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F.V-·NO, . 88. NEWT; ORLEANS,, FRIDAY, -MARCH 12,, 1880. , '"l IL'I;VB
S Asthma, Conum onU,
Put up In quart Oise Bettles for Family Use,
PTh MNAR2 m o ste atlateunal levenue, Washlaston. D. 0. lanuary a. sumo.
WIEO A ZABTIX. in Madison taet. Chicago. il.:
havsereeived "aobrilded f6,mual"givnathe ingredlenta sad relative propor*
AnD 2YTUr This Oompound. a .ordig to your formuls, in the oonlon of this
4ti,.ufielatqumntity of the SAMA" OF TOLD to she it all the advantages
iln pectoral complaInts. while the whisky and the srup constitute an
the compound anagreeable remeay to the patient.
a e. ti oMe. an atiole compounded asooording to this formula may properly be
preparation under the provisions of Schedule A. followiag section sm.
Statutes.and when so stamped ma be sold by druglsts.i apotheOaris and
renueu*ndudagthem liableto pay speclal tax as liquor dealers.
.* tesecttully, (Signed) O I 3. 3AUU, O em* *ee.
LAWRENCE & IARTIN, Proprietors,
111 Madison street, Chioago.
emI3W a ,US AL AsL DaeV IT, 63065se ADS wIxD maa.
A .LTY, AT WD*O rALvU, aY lAe , Ps TONW & CO., L L.
Il. noLLaI wa , We WILL SW.PPL, 13 TRASE AT nARU ,AC,.
s e ii' gc
l. ' rob II660 15 I101 85 I
I --3iii In li i -[I! I II IlT
oirw Ai Onlg mnd tral Boa.
bill No. ge, from the Oommittee on
Intas- ormiry to artile le of the
Sea of the Stat, autorise the Gov
toaMat asuperlntndent for the New
tO d Sdhell load. who shalhold his
the itemm of four lors; ite a solvent
a thenoam of kItes. and receive asalary
ba e anqa. Healso allowed the :
Sto harbor-masters who are
ibl not emmeed tMo er month
lMD6ke*er. whose sate _.le saIes
seiamse4 r peM smoth; O.Mb
- .msad one book-kLer at on0
bschose and aploated bj h1t
.the mourval of dh~ Gtpernrg.
l t oI Otleta over idl is
the en eaut. The superin
IlprSovide A team tug propeller for
to be used lor towing purpose. the
ie whlbh shal no ten cents per tones b
towage sad ten cents per toe for ton.
proitored that the tonage and towage
to thirty aent per ton on every
Ltto'aid canal, aid that no oraft en
kb in jStress of weather for safety
be- Ilbd to ay charge. Steamers
S cenets: a ower gttwenty
4b a t ri t e ir t o n
oon wate e, h ut
th.t e n thr
tats. h osrinen ntbiss to
tavel n the shell rou o nd a
rout In. and on
re us ad d on the exhtbday
4 dt followM it be
. all the Tor urer ofo a tate
of.uh arrive and amoiate
every source se artely, and ex
urerthe bank oo thebnk
tLdepilte for his ina
m arion with such account
and deposits. He is also r
corlnaortt unee s a noo e
to pailr and pvsro sn e|d Bsld
and la, and to dredge out aid
atb. he be r at th entrane of
ae e toe depth of not le esthan
et at I w tide. ping 'he moners ariesin
o i to said Basin Canal and libell
rabsedisposed o m in the pot e
`+ otb perulntendentando tot offi
anon are to be paid out of sad
ad a erquates a strictly tro.
ad Al bll ll be paid by the oate
outofsald fund after approval by
uentendent. The superintendent i
required, in addition to the exhlits
etip . to eio to e
saeoslsn th reoff a full and
of all the operations tand trn
he t of the said eow
a 'o 1 i tonnsge. towege,
the amonas received from
e expense incurred' the extent
Slmprovment. sna the coast of
en uul tehe Ionter-
ot tru o o ns aof
No. 2, from the Oom mlttee en
provides that phe upbiiu
o tateand of the lty of NewOr
.m4 anchw high and norml scos5
e h and main , snalb
•oontrnl of the Slate upetin
. who ebsilapOnl t
on e boards of
tieir office. for fout yars:e
are to consist of notles than five
smine members, who shalt oran
one of their number president,
Snumber or one from the par
at their option, a hahs
et sehools~whoo sarilbes
y oft.e arishll boar,
not more than the sum of
lu.merntendent is to adopt a uni
of text books and make rules
ý a utenseni and
esre all banke, blank nforms
n.eotmssear to the perfection of a
of ptna educntlon through
school boards areto
the consent of the super
treldnt of oubl edu on. wotho togeh
four eqars, on n~tiuntneir 0U ereoolO Ifor
pnubli s forTi t fly lo O.l
b leared!~ shoo I o'aMpowlesandt
o, j -g receive a salary o 1€00
pe annum foour eg. paya n
o ohool boar. 9ev h
S h yse o
I fs-or e
i =: of oo
a7 fon h or.c
uersn;. tseV t i a r
them It 8h811 the mta.e povide nt
treven .e so honrt . ty ardaone
St the rine t oe ith t
thalf oills ,u Dtof
sa r .e tre a s 0o i
funrthou ato to 4 d a oonsth
toe rthen e a p ltaw O aur
mar rewuuthe o cer assoeh paroislaldo
ewOrleaso.nwboety it ti as
respetive o e o an e for
the upportof t nubli mit.schools atn of not leo.
outh oe of l880 al taxable property taken ast a
respsetles of tes ant for four yearlt ate ttr the
pubs t e ame t and the enumeration
of a shallbe the duty ofil the officers in any
e e anu f D of the it e t o Nw
ath o ot the school
trens. whose enumeration, not havIm
a mil would raisv e thyear e imit l f parochialn
t ion oresenthe amount alloed onstitu-ld
ertthen th shapolicbe dury shall lev sch
tae. rded that se schools as will bring their budget
up t o onstitutional limit. Theenumeraion of
th in the h be only as lotaken as a
publication pt t&e same, and the enumeration
nool b n hdo nt
of shall e basis until theirpundcation
of the census of 10. exhet in thite t of New
Publio education an the somthool boaerdsooo
ooied ly ba s rovided inu te ro.dfor in
Orleans. whose enumeration, not hav been
taken for five years, shall bq increased or.
tenth then resent amoAt. All teachars hold.
n ertii ates osh be deemed ublic0, the New Yschool
teachers, and shll receive all chlistdre of edontrib
cable age, provided that separate schools may
be ha for each rae that may apply for admis
to ton ring the time the pFundblic schools are
kept open whiedh shll be onlfollowas loediorig as thremarks:
ma hae nds on d to ay their indsome eon
ness. No schools for children maintained In
part or wholly by revenue provided for in the
act shall be under other control and mane
pointed as provul ,ed in the act.
In is nros donation of March 7,1880, the New York
Herald publishes a list of Louleiaanaontribu
tors to the Herald Irish Relief-Fund, acoom
panied b thew ollowing emditorial remarksl
New Orleans snds anoter handsome con
tribtion throughr of the Henay of ts ress. Mr.:
Burke. managing editor of the New Orleans
eawoahAl. seends us a check for $10o with ao
st of s eubr isttons. headed by the Daxoo8aT's
own generous donation of 1s00.
The New Orleans n euu eerast's splemli
Oman or rnis DAmv: DUMOO3AT.
No. 2 Usamp Street,
New Oreans-. arch Brke. m18 -
To the Editor of the Herald:
Herewith please find sf ht draft for $1096, to
getrerwith the list of subscribers to theaHreld
Irish retjef fund inaugurated in New Orleans
N A. BURKEMýanaging Editor.
New Orleans-Through . L. Burke. mansg
in editor New Orleans DAILY DEMOOBAT:
New Orleans Duxoear ....................eeo oo
SAlex nlay........................ 0 o00
George B. ]nlav ..... ............. o
Isidore Newman.irtr ..................1 200
.T WR h of. e o.......:.................... 10 00o
S lt ln............ r ds: 10o0
T...... X ................ 1O
Adjournment of the Debate on the
Fits John Porter Belief Bill.
Senator Sharon Splais His Long
Absenoe-An Attempt to Bribe
Mr. Kelly, of Pennsylvants
The Proceedings in Datal.
Wasmrosx, March l.-Ssnate.-The Viae
President being absent tMr. Zdmundj presided.
Mr. Sharon rosented a petition of the news- I
per ropretors of Nevada for a adetion on
the dutr on paper. eferred. In presentinr
the petition Mr. Sharon said he thought the
tari might now advantageously be removed
from many articles. It was said there is war
between capital and labor. That could not be
in any l st sense, for capital eannot be at war
with thatwhich it moat needs: but capital and
labor united r- atwar with produton e
S! on I
io p et f toe la thep.se
a.ron iaoebo the
Lad anvetmol eyM~ate hntOust:
Ay r. l.[ Sýo . o.ns. of lori
ison anouno mmedatey after Mr.
rrks. thk for the oen
a of the fo on arrtion
m .er o't upno er es
mdaeriese his i eWdas
dtcl Ar to pardon.
ahu lmit pDower ore
p1 t Odeo t the rmo a atn
selthec.dete.o ea nouor
lo oar hate we r of none or
of aprove as v eagrt uers
the ddnot po t.mp (nrlmnLstnsed.
gen dd rseo pmofn eentorh
arm ano avy god ss tovtelb
The pprovale ofee rentedee u to alt camee
oft ofeder coultd rotm neCa teeo p on.
Ae tho tiogressadupower overnt
m theo the oero o to8
t w e i oa tNa yl co os, ront.Te
jEeV . oro tsee tohe Ie r em
Sr, oned n.
i tto bea clbutere tome pn nln
dto whade nd r tiathe olrnotneso!
te n odI as o o to ourm rtrionth e F a
T~ohvDao t the the, on
i , b and tn the onan nis
e dt.o con l bt hal dtor be
{ of stoe to
b. n asr bu o th far - the .a to ther
thte ae motve d to 0ee her ostptne.
Oxas orfhbis ..,Thes heghado lonte
h o wn dao antmethe o Dem(odnd rio
toa f(e raker senuprlodedmtha tofdal othe Sen
Lo dare ittn serviien .io
Pl mot eorn reed tud ib. a refaerod voe
thea n o ile a o n t he ol e fo table sureecti tof
Sore a maj o aort ore.
Bo all.r" a ,ril The ommittee wa
on. .ettoy es. oflered ca an `hnt drent.
tMec iotternd ag nill, deandd e re
t She lourit for ustered in sinenent.
on on the h anc pretaioy a eetionr
dedslur to rolon de s eeat n
lmrs westeo of mleoh timeu . len. o
smrmrtbtl ove.
The rSeaon then adorned.
Demoratis .onven. . for a Nmber
i of 8ue.se
OOLUm a'.. . "rch 1 ..--.he Demoratic_
Pttbe uolation s aelled tob meet here Tne d.
Ohelol Mrh 1.--The Demoaprtp c Oonien
taein bupil eld at polumbens. V arch ar.
Oonvetion ill be hel Nd here dors we.
-aIWuJ.. orsh l.l-the smo-a
eralon otdeto oe trn sommittee todas deseeds
to hold the state convention at keen on
ofthne. ta. .1--The elungton ior madnie
xw onoen Twean resulted in o oeneml ri
tor, jto the Demosugrl
aommltee to-da~ eeifd the rttie Oon nifnet
be the errtoa oa hedsnney J.
the ipLley.s o oentmseter nt this vote in tlh e or
men.i eo. Hw BhaeldM esF.lle isa nnthouse a
mntte of hisIep t whienh he rep
the . Sýbrtl. t
The Marshals' ppreopri ton to be Reported
Without Po~.is.r
amtae- .r oo ater
n o ou oo prenss uOY . I. n
to at once to the ous
1r --J1 mA S , Z ILOlI . . .
The oOoml. MPlim dos
t1o trarato ý IoM tooln h dose
oal Nsamilitary osa i isiTM5NW.d tl
the astPoe SnlD.a tm .efolnloin
nomheatons: of N ouv.rTmgor, Ql5n5Da
Henartau gaugefr YOt ith district 0of. h oi
~~o o~ e oe i, a
The House Committee a olethe Doa
epraend o aurep fort the isto iteo ouse tc
tne folown tsre for onut on. ro tI
ýudtha 0it r(c .0n htd toa0Itmpt ed a bro
vaIn ar r O wre
The Hone Committee at odemlorD
Hetoal y tonpt reporlut lt to the 1000 o c
reho th repor oe bm o se ro ua.orl
Hath and the reo rt afnowe - tol
t Postrs Department in. Pcont
illlorlnte tateL& xrI uar a t "
al no: nrgar loMri alabma . m
e pLeýolense eentt at 1 alBor p
T h" eontreQpraQe tor o ears from na a
,s t.oo b- n.nt , s
tro dlorow tsded De ent, snght e I .
i n n Snae d .traa e w m at a o lmb e r. th o e r w e s Ir
In t tte im _r_,____ wr_, areagym0.l .
His Movements for Several Days Past-En- 9
thulsatie BoReepton in Puebl.. I
r° at a ýi0
morndng, A bllas wUbe alren
morretortonto a
visited omm. wh,, we rainnte a
vl. hepar wet to ore are and
to he Herau esne owthmang he preýuwa 2
retn ta nomr ton this utaon if bre ter- I
i teney wa db the pooI~g Garlrled Est
Baxl a ro . -h rop 9 1. Gr remno on I
tedat m meo ola so men I
e an l e oaari ye of the r aso e o.oate I
urigeau w an e the pesoricamd to see cth
teeion re thio r of n w ar.lrove s Lt
hea 1 eudpri1Sous o . n soeo
B A tis ,. O ~O r I -l ra o td
oth Latmer ato mteamert h ro
it beoange o to Peeiuor nt eofa r It
mrrited a an w bai t-he s.at a betr nve ie
talmotro a t la nr slte .
The sommfaslt Athing epith the cagited -
onw witaLo ch p.eole A.nranlcsto secal t
tohe Herant was meNotwiet b andgthe press
f than th tne o.o_ and I
Nlsiltic Er is actioa in concert wmi the i
Uale pownt garoea elemeanto do
ten.isn an d tl the or ectofn such men 7
notonel.to e laidten hes. Evernyarrange- "
met made to meet the mirst aht oe Violene, t
rnln~'A0%eie run tai eellnUtol l.e
ou rser rest -ofrve M-earh_ e oy .
aenial, nhomth o this. antou bits wrel s bter- I
agtorsionThe Eurealt of .- - 1
cu ld y o b epi rllg e. ranisco. h -owev
xand fItcMes toth1 is, e: t wll be tom I
rie.as a'om o 0eml.
L , *e He furnihed terer fl , fbal r
New Orleus. bcstoendiy. at ee .
hcnbst e covl'e. for thela. rom thae t re i
friend and iaternthen intnrt atmtrney was
convictioand u.ouhmoresamr The witnes
whohmn aendorn theeen of t r
I ndry ageusetdby thespueraers
plcrsexhibeddo- n the pulic Tresearing
ntan.Teseme il.fomNwOlas
Srrie atAtepo hennhIsat
lore Manifestoes of British Lead
ers to Their Conustituents.
Aln Parties Peparkng for the PleIa.
mental' Rleeotons-!he Ungugsh
Budget-Other P reign Notes.
Lorm , i. arsh 1L-Wmt . Shaw. ome rule
leader has tssued an address to his eomlta. 2
em-at ork, nto whiseh he harateriass the let
ter of Lord Beeasoete al sa eleastloaeer I
a.nis.eto, plae a nlalee issue before the peo
pie and tending to onlte the worst passtons of
t~he Inoran. He attributes the famine is Ire
land to the government's culpable Inormee
aad neulet, and acoseus the Prime Minister of
masrepresentsIn the general opinion of the
people of Ireland. He deolares that home rule
does not mean that the connection between the
two countries hall be destroyed, but that the 9
relationhlip should be placed on a healthy,
natural and honest basis through oonstitu.
tional means.
The address coneludes as follows: "There Is
nother Irish question on which the govern.
meat has been more reactionary than others
Imen the land ouestion. I call on the Irish
people. North and ouith, to answer the insult.
lug missive of the Prime Minister by returninlg I
an overwhelming majority at the comingr leo- .
!ion pledged to settlement of the great nationalt
question; pleded to give ampler facilities
for the creation of peasant proprietary wher.
ver possible: to restore, define and legalise a
oe t sinl m inor o.
crnces. put as de.eal mmsnn a ee an9 J.1
tohomtonr oiiib Devon. w he
ame tho t
vest war we e bnImpossible
petnjc Icato the s wuic la oft n
the pe of rope: has
n ma stre en a I th sly
lo.r inea r addt, weanoed boly we
far at r o te t
rý I a eheti s tthe
coeos. h 00n cI mfoe
e. , n e o to otimonet oleet u ne
cur open sde eni o trests
teoe ntur to ahoeoenl e
a.ns elrto pre onu oi adioun o~la w
ho have pr. b a been drawo . would ay
Sme to etzYaro.
e f tnt rsult t re
of conf ience the nt mn hs ltwyft
our eagnest ., o howL. t noree yese inn
H3 e omne e t Gree t
so to Rule solaton and Irand
slaw tor U sieeroy of Iean te rea oi then
uno 7tyIurn euo ntyn oytue oofinos
Thesenootr Iend elred the unaot at Irelnewa
t erethe orwn t isent on and .n
bOhueh, an unjunt lend Irshm end Lordfran n
periotoa . Tothe w ooopies ofrmu f I
lstoanton r or, ttom pop n
rthe whroe -M.of tnu o enen sat
no ars oh e e ir our distressed ellowe t
ed hooyme Iti.a sl o.duel r
an enemy no n to eo ooutlryo.
n e1t(n inrBn) Jr .e L ein a(Enn). er.
vower ( .dayo ). uit acanrteh (Lonford).an.d
th loadedtingi W.t .Gladsnrtone hs se
nthef ...tdsoe nofothe etor of d
oondit oan:oro ean
"In electIoneering address Issued by Lord
Beaconsfield. attempt is made to work upon our
fears by dark allusions oto the repea of the
union and the abandonmentrn of the colonies.
ore he partye that maintained there an alieno
church, an uniust lad law, and franchise Inr
eor to ours. To the colonies Liberal 4m
I tratlons gave t em opular an eete ponsbI e
?eoTvensatho the emimatr had obeen withd
b r t ~o eaetaoou It Ws morious et
adrho.e blraeee of pblic
by orntinudedl sehosto conideny e. aug0
oent . pubuli exp , enture an tmato
abroad. beTbemn deiltred he endangered ei
p~ .l~.ey goro;sse enausewoap theo o eom
p f the neede heour teiaui th ses
unde~r~iI a cla trear agra1ntuu 0. Rus
ialred tuo ddoit me lrtbermh wlanerun
an bade-d lnl.h eeor anl, iStlaL e rim The
mtae tof emtndag ion the cunmprcis pofnuo
The wo acn,. cyibo e oo .atkownto by,.,..e.
cvrd by aig nohrbace fepn
-m51. lssrCl ;1.- IL
the oa
A.nxrow Y or AI 1 .AI UA
Sb Sato unwn
now. ois iu,, estood, be pre d
avou ._ ns aI,.c ..t11s
tofa Lei abu e e1
ohe in of the e Is nmkown.a
!Lehmp I ontTMlP o aod t t
e oti.te explosion a ea S
At IOresh lon teasm e Sob e ltat
dooy In utd s ao at.
Maw d aossb t h it
. CKt.h. PrEu T I
with y ocuptntabeloisag
er to mlerah f e
tne amrssis m.ab sth e
t oheno
Aie y la r nget, an be u hd 4.ee
ethane Etor go tod Daneor
aTtle aOnntat manrtaeen
loatono wut l tinit ' sIowth
add to a tier p rome O Arn
I0mpar0se1 r trmae t i
d.a.rolo n smaltl sas
merd to sin thiso
meeting t of the rwil or~o
Touis ana islbetwaiend i esb I
thlem o my ha i nteoi o dr s te
dame d.an i manyan
ase er;n odeo and BreahoIn8
tand oe twelv iroc furteen
rman mre ofice the r
br ErSere tr o y of three O o
tO lnolnnans
Impriesi, ta the praiies il
11ke the ostehs
n tohematter On the oh er
obereed mthathe hrecem
lo rsse oero It In an e
dint and preIq
dustaleso e the omig Will
outhMeke ftheat t
ceocnally Kiloed Dh eLmueptS
attenton in thathe
'byo -

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