more dimand both for the
Ulted tngdoi and for the Oontinent. Thera
ws a falr inquiry for mai tat an advance of
bout elxpenuoe per quarter,. Buy,-re show no
dlposttlon to enter into fr ward blines,
either for wheat or malt.. The sales of gnglilel
wheat last week wire 8? 81S quarters at 44+ 2d
per quarter, against S 788 quaters at see id
per quarter for the oorreevoodlog week last
year. The Imports into the Unnied KItgdnm
acring the week ending January at were 1.ooe,
448 hundredweights of wheat and 168,88 hun
dredwelgohts of a sur.
(Our qeotations of foreptm and domestir mu.e
Ibet are from the lo sing ..egrams.
Theu for learancoes. Baleanes.
hi wee k............ $6.418.,94 91t ss6 974 02
ast week...... ...... 8 178.881 77 20,o66 as
his week last year.. 404.108 oe8 8e,07 27
pTa Most Waxasl-Is easy.
soevatIon commaeroal paper l quoted s4
I cent; At do --8; collateral loas 6r?: Al
In riga 8;eond n erde nominal.
gMno rate com osent
Loxaw-Ban k of En stand t s~~~ Daent; Co
sols 98 8 18.
Jass--Dentes s . 8,.
ssa-Mefltoan aollars rule at 688s0%. trade
dollars 9sI® American halves and quarters
par. Bullion in London us s-led; sere, fine
$1 14. i ouuce.
A1mutoaw ionn -Oallfornla 718 I aent dise
ouut' light weight 07·par; mutilated I I ent
Fomow Oos-I-n currenc : live-franc
pieces o-- twenty-fran oeee T8 [email protected],
sovereign 8N $4 45. ten tha-er pices 7 [email protected]
-, iplb doub oone 918 5 --. Patriot doub
Qnus 618 [email protected], Mexican doubloons 16 [email protected],
Mexloan twenty epeso pieces $19 t019 45. Bouth
American sold 90 per pesos. German twenty
markse 4t 600 7s.
BSmTaltno-Steady. Here commercial Is 4814
482. bank --48es. bank counter rate -oas8.
bankers' 483, bankers' s' sght 4a; at New York
commernial Is [email protected] bank 4834.( b4%.
Fawosa-Firm. Here omanerual arme .J243e
6.2i4. bank 6.20o%@-; at New York commerotal
6.2t465 28W. bank s.219l.20%.
Nsaw YOat Ilona -FIarm. Commercial is 500
discount und hankers' counter oheoking rate t1
premium I $1000.
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
10l ........ ..:::40)4 483( 28 286
19 m..--........484 481 28 8
1:80 p.m..........48% 485 28 2814
, m .............48% 48 284 2. s
lose Saturday ..8% 48% 27% 28%
This day 't w'k. 48% 481( 27% 27'
This dayl 'strear.8ti 5214 24 2%
1:30o a. m.-None.
1:s4 p. m.-10o.oo0 sold at 484.
[(The following are the latest quotations jo-day
the inside figures indicating the bidding rate and
the outside the asking rate.l
MRAILOAD BonDs--Ohicto, St. Loaui and New
Orleans Railroad Compapy. Tennessee lien
- -. first consolidated mortgage Iolitt,.
do second mortgare ----. Jackson Railroad
lrst mortgge [email protected] ex coupon, do second
coupon l18% -. do second debt -0--. New
Orleans and obile ail road - --. New Orleans
Pacific ----. Canal and Clalborne Street first
mortgage. [email protected] New Orleans City Rallroad
mortgage 1o028-, New Orleans Waterworks
Oompany mortgagelo0.to109K.
recads taxitous BoNus- mall State Consols
-$-. Ulty Consolidated Bonds 82s86a.
Wharf Bonds -0- Drawn Premium B rnds
- -. Citry Ten Per Cant Bonds ---. Water
works Bonds 232040.
UNITED STAT.S BOIWn-FIVo per Oents [email protected]
43 per centes [email protected] ex coupon; 4 oar cents.
here [email protected] do at New York [email protected],. do at
London o1%9e-.
WanaNTrs. Scart. Ero.-Levee Warrants 9o0
-: htate Warrants 1879 receivable for licensee
and taxes. s84085 Police Warrants-1876. 29
@63n: 1876. -0-. Cty ScBrlv-1n74. 80oD -: 1878.
30034: 1876, 824832%: 1877, 32 -832%; 1878,
3a2'+2 32 BSchool Oertlflcates--1874 and 1875,
-0- Ihalf paid City Ooupons ---. Interest
Certfioates on State Consoli-January. 1879.
-0 - ; Jnly. 1879, ---. Privilelee on Premium
Bonds .%@® I cent. Unpaid State coupons
ITOa S- -he * before the followoing quotations
c' stocks indicates Fridau's teekly quotations of
the New Orleans itock xcohange; the t, last sale
since Friday- the . last sale to-day; a. oith divi
dead e, et dividend.
Banks. Par Value. Bid. Asked.
Canal and Banking Co...... 10o *1o5 106
tlens ...................... 1oo0 test -
Germania National........ 1oo00 09 9
Bibernia National........... 1oo *9s 95
Louisiana National.......... 1o0 '97 98s
Metro. Loan and Savings... oo *- -
Mutual National............. oo *00oo l
Neow Orleans National-....... 100 *12 too
People's ......................50 o 6 47
State National.............. 100 *- 0lo
Union National ........... 100 *86 885
Insurance (bmpanies.
Cresaunt Mutual ........... 100 "*871 92
Factors and Traders'........ oo0 1to14 -
Firemen's ............-..... so *51 -
Germania Insurance Co.... 100 *6e -
HIlbernia Insurance......... 100 1s94 -
Home Insurance ......... to *4 2842
HRope Insurance ............. 100 s -
Lafayette ....- ........ 0- *9e4 -
Merchants' Mutual........l. Io0 1o -
Mechanics and Traders'.... 100 *96 97
New Orleans Ins. Ass'n ..... 8o t 9K -
N. O. Ins. Company..........0 *t 52
Peotle's Ins. Company..... 25 *90 91
Sun Mutual..... .......... 1oo 0loi 103
Tetona nl......... .... . o0 100 101o
Street Railroads-
Carrouton.................. 100 112 118
Crescent Ctty ................ "50 6234 64
canal and Claiborne " ........ loo *s 5
New Orleans OCty............ o00 *99 4 100
Orleans ...................... s0 *3 i
St. (harle. Street........... 5o *69 70
Miscellaneous Stocks
Blenvllle Oil Works Co...... 100 -110
Oreoent City Oil Company.. 100 012t 126
reet City laughterhouse 60o ,02 2
Importers Bond Warehouse 100 *26 32
Jefferson City Gaslight Co.. oo0 060 70
Louisiana Ice Manu. Co .... 50 *28 -
Louisiana State Lottery..... 100 *1to -
Lou.ilana Oil Company..... loo *120 -
Sae Company ................ 100 7o -
N. . Waterworks Company. 1oo0 47
Planters Oil Company....... loo "127 130
luger Shed Company ...... so 79 81
10 shares Hh brnia Ins. Co............... 9
o10 sbaree love Ins. Co-................ 55
65.000 Premium Bonds...................... 2s
Privtlege on 8.,000 Premium........
OAZD . T 13 M.
so shares Waterworke0ompany........ 477
o shares Waterworsompany....... 473.
oASlD At 1:80 , [.
eo shares Wterworks ron y ........ 47}
6 Yators and Trders Ins. Co.,1oe
10 ehnr. ulbernia i, o 54.............. 94
so.ete ol.... ................ 8
t)o 0 s neols (8. 80)................... 4ts
o10000 oo tate onnels B. 0)..... .............
8.00o Prpmlum Bnnds ...................... 28
1.000 Pollce oertfloates, 876 ................ 40o
UOAnD AT 8 P. M.
5 shares Waterworks anm pany .... 47
s6 shares Waterwork nUomoant(8. o). 47
4o shares N. 0 O aeltht' Comoany.... 75
4o sharee Hibernia Ins. Co. (on Satur
day .... ......... ................... 98
NRw YoaB. Feb. 10.-The following ie the
nosing took report: Uffered.
eodiatd Goal...... ...-..... ds
aiekle ver.................«..............
ulokE " preferred"...................... 62 4
pia i jDr. ..... ............,-........ 10
amer icn ter ahntaE I ress........... .6
rifted ft .ress....... ........... 47
alo al . ............................ 4.
nion Paof ................................ ... .
...ari ............ ... "...... 4134
San reerred ..... ................... ....
t Wa.... ........................ 11
Sannb oeoh.h................... 409
n.l..a. . . ........................... 4714
anama......... ........................i....7
wsareo. Lacknwanna and Western.... .o8
Cw ok Oea and Hudson... ......1it S
S.......................................... 47
ske ýhore Mlohln Routhern........ 1047
Inon nt ex dividend............. .
leveiaudd j'ttebur guaranteed .«."... 110!4
bligo an orthw rn ........... . ... .. 1
i an Northwestern preferred....... o10614
1 . ... ................149
rnter Union ...........................1(K
Bub-Treasury Btlances -Coln. 78,o081,09;
currency. se V67.802.
A aFnuotawo,. Feb. le.-Closlng prices of
m alnng stooks are as follows: Bales.
d............ .... .................... 4
ý t Beloher ........................... g
rwn Point ...... ............... 41
ouli Onnsolida ted ........................ 10
i Ourr................................. t
S ard Primo ..................... 1%
Jals 0onsolidated ......................... 16
tiou e ........................................ 1!4
eran ................................ 17
rthern Belle ............................... 16
vphir . ........................... at4
ellow Jacket. .....................
(Our uotaifons o1 Domeestio sad Foreign Mar
kets are ..om Lhe olo nsg f eseple4m, and our Got
ton etasto from tse Naro Orleans Coton Ec
Cotton opened Irregular and easier, ruled
quiet and easier at noon, but closed steady at
Saturday's quotations. The sales comprised
6sso bales, exclusive of 50o on Saturday. The
offerings were of fair extent, with the assort
ment of pretty good quality.
The Cotton Exchange reports sales to-day
6600 bales, Includinga s8 after a p, m. Saturday.
Market opened easy and closed steady. Stained
%@%io less than white of the same class.
This day
To-day. Sat'day. last weekr.
Low Ordinary........ 11 11 10%
Ordinary ........... 11 114 1%
rdinary....... 12 12'i 12
ow Middlin....... 12% 12% 1
Mdd ............ 12% 12% 12%
Mddlg lair....... 18 18% 13!4
The Inside figures of the following quotations
atthe calls are the bidding rates to day and the
outside figures the asking rates. The bidding
rates at 11 a. m. and 1 p. m. are for the regula
tion of margins:
Bid prices
First call, at 11 a. m. Second call.
January .... -0- - - @
February .... 12.654 - 12 65 12 605 -
March ......s. 12 7.4 - 12 87 [email protected]
Arll ........ [email protected] os 12,94 12 97 18 0o1
many .........1809913.14 18.09 13084 1.12
June........ 1 23 - 13.13 - @18.25
July. . ....... 18 31 - 13.81 18 81013 83
August ...... 18.354 - 13 25 - -
Bevtember .. 12 65012 67 12.65 12 66012 70
ctober .....- - 12 0 12.0 12.12
November .. 11.06 .69 1160 11.6005
December ... 11.568 - 11.56 11.6611.71
Market ...... Weak. - Dull.
Sales. bales.. 1800 - Soo
Bidding Third call.
price at Olose Close Av'ae
1 p. inm. to-day, Saturday. Prices
Jan.. - " - [email protected]
Feb....... 12.65 12.70 12 79 12 800 - -
March .... 12 12.90'413.00 12.95,12 98 1290
April..... 13 13 ol 13.0o [email protected] 11t 1301
May...... 1308 13.13(13 14 13.1n 13.20 13.12
Julne..... 1323 13 22(1.28 15 s8413.36 13 2:
July..... 1 8 113.10(13 37 13.40013 45 13.30
August .. 13.25 13.414 - 13 414 -- -
Set-...... 12.60 12 741t012 75 12 74(12.78 -
Oct....... 12 08 12.1:3 12 15 12 17412 I 1 12 .12
Nov...... 11.60 11.72 41t.76 11.75 41178 11.69
Do ...... - 11 66 11.62 - 11.71511.75 -
Market -- Stetdier. - - - -
Sales..... - 70.) - - -
First Call-Maroh. on at 12 89 April, e800 at 1s;
Jnne. 200 at 18.23: total. 13oo bales.
Botween first and Second Calls-November.
100 at 11.69.
Necond Call-May, 100 at 13.12: July. 100 at
18.o30; October. 100 at 12.0s; total. 30oo bales.
Between aSeond and Third Call*--Aoril. 200 at
1 o01: May. 200 at 13 11, 100 at 13.12; June. 100oo at
18.24; total, 600 bales.
Third all--March, 10too at 1149. 100 at 12.90o:
April, 100 at 13 02. too at 13 0; May, 100 at 13 13:;
June, l00 at 18.23; October loo at 12.16; total, 700
Total Sales-To-day. 2900 bales, Including 6on
between calls; Saturday, 1800 bales, including
600 between calls.
Market. Bales. Middling,
New Orleans..Steady........ 5.6oo ) 12"
Galveston..... -Steady........ 7oo 12
Mobile........Lower....... 2.0x - 12'1
Savannah .....Ester ........ 2,400 1'2
Charleston ... Dull ....... .... 3o 13i
Wilmington. Quiet ......... . 128'
Norfolk ..Q.. Uilet......... 442 1'4Y
Baltimore .... Q et .......... 105 134
New York..... Weak........ o3 13
Boston........Quiet .... .... 1:
Memphis..... Quiet ......... 1,roo 12',
Augusta. ...... let .......... 520 12'[email protected]%
Philadelphia. Firm .......... 387 13
OCincinnatl.... Quiet .......... . 12
St. Louis...... Weak.......... 1,19o 12 ,
BPoTS-Opened dull and closed weak at Sat
urday's rates. The reg~ular sales comprised
303 bales, and the deliveries on contract 700
Quotations-Ordinary l1;o. Good Ordinary
12 3-16-. Strict Good Ordinary 12 7 16. Low Mid
'ling 12`', Middllnr Uplands 13.n. Middling
Orleans 13tc. and Middling Texas 133S.
Fouuxas-Opened barely steady, ruled steady
at noon and closed very steady, with sales of
124,000 bales.
To-day's To-day's Saturday's
Opening. Close. Close.
Janttary .... 12 [email protected] *12 34112 48 *12 44(411 50
letraary.... 13.12013 14 1 15 ---- [email protected] 20
March....... 18 16513.17 13 21013 22 13.24013 25
April. .. . 13 [email protected] 18 44418 45 18,484 -
May ...... 13 62413.63 13 [email protected] 66 13 60513 69
June..... 13.80()13 0 1.84t 13.8 385 13 88013 69
July.......... 13.9113 93 13 [email protected] -
August ... 14 o0144.01 14 04(514 05 14 070514.08
September .. 13 [email protected] 13 51013 54 13.5551:3 58
Ootober .. .. [email protected] 69 12 [email protected] 70 [email protected] 74
November. . 12 360512a1 *[email protected] 38 *12 42012 45
Derwemtr ... *12.31412.32 *12.37012.42
.Latest uuotations orevious to the close.
SPoTS-Opened easier at 1-led decline, and
closed the same- 7 7.1sd for Middling Uplands
and 7 9-164 for Middling Orleans. Theaales com
prised 8on000 hales, of which 6800 were American.
The receipts comprised 16,1o.bales, of, which
12.100 were American.
FuxTa s-Opened steadier and closed steady.
DarL.rasE-Uplands, anr port, not below
Low Middlin. were quanoted as follows: Jan
uary -, February 75161, February .nd
March 711 8 2 a5-164, March and April 711 32d,
AprIl and May 7d'. May and June 71s-3,2.
June and July 7 7-1ed. July and AunRust
7 15-3A77-161. August and September 7Ta
715-821, Beptember and October -. October and
Nove.mber -- INovember and Deoember 74, De
oember 7-.
-Thus far-.
To-day. weekL week. last year.
Ne Orleans .... 8029 18.e7 .M86 0,749
Qavetontn... . 2 694 8 408 2.288 8,076
Moie ........... 1.212 2 89 4,944 8.804
Savannah ...... 4162 60160 6.809 6,498
arleston ....... .166 8.864 2.840 8,591
Wimn ton... 91 285 840 1,027
orfolk "...... 2.880 5.451 4,840 4.261
l ore ....... 2 46 127
ewYork...... 1072 1,770 1.1.8 1,859
ston.......... 98 1,015 1,281 1.f71
Shi ladelhia.. 75 115 212 871
Various........... .... ....
Total........ 28.29 44.206 46 107 60.211
This year. Last year.
At New Orleans............ 1.107 87Jd 9.,s8.)
At U. 8. ports................4,028,988 8.810.447
Thin year. Last year.
Great Britain..........,... 520485 821.010
Channel ....................... C6.7 47
France.................... 1na 968 16el.,7
Continent ................. 13,8 173 170
oetwisO ..e................ 167,893 07.708
Total............... .... 981,101 738 027
This year. Last leer.
Great Britain ..............1,569.110 1,214.605
raeeo 9......... .......22,478 870 841
Other Forelun Ports........ 6 40o s4e so/08
Total ............. .7.87.4us8 .157,527
To-day. This day iat year.
Total...... ......... 85,464 867.270
On hblpboard...... 99.547 161.)8
Leaving In presses 280 917 205.088
To-day. This day lest year.
Total.... ... 999 628 828,272
The market continues frm. especiallr for
Liverpool and Havre.
uoutwn. Steam. ail
r .......... . l--l .. » -100
ronstadt. ......... ...0o , . 82
S.................... .. ... 1 -3i:S
lo ............*... ....**0 18 1
new ork .. .. 1o ....c
s.eton. roildence all
Hive d Phladeli.
via N. ork ............. te ....c
Baltimoro via New York.. 11-.1o ... .
Grain to Oontlnnt tr.. sOle 3d wsed
OII oeak to the United
-lnadom...... ... -.... is
11 casle to Lverp'I 9 ton u®es 7o6
;jar to Nw York. M hhd 6 se
10Mlssees. bbl.:........... $1 00
qo ............ so
SOur quotations represent wholesale prices ae
oept when job lots are speoifed.,
Lua Toea oo- Bunning stock soo hhda,
part of which is held for shipment; stock
on sale100 hhds. Market quiet Low lug s54
@40 s emedium s4tOli, good and fine 4X
o. Mw et s6iMo, mnediue0O7 69 o. good
and tin T .0$8o. se eotions 910c.
MAlI TOnDan TOPAGO--In request and
strong, F ine l [email protected] lb , fine medium
1s459J. Brht quarters, common sound. as
087s. Brigh navy, t's and 6's, a99elt. Black
sweet [email protected] 1 S's and inos, dark biacu
sweet isO1sO. Navy be black 891490, navy S's
black 5t48(. Fancy styles, natural leaf. d4 0o.
No.1, as. extra fancy 67U0so.
SuOta-In fair request and steady for the
medium and lower grad s open kettle, but
quiet for clarified and better qualities of open
kettle. Recelpts 6el hhdl. Exprtse none. Stock
under the sheds 9264 hhds.
Inferior [email protected], common 63B 03c, good
common (%o7, fair [email protected], ood fair [email protected]
hflly fair-- 7%o, prime [email protected] strintly prime
73i--o choice [email protected], seconds [email protected] Yellow
olarilled eA'i AeOc gray clarified [email protected] off
white [email protected] choice white [email protected], standard
white --94o1.
MoLAsm=-Dull. Reoepte 6e45 bhla. Exports
none, Stook under the shede 4747 bbls.
Common [email protected] 09 gallon, centrifugal 5o04so,
fair sta3o. prime 4r04~o, strictly prime [email protected]
choice -..oi.
Ioxa-Is quiet. No. 2 [email protected],49o common s54
50o, ordinary [email protected] fair 8(86eKn, good [email protected]
Ego. prime es6%o,. ohoice @?7%o.
[The follotoing prices are for round lots. Job
lots are 25800o more per bbl. according to quality.]
FLoua-With the continuance of an lnqulry
for export and a fair local demand the marLet
is firmer. Fine $4t sos. superfine $I5s 87)1, sln
gie extra s5l 62 ii¼, double extra U 7605, trehle
extra 8 2516 8715. choice extra --a6 62)1.
family 6 [email protected] 76. fancy $e 757.
QOa MAL - $8 161- - bbl.
m'r-$2 9o8a 15 1 bbl.
iOMYt-$28 76518 hbl.
BYa FL.oua- $ -®@ P bbl.
([Our quotations are for wholesale lots on the
landing. Dealers job at the following adance
from store: Corn [email protected] per bushel, Oats [email protected] per
bushel. Bran [email protected] per t00.and Hay 12(@3 per tos.J
Doan IN Sacxs-In light supply, goo I de
mand and strong for white. White [email protected], white
mixed -1--c, yellow [email protected]@80. yellow mixed 570
-c l bushel.
OATs-In good supply, moderate demand and
easy at [email protected] bushel.
BRAN--I in light snooly, moderate demand
and quiet at a2sek-c I Cwt.
HAY-Is in request a,,d strong; choice [email protected]
1 ton. prime $15026. ordinary [email protected]
BULK Con--salable at 49I5Oo for mixed V
bushel, white 53040. yellow [email protected]
BuOL WHExr-A-None here. Balable at I1 to4
1 45 I bushel.
(Our quotatons of provisions are for lots at
wholesale. Jobbers prices are [email protected] per bbl
more, and %30o higher per lb.]
Provisions are in fair local demand and
Pon--S1i [email protected] 75 P bbl for old, and $13
@13 25 for new.
BBaAersT BAcoN -Ordinary [email protected], choice
[email protected]
BAoox--Shoulders [email protected] clear rib sides 7°%
*7%i, F ib clear sides 808o0.
DaRY SLT MEArsH-Loose shoulders --04Kce,
packed 4%@4%3 . clear rib sides [email protected] clear
sides [email protected]
HAMS-Oanvased-Choice small [email protected] F
b., medium [email protected] large [email protected]
LARD-Refined in tierces [email protected]%c. refined In
kegs [email protected] refined in buck-ta --(O8ao. Pack
ers' lard-tlierce [email protected], kees 8s4. pails 8uo.
PAoxKER' Hoc PRODUoR-Prime mess pork
$12'- extra, prime $1o 50o11. rump pork $10 50
3 bbl. Spare ribs $7 1 tierce and $5 5o V bhb.
Side ribs $10 2010o 5o 1 tierce and $7 P bbl. Pig
pork [email protected] ; ball bbl and 1s 8 hbbl. Ham sau
sages 5%[email protected] 1 lb. Plhkled pig tonagues [email protected]
apiece. Pigs fo~t $1 50 i keg. $2 25 flirkin
and $04c 60o F bbl.
BEEF--Western is selling at [email protected] 76 1 bl.
and $607 halt bbl. Fulton market $8 [email protected] 75
N half bbl.
BrrrPsa-Western creamery, fancy s6~(- F
Ib.do choice [email protected] do prime [email protected]; New Yo' k
creamery fancy [email protected], do dairy prime 288
0oc. do dairy choice [email protected] Western dairy.
choice. 23ib40. do prime [email protected]; Western do
choice 240250; Western. fresh packed, prime
[email protected] fair to good [email protected]
UaHEsB-C-Oboice WestArn Reserve 14134 2-c.
New York cream [email protected] prime Western
skims [email protected] 14C0 I lb.
OtLs-OCal .Al-ordinary 19(200 I gallon in
barrels, [email protected] in cases. Lard oil--N. 1 67(168,:
fall strained 65c. winter strained [email protected]
Linseed oil-raw 87880,. boiled 90-0-. Cotton
seed oil-crude [email protected], refined [email protected]
FIS. -Mackerel-No. 1,. bbls $ -(8 o0. halves
--04 i1, quarters $--2 45. kits $--01 u: No. 2
bles [email protected] 60. halves $--113 57. quarters $1 94. kits
-919c: No. 3 large. bbls 4S 07, halves $4 7.
quarters $2 18. kits 980: No. 3 medium. bbls $-'0
5 50, halves 8-03 07. Quarters [email protected] kits [email protected]
so9. Herrings-No. 1, soc 1 box. Haddock 95e0
box. odfish $110 I box. lcaled Herrings
SOAP-Laundry-Olive [email protected] P i, German
olive [email protected]%c. family 8.04c. palm [email protected](ce
red castile -90c. white --Oluo. India [email protected]
St. Rollox 4%@43c..
OOFF.E--Is stronger and tending up. Job
lots are quoted as follows: Ordinary 1434
1440 lb. fair [email protected] good 16)%@16M. prime
[email protected]
Cargoes-Ordinary 13%@--c. fair [email protected]
roo t 16.--. prime [email protected]
TAs-Oolongs [email protected] Formosa 40(78c. Ena
LIsh breakfast 50®00c. aImperdals [email protected], gn
Dowders 6055.
SAxL-Steady. Jobbing at$i o023406 tfr coarse
-d at $1 491 4$ for fine. Turk's Island o003.3
P bush, When delivered d irayae is added,
sad + 4wsrp po in o1Ws .e e b
aIsu ?ouloam i so1t 71 & bbL Northern
seed Si 702 25.
8.W53 POT4ToES- 2 N bhl.
OnwmNs-,,rthuern $.ses s.
GOanto-5o076o 9 bunch.
AbmPsa-Fair 58 o504 so 9 bbl.
uLoIsIAnA OCAasam -it 256- 9 orate and
$104- t9 1O.
oua [email protected] 9 I bbl
Bns-Northern [email protected] c lb. white kidne
@( , Wred kldney 8 sOo, Western white 241
Pouvrat - Western grown blhckens 541
9 dozen, young do 2 7606. ducks I8s 2-.
fIeee 5i5 0o,. turkeys $12014 9 dozen: Lou
1sian grown hlockens snas 2s, vount @l202 2,
duons 62 5008, eese [email protected], turkers 69--.
dEos--Western il14ao 9 dozen. Louisiana
14 160.
Woo--None In market. Burry 140190 9 I,
Louittant eclear 7soeo, clear lake a82640.
OouNrar IBrDs-Dull. Green salted 8.E )4o.0,
drjy flht 144(@i1n, dry salted 18540%140o N l.
UITrr UaiD -DuIll 7o sl andlup, lb. so81%o;
steer and now hides, 80 to 70 lb. [email protected]; kls.
14 to 80 Ib, egeoa: out. soarred, grubby hides
and kipn, so off, 78(4t1.
TMLLow-In wood demand. Country 5K06Mo.
city lars4a. lN b.
B [email protected] lb.
Boaxs-Ox horns, prime, each --e:; cow do
Datm PFaurr-Apples 7090 9 5: peaches
Moss-Mixed 2)40o i9 lb, rer 1)40. 0o, black
sATramas-86®6o N lb.
Prrrsuao-To steamboats S600 box, retail oo
9 bbl. wholesale 860. ei. Bernard 400 I box to
steambonats, retail sO. wholesale 50so.
AAiaAMA -Pratt Is selling at 65 9 ton, o000
Ib' 46o P box to steamboats' retaling at 550 I
bbl. Helena is selitg at O6 ýton, 000 Ib: re
tallinr at 6o0 9 bbl. Moutevallo Is selling at
67 ro T ton, 000u a: retaIlina at 6 9 bbl.
NAvAL TBroas-Pitch s9 i3e460 o bbl. Tar $2
08 uo 9 tbl. ein 12 I268 60 9 bbl. Spirits tur
peutine e4647 .e. a.allon.
BAl.INo trurts-B1signg, 2 8, --11)o 9
yard: 2) lb -01ll; ballng twins 8l-c lb*.
Coarot Tias-1 he Arrow tie Ir 60 9 bundle,
Grip lie1 28, Amcptimel$. Triumph tie 64 0
lln Wler coottonbale tie 25. Oompressed
tie tl a.
Fautro AND Ntrrs -Messina orsoanges $a8 so 0
box. Palermo 8~a 50. Lemons-Mnesislna 6a 50
M boa. Layer flase l1 -1 ; 5oval tfls ls(. lb.
Layer raisins $ SiBu-London layer $a 750
Plantains 7581i 18 9 bunch. Bananas [email protected]
Sbunchb. Date. 7o I b. Ourrapta e)4c Ib.
Prouno io)bH 9 l. Ottron 200 9t i Almonds
00 c lb, Brazil nuts 110 I9 I, Pilberts 183
oauglilh wanlots iso: French do 18o. Peanuts
6'". PAoanes 50llt, as to qtltllty 0oooanuts
-65 9 1000. OCaforlni pears 64 so N box.
EAIIEir 31 rEllElagIIt
PIw Yosn. Feb. lc.-Southern flour quiet and
unchanged. Wheat op-ned !41iu better: sub
Pequntly the advance was lust; closed dull at a
bade Under 8 iturday's prices; uugraded red
SI 429*1 0o. Oure rather mre steady: better
export demand; ungraded [email protected] Oa' a shade
firmer; fairly active. No. 8 47. HiDps unchanged
but qnle'. O fIre firm-r but quiet; Blo, cargoes
1re4le6. job lots [email protected]%.
Hugar flr'e but quint: French Islands ser
7. ontrifugausl 9. common alnsoovado 7 8.-1,
fair to g tod raeflilu 7%'7%. prime 7%. re
fined moderat, Iv active; standard A 9g.
07 [email protected] ex 0C 3484 white ex C0 s91%. yellow
7%@7%, off A [email protected]%. out loaf 9%19% crushed
atid p wdered 9%9I9, granuated 93i. Mo.
lasses in f r demand but steady. Rice firm;
far Inqui'y. Ro in qulet: $1 [email protected] 50. Turpen
tine dull. 421 Woollu g ,od demand: domes
tie fi-me 4.c 146 poll-d [email protected], unwashed 18040.
Texas [email protected]'.. Purk quiet: rather weak; s$i 750
12 28 Mdltles steadly: long clear 6%, short 71,
jlonr and ah rt . Lard-Trade moderate:7 67%
07 70 Whiskt nominal: 110. Freglhts steady.
CaiCaoo, Feb. 16.-Foiur nominally un
chaunged Wheat unsettled and genera.ly
hisbur; No. 2 Ohicao string $I 23s cash. S1 241
April. Nt. a do st os%@t 10. rejeoted 90. Corn
dull and a shade low r at [email protected], .,sh, 40%
M ,y and June rej'cted So. Oats easier at ao%.
Pork in good demand and a shade hilher at
it 58. Lard steady but firm at 7.1587.1734
Bulk meats steady and in fair demand; shoul
ders 4.0 short rib a0, clear 60 5. Wnisky steady
and un hnanged.
Olose.-Oraln steady and unohanged. Pork
dull and lower; Sit 4214 asked March. Lard
dull and lot lower.
The Drovers' Journal reports: Hogs-Be
o6e1t" 14 0c0, shipments sloo: firmer, not quota
bly highbr: mixed packing 8 [email protected] 38, light
$4 [email protected] 85, oholo, heavy 4 4004 68; closed
firm, with g rod clearance. Oattle--oelpts
o100; shipments 9700; good heavy cattle quiet
and weak for 1 ,ok of competition at S506 20:
common to good shipping S42ta butcber5'
fairly active and firm; cows a2 bo;a so; btlls
$2 5004: steers 68 [email protected]; oxen [email protected] 25; feeders'
and stockers' quiet and weak at 6$ [email protected]
Mheep-R-.oelpts 1200, shipments 700; quiet and
steady at st45 40.
RT. LoVus, Feb. is --Flour higher; fanp s 12) 4,
family $5 779. Wheat opened higher, but de.
cllued; No 2 red fall St 27% cash. $1 81% April
No. 8 coo $1 21K. Corn higher but slow at 33as
*s33 cash. [email protected] April. Oats higher at 3.%
Whisky steady at $1 07. Pork higher at 612
for j b Iont. Lard steady; 710 asael, Bulk
mats firm and better: shoulders .,[email protected], ribs
6.4046 .50. sides 6 56 685. Bacon flrmer: shoul
dors 4 so. ribs 7 [email protected] 25, sides 7.40ro7.45.
Hg"I, higher and actIve: light shipping [email protected]
4 0o. mlxed pocking $1 [email protected] 40. butchers to se
leHt, $4 [email protected] 50; receitts 4000, shipments 60o.
Cattle stedty and unchanged for butchers'
grades; shippnlg easier: choice heavy steers
[email protected] 10. Rood to prime $4 [email protected] 90 native cows
and helfors $2 7560,1 50. corn-fed Iexans $2 750
4 20. f,'edure $4144 25: receipts 1500, shipments
l0ot. 8hebp saarcO and wanted; good 6t 40o 50o,
prime $05 40o, choice $5 [email protected]; r.ceipts soo.
CUNaINNATI. Feb. 16.-Flour dull and un
changed Wheat scarce and firm; $128. Corn
dull; 89. Ots quiet 3s. Pork dull; $12. Lard
firm; 7 [email protected] 20. BuIk meats steady; shoulders
4. olear rio 6.50. sides 6.70 Bacon easter: shoul
dere 5 ribs 7%. sides 7% Whisky steady and in
fair demand: $1t06 ugar Iaulet; hards 9V4
10o%. New Orl-t.,e [email protected],. iH ,is quiet and firm;
c,tmm n $3 [email protected] to, light $4 2004 40, packing
$4 [email protected] 4~sbutohers' 54 4534 50.
LSALTIMOreI. Fob. 16 -Oats firm; fairly active;
8outbern 47(49. We-tern white 46'@47. do
mixed [email protected] Pennsylvania 47049. Provislo~e
steady but, quiet. Mess pork $12 [email protected] Bulk
meats-Loosr shoulders 4%, clear rib sides 53.
do packe d [email protected] Bacon-choulders 5%, clear
rib sidet 7% hams 10lo1 Lard-Refined tierce
84. Goff a strong: a shade better: RIto cargoes
1416 iuglttir very firm: A soft 9P.. Whisky
dull ; t Io%@1 it. Freights steady but quiet.
LoutsvILLte, Feb 16 -Flour qlo-t and un
changei,. Wh-at steady at st [email protected] 28. Corn
unlit at 44. Oats dub at 40. Pork quiet at
12 5 t. Lard quiet at 87%i%. Bulk meats
,ultt;shonlders 4%, ribs 6% sides -4. Bacon
qgtilt; shoulders 5, ribs 7%. sides 7%. Bugar
cur-d bt me 1In%. Whisky firm at $1 06.
WILMI.rTON, N 0. Fb. 16 -Spirits of tur
DPnttn firm at 40. flo0l firm at Si 1764 for
Pt ratined. $1 20 for good strained. Tar steady at
$1 10. Crude turpentine steady at $1 55 for hard,
$2 50 for yellow ,li,. COrn unchanged.
ST. C.9ARLER HOTEL-J Van Inwaaen and
wife. Mr.t Dr B-van, Chicago; I E Lyon. Dn
hllque; W'U Bek. Mliwa''kee: J N,'bet. Miss J
NeeHt, t. If L D" P -w and wife. Sr Louis: L
Hwormlti io, 0 D B rwlck.'tM Mary: Juo 0
Hi tou. M nugomer : Wm P Henry. IL,rvana:
E Hull. Piscog >tlt., M.I-; 0 G ;erlwethtr Mo
bil ; CGia T eratton. jr. lower c tast: J MP.ip
lard. 0l'Y: P Pooh., and wife. Mt James: L
Manship M-C nrib City: Milton 0 Hardlv, New
York: rlimo, Toh.r, New Orleens: CO Knap.
OCdar Faltl; C W Blow. Ht Louis: G..o H: Parker
an, wife. Davenport; 0 W Allen. l'ointe (outpe:
J ( Ltchse aind son. M Wise, Tensas: WP More
lan. New York: R r Eaton, Washington D 0: 8
It tmitb.clty : EG Ziseman, ht.L'oui: WH Han
s-.ll. cly; D B Ttumo'on. Louisiana; Geo 8
Ohb'r. jr. New York; C 0 Avery and wife. Ohi
cawg: ii P K r'oohan and family, lower coast.
CI FY HOtET--J A Barnett. St Mary, La; E
D Mllier. Leeo-burg, Lt:4J McInaosh. steamship
City of M eii:O; 08 M rritt. New York; O d
Plumhe. At:aia. G>: J-I frrwo d, city: J M
MuLi-more. Cou hatta: B 'r A Michel. city; KA
Cross, t)linon, La; 0 W Kilhurne, city; W B
RI,,b-teon an:l wift. P,:iqumines; W B Cham
berlin, Jr, and wif,. H A Purtall. L-bloell'
store; .I M B ingleton, 8r Louis: A J Haire. Ohl
cagt; EPallen Blacu Hawk: Mrs M E More
iad untd chldl. JO Morel and. Tensas parish;
E MMunager, wife and son. Miss Carrie Man
g'r. Chttgo l ill: . J Bishon and wife. W,'st
vil e. Mi-a; Wiley J orle-. B ,Iton Ml's; T Green.
(rvrstal Sprin.+: J M Weoson Jr, Mississip pi;
J .f Thamtes. Wwe·s-in. Mis;: I A Mabry. C T
Y~oun-, Lek- City. M un: R W Trlmrble. Pine
B uff. Aria; R s Kelly. Elysian FIelds. Texas: E
D Miller. Lyesburg. La; Miss Rowena Foley.
c . JAMES HOTEL-H B Grace. Cleveland;
EN P-asan s. Pe'nn; D H Bglgae. Ohleago;
ii & Bumr:uid~, Savan hh: W P Emtbrootk.
Minnoepltls; cl Jmes and wife Bome O~G;
Wm D Andr-ws. Pa'ker.mnre; 8 L tltce. O' .
(niuratl; 8 PBralul, Coutnern xprees Co;
Rbrt , Baxter. Baton RB-uge: ; H rindsey.
Vmckbburg; K I Bradford, Oorpns Onrlrtl.
iDe marine olumn., «#;";
gruture s..
Isabel Whisper, . 3J.O Ga Belle.t, YS
Henry Tete.
aliy telegra phic report of the 5ag M0f
vat vous polits, with changes. in o 35 ,.
pening tsr daw atep tm
................. bove .
Snsl.......... 0 6wa er.
r 0................ s o to
ncmnnati ...»....... ..... so e ta "
o lite............... 26 10 to -
Memphis ................ 20 0 ta 04
h le .... ............ 4 o 0
New Orleans .......... .. 5 0o
Pittsour ................ 14 6 $t 8
Shreveport .............. 7 7 0 0
fit. Lonls..............9 7 t0 t
Vicksburg-.-... ..."... 2 4 so 0
*Below high water mark of 1874. I
bench-mark. tindicates rlns, tlndlcie.t
The weather yoeteraley wa clear an4
pleasant and buslneos for Mi,ndiy p rite .
The Aunle P. Bilver received larg-]y durat
day and has the promise of a fub trip out1W
evening. -'
The J. B M. Kehtor. not bhlog redvy to leN
yesterday. laid , ver .nd will get off thbls p&~,
for St. Loite, J. . . atterson in command. W7. Ut
Ktmber c erk.
The John Dlppold. of the M. V. T. Compsaty.
was also detained yesterday. .nd will leave to
day at 12 m. for St. Louis, d. A. Tomsla on e
The John Howard was let nnot of the doel
yesterday afternoon, brought ov 'r to the lead
og, and will ItaRw Io-day for the Ouehita.
1 pt. Jerry t'ullivan purchased the St, ary
(terms r Ivat ) yesterday, and beaked her o9.t
last evening for the T, nsas and Maeon with l
ine trip. We congratulate the Uau'aln, tor
has got as good a boat as was ever in the
and. mnso robatilv. the lergest. 0ipt. IualllV"
ranks higb with the tmod peoole ,f thatssotiol
and there Is hardly a doubt but that his efort .0.
give tuem a larger and b iter boat will be m
with a prp irtionate Inorease of patronage.
The Bi tuofi ,wer has been laid up.
The John D. Scully left for Bed r ver Buid
In the oa e of the killing of the man Mitol
by young B anohard, sewond clerk of the Bel
m-ntiou of whli.h has been made In th.oi
umn. therand jury in session at Paineour.vt
ville.after a 'horough Inveite iatlon. aueluttd
him of all blame, and he was disoharged froI
The Paris 0. Brown arrived yesterdsr from
Cincinnati. and the KSte Kinn'y from 8br..te
port.. The Btown left the H. O. Yaeger 0t
The Memohis anrt bend oaeket Oharles P
Ohiuteau, Capt. W. H. Thorwega., is due. ad[
is recelving at the head of Common street to
return to~morrow..
1t7Jn Marine Journal is sent to 4 olti.
towns and viiages. Cod. Baker the editor.
still in the oity, and has met with such suce
that he has been induced to prlong his v t:.
The Independent Ouachita river packet
P, Kountz J.,s Leftrbtc mster, O. B..i
clerk. was tdue last night from Oamden, a Wt
return to-morrow at h D. m.
The Natchez and the J. W. 0anonbso.t
nearly toiwtn~r taturday, the Natches .litS[
ahed. We mention this for the special
of Will Ai.y
The J. i. White will arrive to leave ThUI'
day, as usual, for Greenville.
The Anchbor Llun steamer Annie P. Silver. D'.
H. Sliver master. Green F. t+blelds olerk.
rived eunday night from St. Louis with i 3fl
trip, and returns to day a 5 p. m. The 8 .
will be followed Thursday by the OeatenI
and Saturday by the James H ward.
The S. T. Llue eteamer Will Kr e Lew 0gi
In command, J. T.I Alexander clerk. lea
day. sure at 5 v. m. for Oluininnal. The Ky
is a brand-new boat, a good . noe and a m
comfortable one to travel on, The Par
Brown follows the Kyle Thursday. andI
ioloden Crown Beaurdav.
The regular tri- weekly upper coast p
Francis Belle. Ohe,. Dean m, ster, J. B.
clerk, leaves this 10 a. m. for Welham's.
The resulat trl.weekly lower coast
Emma Irvine. J. A. Hul r master. . E . V. -
letre clerk, leaves to day at It a. im. for Orate
The De Smet, Frank Ottendorfer master. I.T,~
Goodwin clerk. leaves to-day at 11 a. m. for th"
unner coast and Bayou Goula.
The seml.we-kly coast and Lafourche taoket
Assumption. P. A. Oharlet maeter. B. N1aolle
clerk, leaves a- usual to-day at s p. m.
The United States mail pHcket Hobert E
Capt. William Oampbell. T. J. Howard and WiL
Cannon ,laerks. leaves to-day at 5 p. mn.
Vicksburg anti way landings.
The ind-pendent Atchafalays river p
Laura L. Davi, Winm. Crawford master, A. 1[
tiler Sr.. clerk, is the boat to day at 5 p.m.
Weashluton. giving through bills ladin ti
Bay 'u Bwut, and connecting with the 01116 .3
for Bayou de a Glslaes.
The N. 0, and it . . T. Cmpany' steame
Silver City, M. N. Woo master. Wim. Qualksall
clerk, leaves to-day at 5 p. m for Shreveport.
The ti. weekly Bayou Gouts Whtte Star Line
packet Whisper. J. A. Comstock master.leaves
to-mo. row at 11 a. m.
The John W. Cannon. J. O. Ltbano m.str,.
leaves to-morrow at 5 p. m., as usual, for Baye0
azebange Clippaige.
M taintan, Lan.... r 9.. ....... ...
Cincinnati Enquirer February 14:
The radid rise in the river Thurseay nly t
submerged and oarried off several Iots
freight. A big lot of cotton Out off by the J.
Parker was o tught by the rising river a
more or less damaged, and several biles
rted away entirely. About forty barrels of oil
owned by L'wis & Co.. and thirteen barrelao(
resin, owned by lobt. Hosea & Co .and brofng
upo by the New Mary Htuston, were car
ried away. About loc worth of pot k and whlsk?
barrels, brought down by the City of Ports
month, went adrift. Several plies of lumbeg
and an unknown quantity of beer barrels were
lose. The river is still climbing the bank at a
rapid rate, and a big force was engaged on the
wharf last night removing the frelght out of
harm's way.
Our dispatches from the head-waters of tt
side streams, as well as the Ohio. report a
coming. The prospects are we will have th
highest. water known in years.
The Little Miami was higher yesterday thagm
known in years.
The L'cking was putting out strong yester
day, bringing immense quantities of drift. A
private dispatch from B ,s on Station reports a
rise of 26 fret. and the river rising 2 feet per
hour. 'the boom had broken, and all timber
was coming out.
J. H. Goodbart & Co., of this city. are shiping
3so bales of cotton on the Chas. Morgan to Meg
Orleans, where it will be transferred to a vesel
for Liverpool.
Cinclnneil Commercial. February 14:
Royace& M, as' tt are shipping a lot of cottoa
to Liverpool, via New Orleans. over the S. T.
Company's steamers. The first shipment went
on the Reuben bSringer, and the Onarles Mor
gan will take another con-ignment to-day.
ST. Louis, F-b. 1s--The John Means, whlle
sounding at Devil's Island yesterday, struck a
hidden -ostruction and sunk ina eight feetof
water. She is insured here for t(ooe, one-fourth
of her value. The T. F. Eckert, in charge of
W. Dugan, l-ft for the scene of the disaster
CAxao. Feb. 13.-A remarkable discovery was
made at Villi ldge. Illinois. and whlth was
made publt' only yesterlav. Relations had the
remains of Geu. M. M. .Rawlings, the founder of
Mound City, and those also of his son Frank.
removed to another burying ground. Frank
Bawlins' body was burl-t over twenty years
ago. When disintotre I Frank's bo ,y was found
to have turn,'l to stone. ,und to be as natural in
aDpearance as when he died. A physician was
called, who verifies these etatem, nta. The face
of the corvps, re als thl. pallor of death, and is
in every way vpriect. The coffinu was both air
tight and water-tight
Cincinnati Times. F-bruary 14:
The dismantled Natchez was offered at seher
iff'- sale this morning, but the bidding was int
su'ffioint to consummate a sale. She was a
praised at $3ao0,. and it was no sstry to obta
two-ttlrds of this amount to make a valid sale.
The higlest bid off red w.s $1100. The sale
was pos' oned for ten days.
The tnutmer Eldorado was sold at public ane.
tiou by the United Htates marshal tits morning
and brought . 15.875. Capt. Alex. Montgomery
b. ing the purchaser. The chier bidders were
party named Marley and a reP'esentative oR
the Diamond Joe Line of the Upper Missls
Old timers are predicting that the water ia
the river will wash the curbstone of the nublio
landing, and that the present freahet will be the
greatest tiUca 1856-7.
Vickabutg Commercial, February 15:
John tiukle, the steward of the White.sayat
he had mre people on board this trip than he
ever had on any one trip at a ltime. She left
here with over one hundred cabin passen rs.
She passes down Monday at 6 p. m.. for Kw"
The H. C. Yearer arrived at 4 o'clock this
morning, with 420l packLages of freight for thki
place, includina 1743 -acks of grain for G. P. L
Rector. and 1623 for Mr. Ogden.
80pec'al to the Democrat.l
ST. Lovus, Feb 16.--There are 7 feet to Calro
The river li on a stand. Arrived: Polar 8"St
from Ohio, Helena from Vieksbirg, Nortom
from New Orleans. Dip .rtd: Jo Kinney for
Vicksburg. trucker with a fail cargo fo . nt.
chita, My (Choioe for OCairo, part of the 0
Olty's tow for the Ohio river. Business i.
and there is plenty of lower river

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